Prepare For the Worst – Mandatory Evacuations Planned for Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

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    The following article has been contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition.

    Editor’s Note: With the onset of hurricane season, preparedness planning for those on the Gulf Coast should be a priority. This year, however, mass evacuations may be much more likely than in previous years because of the BP oil leak. There is much speculation about the possibility of toxic rains, oil infused storm surge and noxious air if a hurricane were to hit US shores. Federal and State governments have failed to be honest with the American people about the BP oil leak thus far, so we don’t expect them to be forthcoming about the dangers that a so-called “Oilcane” may bring until it is too late. We fully expect that any mandatory evacuations will lead to complete pandemonium in target communities as people panic about not just the hurricane, but the health hazards associated with the oil and dispersants in the water. Being prepared and ready to initiate your evacuation plan as soon as a hurricane’s path targets your community will get you out ahead of the crowd. One additional consideration to make this year is that oil hurricane stricken areas may be deemed unlivable by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, meaning that you may not be able to return home for weeks or months. While we hope this possibility is unlikely, take appropriate measures to plan for this worst-case scenario, as well.

    Prepare For the Worst – Mandatory Evacuations Planned for Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

    by Tess Pennington

    BP, the government and the people of this nation have run out of time.  The media blackouts cannot erase the proof of oil tides and dead carcasses washing up on the coast of the Southern Gulf States.  Many are beginning to call this a modern day “Black Death.”  There is no quick fix for this diabolical mess and no amount of money can be thrown at the problem to wish it away.  Let’s examine what we do know: the waters are toxic, the air is toxic, the rains are toxic, and soon the water sources will become toxic (We will not even go into the speculation that the methane in the water could cause an exponential explosion, thus creating a tsunami).

    According to an article, emergency planners are dealing with a prospective “dead zone” within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster datum in the Gulf.  Therefore, mass mandatory evacuations are being planned by government agencies.

    The article indicates that government insiders are suggesting that “plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula … The toxic rain from the Gulf is expected to poison fresh water reservoirs and lakes, streams, and rivers, which will also have a disastrous impact on agriculture and livestock, as well as drinking water, in the affected region.”

    The mass exodus and relocation of millions of families will happen.  It’s just a matter of when and where these displaced citizens will go.

    Wake Up and Be Prepared to Evacuate

    Evacuating a Community – With the threat of thousands of communities being displaced, there will be widespread chaos.  If a mandatory evacuation is announced, the faster a person begins traveling to their destination the better chance of dodging traffic and any unnecessary stressful situations.  If a person can evacuate before a mandatory evacuation has been announced, the better off they will be.

    To expedite the process of preparing for a mandatory evacuation:

    • A well defined preparedness plan with maps and alternative routes in place.  Do not leave unless there is a plan in place.  Additionally, prepare multiple plans if the initial plan does not work.
    • Purchase maps to use during the course of the journey.
    • A 72 hour bag that is ready to go for the family as well as a bag for any pets.
    • Collect any family heirlooms or memorabilia.  There may be a chance you will not see your home for a while.
    • Have a small supply of food and water (at least 3-5 days worth).
    • Leave as soon as possible.  Do not wait until they have opened up the contraflow lanes to evacuate.
    • Have some money set aside for an emergency.  Prepare for some ATM machines and banks to be closed.
    • Make sure the Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) is well maintained.  Having the proper items to keep it going can be of great value in a disaster situation.  Items such as fuel, oil, an extra tire, fix-a-flat, etc.

    This article has been contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition.


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      1. When is the crowd pleaser going off?  2 man rule…  When I see the boats clear, I’m gone.

      2. In the word(s) of Neo…


      3. Wait a minute,the overall theme has been one of the government “covering up” and “suppressing” info that is bad…
        With that,one must now conclude that the government will NOT want to enact evacuations since that would undermine all of the attempts at minimizing this issue in the public’s eyes.
        If the government/BP is consistent,they will say “don’t worry,the air is fine so are the beaches,be happy and take on debt”

      4. You forgot to mention Savanna, GA and Kennebunkport, MN.

      5. If they haven’t evacuated by now they never will, going on 3 months now.  If people want to live in toxic areas, no one can make them leave; it’s their right, just like jumping off a tall building.   If this  is toxic, people will get sick and die from it anyway.  Time will tell before the year is up.

      6. remember THREE MILE ISLAND CANAL , NEW YORK – THE FED’S aren’t going to evacuate 60 million people from the gulf and toxic rain fallout path up the east coast… this is a boon for health care, carbon tax, eugenics of the American people , and will help further destroy America ECONOMIC control of the world. BRINGING FORWARD THE NWO PLAN OF A ONE WORLD SUPER POWER GOVERNMENT!



      7. I believe the government is using a ‘wait and see’ approach as they lack the funding and manpower to ‘control’ a mass exodus. I saw traffic on I-95 Northbound come to a complete stop just south of Jacksonville,Fl as people began fleeing the second hurricane to hit Florida in 2004.Hurricane Charles wiped out a lot of people’s property, and they weren’t waiting for the second hurricane to arrive.Four hurricanes caused destruction in Florida that year.
        When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast in 2005, it became apparent to the world that the government was not up to the task of helping everyone.Events like these create the mindset that it would be prudent to plan ahead for disasters.Those who don’t plan ahead become a burden to an already overburdened system. A Get Out Of Dodge plan should take top priority for everyone living in the hurricane prone regions of the country.Especially this year.
        Good Luck to all and have a safe Independence Day !

      8. @ po’d-ve: “FIGHT GODDAMIT!”

        you first… I see a LOT of you types on the interweb lately… screaming ‘fight back!’ or ‘DO SOMETHING!”… well YOU FIRST! stop trying to incite OTHERS to intervene on YOUR behalf… if its worth it for YOU to do something, then by all means YOU do it… Otherwise, you deem yourself a coward. a yapping little dog biting at everyone else’s heels… why don’t YOU show us how to ‘fight’… you first.

      9. what we need is for people to state their AGE !  
        So many, many, many people in Florida etc will NOT leave because it is younger people (like their kids… people my age) (I’m in my 40’s)  who are asking them to leave.    i like old people, always have;   but the huge majority of them don’t really take a younger person seriously. You need to be in the samne decade the old fart is (60’s 70’s etc) for them to take you seriously. very frustrating !
        …also,  a problem is the people who have only been in Florida for a few years, they haven’t seen how bad it can be so they are complacent.  RRRRRIIIPPPP (sound of me tearing my hair out)

      10. I have to agree with LAURA ,  It aint gonna happen .  This Regime can’t  find its ass with both hands and all of congress helping them . They have no place to put that many people . They don’t have the funds to pay for it . They don’t have the transportation to do it . To organize such a move would take a year of planning and rehersals as a minimum . Nothing like this hase ever beeb attempted on such a scale as this involving so many people , so as for me , I say No  , it won’t happen

      11. I have to agree with LAURA ,  It aint gonna happen .  This Regime can’t  find its ass with both hands and all of congress helping them . They have no place to put that many people . They don’t have the funds to pay for it . They don’t have the transportation to do it . To organize such a move would take a year of planning and rehersals as a minimum . Nothing like this hase ever beeb attempted on such a scale as this involving so many people , so as for me , I say No  , it won’t happen .

      12. Comments…..The government can’t organize a planned evacuation before a hurricane, so one for the B/P spill will be FUBAR. More than likely, the general public needs to move out on their own before the government blocks them from leaving. One thing our government is good at; locking people up. That will be interesting, seeing that they can’t even keep illegal aliens from entering our country. Besides, the logistics alone would be of a scale that this world has never seen.

      13. Well, let’s think about this for a moment, shall we?
        3 million “fema coffins” with a 4 pax capacity have been waiting along major railroad lines for about a year and a half; Katrina was a well-known beta test for the real deal coming soon to a shore near you; 8000  identical white vans are sitting in Florida;
        millions of gallons of Corexit has been dispersed; humungous amounts of Benzene and Methane are virtually from Florida to Texas;  up to 50,000 Psi of pressure from a wellhead that is now eating away at the entire foundation ( in 2-3 places); oil that will reach Virgina in a mattter of weeks, and Clinton quips it may be a good idea to place 6 nukes into the mix.  Yep, sounds like I need to…. grab a beer and watch me some NASCAR!!      Whoooohooo! 

      14. Comments…..Whilst some of you are reasonably confidant that the planned evacuation won’t happen, for various reasons, where does that leave the threatened population?
        At home, at risk and left to fend for themselves!
        Hardly a responsible action by a “caring” government!
        Personally speaking, I would advise that you high tail it out of there before you start puking you internals up.
        Don’t wait to be told “it’s too late, you are all doomed!”.
        I don’t think the PTB will ever concede the real and present health dangers BUT they may still implement mandatory evacuations, simply because they want to exert power over people, with or without your consent.
        On the subject of compensation, does anyone in the affected area know of a claim actually being paid?
        It  may be prudent to leave for health reasons alone and don’t hang out to be compensated.
        As I have posted elsewhere on this site, I can’t help feeling there is an ulterior motive behind the mountain of NON-ACTION.
        I read today that the military have moved their troops and families away from the region, doesn’t that tell you SOMETHING!!!

      15. blabbermouth fools. who do you think caused this goddam mess (and all the other crap we’re exposed to like corrupt crony banks, the credit collapse,  and all the other plights)..

        YOU CAUSED ALL THIS MESS. let me so bold as to repeat what i just said. YOU CAUSED THIS MESS.

        you voted for the poiticians currently in control.


        it’s all your fault so shut up and suffer the fate of your collective ignorance…

      16. evacuations do work … there was a forgotten hurricane named Rita that hit Louisiana Texas border in 2005… it happened about a month after Katrina… there were very few deaths and that is solely because we got the hell out…. as devestating as Katrina was alot of them refused to leave and that is why they died…i’m sorry folks but if a hurricane is coming and i don’t have a ride i’m gonna find a cop and punch him or something… one man actually walked when they started the evacuations and guess what he lived… i live 37 miles from the gulf in Louisiana, we haven’t gotten any oil yet and that is a big YET… but let me tell you if a hurricane is even thought to be headed this way my ass is gone!

      17. For Nissanman: If those in the B/P Incident area are going to sit around waiting for Uncle Sammy to sprinkle magic pixie dust to make the disaster go away, then they’re toast. If it’s life or death, the decision rests with the individual to take the initiative to save themselves. Uncle Sammy can throw all the money they want at it & it will never go away. The problem is, most of the people want the incident just to disappear and revert back to the before B/P disaster, retaining all their “bling”. Not gonna happen. They & most of us are going to loose out of this disaster. Question is are they willing to give their lives up for their property or take the loss and move to a safer local. Expecting rescue from a Federal Agency known for incompetence is absurd. 
         I will gladly help people in need, but I won’t help a sluggo that won’t even make the effort to attempt to save their own lives. Lesson learned from Katrina.
        If the house is fully engulfed in flames; get out! Don’t wait for the Fire Dept to show up. They might be on another fire.

      18. @kzlager jr

        Lithium is your friend… you apparently missed your dose this afternoon…

      19. Interesting coincidences:

        * Rules for bankruptcy filing changed so that it is MUCH more difficult to meet the standard.

        * Very shortly after the JOB MARKET AND ECONOMY COLLAPSES with a record number of people having no or negative savings rates and high personal debts


        * Real estate values plunge, with FL one of the states particularly hard hit so that homeowners can’t sell due to basic economic / lending / valuation issues

        * Oil disaster in GOM that remarkably happens to be in the worst-case-scenario category

        * Fannie/Freddie then declaring they will pursue strategic defaulters, basically putting Gulf Coast homeowners in a corner with no way out.

        So, if you somehow managed to have money in the bank rather than rocketing-into-the-toilet 401(k)’s, stocks, or other recently-devalued investments, you would be 100% screwed if you own a home in FL or other gulf coast states because those resources would now be fair game for Freddie / Fannie if you walked away from your oil-toxified, devalued, now REALLY underwater property just to try and SURVIVE somewhere else.

        How very nice.

        BTW if there are mass / mandatory evacuations on an effectively permanent basis, what will that do to the unemployment rates / candidates per job opening ratio wherever all these people end up?

        Look what the evacs did to the local job markets during Katrina, and all those people were generally expecting to GO BACK at some point.

        The oil in this case may just be a means to an end.

      20. The government, which is now owned by BP et al, will let things completely deteriorate, i.e. allow people and the economy of the gulf to die, and will likely never take any definitive actions that would encourage the masses to see their incompetence, and/or see that government has been bought out by international corporations.  I suspect that when there is a massive hurricane, then some evacuations will take place then, under the “cover” of the storm.  But otherwise, the PTB will continue in their “PR only” efforts. 

      21. Google earth shows me that my home in Ft. Lauderdale FL is about 95 miles from the Gulf coast,so that means that I’ll be sticking right at my paid for home.
        Not only that,the winds in FL tend to blow from the east/southeast to the west,so most of the fumes are going towards Texas.

      22. NOYB, I like your way of thinking. Try this in addition to what you already said:

        Mass/mandatory evacuations from the affected states send millions of people in desperate need of food/shelter into nearby communities that all themselves are hurting from their local/state deficit issues in the form of reduced police/fire/ambulance services in addition to everything else that is getting cut that mostly affects the poor and lower classes.

        It seems this may be a way to jumpstart the death of the dollar. The Federal Government will have no choice but to put the pedal to the metal with the printing presses.

      23. Comments…..Everyone is forgetting something.  If the government wants to kill us, they will wait till, or introduce some bio agent then evac the gulf coast assuring maximum exposure.  Just thought i’d add my two cents, oh wait, thats 4 cents now.

      24. Hello everyone 🙂
        I read your comments and for sure we are not able to reverse what was happened. But we can learn from this situation a lot .
        When I heard about this disaster first time I was frustrated and angry. After all I realized we are using our cars and buying all plastic stuff every day. Even my computer is made from this what is in the gulf. Please consider everyone how to reduce and finally stop using stuff which using oil (cars, TV and all plastics). We stop drilling and our earth and children will be safe. I am sure is different way to spend our life. Now we need find a lot of love in our hearts to discover new way.
        All the best for everyone.

      25. Ooookay. Basically I’d have to agree with Barefoot in MN- What do you do if your a minor and your guardian/guardians won’t listen? I mean come on people! Most users on the internet are the thousands of teens staying up way too late for their own good. Parents- most likely those listening to the government and news channels broadcasting that we’re apparently not suppose to believe. I’m fifteen and whoa this is almost too crazy to even be real. . . almost. Sadly, common sense and historical fact are not to ignored. But tell me, what am I suppose to do? It’s not like I have the resources available to evacuate my own home now do I? The kids sitting in my living room are waiting. . . any takers? Ahh no thought not.

        Ohh and by the way what ever your name is. . .you know the pissed off at the world and. . . whats the word? Ahh yes! To put it simple. The stereotypical, oblivious moron other wise known kzlager jr who wants to place all the blame on others. . . Nice to meet you by the way. Totally made my day let me tell you. One other thing intended just for you. . . how the hell is this my fault or anyone elses for that matter? Sure- I agree. Public awareness and political participation has plummeted and yea we need to take up the responsibility that’s been awaiting us in the background. Yup hello we are responsible for giving government so much control; But then again you can’t just blame one element in a scheme- there are other colors in the picture too ya know. Ever heard of the word deception, ya know lying? Any of this ring a bell.

        We may of elected our government officials but that doesn’t mean the human race can’t be gullible. Lied to. Manipulated. That others can’t put on a facade to make you think things are fine and dandy. Isn’t that what everyone’s complaining about? Don’t you meet people like this day after day year after year lifetime after lifetime? It’s not just your politicians guys. We’re human. We may reap what we sow but hell who knows if we’re planting the poisonous seeds good old neighbor gave us. I’m not saying everyone’s like this but it is pretty common.

        And while others may be irritated with po’d-vet> such as Sketch> Their BOTH right. We do need to stand up and do something about it. But for all you people like p’od-vet and kzlager jr who want to yell at others and point the finger first answer this question: What are you gonna do about it? Otherwise let us know when you find out. We all want in on the secret.

        Have a good day ppl! <3
        Stranded~ Comming to you live from the Sunshine State.

      26. hold on here a second, this article was written by a guy who sells emergency food – can you say conflict of interest?

      27. Stranded:  If you’re 15 and the rents have their heads firmly embedded in the sand (or elsewhere) you can exploit the one thing you have in abundance: at your age you’re an information sponge.  Since you don’t have money to throw at the problem, apply your brain.  Lots of people are spending money GEARING up, but you need to LEARN as many relevant SHTF skills in as great a depth as possible – while you can.

        You can be discreet and look for specific skills from certain people, like making things on a lathe, gardening (know the insects / good cultivars for your climate / soil amendment), or even becoming familiar with good binoculars and practice picking out things and estimating the distance accurately.

        There is a LOT you can do without going around to neighbors (who may not be receptive to prepping) and trying to find out who is a prepper.  If you focus on these seemingly innocuous skills, you will make yourself a valuable asset and team member to post-SHTF groups who will be looking for those skills.  I’d bet there is an old retired guy out there who would love to teach you how to make parts and hold tolerances on a lathe using brass or aluminum in exchange for house painting or other tasks where your agility and youthful endurance can be put to good use.  Even if the job sucks try to think of the irreplaceable value of learning an important skill.

        Then even if the S does not HTF you will be miles ahead of people your age because you will have practical skills they do not.  In your efforts, remember these two things:

        * Patience is the companion of the wise

        * It’s all in your head.  Your success or failure begins and ends there.  By asking the question “What can I do?” you’re off to a damn good start.

        A long time ago a guy named Eddie Rickenbacker said “I’ll stop fighting when they nail the lid of my pine box down on me.”   Make that your mantra for life.

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