Prepare Now: Events Are “IN MOTION” To Remove The U.S. Dollar As Reserve Currency

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The United States dollar will not be the reserve currency for much longer.  In its place will be a digital currency tied to your ability to be a good little slave to the ruling class.  Prepare now, because when this is rolled out, things could get ugly.

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, events (which are preplanned by those wanting ultimate totalitarian control, including the United States government) are unfolding that would forever remove the U.S. as the reserve currency.  Incoming is a one-world digital currency.

    Asia is not the only region taking steps to disentangle itself from the U.S. dollar standard in global trade and payments. The European Commission, the executive branch of the 27-country European Union (EU), released a communication explicitly stating the goal to strengthen the “international role of the euro.” This goal would “help achieve globally shared goals such as the resilience of the international monetary system, a more stable and diversified global currency system, and a broader choice for market operators.”

    “At some point, the fiat currency is going to vanish,” says YouTube creator, Dahboo77. “You are going to have X amount of time to claim a credit for your central bank digital currency.” This has already been announced as the plan. This will be a part of the global totalitarian takeover and ultimate enslavement of humanity.  People will get their universal basic income, which will be a pittance, in exchange for the acceptance of their own slavery.  If you don’t want to live as a slave any longer and reject this beast system, you will be cut off.

    “By design, this is all coming down,” Dahboo77 says. He also says to prepare, if you choose to not be a slave, you’ll need to be able and willing to barter.  Have some gold and silver and know its worth. There is not stopping this plan, much like the mass vaccination campaign.  The only thing that will end this system is the masses refusal to comply with it.

    Be ready. “Who knows what they will do?” It’s time to wake up.  No human has any rightful power over another human.  It’s time we wake up to the simple fact that we don’t need these psychopathic power hungry masters, they need us.


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      1. In the end,that’s what all this covid pretext was for.Close everything, destroy the economy by closing the businesses while the elite get richer.This is what they have always wanted.As usual,it will be us the plebs who will suffer.The dollar will be worthless and the digital currency and the ubi will be brought in.We will have to “behave”/conform and accept whatever crumbs these assholes decide to throw our way.As bad as things are already – it’s all downhill from here folks.

      2. This is the wet dream of these psychos.Having us totally dependent on them and those who won’t submit – will get nothing. With all this shit going on, it truly amazes me how the masked sheep can possibly believe we are ever going back to living our normal lives.Not happening.

      3. Once the switch is flipped by the central banks (including our fed) then all will have to accept digital currency as the only currency. All banks accounts will be converted to digital without the ability to opt out. That solves the beast’s problem overnight. The chip ID that will come as a vaccination passport will double as the access method for these digital accounts. Anyone not willing to take the ID chip will have no access to their digital accounts. Cash will be obsolete (outlawed) overnight also. Without the digital account, you will be fired from your job because they can’t pay you. You will lose your homes, unable to pay any bills or buy anything from retailers period, in person or online.​

        Any assets, bank accounts, investments and property will be forfeited to the new Social Security system by all who refuse their digital mark or use of name or number. Any alternate currency will be outlawed and useless. You see, this is how the reprobates will pay for their new world slavery and universal paycheck program for all who accept their mark.

      4. I told you guys to load up on silver over a year ago… did you? If not then good luck getting any. Got food, seeds, ammo, etc. all set up? If not too bad, you can wallow in a pool of your own ignorance and apathy. Hope you don’t have kids…..

        • You are 100% correct!
          I have zero respect for my fellow American.
          We deserve what we get
          Trump was a speed bump too slow the destruction of the USA.
          But now we are on the road to hell going 100MPH.

          The only possible salvation is a HOT civil war

          • Agree But I seriously doubt Civil War.They will keep feeding the people and they will bow to their every COMMAND

          • So true

        • Been ready for a long time.To bad there are those who will enter the camps only to never come out

      5. Civil War or violence is easy to say, but violence once started is impossible to contain and is evil and an affront to all goodness. Nothing good comes from violence. Consider other alternatives.

        • @Anonymous,while I also don’t like violence -sometimes there is no other alternative.The evil bastards behind this not so great reset have already proved they don’t give a fuck about any of us.These psychos CANNOT be reasoned with.They want us to lose everything while they keep everything for themselves and the American people cannot let that happen without a fight – we just can’t!!!!

      6. You three are so right.

      7. Genius- Right you are, I’ve been amassing several items and goods for quite some time including what you mentioned above, but don’t care to elaborate any more than that. I have trusted friends doing the same, and should it be necessary, we have a plan to pool our resources, etc.
        Silver is almost impossible to get but recently found one site to buy some more recently, just had to pay more though. I realized the time was coming when the price for a wide variety of items and goods was going to increase dramatically and/or their availability seriously decline, and acquired accordingly when the getting was good. The time of getting it while it was good is about over, and it won’t get better any time soon.
        I have bought 4 extra pairs of reading glasses, the price is climbing faster than inflation, including for several other items like oil/oil filters, spare fluids and lubricants for vehicles. But the point is, I suspect the prices for many items are going up because of problems in the supply chains.
        While walking through stores, markets, etc. with goals and plans in my head, it’s amazing to see so many others that don’t have a single clue or a notion for the need to prepare. Everything they buy is disposable or junk, they buy nothing but stuff that will be gone in a month, almost nothing of value.
        By the way, has anyone else noticed the quality of fresh produce in many stores is declining, it is smaller, doesn’t look as appealing as before, and the taste is not there.
        My dentist recently told me it’s at the point now where a lot of middle class people can no longer afford decent medical care. He said he is trying to keep prices down where he can but the cost of running a practice has become exorbitant.
        I believe we are soon going to run into a high inflation period, so that even if the product is available, the cost will be prohibitive. One should consider if he/she will need it in the next 2 years to get it now.
        Though we prep, we should all hope for peace.

      8. Prepare Now: Events Are “IN MOTION” To Remove The U.S. Dollar As Reserve Currency
        This was started years ago around 2001:
        A new economic order: The BRICS alliance
        “The BRIC acronym was introduced by J O’Neill (Goldman Sachs) in 2001. He spoke about a collection of four emerging countries that shared a similar market size, level of economic development, GDP growth and large populations. They also had a potential political-economic atmosphere conducive for sustainable growth. The perception was that, if this growth was maintained through 2050, these countries could become a global economic powerhouse.”

      9. Well, the FRN may still be on top for a while. The SWIFT system of international settlements organization has been in talks with the Chinese central bank. The Chinese want to incorporate the SWIFT system into their payment system for their international trade.

        All settlements using SWIFT have to be routed through the NY Fed for approval. This is how the US uses the FRN to control payments and cross border trade, and allows them to weaponize the dollar. The camel bankers are getting their noses into the Chinese financial tent. This is something they have been after for a long time.

        The bosses still have a couple cards up their sleeve.

      10. dadasd

      11. yuan

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