Planet X? Mysterious Planet ‘The Goblin’ Redefines Solar System

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    The discovery of a new dwarf planet called “The Goblin” is redefining our solar system. The planet’s massively elongated orbit suggests object is influenced by theoretical giant Planet Nine (Planet X) in the Oort Cloud region.

    Planet X, an as-of-yet unseen world could be shaping the orbits of smaller, extremely distant objects like the newly described 2015 TG387, nicknamed “The Goblin.” The Goblin is likely spherical and about as wide as the state of Massachusetts. And much like a handful of other distant solar system inhabitants, its orbital behavior might signal the presence of Planet X lurking in the distant outer dominions of the solar system.

    The Goblin is the third minor planet to have been found in the outer solar system, following the discoveries of Sedna and, recently, another object called 2012 VP113. This region, which was once thought of as a cold, dark, and empty realm now appears to be a rich collection of exotic and extreme objects. And these three planets may be just the beginning of the discoveries.

    “We are only just now uncovering what the very outer solar system might look like and what might be out there,” said Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC and a member of the team which located The Goblin. “We believe there are thousands of dwarf planets in the distant solar system. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.”

    Doomsayers have been warning of Planet X (or Wormwood, or Planet Nine) for years, however, most of their prophecies include a collision with Earth or a conspiracy to hide the planet’s existence from the public. But it appears that the discovery of The Goblin has even scientists wondering what else is out there beyond the far reaches of our solar system. “Every small object we find that is isolated like this will bring us closer to finding the planet,” said Scott Sheppard. Sheppard also reported the finding in a notice distributed by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center, according to The National Geographic

    The newly discovered small icy world is in an extremely elongated orbit. At its closest, it gets about two and a half times as far from the sun as Pluto and then it heads off to the outermost fringes of the solar system, to almost 60 times further out than Pluto, taking an astounding 40,000 years to loop once around the sun. For 99% of its orbit, it would be too faint to see, according to a report by The Guardian

    Konstantin Batygin, assistant professor of planetary science at Caltech, who has worked on theoretical simulations of the hypothetical Planet Nine, described the latest observations as a “great discovery indeed.” He added, “Despite centuries of surveys, our understanding of the solar system remains incomplete,” he said. “This certainly adds to the growing ledger of … objects that show Planet Nine’s influence.


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      1. okay ,so we counted wrong…..and it affects us how?

        • mankind is always amazed when they discover their view of the universe at that moment might actually be incorrect.

        • It doesn’t. There’s also ZERO evidence of an oort cloud. There’s ZERO reason to believe in an oort cloud.

      2. I think it affects Uranus.

      3. Mmmmmm … I see it going around Uranus!

      4. Icy bodies do apparently dip in and out of the Oort Cloud but are usually called comets.

        • Bingo.
          This one isnt even CLOSE to being big enough to be considered even a minor planet.

          about as wide as the state of Massachusetts, icy, elliptical orbit… comet.

          • Massachusetts? Oh, no! A planetoid full of liberals coming our way.

      5. ****

        The sun we know and love will never turn into an exploding star. It is just too small. But way down the road in billions of years from now, the sun will swell and destroy the planets starting with Mercury and then Venus. In order for humans to survive they will need to go further out away from the sun. We will probably go to a moon orbiting another planet within our solar system. When this planet orbits close enough, maybe our descendants will travel to it and make the journey to the outer edges of the solar system. Who knows.


        • billions of years from now, we wont be around, so who cares if it explodes, goes dwarf, or collapses into a galaxy-destroying black hole?

          Honestly, I think you put too much faith in humanity if you think we will outlive every other known organism in history

          • Leave him be…he’s from Cali. We’ll all be lucky to survive by the end of Trump’s second term.

      6. Read Sarah Hoffmans vision that she had of the end of the world. The end was probably caused by planet x. This was back in 1979 that she had this vision and saw the twin towers from 911 falling down. Her name now is Sarah Menet. From 1979 she describes the economy being gone. People being worse than animals. And descibing planet x coming into view as a great wind starts blowing everything away then a great fire caused by planet x burns the earth and everything up. The End. I read this about 6 years ago, made a copy, and put away to see if this had any merit at all to it. Only God knows the end from the beginning. But an angel showed Sarah what the end was going to look like. So far parts of it are true. The rest may be coming true soon. TR

        • after reading your comment, I did some googling and read the whole thing. Interesting stuff, but like much modern published foretelling, its open ended enough to be interpreted however the reader likes, and through the glass of current events. Pretty general “there will be financial collapse, famine disease and hardship, war, and the eventual ending of the human race in the form of a glowing orb of gods vengeance.” Not to mock, but it could have been written by Michel Snyder if not for the lack of pushing PM’s at the end…

      7. Folks are really gullible. they grasp at all sorts of religious superstitions and this end of the world type of stuff. They blame perfectly explainable natural events & disasters on Man kind. They stupidly believe its God punishing man for sin. Or mother earth getting even for mans so called pollution. We are having a end of an age magnetic pole shift. That’s It nothing more. Its something that happens from time to time. Man doesn’t cause it. Man cant mitigate it. It could just be a shifting of the magnetic poles and climates change. Or a complete reversal and the continents be rearranged. But it isn’t a extinction event. Most will die. but not everyone. Similar to Noahs flood or Moses Exidous. Just a big change. The earth aint static. There aint any normal or optimal climate. There aint any such thing as the balance of nature and never was any such thing.

        • Yeah, probably the same angel that spoke to Muhammad and John Smith

        • One of the best descriptions of the backcountry mountains I ever got was as a teenager from an old wilderness guide. After our first week out, we were sitting around a fire and one of our group commented on how the mountains fight to keep you you from your tasks (eating, sleeping, traversing etc).
          He laughed tremendously and pointed out “son, the mountains don’t care about you and your little walk across the rocks. They just are what they are and always have been that way, long before you and I ever came around. ”
          I extrapolated that into a larger worldview as a young man. I see now it applies to the universe as a whole.

      8. Anyone got a picture of this Planet X?

        • I see that you haven’t been at this, for very long. Planet X has been seen as many times as Elvis. Like the Mary and Jesus figures, burned in toast and tortillas and on the wall. You don’t have a pic of Planet X? Who doesn’t have a pic of Planet X?

      9. Was Moses the leader of a street gang known as the “Red Sea Pedestrians”?

      10. Less wait and see. The shit will ultimately hit the fan in the next few years. THIS WILL REDEFINE SHTF


      11. and here we go again.

        we can identify planets in systems light years away but we’re having trouble seeing some planet the size of Jupiter just outside the Kuiper belt ?


        • read the article again. the discovered orbital body is tiny (size of Massachusetts).

        • agreed lena, a bunch of nonsense.


        As the story goes, the first person ever to wear a tophat, in public, caused a riot.

        “The Kübler-Ross model… the five stages are chronologically: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.”

        In humans, selective blindness is typically followed by abreactive violence.

        The way that you can tell (whatever thing) is a novel discovery, if you see or experience it, is most people will want to burn you at the stake. The story of crucifixion comes to mind.

        Real life prophets and citizen scientists, no matter how well meaning, will never attract a polite following.

      13. Hahaha! Foolish puny Earthlings! You think you know so much but it only shows how little you understand. Leave now while you still are able for your doom approaches.

        • You gotta admit Zork, they are mildly amusing at times.

      14. I wonder if ZORK And ZARG are butthole buddies of MORK?

        • This one can hear our thoughts Zork.

          • Hahaha! The first to know is never believed and by then it is too late.

      15. Define too late? Too late for what? How could you prep for NIBIRU? If it sends Mayhem to your location all you could do is place your head between your legs and kiss you butt goodby. All of this conjecture has the effect of the Boy who cried wolf.

        • Hahaha! Define too Late? 30 … 29 … 28 … 27 … 26 …

          • Good one Zork! They’re all outside now looking up to the sky and praying to their God.

            • If only it was that easy little Zargitor. If only it was that easy.

      16. There is no oort cloud. The oort cloud was a supposition created to explain away the problem of there still being comets in a universe which is proposed to be billions of years old, which is much too old to still have comets.

        There is ZERO scientific evidence showing the existence of an oort cloud. There is ZERO observable evidence of an oort cloud. There is ZERO reason to believe in an oort cloud outside of faith.

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