Poll Reveals Los Angeles Residents Fear Major Riots Are on the Horizon

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    We’ve seen a lot of riots and protests in recent years over police violence and the election of Donald Trump. While these events certainly don’t bode well for the future, relative to the rest of American history they’ve been pretty tame (at least for now). They only look really serious to us, because many of us have forgotten about just how nasty a riot can get.

    For instance, these events hardly compare to the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which raged for days, caused over a billion dollars in damages, and weren’t stopped until the military arrived. 55 people died and over 2,000 were injured. By comparison, the vast majority of the riots that have happened since then haven’t resulted in any deaths at all.

    However, just because the civil unrest of our era isn’t as severe so far, doesn’t mean that we won’t see any truly devastating riots in the near future. Given the current political climate, as well as the shaky foundations that our economy is resting on, someday soon there could be a lot of blood in our streets. Coincidentally, many of the residents of Los Angeles seem to share that sentiment.

    For the first time since the riots, there is an uptick in the number of Angelenos who fear that another civil disturbance is likely, according to a Loyola Marymount University poll that has been surveying Los Angeles residents every five years since the 1992 disturbances.

    Nearly 6 out of 10 Angelenos think another riot is likely in the next five years, increasing for the first time after two decades of steady decline. That’s higher than in any year except for 1997, the first year the survey was conducted, and more than a 10-point jump compared with the 2012 survey.

    Unlike the 1992 riots, which were largely fueled by racial tensions, this time around those old tensions are likely to play second fiddle to economic factors. Like most liberal cities Los Angeles has a severe wealth inequality problem, and housing costs are crushing the lower classes.

    “Economic disparity continues to increase, and at the end of the day, that is what causes disruption,” said Fernando Guerra, a political science professor who has worked on the survey since its inception. “People are trying to get along and want to get along, but they understand economic tension boils over to political and social tension.”

    Although the city’s unemployment rate last year was about half of what it was in 1992, the median income of Angelenos, when adjusted for inflation, is lower than it was around the time of the riots. Poverty rates still remain high at 22%, comparable with the years preceding the riots.

    There’s something to be said for the idea that there’s a collective unconscious. When that many people feel that violent civil unrest is a real possibility, one should take notice. These people know what their city is capable of, so I can’t help but fear that their concerns are justified.


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      1. The problem is the modern racial and ethnic laissez faire approach to cities. It is an economic nonsense to have totally open access to cities for anyone to come, while also hoping that everyone has the same level of wealth and no gross inequality. That just can’t work and never has in human history.

        Such cities will always have gross economic inequality because not every race is going to rise at the same time. As an example, most employers are highly reluctant to hire most blacks in most cities because of several factors: 1) they are rarely the better candidate, 2) you will take on a lot of social problems and anger that most employers do not want to deal with, 3) they usually can only get work in government where it is quotas that gets them hired, 4) other races are made uncomfortable by their presence, especially high-performing Asians.

        Employers who are smart can now choose exactly what they want. They do not have to take on people from failed cultures. The onus is on the prospective employee to make themselves attractive to employers. From personal experience, Asians I know have within a few months got very good jobs and within a few years are living an upper middle class lifestyle, with a family, kids etc. Whereas blacks I have seen are still years later going nowhere. It is cultural. Just look at Asian women: slim and fit bodies, always dressed well. And then look at most black women, obese, dressing tacky, and with a bad attitude. Who would you hire?

        • Frank: You hit it on the head, BAM my friend! 100% on the money. Many do not want to agree with the hard facts but what you said is so, so true. . .Blacks never seem to change, unless it is for the worse and then cry it’s all racism “holding” them back, blah blah – No, it is themselves holding them back and their silly, monkey like ways in life.

          • FT and CC, BRAVO. I live in a black majority city so I know exactly where you both are coming from. I fully expect Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter and all the other libturd groups to really be acting up this summer. It will be a LONG HOT summer too! Sunday I leave for the BOL, VACATION TIME, WOOHOO!

          • It is not cultural, it is not themselves, it is genetic- they are born that way and nothing can be done except. . .

            What needs doing requires the guts to face bitter reality-
            Founding Americans could do it- not the current crop. The level of ruthlessness needed is not available.

        • One thing Poles are good for is Strippers. This Antifa – the Soros financially back groups that try to claim they are against fascism, but are clueless to the facts. They are backed by the Soros fascists types that want full control and a New World Order.

          So how do you unbrainwash and unfund the idiots creating chaos? And the Liberal City Leaders who get their funding like in Sanctuary cities. You see the bigger the Budgets the more cashola and control they get for funding all their buddies who in return for Government contracts then bankroll the political hacks campaigns.

          Its one big snarls nest. What we need to do is just eradicate all of the chaos makers, and corrupt politicians aka: bullet to that head no questions or trace. That is the only way.

          All this chaos is to do is distract the masses looking at the one hand being waved and reported by the Press as the Treasury is pillaged from the back end. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY, and you will find the root of the EVIL. That’s what we all need to stay focused on.

          ~Formerly Hermes. btw/ Blacks in the US are the US ISIS Terrorists along with their Muslim Bros.

          • Yellowpokadotbikini. Hermes/Apollo/Zeus/WWTI, you came up with a tongue-twister for a moniker this time.

        • Wow! Can you site where you got your numbered “facts?” This is exactly the opposite of what my company does. Ironically The last person we hired for our team is Black. He beat out four other White guys. I was part of the process and he just flat outdid the other guys. Out of 15 people on our team, three are Hispanic, and four are Black. Of the Blacks three have a Bachelors degree and one a Masters and a PhD candidate. One of the Blacks is Female. The rest are white guys and I’m one of them.

          No we don’t work at McDonald’s, we are all Network Security Engineers. This is just PART of what we do. We also do penetration testing and computer forensic analysis. Also go and see what salaries for these positions are.

          The Network Engineer/ Security Engineer will be responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and integration of the corporate WAN, LAN and server architecture. This individual will also be responsible for implementation and administration of network security hardware and software, enforcing the network security policy and complying with requirements of external security audits and recommendations. Other responsibilities include:

          Performing analysis of network security needs and contributes to design, integration, and installation of hardware and software.
          Analyzing, troubleshooting and correcting network problems remotely and on-site.
          Maintaining and administering perimeter security systems such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

        • Living in Las Vegas at the time I hired people for my business. Whites, blacks and Hispanics. It was a physical commission based job. The Whites came to work drunk or on drugs. I promptly let them go. The Blacks were lazy, did poor work and complained there was too much work. Also didn’t show up for work. I sent them packing as well.
          The Hispanics came to get the job done. I gave them a task and they busted their ass to get it done. They received financial rewards for this attitude.
          Frank, your analysis was dead on from this employers perspective.

          • Citizen, the same thing happens at the company I work at. It’s really disgusting to see what white people have turned into and this is only within the past 10 years or so. It used to be, for the most part, whites didn’t act like that at all. But now, at least half of the applicants to come into our place have tattoos, body piercings, attitudes, chips on their shoulders, etc. and they’re harder to get rid of thanks to all of the EEOC/civil rights crap. In fact, you can blame the Civil Rights Division at DOJ under Obama partially for the increase in black crime all over the US since 2008. All local LE agencies were told by DOJ to back off the black criminals and let them do their thing, especially during all the riots that took place after cops shooting black thugs. The black civil rights crap is only one reason society today is so unstable.

        • That be raysis!

          When has ‘diversity’ ever improved a company, neighborhood, city, or country?

          There has NEVER been a successful predominately African neighborhood, city, or country. Africans and Central Americans destroy everything they touch.

          African women are the least desirable on Earth. Given the opportunity, even African males choose something else.

          If whites are raysis devils holding them back, why don’t Africans move away and create their African paradise?

          Even with access to white-invented technology, any such nation would be as nice as sub-Sarahan Africa.

          “Our diversity is our strength” is a yuuuuge lie, and we all know it. Africans are more acutely aware of this than anybody.

          • Good points: look at South Africa. It was the most modern and prosperous and peaceful country in Africa for decades. Then, since the end of Apartheid, it has got worse and worse, poorer, more chaotic, crime has exploded, and now faces a violent civil war.

            There has been a psy-op deployed on whites to wreck their communities and their souls. Basically, whites were the most successful people on the planet and in all of human history, hands down. Not many people liked this and so they had to be forced into diversity. Obama was a good example of somebody deleberately trying to impoverish white people. He put many on welfare, which is the route to wealth destruction. Look at England: that place just filled with white trash because of the welfare system: they have been trying to get rid of it for decades.

            There are many black nations on the planet but not a single one is as prosperous and civil as even the poorest and shabbiest European country.

            I have seen beautiful African women but it is the culture that really causes problems. Do you want to have to deal with all that?

        • Untrue. Pretty Biased

          Whatever you are experiencing is probably an area thats less well off. I think it depends on your job and the geographical location. All people can be lazy.

          I feel sorry for you but sounds like you can’t help yourself.

      2. You really can’t fix stupid if you are still living in California and are worried about your safety. They are just addicted to government and are convincec more and more government will make a utopia.

        • i aint worried….they will stay in their own neighborhoods, and burn their OWN stores down. the poor in america is SOOO stoopud.

        • S Kawleefornya is almost like Mexico these days, so of course they will see chaos from their own insane policies. I have zero sympathy for what is coming. Anybody with half a brain has had many decades to see it all and get out ! So those that stayed for what they used to think was the money and their supposed good job are just fools and the talkers.

      3. Last night still in broad daylight I got robbed At gunpoint less than a year from turning 40. After getting my wallet, cell phone, and car keys he instructed me to get down on the ground. I knew too well never to comply with such instructions. I was able to distract him just long enough to turn a quick corner and gain cover and concealment from behind a car wash brick wall and pull my concealed handgun but he disappeared. Of course he was a ghetto ass nigger about 25. I served 15 months in Iraq in 2008 just to nearly be executed by some cowardly piece of ebony shit. Bring the race war, I’m ready to slaughter them like the animals that they are.

        • Sorry to hear that Mclovin, Yeah head to the Cop station and go look through the books of mug-shots. I’m sure he is in there. I have a Bolted safe under my seat, when I go somewhere, I only take essentials and a few bucks on me. Not much to steal that way. If I don’t carry the 2 pistols I ride with, they are also locked in the drawer safe. Start washing your car at home. Situational Awareness folks. When going into stores in the parking lot, keep your cellphone in your pocket, keep your eyes scanned across the parking lot for any possible threats. Anybody within 30 feet of you can be on you in less than 2 seconds. Those Kneegrows can run a 40 yard dash in about 4.5 seconds. So can you pull your weapon aim from the hip and fire in less than a couple of seconds? If not, you better practice up. Put a half dozen paper plates 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 feet away in different directions. Practice hitting the paper plate with your firing. 2 in the chest and 1 in the head. Boom Boom,…. Boom!!! Got it. Practice makes perfect.

          BWT, keep a throw away wallet in your pocket with $15 in it and some old ID’s or expired credit Cards, when they ask for your money throw it on the ground away from you or behind the person with the gun, as he turns to go get it, draw and kill the basturd still he stops moving.. Also practice that maneuver over and over.

        • “MC”
          Well done!!! I very happy you are OK. Your training saved your ASS. That TURD needed to taken out!!! That turd will get his one day very soon!!!

          Again I’m happy you are OK!


        • McLovin, sorry to hear about that but glad to know you survived it. Would’ve been nice if you could’ve shot the nigger.

          • SGT Dale,Braveheart, PolkaDot thanks for the well-wishes.I’m starting to calm down from not that it’s been over 24 hours. I could write an article about my experieces and what I learned from it. I may reach out to MAC about writing a guest article in the near future.

      4. And through out the country.

      5. when your leaders let the filth and scum from all over the world enter your country by the millions, you can expect the same shit that you see happening in other countries, forced immigration main purpose is to destroy countries, america is already destroyed, just wait until the civil war is over.

      6. Rioters seem to confine themselves to their own neighborhoods.

        Quit rebuilding them after they destroy them and they may wise up enough to quit rioting.

        • Anonymous, BTW it’s always white peoples’ tax money that pays for the rebuilding. That needs to be cut off.

      7. The problem is quite obvious, keep voting for american hating libtards, your city will become a cesspool. Nobody to blame but yourselves! Wake up and take your country back before it’s too late! Nancy Pelosi & Dianne Feinstein and all the California commie politicians DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! You are just an easily manipulated vote! Wake up or you will get what you deserve!

      8. Its a good time to exit the cities and maybe the country. The politicians are fiddling in Washington and the cans are getting kicked down the road. You are on your own.

        • I’m not leaving the country as there is no where to really go. Have like-minded friends and family and we all have land and a shitload of weapons/tactics/lethal surprises to defend it against city-scum spilling out of the cesspools. We started our defensive/offensive prepping years ago with an attack by at least a SWAT team in mind and if one came right now every single one of them would die horribly. I ain’t too worried about a gang of hooligans from the hood because they are not capable of bringing to bear what the organized criminals are. Just be more bodies to dispose of probably.

          • “M”
            MY Brother we are on the same page here. I’ll put my fait in my team. We can deal with the crap from the cities. But it is going to take a team!!!

            • Yes it most certainly requires teamwork and a plan.

            • Sgt. I certainly am praying that there are many many more men such as yourself in local law enforcement all over. It will be very tricky for us to determine whom is with we the people when things go south. I was in the military but have been a civilian for a while now. Glad for the training I received. It is difficult to know a man or woman’s heart though and trust is earned. I just do not want to fire on friendlies. Perhaps that may be seen as a weakness by some, but I don’t want to just indiscriminately kill and turn into the scum that we all hate that are ruining the damn world.

              • Menzo and Sarge, good points. Sunday I leave for the BOL for a week of R&R and ‘drills’. In other words, FUN TIME, LOL!

                • BH you are a good man too. The world is running out of them.

                  • Menzo, thanks for that. When I go on the range, it’s ‘playtime’, LOL!

      9. I am 2 mountain ranges over.
        As JUN REE would say NO BODY BOTHER ME…….

      10. Oh dear…but when White people in South Africa said this, YOU branded them racist pigs and screamed about Apartheid. Not so good when it starts happening in your neighborhoods eh?

      11. Watch people throwing molotovs on yt. Angry mobs can burn a whole fucking city down in hours. The fire dept could never put out all the fires. Civil war would certainly ensue. Get fire extinguishers good ones if you haven’t already.

      12. the possibility of a riot exists everywhere in this country right now

        • Not so much anywhere other than big cities with minority dominated areas and leftist college campuses.

          Rioting seems to be mostly confined to certain minority groups and college campuses for the last 70 or so years, and they are mostly located in larger (usually Democrat administered) metropolitan areas.

          • I see this country much differently

            every where you are, there is a possible threat
            be it from the state goons , or the street goons , or by the threat our government has allowed in this country

            both of these goon squads have very well found how to get around and to the places you frequent , so.. yes , everywhere

            even on your front door step

        • Ammo is cheap right now so stock up?

        • Not in Maine…. But look at our demographics. At least north of the liberal volvo line.

      13. The epicenter of liberalism in the enlightened workers’ state of california? Say it ain’t so.

        Going out today to buy popcorn just in case.

      14. Do you really want to know the future? Study history of South Africa. I mean real history.
        Then you will find many similarities and then you get really scared.

        • That is right on. South Africa turned out exactly as knowing people predicted.

          • Khemp…. Have read up on the mau mau rebellion in So Africa, same tactics being used here with modifications. If anyone reads it they would understand more about blm, naacp,and our recent Kenyan emperor’s motives.

      15. If Los Angeles FEARS riots, its because they have CREATED the conditions for them themselves. They have no one else to blame for the ACTIVITIES of their own residents and their own savages they protect.

        • Its incredibly hard to have any sympathies for cities anyway, they are nothing more than cramped human bowels of crime, immoral opportunity, corruption or the person and values and criminal exploitation of systems and children, and liberal mental illness immorality proudly and publicly displayed on the streets, and then they FEAR what they have created? They should fear it, it is abomination of human spirit value of life and value of liberty. Why any sane person would live in one is beyond me. If you stay there you are complicit it in and have no room to complain and must mean you accept all that comes along with the toilet bowl of corruption, so STFU.

        • NJ, Hispanics now outnumber blacks in the LA area. They’ve been fighting each other there since the 80s. LA will burn down if the “Big One” doesn’t hit first.

      16. As long as they burn down their own neighborhoods, who cares.

        • because, after they burn their own neighborhoods and “have nothing” because they destroyed it…. they come out to your neighborhood and start the same shit all over again

          Im watching it happen in two different areas within 50 miles of me

          • EOTS, They won’t dare come to where my family lives. My family knows how to deal with ‘unwanted visitors’.

            • EOTS, BTW, if you can get further away from those 2 areas you mentioned it would help.

        • If you study the 1992 Central LA Riots – it was a nip & tuck battle – for days – to keep the rioters out of Brentwood & Hollywood – hell bent to burn & pillage some white luxury – the stream of loaded down BMWs & Mercedes heading out to Big Bear was miles long …

          Been repeated many times – the riot battlefields are going out to the white suburbs – no more burning out the hood …

      17. Poll Reveals Los Angeles Residents Fear Major Riots Are on the Horizon.

        Ok the way I see it is you have four choices. #1 Leave, #2 stay and do nothing #3 Go under ground and wait it out, #4 Arm yourself and put together an army and fight back. Number 1 to 3 are self explanatory. Number 4 is a little harder for some. Some of us already know that when it comes to protecting you and yours including property you just might have to do the unthinkable.
        Here is where I can draw the line. If this ever happens to me, and I pray it doesn’t I will look at these THUGS/TURDS and Rabid Dogs and will put them down.

        Second thought. LA isn’t the only place feel that this crap is coming. For us that have been prepping for a while we are ready. So for you folks in LA, or where ever that are on this sight you need anything “JUST ASK”!!!!!


        • Sgt, Take a que from Charles Bronson. Death Wish- He did #4 and as army of 1. America needs a lot of Charles Bronson’s right now to take care of Biz the simple way.

          • YPDB

          • YPDB, Bronson was one of my favorite actors.

      18. When the rioting starts, just go to a Korean neighborhood and wait it out. LA imported the poorest of the poor. By the millions. And the so called leaders thought there wouldn’t ever be a problem. Burn that mutha down!

        • If you live in a Communist State, then move. I live in Bubba red Neck Country, 98% White people that vote 75% REP. And I wave to all the County Deputies and they wave back. Build that relationship ahead of time, and let them know what your car looks like. Easy to do in the rural areas. And if you ever see them, thank them, and let them know if they ever need help you are a concealed weapons carrier. Mostly what the Rural Deps deal with in my area here, is white cracker meth or drug problems and those driving with no license. Go look through your local arrest record and recent mug shots to paint that mental photo of who the bad guys are.

          Just saying, if you fear where you live get the Fck out. You think it is going to get any better? And if your Local Cops are corrupt, also move away. There are great pace here in America to live yet. No need to get fleeced.

      19. YouTube

        Hitler’s War? What the Historians Neglect To Tell You

        If you haven’t seen this shocking WW2 documentary, you don’t know shit from shinola about history.


        “He who controls the past, controls the present.
        He who controls the present, controls the past.”

        From the book “1984”


        To get a better understanding see on YouTube
        “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”
        Dennis Wise

        “Communism by the Backdoor”
        Dennis Wise


        Did you know there are plans to nuke Iran
        Then to turn around and rebuild it with your tax money
        So that the (((you know who’s))) can control it & also bank it


        • so right on that. post this weekly, randomly.

        • Youtube has all kinds of crap. Anyone can post anything. That’s your source? GFY.

      20. Perfect example, prior to the apartheid era struggle between the classes / races, almost everyone was much better off. Now the poor are poorer, as is everyone else excepting politically connected thieves and trouble makers who always do very well for themselves, any of the people be damned.
        Those indigenous in some areas actually stole it some time in the past from others…. who holds a claim? Except perhaps for the distant past in North Africa, no positively evolving native culture in Africa (if there were any) ever took hold. Too make it worse, no country that threw off (killed their way into power) the yoke of colonialism ever maintained even the same standard in infra structure or quality of life as before.

      21. I hope they bring down the whole rotten leftist shithole burn baby burn. Take San Fruitville and Seattle and burn them down too.

      22. Canada’s Housing Market is collapsing Bigtime. If you ever wanted to sell your property, DO it ASAP Now. Sellers Mkt for a high price. In 6 months to a year it could be devalued by 50%. The greedy get slaughtered. The US housing Mkt is so over baked. Do not go refi now and be stuck with some huge Mtg payment as that will be your coffin, you will be trapped in for ever, trying to pay it off and under water.

      23. A soft response to street violence is an invitation to more street violence. Rioting in one part of the country is seen elsewhere. If “get-tough” Jerry Brown is still Governor, the people of southern California can sleep easy (sarcasm)! Not everyone in southern California favors a soft approach. It is easy to say “move” (more like “escape!”), but it is harder to do. Anyone living in a metropolitan area may find themselves in the same position.

      24. The premise by this professor is untrue. It is not about the economy even though it isn’t good. Its about TPTB fomenting
        racial animosity ie obummers continued racebaiting during his entire reign, supported by the entire global leftist population. People have been poor before without all this hate. They want to create fear so they can manipulate and control everyone.

      25. Hope they riot and kill each other, good riddance. All a bunch of liberals.

      26. if you’re old enough to remember the 1968 Riots – maybe personal experiences – you know the 1992 Central LA Riot was a little pussy fart compared to the 1968 nationwide riots in just about every major US city … it took the 82nd Airborne and the threat of heavy weapons to quell Detroit – it was free fire everywhere and body counts in the hundreds …

        • I remember the Watts riots.
          Our family went to stay at Grandpa’s
          in Downey.
          We had 24/7 perimeter observation.
          We had a gun by every door and window,
          and Grandpa’s thousands of rounds of Ammo.
          We had food, and a travel trailer full of
          water( good for two weeks). Us kids didn’t
          have to go to school for a few days.
          Due to that experience, I determined I would
          never again live in or near a big city with a
          large minority population.
          It works, but you put a lot of miles on
          your vehicles, Thankfully I’m a good mechanic.

      27. I think that lucky quota cases, who, through no doing of their own, just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, had a political awakening, to the effect that they were really between whitelash and jungle savages, between praetors and disgruntled labor colonies.

        “Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad. Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed. We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.”
        — Jeremiah 51:7-9

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