Police Make Mass Arrests; Use Tear Gas, Sound Weapons At College Block Party

by | May 6, 2011 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    All those billions of dollars spent to prepare law enforcement and the US military for civil unrest are not going to waste.

    This past week, police converged on Western Illinois University (situated in a town of about 20,000 people) as students engaged in their annual block party. Unlike previous years, however, this year a decision was made to respond with riot gear, tear gas, sound weapons, intimidation and mass arrests.

    The most curious issue surrounding the response is that students, by many accounts, were not engaged in any significant unlawful behavior (open containers, maybe some intoxication and tomfoolery) and the block party was behind held, for the most part, at private residences.

    Bored with the usual, local and surrounding police forces decided to deploy officers in full riot gear – at least a hundred of them. They were undoubtedly anxious to play with their new federally funded non-lethal anti-personnel weapons, as evidenced by their use of everything from LRAD sound weapons to tear gas to disperse and aggravate the crowd.

    The events that unfolded at WIU are just the latest in a trend we’ve seen develop around the world in recent years. We’ll note that the governor of Wisconsin, when recently faced with mass protests, responded similarly by putting the National Guard on alert within hours of demonstrators gathering in the Capitol.

    We would like to say that in the very near future large-scale police response will be the norm, but this is not the case. The future is now. Block parties, protests and any gatherings of large groups of people are already seeing a strong storm trooper presence and being dealt with swiftly once the order is given.

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      1. Nice little practice sesh.  I want the police to be prepared for large crowds.  Whom better to practice on than some college kids.  If there is a large gathering of unrully mobs I want the police to be able to control them. (Of course I will not be in any crowd like this. I have my preps)  Am I wrong here….?

      2. Hard Times.  Of course you are wrong.  This block party is an annual event.  For years it has been held in the same place with nothing more threatening than some drunk college kids.  Same as this year except that this time the storm troopers came.  You sound like the guy who didn’t stand up when they came for the Jews cause you’re not a Jew.  Then you didn’t stand up when they came for the Commies cause you’re not a commie etc.  Don’t think that just because you’re not in this crowd means that the storm troopers will always leave you alone.  They will come for your guns and your food and accuse you of criminal hoarding when others are starving.  Believe me.  Your time will come.

      3. I didn’t get invited.  I don’t twit.

      4. Comments….. We all need to prepare for it when shtf. Have a plan and learn how to live off the grid if possible. Plant a garden, save up on canned food and water.

      5. Well one thing for sure. When the **** hits the fan, don’t trust the Government. Save your own ***.

      6. It just goes to show that if they have a weapon they will use it. Wait until they reduce those new Navy Particle Beam Weapons to hand held phasers!

        I want one of those for my preps !

      7. It’s unfortunate that you try to lump this with the union riots in Wisconsin.  There elected officials made an at least half-assed attempt to reduce government and limit the corrupting influence of unions.  The response was organized intimidation by union thugs and their parasites on the government dole.  In the end very little was actually done to the losers.
        Here we appear to have an arbitrary use of excessive force against kids partying on private property.  Expanded corrupt government went to them to inflict pain, which is the exact opposite of Wisconsin.  So you sort of undercut your point, corrupt big government and it’s thuggery.  Nice work.

      8. Macomb is 40 minutes from my mom and stepdads farm in Hamilton, Illinois and Shellie and I’s home town of Keokuk, Iowa.  My mom sent me this info about this a few days ago adn she was shocked, she had been thinking I was losing it saying and complaining about all the things I have been for a while now. She always had the mentality that “this is a small town and the heartland of America….nothing bad will happen here…our police are good people”   LMBO
        BTW….there have been a lot of practice sessions by LE agencies of all kinds all over the world  lately….eeery how many reports I have seen the last 3 weeks or so of practice runs from local LE to state and federal levels

      9. Comments…. I’ve been suspicious for many months every time I hear ads on the radio for the National Guard, how young people can “serve their local communities part-time” while earning money & getting their educations paid for.  What a great strategy: Get desperate, job-hungry young folks, indoctrinate them, promise them a future, train them and put them to work keeping their neighbors in line.  Scary stuff, huh?

      10. When all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails.  What else do you do with a militarized police force with military weapons, training, and tactics?  You deploy it against its intended victims – your own citzenry.
        I’m out of here, and soon.  What’s coming is already here.  And there will be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide in the high tech American prison state that is damn near fully unveiled at this point.
        Start making plans to either hide somewhere in the U.S. (possible but VERY difficult) or plans to leave if financially viable.  You don’t want to be stuck here when the exit VISAs go into effect and you CAN no longer leave.

      11. Riot??? Where? One of these days Im praying these nazi bassturds will run up against a group of people who know what that word means…NO I hope they run up against a group armed with those sweet little shot guns we saw a couple articles ago,and all other manner of goodies…people who have reached the point where its over,people who are out for blood…THEN well see how tough these corporate thugs are…or arnt!….sorry for ranting but this crap has got to stop and throwing flowers and kisses at these scum will do nothing to stop them,cracked skulls and busted up body parts will….

      12. Hard Times
          you’re dead wrong, those same jack booted thugs that pratice their dirty work on college kids would just as soon bust your head as look at you.
         somewhere post 9/11 we’ve let the cops have to much power, unlike the the pre 9/11 cops whom you could talk to, this new group of shaved headed nazies are totally out of controll, yet when the real SHsTF, watch what they do, like NO, they’ll be looking out for #1 and God help the people in their way.

      13. “I had a wonderful day at work honey, I got to FINALLY try the new G20 style riot tactics that Chief HIMMLER and Capt. ROMMEL have been training us to use!”

      14. If this doesn’t disturb you, in the least, then you DESERVE to be HEARDED like SHEEP; go back to “sleep”, nothing to see here.


      16. The students throwing bottles and cans certainly didn’t help the situation but those cops are obviously a bunch of scared cowboys looking for an excuse to use their new toys. They need to come down on Mardi Gras and see how cops here handle party-goers without escalating the situation. You know,…people skills. I guarantee you that New York cops wouldn’t need riot gear either to handle the situation, if there even was a “situation.”

      17. Mardi Gras????  Would that be the same SOB’s that went into peoples home with the national guard and stole peoples guns after Katrina?? Please don’t dispute it happened, I don’t want to have to go dig the videos up again, it takes time and it pisses me off more and more eevry time I see the trash

      18. That did indeed happen. I know people that never got their guns back. And yes, the NOPD has a long histoy of corruption. Nevertheless, they do a good job during Mardi Gras when I think cops from other places might tend to try to control every little thing and go overboard.

      19. Charlie, 

        I have to agree with you about NY cops and also include Jersey City and Buffalo cops, 2 of those guys go in a blind alley at night and do what it takes a swat team to do in most cities in the day time.

      20. In Ohio, the State Patrol spent taxpayer money to be trained for riot patrol.  They learned to bounce wooden bullets off the ground.  When it came time to deploy at Kent State, they patroled the surrounding roads and guarded the airport.

        Teenage National Guard soldiers, who had come from trucker riots, were deployed on the campus where children were still going to classes.  All students and staff did not have time to return to their homes or dorms.

        The USA had recently demonstrated that we are the best terrorists ever!  151 countries under occupation!  Let’s not spend that money to create peace and feed people.  We are bullys we must have someone to bully even if it is our own citizens, who, for the most part, are drinking a legal beverage.

      21. Phff, w/e. Those kids were trespassing, vandalizing peoples property, starting fires, publicly intoxicated and when the riot people showed up, they were instigating the whole thing. You see the kid tackle the Riot cop in the vid? You’re telling me all of this doesn’t deserve some type of reaction? It all looks like justice to me. The kids are trying to play the role of the victim.

        If a large group of people were getting drunk in MY parking lot, and setting things on fire, riot police damn well better show up.

        Plus that article was total garbage. They have obviously never heard of objectivity. When objectivity is lost, I immediately stop taking news articles serious.


      22. You’re kidding me right?  I went to college on the east coast and we had several situations where police had to use tear gas & such.  It happens all the time.. why are you making such a big deal out of it now? What is your motivation here?

      23. This is a totally bogus, slanted news coverage typical of what is put out by mainstream media. This was a lawless croud trashing the community. Look at the garbage, there was no need for them to trash the neighborhood with such a public disturbance like this. This looks like the government projects. These people were just displaying their animal instincts with a little help from drugs and alcohol, just like crouds in the inner city; unfortunately they need to be controled. Yes the government has too much control and in some cases overdoes, but this is just giving them an excuse. These young punks need to get a life and get their act together. Humans don’t have to act like animals to have fun.

      24. They must not have been minorities.  They would never do this to rioting minorities.

      25. What a travesty. Hope this woke some more people up to the dangers of police militarization and the growing danger of the United States becoming a police state.

        Here’s a video of a demonstration against police abuse in San Francisco this January after cops shot a man in a wheelchair, in which I offer some ideas for reforms to get the police under control — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDXeUW-7ukU&feature=player_embedded

      26. Rick – “Young punks”?!? Sounds like someone’s got an ageist bias against youth! Drugs and alcohol? Hello, it’s called a party! You don’t respond to a party with armed riot police! Some garbage on the streets is typical after large-scale community events — you will see it at concerts, baseball games, picnics, etc. No need to get all freaked out. If individuals are breaking laws, that should be handled on an individual basis. But the best way to promote respect for the law is to respect freedom, and keep statist laws to a minimum.

      27. Serves dem college pukes right, gettin’ to go to collige! I never went to collige. Dang ’em, send the po-lice after ’em!

      28. Hard Times said, “…I want the police to be able to control them. (Of course I will not be in any crowd like this. I have my preps)…”

        He Served the Empire Abroad; The Regime Killed Him in His Home

        “… [He] suspected — correctly, as it turned out — that his family was threatened by an armed criminal gang. Grabbing his AR-15, Guerena instructed his wife and four-year-old son to hide in the closet while he confronted the intruders… [the] SWAT team never identified themselves as police; they simply stormed into the home and started shooting.

        …there was no reason — apart from the institutional vanity of the PCSO and the indecent eagerness of the armored adolescents who compose its SWAT team — to conduct a paramilitary raid to serve a routine search warrant.

        … The grim but unavoidable truth is this: We shouldn’t be at all surprised that a Regime capable of sending Americans abroad to terrorize Iraqis in their homes would employ the same state terrorism against Americans here at home.”


      29. What’s even worse: “The SWAT team that murdered Iraq War veteran Jose Guerena in his home near Tucson kept a medical team waiting for more than an hour as the 26-year-old father bled to death, and then “sent them away,” reports Tucson ABC affiliate KGUN…

        The home invasion was supposedly intended to enforce a search warrant in a narcotics investigation. Neither Jose nor Vanessa has a criminal history, and no narcotics were found at the home.”


      30. We are all German Jews.  Heil Hitler

      31. WOW ! Anyone who thinks the authorities are to be trusted or are doing the correct, right, or moral things for the benifit of the public has no clue to the real world and must live under a rock in outer mongolia or some equally remote and sheltered place!! What I want to know is A.) What the F is a relatively small town police force doing with LRAD?? It is sold and promoted as a long distance warning and communications device, capable of multi lingual brodcasting of warning messages to unknown parties at distance to provide time to take proper action, as it was invented to help prevent events like the attack on the USS KOLE. LRAD is not sold as (Yea Right!) a weapon or crowd control device.
        This is a tactic of course because a LRAD system(s) was sold and exported to China and has been used against the population there, the significance is this was done “Legally” with Customs approval as it is not a weapon or crowd control device as such items are banned for export to China as a result of the teinamen square incident where they drove over students with tanks!!
        I was looking into LRAD and ran into this article, I live in central Illinois and while not exactlly next town close to Macomb it is covered by local TV and newspapers,, Why did none of this make the main stream media? Not locally not a peep!! Well At least they arn’t in tanks yet!
        By the way if LRAD is not restricted for sales to China do ya think one of us citizens could buy one or two? you know to holler at my kids out on the back 40 when dinners ready!! (or to give the communistic police a taste of their own “Music”!!

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