PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    UPDATE: The person of interest pictured below has reportedly turned himself in to police, suggesting he was not involved in the shooting and was part of the protest crowd.

    Dallas Police are looking for information about the man pictured below as a person of interest in the downtown shooting

    The man appears to be legally open-carrying a firearm.

    CNN reports that the individuals involved in the shooting may have also planted an explosive.


    Another man was taken into custody but protesters say he had nothing to do with the shooting.

    Watch Raw Footage From The Shootout


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      1. Well, I know what parts of Manassas to avoid driving – got the GHB bag packed for work tomorrow. Y’all be safe.

        • I have the BOB in the car too, and may have to consider adding a rifle to the mix as well. I don’t want to use it, but it’ll be nice to have it if someone else forces me to.

        • The problem is, the MSM (Washington’s presstitutes) lie so much, its very difficult for me to believe any thing they say… all this may be true, maybe not… you never know.

          The thing is this: THEY ARE COMING AFTER OUR GUNS as Paul Craig Roberts points out in his latest interview– “Coup in the U.S.”– so whatever excuse they can get to disarm us, is ok with them… As PCR said, you can’t have a police state and an armed citizenry…

          I’m an old woman and frankly, I LIKE seeing armed citizens– both female and males. I went to this gun shop up north and all the employees– both men and women were wearing guns. This one lady–very young girl– said she participates in gun contests (see who is best shooter) and often wins. 😉 (A gun puts a female on equal footing with a male)… No one will take advantage of her!!

          • My sister kept a gun under her pillow after this guy broke into her house. We asked her if she wasn’t afraid staying there in the house, after that guy broke in??! she said she WANTED him to come back. We said, “why??!!” and she said… so she could shoot him! (hee, hee!)

      2. This is NOT going to bode well for the summer. My prayers go out to the family’s of the slain officers. Looks like AR-15’s were used. You can BET there will be a HUGE push to ban them as well as any other “evil” so called assault rifle.

        • Maybe they should instead ban black people?

          • Maybe they should ban you.

            • right on, Nightjazz!! (I hate stupid, prejudiced people!)

              • i don’t buy that prejudiced people argument….blacks kill MANY TIMES more people than whites, even though they make up a MUCH smaller percentage of the population…you sound like one of those P/C people that have gotten this country in SO much trouble…..and now we move on to the muslims, insisting there’s not a problem with MUSLIMS, yet time after time, they are SHOWN/PROVEN to do damage to U.S….time to start ADMITTING there’s a problem with some people.you’ll see in a week or so that i’m right, when the conventions have their chimp-outs. the sad thing is that a lot of these simps will vote for killary, a KNOWN, PROVEN criminal of the highest order. and the worst part is that she isn’t even going to help them with her policies, she will HARM them. if the police would start ARRESTING some of these chimps that are on VIDEO, with solid proof they are guilty of assaults by the dozens, then we might BE safer….but ultimately WE are responsible for our safety, not the second-responders.

        • AR 15 in citizen hands=assault weapon

          AR 15 issued to .gov employee=personal defense weapon

          • Actually it goes this way …

            AR 15 in democRATS’ hands = assault weapon

            AR 15 in NRA members’ hands = personal defense weapon

          • That AR15 in the .gov hands is not an AR15, it is select fire, what that they tell civilians they can’t have.

        • It starts in kalifornia…. incremental dem/socialist/marxist/communist push has finally given way to 6 new laws signed by the turd governor. One law concerning the AR15 forces rifle manufacturers to eliminate the ability to have detachable magazines by the end of December. For owners of this firearm currently, we must register them with the state of kalifornia or face becoming a Felon. You also have no ability to give, sell, your rifle to anyone including inheritance. The rifle must be destroyed, or buried with you when you die….

          Meanwhile, how many criminals are going to obey these laws? Will the devilcRAT party that runs this state take responsibility when/if the riots start and the wild animals start shooting people? Not a chance……

      3. Obviously this guy is guilty because he committed legal open carry?

        I don’t believe it.

        If I was to plan on attacking anyone I would not walk up the street with a firearm in open carry for all the world to photograph.

        This guy better get a lawyer, and come in from the cold, or he could get shot and become another statistic.

        • he was released this morning with no charges, and he’s mad as he11. I smell a lawsuit (justified, imo..) on its way!

      4. Who has access to rooftops? Police Snipers.

        • Guess this will quite talk of the criminal Hillary?
          Quite convenient Distraction for Hillary, and her criminal activities, under investigation.
          Don’t you think?
          Have you noticed how MEDIA Distraction ALWAYS presents it’s self when criminal Politician has problem? Set up? False flag? Who knows.
          I don’t believe in coincidence. Do you?

          Best thoughts and Prayers for families of the deceased. Sad situation.
          God speed for recovery of those police wounded.
          We Wish the wounded officers well for healing and recovery.

        • Precisely. But also CIA, FBI, etc, etc…

        • people who have access to stairs in a public parking garage..?

      5. Look like he was not kitted for an “attack” on police to me. Maybe some dumbazz cop confronted him and paid the price for being a treasonous idiot. He isn’t carrying enough ammo for an assault. I bet if this is the guy that started shooting he was defending himself and his rights. A lot more cops will be dying if they keep up their abusive treasonous ways.

      6. Think I will overload the card and buy a couple more AR’s tomorrow and outfit them with quality glass. Anyone who thinks that this hasn’t been planned is not playing with a full deck. Hey trolls and democrats hows this working out for you now, remember when it really hits the streets you were the ones who voted for the POS and this is what he has given us. Will be seeing you soon, hope your ready for what will be coming your way.

        • Bingo, definitely being orchestrated!

      7. What in the name of God has happen to our country??????
        We are turning into the middle east.
        To the families of the slain officers my heart felt sorrow for your loss.

        This is so awful GOD HELP US, GOD HELP US, GOD HELP US………

        I have relatives that are in law enforcement too.



        • an armed society is a polite society. just remember, when seconds COUNT, a cop is only HOURS away.

      8. Total setup….same script, don’t matter who they sacrifice.

      9. And so it begins……….
        On one side:
        Entitled Savages Allowed to run Amuck.
        They are Allowed to Rape-Rob-Murder-Steal-Deal Drugs-cause problems.
        –Four Savages beat two elderly women in Dallas just within last few days.
        It took four thugs to beat and rob two senior citizens and beat one senior lady black and blue almost unrecognizable. Four thugs beating two elderly women! Scumbags.

        On the other side:
        Entitled officials in uniform Allowed to falsify evidence-false charges-beating and roughing people up-shooting unarmed people. Bullying law abiding people. Police have bullied people until they have few if any friends. No ACCOUNTABILITY when they Murder unarmed people. Badge is license to kill unarmed people. No consequences.

        I have been in combat. First rule is to make friends with Locals. Be Polite, be Respectful, be Nice. Be professional. Help people when you can. People don’t always hold it against you, “If they know you are just doing a job in a professional manner.” (Why don’t Police understand this?)
        Show respect. Be Nice and maybe, just maybe, that old man will shake his head “no” when he sees that you are walking into an ambush. Saving you and your squad from Death. An old man did that for me. That is why I am here. Pays dividends to have local friendlies.

        Be strong. Be tough. Project readiness and strength. But be polite, nice, helpful when possible, be kind, show respect. Make friends. Don’t bully. Don’t push people around. That is what kept us alive. Friendly Locals saved our ass.

        Police and Law enforcement has ALIENATED most everyone. Savage and Citizen alike. It is a cold world when you are standing alone, with no friends. “What goes around comes around.” “You get back what you give.”

        Hospital wounded officers were taken to is near bad area. Which is good. Because Hospital Medical Trauma unit has more experience treating gun shot wounds.
        (Savage on savage violence is rampant in Dallas. So that hospital is good for getting gun shot treatment.)

        Hopefully those wounded officers will be Ok and heal up. Wish them a speedy recovery. Condolences to the families of those fallen. Difficult times.

        Hopefully officers recover and both sides step back and cool down.
        Civilization is very Fragile. We All must remain Calm and do our part to preserve Peace.

        • New video of the Baton Rouge incident has emerged. It now looks like the shooting was justified. The cops apparently saw the ? before any shots were fired.

        • Agree. Have 30 years of law enforcement/correctional experience.

          Very well written…

        • Everybody needs to back down. When it was decided to put police in patrol cars and off the beat. that hurt public relations. It was part of the alienation problem between law enforcement and the public. A us VS them mindset.

      10. Why bring a gun to protest?

        • So that when other peaceful brothas at the peace protest shoot you, you can shoot back.

          • I’ve been to plenty of Tea Party and similar rallies where the majority of the attendees were armed, and half of those with AR’s. You’re falling into the anti-rights trap…

        • I love the contrast between his swaggering muscle pose as a bad MF with a rifle and his sad, begging face when he found out cops were looking for him. “I’m totally innocent.” Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

          • Good comment.

        • why would I leave it home?

        • guns SAVE lives in america E-V-E-R-Y DAY….THAT’s why you don’t leave it home.

      11. Why bring a gun to protest?

        • Because its perfectly;y legal

          whats yer point?

          • ^^^^ EXACTLY.

            Same reason I take a gun to work, to the coffee shop, to the school when I drop the kids off, etc.

      12. This “suspect” could be an undercover cop. Who knows. We don’t know real from actors. Blood from Holoween red stuff.

        I want to know who the cops are that are dead or wounded. Is there a reason why someone would want them killed.

        Is George Soros going to be prosecuted for this. Or is this a George Soros Hollywood Production??

        The media only reports black men killed by cops. If they made a Federal Case out of every black killed by a black, do you think Black Lives Matter would shoot up more blacks, no they would probably find a way to blame white people cause of slavery which was the J**ws that done that to them and the whites that freed them. Stupid black people don’t know a J** from a can of shine ola. Stop white genocide. Cops RIP.

        • you need more study time on your history, amigo.
          Jews had nothing to do with slave trade in the u.s. …
          Any person who would enslave another is a tyrant…
          and that defines the left in America.
          abolitionism came very early in america and some jews were part of that movement…
          It seems you are speaking from anger instead of knowledge
          those same disgusting pigs that would enslave us all, would revel in misguided hate talk like this, don’t give it to them.
          and “they” are the progressive leftwing democrats AND republican gop

      13. Wonder if those shooters understand that the police have snipers too? Bet the next BLM protest there will be some cops on sniper duty.

      14. Another Soros paid for event (Black Lives Matter).
        Obumber will be calling for Gun Control by end of day.
        A planned event by NWO to take our guns!!!

      15. So planted bombs explains why the guy in NY had his foot blown off. It was prematurely discovered. Turning our cit is into war zones.

      16. Last night, I saw an interview conducted with one of the witnesses who had been close to the shootings. She was very prosaic in her comments about the night. Said that “we didn’t have that here in Dallas… all the hate, they are bringing it here. It’s inevitable…”
        What I see happening is a cooling off on the part of the black community as a result of these shootings. Thugs will be thugs, but the majority of people interviewed last night were disgusted by what happened and had to realize their “protest” was Co opted.
        The one civilian that was shot accidentally, was the mother of three sons who threw herself on her boys to protect them when shots rang out. There are going to be a lot of ignorant comments about how the police deserved this on social media over the next few days… but, I’d bet a silver bar that many black people are rethinking the way that they have been manipulated lately.

        • God I hope so!

      17. “Another man was taken into custody but protesters say he had nothing to do with the shooting”
        They ALL had something to do with the shooting, arrest them ALL and hang them ALL by the neck until dead.

      18. notice Obama sending regards to black victims but nothing to the families of the dead cops in Dallas. you know where he stands. and then he says police departments need to all reform!

      19. Looks like our company will have a record day in gun sales today.

        The sad part is- I had to leave my gun at home today because I have to go on a federal reservation later. But on the flip side, I’m taking home 1000rds of .223, 600rds of 9mm and 4 cases of mountain house. 😉

      20. I wonder how many dogs this has saved?
        I wonder how many false arrests this may have stopped?
        I wonder how many falsely accused this will stop?
        I wonder how many women will be able to go through their day without being raped ?
        I wonder how many people wont have to go through false legal issues because of this?
        I wonder how many peoples life savings this will save?

        I wonder how many peoples freedom this just just saved?

        Hey ,, if you poke a wolverine with a stick and it jumps up and rips yer balls off , is it really the wolverines fault?

        yep.. when you kill innocent people and walk around arrogant about it and free… Hell can come to visit

        I dont expect their IQ #’s to point that out to them, so watch for the gun grab push because of this FF.. and watch for a more “Federalized” Law Enforcement .. and a more kill or be killed mind set from the pigs .. hey your tail light is out Pew Pew Pew

        • You’re an ignorant idiot.


      21. I wonder how many dogs this has saved?
        I wonder how many false arrests this may have stopped?
        I wonder how many falsely accused this will stop?
        I wonder how many women will be able to go through their day without being raped ?
        I wonder how many people wont have to go through false legal issues because of this?
        I wonder how many peoples life savings this will save?

        I wonder how many peoples freedom this just just saved?

        Hey ,, if you poke a wolverine with a stick and it jumps up and rips yer balls off , is it really the wolverines fault?

        yep.. when you kill innocent people and walk around arrogant about it and free… Hell can come to visit

        I dont expect their IQ #’s to point that out to them, so watch for the gun grab push because of this FF.. and watch for a more “Federalized” Law Enforcement .. and a more kill or be killed mind set from the pigs .. hey your tail light is out Pew Pew Pew

      22. This is a government sponsored false flag to get the folks in the streets riled enough to continue the carnage at the RNC and DNC. Martial Law coming folks. If there was ever a time to make last minute preps, get packed, and ready to go, then that time is now. Please do not panic. Just calmly get ready. The RNC is tomorrow and two more Saturdays away. So inventory, fill in the blank spaces, pray, and prepare. God bless to all. Please let me add also, this is absolutely no time to be talking to your reluctant family members and friends about prepping. As the man with the Crown of Thorns said, “Let the dead bury the dead”. It will become clearer when Obama arrives in Dallas and starts a nationwide push to ban all guns. Brace yourselves. thanks

      23. The man in the picture carrying his AR turned himself into the police when he found out his picture was posted. He had nothing to do with it. He was practicing his constitutional right and did everything right. He has already been released.

      24. Race war + TPTB + population control + Armed Citizens + False flags + Religion Banned + Satanic media × North Korea × RUSSIA × UN × CHINA = …..A LONG A$$ SUMMER….
        This is it guys….Great tribulations are at the front door.

      25. The “suspect” turned himself in and was later released.

      26. Houston advertised for crisis actors months ago, false flag. hackers intercepted emails between BLM and Lynch to riot and enact martial law in order to keep the HNIC in office. 67% deems want HNIC for 3 terms..all nigs want him too.

      27. More proof that democRATS shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms.

      28. It has nothing to do with Democrats or Liberals or any other political party, or all Cops, or all Blacks, and so on. It has everything to do with psychopaths allowed to work and live among us instead of locked up behind bars or institutionalized where they all belong. But people without a conscience are allowed to run for office and live and work among us and that is the real problem.

        When psychopaths are given a gun and a badge (and some LE are psychopaths, not all but some) and psychopath “educators” (some teachers are psychopaths, not all but some) are allowed to indoctrinate our children in our public schools and psychopaths are allowed to run for office (Hillary to name one of many) and about half of all U.S. Judges are psychopaths and the list goes on and on, this is the outcome. But they have us focusing on race, religion, political party, etc, so our reality is distorted and we fail to see what’s really happening.

        The REAL problem is people who should be locked up and supervised, and not be allowed to roam free and blend in with society or to hold powerful positions. Amazingly, most psychopaths have a clean background record either because they haven’t yet committed an actionable offense or committed crimes that are very hard to prove or they did commit a crime and got away with it so there is no record and they aren’t locked up as they should be.

        Usually only the victims of these maniacs know the person is a psychopath as they are good at hiding it from those they need to deceive/impress. It’s hard to determine psychopathy. Even a genetic/DNA test cannot prove one has this inherited disorder, nor does a MRI.

        Most often we find out after the fact, when it’s too late. Psychopaths among us are the real problem but most Americans are too busy focusing on or pointing a finger at a specific group and painting all of them with the same brush (ALL cops are criminals, ALL Blacks are criminals, ALL Muslims are criminals, ALL Dems/Libs or Repubs are criminals, and so on and on) because that’s what TPTB and psychopaths in power brainwashed and taught us to do, so that we’re oblivious to the truth and divided we fall.

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