Prepare: COVID-19 Cases Surge Again In Record Numbers

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 14 comments

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    They are really pushing the fear of this coronavirus case surge. The United States allegedly reported 116,707 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, as 20 states saw their highest daily counts yet.

    Prepare for the likelihood of another lockdown. As we’ve said before, if they can get away with putting everyone on house arrest again, they will do it. The recent election chaos is nothing more than a distraction, and the mainstream media won’t report on much other than the COVID-19 scam.

    Other countries are locking down again, and people are slowly figuring out that this is all an elaborate elitist hoax:

    Far tougher restrictions are being rolled out across Europe, with Greece becoming the latest country to bar residents from leaving their homes for all but a handful of essential tasks.

    In London, more than 100 people were arrested Thursday night during a demonstration against England’s month-long lockdown, which took effect earlier in the day. The London Metropolitan Police Service said in a statement that the majority of arrests were for breaches of the new lockdown rules, which include a 10 p.m. curfew and a ban on large gatherings. –Washington Post

    The continued reporting of more restrictive and draconian lockdowns in Europe and elsewhere is an attempt to desensitize the American public to another even more sinister lockdown. Do not consent to this tyranny no matter who is chosen to be the next president. We have to start doing what’s right instead of blindly following political parasites, regardless of the letter they stick behind their name.

    Prepare to be tracked and traced and obey the orders of the medical martial law police state commanders.

    According to CNN, the CDC says it is time to develop a testing strategy to identify asymptomatic cases, while Pfizer has opted out of the government’s vaccine distribution system. As infections across Europe “rise exponentially”, Italy will impose a new stay-at-home order, England has entered a new national lockdown, and France, Poland, and Russia are reporting record case numbers.

    Anyone who has been following along and can see beyond the facade of what this plandemic is knows this is all bein set up to roll out an agenda.  This is the Great Reset, The New World Order, and the complete and total enslavement permanently of the entire human race.

    Please have your preps in place.  Time is almost up and it isn’t going to matter who wins the election. The chaos is coming, they’ve planned and promised. Stay alert, because they will not stop.


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      1. The bast thing to do is too maintain laser focus on the government’s, financial sector’s, Health Scare Sector’s, Crooking Surveillance Sector’s, Military Police State’s corruption, paid speech press’, “education” sector’s, mental incompetency, theft, and tyranny. Obsess it. Live it, read it, talk about it, 24/7 non stop. Do not stop obsessing over it, so that your brain will know instinctively how to respond to them should you be the unfortunate victim of encountering them. That way, you won’t be caught off guard with your defenses down if you have to be subjected to their company.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. The best thing to do is to maintain laser focus on the government’s,  financial sector’s, Health Scare Sector’s, Crooking Surveillance Sector’s, Military Police State’s corruption, paid speech press’, “education” sector’s, mental incompetency, theft, and tyranny. Obsess it. Live it, read it, talk about it, 24/7 non stop. Do not stop obsessing over it, so that your brain will know instinctively how to respond to them should you be the unfortunate victim of encountering them. That way, you won’t be caught off guard with your defenses down if you have to be subjected to their company. 

        Andrea Iravani

        The retarded losers hacked again!

      3. It is good to recap where we are.

        1) The ‘Rona spread all summer because of Black Lives Matter

        2) BLM wrecked the economy of the Western world by design and have saddled Western countries with decades of debt repayments

        3) Non whites continue to grow as a percentage of the population so they are the ones who will need to pay back the debt (the lockdowns were about protecting their low Vitamin D hides so they can pay that back)

        4) If you are white, kick back, chill, move to white areas, buy white, fly white and Asian and hand the stress to the BLM crew to worry about

        • So sad that the world is in shambles and people are still talking about race. Doesn’t matter what race you are a nwo will take place. That’s what they want everybody to focus on while they tear apart America over a virus. Not a plague, not anything of substance but a virus. Maybe when this is all over you’ll come back as a black person.

      4. This is really strange! Mintpressnews announced last week that they were teaming up with Behind The Headlines, an organization unfamiliar to me but, admittedly, I am not the most up to date person in media and technology inovations. When I clicked on this article, it is Only A Headline and there is no article that follows the headline at all, so it appears that Behind The Headlines is a deep-state censorship tool, and not a media tool. The link then gives biographical information of the journalist and says no comments, unsurprisingly. This is the first time that I have seen this on Mintpressnews and it is also the first Behind The Headlines affiliated article that I have attempted to read. If someone can alert them to the problem, that would be great! Please let me know if you are able to access the actual article, and if it is visible to you, because it is not visible to me at all!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Freedom it not cheap is it time to fight and take are country back

        • I don’t see much evidence that is likely happen. The schools and colleges have done an excellent job (with parents consent) indoctrinating and brainwashing the younger generations to believe socialism is best for our country. I grew up in the 50’s and since have watched our country slide further and further from grace with each generation. These younger generations will soon be taking over the country politically and they will be the majority in control. The REAL Americans are now dinosaurs and soon will all be gone along with our culture of freedom and liberty.

      6. I understand why they call the deep-state the blob. It really behaves that way. Like a giant brainless, heartless, soulless, gutless, backboneless, parasite that consumes and destroys everything in its path.

        It must be killed! Once and for all! I think that after they violate people’s rights, the spooks try to get people to join the blob, because then any information that they gain access to about the blob violating their rights might be considered to be classified informartion undiscloseable by the intelligence community. So they commit the crimes, and then make people join so that they can’t talk about it because of state secrets, so it is best not to join it, and tell everyone what scumbags they are! This is just what I am guessing because it is the way that it appears to be from where I am. Ray McGovern has referred to it as MICCIMATT aka Military Indudustrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tanks. They just do not want to accept the fact that the consitution guarantees our rights. They honestly believe that people who are disgusted by and object to their surveillance are fascists that have deprived them of their non existent right to spy on U.S. citizens. They do not have any right to do it at all, and the fact that they do makes them guilty of high crimes, and they think that people who want to prosecute them for high crimes are fascists. It is totally backwards logic! They are beastly mosters! There is no place for them in society! They belong in prison because they are serial criminals incapable of living honest lives and incapable of living within the law, and they have destroyed my life and a lot of my property as well. I will not budge or compromise on my rights. If it boils down to a test of wills, so be it. They are sick as hell and their life styles are sick, perverted, afronts to humanity, liberty, and God. They are an organized crime ring that belongs in prison. I refuse to compromise with or associate with psychopaths, and they are in fact psychopaths.

        Andrea Iravani

      7. Rubbish – they conflate cases with testing positive, when they are not the same thing. Being a case requires the display of flow-blown symptoms.

        But I doubt whether Slavo will allow this comment after all he is pro censorship, and this is despite his piece on ZH lamenting and whining about censorship.

      8. Mr. Mac,
        For the first time this morning, I understand your perspective. The image is a nuclear blast moving in ultra slow motion. It isn’t that you have no care about the issues of God and freedom and liberty; it’s that you see the blast. Aye, lad; well done. And God keep you. Stay on task.

      9. Seems to me there is a pattern here. Every time the virus numbers get low enough to open up everything, another “surge” takes place and another lock down is called for. Before the surge there is always a call for “more testing”. Fauchi says “there will be another surge” so we need more testing. Then he says “more testing will show more cases”. This is exactly how things would happen if they started doing “more testing” with testing swabs that contain live virus. Spread the virus through testing and declare another lock down to destroy the economy and then …Blame Trump…..

      10. They can take their covid 19,20,21,22 etc. and shove right up fauci old useless decaying virus infected corpse hole along with the rest of the pig committee. I can’t even believe that people still listen to these shit eating,shit spitting, democrapers, like jerry “shit my pants” nadler. Just follow the smell. cNn along with little shitty diapers como another shit spitter and traitor…… I say another toilet paper shortage and wipe out the shit and flush.. pew pew. There’s a lot of shit in NY, Calif.,etc. the toilet paper companies Should be able to keep up unless they too are shit eaters. Elbulleheal

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