Planning For The Worst: Hungarian Central Bank Hoards 200,000 Bullets, Hundreds Of Guns Due To “Security Risks”

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    This report was originally published at Zero Hedge

    Editor’s Note: Governments around the world are planning for the worst. In the United States the government has been hoarding everything from literal tons of food to billions of rounds of ammunition. Now, in Europe, as the refugee crisis goes critical, the Hungarian central bank is starting to do the same. Whether it’s economic crisis or a refugee swarm, they are planning for the worst.


    If we learned anything last September it’s that Janet Yellen’s reaction function now includes domestic and global financial markets.

    Well that, and we learned that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban isn’t playing around when it comes to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis. While everyone else in Europe was busy trying to figure out how to accommodate the millions of asylum seekers fleeing the war-torn Mid-East, Orban simply built a razor wire border fence.

    And then he built another one.

    And then, when migrants tried to breach his barriers, he met them with water cannons and tear gas. This was the scene:



    “Problem” solved.

    So clearly, Hungary isn’t playing around when it comes to security, but as it turns out, migrant-be-gone fences and tear gas aren’t sufficient in today’s dangerous security environment and so,the Hungarian central bank is stockpiling guns and ammo.

    No, really.

    “Hungary’s central bank, already facing criticism for a spending spree ranging from real estate to fine art, is now beefing up its security force, citing Europe’s migrant crisis and potential bomb threats among the reasons,” Bloomberg writes. “The National Bank of Hungary bought 200,000 rounds of live ammunition and 112 handguns for its security company, according to documents posted on a website for public procurements.”

    Why, you might fairly ask, does the central bank need 200,000 bullets and hundreds of guns? Because of “international security risks,” central bank Governor Gyorgy Matolcsy says.

    As Bloomberg goes on to note, “the security measures added to public scrutiny of the running of the bank, which under Matolcsy – an Orban ally – earmarked 200 billion forint ($718 million) to set up foundations to teach alternatives to what he called ‘outdated neoliberal’ economics.”

    Well, the central bank could be championing worse things. They could be teaching Keynes and stockpiling fiat money. Instead, they’re doing away with neoliberalism and hoarding guns and ammo.

    We close with a quote from PM Orban who met with Vladimir Putin on Thursday: “Europe’s largest nations now believe that the flow of migrants is mostly positive. Our view is that it’s bad.”

    And there’s nothing like 200,000 bullets to combat “bad” things.


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      1. 200,000 rounds??? Should have got enough to target practice too…

      2. Liberalism, socialism, communism, and Islam all deserve each other.

        • Well said!

        • FreeSlave, here is a really good article. A must read!

          Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

          “As we roll into the New Year, we are witnessing the prelude to the culmination of a titanic struggle between three great actors. Three great social forces are now set in motion for a 2016 showdown and collision that will, in historical terms, be on par with the First and Second World Wars.”

          “Two of these great social forces are currently allied in a de facto coalition against the third. They have forged an unwritten agreement to jointly murder the weakest of the three forces while it is in their combined power to do so. One of these two social forces would be content to share totalitarian control over large swaths of the globe with the other remaining social force. One of these social forces will never be satisfied until it achieves complete domination of the entire planet. So what are these three great social forces? They are Islam, international socialism, and nationalism.”

      3. “200,000 rounds of live ammunition and 112 handguns”

        I really don’t see an issue here, I have 85,000 and 32 guns and I’m not running the central bank of an entire country.

        • Same here, I don’t have those kinds of numbers, but damn seems a little light for a country. I am sure I have neighbors that could beat that.

          • The feds alone can beat that number with what they’ve already bought.

        • hey, me too !

          and some really good ammo that turns your insides outside.

        • I think you need to order more.

        • I just spent my whole tax rebate on ammo and mags. Good ammo is expensive, my God.

          • Justice.

            Guns, Ammo and Mags are good.

            Think Force Multipliers.

            • Slingshot, I didn’t get the new nug I wanted and instead decided on ammo and mags. I have also taken care of defense. Remember body armor. Defense wins championships!

              I wish I could “rule” the night but that’s outside my budget.

              • Justice

                A simple shovel. Military entrenchment tool. Like the WW2 Ames type or Russian.

                Just sharpen up the edges a little bit. Many have died during the world wars from being hit with a shovel.

                I also sharpen my garden shovels. You never know.

                Night vision. Single tube is not that expensive. Generation one plus. Some small camera’s have night vision too. Some is better than none. Russian models have proven to be good and last long time. I have two Mono sets.

      4. It was not ‘hundreds’ of guns. It was 112, which is not ‘hundreds’.

      5. it was 112 handguns purchased, not hundreds.

        • Don’t worry we got it despite the typo

          • yeah i didnt mean to post it twice. stupid wifi lag.

      6. off the subject. but the ptb are saying the most ridiculous shit against each other this time in my opinion. i am 60 yrs old, saw a lot of elections and news reporting, and quotes from candidates. this is the most beevis and butthead group ever. all of them. i just read a quote by the pope, “donald trump is not a christian if he builds a wall”. how ignorant, how manipulative. they are all saying that the other candidates have the personality of a 80 iq 5th grader. i am starating to believe them. yes shit is going to hit the fan because none of these morons can help the world in any way. no matter who gets elected it is all on a slippery slope to the bottom

        • I would also question this Pope’s faith. He is a practitioner of liberation theology, now allows the Koran to be read in St. Peter’s Basilica, has called Islam equal with Christianity, seems to support gay marriage, etc. If he does not see the only way to heaven as being through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ then he is NOT a true Christian.

          • if this is not the last pope, i will really be surprised!
            the beginning of the end is near.

          • WS, Roman Catholicism is a manmade religion and a false one at that. They’re just the SPIRITUAL version of the old Roman Empire.

          • Winston, Roman Catholicism has joined the NWO and Communism.

            Communism is EVIL because it is against my GOD Given/Inherent/Natural RIGHTS!

            I am special and unique in the eyes of God, not some ant that is part of a collective/hive. DEATH to collectivism!!

            • Justice, there’s all the reason I need to be opposed to Catholicism. I say the same thing as you.

          • I have been watching PM Orbans’ response to the European invasion and he seems to be one of the very few government leaders that has not sold out his people. God bless and keep him.

            As for the Catholic Church and the Pope: in 1960 the Administration of the church called for a world wide meeting in Rome. When the Cardinals and Bishops arrived from around the world they were slowly moved through a transformation that ended the 1960 years of Catholic tradition and move them into a Protestant like version of the Christian faith. There is nothing wrong with protestant Christianity but it is not Catholic. The Vatican II Council threw out Catholic tradition, prayers, blessings, music and many other things that made Catholic faith unique and strong. That strength is what they sought to break. Love it or hate it the post Vatican II church is NOT the same church as the preVatican II church. It is a liberal, fake public face.

            The Popes that came after the change began to say things that are in direct opposition to Church theology and the teachings/words of Christ. Example: John Paul II stated: “All religions, when practiced well, are equally valid pathways to heaven.” Jesus said “No one comes to the Father except through me.” JPII, Benedict XVI and Francis have all called the Koran a holy book and an equally valid way to heaven. That book denies Christ and even states that all non muslims must convert or be killed. But they say it is “holy”. The Koran denies Christ. Many Pope approved “religions” have hundreds of gods which the church has always calledpaganism/ demon whorship.
            Francis has repeatedly made non-Catholic statements about abortion, gay marriage, marriage etc and his public affairs office has to “clarify” his very nonchristian statements.
            The Vatican has been taken over by non Catholic, non Christians. They are trying to lead the people away from the faith. Just as the US and most of Europe have governments that are attacking their own people.

            Wake up people. The church, and many protestant preachers and leaders and most government officials seek to lead all of us astray so they can finish their OWG project.

            • Cara, good post. It’s apparent that most institutions, Religious and Secular, have been infiltrated and co-opted. They support the Sate against the individual.

              Studying human history has led me to the conclusion that civilizations are created by individuals; they are destroyed by collectives. Western civilization is being destroyed collectives.

              You notice how everything is now group rights, not individual rights (e.g. women’s rights, gay rights, black rights).

        • yet the Vatican is a walled structure

          and has the tightest immigration laws ever


          • Fuck the Pope!

            • 2nd that.

            • and islam!

          • Yes, you are right. Beat me to the punch. It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” approach that is fairly obvious to anyone not in a trance. If the RCC was really a New Testament church, it would have divested itself of its obscene wealth and trappings long ago. Former Catholic here.

        • mark2856

          All I want to hear them say, “Your on your own”.

          What sweet words to my ears.

          • grew up in CATHOLIC school. till high school graduation. the words recovering catholic really struck a nerve first time i heard them. christ means savior, jesus refers to a man born a long time ago. my name is mark, i liked the prophets. i am a doubting thomas. if i put my finger in his wound i will believe. if it was good enough for his APOSTLE,it is good enough for me

            • Mark2856

              I don’t like Nuns to this day.

        • The Catholic Church is the MASTER MIND behind the invasion of America. First they sent their village priests in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America to the USA, and then the entire village from that parish followed.

          Second, they established the St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks, strategically located around the United States to operate as the LOGISTICS arm of the invasion, while asking white America to “feed the poor”.

          Do you think that 40 million Latinos headed north like a flock of fucking geese in the Summer ??? This is a CONSPIRACY that reaches into the Vatican, The District of Criminals, and the Secretariat Offices of the North American Union.

          Wake Up people !!! Donald Trump is the only candidate that wants to stop the flow and reverse it; before Mexico and the USA are merged by REFERENDUM into the North American Union and the US Constitution is DISSOLVED in the Merger under UN Auspices.

          Treason is a Capitol Crime. Vote TRUMP !!! 🙂

          • Dont donate your car to a Catholic Church, it will be given to the unwanted refugees instead of an American family down on their luck.

      7. “Did you hear what happened in Flint, Mich.?” An American analyst steps into the video, “where the whole town was poisoned? Kids, pregnant women…How much money did he spend on his vacations(Obama), you say? $74 million? But he gave Flint only $5 million— $5 million to the poisoned people…as much as the launch of two military drones!”

        Are we people getting this shit yet?

        • Nope,,
          The sheeple keep bleeting

        • A couple of black men instantly killed by cops is a greater tragedy than thousands slowly killed by poisoning. Until the people are weaned off TV entertainment no one will ever get it.

      8. Only 200,000 rounds? hell, I keeps more n’ that in muh truck,hyuk hyuk. That thar’s the same truck I dun lived in fer a spell with muh veinner sarsages and go fish crackers sum to. If’n anybody ever tried to ” git” me I was a gonna clobber ’em a good one with muh ventilayshun teem!

        • A new troll? HO HUM. I’m going back to sleep.

          • Bravefart – Are you ever awake? From your never ending stream of assinine and ill thought out comments I doubt it very much.

      9. 200 / 112 = 1785 per gun, roughly. That’s cute. Nice break in and zeroing count but to defend and stand, good luck Hungry – your bankers guns may go…. hungry.

      10. 200,000? that’s less than 1800 a weapon. Every American should have that many and more for your battle weapon. 1000 rounds should fit in your existing mags.

        Puny government, Americans have trillions of rounds stashed.

        • in wwii it was a rifle behind every blade of grass, now it is three rifles and 1000 rounds each. god bless america

      11. Continuity of Bankerment

      12. Makes us everyday God loving, second amendment practicing Americans look pretty fricken smart! Dumb ass Europos!

      13. Wow, if they’re not careful, soon the Hungarian government will have as many guns and as much ammo my neighbors and I.

      14. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        Coming to America.

      15. Anybody interested Cabala’s has 22 Mags i box per order.

      16. The cover of the best selling weekly magazine in Poland has a young blond woman wrapped in a European Union flag being assaulted by numerous men’s hands, representing Muslim Immigrants. Pretty much says it all.

        In the book of Revelation in Chapter 17 the figure of a “Scarlet Woman” is shown. Later it is identified as a “City which sits on 7 hills”. Most Theologians believe that the Woman/Whore is Rome/Europe? It then goes on to describe how the Woman/Whore is burned.

        Thus, I believe that once Christian Europe is being burned/destroyed by Socialism, the Immorality and Islam!

        • SW, Rome does sit on 7 hills and has the Vatican, worldwide headquarters for the catholic church. Rome will be destroyed.

          • Braveheart,

            Mohammed himself bragged about how Muslims one day would stable their war horses in St. Peter’s Basilica. Also ISIS has stated they will fly the black flag of Islam over both Rome and Washington.

            Note to Muslims: BRING LOTS OF BODY BAGS, LIKE MILLIONS!

            • I’d say
              Don’t bother bringing any bags for your fallen and dead
              The fires ,and them floating bloated back home across the sea will be their final days

              Their bones won’t even be welcome here

              We ain’t played Cowboys and goat fuckers yet
              Just because our politicians can’t see past their next “donation”
              Doesn’t mean when it ends up the man on the streets problem , that it will be dealt with the same lack of cowardice
              The reason this country’s people arnt fighting back yet
              Is because the level of urgency is not yet at enough doorsteps
              That part however is quickly arriving
              So we shall see

              • Sorry not “lack of cowardice ”

                Same amount of cowardice

              • Look at the corpses from Kobane in Syria: rotting, bloated Muslim jihadis piled high in wheel barrows.

                In their thinking, they need to dirty all the women in Europe: to fill them with their seed and to do this with their buddies in group sex/rape. And they have started. This is why women need to be fully able to defend themselves and to work in groups to defend each other. The law prevents women from arming themselves so instead choose clever ways to defend yourself: a stiletto pump does a nice job on eyes, keys can make a nice set of brass knuckles, even a pencil or pen can, if directed with enough force in the right place, be lethal. Hair sprays, perfumes etc. also hurt like hell when sprayed in the face.

                • Fill a perfume bottle with gasoline, spray liberally in the face of Mohamed’s spawn and then light a match. It sends the right kind of message to the rapefugees.

            • SW

              don’t see how they can win on this ground. never happen.blood will flow though before it is over.

      17. Hungary is doing well. They don’t have to have a huge are arsenal. All they have to do is be shown to be willing to use what they have. The miscreants want the weak chain in the link.

      18. I felt good about my couple thousand rounds of ammo until I read these comments.. I got a long way to go huh? In your opinion what’s the proper amount of ammo to have? Keep in mind I have only been prepping for a year an a half

        • you never have enough ammo….keep stacking til you fill a closet…then move on to the next closet.

        • YOS1, People say that 1,000 rounds per gun is the minimum amount.

          After that, I try to slowly and steadily acquire more each month.

        • The right amount of ammo is more than one round. How much more is up to how much space and money you have as you can never have too much but can always have too little. You just want to make certain that you don’t prep only with ammo because there are plenty of other things you need to worry about too. I would say have 300 rounds as a minimum first tranche and then shore up your other preps for water, food and shelter before you revisit ammo.

          You also need to consider your theory of use. If you live in a city apartment, it is of little use to have thousands of rounds of ammo stored in your apartment. In a true disaster or collapse situation, you will need to flee and will not be able to take hundreds of pounds of lead with you. If you live in the country and will be able to shelter in place then you can store more at your primary residence. Think in terms of more than one situation and that includes storing it in a place where it is not likely to be exposed to excess heat in a house fire. The last thing you want to do is create a large bomb that blows up in the face of some poor firefighter that is trying to save lives and property.

      19. So, is this really in response to the migrants, or are they getting ready to tell the people “your money in frozen to pay our debts”? If I were in Hungary, I would be pulling my money out of the bank real fast.

      20. I think those are 200,000 bullets for Muslims. The pre-positioned jihadis who will await their weapons caches to be beefed up and then will, on command, pick up their weapons and launch an Islamic ‘Tet Offensive’ across Europe, are probably the target of those preparations.

      21. Quite a few here noted the 1785 round total per sidearm. What I wonder is what the heck Hungary is thinking only stowing handguns. Idiots – long-arms my Eastern European friends, long-arms. And one major factor jump in rounds/per.

        What is described is a day’s stand-off. That’s about it.

        Last – what caliber? Hopefully something powerful enough that the Allahu Akbar demons will need just one shot to meet their virgins. (aka – young goats, sheep,….). But, figuring it’s Europe and all, I’d not be surprised if it was some 5mm number.

      22. FT: Excellent thought. Buying more ammo Time is short people. The ragheads are expected to start coming here in mid-summer.In Phoenix,I’m hearing the ones already here are spending a lot of time at the public library on weapons sites and stuff like that. No job,nothing to do,don’t speak the language,etc. Yup,ready yourself for a long hot summer.

        southside out

      23. Angry old white guy, in the Katy Tx area, the total estimated rounds of just,.223/5.56 is mere 1,500,000. The rest of the rounds is Totaling around 3,000,000.. good luck Invading that town.. the enemy army invading may be eaten and may even get cooked over a grill there locally..hungry only needs 200,000 rounds because there population is unarmed..over in America. They need 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, because the people are armed.



        By the way, the jihadist reading my post need to know that if captured, your balls will be cut off with a 12′. Wes kibbon. knife. You all like to fuse data, just trying to help you all with your research..

      24. What concerns me is if obola nominates a communist/socialist justice and they try to do away with the second amendment…

        The repubics have said they would not consider anyone he nominates, but you can’t take them at their word…

        demorat-repubic, two faces on the same twisted coin…

        • No you can’t take them at their word.Hopefully there will be a few who stand tall and influence the rest to do the right thing. Stand by the Constitution. It is the one document that has made our country as great as it is! Obama says he studied the Constitution, yeah looking for any loophole to tear it apart.

        • I have heard that his strategy may be to nominate a RINO, to try and get them through. It’s going to be an interesting year…

      25. Even the banks are investing in lead, go figure!!!

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