Powerful Video: You Are The Slave Property of a Corporation Called the United States of America

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments


This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

Today we’ve published a powerful new video on Brighteon.com that explains how you are a “slave wage worker” owned by a globalist corporation known as the United States of America.

Brighteon.com, by the way, has just rolled out a major upgrade, including new video categories on the home page, video channel subscribers and video like buttons. (Many glitches were just resolved today, and the full feature set is now active.)

The video explains how the ability of the Federal Reserve to create new debt (i.e. print new wealth for the elite political criminals who run everything) hinges on the ability of the government to confiscate wealth from workers who are tracked with “social security” numbers.

The term “social security” doesn’t mean security for you. It means that you are being securitized as a guarantee of future confiscated income to support the creation of new debt. You are the security for the Treasury / Fed scam of creating new money, in other words.

It’s not about providing security for you; it’s about exploiting you to provide security for new debt.

That’s why the social security trust fund is already tapped out. The criminal bureaucrats who run the corrupt government have already spent the money they’ve stolen from you, and the only way you’ll ever get it back is if they continue stealing more money from the next generation of workers.

It’s all a Ponzi scheme, in other words. And like every Ponzi scheme, it will eventually run out of new victims to exploit, causing it to catastrophically implode.

Watch the full video to learn more. NEW: Click the “Subscribe” button below any video on Brighteon.com to subscribe to that video channel (you must be logged in to Brighteon.com to follow channels. Sign up at this link to join.)

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    1. Clown World

      People choosing between the left and right hand of the Uniparty — at full volume(!) — are not asking the right questions.

    2. Genius

      I learned all this 20 years ago and a whole LOT more!
      The rabbit hole is soooo deep you may never find the bottom. Watch a vid called “The Money Masters” on youtube, it is 3 hours long but worth it,

    3. rellik

      Looks like we lost SHTF plan.
      Any other ideas guys?
      I’d host a site but I’m on data limited Satellite.
      Aloha to all.

      • TharSheBlows

        I hear ya relik, Aloha back. I try to post and all goes it moderation and I can see any other posts, for days. Trainwreck? Hacked? What happened Mac?

    4. Bill

      I keep saying it, we are just managed disposable resources. Everything will change when the debt becomes so great that it becomes utterly unmanageable, and the financial resources necessary to support it are exhausted. But the deep state will still need money and resources. That’s when pensions (public and private), Social Security, bank accounts (and safety deposit boxes), investments, etc. will be confiscated; NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. The last to know it will be the working people in this country. Officialdom (goons for the deep state) will confiscate all liquidity, and probably precious metals (yes, both coin and bullion) and forcibly convert it all to treasuries. By necessity, cash accumulated and kept out of banks or credit unions (and therefore not confiscated) will probably be rendered useless so that people cannot use it. Instead, new currency bills will be issued; you will not get a fair exchange.
      To make all this possible the populace has to rendered passive. These will be desperate times, and desperate measures will be the order of the day. There must be a suspension of rights, including all or parts of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th Amendments, with holding camps, curfews, and even martial law to crush the people’s ability to fight back.
      The day of reckoning is closer than one believes. This is one reason why officialdom is vigorously trying to eliminate gun rights, and why the deep state is trying to impeach DT. They know he won’t go along within gun confiscation, and that the military will generally support him.
      This event will be inaugurated without public knowledge so there will be no widespread preparation for it. Only those whose eyes are open and know what to look for will be ready. The bad news is great civil turmoil on a national scale will take place for some time. The good news is that patriots and freedom will ultimately prevail.

    5. Anonymous

      where are the comments

    6. aljamo

      Haven’t been able to watch any videos out of Natural News.

    7. Drumpf is part of the Zionist controlled deep state.

      See the title

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