Politicians Warn Spy Chief: There Is New Threat Called ‘Deep Fakes’

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    United States politicians are coming up with some wonderful descriptive terms to help use fear to get more restrictive laws passed.  Now lawmakers are warning the spy chief of a real threat called the “deep fakes.”

    Thanks to modern technology, the U.S. government ruling class now has another scary fear-mongering problem they are dubbing “deep fakes.” Technology has reached a point where people can now create near-perfect faked videos of people saying things they never actually said, reported Tech Crunch. “Deep fakes” use existing footage mixed with artificial intelligence and machine learning to be made to look like, or at least come close to, the real thing.

    Who else can see the writing on the wall and believes this could be nothing more than a fear mongering attempt to cull free speech even more? Politicians are always looking for reasons to remove rights from others, so it makes sense that they ‘d make a huge deal out of people being able to make realistic videos.  The fight to remain relevant as a politician has begun.

    US lawmakers are so worried about these faked videos that they now claim they can be “used by the enemy to harm national security.” Yet, unsurprisingly, one of the first uses of deep fake videos was for porn. Creators would make videos by superimposing faces onto the bodies of others.  The real issue to the political elites though is scaring the public over “national security.”

    Lawmakers think that deep fakes could be used as part of wider disinformation campaigns in an effort to sway elections or spread false news.  There it is… the fake news shadow. It isn’t the disinformation they care about, its that people just might be able to figure out for themselves who is oppressing them (hint: it isn’t Russia.)

    “Deep fakes could become a potent tool for hostile powers seeking to spread misinformation,” wrote Representative Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, in a letter to Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence. “As deep fake technology becomes more advanced and more accessible, it could pose a threat to United States public discourse and national security, with broad and concerning implications for offensive active measures campaigns targeting the United States,” said the letter, co-signed by Representatives Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL).  If you guessed that the government is more likely than not going to use this as an excuse to continue to kill free speech, you’d most likely be correct.

    Schiff, Murphy, and Curbelo want the director of national intelligence (who oversees the nation’s intelligence community) to report back on its assessment of how deep fake technology could harm national security interests, reported Tech Crunch.  They want to know if there are countermeasures (laws, regulations, and the reduction of freedom) to protect against “foreign influence.” The DNI’s office was asked to report back to Congress by mid-December.



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        • Who’s “chew”?

          • I speak English with a slight Southern drawl, if it sounded like I mispronounced a word and it sounded like “chew”, then I might of sneezed otherwise I have no idea what you are talking about and I am even getting bored responding to this, so next time try to add a few more details so you will not bore me or waste my time mmmmkay!!!!

            • mmmkay then. Bless you and gesundheit.

          • Ron,

            News flash you are a SLAVE from the day you are born.
            We are all prisoners, we are all locked in.

            Ron do you have children ?
            If they are unruly do you stone them ????????

            • You are only a “prisoner” of Satan if you CHOOSE to be, so choose the one who loves you, made you, and still has his hand out for you, and you will finally be “REAL” instead of always “GETTING REAL”…the only way you are going to ever get real is by accepting our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as your personal savior from Satan and this lowest physical realm of hell that Satan and the Fallen Ones control and you are in RIGHT NOW….Do you really think your Creator would leave you in this hell where you are “locker in” without a “life preserver” or a way out of here for your Spirit that you know is inside you, because you have to feel it as a human being?????…Of course not, this is a TRAINING REALM or INCUBATOR REALM for your Spirit, and your Spirit has TWO CHOICES in this lowest physical realm controlled COMPLETELY by Satan and the Fallen Ones….either choose our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ or choose Satan..THERE IS NO GRAY AREA ANY LONGER-THE TIME TO MAKE THE CHOICE IS NOW DURING THIS APOCALYPSE YOU ARE IN RIGHT NOW(lifting of the veil) THE APOCALYPSE THAT YOU AND YOUR SPIRIT ARE GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW IN THE COLLAPSING POLICE STATE HELL ON EARTH OF DAMNED AND DOOMED NEW BABYLON AMERICA CONTROLLED BY SATAN AND THE FALLEN ONES…or the training realm for your Spirit….choose wisely!!!!

              • Ron

                What if you do not BE (LIE) VE in any off them ?

                Just natural selection we are all one liquids metals, and minerals which we are.

                Then what ???????

              • Slave

                I do not know who you are but thank you.

                Because it’s right on the money…….


            Here is the Newest UP-Coming NWO Elitist Scheme. To create the new Boogieman Threat to Humanity and use fear to do it. “SPACE ALIENS” YUP PRETTY CREEPY EH?

            1. First it was Communism so we fought needless decades of wars against Communism.
            2. Then it was Terrorism and we fought this invented Boogie man for decades in more needless wars to fight the invented terrorist threat. But as we now know its invented false flags and is losing its effectiveness, so they need a bigger threat. Here it is>

            3. The Next fake setup threat is Space Aliens. Like what is creepier than some unknown space alien taking over the Globe and abducting humans? And the “Power to Be” will be rolling out TV propaganda and more fake sightings of space aliens and Why do you think the US Government just opened up the Space Agency and part of the Defense and Pentagon? Why it’s to fight the New Space alien.

            So here is what you need to watch and the propaganda to follow. TV shows like Space Aliens to get the Low IQ warmed up to the idea and start planting BS subliminal seeds in your brains. More fake sightings from frauds claiming they saw a space ship. The use of Holograms and laser lights in the sky shining on clouds to get people to report more sightings of some UFO’s. And when it looks really bad to the boiling point and the dumb masses are so frightened the Government and Military Industrial Complex will come to the rescue and start setting up false flags and fake human abductions by Space Creatures and UFO’s, and the Government will save us all because they’re so smart for setting up the space agency. What do you think all of this Area 54 and space craft has been kept in mothballs for all these years for? Timing, and the right time to start spring this new Fake UFO Threat out into the public. This is the master Plan for the NWO Powers to control the Globe to save us from space aliens. AND THIS WILL SURELY ENSURE THEIR INDUSTRY WILL BE BANK ROLLED FOR THE NEXT 5 DECADES TO FIGHT THIS INVENTED SPACE ALIEN.

            So don’t buy into this space alien fear crap one bit.

            I am telling you this is how this is unrolling and what to expect.

            • They are pulling out EVERYTHING, and the “Alien Deception” is definitely coming. Look at the next Alex Jones they are GROOMING right now named Jordan Sather on Alternative Media, and there are others, who keep pushing the Alien UFO non-sense, when we all know what it is and who it is….Lucifer and the Fallen Ones that’s all, up to their same old BORING routine we have seen century after century as they seek to destroy human beings and their relationship with our Creator and Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is why you know Lucifer/Satan and his band of treasonous rebellious angels TIME IS UP….THEY ARE GETTING BORING, THEIR EVIL IS BORING, they are acting like they are ready to be composted into the ground, so I am going to help them.

            • I was listening to I believe it was Gordon Liddy on a radio show years ago. You’ll recall he was employed by Nixion and was involved in Watergate.

              He told a story about how he was assigned for a while to NASA security while at the FBI. NASA was plagued with not just foreign spy’s trying to infiltrate, but the CIA, NSA etc also extensively probed NASA security. They only had a small team, and were being overrun. Here the story gets interesting.

              They brainstormed and figured if they could create a series of distractions, they could just sit back and see who showed up for the bate. They borrowed a little NASA tech assistance and created a series UFO events. Fake flying objects that defied explanation. Fake crash sites, it was all theater. Suddenly men in black were created. They created a firestorm of UFO events all over Florida that had everyone looking everywhere except at NASA. They gained an inside scoop by having the sites staked out and Russian spy’s etc all showed up like clockwork. It was great for Liddy’s resume. He was fingering bad guys right and left and no one knew how he was doing it.

              So yeah a huge string on UFO sightings in the 60’s and 70’s were false flags with NASA security playing the roll of LGM. That’s little green men.

              Deception for all the right and wrong reasons is just business as usual. People collected photographic evidence, Airline pilots, police and thousands witnessed these incidents. It was all fake.

              • Or Gordon Liddy was told to put this out to throw off that they were real.

                You can’t get truth from lier’s

      1. Michael Shirtoff wrote the Patriot Act.



        • ALL Proven FACTS: YOU MEAN Michael Chertoff the Dual Citizen from Israehell who headed the DHS after 911, that gave out 98% of security Grants year after year, from the DHS exclusively to Chewish organizations. Christians got none, and he also chose the Israehelli security company that over saw the Boston Marathon Bombing scam, and also gave the security contracts to Israeheli security companies for many US airport under the TSA and which all 19 911 Hijackers came through these Israehelli security, at these US Airports. Meanwhile real American citizens get molllested even grandma gets pawed down daily still and felt up for shits and giggles.


      2. The latest story on the subject is that now not only can the video say just about anything in a dirty trick campaign but tiny mannerism that act a signature can be inserted to raise the belief that it’s authentic.

        Even when it’s not real, the claim with faked evidence is very difficult for 3rd parties to discount. Thus an opponent could be pillored prior to an election and lose despite the accuracy.

      3. Won’t be any special technology when triggers start getting pulled. Can you hear the thunder?…..there’s a storm coming.

      4. They are trying to discredit any future videos of Hillary and Huma from Weiners laptop,from what is heard about them they are truly horrific (along any other videos of lawmakers doing unspeakable things and the list is long). They are setting the stage to call them ‘deep fakes’ to convince people that they are not real. Luciferians all of them …

        • My thoughts, exactly. Politicians have taken on a new urgency for their own preservation lately- this fits the agenda to a T. My guess is that some really disturbing videos are about to be released. Setting the stage for discrediting things it seems.

          • When Anthony Weiner got busted, he was using his wife Huma Abedin’s laptop. The NYPD seized it and there was a directory called “insurance”. And in the directory they found something that made grown hardboiled cops lose their marbles and start bawling and vomiting. They went insane and wanted retributionas they were filled with righteous indignation. FBI folks saw it and some threatened to quit as a group unless it was released.

            Now they have been sworn to secrecy and threatened. I bet they get disappeared.

      5. Trotskies control the narrative and choices. Mostly narratives to manufacture consent for war, where their choice is to send other people’s kids to die.

        It has change from the nebulous term called “public safety” to the new catch-all called “national security”. Any new law they need passed to protect their power is done in the name of “national security”.

        To paraphrase Orwell, If you want a picture of the future,imagine a boot stomping on your neck…forever.

        The future is here…

      6. The message is, “The only thing to believe is what the government tells you”; “Anything else is false”.

      7. They have had this technology since the 1990s, now it is just low cost and it can be done on low cost machines.
        The US Government can now be proven to have corruption all the way to the top. When both sides hate Trump and use the standard communist methods of insults, lies, and degrades, by both sides, it only means one thing, TRUMP CAN BE trusted Trump is the real thing.
        1. Some how, we need to say all government staffers can work for the government for a maximum and accumulative period of 6 years. No more. It is ok for the government agencies to contract out commercial companies, with one year contracts, ok to be renewable, but can be abandoned. We must make sure that there are no career politicians.
        2. Lottery for all presently elected positions. Define each political job in terms of formal education, and job experience. Next, have a vetting program, where the person that wants to get into the lottery pool, pay $200 and there is a vetting team that will evaluate the individual to make sure that the individual meets the job criteria. If they meet the job criteria, their name is put into the jar, and come SELECTION DAY, all the names are poured on the table for all to see, then put back in the jar, and shaken and one name is pulled out. And that person is the selected person for that political job for that term.
        We would have a NO PARTY SYSTEM, we would all be on the same side.
        No more party politics. No more bought and paid for individuals before even getting into the job. Lobbyists will not be very effective, as these selected individuals will recognize that getting selected twice in the lottery has a very low statistical chance. And they will not be seeking to be career politicians. Necessity is the mother of invention and people have a way of figuring out the system, when they have to.
        Since no career government staffers, and no career politicians, they will figure out the system together. Many people will actually be honest and act honestly and for the good of the people. Today, nearly all of the politicians seek the quick money, the power and the greed. And they get it. With a lottery system and no career government staffers, this will create a change, and more honesty and more ethical behavior, just due to the system.

        The citizens will think it is a great idea. The politicians and the government staffers will see the goose laying the golden eggs
        flying away.

        3. Enforce the voting laws. If anyone is caught breaking the voting laws, it is considered TREASON and the person is hanged.

        No more worry about the color of one’s skin, their religion, their belief system, if they meet the criteria they can put their name in the hat, and by the lottery they may get accepted.

        It will be a true system of honesty and ethical standards.

        The Constitution will be honored. In fact, any politician trying to alter the Constitution is committing treason and needs to be tried for Treason.

        The only reason to come after Firearms is to kill the opposition, there is no other reason.

      8. Anyone, who sincerely expects me to believe in this story, should remove all security cameras from all premises, scrap biometrics, and give us that internet ‘right to be forgotten’ — ie, purged from the public record.

        (Especially, when I have this video of your Mom.)

      9. I already don’t believe a damn thing that any of them says so fake or not won’t matter a bit to me.

      10. Ron Ahrens… how are you going to arrest the criminal government and their military police state criminals that get paid well to defend them? It’s difficult to get people to agree on anything, any gathering of patriots is monitored heavily, communication devices are spied upon and cameras are everywhere. A start would be people talking about the situation, that’s a joke because the majority can’t and won’t be bothered. Divided and conquered ignoring reality is reality. Convince me otherwise than seeing that all hope is lost for a united humanity to survive. People still vote for them indicating approval. Humans are apparently easily manipulated to think within small confines.

        • With our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ALL things are possible, spoiler ALERT-Jesus wins, and the Sworn who are with him win also, so that is how we will arrest the criminal treasonous Fallen Angel PSYCHOPATHS.

        • HERE HERE or how does it go now DILLY DILLY ?

          Right on it Aljamo.

      11. They scream in pain as they attack us. Master manipulators. Lowering the average IQ. Would simplify things. A simple plan.?

      12. These deep fakes are an abomination. They corrupt reality.

        YHWH is the CREATOR and we emulate YHWH through every act of creation as stewards of the Earth. Every time we plant seeds, make some pottery, exercise to create muscles while wielding a sword that is positive creation. Every sweet romance we make with our wife is a postive creation. Every new song is a positive creation.

        Lucifer is malevolence incarnate as the first of the fallen rebels. He is a destroyer and accuser and a liar. These deep fakes destroy reality. That make false accusations and they are lies. I hope people see how evil they are. And the goal is to communicate lies.

        Lucifer always pulls the strings to bring about evil. He doesn’t make us sin. A natural man is already in rebellion and lives in sin and chooses sin.

      13. What’s the thing about the image of a man that has life? Computer generated life like people that say whatever they want? Seems easier just to pay them? Or maybe there’s some things a rat just won’t do?

      14. This technology should scare everyone.
        Nothing will be believable – so what will be the truth?
        The term common sense will need to be used more and more. Unfortunetly, it is not that common as we can see all around us today.
        This is way beyond 1984.
        Most of the worlds population are Sheep – with tis technology herding the sheep will be very easy.


      15. Starting with Photoshop back in the late eighties, you could manipulate one image, and copy and manipulate it into the second image. And sort of make something that at first glance would fool the eyes. But it took some artistic talent. It was largely a tool for photographers/graphic design artists as anyone in that industry knows how difficult it is to take the perfect photo. You could create a perfect image.

        From that point on, images were routinely airbrushed and it started to have a very unhealthy and unrealistic effect on the appearance of female models. Every celebrity’s image was enhanced unrealistically to remove fine lines around the eyes, remove wrinkles, alter anything which made them look olders or heavier, enhance bustlines, etc.

        Think about the ramifications.

        I was watching an old Lynard Skynard video of Freebird from 1977. In it were lots of young ladies from the time period and most were not wearing make up and looked very natural and beautiful. Now even very young ladies wear make up routinely and ladies have highly unrealistic expectations about what beauty and aging looks like.

        This very adversely affects medicine as women spend money to have totally unnecessary plastic surgery. And it’s encouraged by weak ungodly men.

        It’s idolatry created by Lucifer and his demonic minions. They worship the “self” and “youth” and “beauty”. And it’s asinine.

        It affects everything and it’s driven by GREED. The want to sell you products that you don’t need which is particularly bad when people are poor. The globalists effectively have every mother and father working now but earning half as much as in 1990. The greed, idolatry, and the essentially slavery all feeds Lucifer’s agenda built around pride.

        What is the horrendous effect of no parents at home? No responsible person is watching the kids and so they become wild. And despute effectively doubling the work hours, people are poorer. It’s satanic, don’t you get it?

        It destroys what YHWH intended for marriage and parenting. What happens now is not Biblical.

        Don’t you see it? Lucifer is warping the natural beauty created by YHWH and in its place he offers pornography. That is what pornography is. Every wholesome, tender, lovely, and sweet aspect of romance and intimacy, that makes your heart fill with friendship and romance… so much that you enter into a respectful, sincere, loving, supportive relationship is then WARPED and PERVERTED by Lucifer.

        Lucifer can’t love you and so he can’t offer love or friendship. He can only offer prostitutes to massage your ego…and that is PRIDE. You want to be loved, valued, and adored by a sweet kind lady, and Lucifer gives you a whore. Nobody wants a prostitute…but that is what Lucifer offers.

        Lucifer cannot create any good thing as he is a destroyer, accuser, and liar. He is the natural enemy of humanity. His goal is to destroy you by giving you what the natural man desires.

        What your base desires crave are awful.

        The godly desires are beautiful and wholesome and positive and lift people up.

        Lucifer can’t lift you up…only tear you down. This is why things are accelerating and why they are so awful that each new day has some fresh outrage of depravity.

        Music is not normal anymore, but warped with technology so it “sounds better”. This is a lie. We didn’t need that in the old days. People can sing but now they fake it with enhancement.

        The deep fakes are far more insidious and malevolent than you can possibly imagine. When you can’t trust your eyes, then you lose an essential tool for critical thinking. And that is the goal.

        All manner of conflict will exist as people manipulate reality and nobody will trust anything they see. And that is the ultimate goal.

        Every new deep fake will be used to stir up hatred and blame some group to cause accusations to fly. Lucifer does not want peace but war. He is perfectly happy is humanity annihilates each other.

      16. Speaking of 9-11, OBL vids and pics were supposedly faked, according to internet gossip.

        You can hear transcripts of his speeches, read over banal sources, like talk radio. Preppers and preppies, OBL’s speeches pertain to autonomy or self sufficiency, against a hegemonic state.

        When the video supports a state interest or state propaganda, we are supposed to believe in the footage. When they fear exposure, we are not supposed to believe it. Whistleblowers are alleged to be fake.

        I think, that narrative on parallel societies, deep state, or a military industrial complex, can be flipped. This can be turned against any clique-y, acquisitive, middle class people, like the ones you probably aspire to to be. Do you go to private school, live in a gated community, own Cadillac healthcare, or the Cadillac, free-and-clear. Why not public transport and building projects. Are you pulling strings, to be successful. You are the deep state, according to historical discussions, purges, Malthusian events.

        Calling something a deep fake is a plausible, first step, in preventing your participation in polite society; are you credible-enough, according to the official fact checker, likely a type B or some quota case.

      17. The fact that the SST was grounded? After 911 , means that it was not used by executives of companies that would be replaced by others. But of ultra rich families who ‘s accumulated wealth was now to the wind.? Where’s the safest place to live on this planet? Impenetrable security. It would take an army. Or two planes?

      18. It was a banned subreddit, now a free, online app. (You don’t have to download it, to use it.) Can be installed on your phone, free.

      19. If you are an older prepper, what typically happened was people woke up in the seventies as the economy was tanking, the oil crisis, the stupidity of the Vietnam War, etc.

        Leftists initially marched to protest how warped the world had gotten and promote one idea like civil rights, feminism, anti-war, environmentalism, etc.

        But they grew disillusioned and formed communes to create their own reality. What they quickly found was they were not enlightened but selfish and self-destructive with free love and drugs.

        So they left…and many joined the Back to the Land movement. They realized their ancestors had more freedom by living on homesteads and being generalists not crazy specialists widget makers in a factory using automation.

        The prepping movement was a healthy reevaluation of “reality” and very often in such a reflective setting, doing hard labor, and seeing the fruits of that labor in the harvest, they became conservatives and spiritual. Many found Jesus and YHWH. Why? Because that was self-evident in the Golden Ratio is every plant and animal in Nature.

        YHWH means I Am Who I Am…ie existence or reality. YHWH is the origin of reality ie the CREATOR. This is why when you rebel against YHWH, every seems wrong and off and unnatural. When you embrace YHWH everything is made even more real or valid.

        11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 13And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
        1Corinthians 13:11-13

        Paul of Tarsus realizes reality. He can’t see it perfectly but Jesus dropped the scales from his eyes. And he matured in his spiritual beliefs. He has a glimmer of what YHWH has created but it’s enough to make him believe and the hope of seeing the face of YHWH.

        The Abundant Life is found in Jesus Christ. The genuine reality of joy, romance, and sincere friendship is found in Jesus.

        Everything the world offer is an illusion and false. It’s a sick warped perverted package of garbage that they want to sell you. And if you buy it, you derive no joy, romance, or sincere friendship from it…only distract your abject misery.

        This is why celebrities’ lives are miserable. Despite being as wealthy as Crassus, it doesn’t satisfy. And it never will.

        • See Bolton Hall and the Back to the Land movement in the 20th Century. This created an ethos and an environment that once again encouraged homesteading.


          Practically every aspect from survalists and fallout shelters and Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening and heck even illegal MJ farms and Tom Brown Jr and tracking , etc all are linked by this. There would be no Berkey’s sold, no concern about fluoride, no antivaccination movement, no Tea Party, prett much everything advertised here is related.

        • 1st Corinthians 13: 11-13 , Verse 13 reads “Faith , Hope and Love . These three ; but the greatest of these is LOVE , not charity. just FYI … peace .. John 3 :16

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