Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s Water Pistol Threat

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    In the latest example of anti-gun hysteria, police in New York State confiscated a man’s firearms and revoked his pistol license after his son threatened to use a water pistol against bullies who had taunted his friends at school.

    Commack resident John Mayer is now pursuing legal action after Suffolk County Police visited his home and threatened to embarrass him in front of his neighbors before confiscating Mayer’s handguns and rifles, firearms worth around $6,500 dollars.

    Mayer also had his pistol license revoked and was told it would only be restored when his son reaches 18 years of age and moves out of the home.

    The police visit stemmed from a March 1 incident at Pines Elementary school in Hauppauge. Mayer’s 10-year-old son discovered that some of his friends had been bullied by other boys and there had been a scuffle on the schoolyard. Mayer’s son discussed a plan with two other boys to bring a water pistol, a paintball gun and a BB gun to the home of the bullies involved in the incident.

    Despite the fact that the boys involved do not even own any of the guns mentioned, when the school principle found out about the conversation he suspended Mayer’s son for two days and filed a police report.

    “What the school did was atrocious,” Mayer’s lawyer, James Murtha told the Hauppauge Patch. “He’s a good kid, who has been discriminated against severely by the school district.”

    A few days later, Mayer received a call from the pistol licensing office informing him that his pistol license had been revoked and that police would visit his home to confiscate his weapons.

    “I attempted to explain that this must be a mistake, no wrong doing occurred on my part. My son has no access to any of my guns. The officer that came to my residence saw that all my guns were secured. Pistol Licensing was not interested in my side of the story. They were only interested in what happened with my 10-year-old son in school,” said Mayer.

    According to Mayer, he was harassed by police who also threatened to interrogate his 10-year-old son without Mayer’s permission.

    Suffolk County Police and the Hauppauge Public School District have refused to comment on the matter besides releasing glib statements.

    Mayer is now pressing charges against both Suffolk County Police and Hauppauge School District in federal court.

    This is merely the latest of a long list of incidents involving hysterical reactions to so-called gun “threats” made by children in schools since the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in December.

    – In March, police rushed to Malden High School in Massachusetts after reports of a gun only to discover a neon-colored water pistol.

    – Last month a third grader in Michigan was reprimanded by school officials when he brought a cupcake to school adorned with a plastic toy soldier holding a gun.

    – A ten year old Virginia boy who was arrested for taking a plastic toy gun to school is now facing a potentially permanent criminal record over the incident.

    – A student in Florence, Arizona was recently suspended because he had a picture of a gun on his computer.

    – A six-year-old kindergartner in South Carolina was suspended for taking a small transparent plastic toy gun to school for a show and tell.

    – A day before that incident we reported on the five-year-old in Massachusetts who faced suspension for building a small toy gun out of lego bricks and play-shooting his classmates.

    – We also reported on an incident that erupted when a discussion between two children about a toy nerf gun caused a lock down and a massive armed police response at two elementary schools in the Bronx.

    – In another incident, a Long Island high school was also placed on lock down for 6 hours in response to a student carrying a toy nerf gun.

    – In yet another recent incident, a five-year-old girl was suspended after a three hour grilling, and described as a “terroristic threat” when she brought a pink bubble gun to school.

    – A South Philadelphia elementary student was searched in front of classmates and threatened with arrest after she mistakenly brought a “paper gun” to school.

    – A 6-year-old boy was suspended from his elementary school, also in Maryland, for making a gun gesture with his hand and saying “pow”.

    – Days after that incident, another two 6-year-olds in Maryland were suspended for pointing their fingers into gun shapes while playing “cops and robbers” with each other.

    – In Oklahoma, a five-year-old boy was also recently suspended for making a gun gesture with his hand.

    – And finally, a 13-year-old Middle School seventh grade student in Pennsylvania was also suspended for the same hand gesture.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons


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      1. Someone should demand these school officials be sent for some “common sense” training. Stupidity run amok…

        • They need to be shown some real guns by a group of angry parents. Maybe then they could tell the difference.

          • That’s exactly what they need…. More excuses to take more guns and more of our 2nd Amendment. You can’t fight stupidity with more stupidity.

            • I love it when the Globalist Gun Grabbers exceed their authority and create a Court case that will only strengthen and reinforce OUR unalienable rights.

              But hey! If you live in NY, don’t let your kids play with water balloons either or the NYPD will come for your grenades!

              100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. WE can eliminate the NWO Globalists over night and at 1000 yards.

              Engage your employees or be disarmed by them.

              • This school principle needs to be called and put the pain that it has caused this person so they start realizing what they did to someones life. Call this person and just let them know kindly that they are mentally challanged and we are going to turn you into the state etc and have you removed. Then call and let them know you sexually harrassed a little child in the hallway and we have proof. Then call and ask him if he is gay etc. Keep calling them to they lose focus but not threaten them and record the conversation and catch the cock sucker in a lie when He would make false acusations and nail the bastard in court. This is what is needed to these fucking idiots.

                • Good plan,Clint, but you left out hacking his financial records and screwing up his credit. >:-]

              • Explosives what explosives i dont see any explosives [slowly puts dynamite behind back]

            • Cool. I’ve never been in a hot debate. 🙂

            • So enforcing the Second Amendment, which is the job of the People, is stupid because it gives those who need enforcement action taken against them more reasons to ignore the Law you are enforcing?

              Yeah, lets let the criminals continue because stopping them will make them mad so they make up more excuses and violate the Law even further. Stopping them will stop the excuses, and the crimes they commit.

              They don’t need more excuses. They make up enough already. They need to be shown, by threat of force apparently, that their excuses mean NOTHING and give them no authority.

              You are right Bill. You can’t fight stupidity with more stupidity. Perhaps you should sit this one out.

              • Hello GC, still waiting for your response to 2 questions from comment # 1435511 and 1439581.

                • what questions…

                  • Just go back to the April 8th article about 101 million americans without jobs. The comment numbers are provided for you. First question submitted by Daisy,second by me.Awaiting your response…..

                  • Here is your answers to those questions… and another one.

                    Always remember it is not about fighting the system, but removing yourself from it.


                    I don’t spend all day on this board, nor do I read every single comment, especially those from Anonymous. I have never bypassed an opportunity to help someone understand how to leave the corp and quit using it’s papers and numbers.

                    Here is the answer to Daisy’s questions as I posted above:


                    I don’t have a valid drivers license. The last one I had expired a few years ago. I keep the card as “evidence” that I have passed a state proficiency test for driving skill, but NEVER carry it on me.

                    The “plate” on my truck is one left on it from when I inherited it from my father about 5 years ago. I consider it abandoned property from a foreign trust. It is from a different state than i live in, and the 2009 expiration sticker was removed long ago. The “Certificate of Title” was sent in as a scrap vehicle so it does not exist in the states database any longer.

                    The key to the corps extortion racket is the threat of taking away the privileges (licenses). Any action taken is against the licenses, not YOU.

                    I do have Notarized identification documents, already accepted as evidence by the state, of who I am, my choice of Law and allegiance, and other tidbits that I want in any record that may be made during any encounter with the criminal syndicate you call government.

                    Slingshot, you only need a business license if you are operating under limited liability. I own and run a small local website building business and never considered getting a license (ie. taking on the state as a partner). Not one of my customers has ever asked for one, and they gladly pay cash for my work.

                    I have many other web sites I run for myself as well. As soon as the state sends someone out to do my work for me, I will consider taking it as a partner under MY terms. That, of course, will NEVER happen.

                    It’s all about whether or not you feel you need permission to conduct your own business, ie. to live. I don’t need nor ask for such permission.

              • Gods Creation…

                I think you missed what I was saying. You said “They need to be shown some real guns by a group of angry parents. Maybe then they could tell the difference.” I’m assuming that by this you were implying that angry parents with guns will help the situation. Do you really think this? If that’s not what you meant then my bad. If this is what you meant, then yes, I’ll sit this one out. I’m saying that would be a stupid thing to do because violence at this point will just cause the powers that be to work harder to take our rights away. Pissed off parents with guns seems sorta stupid to me.. Just my thoughts. I love my rights and carry on a regular basis. I’m against any more idiotic rules or laws written by the idiots in the government. I think we’re on the same page…

                • Bill, they don’t have to shoot anybody. just inform them that if anything like that occurs again that they will be back with more.

                  Angry parents with guns who take back that small part of the system would make the next group of state sanctioned idiots to think twice about it.

                  The corp survives because the people fear it. It will die when it’s agents fear the people.

                  • I see your point but the friggin press would be all over it. They would turn it into a damn mess. The sheeple would be all in a stupor and want protection from the evil parents. I sorta feel like we’re all screwed no matter what… Dang it anyway…..

                  • Bill,

                    The real press, meaning Mac and others, will be all over it as well. The thing is that nobody wants to be the first to do it.

                    Once the first group of people stand up in arms, peacefully but forcefully, that will inspire others and we have taken the first step towards reestablishing freedom and the Rule of Law.

                    “I’m saying that would be a stupid thing to do because violence at this point will just cause the powers that be to work harder to take our rights away.”

                    Showing power by unity and the threat of enforcement by arms is NOT violence. It is exactly what the corp does. It’s officers carry weapons to induce fear, and the courts protect the officers when that fear allows them to commit crimes against the people who fear them.

                    The people must eventually use the same tactic. NOBODY has to get shot, but the corp officials need to be afraid of the possibility. That alone will gain future compliance from the most corrupted officer.

                  • “Angry parents with guns who take back that small part of the system would make the next group of state sanctioned idiots to think twice about it.”

                    Only those capable of thinking will think twice… or even once, for that matter. I am dubious that the idiots we all must deal with in the Gov have this capability.

                • the DDay landing in France caused the Nazis to fight harder, so using your reasoning the US and GB should not have taken that action…so then what, maybe just try to engage the Nazis in a dialogue? lol

          • maybe the parents need to take their kids out of these schools and find a real school or home school them.

          • Yeah, but shown by the use of. Don’t just read ’em from the “Book”….show them the friggen pictures!

          • GC: Not a good idea. That kind of action could be construed as a threat and made actionable by the local liberal D.A. If a conviction follows the cops will then come for the guns of these newly convicted felons even if they don’t do prison time. Better that freedom loving parents home school their kids any way they can.

            • I couldn’t care less what the local DA says. He is a corp agent without standing in Law to bring a Claim against a Man.

              When people learn who they are, and where they sit in the hierarchy of Law, they will no longer fear the fictions and their agents.

              Wanna win any case in court? Make the agent bringing the action prove he has standing as an agent for the Principle by producing the Principle he represents. An agent can’t prove agency, only the Principle can and there is none.

              The Principle must be a living breathing Man, acting on his own behalf in recovery of damages caused by an injury or contract breach. No one, and I mean NOBODY, acting as an agent can bring any claims or charges against anyone until they produce said Principle upon Command.

              That’s the Law. You have a Natural Right to face your accuser. Claim and assert that right.

              G8 and too many others are too concerned with working within the system. Don’t challenge the charges, challenge the system itself. It’s not real and will really flip out the idiots when you force them to prove it is or lose.

              • GC: You’re not getting what I’m saying. It doesn’t matter what you believe, or think, or feel, or other such crap, these clowns can lock your sorry ass up and throw away the key. They’ve got the power (guns, courts, and prisons) whether you like it or not. Me, I’m not interested in working anything out with anyone. I’m just smart enough to stay out of prison until it all falls apart. You can spout all your sovereign man crap until the cows come home and they’ll still throw you butt in a deep dark hole if they choose. You can’t win in this corrupt system. It’ll have to crash fisrt before it can be rebuilt properly. Until then, I’m keeping my head down and mouth closed.

                • All the more reason to revolt, en masse, before the “Clowns” succeed in passing the B.S laws that extinguish the Second Amendment permanently…sigh, That is a fact that despite the bravest of words we post here, will not now, or in the future, come to pass.

                  • That’s what the king thought in 1775.

                  • Lost in the C.R.C.

                    How do we measure the events that may or may happen in the future? What we will or will not do.
                    Is it the amount of gun and ammo sales? Is it the size of the protests on the street? The calls and letters sent to Congress? The amount of hits at this site? The size of the membership in the NRA and other pro-gun assemblies.
                    On the other side. Are we all Arm Chair Generals? How many to flee to other countries. Hide in the hills. An ignorant younger generation that has no idea what they are about to lose?
                    How does one compute if we are fighting a losing battle?

                • “””It doesn’t matter what you believe, or think, or feel, or other such crap, these clowns can lock your sorry ass up and throw away the key”””

                  ALL that matters is what I believe, think and feel. That is what makes me free and alive. Those things are the gifts from God that makes me who I am. They MUST be protected and freely exercised at ALL cost.

                  The ass clowns DO NOT have the power to force people into it’s system. Most go voluntarily and without question. I have taken the steps to remove myself from that system and establish my TRUE identity.

                  The corporate courts lack subject matter jurisdiction in ANY matter concerning me, and my identification proves it and is already accepted as evidence in ANY court through Notarization.

                  Your fear has left you a dead man walking, keeping your head down and your mouth shut.

                  I would say that’s no way to live a life, but it is in fact no life at all.

                • “You can’t win in this corrupt system. It’ll have to crash fisrt before it can be rebuilt properly. Until then, I’m keeping my head down and mouth closed.”

                  I agree, Greg. Being in jail when the SHTF will be THE worst place you can be. Who knows what the people running the place will do. They could just all walk away to be with their families, leaving everyone locked up and without food or water. Best to avoid that trap if at all possible.

                  Yeah, fighting the system on its own terms IS a losers game because the system is designed not to allow anyone to win. It happens from time to time but it is not anything that one should bet money… or their life… on.

        • School officials? How about the police and everyone else involved in this – they are all accomplices to a crime of taking away this mans rights and possessions. Going through the courts will get nothing accomplished. This guys guns will disappear – never to be seen again. All he will be left with is an empty wallet and courts and lawyers making money from this.

          I myself am waiting for someone to flat out snap skippy on ‘officials’ that pull shit like this, and I’m sure as hell not talking about filing federal charges or some other nonsensical horse shit. Think of the four boxes, and how many have we gone through and it just continues to get worse and worse – the line keeps moving.

          Seriously folks – wake up. Not one more inch, quit moving the line or before you know it you’ll be up against a wall and the only gun you see is held by tyrants facing you down unarmed(maybe with your own seized gun)

          Officials like this should fear doing such things to law abiding citizens. I suspect a time will come when it will – as soon as we the people get our courage back. Our forefathers would have been shooting by now.

          • This is the problem with registration. It always ends in confiscation!!!

            • When has it before?

              • Which time you like me to post? Do you want the ones that ended up in millions of dead people or the ones that just led to confiscation?

              • Nazi Germany 1935

                • NAZI, Germany has zero to do with your arguement.

                  Lets put it clearly, when was Firearms Registration, by a Legal Citizen of the United States, actually been used, for confiscate that weapon, here in the United States of America?

                  Unless, of course, the said Citizen, had committed a Crime or was judged as mentally incompetent.

                  Facts and supporting documentation please.

                  We are not talking about 77 years ago in Nazi Germany. I have heard that tptb are Socialists, and then said to be Nazis.

                  Which is it? They are not compatible.

                  • Firearms registration is unconstitutional. The stalinist commies began in 1939 using the 1934 commie gun control act to arrest moonshiner Miller in the infamous shotgun case.

                    Margaret Thatcher said, “faschism and communism are two sides of the same coin.

                    The U.S. is full of stalinist commies and unconstitutional gun control laws by the thousands have fucked up this country.

                    Stalinist commies everywhere. Commies, take your gun control and die.

                  • I have heard that tptb are Socialists, and then said to be Nazis.

                    Which is it? They are not compatible.

                    You’re not aware, I take it, that the official name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party?

              • “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.”

                – Adolf Hitler

                “This year will go down in history. For the first time,
                a civilised nation has full gun registration!
                Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient,
                and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

                -Adolf Hitler

              • If anyone is willing to weaken or remove the 2nd amendment,
                Then they have no problem weakening or removing any other amendments.
                It’s the only one with teeth that can prevent the theft of the others.

                • unfortunately the second can not protect a damn thing.
                  It is a tool to HELP us protect our freedoms and the constitution itself.

                  We Have Failed.

                  The words in the second protect nothing , only the people who will enact the second will protect the constitution.

                  As for the rest of the constitution slick sorry your late to the party the 1st 4th 6th all have been lost and raped.

                  Protest zones anti protest zones destroy the first.

                  NDAA ( 2011 and 2013) and patriot acts 1 and 2 destroyed the 6th.

                  Stop and frisk and hell this article itself has show that the 4th is gone as well. Just because you can go to court an fight it does not mean it did not happen and disrupt your life.

                  Funny shit is they weakened the rest of the constitution THEN came hard for the guns. I guess we will wait til they start putting troops in our houses to protect the constitution yeah the third amendment that is the one.

                  • Nothing left but the shootin’.

                    Stalinist commies everywhere.

              • In the past, leaders didn’t worry about registration, they just moved ahead to confiscation. Confiscation in the US has a long history. Wounded Knee occurred after the Natives turned in their weapons. Weapons were taken from the Japanese before internment in WWII.

                And most recently, guns were confiscated during hurricane Katrina, in some cases leaving people defenseless against criminals. I think the LEO just saw it as a way to loot good weapons for their own use. I do not think anyone got their weapons back and I haven’t seen any info on what was done with the weapons taken. I doubt they were destroyed.

              • After the hurricane that hit Louisanna. Where the D.O.J .. records were used to confiscate guns from Law abiding citizens, by heavily armed police from other states who went door to door and left 1,000’s defenseless against thugs and theives…Look it up, I won’t do the work for you, its there from the MSM news outlets on the net…there is “one” time, there are dozens more if you simply google or yahoo it….

            • Knotjammin2

              It has already begun in NY..
              Ammoland reports that legal gun owners with prior criminal history are being forced to turn in their weapons and i.d.cards..due solely to visits to psychiatrists and being subscribed to anti depressants ..

              Game on!


              • Do you mean legal gun owners with NO prior criminal history?

              • Revoke NY with predjudice.

          • QUIT CALLING THESE SERVANTS officals. This will remind them of their true status. Public servant’s they work for us, no need to stroke their God complex.

          • This father in the story wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. First: The ‘authorities’ were dumb enough to warn him which should have been his clue to hide the guns/ammo and tell them later that they had been sold at some gun show in a neighboring state. Second: he was dumb enough to let the cops into his home. Only a fool lets any cop in without a warrant and there is nothing that says you have to answer your door when they do come-period. So unless they’ve got tools to break down your door, let them keep knocking. It’s also a good idea to have the phone number of a good defense attorney because the cops know that most folks don’t know their rights and will trick or intimidate you into waving them. In any meeting with cops keep your mouth shut and demand to call your attorney who will set them straight. Most of the time you won’t even have to call, just the threat of an attorney makes most cops back off. Know your rights folks and insist upon them.

        • It use to be that you teach your kids not to lie, to respect their teachers and police. Now you have to teach your children that teachers can’t be trusted, lying to them is ok and that police are not your friend, do not talk to the police if mommy and daddy isn’t there and if you are questioned by any adult, cry a lot and say nothing except that you want your mommy and daddy. Admit to nothing.

          What a screwed up world that’s being created in this country.

          • Isn’t that the truth!!!I’ve already had conversations with my 5 yo who is in Kindergarten about what to say about guns, about what to never mention we have and what his rights are- told him to plead the 5th and to not answer any questions with out us /attorney present. Its a sad state when I am teaching my kiddo the Bill of Rights at such a young age with examples of how the gov’t is taking away such rights and also reading him the 10 planks of communism so he can recognize them…

            We’ve already had the discussions about how you usually can’t trust a cop, etc. which is a sad since uncle and grandpa are/were cops, but BIL will say himself there are a lot of bad cops.

            • Mothers like you will be the savior of our country.

            • Chantilly lady: Great job!

            • Amen CL…i am going to have a serious discussion with my daughter/sal this weekend regarding your comment.

              My grandson is school age and he needs to know this as well.

              God bless you and yours…lms.

        • Now were seeing some of the real gun control tactics they plan to use illegally in this country.

          • Joe just can’t keep his mouth shut. Now everyone with ears to hear know their intent!

            Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’

            • That peckerwood couldn’t lead me up a flight of stairs. How the hell this fuckhead ever got where he is is a mystery of life.

        • As one of my most favorite radio talk show host in Missouri, Derry Brownfield, use to say. (It’s Ignorance gone to seed!) God rest his soul. Trekker Out.

          • My aunt has a similar saying she says “stupidity gone to seed”.

        • This is not hysteria. This is intentional. Shows how the “universal background check” thing would play out, and that any place with “licensing” or a “firearms owner identification card” already has registration. Obama et al are hoping people will drop their guard when they think the attack on the second amendment has been beaten back. The “universal background check” thing is being portrayed as innocous, minor paper shuffling, and “common sense”. Only a fool would believe such a check would only include a form 4473. Registration is the goal. Confiscation would then be relatively easy. The “handgun license officer” knew exactly what this man owned. You can bet the “license” permits unannounced “inspections”. When a “license” can be arbitrarily revoked, making a gun owner a felon, confiscation is a formality.

          • That is true with any license.

            You don’t need one to travel
            You don’t need one to conduct honest business

            Why ask permission to live?

        • Again another waste of time. They put to much fat in those hamburgers it affect the brain.

        • What ? haven’t you people heard your kids don’t belong to you
          according to melissa harris perry on msnbc

          “We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children. Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children,” she says in a spot for the network’s “Lean Forward” campaign. “So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

          so is Lean Forward a starter program for beginning liberal children ?

          so here is the deal you make them you have them YOU pay to raise them and then you give them to the LIBTURDS to educate. and they can turn them against you in time of need next we will hear of schools offering better grads for there parents guns or better yet a free college education for a few AR s. here is a new version of show n tell featuring Maps of the childs house and the Local PD Now johnnie show us where daddy keeps his Bad Guns and we will remove them for your safety. here is a gold star!!

          yet one more reason to pull your kids out of the Commie re education camps Teach your own children what you want and how you want screw the school systems. home schooling is FAR better then the bullsheet crap that spew at public schools and my sister in law is a teacher so i see first hand the Garbage she spews
          screwed up history the war of 1812 was won by the British etc.

          so many teachers are just as clueless as the children they teach not to mention the liberal views of MOST union teachers

          and the unions are pushing more for Teachers to be EVEN more brainwashed ( if that’s possible )

          untill you pull children out of the public commie education camps and choke off the supply of Tax payer money from the schools and the school unions this crap will only get worse

          skittle shitting unicorn

      2. It’s time to get your kids out of public school. I am anxiously awaiting for May to find out to find out more when the outline comes out. K-5 5 is free, 6-12 is a couple hundred bucks…


        • Chantilly, you don’t need Mr Paul to homeschool your children. There are lots of ways to do it and lots of curriculum’s available. I agree he is helping to make it more mainstream but still….

          We taught our 2 children at home and it was a blessing.

          Try this http://www.hslda.org/


        • Chantilly, that is awesome!!

          • I have several homeschool curriculums- Robinson, eclectic and am personally a fan of classical education. The Paul site advocates Robinson, I am hoping that with the emphasis on Liberty it has some classical components to it.

            Kiddo is in public K, looking to switch in the next year or two…

        • The present regime is terrified of home schooling. I remember hearing about home schooling being permitted if done by “licensed educators”.

          • Bob,

            “The present regime is terrified of home schooling.”

            I agree with you.

            “There is exactly one authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States, and it is not Occupy, the Tea Party, or the Ron Paul faction.

            It is homeschoolers, who, by the simple act of instructing their children at home, pose an intellectual, moral, and political challenge to the government-monopoly schools, which are one of our most fundamental institutions and one of our most dysfunctional. Like all radical movements, homeschoolers drive the establishment bats.”

            Tea Party Economist dot com

            Court terminates parental rights in homeschool case

            “An appeals court panel in Sweden has imposed the “death penalty” on a homeschooling family (Romeike), granting the state full custody of their son, who famously was “state-napped” from a jetliner in 2009 as the family prepared to move to India.”

            “In a dramatic case involving the Romeike family, a U.S. immigration judge granted political asylum in the U.S. because of the persecution they would face if they returned to Germany. The Obama administration is appealing the ruling, seeking to send the family back.”

            “Donnelly said what is happening in Germany and Sweden needs to be noted in the United States because of the habit officials have of adopting controversial European policies.”

            wnd dot com

      3. Are any of these parents besides Mayer fighting back? I only wish Mr. Mayer would have said no to turning over his guns. ts is getting deeper.

      4. Yah, watch out for those 10yr old Vigilante’s

        With squirt-guns in NY. We’re not safe anywhere

      5. ” Society creates it’s own Monsters !”


        • I create my own sockpuppets.

      6. ” Darwinism at it’s Best !”

        Now the father is no longer able to protect his family from Adult Predators , because the son wanted to confront some school bullies with force .

        Makes perfect sense . ;0P


      7. It is part of the liberal indoctrination…Teach and reinforce the idea in the schools that “All guns are BAD.”…

        “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – Mao Tze Tung

        Obama: We’re working on gun control “under the radar”
        “Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are among a host of options that President Barack Obama and his advisers are considering.”

        Michelle Obama’s Warning To Gun Owners

      8. We live in an ever encroaching police state where every thought or action is analyzed and punishment dealt as those who think they control our actions feels is appropriate. Cameras and facial recognition, fearmongering to incite support for war, propaganda to divide the have yachts from the have nots. On the other hand, today was a great day here in NE America. Sunny and 70 degrees with a clear sky. The daffodils are in bloom and the onions are in the garden. The puppy took off chasing the chickens around the yard and across the road. Dang bugger. Get yur ass back here. A bluebird is building a nest in the hanging box outside the back door and the pesky robins are building one in the ivy. I have a fresh tapped jug of home made blackberry wine and a day off. Life is good. Think I’ll sit here on the picnic bench for a while and not worry about shit.

        • Springtime does grace us with some beautiful days that fills a spot in the soul that winter depletes. I almost feel sorry for those that live in an area that doesn’t have all four seasons.

      9. Damm those Slave Traders. They totally ruined so many Countries.WASP.

      10. NY State Hysteria. I hope Mayer presses charges against the idiot parties involved, and Wins.
        This is spiraling out of control all across the country.

        Off Topic ~ 14 people stabbed at Lone Star College in Texas. Another horrific event.
        Will TPTB enact Knife Carrying Permits?
        Will a Swiss Army knife be allowed to be
        carried on ones person?

        This is beyond ridiculous.
        I can see the posturing and ranting and raving now.

        • Emily

          That is very on topic

          It proves beyond a doubt they can’t regulate intent

      11. From his cold dead… Wait they keep taking peoples guns around the country for bogus reasons and no one is doing anything but watch. It’s time for me to relocate.

        • They have not yet tried to take them away from the right ones yet. When they get through the easy prey, they must still face those who will not cooperate.

          The victims that shoots back, of course, will be called “terrorists” and have their character assassinated, but they will in fact be heroes.

          • And from what I read daily, those that had their guns confiscated WILL be armed by those that are ‘the right ones’.

            • but when they implement the proposed “universal background checks,” those who have guns won’t be able to arm those without, ’cause it’ll be against the law.

              or maybe people just won’t obey the law?

              • NCClyde, anybody who submits to a universal background check from the corp has no Lawful right to own a gun. They will have traded the right for a corp privilege.

                Those who have a Lawful right to own guns will not need to follow the “law” (codes) because they are not it’s subject. They are not on any list, and can’t be put on one so long as they don’t put themselves on it.

                I say there are scant few people that believe in the Law who are NOT already armed. And those who believe in the Law will not surrender their weapons without a fight.

                The background checks are to see which slaves are holding guns so they can be confiscated. It is not the sheep that the corp is worried about.

                The banksters are worried about what the NON-SHEEP will do when they start confiscating the sheeps guns and the word gets out.

                People will obey the Law. It is the wannabe masters Will they will ignore. And that will piss off the wannabe master, and possibly get him killed by People who enforce the Law.

              • Universal background checks are stalinist commie methods to kill you, slowly in the gulags, or quick with their hollow point .40s.

          • They seem to be targeting those with little kids, because they have the most to lose. I advise everyone with a pre-teen at home to watch their 6, especially when their kids are too young to speak for themselves and watch what they say. Young kids can be made to say anything, just look at what CPS does, they get kids to say parents abused them when they really didn’t…a kid is no mental match for a psycho-bitch from hell with an agenda.

        • And where is it you would go? What country remains as open in regards to gun rights? I hate to say it but they are going to win. We give them the power to let lobbist and banks to run this country. It is to a point where you can’t even vote them out. So I ask again. Where is it you are suggesting we all re-locate to?

          • Any where outside the city. I know that America was the last place to run.

          • You don’t have to relocate. Just ENFORCE THE LAW where you are.

            • amen. vote. one projectile at a time.

          • I didn’t give them the power to do anything unconstitutional, nor did I give them the power to venture beyond Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

            Revoke unconstitutionalist’s with predjudice.

      12. My best friend’s guns and knives were confiscated by the court after his ex swore out a false domestic violence complaint against him. Despite a court order to get them back he never saw them again. During the same time period the police completely ignored overwhelming evidence that she was the actual perpetrator. If you have been wondering why my name links to that video now you know.

      13. Hate to keep kicking a deadhorse. But RECESS IS OVER. Congress is back in session. Flood them with emails, letters and phone calls. Absolutely no BACKGROUND CHECKS. Gun bans and Mag bans are bad and they may throw us a bone with them, but Universal Back Ground Checks is what they really want this time around. Take a stand now while it’s easy, because it won’t be easy when we have to start using that ammo were trying to stockpile. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

        • I’m with you trekker,but even if they pass laws to hand in you guns and mags,NO one with a ounce of pride will…….that starts the revolution….


        • Eisenkraut, glad you keep bring up the Open Carry Issue. As I stated in a previous post. I open carry 7days a week. And rarely do I see anyone else open carry, mostly women. But a right not used is a right lost. I’ve heard all of the excuses, not to open carry. But you could use all those same excuses not to speak out openly on issues, and where would we be on Free Speech. But in defense of law enforcement, I have never been harrased by them for open carry, and when asked just responded in a courtesy manner, and have been treated with courtesy. I’ve found out in life, if you don’t go looking for trouble, you won’t find so much trouble. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t

          • My state of residence has no open carry but I’m working tirelessly to fight the old people and change these idiotic laws.


            • Do you live in WV? I live in a hi falootin neighbor hood here and open carry and the neighbors told me they feel safer because I do.

              • You don’t live around the politicians and propaganda spreaders…

          • I prefer to be concealed because I like to stay under the radar. But I agree 100% that a right not used will be taken from us. Walking around open screams contempt for TPTB.

            • Had a state trooper come up to me once in a truck stop and he said “Open carry is not the way to go around here. Folks don’t like it.”
              I started to get all PO’d about having my rights trampled, then I realized he meant my fly was unzipped. ooops!

          • My local Sheriff knows me, local small town cops know me, the state patrol is learning. The first two never bother me. The last group will ask questions, but know I am within my rights. I am always nice, but will give them things to ponder. State guys like to ask if I am going to the range, hunting, what is it, etc. I just politely ask them if they are going to the range, hunting, is it a .40, a Glock, what kind of shells to you have in your shotgun? If they press the issue I just ask them to call their Lt. Once their Lt.’s name comes up they give up the probe.

          • Trekker.
            an armed society is a polite society, and maybe the cops are also a part of the polite when they notice someone else knows thier right to OC..

            I myself do not OC due to the possibility of someone coming up behind me and taking my gun and using it on me.
            I like the opsec CC affords me, but I fully support anyone who wants to take that risk these days.

            Rock it if you got it

            • Game wardens are always the most polite officers.

        • Gestapo Stalinist commie soccer moms with their cell phones will report any kid with a water pistol, pin knife or rubber gun. Adults will be shot on sight if carrying.

          Commies are exempt, if card carrying and they all carry.

          • I agree. Mommies w cell phones are the eyes and ears of the police state.

      15. John Mayer? I assume he is waiting on the world to change. Aren’t we all.

      16. I live close to where this happened. God I wish I had moved to Texas 4 years ago. These confiscations are going to snowball as they find more and more idiotic reasons to take away our right to defend ourselves.

        I personally feel that this can not continue to happen as easily as they had planned. Honest, hard working Americans are fed up with being stepped on and treated like they should be on a watch list. Good luck to all of us who know what is right and are willing to defend it no matter the cost.

        • “”These confiscations are going to snowball as they find more and more idiotic reasons to take away our right to defend ourselves.””

          They will stop trying to take away the right to defend yourself as soon as you exercise it.

      17. Fu$% the pigs!!!!

      18. Mountain Trekker has it right. Congress is in session and gun control is today’s agenda. Contact your representatives NOW, TODAY, and tell them to oppose any of these so-called ‘common sense’ proposals.

        If you want to see the NY state laws in the entire nation, then don’t do anything, just rant about it in a blog or something.

        Here is a link for those who need it. Go to


      19. The “NANNY” state run amok. PC run amok. If sense is so common, how come our educators ain’t got none? SNAFU! High school graduates who can’t read, rite, or do rithmatick (3 R’s). They can’t name the 50 states, the territories, the continents, the seas. Never mind the state capitols. Should have the multiplication tables x 12 memorized before they go to middle school. Spending more with less positive results. Lack of social skills,
        lack of good parental role models, lack of initiative, and on and on and on. It’s hard to imagine how these negatives can be overcome to get through what is about to come. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll simply close with: God help us, one and all.

      20. just move out of that Bloomberg hobbits kingdom, I wouldn’t live in NY if you bought me a house and paid to move me. But seems like some other states that still belong to the “union” are doing the same crap.

        I’d like to actually see ALL guns taken, from ALL badged water walkers, and Military and lets see how well they do their jobs with out those “assault weapons” lets see how long before the anti gunners start to cry about not being “protected” cause some over sized goon is killin em with fists.

        Seems only the damned snot rag headed arthritic finger signers ass hanging out pants dirt balls can carry all day long, even in good ol Chicago, where you can’t even get a concealed carry license.

        How the hell can these states just come up with these BS laws? I swear I think were so law’ed up now that nobody knows what the hell is legal or not anymore, I probably break 3 misdemeanors and 2 felony’s just getting out of bead in the morning, for crist sake.

        • ~~~see how long before the anti gunners start to cry about not being “protected” cause some over sized goon is killin em with fists.~~~

          Yep–for we women, 110 pounds, 5’1″…God didn’t make us equal.
          Smith & Wesson did.

          • JayJay….What you are trying to say is that soon, many Americans will ask in anguish–

            ‘Why did not anybody warn us!’

            And yes, I did see the video script of Americans and Sequestern….

            Americans have become so gullible and so trusting in what the Govt and MSM says.

            • No, I said what I meant.
              The gun will be the equalizer for small women and weak seniors.
              We will not always win the battle; but that doesn’t mean we lose the war.

        • “””I swear I think were so law’ed up now that nobody knows what the hell is legal or not anymore,”””

          That’s exactly how the system was and is set up.

          It’s time for the People to quit worrying about being “legal” and start enforcing their own Law.

      21. pistol licensing office

        That doesn’t sound legitimate at all.

        I think someone’s making this up.

      22. Food for thought…… with any luck, these cowardly bastards will attempt to arm themselves with pop tarts, legos, and pictures of guns when the SHTF. End of problem.
        Just thinking out loud……….

      23. Mac,

        I would like to see another checkbox by “Rate this comment” called “LOL”……….pleaseeeeeeeeeee, LOL

      24. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANYTHING. Nothing belongs to us… we can only rent. Even my car-if I don’t pay car insurance (monthly fee) the cops can tow it and keep it (unless I pay more steep fees). Everything belongs to the state/Federal government… even children some times. On AOL news they said cops found man who had kidnapped his sons…HIS SONS!

        Did you see the underground city on AOL news? Amazing– very clean, professional looking! Homeless people lived there… of course, cops destroyed it… we can’t have the dirt either– that ALSO belongs to the elite. Your home? Nope! Have to pay fees (taxes) or they will come and steal that too! Our bodies too– if we don’t play their game (Serfdom) they will steal that too- put us in jail. THE ONLY THING WE HAVE IS OUR SOUL…THEY CAN NEVER TAKE OUR SPIRIT.

        • According to MSNBC, kids no longer belong to their parents.

          • @Shifty, Good, I want a “collective check with compounded interest” for having raised,fed, housed, clothed, and educated 4 of the “collectives kids” without any HELP from the COLLECTIVE. None of them are in prison and all are currently gainfully employed.

            I’ll take a trillion apiece, after all, in a world where Quadrillions is considered an actual “FANTASY debt liability”…what’s another 4 trillion.

            Send the monopoly money in cash UPS overnight so I still have time to trade it for something useful before the bankster, MSM liars, and gooberment “culling” begins.

            Otherwise, MSNBC consider yourself on notice. Payment is not received within 48 hours, Maddow and the “rest” will be catching water-between-the-eyes from my grand kids “super soaker high powered water gun”! LIVE, AND ON AIR! This will remove ALL TV makeup revealing the FRIGHTENING REALITY beneath.

            • Perhaps you can help me with a “technical question”. Would the “Super soaker water gun” fall under the “fully automatic” H2O threat designation…or still considered a “pump action” instrument of “water dispersion”?

              • It would be considered a WMD.

                • Well of course, the water is probably fluoridated. What was I thinking, or not thinking. Thanks for the clarification.

                • If it was a Wmd the feds wouldn’t be able to find it.

              • The Super Soaker is classified as a Hydration Assault Weapon. (USC 9786.2, subsection 12, paragraph 3). Concealed carry is prohibited in all states. Besides, it makes you look like you have a big bump under your shirt. Dolly Parton once carried two of them into the Nashville Regional Airport, but she’s the only one who ever got away with it.
                Open carry is permitted in some states, but requires a lengthy training course and license fees.
                Hydration Assault Weapons (HAWs)fall into one of four categories-
                Pistol (4 oz maximum magazine capacity)
                Rifle (old style, with standard pistol trigger and 22 oz max capacity)
                Super Soakers Type HAWs (many configurations, and up to 128 oz capacity)
                Pressure Washer Type HAWs (either a car wash wand with a very long hose, or, more commonly, portable pressurizing units).
                The Pressure Washer Type HAWs are currently restricted to military use, although some older units have been grandfathered in for home and commercial use. Check local regulations.
                Hope this clears it up for you.

                Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing the use of ‘hand gestures’ and the differences between Illuminati signs and ‘Hook ‘Em Horns’ from the University of Texas. These are often confused needlessly. No self-respecting satan-worshipping globalist would send their son to UT. And few of the graduates from Austin can even spell Illuminati. Still, there is confusion on this issue. We’ll try to sort it all out tomorrow.

                • I’m a “gig-em” type graduate of the lower education system. Not sure what a closed fist thumb up hand gesture indicates (always thought it meant “I agree and BTW very good point”).

                  I look forward to a more thorough and detailed “underground Illuminati interpretation” of said hand gesture.

                  From the information included in your “HAW’S” description, it would appear I will soon need to purchase a “stamp” and have the grand kids finger printed before summer arrives. The penalty for “unregistered hydration assault weapons” could mean alot of travel time/fuel to a juvenile detention center otherwise. ;)!

                  • yental–LOL

                    Your thumb up interpretation is correct– in the USA.

                    When Pres. G.H.W. Bush was parading through Japan on

                    a goodwill tour he was giving all the people there the

                    thumb up, much to their dismay, it means “up your ass”

                    in Japan.

                    I believe thats when Bush also barfed in the Emperor’s

                    lap when they held a state dinner in his honor. OMG

                • What? No restrictions on water ballon grenades.

                  • Oh, Balloon. Let me put my glasses on.

                • Most of the O.J. jury couldn’t spell DNA.

                • Smokin Okie,
                  Don’t forget the use of syringes as water gun assault weapons. When I was a med student, the surgical residents would have fights using a 50cc syringe full of water. Very accurate and good for distance attacks. Maybe it would be considered a bioweapon with both distance and close range capabilities, especially if the needle was attached.

            • @yental – Love your post. Clever, indeed. 😉

              • Mucho gracias senor Shifty. Or as is more common with the extensive Texas “rednecks” that believe “we own the Tex-Mex vocabulary”…Much-o -Garcias-hombray! Checkout the “Ben-n-Jerry’s” line of converted bovine milk fat products for this particular “flavor”. ;)! I “hear” it has the ability to “dull consumers IQ by 30 points in one “consumption”.

                I really need to quit “eatin-that-stuff”.

          • My kids “belong” to nobody. I have been entrusted by God to raise and guide them with the ultimate goal being that they no longer need me. Self-important assholes like her better lay low in even a short-term WROL situation. She is obviously adept at making enemies.

            • “”” My kids “belong” to nobody. I have been entrusted by God to raise and guide them “””

              People should read that statement twice…

              • We are….every one of us “God’s Children”

                It makes me smile knowing that no matter how hard the progressives try they can not shake God. Even Adam and Eve tried to hide. I think we should rename the democraps/progressives to the “HIDDERS” they are always trying to hide something…..

          • it has a nice sound to it, but I can’t understand enough of the words to tell if I like the idea or not.

      25. Damn those high capacity water pistols!

        • Only the military/police are allowed water-cannons!

          Yes, but mine was the civilian semi-auto version, Sir.

          • I joined the volunteer Fire Department. We have big boy toys with big squirt guns……!

      26. Geroge Gefferson:

        211longisland (dot)communityos (dot)org (slash)sys (slash)profile (dot)taf (question mark)profiletype (equal sign)program (ampersand)recordid (equal sign)309126


        General Information
        Description of Program: Carries out the mandates required by Article 400 of the New York State Penal Law. Performs the administrative procedures concerning the issuance, renewal, filing, cancellation, and revocation of pistol, licenses, firearms dealers licenses and gunsmith licenses. Serves Towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip and Smithtown. Produces License Handbook and Dealers Handbook.
        Location: Suffolk
        Geographic Area: Yaphank, New York; Town of Brookhaven, New York; Suffolk County, New York

        Client Information
        Languages Spoken: Able to utilize police officers that speak a wide variety of languages.
        Eligibility: Towns of Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip, and Smithtown.

        Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-4:30pm

        Contact Information

        Physical Site Address 1: 30 Yaphank Avenue
        Physical Site City, State, Zip: Yaphank, NY 11980
        Mailing Address 1: 30 Yaphank Avenue
        Mailing City, State, Zip: Yaphank, NY 11980
        Main Phone: (631)852-6311(Pistol License Renewals); (631)852-6367(Security Guards); (631)852-6576(To cancel license); (631)852-6703(Gun Dealers); (631)852-6578(Gunsmiths)
        Emergency/After Hours Phone: 911
        Web Address: http://www.suffolkpd.org

        Additional Information
        Last Update: Oct11

        Affiliated Agency, Programs and Services
        Affiliated Agency:
        Affiliated Service: PISTOL LICENSING BUREAU

        Soon to be Federally administered, everywhere.

        • I seem to remember that screaming rant by Hillary that said just the opposite. Think the Stupid will ever use it as a comeback? Not on your life. They just have no stomach for a fight.

      27. What do you expect. Bunch of gun grabbers and democrats.

        • Looks like the Stupid party will be giving them all the help they need to hose us.

      28. Currently studying for hypnosis certification….children are the most highly suggestible individuals. When they hear something day in and out, the subconscious takes it as truth. When in ‘trance’ ( read that as spaced out, for hypnosis is nothing more than focused relaxation) the subconscious mind will accept whatever spew the liberal teachers throw at them. Parents need to work hard at getting children to think for themselves and understanding what it is they are being told, so they can question it. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the NK dictators understood this.

      29. He didn’t know the first rule of gun club.

      30. public safety message


        * Hint –

        If the DHS FEMA MILITARY drills you do, do not include you taking your family with you to a secure underground D.U.M.B. facility TO HIDE WITH YOUR NWO ZOG MASTERS during the great kill off on the surface , then you are on the NWO ZOG list of 90% people to be killed.

        RADIATION and BIOLOGICAL weapons will eventually poison All – kill All on Earth , as the Earth is just a Big sealed Gold Fish Bowl in the end !

        As we the 90% are poisoned and die so to will you and your children .

        DUMMIES . ;0p


      31. bottom line is …




        ;0p pssszzt

        ( betcha the manly hardcore Russians are loving this bullsheeit laughing it up big time !)


      32. While I can appreciate the fact that he’s taking legal action, if I’d been him, I would’ve said no to giving up my guns. Hell, I wouldn’t have even had a “pistol license” to begin with. The 2nd Amendment and Jesus’ command to be armed are all the license I need. I’m not giving up guns or anything else I have to anyone, so people better just forget about trying to take anything from me. I keep certain self-defense items in my truck with me at all times, everywhere I go. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. I expect, in post-SHTF, that I’ll be confronted by someone wanting to take anything I have and then kill me. That may very well happen to all of us. If any scum forces my hand, I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to get out of that situation alive, which most likely will be to “take out” the scum and I’m not going to be concerned about what someone’s law says. In post-SHTF, law and order will become nonexistent, LEOs will be at home protecting their families, and courts will not be in session. once the balloon goes up, it will become a totally different world. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Yeah right…You’ll bow your head as you put your hands behind your back for the cuffs because in the end, you don’t have what it takes to kill a public servant, regardless of how illegal his actions are. Let’s face it, despite our delusions of freedom, we haven’t lived in a free nation since 1776…

      33. Government Guy, I just checked out that video. Someone had to be desperate to have her. Braveheart

      34. What is happening is a lot worse than people that still understand freedom thought it could ever get. It is this political correctness VIRUS that has contaminated every facet of society other than those places that still have the slightest understanding what the Constitution and liberty is about. Forget about firearms for a minute, as this is sickening enough already how these radical anti-self defense lunatics are trying to demonize ALL guns and ALL forms of self defense. I wonder what these brain rots are going to say about the character that knived 14 students at that college today. “Why of course” these butt wipes will try to ban knives like in Atlantic wet back piers morgan’s country of england.

        We cannot say anything anymore without the danger of being classified as a terrorist or sued by someone that had their feelings hurt because we used some bashing name of a race, gender, religion, whatever. Doesn’t the first amendment guarantee that if we feel a certain way we can express ourselves without harassing someone personally. We can’t say the word homosexual anymore, even though this is a real word in the dictionary because they want to be called either gay or some abbreviation. People have I believe gotten fired over this for discrimination. Yet the word heterosexual is perfectly okay word, politically correct. Heaven forbid if you use the word faggot, queer, fairy, fruit, lesbo, dyke, lezzie, or some other slang, even if it is not directed at anyone.

        If you print up a pro-NRA picture of a rifle or hand gun and try to gain support for the 2nd Amendment, you are very likely going to be censored in many anti-gun states. Yeah censored for making people aware of one of their rights under their Constitution. Yeah, teaching others about the bill of rights could get you in trouble now in many places of the country. Use to be any talk about the Constitution was not only fine with everyone, but encouraged.

        Free speech is dying, being replaced by what others deem acceptable. The law protects the rights of the individual, no matter how many of the majority may not like it. Yet, we see this crap evetyday with not only guns, but whatever might offend someone. We see displays of Christmas that brings sad people a little bit of hope and happiness censored because it offends someone. Yet, they allow a bunch of queers to match around in these homo parades dressed up in weirdo pervert outfits, but don’t allow Christmas lights and ornaments and don’t even allow to word Christmas, instead X-mas, if that. Talk about hypocrites.

        Then if someone brings a Gi Joe TOY soldier to school they are suspended for the zero tolerance gun rule. One student was suspended as most know for talking about being an U.S. soldier so he could defend the country against attack from China or Iran. Yet it is perfectly okay for someone to talk about something that is politically correct.

        This is the real issue right now, these anti-gun, anti-self defense sludge suckers are pissing on the Constitution and everything it stands for. That one item that has allowed them to express themselves and be as weird or as anti-protection of their country as possible. These idiots are destroying the one item that has kept them from being slaves in some salt mine or executed for being a homo like many countries do. They punch holes in freedom and replace it with ONLY what THEY accept. They destroy their very freedom because they don’t want anyone’s feeling hurt. Anti-self defense slime walker = brain decayed retardate. I really get upset over this because freedom such be so dear to everyone, true freedom and it is being eaten away by these pieces of brainless zombie rot that are too stupid to realize that they are digging their own graves.

        • “””Free speech is dying”””

          It is being suffocated by fear.

          Free speech is having the balls to tell a cop or a judge or any other thug to kiss your ass, you refuse to answer to them. It is to DEMAND they stop abusing your rights, repeatedly, until they do. It is to enforce YOUR law against THEM.

          Nowhere else is free speech really important. Your Law protects you from them, their law protects them from you but does not exempt them from YOUR Law.

          Free speech requires the balls to enforce FOR YOURSELF the law that protects it.

      35. Who will they get to fight their wars if they train all the children to be afraid of guns. Come on how stupid are we getting about this. It is a wonder we aren’t all dead already to hear the gun grabbers tell it. I know people who won’t allow their children to play with toy guns. The next thing you know they will ban all toy guns and people who let their children play with toy gun will have to go to jail. Then we will have to build more prisons for gun crimes. We all ready imprison more of our own people then any other county.

        • There’s plenty of orphans around the world they can deprave of affection, isolate into “training” camps, and create battle-hardened mercenaries by the time they are 14 years old. Look to Uganda’s warlords if you don’t believe me…

      36. Home school and teach the kids to shoot. Had the grandkids over and all of them are crack shots. When I think that when I was a young kid, maybe 10 yrs. old, went to the swamps with on old rabbit ear shotgun and hunted rabbits and quail. In high school had a rifle rack in the truck and hunted after school. What the hell is happening now.
        Used to be able to mail order shotguns, and didn’t have near the trouble as now. Something is really wrong in this country now. What happened? Kids don’t have any dads, people can’t seem to stay married, men want to marry men, women/women.
        I think we should take down more pictures of Jesus, and the ten commandments. That ought to fix things. No morals, nothing is right or wrong-moral relativism.
        These are perilous times. Teach the children collectivism, they are part of the collective, no individual thoughts, just what the collective tells you to think. You will grow to be a government troll, a slave to the collective. Worked great for the Soviets.
        It’s coming folks, be prepared to stand your ground. I wonder how long it will be before some of these gov. trolls go to remove someones firearms and a few of them assume room temperature. It’s going to happen.

        • May have already happened but the story suppressed. .gov wants you to think they are all-powerful.

        • On the same page. We used to hunt ducks, pheasants, quail, doves, geese, (dependent on season) before school with the industrial arts teacher. We met at school(way before sunrise), took one of the school buses(yes loaded with teenagers, shotguns, and ammo). Shot what ever we could find that am and made it back to school by first bell walking through the front door with our guns and dead birds. Then in class we all got a refresher course on how to clean birds and our guns. If you think I am full of bs you must have grown up in the city or after 911.

        • @ say when, hell if you home school teaching the kids to shoot and firearms safety is called gym class :)do not forget archery, skinning and processing, and hide tanning. ( brain tanning is a good way to go ) also a good quick teaching is debris huts, primitive weapon and tool making, and wilderness herbs for medical and food sources. Also for science class a lesson on things to look for int eh animals your processing that will let you know they are diseased and not for food.

          There are these school called, the stiener schools, here in Michigan. They go a little over board with the pc stuff BUT when I saw them teaching kids how to build debris huts in the schoolyard I stopped talking shit about them.
          Sometimes there is a bit of good in with the bad. At least someone is teaching those kids with uberlib parents how to have shelter even if their parents have no fucking clue.

      37. Can’t believe the story examples here re kids and schools – are from the US. Political correctness and agenda going nuts. Hope this bloke has the dollars to fight the growing stasi state. Just so wrong, defend your Second. Cheers from AUS.

        • Dollars will not win the fight. Standing upon his Natural Rights will. Unfortunately, he probably doesn’t even know what a Natural Right is.

      38. Welcome to the new amerika. If they can not take the guns away directly, then it is the schools job to teach all of our children that guns are evil and must be destroyed. Our kids will be antigun robots for the government, turning in their parents for the least issue. If they get mad at a parent, everybody will know how many guns they have and if they are not properly secured. It’s the communist way, get to the parents through the kids.

      39. Off Topic again, sorry. But a big part of my SHTF plans include making use of my ample gardening experience. I was considering OPSEC and decided if the SHTF I would move my primary gardening location to a more protected location nearer the house, a less desirable location for the plants.. but doable. I realized, that it would also be wise to continue gardening in my current location.. the reason being is that if someone is hungry, I want to provide some “low hanging” fruit that they can “take” with only a little effort. If the SHTF, none of us will be able to hide the fact that we have supplies when most people don’t. A garden is an un-hideable item.. unless you have zero neighbors.. for many miles. Everyone might consider in your plans, making something that is “dispensable” to you being “obtainable” by those without. It might keep them from coming in and taking something you can’t do without or you’re having to kill someone to keep that from happening. I really don’t want to kill another human if I can avoid it.. that’s one of the few sins I haven’t committed, I’d like to keep it that way.

        • A garden can be somewhat hideable. If shtf, just change the way you garden. Let the weeds grow. Grow sunchokes, potatoes, anything that hides itself. Most people would walk right past and not even notice. Zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, you get the idea. It all blends in if it doesn’t look like a garden. And for people on the run, learn what can be eaten in the wild. If nothing else, remember cattail roots and you’ll never be hungry.
          molon labe

          • Kettle – great tips. Another thing is that if you grow root vegetables randomly (i.e., not in rows) most people won’t recognize them from the tops.

            • Yea Daisy, and most plants grow better if they’re in clumps or mixed with others. Companion planting or like The Three Sisters. Prepper planting before there were preppers!!
              molon labe

              • Daisy and kettle, thanks for the garden tips. I knew I was doing the right thing. I have grown weeds in my garden for years.

          • Kettle….Ok, the cattail thing caught my attention. We have some marsh areas and a few wetlands where cattails are somewhat in plenty supply. I knew they were edible, but what I read was mostly the flower (brown portion) of the plant.

            On the roots, do you just pull up the plant from the marsh and then cut the root portion only? There are about 8 wild plants that I want to eat this summer and cattails are on my list.

            Here is my list:
            1. Lambsquarter
            2. Cattails
            3. Amaranth (redroot pigweed)
            4. Shepherds Purse
            5. Purslane
            6. Dandelion
            7. Common Mustard
            8. Boiled Pinecones for seed

            I wish I knew more, but I don’t. I also hear that you can make teas with some of the roots, such as dandelion?

            Anyway, explain more about the cattail root.

            • Almost anything can be eaten. Everyone should have a book on wild edibles. The cattail is one that almost the whole plant can be used. The root is a tuber kinda like a sunchoke. It can be eaten raw, boiled, fried, whatever you can dream up. Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but the heads have so much pollen (I think that’s the right term), that it can be shook out, sifted, dried and used just like flour.

              • When the heads are young I think they can be eaten like corn on the cob as well. I haven’t tried any cattail parts yet, so I am not speaking from experience.

                Dandelion greens, very young, are delightful in a salad. They add a kick. Plantain and violet leaves are good too, and very mild. Dandelion roots, in a tea or tincture, are a diuretic, hence it’s nicknames pissenlit and piss-a-bed. It has many other pharmacological properties as well.

                One of the most delicious wild edibles I have discovered is stinging nettle…the young fresh leaves can be cooked just like spinach, and theybare quite tasty.

            • Ugly have you ever eaten Sour grass? We used to eat Sour grass all the time when we were kids. Loved it. Its actually called Wood Sorrel. It has little tiny banana looking things, little tiny yellow flowers on it and the leaves are delicious– can eat the whole thing– bananas, leaves, etc… I think we ate the flowers too. but its a little sour– very tasty!

              • I have eaten Wood Sorrel. We called them little sour grass pickles. We liked finding those in the grass when we were kids.

          • Kettle y’all got any tips for what I can grow among the sage brush that won’t stand out? And Ugly, I’ll tell you now, I’ve done a lot of looking, and the only pine cones I’ve ever found any nuts in, were the Whitebark Pine. Small cone with big nuts. Rather tasty too. Trekker Out.

            • Don’t know anything about sage brush. Are you all sand ? If shtf watering would be a dead giveaway. should start a topic on this.
              molon labe

            • Trekker….I think sagebrush should be the State Flower for Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming. If it is edible, we are in heaven!

              MamaBear….Thanks for info on Dandelions. I will try in salad and also try a tea-root.

              Grasshopper. No I have never tried wood sorrel. I will look up in botany book and see if I cannot find it. Thanks.

            • Prickly pear cactus, an excellent food source for carbohydrates (calories), and vitamin C is found in much of the sagebrush country.

          • kettle cattails are good, but a more prolific breeding plant is the dandelion the whole plant is edible, from root to flower ( not the white seed but yellow pedals ) Makes teas and food.

            Also one step further, the rock on the ground the tree stump in the field look in and under these and you will find some grubs. Stay away from any bugs that smell bad or are brightly colored.

        • I have seeds for sprouts. If your garden gets over run you can have some seeds hide out. you can eat them in a week.

      40. I hope they cut his water off also. You can’t be too careful these days.

      41. This kind of stuff just boggles the mind! (If I had a mind to boggle) Which reminds me- why do we only use some terms in certain ways
        It boggles the mind
        It’s mind boggling
        but we never use them in other sentence configurations
        Has the mind been boggled?
        My mind feels a bit boggled.
        Boggled any good minds lately?

        We all use these odd little phrases now and then, but there is one group that especially seems bent on the destruction of the english language (other than liberal commies) and that is….Sportscasters!
        Here’s a transcript of a recent post-game interview (and what was actually said)

        Sports reporter: Coach, as one who has been to the playoffs many times in your career (you were here last year), and yet, has not brought home a trophy (you keep losing), can you tell us what the biggest frustration is for you? (besides having to rush home and update your resume for a new job?)

        Coach: Well, we’ve continued to make adjustments all year on offense (we never had a quarterback who could play for squat), and we’ve been bitten by the injury bug (our players get so drunk they fall down stairs and break bones), so, with all that going on (is that enough excuses for you?) we see next season as a rebuilding year (we may not win a single game next year). But our boys have Heart! They play with Passion and Pride! (they have no talent to speak of). That’s what is most important to us (we’re fooling ourselves, winning is everything to us and we are close to a mental breakdown over our own ineptitude)

        Reporter: Does the Athletic Director forsee any changes next year? (has he made it official yet that you’re fired?)

        Coach: Our coaching staff (my brother-in-law the meth addict and two schizophrenic cousins) has the fullest support of the AD. (he can’t find anybody else to take those jobs). And he has expressed his total confidence in me as head coach (he hates my guts but I have too much evidence on him to be fired).

        Reporter: You’ve played Bugtussle A & M for 17 years straight. In those years the Moonshiners (A&M mascot) have only won 17 games. Every one of their wins was against you. They went 1-11 every season. How is it that they can’t beat anybody but you? And yet they do that every year?(is it possible that your team sucks worse than Bugtussle?)

        Coach: We’ve had a real challenge with the Shiners, that’s for sure (those boys have our number), and some of those games were real close (we only lost by 20 or 30 points),but I believe we have a decent shot at defeating them next year (we’re fogging their practice field with anthrax a week before the game).

        Reporter: Great to talk to you, Coach (yawn), thanks for your time (you spew more bs than anybody in this business).

        Coach: Always my pleasure to speak to the media (if we weren’t on camera, I’d strangle you, ya impudent little snot!)

        • I like to hear coaches and players say things like “We’re going to concentrate on playing one game at a time” (does anybody play more than one game at a time?).

      42. I just read this story on the blaze. it has been confirmed by Mayer’s attorney that the police had not yet confiscated his guns and that Mr. Mayer transfered ownership before the police could take them. but I guess there was a warning that the police could prevent him from owning firearms as long as his son lives in the house. the article is on the theblaze.com

        • Note there was no mention of adressing the bullying issue.

          • Bob don’t you know,bullying don’t count if Liberals are doing the bullying. They’re Pro Choice on Abortion, but No Choice on Guns, No Choice on Smoking, No Choice on how Big your Drink is, No Choice on What you do with your own Money, No Choice on how you raise your own kids, No Choice on what they can teach your kids in school, No choice on what you eat, No Choice on where you get your health Insurance, No Choice on who you rent your house to. But I just remembered they are Pro Choice on Queers getting married. And just when did we decide to stop refering to them as Liberals and start calling them Progressives? Trekker Out. Live Free, Die Free!

      43. I think we should ban liberals. Their capitol L looks like a gun.

        • Capital Looooooooser! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

      44. This is so upsetting and so whacked out into looney tuneville that I really got to thinking. We used to bring toy water guns to school all the time and had a lot of fun on a hot day. Now this is terrible, but this manure got me into that mood that I can’t stand the spastic thought pattern anymore.

        IF that was a toy DILDO that squirted water that would be perfectly okay because the state of new york and many other states would say that would just be some homosexual expressing their inner feelings and they should be encouraged to do so. You just know that if someone brought this to school and was suspended, some worm of a lawyer would sue on basis that their “client” had their sexual rights violated. In california, new york, connecticut, they may even win. Sorry for being crude with this example, I just can’t stand what they doing to bad mouth firearms and ALL forms of self defense.

        This is how sick the society has become, to allow one expression of freedom, yet stop another that harms absolutely no one. IF you forget everything else that is imploding in the world; the economy, war, the climate, the planet, the energy water and food resources running out, and so much others, the sanity and fairness is gone. That in itself is enough to end civilization, yet we have all this other crap hitting the fan and burying us. It is absolutely nuts for anyone NOT to prepping for what is coming.

        • Be informed

          During the “Cold War” with the Russians, they called us
          the Decadent Society.
          I guess everyone could see it but us

          • A couple of days ago Pravda had a big editorial warning the US about the road it was going down. After the next amnesty passes it’s all over anyway as we will be a third world country whose people come from countries where the govt. is all powerful.

      45. I have a hand gesture of my own for all the administrators and bureaucrats involved.


        • Guess I better start paying cash for my “high octane mood suppressor”. No doctor RX required, but I’m sure consumption should be monitored personally by an “N.Y.C. Blooming-idiot stasi agent.

          Mind/Mood suppressor…legal today, felony offense tomorrow. “Do you have an alcohol possession/consumption authorization stamp slave?”

          “Call for backup, this terrorist either has a water pistol(HAW) in his pocket…or WE just scared the piss out of him”! “Probably has a urine transmissible STD/Al-CIA-Duh implant bladder Virus. Call for a hazmat disposal unit and establish a 10 mile radius quarantine zone.” “Burn everything to the ground.”

          “We can take no chances in the divine OBAMINATION.”

          Trust me, I’m not laughing! The “theatre of the absurd”…is no longer absurd. Read as: NEW IMPOSED REALITY. Okay, I’m done. Too much time on-my-hands/space-between the auditory appendages this evening. Time to go-back-to-my “Wonderland”. Mushroom tea anyone?

          • Tell them “That’s not a water pistol. I’m just happy to see you!”

      47. A warrior should be set on bravery in his heart before the need to be brave arises. This way he will choose the proper course of action the instant a situation arises. This resolution should be evident in one’s daily speech and actions.

        Keep the FAITH

      48. Preppers, I am happy to present an internet link about the coming 2016 Presidential elections. We will have elections after-all. Here is the sample ballot I received.

        President (Vote only once if Conservative)
        o Sortero, Clinton
        o Clinton, Bush
        o Biden, Sortero
        o Biden, Clinton
        o Petraues, Biden
        o Bush, Clinton
        o Gore, and no-one else (boring bastard)
        o Clinton, Rockefeller
        o Getty, Bush
        o Wang, Chung (from rumors China may own USA in 2016)
        o Jerry Brown, Wang
        o Wang, Jerry Brown (cause he let China get Cali for $$$

        Push electronic button carefully. We want all of your votes to count.

        Disclaimer–a smartass wrote this. Ugly has nothing against any person, nationality, country, or human being. I want all people to be free, that includes America and Americans.

      49. ~ OH WELL , Nowadays if ya got a Wife ( or girlfriend) Kid or Pet, yer a target for LEO & Court’s ALL across the LAND!!!!And DON’T EVEN LOOK at yer neighbors kid’s cause ya will be considered a PERVERT!! Never mind you and your EX-WIFE had two BOY’s and you alway’s wished for a little GIRL!!…….mm ~

      50. So the Police knew the father had firearms because he had a CCW then came to collect them. If he didn’t have the permit would the Police acted differently? This is yet another reason to never apply for a CCW.

        • I bet they didn’t have a warrent. People don’t know they don’t have to let them in without one.

          • If they threaten to get a warrant, call their bluff. If they could get one, they almost always have it when they arrive. Same for CPS. Don’t let them in to “Just have a quick look around and be finished”. I hear that some CPS gangs give bonuses according to the number of cases opened.

        • This was New York State. They require permits just to purchase. The procedure is generally quite similar to obtaining a CCW in “America”.

      51. As soon as Obama got into office…fuck it.
        I didn’t have the cash….I put my remington 870 on the card.
        It’s paid for now.

        Glad I got it before these guys mess with guns.

        Note to preppers…
        In extreme cases….of total collapse and mad max survival
        Bird shot…. for fresh meat sandwiches.

      52. Possee, if I was one of those NY gunowners, no way would they get my weapons, period! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      53. I never thought I could actually want to see the Second Revolution, the War of Federal Aggression, whatever you want to call it. And with all my heart I wish the “progressives*” would stop pushing us to the brink of it. But sometimes, when I read posts like this one, part of me just wants to get it on and be done with it. I’m so weary of this idiocy.

        *I don’t really consider them “progressive,” since instead of progressing they’re actually regressing us back to the Bolshevik era.

      54. California has been confiscating guns from people who have had psychiatric treatment or medication. They have a swat team that has been doing this for a couple of months…since the king signed the 23 executive orders on gun control. I have a ccw up here in Idaho. problem is that my 44 doesnt conceal very good, but nobody eally seems to give a damn.

      55. Heads up folks!

        Seems that stooge Harry Reid is pushing ANOTHER gun grabber and this one is a another P.O.S.!

        Reid’s Gun Control Bill Makes a Missing Firearm a Ticket to Five Years in Prison

        Under Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) gun control bill (S. 649), if somebody steals your firearm or you lose it, you can go to prison for up to five years if you have not reported the theft or loss to local police and to Attorney General Eric Holder within 24 hours.

        The provision merits ridicule for treating as a felon someone who misplaces a firearm and does not report it to the police and the federal government fast enough.

        Section 123 of the Reid bill adds a new provision to section 922 of title 18 of the U.S. Code:

        It shall be unlawful for any person who lawfully possesses or owns a firearm that has been shipped or transported in, or has been possessed in or affecting, interstate or foreign commerce, to fail to report the theft or loss of the firearm, within 24 hours after the person discovers the theft or loss, to the Attorney General and to the appropriate local authorities.

        It also amends section 924 of title 18 so that a violation of the 24-hour reporting requirement committed “knowingly” is punishable by up to five years in prison or a criminal fine, or both. To punish someone who “knowingly” violates the 24-hour rule might sound reasonable to some people—until you know what a lawyer means by the word “knowingly” when it comes to a criminal statute.

        The Supreme Court said in Bryan v. U.S. in 1994 that when a federal statute punishes someone for a crime committed “willfully,” the federal government must prove at trial that the individual knew that his conduct was unlawful. However, the Court also said that, when the statute provides that the government must prove merely that the crime was committed “knowingly,” the government does not have to prove that the individual knew that his or her conduct was unlawful. Thus, an individual who knew his or her gun was missing and did not report it to local authorities and the Attorney General in 24 hours would potentially face five years in prison.

        It is not reasonable to send an individual to prison for up to five years for failing to tell local authorities and the federal government, within 24 hours, that his or her firearm is lost or was stolen, given that a reasonable person would never know that failure to make such a report, let alone within 24 hours, is a crime. Even someone who has the presence of mind to report promptly to local police or the sheriff’s office that a firearm is missing would be highly unlikely to know that such a report to local authorities was not good enough and that he or she must tell the Attorney General of the United States, too.

        It is one thing to assign a legal duty to a firearms owner to report missing firearms, but it is quite another thing to exercise the draconian power of the federal government to make failing in that duty a federal crime. It is doubly inappropriate to give someone prison time for failing to tell the Attorney General that his or her gun was missing, when no reasonable person would know that failing to make such a report within 24 hours was a federal crime.

        Also, the drafters of the legislation failed to take sufficiently into account the nature of rural life and hunting in the United States. Some people who own firearms within the United States do not have the ability to communicate with anybody (let alone the Attorney General of the United States) within 24 hours—think, for example, of a hunter deep in the wilds of Alaska who loses a firearm in a river.

        Under no circumstances should Congress make it a federal crime to fail to report a missing firearm within 24 hours to local authorities and the Attorney General. It is an unreasonable use of power to define as a federal crime conduct that no reasonable person would know was a federal crime.

        • “It is not reasonable to send an individual to prison for up to five years for failing to tell local authorities and the federal government, within 24 hours, that his or her firearm is lost or was stolen, given that a reasonable person would never know that failure to make such a report, let alone within 24 hours”

          It makes perfect sense in a Country where a gov’t would sign a contract with a for profit prison company demanding 90% occupancy….

        • fire back and say its less time in prison to own a automatic weapon that have your guns stolen. Dumb asses. Its 10 years or less but you get my point. They are making good people into criminals either way. unreal

        • Did you also see that a colonel in the Chinese airforce is calling H7N9 a “American biopsychological weapon”? He thinks H7N9 is from American sources intended to cause panic in China as retaliation for Chinese opposition to our war in Iraq.

          He also says that there are many Chinese that carry “mental toxins” from the US. Then he added that the total number of people dead from H7N9 was less than the number who die daily in car accidents and urged people not to worry.

          In other news, the WHO sent an investigative team over to China and the neighboring countries are banning chicken imports. But, if the virus is carried by wild avains, this won’t stop the virus.

      56. Did you know that there are thousands upon thousands of homeless people that are living underground beneath the streets of major U.S. cities? It is happening in Las Vegas, it is happening in New York City and it is even happening in Kansas City. As the economy crumbles, poverty in the United States isabsolutely exploding and so is homelessness. In addition to the thousands of “tunnel people” living under the streets of America, there are also thousands that are living in tent cities, there are tens of thousands that are living in their vehicles and there are more than a million public school children that do not have a home to go back to at night. The federal government tells us that the recession “is over” and that “things are getting better”, and yet poverty and homelessness in this country continue to rise with no end in sight. So what in the world are things going to look like when the next economic crisis hits?

      57. Lessons from the Chechen Guerillas

        Chechen guerillas utilized personal initiative, flexibility and “street smarts” to overwhelm and confuse a superior force. These forces learned and experienced many tactics and lessons about fighting in cities. These include:

        1. You need to culturally educate your forces so that you don’t end up being your own worst enemy out of cultural ignorance. Once insulted or mistreated, the Chechens civilians became active fighters or supported the active fighters.
        2. Training and discipline are paramount!
        3. Know your opponent and his turf.
        4. Societies are run by different methods. Some are governed by the rule of law, others by the rule of men. Some are governed by religious or local tradition and still others by the tradition or customs of the clan.
        5. In addition to understanding one’s opponent, an attacker must know the urban terrain over which he will fight.
        6. The Chechens not only knew the city’s sewer, metro and tram systems intimately, they also knew the back alleys, buildings, and streets.
        7. Russian forces often got lost, finding themselves in Chechen ambushes or exchanging fire with friendly forces. Chechens took down street signs and repositioned them in cleverly misleading positions.
        8. An understanding of the city infrastructure offers advantages.
        9. Grozny was a three tiered fight (upper floors of buildings, street level and subterranean levels)
        10. The Chechens were proficient at booby – trapping doorways, breakthrough areas, entrances to metros and sewers, discarded equipment, and the bodies of dead soldiers.
        11. Russian wounded and dead was hung upside down in windows of defended Chechen positions. Russian had to shoot at the bodies to engage the Chechens. Russian prisoners were decapitated and their heads placed on curbs leading into the city, over which Russian replacements and reinforcements had to travel.
        12. The Chechens used mobile tactics and let the situation do the organizing.
        13. Chechens were not afraid of tanks and BMPs.
        14. Sniper teams ruled the city, they could be found in trenches, rooftops, and sewers. Sniper teams would dig beneath concrete slabs. These slabs could be raised with car jacks when Russian forces approached, providing firing positions and then dropped back down. Russian forces struggled to discern what merely rubble was and what was a kill zone.
        15. Chechens forces allegedly used chlorine and ammonia bombs, set oil wells on fire to obscure fields of vision and rigged entire building complexes with explosive.
        16. Anticipate communication problems. The chief factor in communication breakdown was simply the vertical obstacles posed by urban structures.
        17. The Chechens exploited the use of cell phones. Motorola radios, improvised TV stations, light video cameras, and the Internet.
        18. Personal hygiene is of paramount importance. In less than a month 20% of the Russian soldiers was suffering from viral infections. Viral hepatitis and cholera were the two major diseases. Lack of clean drinking water was the source. Viral hepatitis fell off during summer months, but was replaced with severe bowel infections.
        19. The Minister of Defense Pavel Grachev boldly predicated he could take Grozny with a single Airborne brigade in two hours. The brigade consisted of 1,000 soldiers. By January 3rd the brigade had lost nearly 800 men, 20 of 26 tanks, and 102 of 120 armored vehicles.
        20. Perhaps the most important point may be there is no “standard urban combat operation.”

        “From my cold dead hands” is a political statement with tactical consequences!

        Keep the FAITH

      58. Sunday night ought to be an interesting day. Un’s no geniuses but he’s krazy.

      59. How to Build a Bicycle Generator

        Building your own generator requires a number of items. A person, a bike, a way of supporting your bike off the ground, a motor, an energy smoothing system and an inverter if you want to use your bike generator to power mains equipment. Each of these parts needs to work efficiently in order to generate between 50 and 100 watts of usable energy for your generator.


      60. previously linked by yours truely

      61. In 2009 I spend a great deal of time researching things.
        I learned much and like many…woke up.

        So after you are all prepped up… here’s your new prep.

        Whatever your career… Rage it.
        Out do everyone.
        I’m in IT. So I bought thousands of dollar of used books off of amazon on software.
        Then you read 7 days a week. You learn all you can about your job.
        I did so well…they changed my title and pay….but I had to fight for that…..
        It’s called TECHNICAL DEBT. You get your company dependent on you.

        Then I did so well…they created a new position for me on a new team.

        Now.. I’m building my own in-house “navy seal” team of my hand picked guys.
        The team crosses departments. YOU BUILD A CREW.
        You get executive sponsorship for some educational group…then you plumb it out
        with just the best people.

        Folks, the world won’t be going Mad Max… but it will get like South America.
        There will be gleaming towers surrounded by shanty towns.

        So you just need to make sure you keep a job. Simple.
        This means forget the 40 hour work week and seek a career.

        Where this depression is hitting many…I’m thriving.

        So your next prep. is your career.

        If you change oil for a living….be the best and have your motivation “infect” others.
        The bosses will see this. Ride the slackers…. get everyone energized.

        The end game….
        One day… I’ll be taking this team/crew with me…or encourage our very large company to create a new company with my guys at the top.


      62. The Bullet Bubble: Is Ammo The Next Bitcoin, Or Gold In The 1970s?

        link to follow

      63. Just say no. To everything “they” pass as a law. The constitution spells out everything you need to know and or follow. Just like the 10 commandments. Obey them and you cannot be wrong. Anyone says different, Screw them.

        I didn’t sign up for, vote for or give any authorization for anything else. I refuse to live my life by any other rules.


        • They are talking about a Revolution on July 4… forgot name of website– something about D.C. dirty laundry or something.

          The point is, was day dreaming last night– thinking how nice is would be if thousands showed up. (Supposed to be “armed peaceful protest”) but what if it did turn out to be insurrection… some say it might. and what if our side won the battle… what if there were banners saying, “we didn’t ask for no dictator!” or similar words. What if we demanded our Constitutional rights back and said (in a banner), “Treason is NOT a misdemeanor”. What if we warned them of the consequences of their actions… Just Wishful Thinking, I know.

      64. Some ways you could (not advised) use to mess with the system:

        Throw a card board box with the word’s printed on all sides saying free kittens onto a busy roadway.

        Paint the tips of all your guns orange.

        Spray paint REVOLT on anything that the public can see.

        Reply to all on any broadcast emails sent to you advocating armed revolt.

        Staple flyers on all telephone poles of a anti gun meeting at a time and date in an place where a Tea Party is meeting.

        Send emails and faxes to anti gun politicians thanking them for their support of PRO gun laws and the NRA.

        Put out Flyers in your neighborhood thanking them for supporting Kim Jung Il, Barrack Obama and China.

        Put out flyers and send emails from a fake email address announcing the formation of an all white male support group stating the time, date and place to coincide with a college diversity class or black panther meeting.

        I am sure that you all can come up with a lot more ideas. The point being to cause TPTB as much hassle and confusion as possible. That is what they are doing to us to slow us down. As I stated before though these are things you could do, I would not, but probably are not real legal in some places. Why is it not legal? Easier to make a list of what is legal or politically correct now days.


      65. I should not be saying this. Where did all the Trolls go to?

        • Troll Hell?


        • They have taken to Twitter to pile on Greg Gutfeld.

          • Spreading the wealth so to speak.;0)

      66. These kids need to have their fingers registered, so we know who they are and the potential dangers they present to the public. In fact, no one really needs more than five fingers, and these high-capacity hands are not necessary for any sporting or recreational purpose. We certainly do not want to have the fingernail dirt on our hands after an imbalanced kid points his finger at a classmate and pulls his trigger finger, or worse, that they should grow up learning that it is okay to point your fingers at government personnel and politicians.

      67. I have been waiting for over 4 months for a powder order from Midway. Got a email today that my order has been cancelled. This is after monthly reassurances that it will be shipped soon.

      68. The Detailed Survey Showing Law Enforcement Personnel Overwhelmingly Oppose Obama’s Gun Control Proposals

        Law enforcement personnel in the United States overwhelmingly disagree with the controversial gun control measures being debated in Washington and across the country, according to a new survey released by PoliceOne.

        A law enforcement website with more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month and 400,000 registered members, PoliceOne asked more than 15,000 verified active and retired law enforcement personnel more than 20 questions about how they believe stricter gun control will impact the community.

        The participants were spread out across the country, and about 80 percent were current law enforcement, 20 percent former/retired.

        Alrighty ..start acting like it than!

        • Bottom line:
          •Nearly 45 percent said that if they were Sheriff or Chief, they would not enforce more restrictive gun laws, and would vocally join the opposition effort. Another 17.2 percent said they would not enforce the laws, and “quietly lead the agency in the opposite direction.” 20 percent were unsure of how they would respond.

      69. The strategy of sitting tight.

        ” Nobody is safe while Congress is in session”, exclaimed Samuel Clemens. He was right. The never ending assualt on our gun rights is a never ending battle. They are succeeding in winning by gradually, piece by piece, approving unjust laws, till it collapses are us. The scales will tip, if they have not already, and there will be no stopping them. They use words of NAZI’s, Traitors and Unpatriotic, while many have gone off to wars in the past to safeguard the rights they use against us.
        I have stopped writing my Congress Critter and going to town meetings. Half the time when you put them in office they change sides. One past governor was a Republican, then a Democrate now a Independent. What’s up with that crap. As far as I am concern I would get better results if I pissed into the wind.
        So I am sitting tight. Let them pass all the laws they want. I await the time when it gets so bad, things will ignite and the backlash will be horrific. Prepare, maintain, watch and listen for it is not too far in the future.

        • Since you brought up CON-gress. I just heard an ad on the radio, ‘approved by congress’, like that’ll really get us rushing to ordering that product!!
          Do you believe this chit?? Approved by congress.

        • @slingshot,

          Ditto every word verbatim you just wrote. It is a mystery how no matter what they say before they are elected, once in there, they become part of the collective. I think they are sat down when they get voted in and told some thing the rest of us don’t know and they can’t tell us.


      70. Cheney to GOP leaders ~ “We’re in Deep Doo Doo on North
        Korea.” For “f” sake, what a high class, intelligent,
        thoughtful comment for the world. S’cuse my language,
        but geez-us.

        • @ Emily.

          Don’t you just love it when the “News Media” brings a specialist on the subject and it’s a HAS BEEN, to give his opinion? These people should stay out of it. Decrepped old stooges! They give old people a bad name.

        • I concur Emily

          this Jackass needs to stay home, he’s done enough damage to this country already, wish some people would know when to freaking quit!

          • a letter to George and The Dick


            “You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole.”

      71. Y’all need to reread vendetta’s post about how society creates it’s own monsters…
        Who elected Obummer?
        Who elected the idiots in many of our states that are destroying the 2nd?
        Who sits on their collective asses while kids get expelled for picking their noses…Try it…Notice the position of your thumb in relationship to your index finger.
        Each and every one of us is responsible…
        Those who support this crap, and those who bitch about it without doing anything…Yea that sometimes includes myself.
        Now roll this all up and you get.. Us/Them/We…
        I.E. Society, creating it’s own monsters!!!

        Vendetta…Well spoken!
        It is just to bad that so many missed the point…
        Perhaps a little to cerebral???

        • @Nobody

          Can’t do nothing about it now. Maybe do something about it later. How it got here? Call it Mission Creep.

        • ” ignorance is bliss .”

          Till someone opens the door for you , shows you the truth of your reality , truth of society and that there is NO reason for your existence other than you were born .




        • Fuck off, sockpuppet.

      72. @BI-
        H7N9 in China jumps from 28 reported cases last night to 33 reported cases this morning.

        I’m telling ya, this one gives me a very uneasy feeling.

      73. I wonder what George Staephanolopoploloplopolopoloplous has to say about all this?

      74. Conneticut now begins to be apprised of the consequences of governance by ‘Idiocracy’…

        Up at Business Insider,


        Quoting the text of the piece here, part of a statement made by PTR Industries,
        a Conneticut-based semi-automatic gun manufacturer;

        “We feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it
        remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those
        who produce and manufacture its wealth.”

        It will soon become plain that catering to the ‘lesser’ will have broad
        implications in any state that chooses to disregard the weight of the sentiment
        amongst those who yet adhere to the principles ‘pon which this Nation wa founded.
        PLEASE, New York, Conneticut, California, Colorado…run your manufacturing base
        out of your states…into the waiting arms of those who WILL beneift from thier
        company….Please! OUR economies will Floursih…your’s will Wither…

        To the Citizens of Conneticut I can only say, “The more Fool’s Thee…”


        • Come to Florida. I would vote yes.

      75. Getting irritated here…those Aholes @ Mountain House say there is a 3 week wait time on the dehydrated water I ordered. For real?

        • @Shifty.

          During my test run I came across a couple cases of MRE’s that I completely forgot about. They were package in 1997 by the date of the MRE heaters.
          Went for the taste test.

          Stay away from the tomato sauce items. Chicken and ham slices are fine. Beef stew fine as well as the franks. Peanut butter good but the cheese, Woe! All choclate has desintegraded into powder. Forget the hot sauce and gum. Coffee,sugar,tea, fine Rice is good. Jelly and some fruit is fermented and has goooood taste. That is all I could choke down for now. ;0)

          • @Sling – hahaha, nothing like powdered chocolate! Make some hot cocoa. I have yet to invest in the MREs, I have chosen to go with the Mountain House #10 cans and some Wise products (which I later read are so-so). I have also gone the mylar route and stored some dry goods. Thanks for the MRE info!

      76. DHS warns against “Christians who take the Bible literally.”

        GlennBeck dot com

        Direct link below

      77. This is crazy, kids can no longer play cops and robbers the way we use to growing up for fear of being suspended. When my son was in kindergarten he was suspended for 3 days because he drew a gun and said bang bang. When I reached his school the principal and teacher sat there and said that he made all 30+ kids in his class scared because of it. My son’s response mommy I was trying to play cops and robbers. With all the school shooting you can not even say the words bang bang, pow pow, or you will be suspended if not expelled. They are teaching our kids not to have and imagination. If your kids even mention having a bb gun at home better watch out of the cops and them being suspended for even saying the word gun.
        I understand the school shootings are horrible, so put armed guards at school. When going to a major basketball game you have to pass armed guards, security and security camera’s everywhere. How about what does it take to get into a school. Locked doors and windows don’t protect them look at Sandy Hook. How long does it take for the police to respond? How many people have died by the time the police have responded? What if an armed guard was there? How long would it take them to respond? How many lives could be saved?

        • Suspend all public schools. Lock them down with all NEA teachers inside.

          Start your own schools. Teach the students reading writing and arithmetic, arithmetic through calculus. It isn’t hard, derivatives, integrals, limits and all.

          Have your children read the classics from all the world’s literature. Teach them Greek and Latin, the root languages of our English.

          Have them learn the Constitution, it’s only a few pages long, too long for lawyers and other commie trash.

          Make sure they have an extensive vocabulary with the words spelled correctly.

          Give them a hug every chance you get.

          Semper Fi

      78. HOMESCHOOL…

        Do not allow your children into the indoctrination program known as public schools. As a mom of 4 and a former school board member — no way would I allow them back into public school.

      79. Typical low quality from PP/Infowars; so how did the coppers end up in his home and just walk away with £6500 in firearms? Who issued the search warrant ?

        • Doesn’t sound right, the guys a pussey.

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