Pistol Packin’ Perry: Texas Governor Shoots Coyote on Morning Jog

by | Apr 28, 2010 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    From the AP:

    Pistol-packing Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a message for wily coyotes out there: Don’t mess with my dog.

    Perry told The Associated Press on Tuesday he needed just one shot from the laser-sighted pistol he sometimes carries while jogging to take down a coyote that menaced his puppy during a February run near Austin.

    “I’m enjoying the run when something catches my eye and it’s this coyote. I know he knows I’m there. He never looks at me, he is laser-locked on that dog,” Perry said.

    “I holler and the coyote stopped. I holler again. By this time I had taken my weapon out and charged it. It is now staring dead at me. Either me or the dog are in imminent danger. I did the appropriate thing and sent it to where coyotes go,” he said.

    Perry said the laser-pointer helped make a quick, clean kill.

    “It was not in a lot of pain,” he said. “It pretty much went down at that particular juncture.”

    Now, if only we could get Governor Perry to support open-carry legislation in Texas. It may not help keep the coyotes away, but criminals would surely keep their distance.


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      1. Nice to see one American citizen doing the right thing.  Now if you and your political ilk would get busy and remove the illegal garbage people, and the handout moochers that refuse to work from our cities…

      2. Bravo!

      3. Way to go gov.! One thing though…
        – if you have a gun on your person or in your house for self defense it should always be charged, “By this time I had taken my weapon out and charged it.” . Treat all guns as if they’re loaded… because they should all be loaded.

      4. Did he get the handgun while he was attending the Bilderberg meeting in Greece last year [Which he has admitted to attending as well is being documented]? This guy is being groomed as the “small government/take back America” candidate for 2012 by the same people manning Obama’s teleprompter.

      5. A weapon not charged is better than no weapon at all, however, I’m always locked and loaded. Especially if I have a double/single action gun. If its a double/single weapon I run with safety is off, hammer on half cock, its ready and safe. If its a double only its ready. If its a single action only, I often will seldom not have it charged. Depending on where I am. But, mostly anymore, I’m ready to rock and at either a flick of the safety or pull of the trigger.

        The fact is, in the time it takes you to rack on in, you might be dead. …and I’ve seen guys forget that they aren’t locked and loaded! Click!!! Ooops!!! Rack, boom! Carry it locked and loaded.

        It took me a while to get used to it, however, if you just can’t, get a double action only or something.


      6. Its good to hear that people, especially a politician, still carry guns and are willing to use them. Unfortunately he’s still a scum bucket and corrupt like the rest of the greedy bastards.

        He issued an executive order that mandated that Texas girls be vaccinated with Gardasil, which has infected scores of girls with HPV, including one of whom I know.

      7. Michael- aye to that. Agreed. It’s a great story and all, but Mr. Perry is just another politician.

        NR: Great points all around.

      8. He’s lying. First of all he killed the thing for looking at him! He doesn’t say it charged him, He says it was a good distance away and watching him and his dog. This panzy overreacted and killed an innocent animal concerned about an intrusion into its habitat.
        I have no problem with a gun being used to defend oneself. But to use it to make yourself look macho or to get votes…. disgusting.
        Did anyone see the body of this coyote? My guess is like every politician since the beginning of time, he made the story up. Either that or it took him 6 shots and thing limped away wounded. And it was likely someone elses dog.

      9. The coyote was acting like a Democrat…….that is, trying to get at something that wasn’t his………… Gov. Perry did the right thing.

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