Prepare For The Worst: The Federal Reserve Wants More Interest Rate Hikes

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The Federal Reserve still wants more interest rate hikes. Vice Chairman of The Fed, Richard Clarida, says more interest rate hikes are coming but he doesn’t know just how many times he’ll jack up the rates as of yet.

    According to Market Watch, on Tuesday backed continued gradual interest rate hikes but stressed monetary policy is not on a pre-set course.  He said interest rates were closer to neutral than when the Fed started to hike rates in 2015 but said there is no agreement at the Federal Open Market Committee about “how close” to neutral they are. Clarida said that interest-rate policy now is “more art than science and the goal should be to sustain the expansion.”

    “Monetary policy at this stage of the economic expansion should be aimed at sustaining growth and maximum employment at levels consistent with our inflation objectives,” Clarida said in a speech to a conference sponsored by The Clearing House in New York.  Clarida added that the Fed is constantly updating its estimates of the level of unemployment consistent with stable inflation and the “neutral” level of interest rates.

    The process of learning about these important variables as new data arrive “supports the case for gradual policy normalization, as it will allow the Fed to accumulate more information from the data about the ultimate destination for the policy rate and the unemployment rate at a time when inflation is close to our 2% objective,” he said.  Clarida said that the economic fundamentals are robust, with gross domestic product averaging an annual rate of 3.3% this year and the unemployment rate of 3.7% at the lowest level it has been since 1969. Inflation has been running close to the Fed’s 2% target and Clarida said his “base case” is for this pattern to continue.

    However, the San Franciso Fed says that interest rates are heading back down to 2%. There’s a good chance that a key inflation measure could soon fall back below Fed’s 2% target, according to new research published Monday by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. A closer examination of the cause for the run-up in interest rates shows that it was not due to the strengthening economy but to idiosyncratic, or “acyclical” factors excluding health care, according to a paper from San Francisco Fed research adviser Adam Shapiro.

    Either way, the economy’s prospects for the new year are all looking a little bleak.


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        • Get a shift key you feckless fuck

      2. Fear Porn!!
        The Fed backed down this afternoon.

        • “The Fed backed down this afternoon.”

          TRUMP wins again. Powell has begun to backtrack and said today that rates are “near neutral”. The FED does not want to “collapse” the economy as some Alt Media Moron Self Proclaimed Economic Analysts have predicted.

          The Fed has tempered the “irrational exuberance” that was pushing stock market values into the stratosphere. While certain Alt Media Self Proclaimed Economists here were predicting FED destruction of the economy just last week, I said that those proposed future rates were not cast in stone.

          I was right. 🙂

        • Lie. The fed did no such thing. Powell’s statement today was interpreted as “backing down” by investors who heard what they wanted to hear and they stupidly bought into a stock bounce that will be gone by next week. He never said the bankers were going to stop their interest rate hikes. Not once.

          • It’s not nice to call people liars asshole.

            In point of fact, this type of obtuse academic-ese is exactly the method the Fed uses to signal its policy intentions. Especially changes going forward.
            Whether they will follow through remains to be seen but a rate hike pause was exactly the trial balloon he was floating.

      3. The process of learning about these important variables as new data arrive “supports the case for gradual policy normalization, as it will allow the Fed to accumulate more information from the data about the ultimate destination for the policy rate..
        and wich policy ?

      4. I’d love to see
        15% interest rates.
        I loan money to people,
        I don’t borrow it.

      5. The statements made throughout this story are so full of lies I don’t even know where to begin.

        • But I know where this will end…

      6. How’s about a cage match between Don John and Fed Chair Powell? If the Trumpster wins, rates go down.

        Oh yeah, I forgot…his bone spurs ‘n’ all.


        • The man is 72 years old, I’ll stand in for him

      7. I’d like them to raise enough to get these banks and CU’s to get back to at least 5% CD and rates.

        This BS last 9 years of 1% was insane, yea its a little better now at around 3%, but that’s only here and there.

        And no, I’m not in any stocks, have no idea what that’s all about and glad I wasn’t in it in 08.But because of this fed BS with QE and low rates those that know how to mess with it got fat.

      8. Great news!! How about tightening the system by requiring all banks and credit companies to have 100% on reserves!!

        There is no reason why savers only get 0 to 1.7% on their money, while many people pay 25 to 35% unsecured credit [money that the lender creates out of thin air/ not held in reserves by the lender.]

        DC ought to stop greasing the wheel, end all incentives, all tax breaks, all subsidies, all entitlements, all wealth redistribution, all programs. End the FED, IRS.

        Keep all that you earn, earn nothing/deserve nothing.

      9. The only way to really break this stranglehold on the common man is to quit using credit… easier said than done. Once we don’t use credit on stuff and we spend real money there would be a shift down in the cost of goods. Stuff has gotten so expensive because of the easy access to money which drives up the cost of goods and makes the fat cats more wealthy. I. The meantime us peons are left paying for stuff we couldn’t afford to begin with at an even more inflated rate of money going to these bankers. The wealthy business owners have no reason to give workers a better wage simply because the banks they are colluding with just keep loaning out money.

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