Pfizer Will Be Ready In A Few Days To Ask For FDA Approval To Inject Children With The “Vaccine”

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Pfizer’s CEO says that the big pharma company will be ready in a few days to ask the Food and Drug Administration for their “approval” to inject children ages 5-11 with the COVID-19 “vaccine.”

    “It is a question of days, not weeks,” Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla told ABC News Sunday about when the company will submit data on children ages 5 to 11 to the FDA for consideration, according to a report by CNN. As of right now, the “vaccines” are only approved for children over the age of 12. Since the ruling class’s goal is to inject every single human on Earth with whatever is in those syringes, we should all be ready for them to give this the green light.

    Once the data from Pfizer/BioNTech is in, it will have to go through two committees, one for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and one for the CDC, CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Johnathan Reiner said Sunday. If the data comes in this week, it would likely be in committee by the end of October, he added.

    And there is a lot of data for them to look at, he said. “This is a vaccine for children, so getting the dose right — in terms of efficacy and side effects — is crucial,” Reiner said.

    They are going to try to force this vaccine on kids just like the rest of the population. In an article by CNN, they admitted that the propaganda will be dialed up to a maximum to try to get people convinced their children need these shots.

    In response, officials need to do a better job educating the public about the importance of vaccination for the health of their children and their families as a whole, Reiner said.

    “If you want kids in school, the best way to keep them in school is to keep them from getting Covid,” he said. -CNN

    Brace for the increase in propaganda, people pulling their kids from school if they mandate the shots, and a wave of unemployment and even greater labor shortage as people continue to refuse these shots. The rulers are slowly figuring out we don’t want their injections, and that means the pressure to take them will intensify. So stay alert to what’s being reported.


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      1. Although public school has become traditional for most people, any adults doing any productive work, whatsoever, could bring their own kids up to the level of a marketable job skill.

        Also, your babysitter tax puts my private property at jeopardy.

      2. This mRNA altering false vaccine injected in the kids will probably allow them to be brainwashed easily. there is a sinister reason this false vaccine is being pushed so hard and it goes well beyond the billions of dollars being made.

      3. It’s amazing how quickly long term studies of a drug to prove them safe, particularly in children, can be carried out so they can gain approval for use.

        Today’s medicine is truly miraculous.

      4. Gee, I wonder if there is any
        way the FDA will give its’ approval? Nah, they wouldn’t
        do that – would they?

      5. Fiendishly

      6. All one needs to do is to look at the root word for pharmacy…

        Greek dictionary defines it as: “witchcraft, magic, the
        use of spells and potions of magic, often involving drugs–a magic
        spell. It is a fact that witchcraft and magic in the Greek world often involved the use of drugs–either by the witch or the one on whom the magic is worked.

        Imagine that….

        • Keep in mind that Luke was a physician.

      7. There will be a place in Heaven for those little kids where parents abort their children. God will have vengence on those who destroy their lives. Millstones around their necks and cast into the sea is not bad enough for them.

      8. Up to about 4 years ago, I lived in town. My daughter went to a private Christian school from kindergarten to 11th grade. The summer before she entered 12th grade I had an opportunity to buy a nice home with some property several miles away out in the county, so I bought the place.
        The town’s school system, though with more money, has truly awful public schools, rated academically at the bottom. But the county school system with not as much money is rated high academically. I was hesitant to let her attend any public school, but the schools out in the county are really good so she went to the high school there for her senior year.
        Because of the poor performance of the public schools many who live in town placed their kids to private schools. This has skewed the demographics in the town’s public school system in an extreme way. It’s the opposite out in the county.
        In town, a brand new high school was built about 10 or 12 years ago with beautiful architecture, the best of everything, totally equipped with all the modern technology, big sports facilities, no expense was spared. Today, that same high school is almost literally trashed, and rated academically in the toilet. A pity, all that money spent over the years has so little to show for it.
        Unfortunately, with some exceptions, for this generation of kids now entering public schools in US, there is more of a focus to indoctrinate than educate. With these vaccinations, their minds and their bodies will be poisoned. Thankfully, there is a big upsurge in parental involvement in children’s education across the country. And hopefully, this will make a dramatic difference.
        As for all the people (in the corporate and gov’t sectors and celebrities) who are pushing these “vaccinations”, I want to see irrefutable proof they are pumping their families and themselves with these actual covid vaccinations they insist for everyone else (I bet they’re not). And if not, I want them to explain why in a public forum.

      9. We had a healthy 15year old boy die of a heart attack from the jab in our small town..

        Any parent that allows their child to get vaccinated is a criminal!

      10. It’s a good thing that they have had time to verify the long term affects of this stuff??

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