Politicians Say They Live In Fear As Threats Against Congress Increase

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    Threats against politicians have been skyrocketing lately. Many in Congress are now living in fear, purchasing body armor and hiring armed guards to protect themselves against the people they should be serving rather than controlling.

    One year after the horrific congressional baseball shooting that almost took the life of Representative Steve Scalise and former Hill staffer Matt Mika, members are keenly aware that the continued attempt to control and manipulate the public has finally put a target on their backs. “The true reality is if somebody wanted to do me harm, they could probably do that with relative ease and that is sad,” said Representative Chuck Fleishmann (R-Tenn.), a New York City native.

    Mexican citizens have been executing politicians in the country south of the United States’ border.  So far, 113 political elites (or those attempting to become a political master by way of election) have been killed.


    The majority of politicians experiencing the threats appear to republican. Which just goes to show that liberals intend to use violence and theft to get people to conform to their ideas rather than use peace and voluntary interaction.

    In 2016, there were 902 threatening incidents and communications against members of Congress. By 2017, the reports had more than doubled to about 2,000, according to the House Sergeant at Arms office. According to The New York Post, in response, the House Administration Committee allocated $25,000 to each member in 2017 and again in 2018 to beef up their personal and office security, prompting members to hire bodyguards for events and equip offices with panic buttons and shatter-resistant glass. Meaning they are using the funds of those who are making the treats to protect the ruling class.

    The House Sergeant at Arms got an additional $5 million to improve office security for district offices. Congress also increased funding for Capitol Police by $29.2 million in 2017, and another $29.9 million in 2018. In recognition of the danger level to the political elites, the Federal Election Commission also ruled in July that lawmakers can also use campaign funds, which are typically spent on TV ads and mailers, to install security systems at their homes instead.

    The chairman of the House Administration Committee, representative Gregg Harper that authorized security spending, said the shooting made clear that Congress needed to do more. “What we would never want to have happen is for an incident to occur and anybody – a member, a visitor or staffer – to say you didn’t give us what we needed to protect ourselves,”  Harper, who has hired personal armed bodyguards said.

    While violence is not the answer, neither is the elite ruling class shoving their laws down the throats of the public on a whim with no consequences. Eventually, this ruling class vs. the slaves mentality was going to explode (just like it did leading up to the American Revolution.) People always eventually figure out that they don’t enjoy being slaves to a wealthy elite few. As soon as enough people wake up and realize whom the real enemy of liberty is, there won’t be a need for violence or threats though, liberals.  There will eventually hopefully be enough people who no longer wish to be slaves to politicians that government itself will become obsolete; peacefully.


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      1. The poor fuckin babies. When you screw over millions and millions of people some may just look your ass up.

        • Yep

        • Leftists believe in social justice (for themselves) like Chris Christie believes in beach access (for himself) and Kim Jong Un believes in food (for himself).

          For whom are they reserving these natural resources and natural rights? For you?

          • There are no “leftists”; there are no “right wingers”… there is only the awake citizens and the asleep citizens and the one percent (Our zoo keepers).

            • Finally, people are starting to get it.

            • Correct.
              “Right” and “left” are terms intended to deceive.
              The true scale is no government and total government. On the true scale, the Nazis and Communists are both socialist – near the totalitarian end of the scale.
              The true scale is based on how much property the scum who call themselves government manage to rob from the people who earned or inherited it.

        • Called Barry loudermilks office to see if now that he feels the same fears we do daily would he be willing to support constitutional carry.
          His aid had no idea what that was and then spouted the “Barry is a vet and strongly supports the 2nd” line of horse shit.
          ANY politician that won’t support constitutional carry is just as bad as the communist muslim dems.


        • The IG report shows there is only the 2nd to restore the republic. Sadly they should be worried….but then they allowed this treason/sedition on their watch.

      2. Everyone knows the best place to get someone is in transit.

        • Menzoberranzan, I love your posts!! 🙂

      3. Calling all Rino’s and Democrats. Be very carefull out there – Main street America is becoming a dangerous place because of illegal immigration – MS-13 etc etc.
        Too bad we did not have a big wall and strong immigration laws.
        Watch you back boys and girls – we average American’s have to deal with this danger every day

        • jak. man: Yuup, this country is trashing every day like Canada and the EU! Get out early in the day folks, and do your biz, then go home. Don’t flash jewelry, better yet, cash it out for preps, ammo, etc.

        • Yep. those cowards in government get to walk around with a security detail and what not, then turn around and say they want our guns. We will be giving them our guns at some point I suspect, but not the way they want them.

      4. Are any of them DESERVEDLY swinging by the neck from a rope on tree branch or light pole, yet?

        Bunch of pussies crying wolf. When they start populating light poles in DC with their criminal asses, then they have something to worry about.

        • Does your mother know you are saying things like that online? If she finds out, you are so grounded.

        • NICE POST, Deplorble… 🙂

        • Deplorable Neal Jensen, not just in DC but every state as well. Some are of course far worse than others

          I am surprised we have not seen more politicos, judges and lawyers executed like they do in Mexico. I imagine it is coming soon enough as the fallout from their many crimes are exposed and more people realize how badly they have been fucked by the elites and politicos among all of them.

          In some places I imagine an immigration lawyers life span may get very short and groups like the SPLC and many others. How many people have they all fucked hard for a very long time ? And where is all that white privelage I never got ? It is all a very sick joke to be sure on everybody. So they built their own demise in many ways. History is riddled with such events so nothing exactly new at all. Fuck people long enough and hard enough and they simply fight back.

      5. Heres what i have to say to polititians and their assistants at all levels of government
        Pursuit of Happiness
        Thats it, leave the people alone
        We are not your piggy bank

        • …and we have an arsenal you cannot touch!

          • Menzo, damn right. WTF do these politicians expect considering their attitude toward we the people?

            • They can kiss my white ass.

              • Menzo, LOL. I “second that motion”! HAHA

        • Problem is, thanks to the federal reserve system and the federal government enforcers, WE ARE THEIR PIGGY BANK!
          We the people face unlawful standing armies of easily impressionable indoctrinated cops and federal thugs of all stripes, each told they are upholding law. In reality, the hot air that comes out of Congress and the various State legislatures is all statute and is further watered down by attorneys into encoded statute – “code”.

          Only God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – can make law.

          God alone is sovereign over his creation mankind.
          Uphold God’s law and ignore the rest.
          God said gold and silver are money. It is up to us to figure out how to pay for our necessities using God’s money. When we do, they the government can no longer rob us through the “banks”.

      6. ” There will eventually hopefully be enough people who no longer wish to be slaves to politicians that government itself will become obsolete; peacefully.”


        I’m pretty sure this was what Marx said would eventually happen.

        Ah….if men were angels….

      7. They should live in fear…. they are operating a de facto (read: illegitimate) slavery corporation pretending to be a government and have been ordered to immediately STOP by many. They refuse.

        “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

        The congresses since 1871 (when they made a corporation out of the government) have been a threat to the actual American Republic. For them to claim they are threatened by the public, when these CORPORATE SLAVE GOVERNMENT are literally THE threat to the public is absolutely retarded. Psychological projection.

        Rather than get body guards, they need to actually do their jobs AND MAKE AMERICAN NOT A SLAVERY SYSTEM.

      8. One would think such negative feelings would translate into voting them out. Its easy, its legal.

        • It’s hard to vote them out when scum illegals are allowed to vote multiple times and you have complete states that are filled with brainwashed, brain dead, automatons.

          • Thats it in a nutshell Menzo,
            The reality is that the urban areas of all cities screw it up for normal folks, the libtards congregate like rats in urban areas and create a huge voting block, the representation is often lopsided at the state level of government because of these shitholes, our state is like that, tons of conservatives in the country, and i mean that not necessarily as a D/R thing but a moderate/conservative VS liberal mindset but then the big city of Honolulu has 10 times or more of the population of the rest of the state, so guess whose bullshit we get to be governed by,,,,
            See it all across the country, the thing that really pisses me off is how they like to think they can dictate what i do and treat us producer types as dirt, thats why i say
            Who is John Galt!
            Let em eat crackers, oh wait, theres no wheat to grind, bummer

            • The simple fact is that the US public generally is far more knowledgeable and cares more about entertainment that what is important. Of the two party’s the democrats have surrounded themselves with a more complete barrier in their primaries to shield themselves from populist revolt. Its not impossible to overcome but just more difficult. The republicans, still no “champion of the people” are less protected from this and inroads are being made.

              • Being knowledgeable about a threat and caring more about entertainment proves the brain dead, brainwashed theory to be fact.

                • They’re more knowledgeable about circus by far. They’re not knowledgeable about what is occurring in government. Its not brain dead nor brain washed, its laziness. Thinking requires effort. They’re ignorant by choice.

                  • They screw us all no matter the reason.

                  • Kevin2, once again you hit it right out of the park. I definitely know what’s going on out there and I gladly make the effort to think. I don’t even care about any circuses. I’m aware and awake by choice.

            • Nail,
              Great comment and quite true!

            • Who is still stuck on first base.

          • I hope I don’t vote when I’m dead.

          • Menzoberranzan, that is why it is critical to change the dynamic of illegal aliens voting and coming here in the first place. They vote by the millions. Just as we do not know exactly how many illegal aliens are here, neither do we know the full extent of illegal voting. But I guarantee you it is far more than has been reported in the last 10 years on both counts ! Also why we need the next census to ask if a person is her legally or not ?

            All of it has been created very deliberately. Just more false narratives and false paradigms to control the masses. Fortunately it is all breaking down rapidly. But it was a long road to get here and it ain’t over yet !

        • K2
          If voting mattered they wouldnt let us do it!

        • That doesn’t work, in part, because:

          Survey says – They are all corrupt except MY representative. He’s a great guy.

      9. I just saw what I believe to be a brief version of what the IG found. No wrongdoing in any way by James Comey, Loretta Lynch, or anyone else in the justice dept.
        I refuse to waste any more time on the fake two party system propaganda and will throw myself into my many projects.
        I can’t believe that Kim Jong Un would get involved in any kind of agreement with the phony, lying, US gov’t. As far as I’m concerned all of the overpaid “conservative” talk show hosts can go get a fucking job. Bring on the Mexicans and Somalians and give them checks. The fact that Trump installed Session and has not fired him speaks volumes.

        • Yea, Hillary Shitbag Clinton would have done all these good things and more for the American people had she been elected! SARCASM!!

        • Anon— Hear, hear!! I absolutely agree! I will not waste my time, honor and dignity by “voting” again…

        • “brief version of what the IG found.”

          Of course not. There’s either a target on his back or it’s CYA time.

          “Kim Jong Un would get involved in any kind of agreement with the phony, lying, US gov’t.”

          It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

        • Anon, no doubt Sessions has been Trumps biggest mistake for sure. But realize up to this point he could not simply fire Sessions for all manner of political reasons, the Mueller sham being a big one ! He has had to wait for the correct political environment and that is in motion as we speak. Sessions will likely be fired as well as others. I suspect sooner than most realize. Time will tell for sure. I think you are drawing irrational conclusions and prejudging a bit given all the dynamics in motion.

          Once Sessions is gone then Rosenstein will be next and Mueller. Sessions departure will allow all the necessary indictments, prosecutions to begin ! Whoever takes Sessions job will simply indict Rosenstein and fire him at the same time.

          Some of you will say another DOJ head could not get approved thru congress ? and I would inform you the president can appoint any temporary person he desires and they would have full powers of the office so long as they abide by all laws. And a long as congrss does not approve them they can remain as temporary and have full authority. Yes the DEM/DSA would howl greatly but at this point who gives a shit as they have been shown to be criminals. What this would do is to put the shoe on another foot and put the onus on the DEM/DSA to try and have any affect at all. Obama did this exact thing more than once so the precedent is already there and Trump is seriously gaining in political power and acceptance only because the left has been completely outed for the criminals they are !

          Let the prosecutions and or executions as the case may, be begin ASAP !

      10. epresentative Chuck Fleishmann (R-Tenn.), a New York City native

        That says it all. a new york native who represents tennesee.

      11. All well and good the politicians fearing the masses, that was the purpose of the Constitution in the first place. I’d suggest that all those anti-2A be not allowed to have any hired guns/guards; moreover, all those that do must support that same 2A in its entirety, no reservations, limitations or modifications… or lose their jobs. Call it “the anti-hypocrisy Act for sitting elected officials”.

      12. However it appears only to be the libtarded left loonies, crazy enough to actually take up a rifle and carry out such threat.

        • They kill innocent school children though. They’re not killing the scum politicians who are not innocent.

      13. Why don’t the politicians just do the right thing for the people they were elected to represent. If they keep voting for control & manipulation of the people that elected them, there won’t be any more threats(warnings) to them, just action & they have their chance to change it. They believe their actions are unaccountable. So did the British a couple hundred years ago.

        • Because AIPAC tells the politicians what to do or else they pull out the secret vidio tape of that politician raping little boys on Lolita Island. Just ask Lindsay Graham shill. At least 30% of US Congress is being blackmailed by AIPAC. YOU KNOW THAT ILLEGAL FOREIGN AGENT WHO IS EXEMPT FROM REGISTERING AS A FOREIGN AGENT BUT CAN LOBBY FREELY TO BLACKMAIL US POLITICIANS. AMERICA WAS HUGHJACKED YEARS AGO AND YOU GOT 60 years of MSM INFLIGHT MOVIES TO WATCH AS A DISTRACTION. Now move along nothing to see here folks.

      14. What we need is to stop sending tax money to Isreal. The USA is totally controlled by Israel, Rothschild, dual citizens in government, the Central Banking Fraudsters, Criminals in nice suits.

        _ Build the Wall.

        _ Stop giving our tax dollars to illegal migrants. They are criminals the moment they enter our territory without going through proper channels. Why allow them to get welfare, medical, education at our expense? Because our government does the bidding of globalist criminals.

        It’s not that all government is corrupt. It is that our government is corrupted by a foreign influence. Natanyahu got 28 standing groveling ovations when he came before Congress. Ask WHY?
        What has Isreal done for the USA?
        I’ll tell you.
        They have used us to fight and die in wars for them.
        They sent spies that got our agents killed.
        They attacked our Navy.
        They attacked our Embassy.
        They probably killed Kennedy.
        And they probably facilitated 911.

        Our greatest friend?


        • B– you actually believe that government will change and do the right thing??? If so, I have a bridge to sell.. ITS OVER!~!! They will never change for the better!!!

        • “Our greatest friend?”

          Stop handing out all the freebies (money, aid, arms, soldiers, etc.) and we will see who our friends are. Hint: there aren’t many.

      15. The rage and outrage expressed in the forgoing remarks are, unfortunately, likely to all come true. They are the same as those that caused Obastard to take helicopter from Des Moines, Iowa to Grinnell, Iowa, about 50 miles east of here on I-80. He was here to give a speech to a left-wing school – Grinnell College, a leftish school that runs about $40,000 a year, and has an endowment of $1 billion .

        The endowment is managed by the founder and principal of Berkshire Hathaway, which owns more than 90 companies. The stock is valued at over #289 thousand per share as of today. Wonder why Warren Buffet is so rich? More so, why doesn’t he assist a conservative school? Because that’s not what limousine liberals do. None of them. Upshot! The Secret Service was scared to death something might happen to Obasturd on the highway. And with nothing but soybean fields, cornfields, and pasture between DM and Grinnell, they wouldn’t drive him there. Too many places for an individual or team to hide and make a successful get a way.

        WE won this time: that puke is out and The Super Slut Clinton isn’t in. Trump has things on a roll, and that beats hell anything the last two assholes did in the Presidency.

      16. The left has learned to bluff the right to get what they want. We will become a socialist dictatorship in my lifetime at this rate. I am in my sixties. Another thing if a right leaning person threatened a left politician the right leaning person would never get out of prison. The judges just praise anyone who threatens a right winger.

        • Never gonna happen. At least not in your lifetime.

      17. I’ve always been of the opinion that the 2 Senators and ? number Members of the House should serve from their State Capitols under the State Governor and should report to him/her. They should go to Washington the 3 weeks specified in the Constitution, only….

        • The Founders never intended for Senators to be elected by the general populace. They were to be chosen by each state’s government so each state’s government was represented.

      18. How’s it go: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Congress (especially pilosi) believe themselves absolutely omnipotent. The corruption is now total.
        Someone said, “dictatorship by committee” is the new USA government system. How true that is turning out to be!

      19. It is sending a message. Regardless of your political affiliation, we don’t trust you. How do you go from a small town making 5 figures, and spend 6 years in congress/senate and leave with millions in real estate, stocks, and cash? Again…you are not trusted!

        • If anyone including regular government workers did what they did to become a millionaire, that person would be in jail…for a long time.

      20. The true reality is if all y’all want to do harm to entire demographic swaths, you can do it fairly easily and THAT is sad.

      21. Well, now knowing this, I believe that I might have miscalculated the average politician’s IQ.

        Had it pegged at 26 but I missed it by 2 points. Up or down is your guess…..

      22. They have a 6 or 7 percent approval rating, but yet a 97% reelection rate.

        The truth is “conservatives” keep voting for the same old warmed over shit sandwich expecting different results combine it with unprincipled voters a dumbed down drugged up retarded society and it really isn’t hard to see why everything is all f’ed up. Been going that way for decades but they really have society socially engineered to be absolute morons.

        Now George soros and mark meckler have half the conservative voter base convinced that an article 5 constitutional convention con con to change the Constitution is what is needed. Because you can trust politicians of today or rather corrupt schmucks to change the founding documents. (Sarcasm)

        • One reason for the warmed over garbage sandwich is because the voter is presented with little choice at the ballot box. Change has to begin farther back in the process. It takes bucks and guts.


      24. According to Dmitry Orlov, when governments become too burdensome for the people, they (the people) start “picking them off”. They start out on the low hanging fruit– police officers start “disappearing”, (killed) and then next, the prosecutors meet “untimely fates”… then the judges, etc.. on up the ladder. He said that has happened in other countries and once it starts it never just disappates…it continues. Guess the Mexicans got tired…

      25. scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal corruption after corruption after corruption after corruption after corruption Propaganda and lies after propaganda and lies on and on

        The gang of 8? WTF is that shit. Where does it read in the Constitution that Congress has the power to form a gang in order to override the rest for their unconstitutional neo-con globalist adventures…. oh, that’s right they DO NOT have that authority…

        now they’ve been labelling anyone who can see through their malicious scandal or who doesn’t worship the supremacy of the state or take it as gospel as terrorists they want your private property, your firearms/means of self preservation, they want your retirement pension, they want your children, they want to force medicate the general public with their big pharma vaccines, they are now working on taking your blood for the DNA content…these Fuckers literally want our blood now.

        A good number of (perhaps not all) of the new canndidates running in the 2018 midterms for the congress are either military industrial complex/intelligent agency hacks or are either corporate conglomerate globalists.

        Same shit just a different election.

        Americans don’t want to elect regular people who are not sociopathic narcissistic scum. Everyone wants a ptetty boy shithead college indoctrinated SJW or some comeguzzler lawyer or attorney that is beholden to the bar association…how many more fucking lawyers are needed in the congress.. A big portion of societies problems are directly related to lawyers.

        Education is being used to make people stupid

        Doctors are there to push pills and to destroy health

        Lawyers and attorneys sabotage justice

        Media is all about disinformation,shiny sensational propaganda and lies

        Government has become nothing but a dangerous incompetent weapon of force

        Oh,golly gee I just can’t figure out why people are so pissed. sick basterds

        • One heck of a soap opera isn’t it.

      26. A lot of it is voter fraud that keeps these clowns in Congress.

      27. If these clowns are scared now, just think how they are going to be when they try gun confiscation…..

      28. They need to get a paper bag, cut some holes for the eyes and mouth, put it on over their heads. They might want to decorate the bag with someone else’s face (somebody nice). Decorate it to match the bulletproof vest. Forget about shaking hands even when campaigning.

      29. If nobody voted nothing would change just like the results of voting.

      30. They should not have to live in fear. At the same time they should have been listening to their constituents that elected them instead of lining their pockets with money from lobbyists. Bottom line there should be term limits and Congress should make no laws that do not apply to them also without any special carve out to exception.

      31. The politicians need to fear We The People. Contact your House rep and ask him or her if
        they support auditing the Fed. If they give you a slick, lawyer-like answer, watch out.
        The answer should be a resounding “YES” or they need to be voted out ASAP.

      32. Govt for the people by the people!! did i miss something??

      33. Hmmmm….let’s see…..

        They get elected based upon promises they make to their constituents.

        When they get to Congress, they do exactly the opposite of what they said they would do and pass laws that apply only to the citizens and not to themselves. (They are above the law)

        When they are called out on it, they display arrogance and defiance and seek to stifle those who criticize them.

        They enrich themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve while they line their pockets with money from special interests and lobbyists.

        And then they wonder why they are hated.

        I think it’s called hubris.

        Screw ’em. I have no sympathy for them.

        I think of Kate Steinle and I think it’s a shame that the families of these feckless “leaders” don’t have to suffer the same pain as her family.

        I hope they have to look over their shoulder the rest of their pathetic lives.

      34. they should live in fear every fukn second for what they have done to the people and this country, one day the people will grow some balls

      35. Congress voted to give themselves more money to piss away – $25,000/yr. for personal protection?! An American bullet only cost a few cents. Think of all the millions of $$$ saved by eliminating the anti-American Congress. Ex. – Weinstein’s wealth increased $177 Million while a Congresswoman who has done nothing but lie, cheat and steal.

      36. Politicians who live in real (not imagined) fear of those they represent are invariably fascists. These scumbags are indicted out of their own mouths.

      37. As the LT said in Full Metal Jacket”It’s a big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite”. The Republic is gone folks, Trump is an aberration, a blip on the radar screen. Over 50 percent of our population now receives some sort of assistance from our government. As De Tocqueville predicted in the 1700s “ When American democracy figures out it can vote itself benefits from the government, the American experiment will come to an end.”That time is upon us. As the number of takers outpaces the number of producers the result is inevitable: fragmentation, unrest and eventually disalution. If I live 20 more years I will see the breakup of this once great country into warring enclaves of states. As for the “ threats” to our dear leaders this will be used as an excuse to crack down on all of our few remaining freedoms and expansion of our burgeoning police state. Head down folks, keep your nose to the wind and your eyes along the skyline.

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