Possible End Game: The United States Has Created a Climate That Could Easily Be Transformed Into a War

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    Most readers have been watching, as the U.S. and Russia seem to be positioning themselves along Cold War lines.  The posturing is not confined to maneuvering military assets; it also runs along economic lines, in which most warfare is at least based if not a major or the sole impetus.  Each power has sought to cement its claims/presence in areas bordering the sphere of influence of, or the actual territory of the other power.  Such posturing can be dangerous and lead to an incident that escalates into the uncontrollable.

    Recently the news media has been abuzz with the Russian fighter aircraft buzzing the U.S. in the face: first the incident with the two fighters coming within 30 feet of an American naval vessel, and another separate incident involving aerial theatrics around a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft (a Boeing RC-135 intelligence-gathering spy plane).  The U.S. responded in kind on April 20 by allowing a guided missile destroyer, the U.S.S. Cook to encroach upon Russian borders while conducting maneuvers near Poland.  The U.S. claimed that Russian aircraft were doing fly-by’s to intimidate the destroyer.

    Unlike the puissant response by John Kerry, feigning anger and doing nothing with the Russian aircraft incidences of the past two weeks, Russia is not playing with the destroyer incident.  The Russian ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko is reported by Reuters to have made the following statement:

    “This is about attempts to exercise military pressure on Russia.  We will take all necessary measures, precautions, to compensate for these attempts to use military force.”

    This statement by Grushko was not limited to the incident with the Cook.  NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has affirmed in the past week the intention of NATO to deploy command and control centers in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania.  Exercises are currently being planned and prepared in Estonia by NATO air assets, to include participation by Sweden and Finland, both non-NATO members.  The exercises are scheduled to commence on April 28.

    Although the exercises are superficially being dubbed maneuvers to help with control of civilian airports and coordination with them during “an emergency situation,” in reality they are both posturing and stationing aircraft on Russia’s western flank.  Also, the mainstream media barely mentioned the fact that last month, NATO fighter aircraft approached a Russian aircraft carrying Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister who was en route to inspect military facilities and readiness in Kalingrad, toward Russia’s western border.

    Much has also been mentioned by NATO of Russian “aggression and encroachment” regarding Ukraine, still beset by more than a year of fighting in its eastern region between Ukrainian forces and ethnic Russian separatists.  NATO has condemned Russia for supplying these separatists with equipment, materials, and personnel.  Russia has responded to this accusation by declaring eastern Ukraine to be mired in a civil war.

    There are also underlying economic issues to all of this.  As mentioned in previous articles, the entire involvement of NATO wanting to “assist” Russia in her support of Syria was nothing more than an attempt to oust Assad.  This, in turn took a back seat to the desires of NATO and the U.S. to annex a portion of Syria in order to enable a natural gas pipeline from Qatar into Western Europe for the purpose of negating Russia’s Gazprom from supplying Western Europe with natural gas.  Basically, the Russians solidified Assad’s position, bombed the insurgents into submission, left supplies and advisers with Assad, and withdrew from the board.  The U.S. was left stultified with egg on its face.

    Now the BRIC nations are starting their markets up in earnest, backing their currencies with gold and trading in Shanghai, China, and Moscow in Russia.  These two nations, incidentally are #1 and #3 respectively regarding gold production.  The former produced 490 tons in 2015, and the latter put out 295 tons that year.  The two nations account for 25% of the gold production for the world.  Those are staggering numbers.  In addition to production, China and Russia have been building up their reserves of gold astronomically.

    They are ranked 5th and 6th respective to gold reserves.  The U.S. is listed as “#1” but this is another faux pearl attached to others on a string, such as phony employment numbers and the inflated GDP as reported by parrots of the media and business insider networks who are, in reality inside of the pockets of the administration and the Federal Reserve.

    Another point of interest that may have a great effect is that Congress is in the midst of passing legislation to hold Saudi Arabia partially accountable for the 9-11 attacks.

    The Saudis responded with informing the state department that they will call in assets and all accounts payable if that is the case.  This could really domino and also spell an immediate end to the Petrodollar.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?  Congress would hit the Saudis up with a bill, and the Saudis would pay us in “fiat” Federal Reserve notes, maybe cutting off the oil supply as well.  Payment of the bill then may as well be in toilet paper.

    To summarize, akin to ancient Rome, the United States has over-extended herself.  She has created a climate that could easily be transformed into a war on a slight pretext.  Wars, as it is well known are also a means a nation can extricate itself from debt and financial responsibility.  The dying Petrodollar system has been on life support for some time, and it appears other nations such as the BRIC’s are taking the initiative to return to a true monetary standard.  This is the same gold and silver standard that the U.S. should never have left in the first place.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Same shit, new day…


        • This is the Conspiracy between the Fascist Corporate Military Industrial Complex Mafia, and Government Officials, all to keep each other well Fed, Fat and Happy in profits. Any Opportunity to expand the Military, Or Military Bases which are just PIG Troughs Ripe with Fraud and Environmental Negligence. is BIG Profits, for these MICM’s. These MICM Greedy criminals, then reward and provide massive amounts of profits in campaign contributions, to hire their Puppet Government Shills in Political positions, like senators and congress men and women, to keep this perpetual War Machine well greased. And its all about Greed, and retaining control for their fiftoms, and buddies. These Oil Profits over the last several Decades should be confiscated In Asset Forfeiture Laws, to repay the National Debt. Obama Lied, and said he was going to install the Oil Windfall Profits Tax before he was elected, then once in Office, Obama became Oil Companies Bitch.

          You see there is NO Profit in Peace, cause they don’t know how to play fair,or just lazy. Its a race to the bottom. These Trillions of National Debt needs to be repaid by the MICM like Halliburton, Black Water, who committed War Crimes. And this includes the Banksters and Oil Companies to cough up their Billions in Profits. NOT make Tax Payers pay because theire was NO Benefit to Americans. Just more loss of Freedoms.

          Check this Witches Daughter Out in her Tin Cup Anti Gun Reteric. http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/195567-2016-04-22-chelsea-clinton-gun-control-can-be-implemented-now-scalia-is.htm?From=News

          These Lying, Anti-Gun Psychopaths need to be locked up and retrained to know what it is to be an American, and the 2nd Amendment LAW of the LAND. Sandy Hook was a False Flag. Never called a Single Ambulance, and port-a-potties were ordered days in advance at Sandy Hook for this Sham.


        • http://www.amren.com/news/2016/04/hud-mandates-affordable-housing-in-affluent-baltimore-suburbs/



          I’M NOT KIDDING









          Last night on sheeplevision I saw briefly Kasich babbling about “working together”. “Working together” means bringing non-whites into a white area. How the fuck does that usually work out? Maybe some Asians would boost the local economy but that’s about it.

          • On the plus side, all those angry knee-grows will be drafted to fight the war with Russia and China. They will be sold a load of nonsense and dispatched to fight and face Russia’s battlefield tactical nukes. It won’t be pretty. Germany will beef its forces up with the refugees and will throw them in the thousands at Russia. A vast Western fighting force of Muslims and knee-grows will be told they have white Russian poosay on offer if they can fight their way to Moscow. And the Russians will grind them up on the steppe just like they did to the Nazis. It is going to be very, very funny over the next five years.

          • So true Acid etch . Living around them can help you develop a strong hatred for them . This sick experiment in multiculturalism has failed miserably.

          • Acid–you can look this up and the full accounting of it is mind numbing. It also shows, without doubt, the effect of forced integration into affluent and solid, white neighborhoods.

            —I was raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. During my youth and early 20’s ( much of the 70’s thru 1980’s+)
            our county was either the highest per capita income or within the top 5 in the entire USA. The school system and graduates were rated as #1 in the country for over a decade straight. We annually would have students win 8 or 9 of the top 10 National Science Awards. We originated advanced placement classes, we had latin teams, physics clubs, REAL debate teams with heady, non-PC topics.
            Our population was significant–county wide we had several hundred thousand as a large county between DC and Baltimore along the Potomac ( Potomac MD makes most of Beverly Hills look like middle class.) Yet even with a population of this size, we might have 1 or 2 murders per year and these were community scandals. I could go on but you get the picture.
            Our soft underbelly was white liberal guilt in the affluent areas. Soon there were mandated housing quotas for blacks and later for Hispancis in the middle class “service job ” living areas. Before you know it we had HUD, we had entire projects spring up that became dangerous slum areas in a few years. There was some aging of residents in solid, middle class neighborhoods and the greedy a-holes bought these smaller 1950’s style homes up and started charging exorbitant rents. A 3 bedroom home in Silver Spring or Rockville became home to 12 to 15 Mexicans under the same roof. The whites who were still in the neighborhoods gradually fled to further suburbs to escape the burgeoning crime, vandalism, graffiti and the declining school systems.
            This is the microcosm of the Socialist utopia–this is the snapshot of their cultural diversity ( or cultural Marxism) of their forced integration between ethnicities and cultures with such diverse values and morals.
            The abject destruction and ugliness of what once was a shining example of a healthy, inter-dependent American community.
            This is how they are murdering the American Dream.

            PS: it is worth noting that the uber-wealthy neighborhoods of Potomac, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Great Falls, Seven Locks etc etc–these ultra wealthy with their liberal white guilt have not changed. They still have their polo clubs, horse breeding areas and manicured country clubs–they just now have higher gates and walls with better surveillance systems…

            • I’ve lived in the DC area since the early 80s and know exactly what you are saying.

              I live in what used to be a quiet corner of Fairfax County. About 15 years ago, developers found it and built it up. My neighborhood (never high class) has not changed for the better. I’m now between two areas that I call the free lunch housing (in reference to the free and reduced price school lunches) or in other words, Section 8 housing. Though my house is paid off, I’m seriously considering moving. (Yes, I know I need to be out of the city anyway, but I do have a job that pays well.) BTW in my townhouse development, I am definitely the minority. Heh, if I see a pale face walking around, I wonder what they want.

          • Saw a news story on a local Wash DC station this morning where they revisited the site of the Baltimore riots of last year. Interviews with a few locals revealed that they all thought that the government should have been in there to rebuild or repair all the places that were damaged. Many are still boarded up or gated closed. It also seems that most of the still damaged structures did not have insurance coverage and many business owners were totally wiped out never to rebuild or recover.

            None of this is a surprise to any regular readers here.

        • But on the flipside, we as in the USSA, NATO and it’s crazed Neocons keep pushing Russia towards war. If not for restraint on the part of the Russians it would have been game on. The USSA/Banksters want a war with Russia and China.

          As the saying goes “trade wars, currency wars, world wars. When all else fails they take you to war”. That has always been the answer to financial problems.

          The bigger question is, will we be looking at a nuclear war. Because as crazed “Neocon” William Crystal likes to say: “what good are nuclear weapons, if you can’t use them?”

        • GMAFB, is that all you ever say?
          No break for you..it’s written just above your post, “Join the Discussion”..just sayin’ 🙂

          • Been there, done that…opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Just sayin’…

            Same shit, new day.


        • Another world war is necessary. Look at history and the post war circumstances that resulted after WW 1 & 2

      2. Our nation has many problems.

        Wars solve many problems.

        • There is Obama’s propaganda and then there is reality. The charts in the article are worth a thousand words as to Obama’s wonderful “legacy”.

          Obama’s Legacy, In His Own Words: “I Saved The World From A Great Depression”

          “As part of his World Apology Tour visit to Britain, President Obama took time to answer questions from London students.”

          When asked about his presidential legacy, Obama said he was proud of the healthcare reforms, and added that “saving the world from a Great Depression – that was quite good.”

          The Obama ‘recovery’ in 9 charts.
          “Perhaps the following nine charts will provide a little more color as just what “saving the world” looks like for President Obama (red shaded section is his ‘reign’)…”


        • All wars are Bankster wars.

        • A war to end all wars…

          • A war to end all multi-cellular life forms?

      3. I am afraid that the next world war won’t stay overseas.

        • The only reason WWI and WWII stayed overseas is because the US couldn’t be reached. Your correct, world war will world wide.

          • ARCHIVIST and KEVIN


            • To quote Lyndon Johnson from back in 1968, “…I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination…”

              Although I believe I could do the job, I don’t think TPTB would allow me in DC once they found out who and what I really am.

              BTW, did you mean 2018? Or did you mean something else entirely? I was just assuming a presidential nomination. If not, never mind.

                • I would suggest everyone get ready for the coming war HERE AT HOME- It may have already started on successful preppers. How many of us could be mistaken for THIS GUY? Here’s a link


          • The new breed of hypersonic retry vehicles for ballistic missile warheads, hypersonic missiles and hypersonic cruise missiles will mean devastating attacks can be made anywhere on the planet in literally minutes.

            Flying at 12 to 15 times the speed of sound, even without an explosive warhead the missiles impact alone is like a 2000 pound bomb going off. They move so fast there will be no warning or defense.

            • But the Neocons think Patriot batteries will stop them. Won’t they be surprised.

        • In and all out nuclear exchange:
          Life as humanity knows it.
          ALL Gone in under an hour.
          Preppers are delusional, Live in Fantasy world, keyboard warriors, ALL your hoarding, guns, all that ammo, all the time spent hoarding….ALL FOR NOTHING. Pointless.

          Humility before God. Prayers before God. Leave USA.

          Staying in USA that is being ran by Selfish, Self serving, Greed filled, Nut Jobs is suicide. These moronic idiot politicians are PROVOKING a nuclear war. No one wins. We die together and civilization destroyed.

          Wake up and see the Real World/Real Consequences.
          Politicians, leaders, and the People have forgotten consequences of real all out war.
          ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION for everyone in under an hour. Everything GONE.

          PS-There is a movie called “The Road” with Robert Duvall. Only movie that shows some of what you can expect. Be consequences of actual war will be MUCH worse.

          Love-Peace-God and fleeing while you can, are your only hope.

          • What, and miss out on all the DOOM? I can go underground for a while. I love the smell of fallout in the morning lol 😛

          • You seem quite myopic. Prepping is not just about nuclear war, asteroid impacts, alien invasions and the like. It’s about being ready for a multitude of unexpected events short of all out Armageddon. The fact that there are events that you cannot prepare for does not negate the need to be able to withstand interruptions in the supply chain, civil unrest, conventional war, terrorism, severe seismic and weather events, economic problems, etc. Yes, the lord is coming back some day, but hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, blizzards and earthquakes are coming this year. Where they will happen no one knows so doesn’t it make sense to have a backup plan in case they visit your neighborhood?

            • Winston my man, That was sarcasm at it’s finest. I am not new to this and I know exactly what your saying. My prepping has saved my ass more than once due to unemployment and job loss. Fear not, my post was funny as hell and I hope you enjoyed it…

          • I saw the movie…so tell every one where we need to move to , out of the ussa…I’m not sure if u can understand, what I’m going ta say, just my honest opinion now.. the way I sees it… TPTB need us… need this BEAST system to work..it’s is all based upon electrictry… no sparky, no nuthin, an THEY know this.. No electricity nuthin werks… for the end game to finalize.. I do not forsee an EMP, nucleer warfare.. that wood take THEIR infrastructure completely wiped out… ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL.. for they must have control.. over u, ur mind, ur heart, what u think feel love live believe…….

          • Leave the USA? And go where?

      4. We are witnessing the ezekiel war of latter years and latter days soon first hyper inflation to come will set off shooting war and mass civil unrest the architects believe out of chaos comes a new world order.

      5. Outstanding analysis, JJ.

      6. SAD as it is, history shows WAR most of the time gives SOME people and countries NEW monetary value and adds jobs and makes people rich, so IF the world is falling apart the powers that be will bring us to war to save themselves!
        this time it looks like the US will see very bad things happening in our own backyard!

        all stay safe and ready! the stink of war is starting to filter down wind!

        • Thats one reason to stay armed, we may not be on par with modern military weaponry but at least were not sitting ducks and do have the ability to fight back.

          • Low tech can defeat some of the high tech also. Traps, fireworks, strobes, jammers, you get the idea…

            • IN total SHTF – Use Disco laser Lights, aimed up in the sky should scare away Black Helicopters. Set it up with a car battery and inverter, away from your property but aimed over your property. Set it up to Run when loud noise activates the device, like the thumping noise of music and the laser light pattern changes.


            • Genius

              I’m still thinking about the buzzing robotic pack mule that runs like a dog that MIT put together. All it needs is a set of snapping mechanical jaws.
              What a Nightmare!

              • One thing will wipe that out, ELECTRIFIED TRIPWIRE LOL….

          • NEVER EVER EVER give up your right to bear arms ever.
            Too right.

      7. The only possible options to stop the Neo-Con Wolfowitz Doctrine is Trump or Sanders. The rest, regardless of party, are more of less the same with Hillary having a high potential of being the most aggressive of them all. I find hard core Democrats to be the least principled. As long as they can have support for their pet social causes that are cause celeb for relatively l small numbers of individuals they could care less about the rest. Their excuses for Hillary’s obvious conflicts of interests to the tune of $21 million in speaking fees and Free Trade would, if the rolls were reversed, being out thousands Democrats chanting anti Wall Street slogans if it was done by a Republican.

        Phony bullshit people.

        • Hillary will end up being the next installed figurehead, that may well be the tipping point,
          Unfortunately there is no voting any of this right, no matter what we are going to see some tough times.

          • Your right, tough times a comin’. Done about all I can do so git er done. I have a new saying ” When the goin’ get’s tough, the tough go drinkin’ lol 🙂

            • That thunder you hear coming up the road is Warchild one a HARLEY coming to the end of the world deck party!

              • Ha ha ha, That reminds me of the time our firechief rode his Harley up the dirt road (about 19 miles to his place) pretty shitty road it is. He said he was picking up parts all along it lol. But welcome to the party! No one rides a street bike up there, it’s 4 wheelers, 4×4, dirt bikes. Hope to be headin back up end of next week depending on weather. I’m sure the gate alert will tell me when you have arrived so I can watch you on the 30x zoom camera. Call me on the baofeng radio and I will tell you the combo to the gate. Nevermind the threatening signs on the gate, I will know it’s you because of the Harley 🙂

        • Kevin2
          Hillary is pretty unpopular with Democrats. Sanders has had amazing numbers for a socialist.

          • The most interesting possibility is that this could be a four way race. The Republicans could deny Trump the nomination, driving him third party and the Democrats could do something similar to Sanders. Both Trump and Sanders have rabid followings and would draw plenty of votes from the mainstream candidates. If that happens it is likely that no one candidate would get a clear majority of the electoral college, shunting the election to the Supreme Court. With the death of Scalia, it is anybody’s guess who will win the nomination in court. It could even be a tie vote, which I think would send the tie breaker to the Vice President, Biden, and that would probably mean that Hillary wins.

          • Rebecca

            The issue gluing the middle call to Trump also draws them to Sanders; job eviscerating free trade.

            • Kevin2
              and in Sander’s case, busting the banks down into smaller chunks.

      8. There are no winners in war.
        Only survivors.
        “Them’s that dies will be the lucky ones.”

        • “Them’s that dies will be the lucky ones.”

          Could well be, WarVet.

          • The living will envy and in some cases eat the dead.

            • Save the brains for me. num, num, num, num 😛

      9. It is not just us it is world wide look up the world wide phonamenum(spell check is great)not,of zombie apocalypse preparing. The whole planet is on to them. If you are ready for zombies you are on the way to being ready for just about anything. So war and rumors of war just means many from all around the world are ready for the BS.

      10. I my heart I believe that if Trump is elected he will be tested to a point. If he is true to his word those test will result in the testing countries backing down. If Sanders is elected he will surrender in a heart beat. If Hitlery is elected she will be test, and then start a war. Now if Cruz or Kasick is elected they to will be test more than Trump. For those two I don’t know just how they will act or react? They have never stated.

        There have been wars from the beginning. The problem is we keep figuring out bigger, and better ways to kill each other. I have said this a hundred times. There will be no winner as we know a winner to be. If the human race does survive? They will be the ones telling the story. Or will there be a move to a more superior species of Man. or maybe a reverse? One thing we know for sure is that there will not be 6 or 7 Billion people on the planet.


        • Sgt Dale,
          I like your version of the president runners, how ever it all turns out. I don’t see very much changing for a long time, there are too many scumbags in office to be removed before we can move toward a decent country again! of course depending on WHO does get elected maybe we the people will help move that forward faster BUT, i am probably being to optimistic.
          Have a good day my friend!

          • “A”54
            Thanks. We see thing very much alike. I’m not so worried about myself. I’m worried about the future generation. Some of the Young folks in this country have no idea what the are getting into with HITLERY OR THE BURN. All they see is something for nothing. You and I know where that will take you and I. We have seen it before. People just don’t know their history.

            As far as some of us moving it forward faster, I’m afraid that it will happen, and when it does there will be blood in the streets.


            • SGT. Dale

              They are going to learn the Hard Way.

            • Sgt Dale

              Sanders is far safer than Cruz or Kasich as they’re all Neo-Cons except Trump and Sanders.

            • Sgt.

              I can verify some things from this article. I know for a fact that units are being deployed to Kosovo and Lithuania. I also have said for a long time that I am worried more about Saudi Arabia than I am China. The Saudis are the key to the petro dollar.
              Why was a plane full of Saudi nationals allowed to leave the US on 9-11?

              Now I also wonder why would congress be trying to release proof of Saudi Involvement in 9-11? That question makes no sense to me. I would love to have your theory and others on this.

              I am so concerned about future generations as well. There life is going to be so much different than ours. The coming hard times are going to be different as well. If a war breaks out then economic hard times will too. The enemy will use terrorist attacks here. There will also be fighting with our own countrymen. Our own countrymen will riot in the streets because of loss of government benefits.

              I am not worried about me but the point is God help our kids and grand kids.

              • Mike in VA, just about every tin pot dictator in the middle east has been removed, except the Saudis. If I were them I would be really worried. Plus the fact they we seem to be getting chummy with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s mortal enemy. Plus didn’t their King die recently?!?! Again I would be really worried if I were them.

                What has already transpired in the Middle East has been incredible to watch as it’s being reshaped. The old structure has been swept aside and a new one with Iran being in charge is being set up. Saudi Arabia, unlike Russia, really is just a gas station.

                Also, note that we effectively turned Iraq over to Iranian control. This was done by design.

                Mike it amazes me that the unprecedented events have occurred and with almost no analysis in the public as to why?

                • Unfortunately there plan has gone off without a hitch. What saddens me is that the people allowed themselves to be taken over by government. People no longer have the ability to annalysis the situation. They don’t have access to true information anyway unless they go to alternative sights like this. Look at the numbers of people who read these articles. The masses only have the msm.

                  Maybe us provoking the Saudis and the demise of the Petro Dollar is by design as well.

                  We are headed for the one world government period.

                  Obama may have done the removals to set up the Muslims caliphate. Maybe he believes in the caliphate and is trying to bring back the Muslim messiah. He sure did cause the the whole region to become unstable by his plans. The dictators kept the region stable. The government knew this.

                  Why would they destabilize this region on purpose?

                  • Mike in Va, “Why would they destabilize this region on purpose?”

                    That is a really good question. I guess “they” are consolidating control of the region. It’s easier to bribe/control one power center than several. I guess the former leaders didn’t want to accept the idea that the Middle East would be under New Management!

                    • I think the solution is to have more kids.

                    • Justice

                      Mike in Va, “Why would they destabilize this region on purpose?”

                      Two nations, Iraq and Libya were overthrown and replaced non functional governments. Coincidently both attempted to buck the system with breaking the oil peg. A weak government one step away from being overthrown would be very hesitant to make such a move in the future.

                      The only thing all of this has to do with terrorism is that its the tool being used by TPTB to covertly keep control.

                  • Mike, for whatever reason they have for reshaping the Middle East, it is clear they they were willing to kill several MILLION people to achieve their aims/goals. Have you seen the pictures of Syrian cities. They look like bombed out WWII cities in Europe.

                    A reporter asked Madeleine Albright if our Middle East policy was worth killing several mission Iraqis? She responded that it was worth it.

                    How many Americans are they willing to kill to reshape America? That is the question that terrifies me.

                    • Justice.

                      All of Us.

                • The American public would love nothing better than to dissect this and so many other issues in our society. The larger question is Why doesn’t anyone write all this down on Kim Kardashian’s ever-growing ass, so they can read it? Why won’t Lady GaGa sing a song about it, so American’s can download it onto their iPods, and hear about it? Why don’t men playing with their balls on weekend TV discuss any of this during halftime? When will there be a Facebook page with all this, so Americans can keep up while updating their Facebook pages?

              • The Russians can light up all of America’s cities with urban violence with the snap of Putin’s fingers. America is a tinder box and doesn’t take much to spark race riots. Look at the basic igniters to get the knee-grows going:

                1) blame the cops for a killing
                2) shut down the electricity and phone networks for an hour or two
                3) leave a few 18-wheelers with free shit in strategic places to bait the hoodlums
                4) have Black Lives Matter start a demo outside the police station and burn some cop cars

                • Frank Thoughts – you are a feeble old man who cannot discern what is fact and what is fiction.

                  You live your life in a perpetual round of fantasies and lies. Your life is a complete void in which you mistakenly believe that you have wisdom to impart. You do not.

                  You still refuse to acknowledge that you are a proven fantasist. Otherwise you would be, by now, holding $1000 in your hands.

        • Kasick said something about punching Russia in the nose

      11. Let’s see, the US sends destroyers to the Russian coast, the Russians retaliate with a fly over, and the MSM calls the Russians the aggressor. The MSM knows that most Americans probably flunked geography. Just below Lithuania is a place called Kaliningrad. It’s Russian territory. Just south of that is Poland. The US was stupid enough to let the Soviets keep that land as their own at the end of WW2. The MSM plays this over and over trying to get American parents to send their kids to die for the Globalists.

        • Observer

          Basic geography; the Baltic Sea is in the Baltic’s.

          The Russian mindset was clarified for me when I asked my friends wife in her mid 40s if any of her family members were killed in WWII. The look on her face for a moment was one of, “What a stupid question”. She said, “Of course” and then started to name grandparents, uncles, aunts, great relatives a generation older. The total was 5 or 6 killed with several uncles wounded. The regard they have for their security after losing 20 million people even 71 years later, still resonates with the national psychology.

          The entire world would be far better off if a zone of influence of buffer nations surrounded Russia like the Monroe Doctrine governs this hemisphere.

          • Basic geography. Russia has a border there also. I am a rabid anti-communist. The only good commie is a dead one. Having said that, Stalin is gone forever. But the Globalists are just getting started. How many did our Globalist government in DC kill in our life time? Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, and like I said, they’re just getting started. Millions of refugees to use against us. Our worst enemy is in DC. I can’t begin to list what they’ve done to our country. Starting wars for profit. I thought I’d never say that. Then I discovered “our governments” connections to terrorist organizations. KLA, PKK, MEK, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra, etc. Like Diogenes, I’m still looking for an honest man in DC. Ain’t gonna find one. Almost forgot. The government in DC backed the commies in Rhodesia, Mozambique, South Africa, Southwest Africa, Angola, and Zaire. Kind of a pattern.

            • Observer

              The John Birch Society spoke about what you stated above since 1958.

          • Kevin2, unfortunately the Monroe Doctrine is no longer in effect.

            • I would have to say it is with the possible exception of Cuba.

            • The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding domination of the Americas in 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.

              President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry told the Organization of American States in November 2013 that “era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.”

      12. Hi folks: all great comments above. In Pat Franks great doomer novel “Alas, Babylon” the nuke war starts with a simple mistake with a sidewinder missile. For those who have not read this book, now is the time. For those who do not have a copy of Cresson Kearny’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills,” buy one, read it carefully, and make several KFMs. Beanie Weenie cans work very well. Why several? to give to your neighbors along with copies of the use instructions. I also recommend Dean Ing’s book “Pulling Through.” It details the usefulness of a KFM. Read the book “The Day We Bombed Utah” about a NV above ground nuke test that did not go well (this is a serious understatement). Places as far away as western NY got a serious dose from a rain event.

        Get the ingredients for an oral rehydration liquid mix. Mild radiation exposure will lead to serious dehydration.

      13. A couple of points. I am a jeweler and as to the gold in the federal reserve it’s not there in addition many of the reserves held by the big NY banks aren’t there. Quite literally they lease the physical gold to manufacturers so they derive a revenue from storing gold. The problem now is a bar of gold is no longer a bar but 500 rings spread from Nantucket to California with a promise to replace the bar at a later date. But, it is still on the books as a reserve bar of gold. Secondly, Russia and Putin are just classic bullies that are just seeing how far they can push Obama around. The fox news commentator is right, Obama is a pussy and the whole world knows it. Putin will back down from a strong US President.

        • True that. In the months leading up to 9/11, Putin was swaggering around bragging about taking Alaska back–claiming the US cheated Russia out of it. After 9/11, Putin went dark on Alaska. Not that W was any powerhouse, but he did show that he didn’t mind going to war if he could find any excuse…

      14. War is never a financial solution to economic problems. It only wastes and shifts wealth.

        Financially is is a disaster for the losers, as well as those whose lands the wars are fought on.

        If there is a nuclear war, picture the top foot of soil needing to be removed from every farm in America, trucked away and piled up somewhere it won’t poison people. Then the exposed sub-soil on those farms would need to be made workable. It would take a decade to rebuild viable farmland.

        I hope people have enough stored food, to weather a year without fresh food from the earth.

      15. I’ve been informed there’s a strong possibility somewhere between late 2017 and mid 2018, America, China and Russia will be at war, possibly the beginning of World War 3, and it could last for several years… and to those who think ‘not in my backyard’, Russians can easily enter the U.S. through Alaska… not impossible folks.

        The shortest distance between the two continents is only 50-60 miles, and it’s not the difficult, dangerous treacherous trip some might believe it to be. Considering Alaska is known as ‘a State without borders’ AND one can easily reach any other point in the U.S. though AK, that makes it not impossible, which means it is possible.

        I suppose the U.S. could take security measures and seal off the Northwestern borders and guard the skies above so they can’t gain illegal entry, but will they? and will they act in a timely manner? Think ‘Power Grid’… and also illegals, some of whom are criminals, freely walking into our country, no questions asked until it’s too late.

        Judging from past and even more recent history/events, and knowing tptb are of the ineffective, incompetent ‘too little, too late’ reactive mentality, as opposed to taking a pro-active stance, I don’t have a whole lot of faith and confidence in their security measures, nor do I believe they’d take a pro-active stance BEFORE it’s too late…. certainly wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

      16. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke

        The good men are drunk, gambling, and watching sports or porn Edmund, only good WOMEN speaking out now can save us as these NWO Globalist psychopath criminal monsters take us into a planned collapse, genocide, totalitarian fascist Police State hell, and another war of course to cover their crimes and complete their plan.

      17. Today’s Lesson

        I have seen a lot of people saying they want a Civil War or think that this country is Headed to a Civil War

        what this country needs is a Revolution

        here is the lesson.. the difference between the two is significant and are NOT the same thing

        The most important difference is that Civilians directly revolt against government in a Revolution

        whereas factions wage war against each other in a Civil War

        big difference

        • Really good point

        • Problem is we have to have 3. A C War with the Free Shit Army, a revolution against the politicals, and a mass lynching of Bankers. Then a reestablishment of the Constitution.

          • And I would agree

        • Robin Sage.

          This go around the war will morph into the various types where one side of the country is fighting the government and the other a race war. You also have to account for raiders, malcontents and the rest that want their pound of flesh. It will be far from black and white till the smoke settles somewhat to see who is still standing.

          • Understood

            the point i was making( or trying to make) that some missed is the Mis-use of Civil War Vs Revolution

            they are distinctly different , yet people still think they are one in the same or have their definitions of them mixed up

      18. The fascist US think they own the world to the detriment of all living people on this planet beside the 1% and the corporate ripoffs who can never get enough. You don’t control Asia murderous bitches. We are suppose to go along with our Constitutional rights having been smashed to defend the 9-11 lies. Dumb people and liars may believe that, I never will. As far as Sanders ideas to allow free schooling and implement universal single payer health care, what in hell is wrong with that? Yeah keep wasting trillions to spread tyranny while protecting yourselves from the American peoples opinions that have ceased to matter. Spend a small portion of that war money actually helping all American people with grossly inflated healthcare costs only affordable to a greatly shrinking number of citizens. It is not socialism. It is common sense. Our rulers have none of it. America is not great, not even close.

        • The US doesn’t think they control shit. The owners of the US do (fed reserve, IMF, etc.) We are just the owners bitches. We are the disposable wardog the owners sic on other people. Got your dogtags?

        • Pull your head back out into the sunshine, Aljamo. The lack of O2 is killing what’s left of your brain. Where do you think that commie Sanders will get the money to pay for everybody’s “free” medical and education expenses? He’ll steal it from OUR paychecks to bankroll the welfare parasites like yourself, of course! That IS socialism. Other than launching all of you welfare gooks out of our country, we don’t want ANY control over you.

      19. Robin – Well said… I totally agree.

        But as we know tptb don’t want the revolution we need and that may have that cleansing effect and will do everything to prevent it, while failing to take action/measures that prevent war. Destructive people want destruction, not peace.

      20. “The U.S. responded in kind on April 20 by allowing a guided missile destroyer, the U.S.S. Cook to encroach upon Russian borders while conducting maneuvers near Poland.”

        No, the US did not “respond”. The ship the Russians buzzed was 70 kilometres from a big naval base on Russia’s mainland, and when the USS Donald Cook was first buzzed it was in response to it’s management having deliberately overstayed their 30 day limit in the Black Sea.

        Claiming the US only “responded” is like the worst of Soviet era propaganda.

      21. Correction: OBAMA has created a climate that could easily be transformed into a war.

      22. A very good article JJ. One of the few worth reading all week, thanks.

      23. It sounds like children playing with something dangerous. I just want to get it away from them.

      24. I will be honest I’m all for war. Nations were built to conquor others. Only the strong survive IMO. If you stop conquering other weak nations you don’t expand. Nations are supposed to rise against nations. Are we a society of weak pathetic babies or what. i don’t wanna get all religious but the bible says it is gonna hit the fan so why do we kick the can down the road for our kids to deal with. We say we care about our kids future but we continue to leave the end for later. Is it because we ourselves are afraid to confront the demons head on. Putting off your problems instead of dealing with them make the problems worst later for future generations. We need war it was built into the plans of civilizations.

      25. Possible end game:::: Planet Nibiru may hit any day wear hard hats to protect head!!!!!

      26. I have read reports that Russian troops are in America, also have read some posters here who claim that also. Why would Russian troops be here in America if Russia is the supposed enemy? They are being played up as the aggressors in Syria and Europe. It doesn’t make any sense.

        • It makes perfect sense if russia is in on it too. Who knows what agreements nations have? I have read about this country being divided up with seperate foriegn rulers. Sometimes ya never know. Kinda like sometimes ya never know when your laxative will take effect 😮

          • As Lord Ashcroft recently tweeted:

            “Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.”

            • haha ha, thats a good one! As the horny man said “if you go to bed with a problem on your mind, you will wake up with a solution in your hand lol. And he who goes to bed with an itchy butt, wakes up with smelly fingers 🙂

      27. So how is that Hope and Change going for you?

        The Jerk in the White House is going to miscalculate and start a World War. That asshole will get aboard Air Force One or fly by helo to an underground bunker leaving the rest of us to face the firestorm on the surface. Shall we include members of Congress too.

        The Government Must Survive! So when it gets bad for them they have an ace in the hole. Start a Nuclear War. You know damn well he is thinking about it as an option.

        • The black family in government housing will do what they are told. He will push the button on orders from his bosses only. His protection and all others in high office depend on the rulers too. Don’t forget that…

          • There is a possibility that Obama is the last president and that he would become a dictator. Nine months or so will prove this out. Still I figure Hilary will win and the chances that this country will survive her first term presidency intact are very low. So we have a choice of a dictator or being incorporated into the New World Order.

      28. The costs of pretending to police the world is not paying as well as the bankers wanted it to pay and now Russia has nukes in Syria along the border with Israel to cut the snakes head off the bankers.

        Russia warned the west that it would not sit back and allow the banker puppets to suround Russia will missiles bases and have every right to fly jets near the russia border as the yanks probe it.

        Mr Putin is the man that stands between a life living as a slave under proxy control of the USA and freedom and if the american public cannot control these puppets in Washington then they will face the same fate as Germans faces in 1945

        You should had delt with 9/11 and then it would not had come to this.

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