Possible Big Foot Sighting: Young Boy Lost In The Woods Says He Made Friends With A “Bear”… But Could It Have Been Something Else?

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Headline News | 154 comments

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    When 3 year-old toddler Casey Hathaway was found by police three days after he disappeared from his grandmother’s backyard in North Carolina, he told his family that he had “made friends with a bear.”

    While the kid has no reason to make up such a story, what’s interesting is that temperatures dipped into the 20’s – well below freezing – suggesting that something most definitely helped him to survive in the vast wilderness. According to the family, the boy is medically fine, showing no serious signs of exposure.

    Most news agencies and reports ultimately ran with the “bear” story and some concluded that the story was a figment of the boy’s imagination, but could there be another explanation?

    Police have suggested that the boy may have been abducted and that his kidnapper may have had a change of heart and returned the boy.

    But others suggest an alternate story.

    Witnesses and investigators have long believed that the heavily wooded areas of North Carolina are home to Sasquatch, affectionately known as “Big Foot.”

    Debate is raging on social media about the “bear,” as noted by the International Cryptozoology Museum:

    Sasquatch researchers suggest that the boy may have been in the care of an animal that he called a bear because it may have, to some degree, resembled a big, hairy creature and he didn’t know what a sasquatch (or even an ape) was if it was one.

    One commentor suggested that this is actually the most plausible scenario:

    How the boy survived in freezing temperatures during heavy downpours in a heavily wooded wilderness for three days is most certainly an interesting topic of discussion.


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      1. There is a famous story from colonial New Hampshire about a 3-year-old girl who was lost for several days. She apparently said she had been with a “big black dog” who had kept her warm at night. Bear tracks were seen close by where she was found. Interesting that this recent event sounds so similar!

        • I think it was Nancy Pelosi without facial bondo, but being he was very young, it was doubtful that it was a big black dog.

      2. But, also a carnivore. Wrap your mind around that, if you can.

        Maybe, it should be considered a miracle, like in the story about Daniel, in the lion’s den. Without the blessing or God’s manifest presence, etc, I think, they go back to being lions.



          FIT GIRLS ARE!!!




          JUST STOP

          • I prefer skinny, virginal, but-not-quite-skeletal looking, or somewhat muscular (not ape-ish).

            Anyone healthy enough to be busy is going to have some basic muscle tone.

            I understand that there are different shapes of women. If she is healthy, there will be a shape.

            • I’m queer as a three-dollar bill…….

              I like my men built just like ol’ Mikey O’Blowme. Yep, the ex-Presidon’t’s “wife.”

              She’s my favorite kinda man!

          • Also, proper posture is best.

            • 😉

        • Gotta go with the BIGFOOT THEORY. Here’s why: It’s February, bears should be in a deep slumber by now. 🙂

          • YES, should be, is the term, due to unnatural weather modification via HAARP pushing false fronts back and forth and sparaying you name it down on us to make snow rain, or cause desication of trees and grasslands ready for a DEW fire , I dont think Bears know what season it is anymore, plants are starting to flower at the wrong time due to light values being changed too.

        • Oh Brother. You left out inbreeding hillbillies. Way to radically over do it.

          Camden NJ is the armpit of the world.

          • Is that where you live??

            • Why, do you want to meet me? Crazy Luciferian mangina.

        • ht tps://www.realclearpolitics.com/lists/meth_states/south_carolina.html
          Kentucky is only in eighth place.

          Try again.

        • ht tps://www.cnn.com/2018/06/27/health/child-well-being-state-rankings-study/index.html
          In terms of child neglect, Kentucky is NOT in the bottom ten, so far you are batting a thousand, Pal.

        • ht tps://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/25-states-with-most-abortions/

          Kentucky has few abortions and may soon only have a single provider. We are ranked lower that 25th.

        • ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_demographics_of_the_United_States

          Kentucky has a very low percentage of homosexuals at 3% and is 20th on the list.

          How many times have you been wrong?????

          • Because our population density is so low, and the percentage is so low, there are only 134,000 homosexuals in the entire state, making it 31st in terms of total homosexuals.

            Shall I keep embarassing you with your absurd near moronic post?

            • In the entire state, there are 13 gay pride parades. There is a derth of homosexuals in the state, with most in Louisville and Lexington, and hence no need for gay parades.

              WRONG AGAIN ASSHAT.

        • ht tps://vinepair.com/articles/map-america-states-most-distilleries/
          Eleven states have emore distilleries than KY.

          Wrong again.

        • ht tps://wallethub.com/edu/states-most-addicted-to-gambling/20846/

          Kentucky is 48th ie among the least number of gambling addicts.

        • ht tps://online.brescia.edu/social-work-news/the-state-of-human-trafficking-in-kentucky/

          373 cases in the entire state ie among the least in the nation.

          • Kentucky has among the least number of Hispanic Americans in the nation and extremely low numbers of illegal aliens. These two facts are likely why there is almost no human traficking in Kentucky.

        • I think your a clown

        • Blah blah blah. I posted numerous FACTS.

          You can dish it out. But you can’t take it.

          What a wimp.

      3. Having raised kids, I tend to believe the police version of what happened. However if the kid made up a story about a bear, any adult who has raised kids, knows you can get the truth out pretty easy. There is more to this story than we are being told.

        • Probably just some big hairy mountain man There are a few around.

          • Maybe Hillary in need of a good shave.

            • Bond Servant Ronnie needs to exfoliate.

      4. With the intelligence level of our society today this is surely the most plausible answer to them.
        And since we the people now know the general area that BF is in we can prove this is not a hoax once and for all. (How old is he/she now anyway?) I believe that he/she probably won’t be able to run very far at his/her age. It could also turn the area into a scene from “Jaws”. You know, like when everyone in that movie showed up to ‘get the shark’. I hope there are no BOL’s out that way. Know what I’m sayin’?. So when they get BF they better check the jaw/bite radius. It should be a little larger than just regular foot people right? LOL

      5. The kid is safe. That is the most important thing for the family.
        Three year olds can barely survive open cellar doors and coffee table corners, nevermind going walkabout.

      6. Your language and ethos are somewhat based on Remus and Romulus, with stories of feral children in ancient myth and secular news.

        It makes me feel guilty to have eaten bear meat, in all different kinds of recipes, although I am prone to anemia. So, I am questioning what the bear will have eaten.

        What is the bear’s motivation, if true.

      7. Trump Bear !!

      8. does the boy know the difference between a bear and a deer?

      9. I think he was abducted by a man with a beard and long hair, possibly a child molesting rabbi, like the ones arrested in New York a while back. A child under three years is fair game. Read up on the subject. It is shocking.


        • God, what an asshole you are.

          • Why is he a a**hole? Enlighten us….

          • You are referring to m, correct?

        • Man !!! That was funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Oy vey! such blatant antisemitism!! I like you!

      10. Iwant to know what the boy had to eat and drink4 those 3 days to be able to have survived ?

        • I would guess he had some “mushrooms” if he claims he saw Bigfoot

      11. There are hundreds of people missing in the national park system. Some of them are children. Some were found and reported similar stories as the one above.

        It’s equally disturbing that a human predator could appear as a bear just by wearing a mask and a three year old would not be able to process the danger. There are horrifying documents found online which detail what the OTO believes can be done as magick by harming children and summoning demons.

        There also have been children who have fallen into primate enclosures in zoos and here treated in a protective way.

      12. 9cLsNwRhxNI
        Gorilla rescues fallen child 1996.

      13. yPoHkEzjZDg
        Gorilla saves child 2016.

      14. He Made Friends With A “Bear”… But Could It Have Been Something Else?

        How about a big harry pedophile?

      15. nQMhdXH4p0A
        Gorilla with human child.

        • Was the child black? If so then they are kin and that explains it…

          • Maybe it was your grandmother or an aunt….. perhaps a sister??? Makes me wonder Genus( without the I) ???

            • You can go back to your tree now since you ARE the branch manager 😛

              • Good one G!!

                • Such a coward. Why is it Luciferians operate in the shadows? They got no balls. They pretend to be someone who has them.

                  You write checks you can’t cash. Such a mangina.

                  Good luck pretending to be me.

              • Good reply Genius!

      16. Mn2LPfjwPW4
        Bigfoot child abduction in the national parks.

        In the couple of times when it occurred, the child’s clothing was found…neatly folded up.

        • Maranatha Have you heard of David Paulades? He has researched people disappearing in national parks for a long time and has had zero help from the park services, they seem to cover it all up. An insane amount of people disappear every year in national parks and forests, and hardly a peep about it from the media.He talked about several cases where the child or persons cloths were found neatly folded up, or shoes were found months later but were still new looking as if they had just been placed there and not been sitting in the forest for months.Also people have come across staircases in the middle of nowhere, just a set of stairs and nothing else. Really bizarre things.There’s definitely something weird or evil going on, and it’s being covered up! So many people missing.

          • Yep. I couldn’t remember his name. There are a huge number of missing person reports in the national park system.

            There is a documentary in which he is featured prominently.

      17. 8MSty_xRqQM
        Bigfoot kidnapping in the national parks.

        Note that in Celtic folklore, the fairies steal human children and leave a wicked fairy baby in exchange ie the changeling myth.

        Anthropologists describe this abandonment as a defense mechanism ritual used in history by primitive tribal people.

        UFO researchers like Vallee describe it as early alien abductions as the early drawings are eerily similar to grey aliens.

        Note that some researchers at the Skinwalker Ranch where there have been so many peculiar UFO sitings also report HUGE wolves and Bigfoot sitings as well. The theory is that is an interdimensional portal where things either purposely or accidentally come through.

        • Wow more from mr./ms./it know it all

          • Apparently you know nothing! You’re so lame that you cannot stand the heat, so you copy me!

            How funny!

      18. Thanks, I needed a chuckle.
        Forget Big Foot. I vote alien. Yeah, shape-shifting, inter-dimensional alien. Plus, are they sure it’s the same boy and not a clone?

      19. Casey’s story and rescue is so compelling ! A Big Foot explanation is reasonable because aren’t bears in hibernation now? (Yes, bears occasionally come out of hibernation, but they go back).

        Wish the news reports had noted the distance between his great granny’s house and the thicket where he was found.

        • One news report stated the boy was found only one quarter mile from home.

        • I live less than a 100 miles as a crow flies from this area and not all Black Bears are in hibernation right now.Due to mild winters, a lot of bears here don’t hibernate like they do in colder climates.After reading this story it sounds like someone familiar with the family,or even a family member may have taken the kid and let him have a stuffed teddy bear to play and sleep with.
          The kid was probably coached on what to say if questioned..Big foot don’t exist..

        • was reported to be 400 yards, or 1/4 mile

      20. Would a three year old know the difference between a bear and a man in a bear suit. The sqach theory is bunk if you believe that I have a skittle shitting unicorn for sale. I’d bet the kids father was thrown out by the mother and he saw the opportunity to spend time with his boy at a camp wearing a bear costume so the mother would never know and the boy would go back and tell everyone he was with a bear leaving everyone confused.

      21. Why is it that you say lies that you know are lies?

        Lucifer is the Father of Lies.

        If you would channel what you know and give up your negativity, then YAHWEH could use you to help rescue others from their ignorance.

        • I’m not sure what planet you live on but on this planet people are stupid not just ignorant but stupid! Rescue them? I tried that years ago and still do occasionally and to no avail. People will defend their ignorance to the death. It;s all around you take a look! Moronic brainwashed zombies set in their bullshit like concrete. Fuck them I want them to eat shit, we need a hell of a lot less of them ya know. Go on down with the titanic if you want but I quit wasting my time and being a martyr for a bunch of idiots…

          • Ha, I even have t-shirts made with sayings that mock these troglodites and they read it and don’t get it lol. How stupid can you be?

            • I don’t believe you are heartless and that you believe the things you say.

              When I did a lot of urban ministry, young children aged 7-9 who had never walked in a forest, would say things with total sincerity like this.

              “This place….it’s IMMENSE. Is this what they call a meadow? Is this what they call a cliff? Is this what is called a forest?”

              I felt like crying. Sometimes I would get choked up and wait a sec, and then act perfectly natural but had wet eyes.

              I would get the tents ready, and have them help me. And start a fire and have them gather sticks. And they would have the best time and then say.

              “I’ve never seen a campfire before. Look at all…ALL THE STARS!” and they gazed in wonder. I felt so blessed and so sad. How is it possible for innocent children not to know these natural things?

              They would get quiet. And you never told ghost stories or scary stories as you would with rural children.

              “I’m afraid. We should go in Mr._______. People get shot at night. We could get hurt…”

              How could you ever mock an urban child who had been so deprived of YAHWEH’s creation and who feared it as well???

              • I don’t work with kids I work with fully grown adults. I don’t hang around places with kids. 99.9% of people that I am around on a daily basis are older adults. Insulting them is funny as they are too stupid to figure it out. Other peoples kids are cool as I tend to try their brains and it’s fun. Some are smart and some have no hope. Kids are cool but they tend to be like their parents, smart or retarded. I like smart kids they want to learn…

                • If you think people are horrible based upon how they act in ignorance, and you reciprocate that ignorance and treat them horribly, then how will things ever improve?

                  Do your actions seem wise?

                  • Absolutely! What does your book say? Don’t cast your pearls before swine? These are the same morons I tried to wake up years ago and yet they are still in the same sinking ship. I never said they were horrible just stupid as fuck. I don’t reciprocate ignorance I just point it out. Like mormons, stupid as can be but nice as can be too. Nothing will ever improve can’t you see that? We are doomed to planetary retardation and destruction. It has happened several times before and is going to happen again. The buybull didn’y predict it, MAN DID. It’s the same old song and dance of humanity….

                    • Baloney.

                      Most people are just people, but some are ignorant. Why did Jesus say “swine”? It’s a terrible insult as swine are unclean animals and whose flesh is corrupted by worms(flukes) That’s all he is saying. Someone has to stop being an unclean unthinking animal and join the human race! They are corrupted by sin,and in this specific instance they think they are notonly chosen,but have perverted theTorah.

                    • Jesus said swine to get a rise out of those listening. It was a MAJOR INSULT as some were scribes who assumed they understood theTorah but actually they were wicked and like polished white tombs with dead decaying rotten flesh inside.

                      A swine is not only dirty, but acquires worms invading their flesh ie they are corrupt thus an unclean unthinking animal that is of no use to the listener.

                      Jesus is acting like a drill sergeant waking up the ignorant.

                    • Wrong… they ARE swine! The torah is full of insults and putdowns of the goyem (christians) fuckin wake up!

                    • I gotta go… goodnight.

                    • Am I really the only M-fer here that is willing to point this shit out? Goodnight…

                    • I think m is a troll and is sure self righteous telling people who can be saved and not…

                    • You are absolutely correct G!

                • Genius,
                  I work daily with people in a fairly complex business. Everyone I meet thinks they are smart. Some think they are excellent. However whwn I explain things to them, factual things, and show them how wrong their belief system is, they argue with facts. Thatbis complete willful ignorance. Some see they are being hard headed and are pragmatic realists and want to learn they are open minded. The ones thatbwant to argue, let them starve. But just ignorance alone, especially innocent ignorance should be provided an opportunity to learn and be brought forth feomsuch ignorance. Being a jerk and making fun of everyone always so you are amused is what low IQ societies and persons do. Grow up, mature a little and move past the purposefully ignorant and work with those that you call smart and want to learn. DOn’t be so immature and have shirts printed up to make fun of people they dont even ralize you are making fun of them as thatbmakes you an asshole. Let me guess, younare one of those “ I am Professor, therefore superior, and all knowing and everyone , always in my line of signt is inferior to ke and plain ignorant”. Well, are you? I have never met a smart professor nor a rich one..

                  • I know what you mean but you are wrong. I know ignorance from stupididty and believe me I will help ignorant people all day long. I am not quite a genius I use this name because compared to what I am suurounded by I really am. I learn and love to learn from others as long as it’s true. In the meantime, I am a genius among a plethora of idiots…

      22. It was probably a pervert in a fur-suit.

      23. You people are fucking morons!

      24. I did a summer camp with single urban moms who were diverse of many ethnic backgrounds.

        When they first arrived, they were acting weird, and I realized they thought this was some kind of boot camp to scare them straight.

        When actually Christians had donated money so they could just be teenagers again since they were so busy taking care of babies and has trust issues since young boys had abandoned them and their children. These young 15-17 year olds had missed out on slumber parties, and campouts, and school dances, and dates to get ice cream, and just normal summer camp.

        It was a tough camp and so I got up at 5 am every morning, and made extrordinary breakfasts, and took them hiking, and canoeing and made delicious lunches with desserts, and organized talent shows, and then made very fancy evening meals with linen napkins and many silveware on the linen tablecloths and candles and soft music, etc. I went to bed after midnight. And made every day special, but was EXHAUSTED after.

        They ate that up like a banquet. And they cried like babies in small groups as they discussed how they had been betrayed. Then they cried as they got on the bus to go home.

        They were sweet, caring, considerate, respectful, faithful, well spoken believers. The urban personality was just a front like when an animal is scared and threatened.

        Had they not gotten pregnant and had decent parents, they might have had much easier lives.

        • You mean had they been sterilized or had an abortion. You know, the right thing to do. Or just fuck them and their kids lives up forever in the name of jesus.;..fool.

      25. I all the decades working with young people, adults, older adults, in a natural setting, most people are caught up in the granduer of YAHWEH’s creation. It is very difficult to be an atheist when daily confronted and a part of nature.

        That whole time, maybe there were five people that I didn’t like, but I treated everyone kindly regardless if they were atheist, pagan, homosexual, nonbelievers, wiccans, Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, whatever.

        The ones I didn’t like were the ones who were indifferent while in nature as if it were useless scenery that was irrelevant to their lives.

      26. Put a white teenager in an urban environment surrounded by drugs, robberies, assault, and mayhem and he will act like any urban teenager. Being raised by crack prostitute will do that.

        Put a black teenagers in a rural environment with devout loving moral Christian parents, and they will be almost the same as the white teenagers. The difference is mostly they feel like an outsider.

        There are many kinds wildernesses. And many ways to go feral. Just as a loving dog will forget human kindness and can go feral and turn mean and viscous, a feral dog can be treated with respect and kindness and rescued by a loving human being.

        Within a species, even wolves treat each other better than humans do.

        • Nope! Why doesn’t appalachia with poor whites have a high crime rate like large urban black areas then??? You ding dong…

      27. I hear ya. Those types are pretty much going to have a shitty life. Rich or poor doesn’t matter it’s the quality of life. Chase the almighty dollar or be a govt. bum unless you really live, your just a miserable buck chasing troglodite. I am more fortunate than a lot of peeps but I use my brain to get the best jobs and the least months of work. But back on the subject, their are waaaay to many people for sustainable happiness on earth. It is getting and going to be much worse. But you can’t force people to stop breeding (except china who was right) so this place will become your so called hell. Hell is your future. Hell is what will be because of out of control breeding in a finite petri dish. Tell your kids you had to make them because you were ignorant of the consequences. To fulfill your selfish desires no matter the outcome of they’re futures. Evidently you knew the outcome of earth and you made them to suffer anyway. Good job Butch, explain away to them why they will be in hell…

        • You obviously have gifts to share with the community, either here or where you live. You are smart and have ancestral skills that are practical.

          Why waste what YAHWEH has given you, either innate or learned? You can make it better by helping at least one person who is suffering. That’s all that Jesus asks.

          A regular person who is an unbeliever, reciprocates. If they are treated well by another, they treat the other well. If the other stabs them in the back, they reciprocate by harming them.

          Jesus says to treat the least of these as if they were actually Jesus. Jesus says to love your neighbor as you treat yourself. There is no reciprocity. You automatically treat pople kindly even if they spit at you.

          Easy to say; hard to do.

          When a drill sergeant yells at the ignorant new recruits, does he hate them? NOPE. He knows they are ignorant and takes them down a notch. Then this form of discipline and shared hardship builds character and camaraderie. First they jointly hate the drill sergeant but little by little, they realize he is trying to make them better people and better soldiers so they don’t perish through ignorance.

          That’s what I do. I like purt near everybody. It takes a LOT to make me angry. I don’t any enemies except insane Luciferians. And I try to save them all the time.

          • The military does that to make the soldiers compliant and not question authority. Why would anyone give up their free thought? Better people? NOT. Just obedient order followers no matter right or wrong. Love people that wrong me? Not in this lifetime. An eye for an eye is the law. I don’t harm anyone and I wish the same could be said for the asshole masses. When are you going to learn humanity is a waste of resources because they do not adhere to the laws of nature….

      28. A good TOP will head straight into a hail of bullets to rescue another soldier especially a green recruit or a foolish 2nd lieutenant. So never think the DI is a bad guy. He might seem like a horse’s butt though.

        • That is true if the soldiers were fighting to defend our country. But they are mercinaries in a war for resources for the elite. Use some critical thinking and common sense. War is a racket….

          • LMAO! Your beating a dead horse ‘ol boy even though it is fun.

            • Ya I know. Cheers!

              • Hey G,give it up, m just doesn’t get it…

      29. Somehow, I am reminded of an old English term.

        Back in Shakspeare’s day, a petard was a crudebomb or a grenade. To be “hoisted by one’s own petard” was a double entendre. It meant that accidently the soldier was blow upwards by his own crudebomb but also was a word for a butt as in a one who had farted and risked exploding from the methane.

        Now people have forgotten this and it’s a slang word for buttocks.

        And it relates here to your posts…causing unintentional self-sabotage.

      30. A Man-Bear-Pig sighting. . . could be

      31. His clothing will have animal hair on it. Test that.

        Anybody here have dogs or cats and NOT have pet hair on their clothing?

      32. Good story
        I believe a little more questioning of the child would provide some good information, if done correctly.
        I hope it was a big foot – That would give me more hope.
        Never underestimate the love of other species.

      33. These types of stories are not that rare.

        If the police suspect other involvement then where is the close analysis of the boy and his belongings for evidence??

        DNA, hair fingerprints and other.

        Come on cops.

      34. A big hairy thing kept him warm? Any Greeks live around there?

      35. Originally white explorers thought gorillas were myths and orangutans were superstitions either made up to scare children from wandering off or tales told to seperate the explorers from their money and have more expeditions.

        Yet both were real.

        In Africa, like the rest of the world, fear of lycanthropy was all too common. And the cult of jaguarmen, who wore skins and skull to hunt down their enemies, made the legend true.

        The French called them loup garou. The Tibetans and Nepalese called them the abominable(smelly) snowmen.

        Native Americans believed in the manitou. And they also believed in the wendigo who could shapeshift after eating longpig. It was terrible “medicine” as it granted enormous strength and constitution, but terrible insanity as the more they ate, the more they craved as their hunger could never be sated.

        So much of America and the world is unexplorered. We don’t know what is out there, but we pretend we do until a strange creature washes ashore that nobody has ever seen before.

      36. Michael Obama

      37. Yes, of course it was FUCKING BIGFOOT!! Jesus Christ, no wonder the world laughs at preppers and doomers.

        If there was such thing as ‘Bigfoot’, do you really think there’d be just one? Just one of this mystical creature happens to somehow evolve from what?? No bones ever discovered, ever, of another Bigfoot?

        Maybe Bigfoot is a devine creation, GOD created just one Bigfoot to fuck with all of use for, I guess, ever.

        Holy shit, just holy shit.

        Oh, and FUCK AMAZON.

      38. If you want your site to be taken seriously never run headlines that include either bigfoot or chemtrails

        • Todd; this use to be a pretty decent site for gaining knowledge about prepping,but anymore it’s nothing more than a POLITICAL and FEAR PORN site that is littered with posters that have NEVER shared a single prepping tip,but they have written consecutive walls of paragraphs about POLITICS.This site went straight down the toilet after 2015..

      39. In “Among the Bears” Ben Kilham described a similar incident that took place in Warren, NH in 1873. A three year old girl said she was kept warm for three nights by a big black dog. When she was found unharmed she was surrounded by bear tracks.

      40. I have almost no knowledge of the science that surrounds “Species Survival”

        However, it seems that for a specific animal group to survive would require at least the right habitat and support plus a critical NUMBER of specimens in the group.

        For instance, we know that in Western Europe, in particular, the latest ‘indigenous’ group – Caucasians, are reproducing at about 1.1 to 1.5 when we know that replacement reproduction is about 2.1.

        If nothing changes, Caucasians in Europe will go the way of the Delawares and the Iriquois in North America in a few centuries as they inter breed with others or just cease to be.

        With the apparent isolated habitats for Bigfoot and their vanishingly small numbers, what explains their persistence in the species pool?

        You would think that since we never find anything significant (numerically) to do with them (beyond a few sightings) – no carcasses or much other physical evidence that they should be gone the way that the French and Italians and Germans are headed….


      41. I live in the mtns and walk the woods a lot with a shooting iron and double bit axe. I have seen the critters at times and know where one sleeps near a pond in a tree. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. My father also saw them when he was alive. One liked to hang out in one of our barns. maybe taking tools. huge hairy grey things that really do not like humans

        • while hiking and camping alone in the smokey mtn np. A.T. shelter.. I saw big foot…come up while in the caged shelter at night. The first shelter heading Northeast up the mountain from Fontana Dam, NC.
          It was no bear. circa Summer 1970.

      42. I don’t have any serious problems, with discussing paranormalism, but I call it that. I am sane, so understand, when I am not talking about mainstream, secular, materialism. I know the difference.

        In and of itself, a new ape specie isn’t even crypto.

        But, when you’re told bear, it can just be a bear. It might be something real, not mythological, or speculative. Just a bear.

        • In some DNA samples of hairs of allegedly Bigfoot, some scientists found evidence it was similar to an extinct bear species. In other DNA hair samples, they all were identified as known mammals.

          What isn’t known is it possible a bear species developed intellect however crude. For example, some isolated monkeys in Costa Rica switched from a diet of fruits to one that favors crabs as that is what they had access to. Then apes and monkeys have been seen using rudimentary tools and teaching offspring how to use tools for things like eating ants.

          Bigfoot sitings are found all across the USA. They are not just seen in the Pacific NW. If these are a very old species, is it too much to believe that they have adapted and developed semi-intelligent behavior?

          • m said, “is it too much to believe.”

            You’re asking me about beliefs. I don’t have any problem with beliefs. I call them beliefs, though.

            Scientism can witness a miracle, and justifies that with materialistic beliefs. Some of you are very dogmatic, even to the point of adrenaline in the air.

            Mystics witness omething objective and real, and justify it with a Santa Claus explanation.

            Oftentimes, neither side of the discussion can withstand testing and reproducibility.

            Do you want to quibble over that, in a free marketplace of ideas? I don’t feel like burning you at the stake, over this.

        • I have never sighted bigfoot, but here in Aztlan I sight Bigass every day.

          • Their mannequins are realistic, except without the mustache.

      43. Some of the people on this blog need to get out of the cabin and into town a little more often. There are no big foot critters, no UFO’s, no honest politicians, etc.

      44. If the Moderators will indulge, several books titled Missing 411is filled with similar cases like this.

      45. ht tp://fortune.com/2018/07/03/monkeys-panama-use-rocks-as-tools-stone-age/

        ht tp://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150818-chimps-living-in-the-stone-age

        ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/11/28/scientists-dna-tested-nine-yeti-samples-they-didnt-find-bigfoot/?utm_term=.d7edd94ddbe6

        I’m mildly interested as there actually were some university professors studying Bigfoot reports in Kentucky. The legends are routine in Native American culture.

        There actually used to be quite a few bears here but they were hunted out, and yet there were odd reports a long time ago even thought hunters were well acquainted with bear sign, tracks, and encounters.

        • Hybrids can also reportedly reproduce viable young, although they can never be back-bred to the parent species.

          What we are now calling human may come from countless lineages.

          So, you are being given a good-enough, George Washington and the cherry tree version of history, which will never make anyone seriously mad at you, if you believe in that.

          • Speaking of cherry trees and plants (since it is rude to talk about higher life forms) specie-ation has probably resulted from unstable, incompatible hybrids.

            Reproductive pressures, on the other hand, result in an instant bottleneck of genetic info.

            • NO– YOU’RE WRONG, CINDY! Black bears are real timid!! I’ve seen 3 and everyone here loves the bears!! They are not like grizzly’s out west– GRIZZLIES ARE DANGEROUS!! Black bears here in NC are timid!! we have bear crossing signs between 2 neighborhoods.. “watch out for the bears” signs…

              • “Black bears are real timid!!”

                In my experience, so far, they stand on their hind legs, like ground squirrels. If they take notice, they will scamper off. Comparable in size to a dog.

                Whatever is the larger bear specie, here, it reaches higher in that tree than a tall man, to leave it’s sign. It spreads it’s paw wider, and taller than I can, to leave those marks in the tree. He eats his berries so confidently, that you can feel his weight, on the ground, as they fall on your feet.

        • Maybe they are your family members m, lol

          • Tested and just look like an ape hybrid.

            When you watch Star Wars and Narnia, etc you mainly care whether whatever creature is kind and dignified — not the specific specie.

      46. The paranormal articles are either just for a doom break and or get site traffic a boost. They are very popular.

        I would rather discuss practical prepping like fire pistons but there are only so many of those topics you can talk about after sixty years doing this.

        Over time you try to whittle ancestral skills down to 25 wild edibles and 25 trees and 25 wild medicinals because people get bored easily and don’t want a hundred different plants to treat a headache if five will do.

        Spiritual prepping is what is mostly needed as Luciferians have taken over the legislative branch. That’s why those topics come up.

        Nothing is stopping y’all from submitting an article on firearms, tactics, homestead choices, crop or animal disease, etc.

        • Even if this was originally meant to be entertaining, even if you like to see this, spiritually, there is still a survival use.

          If it is a bear, the behavior of bears can be taken into consideration.

          • Sure. In areas where bears lived and carved out a niche, then settlers often coped by deadfalls with sharpened sticks. Bears meant bear grease and lots of meat and fur and taking a claw as a necklace and bone needles.

            You hope they are the small black bears not the crazy Kodiaks! Go to a natural history museum sometime to witness just how HUGE those get when standing up.

            • Can bears be used, to find medicine?

              What if one special bear took care of your kid. Do you impale that one?

              • Well rhinos taste good according to my Sudanese friends. But people cringe at eating rhinos.

                I have no problem eating bear meat, but it would be weird to eat a gorilla, right?

      47. I immediately thought that when I heard this little boy’s story. If it had been a bear, I doubt you’d be hearing this. Maybe it was a Bigfoot, who knows? Children use terms they are familiar with. Maybe he’s described this “bear” and some of its features add up to a Bigfoot. This certainly deserves more study.

      48. That’s funny! I live in the “heavily wooded area of NC”!! and YES, IT IS HEAVILY WOODED!! Bears are all over the place here!!

        EVERYONE here has a bear story– I’ve seen 3 bears so far and have lived here only 4 years– none so far, this year. Black bears are real timid. the last one I saw was only a few yards from me. When I saw him, I “jumped” because he was so big and totally unexpected! If he had been a dog, he would have charged after me but he just looked down at the grass once he saw me jump (we looked each other in the face), but he just looked down and I walked to my house. he was headed for the neighbor’s bird feeder… bears love bird seed.

      49. Knowing how the black bears are here in NC, and if it really was that cold and the little boy was out all alone, I would be inclined to believe the little boy’s story. Sasquatch? RIDICULOUS!!!!

        I’ve talked to a lot of people here who see lots of bears at the same time in their back yard and when they talk about it, they have this weird little smile and twinkle in their eyes– they LIKE the bears!!!! Most people here in NC LOVE the bears!!!!!

      50. Given that it’s a story from a *3 year old* for god’s sake, it was probably the neighbor’s dog.

      51. Disqus is weird. I wrote about a Colorado man fighting off a mountain lion, but Disqus ate it.

        • ht tps://www.foxnews.com/us/colorado-man-fights-off-kills-mountain-lion-during-trail-run-suffers-serious-injuries
          Based on its size, it’s likely a female.

      52. ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_Ape

        The people of Florida, in the swamps as I recall, have seen skunk apes. This is similar to reports of a musky smelling bigfoot creature in Tibet.

        The Carabelle cat is a undocumented type of Florida panther seen in the Panhandle region.

      53. vW6W36-oWCU
        The Hunter is an unusual Australian film about a hunter looking for the last Tasmian tiger and he’s trying to get it before cruel unscrupulous hunters kill it to get its DNA.

        In this politically correct generation, there was difficulty finding an audience for it.

        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunter_(2011_Australian_film)

        Similarly there is a South Korean film about hunting the last Siberian tiger.

        htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tiger:_An_Old_Hunter’s_Tale

      54. 8rdeWJ71He0
        Bigfoot has been seen all over Kentucky but in Western KY, there is the Spottsville Monster. Listen how we redneck we talk.

      55. Now this begins to get really bizarre because in some cases of Bigfoot activity, there are strange lights seen in the sky and cattle mutilations. The latter is true with the Spottsville Monster.

        The viscera and eyes and tongue are often taken with no blood found in cattle mutilations. Early researchers began studying them and in some cases they were NOT looking for cryptids or UFOs, just irate ranchers looking answers.

        At first, law enforcement and game wardens though cultists were involved as satanists would do that with dogs and save the blood, but they never found any evidence of that, or even tire tracks to haul out and take these cattle. No bullet wounds were found.

        Here is a clip of the Bigfoot type sitings found at Land Between the Lakes, one of the lovely natural spots in Kentucky.

        • Natives also regard hummingbirds, deer, and other conventional animals in much the same light as cryptos, who can travel between worlds, in some cases, saying that the tribesmen, themselves, have mysterious origins.

          This kind of discussion is probably part of the experience of all humankind, and the stanch materialist is akin to the colorblind.

      56. I personally think the kid just ran into someone’s long lost Italian grandma out there. Easily mistaken for a bear with all that fur. 🙂

      57. ht tps://listverse.com/2010/08/13/top-10-cryptids-that-turned-out-to-be-real/

        Here are some critters you likely learned about in elementary school, yet when people first heard of them, most people thought they were just myths.

        Does anyone think thousands of large hominid (8-9 feet tall) sitings are just bears? See that is illogical as bears will stand-erect, but they will charge when running or lumbering around when they feel safe. The sitings typically describe bipedal creatures that are carnivores eating mammals. A bruin might eat a wounded mammal but that is not their typcal diet,nor are they hunters either, but tend to fish and use their very sharp claws to mostly eat the skins of fatty fish like salmon during runs.

        These critters are seen all the US as well as in very cold regions.

        Heck we have found fish that allegedly died out from prehistoric times, so why is it so hard to believe that small populations of an ancient bear species or even an unknown hominid, is still waiting to be discovered?
        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coelacanth

      58. Such a punk and a whiny baby as well. Are you afraid to debate me…directly?


      59. iqkcX_I5MMU
        The Edge (1997) is an excellent survival film about a cerebral billionaire and two Hollyweird types who visits Alaska and the plane they are on goes down. They are far off course as they briefly stopped elsewhere, but then when to another location.

        There is zero chance of being rescued so they have to walk out. They then proceed to make every classic error as none of them have any practical ancestral skills. Hopkins has some quite vague theoretical knowledge that would only typical be useful at parties. It’s a Hollyweird movie, so by a miracle, he is able to muster some actual skills.

        Then they run into a massive bear (probably Kodiak) who is a mankiller.

      60. Yup! A bear woke up out of torpor, befriended and babysat a 3 year old human in 18 degree weather; until Search and Rescue could find him two days/nights later. The bear hid in order not to scare anyone, of course, and kept him warm because, ya know… obviously bears know to do that. It didn’t once think to eat the easiest meal of its entire life, and then go back to sleep. Bears are often known for their compassion (and intelligence) when it comes to helping people out in the wild. Jungle Book, anyone? “I mean the bare necessities, that’s why a bear can rest at ease…” So, if we are to believe the “official” narrative, this kid had a magical Disney-esque experience for two days as a bear cub.

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