Potent Propaganda: The College Debt Bubble Is Set to Explode (Micro Documentary)

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    This month President Obama issued a directive that will penalize “for-profit” trade schools because students are amassing huge levels of debt they can’t pay off. According to the President and the Department of Education these specialty training schools promise to train students and prepare them for a career in everything from computer design to personal training. But when graduates get out of school they often lack the skills necessary to land the high paying jobs they were promised, leaving many without the income to service their loans.

    The proposed regulations would penalize career oriented programs that produce graduates without the training needed to find a job with a salary that will allow them to pay off their debt. Schools, for-profit or not, that don’t comply would lose access to the federal student aid programs.

    “Today, too many of these programs fail to provide students with the training that they need at taxpayers’ expense and the cost to these students’ futures.”

    What President Obama won’t tell you is that it’s not just trade schools that promise young and optimistic high school graduates a future full of big money and easy living. And though most universities claim they are non-profit pedagogic institutions whose goal is to serve and mold young minds for the future, the fact is that there is a ton of money to be made by everyone involved including teachers, administrators, banks and periphery industries that service colleges.

    According to a new documentary from Crush the Street obscene debt levels are being amassed on all levels of secondary education – even if the college in question is not “for profit.”

    If you have kids entering college, in college, or graduates living with you at home, the following documentary is one you’ll want to share – just so they know exactly how they’ve been brainwashed into believing that the road to success requires a degree. Moreover, it reveals the reasons for why college education costs are sky rocketing, as well as the end result of the trillion dollar bubble that is sure to pop in coming years.

    A Must Watch For Anyone Entering Higher Education: The College Bubble

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The official fiscal year 2010 default rate was 14.7% and we can only expect that to be higher for the following years. No one but the government would guarantee a loan for anyone to go to college, for any curriculum with little regards for the likelihood of the individual to repay the loan.

    The government gladly invests taxpayer dollars into student grants and loans. This is what has been driving the increase in college tuition bringing it above and beyond the average student and family.

    For teenagers the propaganda is so potent that high school students in many cases have blind optimism that they will land their dream career after college and have the income to easily pay off any loan balances occurred along the way.

    Some graduates are left with over 100,000 in debt and can barely find any job, let alone the one they pictured themselves getting into four years ago.

    For starters, we are now living in a new economy, much different from the one our parents and grandparents experienced after World War II. Many of America’s high paying jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries. Manufacturing has been shifted to slave-labor economies like China. The majority of jobs left in America are low-paying, minimum wage labor. So the competition for the few high paying jobs remaining is extremely fierce.

    This is why a huge percentage of American adults – nearly 30% – are living with their parents, and that includes graduates who just got out of school with tens of thousands in debt.

    The government interference that caused home prices to rise ahead of the 2008 financial crisis and saw more people buy homes than ever before, is the very same effect we’re seeing in college education.

    We all remember how that ended up.

    College tuition cannot rise indefinitely. Eventually something will cause the great college bubble to pop.

    Outstanding student loan debt is over $1.2 trillion. This is nearly 50% higher than outstanding credit card debt.

    The longer the status quo is kept, the bigger the bubble is going to get… and thus the larger the crash will be.

    In the coming years student loan payments will get so high that it’ll be unmanageable… even for the students that get the dream job that they were told their degree would award them.

    Massive defaults will occur and colleges will soon be worse off. Prices will need to be readjusted to maintain the maximum income when attendance levels crash. Professors will face pay cuts or layoffs, along with administration, maintenance, construction and anyone else working for or at a college or university.

    As an example, take a high school graduate who wants to become a teacher. She’ll spend four years in school and take on around $80,000 of debt. When she gets out of school, she’ll make around $35,000 a year. At that rate it would literally take her two decades to pay off her loan. Others might not be so lucky and will end up shackled with debt for their entire life, or they’ll simply default. Consider a liberal arts major who, in essence, is being trained for a “career t”hat produces a service that the majority of Americans won’t have the money to pay for. How will this individual pay back tens of thousands of dollar in debt?

    The simple answer? They won’t.

    There are certainly jobs out there that require higher education. But even those industries, such as the medical field, are being gutted from within.

    This is just another example of what happens when government gets involved in the free market. Overblown prices, life-long debt commitments, and a future of destitution is what college graduates can expect over coming decades.

    What high schoolers don’t realize – and many will never be taught under Common Core’s curriculum – is that the key elements for success are, among other things, self-education, focus, adaptability, resilience, persistence and an optimistic attitude. You know, all of those things that made America great to begin with. A college degree is secondary.


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      1. The cost of education is ready to reset. Like the real estate market. Teachers are going to take a big pay or pension cut.

        • I agree, it can’t sustain on this course. Too much debt and gas is something we are not seeing in the news the prices. Diesel is 4.56 cents!!! Unreal. Price for food and everything is going to take another chunk out of us. Any of you feel like your gas and electric bill are going up? They truely are dividing us against each other and then conquor. We have to group and have mass action somehow,. They are going to roll all over us the more we just sit here. We have to actually do something for our real country America.

          • All over the news now. Russia downs U.S drone over Crimea. See link below.

              • Off Topic…

                U.S. to give up control over the Internet over to global governance.

                Just part of the plan…Global governance. Then, no Constitution or Bill of Rights to hinder internet control.

                “U.S. officials announced plans Friday to relinquish federal government control over the administration of the Internet, a move that pleased international critics but alarmed some business leaders and others who rely on the smooth functioning of the Web.”
                -The Washington Post

                Internet giveaway will weaken cybersecurity and opens the door to Web tax

                “The U.S. government’s plan to give away authority over the Internet’s core architecture to the “global Internet community” could endanger the security of both the Internet and the U.S. — and open the door to a global tax on Web use.”
                -The Daily Caller

              • Remember that you are graded on what you can remember what professors teach, right or wrong. Had one Eng. Lit. teacher, who got up in his attic, and tried to stand on the gypsum board only, fell thru, broke both legs. Whole class laughed our butts off when he told us. Whole class failed…An original assh@le…

                • I hear ya…The only way I could deal with people like that is when they were paying me to fix their toys…
                  And then it was as short as I could make it.

                  • eppe, funny story and he deserved that since he failed the whole class, I wish you could of took that up with the college dean or somebody. College you do learn neat things but not practical and you forget a lot of things you learn in books. But hands on things you learn seem to stick with you forever or you remember how to do it again very fast vs. reading a book and applying it and ten years later you forget all that crap but remember a few things for some reason, at least with me. I notice there are a lot of people on here who have their own business and we seem to think alike for the most of us. We are everywhere and not just in one area. It seems the majority of us are from the midwest or east coast (at least thats what i have notice for being on here for 4 years.) I’m glad people would run a business and understand freedom and not working for someone all the time. We will be ok I have a feeling. We are striving to survive and learn and hear different things from one another on here. We get a few jackasses but you always have an asshole somewhere you go. I’m curios how a drone shot down in Russia will effect things (if true)

                    • Just another thing, i’m not afraid to say it and they already know who we are but Im from CR Iowa.

                  • clint, I should have but they were all(teachers)in cahoots with each other, funny how COMMON sense is not a prerequisite to be a teacher. Southern Tech 1977, I hope that teacher is reading this, but I doubt he is even alive if he thought he could stand on gypsum board and it hold him up…Too bad common sense is lacking in schools, courts, and the government… But we all here know that, otherwise we would not be coming here and learning from each other???? Right???

                • Two Items: BO is Pres of US, obviously no qualifications, so what’s the problem? 2.FYI I just got back from 3 months gone, was no usual food in house so I opened a can of Nally original Chili with Beans. Best buy date sometime in 2000. Tasted ok, will see if I’m alive tomorrow.

                  • For all of you who believe that hyperinflation is just around the corner, it is a great time for your kids and grand kids to borrow as much money as possible.

                    If you believe that hyperinflation is just around the corner, vote with your wallet.

                    Of course if you believe that another recession, depression, or a Second Leg Down is the next wave, you may want to stash ten dollar bills in number ten cans. You can hide them in the gravel of your fish tank, BJ.

                    Just saying. 🙂

                  • @ Paranoid. You will be the King’s official taste tester for all of us wondering if 15+ year old canned goods will be okay to eat. I have heard that really old food only loses its taste and not much of its quality. I know they put cheese into those wax balls to keep them indefinitely. Please do tell us IF you get any stomach cramps or start seeing all sorts of colors.

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “For all of you who believe that hyperinflation is just around the corner, it is a great time for your kids and grand kids to borrow as much money as possible.”

                    Borrow… From the Fed who conjures something from nothing?
                    (80+ billion per month)

                    Money… You mean paper?
                    (backed by nothing.)

                    Tell me, who has the right to declare paper, “money?”
                    (the Fed… in bed with those who mean to rule over you.)

                    What is it’s interest rate (price)?
                    (whatever they say it is.)

                    Who/What determines it?
                    (it ain’t the free market.)

                    Is this “money” backed by anything other than the US military?
                    (no, just ask Muammar Gaddafi, et.al.)


                    You forget your birthright DK!!!

                    And you call yourself a Patriot?

                    You speak like a Central Banking whore!

                    “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” ~ Thomas Jefferson. Letter to John Taylor (28 May 1816)

                  • YMWW: LMAO! Really. Sure, borrow from the FED and borrow as much money as you can get if you believe that the FED does not have a grip on their own system and if you believe in the Hyperinflation Meme.

                    If that is your premise it is the smartest thing you can do. Then, when the dollar hyper-inflates to nothingness, you can pay the FED back with their now worthless script while YOU are holding Bit Coin, or tulips !!!

                    LMFAO!!! 🙂

                  • So the durango kidd belives the Fed has a grip on their own system.


                    Is that why the financial system is so rock solid?

                    Is that why we haven’t been loosing our liberties?

                    Is that why we aren’t moving towards tyranny?

                    Is that why??? Because Central Bankers have a grip?


                    Why don’t you just admit you love government and it’s central bank?

                    Why don’t you just come out and tell us how much you admire fractional reserve banking?

                    You defend all three at every turn, and with every breath.

                    It’s ok DK. Just come out of the closet. Admit you’re a Fascist.

                    Cut the “Death to the NWO” crap, because it’s sooo fake.

                    You are completely transparent. You welcome the NWO.

                    The most sense you make is your Nibiru drivel.

                  • YMWW: Yes the GB’s DO have a grip on their system and that is exactly why WE are losing OUR freedoms.

                    The FED LOVES the Hyperinflation Internet Meme that only fools who do not understand how the FED works and therefore do not know what they are doing, proclaim over and over and over again; for five years now, while it hasn’t happened.

                    It serves the interests of the GB’s for the Sheeple to be ignorant, confused, and misinformed by people like Brandon Smith who has a Liberal Arts degree, NO financial industry experience, and hasn’t the common sense to follow the money ….. to the Member Bank account at the FED, rather than to Main Street where it would stimulate the economy.

                    I believe that if the American People UNDERSTOOD that the bank bailout of 2008/2009 continues unabated to this day, DC would be burning with Congress in session.

                    The War for America will not be fought, and cannot be won, in the wilds of Idaho chasing imaginary Red Dawn soldiers and sniffing out Bigfoot with your favorite four-legged friend while using your scoped rifle to shoot wabbits.

                    The War for America will be won in the cities and at the ballot box by Patriots who organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote: by ballot or bullet. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “The War for America will be won in the cities and at the ballot box by Patriots who organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote: by ballot or bullet.

                    Q: Would/Could you respect a mans right not to participate in the so-called American democratic system?

                    Q: Would/Could you leave other men free to choose their own medium of exchange?

                    Q: Would/Could you, mind your own business, tend to your own, and leave other men be in all matters not violating the NAP???

                    A: I suspect NOT… You of course will protest otherwise, but your posts speak for themselves.

                    Fascists always fain the “ballot,” but respond with the “bullet.”

                    Hey kidd… come out of the closet.

                    Just admit it.

                    “I’m a Central Banking, USG Loving, American Fascist!”

                    Ahhh… now doesn’t that feel so much better?

                  • YMWW: Yes, I respect a man’s right to abstain from participating in the democratic system if he chooses; But then he has no right to bitch about the government that is enslaving him.

                    80% of the registered voters went to the polls in Crimea. If you want to stop the advance of the New World Order, the ballot box is the first line of defense. 🙂

                    Yes I respect the right of a man to choose his own currency, but if the value of his digital Bit Coins crash after the mania is over, he has no right to complain about the theft of his money.

                    Neither does he have a right to complain about the theft of his money when in his greed, and with his status as a sophisticated investor, he signs a document allowing Corzine to re-hypothecate his investment.

                    If you want to trade 5 lb balls of used duct tape on Alt Market for a mile of string or a pound of twisty ties, I could care less; but don’t think that coping out of the “system” is going to change the system.

                    The New World Order doesn’t want your participation. The fewer Americans or Europeans who are engaged in the civic affairs of their nation, the fewer people the NWO needs to marginalize to use the system for their personal gain and to install their own Agenda, rather than follow the Constitution.

                    The events in Crimea show the hypocrisy of the NWO and exposes it for all the world to see.

                    Politics, like it or not, is the responsibility of Free men and woman. If anyone chooses to not shoulder that responsibility, then they cannot complain when their rights are destroyed, and they are hauled off to a FEMA Camp branded as a “malcontent” and “useless eater”.

                    Hiding in Idaho is not a viable alternative to engaging the enemy on their own turf and beating them at their own game. The numbers are with US. 🙂

                • No kidding.

                  You know the saying though:

                  “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach. Those who cannot teach, teach Phys. Ed.” 🙂

                  • but but but…I teached dem yuppies from wall st how to do sailing… 🙂

                  • yea that was me… it’s not there yet but it will be… 🙂

                  • Mone ends with….” those who can’t teach, teach teachers”

            • @BI, thanks for the update. Your link is missing. I know some feel differently, but, the US cannot idly stand by and watch another sovereign country being raped, pillaged, and plundered by the biggest bully in the neighborhood. Like it or not, the West does have a lot of skin and credibility invested in that region. The blundering, blubbering bear must be contained, will be contained. Unfortunately, our leaders are even worse blubbering, blundering ignoramuses. where are the real men/leaders when we need them?!! This country of ours has been ‘chickified’ and ‘dumbed down’.

              • Then why the hell is George Soros not arrested for war crimes or trying to stir up a country. Does that mean our own governement elaborated with him to do this if its true? If that is true that is total corruption and takeover and we should at that point make that national so everyone in America knows this and at that point rise up and do what we need to do. If that would happen, the world and America would never be the same. That makes sense why they want our guns so bad. Slowly take away peoples stuff and then soon they figure we will not be able to challange them. Wrong even though you rape and steal ar-15’s in certain states and ammo limits people are not going to give that up. The ones that do are slaves in my opinion and have no true freedom. Not dogging on you for turning them in, thats your right and thats how you feel, but I feel if you give up your rights they are winning. Look at the big picture. Things are going to get very interesting and nasty. Be careful who you trust.

                • George Soros and Henry Kissinger both.

                  Why Kissinger hasn’t been taken out I’ll never understand as the man has had a career spanning decades of instigating the most awful, horrific scenes across the Globe. One can only assume he is on Satan’s direct payroll, and protected as such. The single worst thing that can happen to a nation is the attention of, and a personal visit from Kissinger, as genocide follows in his wake sure as white on rice.

                  If we are not careful we’ll return to the situation prevalent in the middle ages within a few decades. Higher education was only available for the aristocracy (the robber baron class), and even access to trade school was restricted by birth. That’s not good for anyone who wants their grandchild to experience true freedom. Knowledge is power, and therefore restricting access to it, restricts the power of those denied it.

                  By restricting access to higher education, gradually the masses become ever more dependent on whatever the state school system indoctrination mantra is in that period. There comes a point where the dumbing down means even the smartest working class kid is reduced to zombie status as the elders, rich in knowledge and common sense die off.

                  A large part of why I prep, isn’t for me, it’s to ensure that my grandkids won’t be chipped, mindless, zombie slaves, left wondering why the hell our generation didn’t resist while we still could.

                  • Satan protects him and God allows for him to be left alone.

              • @ laeagle. I am not pro Russian, but I do understand where Russian is coming from. This is totally their survival as a country. IF the U.S. could allow a Chinese friendly alliance of Mexico and/or Canada to go by under the notion of it’s their choice, then I could say the U.S. is living by their words.

                The Monroe Doctrine makes the U.S. hypocritical though about this. There is also the issue that the country of Ukraine did not vote this coup in either. Their democratically elected leader was almost strung up. It is perfectly ok as long as it favors the west when it comes to a coup. Now if say France was taken over by a bunch of pro-Russian forces within their country, the U.S. and NATO would be invading the country to kick out the enemy.

                laeagle, please consider the following:

                Remember this is the same U.S. government over in someone’s else backyard that is going to “TRY” to one day take OUR GUNS and take OUR RIGHTS under their own pretext of why we need to be under martial law for “for our own good”. It goes way beyond Russia, it is the issue of CAN WE TRUST THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WITH OUR OWN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS WHEN IT COMES OUR TURN AS CITIZENS THAT GET IN THEIR WAY?

                • laeagle: Ukraine WAS plundered by its duly elected government officials, so while I support a change in government there, an Ultra Nationalist who does not respect the rights of the majority of his people is not the answer.

                  Democracy and self determination is a two edged sword. Let the people decide in a referendum. 🙂

                  • DK,
                    You left out:
                    “And that’s why Crimea will be independent come Monday morning.”

                • Good call B.I.!

                • Every country on the planet has the right choose how they live and run their affairs. For far too long now, the Globalists have used the US government to do their bidding and bend the will of any country that doesn’t conform to what the globalist’s want. Technically, it’s not the “US Gov”, anymore, it’s a group of scum, from a few different countries that have gotten together, infiltrated the US gov to such a degree over decades. They run the country, using the White House, and Congress as there “plantation” overseer’s.

                  An example of how they operate against non compliant countries, to further their will, is Australia. Australia, hasn’t been affected by the GFC like the US and Europe since 2008. Life there is pretty damn good. Globalist flunky Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, happily implemented a Carbon Tax that was money in the back pocket for the Globalist. Then last year, she lost her job to Tony Abbot. He emediately moved to scrap the Carbon Tax ….. That upset the Globalists. All of a sudden all car manufacturing companies (Foreign owned) announced they’d be shutting up shop by 2016 and moving off shore. Tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs will be lost …… All because someone doesn’t want to pay Carbon Tax to mafia Globalists.

            • I didnt see that, that is going to be a big deal. We are playing with fire and we are the fire but the idiot Obama and the puppets are holding the torch and directing it. Id rather talk about China russia and whats going on with that then this student debt. Good to see you BI

              • @ clint. I waiting for Mac to send it through moderation. Look on Yahoo News. under Russia intercepted US drone over Crimea. Reminds me of the U2 that was shot down over Russia. This whole thing is getting worse each day. There was also an article about Estonia saying that Russia is going to invade east Ukraine. Russia has the drone and it was not destroyed. They used a radio jamming system to disable it.

                • We are so sloppy anymore and I wouldn’t doubt thats how it happened. Our systems suck but we also have some tricks that they don’t know about and likewise with russia. Yes I don’t know how things are looking to be honest. In situations like these they make me more engaged in whats going on like no other. On mainstream I always keep a distance because we know whatever is being told is probably not even close to what really happens. Like when we see an accident and the guy helps the other driver but on the news it says guys is a lunatic and was taken to psych for eval. It’s all a joke anymore. I just don’t want our troops to be a part of this for these bastards agenda. You have these white house advisors who are clueless whats really going on from reports on the ground and they give Obama these stupid ideas to do. I’m just afraid during WW2 and the depression time things got ugly and wonder if its going to be similar and we are all wondering if the dollar is going to truely die this time if it does go thru or if a war with russia with our drones and planes and no troops yet, and our country sees massive layoffs and more division with all the races in this country fighting and stealing from one another unlike in ww2 in america where the country was united. We are not united for shit! We have some many pee wee groups fighting with each other and trying to get illegals in to win votes or to get Obamacare going. Unreal. Just get this on and lets see what happens. We have prepared for this and we are living in the real world. I guess thats what happens when you get the big bankers and money on the line, the biggest bullies are going to fight for their parents which are the bankers.

            • It’s just a damn drone—I’d shoot one down, if it was in my yard too. When they start shooting at PEOPLE, then I’ll worry.

            • Damm those Trade Schools and Colleges, and those Union’s and Teachers. Now that I think back,I can’t remember who made me take those loans!I know somebody must be responsible! Maybe it was those crooked Bankers. I know it sure ain’t my fault. The only thing I’m responsible for, is being so sucessful, but I shouldn’t have to pay off those debts. Now let’s see, where does it say in the Constitution that the Government is suppose to make home and college loans? Trekker Out.

              • Nobody should worry about payin their student loans back because Obama will forgive all that debt just before the 2016 election in hopes of increaseing the voter base for the dems .

          • I sure am glad I went to college when it only cost me $270.00 per semester (my first semester, then it gradually started going up). I did get loans to help but it was only about 6 thousand. It was still a lot of money back then. I paid for most of my school working minimum wage jobs. I washed dishes, mowed lawns, worked as a farm hand, E.R. Tech, TA, etc. Somehow managed to keep soul and body together. I miss those days!

          • When I was a younger man I was told that
            going to college taught people to work
            for someone else and that was only wages.

            They told me the way to make a Lot of money
            was to find a Need and Fill it, working for

            I did alright, never got wealthy, but I was
            never laid off or answered to a straw boss.

            • That is exactly right. I did but always knew wanted to start a business. I’m 42 and in good shape ready for this battle. Got my weapons and now have to hide it in different locations. (Im using it not hiding it people) But your right you have to start your own business, even if its something simple like cutting trees down or presure washing business. You make 10x more that you could for someone doing the dirty work. What’s going to happen and how long before Russia and us get into it? I don’t think rusia would attack us but whatever we do they will do back with more punch. If we launch they will launch back with more but not nukes. If we did then they would go all out I believe.

          • Sounds like the gov want’s to close private non union trade schools and move the kids into the unionized propaganda institutions.

            • which is all to the good rick – until you need someone to come out and fix your roof/car/plumbing etc. The independent trade schools tend to be where the genuine craftsmen gravitate to out of sheer love for their craft and the desire to pass it on, sooner or later. Here in the UK it’s gradually dawning on me how many good, inspiring school teachers are out there – just not in the state system any longer.

        • I can’t afford bacon anymore. Is it in a bubble?

          • You should talk to Ted when he stays at LaQuinta Inn because he always brings home the bacon and maybe he could sell you some cheap….

          • This bubble is intended and necessary by TPTB in a fiat based debt driven economy. It was designed to was once again transfer wealth from the poor to the Banksters and drive the economy on the interest of those student loans. It was another designed Ponzi Scheme by TPTB at the expense of our youth.

            I saw thru the whole mirage way back in the 90’s when everyone was being pushed into college so as to progress up the corporate ladder. At least back then education wasn’t as bad as it is today. Back in the 70’s when I went to school there was such a thing as “trade schools” that actually taught you a free trade and in most cases, inner city school kids like myself were given free scholarships to colleges in the chosen field of your trade. As someone who applied myself in High School, I was offered a fully paid scholarship to Bell & Howell in NY.

            To show had asinine this entire bubble is. There are students who signup for college just to help make ends meet with no intention of getting a college education. It’s like govt food assistance.

            • Doesn’t the govt allow people going to college full time, to skip the jobs training and job search requirements, to get assistance? Loophole perhaps?

        • I used to blame the teachers too. Now I see that alarge part of the problem is the bloated administration these places always put in place. Go to any state run university. No attempt at cost control is even given a thought. The private schools are just trying to cash in, just like the banisters are.

        • What will it take to break the vice grip of the teachers unions? They, as much as anything, have contributed to the high cost of public education.

          • Pass an executive order stating that unions are a religion and then impose the separation of church and state.

          • @Vinnie
            gov. walker in Wisconsin did it. turned a 3 billion dollar deficit into 1 billion dollar surplus for the state. there was a lot of resistance from the unions (teachers shipped in from all states to protest) because they knew if people realized it in Wisconsin, it would spread to other states. walker held his ground, and won. now he (Walker) has indicated with the surplus that he wants to reduce property taxes. won’t hear about this in msm, they only showed the poor teachers fighting for ‘the children’

            • DB427 I remember that on fox news about 8 months ago it seemed or so. It was not on any of the channels and it didn’t even get repeated that much meaning you do the right thing and nobody wants to talk about what really works. This country is nothing but a scam anymore. Watch your backs and be careful who you trust.

              • @clint hospo
                exactly, as soon as the msm found out his (gov. walkers) policies were working the union drums didn’t just fade, they passed out earplugs.

        • Hope taxpayers don’t get shafted with this, but we will. “Students” use this money to live on, then demand their “student” loans be forgiven. These loans are used for everything BUT tuition, but then I’m preaching to the chior.

          • No kidding, you want to see your student loan money in action, go to the skiboard or bike shop.

        • Obama just handed is handing the internet controls over to “world governance” , sound like a good plan ?
          Front page on drudge .

            • I’m not sure how I feel about that one. IF, and I say IF, there was any one thing in this world that should not be under the thumb of only one country, I’d say it is the internet.

              I’ll reserve my opinion of this “transition” until I see if they put any universal rights for all internet users in place. The internet should not be “governed”, it should be shared and never restricted.

              I hope they don’t try to put in into the UN…that would be a sham and a disaster.

              • The way i see it , its gonna end up being another tax to pay to the internainal community or UN .
                Its great cuz every third world dictator can now regulate content in the US OR maybe shut it down .
                I dunno.
                At a time when the world looks to be on the brink of war , it seems ……….suspicious.

                • probably just another thing to keep people distracted from the REAL issues.

          • yet not a peep anywhere? There’s that other hand again.

          • That’s why I download every site that has good info. I also download the monthly compressed backup file of Wikipedia occasionally. It is text only now, but there are older backup files (really huge) that contain the graphics also.

            Another reason I download pages and entire sites is that so many sites have disappeared in the past.

            It’s like PMs; if you don’t have it in you possession, you don’t really have it.

            I also don’t like “the cloud.” My sister loves it, but I’ve told her that “the cloud” can disappear completely any minute.

            • “your possession” (typing too fast)

            • Arch,print the really important pages,net will not always be around and open for business,ride it while you can.

              • I have notebooks full of printouts. Many of them are already gone from the internet.

                Here’s a hint for possible cheap printing. If you can find an old HP DeskJet 500 in working order and at least one ink cartridge, you can refill the cartridge with only a dollar’s worth of black fountain pen ink. Also, for text only, an old dot matrix printer can print for a long time by re-inking the ribbon. I have one along with a supply of ink and a re-inking gadget.

                For future typing, I have a really old manual typewriter with a cloth ribbon. It’s easy to re-ink. And if the ribbon ever wears out, it can be replaced with a new strip of cloth wound on the reel. You might have to sew the edges so that it will fee properly.

                • “feed properly.”

                  Typing too fast again.

        • Off the subject, but at collapsenet.com: NASA study– industrial civilization on verge of collapse. (Its happened over and over again, throughout history and will happen to us too).

          The one GOOD thing about collapse; the bastards at the top always die off! 😉

          • Eh,so much cool low tech that produces well short of asteroid/nukes ect. will be OK.

        • They will never take a pay or pension cut. The colleges will zero out their endowments first. These people are greedy and egoists, nothing matters but them and what they think. If they cared about anything but themselves, a college education would be something to be proud of, instead of the joke it has become.

      2. They want their money! I got my bachelors and had about 12,000 loans. So I owe about 3,000 grand left and always paid it. Now if someone wants to rack out 120,000 at john hopkins why??? Why would you want to put yourself in that much debt. I dont understand that. Why would you want to go to a school that you will learn but its not something you couldn’ learn somewhere else. People make no sense, we are not going to be able to sustain this debt giving illegals our money to win votes. Thats treason in my eyes. This country will have to drain the money from somewhere. Get your guns and watch what you say and never have all of them in one place in case you get into trouble and they try and take them. they literally looking for anyway.
        Hey for the vets out there, I got a message a pamplet from the VA wanting to give me locks for my guns, VA and Obama admin FU!!!!

        • I’m a vet and I also got one of those questionnaires from the VA regarding how many guns I need locks for. Yeah right – right into the trash it went!

          • Proof that they DO think we’re stupid…oh, I need 243,000,000 trigger locks (I’m ordering for everybody).

            Nice try though!

            • @sixpack
              now that was funny

        • Clint–beware–some states are asking you to have a flag and a red ‘V’ on your license to drive.
          Another way to ID vets??
          No way! It’s for the rewards that vets get. 🙁
          Gee, we haven’t gotten any yet.

          • exactly, when I was younger i wanted a personalized plate. Not in these days. I dont want any attention. Been thru that stage and learned real quick. Police will track and follow you just to get an arrest if they can for a driving with too many tickets or whatever. Things are bad and Im in iowa. We dont have stickers for that yet. I know cops are having new systems to tell who it is before they pull you over with data on you. When things get crappy Im going to get some granny plates from another car in a collapse thats the same color and model and use those. Just kidding. but would like too. Anymore tracking us and doing this is getting out of control. I think we are past the point of returning to freedom unless we have something major in america happen. We have to do something.

            • @clint
              man, you need to slow down. your rambling thoughts more or less are correct, but you need to put them together in a straight line. just trying to help you out brother, no offense intended. you remember that saying ‘think before you speak’ (sometimes I have a hard time with it too) but your hard to read. quality, not quantity.

              • DB247 I appreciate that. I try and I understand what you mean and know that i do that. I’m borderline ADD and was tested. Im not good at writing and if I do slow down it would be more clear. No offense I already knew that. I get all over the place. Writing is very hard for me. When in college the professor used to say its so hard to read what I write since I write like how I speak. That is why. ok

      3. Off Topic: Sorry

        As Stalin so rightly said: the Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we hang them. They were lured to Russia by easy profits at the expense of the Russian people, let them pay the price now.

        • What western company makes anything in Russia? Stalin was an idiot. The Russian economy was a joke. The commies lost due to their incredible incompetence and corruption.

          As one article said about selling in Russia:

          Endemic corruption, vested interests opposed to change, intrusive bureaucracy and unreliable rule of law are all well-known barriers to investment and growth,” warned analysts at TroikaDialog in an August report. But the Russian investment bank nonetheless sees WTO membership boosting Russia’s consumer, service and construction sectors.

          Some multinationals remain cautious. Warehouse owner ProLogis Inc, which gave up lucrative opportunities when it pulled out of Russia in 2005, citing legal concerns, has yet to return.

      4. Sorry, I needed to write down my taco bell order so I had to use shtf.

        2 crunchwrap beans (1 no sour cream)
        5 bean burritos
        1 smothered beans
        2 caesadea beans
        2 cheesy potato fiesta
        1 chalupa beans
        1 7 layer burrito beans

        Burger king:

        2 fish


        Large fries

        • Any affordable bacon?

          • Screw bacon!!!

            • Screw Taco Bell and their mystery meat!

              • ground Fido……no mystery there.


              • I don’t eat taco bell’s shitty/one grade above dog food meat.

                • Taco Bell has rats in their meat….good prep for adjusting taste buds to when SHTF.

          • @braahaahaa

            Looking at your food order, I am led to believe that you are trying to be a suicide bomber. When done eating it, Light a Match at your ass and blow away…now thats braahaahaa.

            Relax I’m just giving you shit, get it, Shit…. braahaahaabraahaahaabraahaahaabraahaahaabraahaahaa

            Okay I’m done now, and thank you for allowing me to be a smartass today at your expense.

            Sincerly, Ghostrighter

            • Don’t make me mad.

      5. Video has lots of good info. In the 70’s, I was in college and borrowed small amount which I paid within five years.

      6. Our economy/country is so screwed. I’m actv dty military, taking night/online courses and my wife is studying for her RN. We have 2 girls, no credit cards, 0 debt and live on a tight budget. My father did 25 years in the navy and by the time he made E6 he was able to buy a nice home, afford two cars and provide for a family of 5 growing boys. I put on E6 last year and its painfully evident that i do not enjoy the same standard of living my patents did not 15 years ago! My wifes afraid that by the time she graduates the medical world will be demolished along with the economy. I tell her that at the very least as an RN she’ll have very valuable skills in a post SHTF world….

        • Thanks for your service to our Country. I too am a vet. Your wife will have awesome skills in any SHTF scenario as you will too – survival skills for you, your wife and 2 girls. Know your skills and use them wisely. Best of luck and thanks again.

          • Another soldier worshipper

        • G19…her skills will be worth more than you can realize right now…People will need basic medical care and RN’s have multiple skills. She will be cherished by those in your community.

        • G19-etc I couldnt agree more with you. she will always be in demand and also at the same time learn a lot of life saving skills and help. Good pay for a decent amout of time put into it. I agree things are out of reach to buy anymore and with us middleclass be crunched to death its only a matter of time before they cant take anymore from us and have to take from big business and then they will raise prices and further deteriate of the people and what we can afford. Soon government is/will try to take over everything and then its all over new rules and different game. God be with us. Be positive and never get down on the situation. Always make the best with what we have and always believe we can do more to make changes to these assholes.

        • I have a friend who worked in semiconductor industry and had been laid off multiple times.He decided to change careers and got a nursing degree,now he can’t find a job.Also recently broke my leg and had surgery,talked to the student nurse and he said the nursing jobs are scarce.

          • @nightshiftsucks
            tell your friend to look into elder care, it pays about 60% as well as hospital, but good step in the door to get experience and a paycheck.

        • GT19 — A suggestion for your wife — I’ve been in just over 20 yrs now & working in an Air Force ROTC Detachment at a university. Depending on her age & whatnot, she can become an officer in the Nurse Corps — I believe she can be up to 35 yrs old to enter. There are a couple of paths to this — one is the NECP program (Nurse Education & Commissioning Program) and the other one she can contact a recruiter . They have medical specific recruiters. Could be a really sweet deal for you guys. Just a thought. Nursing is a wonderful skill & I agree with the other poster that your community will love her. Thanks for your service 🙂

      7. If you think education is expensive. Just try the price of ignorance….

        • Are you saying those without a college degree are ignorant?

          • Many with degrees look down on people without one. I see it all over. Some turds think they’re special because they played beer pong (either on borrowed money or at their parents’ expense) and warmed seats in some university. They really get pissed when they have to pay some knuckle dragger like me $75/hr to fix their brakes.

            • Hey. At the University of Idaho I was a master at Beer Bongs. Food Fight !!!!!!!

            • Louis XIV, I’ve been on the receiving end of what you’re talking about. I still see it all over. I try to avoid such people. they really are egotistical. when they play that class-warfare card against me, things start getting somewhat “interesting”, if you get my drift. I can’t stand such people. they may be loaded with book sense, but they don’t have one bit of common sense. common sense wins out over book sense any day.

              • I’m glad I have both. Common sense is worth more, but book learning is good to have. Also, for a lot of things, it’s just as good to know where to look something up as to have it stashed in your head. When I was in college, someone was reciting the list of governors of NC. I told them, why memorize something like that? I can always look it up in a book.

              • Hi dumbass brave. I will look you up next time I need a computer, surgery, jet, or any other book learning profession. Your common sense has gotten you to the point where you don’t qualify for a loan and have a bug out location that belongs to someone else. You are not self sufficient, in fact you are a old drunk sponge.

                • @urban dog
                  really? you have no idea what your talking about. 1braveheart has taught me a lot just by reading his posts. he may be short tempered at times, but he would be welcomed and offered a beer in my home.

                • Urban Dog, you dildo, long time no hear from. How you been? So I can’t get any kind of loan, that’s fine, I don’t need it. So what if I don’t have my own BOL yet? At least I’ll be going to a place where there’s people I KNOW AND TRUST. True, I’m not 100% self-sufficient, but I’m not a drunk. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since 1982. Believe whatever you want; I don’t give a shit. BTW, don’t come to me looking for anything. I don’t have anything but CONTEMPT for trolls. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • doctor had his toilet plug up on a sat. night. the plumber come over and fixed it, and charged 125.00. doc says I’m a doctor and don’t make that much money. the plumber said neither did I when I was a doctor.

              • Good one, makes one wonder…

        • @ugly
          I never really went to the ‘higher education level’ mostly stuck with tech schools, but even there I encountered something interesting.
          economics 101.
          had a teacher in his early to mid thirty’s or so, teaching us how to become wealthy, invest, how the stock market works, and so on..
          I was about the ripe age of 17 (at the time) asked him a question.
          “if you know how to become rich, why are you teaching us degenerates how to do so, why aren’t you out on your yacht somewhere?”
          first he was surprised, then pissed, but never gave me an answer.
          when I was in 6th grade I described in detail how a internal combustion chamber motor worked, and got a ‘D’ on my report because I spelled engine without the e at the end.
          I learned early on that it’s all crap. I mean really, a student understands how a motor works, and give them an unsatisfactory grade because of spelling… really?
          since then, I’ve retired at age 42, owe nothing, and have almost all I need (still working on some preps)
          education isn’t about learning anymore, its about what everyone else can recite that they were just told. it’s just wrong.

          • db427.

            Unions and liberals have destroyed today’s education in America. In the past, it was ‘reading’, ‘writing’, ‘arithmatic’, some forms of ‘science’, and usually an ‘art’ such as music. In college, I remember that many of us ‘aggie’ majors were looked down upon as peasants, or ‘why would you get a degree in that?’ type of questions. I was asked many times by others in ‘what can you do with your degree in Ag?’

            Ignorance is bliss, right?

            Just 60 years ago, most High School students had better skills in math and science than today’s college graduates.

            Education is necessary. I never said it started and stopped at the collegiate levels.

        • The public library is a free resource & is a treasure trove of learning materials. No need to go to college to become educated necessarily. Lots of freebies on the internet as well.

        • My daughter graduated from BC with two degrees in nothing. She did learn how to be a screaming liberal though. Luckily she only has 20G in loans. We just tried to do better for our kids. not so sure BC helped.

        • Yes, ignorance is expensive. But formal (college) education is not the answer. Just being intelligent enough to understand what’s going on provides a lot of education.

      8. In this day and age of computers and multimedia. The cost for education should be going down. But we live in education cartel.

        Not saying you could learn to be a Doctor and do surgery all by your lonesome. But most of the education before the hands on can be done.

        • College is a Racket, so is income taxes, insurance, but the biggest is the history of the world is THE FEDERAL RESERVE……

      9. But kids love bubbles.

        Till they burst.

      10. You will be needing a idiot degree ,oh i mean a college degree to work in the fast food industry. it has already happened on the east coast. does,nt someone need a brown nose degree before a college degree to make it anywhere in this evil greedy society

        • The Red Queen fears the “Page”.

          • yawn .

            • Why don’t you two idiots just get a room, some KY gel, and Barry White CD’s and leave the rest of us alone. Dig?

              • WOW !!!

                sounds like you’ve done this more than a few times @e-sinner .

                ;0p slurp

                hopefully Father Benedict warmed you up properly , was gentle with you the first couple of times behind the confessional on Sunday mornings .


      11. My passion was always sailing, since I was a kid…
        In my early 30’s I thru caution to the wind, literally, and never looked back… I was the go to guy wherever I was and I was never out of work…My Father and the Military taught me the basics and the rest I learned on the fly…
        I would take various courses to get the books for the business end of things…For the technical I would just buy the books outright and teach myself what I didn’t already know. I’ve amassed a nice reference library…

      12. The cyber warfare over the Crimea conflict may be expanding. I was just now unable to access the Russian site RIA NOVOSTI.

        • @maud, That is interesting. Expect to see a lot of carefully choreographed news and info coming out of Russia. I’ve been watching their news shows and it is all designed to show their propaganda. This is what many at this site do not understand. They are not playing by the rules, they are playing to win, and they are playing for KEEPS. With great due respect to Be Informed, you cannot compare the West with the Russians or the Chinese or Al Qaida. It is apples and oranges. It has been said,

          Truth is one of the first casualties in war. I would think folks here would be more alert to the smells of a dead rat than your average person on the street. We must be vigilant about what is going on outside our country and inside our country. Those who want to enslave us never sleep as they tirelessly plot and scheme to take away our powers, rigts, freedoms, and rights to self determination.

          • laeagle, I agree that the Russians put out their version of propaganda. Are you aware that the Globalists paid for the coup in Ukraine? We put out some pretty heavy propaganda also. The poor Ukrainians aren’t going to be free no matter who prevails. This isn’t about their freedom. It’s about pipelines and who gets the money.

            • Yes it is, Maudy. There’s too much information out there to think otherwise.

            • Maudy, I am aware of help being funneled in to the Ukrainians but I am not sure what is meant by ‘globalists’. I do not believe that the Ukrainians did not initiate the overthrow of a very corrupt prime minister and Russian leaning government bought and paid for by Putin. The CIA and the Dept of State may have helped but the demonstrations were home grown and spontaneous by people who loved their country and freedom more than life. To say otherwise is to deny the Ukrainians their fundamental rights to self determination and freedom from oppression and tyranny. The Russians do not have the right to invade a sovereign country And ride rough shod over them. I agree the pipelines do complicate the picture, but, it is still their country, and all countries concerned need to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. The Black Sea fleet is another issue and the Russians are welcome to negotiate with the Ukrainians but not to invade their country and threaten them with force of arms. It is hard for me to understand how so many here think the Russians are justified in taking over Ukraine. I am baffled and disappointed.

          • My only question is, will that news be “carefully choreographed” coming out of Russia, or coming in to the U.S. and abroad? It’s not like our govt wouldn’t throw a wrench in our incoming foreign news…

            • Putin vs Barry is like watching two old toothless drunk whores fighting in mud over the last rubber. No matter who wins, it’s not going to be pretty.

          • @ laeagle. Territory is a very interesting concept with humans and most life forms. Russia was given a promise by the U.S. and the western European countries NOT to expand eastward to the Russian borders during the 1990’s dissolving of the USSR. This like so many promises in the past the U.S. broke. Just ask any American Indian about the U.S. government and promises not kept. This is perhaps where the term Indian giver came into being.

            Russia has very little access to warm water ports. The Black Sea and Syria is basically all they have. The U.S. like China has vast miles of coastline. Not to say that Putin doesn’t want to re-establish the old terrible USSR with countries such as Poland, Hungary, etc. as chess pawns and buffer satellite states. Pushing Russia right to their borders is absolute insanity and will get the human civilization wiped out. It just isn’t worth it.

            Can I trust the U.S. government? NO, I wish I could, but I would be lying if I said I could. Apples and oranges comparison it really isn’t because it is all imperialistic. The U.S. has 150+ air bases around the world and part of NATO. The organization of NATO was for one purpose only, to be a counterbalance against the Soviets. NATO continued to expand after the collapse of the USSR, why? Because Russia and now China stands in the way in the dominance of the planet for the U.S. This is the way empires work. Russia and China are the same way if given the opportunity. I guess the real problem is human nature and the need to conquer and enslave those below them.

            Anyone, there have been many more precursor quakes. This is pointing to the Nazca plate just like the two 6 pointer shows in Peru today. It also shows that in the past every single one of the past 20 earthquakes on these outer plates has had an Australian plate hit, some very large. The Indian area is the northeastern plate in a struggling match with the Asian plate. They call this the Indian plate, but it is really the Australian plate. I see a more likely large quake east from east Indonesia to Tonga/Samoa, but really the whole Australian plate is in very grave danger of something huge from west to east, from Pakistan and Iran east. I would tell your friends in India to be on alert, till at least March 25. It is intense what is going on right now on the plates.

            • BI; I know you do not discuss ‘religion’ much, but I have to ask you this:
              Why did GOD deed the area from the Med. Sea to Iran, then south to Egypt up to Turkey to the (Abraham and decendents)Isrealites? I guess I am saying why out of thousands of tribes, why this one and in a place where GOD intends to land Heaven? I know that is a deep question, but it does boil down to “who owns what?” Just wondering what you thought on the subject?

      13. I didn’t go to college because I couldn’t get a pell grant to pay for it. I was determined NOT to get a student loan and go in debt for 6 figures. Pell grants are only for minority groups. Research it for yourself before red-thumbing me. It’s true.

        • I used the GI Bill and I didn’t owe a dime after college.

          • I was a terrible student in High School and College. I had no grants or scholarships but still paid my way thru Student Loans and work. I finished with a BS Degree in Agriculture from the University of Idaho with a GPA of 2.18

            Later went to graduate school and had to pay my way there too. I was on probation due to GPA. But eventually made it. All of my loans I paid back and was thankful.

            It can be done if someone wants to. Where there is a will there is a way….

            But my buddies that dropped out of high school and never went to college are wealthier than me. They worked hard all their lives and learned to save. Some bought silver. They did great and I am proud of them….

            • proud of you UGLY. I was in the same boat. I had some loans and didnt have the highest degree scores hada 2.2GPA but always took very hard courses. And my friends saved and opened bars and other businesses and did rather well. I need the degree for the job I have now but have no benefits and make decent money. I got all the ammo I need and not going to give that away for nothing, especially to this damn government or police. Sure my spelling sucks and sorry about that but just trying to get my point across fast as I can,

              • Sorry folks reading this, I will try and write more clear and not ramble. I didn’t mean to say I don’t care about my spelling. It was right before I went to bed and was pissed off about what’s going on around the country anymore and the world.

                • Its cool Clint!…most of us here experience similar episodes of frustration/anger, per the ongoing destruction of our civilization..& the deliberate sabotaging of our children’s/grand-children’s future.

                  ..that’s why, come payback time..the enemy is in for some serious shit!!!!

          • Oh, I paid for your school.

            • No you didn’t. Not one red zinc cent of yours went to my education. Now please take your geritol that I paid for….

        • Why would you want a pell grant???? They are handouts from the government regardless of who gets them. Why didn’t you just work your way through college like most people? Most people don’t get student loans. Look it up if you can.

        • You are NOT correct. The Pell grant is not based on ethnicity…it takes into account income, savings, number in household and number in college, and a few other pertinent financial pieces. The formula attempts to gauge who needs financial assistance and an EFC (effective family contribution) is assigned which determines how much help the student will receive. It is important to provide correct information on how this grant works so people will apply for it each year. Unfortunately, many people make assumptions that they will not qualify for whatever reason they have been told by friends or assume….and they miss out on the grant and all other assistance that uses this form to determine other aid such as state and college grants and scholarships and even federal student loans. Everyone that will attend college should complete this form each year early in the spring prior to the start of college in the fall.

          You are right about many things that you have posted, but on this one item, you have made a misstatement that could cause others to miss out on valuable help.

        • Pell grants got me through 3 years of school. Otherwise, I would not have been able to go. I’m not a minority.

        • Think if you let me in you will have 3 whole comment posters.

          • ;0p

            • Nina the faggot.

              • huh ???

                Definition of a faggot –

                Faggot (unit), archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks .

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                Stick and Stones may break my bones , but you’re still a silly lil’ gurl .

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              • kalista sounds like a troll. that’s all we need.

              • Kalista, take your trolling ass somewhere else.

          • Or this…
            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´

      14. …..____________________ , ,__
        ……/ `—___________—-_____] – – – – – – – – ░ ▒▓▓█D
        …..), —.(_(__) /
        ….// (..) ), —-”
        .//___// ~~~~~~ When words alone are not enough ~~~~~~~~~~

        • Or this…
          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´

          • Bad move JJ. You post about God and prayer, quote Scripture,
            then something like that!! HOT or COLD?? Pick one.
            You know the Scripture I’m referring to.

            • ‘Before you remove the speck from someone’s eye, be sure to remove the log out of your own eye first (paraphrase).

              was that the one?

            • I didn’t know there was a scripture that says we can’t hold up only one finger at a time—where is it in your book, please?

              • It’s about being hot or cold, not lukewarm.

                • My body temp is the usual 98.6. I’d only be “cold” if I was freezing to death, or “hot” if I had been out in the sun too long.

                  What does that have to do with holding up one finger?

                  • Revelation 3:16

                    So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


              • Since you asked. . . this is covered under the command to abstain from “coarse joking” in Ephesians 5:3-4, unless it truly is a sexual invitation than it’s covered lots of places.

                • You are correct pastor. I was referring to Revelation 3:16 to be more specific. The Father deeply loves JJ and wants to hover over her, her house and husband in the very difficult days ahead. Posting things like the above hinder his Spirit from doing so. He truly desires to protect her and keep her from harm.
                  Seek Him……..

                • Thanks PP, that is indeed what I asked for. And to “THE 5” red thumbers, I’m not finx. You won’t run me anywhere with red thumbs. Save your energy for the REAL villains.

      15. Who is going to get bailed out. Who is going to pay.

      16. Last post for tonight, gotta go help an old friend move tomorrow, and everyone knows how MUCH we LOVE to help others move, I am getting to old to be volunteered to do this kind of stuff, but if you own a truck….

        If you take 1 minute to read this prayer, imagine
        how many prayers are going up for our country.

        Hi Lord, it’s me.
        We are getting older and things are getting …bad here.
        Gas prices are too high, no jobs, so much corruption, food and
        heating costs too high. We’ve lost the way. I know you were
        taken out of our schools, government and even Christmas,
        but Lord I’m asking you to come back and re-bless America .

        We really need you! Badly.
        Look there are more of us who want you than those who don’t!

        Thank You Lord, I Love You.

        “Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil – it has no point.”

        • That is why I have bumper sticker that says–

          Yes this is My Truck. No I will not help you move.

          A better prayer for USA is in 2-Chronicles 7:14

          • If you knew the situation this girl is in, you would go out of you way to help, but I know what you mean…

            • Of course I would. I loan my truck or offer to help and use my truck when needed. I do it all the time. I still like the bumper sticker though.

              • HEY guys , this is excactly the reason i never wash my truck.
                NOBODY , not even my brother in law , wants to put their belongings in my truck 🙂
                Never having to say no , priceless.

                • Having a pickup is like being single and having a two bedroom apartment. Suddenlu, everybody who wants to move is your buddy or gets kicked out by their wife.

                  • It is like going fishing with a non-drinker. Suddenly, you find out he does drink beer and he takes all of yours….

              • I need a bumper sticker that reads:

                “Dr. Kevorkian for White House physician”

                • A dead doctor? By the way, that joke is crusty.

          • Here’s the full context of the verse:

            (2 Chr 7:11-14 NIV) When Solomon had finished the temple of the LORD and the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do in the temple of the LORD and in his own palace, {12} the LORD appeared to him at night and said: “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices. {13} “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, {14} if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

            If you’re a Christian you have no need to repent. Americans aren’t God’s people. Americans aren’t called by God’s name. God made no covenant with America. God has yet to punish America for the murder of 55 million unborn children. Even if the wicked people in America repent there’s no guarantee that God will do for America what he promised to do for Israel before the coming of Christ.

            • Every Christian has repented at least once:
              The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.” – Acts 17:30-31

              Testifying both to Jews and to Greeks of repentance toward God and of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. – Acts 20:21

        • That is perfect and really took heart to that. You could of not said that more perfect. Tonight we didnt have any jackasses on here and people really opening up. We need that and we have to start getting ready(you know what Im saying) I would do the same for my friends. I would have 1 to 2 do the same for me and thats about it. Great Prayer and that really means a lot. Have a good night

        • eppe:

          I prayed.

        • Epee, thanks. Indeed that prayer. This country sorely needs that prayer. Thanks. Love your anecdotes. Keep up the good work, including helping your friend move. What you do for others will never go unrewarded. There is a blessing attached even to a cup of water.

          • I think it’s too late for America just like it was too late for Israel during the time of Ezekiel:

            (Ezek 14:13-18 NIV) “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its men and their animals, {14} even if these three men–Noah, Daniel and Job–were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign LORD. {15} “Or if I send wild beasts through that country and they leave it childless and it becomes desolate so that no one can pass through it because of the beasts, {16} as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate. {17} “Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, ‘Let the sword pass throughout the land,’ and I kill its men and their animals, {18} as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved.

            • Try reading Psalm 103 1-6…that gives hope…paraphrased, it means “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do.”

          • Thanks, I wound up moving the ‘houseplants’, some were in clay pots and weighing 150+ pounds. Whipped my butt badly.
            But it did make for a good sleep, hurting hips and knees. Which brings up the question of being fit. We all need to get in shape for what will come. We all need prayer for what is to come, but being ‘well rounded’ is the goal of a a true PREPPER….

            ‘LIFE’ THOUGHTS BY ‘DUCKY’

            I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with ‘Guess’ on it.
            So I said ‘Implants?’ She hit me.

            Marriage changes passion.
            Suddenly you’re in bed with a relative.

            Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can’t even get into my own pants.

            How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America ?

            When I was young we used to go ‘skinny dipping,’ now I just ‘chunky dunk.’

            I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place!

            Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ and start all over? AMEN, AMEN!

            Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

            Wouldn’t you know it….
            Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever.

            Why is it that our children can’t read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?
            A completely brilliant question!!!!!!!

            Bumper sticker of the year:
            ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher –
            and, since it’s in English, thank a soldier’

            Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside?
            Another completely brilliant question!!!!

            And remember:
            Life is like a roll of toilet paper.
            The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

      17. Time to top off the diesel bulk tank. $3.75 here. Road tax.

        • Super unleaded, 4.45 at the Chevron jobber i buy from.

          • $3.25 in southern Ky.

            • Real trucks burn diesel.

              • Yea well when someone gives me the bread for one ill go get one, till then ill be drivin my 96F350 4×4 with that guzzler 460

                • Damn……6 mpg?

                  • more like 6 gallons per mile…

                • my 94 ranger is so dirty and old and gutless that when I have someone even riding along , all they do is complain! Hey , its 4 cylinder, so it dont burn a whole lot of gas. Of course some would say it isnt a truck! OK, its not!

                  • My 92 Ranger doesn’t look very good, but it can haul ass.

                • That is a gas guzzler. That is why my F250 with a 460 usually sits. It has two gas tanks–AM and PM.

              • Another hillbilly with one of those obnoxious desiel pick ups.

        • I know someone who heats with diesel,amazing how much he goes thru in summer,of course cheaper with no road tax.On a side note he does have a diesel truck,hmmmm……

      18. War by next week? Maybe. Get last minute stuff this weekend. Don’t delay.

        • Steak on Tuesday?

      19. As I have gone way back into past comments, I ran across one that said to the effect. In this next World War not one country will be free from the fighting, there will be no NEUTRALITY in this one, not one. I for one believe that statement. The whole world will be involved. Things are looking grim right now for all of us. No matter what happens STAND TALL.

        • Thanks for a very informative documentary Crush the Street!

      20. Russia Paradrops Airborne Battalion in Arctic

        KOTELNY ISLAND, March 14 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Airborne Troops on Thursday paradropped a 350-strong battalion at a landing site on the New Siberian Islands in the Arctic as part of ongoing (military drill)?


        • Are they preparing to invade ALASKA? sorry, I’m in a sarcastic mood this morning, but seriously. why would they need to do this? Is it hunting season yet? I’ve always wanted to hunt big game. Alaska has good game.

          • nopity: Just a drill like they said or just pre-staging for down the road. Who knows just a heads up on intell.

            • A buddy sent me an article two weeks ago on how the Chinese are laying plans for a short quick war with Japan over the island between those two Nations.

              Maybe all hell is about to break loose in Korea, the Sea of Japan, Alaska, and the Ukraine all at once. Hell, Iran might even invade south towards Saudi Arabia?

            • With all that’s happening, don’t believe it’s a drill, unless they are posturing to back BO into a corner.

          • So does DC.

      21. I’m going back to college for a business management degree. I already have a great job, but want some back-up education. Maybe someday I’ll want to open a business or manage a business when I am retired. The company will tuition reimburse me up to $5,250 a year as long as I get a “C” or better. I am limited in my choice of majors to what is offered at night and weekend college…and…it must be business related.

      22. College debt bubble. More like Dollar death. Who cares about college debt.

      23. And this ladies and gents, is why I’m using my post 9/11 GI Bill to attend Vocational Nursing, 1. I’m not going to be saddled with debt up the ass, (with the post 9/11, hell I’ll actually be makon money for some preps if i budget it all right..) and 2. Healthcare is always a useful skill for shtf

        • It’s not vocational rehab is it for vocational nursing? If you are disabled you can see the voc/rehab at the VA office in your town and they pay 100 percent books tuition and also you get the GI bill on top of that plus they give you allowance of approx 550 a month to live on. Check it out if you are 30 percent disabled but they will give it to you, if you are even 10 percent if you can give them a good reason why. Just trying to help

          • Thanks for the tip, I’m aware of voc rehab, but you need to have a percentage established, I’m still waiting for mine. Its been ~5 months since i got out, and knowing the VA, im still going to be waiting a while.

        • I considered nursing, but my concern is the gov’ment will eventually mandate a lower wage to keep healthcare costs down…and then when people stop pursuing that career and those in it start leaving in droves….the gov’ment will then mandate those with nursing and medical skills be REQUIRED to work. If the USA gets involved in a decent size war (which isn’t that far-fetched anymore) the gov’ment could also force medical personnel to work, as well.

          • Leslie, I hear what your’re saying, but in some areas, theres a backlog/waiting list for nursong school up to 2 years after you qualify and get accepted. I was lucky enough to go to a private/propriety nursing school. Knowing this, its safe to say there shouldnt be any shortage of nurses anytime soon, as a lot of nurses had their ‘retirement accounts’ wiped too, which prevents older ones from leaving the career field. In my honest opinion, with All those executive orders abound, it doesnt matter if you have a skill or preps, if they wanted to make a move they’d do so. Having an invaluable skillset at least would mean exactly that, value. Toss in Good old fashioned Army warfighting/small unit tactics, and a military intel background…I’d say that sweetens the pot a bit more.

          • who would study medicine, yet not want to help the sick and injured? I’d rather stitch up wounds, than pluck chickens—I really hate that…

            • Sixpack, I hear you, the good thing about nursing and nurse practitioners (ultimate goal) is that they take the holistic approach with treatment. If a patient comes in with something that seems to work, we’d be inclined to go with that approach if thats what they want..unlinke some doctors I’ve seen. Its a good feeling to help people, thats personally what we all as preppers should try to do. Maybe not straight out say ‘I’m a prepper’, but get the conversations and gears moving. like most on the forum say, engage your fellows or be enslaved by them.

            • Helping others is one thing. Being forced to do medical work by the gov’ment simply because I had the knowledge is another. I don’t like the direction the country is heading and it’s not a far stretch to believe if the gov’ment needed medical workers they would force people with medical training to do their bidding.

              • Leslie Anne.

                Ditch digging too!

      24. Two of my sister’s kids are attending the University of New Hampshire and paying out-of-state tuition to the tune of $30,000.00+ per year. She and the kids are in debt up to their collective eyeballs; my sister has remortgaged her house twice. I just found out this week that another of my sisters has been helping dipshit sister pay her bills. All so the two brats can have worthless pieces of paper claiming they have business degrees and the necessary competency, which I know is not the case.

        We wonder why this country is swirling in the proverbial toilet!

        • @slappy
          good news slappy, (in one year from now) your sister will be showing up at your house with your other 2 new roommates in tow. they will get to tell you how unfair everything is, and give you advice in how you should invest your money. I know you’ll listen to them, because they are so much smarter than you with that degree.
          just priceless: going broke to learn about business.
          they all just flunked the course of reality.

          • Scary…….ain’t it?!

        • UNH sucks, I know, I went there, also on out-of-state tuition. All UNH taught me was that universities are not there to teach, they are there to make money.

      25. I think the school districts are the same as municipalities when it comes to state and federal money. If you don’t spend it all, then next year you get less from Uncle Sugar. The system is designed to spend more and more every year. In Chicago, they pay “students” to show up for school on the first day of the semester. Because the amount of money they get from taxpayers is determined by the number of kids registered on the first day of the school year. Then the schools end up with a pretty bad “truancy” record. Why? Because many of the students showing up for the free money on day one aren’t really students. They get the money and you never see them again. You just gotta love the Chicago Way. Professional thieves.

        • I read universities were enrolling street people–why??
          Because the loans/tuitions were govt. paid–we, the taxpayer, at that time.

          • Very true, especially the on-line schools. It is epidemic.

      26. It amazes me that such value is put on college degrees when it’s degrees like Art History, Fashion Design, Music, etc. that really have ZERO value.
        Garbage in, garbage out.
        We have potentially millions of blue collar work positions like machinists that cannot be filled because our worthless progeny are “finding themselves” and “keeping up with the Kardashians” that can’t figure out when your bill is $7.29 and you hand over 1-$10 and 3-$1 so you give up your $1’s to get give to them so you get a $5 back and change, they look at you like a laptop that just crashed or with that stupid Homer blink.
        We’re investing in degrees of unemployment.

        Basic math and a little algebra, Catcher in the Rye and Captains Courageous, kickball and baseball for spatial training, and dodgeball so the kid can take some well needed shots to the face and learn you can shrug it off and I think everything will straighten out itself.

        For the up and coming generation – “You’re gonna be the death of all of us. You cry too easily, think all work is hard work, think reality television is real, think anyone who disagrees with you is a “hater” and you can’t wipe your own ass so why should I think you’ll be a good choice to take care of me when I’m old.”

        I didn’t think the end of days would be due to general stupidity.

      27. There are so many people going to four year college that the the system is top heavy and the degree is almost worthless in some cases. Schools need to be more selective. If any body can get a four year degree, then its value is lessen. Some people have a four year degree and it is a waste. Not everybody needs a four year degree to be successful in life.

        Many of the young people I speak with I encourage going to a community college and learn a person trade. A person trade would be have the skills that the public needs. Plumbers, Electrical work of all types, welding, nursing, brick laying, auto repair, computer repair etc…..

        If a person who has the ability to do those types of tasks, they can make the income near that of a person with a four year degree. The issue is, some of these tasks will get you dirty.

        Every body be careful……..

        • I was born dirty, and when I die, they’ll either shovel dirt on me or clean me out of an ash pan…I’ll go out the same way I came in.

          • sixpack-

            Going out, the same way you came into this world means:

            ..fighting/struggling & kicking & screaming…& covered in someone else’s BLOOD!!!

            • Agreed.

        • I say do both,night school a class or two a session and work days towards learning a trade,a longer path to a degree(pun intended!)but if both a trade and degree do not cover you well,hope that you are a good hunter/fisher/gardener/farmer.

      28. Haven’t bothered to read the article but don’t need to.

        Bottom line:

        Our once great colleges and universities are teeming with halfwits who are not even close to being “college material.” They are dragging down and hindering the excellence of fellow students who are bright but immature and lack the fortitude to stay away from the losers.

        These worthless losers are walking the sidewalks of college campuses across the U.S. for one reason and one reason only: college loan money availability.

        The colleges and universities have long since become reprehensibly greedy in taking the money of anyone they can possibly admit without jeopardizing their academic accreditation. Among other remedies, it is high time for the accrediting associations to bring the hammer down and yank accreditations for every single college and university that allows enrollment, or continued enrollment, of students who cannot pass their classes and cannot progress in their major in accordance with a higher set of standards than what now exists.

        A “D” should not be a passing grade for transcript credit for any accredited college or university. Failing a course more than twice should be grounds for academic probation, leading within one additional semester/quarter to expulsion. No compromises. No negotiation.

        Furthermore, it is now such common knowledge that even the mainstream media is reporting on the high number of college students who take out college loans for anything BUT college tuition. There are many, many, many worthless halfwits taking out tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer-supported loans and using the money to live a midde-class lifestyle while barely making an effort to attend classes or study. Certainly, eventually they have to either graduate with all C’s and D’s and try to get a job with those grades, which will be all but impossible, or drop out and deal with their loans, but in the meantime, they are drastically damaging the quality of the education that is being delivered for the bright students.

        It’s time to return our colleges and universities to a standard that allows in only those who prove that they are intellectually and academically qualified.

        Enough is enough.

        • Academics acredit themselves. No potential for abuse there.

      29. I can tell you that when I was working on my Nurse Anesthesia Certificate, they had just changed the laws under bush, created a loan ‘guarantee’ so that you could borrow every single penny of tuition, etc as an unsubsidized loan. As a result I saw college tuition skyrocket in just 29 months. And it has gone on. If the colleges know the fed will loan the money no matter the cost, they WILL and DID raise tuition. I am fortunate they did this, because I gave up an $80K salary to educate and train to become an anesthetist. I had to replace that salary as I had a husband and three children. So I did it through student loans.

        If any of you have children/spouses with student loans, I just learned this when I refi’d my two highest interested. The GOVT mandates that Salli Mae put payments to highest interest loans FIRST. I did not know this and they’ve screwed me for interest for 8 years now. When I payed off with the refi, they distributed my payoff across all loans, not just on the 2 high interest ones. When I called the service center all I asked was if they knew they were breaking federal law by applying that payoff to all loans, and not the ones whose loan numbers were onthe check? It took them less than 2 minutes to fix the problem. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Please spread the word. I’m sure folks with thousands of dollars in loans would love to know this. the longer you are in school without a job and the more debt you amass, the higher the interest rate goes on each subsequent loan.

        Peace Out.

        • while japan fiddles, the world BURNS!

        • D batteries are a deal breaker. Get a Goal Zero rechargeable/crank lantern for about 40 at Amazon. Easily adapted to disposable AA batteries if you want.

          • Or solar battery charger?? 🙂

        • Was at SAMs today…25# sugar on sale for $10.73. That three dollars cheaper than usual.

          • Stock up on afew bags.
            Ya never know when you may need to “cook oats” .

      30. today’s history lesson

        a very sobering read

        A Hard Rain Fell on the Soul: An Afghanistan Vets Story


        “In the following diary, I’ve attempted to bare my soul, in a cathartic attempt to share what it is to be a veteran in america. This is my own experience. There are points in this diary that are hard and brutal and detailed in such a way that it deserves a warning to those who suffer from PTSD. There are things in this diary that may be triggers to you.”

      31. Agreed that education is a money racket these days. I’d even call it obcene the amount of burden we’re placing on new graduates. And God can you imagine going to school for a high power career and FAILING? Not everyone makes the cut for their career of choice. And if they don’t their lives are basically over.

        That said, I don’t think the govt getting out of student loans will fix it. If the banks didn’t simply take over that role, the education system would collapse under the weight of all those high paid professors and expensive facilities that they can no longer afford.

        I’ve said it before. Communism and capitalism have the exact same flaw. People.

        • WE are not placing anything on new grads. They bought the lie, and borrowed a middle class lifestyle. I want them to be debt slaves for life if that’s what it takes for them to pay it all back. The next generation will learn. Who says you get to decide what job you work just because you sit in some pervert’s classroom? Let the universities go dark. They resemble country clubs. HKU

          • Uh huh. Go to Benny’s Autobody next time you need a triple bypass.

            You can’t penalize the students for wanting a white collar trade. Society can’t function if everyone is a welder.

        • i had a girlfriend i dated a few years ago that went to court-reporter school for 2 or 3 YEARS, and still couldn’t pass the test, so she had a boatload of student loan debt, with no way to pay them back…we might still be together if it wasn’t for that anchor around her/our neck. the training was pretty much worthless for ANY other career field.

        • I like that Satori 🙂

          One of my favorites from John Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart

          “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is men who have come alive.”
          ― Howard Thurman

      32. This is a very important topic. So many people are going to college and coming out with no job, but loads of debt as you pointed out. I have spoken with professors who state college is not what it once was and is more about making money now than helping our young people grow.

      33. I want my bail out….I helped bail the banks, auto manufacturers and many more out! So I want a bail out for the 13K Sallie Mae says I owe her for 6 classes at ITT Tech. That’s right, 6 F’ing classes for 2 quarters, 6-06 to 11-06. That’s all, 6 months, 2 quarters, 6 classes…….13 F’ing thousand dollars.


        • Did they put a gun to your head?Did you not know what you were borrowing,I don’t want to bail out anyone unless personal choice I make.

          • I was very naieve, and it was definitely predatory lending I can say that. But, no there was no gun to my head.

        • Only a dumbass would fall for such a scam, then whine about it and want someone else to pay for it.

          • Yup, I was definitely a dumbass.

      34. It just goes to show that those kids (and their parents) are not smart at all. Anyone who thinks that spending $100,000.00 or more on school – and that includes housing, clothes, spending/fun money – in the hopes of a job is just plain idiotic. The fact that so many kids aren’t working their way through and attempting to maintain their parents’ style/standard of living for themselves while in college is insane. Just a few short years ago, when common sense prevailed, student’s college years were poor years, as were their first years out in the job market (junky car – if at all, few clothes, budget meals, second-hand furniture/housing, etc.).

        • “student’s college years were poor years, as were their first years out in the job market (junky car – if at all, few clothes, budget meals, second-hand furniture/housing, etc.).”—I live like that now…just saying.

          • Same here!!!

      35. Sitting out by firepit, which is still going from last nights fire. Daughter just brought me coffee, and a plate. Two biscuits smothered in sausage gravy with 3 eggs over easy on top…..gotta love the women in my house.

        Getting ready to watch Nascar practice…..go Jr!
        It’s Bristol baby!

      36. Malaysian jet has been found. At the North Pole. Mr. and Mrs. Claus were in first class and ‘jacked the damned thing because there was no more booze in 1st class.

        • Hahahaha. You are funny. That is hysterical. North Pole and Santa joke?

      37. He flew that 777 like a string of reindeer. Up and down, up and down.

        • …does that mean I won’t even get my lumps of coal this year?

          • by krissmuss you might be PRAYIN’ for coal!

            • yep.

      38. In 1958 there was a study on the possible fatalities in the United States during a hypothetical nuclear war. The explosive power totaled 2,500 megatons and the population 175 million persons. They figured that on the first day 42 million people would die.

        By the seventh day 17 million more would die.

        On the fourteenth day there would be a total of 71 million people dead
        and by the sixtieth, 83 million people would have died in the U.S.

        (Remember: the strategy of the time was military targets, now
        we go after large civilian populations, large industrial areas, etc.)
        There would be 25 million injured and 67 million left uninjured.
        Up to 2/3 of the injured would eventually die
        from their injuries. Almost half of the population of the United States would die.

        Take the % of back then and apply it today. Unthinkable!

      39. who needs school when you can learn anything you want from google

        • There you go. The big education lie is over with.

        • I use startpage instead of google. If I use google, it filters my results in strange ways that it somehow thinks I want. Startpage is a gateway to google which aggregates everyone’s queries, so google can’t do the filtering.

          BTW, MIT has a load of free courses, including syllabus, videos, tests, etc. You don’t get a degree, but you can learn the material and test for credit at your local community college.

          • DuckDuckGo another decent/leave you be search engine.The only reason don’t like start is that they use goog,rather not give em any traffic at all,but that’s just me.

          • https://www.coursera.org/
            http://www.open.edu/openlearn/ (this last is UK based).

            All do Uni level courses. No degree but some offer verified credits you can trade for credits at institutions towards a degree.

            MOOCs like those above are perfect for home schoolers. So far we’ve done kitchen science, Solar energy and the solar system as home school projects.

            Any school aged kid notches up a few of the useful industry related verified courses under their belts it will help with getting employer sponsorship for regular college when the time comes, or help swing the first job interview their way.

            For maths look up Khan academy on youtube. Great for refreshing those old grey cells on topics you last covered way back when! It’s especially helpful for engineering/technical topics that are relevant to your prepping projects. (not all of us care about college credits at this stage – we just want the knowledge!).

          • Same here, I love Startpage.

        • Anonymous says:
          Comment ID: 2967511
          March 15, 2014 at 1:15 pm
          who needs school when you can learn anything you want from google

          how do you give someone a thumbs up AND a thumbs down here?
          yes, thanks to the internet, there’s NOTHING you can’t know, but remember what mark twain said…”if you don’t read the internet, you’re UNinformed, if you DO read the internet, you’re MISinformed!”

          • UHHHH…..Mark Twain said what ?

            • wellllll….he said it about newspapers, but it fits even BETTER with the internet….no?

        • Another rabbit hole spin imho..

          These asshats know exactly where the damned flight went..

          Just like every other “mystery” in the last 50 years..they treat us all like mushrooms..

          keep us constantly in the dark and feed us nothing but (bull)shit..

          Can’t wait for the “official” fairy tale at some point..

          Good God this crap never ends…does it Satori?


        • The map on that site shows two USA continents. I thought there was only one, with only 57 states. Are you telling me that we have double that? 114 states now? God dammit, now I have to double my vacations.

          Moochelle, pack the monkey-kids and the bongs, we be going to Tahiti.

        • Wow,they will target fiat currency that will crash irregardless,big fucking deal.We should stay out unless a genocide/democide takes place,then would be cool dropping in supplies to those being slaughtered to fight for their own country,till then,why don’t the US and Russia just stay the fuck out of it!

      40. The education bubble is another of those dangerous malinvestments that spurs on other malinvestments. The growth in over paid teachers, admnstrators etc has spawned more malinvestment because these people in turn went out and bought and borrowed at levels based on their faux incomes.

        When the education bubble bursts their lifestyles and their loans will unravel.

      41. May have to copy and paste links. Pass this around.

        The East Haven one was the one that threated to kick in John Cinques door and takr his guns… actuully said he could not wait to be given the order.

        WARRIOR CLASS 3;

        Public records show this:

        Joseph J Peterson
        111 Borrmann Rd
        East Haven, CT
        Age: 45-49

        Nice place huh? http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/111-Borrmann-Rd-East-Haven-CT-06512/57909210_zpid/

        Was an East Haven Cop before Branford. East Haven just had cops go to jail over violating civil rights.
        They were called “The Bullies with Badges” and he fir right in in that Dept I imagine.

        Here is who he is. ALL public info readily available on the net. Typical Nazi looking cop.

        Now also in CT they had that other one, LT Paul Vance, who told the woman “I am the master” …….remember HIM?
        Yup, that guy. The one who also threatened to jail anyone posting info about Sandy Hook at one point.
        He is also public record and available on many public domain websites, like this one: 411.com where that other Peterson was listed:
        Paul P Vance
        24 Bonna St
        Beacon Falls, CT
        Age: 60-64
        Then just cruise on over to zillow to see his digs:

        Only worth 1/2 a million. Living in squalor, the MASTER is.

        Pass this around like the list of Politicians was passed around. They know where WE are, why not the other way around. It *IS* publicly available info after all.

        I’ve written to both and expressed my disappointment in them and the system.

        Maybe 50,000 people should do the same.

        This info was form 411.com and Zillow.com

        • Thanks neer,good information and folks should be if they can doing this on a regular basis as fair is fair.Just please,if you decide to protest at a home of politician/cop ect. double check all the information first.Tis bad enuff cops fuck up raids on a regular basis address wise and kill folks/pets and terrorize neighborhoods,when protesting you do not want to be the same kind of douche though of course the costs are at least not deadly.

          • not as deadly? PFFT!….cops kill US all the time. why not in the cops front yard, for “threatening him” or “assaulting him” or fill in the friggin’ blank…..shoot first and ask questions NEVER….even if it’s on film. he would still have his job!

      42. let me give all you Prepper’s a life lesson….

        Never Stop Learning.

        That is one of the keys to Life.

      43. A fool and his money are soon parted

        There’s sucker born every minute

        If you like your student loan..you can keep your student loan…plus interest..

        Another massive ponzi scheme perpetrated upon the government educated proles to further the debt slave mentality on a but a mere promise of future prosperity..

        This whole system is a scam…always was..always will be.

        Just another technological version of the ancient feudal system…

        The American dream….buy into debt buy into debt..then we’ll even tax your sorry ass when you die should you have the unmitigated gall to accumulate some actual wealth for your heirs..


        • Yup, just another step toward Agenda 21. Make sure the kids coming out of college have so much debt that they cannot afford to buy a house in the country or ‘burbs, and have to live in shitty little apartments in the city to be able to pay their loans back.

        • Thank you Satori.

      44. Huge college debts are another way to turn people into debt slaves and crash the economy. It used to be if you graduated college you didn’t have student loan debt. Maybe you started working at the equivalent of $35,000 a year and you had money to buy things. College graduates, even if they have jobs, don’t have money to buy things.

        On another subject, high schools used to teach Latin and Greek. Now colleges teach remedial English and Math.

        • How true your comments are on the curriculum Barn Cat. This was a KEY reason behind my choice to homeschool, beyond wanting my child out from the constant indoctrination. I need him to have received what I call a basic, balanced education where he has learned HOW to learn to a reasonable level before I can say my job is done as a parent.

          Classicists make some of the best computer programmers because of the training their mind has received while learning the seemingly dead language of Latin. It’s interesting to note that elite schools (Eton & harrow for the UK) still teach subjects that are considered by the state sector to be obsolete. A solid grounding in arithmetic and knowledge of classical literature are two other areas that seem to have been dropped from gubbermint skools in recent decades.

          Many leaders do a course in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford Uni on BOTH sides of the Atlantic (Clinton was one such Rhodes scholar). (PPE).

          Anyone who is saying that the educational curriculum is an equal one across all social classes is a fool.

      45. It makes one sick to their stomach at how inept, over their head, totally ignorant of what could happen to this country, do to their CHICAGO POLITICS WAYS, they just flatly think they can bully their way through. In this world, that dog doesn’t hunt; their way has put this country at the highest risk in our HISTORY of total destruction. Russia or China can destroy this country in 30 minutes, but will they, YES in their best interests; in a heartbeat, with no second guess’ or thoughts. All these clowns running (?) this country have to be sent down the road NOW not latter or we will be holding our love ones hand saying I love you and see you on the other side as the mushroom clouds blot out the sunshine. If you don’t think so well so be it. River- Rat; just standing on the bank thinking out loud. Be safe my friends.

        • It is a knife fight in a phone booth: we are making a big mistake thinking Russia and China won’t fight. The country is not prepared for such an endeavor and the population is dumber than a bag of hammers.

          This isn’t the population that fought WWII: people are not mobilized or aware.

          It smells of a set up: like it is all by design.

      46. Some advice for the students out there: back in the 90s I decided to take an extra degree: It would cost, but I thought it would improve my job prospects. And it did, but not in the way I thought. I started the degree and paid the year’s tuition. It was definitely worthwhile and I enjoyed the courses and definitely learned a lot more in my field (and the babes in the classes were eye-wateringly luscious). But here is the interesting thing: I faced a choice. I was offered a job 3/4 of the way through the first year and it was a great job. They were recruiting people from the university directly. I took the job and dropped the second year of the degree. Best choice I ever made. I was handed a massive budget and was working with the top people in the field and heading a global project.

        By the end of the supposed second year of the degree, I was doing a PhD level job and earning lots of money and having a lot of fun. In short, rather than being in debt, I was loaded.

        Lesson: use the education system like a little bitch: make the education system your bitch, not the other way around. And always be confident and get out there and do things.

        As for all those kids crushed by student debt, I guess the one positive is the sex trade is going to get an influx of high-quality babes to prey upon. I hope the professors are proud.

      47. live in a small town (approx.4000). schools consist of 3 grade schools;1 public, 2 religious and 1 high school. supt. makes over $150,000 plus unreal benefits. if teachers give 4 years prior notice to retire, they get 6% raise per year for all 4 remaining years on top of everything else. guess what is on the ballot for the upcoming election. a 1% city sales tax for “educational needs” touted as an alternative funding to our real estate tax system. live in ill-inois by the way(hopefully not much longer). won’t even begin about the quality of the teachers, the majority don’t deserve the title. you would think I’m describing an inner-city system.

        • Same here. Small town, school system is bloated and far too expensive. One grade school is now using Spanish as the primary language. We could close one entire school if not for the children of illegals.

          Instead, it’s constant demands for more money over and above what they get from taxes. This last one was a special levy for new computers. The old ones worked, but they wanted new ones.

          I used to watch the engineers at our office getting new CAD packages every year. Wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars on software upgrades just because it was ‘new’, ‘faster’, and ‘compatible’. All of which is true, but they didn’t need it to do their CAD work.

      48. The government (read you and me)is already on the hook for all the student loans. Education in this country is a racket from kindergarden all the way thru college. The education system is a paid hideout for most of the liberals in this country. The sooner this bubble pops the better off our citizens will be.

        Remember the housing crisis where the banks loaned people with poor credit money to buy a house? Then the banks bundled these worthless loans and sold them to investors. When the SHTF you and me ended up paying off these worthless bank loans.

        Today those same banks are making car loans to people with credit scores below 580 and giving them 84 months to pay for the car. The banks are bundling these loans and selling them to investors. The car manufactures are rolling in the money. We now have a bubble in the car loan business that will soon pop just like the housing market popped. Guess who is going to get stuck with all these worthless car loans? The government will step in and bail everyone out again. You and I will get screwed again.

      49. I recall the days when a person didn’t take on any debt unless they had cash or collateral to back it up, and you made sure you could pay it off, you couldn’t even get a loan if you didn’t have resources. Young people nowadays were born into the age of debt and they believe it’s the acceptable norm; and I honestly believe that they think they will somehow squirm out of having to repay it.

      50. The conservativetreehouse.com is reporting that the senior pilot has strong political beliefs. He attended a hearing/trial for the candidate he supported just hours before the flight. The candidate was jailed. The pilot was upset over this event. They say keep an eye on the Maldives.

      51. Random thought here: If I had any artistic talent, I would create a political cartoon depicting obama and jarret within the bunker built a few years ago adjacent to the White House. They would be listening to some tunes, drinkin’ a few brewskies, firing up a couple blunts….all the while, reid and pelosi,feinstein and the clintons,etc….are banging on the door, demanding (nay, pleading) to be taken in, whilst millions of Patriots are advancing to the White House, led by the spirits of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin,etc …..above the bunker would be small sketches of missiles, solar flares, meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc….along with different nations giving HIM the finger….. And the caption would read…”Believe Us NOW”?

      52. ***OFF TOPIC***

        Sorry, but thought some might want some updates on the ‘missing’ aircraft flight MH370.

        A Malaysian government official said the hijacking theory was now “conclusive”.
        Radar tracks show the plane climbing and descending in unusual patterns, which should have alerted air traffic controllers that something was wrong.

        MH370 flew to 45,000ft – almost 2,000ft above what Boeing says is its maximum recommended height – before descending to 23,000ft.

        It changed course at least twice from its scheduled route – first to fly west back towards Malaysia and then north west into one of two air lanes used by commercial planes.

        A total of 57 ships, 48 aircraft and 13 nations are taking part in the air and sea search.

        Police believe one of the passengers on the missing plane had undergone flight training, according to the Sunday Times.

        The paper also reports that an American expert in interpreting radar data, Scott Dunham of the National Transportation Safety Board, has been flown to Malaysia to assist with the search.

        Another bizarre theory is that cyber hackers may have taken over control of the plane using a mobile phone.

        Dr Sally Leivesley, a British anti-terrorism expert, told the Daily Express that hackers could have changed the plane’s speed, altitude and direction by sending signals to its flight management system.

        The revelations about Captain Shah come after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak yesterday confirmed the Boeing 777 jet was deliberately diverted from its planned route between his country’s capital Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

        Investigators said trackers aboard the plane, which transmit its location to air traffic controllers, were disabled moments after take-off last Friday.

        The Mail is also reporting that the FBI are investigating claims passengers from the missing aircraft could be being held at a “secret location.”

        Claims have also emerged that investigators searched the home of Captain Shah have been checking data taken from his self-built flight simulator.

        The data is believed to be contained on two laptops, the Daily Mail reports.
        The Telegraph reports that the supergrass said he met the Malaysians – one of whom was a pilot – in Afghanistan.

        He said he had given them the explosive device to use to take control of an aircraft.

        • Certain Boeing Aircraft,including this particular model, are equipped with on board technology allowing remote control of the aircraft…

          Special Conditions: Boeing Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER Series Airplanes; Aircraft Electronic System Security Protection From Unauthorized Internal Access

          A Rule by the Federal Aviation Administration on 11/18/2013

          “The proposed architecture is novel or unusual for commercial transport airplanes by enabling connection to previously isolated data networks connected to systems that perform functions required for the safe operation of the airplane.

          This proposed data network and design integration may result in security vulnerabilities from intentional or unintentional corruption of data and systems critical to the safety and maintenance of the airplane.

          The existing regulations and guidance material did not anticipate this type of system architecture or electronic access to aircraft systems. Furthermore, regulations and current system safety assessment policy and techniques do not address potential security vulnerabilities, which could be caused by unauthorized access to aircraft data buses and servers.”

          Just another wrinkle in this so called mystery..


      53. So here we are,,
        We have ALLLLLLL sorts of issues, right here in the good old USA.
        Yet John Mccain and some other senators are in Ukraine, for???
        I hope the idiots who voted for these POS assholes are awake and are finally realizing that our best interest are nowhere in these assholes agenda,,,
        1 bullet to the head for all of them if you ask me,

        • It’s because leaders can’t solve their problems at home, so they go gallivanting around sticking their noses into the business of other countries. They all do it and nothing much gets accomplished, they just think it makes them look good.

          • You would think that the ‘Leaders’ of the ‘free’ world would seek world peace and calm down fractions. But not so….they are frothing at their mouths for that first strike.

        • Kulafarmer.

          Bring back flogging. Locks and stocks.

          I want the arrogance beat out of them.

      54. U.S. aircraft carrier group in Mediterranean ‘a few more days’
        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Friday it would keep a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in the Mediterranean Sea for several days longer than planned as part of the effort to reassure U.S. allies worried about the crisis in Ukraine.

      55. Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997


        “One of the keys may be found by looking back at Zbigniew Brzezinski’s 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard in which he wrote, “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.”

        The Grand Chessboard not a quick read for a lazy Sunday afternoon
        but very enlightening if you want to know the game the big boys are really playing at

        this is why I have said
        not to be so quick in dissing Obama
        he’s a player on the stage
        playing his part
        exactly as scripted

        this whole Ukraine thing has been in planning for years
        it was made to happen
        nothing accidental about it

      56. Off topic,
        Asking for some advice. I am interested in purchasing a AR type, and it’s narrowed down to two models. A Rock River 5.56 or a DPMS LR-10 308. Which model would you think to be the best to purchase. I like features of both models, but cant decide. Throw me the pro’s and cons of each as ive never owned this style before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

        • Presuming this is a defense rifle for urban areas, there’s no question to me.

          .308 is the better cartridge, go for that to start with. Also a reloading outfit, dies, powder, primers, brass, bullets.

          If two adults in your house, the 5.56 is good for the female half or a teenager. If you can, get what they need now, not later.

          Purchase magazines in quantity. 30 is a minimum number to have, more if you can get them. They wear out, break, fail, etc., and may be restricted in the future. When you get magazines, electro-pencil the date of purchase on the shell, and keep a spreadsheet with price paid, location bought, dates, etc., and keep the receipts in a folder. If you pay cash, get a receipt.

      57. This bubble will never burst. It will nearly go onto the US balance sheet as another bad debt.

      58. By and large those who tout Education Education are non producing parasites in the education business. They must keep recruiting new students in order to perpetuate their livelihood. Sadly the promised pot of gold at the end of the education rainbow is empty. those poor students after they graduate all they have is a worthless piece of paper that is as common as tree leaves and a unpaid student loan. Back in the sixties a high school diploma was worth more them most college degrees are today.

      59. Off topic, but just want to say what a beautiful day it is in CT. I’ve started some seeds indoors, picked up a bag of wilted produce form the market to feed my chickens, and have started dehydrating some onions. Neighbor who works at the food bank gave me 15#. I’m freezing some and dehydrating some. Boy does my house smell. Got dear son 16 learning to run a fire for cooking. I have a roaster chicken with veggies in s dutch oven outside and he’s tending the coals and chopping wood to stay warm. Found out my neighbor has an apiary, which is great. I’m starting research to get bees next year. I can’t wait!

      60. @ Smokey,
        I Havent started reloading yet, but have plans for that in the future. I read where the Rock River has a better trigger system than the DPMS, but like the idea of the 308 caliber. I know that shell has a nice little kick to it, and with the plastic 6 position stock, I was wondering how much more than usual. I have read where you guys have some of these calibers and I thought maybe one of you guys had the AR-10, and could give me the negative side of it, along with the 5.56.. Also the AR-10 has a 1/10 twist as the 5.56 has a 1/7 twist. Any advice on that as to which is better. Both have the chrome lined barrel.

        • CQ, the barrel twist is designed for the cartridge. Both are fine for the intended use. 1:10 gives a bit more stability, especially with lighter bullets. That also means slightly better windage.

          Triggers, stocks, and barrels can all be swapped out, that’s the best part about the AR platform. They should call it the B-52 instead of the AR, just keep upgrading it, decades of service life.

          Most folks can’t tell the difference between one trigger and the other, just get used to it and all is well. (I’ll catch some heat for saying that.)

          The .308 does kick a bit, but it’s entirely manageable. Put a cheek rest on the stock, you’ll like it a lot.

          Do put a bipod on the front, you want the weight forward to help with recoil, and need one anyway for the longer range the .308 gives you.

          The only negative about the AR10 platform : It’s a .308 and kicks a bit. Cartridge is a bit heavy for extended fights.

          It’s heavy enough, though, to end firefights before they become extended.

          The only negative about the AR15 platform : It’s a 5.56 and cartridge is a bit light for urban use.

          Recoil is recoil. If you are going to bench shoot, then you don’t need the pistol grip stock. If you are using it as a defensive rifle, then you need the grip, and will have to attune to the kick. You can get a good flash hider that vents the blast upwards to keep the muzzle down, and do get a heavy-duty recoil buffer, you install them in the stock.

          Select your cartridge first, based on the intended use. Then select the platform.

          Now, I don’t own either an AR10 or a AR15, so I’m not biased. I do have both .223 and .308 semi-autos. The .308 is my preferred “one gun” if need be. I got into the FAL years ago, before they made the AR10. Today, I’d choose the AR10 for the sole reason that it is a newer system and a full range of parts and upgrades and tweaks are readily available.

          Hope this helps. It’s your money, your choice.

          • I’m 5’4″ female and I have a .308, but its not an AR. The recoil really isn’t that bad. But I can imagine an AR is much heavier than my Remington model 7. Just throwing in my 0.02

      61. @Smokey,
        The DPMS only comes with one 19 Round magazine, and I don’t know which brand of magazine is a better choice. Also I don’t live in Urban environment, as im only about 130 miles from Bravehearts area. Plenty of woods and water here. Maybe Sgt Dale could look into my area to move too besides Tn also. We don’t have the grand ole opra, but we do have some perks. Im sorta new here to commenting, but have been a reader for awhile, so no worries. Wouldn’t comment if didn’t like the company here. Back to the AR’s, I do try an do the best research on guns before I buy them. but don’t have any friends that own any, so no advice there. Thanks for the help, as I didn’t know about the magazines.

        • Buy the rifle, not the magazine. Magazines come by the case. The AR platforms all use the same magazines, from a zillion different makers.

          Don’t over-analyze your purchase. Pick your caliber, then the rifle, then the accessories.

          Also, this probably won’t be your only firearm purchase, there are more to come. If you don’t like a purchase, sell it and fund the next one. When you get a keeper, keep it forever.

      62. Funny how 2 weeks ago, we had a 1000+ comments on a long weekend from Mac, this weekend only 300+. But I figure we all need a joke….

        The kids filed into class Monday morning. They were very excited. Their weekend assignment was to sell something, then give a talk on productive salesmanship.

        Little Jenny led off: “I sold girl scout cookies and I made $30” she said proudly, “My sales approach was to appeal to the customer’s civil spirit and I credit that approach for my obvious success.” “Very good”, said the teacher.

        Little Teri was next: “I sold magazines” she said, “I made $45 and I explained to everyone that magazines would keep them up on current events.” “Very good, Jenny”, said the teacher.

        Eventually, it was Little Bobby’s turn. The teacher held her breath … Little Bobby walked to the front of the classroom and dumped a box full of cash on the teacher’s desk. “$2,467” he said. “$2,467!” cried the teacher, “What in the world were you selling?” Toothbrushes”, said Little Bobby. “Toothbrushes”, echoed the teacher, “How could you possibly sell enough tooth brushes to make that much money?”

        “I found the busiest corner in town” said Little Bobby, “I set up a Dip & Chip stand, I gave everybody who walked by a free sample.” They all said the same thing, “Hey, this tastes like dog crap!”

        Then I would say, “It is dog crap. Wanna buy a toothbrush? I used the President Obama method of giving you something shitty, dressing it up so it looks good, telling you it’s free, and then making you pay to get the bad taste out of your mouth.”

        Little Bobby got detention for his efforts, bless his heart.

      63. Thanks Smokey. I appreciate the info.

      64. Pop goes the bubble!
        Too bad.

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