Updated: Picture Analysis: “I’m NOT a terrorist… I was just watching the marathon”

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    Updated April 18, 2013:

    One of the individuals identified as a potential Boston bomber through web crowd sourcing has stepped forward after seeing his photos spread virally all over the internet:

    I’m NOT a terrorist… I was just watching the marathon.

    A teenage boy wrongly identified as a Boston bombing suspect fought back tears as he told how he begged police to help him clear his name.

    Sulahaddin Barhoum clutched a handful of his own running medals on a red, white and blue ribbon as he told MailOnline of his terror at being falsely accused.

    The 17-year-old Moroccan, who moved to the U.S. with his family four years ago, said: ‘Late last night friends started calling and emailing me – they said my photo was all over the internet, that I was a suspect in the Boston bombing.

    ‘I was terrified, I have never been in trouble and I feared for my security,’ he said.

    ‘At 1.30am I called a friend to take me to the state police – I walked in to the lobby and told them I thought I was wanted by the FBI. They didn’t know what to make of it.

    ‘I had my papers with me and I gave them my social security number so they could check me out.

    ‘They didn’t even take me into a private room. They made some calls, then said I was free to go.



    The Real Suspects are now the most wanted men in the world:

    The FBI today released images of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing the bureau still considers to be “armed and extremely dangerous.”

    A source close to the investigation told ABC News authorities have “good confidence” that these men perpetrated the crime.

    ABC News


    Original Report:

    Reports that the FBI/DHS have identified a potential suspect or suspects are now emerging. According to Reuters, at the time of this writing no arrests have been made.

    There are however, persons-of-interest.

    A press conference is scheduled for later today, but for the time being law enforcement officials are keeping mum.

    Nonetheless, alternative media and internet users have been conducting their own investigations.

    And some of the evidence for who the culprit(s) may be is quite compelling.

    As you’ll see from the pictures below, it’s possible that a white, middle-aged lone wolf American male was involved. Or, with two bombs, one must consider the possibility, counter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, that this was not a ‘lone wolf’ attack and that it was carried out by members of foreign terrorist organizations.

    The analysis in pictures below, provided by Infowars.com, shows various potential suspects.

    And if we’re looking at this, you can bet the FBI, DHS, and others are doing so as well, on a much larger scale.

    Raw Video of blasts:

    You can view all related images, videos and analysis at Infowars.com

    Expect arrests to be made, or official suspect images and descriptions to be released, in short-order.

    With the scale and cost of the existing surveillance infrastructure in America, it’s amazing that no one is in custody yet.

    Was it a homegrown flag waving Patriot group?

    A domestic lone wolf?

    Iranian sponsored?

    Or Al Queda’s USA-based faction?

    Speculation abounds. Theories will emerge. Distractions will be prevalent.

    The narrative will soon be released, and as with any government-managed crisis, it will aim to exploit.


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      1. **BREAKING: Suspect Identified: Who Dunnit: Al Queda, Lone Wolf, Gadsden Flag Waving Patriots OR ISREAHELL JEW MOSSAD ?

        ” I bet 50 ounces of Silver … IT WAS THE ISREAHELL ZOG JEW MOSSAD who blew up Boston !!!”


        • The real question is, who will they conveniently blame?

          • ;0p SLURP !

            • Daisy, who they goina blame? America. It is either an American (need more control of the citizens) or American suppression caused the act.
              Either way, tptb had advanced warning.

              • They had all the control they needed in 1776. Everything after that date is about control.

                “The people will not understand the importance of the Second Amendment until it is too late.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

                • I’m thinking these pictures will be everywhere on the MSM, to sell people on the value of 24hr video surveillance in THEIR city.

                  Gee, let us put up cameras to watch your every move so we can protect you better. Doubt they will mention that with all those cameras AND security the bomb could still not be stopped in the midst of a drill intended to do it.

                  Something smells a little funny to me.

                  I don’t know what is worse. Bombing the race or using the bombing to further the advancement of evil.

                  • The cameras belong to stores. As for me, as long as they are not filming me in my house I really don’t care. In fact, whoever they are don’t care. Get over yourself. You are not that important.

                  • I just watched an Alex Jones video and he made some sense of the drills being done simultaneously with the attacks…

                    It done in case they get caught, then they can just say it was a part of the drill.

                  • The red-thumb kosher thought police are on patrol. They spend as much time here as they do at the doughnut/bagel shop. [laughing]

                  • Totall agree, would like to see more media curiousity on exactly what ‘drill’ was taking place as the bombs were detonating and why there are military guys taking down blown up fencing – which would be evidence btw.
                    After over 12 years of the “War on Terror” the American people are supposed to accept that the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. and the entire U.S. security establishment haven’t got a clue as to who carried this out. Americans are supposed to accept that despite the trillions spent on the war-on-terror-post 9-11-paradigm some individual with pressure cookers, radio-controlled model batteries and black duffel bags, outsmarted the entire U.S. security apparatus and pulled off a heinous act. To top it all off everyone is supposed to accept that the FBI and police are begging the public for assistance, because they are, in reality, clueless.

                • Meanwhile all of these people have shaved their heads, grown beards, spilled acid on their faces and caught a plane to Timbuktu.

                  Thanks 4Chan. Nothing quite like giving criminals advanced warning.

                • God Bless that boy. Nobody should ever have to go through that. This entire thing is bullshit from stem to stern. Whoever the perpetrators are, the Lord has a plan for them.

              • It sad the one eye willy bastard plan on destroying life. Im not suprise by this at all. they all work under one dark leader.its a shame this Christian funded land is now falling apart by religious nuts and gay degrees pluto loving venus workshipping copy cats. The light will never be overwhelmed by the dark. One true God.

          • @ Daisy, If the “primary suspect” is of the Caucasian persuasion…expect a very rapid and gleeful announcement all over the “idiot box” any moment now…otherwise, THIS MAY NEVER BE SOLVED if you get my point!

            • Yental ~ You’ve got that right. It will be far more “convenient”, won’t it?

              This is from the article above in the red bar across the top of the page:

              …the ”man sought as a possible suspect is a white male, wearing white baseball cap on backwards, a gray hoodie and a black jacket.”

              “…authorities have video of a man in a black jacket on a cell phone, wearing a gray hoodie and a white baseball cap backwards placing a black bag at the second bomb site outside of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street and then leaving the area before that explosion.

              Orr said the man was on the phone at the second bomb site when the first bomb exploded.”

              • “Stay-on-it” Daisy. You will most probably not believe or like what is ultimately concluded and perpetrated in the lame-stream-media parroting the White House and ABC-Agencies and associated accomplices of said government.

                THEY HAVE AN AGENDA. YOU have a better agenda, aka the TRUTH. A hint that will likely cause conflict with many readers, but so be it. Nina-O is 100% correct with matters concerning the ZOG connection.

                MUCH WORSE is soon coming unless publishing “bloodhounds” like you expose the REAL WIZARD behind the curtain. Remember, the more “flak” you receive, the closer to the REAL target you ARE FLYING!

                I have full confidence that you will “stay on the scent” and publish your findings regardless of the coming “flak”. Cheers my dear and ONWARD THROUGH THE COMING FLAK/FOG!

                • Howdy yental, Daisy,

                  Ummm…is it just me or is the guy in the white ball cap seem to have – up-close – facial features that are NOT classically Caucasian? Not being even approximately racist here…look at the nose, the lips…mediterranean by the look…so seems to me. Bear in mind as well that ‘in canera’ almost all skin tone is ‘different’ than it is to the naked eye…only a direct side-by-side is ever useful when comparing such. Specifically, look at the enlarged photo above the frame labeled “No Cap”

                  Oh, and Yes…I’ve spent a lot of time in photograpy…I own a D60 if that’s any indication…with multiple F1 series lenses (Ouch… the COST!!!)


                  • @ JOG, Whatever “facts” and “photo evidence” that may, or may not be released (Sandy Hoax), it will only appear on the “idiot box” and reported by the lame-stream-media if it corroborates the conclusions presented by the likes of “Wolf” CNN Blitzer from the get-go. The culprit MUST be a prepper, constitutional patriot, tax protester, patriot day enthusiast, tea party lunatic, or OTHER government antagonist.

                    Otherwise, look for some prolific “photo shopping” and unbelievably rapid suspect capture and most importantly…CONFESSION.

                    Frankly, I am surprised THEY didn’t used “drugged up vets” armed with “assault style weapons(semi-auto nasties”) to further the GUN CONTROL push. Actually makes me nervous. The next “trick-up-their-sleeve” will likely make this “unfortunate incident” appear as less than a “ant fart” by comparison.

                    I am no “photo analysis expert”, but it sounds to me as if you can add extremely valuable input as this “psuedo-flag” continues to develop. Hope you will post what you find as this continues to “develop”. Thanks.

                  • JOG: Agree completely. The guy in the white hat does not have classic caucasian features . The gut in the blue Adidas sweats definitely is middle eastern. The third guy standing with the first guy in similar kakhi pants and boots, could be european and their “handler”.

                    All have short hair and appear to be in good physical condition. Almost military. I’m guessing Mossad.

                  • Howdy yental,

                    Repsonding here…the button below your response is ‘greyed out’…

                    Yup, there IS always that! We’ve already seen that the ‘other side’ will stoop to whatever game is required to promote thier ends…at our expense. Witness today’s photo-op from the White House…

                    Be of Good cheer though…our Adversary’s FAILED today! Still VIGILANCE is WARRANTED, neither though the Battle won, is it also the case that so is the War. Such continues. Along that line of thought allow me to provide an insight into the moind of another of the Adversay’s of Constitution….Ms Feinstein.

                    “The Horrible Story That Explains Why Gun Control Is So Personal For Dianne Feinstein.”


                    So, here we have another misguided attempt on the part of a politician to
                    interfere with OUR Constitution based on thier emotional response to a personal
                    event in thier own life…not as an issue of Good Law, not an issue of the Rights
                    guaranteed by the Founders…just her own misguided effort to subvert something
                    that is fundanentally beyond her intellectual grasp. The experiences of a SINGLE
                    Person do NOT form a BASIS for altering a Constitutuion that has stood the test of
                    time for more than 225 YEARS….REGARDLESS of WHAT THOSE WERE!!!

                    Know the MIND of your Adversary…


                    PS: With respect to, “Frankly, I am surprised THEY didn’t used “drugged up vets” armed with “assault style weapons(semi-auto nasties”) to further the GUN CONTROL push”…be WATCHFUL, everyone and watch your ‘Mouths here’ as well..Remember, ‘it’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it!’ the game here is about to up-shift again! As if you all didn’t know that already…

                  • That picture above looks like someone from the Middle East. You look at the influence of the characters down in Yemen, and I think this is a good possibility. Yemen in right next to Saudi Arabia, and we continue to see many terrorist coming from Saudi Arabia. Of course the U.S. continues to bow down to the grand oil God named OPEC, so Saudi Arabia continues to be such a “dependable” ally. This oil dependency is why the enemies of the U.S., especially Saudi Arabia and their citizens, continue to allow the U.S. to commit treason against the country’s security. Let’s never forget about Pakistan, as a possible terrorist attacker coming from, that the U.S. supposedly works with.

                    Same holds true with China, one of the two countries that can literally blow up the entire U.S. and has hundreds of ICBM’s and submarine lauchced ballisitc missiles aimed right at the homeland. Yet, the U.S. continues to be China and many other countries’ bitch and sell out our good jobs overseas. The congrees, BO and every other president that has sold out the country and the people to the enemy share the major blame for terrorist attacks, the destruction of the infrastructure, extreme unemployment, outer space level debt, future wars and true attacks, in other words the death of the U.S. that should have never gotten to this level.

                  • Hi J.O. Guy. I agree.
                    Not Mediterranean though. I would guess Arabic/ Israeli. Along with several other players in this. Wish I had an enhancement of the ball cap of the guy crouching in the doorway behind the South Korean flag. Maybe a match to the two clowns in the 5.11 pants,desert combat boots, squeaky clean haircuts and matching his and hers jackets.I would guess they had a training op going on with foreign nationals and someone pulled off an attack right under their nose and got away.

                • yental,

                  What will you say if they find out it was a terrorist attack from a foreign terror cell? How will you twist that one, I know, just ask the experts here that seem to know everything. My God people, wait and see what comes of this, stop acting like paranoid idiots.

                  The guys they have singled out do seem to be of foreign persuasion so that tells me it aint a white American male. Got it? You give the inept government more credit than they deserve, conspiracy, I don’t think so.

                  Blood hound? You are kidding right?

                  • After years of reading comments on this site and others like it, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing I fear and am preparing for is the return of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

                    Sure, have a couple of weeks of extra food but this train isn’t going to stop until the boss of us all says so. I gave away all of my paranoid stock pile to the needy and I know in my heart that I am now a free person because I am not chained to the everyday uncertainty and mind boggling preparing for what, I don’t even know. My Family is a lot happier now to. Now we are living, not simply waiting with baited breath. My children are blossoming, where as before, they were stuck in fear.

                    Whatever happens, happens, it is meant to be and when you die, that is when you are supposed to. Simple philosophy but in my mind it is true and a fact. Enough said, I have to carry on with my life in the real world.

                  • Hmmmm….reply bar on the one I wanted to reply too are gray-ed out? Anyways yeah….I know what you mean about the fear. I’m in the midst of some life changes, all good. My focus and goal has always been self-sufficiency, and I’m making changes that will simplify my life. I give up on fear, ‘sides the Lord says “Fear not for I am with you”.

                  • I take it you believe the government sponsored theory of 9/11 as well “swinger”! Saudi’s with box cutters and buildings collapse at free fall speed into their own foundational footprint while managing to “dustify” concrete and STEEL in the process. Only source ignition for this magnificent event…kerosene (jet fuel) which was completely consumed in “the impact blast”.

                    I won’t waste my time referencing building WTC 7 or the aerodynamic impossibility of the “pentagon strike” by a 757 aircraft exceeding all structural parameters of “said aircraft”.

                    The ONLY terrorist I fear…are the ones already here playing the “give up more of your liberty/freedom for the sake of safety CARD”!

                • Must have “hit” the right nerve on this one. The “troll patrol” is out in force. “Flak”, I do love it. Keep those “red thumbs” lubricated and active…MOST can’t resist the urge to read which simply provides more “exposure”. ;)!

            • Yental et al. Good thing about the multiple videos is no reasonable person can argue with it. I don’t know why one race would cause glee and another race would cause the case to not be solved. It is who it is. Foreign or domestic.

              • THEY want a “white”, anti LARGE GOVERNMENT, which the Constitution and Bill of Rights were inherently designed to PREVENT: to further demonize law abiding, gun owning, Constitution based PATRIOTS as the single greatest “domestic terror threat”. Everyone else “gets-a-pass”.

                Do some serious research on Benghazi and LEARN something useful. Al-CIA-DUH (proven) are now our buddies in Syria. WE are arming OUR supposed enemy. Because, THEY are not OUR enemy, but useful and greedy CIA/Mossad sponsored “terrorists”.

            • “THIS MAY NEVER BE SOLVED”

              Possible, but the regular FBI agents will do their jobs. Once they start getting relevant information and building a real case, then the Directors will get involved and politics will become part of the equation. The perps were almost certainly either connected with an Islamist organization, North Korea/PRC, or both. They could be members, agents, sympathizers or mercenaries. Cui Bono? I’m betting on DPRK/PRC using Islamists. The whole point of the North Korean tempest seems to be humiliating our military in the eyes of our Asian allies. The exercises were used to further the Obama Admin’s policy of ‘A Pivot toward Asia’ everyone knows it is a response to PRC’s forceful naval policies to dominate the South China Sea (East China Sea, Sea of Japan, including Southeast Asia, Philippine, Malay, Indonesian, etc. possessions). And policies to undermine the US$ as the world reserve currency. The Obama admin fell right into the ChiCom trap, sending the effete John Kerry, hat in hand to beg the PRC to help with the DPRK, making the U.S. look weak and PRC look powerful to everyone in the region. Reminds me of the quote from Braveheart, “Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country.”

              DPRK said they would attack us on our home soil on April 15th, and BINGO! right in front of the whole world a terrorist attack right under the noses of bomb sniffing dogs and security in the heart of New England. The Islamists were watching and said, ‘D4MN! they can’t stop that sort of attack, Hmmmm, let’s see, its easy to sneak across the Mexican border and Obama’s has weakened the already VERY WEAK border security and releases even the border jumpers that the Border Patrol manages to catch despite being hamstrung by the Federal Gov’t….’ PRC hopes for a bunch of Islamist attacks, politically the military attention would be forced back toward M.E. away from Asia, PRC would then push harder on the Naval and Currency fronts.

              • Those two military guys (Navy Seals, as one of them is wearing a hat bearing the Seal emblem)were sloppy (allowing themselves to be photographed, not blending in, etc). It appears whoever is doing this does so with impunity.

                This will be blamed on:
                a) Lone wolf patriot
                b) Iranian operation

                • Or golly, perhaps they want to be visible to deter crime? I saw some cops with uniforms on the other day. They were going to do something with impunity.

          • well I recognise one of the logos, but all that does is tell us who was the intended patsy.

            • The two guys in the black coats and tan pants should be easy to identify—all they have to do is match the photo to their FBI ID cards on file…

              • Very well could be right about them being FBI but if so, they would not be the bombers. The FBI would dress and disguise someone to look like an old lady. This is not how they would for whatever reason bomb people.

                • lately, the FBI has been handling bombers and setting them up for arrest—FBI showing their faces there does not give me comfort at all.

            • White skull on black cap? Yes, its a Seal Team logo. Dressed the same, desert style boots and khakis complete with ear pieces, mil haircuts and they are both wearing body armor under those black jackets. Nothing baulks up a jacket or shirt like body armor!! ; )
              Military guys just can’t hide in a crowd. But they aren’t cops. I’m ex Mil and you can just tell there from Delta, Seals or similar. Maybe even Blackwater ……? Hmmmmm

              • Those guys are not SEAL’s or Delta. They wear their hair longer to blend in without looking military. They might be FBI, or some other military members though.

              • Hmmmmm wrong.

            • Seal Team Logo!

              • I have a hat that says LA Dodgers. Doesn’t make me a dodger.

            • Craft Intl

          • It HAS to be this guy. Only one black backpack was made.

              • you might actually be on to something here… In the 2 pics that make up the red and blue cross (both guys are on cell phones in the top picture) the guy on the right w/ the white cap is clearly wearing 511 pants (you can make out the knife pocket on the upper left thigh),in the lower pic the patch on the black cap looks like the punisher skull. It’s commonly used as a symbol defining commandos… for you guys that have been in the sand box recently, check my eyes for me, and let me know what you think…


          • Let’s keep in mind that the really important people were not present when the bomb(s) went off. If they wanted to do maximum damage and get the most important people, and coverage, it(they) would have gone off a minute BEFORE the first runner crossed the line. That would have been when all of the important government and news people would have been present, not the three hours later after all of those people went safely home and only innocent family members and friends of the runners were there.

            The same thing happened in 9/11 when there were few, if any, important people in the buildings, even though they usually were there at that time of day. But then, you don’t want to actually kill someone important that might get looked at a little closer, do you?

            • you people call that a bomb???inside a pressure cooker
              give me a break,,some on here know explosives come on people speak up,,my 12 year old granddaughter can build a better bomb,,


          • You mean like the guy who posted these pictures and identified ‘suspects’ with circles around them, without any knowledge of who is a suspect and who isn’t?

          • I wonder who hired these guys. Notice the punisher skull on that guys hat. This stinks all over the place of private contracters, which means goverenment connections, not Blackwater but one of the lower class groups. Triple Canopy or Section Eight maybe. This was definitely organized, the pants the military boots, the punisher skull is one of their logo’s, not sure which ones, arrogant bastards. But thats a conspiracy, just my opinion. Who knows what really happened. Once you think you got it all figured out, your wrong, thats how conspiracy works.

            • just said the same, should probably read all comments b4 posting… sorry guys…


        • RT: Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

          It’s easier to cover things up if they are involved in the investigation.

          • Why in the world would a country of 330 million need outside help for an investigation? Does someone think this may actually be executed by foreign folk? I guess even our experts believe they are not up to the task on this one.

            • Why Israeli Police? To make sure guilt is deflected away from the Mossad. Why else?

              Also, the white FAT guy with the bag is obviously a bureaucrat. CIA no doubt.

              This IS a False Flag. No doubt in my mind.

              • Hey DK

                I see your Conservative/Republican scumbag senator John McCain voted with the Socialists/Collectivists on gun control.

                Yep…AZ is full of Patriots. LOL.

                • Yeah, glad ‘ol softball jaw had his ass handed to him by a Democrat. Who’d a thought it?

                  • PO’d Patriot says:

                    “Yeah, glad ‘ol softball jaw had his ass handed to him by a Democrat. Who’d a thought it?”

                    What the f**k are you trying to say??

                  • Well apparently 5 folks got it. Head for the bench you’ve been relieved

              • Now I have no brain…
                So I blame the Mossad!

              • Drango Kidd – Put your tin hat back on!

                Folks are trying to put way too much blame/credit in the air for this attack, without a scrap of provable evidence.

                Remember we are a Country of Laws and Justice.

        • I’ll take that bet. Lets make it 100 oz’s. Where do I collect?

          • thats a pretty confident bet @bill … lets just be patient and see … the truth always percolates to the surface of the swamp of ZOG FEDGOV LIES in the end .


        • You are an idiot!

        • They do appear to be of middle eastern decent.

          • Either that, or like in that movie, Illega Immigrant, “You ain’t Mexican!” “Im a ligh skin Mexican!”

          • AZ,
            The MSM, and the rest of the demented liberals are praying to whatever god they prey to that it’s a white person.
            Could there be any more disgusting, vial self hatred of ones race or promotion of a worped ideology to make such a wish?

            • Salon(dot)com has an article titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

              • Just read it. The article intent was not having a bombing war.

            • Salon(dot)com has an article titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

            • They call their God government. They still practice human sacrifice, it’s called abortion. To that crowd, a woman is allowed to be pro-choice only if she chooses to kill her child.

          • Or Italian, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, or as you say middle eastern. This is also assuming the photos are of the correct suspects. The photos look promising but could be easily explained.

        • Hey fuck wad.

          I keep seeking this zog shit.

          Why don’t you do us all a favor and at least give us a definition of what the fuck you mean?

          • i bet you miss riding the Short Yellow Bus to School every day ya’ Mental Midget !

            does your mommy still wipe your bum too ???

            look it up yourself ya’ lazy dipsheeit …

            startpage (dot) com

            ;0P pssszzt

          • ZIONiST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT or ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT (abbreviated as ZOG) is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime.
            The expression is used by antisemitic groups such as white supremacist in the United States and Europe, ultra-nationalist such as Pamyat in Russia, and various far-right groups, including some in Poland.
            Source: wikipedia.org

            • A conspiracy, yes, but not at all a “theory”:

              “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
              Mayer Amschel Rothschild

              The dynastic tribal banksters do indeed own and occupy “our” government.

              • Must have touched yet another Zionist nerve with the truth:

                A conspiracy, yes, but not at all a “theory”:

                “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
                Mayer Amschel Rothschild <—not an "Islamofascist"

                The dynastic tribal banksters do indeed own and occupy “our” government.

                • The paranoid racist whelp yips.

            • Mind, every part of that is true except the “far-right” part. When you start talking like National Socialists, that’s far-left U.N. propaganda you’re spewing.

        • Well, we don’t want to jump to conclusions – but, I see today that the ‘Israelis’ are rushing to send their special agents to Boston to ‘help’ with the investigation.

          Thus, anyone in possession of at least 2 or 3 properly functioning brain cells would observe this development – then take into account the long history of Israeli false flag activities – and ask themselves: Are the Israelis arriving to ‘help’ the Boston investigators – or are they arriving in order to position themselves to be better able to ‘steer’ the direction that the investigation takes and to be on the inside, in order to have access to latest leads and to cover up any Israeli role in the bombing incidents?

        • the LOGO on the black cap is from the comic book ( opps graphic novel ) the punisher if you look close there are words on the back of his hat

          so there you have it its some whacked out comic book reading video game player

          skittle shittin unicorn

        • Salah Barhoun is the 17 year old kid in the photos with the blue jacket. He was horrified when he realized his photo was on the web acting suspicious. He in turn went to the FBI. This illustrates that often things are not as they appear. This kid went to watch a race and nothing else. By the way on the 3rd photo down, it is marked the backpack appears missing.
          I can clearly see the strap over HIS right shoulder. He crossed the strap over his body and the bag would be on the left side. Everyone needs to be reasonable and quit seeing things or not seeing things that bolster their idea.
          I would bet that all the military or Fed looking guys are in fact just that. I would also bet they could blend or the government could find someone who could blend in much better. They were not concerned with being seen due to being security and more than likely profiling terrorist. No one is perfect and as the Turner Diaries illustrate, how can you infiltrate small groups you don’t know exist?
          Please be reasonable and quit the speculation.

          • tsifn



          • I think of the poor guard who was publicized as the Atlanta bomber and never got his life back to normal.

            I am all for catching the suspects and being alert for false flag events but if we jump to conclusions and harm an innocent life in the process, then are we any better than some of the LEO who make raids on innocent parties? Internet comments can stick around and do a lot of damage.

            It is important to get the right suspects and to protect the innocent. The innocent have already been traumatized enough by just being at the bombing.

        • Satori, thank you for these updates — I have been cataloging these from you the last few days and will try to get something up in the next 24 hours.

          This is definitely important news, and the news coming out of China suggests that H7N9 is spreading, mutating rapidly, and possible now transmittable human-to-human…

          Thanks for keeping us informed with this!


          • Thanks Mac, I follow a Flu website and do some research on my own. This could be very bad, and please could some people not say it is a U.S. gov. conspiracy or Zionist? When people do this, it ruins their credibility and puts you in the same hole with Chris Matthews who blames eveything on right-wing, white males. Not everything is a conspiracy, and sometimes it just is what it is. This is just a very bad virus that could become very bad, just like the Spanish Flu, The Plague, Black Death, etc. These things have happened in the past without a conspiracy and they will happen again -without a conspiracy. Let’s just hope in burns itself out before it becomes that serious.

          • As of April 18, the number found infected from H7N9 is 87 with 17 fatalities,as Satori noted. All of the cases have been located in Northern and Western China. There have been media reports of infections outside of China but these have all been a different strain of Influenza A and not H7N9. (There was a seal die off last year in New England from a different Influenza A strain but it did not jump to humans.)

            The virus is still believed to be transmitted through contact with live avians but there is now a case that might involve human to human transmission. The brother of one victim has also contracted the virus and might have caught it from his brother.

            If the virus is mutating so it can be spread through a non-avain route, this would be a serious change, but no one is clear if the one case is transmission human to human or from exposure to a shared source. It has shown signs of adapting to survival in mammals which have a lower body temperature than avians.

            This still does not mean that this will cause an epidemic or pandemic. It would need to mutate to become better at being transmitted in humans/mammals to become a major threat. This would mean being transmitted through respiratory secretions or environmental contaminants.

            The WHO is now active in China and is issuing daily updates. They have asked the CDC to monitor the US for infections. Medical teams are to watch for influenza type symptoms, especially in people who have had a recent trip to China or have exposure to avians.

            The office test for influenza A will not recognize H7N9. The CDC is the only location that can identify the H7N9 strain here in the US. Laboratories are being asked to send any specimens that test positive for influenza A but negative for the current known strains to the CDC for identification.

            The virus appears to be fairly harmless to avians. Many infected birds exhibit few, if any, symptoms. This increases the risk of disease because it is not obvious if a bird is infected. Laboratory testing has shown oseltamivir(Tamaflu) and zanamivir(Relenza) to be effective against H7N9 but this has not been adequately tested in humans with H7N9.

            It appears that H7N9 causes severe respiratory symptoms similar to pneumonia although the researchers are starting to turn up evidence that some people have a very mild infection. I suspect that some of the severe cases result in cytokine storm where the immune system activates to the point that it becomes life threatening but I have not seen official reports confirming this.

            For people in the US, there is currently minimal risk from H7N9 unless you or people you know have just returned from China. However, it is important to pay attention to the updates as they are made available and to take reasonable actions to stay healthy so as to better fight off any new illness.

        • its already spreading internationally its not just in china … canada , germany , england also have reported cases of it . i’m sure there’s lots more not being reported or hidden from public view .

          everyone should stock up on raw garlic onion cinnamon lemon juice tumeric root l-arginine elderberry extract green tea colloidal silver .

          these will boost your immune systems , fight fever and fight inflammation .

          at first signs of sickness take the elderberry extract immediately .

          WASH YOUR HANDS RELIGIOUSLY avoid touching your face .


          • Talk about touching yourself…

            • If you would quit touching yourself and pay attention you might have something useful to say. Period

            • Talk about being touched!

        • Problem is, if Chinese officials say its only this amount, its probably a WHOLE LOT MORE! My friend from China said that they don’t need census workers in China because the officials there make up their own data… China constantly under reports any bad news.

          • ! If they don’t make it up they steal it.

        • Better order your N95 masks. I have a case of them.

        • Thanks, Eisen. Will keep that in mind. Durrr.

          • How did you know it was me since I forgot to type my name in?

            • @Eisencrap…

              Pretty simple really. Nobody does idiot better than you.

              • I would have to argue with you. We have a leader that has him beat in spades.

                • Spades…!?!?!?


                  You can’t say that!

                  You want the PC Police to bust down your keyboard?

                  ::I hear voices approaching from the distant pitchfork-carrying crowd… “Racist! Burn the racist!”::

                • He makes the D.C. ass-clown look like a genius.

                • SAY WHAT!WASP.

            • “How did you know it was me since I forgot to type my name in?”

              The busted caps lock key was a dead giveaway.

            • Eisenkraut – Was wondering where you were hiding – made any investments yet? I have some Ocean front property in Montana if you wanta buy some land…


          DEMS…don’t hire them. Let them enjoy the social programs.

          I give front of the line status to Repubs and NRA members.

      2. AmeriCa is a ” Failed State ” !!!

        time to batten down the hatches and make your last minute preps for the rest of the year … cause in case no one told you THE S is H T F across ZOG AmeriKa .


        • The World Is Being Prepared For A Deluge Of Negative News That Will Coincide With A Controlled Demolition Of The Financial System All the events recently, Cyprus, Japan QE, Germany calling for Lisbon treaty changes, Korea and now Boston Marathon bombing all connected. The world is being prepared for a deluge of negative news that will coincide with a controlled demolition of the financial system. In the end THE GOVERNMENT WILL CONTROL AND OWN ALL OR MOST OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM. PUBLIC TRADED BANKS WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST. ENTER MAJORITY GOVERNMENT OWNED, MINORITY PUBLIC TRADED QUASI PRIVATE/PUBLIC INVESTMENT. http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-world-is-being-prepared-for-a-deluge-of-negative-news-that-will-coincide-with-a-controlled-demolition-of-the-financial-system/

      3. Breaking – background check expansion did not pass Senate vote. Got 54 votes, needed 60.

        • And…..no rifle used at Sandy Hoax…err….I mean Hook.


      4. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson noticed these people in the photos and noted them as suspects, and within minutes the news came out on CNN that a suspect was arrested. Then they backed off that statement and said no one was arrested.

        Also, they denied they were doing a drill, yet there were bomb-sniffing dogs there. Why didn’t the dogs find anything?

        • I’d be finding me some new dogs! What’s the saying? “That dog won’t hunt”

          • Maybe they weren’t trained to sniff bombs. That would stand to reason if it really is a false flag.

          • might not hunt but sure some good eating,,,


        • “Also, they denied they were doing a drill, yet there were bomb-sniffing dogs there. Why didn’t the dogs find anything?”

          They belong to the same people who have been investigating Benghazi..??

          • The dogs were working undercover. They were really crowd-control trained but were posing as drug dogs.!!!

            • You know, that actually makes sense.

              Instead of sniffing for explosives, they were probably sniffing everyone’s butts and crotches.

              Kind of like their TSA cousins.

              • BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!

                Hillary Clinton is demanding a congressional investigation into TSA sexual harassment at airport security checkpoints. She is furious! Hillary is quoted as saying “These patdowns have been carried out for over two years, and I have yet to get one!!!”

                The TSA goons aren’t as stupid as people think.

                • Maybe she was going thu airport security herself, hoping for a little lezbos action, but got turned down on the pat down? She’s just furious that she missed out on getting touched up!!

                • bob
                  yup those were smart fellow dogs or was it fart smellers
                  damn i hate getting senile,,,,,


          • They are federally owned dogs and were on break.

        • Hi El Tee,
          Several look Middle Eastern; The white hat with sunglasses guy and his buddy in the blue sports jacket for sure. The two coconuts in 5.11 cargo pants, combat boots, squeaky clean hair cuts and matching his and her jackets are almost certainly military or former. Agency guys would, at least try to blend in. These two retards stick out like sore thumbs. Defiantly amateurs. My questions are these: Who are they talking to on the phone? Who is the knuckle head on the roof?

          • @just me thinking…

            Maybe they were “management” types.

        • @LT……

          I read a bulletin put out by Gunsamerica.com today that the dogs are not trained to alert on black powder.

          Don’t ask me why. I don’t have a clue. One would think they would be trained to alert to that….but evidently, they aren’t.

          Makes no sense to me either.

          • The are trained to hit on barium and antimony. Not black powder per say but part of bullets.

        • I saw somewhere that these bomb sniffing dogs are not trained to detect black powder, and the possibility that these primitive bombs had used black powder seems to be the growing suspicion, at least in some circles.

          I saw this speculation on gun website, maybe ammoland.com or something like that. It was also suggested that the reason black powder might have been used by the perps was because the objective might be to give the government the pretext they want to go after anyone who reloads their own ammunition. This sounded plausible to me.

          These gun grabbing Communist bastards are trying to cover all their bases, friends.

      5. News media already reporting (ie giving their opinions) that black powder and gun powder is really easy to get and cheap. Anyone want to guess what will be next to attempt to ban? Reloading equipment and ammo. We have to get rid of all of this dangerous gun powder that is so easy for anyone to buy and use to build an IED. After all there is no legitament reason for anyone to need to load their own shells when they can buy ammo. It’s coming, just wait.

        • Yup

          and watch the next series of runs on Gun powder reloading equip etc.

          most stores are no where even close to normal yet and this will do nothing but fuel more runs. now all the powder sells out in 30 mins or less and forget Bullets and Brass that’s 4 to 6 months down the road

          hope no one needs any equip for the next year as that’s how long it will take

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • There’s no powder in the stores now !

            • Couple of weeks ago I was in Cabela’s and they had a great selection. Missing IMR 4350 and RL19. Pretty much everything else.

        • JAS, I’m thinking mabey I should bury my new pressure cooker and start stocking up on new lids and rings???

        • I pointed this out yesterday as one of things we can expect them to be regulating next.

          • Funny you should use the word “regulating”.

            Did you know, the primary definition of the word “regulate” back in the late 18th century was “function”.
            “A well functioning militia being necessary…” as an example.
            Or so I was told by a late English professor.
            Now I believe it’s not even the third in your typical dictionary if it’s there at all.

            • You’re right jerrytbg…

              Perhaps a better word would have been “restricting”….since that’s what they are all about anyway.

              The 2nd amendment refers to a “well regulated” militia. And by that they meant as you said….functioning. Or as I have also heard the word defined…..”equipped”.

              In other words, the founders believed that “The People” should be well equipped when it came to firearms (and edged weapons too I would imagine), so that they could effectively fight against those who would attempt to either usurp their freedoms…or invade this country.

              From everything I have read from that time period, the founders of this country were as worried about tyranny from within at they were invasion from without.

              • Oh yes Walt, we are certainly in agreement in overall context…
                Using the current vernacular,
                “They” will try anything and everything to regulate us… errrrr




                • @Eisencrap…..

                  You are the poster-child for the loser-slacker-moron generation.

                  What has your generation accomplished? Absolutely nothing.

                  F.O.A.D. pissant

          • was saying that the day of the bombing in a different article. Powder was the first thing obama talked about after they said low grade.

      6. its all a distraction from the real issue $

        • good call 95#,
          I lean heavily in favor of that too…

      7. I heard the group responsible is new terriorist organization called the La Leche League!!

        • huh ???

          The mission of La Leche League USA is to help mothers to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education .

          GOT MILK ???


      8. LOL!!!! Gun ban shot to the curb wooohooo!

        • They will keep trying to get our firearms. Just wait till the next tragety and for more libs to get voted in. Repubs are getting such a bad name; I wouldn’t be suprised if half of them get voted out next time. We need to get younger and try to get people to understand repubs are not just rich racist people.

          The only reason I voted for anyone is because I felt the right protected my Christian rights, anti abortion, against gay marriage, and gun rights. If you don’t believe in Bohemian Grove than your just as blind as the barry o jangle slaves. I may never vote again after having my eyes open to this.

          Remember Proverbs 22:3
          A prudent man see’s danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

          GOD BLESS and get you some weapons!!!

          • I voted as well because a right not exercised is a right lost.

          • Yep. This is expected when they take god out of marathons and fertilizer.

        • The more they try and ban guns..the more guns and ammo the American people buy.

          I predict a French Style Revolution coming.

          • Let our motto be: Leave no survivors.

      9. Leave the city NOW! prep up for some sort of NBC attack, you need food, water, guns, ammo, and some woods to hide in or fight from. You must leave the city now for your familys safety and survival! Quit stalling and move!

        • Not everyone can just move away from the city. I believe the bible warns us about living our lives as normal and not waiting for the end to come. I prep and have plans to fortify my house and figure if I get over run; I will go to heaven even quicker!

          In battle; every round you shoot at someone; you can expect atleast that many rounds to be fired back at you. I have about 2k rounds, so I figure I would be dead before using them all. Who could survive 2k rounds being fired at them??

          Just my 2 cents!

          • Depends on fortifications. I just saw on the Military Channel that a German Tiger tank took over 100 direct hits from American tanks and drove 40 miles to safety.

            • I don’t live in a tiger tank and most people won’t have one. All I can do is create snipper positions and obstacles. Trying to find somewhere to buy razorwire. Any suggestions?

              • IC
                i got mine thru my local ACE hardware


        • I agree on stocking up on water, food, ammo, and fuel, but be careful hiding in the woods. You might be trespassing on someone’s land and get shot. If you are on government(your taxes paid for)land, you have to avoid the rangers, fish and game, and the border patrol. After that comes the winter. My guess the odds of surviving in the woods with everything you could carry are slim if you are a experienced woodsman, to none if not.

          • I have been there done some of it. Week at a time in sub zero weather. Well stocked. No way with a bug out bag and what you can carry. No way to prepare for a hard winter. O by the way did all the global warming personal notice that it is still winter?

        • No chance in the sticks, you won’t hit anything but they hit you just fine.

      10. Don’t mean to sound racist, but I think the melting pot has got a little to hot. Just looking at these pictures seems like most cooked a little to long. All those Middle East countries and African countries have been around for thousands of years, and just look how advanced they are. Me thinks this country is definately on a down hill slide. But of course 20 million new illegals will really help boost us over the edge.WASP

        • Depends on what your definition of progress is.If you think living in a thatched hut with a dirt floor and yelling oooga oooga is advanced,then africa is the place you wanna be. Look at the zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar note,3 rocks stacked on top of each other. To be politically correct,you could call it african masonry.

        • I think they were cooked just right– you’re just under-cooked.

          • That may be true. But it’s hard to dispute the facts.WASP

        • My bro used to live in CA.
          He said it’s like a 3rd world country…too many foreigners.

          All the wasps are moving to the deep midwest.

          Funny…the black are so watered down…they look beige.

        • Relax, Wasp. The word ‘racist’ was a word coined by the Communist mass murderer Leon Trotsky, and it’s purpose was to cow political opponents and stifle political debate. Today, a ‘racist’ is anyone who is White who resists the idea that White European people should be genocided, preceded of course, by having every historic White European nation flooded with hundreds of millions of non-Whites from the third world until such a point that Whites have been reduced to hated and despised minorities inside what was once their native homelands.

          At any rate, it occurs to me that flooding a nation that was once about 90% White European with millions of non-Whites is a perfect way to help make non-whites who are here to do us harm not stand out as much in the crowd.

          And, believe me, friends – the world is chocked full of non-Whites who hate our guts and who wish to do us harm.
          Not necessarily because of anything that any individual White man or woman has personally done to them, but as result of the evil that we have allowed the criminals who run our government have done to millions of people all over the world.

          The term is blowback.

      11. Think what you want about Republicans and Democrats, but hats off to the Republican party for voting against the (according to Reid) anti-gun legislation.

        On another note, the UN passed the small arms weapon ban on April 2nd.

        I could see an executive order coming.

        God Bless,

        • Norseprepper

          Yeah OB was sincerely pissed of this afternoon after the no passage..even with out TOTUS..and no stuttering or ahhs between sentences..

          My first reaction was exactly yours..

          Fuck em..I’ll just override all those 2nd amendment assholes and create another executive order ..

          Potus is pissed..

          fuck im


          • And when he does ! Hang on to you ass! That would seal the deal for sure.

      12. The End of Full-Time Work in the American Retail Service Sector

        American jobs in this industry have already been destroyed by Obamacare.

        “Late last year, within the service world, this change was already occurring – at restaurants, at hotels, and in retail stores, managers were already formulating plans…”

        The Daily Crux

          • Expect small businesses to break up into numerous entities to avoid the “full time equivalent” rule. Temps and subcontractors will grow in number.

            • the truth of this is that the Retailers have been downgrading their full timers to part timers since well before obama care. (NOT SAYING OBAMA CARE IS GOOD OR LIKED)

              is one of the reasons I was removed from Kmart as a manager. I would not fall in line with thier policies in unethical treatment of their employees pertaining to how they give raises when they give them how they had us schedule people. They were slowing removing full timers starting in 2001-2002 time frame when i was there. They would tell the full timers you can reapply for a part time position if you want.

      13. Sorry to say it, but there is a big possibility that the bombers may be amoungst the dead. Dead men tell no tales, especially if they are in pieces.

        • There are only 3 dead and they were identifiable. Even suicide bombers leave enough behind to identify them.

          If they are dead and middle easterners, they will be buried at sea within 24 hours according to ancient arabic tradition that started with UBL’s burial at sea.

          • C’mon Rick. Really? UBL?

            I can’t help but wonder when Osama Bin Laden officially became Usama Bin Laden.

            Or can I?

            Was it maybe during the election of 2008?

            It’s true, Usama sounds/looks a bit less like Obama.

            Naw….. coincidence.

            • Barak Hussein Ubama. Has a nice ring to it!

              • Ubama looks too much like Unabomber. Remember him? Ted might sue.

                • Trademark infringement, second ammendment infringement. Djangobama is good at infringing.

            • Semantics, if that’s what puts snow up your kilt, I don’t care, go ahead and freeze your nads off.

        • um..an 8 year old boy and a 20 something girl were two of the three..What or who was the third?

          • A chinese national

          • A 23 yr old Chinese grad student.Looks alot like the girl standing next to the backpack guy.

      14. The guy in the bright blue jersey GOT to be Jewish with a schnozz like that. That’s proof enough for me that he’s guilty.

        • Both the guy in the white hat and the guy in the blue shirt look to be Arabs to me.

          • according to Drudge reports, they are Navy Seal veterans… figures they would blame them.

          • Walt

            Why?…..just because they were riding camels…..

          • The 17 year old kid is in fact an arab

        • He might be French. The French with big noses are supposed to be descendants of Jewish exilarchs who relocated to France over a thousand years ago.

          Also, the biggest nose in show business was Jimmy Durante, who had Italian parents.

          • Howdy ‘A’!

            Yep, Ol Jimmy had the ‘snoz’ to END all snozzes…can’t ARGUE THAT! 😉


        • Good observation, JRS. Scanning over the pictures, I also saw and recognized a considerable number of typical Middle Eastern features present among those who were highlighted.

          Remember – the Israelis are rushing to Boston, to ‘help’ the Boston investigation team.

          Also, right after Fukishima occurred – a big Israeli delegation, including Barak himself – rushed over to Japan, to ‘help’ with the investigation.

          Note: Israeli based security companies had the security contracts on the nuclear power facilities.

        • Wasn’t his nose. He’s eatin’a banana.

      15. You know, I keep getting this mental image of our president the last couple of days on his knees facing Mecca and repeating over and over:

        “Oh please please please Allah – let it be a white guy. Preferably a certifiably Christian, gun-loving redneck.

        Oh pretty pretty please!”

        • Barry isn’t a muslim because he’s a marxists. Marxists don’t believe in religion. They want you to praise the ruling king. You know how Barry loves attention.

          • Well, truth is – I think the only god that he really believes in is the one he supposes he sees when he looks in the mirror.

      16. I’d wager we all know who is behind it, but none dare say it.

        • Can you say False Flag???

        • U mean the things friends at the Weather Underground?

      17. In other news….

        John McCain voted with Democrats in today’s Senate vote for stronger gun control.

        It bothers me to have to say it – but John McCain really sucks.

        Why doesn’t he just put on some donkey ears and get it over with?

        • McCain brings shame on me living in Arizona.

          • NA,NA,NA,NA,NA,NA!!!!!!

            John Boner is an embarrassment on even more levels! Take THAT!!!!!!

        • @BraneFees….

          It doesn’t bother me to say it.

          As far as I’m concerned, John McCain has long ago spent any political capital he had from being a POW/war hero.

          He’s a disgrace……and a moron.

          He could do far more good if he would just go help Jimmy Carter build houses. That would make him useful for something. Otherwise….he’s as useless at teats on a boar.

          • Very well said Walt Kowalski. I wouldn’t have been able to say it so politely.

        • it is time for john (mccain) to go…..

          • I have to agree, a national treasure of a service record in the Navy immpecable integrity during his pow days in Hanoi and now just look at him. What the hell happened? John McCain what the blue blazez are you doing? Your supposed to be one of the good guys, shit!

            • Boss Hog needs to read Chapter 4 of the Jeff Gate’s book, Guilt By Association – if he thinks this greasy, plague carrying cockroach McCain has ever, in his entire miserable stinking life had even a single cell of ‘integrity’ anywhere in his body. Same rule applies to his entire despicable, treasonous family.

              The title of Chapter 4 is “McCain Family Secret: The Coverup”, and this chapter is available on the following website: http://criminalstate.com/

              Incidentally, it was McCain’s own father who, as a US Navy Admiral – played a critical and key role in helping to coverup the Israeli false flag attack and attempt to sink and murder the entire crew of the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967.

              • Tucker, You and several others keep getting massive thumbs down. That is due to you guys Must learn that the ONLY allowable Israel or especially Jewsih thing acceptale you can post is this…..

                Only posts accepted= jews, all Six(?!) million victims of nazis, as well as every jewish person ever born worldwide in all of history are and have been always the Main and Only victims that matter. This is because unlike other victims, jews are unique in the fact that jews never, ever, do ANY wrongs!…Therefore ALL jews ever persecuted or harmed etc. have been and always will be 100% Innocent Victims Period. Even African Black whiners can never become such important and ONLY victims.

                And since You guys disagree, that makes you naziswhowantstomurdersixmillionMorejewsandevilhilterloverracists!! Everybody else is part of the entire world of Gentile-Nazis, who are all guilty of antisemitizim.

                Poor jews must contend with 7 billion world peoples while jews are just 13-14 Million of that total. See now? NO victims matter nor count period. Except of course Jews.

                They waited 19 Centurys, 1900 yrs! wailing and crying for their Own Homeland to be handed back after 70AD, when God punished jews by Roman destruction of they and their Temple(2nd temple to get destroyed due to stuborn antiGod jews).

                Yet ever since 1948 jews got their land of Israel back! So the ONLY remaining question now and for the last 65+ yrs is this…Why if it was so fuckin important to get their “homelands” returned to Jews?…Why after 65 yrs do more than 1/2 of their people still remain living in Our nation of the USA? Along with a couple million still scattered over europe?

                Some learned folks have speculated that is due to, like african blacks(mostly but not all of course), jewsih folks are Parasites. And we all know parasites, like fleas and tic’s are Not able to survive long on each other. As all forms of parasites Must have a warm blooded Body for survival by sucking the warm bodys lifeblood untill it dies off.

                Being human parasites, jews need a Nation, a prosperous and White country where jews can not only blend in(they appear white mainly to the non-jewise persons) but also require Cash! Lots of Cash money to siphon off, much as real fleas or tics suck the lifeblood from an animal or human to survive. To a Nation or Country full of people, Money is that Life Blood! Where else can jews blend in unoticed as well as reap/steal so much cash/lifeblood, but from White Prosperous Countries?….Surly Not a Rabid state such as “Israel”!

                Any who doubt such analysis?…Follow their Nation Wrecking path ever since french revolt- to- Russias revolt- Tried it again in Germany but got booted-England(where they first got hold of banks!) and today now America which is being used as israels and jews Bitch nation to create their JWO/nwo with jews owning the entire world, and of course all forms money and enslaving all gentiles they do not first Murder off or have others kill off for themselves.(over 1/3 of a Billion mostly whites killed off, just during 2oth century alone! due to jewsih-invented communisim!, invented And ran by and For jews).

                These facts and Truth’s are very difficult for Brainwashed Americans, especially White evangelicals to accept ergo you Tucker as well as several others get so many thumbs down!…Vast Majority cannot handle truth, and lately many have migrated here, likly From SPLC or ADL orgs. None hate true jew facts moreso that those two Kommie jew orgs!

                After the Final Fall of America that same Ignorant(for now) vast majority of American duped folks, Will Awaken to what and Who was the main cause of it’s downfall. Yes it is primarily MSM-Banksters-Polititions who Lead the race towards Americas demise. But once fallen fully, if not prior, the majority folks will also hold all Enablers as liable too. As they should! And similar to but even Moreso than african black unity, Jewsih unity will be again, as it always was, the reason so large of a Majority of their people will be considered guilty. No matter how good or nice many seem to be usually, same as blacks, Jewish folks always see 99+% of total unquestionable Unity amoungst Their ranks. That is way they get booted as a Whole from every country they ever infiltrated or resided in. Except for the usa….So far that is.

                Either you believe all 109 countries that booted them out since 245 ad were ALL “bad/evil-nazis”?

                OR! just Maybe, perhaps, Jewsih folks aint always so “Innocent” of wrondoings or evils themselves? A Persons got to ask their selfs just what makes more sense?

                Choose wisely! Soon Your life and familys lives just may depend on choices made now.

          • Yes, John McCanned.

          • its time they all go

            impeach impeach impeach and then try them for crimes against America

            they try the splc acorn seiu and every other liberal group supported by George sorros

            Push for term limits two terms and your out
            and no running for another office get out and get a real job

        • McCain is McSHAME..

          screw him also..all of them..


        • Because his face looks like the south end of a donkey and I’d bet his breath smells the same.

          • Montana max
            sounds like you have a lot of experience with the south end of a donkey but what if the donkey is heading east????


      18. I know people probably won’t like this comment but I am going to say it anyways. Most things on this site are fairly informative, but I could have went around circling half of the people in that crowd as suspects and made some argument for my reason. Those could be shoes in the backpack because many people switch out after they get done running. Those could be family members/friends with stuff to change into after the race is over. Let us not get too excited about it and give it time.

      19. Damn, I wonder what’s the CIA, FBI, AL-CIA-DA, Fema, DHS, DOD, have planned for us on the 19th & 20th?

        Yesterday’ s bombing sends a clear message: Death to Patriots. It would appear that the opening battle of the second American Revolutionary War has begun.

      20. I all know for sure is… these eastbound trucks coming out of Colorado all have snow and frozen slush on the undercarraige. Crap! Somebody wanna come drive this rig to Salt Lake for me? (6 months of winter is enough for me!)

        The suspect(s) in the Boston Bombing will be named soon. What’s incredible to watch, is the way the lamestream media squirms to not say the obvious. Unless it’s some white boy from a redneck state. In which case, his ethnicity will be repeated 16 times per hour on every network for the next 2 weeks.
        Such is life in the new ‘Post Racial’ America. I just hope we live to see a ‘Post Obama’ America. Give me a sold-out NEOCON any day. At least I can openly hate those guys.

        • Smokin,
          I’d love to hitch a ride with ya out of Colorado. I am soooooooo over all this snow. 11 inches on Mon., several yesterday and yep it’s snowin’ now.

          And….more snow is forecasted for next Monday.

        • It was 85 in my garden today.

      21. Mrs okie said I should be more tolerant. More inclusive of others. Less prejudicial against people who aren’t like me. I stared at her for a long moment…. then we both busted a gut laughing and went back to watching Duck Dynasty!
        And, just for the record, I married her for her intellect and sweet disposition. The fact that she was both the Watermelon Queen and the mud-wrestling winner at the county fair is merely coincidental…

        • Sweet! :)! DUCK DYNASTY is the ONLY “IDIOT BOX” offering my wife watches. And her howling laughter is the ONLY reason I’ve personally seen any of it. (It is aggravating while I’m trying to crochet an heirloom blanket, but worth the pause and short viewer participation).

          And if you believe that,(I actually crochet) then Obama is the second coming of Andrew Jackson. OOPS, Jackson “killed” the central bank. Obama shares a bed with these central bankster jackasses/MAFIA.

          BTW, Mrs. Okie sounds like one helluva “keeper”!

        • ROFL perfect

        • Hi Smokin!
          Wow man… you got a keeper there…

      22. Do you idiots really believe the crap you spew out on here? If you do, you are the anti-Americans and a danger to every real American. Do yourselves and the rest America a favor and use your phallic symbols and put a bullet through your temple. The sooner you idiots are gone, the better for everybody.

        • you first..joe

          • Howdy possee,

            Hmm, wasn’t it Messr. Einstein who noted,

            “Insanity is repeateing the same thing over and over again…expecting a different result.”

            If the shoe fits…


          • JoeNC, I heard from deep secret anonamous fed gov inside sources, that soon Al Sharpton will get booted out and sent pakin back to africa. Also telling, from same anon sources, was that the fed gov plans to bribe sharpton to pak Joenc in his suitcase and take Joe to live in sunny jungles of africa as Al’s Buttboy pal.

        • JoeinNC, is that YOU? You’re back?

          I regret I have but one red thumb to give…
          (The offer to a duel still stands, I’ll even spot you 5 paces.)

        • Lost your job at the condom recycling center I see.

          • Yeah, his boss found out that he thought they were chewing gum.

      23. Rev Bawney Fwank-
        Dearly Beloved,
        We are gathered here to day, to join in unholy matrimony, these two precious children of the High Karma Of The Universe.
        Do you, Newt Worldorder, take this person to be your wedded spouse? To use and abuse? To constrain, control, and manipulate for your own desires? To have and to hold, to squeeze ever tightly, till the last drop of her blood oozes into your vile, stained hands?

        NWO- I do.

        Rev Fwank- Do you, American Sheeple, take this, ahem…person, to be your spouse? To give unto him all your material possessions? All your hopes for the future? Your freedoms, your rights in totality forevermore? Even your very offspring, and the minds, bodies, and souls thereof?

        Sheeple- baaah…I mean Yes, I do.

        Rev Fwank- If anyone here knows of any reason these two should not be lawfully wedded, let him speak now, or forever hold his peace…

        The 1%- (sounds of gunfire) I OBJECT!

      24. Sorry, this is totally off topic.

        I’m coming into some money that I would like to spend on silver coins to store at home. My husband doesn’t believe in the coming collapse and thinks I’m crazy for listening to a “cult”. Yes, he actually used that word. I’m having a hell of a time prepping with him around! He’s going to run me through the emotional ringer for wanting to keep the coins at home, but I don’t trust banks, safety deposit boxes, etc. We have a safe, but that just seems too easy to steal if there was a break-in. Plus, he’d freak out if I tried burying money anywhere. I’d like something fireproof, if possible.

        Any advice?


          if you have a basement install a drop in ” concrete floor safe ” best kind of safe to have for a home – you can DIY do it yourself .

          they are the same kind of safe most restaurants and convenience stores have buy the cash register floor or office floors .

          also use some of that $$$ to buy a fire proof rifle safe which you can bolt to the floor and wall studs in a locked storage closet .

          all safes are eventually broken into with enough time provided … your job is too not give them the time to do it .

          also buy a smaller safe keep it in plain sight on shelf of your master bedroom with some fake gold and silver as a decoy .


          • Thanks for the idea. I wouldn’t mind involving a little cement! We have a crawl space, no basement. We could possibly hide a second safe down there.

            • Think Decoy. “Hide” a small safe and make it appear as though you tried to secure it in place. Your home contains thousands of hiding places.

        • Lets trade spouses.

          • Don’t tempt me, I might go for it. Who knew prepping could be the start of something beautiful? Or, at least practical.

        • @ CG,

          Hon…when was the last time YOU were broke into?

          Aside from that – without meaning any offense whatsoever – based on, ” He’s going to run me through the emotional ringer for wanting to keep the coins at home.”

          Sometimes it’s better to be alone BY YOURSELF, than it is to be alone WITH SOMEONE…

          In matters of ‘L and D’, maybe you just DON’t Have to TELL him? Best Wishes…


        • If you have books in the house, go buy one at the goodwill of the right thickness, cut out a hollow in the pages, and stack the coins in there, then put it on a shelf where the kids can’t get to it, or in a box out in the garage, something like that. I’d even go so far as to just put a small portion of the goods where the spouse knows about it, if he’s hostile to the idea.

          • Good idea, thanks. You made me remember something I read a while back about installing a fake, or hollow, electrical socket into a wall and hiding valuables in it. Then you push a dresser or other heavy piece of furniture in front of it.

            • You can buy such a thing already made. What burgler looks in the bucket where the toilet brush is kept?

              • Bob
                all those bad boys would if they needed a new tooth brush


        • @California Girl……

          “Any advice?”

          Find a good divorce attorney. Dump him now. He’s going to drag you down and probably ultimately get you killed.

        • Maybe get a real man ?

      25. yea 54..Nay 46

        we need to know whos on our side and whos not,and get those that are not the hell out of our senate..NOW!

        anyone see the list of who voted how yet?

        • Republicans voting FOR gun control:
          Susan Collins (R-Maine)
          Mark Kirk (R-Ill.)
          John McCain (R-Ariz.)

          Get these lilly livered bastards out of my government

          • for some reason I cant find the info..gee i wonder why?

            anyone find it?

            • Howdy VRF,

              NNNNOOOTTTT Likely!!! Hell, they ‘voice-voted’ themselves past the STOCK act the other day…do you think they want to be on the Congressional record as having actually voted for this tripe?! FOOKIN COWARDS…to a ‘Man’!

              This is only ’round one’ Y’all…get READY for the sequel.

              NOMI…on THIER lives.





          • @ VRF. John McCain is totally senile and is not responsible for his actions. Mark Kirk is from Illinois and the BO state, the R is only there to represent another meaning like maybe Rat. Susan Collins, well she is a very confused person, kind of like the stages before Alzheimer’s sets in. The description of Alzheimer’s is a common type of dementia or a decline in intellectual function. I think this describes just about anyone that would try to take away good honest people’s right to defend themselves against evil attackers, rapid decline in intelligence, dementia, senile, or someone that is nothing but a Rat.

        • oh My bad, it didnt go anywhere because it didnt get past 60 for them to even vote…
          well than..we all know who our problem people are..time to get to working on making them unemployed!

      26. Looking at all the images at Infowars it appears that a lot of people could have been in on this. And if I remember right they said that at least five more bags were found with explosives that simply did not detonate. Could this be the work of a new terrorist cell that the FBI has not identified yet?

      27. North Korea?

      28. EU Common Criminals

        NIGEL FARAGE go’s ballistic on the Technocrats

        I must say, the message this sends out to investors is very loud and clear: Get your money out of the Eurozone before they come for you.
        What you have done in Cyprus is you actually sounded the death knell of the euro. Nobody in the international community will have confidence in leaving their money there.


      29. @ JustOneGuy. The lack of solar activity seems to be increasing the size of seismic activity like you said seems to occur. Still watching that Mexico to Chile area, it is primed and ready for a huge shaker. A massive earthquake in California, Pacific Northwest, or the New Madrid will completely take up the news. Look how little fat boy Porky has dropped off the radar screen. Porky may launch a missile soon or test another nuke because like a screaming toddler, he is not getting any attention.

        I am waiting for the day in which there are 10 or so major stories in which those in the mass media have to run around like chickens without heads. So which story from the MSM will get the most coverage IF all occurred at the same time?

        A. 8+ earthquake in the United States.
        B. Super volcano blows down in New Zealand or Indonesia.
        C. Iran is attacked, full scale Middle East war.
        D. Dow drops 30% and is shut down automatically for the day.
        E. Terrorists sets off a weapon of mass destruction.
        F. EF-5 tornado hits Dallas, Texas.
        G. North Korea attacks South Korea.
        H. Asteroid explodes over major city.
        I. 9+ earthquake on Caribbean plate sends large tsunami into Atlantic and Gulf sea coast.
        J. Several major hollywood scandals lead to many “stars” to do a serious Lady Godiva protest down hollywood blvd.

        • BI: Did you see my post#1489475 about New Madrid?

          Keep the FAITH

          • Thanks for information. I had to go back three articles to find it, but it was worth reading. More movement to the west, huh? We’re east and north so may luck out again. What’s going on with Oklahoma?

        • Howdy BI,

          Not a lack of ‘Solar’ Friend. Almost without variance the action of Solar is to increase the relative intensity and frequency of the seismic we see. The GRB’s that’s another matter…that one appears to be completely ‘bass-akwards’ as per the reaaoning invovled. I am FAIRLY sure that the general trend – seismic – will be to increase so long as we aren’t seeing anything significant ‘Extra-Solar’ occuring.

          GOOD list…Great question! JUST a little hard to call!
          At this stage of the game I am becoming relatively sure that the Solar thing is fast subsiding for an extended period…likely we have already SEEN ‘Solar MAxumum’ as it were..the thing with that ‘Solar quadrupole’ that the Japanese satellite HINODE discovered last spring is pretty well confirmed, even if we aren’t completely sure of the ramifications at this point; the observed trend is DEFINITELY to a ‘decrease’ thus far. That said, Yes, thaere can still be some big individual events, but we are simply not expecting Oh, say avearge daily Penticton Flux measures in the mid-200’s…similar to or greater than last cycle peak back in 2003-4. Anywho, gotta attend a few ‘inventory’ details for a bit guys! Packin is HELL!

          Friend, KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!!! 😉 🙂


        • Be informed

          K. Obama publically shitting his pants for botching a
          PTB Directive to officially castrate the 2nd Amendment.

          • publicly—DUH!!

          • @ OutWest. BO was so mad today about the failure to chop apart the 2nd. Amendment that those big ears that stick out like a car with its doors open were wiggling. Unfortunately this just makes BO and those that support taking away guns that more desperate, Executive Order abuse here we come.

            • Be informed—Hilarious!!

              Love the ears reference
              I also like– “O’Dumbo The Flying Elephant”
              Er…Flying Jackass (DEM)

            • Hi BI,
              The UN Small Arms treaty was enacted on April 2….

              Wonder why we haven’t heard anything about Senate ratification?

              Maybe our Dear Leader will just pull an FDR after all, most people don’t remember that FDR confiscated all the gold by EXECUTIVE ORDER…

              As always, we shall see… but it was heartening to see him so angry and petulant, like a five year old…
              When he said this was just ‘Round 1’, I nodded …

              • @ Piper Michael. Every single last worthless treaty and law by the worthless un means absolutely nothing. It would take 67 senators completely turning on AMERICA and the 2nd Amendment to inact this worthless un crap. The piece of garbage un is so one sided it is unbelievable. If a country decides to have nuclear weapons, the worthless un sanctions the country to death, but allows the U.S., Russia, China, England, France (the top 5 on the un security worthless council) India, Pakistan, Israel to have nukes. It is like allowing your neighbor to have firearms and you are only allowed to have a club.

                I can’t stand north Korea, but if a country like Argentina, Brazil, or some country like Norway wanted nukes, they would be targeted for all sorts of ways of hurting the country economically. Talk about hypocrites, one country is allowed to protect themselves, but if some other country wants to have that protection, this is not allowed. The un is so full of manure, it is all sided towards the top 5 countries that got the nuclear weapons the first. Yet these worthless un f’s preach peace. The un has done no good for anything, it is a massive liability just like when it was as useless as the league of nations. I could go on and on about the un (useless numbskulls), but I am upsetting myself too much.

                • Bi,
                  breathe, in … out… 😉

                  We agree 100%…
                  If you want a good read concerning the UN and Obama’s final agenda, the New United Nations with himself as the Grand Consulate of the world, read ‘Dominatus’ by DW Ulsterman.
                  3.95 on amazon kindle.

                  Think … UN gone Nazi with Obama as the Dear Leader…
                  Downright scary, but a good ending.

                  • The UN is succeeding in a weird way. You can’t get bullets, or if you do they cost 3 times what they did 4 months ago. And good luck finding reloading items.

                    I’m not focusing on any bills that get passed, who cares when we can’t get the bullets anyway!

              • Piper, got an email yesterday, said the Senate passed a measure over the weekend, by a vote of 53 to 46 that will stop the U.S. from entering into the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

                • I think that was a ammendment (or something added on) the budget which doesnt have a snow ball’s chance in hell of passing the house. It was all posturing, voting to look good without hte consequences.

            • Good. The Kenyan will have to do extreme things now to get is agenda through……possibly illegal things.

              This will reveal to those on the fence who he really is.

              This guy is another Hitler in the making. When Hitler was opposed, he did even more radical things. These tyrants can’t stand being opposed and get even more loony when they don’t get their way.

              Unlike the Germans in the 1930’s…we still have our guns and there are still a lot of good people in this country.

              We can win this thing. The left will be exposed for what they are.

              • Come on, Walt. Stop parroting the Alex Jones line of horse manure about gun control in Germany. Punch in this search string into any search engine besides google:

                Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945
                by William L. Pierce

                Read this excellent and detailed analysis of the gun control laws in Germany during this period – and your eyes will finally be ‘open’ as to who it is, meaning which specific ethnic group, who has lusted to disarm all White men in every historic White European nation where they’ve gained disproportionate power and influence.

                Oh, and in case you’re a stubborn old fart and a little bit reluctant to shed your cognitive dissonance, try this more recent link:


                • Red Thumbed jew firsters have hyjacked this forum. They always name hitler/nazis by default(lifetime of brainwashings) but never , ever, name nor consider naming Lenin-Trotsky(birth name Lev Bronstien aka jewsih) nor any others who killed way More folks than germans ever did.

                  Nor do these idiots and jew 1-sters ever actually Read or view articles or videos that Prove beyond All Doubt 100% that 98% of the stuf they believe of nazis or hitler or germans is simply wrong. Don’t confuse them with Facts as their minds are made up already Tucker. Fools all.

        • Careful! Depending upon who’s marching, the Lady Godiva protest could be a really frightening event!

          • Only if Hillary is atop of the horse.

            • PO P heck she cannot be in both positions at the same time


        • B.I.: You know it will be the half-naked Hollywood folk. It always is.
          Cannot imagine how interest can be maintained in Kim Kardashian’s rather substantial butt and belly, but apparently it’s a never-ending source of fascination. An earthquake would attract some viewers, as would an asteroid. This would be an easy way for Obozo to sneak in an executive order while the MSM tries to relate everything happening to “the children”. We need to be ever watchful.

          What’s going on in Oklahoma? Fracking or something more sinister???

      30. Awwww, Obama is pissed because he feels the NRA lied…well, how does it feel Mr. teleprompter in charge?
        you been lieing to the American public, (your bosses) for over 5 dam years..i hope you like how it feels

        • Yeah, the pot calling the kettle black…

          • SAY WHAT!WASP.

      31. FALSE FLAG>>>>>

      32. Obviously another joint CIA/ Mossad operation. Funny how all the blocked comments are the ones that mention the obvious Israeli operatives. Much of the better photos have been removed from this propaganda piece.

        • Those pictures are called “preparing the battlefield” between your ears.

          Don’t you feel safer seeing the Police State in action?

        • Are we about to be invaded? All those nice taxpayer funded toys, and nobody to play with, yet.

      33. The Saudi Ambassador was asked to visit Obama today for an unscheduled meeting.

        Them dudes have a strong resemblance to the Saudi Arabian 9/11 terrorists.

        Wonder who we are going to attack as a distraction this time?

        Gimme $20 bucks on Syria.

        • Just heard that the Saudi national that was initially interrogated is now being deported for security reasons. WTF? This is starting to realllllly smell bad. Was this the guy who did the bombing, and are they sending him home so as not to “embarrass” the Saudis?? Is this why Obama met with the Saudis today? Ummmm…help me out here.

          • If this is true, it is beyond serious. Feedback from y’all would be more than helpful.

            • First we have this:

              “U.S. President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House on Wednesday and discussed the conflict in Syria, a spokeswoman said. THE MEETING WAS NOT ON PUBLIC SCHEDULE. The spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden, said the president joined a meeting between the Saudi official and Obama´s national security adviser, Tom Donilon. “The president and Prince Saud al-Faisal reaffirmed the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia and discussed developments in the region, including the conflict in Syria,” Hayden said in a statement. ”

              Then we have this:

              “Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project revealed on Hannity´s Wednesday evening cable show that an official at ICE told him the Saudi national first questioned by authorities about the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday is set to be deported. “Remember the Saudi that they had arrested or at least initially detained?” Emerson asked. “It was determined that he had no involvement and they made a statement about it to that effect? Well, I just learned from my own sources he’s now going to be deported on national security grounds Tuesday,”

              • This is disturbing.

              • Life goes on and world issues continue to be worked on. Just like the Atlanta bombings, a suspect initially looked guilty and ended up being totally innocent. The national security excuse is not true. They are getting the guy out of here for his safety. You know there are some people out there who hear bomb and Saudi and would not look at the fact the guy was excluded.
                The President (whoever he is) has unscheduled meetings constantly. The world is fluid and so are meetings.
                So I guess you think the guy killed people, the Saudi came here to get the suspect, we gave him back and are going to claim someone else did this? Way nuts, there are too many private cameras and witnesses to even suggest this. Why would we do this to start with? The Saudi government needs us way more than we need them, there would be too many people involved, and for what? Check the history of President’s meetings. It is rare they ever stay on a set schedule. This is a stupid idea backed by stupid facts and reasoning.

                • We shall see. Seems odd to me that the exact guy they initially detained is now, possibly, being deported for “National Security” reasons. This may not be the case, of course. However, I do not believe that the administration wanted this info to be released. They wanted to get this guy out of the country with zero fanfare. Again, simply speculation on my part.

                  • Sorry about the tone on the prior comment. I will be more respectful.

          • Wow!

      34. Chip all back packs and ban all politicians.

      35. The take our gun rights bill has been momentarily defeated

      36. @ Watchman and Daisy. Many times I don’t go back to older articles to recheck them for messages, this time I did. First with Watchman’s question. The western side of the New Madrid is more likely, but the whole thing could go. 5.5-6.0 is possible this year, like what they said. Watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge at 14-20 degrees north and the Caribbean plate, especially the eastern section as a trigger and a sign of what is to come to the New Madrid. These earthquakes this month at 15.5 degrees and 13.6 degrees show that this movement was directed at the New Madrid.

        Here’s the thing about these moderate quakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Those are not going to cause the New Madrid to break, these quakes are a sign that the North American plate is moving and twisting and this motion of most of the plate is being directed at the New Madrid. Those moderate quakes will not cause the New Madrid to break, but they could be the sign that a major portion of the plate is focusing some real energy and stress at the New Madrid. IF there are bigger quakes here, LOOK OUT New Madrid. Already everyone within 3 and 1/2 weeks should see some small to moderate quakes on the New Madrid as this has happened before when this area of the Mid Atlantic Ridge has quakes of this size.

        @ Daisy. The energy is not directed at southern Japan, more towards central Japan to Kuril Islands. Big time towards Mexico, a little less in Central America to Chile. New Guniea to Fiji/Kermadec Islands and even New Zealand is primed up also. Too many precursor quakes on the plate boundaries indicate that these areas are the most likely to get hit by a major quake. The swarm of quakes in Ryukyu Islands is actually common as this region is really volcanic. See anything in the 7 range here and you could have a decent size volcanic eruption. I would not want to be in Mexico right now or this month.

        • A BIG THX. BI.

          Keep the FAITH

        • Thank you very much, BI!!!!! That’s a big relief about the activity in Japan right now.

          ~ Daisy

      37. Waco, TX fertilizer plant exploded, reported injuries to residents in retirement home and apartment near by, buildings on fire, sounds bad.



        • You’ll see this evil witch on the ‘other side’ only if you have a reservation booked in Hell, pal.

          This woman has the blood of countless White South Africans on her hands, as she played a big role in dismantling apartheid and subjugating the Whites in Rhodesia to the tyrannical, murderous and savage rule of a black racist by the name of Mugabe.

          Thatcher was a race traitorous piece of hyena manure, dude.

          • If you were a leader I’m sure you’d be perfect in every way. In the meantime fuck off of Margaret. She was great in her time.

      39. false flag

        • Stand-by for a report by Chrissy Matthews that the suspects in the fertilizer explosion were seen making their getaway from the crime scene, and eye-witnesses claim they were driving pickup trucks that had Confederate Flag bumper stickers on them, and there were cases of Lone Star Beer seen stacked in the back of the pickup bed, plus these White rednecks had their truck radios tuned to Country and Western radio stations and Willie Nelson could be heard blasting out of the windows as they made their dramatic escape.

          • I forgot to mention the song that Willie was singing:

            “On the Road Again”

            BTW: all part and particle of this toxic spewing of raw hate and venom at ‘White males’, folks. I sometimes joke about it, but believe me – this isn’t really funny. It is deadly serious and these leftists and communists are working themselves up into a fevered state and sooner or later, these psychopaths are going to try to repeat what their Communist ancestors did in the old USSR.

            Mass murder of White males.

          • You are a hysterical bitch.

            • tsifn, No! You are a brainwashed jew firster and lover of their usa boots on the ground destroying inner urban ghetto dweller Monkys. I hope someday you and a few others here awaken and stop the stupid unquestional support for jews and african blacks. Get Rid of white guilt! Just do it! it feels wonderfull!

              Then spend More time researching and reading the truth about these PC unspoken issues. To do any less is to remain fast asleep.

              • The Jews have superpowers, I’m tellin’ ya! Those comics by Marvel and DC aren’t just stories, they’re documentaries!

                And they wrote the Bible too! Best damn trick they ever thought of, writing two testaments like that!

      40. there has been an explosion at afertilizer plant in Waco TX..and a apartment bld collapse near by..

        • On Dec. 14 1994 just south of Sioux City Ia. Terra Industries had a large explosion that demolished a 12 story ammonium nitrate tower. 4 killed, and destroyed most of the plant. Liquid nitrogen tanks were punctured and took almost 2 weeks to stabilize the scene. Saving grace was the plant was out in the country with few exposures. This Texas explosion fits the definition of a industrial accident.

          • “Liquid nitrogen tanks were punctured”

            Dunce Cap, Correct Myself. should read:

            Anhydrous ammonia tank was punctured and took almost 2 weeks to stabilize the scene.

      41. Just heard on the news that a Texas fertilizer plant north of Waco had an explosion that possibly 100 ppl got hurt.

      42. Reuters) – Hundreds of people were likely injured on Wednesday in an explosion at a fertilizer plant, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety told Reuters.

        The spokesman, D.L. Wilson, added that a nearby nursing home collapsed from the blast and that people were believed to be trapped inside.

        • What a day, rental truck parked in front of city hall in Oklahoma City and bomb squad called; now Waco event??

          • @Be Informed – will see how media handles reporting two big events

            • Fox only gave it a minute or two. I actually had to switch to CNN to get any real coverage. Go figure.

              Lots on about Boston but limited about West.

        • Talk about Shit Hitting The Fan……!!

        • Prayers for Texas.

          It’s a whole lot worse than reported . Everything within a 4 block radius was “flattened” in the town of West.

          Many, many structure fires including apartments and a nursing home. The roads leading into and out of the town are limited, and ambulances are backed up going into the town. There are not enough helicopters to evac all the injured. The rest of the town is being evacuated right now because there is another huge tank that is in danger of exploding. The blast was felt and heard as far as 65 miles away. Many people in the region thought there had been an earthquake. The cloud from the explosion looked like a nuclear detonation. Very, very bad situation. . .

          • @ Grey Owl. IF the reports are correct of destruction of homes within 1 mile away and homes damaged 5 miles away, and felt 15 miles away, then this is equivalent to about 1 kilotons of explosives. That would be about a small nuclear bomb. At 1 mile for a 1 KT explosion there is about 1 pound per square inch of pressure and winds of about 45-50 mph. Even 1/10 of this would be devastating to homes. This reminds me of a type of fuel air explosions. Bad situations sometimes come in waves.

          • I’ve got family in Waco and West. Tragedy is an understatement, however you will see southern hospitality step out. Churches throughout the region have opened their doors…collections are underway…I’ve got amazing friends coordinating relief efforts. This is the heart and soul of humanity stepping forward. The true character of people is seen during tragic events. May God watch over the people of West and my God bless Texas.

            • @ kynase. Please let everybody know if your family is okay. We all hope you will not suffer any loss.

              • Unfortunately I just found out that the family has had one loss at this time. Some of my extended family is displaced…house blown to bits, cars destroyed but only minor injuries. West is =a small, older community…simple, good southern people. Like like their beer cold, their Dallas Cowboys, iced tea, huntin’ and fishing. These are not sophisticated city slickers. These are down-home, good people. So very tragic.

                I pray this was an isolated event and not at all linked to the Davidian tragedy (that anniversary is only days away).

                • @ kynase. This stinks when you lose someone in the family to something like this. Was this person a close relative? Sorry.

                  The size of this was a 2.1 earthquake from the ground alone being affected, not counting the air waves. Sounds like it was in the hundred to thousand ton range of TNT. These anniversaries are all coming up and it seems like the world is coming apart on small scales like this. It sure feels like a mega SHTF is on the way. Sure hope that your family and relatives stay safe.

                • Kynase ~

                  I am so sorry for your family’s loss of property. I’m thankful that they were not injured too severely. Please keep us posted.


                • Sorry about your family. Losing one person puts everything in perspective. Losing possessions? When you are right minded who cares. Some people act like the world is against them if their car is stolen. I have lost enough people to realize losing things is nothing more than a pain in the butt.
                  As long as we have our families, I could tent camp the rest of my life. The importance people put on houses, cars, clothes, etc. makes for a sad life. It isn’t just about people dying. You can lose your core if you spend all your time gathering things. You can lose time spent with your kids if you work 15 hours a day.
                  Whoever did this will be identified and prosecuted. I don’t think anyone will be falsely blamed or let go based on who they are. I would flip the switch on my own son if he did this. I think everyone here needs realistically consider it may be domestic. If it is, who doesn’t want the fuckers to get the needle? Who cares about their sick reasoning? Who cares if they are trying to make a point?

          • If you’ll go to Google maps and put in West, Texas, it’s very easy locate the fertilizer plant on the north side of town. (use the satellite view)

            Directly to the west of the fertilizer plant is an apartment complex that was virtually destroyed. The nursing home was just to the west of that.

            A anhydrous Ammonia tank exploded evidently. From what I’ve seen so far on the news, 5 firemen and 1 police officer are unaccounted for and they think there may be 60-80+ fatalities. 50-75 homes destroyed. The sound of the explosion was heard as far as the DFW area (50+ miles away)

            The fertilizer plant was very close to a middle-school (which has also been heavily damaged) and a high-school.

            West is a very small town …about 2800 people. This is going to hit those folks very hard. I would imagine just about everyone in town has lost someone close to them.

            The fire department was mostly volunteer as I understand it and had about 30 members.

            Very sad day for these folks.

        • those of you so inclined to donate blood, this may be a good week to visit the red cross.

          or for a slightly twisted perspective, donate at a plasma center and use the cash for silver/other preps. that’s a win-win! 🙂

          • Kimintn, there is a huge need for plasma in this world. You can get paid and use it to prep and at the same time your plasma will be helping children and people who are burned very badly or have issues with their blood not coagulating.

            Also, you can donate plasma frequently as opposed to blood donation I believe.

            Regqrdless , I implore people to do one or the other.

            God Bless,

      43. some troubling facts about H7N9

        H7N9 silently spreads in humans and birds


        from the article

        The current H7N9 case fatality rate is approximately 20 per cent.


        But knowing the denominator is the biggest challenge. This is because, the presence of asymptomatic and mild cases raises the real possibility that the virus may be more widespread than believed and difficult to find. Though people with mild/asymptomatic infection may not be dying, such cases are, in fact, “very worrying,” notes Nature

        According to reports, about 40 per cent of infected people have had no contact with poultry.

        two new cases reported
        death toll still stands at 17

        China confirms 84 H7N9 cases, 17 deaths


        • Thanks. I hear nothing about this on any of the alphabet networks.

      44. for those of you who like doomer porn

        there’s a good BBC series called SURVIVORS
        thats all about a flu pandemic
        the 2008 remake is the best
        available on Netflix


      45. BEINFORMED, If the New Madrid fault goes, and it turns out to be really bad, could it possible affect Georgia or North Carolina?

        Also, just saw on AOL news–“White House Video: we will not let these terrorists get away with this!”.

        Watch out! That’s exactly what they said after 9-11 and you’ll know how that turned out!!! : (

        • they said it after bengazi, too. well except for that part about terrorists…

          • Yeah….Benghazi was just a bunch of hajees that got p.o.’d at a bad movie.

            • that’s coz haji don’t surf!

        • I’m sure Be Informed can give you more info but what I’ve heard is that the earthquake in the 1800s was felt in all of the United States (as it was aat that time). The only earthquake that ever reached a national extent.

      46. So much going on…where to start?
        In regards to these pictures there are no doubt nervous and/or suspicious looking men with heavy backpacks or bags. Let’s dissect the pictures here, but these are by no means all of them, I have seen many more already.

        1. The 2 paramilitary/FED/3 letter agency looking guys with the matching outfits (really-what are the odds?) obviously know each other and both are wearing extremely puffy and heavy jackets (look around, lots of light jackets and even lots of short sleeves everywhere) to hide BODY ARMOUR or flak vests- no other reason really needed.
        2. Both of these men are stationed to the left of the first bomb explosion by about 30-40 ft. Both are in contact with another party via cell or wire at the same time (again…what are the odds?)
        3. One of these goons is wearing a Chris Kyle ‘Craft’ hat, the logo is plainly visible and many more hi res pictures out on other sites like PP if you don’t believe me. Also a pic there of yet another big goon dressed in the SAME fashion with what looks to be a hand held dosimeter or RAD detector near the finish line explosion AFTER the bombs went off. He is dressed the same as the other 2 goons and has large backpack as well.
        4. The 2 other suspects that are shown are of middle eastern or European descent, guy in brighter blue quite obvious and nervous looking. You can bet these two are either dead already or being questioned as I type.
        5. Other heavy set looking guy holding backpack also looks rather nervous, and not really watching the race either…almost like he doesn’t want to be there.

        There are LOTS of questions and not many answers at this point, here are a few-

        1. WHY did Boston PD announce OVER THE SPEAKER SYSTEM that a ‘Bomb Drill’ was taking place and ‘not to panic’?
        Several witnesses on scene remember hearing it clearly, yet BPD states they never said that and no drill took place? Was the PA system hacked into and the bombers said that? Why would BPD backpedal when SO many on scene witnesses heard it?
        2. IF the 2 goons with the cute matching outfits were GOV/FED/BLACKWATER, etc…WHY were they there? What was their purpose? How come they are NOT seen helping victims AFTER the explosions took place? Seriously…show me one of those 2 guys pictured helping anyone post-blast…I don’t think you can.
        3. WHO was the other goon seen walking the finish line area with the handheld device? What was it? GPS phone? RAD detector? Very large for a modern phone!
        4. IF the FBI and/or BPD KNEW of a credible threat prior to the event (which was evident by the presence of bomb sniffing dogs prior to the blast)how come they couldn’t stop it? Those 2 goons were literally 30 or so ft away from the first blast!
        5. Announcements were made immediately following the explosions of ‘other devices’ being found, yet the commander (or someone) told them (BPD)to stay off the radio. Where are those other devices?

        I have about 50 more questions, but will leave them out for brevity’s sake(and yours)
        As I said yesterday- something smells very rotten in Bean-Town! Keep your powder dry…and hidden. You know the rest.

      47. @ Grasshopper. I have a motto, whereever there are mountains, there can be earthquakes. Georgia and North Carolina have areas in the western sections that are capable of mid to high 6 range, that can collapse a house. The New Madrid can trigger faults, so can far away earthquakes like the mega strike slip earthquake last yeat did to faults thousands of miles away. New Madrid can trigger the San Andreas and even be a symptom of the North American plate twisting that can help the Caribbean and/or Cocos plate go. Yes I would worry if I was in a high risk seimic zone. Please check out the map I am linking to show everyone each area.


        Even seismic zone 1 is usually capable of a 6 on this map.

          • @ Socrates. I have used that link before and I just decided to use something a little different this time. I can imagine something like what happened in West, Texas in a major populated area. This fertilizer is very dangerous, you would think it would have been sited a few miles out of any town. These events come on so fast don’t they? This is why it is so important to have preparations WHEN events like this happen. These poor people have to go through this.

      48. And the list of those who would sell their souls to get re-elected….Obama and his gun control….
        Republicans who defected and voted “yes”:

        Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey

        Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk

        Maine Sen. Susan Collins

        Arizona Sen. John McCain

        Democrats who defected and voted “no”:

        North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

        Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor

        Alaska Sen. Mark Begich

        Montana Sen. Max Baucus

        Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (Reid only voted no for procedural reasons, so that Democrats can call up the provision later on)

        Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2013/04/17/senators-who-crossed-party-lines-background-check-vote/#ixzz2QnIPw4ic

        • * you forgot Montana Sen. John Tester (NWO ZOG Red Commie and AmeriCan Traitor) who has his brown nose shoved right up Barry the Fairy bum .


      49. No amimals, muslems/politicans were harmed (in that order) in the making of this e-mail.

      50. 200- 1st Armored Div. Troops deploy to the Jordan- Syria border to back up Jordan troops. Looks like more pre-staging to me. The World is getting closer to exploding every day.

        Keep the FAITH

        • TRUE FACT : Jordan is the ZOG AmeriKan CIA’S and Isreahell’s Jew Mossad training ground for middle east terrorists such as the Al-CIA-Duh as well as Weapons and Military Arms showroom for black market sale of weapons to All with the Gold .

          State of the Art facilities and whole cities built just to train their / Our Zog AmeriKan CIA Al-CIA-Duh Agents of Terror !!!


        • EVERYONE LEARN A LESSON FROM THIS MORON who ignorantly put his childs life in danger … FIRE IN LARGE STRUCTURES USUALLY HAVE LARGE EXPLOSIONS especially when in industrial parks !!!

          do not get within a mile of these fires or down wind of them for your safety and your children’s .

          Escape Flee to Safety ” Upwind ” from such disasters .


      51. RE the explosion in Texas….Governor Perry just released some radio commercials that played Wednesday morning, and several times later in the day… on a major Chicago radio station…inviting Illinois businesses to move to Texas…as it is a very business friendly….anyone with thoughts on this?

      52. I still have not gotten my federal tax refund check back.

        Seems the world is falling apart.

      53. Take this shit down. You’re contributing to the witch hunt. The guys in the black coat and white hat, and blue track suit came forward this morning when they found out they were suspects. Two of the obvious military guys were part of a national guard team there. Come on dude.

      54. Its funny that no one in any media can describe these two other then by what they are wearing.

        Because I’m a highly trained citizen with common sense let me make it clear. The two look to be of African or middle decent. I would lean toward Saudi by the eyes, nose and complection.

        Regardless, the Perps will be catagorized as home grown because the may have been born here or are students here. You will not hear Islamist, Muslim or Saudi in a description of these men.

        • Politically Correct News.

        • Well, you won’t hear Saudi because the guys that did it didn’t come from anywhere near Saudi Arabia.

      55. The Saudi that was first detained and then released has been deported after “King 2 fer 22” had an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi’s. Come to find out the deported Saudi has many friends that are Terrorists. Hmmmmm?

        Yes, the guys with the baseball hats looked like they had a pretty good tan for Boston in early spring. What a bunch of self serving lying sacks of ____!

      56. Test…Mac is this thing on?

        Gooks in the wire

      57. They look like Arabs to me… but everyone is missing the point. More Americans will be killed by the end of this month by drunk driving illegal aliens than terrorist bombs. There will be no news coverage of this carnage of course…

        • More will be killed in one weekend in Chicago. Where is the wall to wall coverage?

          • Booooring. Doesn’t sell over and over. They entertain not report.

      58. My Daughter, and My Niece are both long distance runners, Marathon abilities…this hits very close to home.

        Prayers and Love to those injured, and mostly to those we lost in this devistating act of hate.

        Please come to a sound proof of the perp(s) in this crime on our country and potential loss of freedoms we seem to always face in the aftermath of these acts..God Bless the United States Republic, lets lead with the grace of Patriots, maybe its time a group of Patriots start to hunt down those who would seek to destroy this country and start showing the US government how its done.

      59. Question for those who know more than I do … What gets transported in half-sized shipping containers? On the Interstate yesterday, I passed dozens being hauled south towards Chicago, literally passed one every minute, minute-and-a-half. So unusual. Doesn’t seem very cost effective for normal trucked goods. All I could think of is crated-up vehicles. Not an unusual amount of military traffic, though (although there were some using secondary highways yesterday, as opposed to the Interstate). All the half-sized containers really stood out, though!

        • those are Ammo Storage Caches .

          they are being staged all across AmeriKa by the ZOG DHS GESTAPO in preparation for ZOG MARTIAL LAW .


        • and don’t sell yourself short @Shelley … you know more than most AmeriKans by the fact your still asking questions !!!


      60. Think about it; A drill same day SANDY HOOK, BOSTON, and WACO. I don’t know, but it looks very funny to me.

        Keep the FAITH

        • AND….9/11

        • WHATEVER:

      61. Jazzercize!

      62. Santori. Keep the updates coming.I watch that, and the earthquake reports. The ptb knows something and isnt telling the public. Thier “facilities” and actions speak of a natural disaster, or man made. then control of the survivors.

      63. Every article about the ricin mailings goes like this: Headlines: “Ricin, Ricin, Ricin!”

        Fine print in the articles: “Believed to be ricin.” “powder which is possibly ricin.” “Tests are inconclusive.” “Possibly ricin.”

        Of course it’s being tested at the lab where they actually make biowarfare agents. “Boss, the test shows that this is just talcum powder.” “Ok, I’ll get a gram of our ricin and just pepper it with some of our stuff and retest it.”

      64. I rarely comment on here, but just had to this time……The one thing everyone has missed is these backpacks ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD A PRESSURE COOKER LOADED WITH POWDER, NAILS, BALL BEARING AND WHATEVER ELSE. Come on people!!!!

        • @Anom:
          The standard size Home pressure cooker falls a little under these measurements; 9” round x 7” tall with lid on, without the handle, with handle on is 16”. Those backpacks are more than big enough to hold a home pressure cooker.

          Keep the FAITH

        • Home pressure cooker

          You may be thinking of a canning pressure cooker??

      65. Mac, I’m reading reports that the two individuals are high school students, and have been eliminated as suspects. Do you have updates on this very fluid situation?

        • now it’s the 19th and one of the real suspects is dead and his 19 year old brother is on the run with no place to hide.
          the arab looking kids were convicted by the alex jones army of wackos while being absolutely innocent of everything except by coincidence of being at the crime scene.

      66. Backpack, SnackPack…people are missing is the VERY OBVIOUS. Which is? The FBI is now denying that any ‘Craft International’ personnel were onscene and that no ‘Bomb Drill’ ever took place. Janet N (BIG Sis) was even asked directly by a senator about the Saudi person of interest that was taken to the hospital placed under amred guard and then alledgly deported (even that story is flip flopping now). In other words…they are PURPOSELY trying to distract you from what people saw and heard that day. It’s called slight of hand, but that WON’T fly this time clowns! There is WAY too much video footage and first hand witnesses. Enough is ENOUGH ALREADY! Also note how QUICKLY Oblama came out on TV and said that is was ‘not a false flag event’. ROFL! Really? PLEeeassse… The FEDS just F!%$#? up big time and they know it..and so do WE!

      67. 2 bombs exploded, 2 suspects, what about the other 2 or 3 bombs reported that didn’t detonate and special military EOD teams dispatched to disarm and give the important info on the bomb makers? Or did I not hear that soon after the bombings??

      68. There were no other bombs, just the two that went off. A lot of folks seem to be making stuff up about this event, both on and off camera.

      69. I’m curious as to why everyone thinks the bombers would be present at the site.


        I mean… they could plant them the night before ya know. And detonate via cell phone. I don’t know HOW they could detonate via cell phone but I mean how hard can it be… there has to be a way to hook into the ring speaker.

        If the bombs got found before they detonated them then oh well, ya know? Jst make them super generic (whatever that means… I guess I mean don’t get exotic on it, keep it super simple) and don’t get prints all over them.

        I mean… why the hell would the perps even be anywhere near that?

        Ah cell phone’s a bad method… yeah… traceable… but come on they could think of something right? UHF walkie talkie or shit I dunno… crap range when it’s buried and all but still. No one with half an ounce of common sense would be anywhere near that thing if they did it.

        • the guys they caught – where are the bomb making materials from their home ????
          where are the forensics teams combing thru their cars and homes and belongings ?

          The 2 guys they caught are fall guys for the people in the pictures within this very article – they are the real perps in this. They are para military mercenaries.

      70. Not sure who made up the story about the other bombs and the EOD teams but it was reported during the reporting immediately after the bombing on Fox news

      71. the guy was found guilty in absentia by on the website infowars.com by the crackpot followers of alex jones. he will remain guilty in their eyes for the rest of his life because of his appearance.
        usa usa usa! disgraceful.

      72. Real God fearing Patriots would never hurt innocents unless unavoidable collateral damage. You don’t restore freedom and liberty by killing people. Blame the Muzzies and/or big brother…

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