Pompeo Threatens Military Intervention After Maduro Declares Victory Over ‘Attempted Coup’

by | May 1, 2019 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge

    Here we go again…

    Now that the monthslong simmering rebellion against Maduro has exploded into a full-fledged uprising – one that’s in danger of being brutally suppressed by the Maduro regime – it’s time for the US to revive its threats of military intervention with the added subtext of ‘this time, we mean it’.

    After footage from yesterday’s riots showed regime tanks brutally crushing opposition supporters, Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox Business this morning and said that the US hasn’t ruled out military intervention.


    His comments come as supporters of the regime and opposition prepare to take to the streets for another wave of massive demonstrations on Wednesday.

    * * *

    Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido has called for a second day of street protests on Wednesday, but after the Venezuelan government successfully beat back the Guaido-led “popular uprising” – as the vast majority of Venezuela’s military remained loyal to Nicolas Maduro – it looks like the Russia- and China-backed socialist regime has resisted this latest challenge to its rule.

    The coup attempt was hardly bloodless – there were horrifying incidences of extreme violence – but for all the jawboning from President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and NSA John Bolton, it appears Guaido’s most prolific attempt yet to force Maduro from power was a spectacular failure. Some members of the military defected, but Maduro by and large retained control over the military and other levers of power. Presenting a surprising lack of confidence in Guaido, opposition supporters celebrated the release of Leopoldo Lopez from house arrest, the former opposition leader immediately sought refuge in the Chilean embassy.

    Late on Tuesday, Maduro took to Twitter to thank the supporters of his regime who took to the streets to help suppress the rebellion and the leaders who stood up for the Bolivarian revolution.

    Flanked by military leaders, Maduro delivered a speech where he demanded that all opposition supporters who participated in the day’s violent skirmishes must be identified and arrested, and he bragged that the military base at La Carlota resisted a takeover attempt.

    In honor of May Day, widely celebrated as International Workers Day, Maduro called for supporters to take to the streets for a ‘millions-strong march’.

    “Tomorrow, the first of May, we will have a large, millions-strong march of the working class,” Maduro said in a Tuesday “We have been confronting different types of aggression and attempted coups never before seen in our history.”

    Forming an unusual alliance, it appears CNN has joined the Trump administration in spreading disinformation about the events in  Venezuela to try and destabilize the regime.

    Still, Guaido hasn’t given up yet, calling for his “Operation Liberty” to continue on Wednesday, he asked opposition supporters to take to the streets for the ‘largest march in history’ (though, after seeing footage of opposition supporters being crushed by a tank on Tuesday, we imagine that some might have second thoughts).

    Meanwhile, Russia’s foreign ministry has said Pompeo’s claim that Moscow had convinced Maduro to resist the coup and cling to power was “fake news”.

    Pompeo said Tuesday that Maduro had intended to step down, but Russia had convinced him to stay. “Washington tried its best to demoralize the Venezuelan army and now [has] used fakes as a part of an information war,” Moscow spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told CNN on Wednesday.

    As Venezuelans prepare for a second day of unrest, the number of dead and wounded in Tuesday’s clashes hasn’t yet been reported.


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      1. Ukraine, Syria, now Venezuela. C_A finding it difficult to pull off a coup anymore.

      2. Well, Russia is up to its ears in Venezuela.
        They want the oil and are setting up permanent installations.
        They are also owed billions by Venezuela.
        The Russians are NOT going to leave easy.
        The Monroe Doctrine is in play.
        I do not want Russia in our back yard – South America is very fragile and can be had with a strong unchallenged Russia.
        Expect some fireworks —soon!

        • When US sanctions came in because Venezuela started trading their oil in something other than US dollars they were effectively cut off from spare parts for their oil industry. In steps Russia with parts, expertise of course expecting payment. China a recipient of Venezuelan oil making payment in their currency is likewise a player for economic reason. Interestingly there is a commonality with Iraq, Libya and now Venezuela, the sale of oil in something other than US dollars. The “official” reasons, the most laughable being helping the people are all ostensible. Libya went from the highest standard of living in Africa to a Somalia like existence.

          • HOW DARE YOU POINT OUT THE TRUTH! People don’t want to hear that! The zzzziiiooonnniissssttttsss will be very angry as they drool over themselves for WAR!

            • Speaking of intervention, I have an idea! Perhaps the off grid people and experienced preppers could write articles (short enough to be posted on shtf) and submit them to Mac. Real life experience and knowledge on prepping/off grid/survival. Instead of complaining, do something positive and contribute your know how. Together we can write some good stuff and make this place what it is supposed to be…A PREPPER INFO SITE. I am no writer by any means but I could do a few articles and let Mac arrange them to make them proper. I believe the email for Mac is mac @ shtfplan dot com. What do you guys think? :/

              • I think there are already plenty of “prepper sites”, but if you have useful information Mac will not censor you and the other readers here will welcome it.

                Free speech reigns at SHTFPlan. 🙂

            • Whomever is going to have a country there, whatever their reason for existence, why can’t they accept foreign diplomats, in any consulate, in any city, of their own choosing.

              I’ll call them JINO’s, who put international recognition ahead of sovereignty, because there is no assumption of unfettered control over your own jurisdiction, where you expel your own people, and not the presumptive aliens, who call for the destruction of your country, while holding high office, there.

              That kind of zzzziiiooonnniissssm (rawr) has no unified front and is not even internally consistent.

          • You came to the Russians on the threshold of their home and now it does not matter what you want, now it is important in what way you will be excluded from the exceptional ones. The method by which the German nation was excluded or have the courage to become what God created.

        • Possibly, but it may be our soldiers that will pay the bill with their lives and all for the oil.

        • Jakartaman, what jurisdiction gives you or Washington a say in the affairs of another sovereign country?

          • First – I do not have to educate you on law or history.
            Second – I have know idea what you mean by Jurisdiction in context to this situation
            I would have thought my showing the Monroe Doctrine would have given you a clue.
            I guess you are also opposed to having Russia, China and Cuba meddling?

            • A nation should not cry about violations of international law which they are a signatory to when they willy nilly violate them. You’re not allowed to overthrow nations period. The “Monroe Doctrine” isn’t internationally recognized. In effect China is invoking a virtually identical policy in the South China sea. Regardless the US disturbed at Venezuela abandoning the “Oil Peg” requiring exclusive payment in US dollars for oil (thus falsely propping up its value) put sanctions upon Venezuela. This prevented spare parts for their oil industry. The US crippled their production. Russia provided equipment and technical supply at Venezuelas request. China loaned them money in the absence of other sources.

              Interestingly watch Russia and China “invoke” a “Monroe Doctrine” of their own in the event of a US invasion, dig a hole and wait out the subsequent aftermath.

              • jakartaman

                Is Venezuela worth your life, your kids lives or your grandkids? How did Iraq work out? Think the venture into Afghanistan with a 17 year war kept the US safe when we simultaneously don’t guard our own borders from potential terrorist entry? How much would a venture into Venezuela cost in treasure? we could have rebuilt US infrastructure with the funds spent on Middle East wars.

                Look up “Military Industrial Complex” and “Oil Peg”.

                • Kevin,

                  You and the other American haters are right. We should just let Russia take over Venezuela Which happens to be next door to the Panama channel – Do you have an inkling of the short and long term ramification of allow this to happen? I didn’t think so.
                  I also have not suggested American troops – There are other alternatives. The Venezuela’s Military is not exactly made up of seal teams

                  • I love the US Constitution that’s why I question government motives. Russia isn’t “taking over Venezuela” any more than Saddam had WMD or the Vietnamese instigated a war with the USA in the Gulf Of Tonkin. Venezuela went off the globalist reservation, the same globalists that control the US. Newsflash, your government has been hijacked. Think Oswald killed JFK? Seen WTC #7 building?

                    You are naive.

                    • So I guess the Russians are down in Venezuela to have tea with Maduro. Also by your last sentence i have concluded you are a tin hat fruitcake. Infowars is your main source of data

                    • jakartaman

                      Russia wants to recoup its investment having loaned Venezuela money and technical support to keep its oil industry doing despite US efforts to economically destroy the country. Actually I’m partial to Zero Hedge which warned me of the upcoming economic crash in 2008 saving me big $$. You follow the “Fake News” main stream media?

                  • jakartaman,
                    The Panama Canal is operated by the Chinese on long term lease from the Panamanians. Do YOU have any inkling of what you’re talking about? I didn’t think so.

                    FYI, Kevin2 is most definitely not an American hater. Quite the opposite in fact.

              • You have it backwards Kevin2. Venezuela started selling its oil in other than dollars because the US placed sanctions on them locking them out of the dollar.
                The US did not force the stupid Venezuelans to vote in Socialism. The sanctions came AFTER these morons elected Chavez.

                The US may have exacerbated the situation through sanctions (as intended) but make no mistake; the Venezuelans made their own bed through their socialist stupidity. This is the result – and should be.

                The US should stay the hell out of these idiots internal affairs but that’s not how empires work.

                • Stuart

                  I stand corrected, which came first the chicken or the egg. Regardless the grave economic circumstances that have befallen Venezuela have been intentionally intensified, which is to say to inflict suffering upon the population by the US to facilitate a rebellion. Like the book “Confessions Of An Economic Hitman” it’s time for the use of the Jackals; after that its military. Idiots cheer the use of force for Globalist Corporate Interests and in too many cases surrender their first male (and now female) born child for them, the new royalty. The US is in complete violation of international law which it is a signatory too.

                  • Well Kev… why ruin the fun of empire with legalities?

            • jakartaman

              The “Monroe Doctrine” isn’t a “Law”, it’s a policy.

              • Option 1: jack-boot the known universe
                Option 2: eat cat food when your currency collapses.



                … jack-boot the known universe it is! Silly me.

              • Kevin

                You are hurting my head
                Please show me where i said the MD was a LAW???????
                Public school education is a terrible waste

                • “Please show me where i said the MD was a LAW???????”

                  “I would have thought my showing the Monroe Doctrine would have given you a clue.”

                  The implication was what? It was that it had legal force. It doesn’t.

                  OK then you agree that it’s just a decree that has no validity in international law. Actually it’s in violation of international law which the US is signatory too.

            • In the historical context of the “Great Game” US power gives US the right to intervene anywhere a legitimate threat to American security interests arise. The transition of Venezuela from a Representative Democracy to a dictatorship via the Cuban model, is such a threat; when that dictatorship controls a large population and considerable natural resources.

              Venezuelans didn’t sign up for a marxist dictatorship. They just wanted a bigger piece of the economic pie. Failure by the US to respond to Maduro now will give him an opportunity to solidify his power, militarize the entire country, execute patriots, and plunge Venezuela into a darker abyss than that which already exists.

              Think Cuba on steroids. 🙁

              • DK

                “Venezuelans didn’t sign up for a marxist dictatorship.”

                Thats comical, “US savior of nations”

                Explain that to Iran when we dissolved its democratically elected government in 1953 and installed a fascist dictator the Shah.

                Here is another:

                Guatemala, 1954: Though the United States was initially supportive of Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz — the State Department felt his rise through the U.S.-trained and armed military would be an asset — the relationship soured as Árbenz attempted a series of land reforms that threatened the holdings of the U.S.-owned United Fruit Company.

                Chile in 1973, Vietnam thwarting mandated elections in 1954 (what is wrong with elections) creating a government W/O popular support South Vietnam then killing a million Vietnamese in the attempt to put a “square peg in a round hole”


                • The US back when the USSR was competing it’s saleable ideology (from those according to their means to those according to their needs) the US made some attempts (depending on location and difficulty) to help indigenous populations at least to the point of political stability abet even it authoritarian. This wasn’t intent as business interests dominated. Post Soviet collapse with communism largely cast aside the need to create political stability. Being it was no longer a concern if one objectively looks at the Middle East the very opposite was the result. It’s repetition leads one to believe that the intent is to destroy governments over nations with resources leaving intentional chaos. Chaotic nations do not have the ability to dictate oil payment type (US dollars/Oil Peg) and the like.

        • ” …it’s time for the US to revive its threats of military intervention with the added subtext of ‘this time, we mean it’.”

          Unfortunately, Trump will not intervene in Venezuela before the 2020 elections and by then Maduro will have cemented his position. He will then militarize the entire country, much like Castro did Cuba and forment new socialist revolutions across an impoverished Southern Hemisphere.

          Think Cuba on steroids. 🙁

          NK is the most dangerous threat at the present time and that crisis needs to be resolved one way or the other, first.

          • What the hell ever happened to the CIA, or are they all too busy reading our e-mails at this point?

            Aren’t they supposed to… you know… make guys like Maduro have “accidents” or something?

          • “socialist revolutions across an impoverished Southern Hemisphere”

            I’ve noticed that the common denominator for communism to get a political footing is an impoverished people at the hand of an ultra greedy capitalist. The peoples standard of living need not be high but merely adequate. Regardless, if nation (A) capitalist kept a responsible government that followed a doctrine like the Preamble of the US Constitution nation (B) communist sharing its border would have zero effect upon fostering a revolution. The Iron Curtain kept people in and kept the west out. I read through the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I didn’t see anything about fighting for globalist multi national corporations anywhere in it. A good government has nothing to fear from its citizenry.

            • I find it utterly appalling that Secretary Of State Pompeo can bully threaten the use of the US military that is by every accepted definition an act of war and no where is its Constitutionality questioned. The media including FOX is silent and little is said in the alternative media. They have been ignoring Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, The War Powers Clause for so long that it has become erased. They / we pretend that it’s not there. We’re literally witnessing the dissolving of the USA and watching it being replaced by a hollowed out image of its former self.

            • “I’ve noticed that the common denominator for communism to get a political footing is an impoverished people at the hand of an ultra greedy capitalist. ”

              Exactly K2 !!! And that is happening in America today, as the people, angry at the consolidation of wealth into the hands of the Uber Rich and the loss of economic opportunity, will embrace socialism in the USA in another decade.

              Trump will be the savior of the Middle Class AND the Uber Rich if he can reestablish manufacturing in the USA, and reinvigorate a stagnant NWO economy overburdened with taxes and regulations.

              The Left has been working like beavers preparing for the day when they can spring socialism upon America. This has been occuring little by little for decades according to their Master Plan.

              Google the “45 Goals of Communism” & The Eight Point Plan of Saul Alinsky, HRC mentor. They explain everything happening in America today. That the LEFT has become so overt after decades of subtefuge, shows how close they think they are to taking complete control.

              Hillary would have been the nail in America’s coffin. 🙁

              • DK

                No argument here:
                “Hillary would have been the nail in America’s coffin.”

                Trump savior? We’ll see.

        • “Well, Russia is up to its ears in Venezuela.”

          To the tune of $20 billion as it owns oil fields in Venezuela as collateral on loans it made to Venezuela after the US cut off its economic activity. China has a likewise interest.

      3. I prefer to see Venezuela solve their problems by themselves as it should be. But I’m afraid that won’t be the case. Cuba has already been there for at least 15 years courtesy of Chavez. Now there’s supposedly Chinese and Russians there also. And the neocons are foaming at the mouth to get us in there. Perfect recipe for WW3.

        • The argument that has the greatest weight being used is that if the Russians are allowed to install nukes in Venezuela… too close to us to even dream of intercept. Same argument as back in the Cuban missile crisis. I’m torn this go-round TDR. I just know that what I know is far less than what could be known is all. I too don’t want any deployments; but,….. I just don’t know the whole truth.

          • Heartless

            This leap in logic of Russia installing nuclear missiles (so 60s) in Venezuela isn’t a stretch, it’s a Herculean leap. It reminds me of an argument the anti gun people used before the US Supreme Court when the Federal, “gun free school zones” was challenged. An attorney with apparently a straight face used this logic. The Federal government used the tried and true “Interstate Commerce” clause that FDR first employed in so many of his policy’s. Here goes:

            1. Guns in school prevent children from getting a good education.
            2. Children without a good education cannot fully contribute to society including, (drum roll please) “Interstate Commerce”.
            3. Therefore the Federal Government, have power over “Interstate Commerce” has constitutionally approved authority over guns in school.

            The US Supreme Court for likely the first time since FRD shot down the governments argument.

            • good points Kevin. Like you, I distrust much/most of anything this or any government says. Hell, just airdrop arms to the citizens and send the bill later once their revolution is over.

              • I follow the advice of the political philosopher George Carlin.

                h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub5RtAu-j0I

                Let’s not forget the prophetic statement from the cult classic “Animal House” to explain how we got here.

                h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOXtWxhlsUg

      4. Well US get the hell out of Venezuela and let the popularly elected Maduro rule without you greedy yankees sticking your nose into what is none of your business. Your backyard ends at the southern US border. Look at who backs the theft of that nations sovereignty and oil, the same criminals that have stolen away Americans freedoms and rightfully cannot be called remotely interested in peace or freedom anywhere in the world. A disgusting abuse of power by maniacal subhuman monsters.

      5. Venezuelans deserve what they vote for, this “new” boss isn’t any different than the old boss. I don’t want to see Russians, Cuban Russian proxies, or Chinese establishing a “base” in any of the . Americas. It would be un-wise to put troops on the ground, I would think a naval and air blockade would do the trick.
        eg. wipe out their navy and air force. then sit back, start pumping oil, and watch.

        • rellik I agree, as the saying goes, people have the form of government they deserve. As Freedom loving people we always want to see people over throw governments that want to enslave them, but most often the people as a whole place these tyrants in power, which is what they did with Chavaz who as they knew was a Socialist, but now that they have had a good taste of Socialism they want out, and it isn’t our roll to save them. Also as the saying goes, you made your bed now sleep in it, or change the sheets and make a bed that you like better. Sad to say but we can’t save them anyway, because we’re headed where they’re at and we can’t even stop it here. But we do have a chance because we haven’t let the Socialist disarm US. Trekker Out. YET.

          • The USA is not the world police. The USA has it’s own problems to solve and need to get on it before it has its own civil war.

            • “The USA is not the world police.”

              In effect it is, the corrupt cop on the beat bribed by “The Commission” (Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Round Table……collectively known as TPTB). The government has been hijacked.

      6. Pompeo is stirring the pot.

        Supporters of Guaido, and the attempted coup against Maduro, said the coup was allegedly supported by the US government.

        There is a lot of agitation going on. Just today, Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart said that there are nukes in Venezuela. So, is this going to escalate into a Venezuela Missile Crisis?

        Mexico has already granted Russia permission to cross its borders. To do what? Be yet another caravan? This one a caravan of Russian military troops?

        China now has troops in Venezuela.

        It’s a mess.

      7. The FAA already put in a no-fly zone (for US pilots) below 26,000 feet. Venezuela has S-300s spread around their airfields.

        What happened to the Trump who ran on getting away from foreign interventions? Oh, yeah, he surrounded himself with BFFs like:

        John “Mutant Death Walrus” Bolton
        Gina “The Queena Torture” Haspel
        Elliot “Jeff Dunham’s Dummy” Abrams
        Mike “Lie, Cheat and Steal” Pompeo
        Mike “Ken Doll” Pence
        Empire foreign policy results:

        #Iraq => millions killed & displaced => rise of CIA ISIS
        #Libya => thousands killed, millions displaced => slave market
        #Syria => death & destruction, millions displaced => refugees
        # Venezuela => to be determined

        Propaganda for sheeptards => “Bad man dictators”
        Real reason => “hydrocarbon controls”

      8. Today is May the first, which is Communism’s official day, not workers day, we just past that in April, and in four days it will be the fifth of May. Happy Cinco de Mayo.


      9. Well…I feel the best way to spend a long cold night outdoors is build yourself a lean-to with plenty of branches and sticks. Then add a ton of leaf branches or pine tree limbs and jam them all on top. Now take another large pile of pine tree limbs and put them down on the ground under the lean-to. Stuff yourself and your blankie inside with very little space above and around you, that keeps the air warmish. Now go to sleep.

      10. Russia also doesnt want US in its backyard like Ukraine or Baltic countries

        • You actually give two shits what Russia wants after the egregious cultural destruction they foisted upon us in the 1960’s?

          Frankly if that entire country magically disappeared I would not miss them one bit.

          • “Russia wants after the egregious cultural destruction they foisted upon us in the 1960’s?”

            Those were? Vietnam? Self inflicted by the US. Almost 60K US deaths later and a huge well for MIC we did what we should have done; not been there, vacated. Maybe dope? See Vietnam previously. Civil Rights? News Flash……the US Constitution applies to everyone.

          • “You actually give two shits what Russia wants”

            A nation with 1600 nuclear weapons I do give more than two shits what they want. It’s utterly stupid to put missiles with offensive capability on their border with 5 minutes launch to impact time. Its madly destabilizing.

      11. Imagine the good will America could have gained if it had dropped $95 Million in food for their starving men, women and children? That would be just 1/10 of 1% of the US military budget. Which option would Jesus choose?

        Do you remember US military planes dropping food on children? Do you remember Jesus?

        Silly me, what does an old man know.

      12. So, the US doesn’t want the Russians on the south side of the Gulf Of Mexico, eh? How about the US pulls American troops out of Poland, Romania, Hungary? And Turkey and some of the “stans” we’re in. If you look a little further up the world map, you will see Alaska. Right across that narrow waterway is Russia. Don’t let the neo-cons and deep staters pull the wool over your eyes. Think.

      13. The CIA could resolve the Maduro issue, easy peasey.

        • Chunk

          The CIA “resolve”? The CIA causes boo-coo trouble leaving chaos in its wake. It is likely however that destroying stable governments and leaving a fragmented mess may be the plan because they have repeatedly done it. Its not easy to take a nation with the highest standard of living in Africa, Libya and make it Somalia. Destruction of its infrastructure sure did help the bankers.

          • Kevin2, The Maduro dictatorship is propped up by Putin and the Russian oligarchs. If that illegitimate regime were to topple, the majority of Venezuelans and the Organization of American States would rejoice, and the people of Venezuela would rebuild toward peace and prosperity in short order.

            • Says who the same “official & main stream news” that gave you everything from Vietnam through Iraq (where are the WMD) and Libya handing a non religiously governed nation over to Islamic crazies?

              The US took away Venezuelas checkbook, freezing THEIR ASSETS. When they don’t have funds for food, parts for the oil industry and medicine (to foster a rebellion) the US blames them.

              The truth may hurt but its still the truth.

              h ttps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-06/us-state-department-publishes-then-deletes-sadistic-venezuela-hit-list-boasting

              • Kevin, you do know that it’s a waste of time to comment on an article that’s a day old, much less one that is almost a week old, but here we are. Anywho, many times I’m in disagreement with your comments but do agree with this comment. The US has most suredly done more damage in the Middle East than they have done good, they took out Saddam of Iraq who was doing a very good job of keeping Iran in check, and Gaddafi in Libya who kept the Muslims in check. Christians in both Iraq and Libya were in a much better state under both of them, than they are now in either country. It seems TPTB love to keep the world destabilized. Trekker Out

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Your analysis opens up a question; why? Certainly the ostensible “war on terrorism” isn’t a war on terrorism. We’re therefore lead into wars under false pretenses; people die including our citizens. Under these circumstances at what point does one question the validity of the government? It’s a very uncomfortable question but one that is prudently unavoidable.

                  • Kevin you’ll get no argument from me on this subject as it seems we’re in agreement. But as we know, we make comments to make our thoughts known and to express or opinions, which we are wasting our time on,on this article. See you on a later article! Trekker Out. PS In the last 8 hours there have only been 5 visits here and at least 2 were you and I.

      14. Pompeo and everyone else in the Deep State need to learn how to mind their own business. Our country was founded on the premise that we were to serve as a positive example to others, not to go searching for dragons to slay or impose empire on the rest of the world. We have become aggressors against the world, and should be ashamed of how far we have fallen.

      15. In a green country, where food could conceivably grow from a heap of garbage, there could not be starvation, without fake govt-enforced shortages, like a Holodomor.

        These countries tell their own people not to hunt, gather, farm, and fish. The same species are seen in lumber yards, and Chinese wholesale sites. Were they in a calmer mood, right now, you could go there, eat the food and buy the commodities, that were stolen from their people, being farmed like Medieval peasants in a labor colony. Yes, literally.

        The only debate is whether they are in orbit of the East or West bloc, not whether they have a right to exist on a primal level.

      16. The coup failed because the citizens of Venezuela are unarmed. How is one expected to fight armed police, troops, and armored vehicles when citizens are not armed? Venezuela is not Tienanmen. Maduro demonstrated, on the first day of the coup, that he doesn’t care how many citizens he has kill to maintain power, just like every other dictator since ever.

        • If the US wants to invade a communist country, start with CA or NY.

      17. Pat Buchanan, certainly no fan of communism and a real Constitutional Patriot has an insightful take on Venezuela.

        h ttps://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/05/patrick-j-buchanan/let-venezuela-decide-its-own-destiny/

      18. And now We have this – ‘Russia Installs Nukes in Venezuela’ – https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8977662/russia-nuke-missiles-venezuela-cuban-missile-crisis/

        Being only hours from Our Southern Border, I believe this Venezuela crisis is in Reality a US crisis. We know World leaders, both political & religious, have ALL been working “together” to “push forward” their Lucifierian One World Church-State under cover of lies and by “whatever means” for many years now in preparation for the “rising” of Satan at The Fifth Trumpet Of REVELATION 9 & 13:11-14 claiming to be GOD – “two horns like a lamb”, But Not The Lamb – those two horns are the two powers he will claim and exercise – King of kings = State; Lord of lords = Church.

        If you are not yet “In CHRIST” & HIM “IN You” – “THE LORD IS THE SPIRIT….”, get it done… We Are Not Promised we won’t die somehow in this War that began in Heaven.

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