Polish Delegation Wiped Out – Assassination or Accident?

by | Apr 10, 2010 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    In what Russian officials are describing as an accident, the President of Poland, his wife, the chief of the Polish army and the governor of their central bank have all been killed in a plane crash in Western Russia.

    The official reports suggest the accident occurred as a result of pilot error, but because this was the head of state of Poland, the Russians are taking the accident seriously:

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been put in charge of a commission investigating the crash, the Kremlin said. [source]

    Let’s be clear: Vladimir Putin, former officer of the KGB, former President of Russia and current Prime Minister was not “put in charge” of the investigation. If Mr. Putin is involved, he put himself in charge.

    For observers who do not normally follow events in eastern Europe and Russia, it is important to note that there has been a level of veiled hostility between Russia’s former President and Poland. Poland was to be one of the eastern European hosts of the US missile defense shield, a military action condemned by Russia and Mr. Putin.

    While Polish President Kaczynski’s death may very well be an accident, as described by official reports from Russia, one must ask whether or not the Russians have settled a score with Poland and sent a warning to leaders of other nations in the region that Russia is in charge.

    The death of President Kaczynski comes on the heels of the overthrow of a pro-US government in Kyrgyzstan, which may have been initiated by operatives of the Russian government, similar to what the CIA did in Latin America and around the world to destabilize governments and replace them with leaders sympathetic to their national interests. Mr. Putin is a professional game theorist, thus Russia’s involvement in Kyrgyzstan cannot be ruled out:

    But if Moscow were found to have had a hand in this latest upheaval, it would hardly come as a shock. Machiavellian Russian machinations in Kyrgyzstan, as in the other former Soviet republics of central Asia, has become the norm in the Putin era. Competition with China and the US for control of strategically important energy resources and transit routes is one key motivator. More fundamentally, Moscow still unfashionably insists on regarding this vast region as falling within its sphere of influence.

    [UK Guardian]

    Sorcha Faal, of WhatDoesItMean, who purportedly has access to either FSB (Russian Secret Service) intelligence information, suggest the FSB may have had foreknowledge:

    First reports on the tragic death of Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, top general, head of their central bank, and many more top officials in a plane crash in Smolensk, Russia are said by FSB sources reporting to Prime Minister Putin to have been a “successful decapitation” of that Nation’s leadership putting into power the speaker of Poland’s parliament and a former defense minister Bronislaw Komorowski who unlike Kaczynski has been a long time ally of Moscow.

    Interesting to say the least. Whether this is conspiracy theory or fact will have to be left for the reader to decide.

    As reported by Government Against the People, there may be an alternate possibility:

    There’s no telling if the two events are connected, but their timing is mighty interesting.

    The Polish government and the National Bank of Poland, in a “rare moment of unity,” agree to weaken Poland’s currency, the zloty, in an act that would benefit Poland’s exporters at the expense of Poland’s trading partners—that is, the European Union, among others. Then, the next day, Poland’s president and the president of its national bank die in a plane crash.

    Poland has been dragging its feet in adopting the euro and joining the European Union, having pushed back its target date for doing so until 2015. Here in the U.S., we might say that Poland is not a “team player.” In the New World Order, bad things tend to happen to leaders who aren’t team players.

    The investigation into the plane crash has just begun, and Occam’s razor suggests that this was most likely an accident caused by pilot error, as there are reportedly witnesses on the ground that saw the plane attempt several unsuccessful landings.

    If this was not an accident, however, it is safe to say that the Polish people and the rest of the masses will be kept in the dark, afterall, the investigation is being led by a master of covert operations. Thus, the only indicators we may see is what results from the President’s death.

    Will Poland accept the Euro as their currency? Will they put a stop to any action that may weaken their currency the zloty? Will the new government be more pro-Russian and shun the United States? Will other leaders in the region, who have been under pressure from Russia or the EU now accept policies which they rejected prior to the death of President Kaczynski?


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      1. Hell yes this was no accident.Poland has been a pain in the as to russia by running to the west .Russia knows the American game and uses there playbook. Its no mistake of the over throw in  Kyrgyzstan .Its to limit American Influences  and positions.Were do for a big and Major War,this wont be no Iraq or Afganistan occupation but a Genuine War. We have to make distractions ! Pony up and drink the kool-aid boys ,Were going to be really broke and thats no joke !

      2. Scrapy — right on target… the pawns are being positioned. We’ll stay away from trying to time this, but make no mistake: China and Russia want control of that region — just like we do. Who will be allied with who is a different question altogether, but in the next decade this will all play out, and it will not, like you said, be an Iraq, Vietnam or Korea.

        Many believe that people aren’t “like that” anymore… similar to what many believed after the War to End All Wars (WW1)….

        Someone will push the button and the whole dang globe is going to get lit up.

      3. We sure do live in interesting times!

      4. The subsequent investigation by Putin sounds like a job by the Warren Commission. Whether it was an accident or not, you have to wonder why everyone who was anyone in Poland was flying together on the same plane.

        So, how many Poles DOES it take to screw in a light bulb?

      5. Is the Iron Curtain going to close again? Who’s next?

      6. I would’ve believed it was an accident until I heard that Putin was put in charge of the investigation. LOL, can you imagine the same caliber of politicians consumed in a plane crash in America that was going to be investigated by Biden or Pelosi? Putin is a hell of a man, in case you didn’t know it. He went from pissant to head the KGB. He is the power of Russia and is formidable.

      7. I highly doubt this was an accident. The Russians assassinated the president of Poland and much of his staff. Anybody remember the missile shield crisis? Anybody remember Poland siding with the country of Georgia???

        *****World War 3 will be here soon enough. *****

      8. From March 3, 2010: Poland approves US missile shield

        “In September [2009], President Barack Obama shelved a plan by his predecessor George W. Bush to deploy a missile shield in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic by 2013. Russia had slammed the plan as a GRAVE SECURITY THREAT.” (emphasis mine)

        “A first batch of United States Patriot missiles will be deployed in Poland in April [2010], defense ministry spokesman Janusz Sejmej said Saturday.”


      9. yeats is correct. putin was kgb colonel and phd in economics. not a lightweight.
        tony and j-dub are correct as well. the missle shield was the issue. imo these guys were taken out.
        this is like unto the warren commission or 9/11 where the conspirators were put in charge of the investigation.

      10. I had thought I was in the minority  in thinking this was no accident.   Russia is the same as always has been and she longs to rule/control  Poland and all nations in that region.

        It is unbelievable they would have so many
        officials in one plane and an old Russian plane at that. I’ve known Polish people much smarter than that, but these are official government people. Our’s aren’t much smarter.  World wars have been started over less than this.

      11. This is a horrifying weekend for everybody who can see! If one watches the TV reports from Poland closely, it is evident that Poles are not only mourning about their President and many of their political and military leadership: they seem to be clearly sensing that something is foul here, that Poland might one more time in its long history full with bitterness be brutally slaughtered. – Worse, as bad as it is, this is not JUST about Poland. I agree that this may well be a grim harbinger of a full-grown coordinated military attack of Russia, China, and their allies against Western Europe, the United States & Canada, Japan, and what is left of the Free World. The Kaczynskis were much hated for a reason (as is Czech President Vaclav Klaus): they represent, although themselves basically products of the Communist system, a type of desperate conservatism that has no more place under the new devilish paradigms of worldwide socialism! 2010 could well be THE year…  I’ve written quite a lot on the New World Order and the upcoming completion of communist world revolution lead by a Soviet Union still fully intact on my blog http://www.dawnoftribulation.wordpress.com. Whoever is interested, be welcome and have a look! – Greetings, Daniel Löwengrub. (P.S.: Check out on Google Earth the terrain west of the military airport north of Smolensk: coordinates 54°49’N / 31°58′ E: the plane is said to have crashed about a mile west of the airstrip; strangely, the whole area right up to the airfield lies DISTINCTLY BELOW the altitude of the airstrip by 100 to 150 feet!!! If it had been an accident, wouldn’t it have been more logical to have a hill-range in the way to the airport rather than a basin???) – Also I have a second blog entitled: http://www.newcommunistworldorder.wordpress.com.

      12. Comments…..The genocide in 1993/94 in Rwanda was set off by the death of the President in a plane accident.  Interesting to see the consequences of the death of a President under such circumstances.  I do find it strange or just plain bad planning to put that many government  and military leaders in the same plane.  The irony of the situation is tragic too; all going to commemorate the slaughter of over 20,000 Polish military officers  by the Russians near the end of WWII.

      13. You know why I love this site. People here know whats going on. Its nice to have a site to go to like this.

      14. Who will benefit the most from the death of the Polish president?  Is it Putin or EU or international bankers like Rothschild and his frontmen?

        Is Putin that dumb to kill Polish president inside the Russian airspace?

      15. The front seats were probably low hr. pilots working on their IFR ticket…… unless the glide slope angle or markers were moved.  Yea, just pilot error with a bunch of VIP’s that have to get there.

      16. Comments…..great comments all above. Agreed on possible scenerio.  Thought the folks here would like to read an aviation disaster forum about the event. No one at that forum is subscribing to a malicious take down (they have for other accidents). Please take a look at this to get more info on crash—good intel there. The pilot made at least 2 attempts to land the craft in low visibility. The president recently had a bad disagreement with another air force pilot as a result of weather diversion. its possible there was tremendous pressure from the president to land the plane at this airport and not to divert to Moscow.

      17. Hmm, you never know. and even if that was a tragic incident and nothing more. the circumstances in which it had had occurred will give rise to number of theories of conspiracy and speculations.

        Most recently one i heard was saying that great western Masonic lodge (Scottish) had him punished.

        All this is simply too messy and too many people will try to take advantage of it for their own political gains.
        Given that 95% of the country is ethnically Polish and 30% are idiots on varying scale we can easily end up with dangerous rhetoric.

        Regardless of the reasons, it is undeniably very tragic event, people of my country died needlessly.
        The consequences of politicizing these deaths can be tragic.
        Poland is Parliamentary Democracy – not Presidential Democracy. The continuity of the government is maintained. Thus again first among equals died and a lot of smart people with him – I may not have liked him politically or agree with his rhetoric, but I respected him as a president and human being.
        Even if it was orchestrated incident by Russia or what not, what can we do? What shall US do? What UE will do?

        Russia has power, we point finger: they say: prove it, they conduct their own investigation, they deny, what next? Business goes on as usual. And all are happy because cheep gas is flowing cheaply.
        As far as the whole world is concerned he was major pain in the ass challenging west and east for polish right to express our opinion, need and want.
        Now we probably end up with some submissive chap.

      18. It’s struck me how much of an overt effort Russia is taking to express sympathies and “help with the investigation” – they would be thoroughly investigating anyway. I still doubt it was deliberate though. The plane didn’t blow up, the pilot died too so he wasn’t bribed or a plant. How could you “plan” the plane trying to land several times, against tower warnings, and eventually hitting trees? I love the conspiracy theories but I think this was just a tragic accident, folks. As the article says, it will be interesting to see the aftermath though.

      19. Excellent article. I am glad you penned it.

      20. Probably just an accident but wars have been started by rumors and wrongful accusations before.  Sadly eerie how Poland has been at the epicenter of the beginning of major wars before.

        The invasion of Poland by Hitler was based on the false flag action called  “The Gleiwitz Incident” which was part of a bigger plan called the “Himmler Operation”, designed and implemented to justify the invasion of Poland.

      21. Point 1. Accident no accident what will be the geopolitical and economic out come of this event.


        Point 2.  ItS not good enough to quote sources flakey like Sorcha Faal who make big claims regarding their alleged sources but provide not one shred of evidence when push comes to boot.

        Neither does Sorcha Faal have a good history of making cliams – later verified by hindsight -(which would lend some credibility to their claims). Having being in NZ when Sorcha Faal made out that NZ was ground zero for killer virus epidenic something which never happened exscuse me if Im more then sceptical.

        Comes on people quality of info is important as quantity cant source it or back it up dump it.

        3. Russia is not Washington when they say put in “charge” this is ultimately a diplomatic metaphor. Dont read two much into this. Further even has a direct role Russia may have very real resons of wanting to prove not responsible.

        4. The link to Katyn and its similarties to infamous Gibralta plane crash of poland leadership in WWII timed with Krgyzstan (note press reports in NZ not only confirm Krgystan as thanking Russia for its role in the coup but that 400 security specialist flew in Russian base days before – shades Afghanistan and Balkan?).  Krygstan is now asking for aid as mull of future of US in the region – note has given the US at less six months before make decision one way or another.  

        Yet while Soviet are clearly playing hard ball regarding control of an area they traditionally see in their sphere of influence  patriots are hardly a missile shields which, at less publically, “Barack Obama shelved” along with radar base in the Czech Republic .

        Clearly the timing and nature of this tradgedy are extremely odd (compared against Gibralta/Katyn and same weekend as coup) so the raised eyebrows are understandable but its hard to see Russia as been this crass.

        While this over kill might take out the anti Russian President (actually some had a go at him Georgia that not long ago [press reports of the shooting attempt arepublic record]) would they really risk

        A)  Binding hands of pro Russian poles who are bound to loose sympathy votes to US backed Law and Justice party.  

        B) Alienate the entire Polish financial military and intelligence sector as will. 

        Killing the entire Polish elite especially its military intelligence command risk getting offside not just with Poles but  the entire eastern european intelligence community.

        The Poles had a long history of playing both sides of the fence and get away with it as they act as clearing house for many fractions while making themselves  indispendable to both sides.

        This is one reason why in comparison to Eastern Balkans the Poles had a degree of independence (from which Waleca Solidarity was able to flurish and grow to begin with.

        Personally if I HAD TO make a guess

        I point at this all having the same feel as the bunch of spooks who have being thei darndest to tie North Korea to Iran attempts to build a bomb via Dubai cut outs.  (the flaw was they where too elaborate and their shipment routes simply didn’t logistcally make any sense for guys trying to avoid detection).

        Also believe same team shot up Hamas leader in Dubia and tried to make it look like Israelis (Israeli hit teams however dont use Israeli passports).

        One port city goes up in a mushroom cloud tied to nuke in a Korean/Iranian shipping container (prob using r7 a variation of missiles tech used on subs) all of which demonstrates quite nicely just how useless of missle shields are to the idiots who cant take a subltle hint.

        Mean while Iran and Korea and any third world country, not playing ball visa acceptuing  their palce in the food chain,gets dragged and kicking into a unified playing field.

        Game set match thank you for playing ‘Why 98% of worlds wealth remains is the hands of less than 2% of population’.

        Then again all of this could just be an unfortunate set of citcumstances (as freud once siad sometimes a cigar is just a cigar) and its all one weird accident.

        The key to answering WAS THIS ACCIDENT OFR ASSASSINATION ies in the speed and transparency with which the public will be given acess to the blackbox recordings – which list not only a plane’s mechanical data but records conversation taking place in cock pit and possibly even passengers quarters.

        If they dont give this up to the public or choose to selectively reless such material there your answer.

        Ulitmately keep asking how good is the info your reading can source material be corroborated and is the attached evidence (photographs, transcripts, film etc) solid or subject to doubt. 

      22. This was no accident no question about it! Russia makes me sick! if i was a leader id bomb them so hard.

      23. Unfortunately, Polisch President was murdered in Russia during the landing in Smolensk in april 2010 and Russian report lies on the main causes of the catastrophe.

        Paweł from Poland, the city Lodz (near Warsaw)

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