Prep Your Immune System To Fight Off Viruses

by | Mar 28, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 19 comments

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    Preparing for a pandemic is only half what you stockpile.  The other half is fortifying your body and its immune system against viral infections.  The better health you are in, the more likely you will be to not get sick in the first place or to beat the illness swiftly.

    Make sure you have some personal protective equipment, especially if you’re older or have underlying health conditions, as the coronavirus will likely be more severe if you contract it.  Most suggest using a properly fitted face mask (N95 or higher) and keeping your distance from others while in public.  You could also wear safety goggles if you’d like.


    Your health should come first though!  Your immune system is your first line of defense against any viral infection.  Once a virus is introduced, the body’s immune system goes into high gear to fight back.  We’ve written extensively on some things you can do to improve your immune system.

    Before you start stockpiling for the next crisis or pandemic (or at least in tandem) you should try to get as healthy as possible. Keep your weight in a healthy range, avoid the excess consumption of alcohol, and try to quit smoking.  Get an adequate amount of sleep. You should also cut out as much processed food and sugar as you can.  It’s not good for you, and a healthy gut can go a long way to help your body fight off an infection.  Add more vegetables to your diet and make sure you are eating healthy fats such as avocados or olive oil.

    You should also exercise some and do some light stretching if possible. Even now, while most of us are on lockdown, you should move a little.  There are thousands of videos on YouTube of home workouts you can do. This is not new information.  We all should be as healthy as we can be.

    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

    The Truth About CBD, the Immune System and Coronavirus COVID19

    Prep For Cold & Flu Season: How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

    Make sure you are prepared and not scared.  Stress is not good for the body and can negatively impact your immune system.  If you’re properly prepared for a crisis, you won’t be stressed out.  Panicking and living in fear can raise the stress hormone cortisol making it harder to fight off a virus.

    You should also improve your handwashing. This step is vital at the prevention of most viruses, such as the novel coronavirus, the rhinovirus (common cold) and the flu.  Take the time to wash your hands well and don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth unless you’ve washed your hands.  Just this one small step that could go far when it comes to combating the spread of communicable diseases.

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    There’s no time like the present to start preparing or getting the body in better shape for optimum health and wellness.

    This article is for informational purposes only!


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      1. We’re fortified. Let them laugh. I got a toilet roll fort made out of 20 roll cubes and armed with AR 14 hand sanitizer rifles.

        Bring on the Trump virus contagion.

      2. A small,wealthy town has opened up a food bank. Lines are stretched around the block. These people live in big McMansions but are showing up in droves for free hand outs.

        • A friend running Toys for Tots told me it’s not uncommon to see the new BMW or Mercedes pull up so the kids can get free toys.

      3. In Italy where the most reported cases of the flu are and the highest number of Chinese Immigrants, How many of them have caught the flu and how many have passed?

      4. Try to quit smoking?

      5. Howdy Y’all,

        Of particular interest. In recent years a previously poorly understood element – Selenium – is becoming qualifiably ‘interesting’.
        This element is one of a handful which exist only in trace amounts in most mammalian organisms along with others (onesuch is Vandium), which in those geographic regions – which are rare – where vanishly small quantities exist in soil and so aren’t available for the biological uptake of either plants poor animals, either, we see significant disruptions in organic function.
        Several substances are widely know to boost immune function including but not limited to Zinc, Vitamin C, yes?
        I submit from personal experience that the addition of that (which can be found at any Wal-Mart) at a dosage of roughly one 200 mcg tablet per day, taken at night preferably with Zinc and Vitamin E has an inordinately large, positive effect on one’s immune function AND on your capacity to heal after injury also.
        The reason that Selenium has heretofore escaped the notice of medicine is that it exist in extremely small quantities in most human bodies…likely less than a quarter gram. As such it is very difficult to analytically determine the active pharmokinetics of any substance in quantities so small since typically you’d require either a Functional MRI or a PET scan (the latter specially tailored to read out the relative activity).
        So, in essence, at ordinary concentrations, Selenium acts as an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant. That is known. However, at somewhat higher concentrations – EXTREMELY high intake is STRONGLY not recommended – it begins to slowly build in concentration in serum firstly, then cellularly later. In the latter case said increase is extremely specific based on multiple factors including relative intake, excretory rate and general functional efficiency of the individual cell involved.
        Briefly, most non-blood cancers (Leukemia) tend to uptake a rather large amount of sustenance from serum as a function of unregulated growth…leading to an ever increasing concentration within the cell. Once said concentration exceeds a specific ‘threshold’ it’s action changes rather abruptly. Under that circumstance the action impinges profoundly on both the cellular Mitochondria AND the Golgi apparatus…specifically shutting both down utterly. Without functional mitochondria a cell simply dies forthwith…aside from the effects on the Golgi apparatus which itself is heavily damaged irrespective. Now, the REASON for advising the simultaneous intake of both Vitamin E and Zinc is that these tandems with the Selenium seem to act system wide as an effective ‘encouragement’ in the organism such that cells which are damaged or have non-ordinary internal regulation appear to uptake the cocktail at much enhanced rates relative to other, more ordinary cellular matter.
        In all time since I first began taking the ‘Trio’ I have yet to get so much as a common cold.,.for 9 years now. Neither did I have any apparent exceptional resistance to infection previous to that…quite the contrary, point in fact.
        It is also the case that 3 years ago – after a serious accident in which I shattered my kneecap – that post-surgery, my attending Surgeon was utterly confounded by the rate at which I healed thereafter. The screws and pins and plates inserted during the surgery began disagreeing with me strongly at 10 weeks and upon consultation with my surgeon he offered to do an orthoscopy to attempt to determine what was causing the distress…without mention of intending to do anything else.
        Imagine my suprise when – two weeks later – the procedure was scheduled, I woke afterwards to find said Surgeon waiting patiently for me to come around, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
        The reason for the grin? He told me that ALL of the metal had been removed when on inspection during the orthoscopy it became clear that the bone had – in fact! – knitted firmly…in only 12 weeks. He indicated that that was his first case of removing surgically implanted metal prior to 16 weeks. Nuff said there.
        It is my belief for the above listed reasons (and others…) that what I have here described may – MAY – be something you might consider adding to your disease fighting armentaria, certainly I have witnessed a ‘Sea Change’ in my own constitution.
        Certainly you should not fail to continue to include Vitamin C in your repertoire, since that performs other vital functions in addition to being a simple anti-oxident, including being the solvent the body uses in using cholesterol as the primary binding agent between cellular matter. As wellm I STRONGLY urge you to take the Trio ONLY of the the Evening; the targeting characteristics of the Zinc and Vitamin E only extend so far…pushing those through your system in the active part of the spray is NOT advisable since the Selenium – likely – would not sufficiently be directed to where it SHOULD go.

        Be well , be safe and be Blessed…all of you.


        • My daily regimine includes Vit c, vit D, multivitamin, selenium, coral calcium, chlorella, iodine, black cumin seed oil, flaxseed oil, turmeric, glucosamine/chondroitin, a spray of colloidial silver up each nostril, echinacia, beer. I infuse my homemade hand sanitizer with silver too Aloe, 180 proof shine, colloidial silver. The silver kills all viruses and helps it last longer. If you start feeling like a cold coming on take some 50ppm or so colloidial and put it in a nasal sprayer bottle and take it 3 times a day. Inhaling the spray will help with lung issues too!

          • Howdy Genius,
            All good additions IMHO.
            An anecdotal story here. In centuries past farmers discovered that placing a Morgan Silver dollar in the 5 gallon milk can radically reduced the rate at which milk spoiled. Why?
            Turns out that Silver – almost completely insoluble in water IS slightly soluble in lipids (fats) and the entire range of anti-microbial action it provides is seen – distictly – under that circumstance.
            Oh, as an addenda to the verbose post above, turns out that the bulk of processed foods we consume today, specifically those treated at any point during processing with hydrogenated vegetable oils are effectively denuded – utterly – of any naturally present Selenium.
            Food for thought…


      6. Some might want to add an herb called echinacea to their daily vitamin intake. It is said to be an excellent immune system booster. It can also be found in a combination with Vitamin C with Rose Hips and Echinacea.

        Vitamin C with Rose Hips is an essential vitamin, in either case.

      7. i hate new yorkers they own alot of the shoreline property around here. they think they can do whatever they want everywhere they go. they come up here and add stress to the medical system. over the last year or two ive been seeing alot of new york plates around here. the cancer that is new york is spreading to my coastal community. they are paying rediculous prices for homes and driving up home prices here. they are running to their summer places here bringing the virus.

      8. I exercised, outside, for some hours, in light of social-distancing rules.

        In the evening time, there were all these slack jawed yokels and minority members, commenting so loudly from inside their houses, but I followed instructions.

        In the day time, there were an unusual amount of low-flying aircraft, where you could see the people inside, and they could see you. Helicopters and small airplanes made a tight gridwork, back and forth, across town.

        As I walked by different, city offices, on near-abandoned streets, they have given the different janitors and grass trimmers fake busywork to keep them busy, in a white, city truck. It blocks-off the driveway, aggressively, when you use the sidewalk across the street from them. The same, jerky driving maneuver happened about 4-5 times, on the same dog walk across town. Dukes of Hazard in the crummy service trucks.

        I actually knew I was in trouble, when I couldn’t catch my breath.

        More-than-normal fatigue led to all the expected symptoms, for one week.

        Except, I haven’t died on de-compensation.

        (Typing is slower and messier, this morning, probably in want of a little black coffee.)

        Traditional foods are processed, by traditional means, for maximum availability and stamina.

        If you do not support your level of exertion, you are breaking your health, sooner or later. No one has invented a rule or wonder drug that goes against old-fashioned expectations.

        Strong, home remedies are themselves a trial by endurance and they also come with side effects.

      9. Do not forget vitamin D, it greatly increases the immune system.
        Iodine (e.g. kelp seaweed in tablets) is also essential.
        Iodine and Selenium work well together, selenium is safe up to 200 mcg.
        I read interesting stories of how the Spanish flu of 1918 was addressed using Lugol drops and alkalizing the body with bicarbonate_soda.
        I wouldn’t like to use a lot of baking soda on me (because of the sodium) but it could have a similar effect using magnesium citrate.

      10. Do you see how the economy has been completely taken over by the moneychangers? This new paradigm is truly 100% MMT ahead. It will be propped up by unlimited fiat creation, at least until the oil stops flowing. Oilcos are going bankrupt because the lack of demand is forcing down the price to where it is unprofitable to produce. More bailouts for them?

        The Fed has dropped reserve requirements to 0%. Good bye fractional reserve lending. Hello to no limits on loans to whomever fogs a mirror. No risk involved. They can create loans unencumbered by reserve rules.

        The Fed has also gotten rule changes allowing them to buy corporate bonds and state, local, and municipal bonds. This guarantees no governments will go broke and public pensions will be paid.

        People criticize those who advocate for MMT when, in reality, it has been here since 1971. Everyone gets a bailout. Everyone will be indebted to the moneychangers.

      11. Futures markets are down. Imagine that?! Why aren’t S&P futures down 2,400 points in this new fascist nonconomy?!

      12. I know that the thing to say is that it is greedy to worry about the economy, overlooking the fact that we live in a society that necessitates purchasing things for survival, and heeding way to fascist,psychopath, opportunistic dictators that are abusing us and holding us hostage is not the optimal survival strategy for sane people!

      13. I read the description of all the herbs in my seed catalogue in order to make a decision on what, exactly, we should be ordering in preparation for this virus. Towards the end I found a gem! It’s Chinese Woad, Isatis indigotica. It was listed as anti-viral (among other things), so I looked it up. Turns out it’s been proven effective against many severe diseases, including SARS and HIV!!! If you have any extra room in your garden, you might want to start growing this plant 😉

      14. The fascists psychopaths that have held us hostage and destroyed the economy, businesses, and people’s lives “for our own protection” love to use Sweden as one of their examples of a model society.

        Well, schools, businesses, pubs, resaurants, and ski resorts are all open in Sweden!

      15. In mid December 2017 I caught a cold; my back went between cristmas and new yers, then I caught the flu at the begining of January 2018.

        While withthe flu I loked around on the web, and all I saw was D, D, D, Vitamin D; if money sees enough monkey reacts.

        I had always been a semi-professional or occasional supplement taker, but now I became a professional.

        I have not had an infection cold, flu whatever since the start of January 2018.

        Here is what I take; Vit D3 (at first I took one tab 400iu’s now I take 1200iu’s), Vit C 250mg, Vit E 250 – 400iu’s, Zinc 10 mg, Cod liver oil (more D with A), some times some selenium 50mg, small teaspoon of yeast powder. Dont forget the apple cider vinegar at least once a day.

        I also took up intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet last June, I took no hay fever tablets this last summer, and I was hardly touched by SAD this passing winter.

      16. In mid December 2017 I caught a cold; my back went between cristmas and new yers, then I caught the flu at the begining of January 2018.

        While withthe flu I loked around on the web, and all I saw was D, D, D, Vitamin D; if money sees enough monkey reacts.

        I had always been a semi-professional or occasional supplement taker, but now I became a professional.

        I have not had an infection cold, flu whatever since the start of January 2018.

        Here is what I take; Vit D3 (at first I took one tab 400iu’s now I take 1200iu’s), Vit C 250mg, Vit E 250 – 400iu’s, Zinc 10 mg, Cod liver oil (more D with A), some times some selenium 50mg, small teaspoon of yeast powder. Dont forget the apple cider vinegar at least once a day.

        I also took up intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet last June, I took no hay fever tablets this last summer, and I was hardly touched by SAD this passing winter.

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