Power Grid Failure In NY Causes Panic Highlights The Importance Of Prepping

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    A recent power grid failure in New York caused panic and even stocked the fear of an alien invasion.  With so many dependent on the electrical power grid, it is important to be prepared for the worst.

    Even president Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to sign an executive order declaring an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) could be “debilitating” to the United States’ power grid.  Far too many Americans won’t know what to do when the inevitable finally happens. And things will get dire should we have to live without power for more than one week.


    “It is the policy of the United States to prepare for the effects of EMPs through targeted approaches that coordinate whole-of-government activities and encourage private-sector engagement,” said the executive order released by the White House.

    A congressional report warned that an EMP attack on the East Coast would kill 90 percent of those in the area over the course of ONE year due to the lack of food, money, fuel, electricity, and medical care.

    The infrastructure is crumbling, and while the government claims they intend to secure the power grid, most of us know much better.  The best the rest of us can do is make sure we are armed with knowledge and the survivalist mentality.

    Americans, largely, have put their survival in the hands of the government, but if you’re reading this, you probably want to become more self-sufficient. And beginning by preparing for a lengthy power grid failure (regardless of whether it was an EMP attack or an infrastructure failure) is a great start and an excellent first step when fueling your “prepper’s mindset.”

    Start by storing extra water.  If you have a well, you are already a giant leap ahead of those who do not, however, you will need to figure out a way to retrieve water without power. If you don’t have a well, you should begin by making sure you have enough water for at least 6 weeks. Each person will need about 7 ½ gallons of water per day! That seems daunting, but it includes drinking, cooking, washing clothing, and personal hygiene.

    Next, store some food.  Find a safe place you can hide away bulk non-perishable food items. If the grid fails, grocery stores will cease being stocked with food and will eventually run out completely.  Can vegetables to store or buy extra canned goods when you go to the grocery store.

    The last step for now, is to find a cool dark place to HIDE your food and water.  Yes, it should be hidden. Consider keeping your stock of supplies a secret too; the fewer who know, the fewer who pose a threat to your supplies if a grid failure stretches past the week mark.  People get desperate when they are hungry, and you may need to defend your food or water if too many others know what you’ve got and where you store it.

    Keep a survivalist mentality and rely on yourself. Prepping for a grid failure is one of the best ways to ensure the health and safety of your family in a worst-case scenario.

    Happy Prepping!


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      1. Very good advice. Lost power over the Easter weekend, got to test out a few of my preps. Watched however as many neighbors panicked after only 8 hours without power on our Community Facebook page. Wow!

        Be prepared for the unknown, pretty soon people will be eating their pets in this country like they are doing in Venezuela. If the Chinese Reds can round up a million Muslims in their country, our Left will round up MILLIONS of Preppers and Christians here as counter-revolutionaries /homophobes/ Islamophobes .

        • The Ugly Truth, our leftists are so retarded they don’t even know how to hold a weapon. They’ll just get themselves killed if they try anything stupid.

          • Some of the best fun I have ever had was watching people panic over minor details in times of SHTF. Hurricanes, Tornados, Blackouts, etc.. As long as they are not causing any problems for me, I just sit back and enjoy the Shit Show.

        • We are going to kill the muslim savages and leftist trash. The Chinese cannot fight back. We can.

          • Menzo, your passion is commendable but you are overlooking Liberty’s Enemy #1.

        • I have encountered the same thing on NextDoor. People are idiots. Most of the posts are about package thieves, unknown people approaching someone’s house (lots of people have home security cameras now, like Ring and Blink, and way too much time on their hands). Everything is blown up into a big deal.

          When something real does happen these people will be useless.

        • how does one panic on social media when they do not have power?

          “no power” to me also includes mobile devices etc. a REAL emergency would start once comms go down. If you can b1tch via facebook, you still have “first world problems”.

          some people, lol.

      2. As a former resident of Astoria, Queens, with many friends still in the area, I can assure you the transformer explosion back in December most certainly did NOT cause “a panic”.

      3. ” even stocked the fear of an alien invasion”
        Proof read, Mac.
        I get stoked when the surf is up.
        We had grid down for 4 & 1/2 months.
        I will try to post a revised account soon, on a weekend, most likely.

        Infidel, I hope you stick around if only to read here…don’t always need to post…
        yeah, the site has changed and a lot of worthwhile posters have left…

        • Ketch,
          We look forward to your account!
          It will be more interesting than a Snyder
          doom porn.
          Second, you on Infidel and others that have left.
          HCKS was always a hoot!

          • Rellik, I wish HCKS would come back at least on occasion. He really was good for some laughs. The few good posters left like you, Ketchup, Kevin2, Menzo, etc. are the only reason I’m still here.

            • DR,
              Don’t forget Nailbanger, AKA Kula farmer.
              Us island guys stick together.
              Be well.

              • Rellik, you’re right, my mistake. Nailbanger has always been a good poster.

                • The hawiian mafia 😉

                  • Gen,
                    The word is “Hui”, not mafia.
                    I’ve never met Nailbanger and probably never will.
                    But he is Nui.
                    I’m still working on getting the still you referenced.

            • Where did HCKS and the others go?

          • Reading anything by HCKS always made me feel like either he was on drugs, or I was.

        • Ketchup, I’ll also be looking forward to you revised account. What you’ve written so far I found very interesting.

      4. 7 1/2 gal of water per person per day?!?!?!?!?

        The commonly accepted figure is 1 1/2 gal per day per person.


      5. Put that Easter Bunny to use. Rabbits have multiple litters. I think it’s 8 litters per year. That’s food. And their fur can be useful, too. They don’t make noise like chickens so you can keep them without attracting unwanted attention.


        • And male bunnies love to hump yer feet which keeps them warm in winter lol! It’s like bunny slippers that massage yer feet 😛

          • Plus their poop makes great fertilizer and doesn’t stink or too messy. You can feed them natural grass etc. just be sure to dry some out for winter feed. Put some in a bowl with sugar and milk and tell the kids it’s cereal. I love bunnies “four legged fur farming fertilizer factories) 🙂

      6. NYC is another world so I always thought of them as aliens anyway, LOL.

      7. We recently had a water repair shut off for 1/2 of a day. I kid you not, many of the folks in the area were going nuts. One fella stood in the street and was loosing it over the inconvenience. saying ” they said it would only take an hour”. I said back “it takes longer than that to dig the street up to fix the water pipe. We were the only folks in the neighborhood that had stored water.

      8. NY…..couldn’t happen to a better place…..

      9. I practice grid down every time I go to BOL 2 . I’m going there this week end for 5 days. I would like to do more but work calls and work buys me my prepps. I know 5 days is nothing, but a little of something is better than nothing. This will be the second time this month I’ve done this. I learn a little something every time.
        Side not I’ve found if you keep a 2 Watt solar panel on a deep cycle battery it will last 10 to 11 years. Just replace two of them one was 10 years old and the other was 11. When in use at the BOL I put 7 to 10 watt panels on them during the day and they are good. Longest time I was there was 10 days with no troubles. Gave me all the power I needed to pump water and run lights.
        To all the Good Folks out there. Go to LED light. They drain the battery less and are far brighter.

        • 10-4 on that Sarge! I switched all the lights at the cabin to LED and the house too. For every dollar you invest in energy saving appliances you save 2-3 dollars on your solar system. Ha ha my last power bill was 17 bux. And I only have a 1kw grid tie system. Now that is some serious low power use! In summer it will go up because of the swamp cooler but hey, it WORKS for me!

        • Sarge,
          The smallest panel I have is 240 Watts and I have 44 of them.
          Anybody else prepping at my level?

          • Hmmm, the HUI power company? If shtf you could be the local utility lol.

            • Gen,
              A SHTF commentor aimed me at a source. Final price was $0.60 per Watt delivered to my shop. These are Hanwha panels CA certified. When this site site does SHTF we can rock!
              That could be the difference, I can invest $15,000 into solar, go off grid, get a payback in 8 years or less, and drive an old truck.
              Or suck the suck and drive a nice new truck for that 8 years
              and pay the electric company $3600 per year forever.
              Hawaii is expensive.
              My Hui is the way to go.

          • Although you know but others might not, make sure you have spare diodes & a spare controller. Otherwise your system should survive. If it’s not grid tied! And yes my family has 3 homes fully self contained but I won’t elaborate, or brag.
            Molon labe

          • Youre in good shape if you can hunker down at your spot, but if you have to go mobile, what’re ya gonna do?

          • I have 24 305 solar panels, not grid tie, but charge 30 agm 105 amp batteries with a 6000 watt pure sine wave inverter. bill went from about 225 a month to 45-50 as we run our dryer and water pump off of grid, but we have a transfer panel to change over if necessary. also a smoke house and large root cellar, potatoes planted this year already 1 ft tall, and garden planted about half, plenty of freeze dried stuff, we could go for a while if grid goes down. also have 3 80 amp outback solar chargers for batteries

      10. Mac is right that “beginning by preparing for a lengthy power grid failure (regardless of whether it was an EMP attack or an infrastructure failure) is a great start”. Loss of electric is common to so many scenarios. It’s something that most people can relate to; more effective than Zombies or those EMP things whatever they are.

      11. How would an EMP affect a residential solar panel array or even a small panel used for recharging a phone or small batteries?

      12. Sadly, many people are asleep at the wheel, focused on next weeks’ ball game, golf game, or fishing trip. When the SHTF, and that could happen at any time for any number of reasons or causes, it is going to get ugly, because those people who spent their money having fun will want to eat food just as much as the next guy, and they will be willing to kill or die, to provide for their families if it comes down to that. And besides those ‘good’ people who will be driven to extremes, make note that there are people out there right now who would kill you for your sneakers or cell phone – so what do you think they’re going to be like when they get hungry? My advice is to get prepared now, while there are no shortages or rationing of anything, and while the cost is affordable.
        If something happens, by the time you hear of it, it will be too late. At the store the shelves will be wiped out and people will even be fighting in the stores over the last scraps of food or supplies. A person who picked up a case of soup will be pummeled by others. Because of this, you can bank on strict rationing at the checkout, with stores quickly adopting policies of one or two cans of soup or beans maximum, for example, and some may take cash only so you may want to put some away.
        For those who laugh at you or think you’re off the rails, perhaps even your spouse, the simple response to them is to ask if they have insurance on their car, house, health, life, or several other things, then ask them why? Of course they’re going to all have insurance. We all buy those insurance policies, something that we can’t hold in our hands, and insurance that they hope we’ll never need to use. The exact same thing is true of our preps… they’re insurance against that thing, that calamity or trouble that we hope will never come our way, but we’re covered if it does.
        Unlike insurance however, is that with your prepping supplies you actually have tangible assets that you can hold in your hand, things you can actually use, such as extra food, solar powered lights, defensive weapons and ammunition that could save your life and that of your loved ones.
        GET PREPPED NOW… or risk facing your worst fears inside of that ‘once calm’ grocery store, where you’ll find yourself getting prepped on how to tell your loved ones that the food in your cupboard is all there is for them.

        Regarding this article about the grid, it’s interesting that Fort Bragg just ran a drill where they killed the power for 12 hours without advanced notice, to see how the people there – trained people – would handle it.

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