“Prepare for Primitive”: How to Survive For One Week, Alone in the Wilderness

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 190 comments

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    It is time to become organized, prepared, focused and self-sufficient.

    You can do it. If you don’t take control of your future now, there are dark and powerful forces that are prepared to shape that future for you.

    Indeed, there isn’t a whole lot that most of us can do individually to stop what is coming, or what is being done by powerful people at central banks, in Washington or in hot spots around the globe.

    But one thing we still have power over is ourselves, and that power grows with the skills and mindset that we develop and train with. That will remain important, whatever comes our way.

    Here’s a video of how one man takes on being alone for a week in wilderness:

    Tom Mcelroy-Wild Survival notes:

    In this video (part one and two) I go into the wilderness of North Eastern North America with only a knife and live off the land for a week. I document many of the crucial steps and tips and tricks that I do to survive in the forest. Skills shown are shelter, primitive fire, bark containers, water purification, fishing, weaving natural rope, bark shelters, trapping, edible plants, primitive cooking, fish traps….and tons more.

    What would happen if the SHTF over the weekend (it very well could), and you were forced to resort to your bug out bag, a few supplies and the wild around you? Could you make it on your own if civilization collapsed around you, and many others were competing for basic needs as well?

    Many of us could do it, but not everyone is prepared.

    Establishing water, shelter, food, fire and more become the most important priorities in a crisis, and only with practice do we gain the competency to handle ourselves in nature, against the odds and without the support of modern society and its conveniences.

    Someday, it may unfortunately no longer be practice but necessity. If that day comes, it would be best to be ready.

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      1. It is easy. Jump on your sailboat and take off for a week.

        • One week? Sounds like a basic camping trip. Anybody who only preps with a knife is an idiot. In a grid down, America will look like one big tent city, ripe with disease and unsanitary conditions. The biggest factor will be acquiring clean drinking water. So get your rain catchment supplies in order.

          I moved into vacant wooded land and lived primitive for months. Then bought a few portable buildings that do not require a permit. I had a pile of cash to do this. But you will fund simple tasks take a lot of time. Get your mosquito netting for door screens and multiple ways to cook food. Propane is the biggest asset. Also a tea kettle to boil water for coffee and doing dished. The first thing I needed was shelves to organize my preps. Living out of a bag or suitcase sucks. For now I go into town to do laundry. That takes a huge amount of water. 17 months and I use bottle water and 2.5 gal water containers with the spicket. Being solo it’s hard to wash one hand at a time and running stream to rinse your hands. Got to take showers with bottles water. For warm water just let the bottles sit in the Sun. Learn to work with nature and it works out. The more prepared you are the less stress of being off the grid.


          • Have also done years of primitive living. Never had Propane. Will say shelving is a good idea. Also Lived in a wickiup never had portable buildings. A good Pot is very important. Never had coffee in the field mostly Pine needle tea. Can survive with a knife only but is is not for everyone. Idea for the shower is a good one because those bottles can be found as litter. Will say if you live on a coast invest in a prime water distiller cheap and easy to use. Or learn how to make a solar distiller. Learn how to make a primitive shelter. Invest in ferro rods and practice, and learn to make friction fire. Learn how to make a primitive hunting bow. Another good thing would be wild edibles learn them ( specially for your state and those surrounding you ). Also how to skin and clean small game from Mouse to white tail. As for the washing hands you can make a wooden basin. ( char the inside )Can also use basin to do washcloth bath or even said pot from earlier. I carry two pots one is only for hygiene use. A nice little thing to learn is a wood gasification stove can be made as small as a soup can and tomato paste can. Fits in your pocket and will help a lot in wet conditions because of how it works. ( you can buy these also if you can not make one. ) With what I carry for EDC ( every day carry ) I can walk into the woods and be ok. Would not be luxury but I would survive. Well to me it may be luxury I prefer aboriginal life style, the wife keeps me in town.

        • I had a friend who was ordered to evacuate for a hurricane, so he and his wife flew to a resort in Mexico for an impromptu vacation.

          • Now, that is survival!

        • Ocean sailor here.

          • Great Lakes sailor here…

        • Hey guys. New poster but long time site reader. The world has gone mad, especially due
          to no U. S. leadership.
          If you haven’t gained skills, knowledge and preps, you might not realize how far behind
          the curve you are so get busy. Don’t be one of the many that will cause me problems.
          I am able to take care of my own and a few others if necessary. Beginners need to concentrate
          on taking care of themselves and expand out from there. Skills cannot be replaced by the
          ability to buy things but supplies are necessary also. If stripped of all your supplies, you knowledge and skills will be the only thing you have left to keep you alive. And, the weigh
          very little if you have to bug out.

          • deuce, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

        • Rellik…..my accountant and his wife has plans to jump on their fully stocked sail boat they keep
          down by Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. They have a group of friends and family who also have boats and will all sail out together. They are the only ones in the group though that will have an eight hour drive to get there. Hope they can make it.

          • Deuce,… Being on a boat, can work out well as the Ocean is a Buffet of goodies. Fresh Fish daily, set some nets out. A few crab or lobster traps. free dive or scuba if you have a tank fill compressor. Spear fishing is a blast. You pick out what you want off the Seafood Menue below. Pick up the Bible of sailing. I think it is called Piloting.

            The bad part of boating especially full time, is when storms roll in, being out to sea is a death sentence in a small boat. Hundreds are rescued yearly off Florida’s shores. Sailors are usually found by the Coast Guard clinging to a food cooler floating out there solo like a cork. I have spent nights in back bays on my 29 Ft Cabin Cruiser, and I never got a good nights sleep. Anchors can break loose, tides up and down, worry about pirates looking to loot. To live on a boat takes multiples of very good skilled sailors. Where there can always be one or 2 persons keeping watch, while the rest sleep. Storms roll in and you have to pick up and find the leeward of an island for the calmer waters to park and anchor again. Ever wonder why old sailors look really weather beaten? Its because they are really weather beaten, the salt air will shred your skin. The sun will fry you, and the glare off the water can blind you. I no longer have my boat, as there is always something to have to repair or fix, or storage fees.

            You know what B-O-A-T stands for?? Break Out Another Thousand $$$$.

            ~WWTI… Happy Sailing.

        • Off topic by quite a bit here, but has anyone else really started to research the whole Pokemon Go thing? Well, it turns out that it is produced by a company whose founder initially got seed money by the CIA to develop the technology that became Google Earth. Why is this important? Well, let’s explore who this game appeals to. You basically have three generations who either grew up around Pokemon or were very aware of it during it’s 20 year run. It spans from Gen X to those currently in adolescence in it’s appeal, so most families will have someone who downloads this app and many families will play it together due to broad familiarity with the characters and concept. Beyond the buggy game play though, is the fact that this app is a major resource hog and drains batteries very fast. Now why would that be? Well, if you were a government that wanted to map the insides of every building, hallway, alleyway and other space that Google Earth could not reach, what better way than to send out an army of millions of zombies shooting high definition video with GPS location data all over the country as they try to play a “free” game? Now you have high resolution 1080p or 4K video of every place that you may want to get a warrant to search but lacked evidence to get one for in the courts! Any place you lack video of can easily be remedied by spawning a rare Pokemon in that place so that someone will video the area to catch it. Plus, due to the demographics and the very liberal EULA, you now have all of the E-Mails, texts, contact lists, shopping history, web searches and posts from all of the fighting age and soon to be fighting age people in the land. Now you can map most of the potential trouble spots before they develop and know who to target in an insurrection. Plus, as an added bonus, all of the idiots roaming the streets in search of Pokemon lets us know what it would be like living through a zombie apocalypse. Isn’t technology wonderful?

          So please, if you value your privacy, avoid augmented reality gaming. Not only that, but do not let others participate in it on your property lest you inadvertently give probable cause for a search warrant that otherwise never would have happened. (I always wondered why they needed such a large data center for the NSA… I guess we now have our answer.)

          • Winston, that’s a pretty damn interesting “theory”. My hopes are that you’re wrong, my fear is that you’re not. I’m leaning towards my fear. Fear is a great motivator you know. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Winston,

            I had the same thought after I read up on what this “game” is all about. Great way to have the unsuspecting, unthinking populace map the places that would otherwise require a warrant.

            • I just read another article and it seems I am not the only crazy person thinking this way. Vladimir Putin agrees with me and Russia may ban the game before it is even released in Russia.

              There was a part of me that wanted to try this game out. It looked like a fun way to pass the time and see what the rest of the world was on about. Something just didn’t seem right though. Perhaps I am a bit paranoid but I decided to do my research and now I am glad I did. Like Putin, I have banned people I know from playing the game on my property. I am not violating any laws I know of, but I don’t want to give the government a warrant-less search of my property in case I am.

              • I like your thinking.

                One question I always ask. Why is it free? Another example….Why is there no advertising on Snopes? Because Soras is funding it to shape public opinion. The saying “Nothing is free” has a very distinct ring.

                Thanks for doing all the leg work.

                • There’s a saying when it comes to “free” products on the internet: If you are not paying for it then YOU are the product. The only way to protect yourself when using such free products is to figure out how to sandbox them. Most people don’t though and wind up giving away their privacy in the name of getting something for nothing.

      2. This needs to be made into a Commercial ……..Hilary says she wants to let 500 % more Refugees into the USA than Obama so here is how she will deal with any conflicts between Citizens and Refugees

        Hilary’s Red and Blue Camps Plan to deal with peoples conflicting Religious views http://tinyurl.com/jecht9f http://tinyurl.com/j3abcsw

        And we have General Wesley Clark saying the same kind of thing about Camps ,

        And there has been a lot of debate within the Policy making positions of authority regarding Radical Religious people , https://fas.org/irp/eprint/rightwing.pdf

        And Justice Scalia saying we will see Camps in the USA , so it seems there is a Ideology within the hierarchy of Government of this train of thought , http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/justice-antonin-scalia-says-world-war-ii-style-internment-camps-could-happen-again/article/2543424

        • Yeah, we need to put all of these political Hacks in the Camps and throw away the keys.


        • And just think, we are going to have that slag for another 8 years.

      3. LOL rellik. I have lots of spaghettios!

        • I had fresh crab and shrimp everyday. I never got the hang of fishing( trolling) under sail.

          • Yo Rellik,

            One sailor to another,… what waters we talking here?

            • Years ago, Pacific Northwest.
              I sold my 45 footer in 2001,
              but may buy another in a few

              • My BOL for the pandemic is my sailboat.

                • Take care out there. My fear is that boats will be easy targets for strafing fire and pirates.
                  Stay quiet Be smart

              • Have ya something like a SportsFisher Viking or are you a sailor and it was more like a motor-sailor or perhaps a ketch. From Oregon to Alaska I swear I’ve seen every kind of ship ever built …fascinating coastlines.

          • trolling under sail doesn’t fucking work

            lucky if you get a decent sized fish every two days

          • You just find them on your depth-sounder then use a ‘down-plane’ back aft enough to attain that depth …and you’ll get them every time. Never fails out in ‘the Gulf Stream’ no matter where you are, but that’s trick #2 on The Atlantic Side.

        • i aint askeered, i got all THIS stuff….and a boy scout education, PFFT!

          here’s a list I made for my boy scout troop recently of things to have when I go out of town for more than a day… randy.

          boy scout manual…there’s some GREAT information in there!….but PRACTICE it FIRST!..campin’s no fun the FIRST time.

          plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
          bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
          military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
          fire starter
          mattress pad/cot/bed
          cooking oil
          granola bars
          coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

          optional stuff…………………………………..
          550 cord
          dutch oven
          firstaid book
          extra glasses

          jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
          sawyer mini filter
          magnifying glass
          tool bag
          digging bar
          tow strap and chain so you got something to attach it to the car.

          • Eagle Scout here.

            • i bow and scrape to ALL eagles!

          • An item that I never see mentioned that might come in useful in bear country. A solar powered electric fencer, I have seen these used around hunting camps in the mountains and not just for horses. Trekker Out. Sleep A Little More Secure!

            • bcod, what’re you gonna do with the camera? (under “optional”)
              Document all the fun 🙂 ?

              • camera is for collecting EVIDENCE….it might come in handy to prove a case….ALL encounters with cops should be filmed.

          • BCOD, I also have everything on that list and some others I won’t mention. I left late Fri. for the BOL and back having ‘fun’ for the next week here.

          • I went on a three day 50 mile hike this last winter in January with far less stuff and packed it all, about 60 pounds ! Also packed a rifle and about 200 rounds of ammo. Very big difference between doing it and talking about it and making a list !

            • 40 shockingly simple skills that today’s Millennials have no idea how to do. http://investmentwatchblog.com/40-shockingly-simple-skills-that-todays-millennials-have-no-idea-how-to-do/
              yup, until you’ve DONE it, you don’t KNOW if you can….and i can’t walk 50 miles with that pack, but if i HAD to make that trip, i would get a jogging stroller, and i bet i COULD do it, with MORE than 50 pounds. a jogging stroller could be a force multiplier….but you better pick a good one.

      4. busy news day for a Friday

        attempted coup in Turkey

        I’d love to see that corrupt P.O.S.Erdogan go down

        • Well he may be in hideing , he aint been scene in a few days.

          I would have no problem in the woods for a week or two but beyond that ? Im a country boy , but damn , i like hot water showers hahaha !

          • A “country boy” but, would have a problem in the woods beyond a week????

          • Hammer, I like you would have no problem, I just finished a lean-to in the Mountains today that I started on yesterday. Sent pictures last night to friends and family and told them it would be somewhat unnerving to spend the night there because there are a lot of grizzlies in the area, and today while cutting boughs for the roof I found a tree not 15 yards from my lean-to with claws marks an bear fur stuck in the rosin where a bear had been rubbing. I do spend a lot of time alone 98% in the mountains and feel as comfortable as in my own living room. But nothing like a hot shower soft bed and frig with food and drink. More people need more practice in the field, and less bravado behind the key board. Trekker Out. Just Get Out And Do It!

            • Old man,

              I could say the same.

              Solo alpinist for life.

        • As much as I may dislike him, the thing that worries me is that we do not know who exactly is trying to oust him. What do they want if they get control? Are they going to push Turkey even farther down the fundamentalist Islam path or will they try to moderate the country? Remember that in the Islamic world, overthrowing a stable tyrant doesn’t necessarily lead to greater freedom for the people. Sometimes it leads to even greater tyranny.

          • Erdogan is BHOs butt buddy and a tyrrant himself ! Just like Morsi was and BHO got his sorry ass tossed in jail for life ! Maybe we can get lucky and BHO and a few others end up there as well once Trump gets elected !

      5. Good video. Great skills. But why bother? The likelihood of a stone age existence even after SHTF is extremely small. Some of this knowledge is useful, but one week?

        That’s nothing. Its just primitive camping designed for someone on the lam. 🙂

        Better to take a BOB with the knife, screw driver, hand axe, rock pick, hand saw, folding shovel, paracord, gloves, extra socks, life straw, and tarp with you to save time; in one hand, and your weapon in the other.

        And btw, don’t forget the sleeping bag securely attached to the top of your mountain backpack. Living off the land is great but there is no good reason to forget the hand tools. 🙂

        • I agree, DK. People are acting as though things are going to be uninvented, and 320MM ‘muricuns can all go out into ‘the woods’ and play grizzly Adams. In ‘the woods’ humans will require a lot of territory, just like every other large animal.

      6. I’m more concerned about surviving one week in the concrete jungle. Where is Jeremiah Johnson?…we need a perspective…

        • Surviving in the concrete jungle has its own set of requirements and challenges but IMHO I think it would be a little easier. At least you’ll be able to find beds to sleep on, shelter, and finding cover wouldn’t be as challenging. Biggest downside are the bastards that wanna do harm.
          As always Stay quiet Be smart

          • Jacknife, I grew up in a stinking city so I know where you’re coming from. I could write a book on urban survival. You’re especially right about the scum that are always on the prowl.

        • Yup. The problem with the woods is that every person who thinks they are prepared because they have a newly minted AR-15 will be there too, and many of them only know how to own a gun and not how to safely use it. I really don’t want to be the backstop to one of these idiot’s learning curve. Plus, I am much more comfortable with technology than most people are and am more of a Mac Guyver than a Bear Grylls. However, I would like to lay low for the first week or so while the idiots cull each other from the herd. I also live in Florida and with over 25 million people it will be hard to get away from them all after an apocalyptic event.

          • Florida huh? We moved out of Spring Hill ages ago in favor of NC. I married girl from Brooksville (deceased now) and remembered that Spring Hill was just a few farms, and so I wanted to get into one of those farms. Imagine my surprise to see there was nothing but about 80 acres of “tarred-and slabbed” city (not even ONE farm) named Spring Hill …about 20 miles inland from The Gulf. After a lovely 5 months there I located this property and literally moved in a “midnight move” (the owner lost nothing but a good tenant, as he had 1st and Security that I let him have in exchange for flying the coup unannounced).
            There is nothing about Florida that I miss – – except when I lived at Ponce Inlet, on-board on Southern Daytona Beach. With this algae bloom I’m glad to be far from it. I’m sure we’ll get our equivalent of it soon enough. I have a hard time imagining an algae-bloom so invasive and toxic when just last year nothing was said. Who in hell released what in hell and why? I’ve read it is toxic, more so in some places than others, and that some ‘bleeds over’ into sewage-treatment centers that in turn process that toxin-laden water back to usual water …but the toxin remains. That’s no better than having lead in your drinking water I should think, though nobody in Flint, MI remembers it anymore.

            • I would move out of state except that all of my family is here. It’s just not a nice place to live unless you either have a lot of money or low expectations of what you want out of life. People from out of state think Florida is nothing but days at the beach. Unfortunately, if you live here, you can’t afford to go to the beach. All you can do is grind through life and try not to get caught up in the drug culture that is so prevalent in a state with so few opportunities for success.

              • Winston Smith

                Living in Florida you have to made do with the advantages in a hot climate. One for sure is the heat.
                You can bet your bottom dollar that many will move out of state or DIE in the heat without air condition. Most run inside at the first signs of sweating. Learn to live in the heat and humidity. Also the bugs will help them decide if they want to stay here or not.

                How many will turn to the open sea is another question. Would it be just as bad as heading to the woods or mountains?

                If you can last ninety days the landscape will surely change.

                Also, No American Flag in your bag, No help for sure.

                • Winston, Equorial, and anon, I was in south FL 1975-1982. I left after my wife was killed by a drunk driver. I’ve had too many bad memories of FL to ever go back. staying in the moun tains of north GA with the family suits me just fine.

                  • Live in north Ga as well after 28 years in Orlando, after going for two weeks with no power in August after hurricane Charlie I knew Florida is a horrible location for primitive survival. Lol. Two weeks in the mountains is much more doable.

              • FL has become New Yawk south. It would be a horrible place without air conditioning. FL was sparsely populated before A/C became common.

                • Florida is a great place except for the Pig NYJews that pile into So FL by Miami. Del Ray, Palm Bch. The pig shit hole septic pit of of the state. The Gulf side is majestic. Clean and pretty with lots of great waterways and back water. The Gulf side is more Midwest folks with values. The Middle and north part of the state is the generational redneck crackers.


          • Winston, AMEN. MacGuyver was the real deal. Bear Grylls couldn’t hold a candle to MacGuyver.

          • Winston, I agree and good for you. I know this is boasting but when I was in the army, the guys called me little Mac Guyver. Your post brought back a fond memory or two. I don’t talk much about myself but what I learned in the service is priceless. I spent 4 years in a SOCOM unit, and I’m not trying to sound like Rambo but all the stuff we learned and DID made us as good as we were and It probably saved a life or two, a time or two. Those 4 words at the end of most of my posts, I actually thought of them at one of the schools I went to.
            Stay quiet Be smart

      7. Living off the grid for me is just another sunny day in paradise. Those still so grid dependent will freak out and probably die stealing or looting to survive. Lots of broke ass people in my area struggle daily. Lots of single women are having a tough time right now. Choosing between cigarettes or food. Amazing how the poor and stupid still find money for Cigs. Quit now on Your terms. WHATS IT LIKE $5 a pack these days?


        • I see it every day in the restaurant I work in. All the stupid smokers burning their hard earned money and health out by the dumpster. Most of them also smoke pot and drink and yet wonder why they are always broke. I’d be broke too if I spent my money on bad habits.

        • WWTI… cigarettes are a hard habit to break and the price is like no way. I smoke them 305’s filtered cigars light gold 100’s at $9.99 per carton. Taste just like cigs and packed tight. I use the little plastic filters and reclean them, a few smokes and packed with tar. A very bad habit for sure, I’m addicted. This message brought to you by DON’T SMOKE!

      8. Off subject however. It appears that there has been a coup in Turkey

        Turkish military says seized control, people take to streets
        ht tp://finance.yahoo.com/news/turkish-military-attempted-coup-prime-201213836.html

        • Guess Bath House Barry isn’t playing spades with Reggie Love in the white house basement…it’s one of his guys…oops…

          • Yep. Things seem to be going wrong for the NWO bathhouse bunch.

            Kinda makes me wonder if the cleaning out of the “Old Guard” in our military a few years back was designed to prevent whats going on in Turkey in the US.

            • OR, to allow for it to be done in the U.S. Turkish military officers are said to have been “arrested” (purged?, those who weren’t on the government’s bandwagon to launch this martial law false-flag “coup” in order for the failing government there to have an excuse for cracking down on their dissidents clamoring for liberty for the masses?) The Kurds, especially, will likely now be the targets of an unabashedly militaristic Turkish government, especially since the Kurds have installed a libertarian society of sorts in Rojava–all along the Turkish frontier with Syria. Turkey will likely now be the “new” “ISIS” to eradicate the Rojavans so they won’t establish liberty like the Free Syrians were on the verge of doing before the West created “ISIS” to be confused by the gullible Western public with the real Free Syrians and, to be used as the supposed “target” for actually attacking the real Free Syrians.

              • And this just in on Drudge…

                They will kill their own just to take away your rights. How do you fight a enemy that has standing orders to kill at anytime when the opportunity becomes evident?
                Answer…you have your own internal standing order to take them down.

                Live Free or Die…make it so

                • This is an entirely false statement. The reason why most comments get put in moderation is because you post a link. So why not say that Mac and avoid the agnst of the poster and readers…
                  Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.

              • Everyone keeps referring to false flags, numerous times and over several years. Yet the false flags referred to never seem to lead to something. Sandy hook? Orlando? Dallas? Why keep staging shootings and nothing comes of it? In other words, I really think you morons use the term when an event doesn’t make sense to you intellectual wheel chair types, doesn’t fit your view, or a prediction is made (that never comes true) about something related in your pea brains.

      9. I have no plans to bug out into wilderness. I have enough wilderness right were I am. But it’s always wise to increase your skills.

        Take some medical courses. Or at least read up on emergency intervention. I believe more people would have survived in France’s tragic attack if more people would simply apply pressure to a bleeding wound.

        Apply pressure to a bleeding wound to prevent death. I know this saves lives.

        • The rendering of first aid isn’t “a thing” viewed nearly the same in France as it is in America. You got hit and are bleeding out and they are not going to intervene. Period. You will either have the presence-of-mind to “self-treat” or be out-cold, bleed-out and die in less than 3 minutes.
          The “Good Samaritan Law” still stands but there have been problems with it, so these day it is best to not get involved. Doing so will put you in a court defending your actions more often than not …and that sucks.

        • Since we’re prepping…
          Israeli Bandage or equivalent. Blood stop products also. Give yourself time to get to help.
          Chemical ice packs, good for sprains and strains. Greatly reduces healing time as well.

        • Sarg,

          You are absolutely correct. Exsanguination is not compatible with life. Dealing with a major arterial bleed can be difficult but a well placed tourniquet proximally between the arterial bleed and the heart should do the trick. Arterial bleeds are like a fountain and strong pressure will need to be applied. Venous bleeds can be bad but usually the blood does not squirt out. Tourniquets can shut off the blood supply to the complete limb distal to the bleed so you don’t wan’t to keep the tourniquet on too long, if possible. The bleeding artery will need to be located and repaired or tied off ASAP. But, like the good Sergent says, applying direct, strong pressure to the bleeding site should be the very first step to control the bleeding.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Tampons also work great in puncture/bullet wounds. Sterile and can be found in most purses.

      10. “Bugging out” will not be as much fun when 50 or sixty MILLION “preppers” all head for the Great Smokey’s at the same time. “Wilderness survival” will be more like “don’t get caught and eaten”. Its a STUPID internet meme, that just won’t die.

        • Ray, Imagine Million of Newbees Fleeing into the Mountains at the same time. AKA: Bear Buffet time. All these people carrying all their food in bug out bags.. You may be fine putting your food in a pack hundred yards away from your camp, but the idiot who camps next to you is making PB& Jelly sandwiches at midnnight, and making a mess.

          Its better to find and buy your own Bug out Location in a remote area. People You can buy a few acres in the country way the hell out there for just a few thousand dollars. Can you not save a few thousand dollars to buy your own place? Really? WTF? Cut the Cable and sell 75% of the Useless Crap in your houses doing nothing but taking up space. Get busy and have some yard sales this summer, Clean out the garage and sell the junk. people will buy anything. Odds and ends, even broken stuff sells just for one part off the item. Save that money and go buy your own property in remoteness. Put up a large Barbed wire fence around the perimeter and you will be way ahead of the 90% of the population out there that is clueless and still living in the city.

          Then put your city house up for sale and build a new one on the BOL property, or get a few portable buildings, dig your own well and septic. What else do you need? Chickens, garden, rabbits, hunting, trapping, fruit trees… Get busy living or get busy dying. You ain’t getting any younger.


          • “Remote location?” The are NONE east of the Mississippi. I am native to rural eastern Ky. My family has owned a farm their for 240+ years. It is as rural and isolated as you can get east of the Mississippi River. It is also within a three to five day walk of five major and 14 minor cities with a combined population north of 2.5 MILLION people. It isn’t the bears that one should worry about being eaten by. Its the starving “preppers” “bugging out” in endless starving ,fantasy driven, self entitled waves. that I fear. Sorry but “bugging out to the woods” is a childish “mountain man” or “wagons west” fantasy. THERE IS NO FREE LAND. THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE. THERE IS NO PLACE TO RUN TOO. The people of the eastern mountain’s don’t want you. The hillbillies don’t like one “outsider” (we call em “lowlander”). How do you think they will react to luggage laden CONVOYS of “buggouts” trying to take what they have? I can tell you in one sentence: RUTHLESS VIOLENCE.

      11. Surviving a week during summer = cakewalk .. Surviving during winter when most edible plants are domant , fish are biting slow if at all and wild game is hunkered down out of the weather = challenging..

        Recipe for mobile BoB Tomatoe soup. ( use your own judgement about where to get ingredients)
        Boil cup of water … add restaurant style packets of Tomatoe ketchup… add packets of salt and pepper add packets of croutons or crackers … the kind you find on salad bars.
        Walah Tomatoe soup… Gourmet dining it’s not but it might be enough to keep you kicking

        • I recently got a couple books on wild foods in my area, was quite surprising, makes my bug out plan not quite so scary, lots and lots of edibles, stuff i have seen all my life but never knew it was edible, then especially when i add in the various mollusks and other sealife that can be found along the shore and in the streams in the area where i would go to im a bit more confident.

          • Kula, great move. Knowing the edible flora in your area is essential.
            How long do sealed packets of condiments last???
            I got a bunch, old ones. Tried some 12 year old Texas Pete hot sauce recently, did not get sick. Was good, not rank.
            Anyone else???

            • I would try any of the old condiment packets except mayonnaise. Mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce are forever preps, just as salt, sugar, honey, and vinegar are.

              Texas Pete is a product of NC, my home state.

              • Arch, I have noticed a few packets of mayo have bloated, tossed them.
                But for the most part, 95% of condiments last a great while if kept cool, out of sunlight. Got a shitload, makes a great barter item that is free, if you know how to work the system…

                Be well all…

                • if they keep for so long…..how can they be GOOD for us?….just sayin’.

                  • They’re not really that bad for you, the preservative is usually distilled vinegar.

                    But if you don’t like them, then barter them. Anything food or water related can be high in value when the time comes.

                    But you can eat them in a pinch.

              • I respectfully disagree about ketchup packets…. recently opened one that was, I dunno, 2 or 3 years old, maybe…. the ketchup had thickened, like tomato paste, and the flavor had changed –and not for the better, either. After this, any ketchup packets more than a year old get tossed.

          • Kula, that could be your alternate crop, restraunts might catch on…

            • Wow, slow night.
              What does one call a deer with no eyes?
              No idea.
              What does one call a deer with no eyes or legs?
              Still no idea.
              What does one call a deer with no eyes, legs or penis?
              Still no fucking idea…
              Laughter is the best medicine…

              • What does one call a deer with 20/20 vision?

                Good idear…

                • Real life deer humor.

                  Deer don’t see red, instead they have the unusual ability to see in UV bands. Yup as in black lights.

                  When I was at Disney World they had a couple kiddie rides with lots of UV lights. Surprising how many people glowed because of detergents used to wash their clothing made them glow. Coolest thing was a woman with big boobs who apparently hand washed her bra in a high phosphate detergent. It glowed right through her shirt. Talk about headlights? It wasn’t obscene, but it was really cool looking.

                  Hunters who make the mistake of washing “hunting cloths” in regular laundry detergents glow like Bozzo the Clown to deer. They can see you coming from a long way off.

                  Hand wash hunting cloths in a bucket. Use baking soda to neutralize odor and a few drops of dawn dish detergent. Rinse well. Hang them to dry outdoors, store them in an outbuilding so as not to absorb human odors from your house.

                  • Deer hunting is big money now.
                    Lots go into scents.
                    1 oz deer piss is 8-15$
                    Thats up to 1400$ a gallon.
                    Think about that…

                    • What the difference between Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts?

                      Beer Nuts sell for about a dollar fifty.
                      Deer Nuts are just under a Buck.


                    • Makes me want to stop at road kill and harvest the bladder?

                      Gutting it would make it available to predators and get me the bladder.

            • Ive gone full Galt,
              No more sales

          • Kula, what’s the name of the book? I know many of the plants on Oahu but I’m always wanting to learn more

            • Wild Food Plants of Hawaii by Sunny Savage

          • Everything grows on Maui without even trying. The rich volcanic ash, daily trade winds and sunshine is the ideal growing climate half way up the Mt. Go snag a few pineapples and mangos. I had over 100 Pineapple plants in my yard when I lived in the city in Florida. It produced about 16 to 20 pineapples annually. I put metal screen cylinders over the pineapples when they got big, so the critters out there didn’t eat them, especially when they started to turn yellow and the pineapple fragrance seeps out. Waited till the right day when they were perfect yellow, then picked and ate them the sweetest fruit out there.


        • Tomato with an “E” on the end… Dan Quayle, is that you?

        • Summer or winter it depends on your know how. During the summer the ticks chiggers,mosquitos and other insects are abundant, the poison snakes areactive. In winter its cold. However meat will not spoil as quickly. Trapping is easier in winter. beaver is fine eating. In winter the vegetation is sparser makes hunting easier. I can take the excessive cold much better than excessive heat.

          • I’m down with some beaver is fine eatin?

        • Where abouts county wise are you in Indy?

        • Hoosierally, interesting you would mention that recipe. I used that same recipe during some tough times back in the 80s. Not the best but it is edible and will keep you alive. Same for Vienna sausages and crackers; not gourmet but will keep you alive.

          • Braveheart
            There have been a few folks on here that expressed they are a little strapped for cash … so I was trying to think of some budget preps.
            That one is from a book entitled “How to travel Europe on pennies a day ” read it right out of high school thinking I might take a year off and travel Europe….but then I discovered the Anarchist Cook book and everything went to hell after that. ????

            • I came across a copy of “The Anarchist’s Cook Book” years ago at a garage sale. Almost bought for its value as a collectable, but it was too tattered. I did get to read it and thought, it was mostly bad information. It was way overhyped.

              There’s a guy on YouTube that tried many of the recipes in “The Anarchist’s Cook Book” and found they didn’t work as advertised.

              For pure survival the Boy Scout manual is still tops. Then add a few military manuals for improvised weapons and surviving behind enemy lines.

              • True…. I’m just saying it was a gateway to bigger and worse things. A young man/ woman has to be careful about the things they fill their heads with.

      12. Those who “need” the “help” and “support” (dependence on) modern society had better just stick their hands up, get on their knees, and bow down to their masters who rule that society.

      13. I need 4 things… a .22, a knife, fire starter, and water filter of some sort.

      14. Punch up … Bataclan torture news. It’s very impotant . You don’t get taken alive by these guys.

      15. Th guy in the picture wears a lot of clothes that are unsustainable and actually impractical in the climate and season he appears to be in. ALL of the puritancial hangups of Western culture will go, for those who really do learn to live and thrive in the woods. Ask the Indians–those who even still know of such ways– about that.

      16. The guy in the picture wears a lot of clothes, and is dependent on a knife that’s made by big industry, that are unsustainable and, concerning the clothes, are actually impractical in the climate and season he appears to be in. ALL of the puritanical hangups of Western culture will go, for those who really do learn to live and thrive in the woods. Ask the Indians–those who even still know of such ways– about that.

        • anonymous, agreed. The video is bogus. Plus the guy appeared to be BAREFOOT. That’s one of the biggest NO-NO’s of being in any wilderness. I never go barefoot anywhere except at home.

      17. Shoot piece of cake.

        1 good common sense
        1 good knife
        1 good hatchet, or axe
        1 good lighter
        1 good bolt rifle, or shotgun
        1 good pistol
        1 good right pair of clothes
        1 good pair of boots
        1 good first aide kit
        1 good backpack
        1 good tarp
        1 good compass
        1 good container of water
        1 good cup

        Food use you imagination.

        • Straight shooter, good list, except you left out water filter. One of the most essential things for anyone to have.

      18. Speaking of primitives, the BLack Lives Smatter “Day of Rage” appears to have collapsed. If their were any demonstrations they were tiny and insignificant. My guess is the “Islamic Terror Attack” in France has everyone looking over their shoulders and not wanting to gather in groups.

        Speaking more of primitives, Obama seems genuinely surprised about the coup in Turkey. It seems Obama was busy smoking crack on the golf course, instead of listening to security briefings, either that or he thought they were speaking in Ebonics and said Turkey Coupe. Kind of like reading corpsman on a TelePrompTer.

        It seems Obama wants to leave a legacy a greater Middle East regional war, that risks exploding into a World War. Obama would be a flaming idiot if he could just keep it lit!

        Of course Obama was totally caught off guard by a coup in a NATO country…….. Obama is just another victim!

        • One other strange detail in the Turkish coup attempt. There is an Islamic Imam in Pennsylvania, USA that is apparently up to his overgrown eyebrows in this coup attempt.

          There’s very strange stuff afoot?

          • Ok this is bazar beyond reality. Googling “Pennsylvania Imam Turkish coup” links back to Hillary Clinton?

          • OK there are multiple articles that connect Hillary to an Imam in Pennsylvania who is likely the one behind the coup attempt in Turkey. The trail leads directly to Hillary Clinton, violating Turkish sovereignty, in-sighting a coup in a NATO ally.

            It seams there were declassified Hillary Emails that show a strong connection between this Imam and Hillary Clinton and this coup, Oops.

            I’ll bet the web gets sanitized of this stuff by morning!

            • PTPO, there are now some sources in turkey claiming that Erdogan staged the coup attempt to have an excuse to make a total purge of all his opposition and grab more power. This will make an assassination attempt on him more likely at some future date.

              • Jimmy Carter was involved heavily in installing Kumanni. The rest is History, Iran has been a problem ever since

        • Black Lives Matter is BS. Just cut off all EBT and welfare cards, and baby momma benefits and they will have to go get jobs, and won’t have time to complain. Problem solved.

          You loot we shoot. Again, Problem solved.

          ~WWTI… I think we should ship all the Black LM Protestors over to Israel, after all, their (((Tribe))) started Black lives matter faction here in the US, including the NAACP. Lets see how much Black Lives matter living in Israel. They need to be way more diversified over there. Inbreeding with their white Jew cousins is not diversification, as they like to preach in every other country.

        • With all the talks of days of rage we see, what I want is an international “day of meh”. Just one day when everyone says “whatever” and goes about their lives without hating, killing, protesting or otherwise being a nuisance to other people. It would be an international day of recognizing the importance of just existing, a day to do the laundry, vacuum the house and watch vapid talk shows and game shows all while dressed in comfortable, sloppy clothes and simply not caring what everyone thinks. We all need a day of meh now and then and I think it is high time we demand it!

          • america(ns) are stuck in a groundhog day of “meh”. over 90% of U.S. are clueless twits that go through our lives “just existing, doing the laundry, vacuuming the house and watching vapid talk shows and game shows all while dressed in comfortable, sloppy clothes and simply not caring what everyone thinks”. if they all KNEW what their inaction has caused, they would pour into the streets with their pitchforks and torches TODAY. that day WILL come,…the math DEMANDS it! math is LAW, you know……..

      19. My only concern in water purification so keep one life straw peri bug out bag, with clean water our dead and with a lack of it your still dead as phuck.. if I have a life straw, a pocket knife and lighter. Then I would survive for a very short time.. my concern is when shtf strikes and you have nothing on you is nothing but your dick and. 25 cents in you pocket.. even people like me are not sure what I would do but of it happened, the first thing I have to do is find a stick of some kind, sharpen it with a rock for a spear, then immediately find water and to see if I can find something to hold it in and then start a fire to hear it up to kill of be microbes.. I will not wait till my energy is low where I can’t hunt. Once you let that happen you are finished, and I last for 3 weeks just on water. And this has happened to me when I was homeless but I was in my city and had water.. no your out in the elements and nor sure that I would last a week.. starting a fire without a lighter is a bitch.. It took me 2 weeks of trial and error to start a fire with a light last winter and ma good at it now, now you in the elements and you have no lighter, that why all my bug our bags have no less then 6 lighters and I always carry on me at all times and I do not smoke..and I also carry a pocket knife on me at all times for self defense and for ending up in a situation unexpectly. So you are out of water and food and you have no weapon an wild animals are hunting at nightime..this is one situation that I will not tell you guys a bunch of crap acting like I know how to handle it because I am not sure if I would survive..I do not go places with friends unless I know them 100% and will never ride in some car with someone I barely know..because if they dump you off somewhere your phucked..


        • HCKS I spent 20 plus years in the AK wilderness. I’ve led scout troops on wilderness training in the dead of winter.
          I led a different group in the heat of a ID summer. we went through making fire with wet wood and no paper. we ate bugs and small critters we snared. a week is easy. Heck I could survive a week with just the datrex food bars in my GHB.
          learn your surroundings before, not when you have to.
          Picked up some Sawyer water filters at a gun show for $15.00 ea.

          we’ve had years to prepare, practice, practice, practice.

          • Citizen, AMEN on the Sawyers. I have the All-In-One, the Mini, and 2 of the Water Filter Bottles. The bottles have filters which can be cleaned and never need replacing along with built-in straws. I keep one in the truck and another at home as a spare. The property of the BOL where I’m located borders on one side on a year-round creek. I’ve used all 3 of my Sawyers on that creek and never had any better-tasting water anywhere in my life. The Sawyers are even better than the old Katadyn I still have. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

            • A small canvas bag about the size of a Santa stocking is all you need. Fill it up, then hang it up from a low branch, water will seap out the ‘toe’ into a cups canteen, or what ever you got. Once you got the water you need turn the canvas stocking inside out …. Wash all the mud and puddle juice off …. Then fold it up, put it in you pack again and your on your way. Cost me about $0.00 Had mine for more than 20 years

        • HCKS, go to http://www.sawyer.com and look at their filters. My favorite is the Water Filter Bottle with a built-in filter that can be cleaned and never needs replacing plus a built-in straw. The All-In-One and the Mini are also good to have. They’re guaranteed for up to a million gallons of water, at least in theory. I have Sawyers and swear by them.

      20. I think l can do it.. It will be a hell of a time if l am alone

      21. Wheres all that day o rage stuff?
        The jungle bunnies whimp out?

        • They were preoccupied playing Pokemon Go – driving into trees, walking off cliffs, finding dead bodies, and the like.

          Also, if you plant stuff that is edible on your property, but not obviously so, you’ll have a food source most prople will likely overlook.

          • Yeah, but it was totally worth wrecking my car for that Pikachu! (He’s so cute!)

            Back to reality, I agree with your idea. I have often said that if and when I can afford a decent piece of land I am going to plant random food crops all over the place. They may not be producing edible food at the moment of a disaster (because of insect or animal damage), but they will be mature and ready for pruning and with a little work, would produce edible food within a week or two. It’s a lot easier to go from a mature plant to fruits and veggies than to start from seeds.

          • AC, LOL. I know morons who do those things even when they DON’T play some stupid game like Pokémon Go.

      22. That all I did as a kid. Stay in the woods drinking from streams catching rabbits in snares, When i got a BB gun it got real good.Then went to work in the city. Got old now retired live on a lake in the forest I’ll die here with my boots on.

      23. Faith, Love and Hope. To me,,, these are the most basic of hard-core rations. This year I’ve lost my most favourite Dear Uncle, Mom and Father all within six months… Life is tough, but life goes on. Enjoy your life the best way you can. Good luck.

        • keep those rations close, Agent. Sorry for your losses.
          You have a great outlook, though, keep your chin up.

          • Thanks K. Wishing you the best.

      24. Omg the moon is awesome tonight reflecting off the water…
        Way past my bedtime… waiting for International Space Station to fly over @ 3:00 am so I can wave at them … so to speak. ?… ?

        • Bleep Bleep Bleep… This is Major Tom to ground control… … … … … …

      25. Go try living in the Concrete Jungle called a City for a week. Going to where mass populations are will be the deadliest places.

        Wanna Know why France was hit killing a hundred people on their 4th of July, celebrating Freedom?? Geo-Politics. Who is the Biggest Terror Threat in the World if you don’t Obey them? Israehell Chaos Makers.

        M.Snyder- Article below. Economic collapse site.

        Back in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration wanted to revive the peace process in the Middle East before Obama left office, and that a UN Security Council resolution that would divide the land of Israel and set the parameters for a Palestinian state was still definitely on the table…

        The White House is working on plans for reviving long-stalled Middle East negotiations before President Barack Obama leaves office, including a possible United Nations Security Council resolution that would outline steps toward a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, according to senior U.S. officials.

        And just this week, the Washington Post reported that there were renewed “rumblings” about just such a resolution…

        Israel is facing a restive European Union, which is backing a French initiative that seeks to outline a future peace deal by year’s end that would probably include a call for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the creation of a Palestinian state. There are also rumblings that the U.N. Security Council might again hear resolutions about the conflict.

        **You see folks, when you don’t obey the Chaos Makers they inflict Chaos. Expect America to get Hit again too, because these parasites are embedded into out society.

        Hello Orkin Man, Yep bring the BIG Truck.


        • WWTI, I made it back to the BOL last night. Left a day earlier than I planned. I’ll be here for the next week, maybe longer depending on how things go.

      26. I doubt we will bug out to the woods for any length of time. If we do, we are probably on the move.

      27. I am more comfortable in the woods than I am in towns or cities. I used to live off the land for weeks at a time. Fish, snake, turtle, beaver, bugs, worms, gater, squirrel, wild plants, wild pig, and for backup pork n beans. I am not worried about me, it’s everyone else I worry about.

      28. Here’s a joke I told to one of the Amish Elders.
        What goes Clip Clop Clip Clop Clip Clop BANG Clip Clop Clip Clop Clip Clop…?
        An Amish drive-by shooting..
        He just grinned…. I shouldn’t mess with the Amish they are my plan “B”

        • Hoosier, you from Indiana?
          What do you think of Pence?

          • Well eppe I could just say he’s a politician … Nuff said
            However I do think Pence represent his constituency and not the will of the Feds.
            On immigration issue… these farmers are using illegals almost exclusively..for anyone that hasn’t figured that out… but who can blame them ? Indiana= meth Capitol of U.S.
            Good help is hard to find .
            Like him or not Pence has balls.

            • Let me interject here:

              What is an Amish man with his arm up a horse’s behind??

              🙂 a mechanic.

              • If baby ducks are called ducklings and baby chickens are called chicks What do you call baby Amish??…Omelets! Bad joke..I know…

              • Interject being the operative word..?

          • eppe my reply went to … moderation

            • Funny how that works sometimes.
              I try to be positive in my responses, maybe Mac likes me, who knows for sure?
              Thanks all for a place to fling ideas…

              • eppe I don’t think my reply was at all negative…. maybe a little over opinionated… and the computer flagged a couple keywords … Sorry I haven’t been myself lately …. recovering from an ATV accident if you get my drift.

                • Tis a bitch getting old…

                • Shoot, I just got moderated…

                  • Tis a bitch getting old…

                  • No fun getting old…


                    • Maybe b!tch is a key word…

                    • Hoosier think nothing of it. Just like big brother many on this sight go silent and missing and not on their own accord.

        • I can’t figure this damn thing out. Where ya from in Indy, county wise I mean. Not trying to violate opsec.

      29. Butt crack you could shrink that list down to water food boots backpack knife sleep system tooth brush soap tarp or plastic covering cordage and a metal container to boil water. With this amount of great I could survive quite a while with trapping animals and foraging. In my pocket everyday is a Bic lighter led flashlight folding knife they are small and don’t weigh much. In my truck I have a gym bag with my gps a jacket gloves a few bottles of water winter hat zip ties roll of electrical tape metal bottle with cap if need to boil water. In the truck itself behind seat is slingshot jumper cables cheap tire plug kit flood light that plugs into lighter blanket couple thermal shirts thick hoody. Few bottles of water. I figure in a pinch I can put together a little get home kit if I needed to hoof it. No camo stuff just stuff most working guys have in their truck. I feel some survival items in your car is smart. sleeping in the truck is a breeze as opposed to building some shelter on the ground especially if it rains.

        • I’m a big fan of the slingshot …. way underestimated IMHO

          • ht tp://slingbow.com/sample-page/

            This is a real neat slingshot. I think my arm would be strong enough that I could use it.

            Also would like to learn how to use an Atlatl. Not sure if I got the strength though.

            ht tp://www.thunderbirdatlatl.com/

          • I’d bug out with my Crossbow. 385 FPS bolts with razor sharp broad heads, will take about anything down.


        • my truck is my bugout bag, and it’s waaay too full of gear, but i figger i’m better off with too much, than not enough…..assets….can’t have too many!….but i like what i see in yours!….i want to have things of value to trade, if need be.

      30. RP can’t give up my 10-20 …. too many phish-er-men out there … but the Amish I was referring to are in western Ky. … so that might be what’s throwing you off

        • connecting with like-minded people in your area, is MUCH more important than trying to hide from all the 3 letter organizations that ALREADY know more about you than you know YOURSELF…..just my 2 cents

          • True enuff… I figured out the other day if you pay for your grocieres with a credit card they know what you eat. They know what meds you take which pretty much means they know
            what time of day you’re going to take a dump. Then I remembered reading the autobiography of this hit man that would snuff people when they were most vulnerable which is when they are setting on the toilet with their pants down around their ankles. I had to laugh out loud.
            Hahaha but you’re right screw the alphabet agencies.?

      31. I’m outta here gonna go get some sun on my face. Have a blessed day. ✌?️

        • Me too. Nothing better than standing on a North Wales beach caching Sea Bass on a home made handline with the sun rising in the East… And setting in the West. Life is good, enjoy it while it lasts.

      32. The video isn’t very useful. There are few edible plants out there per acre. You can’t live on fish forever. You need a gallon of water per day. You can’t catch that much dew or rain water. Getting the water out of streams can be bad. Once the collapse happens and the woods are filled with unprepared people there won’t be food, wildlife, or firewood to go around.

        If you’re forced to bugout with nothing it’s a death sentence.

      33. To be practical you’d have to learn how to survive outdoors for a lifetime.

      34. Ramboob can survive in the georgia forest. Ramboob has large stash of food and ammo at auntie douche’s house in the woods. Anyone trys to take Ramboob’s stuff, will get a dirt nap.

      35. Yep slingshots are easy. With the key ring and a couple beefy rubber bands you can shoot homemade arrows. Dave Canterbury has a clip on you tube demonstrating this technique. Doesn’t raise suspicion by police either. truck and bag are my ghb. The gps I have I use for work doing deliveries. It can be set for use on foot too. It’s an older model but a guy I work with updates the maps for me on a little disk the size of a dime. I know the whole New England area anyway. First order get to my truck at work from being out on the peddle. If I gotta abandon work truck and hoof it. I got the gym bag plus a few things in my work truck to go with. I take my own lunch daily which saves me about $10 a day. Plenty of stuff to get back to my vehicle then just a 15 min drive home from the barn. I’m luck to live so close to work. Most folks around here have a 45 min commute. I honestly don’t have a concrete plan because I could be anywhere when the ballon goes up. When you leave behind the vehicle your gonna meet the right clothing more than anything IMO.

      36. Off Topic.

        I have heard nothing on the news.

        Has anyone got any INFO?

        Maybe I was right they were too spread out, to do anything!


        • 7/15/16!!!!

      37. Niggers are already saying they are gonna get violent at the republican convention. A group called bikers for trump said they will be there. This is how the war will start. I hope the nigs get stomped by a bunch of grizzly white bikers.

      38. Bataclan Theater torture news … Bataclan theater torture news Bataclan theater torture news . I’m go a keep sayin it till somebody responses. Mac do something.

      39. Ramboob will drive to auntie douche’s cabin and protect everyone with ramboobs ventilation team.

      40. Tip… my wife takes prescription medication and I always keep the empty bottles. They are waterproof and will hold any number of small items from fishing tackle to matches and sewing items. I also take Gorilla tape and wrap around those bottles. Gorilla tape/duct tape when torn in thin strips can be used as tinder to start a fire (using ferro rod or lighter) or to patch a tarp. I also use those bottles to put cotton squares coated with Vaseline in for first aid and fire starting. When you are ready to throw an item away, look at it real good and think for a moment what it might be “repurposed” for.

        • Patriot, great idea for the prescription bottles and duct tape.

          I like to collect the plastic snap-cap tubes and flat round plastic containers that candies and breath mints come in, at the grocery store checkouts. They’re excellent for small stuff like tinder, fishing tackle, seeds, and other small stuff, kind of like an Altoids tin, except they seal out water better. I have no use for the crappy chemicals inside, I just buy them for the container, and dump the candy or mints in the trash.

          • Carol Mar, also check out the fishing tackle isle of Wal-Mart. They have see through plastic tackle boxes called “stowaway” that has a rubber gasket. You can store a lot of things in them and they’re very flat. Run 4-8 bucks depending on size.

      41. It is another great, “Shit Hits the Fan Plan” Day and all is quiet on the Western Front.
        I figured when I started moving around the heavy stuff all would go calm. Not a peep. Crickets.
        I tell you, it’s a conspiracy.

        • Not so fast…. three or more Baton Rouge police officers shot this morning. Details emerging.

      42. Good tip po’d I keep all the napkins I get from dunkies I get a stack every morning so I don’t buy paper towels of napkins. My pocket change goes into a jar that has a digital counter that keeps track of how much is in there. Comes out to about $100 a year. I use it to buy a box of pistol ammo canning jars maybe some tools or supplies. Whenever driving down the street look around in the wooded area by the roadside. I have found dumped propane tanks I swapped for brand new full rhinos for $16 the tank itself is worth $30 even if it’s rusted bad as long as it has the opd valve. If it’s really old leave it. Free pallets and wood from work to build with or burn. Scrap metals all over roadside dont go looking for metal but if you see it and it’s safe to stop grab it. Sort it out and watch the scrap prices find out which yards pay the most. If you do these things you can build up a good supply of preps in a few years without going in the hole.

      43. Looks like another bunch of police officers have been sniped. This is starting to look like its organized revenge. I would recommend ALL police officers to only go out with a Kevlar helmet on and body armor. It just is not worth your life to keep the President happy.

        I fear if this carries on far right whites will start doing similar things (‘n#gger popping’) and that’s how civil wars start: tit for tat. Once that starts, you have to move heaven and earth to bring it to a stop. That becomes the end of civilization. Just ask Ukraine.

      44. I read at beforeitsnews.com : 28 Must Have Medicinal Plants in Your Survival Garden. Granted this is not the scenario this SHTF article is about. They are Aloe Vera, Marsh Mallow, Great Burbock, Pot Marigold, Gotu Kola, Camomile, Globe Artichoke, Chinese Yam, Echinacea, Siberian Ginseng, Great Yellow Gentain, Sea Buckthorn, Tea Tree, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Evening Primrose, Ginseng, Turkey Rhubarb, Sage, Wu Wei Zi, Milk Thistle, Comfrey, Feverfew, Fenugreek, Slippery Elm, Stinging Nettle, Angus Castus and Marijuana. There were small captions on each plant about what they treat and other facts. Many treated intestinal problems. I also read that in US states with medical marijuana, doctor prescriptions for painkillers have fallen by an average of over 1,800 per doctor, also saving Medicare big bucks. It is speculated that Cannabis will be moved to Schedule 2 on August 1st this year, indicating medical uses are real. Big Pharma must have smoke whistling out of their ears.

      45. I just learned that Einstein was a fraud. What a disappointment. He was chosen as a symbol and given credit for what many other people had done. He was Zionist and no great genius. The conspiracy was the Zionists attempt to portray Marx, Freud, and Einstein as the greatest minds of the twentieth century. The truth is that them guys have never had a history of producing genius. Did you know that them guys carried on a project of trying to improve their brain power by marrying geniuses even though they were usually European and not part of the chosen. This went on for generations and I’ld bet still goes on. Same as marrying into royalty and big money.
        Every year they get a license to lie. “An oath is not an oath.”

      46. Then again, making Cannabis widely available may be right up Big Pharma’s alley. They do have the most money and like Big GMO’s they have the FDA and US government in their pocket. There goes the small cannabis business being taken over by the big shots. Those two entities will tamper with Cannabis genetics to poison people and wreck their DNA, a double edged sword.

      47. One week alone in the wilderness? I was doing twice to three times as many weeks when I was a teenager growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Still these types of lessons are good, it helps build independence, character and a sense of security knowing how to take care of yourself and your family if things continue to get uglier.

        Peace Out and Carry “A Piece” The lives you save maybe your family’s

      48. A wicker laundry basket could cost a week’s worth of part time wages, which is to not mention clay pots and rooted trees. These are supposed to be primitive skills, in a first world country.

        I studied food, being prepared from weeds, animals which the butcher usually leaves behind, and all their parts, in different states of preservation. And, when I looked at old castles, there were spinning wheels and butter churns. (If it ate grass, it’s a delicacy.)

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