Power Outage Leads To Extreme ‘Zombie Alert’ In Florida City

by | May 22, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Lake Worth, Florida falsely sent out a “zombie alert” during a power outage causing some concern among residents. The Lake Worth community Facebook page claims the message was “unintended.”

    The message was sent during a power outage at about 1:45 a.m., but it contained the additional warning of a “zombie alert for Lake Worth and Terminus,” potentially referencing the city in the zombie TV show “The Walking Dead.” The notice declared: “There are now far less than seven-thousand-three-hundred-eighty customers involved due to extreme zombie activity.”

    Lake Worth’s announcement was apologized for in their Facebook post.  “We are looking into reports that the system mentioned zombies,” said Ben Kerr, the city’s public information officer, in the post. “I want to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologize for the system message.” According to the post, Kerr said 7,880 customers were affected and that power was restored within only 27 minutes.


    Zombies have increased in popularity in recent years thanks, in part, to the TV series “The Walking Dead.”  Although zombies are not real (unless you consider the countless Americans walking around unaware of their surroundings with their faces locked onto their phones) people seem to often have an interesting response to such alerts.

    But as the above video points out, the zombie apocalypse is already here.  And it could be just as scary as humans infected with a virus which gives them an “undead” appearance and demeanor.



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      1. No safe places to go to huh?

      2. The politically correct term is “living impaired”. Referring to them as “zombies” is racist! Also racist is objecting if your daughter wants to marry one!

        • That is very zombiephobic, everyone needs to undergo zombie sensitivity training. We need to accept the zombies and embrace their diversity.

          • hey that reminds me… what did the zombie tell the prostitute..??

            Keep the tip!

            • I think it was supposed to be a “leper”.

      3. Now that’s funny!

      4. One symptom of a civilizational collapse is a general lack of good manners, and a total lack of etiquette. People don’t have time for those things because they are always in a hurry to go some where so they can stop hurrying to go somewhere and go home and collapse in front of a computer or a TV. Then they watch drivel for hours because reality is getting very scary these days. Then they sleep maybe three or four hours before they get up from where ever they fell asleep, and rush to the job, and rush around getting groceries and whatnot, and they can’t use manners because they’re in a hurry to avoid reality. Don’t pay any attention to that smoke on the horizon.

        • What’s even dumber is posting on facebook while the power was out. Unless people logged in from the cell phones it was dumb posting from the get go.

        • Sean: I call it the “Moral DECAY of Society” and boy this fucking country is definitely at that point!! I such such vile, rude, shitty people ever damn day especially on the roads. No manners, no one says thanks, no one waves if you do them a favor, nothing, it is just so damn disgusting. Fuck em all – I do not do anything for anyone anymore outside of my wife, fuck em all.

          • “groundhog day” meets “day of the living brain-dead.”….would make a great documentary of the death of amurca.

          • I hear you, man. I work with the general public and the civility that is lacking… No disagreement there.

      5. Zombie alert!

        Six million !!!

        Zombies have been in the land since the beginning.

        Zombies want peace.

        Zombies are under attack from enemies on all sides.


        • Watch the Cabal now open a HoloFraud Victim Museum for 6 Million Zombies and start their endless begging for donations.

      6. This is pre-programmed before transmission.

        Why would this alert be sitting on the sidelines?

        Tax dollars at work.

        • I know exactly why- IT guy with a sense of humor put it in when the system was installed and used as a test message when they trained the staff. A little levity for a crappy day of training.

          I do the same things at work, just make sure to delete when done.

      7. Mao is attributed to have said, “Not to have a correct political point of view is like having no soul.”

        So, to me, “zombie” was a facetious way to describe a non-state actor.

        This sounds like the humor, inside of a khakistocracy. Like things a liberal weather man or quota case judge says, to sound edgy. I’m not sure whether something this milquetoast can be a prank.

      8. This is the same city I grew up in. What a total shithole it is there. Full of people less than desirable, that’s why I left the place. 2 classes of people live there, the haves and the have nots.

      9. First it was the threat of “Communism” boogieman, then they concocted the “Terrorist Threat” boogieman, and soon it will be Zombies or Space Aliens, or Pandemics they create as the next boogieman, as the Government begins to release info from Area 54, drip, drip, drip space alien info, to scare US citizens into giving up more rights and freedoms, because the Government will save us from the Zombies / Space Aliens or Pandemics, which will all be false flag events they acted out to enslave us. Just keep a food 12g shotgun with 000Buckshot. That’s 8x 9mm round balls coming at ya 1300 FPS..>..>..>.. splat <<<<

        Mark my word here, its coming, the "Space Alien" threat.. b/c that, is really creepy and scary.

      10. The psychopaths behind the scene are disconnected and unplugged from reality. They are projecting their reality on the unaware.

      11. shoot em in the head

      12. The person that was a temporary intern in San Francisco that was terminated for the “Ho Lee Fuk”, “Sum Ting Wong”, “We Too Low”, found a new job in Florida.
        Love his humor.

        • Don’t forget “Bang Ding Ow”: Asiana flight 214

      13. Tried to get through the article but I’m still recovering from a group of Libratards who are rallying against statistics claiming statistics stereotype people (even if you have the facts, proof and science to back it up) and that it should be stopped.

        They claim statistics about groups of people, such as 30% of whites …..” or “48% of boys raised without fathers end up in legal trouble” and statistics about teen pregnancies, and so on, is the same as stereotyping them.

        They want statistics relating to people and groups of people (even if it’s true) banned because it’s a way of stereotyping people (even if it’s true).

        Too bad there wasn’t a way to collect all of them, airlift them over the volcano, and drop them into the center, and be done with them, especially the politically correct ones. They would go quick and just dissolve, no burial taking up land space. Free cremation for the Libratards who are miserable about everything that doesn’t personally benefit them or suit their many special entitlements and needy needs.

        So now they want a ban on statistics. A ‘War on Statistics’ I suppose. Can’t fix stupid.

        • They don’t want statistics banned because it stereotypes people. They want statistics banned because verifiable facts and statistics always prove their arguments wrong.

      14. “Zombie” can be military code for “resistance” against “authority”. …Likely a signal for clandestine authoritarian operatives to kick in to root out any resistance to authoritarians’ plans. …A drill of such or; an actual occurrence, or one suspected by the “authorities”?

      15. Zombies,as portrayed by Hollywood,do NOT exist.Yeah,some people trip out on various types of synthetic drugs and display “Zombie ” like behavior,as seen in Hollywood films,but that’s only the side effects of the drug(s) their under the influence of..Hollywood has done a pretty good job of convincing people that Zombies exist and that cemeteries are creepy and dangerous places.It’s not the deceased that you must worry about,their dead and gone,it’s the thugs that are still walking upright,and breathing,that poses the greatest threat to your survival..

      16. When SHTF we will have a real zombie issue with all those people who can’t get their meds. Within 60-90 days it will be a shooting fest!

        • You got that right !

      17. A power outage could be a pretext for an invasion from foreign soldiers kept in underground cities across our country. Youtube will show you truckers who have driven across the underground highways across states.

        The “Zombie Alert” phrase could also be used to manipulate and/or mislead citizens from the real or actual truth.

        As Aeschylus stated centuries ago, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”

        – the Lone Ranger

      18. If you go to “Okeechobee county zombie apocalypse annex” you will find an actual emergency preparedness site. Apparently the term Zombie is a military preparation term. The best I can tell, when there is no power for awhile, all the drug users will turn into zombies and migrate north from the Miami area in relation to Okeechobee.

      19. I’m just saying: I’ll be safe in my momma’s basement if the zombies head my way. Then I’ll emerge and shoot them. Pew, pew.

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