Preparedness: How To Regrow Vegetables In Water

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    Food, at any time, could become a valuable commodity. In addition to learning to grow a garden, you should also know how to garden, save seeds, and “regrow” certain vegetables in water to get the most out of your garden.

    A lot of preppers understand this idea, but many still don’t practice it. I admit that I don’t do this as often as I should, but now is good time to start! And getting started is simple. Just don’t throw away your vegetable food scraps, just yet! Those can be used to grow more vegetables, money can be saved, you’ll spend less time at the grocery stores, and won’t need to grow as much in your own garden.

    Regrowing your vegetables in water can be done with store-bought vegetables too, and that is a great place to start.

    These are the ten vegetables that will easily regrow in water in the comfort of your own home (there are others, but it can be easier to start here):

    Bok Choy
    Simply cut off leaves at the bottom of the stalks and within a few days, new growth will appear.

    Cut the bottom of the head off, & place it in a shallow bowl with a small amount of water. Don’t let the leaves get too big, they’ll taste better when small.

    Carrot Greens
    When you’ve finished eating the root of the carrot plant, save the tops! Cut them down to just a few inches and watch them produce new green leaves.  Excellent for tossing into salads, make pesto or add to your green juices.

    Cut the stalks down to about 2-3 inches tall.  Place the base of the plant and small roots into a shallow bowl with a small amount of water and watch a new small stalk begin to grow from the center.

    Cut the stalk down to about 1-2 inches tall, leaving the roots intact. Place in a shallow bowl with water.

    Garlic Chives
    Place a small garlic bulb that has started to grow a green shoot into a shallow bowl of water. Within a few days, you’ll be enjoying fresh garlic chives.

    Green Onions
    Cut the green part off of your green onion, and place the white stalk with the roots intact into a bowl of water.  The stalk will regrow the green section that you cut off.

    Remove the bottom of the head, leaving it about 1-3 inches long.  Place that into a shallow bowl with water.  It will regrow small lettuce leaves in the center.

    Place the bottom section of the stalk, about 2-3 inches long, into a bowl with water. It will re-grow the center portion of the leek.

    Lemon Grass
    Plant the same as you would a leek. Remove all but 2-3 inches of the stalk, place in about 1/2 inch of water and watch it regrow from the center.

    Don’t stop there either! Plant your own garden this year. Choose non-GMO heirloom seeds so you’ll have new seeds from your vegetable harvest every year. Save seeds and you can replant your garden without needing to purchase more seeds.

    Once you’ve learned to garden, don’t let a late frost or an animal destroy your means of getting food.  You should also be able to forage for plants that are edible.  There are several books out there to help, the three below are highly rated and great resources for anyone looking for a more self-sustaining lifestyle:


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      1. WHO, The World Health Organization has recommended the physical and psychological torture and terrorism that will also eventually lead to the starvation of billions as well as diseases like dysentaria, typhus, the black plague, and a wide range of other fatal diseases.

        This should be a clue and a wake up call that WHO does not have the goal of the public health in mind, and neither does John Kiriakou!

        John Kiriakou is right on board with them!

      2. WHO, The World Health Organization has recommended the physical and psychological torture and terrorism that will also eventually lead to the starvation of billions as well as diseases like dysentary, typhus, the black plague, and a wide range of other fatal diseases.

        This should be a clue and a wake up call that WHO does not have the goal of the public health in mind, and neither does John Kiriakou!

        John Kiriakou is right on board with them!

      3. I tried growing a pineapple tree from the top of a pineapple once, it was a total failure.

        I also tried growing a carrot tree from a carrot top, but with the same results.

        • I once buried a twenty to try and grow a money tree.

          The revenuers sent a cease and desist order. Said that only the Fed has authority to grow the Magic Money Tree(MMT).


        • If you want to plant a pineapple top put it in soil and wait about two years. Remember this is a warm weather plant.
          They also need water and nutrients

          If you plant a carrot top make sure you leave the stem on then plant or put in water but you need to change the water often unless you have it circulating , plants need oxygen Just like us.

          Most carrots sold have the tops and stems cut off, it probably won’t grow , unless you do tissue culture by the you’ll starve?

      4. In interesting times one might consider:
        Alarms/tripwires. Sleep in shifts. Travel in Pairs. Stay armed. Have overwatch. Point to point coms, no cell phone. Check in at regular times with those that care about you? Social distancing is because they don’t want sheep talking/THINKING.

        Post your better ideas for interesting times.

      5. Put up a wall, and they will climb it.

        Toilet paper zombies know how to find any signs of independently-producitve behavior.

      6. got the seeds starting and the water tank collecting rain. sifted most of the compost with rabbit shit. its gonna be a good growing season. just got a free 55gal drum so gonna make a burn barrel. built a table out of an old kitchen counter put it in the greenhouse shed for seed starting and as a workbench too. i havent bought anything yet this year. goal is to do everything i can for free or cheap. id say ive got very little invested in my homestead. mostly stuff i collected for free and $ from scrapped metals. anyone can spend a fortune but to me their is no self reliance in buying things.

      7. Hey Mac,
        You do know Amazon is basically sold out of all food things.
        No seeds, no canned food, they aren’t shipping much anything
        till the end of April.
        Guys like your old commenters are probably set, but the Newbies
        aren’t/can’t prep. Change back to the old rules and maybe they will come back and having learned your lesson be a little more

      8. Nightshades, including tomatoes and cigar tobacco, will overwinter, outside, in zone 9, with heavy mulching and microclimates. Companion planting solves many of the problems, requiring crop rotation. (Pests and soil depletion.)

        Succulent stems and hearts of chard, kale, and other cruciferous vegetables do regenerate, under ideally-humid conditions, balancing rotting with drying.

        The resulting plants are even perennial, in a light freeze.

        They become big, free bushes.

        *But, the leaves are smallish. (Not the worse thing you could ever eat, in a life-or-death situation.)

        Possible uses —

        The flower stocks produce way more than a packet’s worth of free seed. This is based on experience. “Bolting.” (Spindly growth and flowers.) In response to long hours of bright day light and warmth.

        Maybe, theoretically, hypothetically, cut the whole plant down to the ground, ahead of cool weather, and you will get those nice, big heads of leaves, again, like when the whitloof chicory root is unburied. In response to dark and cool conditions. When rooting and cloning, plants are intentionally kept in low light conditions for up to 2wks.

      9. One of my legal growing areas, on private property, was discovered through a half inch slit, in the fence, in darkest bluestatistan.

        Another neighbor looked me right in the face and said, ‘you plant (free fruit) trees around your yard. Yeah, right.’ Micheal-Brown-looking son climbs out the front window to threaten neighbors in his underwear, nightly.

        Marigolds and sunflowers on third side showed fasciation — a sign of week killer.

        • Pardon my typing (or, is it the spell-checker).

          Yes, I am literate.

          I prefer to have an ‘edit’ function.

          On the third side of my property (I am surrounded on all sides by hostile, political interests) weed killer has been sprayed on flowers, hedges, and vegetables. If you have the time, please learn what is the visual evidence of this, to keep from being poisoned.

          h ttp://

          Def shaped like a bully, here. I don’t typically think of myself as a victim, nor as a hypochondriac, nor that the food scraps are a contentious, social issue. But, here we are, readers.

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