Power Freaks Losing Control As Public Laughs At Coronavirus Lockdowns

by | May 27, 2020 | Headline News, Ron Paul | 9 comments

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    Dr. Ron Paul recently presented evidence that people are finally waking up and defying the tyranny of government.  From the Lake of the Ozarks to the Texas Gulf Coast, Americans spent Memorial Day weekend in defiance of the forced “lockdown” orders of the politicians.

    Dr. Paul even mentions that the lockdowns don’t end because politicians see the error of their ways.  They end because people are finally sick and tired of being enslaved and are ready to defy the orders.

    Dr. Birx was furious over people refusing to wear masks at the beach. Other local tyrants screamed and threatened. The people are ignoring them. Deliverance from this coronavirus-induced government tyranny is not coming about because politicians have seen the error of their ways. It is coming about because the people are finally waking up.

    Dr. Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the blatant civil disobedience all over the country this past weekend as Americans defied orders and enjoyed their lives.  As Dr. Paul said, people are going to know that so many are in defiance of the lockdowns, because the mainstream media is not going to report on these stories.

    As more people figure out that they are not alone in wanting the freedom they were born with, this will snowball, in a good way.  It is true that we locked ourselves down by obeying the tyrants.  We now know the lockdown ends when we say it does, by simply going out and living our lives like the free humans we were always meant to be.  Hopefully, humans will stop looking at the ruling class to solve any of their problems after this debacle.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    The truth is, we don’t need politicians to tell us what to do and how to live our lives.  We don’t need them at all. They need us. It’s far past the time to withdraw our consent to be ruled over and stolen from so they can further strangle us with their power-hungry hands.


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      1. As an involuntary brain rape victim of illegal, uninformed, unconsented sugery with DEWs being used on me, psychopaths spying on me, hacking, breaking in, stealing, stalking, vandalizing, I have to disagree with you. I am not free to live my life until the terrorist psychopaths have been charged for their predatory crimes and placed in federal penitentiaries.

        The only alternative for me is to investigate and report their corruption since I know that they are spying on me and stealing intellectual property.

        It’s the corruption stupid! There is no freedom without justice!


        • “There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”
          – Battlestar Galactica (New One)

      2. White House economic advisor, Kevin Hassett refered to Americans as human capital stock, proving that he is a psychopath that has absolutely no regard for human life at all. His employment started at Columbia University, and started working for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors as an economic advisor in 1992.

        Federal Reserve member banks are the ones that are responsible for the appointments of such individuals. They vote on appointments. The appointments are puppets of the member banks. 37% of banks in America are Federal Reserve member banks and are the ones that own the Federal Reserve.

        • Corona Scam-Plan-Demic was also designed to shut down American Culture. Ball games to picnics to the beaches and freedom of religion and assembly, but you can shop at Wallmart that earned a 10% in profit month over month lately.

          Got all your liberty tool ready to deploy?

          Rope and pitchforks.

      3. Erdogan said no. Trump approved the annexation of the West Bank in viokation of international law. Why is Israel asking for American approval? So that the Americans will be blamed for something that the Israelis are doing and will strictly benefit Israelis.

        Trump has been over ruled by Europe, who have decided to sever ties with America, as well as the Middle East, and Turkey.

        Supporting the annexation is anti-American. It will open up a can of worms for America, for the likes of which the country has never seen. Why should America voluntarily turn intself into a target for defending the guilty at the expense of the innocent?

        There is no legal or moral basis for supporting the annexation. It is not in America’s national interest and poses a direct national security threat to America!

        Wake up America!

        Dump Trump 2020!

        • Andrea.Iravani – People who lose wars suffer consequences. If it were up to me everyone currently in the Gaza strip would be frog marched to the west bank never to return.

          • This time is different. You may be in disbelief, but you are wrong if you are. 2020 is much farther from Hitler than the Yom Kippur war and 1967. There was sympathy for Jews and Israelis after the Nazis. Now the Israelis are involved in genocide, ethnic cleansing, and have placed Gazans in concentration camps. The tide has turned. You may deny it, but the facts prove that you are wrong. Everything must be viewed in the context of time and place. 2020 vision shows what a mistake it was to allow the Balfour declaration in the first place. All of this coinciding with a global heist led by bankers and megalomaniacs in a Nazi tactic campaign to vax the world, led by Bill Gates. Since David Rockefeller is dead, you can’t blame him. It was his idea, but he is obviously not calling the shots anymore. Maybe Jamie Dimon though, since he is the CEO of JPM Chase, and the Rockefellers owned Chase Manhatten Bank. Maybe it has something to do with a loan from the bank, even though there is no reason that Bill Gates needs to borrow money, maybe he is anyways, in a vax scam.

      4. New party event: Mask burning.

      5. It seems the powers-that-be became impatient and made a wrong move instead of simply waiting. Looking at the regime they created for schools, I thought they were playing the long game which would take up to 40 years, but which would almost guarantee them their totalitarian prison grid–knowing if they caused a civil war they could end up losing everything. It may play out that we get a new and better system.

        Had they waited for us oldies to die off, then in 40 years the people left alive would know only the totalitarian prison grid, starting from school and TV. But now they may have blown it, perhaps because they didn’t want to set up total power for those in 40 years’ time; instead they pushed for total power now, for themselves, and have possibly wasted centuries of preparation from those who set it all up to happen soon.

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