Post-Paris American Police State Once Again In Vogue: “We Can Crush ISIS Enclave of Terror”

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    It seems that the only response to terrorism is more surveillance, security, police presence and, of course, war.

    Ignoring the lessons of blowback and escalation that have played out for many years now, the major powers of the world are broadcasting fears and preparing to clamp down on society in response to renewed threats from ISIS and other terror organizations.

    None of it will stop potential attacks from happening, but it will firmly entrench the authority of police and other officials to suspect anyone and sidestep the law when a threat is felt.

    Take a look at how terror and fear have gripped headlines and taken over the news cycle, and ask yourself who benefits from this:


    Although officials have admittedly not stopped any attacks from happening, the system is self-assured in its show of force – with SWAT-style police forces clad in all black hunting down suspects and locking down streets in Paris, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

    The Daily Mail highlighted some of the most recent threats, along with just one of the several suspicious persons found at or near major security concerns, including the Pentagon, and in a separate case, the LAX airport:

    Washington D.C residents were left on edge after an internal police alert about four Middle Eastern-looking men ‘acting suspiciously’ in the Pentagon metro station was leaked just two days after ISIS announced the capital was their next target.


    On Monday, a chilling video emerged of ISIS warning that countries taking part in air strikes against Syria will suffer the same fate as Paris.

    They also said they would hit the U.S capital next. 

    The specific threat against the US capital emerged as CIA director John Brennan warned that more atrocities will be committed against the West by the Islamist terror group.

    With New York and Washington, D.C. once again named as terrorism targets, police are gearing up in the homeland as well. It is a bittersweet reminder that the atmosphere that enveloped America for many years after 9/11 will not fade away, but remain a part of our culture. Unless someone cuts through this madness, the attacks on civil liberties will only deepen, and the national conversation will be all too centered on false promises of liberty-through-security.

    Hillary, for one, who effectively has the Democratic nomination in hand, is using the occasion to vow a hawkish stance on the Middle East, though her previous meddling as Secretary of State did much to stir the violence and chaos that has swept over the region.

    “The United States has been conducting this fight for more than a year; it’s time to be begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts,” Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

    “We should have no illusions about how difficult the mission before us really is … but if we press forward on both sides of the border, in the air on the ground and as well as diplomatically, I do believe we can crush Isis’s enclave of terror,” she added.

    […] She also said the US should arm Sunni tribes and Kurds in the country if the government in Baghdad refused to.

    But Clinton called for further US special forces to be deployed to Syria too, reiterated her call for a no-fly zone and demanded an “intelligence surge” to allow the airstrikes against Isis to be stepped up. “We have a lot of work to do to really decimate Isil in Iraq and Syria,” she said, using an alternate name for Isis.

    The words hold an ominous tone for what may be coming in the next four years of the presidency.

    Yet it is not unique to the ambitious Hillary Clinton – indeed, there are few voices in government calling for restraint, and every sign that more attacks are forthcoming on all sides.

    These developments in terrorism are textbook Hegelian Dialectic, using problem-reaction-solution to justify a greater military presence in Syria and Iraq, despite nearly a decade and a half of fighting jihad, civil war and supporting “frenemies” across the region with arms, training and financial support.

    The founding fathers warned of this, but could scarcely foresee the cynical nature of today’s police state – where the terrorists created by the state have become the population’s worst nightmare.

    In one variation of the statement, Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”


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      1. I guess we will never get back to ‘normal” again…

        • “Normal” needs to be America hunting down and eradicating Islam wherever it exists.

          ….and people need to quit referring to Islam as a religion. It’s not a religion, and therefore isn’t protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

          Islam, and Sharia Law, represent a violent political system that should be thought of in the same mindset of Marxism, Communism, and Fascism.

          Eradication of Islam for the world should be the “normal”.

          …….but I digress.

          • Ca Resident:

            The same can be said for the TALMUD followers.

            Anyone not of the tribe is not human, servants of tribalistic, Jesus is boiling in excrement.

            • How Yuan’s inclusion in the SDR will affect US Dollar holders?

              Using Johnny’s retirement savings currently at $200000.00, we will examine the following scenarios:
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              – By Summer 2016, Johnny still will be able to afford the purchase of a house if he decides to pay with full cash BUT he may need an additional $60K loan from a financial institution
              – By Fall 2016, Johnny still will be able to afford the purchase of a house if he decides to pay with full cash BUT he may need an additional $100K loan from a financial institution
              – By Winter 2016, Johnny still will be able to afford the purchase of a house if he decides to pay with full cash BUT he may need an additional $150K loan from a financial institution
              – By Spring 2017, Johnny still will be able to afford the purchase of a house if he decides to pay with full cash BUT he may need an additional $200K loan from a financial institution

              By Fall of 2017 Johnny’s retirement savings will be worth less than 30% from its current value.
              By Spring of 2018 Johnny’s retirement savings will be worth nothing.


          • CR, welcome, and I agree.

      2. The coward Zombies will scream for security over liberty



        50% of Pakistanis and 25% of Turks are inbred as a result of following the prophets perfect example of porking his 9 year old niece and his cousin. Stillbirths and birth defects are the biggest killer of muslims today. I cannot find a study on Muslim IQs, but inbreeding doesn’t have a very positive effect on intelligence.

        • The paedophilia amongst Muslims is mind-blowing. While it is true elite elements of the white British run long-standing paedophile gangs, for most people this practice is repellent.

          For Muslims, it is their culture. It has profound social implications and biological implications. Normalizing paedophilia on this scale (it starts with sex with boys – the ‘training wheels for most Muslim men’, and then moves on to girls) will be tragic for the West. Ask any troops who have served in these countries. They ALL have stories of what they saw.

          Basically, we have bull-dyke lesbians ramming this stuff down people’s throats under the banner of humanity – ignoring the defective culture that is Islam. I have faith most people will be repulsed by this garbage and will wake up in time.

      4. I love this part: ““The United States has been conducting this fight for more than a year; it’s time to be begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts,” Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.”

        CFR is the kosher hop use of the worldwide bloodbath and true owners of the ISIS Barbarians.

        • Follow the money.

        • She is already talking and acting like she is the new “posic”…piece of shit in charge.

          • Talk is cheap. She had her chance to be proactive as Secretary of State and nagging Bill as First Lady. She failed to do so in both jobs.

            Put her in office and you get Obama in whiteface.

      5. As Of Today, The Baltic Dry Freight Index Has Never Been Lower

        “Having fallen for 20 straight days, crushing the hopes and dreams of the mid-year bounce – and thoroughly breaking down from seasonally positive tendencies – The Baltic Dry Freight Index has collapsed to all-time (back to 1984) record lows.

        At 504, this is the lowest cost for dry freight ever”

        As on shipping broker exclaimed, “This market is looking like a disaster and the rates are a reflection of that. It is looking scary for the market and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any life in the market in the near term.”

        • I wrote yesterday that the BDI would hit at least a 5-year low record either today or tomorrow. Bloomberg only shows a chart of the last 5 years, so I didn’t know the low record was so much older than that. I just checked Bloomberg, and they are still showing yesterday’s BDI number.

          I guess the fact that I and my wife are making most of our Christmas presents this year is cutting down on the Chinese imports.

          Here’s a cheap present for people you don’t want to spend a lot on. Buy a 79-cent box of brownie mix and make a plate of brownies for each person. With the eggs, you’re out little more than a dollar for each person. And you can serve the brownies on a 50-cent holiday plastic tray from a thrift store. They will be happy, and you will be happy.

          • Great idea. I just bought ten boxes of brownie mix that were on sale at the local Kroger $1 a box.

            • I think the Sav-A-Lot store has some brownie mix for 79 cents a box. I don’t know if the box is smaller, or if they don’t taste as good as major brands. But they’re Christmas presents. I guess I should get my wife to bake a batch to see if they’re okay.

              • Archivist,

                You should receive the same present back from those you gave them to, you know, the REALLY cheap ones that taste like shit because you rate that kind of present.

          • Baltic Dry Index is today at 498.

            There were concerns last year…
            6/24/14 – The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record
            As of June 2014, the index is at 867
            “had collapsed over 60% year-to-date”
            “worst first-half of the year on record”

            For comparison…
            May 20, 2008 – The Baltic Dry Index reached 11,793 points.



        There is no such thing as the written Arabic language. The Qu’ran was the first book ever published by the illiterate 7th century goat herders. It is written in the Syrian Christian language. Muhammad and his companions were totally illiterate and they burned 90% of the books in the countries they conquered.

        • Another thing people need to get out of their minds is that the qu’ran is “holy”.

          It isn’t holy. Only the Bible is “Holy”.

          • That is one blatant example, that people ignore constantly, of Obama’s muslim beliefs…

            NO Christian would refer to the Koran as holy or mu-ham-mad as a prophet. Obama always just says “the bible”, yet always says “the h^oly Koran” and “as the prophet mu-ham-mad taught” etc etc
            If he does refer to the bible or quote verses, it is usually as a slander, out of context and to attack Christianity.

            So frickin obvious and in our faces with his Islamic beliefs and sympathies–yet the MSM makes a person out to be a conspiracy nut for even suggesting what is obvious.

        • Acid, there are some English-language versions of the Quran available. I have one myself, courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

          • If anyone wants to learn these texts, I recommend they buy the Quran version edited by the Center for the Study of Political Islam.

            The Koran is out of order temporally.

            The CSPI version is rearranged chronologically.

            Who cares? Well, it matters because when two verses contradict each other, the latter one takes precedence. If the standard version is intentionally out of order, its harder to know which verse was latter.

      7. Andy Taylor and Barney Fife get an M1A1 Tank now. If not used against ISIS it’ll be there for any other emergency.

        • And 20 M16A2 rifles, 100s of magazines and 20,000 rds of 5.56 along with 25 Beretta 92Fs and another 10,000 rds of 9mm…all for 2 people on the force. But also remember Barney only carries a single round of ammunition in his pocket.

          • Smooze, I can just picture Barney carrying one mag with one bullet in it.

          • Its the acquisition of military grade hardware, like armored vehicles and equipment more suited for large crowd control that is disturbing. It bodes of preparations for some disturbing future event that is unknown to us. The greater the preparations lead one to assume the greater magnitude of the event. The ostensible excuse of foreign terrorists, while simultaneously importing those most likely to perpetrate such an attack, leaves one to assume its all being orchestrated. The tune that one day may be played, is not one that anyone would want to hear. You’ll long for oldies.

        • Kentucky mom; sounds fishy…wasted a shot on me then.

      8. Like salmon? Search” Ge Atlantic salmon” for the newest frankenfish soon to be on our plates
        And they won’t have to tell us which one we’re eating!

      9. I bought $500 worth of canned goods yesterday. Keep stock piling preps and we will simply watch 90% starve. Let the sheeple starve . save our bullets for the NWO.

        • Old Guy, I hear you loud and clear. I’ve got another prep shopping trip scheduled for this weekend myself. My prepping ain’t about to stop.

        • yes–it has been a nice break in prices this fall and I’m using the chance to stack.
          Chunky Soup was on sale at 3 for $5 ( with the sodium levels, these cans last well beyond the “best by” dates if stored right.)
          Raviolis and beefaroni were 2 for $ I got plenty of the quick meals at cheap cost per. Rice, coffee and powdered milk are also at low prices not seen in a while.

          If anyone has a bit of funds put aside, I suggest buying while these prices are down–we may never see them this low again.

          • Javelin, while chunky soups are good, they are a bit heavy on sodium and I’m not a big fan of sodium. I’ve got another prep trip scheduled for this weekend myself. I’ll be stacking like a mofo at the current prices.

            • You can dilute high-sodium products with your own vegetables and more water. Also, with ramen noodles, use only half the flavor packet. Save the other half to flavor plain regular flat noodles or your favorite shape. You can also use other flavorings for the ramen and save the packets for something else, such as sprinkling on a beef roast or pork roast before baking.

              Don’t forget that you do need some sodium in your diet, so don’t cut it out entirely.

              • Archivist, a little sodium is OK, but consuming sodium like it’s going out of style will cause a health issue.

        • Just be sure and do the math when prepping. I saw long grained rice at Wal-Mart in 20-lb. bags for 19.95 and 3-lb bags for 1.65 both of which were store brand, usually the smaller size is higher. Trekker Out. Go Figure!

      10. The more we meddle the more Islamic extremism expands. We fund and arm terrorists for a specific political reasons and low and behold the crazies take a flight all their own. Maybe its intentional, maybe its accidental, but regardless its happening. We might not have given birth to it but we damn sure feed, clothe and arm it and were not the only ones.

        ht tps://

      11. I have a question. Are there any birds that are not edible? If you shoot a bird in flight with a flock, is there a right one to go for? I mean, should you wait for the last one or just anyone? And if it’s a hugh flock (hundreds flying south today), will they attack you if you start shooting at them?

        • B from CA: only one bird I know of you cannot eat…But you can Wear it instead! it is called the FOO bird..

          IE: as in “If the FOO shits Wear it” a rather famous well known quote by somebody.

        • Aim at one bird in the flock, when it’s in range. If you shoot at the flock, you’ll miss them all. If you wound one, keep your eye on it and go get it, don’t let it suffer.

          As far as that flock of several hundred geese attacking you when you shoot one of them, pretty unlikely, but you could save one bullet for yourself if you’re concerned about some Hitchcockian event.

          • I usually aim at the lead bird, but it’s always the third one that drops. Just can’t figure it out, must have a bent barrel. Trekker Out.

        • B from CA,
          I dove hunt every fall, I’ve never had the flock come back around and form an attack so I think your safe.
          Take care.

        • All US species are edible but not necessarily tasty. If I were hungry I would just shoot one. I have a combination wildflower garden with wild edible in one area of my garden. Thursday had thin snow cover and many birds on the ground snacking on seeds. They were only a few feed from me. In a dry area like mine, a water dish will bring birds in close. I have a Roadrunner which comes to eat prairie lizards, also edible. A concrete block fence is lizard habitat and will bring birds like Roadrunner. Birds, like bear taste nasty when eating fish.

      12. They are doing this mid east war crap so Israel can fullfill its dream of ownership of the lands occupied by non jewish peoples….Then as each phase unfolds they rely on tons of preachers on tv to declare that “It is God doing this to fullfill old testement prophesy!!”

        Which is then totally believed in by at least 60 million christians nationwide and who knows how many more globally.

        Even here at SHTF we see many who likewise and without any question believe that same rhetoric…A couple even post daily that we are seeing this very thing…Yet they rarely if ever mention any new testement verses which is what christianity is about.

        110 yrs of scofields falshoods has sure ruined many otherwise intelligent minds eh.

        One just need view a few moments of any sundays TBN preacher shows regardless which pastor presents his own version of it all, to see when the camaras pan the folks in the pew sections, just how lunatic and mesmerized or, is captivated a better word? That those folks really are.

        It is nothing but total instantanious kneee jerk reaction from the crowds…One moment all stand in awe, eyes closed tight, heads leaned far back with arms upraised while gently swaying back and forth as if in a trance like mezmerization or hypnoization….but then…As if right on cue…The very moment the pastor yells out “Look at Mid east!! This Is GODS WORK! for his super duper self chozens so at risk from terrorists”…(ironic zero attacks on Israel the past 15 yrs this craps gone on eh?)

        They all stop swaying on cue and go abjet Wild with more Halaliua’s than you can count fast enough…

        For pastors grand finale’ he ends with “remember bible says God said Bless them jews!”

        That point the wild crowds cheers must be registered on an calibrated richter scale meter same as mild earthquaks are….Its a wonder the walls do not begin to crumble!

        Most never heard of the British Balfour Doctrine that created 1948 israel eh…Nor ever knew that doctrine mandated for israel zionists to take ownership of Palestine back when written, in 1920’s…Which was what WWI was basically about.

        However due to fact that top zionists back in 1920s and 30’s were unable to convince enough jewish folks from various other nations to actually Move there and occupy the lands…They 20 yrs later had to invent WWII…And between such euro vast destructions much worse than prior in WWI, plus not only the holohoax events but especially the much exagerated atrocities of that event, was also needed by the master race zios in order to convince more jewish folks to permanantly reside there.

        That kinda worked a bit better..But yet still not enough willing to move there…So the top zios of israel and NY etc had their brethren rulers of Soviet Russia send over tons of Khazars to join the others in palestine lands.

        Bingo! that got enough folks to move there eh…And the great bulk of ruler party cohorts ever since Day one in 1948 has always been mostly Khazar zionist aka new code name term for what we calls Communists.

        Nuttyyahoo, Menachim, and most every one you ever heard or seen on usa tv news are askanazi khazars…with Political zionism used as former done with communism.

        Real sneeky to say the least eh….And so many even today in age of easy info/facts/truths so avail…Still fall for them TV pastors claims that “God is doing this stuff folks”….More like, Satan doing it Through his brood eh.

        • Right, so instead of believing them we are to take the word of an aging biker who’s mind was destroyed by too many LSD trips back in the sixties man. Why don’t you reprint your post on how you’re going to sell Lake Huron water to thirsty people for all their Gold And silver, while not getting your sorry ass strung up in the process. Now THAT was at least some entertainment from a delusional mind. Go back to watching TV granpa, you’re too damn old to do jack but piss and moan.

      13. Hasbaratt Alert in Aisle 6!! Call the Orkin Man, and be sure to tell Orkin to…Send the Big Trucks!

        First these khazar hasbaratt infiltrate like cockroackhes and Rats…Once enough has done so, they switch to more like Termites and act behind closed doors and within secretive walls to continually eat away at the very foundations of the Nation…

        Then like termites, they cause total collapse and destruction.

        It is no wonder they been Booted from EVERY of a prior 109 nations they did this to, and have earned their nick name of “Nation Wreckers” eh….

        Nathan= Code for Termite…Remember most important tell Orkin to send the Biggest Trucks they got!

        • Yes tg, it’s all TRUE! We have become a mighty hoard of Jewish termites! Unleashed to destroy YOU and Orkin is POWERLESS to stop us! We won’t stop until we’ve infiltrated your entire WORLD, and eaten everything we can! We were gonna let you have some lake Huron water in return for all your gold and silver, but now we’ve changed our minds! we’re just gonna take it instead and let you die of thirst! But before that, we’re gonna feed you 20 hits of LSD and watch you go bouncing off the walls about how great everything was in Detroit back in the sixties man when you rode your Harley rattle trap around while trippin’ and bouncin’ your head on the pavement. Yeah, all us termites are lookin’ forward to it, how bout’ JEW, get it, Jew, instead of you! Cause that’s how it’s gonna be after your last LSD trip man…..

      14. Post-Paris, Russia betrays Syria at UN – Putin ‘fake opposition’ to West?

        Just as Putin signed UN approval to attack & destroy Libya – Putin later claiming he ‘didn’t realise’ the consquences – Putin has now done the same thing again after Paris, signing United Nations Resolution 2249, this time allowing not just Nato, but any foreign country whatsoever, including Turkey & Israel, to attack ‘ISIS-held territory’ in Syria & Iraq. And already:

        (1) Turkey backed by USA has begun openly seizing control of Northern Syria territory, Turkey even threatening Russia
        (2) Britain’s Cameron is getting ready to launch his Syria invasion
        (3) Britain, Germany & USA are co-ordinating to talk France out of working with Russia
        (4) US-EU ‘leaked’ that sanctions against Russia, which were expected to be dropped, will now suddenly be re-imposed for another 6 months & perhaps forever until Putin yields up East Ukraine to Western desires
        (5) UN Human Rights Committee passed Saudi-Qatar resolution to condemn Russia & Iran role in Syria
        (6) Putin recently allowed Israel to bomb Hezbollah facilities inside Syria
        (7) Putin decided to go along with the US-UK-Qatar ‘bomb on the Sinai Russian plane’ story, whilst military analysts say that the plane was more likely hit by Israeli missiles fired from only 50 kilometres away inside Israel

        Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar is very sharply ravaging both Putin & the United Nations who joined to absolutely “undercut the Assad government” with allowance of effectively uncontrolled foreign invasions to carve-up Syria. (See Bhadrakumar’s 3 recent articles, 1 at Asia Times, 2 at Rediff.)

        What is the argument that Putin has NOT sold out both Syria & even his own Russia to the West & the ‘New World Order’? – Just as Brandon Smith of Alt-Market has long publicly expected to be the case.

        Or are we going to hear more stories that UN-authorising the West & Turkey & Israel etc bomb & seize territory in Syria, is either ‘Putin’s clever strategy’ … or again that ‘Putin was stupid in approving a UN resolution & didn’t see the consquences?’

        Putin’s actions seem overall to be ones of some limited ‘opposition’ to the West, whilst keeping a certain amount of conflict active & going, but Russian government & media always pull punches in the end, failing to deal the knockout blow or expose Western crimes full degree, even though the tools & facts are ready to hand, & ultimately Putin seems to cater to Western agendas.

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