Prepare For Market Shock And Awe: Three Ways To Take Advantage Of The Coming Silver Surge

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    Mass layoffs and closures aren’t just a phenomenon in the oil industry. In a new micro-documentary from Future Money Trends trend analyst Daniel Ameduri explains that anemic economic demand has driven major mining companies around the globe to reduce operations in the mining of copper, zinc and other base metals. And because these operations are responsible for the secondary mining of one of the world’s most necessary precious metals, as mines close their doors we will see a massive supply crunch in silver.

    Coupled with silver’s demand as a hedge against monetary instability, Ameduri says silver is set to rise to $100 per ounce or more over the next 24 months. Those who understand that economic calamity is set to pillage wealth across the globe once again can take advantage of this opportunity and not only protect their assets, but grow them significantly. In the following must-see video you’ll learn why core fundamentals and investor psychology will drive silver to new highs, as well as three strategies you can implement now to take advantage of the market shock and awe to follow:

    When you look at the driver for demand… industrial and monetary… it is only going to increase dramatically between now and 2020… The equation is simple for prudent investors. Silver supply over the next two to three years could decline dramatically. And in all likelihood physical demand is going to hit records.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    With around 800 million ounces being mined yearly and over one billion ounces in demand, precious metals and silver specifically could see monstrous gains in an environment where everything else is wiped out.

    After the Panic of 2008 investors and concerned citizens around the world began shifting capital into precious metals. Within a few years silver rose to $50 an ounce, a level not seen since the fallout of the economic recession of the late 1970’s. Earlier this year, as stocks around the world tanked and investors sold everything that wasn’t nailed down, precious metals companies actually rose in value, with some seeing 100%-plus gains in just a couple months.

    The trend is clear. When the world goes into panic mode, money flows into the safe haven assets of last resort. This bodes well for silver for a number of reasons:

    If we remain at current prices with silver below $20 per ounce, the world is going to face a major supply disruption in a key resource that we all use on a daily basis… we are all silver dependent since this precious metal is in your phone, computer and even the electrical lines that are powering all of your technology.

    Silver is used for health care, pharmaceutical, water treatment, solar electrical grids, vehicles, bandages, RFID, weaponry and thousands of other every day uses.

    However, the biggest increase in demand is coming from physical investment demand. With negative interest rates and a global depression unfolding, physical demand is surging.

    Future Money Trends highlights three specific strategies for taking advantage of the coming surge in silver and includes a notable insider strategy that is being gobbled up by some of the world’s most well known resource investors:

    1. A silver portfolio must start with physical silver. This is either in coins like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf, or bullion bars and rounds, ideally from a government mint or a long-standing bullion company. To get the best price avoid any numismatic coins or higher priced premium products. Buy as close to the spot price as possible by acquiring silver in 100 ounce to 500 ounce increments.

    2. Own high quality primary silver producing companies. Our top suggestion is First Majestic Silver trading on the New York Stock Exchange under AG. They have six silver producing mines, two advanced stage silver projects, and are soon set to achieve an annual production of 20 million ounces of silver. AG is one of the lowest cost producers with an all-in sustaining cost of approximately $11 per ounce. First Majestic is the purest publicly traded silver producer, generating 69% of its revenues from silver.

    3. Do what the insiders are doing. Our third recommendation is truly an insider’s play in the industry. This includes shareholders like Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, Doug Casey, and Marin Katusa. This may not be for everybody, so we suggest viewers go to to learn more.

    Looking at silver’s past moves and history we are expecting to see shock and awe in the markets as our forecast for the rising silver price plays out.

    We’ve seen the trend repeated throughout history. When uncertainty grips the investment world and most are left without any idea of how to protect their assets and wealth, those who have positioned themselves in precious metals ahead of crisis have benefited greatly.

    For more videos like this one visit Future Money Trends.

    Learn the strategy being used by top investment insiders to profit from the coming bull market in silver.


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      1. Food, silver, gold, bullets, medicine and other REAL TANGIBLE ASSETS will be the only form of money when this thing falls apart. I was stacking silver at $9… at $30… and am still doing it today. Slowly but surely. The real-world applications alone will drive the price higher, not to mention the fear and panic trade that will happen when either markets or the dollar collapse.

        • Those of us that read this site already have this stuff. It’d be great if we could get the sheeple to read here. Unfortunately they won’t believe our government wants us dead until the wolves are at their door or the islamic savages have them down with a knife to their throat. Very tragic that they believe msm.

        • I think $100 Silver is BS. However if Silver Hits $100, that means Gold would have to be selling at: between $4700 to $8000 per Oz, for the price to ratio Gold to Silver’s normal trading range. 47 to 80 times. Just don’t see that happening in my lifetime. Especially with hedge funds shorting the crap out of it on Paper.

          If Silver does hit $100, I am much richer MoFo. What I realistically do predict, is Silver hitting $26.50 this year. Maybe close to $50 in 2017 which would be the All Time High in Silver’s Trading History.


          • All it would need is silver to revert to it’s traditional historic ratio of 15:1-20:1 (silver:gold). Of course, it hasn’t been close to that since the 1970’s. Honestly, through all of the 1900’s it’s been skewed hard in gold’s direction due to the new uses of gold, public perception, and public access to purchasing precious metals.

            My personal thoughts:

            Is it likely to double in value from where it is now? Sure.

            Is it likely to breech $100? Maaaybe. But not without the televised collapse of a country whose economy the sheep care about. And that changes depending on what the “News” anchors say.

            Is silver likely to hold value better than pieces of paper? Absolutely. But it does tie up cash like every other investment, so obviously only stock if you’re topped off on the essentials, and the secondaries for that matter. Plus ease of selling depends entirely on whether or not your country is the one doing the collapsing.

            I will say that every time silver hikes up it makes it a monster to make any jewellery. Silver fastenings, wire, etc tend to be: (raw price of silver)*2(for processing into whatever form)+(additional mark up for profit). So something like 20g fine silver (.999) jump rings are $38-$31 per ounce, depending on order size, if you are a business, etc. When silver is $35 spot (I’m looking at -you- 2011) a single ounce of jump rings suddenly becomes $75+. I really miss when silver was 5 bucks an ounce.

            • A fine and proper analysis GardenNut!

              One should measure Ag against other commodities (e.g. rings) NOT against inflated paper (FR notes)

              $100 oz of Ag when a Big Mac cost $200 inflated FRNs is no bargain.

              If one oz. Ag can buy 100lbs of fresh beef…well then one has a real return on investment.

          • Right Now, Silver has no place to go but UP in Value. The Price ratio of Gold to Silver is beyond maxed out. Above 80:1 Look at this chart- Click on the 20 Year chart. The is the best chart to see where Silver is going to go next. I say within this year we will see $26.50 Silver. And this will happen right after July. After the Big Event RNC Convention Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21, 2016.

            This is when all Hell breaks loose in the country when the RNC Nominates Paul Ryan over Trump. And riots and mass chaos ensues through out the country. Silver will make a big jump during this period. Cause the hedge fund shorters will get killed otherwise and pull out and this sucker, eliminating any downward pressure, as Silver slingshots into Mid 20’s. Get ready, time is running out for this Big Profit event.

            The Bad side of this event in July, is we are now then entering in a Civil War with Martial Law, and Obama declares himself King. The Country will go dark for 1 year in a self induced EMP, that’s when when half the population is then gone. And you now own what you can hold onto. Silver has survived thousands of years, of wars, battles, famine and many other collapses. Imagine, the physical silver that you hold today, where all that silver has been in it’s lifetime? And what it has purchased many times over in the past. Or stolen. P/R Charts are like History, that repeats itself in a trend.

            Keep Stackin.


          • $26.50?????

            Based on what analysis???

            Rubbing your bunions?

            You people crack me up…

          • WWTI- Right on the money, no pun intended. Tons of Fear Pron here, but there are the occasional helpful tidbits.

          • Sure. Says the guy bragging about eating spaghetti-o’s around the bugout shack.

        • So should I bring the tomato plants in???

          • no, leave them out side they need the light

          • Good stuff,

          • or a hot sister, according to the lyrics…

        • Anonymous, first you paint a Mad Max broken world scenario, then you imply lots of real-world applications (industrial, medical, and high tech uses for silver). You can’t have it both ways.

      2. Get as much of .999 and junk you can handle.

        Be well rounded in all that one preps for…

        • Agreed — There seems to be this argument about .999 vs Junk vs. coins vs bars…

          My view is that the best strategy is to acquire these equally as often as possible… Buy a few junk quarters one week… a silver eagle the next… a bullion bar the next… rinse, repeat.

          This way, should you need to trade, you’ll have a variety of “money” to do so with and the person you are trading with will hopefully recognize one of them without having to question authenticity, etc.

          Moreover, the different “denominations” (weights/purities) will allow you to make small purchases without having to either break or give up an entire ounce if all you need is a junk quarter.

          Just my 2 ounces worth…

          • Thank you Mac, for this place to trade ideas.
            2 oz worth, good one…

            • Thank YOU Eppe, for sharing your ideas here! (And the jokes, too! haha)

              • Everyone who can afford it should own some silver and gold, but I have a Franklin that says Daniel is blowing smoke up our ass (AGAIN) when he predicts that an oz of silver will be $100 in 24 months.

                Daniel is a continuous shill for the Silver Barons (THAT’S HOW HE MAKES HIS LIVING) and he has been consistently wrong about silver over the past two years, as I have pointed out here a number of times.

                In fact his track record is so FUCKING dismal that every time he pumped silver to US, within a week anyone who had bought silver on his recommendation would have lost 25% of the value which they had spent … without the cost to purchase.

                Don’t believe me ??? Its in the archives !!! 🙂

                • DK, Daniel ain’t blowing smoke here, he, like the countless others predicting the PM skyrocket, fall on deaf ears. On the other hand $100 an oz is more reasonable than what a lot of the other forecasters are predicting. In any event, I believe fiat currencies are going to collapse, I don’t believe there is any way around this. I believe Ag, Au along will be used as money and barter, at least for a period of time, will be what people do. I know, according to you think cash is king, but cash is gonna be worthless at some point. And I believe it will be sooner than later. Perhaps in the next 5 years.

                  • Jackknife: Yes, Daniel IS blowing smoke up our ass !!! He does this here on a regular basis, and is pushing the purchase of silver all across the Internet to support demand for silver and protect the stock price of his multi-millionaire cronies, from whom he is well paid.

                    ITS CLASSIC PUMP AND DUMP !!!

                    If you believe that SHTF is coming, NOW is a terrible time in the cycle to buy Junior Miners !!! Preppers should have purchased the silver they need long ago !!!

                    Daniel is a FUCKING SHILL !!! Check the archives !!! 🙂

                    • When I said hes not blowing smoke here, I meant he’s not fooling me. I know what he’s doing, just like the rest when they come peddling their crap.

                • But, but he staked his reputation on it DK. Just like all the rest that put dates on things. The reality of it is, is that if gold is 10 thousand an ounce, that would make the price of a loaf of bread somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 dollars. If it takes 10,000 pieces of toilet paper to buy an ounce of gold then the FRN’S are next to worthless, and you can use them for toilet paper because ass wiping paper will be probably 150 to 200 dollars for a package of 12. The economy would be trashed, thus signaling Obama’s civil unrest.

                  Just my 2 pieces of toilet papers worth.

                  • SIW: Daniel doesn’t care about “his reputation”; if he did he would apologize to this community for leading them astray so many time over the past two years. He is expecting that everyone will forget about this call two years from now.

                    Silver surges after a major internet propaganda campaign, and the Silver Barons sell to the unsuspecting sheeple. Then the price declines as the SHILLS go quiet !!!

                    After a few weeks or so, the SHILLS ramp up the propaganda, the Sheeple panic buy, the price of silver surges, and the Silver Barons sell into the bull market. Then the SHILLS go quiet and start the process all over again.

                    Has Daniel ever called a “short” for silver ??? NO!!! the evidence of my claim is in the archives. Match his propaganda pieces with the chart for silver and you will see the evidence !!! One glaring example will show a 25% decline from Daniels SILVER SHILL PIECE in less than a week !!!

                    Don’t be fooled, Daniel is a FUCKING SILVER SHILL !!! Its in the archives 🙁

              • I go a little further, a significant portion of mine is in silver dimes and WW2 nickels. Canadian maple leaves are also good as they are .9999 fine and can be used for colloidial silver.

              • Slavo says “Do what the insiders are doing”……..
                I thought this was a site that was AGAINST the “insiders”……that was looking to change that entire paradigm.
                Apparently not.
                Yet Slavo stands in front of the camera with his wife and proclaims himself “a Christian”.
                Better watch out Mac…….JC just might chase you out of the temple with a whip.

                • A, why the dissing?
                  Mac has done an excellent job here, providing a place to debate, vent, trade ideas and stories.
                  Think about how lucky we are able to do so.
                  I am thinking of doing my own website…

                  • eppe I agree. Mac does a great job and puts up with a lot of BS (including mine lol). The main event is in the comments here, that is where I gain the most! If you do your own website make sure it has a chatroom too ya?

                    • Of course.
                      Been looking into web hosting.
                      Lots to think on…
                      Any ideas???

                    • Sorry eppe but I am no genius when it comes to computers or websites. I know that if you get a website that chatango has a chat you can add to it that is good. I’m sure there are some good people here that can help you!

                  • Dreamhost is pretty decent. I’ve had no serious problems in the two years I’ve been using them. The one issue I had, was cleared up by a very responsive customer service agent. However, the email client provided in-browser is sluggish, and you are better off interfacing with your own like Thunderbird.

                    Avoid like the plague. The prices just keep rising, the average wait time on a call was 3 hours, and the customer service is abysmal.

                    I do recommend FileZilla for managing uploads. That thing is a champ.

                    If you want expanding photos, MagicThumb has a few quirks but is the best I’ve found for easy to use and quick reactions.

                    Then again, the websites I’ve done are simple things. Photos, text, the occasional Paypal Shopping cart, Youtube movies, and (back when it was all the rage) music. Widgets are your friends.

                    Most hosting companies have deals for the first year that are really good, so be sure to look for coupons before ordering.

                    Best of luck to you!

                • AWBS

                  I see you finally got to crawl out from under that rock.

                • AWBS ~ I don’t care whether any particular methodology is practiced by insiders, outsiders, Hindus, agnostics, or aliens from the Andromeda galaxy. My goal is survival at a minimum and prosperity at a maximum, not splitting hairs over philosophical distinctions that can be argued to eternity without achieving resolution.

                  The image that springs to my mind immediately is that of Mel Gibson’s character (Benjamin Martin) in ‘The Patriot’. Although he bore bitter hatred for his adversaries during the French and Indian Wars, he had nonetheless adopted the battle tomahawk as a personal weapon due to its fearsome effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat.

                  I will also mention that the entire basis of judo is to use your enemy’s physical aspects (weight, tactics, stance, etc.) to your own advantage. Utilizing various facets of an opponent to your benefit is not some sort of dramatic Abandonment Of Principles; it is simply pragmatic.

                  Have you forsworn buying food, clothes, medicine, and petrol from ordinary commercial purveyors because to do so supports heartless and corrupt multinational corporations? I didn’t think so. You purchase from them and use the goods to your own advantage.

                  Mac works hard to bring us news and information that we can use to prepare for hard times to come. You offer nothing useful; just petty criticism. Until your posts provide benefit to the rest of us, perhaps you should not be hasty with your judgment of others.

          • Wise advice and just what I did..I especially LOVE my old silver dimes ! Great small barter…

          • I think variety is good advice. I like junk silver that you don’t have to look at the date to know it’s 90%+… like Franklins and Mercurys.

            And while I do have some Canadian and Australian .999 ounces, I still think that profile of QE2 is ugly- LOL

            • Walking Liberties are nice.

            • I’ve never found a source for classic designs (e.g., Liberty (aka ‘Mercury’) dimes, Walking Liberty halves, Standing Liberty quarters) that has markups that are even remotely reasonable.

              Usually the coins are very worn –you can tell that probably 10%+ of the silver has actually been worn away– and yet they are priced as though they are fabulously valuable numismatic rarities. Coin shops, flea markets, eBay, pawn shops…. everywhere it’s the same.

              Paying huge premiums for these coins doesn’t make any sense. Sure, it’s nice to have some…. but if the cost is so high that you’re paying 20% to 30% over spot price, then I’m better off buying 1-ounce .999 bars for a dollar over spot.

              (Ditto on the QE2 bust: it’s dreadful. It ruins many coins that are otherwise beautiful.)

          • I have found that most people have never seen the .999 silver rounds, but most people my age and older know exactly what the junk silver coins are. So junk silver is how I’m stacking. Plus, even now, I’m occasionally finding silver dimes in change, which means the cost is low.

            The younger people don’t know about silver, but they probably won’t have anything I want to buy anyway.

            • The Biggest mistake is Dumb people pay a higher premium for Junk Silver because that’s all they know. Never were curious enough to know, or do the research to find you can Buy real .999 Silver Rounds for as little as .75 cents over spot, with a 500 Oz Order. Maybe just $1.20 for 100 Oz or Less. Junk is the biggest rip off to pay $5 over spot for Junk, Not even pure. Like buying a bag of rocks hoping one will be a real nugget. Dopes get fleeced. While Smart people buying physical .999 Rounds or Bars will Get Rich, because they are so easily trade-able with exact markings.


              • WWTI, I guess junk has increased a LOT since I bot it. It used to be a lot cheaper. One thing is as someone pointed out that if your silver is stamped with a number or date they can prove the timeframe that you bought it. Junk silver is all old as hell and there is no proving shit. I see what you are saying about pure silver vs. 90% but also know that silver coins are counterfieted a lot and no one counterfiets junk lol. I remember a link to an add from china selling silver plated maple leaves for like 100.00 per 500. Remember all the counterfiet gold bars Klinton sold to china? If I was a merchant I would readily accept junk coins (by weight) and be a lot more confident….

                • There are some out there passing off Fake Gold Kugarands. The Coin dealer told me about this. They test every round or coin, weigh, etc for authenticity that comes or goes through their doors. I like the Real Deal from a Reputable Dealer/ No BS and only .75 Cents over Spot .999 pure. Junk is just that Junk. Silver plated lead in a lot of costume jewelry. Makes your arm green. Junk Silver has no utilitarian Use, which devalues its usage unless you have your own refinery to separate the filler from the silver. Whats the cost and time to do that for unpure scraps? Junk collectors reminds me of these kids sitting in muddy dumps in India with tons of old computer parts and they are cutting away the silver solders and components from the computer panels, salvaging junk. I guess there will always be bottom feeders out there scrapping, like vultures fighting over simple road kill.


              • The point of junk silver is that ordinary people can recognize the denominations and they are small enough to buy regular goods after SHTF is over.

                A silver dime bought a loaf of bread back in the 1960s, a silver dime’s silver value can buy a loaf of bread now, and it will probably still be able to buy a loaf of bread 20 years from now.

                Also, I didn’t pay anything over spot for much of my silver because I traded it one-for-one out of change. So my only cost was the time it took for me to recognize the color and ring of silver. Back in the 1970s, I worked in retail and could buy all the silver coins from the cash register at face value. That’s a better deal than you’ll ever find, outside of theft or inheritance.

                And I’m not buying silver $3,000 at a time to get a lower quantity discount spot price. I’ve seen “50 cents over spot!!!!” but you have to buy 200 ounces at one time. I’m not a millionaire, as you seem to be.

                As far as “exact markings,” my junk silver is exactly marked as dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. Anyone can look up how much silver is in various coins at:
                ht tp://

                • You don’t have to be a millionaire to buy 200 ounces for around $3K. I see many, many middle class families -even those on the lower end of the spectrum- who think NOTHING of spending several thousand dollars on a ATV or taking the kids on a vacation to a plastic, phony Disney “resort” or buying new living-room furniture even though they don’t really need it.

                  And yet if you suggest spending the same amount of money on preps, they either laugh hysterically at the ‘loony’ or give you pitying looks because you are obviously delusional.

                  I’ve given up trying to educate people who don’t want to listen; and I’ve also given up a lot of middle-class comforts to fund preps. You don’t have to be a millionaire; you just have to disconnect from the consumer society and find satisfaction in walking through the woods and learning new skills.

          • Exactly as I have done. i also love the 90% dimes for some reason. But have used this method for buying silver for quite a while.

            Also added a bit of gold now and then to spice things up

          • Hey Mac- I have to point out…. WHO the eff would know what real silver is or gold for that matter. There are MILLIONS of uneducated asshats, much like that cypress/katy/wtf-ever guy that couldnt tell the diff between shiny steel and silver- pyrite and gold.

            Does everyone here think “purity” will matter in a SHTF episode. Methinks not. Most people think our shitty coins are minted in silver or copper for christs sake! Not to mention they think the Saskatchewan Dollar coin is GOLD…..

            I may be wrong, but I highly doubt it. TP will be WAY moe exp than ANY “precious” metal in a SHTF scenario.

            Just my 2 pounds.

          • Mac ~ I wholeheartedly agree on format diversification, and carry it even further: In addition to .999 rounds and silver coins, I also advise that folks acquire fabricated silver items such as cigarette cases, teaspoons, bowls, etc.

            With any sort of social structure still in place, luxury goods such as high quality silver cigarette cases, pill boxes, bracelets etc. will have buyers.

            If everything really tanks and Walmart turns into Bartertown, then it will be prudent to have ratty looking scrap silver like bent spoons, mismatched earrings, broken neck chains, etc.

            In a hungry, desperate world, big shiny silver coins/bars will instantly attract attention from avaricious eyes that will wonder “how many more of those does he have?” — but crappy scrap silver will allow you to blend in with the rest of the scavengers, while you preserve the high grade stuff for more stable times.

            Just my two grams worth….

        • Unless you own a refinery, skip the Junk it only has sentimental value. Get the real deal. Junk is just that, Junk. Watch when you try to tell a clerk it is Pre-65 and almost silver a coin. They will look at you, and say, “So what, this was almost a sale. Now Go…. Bye Bye, Next…” and or only give you face value if you are lucky.

          Try dumping your junk silver Jewelry on the counter when trying to buy bread. You will get laughed out of the store. Enough said about Junk. The best thing to do is sell your Junk Silver ASAP to some other Dope like you, while you still can, and go buy the real deal. 2 distinctive marks are .999 and 1-OZ on the Silver Rounds. If it doesn’t say that, you have no idea what it is, and will just get ripped off. Junk Jewelry may just be electroplated with a layer of silver. Like the Gold Seller at the Flea Market Who has Gold chains on a spool. Its electroplate with a very thin layer of Gold on the outer casing. Dopes get Fleeced. Pay attention.


          • It is not “almost silver.” It’s 90%, and you should know that.

            And changing the subject to actual junk costume jewelry is just avoiding the point.

          • WWTI gets 2 points for the bitch slap.

            • 🙂

      3. Ted Butler says JP Morgan has accumulated 400-500 million ounces of physical silver in the last few years while running the price down with paper short sales. His thinking is JPM has been the big investor in silver over the last few years. Theory is at some point, they intend to make a killing on this….and not at 50, or even 100/oz, but much higher….they don’t go for peanuts.

        I’d like to hope so….I’ve accumulated a fair stash over the years, (in addition to LOTS of beans, bullets and bandaids for the inevitable post to follow “you can’t eat silver….blah, blah, blah”) and it would be nice to see a 10 or 20x gain on something for once (right now, I’m at about 2.5x gain on my average in cost). Don’t really know what I’d spend it on, but I guess I could go down to the Caterpillar dealer and buy a big, new, tracked something!

        • I’ve considered the “exit strategy” here as well… At some point we may see a massive bubble in gold/silver… The first step will be to recognize it… The second will be to decide where to shift capital before the bubble bursts…

          My hope, Andy, is that when it does bubble I will be in a position to perhaps trade some PM’s for land and other assets at depressed prices.

          I think I will always have some gold and silver in reserve, but at some point we definitely need to be thinking about what to trade the bulk of it for… It won’t go up for ever, right?

          Nonetheless, and I know Durango will disagree to some extent and for good reason as we have seen a pop in recent weeks, we should, as rabbitone noted in a comment below, be dollar cost averaging into silver and gold assets on a regular basis whenever possible.

          Like Jim Rogers, I am no market timer, so regularly adding what I can is the order of the day. For me, this doesn’t include just Precious Metals, but a few boxes of food from LDS, some ammo, a firearm if I can get a good deal on it, and other items I think will have value in a collapse or economic depression.

          I think one can add a little bit — even if it’s $25 – $100 a week worth of “collapse proofing supplies” to one’s “portfolio” — it can only help in the long run.

          • MS: that is my plan as well. Land.

            • Forget that plan. For over 50 years I’ve heard about silver going to $100 or more; It’s not going to. The dollar may go to crap, with bread $100 a loaf and then a Silver 25C will buy one, so yes; it costs $400 per oz. But thinking you are going to get a 100X return on Value is a pipe dream.

              • P: you stay with your plan and I will stick with mine. Jeez what made all of the negative nellies crawl out of their holes?

                • The “Facts and Reality” crawled out of their holes. And pierced your fantasy bubble Phil. That why!


              • Many told me that silver would never get over $20.

                I remember during this low price in metals that we were working lots of overtime. My fellow workers brought big homes, large trucks, Bass Boats and lots of toys. I moved into the metals. Now they have no homes and the toys were sold. I am retired. They are still working.

                • Silver has not got over $20 yet, in fact I am still waiting for it to get over and stay over $16 for more than two or three trading days.

              • Paranoid, it can be done. I know because I did it over 30 years ago. I got a 20X return on silver at the peak of the silver price in the early 1980s and spent the profit on food. I kept part of the silver in reserve and still have it.

                If silver really goes through the roof ahead of food and supply prices, I will again sell silver and use the profit to buy food. And again I will still keep some silver in reserve for the future.

                • Arc; I know it can, I retired 16 years ago at 50. By some standards I’m rich. But I’ve been buying silver for nearly 50 years and seeing the same S**t about it going to the moon the whole time. I’m still buying it, but it’s just insurance against bad times, I’ve become old waiting for the Big one. You can read Howard Ruff from the 1970’S. SOS. If it ever does come it will be a very bad thing, not something to be glad about.

            • Land is good but it is also a tax burden and can be siezed easily. Own some land of course but be diversified in things that are undervalued that you can hold and hide from prying eyes. Liberty tools/ammo, a portion of silver and gold, etc. Metals will be good to bribe your way out of a jam no matter what is going on.

              • Genius, I know. I view metals as cheap insurance. Especially silver. I just don’t see how the US can keep the Ponzi scheme going. I really don’t.

            • Anybody buying just land, you will need to pay cash in full for, or get seller financing. Mortgage Companies do not lend to finance land only. Another piercing in the fantasy bubble peeps are delusional about. Yeah go finance some land and live off the Grid. lol


              • WWTI, thats what I did lol, pay in CASH!

                • I hear ya G. Everything I have and own is fully paid for. It it weren’t for taxes, cell phone bill and car insurance bills, beer.. there is nothing else I have to pay. lol I will tell you heading out to the BOL with more than a year of food was a great prep to have. Always have various ways to cook food, like 5 ways, you will find which works best. Some simple cooking tips. Just a kettle of chicken soup and add a can of green beans or vegies, some water, canned chicken, and use a small sterno stove. Within about 10 to 15 Mins on this small fire stove, you have a great hot meal. Add Crackers. Beer.. Cigar.. Nature..

                  Cooking Spagetti this afternoon. lol


          • Mac,

            My primary point of buying silver initially was to hopefully have something that would hold it’s value converting back to currency to pay property taxes. LOT of little farms in the 30’s got sold at tax auction for lack of a small amount of money. I later added to my pile just on the chance it might run up on it’s own merits.

            I’ve got all the land I can handle now, trying to get rid of some of it, don’t want to maintain it as I age, and no kids to leave it to. But I wouldn’t mind some big yellow machinery to run over what I have left !

            I guess I could find something to buy…my Chevy truck is 13 years old now, but I figure it’s got another 10 left in it easy….always gotten 15-20yrs out of a new vehicle…no need to break that pattern.

            • Andy , your plan and mine are the same , i hold silver as a way to pay property taxes on my land investment in a crisis.
              I keep three years worth right now at current tax burden.
              But who knows ?
              That may only cover a year under a socialist sceme.
              Cant plan or prep for everything !

            • TA and Andy: I agree with both of you. Thanks for your comments.

          • Yep been back buying up some great Ammo lately. Great prices, MidwayUSA has some 5.56 Tracer Ammo on sale for $10.99 for a box of 20 rounds. The real deal NATO. Been looking for that for 3 years. I seen that go for $40 a “box of 20 rounds” at Gun Shows. So Ammo is better than Money, Great investment and stash it in sealed Ammo cans with moisture absorbents. It will keep a long time, 40+ years or more. And will trade just like Money or barter. Try getting that 20 years from now. Good Luck.


            • The bad thing about tracer rounds is they give away your position. As far as stashing goes, vacuum seal the 20 round box.

            • Tracers work both ways.

              Only idiots buy .223 for $0.55 a round when they can reload it for $0.20.

              When your ammo runs out, you’re done. Learn to reload.

              • I’m trying to stock up on primers, brass, powder etc. Found a local shop still selling Federal Small rifle match primers for 26.00 @ 1000. Nice deal

        • I don’t know about Butler’s theory but JM is a great company to do business with. Whether you want bars, rounds or gov’t mint products, they have excellent deals. And their sales are a great opportunity to get these great Ag products at great prices. I can’t say enough about them. If you’ve never done business with them, check ’em out. What’s to lose? Stay quiet Be smart.

          • I used to read Butler all the time, he is the reason I bought so much silver. BUT nothing he ever said came to be (20 years of waiting) so I wouldn’t get to excited about his theories. It will happen eventually but only the powers know when and they will control it. I would bet on liberty tools and ammo going sky high before silver. But silver is the best value by far in metals and I recommend it.

        • TnAndy

          I was thinking along those lines. Big toy with lots of POWER.

        • Uh Andy,you can’t eat silver!For that matter bullets/bandaids and Caterpillar tracked units also hard to digest!

          • I tried eating handlebars and dirt a few times and yes, it did not sit well lol. Asphalt is hard to chew also. I tried eating laminate flooring the other day after a lil bit o shine and that didn’t work out either, hmmmmmm.

            • Genius, Had a neighbors shine the other day. Just a few sips, and it was very fruity tasting. He said it was about 200 proof. Drinking that to get a daily buzz though will have your brain pickle in a few months. You think?


              • Ummm, 200 proof is 100% alcohol. There is no taste except alcohol. To have a fruity taste it would probably be no more than 100 proof. I do not drink anything over 100 proof and that is usually over ice and or mixed with water. If you took a drink of 200 proof 100% alcohol it would sear your throat shut and you would probably suffocate. Your neighbor is full of shit, take my word for it. Get a hydrometer and test it and then you will know too lol.

                • W, neighbor was jacking your chain.
                  They do that sometimes.
                  If they cannot be truthful in the small things, why trust them in the big things like prepping?
                  Be well sir…

                  • Exactly, I was hoping he would get that….

                  • Eppe: with a neighbor like W I would do everything I could to yank his chain.

      4. I buy a 100 oz of silver at regular intervals to get a good dollar cost average…

        • That’s an excellent strategy if you can afford it. I can swing 20-30 at a time, but it adds up. It just takes longer and costs a little more. IMHO, and I’m not saying I’m right and Mac or Eppe is wrong, but .999 or .9999 is the best way to go. Maybe junk will have a function but purity and weight will have seniority. I think people will be melting down to fractions, it’s not that hard to do, to make “change” for a trade from a larger amount. In any event, Ag is not the only item of importance, but it’ll damn sure come in handy. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • After a certain amount in buying gold or silver, don’t you get “reported”?

            • i don’t think so. Selling over a certain amount for profit. But even that can be “worked around”

      5. I was going through old receipts to see what I bought and how much I paid for which item. Why? JM Bullion has a short tutorial on taxes with regard to PMs. I have read that several times and then just gave up went to the IRS dot gov site to see what the IRS said.

        Basically PMs are considered collectibles. If you don’t keep all of your transactions and receipts and cannot prove what you paid for an item then you pay the highest rate of taxation. When are you taxed? When you sell. There are short-term and long-term capital gains taxes, too, depending on how long you held a product.

        At $15 a ounce I am guessing small buyers like myself aren’t worth much time or trouble when it comes to the IRS. But if silver goes to $100 or $500 or $1000 an ounce due to a serious economic collapse you can guarantee that the tax enforcers will be out working full time to scrape up every nickel and dime they can get from someone like me.

        I was a little sloppy with my paperwork but have it all organized now. Do I expect them to change the rules if the prices for PMs reach such price levels? Yes.

        God help us all if the communists gain control of this country. I think they would love to take anything they could get and redistribute it to the poor. As if that BS has ever worked.

        • A lot of dealers operate with cash. Enjoy.

          • Oh yeah, I sold all my silver,for donation to the presidential campaign !

          • M: you totally misunderstood what I said. My battle is not with the IRS. If you want to tilt at windmills, go ahead. Not my cuppa tea.

        • Wow philo, half the point is doing it under the radar! Buy at coin shows or dealers with cash. Sell it the same way, no one needs to know anything about it. Don’t report ANYTHING!

          • Genius, I am not here to scam the government. That is a battle I do NOT want to fight. Plenty of folks have lost that battle, including Peter Schiff’s father, Erwin Schiff and Martin Armstrong was kept behind bars for more than 11 years.

            Being locked in a cage or dying behind bars is not my idea of living my life to the fullest.

            I have to say that I also keep PMs as a way to escape. The USSA is on the verge of exit visas and prohibiting Amercians from using their passport if they owe the IRS $50,000 in arrears. It doesn’t matter where you live the IRS has FATCA laws in foreign countries which require foreign banks to report to the IRS with regard to any transactions that involve a USSA citizen.

            What is FATCA? The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Heck, there is a wiki page on it.

            Good luck trying to open a foreign bank account if you are an American. The IRS will hunt you down like a dog. For now other countries are more than willing to throw a US citizen under the bus.

            • Philo, I know what you are saying but done in moderation you CAN do things under the radar. I used to do biz with a retired cop who had a coin shop and hated the gov. Always under reporting limit, always cash, always totally private. The key is stay under reporting limits. If someone wants ID just go somewhere else. Craigslist is good but you have to be careful, always meet in a public place and never drive directly home and pack heat. Many buyers in newspaper ads and craigslist that pay good prices too. Coin shows are great and you can buy thousands of $ worth with no paperwork whatsoever. Just sayin’ Iv’e never had an issue….

              • Genius, so basically you are saying I need to deal with and learn how to be a criminal?

                That is seriously harsh.

                • No no no, I’m just saying that there are alternatives if one so chooses and since when does private buying and selling make you a criminal? So if I sold my lawnmower on craigslist for a 100 dollar profit I have to report it or???? What about if I sold some collectable jihad joe dolls for a profit???? How can they prove what I paid for it? Maybe I sold it at a loss? Tell them thanks, I want to ammend my tax return to claim the loss!

                  • Another point of yours I agree with is if you have to leave the country you had better have enough metals to get you started all over. You won’t be leaving with the tons of preps you have so you had better have something tangible to start over with. Wouldn’t that be a sight, amerikans swimming across the rio grande to get to mexico lol…

                  • I am a retired IT data base manager who worked in finance and dealt with the IRS for more than 20 years. I was the guy in the bank who had to do the security processing so specific data could be reviewed that was defined by the court orders. I had to testify as an expert witness about the data several times so I got to see what people did that the IRS went after.

                    Most court papers I saw in those 20 years involved large amounts. The IRS agents told me that 80% of what they went after involved sums greater than $100K to make their research time “payoff”. The other 20% came from audits of returns still involving large amounts but with uch smaller payouts.

                    Presently when selling, you will pay federal tax if you receive more than you original paid. As of this writing, gold, silver, and platinum bullion (and any type of coins) are treated as collectibles. That means that gains (your “profit”) are usually treated as income, and but if it is a long-term gain the maximum rate would be 28% (it gets reported on the 1040 Schedule D). Even some states tax the sales of gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

                    With an item like silver, gold and platinum bullion (and any type of coins) the IRS would NOT keep track of buying and selling PMs. They depend on you to be honest and provide the data.

                    Why are PM’s not tracked by the IRS? The problem for the IRS is trying to track all the PM transactions and rebuild the buy/sell data. This would be a daunting task for the IRS and easily screwed up with missing data. No Judge is going to serve you with a summons with incomplete records.

                    PM is not tracked because you could buy 100 units or coins and sell the coins off 1 at a time to 100 different dealers. The next reason they did not require dealers to give you 1099’s is the unit cost of items like silver is too low per coin. The IRS is interested if you sell 100 shares of stock and get $10,000. The IRS is not interested in the possible $15 sale of a silver coin. However, the primary reason PMs are not tracked is PM coins have no individual serial numbers like stocks to match the buy to the sell. All you would have to do turn up in court with a 100 coins that looked like the ones they said you sold and case would be closed because they could not prove those were not the original coins.

                    However, if you supply the all data then they are allowed to audit your buy and sell data. If you mess these up they can get you.

                    In one case I read the family passed on PM’s to their 4 kids using the $10,000 per year per child gift rule to avoid taxes on a large PM holding.

                    How you deal with this knowledge is up to you…

                    • rabbit, thank you for the great info! I think I would pass mine along by giving them an envelope with a map to where it is hidden lol. I just can’t understand why anyone would rat themselves out.

                    • RO: saw you over on ZH. Anyhow, thank you for supporting what I said, above, that the IRS considers PMs collectibles. The maximum tax rate is 28%. That confirms what I read, what anyone can read, on the IRS site.

                      As I said above, right now silver is beneath notice at current rates. If the spot price increases it will not be beneath notice, as I also stated, above.

                      Some PMs do have individual serial numbers. 100-ounce bars, and above, are stamped with a serial number, the purity, and the mint. How do I know? I have a few 100-ounce Royal Canadian Mint 100-ounce bars.

                      I agree about the bullion coins. There is no way to identify the various coins. I can’t tell you the difference between the coins I bought in 2011 and the ones I bought last week. They are in sealed tubes and the only difference is the mint and the date stamped on each coin.

                      Anyhow, I don’t plan on becoming a target for the IRS. I think I have enough targets painted on my back without adding another one by becoming a tax cheat.

                      We cannot advocate for a better country if we are unwilling to be better ourselves! I want to be an example of how to succeed, by following the rule of law. If we don’t follow the laws of the land how can be an example for young people?

                      I am not some goody-two shoes. But this matters. The rule of law matters. Anyhow, my two-cents.

                    • Philo, also if metals skyrocket you could be in the windfall profit category and pay like 90% tax! There goes your whole reason for buying ehhh? Do you see what I’m saying? I will and always have been a rebel, you can be a conformist if you think that is the way. Some chances are definately worth taking, for if you never do, you will never know what you missed and be a lot poorer for it. You take chances everytime you get on the road, what is the difference? I will take my chances and the responsibility for doing it, because I do not like the boot that is on my head and I will defy it every chance I get. Weigh the odds and do what you feel is right, but understand a lawless govt. breeds a lawless people. I follow the law, they have no law. Natural law gives me my rights and duties not some criminal freakshow psycopaths in suits. Read the golden rule again, it may have new meaning…..

                    • Rabbit, thank you. That was very helpful.

                    • Having once been audited for an error on a return, I was told by the IRS folks that they generally don’t audit returns unless they think they can generate about $500 for an hour’s work.

                      The error was in my favor, made my day.

                • There is no income tax on the proceeds of yard sales. If you are not in the business of buying and selling PMs, you can sell to individuals for cash and are not required to report anything.

                  So you aren’t a criminal if you sell a little bit of silver to an individual for cash.

                  • 😀

                    • Philo apparently subscribes to the false narrative that the income taxes are constitutional. How can the government tax your labor, are you a slave or serf?

                  • Hi Arc,,, I did not know that selling at yard sales is not taxable,, are you sure??? By the way, in a previous post you said that you still sometimes find junk silver in change,,, its probably mine. True story,,, my dad had alzhiemers or dementia before he died several years ago. He liked to go to Bojangles every day. We found out that he for a while was paying for his food with his real silver coins. I wonder if the employees at Bojangles had the sense to know what they had. You got my inheritance….. KF

                • In the eyes of the ruling powers, most of us here are already criminals. Collecting metals, ammo, firearms, food and cash will put you on the unofficial list of domestic terrorists whether we like it or not.

                  • Only if your dumb enough to let them know about it lol.

                    • Philosopher, you are correct that many larger weight PM’s have serial numbers. I am very familiar with serial number history with investments since I kept millions of data records that were serialized. These PMs (like the 100 oz bars) that I saw in the bank’s trust department ledgers are not considered collectibles but are managed under investment serialization acts. Serial numbers for investment came about from Ponzi schemes in early banking and not taxation.

                      Before serialized investments crooks in banks would use any replacement available from inventory to manage a sale and the bank customers was none the wiser. With the banking crisis’s of the 1700’s and 1800’s many schemes were tried to avoid serialized investments because of huge burden of book keeping in those era’s.

                      At first small banks who failed was part of associations or guilds that guaranteed if one bank failed the others would make sure the losses were paid. This worked through a number of years and losses were replaced and serializing was avoided for the most part. But gradually as bigger investors were fleeced and smaller investors “wanted a piece of the action” government were forced to step in and demand serialized “large” (which was relative to that day) investments and increased serialization laws as more scams hit the front pages of newspapers from the 1790s to 1900s.

                      Thus from these laws we as tax payers could technically ask congress to give a full accounting of each gold bar in Fort Knox since this size gold bar comes under the serialization acts and each bar has its own accounting. However every attempt at gaining this gold accounting has failed to move through congress for more than 100 years and counting. Many of the serialized assets listed on federal and state books in the last 100 years have “disappeared” once an accounting was forced on government and strangely no one is ever prosecuted.

                      But with you and I Philosopher about PM’s we are on the same sheet of music. I agree with you that with any sale of PM”s I pay the piper. It is not worth it to risking our entire asset base for one part of it. I admire your attitude. You will sleep sound at night where many I help but behind bars were nervous wrecks trying to cover up minor indiscretions in comparison to their whole net worth.

                      Genius I have no problem with you either. The Mossack Fonseca scandal shows all of us how little the political elite have respect for the word “law”. We are living today in the most corrupt world society since Rome before it collapsed. So if your non serialized silver got tossed out in the trash in a horrible accident, well that’s life today. As long as you sleep so what.

                      One consolation we all may have is if our government goes belly up prior taxation history will probably be null and void for our non serialized PM’s. Most societies started totally over with tax records after a belly up session because tracking the huge amount of theft from this period would drain the new system by the enormous accounting

                • P;
                  So what you are saying is that if the government tells you cannot own a gun you will turn over that Mossberg or whatever you said you have to protect yourself? And here I thought you were a real rebel . Laws are laws. Before you lash out, consider this. Maybe you are saying this for opsec. That would make sense.

                  • S: lash out about what? Mr. Moss is my friend.

                • Philo ~ You didn’t know….? You are ALREADY a criminal. The average American breaks three laws per day, every day. Not traffic infractions, etc. — but actual criminal offenses.

                  There are hundreds of thousands of laws on the books, with thousands more being added every year. Nobody could possibly keep track of them all. When everyone is vulnerable to criminal charges, and tracking / recording devices store everything you do for years, then any person can be destroyed at any time that it suits the authorities.

                  In a post above, you said “God help us all if the communists gain control of this country.” For all intents and purposes, it’s already here. The window dressing of nominal democracy is still extant, but we have a ruling oligarchy, corrupt untouchable officials, militarized police, universal spying on all citizens, “civil forfeiture” laws that allow the government to confiscate everything you own without ever charging you with a crime, manipulated markets, slanted/censored/filtered “news”, and many other hallmarks of totalitarianism.

                  A key component of totalitarianism is rendering anyone and everyone fearful of arrest, imprisonment, and total ruin on any pretext the authorities choose to select. So, yeah, you better learn how to be a criminal. You’ve been a criminal for a long, long time…. just like the rest of us.

          • In the quiet of the evening Gold and Silver passes quietly from hand to hand, generation to generation,

        • My grand kids love the Silver Dollars and various silver rounds I have given them.

          Can’t really see the Infernal Revenue Service keeping up with bartering/ trading silver post SHFT.

          • A: you need to reread my entire comment.

      6. Yup ,I sold all the silver I had ,on food…. that’s all you have to say!

        • Or some negro stole it and said he’d kill me if I reported it lol.

          • I know someone who went to Las Vegas traded his silver for chips and lost big. Bad things happen to good people. He was going thru a divorce. I guess people get depressed when the person who claimed that they love you, tries to take you to the cleaners. It happens a lot when people are spending a lifetime’s savings on legal fees and vengeful former partners.

            Be well. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Save some for the chicks. And diversify in all things except immigration, employment, education, and a few more I’ll keep to myself.

            • I lost all my precious metals in a kayak tip over accident,hmmmm…..,lost all me firearms in a similar accident,perhaps I need to stop boating!

              • How many Captains does it take to pilot an Exxon ship?
                1 and 1/5 😛

                Speaking of Captains and booze, I’m trying my new concoction “spice shine”.
                1 oz. spiced rum extract, some cloves, some cinnamon, some vanilla extract, some honey, 1 quart 100 proof neutral spirits. Mix well and let sit 2 weeks shaking occasionally. Guaranteed to make you tip your boat over lol. Ol Capt. Morgan would be proud 😛

                • Funny Valdez(sp) joke.
                  Try sassafras root, sasparilla, and pippaswea for a root beer base.

                  Was good decades ago…

                  • Thanks eppe. I just use rootbeer extract and sugar, tastes just like rootbeer! Gotta be careful though, it’s so good and easy to drink you just might wake up with a mouthful of carpet lol. They make a lot of good extract flavors for making shnapps and brandies, heck I even have chocolate 😛 I wanna try the sour apple the ol patriot told me about, maybe I should rent a hooveround first though! 😀

                    • Mine was for the herbal side to flush out toxins screwing with my deceased kidney.
                      Pippaswea is also good for poision snake bites also, per Foxfire books. Really bitter though.
                      Boiled up a batch, added everclear.
                      I always wonder what they make extracts with.
                      But if one is adding ethyl, who cares???

                    • Most extracts are made by running hot ethyl through various spices and herbs kind of like making coffee then evaporating the alcohol out of it leaving an oil. I used to do it as a kid with weed lol, it worked 🙂 You can also just use cold ethyl and soak the herbs for a long time then cook off the alcohol. There are other methods but thats the one I know of. Using the ethyl method usually helps it to be water soluable where others tend to be too oily and doesn’t mix with water well.

                    • After watching Bizarre Foods, they showed ways they make extracts.
                      Like beaver anus gland to make raspberry flavor.
                      Strange I know, but strawberry flavor comes from a mold, if I remember correctly…

                      Thanks again Mac….

      7. Well, well, well.

        The silver buyers are back. So how many of you newbies had a change of opinion and took a precious metal dive.
        What made you “can’t eat it”, all of a sudden make it a good investment. I was in at $4 on silver and $254 on gold and many told me I was full of it. None of you speak of Platinum. One to watch if gold and silver hyper out in price.

        I have friends that told me they got in when gold was $35 and silver a little over a dollar. Older than dirt but still kicking.

        • Anon:

          When gold was $35.00, I cut out the advertisement out of the newspaper and put it on my refrigerator. It remained there for many years. Sometimes visitors would ask me if I had bought gold back when it was $35.00.

        • I love hearing the stories (and stories are exactly what MOST of them are)of people who claim to have purchased stocks, precious metals, etc. when they were IPOs, pre-split, $35 oz. for gold, $.40 an ounce for silver etc. It is all non-sense. People that are fortunate enough to have made such smart and timely investments are smart enough to keep their mouths shut and not broad cast it over the internet. Just an intuition I have. My father used to tell me all the time, “empty barrels make the loudest noise” and man was he ever smart.

          • Anon:
            How right you are. My answer then and now has always been,” unfortunately I was never able to afford to invest”. It was true then, it is true now. Your father’s saying is spot on.

            I grew up around many wealthy people. The newly upper middle class were boastful, mean spirited, snobs for the most part. Some of the families that had real wealth dressed modestly and I gained great amusement when some snobby schoolmate would talk down to them. Likewise, we had a boy in the school who was often called dumb by the popular kids. He was a little taller than most and awkward. What people didn’t know was that he was three years younger than they were, was extremely tall, and had skipped a number of grades due to his brilliant mind. Ironic isin’t it.

      8. I think that whatever form we have PM’s in, it must be recognizable, and if the economies of the world actually collapse, there will not be production going on that requires silver or any other major supplies of raw material for a long time. I can see having some for bartering and medical uses, but just to own a lot of silver will not be of much use immediately, if ever.

      9. Lol more silver pushing. I guess if I was a PM dealer I push silver too with the sky high premiums compared to real money Gold.

      10. I prefer brass and lead, it’s heavier, goes much further, and delivers financial strength on a very severe level at longer distances.. on a more serious level. I have decided to not waste anymore money on gold or silver because that won’t be worth a sh…t post callapse. I can’t eat gold silver or platinum, I can’t eat bullets either but I can use it to defend my self and kill Russians, chi-com and jihadist fighters, and domestic military traitors that have turned against the people including gangs and dreadlock attacks.

        Phuck Russia,, phuck the Russian people, phuck Putin, Putin is and international criminal.. so phuck him and his military, phuck China and the middle east.

        There is alot of Russian criminals in Houston and other states that are involved in a lot of crime, job related crime, spying, including setting people up, etc.. bad bad crime, especially the Russians..we really need to Nuke the phuck out of Russian, China, Iran to get rid of them. Russia is our enemy..and a lot of people don’t know this..I am telling your what I have heard form my source thats very honest and reliable..Russians need to be carefully not to engage me in my city.. the spetsnatz have already crossed the line with me personally .so the next time that happens, something else will happen.


        Constructive thinking at its finest.

        • People should invest in what works for them. I would tell them that I did invest in silver if asked and I do think it is still a good investment. Silver coinage, bullion rounds and bars. I have never seen a person turn a silver coin down when given as a gift. Metals, Bullets Food and skills will be part of the chessboard pieces and in some cases it will only matter if you have the item that is needed.

          • The Dates SHTF, Which will happen this summer. Here is WHEN: (RNC)in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21, 2016.

            Whats most important for your personal safety, is Location Location Location of where you are.. GET OUT of the damn Cities, and in deep into the country or woods surrounded by miles of swamp and thickets. A defensible piece of Real Estate, where there is only one way in and various ways out. Build your compound and prepare to defend it. Know it like the back of your hand. Build choke points and set up your sandbags for cover and concealment for a firefight. Have your Battle Rifle nearby always. You should be able to sustain yourself on that property for a year or two with all your preps if you need to. Then when things quiet down, you can venture out. Do you want to deal with Fake Road blocks, Car jackings, Smash and grabs, just fighting over that last loaf of bread? Neighbors, knocking on or door, begging for food. Are you prepared for that to turn them away. You better, or you are good as dead. Feed them once, and they will be back with 10 hungry friends later. Or be safe away, on your own BOL Property? Prepare people, and really really prepare if Trump is denied the GOP Nomination in Cleveland in July. All hell will break loose, and it may just be Game On!! There are a lot of criminals out there just waiting for this moment, to spring their bag of tricks on the populace. This summer will be when this entire shirade unravels on a Global scale, and SHTF comes. You heard it here first, giving you the Dates when SHTF. Mark your Calendars..


        • UUUhhh HCKS, Please tell me exactly what putin and china are doing that the USSA isn’t. We are far worse than both of them combined! THE USA GOVT. IS THE ENEMY! I don’t ever recall china or russia taking my rights away and robbing me blind at gunpoint and threatening to prosecute me for rediculous shit. Do you???

        • Hcks. Most of your comment is completely not true. Some of it is based on sources that are not correct and sound mentally ill.

        • Well said Billy. I think H/C/K/S must be four multiple personalities sharing one body. Unfortunately, each personality is inarticulate, paranoid, and bat shit crazy. They really should not give people in asylums access to the internet.

      11. Silver is one of the few things beyond brass, lead and land I invest in. I like hold X amount for various reasons. I like others think silver will jump in price in the next 1-2 years. Not that many years ago when silver touched $50 an ounce

        I unloaded all I had (which wasn’t much compared to some). I bought at around $16 an ounce and made out nicely. Stayed out until now.

        Silver has certain advantages I like. I can walk into most pawn shops an walk out with cash. As an old guy, I know should I need some quick cash, I can easily pawn some silver. Most will pawnshops will buy too.

        Now I am certainly not desperate or will need to pawn any of my silver, I consider it a side benefit. An option and the more financial options you got, the better…

        I like a variety of sizes. 1 ounce American Eagles, 10 ounce bars, 1 ounce bars, 1/4 to 1/2 ounce rounds. I agree that small quantities could be useful if TSHTF. Easier to move than the bigger bars. That’s my take on silver.

      12. hey houston, you can’t eat clothing, concrete, sunglasses, shoes, flashlights, ceramic tile and pillows. It’s good that you’re going without all of these things. Say adios pal.

      13. Ok, SO I GOT SOME SILVER. I just lost my husband TO Alzheimers three weeks ago so what am I to do when the silver goes up? I just lost monthly income of $3655.00 per month. If I go to a coin shop they charge a fee to cash in. Who will take the silver?


        Need to invest. Who will honor the value of silver.

        • G: If grandpa didn’t have some type of life insurance that is called bad planning. The time to invest is prior to a life-changing situation, not in the middle of one. I would advise you to do nothing for six-months to a year. Chill out.

          If you have silver and want to liquidate that silver, your local coin shop may not offer the best price. First, you need to find out what your husband paid for that silver and when he bought it and get all of that in order. Second, talk to your family accountant or tax preparer and talk to them about a strategy with regard to liquidation of PM assets. Third, if I were going to liquidate metals the two places I would check with first are KITCO and SD Bullion as they are both fair and will buy PMs although I think they only buy bullion coins not junk coins but I am not sure. Every time I have contacted local coin shops very few offer the spot price when buying. Fourth, I would contact the person that sold your husband those coins and see what they are willing to pay.

          Your statement is confusing. Do you want to liquidate or invest? Silver is an investment. There is an expense to liquidating PMs, including payment of taxes to the IRS.

          Anyhow, my best advice to you is to do nothing for one year.

          If you were married any pension should transfer to you upon the death of a spouse. I am confused. That is a really generous pension for someone with Alzheimer’s. I hope your home is paid for and you have time to grieve.

          I would advise you not tell random strangers about your husbands PMs nor to advertise that you want to sell them on an Internet forum. I don’t know about other people here but I buy my PMs from legitimate companies that specialize in the sale of various types of PMs. My favorite three companies are: KITCO, JM Bullion, and SD Bullion for different reasons.

          God bless you and may your husband rest in peace.

        • “Need to invest”
          You ARE invested… in silver.
          As you may know, its a buy low sell high market scenario. Right now silver is low, based on history. I’d say hold on to it if you can.
          Provident, Apmex, etc will buy if you send it in- they have minimums and the process is a pain…

          Best of luck-

        • Grandma:
          Sorry about your husband. I bought some magnesium supplement. I take it with water and eat some cottage cheese or yogurt in the evening to de-stress. That and soaking in epsome salt. I am
          cautious about discussing financial matters with anyone. I like to read up on things and not talk to anyone who is not directly involved in my affairs. If I need to, I can talk with one of my children. The less people who know my business, the better. Would never put the exact amount of my income on a public forum that can be hacked. I have friends who have rented out a room in order to make up for lost income. Just be careful. People put down grannies working at Walmart as greeters but hey, money is money and it pays a little. You don’t have to settle for a low paying job, I’m just saying; a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. When the shock wears off, you may find that this is the happiest and most rewarding time of life. God bless.

        • My sympathies for your loss. I lost my grandfather two years ago and it still hurts.

          If none of the coin-shops, pawn shops, etc in your area are offering a fair price, and you truly need to sell to make ends meet you have a few options. Silver sold on Ebay tends to exceed market value by a few bucks an ounce. So, a marked .999 bar, 1 oz, which sells from JM for $18 may sell on Ebay for $20. Of course, Ebay takes a slight fee as does Paypal, and you have to decide whether to charge shipping or not.

          If the silver you have is not marked, for instance damaged jewellery, or if you simply cannot find another buyer, you can send it in to be melted for close to spot. I personally have used Rio Grande ( and they have always treated me fairly. Marked .999 bars are accepted at 95% spot price. Most other silver is accepted at 85% spot. They also accept various purities of gold. The more you can separate out and identify the quicker the process goes through.

          Silver is likely to increase in the coming months, so I would hold on to your investment unless you need to sell. I understand if you do, we hit a rough patch a few years back and I had to liquidate most of my stock to pay some bills. Although, as Philosopher has said, your husband’s pension should transfer to you and not be lost so you should wait (if possible) to see how everything shakes out.

          I wish you the best of luck and strength in this trying time.

      14. I read a report the other day saying that SILVER would hit $10,000 I mean I could sit here and say it’s going to hit $100,000 per ounce. I guess it all depends on the value of the dollar as it falls Silver & Gold will go UP and UP. I would have to say if Silver ever hit $100,000 our dollar would be toilet paper value only. SO the 24 Trillion Dollar question is what will your Silver & Gold be worth if the Dollar value goes to “0”? That will only mean it will take ALL the Dollars to buy a single OZ. of silver. (WOW what a bargain). Since the value is based on dollars what will be the value of Silver & Gold when the dollar has NO value. (You MUST ask yourself that question)? After all it is important as you plan to use gold & silver to save some of your wealth you have built up over the years. I guess you will have to TRADE or SWAP it for stuff like FOOD, Safe WATER & WATER FILTERS but wait you can buy those things right now for dollars, (at a bargain).
        SO the key is to stock up on FOOD, WATER FILTERS, POOL SHOCK (to treat water with) AMMO, FIRST AID KITS, ANTIBIOTICS, VITAMINS & MINERALS everything you, your family, neighbors could “possibly” need. Cause it will be a whole lot cheaper buying it now in dollars than swapping it for gold & silver later. That $2.00 bag of pool shock you can buy at Wal-mart now may cost you a 10 ounces of GOLD in a total SHTF situation.
        Just something to consider, you people stacking silver & gold.

      15. I am NOT saying it’s wrong to stack silver & gold. I think it’s absolutely the right thing to do. BUT after you have all the preps you can stand. After you have 20 years of food and preps for 20 people, (or 10 years of food for 40 people) only then would I consider buying gold & silver. After all you can’t eat gold and in a total SHTF situation what is your 5 lb. bag of beans really worth to someone starving EVERYTHING!!!!!
        (ALL THE GOLD)

        • UUhhh Tony, of course you need preps first but you had better have something more portable in case you need to leave for any reason. Unless you have a secured warehouse and a double trailer semi rig to move all that stuff. Silver and gold will ALWAYS BE VALUABLE in whatever currency people are using or a foriegn one. If the dollar is worth zero then another currency will appear asap! Metals have ALWAYS been accepted all over the world and are a lot more portable and easy to bugout with than a frieght train full of shit. A hell of a lot easier to hide also. Vitamins and antibiotics go bad and if they are bad when you need them your screwed. Rotating them is good but how often do you use antibiotics? Just remember, if you have to leave, you will leave your tons of preps behind (probably forever)….

          • Plus you can use fine silver and a bit of electricity to make colloidal silver so technically it is a medicine. Silver does have uses other than just looking pretty. Although, it is rather spectacular at that one. 🙂

      16. There is no wrong and there is no right. It is an option you may or may NOT chose to take in preps.

        I do not know why you all constantly eat each others ass up over this subject. There are many subjects that should be discussed yet no attention is given to them
        How many know there is a 3% sellers and a 5% on average buyers premium. This is what the dealer gets for his orders and makes his living. Do you think you are going to get if for free?

        You need to do your homework. Get your feet wet first before going all in.

        If you can not plan for you livelyhood now what in hell are you going to do when it gets bad.

        We are not going to make it Folks!

        • Aim small, miss all…..

      17. Philosopher.

        Good advice to Grandma. I am not good at being calm and usually beat people with a stick before settling down to help them.

        Better than I could have ever done.

        • Anon, thank you for the kind words.

      18. I started prepping years ago. I have water filter, can goods, medical supplies, and paid all bills. I have done good considering I had to pay for nursing home and keep bills paid. My question is still about gold and silver. I guess the best thing to do is cash in when I feel its the right time and use it as needed. Rising pricing I understand. Nobody could do better with what I have done. Getting ready has always been my goal.

        • Sorry for your loss. If you need some money for the short-term, then you have to sell some metal, call around to every shop in the area there and ask about their buy prices and fees, then do the math to see who is the best one.

          People buy it over time, called dollar cost averaging, and if you can do it, it’s best to sell it the same way, certainly when the price is subject to rising in the future.

      19. Philosopher
        Not my husbands silver or gold but bought by me during his almost 8 years of suffering at home before I was told he HAD to go to Nursing home by Doctor. Appreciate your kind words. Trying to get ready for what was coming, I feel I have done a good job. My question is still what is the best thing to do but now believe there will be investments to be made in the future. Just panicking at the moment. Guess this is just normal at this time.

        • Grandma,

          I’ve always looked at my metals as money of last resort…..a savings account to be spent when all other ‘money’ is gone, and I need to buy something. That is when you trade to to a spendable form of currency at the best rate you can get. Small amounts, I’d check local coin shops for the best rates, or sell at flea markets. Larger amounts, use a reputable (and that changes !) online dealer like APMEX.

        • If you are considering silver, please don’t buy it. There are huge spreads when you buy and sell at dealers. Private sales are better but still based on the coin shop price. The seller still wants a premium and will sell for less than a shop but not much.
          People have differing thoughts on silver. I own about 1000 ounces due to collecting junk silver as a kid. That said, I haven’t added to the amount I have.
          You will hear about shortages and industry running out of silver. Most stories have been debunked. You will also hear silver mines are going dry. Not true either. You will also hear silver will come I handy in a crash. Perhaps true but not if people are hungry enough.
          Silver is highly speculative and carries huge transaction costs. It’s not a good deal for a person who needs income now.

        • G: PMs are insurance. You said had “lost a monthly income of $3655.00 a month” and didn’t say where that income came from. Pension benefits normally transfer to the surviving spouse. The spouse is also the beneficiary of any life insurance. If your husband was in a nursing home why would you lose money? Doesn’t that save you income since you no longer have to be concerned with payments to a nursing home? Paying for long-term care for a patient with Alzheimer’s can easily cost $5,000 per month depending on where you live.

          Why would you lose income because your spouse died? That doesn’t make sense. I hope you own your home. If you have family, or a church that you attend, you should be asking them for advice, not asking strangers on the Internet.

          • Philosopher

            Yes, bad decision on his part. Out lived his life ins. policy. He didn’t take the offer from his company he worked for 38 years. Then a nursing home. Yes, it costs a lot.

            • You don’t “outlive” a life insurance policy. None of what you have said makes sense to me.

              You didn’t explain why you suddenly “lost” an income after he died but you are not able to collect on his life insurance policy? Life insurance pays the spouse (or beneficiary) once the spouse dies. So did you collect on the life insurance policy, or not? Normally a spouse continues to receive pension payments after the spouse dies. In addition the surviving spouse collects on any insurance policies, including life insurance, upon the death of a spouse. Were you not named as the primary beneficiary? That sounds very unusual to me.

              I don’t know what offer he didn’t take. I don’t think that is relevant. Anyone that works one place for 38 years and has a pension of $3600 a month means that pension payment stays with the surviving spouse. If you husband has died of Alzheimer’s (that he has suffered from for eight years) that makes you the person that has been in charge of his finances. That requires, at minimum, a durable power of attorney.

              • I won’t argue with you but yes, term policy was to age 80 in our case. he lived to 81. Yes, He didn’t pay the amount per month for me to get half when he died. Yes 38 years. Lost my SS as well along with his monthly pension that could have been half. Will get his SS. My question was about silver but has turned into someone thinking I am dishonest. Sorry I never expected to explain everything.

                • G: this is the Internet. There are lots of scammers, liars, and thieves (and worse) that hang out in various places on the Internet. Do I think you are one of them? No. Sad case to hear but by talking about it maybe other people will learn from your mistakes.

              • Philosopher you are giving out incorrect information. There are pensions out there that offer spouses the opportunity to much larger monthly payments and then not pay out benefits after their death. Be careful when giving out information, especially to elderly.

                • Which is exactly the way my wife’s pension works. I die, she keeps on getting the same + her SS….all she is out is my small SS amount. She dies, I’m out her pension, my SS ‘might’ increase slightly as she was the primary income thru our working years. We did this because more likely I’d go first, and if not, and I really need the money, I’d sell or reverse mortgage our place (no one to leave it to anyway), or just rob a bank…..not like they can’t print up some more….

                • A: I am just going based on my own life experience. This woman shows up here on an open Internet forum and starts making some pretty heavy claims.

                  If you have had life insurance until you are 80 years old WHY NOT RENEW THE TERM?

                  This woman isn’t paying me for information and I also advised her to go talk to her family or her accountant or an attorney, FIRST.

                  I am guessing she saw the headline and figured she could get some “free” information here.

                  I have followed the markets for many years, including the PM markets and I read a number of financial news sites every day in order to keep myself informed.

                  Anyhow, I am not being compensated by anyone for what I say. This is an open forum and people can say what they want.

        • Grandma, Don’t sell your Gold or Silver just yet. You are selling at the bottom. Wait till silver has a good Bull run up to say $26.50. Only if you need to sell then sell. Don’t sell it all at once either. Just as much as you need to. NO you don’t have to report silver sales, to the IRS. Dumbest scare tactic dope comment out there. Philosopher is a dope. You better have a Big Yard Sale and unload all your items you no longer need. That should raise some cash and lessen the burden of stuff. And No you don’t have to report yard Sales to the IRS either.

          Just take some time to evaluate all your options. Make lists, and list all your assets and see where you want to go from here. Maybe downsize your house to smaller managable quarters or even an apartment. Use your house sale to buy more silver right now while on the cheap.

          Life goes on, you can do it too. You are strong, stop in an local pub and have a sandwich and beer and think about it.. And pack a good 12G shotgun. or a .20 guage.. for Grannys for home defense.


          • Thank you. You are so nice. Just had a yard sale yesterday, mostly to get rid of stuff. People want for just about nothing and I gave it to them almost. Good advice from you. Have a wonderful daughter who is helping me. Good advice from you. I think like you do.

          • W: F*ckyou a**hole. If you want to be a tax-cheat, go ahead. But advising other people to be a tax cheat is the reason that Erwin Schiff died in Federal Prison.

      20. Nothing like: lead, copper, and brass for your PM’s. There is no way to tell what gold, silver will be worth after the smoke settled and what you will get for it (more fiat money I guess).

        May the odds be always in your favor.

      21. Looks like I need to pick up some more silver. I was going to anyway so If they are right I’ll just have more to fall back on.


        • SD: I just got a mini-monster box of Austrailian kangaroos delivered last week. Each mini-monster box has 250 coins. Cheaper than a monster box of Maple Leafs or US silver and the Perth Mint bullion coins are .9999. Easy to identify. The thing about a monster box is the box is sealed and so is each tube. JM Bullion has great prices and ships quickly.

          • “P”
            Thanks for the INF.
            The wife buy from JM, and I buy from my local coin dealer. I get junk from him.
            Again Thanks.

            • SD: your wife has excellent taste! You? meh 🙂

              • Sarge, so your saying your coin dealer sells you junk? Ha ha ha, just had to say it…..

          • And when you open them, you’ll have some nice milk spots on them.

            You just blew your premium. come time to sell.

      22. Totally understand having silver on hand. If we are heading for a surge in silver my thinking would be to own stock in a mint like valcambi or any other respected mint. When the boom comes sell and take the cash use that for gold or whatever. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay healthy and subject yourself to hardship voluntarily. This is what I do. I don’t need to suffer I have the $ to live fat and happy. I feel when you live a life of hardship it keeps you motivated. See if I lose it all I’m all ready used to going without. No culture shock to me. I also can take chances because I don’t have a lavish lifestyle to upkeep. $ can not used against me cause I don’t really give a shit. $ is the instrument of slavery. Your mind is the best survival tool there is you need to be in control of it develop it. You need to harden your heart and body too. If your emotional over every hard luck case you leaving yourself open to be exploited. If you can’t take injuries on the chin and keep moving forward you will start making excuses. having the ability to make more $ is more important than anything. Stay motivated my friends.

        • Asshat, I wish you were my neighbor 🙂

      23. I will shoot anyone trying to take my silver.

      24. Looks I need to pick my nose. I was going to anyway. I’ll just have more nuggets to fall back on.

      25. Simple rule of thumb, it takes $1.40 in 1964 and earlier to make 1 oz. of silver. Not exact but close enough. Any combination works. Don’t know about war nickles thought they were about 20% or so silver, not sure.

        • The wartime nickels are 35% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese.

          • And 100% REAL money 🙂 Thanks Archivist, I don’t have my redbook here. I suppose I could have checked www. coinflation .com though.

      26. I have some of those Australian silver coins, kookaburras and koalas, and some Mexican Libertads. They are all .999, so the Aussie kangaroos must be a newer coin at .9999 like Canada. On a off topic note, I read on an article titled: Senior DARPA Scientist Warns of Widespread Lethal Attacks Upon the Public Coming From Microwave Towers. In the article the scientist asserts that clandestine forces are purposely engaging in “acts of terrorism” against the general public through emission of dangerous frequencies from cell phone and microwave towers in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Orlando areas. This isn’t the first account I’ve read about these towers and what they really are.

        • Alijamo:

          Interesting info on micro-wave warfare/terrorism. This is conspiracy theory to most people because frequencies are invisible, they don’t exist in people’s reality.

          I experienced the power of radio waves when I was ten years old. I had surgery. My parents bought me a new radio. The radio waves were picked up by the nerves which had been cut, causing excruciating pain. God knows what kind of experiments the collectivist psycho scientific government is practicing. If micro waves can be directed toward an individual or toward a community, that would most likely result in “fried” brain cells, and depression, confusion, and psychosis. Have heard they can put out a car’s computerized system and cause a crash.

          When your stated objective is to reduce the population by 95 per cent, nothing is out of limits. Human decency is seen as weakness. It is truly horrific. No wonder people want their head in the sand.

          • BfromCA, Oh boy where do I start? I respect you and you are a smart man. Human overpopulation is the cause of at least 85% of the earths problems. Without the huge population we would never need nuclear power, fracking, offshore oil rigs, mega corp. farms, gmo, massive landfills, pollution beyond control, and so many other things I cannot list. People think it is their right to shit out as many consumers as they want without thinking twice of the consequences. Sometime we should debate this topic! Or anyone that wants an earfull are welcome. Human decency means respect ad balance with what we have.

            • Genius:

              No thank you. I do not want to debate this issue. But may be Mac could do an article on Agenda 21 and population control, Bill Gates and tainted vaccines, Polio in India, GMOs and Indian farmer suicide, the atrocious history of psychiatry drugs, electric shock convulsive “treatment”, lobotomy ice pick in the eye and into the brain, drugging school children; and of course Big Pharma, the suppression of Cancer alternative treatments suppressed. Then there is the murder of doctors. And last but not least the suspicious death of Stanley Meyer inventor of the water fuel cell and water technology suppressed. Links to movies on U-tube Tesla Biography, Stanley Meyer “Lies About The Energy Crisis”, Best movie About the Atrocious History of Psychiatry

              • Mac:

                Please read. Consider doing an article on agenda 21 population control so Genius could debate whoever wants to debate him.

                Thank you for this site even when you send my comments to die in moderation.

          • I wonder what abilities those new towers have that seem to be popping up near everyone neighborhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lead to increased cancer rates and decreased fertility as well.

      27. I believe the silver war nickels are 35% silver.

      28. We could seesaw forever and a day about food vs. P.M.’s. Just like what’s the best pistol, battle rifle or caliber.

        • PO’d, ok I will start lol…

          1: Shine makins’
          2: food/water
          3: liberty tools and food for them
          4: everything else 🙂

          • LOL, just sayin. I do hold sliver (junk and rounds). Sometimes we just keep whippin’ the shit out of that poor ‘ol horse long after he has succumbed. Like your list. cheers!

      29. I see these adds for buying silver all the time and anyone who knows anything about buying silver is not buying bullion silver dollars or 1oz rounds. the mark up is high at 3 or more $ per oz. If one wants to buy silver the smart thing is to buy scrap silver (dimes and quarters are cheapest) from the local coin dealer not some big investment company. Why do I not see anyone advising people to do this? Possibly because there is money to be made from the folks who don’t know any better? I used to collect coins so I have some experience at this.

        • I just bought 3 ounces of junk silver at spot, no premium. The bullion Liberties were $21 and silver rounds were $5 over spot, which is about the same. So it works out to about a 27% premium right now for rounds and bullion. No reason not to buy pre-1964 silver, you’re saving money.

      30. This doesn’t have much to do with this article, but is there any way SHTFPlan could launch a blog and chat room for the community? I enjoy a lot of the articles posted on here and will always continue to read them. However there is a lot of prepper knowledge floating around here and I would love a different outlet to maybe ask questions and chat about the prepping lifestyle.

        Would anyone else enjoy such a thing? I sure would

      31. I was posting a message yesterday when my internet died. So I will repost here.

        The Ace Hardware Store in Elizabeth City, NC is closing soon. The liquidation sale starts Monday morning.

        I hope to be there to check prices and buy up any good bargains I find.

        • That sucks, I like ACE. I always shop there instead of homo depot whenever possible. Too bad it isn’t walmart closing instead 🙁

          • Genuis,agree aces are good stores but they do not like wally world sell say .45/.300 ect.,at least not in New England.On this matter wally’s even sells your favourite premium federal ammo!

            • The ACE here sells tons of liberty tools and ammo and reloading stuff and archery and etc. Hunting clothes, camping gear, wood stoves, a real American hardware store! I could care less if I could save a few bux at Dipshit Depot, I spend my $ at locally owned mom and pop places. I had to go into walmart a few years ago for something small and I felt like I needed to be disinfected after leaving. The people of walmart videos are no joke lol. I have boycotted that shithole for many years now. We have a lot of ma and pa places in our local small town and I do my best to only use them for my business. It’s the white thing to do lol 😛

              • Sigh………..,again,my aces NOT sell ammo!I will by ammo at wally world in a pinch(prefer online)why,beacuse black rifles matter!

                Hows that for a white thing to do response!

                Oh,federal is actually using Lake City brassnow,hmmmmmm…..

                • Yes I read that lol. Just sayin’ we have a great ACE. You know reloading is a lot cheaper than buying factory ammo and more accurate. Feds problem is not the brass, it’s the primers. I like the brass it is annealed and I save it (from the ones that manage to fire in the first place). If your into shopping online check out midwayusa dotcom for good deals on reloading stuff. You don’t need to spend a lot. Lee makes great equipment for the money and is very user friendly. Hell I still use my old Lee handpress for my rifle loads. It’s not only economically sound but a lot of fun and addictive too lol. If you want a good old book for reloading basics look for a copy of MODERN RELOADING by Richard Lee. And YES, Black rifles matter! Just helping my friend, it’s the white thing to do 🙂

                  • I may be getting a Hornady for,well,you guessed it,free!Along with a few dies ect,hows that for pricing!?

                    In theory a long term loan,this guy is never reloading again,will be Warchilds for eternity more then likely!

                    I lately cannot keep up anyhow between work and shooting,hence wally world/net.Soon though will have more time on hands then wanted,well,after a few weeks off.

                    On a side note,the girls in Wally world are hot!

                    • WOOOOT! Good deal man! You will love it guaranteed. Lot’s of folks here to help you along too! I used to go to the range all the time just to pick up brass to reload lol. Gunshows for boolits and powders etc. As far as wallyworld chicks being hot… Are you sure you quit drinking?????

              • Genius:
                We had an ace hardware store very close to the house I lived in. Awsome.

                Thank you for your kind words. So may be you are not the only genius. Ha ha.

                Check out my reply to your challenge. I have to admit, I am tempted by a good challenge. But will respectfully decline an official debate. May be I’ll chime in with the rest of the crowd here if Mac does an article on the subject. It’s not that I’m opposed to environmentalism, it is just that David Rothchild is rallying the troops behind the global warming issue while at the same time alternatives to fossil fuel and nuclear are being stomped out. The collectivist international movement has hijacked the environmental movement in order to push there agenda of world domination. Population control is not a bad thing in and of itself; but some of the methods of that control are unacceptable. When potential geniuses are aborted, poisoned with tainted vaccines along with the mentally retarded, there is a problem. That is happening while violent rapists and murderers are given conjugal visitation and their offspring wind up on welfare. It’s absurd.

        • A: I will pray for you and your soul. Living in NJ sounds like hell on earth.

          • Sorry to butt in but he said the sale was in NC not NJ. On another note, did you read the posts about metals and taxation? Some good input from others! I hope you understand my position on the matter, a lot of the reason I recommend metals is the privacy and safety of it (out of gov. eyes). I’m sure you have read my posts concerning using cash as much as possible also. I know we can never be totally private but we can be as much as possible and the things I mention are meant to help others achieve what is left. It may be inconvienient to do some of those things but every bit helps. I like your posts and you are very smart I just hope you don’t shut out the little things that help but may not be in the rulebook. Now I will pray for your soul that you may know that following all the rules isn’t in your best interest, after all, the founders sure as hell didn’t….

            • G: thanks for the clarification. Yes, I read both your comments and ROs about taxation.

              You know I talk about PMs as insurance. Part of what has caused me to think that way is what happened in Cyprus a few years ago, with the bail-in. People just woke up one day and 40% of any money they had in the bank was gone. When Greece started capital controls last year that was also a concern. One day you wake up and the government is telling you how much cash you can take out of the bank. Or not.

              The US banking system is now rigged with the law being such that deposits are considered unsecured debts. Who will be paid first when the next banking crisis begins? The holders of derivatives. This article which discusses what has happened in plain and clear language: www dot sandiegofreepress dot org article from January, 6, 2015 by John Lawrence.

              His article was written based on an article written by Ellen Brown on a blog called: The Web of Debt blog. Title of her article is: “Bail-out is out, Bail-in is In: Time for some publicly-owned banks.” To quote Ms. Brown: “The new rules for keeping the too-big-to-fail banks alive: use creditor funds, including uninsured deposits, to recapitalize failing banks.”

              Ms. Brown continues by saying, “But isn’t that theft? Perhaps, but it’s legal theft. By law, when you put your money into a deposit account, your money becomes the property of the bank. You become an unsecured creditor with a claim against the bank.”

              She continues, “under the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, derivatives counter-parties are given preference over all other creditors and customers of the bankrupt financial instutition, including FDIC insured depositors . . . the FDIC’s powers are overridden by the special status of derivatives . . . . The FDIC has ony about $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund, which is mandated by law to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15 percent of insured deposits. And the Dodd-Frank Act (Section 716) now bans taxpayer bailouts of most speculative derivatives activities.”

              Ms. Brown’s article is quite lengthy but worth reading for anyone that wants a good understanding of how banks will be saved after the next crisis at the expense of depositors. It looks like she has several sites and has written eleven books: www DOT webofdebt DOT com and www DOT ellenbrown DOT com are her two sites.

              Anyhow, it helps me to sleep at night knowing that I can dig out a roll of silver bullion coins anytime I want and that I have enough cash on hand to cover my expenses for several months.

              Again, I do not see how these banks can keep the Ponzi-scheme going. The entire thing is like a row of domino’s and once the first one goes down so do all the others.

              Genius, thanks for the prayers. I need all the help I can get!

          • If you’re replying to me, I live in NC.

            I would never live in the NJ wastelands. I’ve been to Atlantic City, and it was the saddest town I’ve ever seen. The first block or two from the ocean was pretty good, but everything back of that was a big slum.

            • A: my error. Glad to know you are in NC and NOT New Jersey!

        • Thanks Arc, I had no idea they were closing. Great store and I go there often for little things but they are not price competitive with WM on bigger items, but hate to see them or any other locally owned store go. Cant think of any more places to buy hardware other than the big box stores like Lowes ect. KF

      32. If silver rapidly goes to $100 the metal to have is lead as there would be associated disruptions in the supply chain due to labor unrest. Think the bread truck driver will work all week and can’t pay for rent? He is going to do a work stoppage, organized labor be dammed. It’ll get nasty reminiscent of 1936 not some dignified 1975 strike.

        None of this occurs in a vacuum.

        • Actually Kevin,will occur in a very good vacuum,the reason being is it will really”Suck”!

          • Speaking of vacuum…. Whats the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?

            Where you mount the dirtbag 🙂

            • Oh Genius,dirt bag hey?!I really hope your rot gut gives you the runs!I love me twin cylinder motors!

              I have been doing basic reloading for years at friends,just need to get a decent cutting set up for .300,take me 5.56 brass and reconvert as it were for blackout rounds,have picked up 1000’s of cases thru the years.

              Now,back to the Harley issue…….!

      33. The global economy always seems to alternate, when a fiat currency fails, the switch to precious metals. When PM’s become adulterated, they switch back to a fiat currency.

        PM => fiat => PM => fiat …….

        Currently we have a failing Fiat Global Currency, any guess what they are going to next?

        The global economy is massive, neither gold or silver exist in sufficient quantity to support world trade let alone the world debt. The next Precious Metals based global currency will need to be based on a basket of metals likely gold, silver, platinum, palladium and a several others including rare earth metals. There may be some surprising winners besides silver when this does happen.

      34. Billy is your name your piece of sh…t phucking troll.. it’s too late and jerk off with you gay lovers C…….you will not be able to steal thinking on us. we have become intelligent. We are literally peppering to reshape our future.. we are here it stay, to freely discuss the present and our future, since we plan to make it through this period of time for the future resonance of humanity manifesting within all of us. As we leap into the future of no return as we are awake to this tyranny, and will have to change its outcome…lets hope for the best and remain positive.. positive vibration emanates higher vibrational energy…if you you spirituals wackos out there have been talking. about and it’s a part of this transition. Or a bad outcome leading to the orchestrated civil revolutionary war, changing time lines to a bad time line, where humans destroy themselves and self annailate.. we must strive to manifest a positive timeliness where we succeed and the cabal’s callapsed cancellation results in resonance of the people..?…


      35. Jewelry is fine. Fine jewelry is good. Good jewelry is both fine and good.

        How are you?
        I’m fine.
        That’s good.

        It’s late. Go to bed.
        Yes, dear.

      36. Give me a break because for the past 4 years we have been hearing BS about silver going to the moon as it kept on going down but don’t let the facts get in the way of any “too good to be true” type story.

        I see lots of adverts on prime time TV trying to sell me silver coins and you don’t get that when silver is on the up and up.

        My stack of silver is bigger than most people here and i am saying that you have more chance of seeing $12 silver than $20 silver in the coming year and yes, one day it will cost $100 an oz but a loaf of bread by then will cost $100

      37. PAPER TO PHYSICAL RATIO in america the ratio as of last month was 35:1 maeaning 35 shares of 1 oz. gold to 1 oz. of gold.They are selling shares that don’t exist and the amount they have in vaults does not belong to them.The price is vastly inflated.It can be confiscated.How do you get change of 1 oz. gold for a loaf of bread and water.
        There Are Now 293 Ounces Of Paper Gold For Every Ounce Of Physical As Comex Registered Gold Hits New Low
        The LBMA And Comex Gold Markets Are In A State Of Collapse
        The disappearing stock of physical gold on the Comex and the LBMA has been documented and discussed by several analysts recently, including this website.
        I just seen a video of a cow made of gold with the exact weight of the gold missing from the WTC.The golden cow was made immediatly after the destruction of the towers. The cow made of pure gold is in isrealhell.

      38. The last time silver hit $50 an ounce was when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market and they lost their butt. If you had one ounce of .9999 silver , and the economy crashed big time, and the price hit $100 an ounce, who could afford to buy your ounce and why would they?

        • The Hunt brothers lost, but I made out pretty good. I sold right before the peak price, and the buyers were buying all they could for cash. I invested the proceeds in food.

          The price wouldn’t be $100 unless someone was buying at that price.

          The main reason for having silver is to preserve your extra money until after SHTF and things get back to some sort of normal. Then people will be buying and selling silver again, and you can sell for whatever the currency happens to be so you can buy things.

          I don’t expect to make a profit on silver. For at least the last 50 years, silver has been worth about the same in terms of other materials and labor. For example, over 40 years ago I could buy a loaf of bread for one silver dime. Today I can take the same silver dime, trade it for cash, and then buy a loaf of bread. So an ounce of silver is very roughly equal to 10 loaves of bread. I expect the same to be true 50 years from now, unless there really is a shortage of silver because of so much being used up in industry.

          • The only bread you can get for the silver dimes worth is some nutritionless white bread. The whole grain variety such as Pepperidge Farm or Arnolds is $4.29 a 24 oz loaf. That’s more than two dimes worth at present silver value. When it is BOGO I get enough to last a month or more. I have read that glyphosate is sprayed on all wheat before it is harvested. Business says kill kill I wanna kill.

      39. Like the white box winchesters at Wally’s. Grabbed a box of 38 hollow points for $22 on rollback. I think that’s a great deal considering the gun dealers sell boxes of gold dot 20 rnds for $28. There is a lot of ace hardware stores around here usually family owened small stores. I go to homo depot or blowes they are close to me. It would be nice if I had a buddy that reloads for me it’s just too much headaches I keep my brass though just seems like the right thing to do. Got a bucket full. Heavy might scrap it and buy fresh ammo. I don’t know. I keep all my change in a piggy bank and scrap some metals when I get enough it pays off to finance my agenda. Yes kept my receipts for silver purchases so I don’t have to pay the highest capital gains tax. I’m the kind of peoson that doesn’t enjoy a purchase if I paid too much. That’s why I don’t buy unless I get the best possible deal. No hurry to get anything.

      40. Long term, silver will mirror inflation. You can make money in short term trading but not with physical. The premium to buy and sell is high and silver would have to spike in a big way. Buy it for insurance if you think people will trade for it when they are hungry. Silver will have value for a short time after shtf but I doubt people will give much of value when they are scrambling to feed their families.

      41. To be safe these days join a good militia unit.

      42. The slow slide
        We all know what TSHTF means. Many of us see us heading for it. How it gets here is hard to say. Some see an EMP or economic collapse. Civil war, breakdown in general. Preppers, survivalist whatever you want to call us, are people who see a threat and prepare to survive it.

        I’ll just call us preppers. Each prepper sees the possible coming events in their own way. How you prepare is up to you if you prepare at all. I started prepping some years back so I am no newbie. My home is in the hills. Way out in the sticks or boondocks if you will.

        I started prepping by doing the usual, beans, bullets and band aid. The usual. Then I bought some land and put an travel trailer on it. Live here year round. It took years to put it all together. I got 7 acres in the hills. This was my life long dream.

        I’ve always seen prepping as a two pronged approach. There is the normal day to day living. The other is being ready for TSHTF. If you can make both work together, than so much the better.

        I’ve never said TSHTF will happen and never will. But a wise man cover his own backside the best he can.
        So let’s get back to the slow slide. I don’t see an immediate economic collapse. Discounting an EMP, Grid Down, or whatever, I see things getting progressively worse. To me that is the slow slide till we all go off the cliff. I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know if or when it might happen.
        But I’ve watched the economy for years and am well aware it isn’t the peaches and cream some would have us believe it is. So I plan based on my situation. I try and keep my options open.

        Planning is always about risk management. Properly managing your money is all about managing your risks. The new prepper might want to run out and buy it all quickly. Possibly jeopardizing there current financial situation. Prepping can take years. So it’s best to monitor the situation and spend on preps accordingly. Prepping isn’t simple or easy.
        The closer we get the the fabled SHTF and less we have (preps), the more nervous we can become. Been there done that myself. One never ever is fully prepared for TSHTF. But reality and a tight budget dictates our prepping efforts.

        There is no right strategy to prepping. We each must deside our own best strategy. I am currently buying silver. I know you can’t eat the stuff, but it’s part of a bigger strategy. If the slow slide continues to get worse, it will likely become more valuable.

        A slow slide will be bad and surviving will far harder than going Mad Max. So it could be a useful cushion. If you lose everything before TSHTF goes into full swing, that would not be good. So to me silver is one avenue to manage the risk of inflation (the value of the dollar falling through the floor).
        Beans, bullets and Band Aids are best bought before silver. But speaking for myself, I have little room to store more preps. So now I am buying silver. I honestly believe it will go up.

        Silver is not for the weak of heart, buy it if if you can afford it. Gold is too expensive unless you are rich. For those of us not so rich, silver is always good to have in some quantity in my opinion….

        Buy it while the price is reasonable, hold it and forget about it. It goes down, don’t worry about it. That’s my strategy.
        If the slow slide worsens, it will be good to have some…

      43. If the poo really hits the fan, I am thinking a box of (20) PMC .223 is going to be worth a lot more than (1) .999 silver eagle.

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