Prepare for the Coming Cyber Wars: US Government to launch Pre-emptive Cyber Strikes

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 323 comments

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    cyberinfrastructureFor years we have warned our readers about the dangers that a full scale cyber-attack could have on our infrastructure; now those dangers are even higher as the Federal Government prepares to launch Pre-emptive cyber strikes against rogue nations.

    According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama has just concluded a secret legal review of the administration’s new cyber war guidelines. The guidelines give President Obama the power to order pre-emptive cyber strikes to protect national security interests. This news comes as a number of financial institutions have recently admitted to being hacked by foreign hackers.

    Last month we spoke to cyber security expert Damon Petraglia, about the dangers we face in this new era of cyber warfare. Petraglia shared how vulnerable our country is to cyber-attacks, and suggested that our entire cyber-supply chain is already under attack.

    He told us, “We have been attacked and we are under attack 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our military systems are probed in excess of hundreds of thousands of times per hour. Our private industry can claim similar statistics.”

    How can you prepare for the coming cyber wars?

    Petraglia  suggests, “preparing for an actual worst case scenario is similar to the preparations one would make for extended period without adequate food and water supplies and access to emergency services.”

    Threat AssessmentPart of being prepared for any type of threat, means knowing exactly how that threat will affect you during a time of crisis. By performing a realistic threat assessment, you can get a better idea of what actions you need to take during a real life cyber-attack situation.

    Emergency Communication: When the power lines go down and the internet stops working, there is one line of communication that will still be alive and well: Ham Radio!  Having a good Multiband Ham Radio will allow you to send and receive critical emergency information during a disaster. It’s also a great way to find alternative news sources from around the world.

    Always have Cash on Hand: If a rogue nation were to target our country for attack, one of the first targets would likely be our power grids and or our financial systems. In either scenario, an attack would likely make electronic commerce almost impossible. During a full scale cyber war, cash will play a major role in how people buy and sell during the initial stages of the crisis.

    Start Stockpiling Preparedness Supplies: The first thing you need to do, is make sure you have your essential needs covered. The essentials include water, shelter, food and personal security.  At a minimum, you should always have at least a week’s worth of emergency supplies on hand at all times. Once you have that covered, you should then set a goal to stockpile enough for 3, 6 and then 12 months.

    Know what you’re preparing for, and know what obstacles you’ll be up against: When planning for any type of disaster scenario, including a cyber-attack, there’s really only one thing that we can be sure of;Survival will be a bigger challenge than you ever believed possible. While you can’t be ready for everything, there are some things that you may want to consider when planning for any type of survival situation.

    This article has been contributed by Robert Richardson at Off Grid Survival


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      1. Why me ….. 🙂

        • The corp is preparing the sheep so they will readily accept the “rogue nation” story when the banksters decide to pull the plug.

          The only rogue nation currently operating in the world is called the United States, which is located in the District of Columbia.

          Don’t waste any bullets shooting at foreigners. There are plenty of targets here that have done far more damage.

          • Yep, the rogue nation thing will be what’s reported. In actuality it will be as you put it the rogue nation located in the District of Columbia that fakes an attack.

            • Gods Creation said,

              “There are two kinds of people in Iraq. Iraqi’s and war criminals. Which were you?”

              There are two kinds of people in this corporate banker world. Servants of the corp and the dead. Which are you?

              Everyone serves this beast, including you. If you bought gas, paid any tax, or even watched or listened to a corp commercial you support this beast.

              Some of you serve the eyes, its hearing, its grip, its flesh, its slithering belly. GC if you’re the body part I think you are, you should have went on strike. The corp beast would have been too busy dealing with constipation to send its arm against Iraq.

              It doesn’t serve well to speak evil of dignities toward those who wield the sword. It’s hypocracy. Especially when you intend to do the same here shortly. There is no gain in alienating the strength we need to restore the Constitutional Republic.

              To Mclovin,

              You need to wake out of your nonchalance. Look at the WTC building 7 shenanigan. Wake the phuck up!

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

              • jc.. time to get a grip on reality. your gonna need it.

                The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

              • Why do you claim the name of Christ then criticize those who follow him? 1 Peter 2:13 commands: “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority,” We are exponentially better treated than Christians were by their rulers when Peter wrote this.

                There are those serving in our military, paying their taxes, and working in the banking industry who are honoring God by doing so and those standing by in Texas, dropping the “Ph’ bomb, and misrepresenting Christ followers. I want to thank the first group and apologize for the second.

                • Government Guy,
                  Cheerlead this group all you want. I’ll pass on that and leave them with their own condemnations in their own hypocracy towards our Veterans.

                  Gods Creation says:
                  Comment ID: 1110795
                  February 5, 2013 at 3:15 pm
                  A response consisting of name calling and a claim of entitlement for service to the corp? Cut right from the corps molds, are you?

                  There are two kinds of people in Iraq. Iraqi’s and war criminals. Which were you?
                  You can say what you like and I have no problem with it. But it is sad when you defend the propaganda and indoctrination process that is destroying the same country you believed you were fighting for when you followed the orders of war criminals in Iraq and DC. The same process that lead to selling yourself to war criminals.
                  But, it’s all good…

                  BJ says:
                  Comment ID: 1111405
                  February 5, 2013 at 5:10 pm
                  You did waste your time…you weren’t fighting for any rights, yours or mine. You were fighting for the bankers and the corp

                  Eisenkreutz says:
                  Comment ID: 1104381
                  February 4, 2013 at 12:25 am
                  Our troops invade peoples countries to steal their natural resources. Chris Kyle is a cold blooded murderer. Do you have any idea what snipers do to people in real life? You need reeducation.

                  Eisenkreutz says:
                  Comment ID: 1105059
                  February 4, 2013 at 7:37 am
                  Vietnam Veterans were baby killers. You need to learn about the atrocities the United States has committed and the real motivations behind every war we have fought, instead of brainlessly supporting this big killing big war big military bible thumping chest bumping neocon propaganda nonsense.

              • JC says

                ”’Everyone serves this beast, including you. If you bought gas, paid any tax, or even watched or listened to a corp commercial you support this beast.”’

                No, you support it by obtaining it’s licenses and honoring it’s laws above all others. You support it by enlisting to serve as it’s murderer against Gods people everywhere.

                You do not serve a thief merely because he robs from you without your consent through force and fraud.

                I do not serve the beast in any way. I don’t possess a license of any kind. I ask not its permission to live and I serve the higher power in every action against it, including inaction when it says to act.

                You may feel compelled to serve the beast, but that doesn’t mean others who choose not to can not avoid it.

                I am no part of the beast, nor am I it’s enemy. I am real, it is not. I stand for God and nothing else. All I have is His, I am merely protecting His property from those who would damage it.

                Those you feel compelled to serve…

                • Gods Creation.

                  I see your accusations against Veterans and your lies.

                  One side of your mouth saying…
                  “I serve the higher power in every action against it…”

                  The other side of your mouth…
                  “…nor am I it’s enemy.”

                  Double speaking betrays you.

                  You defend yourself with…
                  “You do not serve a thief merely because he robs from you without your consent through force and fraud.”

                  Now your own defense will serve to defend the very Veterans you choose to besmirch, calling them “war criminals”. Force and fraud brought against our Nation was used to take what was lawful to be used unlawfully. Thank you for that GC.

                  Nothing is hid from God. You stoke these hot coals against Veterans. REPENT and turn from evil. Or heap them upon your own head.

                  The Lord is Righteous in Judgement and Grace.

                • All this bigotry and self-righteousness lowers the quality of this site. Why do you tear down each other? Is that the reason for these articles?

                  • Is it righteous to let Veterans be put under boot and heel? Some of these Veterans have been through more than enough already. Some still don’t even know that our Government has been hijacked. Unless you’ve thrown your body on the flight line to stop the deployments to that war, I don’t see how any of you RATE TO CALL THEM BABY KILLERS AND WAR CRIMINALS! Not on my watch. Train your shots elsewhere.

                  • “””Some still don’t even know that our Government has been hijacked.”””

                    It is up to each Man to know who or what he serves.

                    If someone was to come and kill your family, only to tell you he thought he was doing good work because he was ordered to do so by a legal fiction called government you can not touch or see, would that be acceptable for you?

                    Is it acceptable for you to force those same actions on Iraqi’s families and they are supposed to accept it?

                    You must look at what a Man does, not what he claims or believes he is doing.

                    If someone has sold out to evil and put on a uniform that commits him to violate Gods Law, there is nothing good he can do from that day forward. You can not do a good work to further the cause of evil. You can not do for God when following the orders of His enemy.

                    Unquestioning approval of the Corp military and it’s atrocities is part of the brainwashing and indoctrination process.

                    A process from which you have not yet escaped. I suspect that one day you will, and you will find no hero’s in military service.

                  • I would put no more burden than this on our Armed Forces, Veterans, and LEOs . Accept the Lord Jesus Christ and remember your Oath to disobey illegal orders.

                    “If someone has sold out to evil and put on a uniform that commits him to violate Gods Law, there is nothing good he can do from that day forward.” says Gods Creation.

                    Lord of Heaven and earth. By thine abundant Grace and good mercy remove and unburden this curse made against them that are yours. Among them that live by thine righteousness give wisdom to see what is good to you Lord, and the strength to keep their Oath and turn from evil. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

          • Why does it seem like the story line always go”Obama just signed a secrete order to ___________”. I’m sorry but just how is it a secrete if everyone knows? Secrete kill list, secrete arms control treaty, secrete presidential orders, secrete deal with putin, secrete trade deal with the chinese, I’m getting so over informed with secretes that my head is about to explode. I’m glad my boat does’t have any secretes, if she did she would probably sink from all the leaks. Just say”n” and being a smart ass.

            • Wrong spelling, should be secret, secretes looks greek.

              • RIO, (hey thats rio, LOL). Secret or secrete, what does it matter – Hillery.

              • The ‘e’ is so secret(e) it’s not just silent, it’s invisible..

            • Rick,

              Don’t worry about your slepping buddy, its our secret…LOL



            • Rick in O
              I agree,,,wolf to many times i think,,


            • RIO – I think they are leaking these “secret” orders, memos, reports etc in an effort to get us so riled up that a bunch of us finally snap. Then they can say “see, look, we were right!! Now, hand over all your weapons, wifes, daughters, preps, and line up for the FEMA camp train.” Just keep pushing and pushing…..

          • “Don’t waste any bullets shooting at foreigners”.

            Fuck that, shoot the millions of illegals here illegally, along with “our” gov’t who led them here!

            • Dont hurt the Mexican women. Theyve been good to us.

              • Eisenkraut, just asking? Should (Theyve) be hy’phenated. Trekker Out.

                • Trekker, concerned about Eisenkraut, thought you would correct me on the hyphenated. Where’s the English teacher when I need to be corrected. Trekker Out.

            • don’t forget the chins.

              “We the people” didn’t make any fucked up, treasonas deals for our country.

              others did…and don’t forget them either.

            • I say we point to where Iowa the racist lives so that the illegals can shoot back at him. ha ha what a sight. What a dum racist. Dude wake up!! this nation was built on immigrants. What boat did you ride in dum ass?

              • There is a HUUUUUGE difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. Learn it.

                • Only difference is immigrants came here killed everyone, stole the land & made a law saying noone else can do it anymore so your right huuuge difference

            • To Iowa. I hope Obama takes all your guns and puts you in a fema camp!!!!!! RAcist people should not have guns. What is your real name?? is it Adam Lanza you psychopath??

          • They’re laying the groundwork. With all the recent msm news stories about companies being infiltrated by Chinese hackers. They’re building up a massive military and economic conflict with China.

            Just look at our so called pivot to the Pacific. It is to encircle and contain a rising belligerent China who years ago claimed we are their mortal enemy.

            With our economy in shambles on the verge of collapse what better way to deflect blame and attention away from the real problem. ( The cancerous progressive left in d.c. and across America) They will stoke the flames of nationalism and whip up a fervor of anti chiness sentiment. Once the msm is in full stride the majority of Americans will follow right along into another war far from home and at the cost of billions.

            But this time will be different. We will go headstrong against a foe who has been waiting, preparing and has the ability to inflict serious damage to our fleet and economy.

            Here are a couple of hypothetical scenarios I can possible see playing out:

            1.) Conflict erupts btw China and Japan over the south China sea and it’s vast natural resources. We are drawn in and our pacific fleet and naval bases are completely destroyed. We lob a few missiles into China hitting densly populated areas. After massive loss of life a UN peace is brokered. We limp out of the pacific and begin to rebuild our economy after China dumps the USD. ( Convienently we don’t have to pay our debt back as the USD is worthless) Capitalism and the Constitution are scapegoated for the countries ills and the Marxist Globalist agenda continues to move.forward.

            2.) A larger conflict erupts over the south China sea. America Is unable to pay for a prolonged war with China and other flareups across the globe. We can’t maintain the upkeep and logistics for war on the other side of the globe. The economy crumbles and civil unrest ensues. Our enemies all over the world smell blood in the water. America is blamed by all for the debt, death and destruction. Our enemies bring the war to us.

            What’s left of America is divided up and paid out to pay back our debts. Captialism, Constitutionalism and American patriotism are outlawed. Again the Globalist Progressive machine rolls in unabated this time. Many will speculate this was all by design and the American left elite were complicit in facilitating the end of the American Experiment, free market, private property and individual liberties.

            I’ve seen some posts regarding Washington’s vision for America. This could easily be a scenario in which it plays out. And it will be up to people like us on here to see it fulfilled.

            Just a thought and possible shtf scenario.

            • i’ve never really thought about #2, but that really deserves some attention. Perhaps that’s why the purchase of the .40 cal hollow points, and maybe, just maybe, our f***ed up government has organized this “run on guns and ammo” for the general public, trying to get everyone to open up their eyes to what maybe coming???
              maybe the government is trying to help us to see what may be coming and to be prepared????

              I know i’m giving the gubment to much credit, and i’m sure i’m way off base, but who knows???…

            • what can I say that wot be deleted?

            • Not farfetched scenarios, Wolf359…. Not at all. And it might be sooner than anyone thinks. Common for dictatorial regimes to turn to external wars when their internal situation gets bad, and China’s has huge potential to go bad. They’ve got a gigantic series of credit bubbles in their “economy”. They’ve got a huge population to feed, which they cannot do without exports, and as the world economy tanks their exports are falling. They’ve also got a high ratio of males to females, as result of years of gender-selection in the womb, and infanticides after birth, due to their one-child policy. All factors that point to them going on a rampage of aggression sometime soon.

              • Old Coach, I meant to thumbs up you, accidentally hit thumbs dwn, sorry

              • Old Coach,

                I’ve recenly begun theorizing China will not need exports like they do now. They have been hoarding gold and buying up mines and vast quantities of natural resources for quite some time all the while making bilateral deals with BRICS nations, Japan, and SaudiArabia without the use of the USD or petro dollar.

                Once the USD is devalued china will be in a great position to fill the vacuum with their yuan or renminbi backed by gold or massive natural resources they’ve acquired.

                This would raise the value of their currency and the hundreds of millions peasants would now be able to buy consumer items all made in China for Chinese. The ghost cities would be filled with the upward mobility of millions and in the end they won’t need us except to ship them food, oil, coal, gas to pay down our debt to them.

                Nothing is set is stone but if I was a Chinese central planner and I know where the world is headed and the USD is a failing investment this plan would be a great way to stave off economic doom associated with ties to the USD and exports to America.

                • You’ve done your homework Wolf, nice job on the analysis, thumbs up!!!

            • We are the most resource rich piece of land on the planet with the least population density (excepting the uninhabitable regions of the planet). Prime target. Our personal weaponry is really the only speed bump in that scenario.

              On a related note, take a look at this chart for external debt by nation. Ask most Americans who we owe our national debt to and they will come up with stuff like China, Russia, etc, thinking that nations owe nations. Never does it cross their mind that the debt is owed to independent cabals.


          • Like 9-1-1 insider’s job!!!

          • Yep, That damn black swan getting ready to get back in the pond. More like an Ugly Duckling, really. Peace Clay

        • Why US?

          Because we were chosen by God to kill these motherfuckers in self-defense!

          • Why US?

            Because you rode in on a boat with Piers Morgan..

          • Iowa, looks like you’ve got your very on troll stalker!!!!

        • “Our private industry can claim similar statistics.” I may be wrong, but it isn’t the government who is designated protector of private industry. I’d never buy my security from a company who can’t secure their own business, THAT is just good business practice. Why me? If not you, then who?

      2. Honestly guys, is it bad that I really wish the grid would go down from an EMP so we could ‘trim the fat?’ SHTF seems more sensible to me than being taxed to support the grotesque cancerous monstrosity that the big g has become…

        • Honestly SgtMC:

          We need the time for sheep to catch up. Don’t push it sir.

        • If I believed in prayer, that would be mine every day.

        • I cant wait for the chaos. Many of the elderly will perish. :;

          • AND….many of the young, arrogant, and “non-essential” wannabe “warriors” will perish as well….


            • I got mine, girlie. 🙂

          • @Eisenkreutz….

            So will many of the young and stupid.

            • As the old saying goes “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill”.

          • Eisenkreutz. Something about -cant- don’t seem right. Trekker Out.

          • Sourkruetz, you sure got a chip on your shoulder for the elderly. One of these days one of then is gonna jack you up and slap you with a loaded Depends. Hope Im there to see it.

            • Dont give me that crap. You people are a social plague. You loaded this debt burden on my back and destroyed my country. You deserve to be called out for it.

              • Here we go with the “you people” shit again. If you don’t like the crowd, GO FIND ANOTHER CROWD…you obviously need a crowd to feel secure, just not this one.

                • He’s bipolar, one thread he’ll have some interesting things to say, but in the next he’ll just be so over the top I skip over everything he writes. And at 46, I’m not even that old!!!!

                  • Yeah..he’s probably addicted to serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Either that, or he takes them with a shot of cheap vodka.

                  • that is, unless somebody else is hijacking his user name…

              • It’s called compound usury….the exponential function. Get a clue. No one on this board was born when the government turned over the money system to the Fed against the Constitution. Now get out there and get to work paying it back so YOUR kids won’t have to.

              • Son, I was paying for your SS while you were still shitin’ green.

              • Oh grow up bonehead. Or better yet….run for office while you still know everything. But I bet you’d be just like the rest of the tyrants…just another self-centered little prig.

        • I’ve thought they same thing. Maybe it would be a blessing and would set us back on the correct path. Just hope it isn’t only us knocked out by an EMP but the whole world or else in about 6 months after the EMP the whole world will be here picking up the scraps.

          • Dont forget…

            “the worst people gonna be in charge in SHTF”


            • The worst are already in charge.

              • Thanks Walt…I told him that on a story posted here a day or 2 ago.

                E…same comment 2 days in a row to different stories. You got a crush on the Boznian?

                You must be losing it…better move to the farm before it is to late…

            • The worst possible people in america are ic charge, they are called congress, senate and obama, both republicans and democrats

            • Eisenkreutz,

              You said that twice now.

              You buckin for promotion or an ass whoopin?

              Probly get promoted to an ass whoopin.

          • you must know “they” have all their stuff as protected as money can buy…the up side of it is the entire surveillance grid can’t be shielded like that. They’d need to shield every camera on every damn pole, and all the rest of it as well. It would, at the least, take out their main “eyes”. I think they have their own internet structure set up, ready and waiting to serve them, and only them. The up-side of that is, it’s easier for me to walk over to the neighbor’s house to see what’s up, than it will be for them to make it from bunker to bunker…

      3. “Petraglia suggests, ‘preparing for an actual worst case scenario is similar to the preparations one would make for extended period without adequate food and water supplies and access to emergency services.'”

        Again, ironically the suggestions for preparing for this, just like FEMA’s suggestions for remaining prepared for natural emergencies, are the very things that put us on DHS and FBI radars as potentially being “domestic terrorists.”

        • Lady of the Lake:

          Agreed. Kinda “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

          I’ll have to take my chances and keep prepping.

          Just wondering if they plan on using such an attack on us, and pointing the finger at another?

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

          • KySSG:

            Every new event, every news article, everything I hear or read I analyze from A to Z now. The traitors are cunning and numerous and own the MSM, and I don’t react to anything unless I’m fairly sure that I know exactly what I’m reacting to. This includes the attempts at gun control. The Wizard of Oz may have been just a little man pulling strings, but those flying monkeys could still put a hurting on you.

            So I’m waiting patiently, but in the meantime I’m making every moment and every dollar count towards preparing for whatever the Wizard throws at us. And I’ve got a few surprises for those flying monkeys, too.


          • KySSG,

            A a search for (Wethepeople NY ) see what you make of that site, I will post the link below but Macs new system delays links forever it seems..



        • “the very things that put us on DHS and FBI radars….”

          I believe that is what they/TPTB want us to think. By creating this illusion of Big Brother watching and knowing every move we make, we are made “weaker” by paranoia. You/I/We know that, “paranoia will destroy Ya”.

          I prefer to believe that our Heavenly Father is still in control and if we are faithful servants and have done everything humanly possible, then we will be “supernaturally” protected. So fuck the DHS and FBI and all the Islamic terrorists. I answer to a HIGHER POWER than all those ass wipes put together. I have been given the power over all mine enemies and the ability to “tread on serpents” by the blood of Jesus H Christ, my Saviour.

          For anyone believing alah,buddah, or muhhackmed is gonna save your ass; I feel sorry for you.

          • Ha,ha,ha. “Allah” means God, “Dios” is Spanish for God. The American Indians call God, “the Great Spirit”. Guess some people feel that just because we use the English version to say, “God” we are more blessed. Ha, ha, ha! don’t know if we’ll win this war or not..

            • Cindy,

              Thanks for not using caps,annd there is not doubt in my mind we will win this war.



              • Thanks, DPS. You’re right. But still so much ignorance out there– whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, one religious group hating another. One of the highest commandments in ALL relgions is “Love ye one another.” It seems to me the only way we can avoid the Destruction of our planet is if we have a paradigm shift in consciousness… maybe it will come, maybe it will yet come.

                • Do you mean kinda like the 60s
                  Peace, love, some good psychodellics!
                  Backstop the hendricks tunes
                  Yea! Now were talkin

            • Cindy, I see your point, however; The fact remains that any religion or faith towards a god, doesn’t make it the one and only God of Abraham,Isacc, and Jacob. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to honoring the one true God.

              You may pander to the followers of “allah” and worship him all you want, but he is and never will be the same as the God I worship.

              My bible says any god without Jesus Christ at the center and acknowledged as the “only” begotten Son of the Heavenly Father is none other than a “fraud” and an Idol.

              You can laugh all you want, but it just shows your ignorance of the word and it’s truth. I think most people have already seen that you need some help on this, evidently, by all the thumbs down.

              As far as, “Love ye one another”; that commandment has several meanings. First of all, it means treating your neighbor as you want to be treated, “If”,and it’s a big IF, your neighbor is of a like mind and spirit and loves and honors God by accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour. If he(your neighbor) honors your “allah” and says Jesus was just an ordinary man and puts mohhair-achkmed above Him as saviour, then he is not of the same spirit and rock as ours. If that same “allah worshiping” neighbor says you must believe in his god or have your head wacked off, are you gonna go hug his neck and tell him you love him? That would be a stupid mistake unless you are willing to denounce the “true” God.

              The other meaning of “Love ye one another” is in reference to tough love. God said he would correct us and chastise us to show his love. Sometimes you have to give a “gourd thumping” to those that need correction to show that love. Not all persons are deserving of love. Anyone that believes they are, has a screw loose. Some are just plain evil and mean. There is a place set aside for them and all their followers. We are commanded, by God, to distance ourselves from them.

              FYI Cindy, your preaching to the choir when you come at me with the HA,HA,HAs, and righteous condemnation. I’ve got thousands of hours invested in the “word” and you are gonna have to come up with something better than what you got to change my mind and understanding. Just stating a fact, and thks for giving up the caps, it kinda looked bad on you.

              • For all you Islam/muslim/allah supporters and sympathizers check this out:

                The Koran (Quran) allows men to beat their wifes,….
                QURAN 4:34 – “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is high, supreme.”

                They say the Quran is the words of allah(their god) as was given to muhammed. they say a muslim man can have up to four wives and beat them when he feels they are not being subserviant enough. They say it is ok to marry and have sex with a nine year old virgin. They say it is ok to kill all non-muslims that won’t convert.

                I say: Do you still love them? Are we supposed to believe our “english” version of God is still the same as their allah?

                I say: No and Hell No! My God doesn’t say it is lawful to marry four, nine year old little girls,rape them, and then beat them into submission on a daily, or as needed, basis.

                Still thinking about hopping on the political correctness train and accepting all religions and their gods? If you do, then I would suggest owning asbestos underwear, cause it’s gonna get hot for ya.

                • Celebrity Saudi preacher ‘raped’ and tortured his five-year-old daughter to death


                  • I lived in the seat of Islam for two years, land of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, at the end of the first Gulf War. Two years of hating every minute of it.

                    If anything cemented my Chistianity, it was that entire experience.

                    One night, sitting with a fellow American (who happened to have married a muslim gal from Indonesia and had to convert to islam to do it) we were talking about his experiences and the hypocrisy he was seeing in what should have been a “paradise” for his religion. After many hours, I asked him one thing in which I had made a personal observation…I asked him, “Where do you hide something, you do not want anyone to notice?”

                    He looked at me perplexed and couldn’t answer, had no idea what I was talking about.

                    I told him, “You put it out in the open, where people see it every day, they become so used to seeing it that all they see is nothing”.

                    Now…for the reader, what is at the top of every minaret (sp) on a mosque, what is the prominent symbol of Islam? Also for those that know, what is what governs every muslim holiday and the times you go to prayer?
                    The symbol is the crescent moon and stars, and what governs holiday and prayer times is the phase of moon and or the quality/quantity of moonlight.

                    So my personal 0bservation is that the moon and stars are a universal symbol of the NIGHT, lack of light, darkness, opposite of day, light and being able to see. OR one can go the extra step and say night, lack of light is equivalent to Satan, where-as daylight, daytime, full light is equivalent to a true God, that one being the God of Abraham, Father of Jesus Christ his son, the light of the world…

                    just me saying about an experience I had with a fellow American, he converted back to Christianity that night and covertly made plans to leave S.A. during his next “vacation” and just not come back, as he was under penalty of a death sentence. I had to promise not to tell anyone what had happened and I take no credit for his conversion back.

                    Any comments I’d welcome…I’ve been there and lived it.

                    Terry W. Reed

                  • Terry, thanks for sharing that. Symbolism is very important if you take a moment and think about it.

                    Symbols stand for something. Unfortunately, they can be deceiving if one doesn’t look at what they could really mean.

                    I’m going to look at things differently for this point on.

                • Don’t tread, I do not accept all religions, but I DO accept the rights of others to practice as they see fit. Without that view, MY OWN views become “negotiable” as well. No one is gonna tell me what to believe, therefore, I don’t tell others what to believe. It has to go both ways or now way. Simple.

                  • I meant it has to go both ways or NO way.

                  • Thanks for the comments, sixpack and Terry R. It’s nice to see people are awake and thinking.

                    I agree sixpack, that all who breathe have a God given right to choose for themselves who, or not, to worship.
                    i know i sometimes come across as preaching or trying to convert;….wrong. I’m not. I just put out what I have read,studied and believe is based soley on the “word/letter” God sent to us. If it can’t be backed up biblically, I don’t buy it. I’m no saint and don’t think I’m better than anyone; if they are saved by the blood.

                    Example: When I spoke about homosexuals; and I believe most are atheist or just playing some kind of Church, I say go ahead if that is your religion and what you believe in. Just don’t be so brazen in the open about it and try to warp the minds of my grandkids by pushing your sick and sinful agenda onto them via public education. In saying that, I’m more specifically speaking of the males. Female homosexuality is still sin but there is a difference which I am not on the right forum for discussion of it and it entails more graphic details than I’m allowed to convey here, plus it takes us back to the Garden of Eden and even before.

                    The point being, I have learned it is not my job nor a pastor/preacher/teacher’s job to try and push/convert their beliefs on another. Many have been turned off by religion, especially christianity (ex: most southern/rural Baptist); as too many have the belief, by being taught, that it is their duty to do so. It only becomes one’s duty if they are knowledgeable of the truth and the person/persons are receptive and yearning for that understanding, so as to decide for themselves.

                    I grew up in a country Baptist church where that was the norm, to push, scare, and trick people into become a “saved” christian. It turned many away and caused much division amongst the congregation. When i got older, i decided it wasn’t for me. i found something much better, the “church” of truth. No organized religion for me.

            • Cindy, as unfair as it seems to you, Jedsus’ Father, calls the shots, and only He is God. Ask any mooslem if allah is Jesus’ Father-they will tell you no. Buddha may have been a man, but he is now dead. If you don’t like the system that God is God, and salvation is ONLY through Jesus Christ, don’t blame Christians, it was God who set it up this way. Talk to God about your dissatisfaction with His system. But, know this: even your knee shall bow and your tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

            • Stupid is as Stupid does…….

              • If you use those basis’ as reason to reject islam, IE: They use Moon Phases to set days to worship etc AND what one of you wrote about sex with minor girls.

                Then you also Must feel exact same when it comes to Talmudic Judaism. For they also use moon phases for Most if not all religious days and worships.

                And although I do not have the exact verses handy here now, I HAVE posted them Here this site prior more than once. So has JQP and Ahab I believe.

                The Talmud verses I refer to are what allows jewsih Men to have sex with Gentile girls UP TO AGE 3yrs old and thats not any Sin NOR a Crime.(there words Not mine!)

                And talmude verses allow for jewsih Men to also have homo sex with small gentile Boys if Under age of 9yrs old. Then it too equals zero sins or crimes.

                Other talmud verses tell jewsih believers it is not just GOOD to KILL gentiles…But to remember to KILL even the Best of the Gentiles.(Thats ALL non jews worldwide regardless What religion or even Atheists, Gentiles=non jewsih).

                So although many of todays preachers promote jews while same condemn Islamics, it seems rather hypocritical no.

                Also keep in mind the apsotles tell us that ALL who deny Christ or that He came in the Flesh-Died on cross-Rose again as the Only Begotton Son of God the Father who Dwells in Heaven…..THEY ALL are ANTI Christs.

                Far as I know unless any jews or islamics has Truly Repented and Converted for REAL?…They Are included in that antichrist definition…

                Discalimer: Saying the truth and facts or quoteing various talmud or islamic or Bible verses or facts spoken or wrote by Others is NOT racist NOR antisemite NOR anti islamic….Them who refuse to base opinions on Emotions and False teachings will surly Agree I think.

                If not? so what. I know I am correct and reject PC nonsense fully.

                It just makes sense to make mention of BOTH of the other major religions as many calls them…IE: Christian-Jewsih(talmudic=99% of todays jewsih folks) or Islamic.

                I rejct BOTH Islam And talmudic judaism and subscribe to Christianity. Your choice is just That Yours. I Just wanted to include an FYI.

                • Thanks AM. I for one, have never heard that about the Talmud verses. Never read but a verse or two here and there, as well as with the Torah or Quran. No need to seek out mens lies when I have the nearest thing to God’s own words in my KJV. Even though some of the translations are off a bit and need clarification for the deeper truth and understanding. It’s still enough for the average person to get what they need. I stay clear of any of the newer translations beyond the first edition of the New Living Bible.

        • catch-22…good book.

        • What an ‘exquisitely’ ironic observation… T’anks. 🙂

        • Imagine that!

      4. Anyone getting tired of adding to the list of the reasons needed for a million armed man march on Washington DC?

        Kill em all w/o Warrant, Arrest, or trial…just like they legislated to do to us.

        Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • Id join in if they hadnt put me on that damn no fly list!

          • Kula,

            Welcome to the list pal..Made that list long ago.LOL



            • There is no reason to fly anyway.

              Plenty of things to do in our own little worlds.

              The sooner people get that, the better it/they will be.

        • That’s, right in my mind — We’re told that if the President does it, it must be legal…Okay, so be it.

          We now know the President has his own personal kill list, therefore, US having a kill list must be just as legal as OBAMA having one!

      5. Don’t post my last post mac, if my saying evil things like our gov’t does makes me a target.

        • Good decision Mac,

          Speaking and living free makes me a target! Fuck em!

          • I was born a poor, American white child…I’ve always been a target for something, since the day I arrived, kickin’ and screamin’.

      6. Translation: Prepare for a banking holiday due to dollar collapse and failed bond auction.

        • Translation: When they come to your home (where your family are), shoot them in the head and fuck their wives in the eyesocket!

          – One pissed off American

          • Iowa,… I’ve been missing you, thanks for coming back and making me laugh.


      7. I look and see on history channel how many times or how close this country has about went belly up. I hope all of you that prepare the best and comfort during this crap. I dont know how bad meaning how calm are people going to be or how quickly it will go nuts during a collapse of power for using or buying things. I got guns/ammo covered body plates/kevlar etc but those big black mammas scare the hell out of me, meaning they might get mad at walmart and start hitting little or innocent people. You know what im trying to say.

        • “those big black mammas scare the hell out of me”

          Why? You know my wife is black and a good woman. Do this and you will never have a problem with a ghetto ass bitch thats in your face…


          PS: They think they have some, just dent them in real good! Clint, SHTF, Shoot zombies on sight; white, black, or the suicidal mexicans who think this is Mexico!

          • Be nice to Mexican women. Theyre sweet.

          • i was talking about the bigger ones that are on EBT cards and once they find the cards are declined, they are stronger than many smaller fragile women and can really hurt someone once they find out they are not accepted at this time and lose their cool and flip out on other people. Im not going to be at walmart at this time. Basically fights and bigger women of any color loosing their cool and starting fights with smaller ones under stressful times. thats all.


            Divide and Conquer.

            The substance of a man is not the color of his skin, but the sum of his actions. It was a black man who saved my life in 2000. He had my six while everyone else was screwing the pooch. I was married to an American Indian, over 30 yrs ago, who was the best backup I ever had. It was an anonymous Asian couple who took my brother to the hospital and saved his life. They didn’t know him from Adam, when they pulled him out from under his truck.

            You can’t do this on personal economics terms either. All of the aforementioned people were “poor”, but brave none the less.

            • sixpak: In times of stress lke riots etc, that is totally different scenario. For exampe I am sure you agree that Not All blacks who reside in inner city ghettos are bad right.

              Yet what if I got 100 blacks to stand in a lineup so to speak. And I asked You to tell me which are the 5-10% that are Normal and do NOT act like jungle baboons or apes. Could you actually distinguish which are that “good” 5 or 10?…I choose those numbers based upon my experience and observations, and perspective of life from birth in Detroit till age 43 when I left for good.

              It may be higher numbers or perhaps even Lesser. For sake of debate here go with the numbers I wrote ok…How do you or We determine which are which?

              Remember, in state of massive chimpouts and riots or other mass collapse you/we probobly Won’t have the luxery of observing which are the ones that do “good” things.

              And its not wrong to mention more than a few whites has been faced with ID-ing for instance who Raped them from a police lineup….And the usual response cops hear from a white woman rape victim or robery victim is….”gee I cant say as they All look kinda the same to me!”

              And that is not a racist statement since most whites I ever knew say the same…gee they all look same to me basically….Because, yes they do.

              It is far eaiser to ID a white criminal for most victims.

              So in normal events as you wrote of yes it then can be easy to id good folks of all colors etc…Try Riots!

              PS: I lived thru detroit riots of 1968 era. All I saw was Blacks going wild and looting-destroying what cant loot and burning down the rest. Only white faces I seen when me and a few pals drove down as far as Olympia hocky stadium on Grand River Ave, before Nat gaurd and cops screamed at us to leave pronto before we got killed, were the Nat Gaurd and Cops white faces….

              In that type scenario you’d be crazy to even attempt to ID any good blacks….I sure didn’t see any then.

              PSS: I spent over 10 yrs in the detroit projects amoung all colors of people so please dont say I am predudiced. I learned From Experience. When it gets bad good luck trusting any at random. Most Hate whiteys, it is just the way it/they is. Blame sharpton et al…Now theres a Real racist man eh!

              • you’re right AM, but my problem with this, is the same as with shooting ALL dogs that even resemble pitbull terriers, simply because they are, or look like a pit.

                Most pits never hurt anyone and are not all dangerous, and the innocent don’t deserve to die for what they didn’t do—much the same as we don’t deserve to lose our guns for something we didn’t do either.

                When the “don’t punish the innocent for the crimes of the guilty” idea only applies to a few, it becomes just as tyrannical as what we face today…selective hatred.

                Wrong is wrong no matter how you apply it.

                • You’re both right, but; you have admit when it comes to “big city” blacks, they predominately stick together.
                  I’ve seen it even in my small home town. In high school, I became good friends with a good ole country boy that I worked with. Blacker than the ace of spades as well as his whole family, about ten of them if I remember correctly. How do I know. I was at his house a few times and even had a sit down,all in the family supper with them. When we got around other blacks at school or away from work, he acted different and at one time even sided with the others in calling me names.

                  I’m not saying all, but most will stick together and possibly turn on you just because of your color. I’ll take my chances with my own race when SHTF unless it’s a full=fledged militia; by, of, and for the people.

                  • agreed.

        • Clint, just a thought…

          SHTF, why are you at Wally World?

          • I think you’ll find some fully prepped, knowledgeable, ladies amongst those big black Mama’s who have read the constitution, know what their own Grandma’s went through and are not intending for the corp to enslave their kids anytime soon.

            • Think Clint was talking about the hoes, no women

      8. Good advice. Heed the warnings. Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more.

        In the event of the electrical grid coming down, most people will go ape shit crazy just by the inconvenience of not having lights and TV. Then there are those that depend on electricity for heat.

        God forbid an EMP event where no cell phone service is available. The crowd that is tied to their cell phone like an umbilical cord; well let’s just say, their world will come crashing down like a tree on a squirrel.

        We haven’t seen a PMS event like will unfold across homes in America. Most of the generation X and whatever the latest is dubbed, has been spoiled with all the modern conveniences. Computers/internet, web shopping,cellphones/Iphones,….. and the list goes on. Ape shit crazy won’t begin to explain the hysteria to unfold if all these are lost at once.

        We have been preparing ourselves for such an event. One cell phone, back-up communications via CB radio, TV via antenna. Battery banks and wood burning stoves. If we loose all electric currents, our only inconvenience will be cooking the hell out of frozen goods to can and dry as much as we can before it spoils.

        Just relaying these points to others in an effort to spread the message. No bragging or trying to scare the shit out of anyone. Just be aware of what “could” happen at any moment. Plan an escape plan. I call it the “what if” plan.

        • I am part of generation Y. The information age is great, but one should of course have backups.

          • “I am part of generation Y.”

            Well, that explains a lot.

            • I am part of Generation Y The Phuk Not!!!! Just made that up, sorry.

        • Wise advice. All one needs to do is look around you. Everyone I know packs a cell phone, from the simple to the sophisticated. Age is not a barometer. Most of us (including myself) have stopped listening to the MSM and get our honest information from sites like this one via the internet. Just what will we do if the shtf and this avenue of information dries up? I would venture to say that 95% of the people who post here are at different levels of preparedness….but at least cognizant and moving forward with a plan of preparedness. Again, wise advice.

      9. SHTF outside your home; gangs, looters, zombies…



      10. I have 2 Grundig portable shortwave receivers with SSB [single sideband] capability for backup communications if/when the Internet goes down. Also plenty of wire antenna to run out to a tree right behind the house for best possible reception. Check out and look under portable shortwave radios. They carry a good selection, the prices won’t break the piggy bank, and any method of communication is essential if we lose the internet. I keep both of my Grundigs inside of a metal cabinet along with some other electronics and boocoo spare batteries in case of EMP. If your radio takes ‘AA’ like myine do, stocking up on boocoo spare ‘AA’ batteries. i test both of my radios once a week just to make sure ready to go. Backup communications will be so essential in post-SHTF, grid-down, no internet, etc. braveheart

        • Make sure you ground that metal cabinet

          • Some say you’re better off to not ground any such cabinets.

          • Better wold be to make sure the things on the inside aren’t touching the metal of the cabinet. Also make sure the seams on the door close, actually touch metal to metal in enough locations along the full seam to prevent that from being a way in. We store ours wrapped in rubber and in ammo cans with the gaskets removed for full metal on metal. Paint cans and popcorn tins also work well for this.

            For battaries look at getting some NiMH or Eneloop rechargables with a small solar panel and inverter to charge them. Good for 1500-2000 charges in general.

        • Boocoo. Now that phrase just warms my heart.

      11. Look at me, saying whatever the heck I want and not worried about Obama because…


        – White man

        • Bring the white back to the white house.

      12. I do this kind of stuff for my full time job. Both offensive and defensive stances. Let me say now if our enemies wanted to they could turn everything off instantly. Its not something to panic about but something rather to prepare for as an eventually. If anything touches the internet it is vulnerable some way or another.
        However, the biggest computer flaw is the wetware managing the computers. 😉


        PS: Wasn’t started by fake jews.

      14. Clint and Don’t Tread, both of you are right on target. I have the same feelings about what’s coming and my prepping has been in overdrive since Election Day. I doubt if any of us get as well prepared as we’d like to be. Another year would be nice; you can buy a lot of supplies in a year’s time. With the vote on the UN Small Arms treaty taking place in late March, I feel time is running out. looks like March-April may be party time. Everybody get everything you can while we still have any kind of time; I’m still doing the same up until the last minute, whenever that is. braveheart

        • Thats right! Shoot the redcoats and the blue helmets!

        • Oh you freakin people have been thinking “time is running out” for like 15 years now. Geez man. Like that moron Gerals Celente… dont hear as much about HIS stupid ass anymore either. Relax and love life.

          • Didnt take “Current Events” in high school didja?

          • @whome….I DO relax and enjoy life…..BECAUSE I am being prepared for anything that comes my way….any natural/un-natural disaster and I do not have to run to the store…I will be okay without any assistence whatsoever…
            Guess I just do not buy into the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” group

        • Braveheart,
          Totally agree, especially with the timing. I went to the local big box sporting good stores yesterday morning cuz they get their truck in on Monday early. Even though I didn’t necessarily “need” anything I keep having this nagging feeling to get more.

          The only ammo I could get was some more 380. Talked to the store manager and he said the lines on “truck day” start hours before the store opens. Common calibers go within minutes to those at the front of the line.

          I keep telling myself “I’m good”, don’t need any more but really how can one really know if they truely have enough. Nagging feeling just won’t go away.

          • Kindle, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. PMs in the form of lead,copper, and brass is better than $$ in the bank. About a year ago i said put your extra funds into guns and ammo instead of gold and silver.

            I was ridiculed and thumbed down by many preppers. Now, a year later, most guns and ammo have tripled in value/costs. I haven’t seen that kind of value increase in Gold/Silver. I do think investing a small amount in gold and silver PMs is a good idea, if a person has all other preps in order, but the real money maker was guns and ammo. It may still be.

            • Don’t tread,
              I agree. I’m glad I got my numbers up while the picking was still good. I did notice the prices were up. Ever heard of RWS brand of ammo? I hadn’t but the store manager said they brought it in cuz of it was something they could still get. I only bought 1 box of 50. They did have some Fiocchi in 380 and I snagged it. Noticed it was $3 higher per 25 than 2 months ago.

              I did get a healthy amount of silver years ago and have done well. I was checking out selling prices on it today and noticed a lot of it is going for about 15-20% over melt price.

              • yep…Swiss made. Very clean.

                • jerrytbg,
                  Are you referring to RWS? Is so would you advise getting more? It was $20 for a box of 50.


                  • What cal? I was ref the 9mm 124fmj…will drop a cyote at 75yds in a carbine…

                  • 380 mm 95 fmj. The Fiocchi was $17 for 25. This is just extra extras.

                  • I’m sorry Kindle… yes the RWS… great round.

                  • I’m typing too fast lol…no exp with the 380…I would say yes because of my exp with the 9mm…Can you get it in hp?
                    if so get it. The fiocchi is ok but the price sounds a bit high …if that’s possible these days lol..but ..if you can get it in 105hp…prob impossible these days…I would certainly do it.

                  • Jerrytbg,

                    The fiocchi was hp and it was about $3 higher than 2 months ago. The RWS was only available in fmj.

                    The 380 is my least used tool so I didn’t quite get my numbers for this one as high. So, I’m looking to increase and if RWS is good then I’ll go back for more.

                    Appreciate your help.

                  • no problem Kindle, you are welcome.

              • RWS is premium ammo. German, not Swiss.

                • ok…then explain to me why the boxes I have say
                  “made in Switzerland”. Just asking…

                  • Just did a little search…guess what…German name owned by a Swiss company with plants in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary…
                    When made in Hungary, somewhat inferior…
                    Buyer Beware.’) Thanks Coach for pointing that out.

        • Sounds like the feds are getting ready for more “preemtive” war. On the cyberwar front, asymetrical warfare is much easier. Sooner or later, the US government will “preempt” somebody who can really fight back.

          “We’re from the government & we’re here to help. We’re going to preempt the shit out of you.”

      15. New movies came out on DVD tonight. Beers cold. Good reads to the start of the week. My guess is that by next Monday, a new story will be written that tops all previous. Gut feeling…

        Keep Prepping.

        SSW- (Socialist State of Washington)
        The Ever State

        • Evergreen State- html cut it in half.

      16. If the power goes down, you better look at the old Movie Panic in Year Zero. Get a idea of how the people will act.

        Red lights do not work, traffic jamed.
        No sewer in the city or towns.
        No water in the pipes.
        Will not take long for panic to set in. The unknown will drive people to be desperate.

      17. Iowa, if/when I see ‘UN peacekeepers’ on the streets here in Memphis, THEY WILL BE FAIR GAME! None of us want foreign troops occupying our country; hell, for that matter, we don’t even want our own military occupying this country. braveheart

        • Sniper
          Rem 700 w shilen ultra match 1/10 175g SMK 18-26 x44

          • M24, 7.62, 180 grain, drop dead at 1000 yards +. Dont want to use the HS-50, for 2000 + yards, but will if necessary.
            Always remember one thing, 1 well placed shot can and usually does, change events.

      18. 6.3 down in the Solomons

        • I just heard on the radio that they had an 8.

          Tsunami warning issued.

          • Yep, 8.0 5 hrs ago
            Local tsunami

      19. Kindle, those feelings nag me to the extent that my wife never could [she was an angel to me anyway]. I went to a gun show here in Memphis this past Sunday. Out of 5 vendors who had ammo, only one had any .22LR. I bought the last brick he had for $43.00. I was paying only $24.95 for the same brick around Election Day. The ammo situation has really gotten out of hand thanks to Obama and the other gun grabbers spewing all of their crap. It didn’t have the effect they intended. They just turned out to be good salespeople for the gun industry. The only gun-related items still in plentiful supply are gun cleaning supplies. Picked up some more of those at the gun show also. Just like with ammo, you can NEVER have too much in the way of cleaning supplies. braveheart

        • @braveheart: Looks like the activity on The New Madid has picked up a little after the big one in the Pacific awhile ago. Just thought you would want to know.

      20. @ JustOneGuy and everybody. I have been trying to work as fast as I can in regards to the swarming effects of the earthquakes. The earthquake on the south Mid Atlantic Ridge, the Reykjanes Ridge, South Sandwich Islands, Balleny Islands, and the northern Canada earthquakes. There are some new targets zones to watch out for. During my calculations the Soloman Islands got a 6.3 just a few minutes ago as this region around 155-165 east is ready for a large earthquake.

        Here is what I see as of Feb. 5, 2013, until Feb.20.

        There is at least a 80% chance of an earthquake of 6.5+ in the following locations:

        -Japan again, several times in the past this has been hit after these locations had earthquakes.
        -New Guinea to Vanautu, this is extremely likely as earthquakjes here keep coming and getting larger
        – New Zealand
        – Kuril Islands
        – Black Sea area
        – Vancouver Island and the Cascadia fault zone
        – California
        – Southern most portion of Alaska, especially the Aluetian Islands
        – Mariana Islands
        – China up until Feb. 16
        – Northern India Pakistan border region
        – Mexico to about Peru

        That is it for previous locations that have followed this signature other than the South Sandwich Islands and deep northern polar regions that lead to much bigger earthquakes after these places were hit in more populated regions.

        80% chance right now, will defintely go up if more plate boundary regions, especially closer to the poles get hit in the coming days. This time those precursor quakes are also aiming the energy signatures back from the Pacific Northwest and somewhat from California.

        • @ BI 8.0 South Pacific north of New Zealand. Not seeing where you commented on it yet. Remifications? Nice work. Hopefully there aren’t any tsunami’s from this.

      21. Don’t forget Old straight inported Scotch and always, plenty of pure ice. Ted Nugent is my hero. Nice to be mak’in waves against “the king” complex.

        • Thet pure ice kep me up three days runnin….whhhhew

        • Ted Nugent is a coward draft-dodger. Plus he had an underage girl.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            Just what the hell does Ted Nugent have to do with this subject.
            I don’t think I have ever spoke to you and with good reason.
            I will start listening to you when I see your face on national TV standing up for OUR rights to bear arms.
            I have not figure you out yet other then you have a very split personality..
            For a young men you seem to have done it all compared to us old folks.
            Hell your a legend in your own mind bud.



            • Read comment #1111879.

              “spoken,”, not “spoke”

              “right”, not “rights”

              “figured”, “man”, “youre”, etc…

              What split personality?

              What have I done?

              I dont think Im a legend. I have plenty of room for improvement. Im very humble.

              • “don’t”, not “dont”

                “I am”, not “Im”

                You seem to enjoy criticizing posts and do it on comments of every article. You are not humble.

                • I do not enjoy wasting my time criticizing your posts. I do it to try to get you people to think, because I know the people on here at least have some inkling of what is going on in this country.

                  • Save your breath Sybilkreutz,you couldn’t lead shit down a toilet.

              • Sybil…

                • Sybil Danning is hot.

          • Now that’s what I call living. Cat scratch fever.

          • You and JoeinNC (the NC stands for “Nards Crotch”) any relation or maybe branch kin or something? You two come up with some of the most idiotic things to say. Are you trolls or just instigators?

            I do see more positive strikes from you than Joe, from time to time. But, then you go and throw turds at Uncle Ted and show how infantile you can be.

            At least Ted is a Patriot and stands up for our Constitutional Rights out in the open in front of millions. So what if he didn’t fight in Nam or serve in the National Guard; did you? Until you get out of Momma’s basement and pull a tour of duty, don’t go throwing punches at a Patriot like Nugent.



              • Paging Daisy Luther,come defend your little boy.

      22. Now that I got that earthquake info out I can comment on cyber attacks. The only good issue with cyber attacks is that those vulnerable systems have been preparing for them for a long time. The downside is like a mutating biology virus, these attacks keep adapting and changing. Something worse is that they can be coming from many different sources. What is even worse than this is that unless there is a total shutoff from the outside world, every single last computer on this planet can be hacked. If someone from the future, say 25 years from now, probably all present day computers could be hacked and taken over like any security system wasn’t even there.

        I can imagine that mass cyber attacks is part of China’s assassin’s mace that they talk about blinding the U.S armed forces so they can’t function. There is something to this as the mosre technologically advanced your fighting forces are, the more vulnerable they are to complete uselessness if one or more systems fails. kind of like the way an EMP would make the modern automobile go completely belly up, yet some 1960’s muscle car would continue to operate just like in the TV series Jericho.

        Cyber attack can hurt the country’s infrastructure IF the attack is by someone that knows what they are doing. The regular terrorists could not likely do much, but a well financed think tank of computer hackers from a country with the money behind it could do much destruction. Everyone talks about China of course, but I have always wondered about some of these really wealthy oil producing nations that hate the U.S. paying some Russians to flatten the U.S. grid or other targets. A lot of money can purchase just about anything you want, and there is a lot of brilliant Russians looking to make some serious bucks. I have thought much about this also in regards to biological warfare about hard up scientists from the ex-USSR.

        • Excellent B.I., very nice reference to Unrestricted Warfare. I’ve posted before about it and. I urge everyone to search Unrestricted Warfare and Chi hoatian. It will give you all you need to know about China’s intent towards America.

          • I think the logical main reason for so many many “leaks” of suposedly top secret memos or exec orders etc is done to scare avg folks so Later on they(officials/hobammy/dhs) can do a press and TV anouncment telling us all that we MUST accept a new internet Fed gov agency controler.

            If you first begin hearing MSM all agree(even fox agree with cnn or msnbc)and state figures like “gee Folks NEW Polls shows as many as 68% or 75% of “america” agrees we MUST relinquish “some” rights(1st ammendt) in order for Fed Gov to Keep us all safe and Free!”

            Then we will Know its all a fuckin hoax same as 9/11 was. And most all other “emergency” tactics done the last 20 yrs.

            You will hear many avg folks everywheres in public speak of how dangerous cyber attacks have gotten of late(cause after all They seen it on…TV!aka Talmudvision)and how “They Gotta do SOMETHING!!!! ANYTHING! just DO IT! keep us safe!”

            Bingo=false flag again. There goes free speech internet.

            I do NOT mean zero attacks occures…I DO mean MSM/Feds gov Hypes it for all they can for Sinister reasons or is that EVIL reasons?….OR…BOTH! Just ask Rham the Mayorboy of chicago how they does it.

        • The U.S. military had trouble teaching people to read maps before GPS was invented. If GPS went down, what would it be like now? I can hear the pleading questions now:

          What is a M.A.P.?


          No, I don’t use Azi-meth!


        • “See you at the Amnesty Bill signing.” — George W. Bush, REPUBLICAN LEADER

        • You were doing so good. Your post were being read before rating it. Now it back to auto thumbs down for cap lock abuse.

          • Sorry, just trying to get some blood flowing in you old geezers. You know, it aint easy being the only young person who is awake or who even cares…

            • It’s rarely easy being alone. But being alone is usually self inflicted.

      24. I told EVERYONE that the area around the Santa Cruz area was going to get hit, 8.0. How about that for showing everyone that this system works. This is the ultimate proof.

        • Be Informed,

          Tsunami warning issued in the Pacific after 8.0 earthquake

          Fox News

        • @ braveheart. The New Madrid is so much affected by the Mid Atlantic Ridge, just like the west coast of South America is affected by the Nazca plate. Watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge, especially the area around the Reykjanes Ridge area, and the Ridge directly east of the Caribbean. These two areas if they start to get lots of swarms indicates the New Madrid is undergoing a lot of dangerous stress.

        • @braveheart neither this link or your link in the previous story will open. can you kinda outline what it said? also, dont forget the new madrid drill coming up…

          @ BI thanks for the earthquake info; makes up for the few quiet days!

      25. Preparation.

        “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax. ”
        ~Abraham Lincoln

      26. Let me explain how I knew that the Santa Cruz Islands area was going to get hit with a very large earthquake which I warned about last week, please check the posts for verification. The earthquakes kept getting bigger, the fault was in the process of failure, it was too obvious. When this happens with other faults such as the Cascadia fault, you can tell. The fault partially breaks, then relocks, only to finally fail. I have to admit that I thought it would be at least 12 hours after this 6.3. See how well this system of predictions works.

        • You definitely nailed it, but on the RSOE-EDIS tracker it’s showing the Solomon Islands in Lata were hit with a 7.4 and an 8, not Santa Cruz.

          • @ JoeRepublic. USGS says Santa Cruz Islands, and this was what I was going by for all the foreshocks that indicated this fault was in the process of failing. From all the precursor quakes on the plate boundaries, it was too obvious that something very large was coming. There are still those areas that are very vulnerable that I mentioned above. The planet has done one of two things now. A. it has exhaled and the next cycle will be awhile before the next big one. B. this has added stress to the entire plate system, which will be shown in the coming hours and days from the those boundaries. There should be some indications of this within 3-4 days, maybe sooner.

            I would definitely be watching the west coast now because many of these previous polar earthquakes that happened years ago, lead to earthquakes in these regions. There was 4 earthquakes that occurred at around 128 degrees west after the same areas were hit years ago that were recently hit. No coincidence here, the Pacific Northwest and even California still are at risk. How much will be determined by the future quake activity.

            • BI Would like to hear more about the the Pacific NW. I have followed your posts and you mention the the NW but I hope for more details.


            • Yes, the whole area is lit up right now and I’m seeing some activity in the Hawaiian islands now too. RSOE-EDIS is also reporting tsunami warnings for Santa Cruz islands. You’ve definitely got an eye for spotting this stuff. Thanks for always keeping us updated.

              • Never seen anything like this. There have been big earthquakes before but these aftershocks are crazy!!!! Just read an article on another site about all the volcanic action going on. Wow is all I can say this morning!

            • At least Santa Claus is still Intact eh! elves cant take very high sunami waters.

        • How did you get boldface?

      27. Odd… I was just thinking of this very thing as I was going for a walk. I’ve read in different papers that China has penetrated our Cyberspace and has access to some important U.S. government websites. Also, if they get to websites of our infrastructure–power grids, for example, they could basically shut our country down. Was wondering, while out walking, if perhaps this is why they seem to have Obama by the “private parts”… they say, “disarm the American people!” and he obeys… or maybe is just because of the money we owe them.

        • Preemptive cyber strikes, preemptive drone strikes on American citizens both approved by DOJ and Obama. The same people who had the 2010 census workers taking the GPS location of every address. So if your deemed to be a terrorist they don’t have to come to your house just send a drone and your house and everyone in it are gone. Doesn’t really matter how well you’re prepared does it?

          • Hey Frank….you seem well informed re:your comment….Just HOW does one become a “target”? How does the gov’t determine just WHO is suspect?

            • By posting on this site…..

          • We prefer the term “natural gas leak” to drone strike.

      28. Can someone STOP the sodding hackers who steal innocent peoples internet accounst & money?

        Hackers who commit crime should be jailed for whole of life to protect our society.

        I hope the USA tackles china who are out of control in cyber space. Hopefully the USA will put a stop to china hacking.
        God bless USA

      29. Sometimes when I do the RED thumb it lets go TWO of them!
        Sometimes when I do the GREEN thumb it does TWO of them too!

        I have figured out how to launch 15 RED or GREEN thumbs at one time!
        You had better be nice to me mother fuckers!

        • Chuck you Farley! I’m watching you, watching me. Watch what you say.

        • Or what Sybil? Are you going to drown us in your never ending river of tears about how everybody has fucked up the country but you?

          • No, we’ll just get a bunch of cops with night sticks to beat the ever lovin’ shit out of you while we all video tape!!! Moron. You probably are the real Rodney King, you sound about as intelligent.

            • As intelligent as what? Like posting NOMI after all my comments like it’s some kind of magical incantation?

      30. Please everybody look at comment # 1095836 on Feb.1 at 12:08 AM on the Decorated Combat Veteran article in which it was stated that a very large earthquake was coming to the Santa Cruz Islands if these earthquakes continued and got larger, which they did. The comment said 8+ earthquake was capable here. The John W. said that these were fake earthquake predictions. Well I don’t think forecasting a 8.0 is fake. I wish all earthquakes this large were as easy to predict as this one.

        • Looks like a third – 6.4

      31. What’s your profession, Beinformed?

        • He used to play professional football but had to retire after too many concussions.

        • Hi Cindy,

          Hon, as a matter of board etiquette, it’s generally not the case that distinctly personal, indentifying information is asked for…..just sayin’

      32. Oh yeah, looks like the government is gearing up to attack itself,…again.

        • As I’ve said before…If they are warning us about it, you can bet they are planning to do it.

      33. @ BI: At 19:00 all the Helicorder from St. Louis down to the southern end of the NEW MADRID went crazy. Just to let you know.



      34. Nuclear threat is the real danger! Escape all CITIES now while there is still some time GO>>>GO NOW!

      35. I’ve noticed there’re many earthquakes around the globe too.

        Japan’s big damage on 3.11.11 was not caused by earthquake, but mainly by the tsunami.

        The newest theory is that it was caused by small nukes or bombs that were placed on the ocean floor and set off.

      36. Government has hacked up the populace one cut at at time over many years. Now, these same governments are capable of hacking each other to death in one fell swoop and I am supposed to care? I don’t think so.

      37. @BI: My gut tells me a mega-quake is about to happen a lot closer to home, than the one that just happened. Yes BI the Government know all to well of what is going on with these quakes.

        My new PE friend just e-mailed me and said batten down the hatches and hang on, she going to get real bumpy in the near future, somewhere here in the U. S. Will be checking on the USGS in the NEW MADRID area to see what they are doing now and will let you know.


        • reminder the new madrid earthquake drill feb 7 @ 1015. link to follow.

            • T’anks Kim, much obliged. 🙂

            • I’m in central southern Ky–if the NM gets me, I’m gonna be real pissed and have a ‘little talk with Jesus, tell Him all about my troubles’…like could you have given me a warning so NOT to spend all that money for 4 years on s**t I didn’t even get to use???
              I know, the tune is now in your head, and you’ll be humming it all night.

              • Thks JayJay. That tune takes me back to a better place and time when i was a kid and just learning about Jesus.
                I can still hear the choir and the piano, how good that song sounded echoing across the building.

                …..”have a little prayer with Jesus makes it right”

              • So much chaos from that suemomie and zero info on her daughter…Sue?

        • Hi PR,

          You too, huh? MY gut is sayin’ BAD things lately…
          I’m not sure whether to interpret that as the Cascadia or as the LA basin, either way that’s the general FEELING I get currently…..damn near like mild nausea…. 🙁


      38. WHAT UP BI,

        BIG, 8.0 in the Santa Cruz, multiple BIG aftershocks, last a 6.6! What up Friend?

        • @ JustOneGuy and Facebook. Last week I discussed the Fiji plate and the way it was interacting with the Pacific plate and the Australian plate. On previous posts I said that the earthquake activity aroound the Santa Cruz Islands was alarming, also because this region had the classic signatures from ALL the plate boundary earthquake recently. It had been hit before after these same places had earthquakes and was going to be again. The real concern now is the Pacific plate.

          These previous areas, the Balleny Islands, South Sandwich Islands, Mid Atlantic Ridge, up towards Iceland, all had previous earthquake activity that lead to moderate to major earthquakes around 128 degrees west. This is of course the Juan de Fuca plate. So these areas that we have been seeing on these plate boundaries have lead to Pacific Northwest earthquakes before. Does this mean this time is the time when Seattle and Portland become Haiti like? Not sure yet. You start to get some true swarms on the western side of the Juna de Fuca plate and I would say yes. OR a really good size earthquake to the south of the plate. The San Andreas could set off the Cascadia fault and the Cascadia fault could set off the San Andreas. The two faults are connected.

          You can expect a 7 aftershock to the 8.0, and 10 six pointers, and 100 5 pointers. I am still kind of shellshocked about how fast I was typing to get that forecast out and then it was posted at 3 minutes past the hour, then 9 minutes later the 8.0 struck. That is something that kind of freaks you out. It didn’t surprise me at all as I was talking about this on Feb.1 as being the area that if these earthquakes continued like this, that something very large was coming. 9 minutes later is pretty strange though after I sent the comments.

          It does show that these precursor quakes indicate the areas that are going to get hit by large future earthquakes. The plates have not moved that much in centuries and much less in the decades before. You can narrow it down reasonably where the next big one is going to hit. Wish it was down to a 50 mile radius, working on that one will require much more work. Just watch the above locations given on the 7:03 PM comment, as these places are not out of the woods yet.

          • Probable duplicate here…..

            DAMN BI,

            Friend…You are CLEARLY on it like ‘UGLY ON APE’ Hahaha! Congratulations, your premise stands well validated! I’m afraid the ‘Doubting Thomas’s’ who show up herre ARE going to have to gind something else with which to amuse themselves with something else…you’re a bit out of thier reach at this point. 🙂 I’m having a little problem posting-in today, I’ve already posted in repeatedly and had 2/3 ‘eaten’ by the web in-transit. I have a question for you here; Is the fault-line in that location of the strike-slip or the upthrust variety? T’would seem by the presence of that deep trench in which the 8.0 detonated that there is a subduction zone located there…can you clarify this for me?


      39. @Be Informed ~ Thank you, you Nailed it again.
        I can just see you with the world globe, yellow
        post em notes, and notebooks of detailed stats.
        I never take your posts for granted.
        Thanks for your time and effort.

        • @ Emily. I so much hope that someone around this area of which tsunamis have already hit, saw this warning that their area was primed for a very big earthquake, and was aware of this. It was too apparent what was happening here, the fault just kept relocking itself until finally it totally collapsed. This could happen in the Pacific northwest, or even the San Andreas. These earthquakes on plate boundaries are the foreshocks that show what is coming later. The more widespread these earthquakes are, the larger the earthquake is coming in the future. This is why I said on a previous post that is was much more likely to have a 7.5+ than a 6.5-7.4, because of all the different locations of earthquakes all over the planet.

          Will continue to watch. You and others should watch for any future swarming activity on the Juan de Fuca plate’s western flanks, this means the plate is likely ready to go. As I mentioned above with regards to the New Madrid to watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge for swarming quakes, at about 57 degrees north or about 17 degrees north. Emily, I have to admit it, I am still a little freaked out that this 8.0 happened 9 minutes after I posted that comment at 7:03 PM.

          • This isn’t first time you posted an update and within an hour your predictions came true. In fact, I think this happens more than not. Way to go! According to the extinction protocol, There are 14 active volcanoes in that South Pacific area.

          • You and Suspiciousobservers have been nailing this.
            You guys should collaborate. THANK YOU! He has a youtube channel…3 min news every AM by 7est.

          • Dang BI, sounds like you got a lot on YOUR PLATE! You appear to be busier than “a cat trying to cover shit on a marble step”. Many thanks for all your efforts!

            • Howdy PO’d,

              Haha! ….Never quite heard THAT variant of ‘feline attempting to conceal feces’ before, T’anks…made my ‘permamemt’ book. 🙂

      40. BI,

        Here’s what the current is;

        At 00:04 a vertical spike in solar X-flux began that peaked at 00:21 at a value of C-8.3 same is clearly an LDE type flare Same thereafter began decaying for a time before turning to begin a second upward, parabolic ramp which is yet progressing. The initial precursor Santa Cruz tremor occurred as a 6+ at approx 11 minutes after the onset of vertical rise of the solar flare, FWIW.

        A quick check of the SWIFT real-time monitor does not indicate any new extra-solar events having occurred (as yet)

      41. The government doesn’t care about cyber security. When I was swearing in to the military last October at MEPS they were using Windows and Internet Explorer. If they cared they’d be running Linux and Firefox. Not only would they have less security holes but they’d also be saving millions of dollars because all the software is free and supported by huge super smart communities.

      42. SAVING SEEDS
        “If saving seeds, do you find it necessary to store them in an airtight container for better preservation?”
        No, I do not save seeds in airtight containers. The seeds are picked for saving when fully mature, graded, dried by natural convection in a wire basket, then stored in paper bags or envelopes marked with variety, year and month harvested, etc.
        Larger seeds, such as beans, are stored in canning jars with used, ill-fitting lids, and stored in a warm, dark room. The reason for this latter method is for determining the quantity to be kept for planting: a pint of both green bean and pinto bean seeds, and at least a quart of each fava variety — large (Aquadulce Claudia) and small (Banner). Some large seeded varieties of brassicas (such as chard) are also kept in pint jars.
        Don’t forget that God intended that seeds were to be kept in an open atmosphere for storage, so they could go through natural stages needed to germinate properly. That means sometimes we must fool the seeds to make them think they have gone through an entire winter in hibernation, if we intend to plant them again in weeks or months of harvest. Chard seed, for example, can be harvested in early fall, then planted again about the middle of September (in some climates) for an all-winter green. But for the best germination results when planting again soon after harvest, I freeze the seeds for a week prior to planting, which hastens the natural cycle and germination is normal.



        • i think they’l dry out faster if kept in the open…there’s a website that tells how to store for keeping longer.. they said soething about putting those little silica whatever things to keep them fresh and in jar or whatever…sorru, have to get off computer in hurry


        The virtual world wide drought conditions now unfolding will mean mass starvation, famine on a Biblical scale, so growing your own food may be vital to survival. This also means you will have to protect your crops from predation by those who would rather steal your food than grow their own. Drought will mean that many of the dependable crops for your area can no longer be easily grown, so alternate crops like drought tolerant amaranth and millet will be life savers, literally. A tremendous advantage to amaranth (“Love Lies Bleeding”) and millet is that very few people will recognize them as food crops!



      44. From “Obama (and other senior officials)can kill Americans with no plans to attack U.S.”

        3 people mysteriously killed who promoted 2nd amendment (one is the Navy Seal). Alex Jones’ website for Jan. 4

        3 great videos on youtube: Sheriff david Clarke vs. Pierce Morgan; Message to all police and military men (at eric peters auto website). And Marine vs. 30 cops

      45. CORRECTION,

        The Flare reached a peak of C-8.9, almost M-class. Also, the vertical onset did begin at 00:04 UTC, while the onset of the precursor 6+ tremor began just slightly more than 3 minutes later.


      46. New Madrid is my neck of the woods….please keep updates coming friends…most appreciated

        • Yes! I wish Be Informed had his own page!

        • too!!

        • @ BI – looks like you’ve got a bunch of us ladies for groupies!!! 😉

      47. The easiest to grow, starchy vegetable is the Jerusalem Artichoke. This vigorous relative of sunflower, tobacco, tomato, and potato is a member of the Nightshade family. It is raised to produce eatable roots. It is started from root cuttings, like potatoes, and forms tubers in the fall.
        Your first harvest can begin after the tops die back for winter. Dig in spots scattered throughout the bed. The tubers are sort of knobby and skinless, and you will recognize them as being like what you planted. They keep best right in the ground, and can be dug anytime it is not frozen. To get your bed established, you may need a thin layer of mulch over the whole area for the first year or two. Soon the tops will provide that by themselves. For a large harvest, you should be feeding the soil by adding some composted manure or fertilizer in the spring. For a winter harvest, protect a strip in the bed from freezing by adding a thick layer of mulch. Move the strip each year so that the roots will fill back in.
        Jerusalem Artichokes can survive with no attention for many years, awaiting your need to eat them. That makes it ideal for establishing a bed at your summer cabin or retreat location. I will have to be honest, I like potatoes better. But any food that grows in permanent beds, requiring little care, is very good to have around the homestead. Native Americans grew Jerusalem Artichokes widely in areas where there is enough rainfall for corn to be grown.
        The reason Jerusalem Artichokes got the nickname of poor man’s potatoes is they can be harvested with little planning and work. I think real prosperity always comes from good planning and hard work. |


        • Pale Rider,

          Must have got a new book? I gotta start those Jerusalem Artichokes this yr.
          I got my asparagus beds start 2 yrs ago and they are kicking some ass. Las tyr I put in a drip system tied in to a rain harvesting system and man it kicked ass until the hail storm took almost everything out. People that have not started gardening are going to be SOL hybrids are very easy to grow but heirlooms take some time to figure out. I would suggest that newbies get so of both. Just to make sure you get a harvest. This yr I planted wheat in all the beds I’ll let it grow but not go to head, come spring I’l be hand turning it into the beds no tilling I have my fishing bait in there as well..



          • This is what we have so far or are putting in this spring as indicated.

            Where we have the most room to grow is more perennial vegetables, but growing heirloom varieties of certain annuals will yield sufficient vegetables as well as seed for the next season.

            And also herbs. We definitely need more herbs with medicinal value.

            Fruits & Nuts

            Black Cherry
            Bing Cherry
            Black Spur Apple
            Macintosh Apple
            Elberta Peach
            Moonglow Pear (3)
            Plumb (2)
            Hazelnut (2) (This Spring)



            Chuffa (This spring) (Nut-like root crop)
            Jerusalem Artichoke (This spring)


            Lemon Balm
            Onion Chives
            Garlic Chives

          • Thumbs up on the asparagus beds! The little woman is a picky eater and I just got her on board for trying asparagus. We garden like crazy and an asparagus bed is going in this spring.

            I like the idea of it being a perennial and having it produce early in the spring.

            • This will be our second year with the asparagus but look forward to having it on a yearly basis. Our space is limited so we have a very small bed, 8 plants in total, but hopefully they will fill in the entire area we allotted for them. I don’t know if the ‘spread’ on their own or if they need to be propagated though. I am thinking the later unless they go to seed. But then I think there are male and female plants so not sure if they will ever produce seed as I think they are all female.

          • DPS… I planted my asparagus 3 years ago. I don’t know too much about it. I am not satisfied with the amount I get. I put 10 roots in. Does this stuff spread or do I need to plant more? I only get enough for a dozen meals or so. I want to grow enough to can. Any ideas? Thanks.I think I’ll try some artichokes this year.

            • JRS,

              Yes it will spread, and make sure to let it go to fern after you stop cutting it. Check out mother earth news site for all the info you ever need on growing it.



            • be patient…in some clims it takes several years to establish…our plants are looking good but it has been at least 3 years maybe 4…hope this is the year.

        • We will be planting them this spring along with a few other new additions to our perennial food forest.

          Chuffa is an interesting perennial ground nut that we will be putting in this spring. You may want to check it out.

            • Eagle eye,

              Great site thanks buddy.


      48. Howdy Feisty,

        Me too as it happens, “Howdy Neighbor!”. Oh, and yep,always do…, that is! 🙂

        • @ JustOneGuy. The New Madrid fault is a strange fault in that it should be connected to the Gulf Of Mexico, as this area is actually fused together and was once extremely tectonic like Japan. If the glacial sediment and of course other runoff did not occur, the New Madrid would kind of resemble the Gulf of California. It is very peculiar as kimintn mentioned that there is a mass New Madrid drill and pale rider mentioned the helicorder near St. Louis that went nuts. This could be because the New Madrid and all faults are connected to each other and that 8.0 rung the whole planet.

          I am sure that your reading of the Sun’s energy has a bearing on the planet to some degree, this I am positive of. I just can’t believe how scientists can know about what is happening with the Cascadia, New Madrid and even the San Andreas and not say something. I have the ability to work for the USGS, but I would have to lose a piece of my conscience to be able to sit back with advanced knowledge of a cataclysm coming and not try to warn people. If I knew of something that could kill hundreds of thousands or millions and not say something, I mean that would be awful.

          As near as I can tell the earthquake occurred on the northwestern portion of the Fiji plate’s subduction zone. Normally any transform fault does not produce much of a tsunami because it is horizontal movement. The up thrust is what generates the tsunamis in these subduction zones. There were some tsunamis from this, that range a few feet high. The quake was at about 18 miles deep and if it had been really shallow like a couple of miles deep it would have been much bigger. Still normally a 8.0 generates about a 5-10 footer, so either the reports have not come in yet, or there may have been a little more side to side motion as the transform fault is nearby to this to the east.

          Now I am waiting for so more plate boundary quakes to see where the energy is now coming from and where the plates are getting ready for the next mass movement. I don’t like that about the New Madrid, so keep an eye out on the Mid Atlantic Ridge at about 54-60 degrees north and about 14-20 degrees north for lots of swarming quakes. You see this and it is time to hunker down around the New Madrid. This would be a fairly sure sign of some stress building up.

          • Howdy Friend,

            Thanks for the directed response…I KNOW you’ve been busy…..

            Allow me to muse a bit here; All the things we’ve been seeing
            from the government, all the attempts to ‘be prepared’ in a virtually
            military sense…as you and I have BOTH noted before ‘something’s up’
            near as I can tell, it’s NOT solar, whatsoever…that at least narrows
            the fileld a tiny bit. The remainin physical is therefor terrestrial
            or extra-solar, of course the second of those two is a vAST realm to
            have to consider; beyond the cicles in which I run. Do you remember
            that we once discussed the “Eta C.” possibility? Somesuch perhaps, but
            if anyone knew about it I am positive that it would be ‘clamped’….
            so there’s no room to ‘run’ there so to speak. That leaves terrestrial
            or Human activity on which to evaluate the problem. I mentioned a
            few days ago that I was going to explain something relative to a
            comment that I had made in a previouus forum – think here – as it
            happens I’m waiting for ‘others’ to return a response on a specific
            query before ‘outing’ that particular thing…patience a bit more
            please. Finally, we are left with the siesmic issue, your clear field
            of endeavor. In watching the activity tonight there, I am astonished
            at it’s continuous tempo and frankly the magnitude of the constituent
            events, all. I ASK you; is this normal anywhere in your memory? I had
            posted in several times today, most of which actuually didn’t make it
            ‘cross the net. One question I asked in those earlier – of you – was,
            “Is there ANY possibility that what we’re seeing now respresents
            something not ordinary, something ‘else’ by way of what we’ve seen
            thus far?” Dwell on it at your leisure…..”What is it here that
            we are missing?” Enough for one eve Friend, as always, ….
            ‘eyes open’ till later,


          • 5′ surge in Solomons as reported on fox at 9am est.

            for what that is worth.

            • @ lastmanstanding. The 5 foot tsunami shows that this was a subduction fault that went off. The strike slip 8.6/8.7 mega quake last year produced only a 2 foot tsunami. Normally a 8.0 will produce a 5-10 foot tsunami all depending on how deep it was. The Fiji fault does have a section of it that does move from side to side.

              • thanks for that info BI.

          • ugh. I have to take a trip to Indianapolis the first weekend in March. Is that close enough to the New Madrid that I need to be worried? And is that timeframe a worrisome time? My wife will be with me, while my kids will be back home a few states away. I’m nervous about it, and will probably need to have some kind of emergency plan in place. No idea what that plan will be…

          • Be Informed and Just One Guy,

            Thank you for all your research and posts about earthquakes and solar updates.

            KY Mom

          • BI
            Have you seen the book “The New Madrid Fault Finder’s Guide?”

            I read it a few months ago and it was very informative. The geologist who wrote the book thought that the New Madrid originated when Pangeia tryed to split the North American continent along that line but failed. If it had suceeded, I suppose the East Coast would be along the Mississippi. That is the reason it doesn’t behave like most other faults.

      49. WW3 Anyone ?

        this is just one of many false-flag moves by the nwo globalists to complete global domination by treachery .

        all wars are planned designed events by the central bankers of both sides .

        ” war is a racket !” – usmc general smedley darlington butler . the fighting Quaker .

        it’s obvious the false two faced puppet red commie president of america and his globalist banker handlers are planning to kick off WW3 to cover up and destroy the evidence of the theft fraud of all time in history of man of 350 trillion fiat dollar$=debt, enslaving indefinitely the entire world under one global bank control communist fascist socialist Zionist mafia political eugenics banker UN AGENDA 21 dicktatorship .

        it’s the perfect crime !

        and most sheeple are to stupid to even see the forest because of the tree’s in their way .

        the only way to survive this and everything coming soon is self education and becoming your own salvation .

        Darwinism, only the most intelligent adaptable of people will survive an thrive, what is deliberately being executed upon the entire world and america by the globalist bankers and their american traitor minions .


        • Hi

      50. Asparagus is an ideal crop to grow because it is harvested after the early wild greens, but before the early spinach and lettuce are ready in the garden.

        Instead of eating stored vegetables during this time, you can be eating fresh. It is also grown in a permanent bed, and only needs attention at certain times of the year, so it is ideal to establish at a remote retreat.
        You need a sunny spot, frequently moist soil in the Springtime, but no flooding or standing water. Partway down a slope from a spring or stream would be ideal for a “wild” bed. It doesn’t need any more water than a salad garden, so water it like that where you live.

        To plant, dig a hole or trench, and fill the bottom with a few inches of rich sandy loam or compost. Spread out the roots, and cover with a couple more inches of good light soil. As the shoots come up, add more layers until you end up with a mound over the plants and shoots coming through. The deeper you plant it, the longer it will be before the bed comes into production, but the longer the bed will last. Most people choose 8 to 16 inches below the surrounding ground level.


      51. I Google searched “LGBT” looking for a new gay friendly website to play on and the link here came up. You sound like a bunch of crazy straight people,

        So what’s up with all this “BI” talk?

        • Crazy, said the guy who puffs peters.

        • Move along sugarbritches. This site will only piss you off. I blame the liberal queers for a lot of the shit we good christian people are having to deal with from a selfish and corrupt society. Not that all followers here are christian and straight, but i think most are. I also think most are independant and somewhat conservative. But mainly we are patriots for freedom.

          I honor your right of freedom of choice to live your life as a queer at the risk of burning in hell if you want to. Just keep it in the damn closet so you don’t push your evil lifestyle upon our children.

          • I haven’t heard sugar britches for decades!!!
            Thanks for that stroll down memory lane.

        • Now THAT’S funny. Did you add or subtract parts, Sugar?

        • @ ‘Sug’,

          Suffice it to say that you took a WRONG turn,

          “Move along, nothing to see here….”

        • at least a liberal…finally!

      52. BI and Pale Rider, thanks for the heads up; I’ll check USGS site all I can. kimintn, the link was to an hour-long video about mysterious booms being heard and felt in various areas of the country from TX. and OK. all the way to the Northeast; booms were taking place in December and January. I’m in Memphis, only a 1-hour drive from the southern end of New madrid Fault. You can go to and they still have the story on their site. FOB, I’ll check USGS site for updates and try to keep you informed and I know Be informed will give updates when he can. braveheart

      53. Who the hell cares if you can predict worthless earthquakes?

        Predict football winners, baseball winners, basketball winners. My bookie doesn’t take earthquake bets.

        • 10 to 1 odds I predict you get more junks than upvotes.

        • @ WINNING! You want to win money at betting? One of the most difficult things to do is to remove all bias from the equation. It seems like no matter what I did with football games I always over analyzed it, one team could not possibly beat the spread for example. One of the most difficult ways of betting is the over and under, but the least controlled by wanting to see a favorite team or a team you can’t stand win, lose and bet the spread. For example don’t even look and the over and under points they offer, make up your own mind beforehand to how many points you feel will be scored by both teams. Few people thought the Ravens and 49er’s were going to score 65 points together, as this easily beat the over points. Come up with a score and go with that, then compare it to the over and under.

          Now to earthquakes. Knowing when an earthquake is going to strike can save your life or others that are important to you in a danger zone. Every single place on this planet has the potential for mass ground moment, even place like Florida. The state of Florida will be in deep troble for example when the Caribbean plate goes off on the eastern portion of it, and the shallow waters tend to magnify the size of tsunamis a lot. Florida does have evidence of past tsunamis that have occurred as recently as the 15th. century. An earthquake in the wrong place can trigger regional or nationwide martial law state if it is bad enough. IF the New Madrid breaks like 1812 it would easily be bad enough for several states and the natural gas reserves, possibly the nuclear reactors in the region. California has the 8th largest economy in the world, when the San Andreas breaks this will have massive economic results on the country. Earthquakes in the wrong place are extremely important to know about.

      54. {{{At a minimum, you should always have at least a week’s worth of emergency supplies on hand at all times. Once you have that covered, you should then set a goal to stockpile enough for 3, 6 and then 12 months}}}

        The above article pretty much lays out why I am NOT stocked for months, but years.
        Don’t believe me?? I have had no need to leave this house since the week before Christmas.

      55. Have you guys seen The Political Port channel on youtube? That is the most attractive woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Its hypnotic watching her talk.

        • wut, wut, wut, wut, wut, wut, wut, wut,wut, wut, wut, wut,wut, wut, wut, wut,wut, wut, wut, wut,wut, wut, wut, wut

          This is hypnotic? yes.

        • Yikes!!! You have strange taste in women dude….

          • No shit! Did you see the snout on that schnauzer. She has an ok voice, but dang if I couldn’t land a remote control drone on that pinnochio nose.

      56. How I Reached My Breaking Point

        “It all unraveled so quickly, and I soon realized that I was not living in a free country… that all the loud, bombastic nonsense and pledges of allegiance were illusions masking modern day serfdom.

        The subsequent ten years have only reinforced this trend. The political and banking elite have given us more war, inflation, and epic financial crises. They’ve turned Western civilization into a giant police state. And they’ve managed to brainwash the great masses so effectively that the people are crying out for more.”

        “Quite simply, you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. History shows that when governments enter a period of terminal decline, they try to control EVERYTHING– wages, prices, borders, money supply, foreign exchange, private property, etc.

        Of course, these tactics never work and only hasten the decline, as everyone from Emperor Diocletian of ancient Rome to Argentina’s modern day President Cristina Fernandez [will] have learned.”

        have you reached your breaking point yet ?
        its all coming unraveled isn’t it?

        • Simon Black…soveriegnman Direct link to this comment.

        • wow, great post… and half the citizens– usually young people are convinced everything sis fine, TPTB have out best interest at heart, and if you contrdict these false ideas, you’re made fun of and attacked or just blocked out entirely..oops gotta go

        • would have been like stealing candy from a baby.

          Alot of sheep will be gone soon.

          • I think most of the people who express a desire to se SFTF get started are tired of carrying so many slackers and want to just be responsible for making their own way, no matter how difficult that may be, and are afraid their children will have an even heavier burden of dead weight to carry.

      57. What if the cyber-war is not declared, the ground fails to thunder under your feet, the tsunami does not show up at the appointed time and when it does, it is a thin crest of iridescent foam at your feet. The killer asteroid whizzes by vectored in by Earth’s gravity and streaks hellfire across the morning sky, then heads out into space never to be seen again. The power goes out and as you huddle in th dark there is a knock at the door, someone from the tree-trimming crew apologizes and says it should be restored in an hour. What if both sides of the gun control issue realize in secret that they are in a losing battle, the status quo shall be maintained, and so they delight in stirring the tides and watching the waves of pro and anti gun sentiment crash against one another, for entertainment. What if the ‘worst flu yet’ branches out and dissipates according to the familiar ratio of genetic resistance in the population, what if ebola stays in the bats and bird-flu stays in the birds and incandescent light bulbs are still available if you know where to look. What if the well stocked underground survival shelter acquired mildew and spiders and old lawnmowers and the possessions of children gone to college. What if the gathered arms of patriot militias go into cardboard boxes, the hard disks containing the precious and important data of smart and active Internet soul lays in a dusty corner to be sold by the ex-wife at a garage sale, forgotten.

        What if the shit does not hit the fan because the fan is already completely embedded in it struggling slowly, and we were always imagining that it would arrive in one big clump.

        Beware the vicissitudes of life! Those little events that fly past you while you are concentrating on the big picture. No natural or man-made disaster has the power to erode the landscape and change things, as those little things that go on around you.

        Don’t let life pass you by.

        I have to go to work now and do a whole bunch of little things. But they will get done and I sincerely hope life will not pass me by. Bye.

        • Well….that was a couple minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

          • @WK: oh my gosh, ROFLMAO!!!!

      58. Oh, another thing. Wifey canned bacon yesterday. Next on the list is home canned butter.

        I figure after we get at least three cases of each, we can move on to the next.

        Planting season for us in the South is starting now, doing potatos and sugar beets this weekend. Have started around 4-500 peat cups with tomatoes and peppers, also watermelons. Had my teenage daughter plant the seeds this year. She needed to learn.

        Transplanting sago palms to form a barrier fence on edge frontage of country property. Better than barbed wire.

        Terry W. Reed

        • Planting season??!! Planting season??!! I’ve got 2 feet of freaking snow headed my way in two days!!!

      59. Switching gears here I have a question.

        Anyone have experience or knowledge regarding the first aid item Quick Clot? I don’t clot too well because of blood thinning heart medication. Sulfa powder works wonders for a shaving nick but I used up the last of it. I thought Quick Clot might be useful to keep around.

        • @Kevin2
          I had a conversation with two ER physicians a few days ago. One of them teaches survival classes at the range. They both discouraged using Quick Clot unless it is very unlikely that you can get to a trauma center. They recommended applying pressure and keeping the wound moist. Evidently they have a very difficult time cleaning wounds that are full of Quick Clot.

        • I don’t know that I’d use it for a shaving nick but yes it’ll clot blood. The first recipes generated a little too much heat and could actually burn the skin depending on quantities of blood and powder but the second gen stuff which is what you’d have now is fine for that. The most common form is a impregnated gauze that you stuff into a wound to get it clotted up while you wait for real treatment.

        • K…look for an alternate to the blood thinning heart medication…look into essential oils.

          big pharma and their products are NOT the answer.

          God said, “I’ve given you everything you need.”

      60. Smart to have cash on hsnd, mostly ones, fives and tens.

        • Crisp $10 bills buried in #10 cans.

          RIP Mushroom

      61. Lots of rants but having worked for a top 25 company in their IT department (over 45M customers) I know exactly about this. A few quarters back there was a concerted effort against government related financial instritutions and private ones. Where I was, it caused outages for almost two weeks. The systems were overloaded. buggy software written internally and from vendors like IBM and F5 failed under load. Heck, in late 90’s I worked at a small company which was also under organized cracker attack. AT that time they were after passwords since most people reuse their passwords. In this most recent time, probably also trying to break the systems as security measures and holes/doors open when servers are put under load. This time may have also been a political statement. Its very interesting to read about the “hostage” bribes the offshore gambling sites were paying due to loading attacks a few years back. Eventually one casino/site had enough and just purchased a bigger and bigger pipe until the hackers could not overload them.
        So, there probably will not a be a “its all down” but there very, very probably will be a “company X is offline for hours, days). Typical disaster planning to have a backup method for customers. E.g. if site is down they can walk into office. Or phone call.
        Its widely known that USA company’s have put military access back doors on their printers, oeprating systems, and otherwise.
        The BIG RISK here is that Chinese companies have done the same. E.g. what if all Apple phones started suddenly turned on an alternative payment processor and cut Apple out of the 30% revenue. 🙂

      62. @ winning…seriously?? your BOOKIE doesnt take earthquake bets??? When your bookie and yourself experience a 9+ mega quake the last thing on either of your clueless minds will be what worthless sports team to bet on. You better get your silly ass ready for whats about to happen instead of attempting to discredit BEINFORMED who has proven himself by making acccurate predictions…you best remove your head from your ass and pay attention son…the days of people like you sitting around betting money they don’t have on a silly ass sports team are about to come to an end.

      63. On the other hand keep doing the same thing so we don’t have to deal with your wworthless ass much longer

      64. The aim i believe will be for them to shut down the internet, and they will effectively kill most means of comunication, twitter, FB, all web based
        Most phone comunications can be interrupted by net based actions also,
        This is just another brick in the wall of deception that is being pushed on us
        The government will shut it all down, yell martial law and start collecting firearms and detaining anyone who they deem a threat of any sort all in the name of public safety.
        And who will be able to sort out responsible parties for any of it.

      65. makes perfect sense, they shut the internet down or they own it,, it will only go those two ways..wait and see.

      66. Always enjoy your articles and I wish more people were aware of what we should all be preparing for. I’ll keep spreading the word about shtfplan and you keep up with the good info. Thanks!

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