Petrus Romanus: 900 Year Old Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Oversee End of Days

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    In 1139 A.D. the Catholic Saint Malachy was said to have experienced visions during a trip to Rome. He subsequently put these visions to paper and penned a document containing 112 short phrases purporting to describe all future popes that would head the Catholic Church. Though not a part of official Catholic dogma or church teachings, this Prophecy of the Popes is well known by Vatican officials and church scholars because it has been remarkably accurate about naming the last 111 heads of one of the world’s oldest and most widespread religions.

    According to researchers, theologians and evangelical scholars, the phrases Malachy scribed in his writings offer up the “nature, name, destiny or coat of arms” of every pope in succession and culminate with the naming of the 112th pope.

    This morning, Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be retiring. Jokingly referred to as “God’s Rottweiler” in some circles, the German born 111th Pontiff as described in Malachy’s prophecy is called the Gloria Olivae, or “glory of the olive,” which some supporters of the prophecy suggest is a reference to the Benedictine Order of monks from whom Benedict got his namesake. The monks are also known as the Olivetans, and are represented by an olive branch, leaving many to believe that Saint Malachy was, once again, right.

    Now, according to prophecy, the 112th Pope will step up to head the Church, and he will be named Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman.

    Whether you’re Catholic, Christian or not a religious person at all, the fact that a 900 year old prophecy is coming to a close is intriguing. And one way or the other, whether its predictions turn out to be true or not, the prophecy concludes with the next Pope.

    Eerily, the prophecy describes the Catholic Church’s last Pontiff as overseeing a new era, and one that will be met with great difficulty and destruction:

    “In  extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman…”

    “Who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome judge will judge his people.

    The End.”

    Prophecy of the Popes – Attributed to St. Malachy circa  1139 A.D.

    Within the Book of Revelation, also known as The Apocalypse of John, are references to the destruction of the City of Seven Hills (Rome) and to the many trials that will be faced by mankind ahead of the final judgement – the rapture, the rise of the anti-christ, seven years of tribulations, and the end of days.

    Suffice it to say, if the prophecy is accurate, then the world will soon be engulfed in a battle between good and evil.

    The idea by some Catholics that the next pope on St. Malachy’s list heralds the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation” sets the stage for the imminent unfolding of apocalyptic events, something many non-Catholics agree with. This will give rise to the false prophet, who according to the book of Revelation leads the world’s religious communities into embracing a political leader known as Antichrist. 

    Throughout history, many Catholic priests—some deceased now—have been surprisingly outspoken on what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences. These priests claim secret knowledge of an multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supranatural and global political machinations. Among this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state and the fulfillment of a diabolical plan called “Alta Vendita,” which assumes control of the papacy and helps the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist.

    As stated by Dr. Michael Lake on the front cover of this unprecedented report, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries. Unfortunately – as you will discover in the next 90 days – time for avoiding Peter the Roman just ran out.

    The prophecy begins in 1143 with the election of Pope Celestine II, who is described in Latin as “Ex caſtro Tiberis,” or “From a castle of the Tiber.” Celestine II was born in central Italy in a city that sits on the banks of the Tiber river.

    Pope John Paul II is referred to as “De labore folis,” or “from the labour of the sun,” and is the only pope to have been born on the day of an eclipse and entombed on one as well.

    There are scores of similar parallels between prophecy and pope, adding all the more credence to its legitimacy.

    In its last prediction, though the prophecy refers to Petrus Romanus as the shepherd that will pasture his sheep, it may not necessarily mean the Pope will be on the side of the people, or even God. According to Thomas Horn, the author of Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, the last pope is not the anti-christ, but he may well be the false prophet who ushers him in – a chilling thought for the billions of Catholics and Christians around the world:

    The important fact is this. The very next Pope, following Pope Benedict the XVI who, according to a lot of news coming out of Rome right now – his days are numbered. He’s getting older, he’s getting feeble, he may retire…

    The next Pope is the final one on a 900 year old prophecy.

    So, imagine how historical this moment is with regard to end times bible prophecy. 

    By the way, the prophecy tells us that he will be the false prophet of biblical fame who will help give rise to the anti-christ.

    Via: Prophecy in the News
    Related: Author Thomas Horn with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM discusses the Prophecy

    A Look at the St. Malachy Prophecy:

    Whether coincidence, self fulfilling through the machinations of man, or otherworldly, Malachy’s writings have certainly held the attention of the highest levels at the Vatican for centuries, and perhaps even influenced its decisions.

    Now, with Benedict the XVI stepping down, we enter its final phase, and we’ll soon learn how accurate it really is.



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      1. Would be fitting.

        • Be more worried about Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

          • More likely that the a VATICAN infrared telescope ( in league with NASA) is called ……………..LUCIFER!!!!!!!

            The Vatican is very SCIENCE minded ~ maybe he knows something we don’t.

            Also the Knights of Malta just has a special Mass on 2/9/13.

            Interesting to listen to the “Antiphone : Salve Regina” chant of the Templars during the Crusades in light of this situation …Salve Salve Regina…..

            And lightning struck St Peter’s Dome today….hm! talk about a sign.

            • *sigh*…

              …some days it’s just plain strange to watch a non-Catholic conspiracy theorist try to explain something I’ve grown up with.

              “Salve Regina” is Latin. It is the title of a prayer (recited at the end of the Rosary), and often sung as a hymn. Here, I’ll help you out with the words:

              Nothing to do with the Knights Templar (who may have taken it on, but hey – they were Christian, so go figure).

              Man – this is gonna be a loooong thread…

              • The Rosary isn’t in the bible. The only prayer we were given by Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus), was the Lord’s Prayer aka/The Our Father. We are also told not to pray in vain repetition, like the heathen do-“for they think they will be heard for their many words.”

                I am a former Catholic, now following “the Way”….which is what the first followers of Yeshua were called, before the fake apostle Paul/Saul dubbed them “Christians”.

                “Come out of her, My people.”

                • The Rosary is the Gospel. It contains the mysteries joyful, sorrowful & glorious mysteries.a recent Luminous mystery containing the miracles worked by Jesus. the Hail Mary is also the Gospel where the angel approaches her and she consents to the Immaculate Conception. You mediatate on the life of Christ as you pray the Rosary.

                  • yes..where is your heart during the prayer and do you hold the HOLY SPIRIT within you through out the day? always check the motive…i dont think theres anything wrong with praying over the same prayers and teachings on a daily basis..for if the motive is to glorify the MOST HIGH then it is fresh manna everyday!

                • The Rosary was asked by The Blessed Mother, Mary to pray and recite the Rosary. This was at Lourdes when she appeared to the 3 children. Quite a bit after the writing of the Bible.The prophecies and visions that were given to the children have all come true save the last one, and upon hearing the last one when the last child , now a nun, told a Pope of the last vision and prophercy when it was time,( WHICH Pope eludes me at the moment) and caused him great distress to the point of passing out.

                  • part of that letter stated that in 1972 the devil will enter the vatican. and will have control over bishops cardinals and priests to put pressure on the pope. [no good]. tony . the virgin mary is crying as I write this letter our holly father is also sad and has the ball of fire. ready to strike the earth.

                  • those three children were at Fatima not Lourdes.

                  • Sister Faustino told Pope John Paul II.

                • You are so right. So many have been deceived over the centuries. The Catholic church is a Babylon mystery cult and is Satanic! Full of occult practices and false doctrine. Part of the New World Order cabal. Devils!!!

                  • Amen!! The reason he is retiring is the ITCCS want to try him for covering up child abuse in the church! He has a meeting with the Italian president this week! Also the Vatican has said in the past few days that he will stay at the Vatican the rest of his days! So that doesn’t sound like a prophecy, that sounds like desperation !! He was notified of the indictment just days before his announcement to retire!! John Paul second had alzhiemers and he stayed on?!! Just saying!!

                  • You have no knowledge of the origins of the Catholic Church. However, your anti-catholic prejudice is evident and you are Satan.

                • The rosary is scripture Hail Mary Full of Grace! WAKE UP!


        • I posted this on the previous article but I believe it bears repeating.

          The prophecy was first published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine historian, as part of his book Lignum Vitæ. Wyon attributed the list to Saint Malachy, the 12th‑century bishop of Armagh in Ireland. According to the traditional account, in 1139, Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While in Rome, Malachy purportedly experienced a vision of future popes, which he recorded as a sequence of cryptic phrases. This manuscript was then deposited in the Roman Archive, and thereafter forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1590.

          On the other hand, Bernard of Clairvaux’s biography of Malachy makes no mention of the prophecy, nor is it mentioned in any record prior to its 1595 publication.[1] Some sources, including the most recent editions of the Catholic Encyclopedia, suggest that the prophecy is a late 16th‑century forgery. Some have suggested that it was created by Nostradamus and was credited to Saint Malachy so the purported seer would not be blamed for the destruction of the papacy. Supporters, such as author John Hogue, who wrote a popular book titled The Last Pope about the claims, generally argue that, even if the author of the prophecies is uncertain, the predictions are still valid.

          One should also note that this prophecy is no where to be found in the bible.

          It does seem like we are living through the end of our society as we know it. Morality is disappearing at an alarming rate and the people of the world are either fighting against the false gods, or worshiping them as gods. The earth itself is also in turmoil, earthquakes that are possibly world altering, seem to be imminent. All should take heed regardless of their religious beliefs.

          • This article reminded me of some verses about the ‘last days’.

            Over 2500 years ago the Prophet Ezekiel foretold that Israel would be scattered all over the world because of their iniquities. In the LAST DAYS, they would be regathered back into Palestine. Israel again became a nation in 1948.
            Ezekiel 36:24-35

            Matthew 24 talks about the signs of the ‘end of the age’.
            “This generation shall not pass pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Matthew 24:34

            • “On March 19, 2008, a powerful gamma ray burst detected by NASA’s Swift satellite in the Bo-otes constellation shattered the record for the most distant object that could be seen with the naked eye.”

              “It was a whopper,” said Swift principal investigator Neil Gehrels of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “This blows away every gamma ray burst we’ve seen so far.”
              NASA said the afterglow “was 2.5 million times more luminous than the most luminous supernova ever recorded, making it the most intrinsically bright object ever observed by humans in the universe.”

              “The constellation known as Bo-otes, or ‘the Coming One,’ shows a man with a sickle coming to reap a harvest.”



              It reminds me of this…

              “His winnowing fork in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”
              Matthew 3:12

              • KY mom is a perfect example of one looking so earnestly for any thread of semblance connecting a scientific phenomenon to Bible prophecy. Her imaginary thread typing together the Bo-oates GRB with the Biblical quotation reminds me of someone reaching for straws. It would be like saying that some phenomenon in the constellation Pisces portend the world’s starving populations being met by a messiah and never going hungry again. My advice: don’t try to make prophecies fulfill themselves by attempting to connect unrelated events by imaginary threads. It makes one look like a fool and contributes to an already overstuffed with nonsense.

                • Hey, now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

                • Jeremy Horne PhD. : It never ceases to amaze me that most prophesies are riddle with “weasel” words. This particular on uses the words ‘purported’ and ‘suggest’ as its weasel words. These words are employed so that if they don’t work, and they never do because we’re still here, they can say it was a misreading/poor translation, or simply a misunderstanding of the prophecy. These things turn out to be no more valid than a carnival fortuneteller or the daily horoscope in your local paper. But freightend and suspertsitious people will believe anything, and get fooled yet again.

                  • Ah, the attack of the angry babies on me and the Phd.!!! They can’t think so instead they raise a stink.

                  • G8, speaking of “weasel” words, lets talk about a phrase that has accompanied science and scientists since the beginning. “Hypothesis”. It is a brilliant and beautiful word and or phrase when used with “scientific” as its prefix. I have always thought that it must be really neat to be a scientist, just for the simple FACT that He/She (the scientist) can be wrong in His/Her “hypothesis” and still be thought credible, after discovery that he was wrong in his earlier statements on a said subject. The early part of my statement may sound a bit trite, but I’m not a member of your fraternity of “elite intellectual brilliant thinkers”. Anyway, please argue the fact that if you transplant individual words into your diatribe, it just about mimics the definition of “Hypothesis”. I think it would be a “reach” to say that my questions and statements are that of “angry babies”.

                • Wow, closed minded are we? Can anyone else feel the anger and hate seeping out of this comment? PhDs are supposed to be enlightened and open-minded. Not spiteful and closed off. So much for education these days. You are a tribute to your kind. PhDs these days are some of the dumbest in society. They have knowledge without understanding.

                  • The problem is being open mouthed and closed minded.

                • @ Jeremy Horne—

                  Give her a break. She is from Kentucky. They aren’t known for producing the worlds best brain surgeons ya know

            • KY MOM: did you read what that says about the TEN Northern tribes?…aka Lost ten tribes of Isreal.

              There is a part that says God will regather that Ten northern tribes Decendants and bring them into a NEW land Not of their forefathers but NEW land. It goes on to describe much detail of what that New lands shall consist of. Lands withOUT walls(todays isreal Has many safty walls 40ft tall). And land with Many streams and Rivers(isreal today has very serious water needs).And they shall number as the Stars in sky! and Sands in sea!(when has jews ever nunbered so many?) and EVERY nation and even every Family on earth shall be Blessed due to them.(when has Any nation or familys of earth been blessed by jews?!!!!) no denying every nation and most familys been blessed due to white americans eh.(untill kommie overtook usa).

              A New Land with Much crop growing areas. It goes on and on describing the NEW lands. If you read it all no other area of the entire world fits it as well as america does.

              Especially the facts that no other nation was ever called the “melting Pot” which refers to basically white european christians gathered from many euro countries into america beginig with the mayflower pilgrims.

              If you read what the Two sticks prophecys actually say,it states that each of Two sticks represents #1 the Southern Kingdom of Judah…The other #2 stick is the Northern Kingdom of ISREAL…aka the TEN tribes of the North kingdom.

              Jacob(name changed to Isreal) got the promices Passed down from abraham to isaic to Jacob…But WHO did Jacob pass the blessing promices down to?…I will tell you.

              Jacob when he first met his thought to be long dead Son. Joseph(the True Birthright son of all 12 sons) when Jacob and all his people first came to reside in Egypt((joesph was pharos #2 head man in egypt) Jacob was nearing his own death.

              So INSTEAD of the usual passing blessings to eldest son…Jacob Instead blessed his TWO Grandsons..aka…Josephs two twin sons aka Ephraim and Manassah….One of the Many things jacob spoke of blessings to BOTH grandkid twin boys was…”And MY name of ISREAL is who And What You shall be called henceforth for EVERmore untill even the Thousandth generation beyond now today(back then when spoken, the boys was like age 12 yrs old then).

              AFTER jacob FIRST blessed them two boys his grandkids, THEN jacob gathered his 12 sons to also grant them All blessings too…One of 12 sons was JUDAH( jew=nickname for them folks from tribe of judah later in history).

              BUT None of the orig 12 sons got blessed in any way near the massive BULK of Birthright blessings jacob gave the two sons of Joseph.

              Also although today most every pastor who mentions Anything about Abraham-Issac-jacob, always seems to call them three men “jews”…yet thats False. No jews could exist UNTILL one of the 12 sons, Judah got to be adult, married and had kids of his own which became the tribe of judah, one of 12 orig. tribes, of ALL of isreal.

              (if you begin at page One of Genisis, you WONT find the word “Jew” Untill you get to 2nd book of Kings, chapter 16 vs. 12 if my memory is correct) Thats aprox 35-40% past begining of old testement…If abraham was a jew?…Why zero mention of that?…hint he wasnt. Read on.)

              In fact most pastors today never even mention any other tribes besides “jews” or Judah…They simply call them all jews. That too is false. Each of all 12 tribes has their Own name, named after One of orig 12 sons of Jacob aka isreal. Example tribe of DAN were called Dannites…NOT jews.(judah was called jews). Tribe of DAN is where Irish-Danes-and many other europeans originated from. Ephraim=anglos aka british folks today. Manesah=usa.

              To return to part of TWO sticks prophecys, it says “I the Lord shall do this”= Regather all 12 tribes back into a single nation again. But it reads more like when He returns(when Christ returns at second comming).

              The mention of bones of dead isrealites(from all 12 tribes not just jews) brought back into Life with flesh again Has to be about the Resurection time(some calls it rapture) and that is clearly to happen When Christ returns and we meet Him in the air…The dead in christ First then all we who still alive and are believers.

              There will be NO pretrib rapture if you read what it says.

              So same goes for dead from 12 tribed isreal the “Bones” spoken of. AND that ties into the Two sticks in his hand to represent again a single nation of ALL 12 tribes.

              SO…How can them folks we see Today and since 1948 be a fullfillment of those prophecys?…When so far aprox 95+% of todays “jews” in state of isreal are really Khazers.

              Even “IF” instead of so many Khazers(fake jews) they was all really jews from orig tribe of “Judah” where are the REST?…The OTHER 11 tribes?

              if you read what the books of Isaih-Ezekiel-And Jerimiah actually says…MINUS what so many False preacher types say today(sorry but facts is facts eh…Todays pastors, Most not all, say stuff that does NOT equal whats written in those books of the bible once you read it and see).

              If you read it you will find what I am saying here. There are TWO Distinct SEPERATE Kingdoms spoken of…Northern kingdom(10 tribes of north who Kept name of Isreal per jacob blessings) and the Southern kingdom of Judah(mainly jews of judah+ tribe of Benjamin+aprox 1/2 of the priest-levites is who made up southern kindom with its HQ in jersulem).

              And it is not till the Retrun of the Lord(christ) that HE will gather modern day remenants of ALL 12 tribes back into one single Nation of Isreal.

              For now it appears the Only land/country that truly fits every described thing in that part of “I will bring their decendants(of 10 Northern tribed isreal)into a NEW LAND that will REMAIN theirs and NOone shall evict them by any means etc etc…No other place on planet fits it like America and especially the History of How america got started by the Pilgrims in 1600’s era with soon to follow white euro christian folks from all nations they was “scattered” to in europe.

              Perhaps thats why certain Khazer(fake jews/banksters etc) are trying so hard to convince the world it is They who should be entitled to everything as a “blessing” eh?

              As long as most of america is Unaware of these vital things, its alot eaiser for them Khazers to STEAL/ROB us of OUR nation-resources-Lives-freedoms etc etc…

              What did jesus call them?…”You are of Your father(satan) and like he You will do the LUSTS of Your father Satan(the devil lucifer) which is to LIE-ROB/STEAL and MURDER!….Well to date…What have them Khazers been doing to white christians since 2000 yrs ago and Especially since russia 1918 era?…They been constantly Lying-Robbing-Murdering Us mainly! to Steal everything that rightfully belongs to Us especially our God granted rights!(and lands-prosperity/money-resources 2nd amendt etc)

              It is long Past due for us All to Re-read our bibles and learn the real Truths contained within…MINUS so much crap by false preachers eh.

              ps: Who do you think it means is spoken of when Jesus told them folks in jersulem et al…”I was SENT ONLY to the LOST SHEEP…Of The House of Isreal”?..Answer= obviously Jesus meant by lost sheep of isreal= the TEN Tribes of the NORTHERN kingdom known as Isreal. NOT the “jews” and jewsmixed with edomites then in jersulem since we Know They all were of the House of Judah or the SOUTHERN kingdom of Judah aka “jews”….Where are todays modern day decendants of those TEN tribes? They sure aint in nation called isreal today!(could they be in america perhaps?…could christians be they?)

              • suggest you read about Margaret MacDonald of Scotland & more to see that the term “rapture” was a theory developed but thinly supported with the bible. sticking to facts is always best. God created and scattered his chosen, in truth we are all connected, in truth the battle of good vs evil exisits as there is always balance. The problem today is we see evil clearly is winning a foothold on Earth & understand that we are put here for a purpose to stand against evil, to help our fellow man. God is in control.

                • I humbly suggest that Christians–and others–who have struggled with the problem of evil and suffering in this world take time to study the incomparable Christian mystic Jakob Boehme. His elucidation of what evil is and why it is present here is the most lucid I have ever seen.

                  In a nutshell: This world is a world of polarities, such as positive and negative, light and dark, up and down etc. Evil is the polarity of good, it is in essence the spirit of resistance. Resistance to a higher life that recognizes all life as one in the Mystery we call God.

                  The world exists BECAUSE of these polarities; it cannot even come into existence with them, it requires resistance (like friction) to accomplish the manifestation of this physical universe. What is the role of those who see evil?

                  It is to understand our part is to maintain this balance by resisting it. This doesn’t mean to focus on evil exclusively–Boehme taught this adds energy to it–but to realize we are here to maintain that balance. When evil threatens to overwhelm the order of things, like now, it is up to those Sons of Light to resist. Evil will never be eradicated here, just as we will always live in a physical world of positive and negative energies. But our duty is to resist evil and help bring back a balance so that good may not be overwhelmed and the purpose of the universe, to manifest the creative energy of the Mystery, is not thwarted.

                  Very profound ideas but for me at least, it has been the only serious offering on evil that makes sense.

                  • Evil was come forth from the pride of a created being (lucifer, an angle),thinking he could belike God. Satan is not equal to God and does not, Cannot, being the lesser, provide this balance you speak of. God is allowing this evil to continue for a time until and as His plan is unfolded. He allows the teires to grow along side the wheat until the harvest, the end… Which seems to be upon us.

              • Finally someone that knows the truth, I have been saying this for years. I learned this from a radio station that I used to listen to called Newswatch. They had a magazine that I was subscribed to. A pastor in Texas was the preacher I forget his name now. Anyway I knowingly went and made it my mission to help young white men that were living on the street and were on drugs. I noticed every time I gave them work, the blessing came back to me. I also talked to them and shared the Good News of Christ with them. Several became God’s children and also I became very wealthy, I did that intentionally to help myself knowing that God would bless me. I am a native American and of Mexican descent. I grew up with nothing, and very hard. I knew that God wanted to help me, I just didn’t know how. Then one night of praying God led me to listen to a AM station that had a man preaching about Manasseh an Ephraim and who they were. I am so glad that God chose me to help so many young people. I never thought that he would help me. But he chose me to help others and to bring them to the knowledge that he came to save them from an eternal separation from God. Thanks for leaving your comment a lot of people wont believe this or bother to care, that’s just the way it has been for years. The jews are not the Israel that they are thinking about. It’s the people here.

                • @Indio, God Bless you.

                • All of god’s chosen children have or should have one single thread that unifies them in Christ and that thread is Love. With out Loving even our enemies we are liars if we claim we love Jesus!!!! And God’s children are as Far East – to far West. And Far South – to Far North. Please all of you who claim to love Christ absorb yourselves in the Word (Bible) each day . May god bless you mightily through Jesus Christ our Savior

            • you know KY Mom , for years I keep thinking about prophecy in Matthew 24 and after a calculation is likely that the end to be in a few years, not many to come.
              Somehow it’s interesting, scary but liberating knowing that will conclude with the inequality of these days when I see only evil that culminates above God’s teachings.

          • It is a great leap from observing whether the prophecies of Malachy have been accurate or not to saying “earthquakes that are possibly world altering, seem to be imminent” For me, I’d rather rely on the seismologists/geologists, etc. than someone who is simply apprehensive of the future. Yes, a sense of ethics is collapsing, evidenced by daily occurrences of malfeasance, etc., but that is a consequence of not having a life affirming ethos. My suggestion is that non-scientists concentrate on that.

            • Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.,

              Be informed has been our seismologist and he has been more accurate than any professional that I know of when it comes to predicting earth quakes. In retrospect, I should not have used the word imminent, you’re right about that.

              • and BI was smack-on when he said to watch for north korea nuke testing showing up on the usgs site….

                at least Be Informed puts this useful info out for us; anyone is welcome to choose to ignore it. that’s the beauty of this place.

            • All of us are fools in the duality game. We are told that we must either believe in the gods that are offered to us, or believe in no god at all. That is why we see people on the extremes and polarized. Imagine if the birds of the air or the fish of the sea were given all of these false choices. They would eventually die off from disharmony. They do not require instruction because they are still one with the Creator. We are not. This is what the christ any many others were trying to tell us. TPTB give you a buffet line of false gods so you will always choose poorly. When their straw gods cannot stand up to reason, you will choose to believe in no greater existence at all; an equally damaging position. Or their pseudo-sciences will become your god. Their entire system is intentionally disharmonious. It is the only way for TPTB to restrain and weaken the most powerful organism on the planet, us.

          • Also, Benedict xvi is the 265th pope. Not the 111th.

            • apologies, i should have made this more clear… benedict is the 111th named pope in Malachy’s prophecy.

              • Mac: don’t it say in them prophecys of popes that the orig documents was Found in safe at vatican after a number of yrs?…It seems I read that before when I first heard of the pope prophecys. I wonder, if the popes has the docs all that time since it was found in vatican safes, wouldn’t they then Know what was written as to names popes will choose etc?

                What was to stop them from simply going along with whats wrote and choose name malachi wrote of? Then claim its all as foretold. Yeah especially if you have the orig fortellings in your safe!…Just curious if its really for real?…or more fake “miricles” to decieve even the Elect if that were posible.

                Also the guy in article, Tom Horn book writer, has a New book and articles About it at newswithviews website. Its a many part(so far 8-9 parts) article on new book all about Vaticans UFO telescope vatican space officials calls…SATAN or LUCIFER!…Its an acronim for actual scope name and letters spells out satan.

                Tom Horn says in those articles vatican officials are expecting extraterestials to soon arive on earth. And are debating how to accept it and weather or not they, like humans, need be saved or baptized etc. Very interesting stuff to say the least. Check it out.

                • Angelo; Thanks for the link and the read! For me to believe in ET’S is not that hard to believe! Im just hoping they get here soon!! How about you?

                  • Thinker: ET’s hmmmm..Well I guess it depends, if they are real, can they actually be what the bible calls Fallen Angels? Much of Ezekial mentions what sure sounds alot like what we call space ships and ET or ufos.

                    Fallen Angels=Satans crew=They are who mixed human womens DNA with their own and created the Giants or Nephilim. Many think we shall see a return to such as Christ said “as it was in days of noah, so shall it be in last days”…many say reason God destroyed all but noah and them on his ark was due to alot of fags and crime etc.

                    They seem to ignore the main wrongs done were mixed DNA by evil angels of satans crew. They mixed not just angelic and human dna’s…But also mixed humans with Animals and even plant life dna’s.( sound familiar today?)

                    As the story in bible goes. Only noah and his three sons and their 4 wives total remaind dna pure and racially pure. They rest of world got scred up by fallen angels and satan so God fixed it. With a massive flood!

                    So I guess if et’s may really be angelic beings, and are them whats fallen?…Probobly then Good angels from God can also be seen in our future if we do actually confirm ET’s etc eh. I think you know which angels I plan to hang out with. Perhaps just as days in ancient times where Gods angels provided victory and assistance and protection to Gods people in various wars and struggles we too will see such occure to help Us.

                    We the patriots could surely use all the help we can muster at this point in history no. If this does happen it should be fairly easy to disern Which angels to trust. Satans fallen ones likly wont like to hear us mention the name of Jesus Christ eh!…Kinda like many of todays dem lib kommie politition gun grabber crowd..They too hate Him and Us.

                    Perhaps this time around finestien and bloomberg ET Al, will find they has bit off way more than they can jew.

                • Lucifer is also “Star of the Morning” or light bringer. No wonder the telescope is named as such. Although, to the religious maybe a poor play on words.

          • Everybody can read anything they want into man made Religious DOGMA, what they seem to forget is the REAL HISTORY of this world from the Summerians by the ANNUNAKI,who started everything here. A Race of Super Beings, extraterrestrial who came here for the GREAT EXPERIMENT and to harvest GOLD every 3,600 years! And Time is upon us again. They Forget the HISTORY upon the GREAT EXEDUS of these GODS in the Past, WE “MAN” were left to our own devices,. and here we are with KINGS and PRESIDENTS and ROME & the Powers that be leading the world to a NEW WORLD ORDER through trickery to enslave all mankind for Total control, but what they forget is the RETURN of the ANNUNAKI and soon a real Alien Attack by some Aliens that dont like us very much, That will change this world forever in the way we VIEW things as the Human Race. So watch the SKYS for the Return of the Great Destrtoyer and these pissaed off Aliens, when wills
            thus all happen ? I would NEVER make an exact Date but the 3600 years is up so it should be pretty quick here.

            • That is another “religion” in and of itself

          • The catholic church makes a distinction between biblical prophesey and private revelation. Bibilcal prophesey is worthy of respect. Private revelation may or may not be but generally the church won’t get involved and prefers the people do not either so the prophesies of Malachy were placed into the basement of the Vatican library and forgotten. They are private revelation. They may or may not be accurate but hind sight is often 20/20.

        • There’s a way out of anything man. Just keep your powder dry, and your pecker hard- and the world will turn…

        • But does he get a gold watch? A cake? A nice card from Hallmark?
          It’s so hard to plan papal retirement parties these days. I never know what to send…

          • He gets a room at a monastery where he will pray, serve others, and maybe write a book or two until the day he dies.

            It’s a pretty humble thing, if you think about it.

            To be honest, he could have said ‘screw it’ and kept the job until he dropped dead. Instead, he cared enough about the Church to step aside when he realized that he wasn’t up to the task.

            Like him or hate him, you gotta admit – it takes balls to realize one’s own growing limitations and step back from such a powerful position.

            • well said!

            • it would be more amazing to me if he would of stopped hiding the child molesters within the church.

            • Very well put, OQ.

          • Smokin: Or perhaps another unanounced visit from Nancy pelosi?…recall she went there while lib dems was voting to pass obammacare. She never revealed why that was so important for her to visit the pope then return to pass obammycare crap…we must pass the bill so we can Then see whats in it!

            What can top another pelosi visit to the fading pope.

            • Whats with the slang ? I don’t get you. Sounds like your gripe is with the Government, are you one of these hate government, don’t tread on me type. Take your politics somewhere else your headed off topic.

          • Right. It has been 600 years since we had to do this.

        • we are in the days of bread and circus just like the Roman days
          Monkey boy has us watching his little circus and getting us all worried and he throws bread out to the poor un washed in the form of obama phones and crap

          we are headed for a big mess more deaths in the streets from the hungry mass
          and yet the circus just continues everything is fine just go about my business do my bidding says lord king O Bummer
          GET IT !! through your heads we are in for a world of hurt more debt more wasteful spending MORE welfare
          why do you think the rats are leaving O Bummers ship they see whats coming for him.ask your self why would any one want to leave a cushy DC job to take a private sector type job for much less. but so far O bummer has lost 40% of his orig staff.

          Support Steve Stockman R tx tell him how much you want him to try O Bummer for treason and get him impeached O Bummer has to be run out. Don’t buy his lies and BS about not wanting to grab your guns HE will and after we are all disarmed he will throw us to the lions ( or the UN ) .

          1. Speak boastful words remember how he would lower the ocean ?
          2. Hates Israel treated them like crap
          3. Hates Christians but claims to be a good one most likely has a prayer rug under his desk
          4. Think he is God himself Massive Ego THE ONE! our lord and savior ( jimmie foxx )
          5. Have a chip for everyone hates the rich even though is ( net worth between 4 and 12 million
          6. Be a Peace-Maker, but create wars instead
          promised to close gitmo
          7. Hates the True God and His Son favors the Muslim faith if it suits his political agenda

          Impeach O Bummer and NOW !!!

          • Wow this thread went way off. It was interesting but now full of racist Faux news watchers.

        • With all do respect to peace loving holy men of all religions, I do have to ask exactly how accurate can we expect this so-called prophesy to be? Whether or not you’re a Christian you still have to wonder at the credibility of a fringe-prophecy that is not even known to the average catholic. I’m not trying to disparage the prophesy and in fact I think that there are some very tough times ahead, but I’m not sure if We should get too worked up about yet another prophecy. Between the Mayans and Edward Camp my patience for “secret prophesies” is somewhat wore out.

          The one thing we may have to be concerned about is the issue of a self fufilling prophecy. I’m going to say this in a loving and completely non-racist manner, but honestly the poor inhabitants of third world nations lime Mexico are very, very devout. All it takes is for them to freak out about a prophecy and go a little crazy and we’re all in a world of shit… I’m just hoping this doesn’t hasten the coming collapse.

          • You are correct on mexicans are devout. Picture a new pope tells the catholic mexicans that to see Mary appear in some tree bark in texas on a ranch, when the sun is exact at high noon, they the mexicans must first attack white americans so as to appease Mary.

            I was born and raised in that religion(dropped out long ago 45 yrs ago) and I know how alot of them believe in such stuff. Especially godess worship of Mary. Watch TV chanel EWTN cathoilc station tv…Its 24/7 non stop daily a dozen different masses to honor Mary…While 99% of what they teach of mary is nowhere to be found in the bible scriptures.

            I know one thing for sure..Since age 15 when I stopped going to cathloic churches thats when I began to Learn about the real bible truths. No offence to catholics. I just cant abide by so much phony stuf they invent and keep changing every few decades. I do believe the first commandment do not worship False Gods…Includes female godesses like they worship mary. And I am well aware how moct catholics will always deny doing that so save the excuses or claims to only “venerate” her.

            I wonder what theyd say if I prayed to my Harely or truck daily and kissed its bumpers while kneeling before it and praying?…I think most will say I am worshiping a False Idol God…Theyd be correct…Yet statues of mary is somehow different?…NOT!

            Yes I agree what you said how mexicans beliefs may be a threat…Especially with so many here that hate whiteys. And Tens of Millions more ready to come asap once hobammy anounces amnesty citizenships..Glad I got zero kids or grandkids. I do feel worried for others kids if that stuff aint halted and fast. Otherwise the usa future will be white kids and grandkids of Today will soon become a small minority in the lands there forefathers invented and built and paid for in cash and Blood…Future dont seem bright eh.

            • I have a better commandment than your first one about worshiping a false god. Don’t worship ANY god, as they don’t exist. And as to “whiteys” (sic), I defy you to draw any boundary consistently between what is “white” and “non-white”. To help the world get along better you can start at home by dispensing with your racism. Too, it wouldn’t for you to back to school and learn better English. If people like you are selected as leaders, the “Future dont seem bright”. Look in the mirror for answers.

              • No one gives a shit about your ph.d. All it means is you spent too much time at some liberal government school…

                • If His PHD idea of better english for me as This below example shows?…Who need’s go Back to english school again?

                  Too, it wouldn’t for you to back to school and learn better English……(His phd better english line)

                  Hmmmmm so Thats what ya gets when ya pays $150-200 Grand for a PHD? No wonder public school kiddies are so dumbed down today. I will stick with my 8th grade ed and another 45 yrs Real world life and experiences.

                  I do not spell so swell yes I am aware of my faults. At least life in detroit taught me how to tell differnce, between Real Humans of ALL colors, as compared to Ape Baboons who always seem to highly out number the real-humans in every major city area eh.

              • Jeremy Horne PhD. : Take these folk’s comments with a grain of salt. They are a product of their environment. The less educated they are the more susperstitious and racist they are. Each ‘Thumbs Down’ is a vote from one of the knuckle dragging trailer dwelling clowns who may or may not even have a GED. Is it any surprise?

                • Better make that a bucket of salt. My knuckles stay bloody all the time. What’s a GED? How do you spell that?

                  • SmokinOkie: Well, you could try walking upright for a change. And I spell that ‘T H A T’, just like you do. That’s called sarcasm by the way.

                  • Spot-on (again), Okie. People like greg8 equate an advanced education and letters after their name with common sense. I’ve found the opposite to be true.

                  • Eagle 71: You may be well trained but you certainly are not well educated. An education requires a person to be well rounded in all areas of learning including mathematics, various sciences, and many of the various liberal arts as well. I’m not talking about a few introductory courses that I see at most of your universities, but more indepth course like those found at Cambridge, Oxford, and other institutions of higher learning. You sound like a fine technician, but don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re some sort of scholar. You allowed yourself to be used by multi-national companies to secure oil for the rest of the western world, especially for your people in America. Now Americans can continue to drive their obese dull-witted children to their favorite fast food places while playing their inane electonic games in the comfort of their gas guzzling vehicles. Bravo, another victory for freedom, well done sir!

              • I’m not a Ph.D, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night! Sorry Doc, I just could not resist poking the bull with a stick. Seriously, if you have a doctorate then you are likely published. I would be interested in reading. Care to site yourself, we get a lot of posers here. Peace Clay

                • oops…”cite” sorry about that.

              • Jeremy Horney, PissHD:

                Me thinks thou dost protest too much! It is overly “educated” elitist attitude assholes like you that are fucking everything up. If you are so educated, go make yourself a noose and use it all ready…….

                • Take Your PhD blah blah blah… : My, aren’t you the clever child. I’ll bet you stayed up all night trying to come up with that one. Can’t wait for your next zinger. Now get back to work and clean those toilets!

              • Doctor Horne, (or is it Professor Horne?)-
                A brief word of advice: you have stumbled onto a web site inhabited by the most opinionated, unforgiving bunch of malefactors to ever invade the internet. Please be cautious. They will pounce on your every mistake. They will shred your unsubstantiated claims at the slightest opportunity. To put it plainly: they will eat your lunch!
                Should you be disposed to offer further comments, please be sure to check them for a complete lack of idiocy before posting, otherwise you may be made to look quite foolish.
                Just a friendly word of advice from a fellow intellectual. You see, I also have written a doctoral thesis. Two of them, in fact. Their titles are: “The Utter Uselessness Of Higher Education: How Universities Perpetuate The Scam,” and “Identifying The Self-Important Narcissist: Why People Insist On Putting Initials After Their Name.” Strangely enough, neither of them has been published.
                I’ve also just submitted my third post graduate thesis, but haven’t yet heard from the publisher (Little Golden Books). It’s a shorter work than the first two, running only 977 pages. Most of that is illustrations, based primarily on the works of my favorite Doctor of all- Dr. Seuess. It’s titled “Making Moonshine For Fun And Profit: An Okie’s Guide To The Good Life.”
                One last bit of advice for you, my fellow traveler through the ivy covered halls of higher learning (Alumni Bugtussle A&M 1982)- If you came to this site by accident, perhaps an incorrect link from downloading porn or some such error, you can easily remedy the problem. Just hit the F6 key twice, then strike your monitor screen with a hammer. That’ll fix it right up!
                Glad I could help, Doctor Horne. All the best to you.

                • SmokinOkie,
                  That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. I love it!

                  • All jokes aside It seems I heard a few times on several MSM tv news shows that todays america has quite alot of PHD’s with a PHD in Everything except for a …J.O.B.

                • Making fun of everyone and everthing including ourselves…cant get any more American than that…love it Okie!
                  Yours truely,

                • Pepsi out the nose funny..owww! LOL

                • SmokinOkie, AM, Eagle71, et al. : What horrible diction. You’re obviously all the sad result of an American education. The United States of America is the laughing stock of the western world when it comes to education. Most of you cretins couldn’t find your home states on a blank map according to the most recent surveys. Your ignorance of geography is only surpassed by your pathetic failings in both math and science. Is it any wonder that two-thirds of the students in math, science, engineering, and medicine at your universities are foreign born. And what’s more; many of those professors are now are also form somewhere other than your savage backwoods. We, the rest of the western world, the educated ones, are slowly and quietly taking over what you’ve squandered. It’s a quiet, almost invisable, revolution. Soon, you’ll all be working for us. And that is as it should be. It’s the re-conquest of America. Tah tah.

                  • @ prof h, lemme clue you in – I graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis MD and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey CA, and retired at the rank of Commander (O-5). I excelled at all versions of math (calculus, differential equations, etc.) and the physical sciences. On a non-intellectual basis though, I flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, so you could pump gas in your Yugo. In summary, I protected your violated ass for 23 years.

                    You are no doubt a professor in the liberal arts (emphasis on “liberal”), and deserve no more. All I said in the above paragraph is true, but I’m proud that you lump me in with my fellow Patriots like Smokin’ Okie, AM, et al. My knuckles may be dragging – but I and others here are not as stupid as you look or sound.

                  • Prof.H.

                    Working for you? BOY, you have another thing coming.

                  • Yawnnnnn!!!

                  • How do you find anything on a blank map?

                  • Higgens? Hmmmm…Aint You really the BUTLER for Magnum PI tv series?….A PHD=Butlerboy! heh heh…Hey Higgens…Go Fetch my Ferrari Keys pal….

              • I disagree with you completely Dr Horne but I’m real disappointed you’re being clicked down. However I really like this software, as I am allowed to read your replies, with one extra click.

                • Slingshot: You and your fellows are so dull that you don’t know it but you are already working for us. As I said, it’s a quiet revolution and we’ve made great progress. We’ve taken over many strategic spots in the universities, businesses, and even made some inroads into government at all levels. The American governemnt is now inexoarably linked to the goverment of the EU. The dollar is still worth less than the Euro and is being slowly replaced worldwide by it. Don’t believe me, read the economic news from around the world and see the financial deals that no longer use the vaunted U.S. Dollar. America is being eclipsed as a world power. In another 20 years or so, America will revert to what it was two centuries ago; a curious and beautiful land inhabited primarily by backwoods savages. You’ll once again be the worlds amusement park. Make no mistake, this is partially by design, but as I said, you’re too dull to see it. Tah tah.

                • SWFL: Well my unschooled friend, why am I not surprised at such a question. A blank map is one that has the shapes of the countries, regions, and states, but not the names written on them. When surveyed, many American college students couldn’t even find their home state or locate the nation’s capitol. For you, that would be Washington D.C. If these are your best and brightest, one can only imagine what the great unwashed masses of America must be like. It’s no small wonder that America is fading and being replaced around the world in every endeaver. I grew up admiring America and all it had acheived, but those days seem to be long gone. I am truly saddened by this because America was once a shining beacon, but that light is all but gone out.

                  • What a fake.1st You brag on infiltrating univ and govnts in usa etc…Then condemn stupid collage students scores etc…So You actually admit its Your kind that did this to our folks.

                    Then you claim to be saddened to usa todays mess?…While bragging how You and your type eruo trash assisted in the makeing of said mess?

                    Hey mr multicultic mess lover…Hows that multicultic plan going now with most every eu nation jam packed with the 3rd wordls absolute worst ignorant Filthy non whites you can find to Import into England? France? germany? and aprox 24 More eu states/nations?

                    1st You allow Your countries and its kommie liberals polititions to fully Disarm all the whites, then jampak as many hoards of Anti-Whiteys from 3rd world nations, such as africa-hati-arabia-mid east muslims-Somali monky muslims-Atheists Galore!….THEN the same kommie liberal polititions you so Love, pass new anti-self defence laws that Ban most all forms of honest self defence even with a fist or words that may “Offend” 3rd world antiwhite trash.

                    Then you make such outlandish claims against white americans?…What a fuckin total liberal Fool you truly are. Just another utopian dreamer who really believes we all are “equal” in every posible way…Yeah sure we are…All Your type need do to “Equalize” such monky illerate trash flooding into YOUR nations by the tens of millions is to award them all “affirmative action” Points so as to Equalize them to the real citizens your type so trys to destroy with such phony Multicult race mixers ideals. What a fool you are.

                    ps you and your type lib kommies has gotten as Far as you will go because 50 Million+ usa armed to the fuckin proverbial teeth citizens will NEVER relenquish our God granted Gun Rights…Just you wait till you types trys to disarm Our folks idiot!….Do not think it is just You types who has “Lists” of Undesirables!!

                    Only Our “Lists” is kept in our Heads where Your kind cannot find them!….pss read final book of bible and see who wins it ALL fool.(we win and You Lose).

              • Most of them you listed anaon legion are jewsih and they do not consider selves as whites. Rather they believe jews are a distinct seperate race. A Master Race per Their teachings. And if I reacall it is You that constantly uses every chance you see to defned indians and blame whites etc..You list alot of wrongs done to indians in the Past.

                Yet so far I never yet seen You ever admit to the Horrible atrocities and tourtures and deaths them same injuns did to white folks who never harmed a single injun.

                If you cant admit that the Vast majority of violence and crimes is done BY NON whiteys?…Thats not my problem.

                Seems to me us whites, most of us, never shy away from admiting that yes at various eras some whites did wrong to other non whites. Be it slavery of blacks or injuns or whoever. Most whites admit these issues and Condemn it as they should.

                Funny though its exact Opposite when it is Injuns-Jews-Arabs-Blacks-Hispanics eh. Most love to trash whiteys and like You and your part injuns they seldom admit as Whiteys does to whatever wrongs They did to white folks.

                Its always one sided right? White=Racist=bad while all other Non whites are totally victims of whiteys…Always.

                Well Mr Injun you can Kiss My whitey Ass as It dont make no never you mind to me. I fail to see why the non whites so reject the truths of christianity and white ways.

                I guess most just prefere to remain Pagan hethens or canibles. Why after Centurys of observing americas massive rise to sucess has mexico still remained 3rd world status?….I will tell You injun…Because they so hate whiteys they cant get it in their heads to COPY whites and be a sucess also. So they remain 3rd world.

                OR illeagly come here to get some of whiteys sucess and expect us to go along with all their demands if they play race card of whie guilt…Sorry thats worn out big time.

                If You cant accept that its whites who invented most everything and made what most folks enjoy as better life etc?….Then oh well…Go back to out houses and walk everywheres or ride ponys. I Fail to see why anyone would so reject advances simply due to whites invented or promoted them. And then call us racists?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • PHD=Push Here Dummy

                • Piled higher and deeper.

              • All of them are Illuminati and Masons

              • Yup, your a real racist through and through hope your comfortable in that appraisal of you. Your one sorry SOB.

            • Catholics unfortunately are not christian at all. They are a religious system based on each persons faith in their works, rather than working your faith in God. Their church is not based on the narrow way which leads to is a false system of belief that has blended the sacred with the profane. The intent of this church is to control the masses, instead of convert the people to follow Christ, hence their intent is revealed in the name catholic which means “universal”. The entire religion is founded on men’s traditions, based on pagan worship… they pray to dead saints, they offer their repentance to a man, they follow a priest instead of Christ, who is the only High Priest. They call their priest “father”..but there is only one true Father and that is God who is in heaven…they have over 1 billion “paying” members throughout the world, so they are the largest religion in the world; but have they loved the world and are they friends with the world? Roman Catholism is the only religion on the planet to have every head of state, “bow” to their pope.. This pope always wears religous garb that is pagan, centered around a false trinity, camouflaged as mary, but is really the mother of Nimrod, ..both of who were led by satan, who rebelled against God…. Catholics also have their own version of the bible… The only christians that exist are the ones that worship the Living God in spirit and in truth, with faith and obedience to his Word .Denomination does not make you a christian, your relationship to Christ designates where you stand with God…hope that helps…….The Catholic church is a result of trying to create a world religion that didn’t officially begin until 480 to 580 a.d.. It was a merging of Christianity and pagan religions of the time. This is why there are so many strange ritual practices and symbolisms that have nothing to do with the Bible. I don’t get how a Catholic can’t see this. Some hold Constantine in a good light, but I suspect he was the worst thing that every happened to Christianity. The Bible is clear on what is needed for salvation, and it has nothing to do with Catholicism, a priest, the Pope, or any institutionalized religion.

              • I believe there are two Catholic churches…the Church of the martyrs, mystics and saints, and the Church of the Popes and the Inquisitors. Just like with any religion; it’s the connection with what is God that accounts for a true and deep spirituality. Religion has a place historically as the beginning of law and ethics in civilizations; it’s exciting (to me anyway) to learn/know about the socio-evolution of humanity and civilization and religions part in such. Religion can be like a doorway….an introduction…but once you go through that door it’s up to you to be spiritually responsible. To that end I see the beauty and wisdom in all traditions.

              • don’t tread: My poor child, you’re delusional. The Catholic Church is the one and only true Church here, the rest are apostacies following false doctrines that will surely lead straight to hell. Repent before it’s too late. The Mother Church will welcome you with open arms and forgiveness. You’ll learn the true teachings and turn away from those heretical doctrines of deceit you now follow. Bless you.

                • You are a child of lucifer. The C church staff is half homosexuals the other half are pedophiles with a smattering of believers.
                  Your post is nauseous.

                • A man walked into a bar, as he had every evening for 35 years as a functioning alcoholic. In his haste he forgot to go to confession as he had done weekly for the same 35 years. Needing a drink badly, he ran to the confessional; “forgive me father for i have sinned……” and ran out. As he ran across the street a car ran a stop light at 65 mph and struck him dead.
                  As he walked up to the pearly gates he was pointed away towards a walkway with an arrow that had a sign saying “Purgatory— Souls in Holding”.
                  He returned to St. Peter and said I protest, there has been a mistake. Peter said, “you gotta take that up with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so I’ll buzz him.” Jesus Christ shows up and says let’s hear it.
                  The man says I went to confession every week and asked the father for forgiveness, so what is the problem. Did you ask the “Heavenly Father” in my name. Man says “Well no, because the Priest is supposed to get my forgiveness on my behalf”. Christ pulls up the info. and says, ” It doesn’t work that way, and besides we never got any word about you. You see, your priest was either too busy molesting and sodomizing our little boys in the basement or was thinking about it. Should have prayed as I told you in the Bible. Now you gotta wait over there.

                  I do want to say, i have nothing against people that prefer to practice and follow Catholicism. There are really good people in the world that follow this religion. It’s the leaders that have given the religion a bad name. The history of the Holy Roman Catholics and their brutal torture hasn’t helped. Millions upon millions have been savagely murdered in the name of this religion. Innocent women and children cry from the grave for justice. I am not doing any judging cause that is God’s business. I just prefer to not follow “any” organized religion.

              • You are just ignorant in life. Catholics made the Christian faith! Everything else just branched from it. You obviously know nothing of Catholicism.

            • Mary is not a goddess in the Catholic Church. Mary has never been worshipped. She is revered because she is the mother of Jesus. Mary said yes to God. Eve said no to God. Mary said at the Wedding of Canna , ” Do what ever he (Jesus) tells you.” Many former Catholics that left the church never received the proper education about the teachings of the church and claim things that are not true.

        • seven hills- jerusalem. Jews are the atichrist!

          • Cincinnati has seven hills. I’ve always suspected people from Ohio.

            • I had a feeling it was those dang “Buckeyes”.

        • Could be a better reason why the abrupt stepping down occured.

        • Hail Satan!

        • Pope resigns on Tuesday,
          Fire in the sky on Friday
          End Times dawn as told
          Anti Christ is born Good Friday.

        • There are no Biblical prophecies stating the last legitimatly-elected pope (Peter the Roman) will be a “false prophet.” Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, and makes Christ a liar as well

      2. Come Lord, come.


          • jews are the KILLERS of christ!

          • Jesus proved you wrong ahead of time with these words:

            John 10:17-19
            “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

          • Lee: No, you unschooled savage, it was the Romans who crucifed Christ at the insistence of the Jews. But according biblical mythology, Old and New Testament, Christ had to die and shed his blood for the remission of all sins. So, in essence, Christ died for all people because the Bible say that all people have fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, if you accept this tale as true, then you are as guilty of Christ’s death as the next fellow. But if you’re like most Americans I know, you’re semi-literate and probably have never read the Bible. You are also totally ignorant of logic, which this concept requires because you must piece these parts of the bibilcal puzzle together. At least in other western countries the ministers are actually university scholars first. Unlike your quaint little pators who go off to some third rate so called “Bible college”. Is it any wonder that you and your fellow Americans are laughed at by the rest of the civilised world.

            • Except when all You Euro-WIMPS and Unarmed idots let another Kommie dictator like lennin or sthalin threaten Your sorry punk asses eh….Then who does all You euro freak kommie beg to come to Your aid?…AMERICANS! Thats who!

              Well good luck next time fool, and yes there Will be a next time because as our founders said long ago europe is filled with a bunch of squabling assholes always lusting for Power over the rest of europe. Which Always leads to wars and more wars.

              If Gen George Patton would have figured out Sooner(as he says in his own diary and letters to many others) that we fought the Wrong enemy in WWII.Your sorry whimpy ass probobly would not be alive today.

              Ok you are Dismissed Prof. Go kiss more jew bankster ass and be a good lib kommieboy. Just remember…next time we aint coming to Save you idiots. Nor will we again send 3 million Private owned firearms like we did prior, since them brits Promiced to Return guns but let their govnt fools toss em into the ocean due to such Irational Fears of an Inanimate object such as a rifle!

              Yes you all swindled our parents into WWII…Not again with Us! What I learned at age 5yrs old still holds true…What kind of Kommie is a good kommie Angelo?…Only a DEAD kommie is a good kommie Sir!

              ps look up the parable by Christ about them TARES vs WHEAT…Hint You fit the Tares(weeds) real swell…Soon=Uproot tares time!

              • Angelo M. : Thank you for proving my point. You and most of your fellows are a bunch of semi-literate backwoods savages who couldn’t form a logical argument if you pathetic lives depended on it. You feel, rather than think, and then spew your gall onto these pages in a torrent incoherent scribblings. You’re amusing to the rest of us in the western world. It’s rather like watching angry chimps. Tell me, is it true that you folks in America still eat with your fingers?

                • As someone so apparently proud of your university education, you sure do make a lot of bigoted and idiotic stereotypes. This leads me to believe you’re a product of indoctrination. The truly intellectual are humble and understand there is always more to learn. You do nothing but show child like intolerance and angst. You also state your opinion of Christianity as fact. You are not to be taken seriously and you’re proof an education is no indication of a bright mind.

          • lee
            Sigi is right but it is also true that we all crucified Christ by sinning. He had to die for our sins, yours as much as mine as much as Jews and Romans. We are all guilty.

            • Another example of syncretism is the modern theology found in the term “Judeo-Christian”. These two opposing religious belief systems are impossible to reconcile because Christianity is based upon the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah while Judaism is based upon the utter rejection and denial of Jesus Christ as the Messiah (note: Judaism — the religion of the Pharisees which Jesus condemned — is not synonymous with Old Testament Hebrewism).

              In the human reasoning of Balaam, in order to justify himself in the acceptance of the wages offered to him by Balak, he masterfully devised a plan of action through the principle of syncretism. This was the unlawful combining of different peoples, religions and cultures which resulted in God’s curse upon His people Israel. This was a classic case of multiculturalism devised, taught and advocated by a politically correct, highly paid, idealistic “prophet for profit”. Balaamism is still ‘alive and well’ in our land today.

              “But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.”

              — Revelation 2:14

              This plan on the part of Balaam is one that has been highly polished and refined and is now set forth as the ideal humanistic philosophy of “strength in diversity”, a doctrine that is advocated by statist-minded ministers and theologians which will eventually bring the wrath of God upon His people for their disobedience. By Israel’s blatant disobedience to the Law-Word of God and their acceptance of the doctrine of Balaam, they diminished the authority of their God by accepting the place of false gods into their cultural lifestyle

              • Jewish Hatred Against Jesus Christ

                Was there an organized Jewish conspiracy against the life and ministry of our Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ? Let the Scriptures speak for themselves!

                “. . . of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sin alway: For the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”
                I Thessalonians 2:14-16

                In the earthly life and ministry of our Lord, He encountered much opposition as He traveled throughout the ancient land of Palestine in doing the work that His Father sent Him to do. During the first century the land of Palestine where Jesus lived and ministered was divided into three Roman provinces. They were Galilee to the north where Jesus lived as a child and began His ministry; Samaria located in central Palestine where He ministered to the woman at the well in John chapter 4; and Judea to the south where He encountered most of His opposition from the leadership of the Jewish nation and was eventually illegally tried, falsely convicted and crucified as a result of the scheming efforts of the Jews and their manipulation of the Roman civil authorities.

                In the Gospel of John the Apostle records the masterful discourse of Jesus that He gave concerning His equality with God and His manifestation as being the living bread sent down from heaven (chapters 5-6). After giving this discourse and seeing the open anger of the Jews in response to His message, He left Judea where Jewish Phariseeism was in total control, and returned to Galilee which offered Him more personal safety. John records:

                “After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: For He would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill Him.”
                (7:1, 11:53-54)

                The Jewish leadership, which included Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, Chief Priests and the Sanhedrin heckled and taunted the Lord Jesus as He conducted His teaching and healing ministry among the people. Their purpose was to catch Him in heresy and blasphemy and eventually use it as evidence against Him at His trial (Luke 20:19-26)

                “… of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they PLEASE NOT God, and are CONTRARY to ALL MEN: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sin alway: For the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”(Today= aclu-splc-adl-antichrists all!)

                I Thessalonians 2:14-16

                Jewish Hatred and Murder Attempts on the Life of Jesus Christ

                Matthew 2:16 – As a child Herod tried to kill Him.
                Matthew 12:14, Mark 3:6 – Pharisees held a council with the Herodians to discuss destroying Jesus because He healed a man on the Sabbath day.
                Luke 4:28-30 – Attempted to throw Him off the hill because of His sermon.
                John 5:16 – The Jews persecuted Jesus and sought to kill Him for healing the impotent man on the Sabbath day.

                John 5:18 – Jews sought to kill Jesus because He claimed equality with God.

                John 7:30-32 – The Jewish plot to arrest Jesus with intent to kill Him for claiming He was from God.

                John 7:25 – It was common knowledge that the Jews sought to kill Jesus.

                John 7:40-44 – Some people desired to arrest Jesus with intent to kill Him.

                John 8:59 – Jews attempted to kill Jesus by stoning Him for claiming that He was God.

                John 10:31 – The Jews again attempt to kill Jesus by stoning for claiming His Deity.

                John 10:39 – The Jews sought to take Jesus for proving His Deity.

                John 11:47 – The chief priests and Pharisees plot against Jesus.

                John 11:53-54 – The Jews make a determined effort to kill Jesus.

                John 11:55-57 – The Jews sought Jesus even at the Passover Feast.

                John 12:9-11 – The Jews even desire to kill Lazarus because of their hatred for Jesus.

                John 18:3, 10, 12 – Jesus was arrested by Jewish soldiers. (Jewish..NOT Roman soldiers, but jew temple soldiers).

                John 18:13-14 – Jesus was tried by Jewish leaders who had already decided on his guilt.

                John 18:36 – Jesus acknowledges that it was the Jews who would kill Him.

                John 18:38-40, 19:1-7, 12-15 – The Jews are adamant in their desire to kill Jesus.

                John 19:11 – Jesus acknowledges a lesser and a greater sin in those who condemned Him to death.

                John 19:16-18 – The Jews led Jesus away to be crucified

                THE TALMUD:!!(99+% of worlds Jews believe it is the Highest laws on Earth Bar none..Higher than the Bible-Moses & His 1st five books in old testement-and than all mans laws worldwide).

                The Talmud is a vast literary work written by Jewish Rabbis that contains civil and religious law. It is not a part of the inspired sacred Scripture. The Palestinian Talmud was written in the 3rd century AD, while the Babylonian Talmud was written around 500 AD. It contains discussions concerning every aspect of Jewish life and thought. The Talmud was written by Jewish Rabbis who were men of ‘perverse minds and destitute of the truth’.

                Concerning the names of Jesus, the Talmud refers to Him as:
                Immach Schemo Vezikro which means, “May His name and memory be blotted out.”

                Otho Isch = “That man”

                Peloni = “A certain one”

                Naggar Bar Naggar = “The carpenter son of a carpenter”

                Ben Charsch etaim = “The son of a wood worker”

                Talui = “The one who was hanged”
                Concerning Christ Himself, the Talmud accuses Him of being:

                Possessed by the soul of Esau and being Esau himself.

                A fool and insane

                A conjurer and a magician

                An idolater

                A seducer

                Crucified For His crimes

                Buried in Hell

                Wrongfully worshipped

                An idol

                The Talmud condemns the teaching of Christ as follows:


                Impossible to observe

                Taken from “The Talmud Unmasked”
                By Rev. I.B. Pranaitis 1892 pp28-41(refers to Above listings)

                “Mr. Freedman publishes the Talmud’s description of the birth and death of Christ as follows: ‘Jesus is referred to as the son of Pandira, a soldier. Illegitimate and conceived during menstruation. Hanged on the eve of Passover, seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel. Died like a beast and buried in animal’s dirt heap.’ Taken from Defender’s Magazine October 1957, which quoted Freedman’s “Facts are Facts”.

                The innocence of Christ was declared by:
                Pilate’s wife – Matthew 27:19

                Judas Iscariot – Matthew 27:4

                Pilate – Matthew 27:24; Luke 23:22; John 19:6

                Thief on the cross – Luke 23:41

                Roman soldiers – Mark 15:39

                For Fear of the Jews
                John 7:13; 9:22; 12:42; 19:38; 20:19;
                Acts 13:5 (also John 8:44, Rev. 2:9 , Rev 3:9)

                SO, since the Orig question was “WHO Murdered Jesus Christ”?….Perhaps the vast info from above can assist them what aint yet got a clue.

                ALL info in THIS posting taken from website of truthinhistory dot org….Much More exallant info and Proof on various biblical and christian info at that website.

      3. I thought the antichrist already revealed himself, i belive he is giving a state of the union soon!

        • According to Father Malachi Martin [No relation to the Saint! 🙂 ], who wrote extensively about the corruption in the Catholic church, going so far as to claim that agents of Satan had instilled themselves into authoritative positions within the Vatican, the anti-christ is living among us now.

          Malachi was a Catholic Scholar at the Vatican before he requested the Pope release him from his vows.

          He was one of those researchers who would explore all aspects of religion and science in an effort to find answers.

          Anyway, in the 90’s he was preparing an expose on the inner workings of the Vatican when he met his demise in a fall down a flight of stairs in 1999. (Shortly before, his good friend, Father Alfred Kunz, who was also working to expose what was going on behind the scenes, was found brutally and ritualistically sacrificed in his own church in Dane, Wisonsin in 1998).

          If the antichrist is speaking, then in accordance with this prophecy, the new pope should lend him material support soon.

          As a Catholic, having attended literally hundreds of hours of theological study as a young boy and teen, I find this kind of information quite intriguing from a religious and historical standpoint.

          The Prophecy is something I had heard many years ago, but no one in the Church ever went into any detail about it. With Benedict stepping down, I’m very curious as to who takes over.

          Some suggest it may be an Italian, which would mesh perfectly with Petrus Romanus… But, even if the pope is not Italian, the Petrus Romanus can essentially refer to any man who becomes Pope — because they are all ‘Peter’ (the first pope) and they are all from Rome once they become pope…

          I am not one for prophecy – but I found this particular historical and religious tidbit to be of interest so wanted to share.

          • Mac, the church does not validate this writing going as far as calling it a fraudualent work not attributied to Saint Malachi as far as i know. The work is very interesting and for all intents pretty accurate. My question is where did you get the link between the pope and antichrist, i was under the assumption this new pope would lead the people during times of great tribulation but have not heard he would somehow help out the antichrist?

            • Reread revelation about the whore who sits on the seven hills (Rome) and here relationship with the beast.

              • Jerusalem is the Bride then Widow that never mourns.

              • seven hills is Jurusalem! The jews that killed christ, are the followers of the ati-christ. The capital of the NWO will be the jewish capital of Jerusalem. Rome has only a small part to play in our history.

            • I used to believe current doctrine until I started reading history and its similarities in scripture.


              Read through it, I found it really interesting.

            • I agree Dan. Because of the wording in Revelation there are questions if the Vatican will be directly involved with aiding the antichrist to come to power. And Fr Malachi Martin was clear that ” the smoke of the devil had invaded the church”. However the prophesy of St Malachy of Ireland only states that this pope will “feed his flock during the tribulations”. So that would imply that he may be a true pope and lead the remnant church. Jesus himself stated that not even the gates of hell shall prevail against his church. However since the Catholic church is so powerful and so large and the prize of Christ, it stands to reason that the devil would try to capture it and failing that he might try to claim to be successful at this to fool others. We see that going on all around us in this country right now. Our politicians tell us over and over again in the media and speeches that something is true and work to sway the popular opinion. They create false survey results and claim to most Americans believe …. and try to use that to get the rest of us to go along that way too. And in the past the church has had 2 popes at the same time: and true pope and an antipope who tried to steal the power and position of the chair of Peter. So really what this all means is that nobody knows what it means and we should all just keep praying.

              • It sure wasnt too difficult for the devil-satan to get the Rothchilds banksters to control vatican Bank since early 1820’s. Also in 1965 when VaticanII(vatican jew) got done at least One(if not several) High Ranked Bishop that assisted in writing much of vaticanII happened to be a former jew coverted to chatolic.

                Seems quite a few are “former” jewsih folks that always seem to cling to teir former teachings(talmud judiasim) and yet popes and priests and bishops do not seem to think it matters. Same can be said of various pagan voodo-witchcraft-canabalisim(hati? mexico? New orleans?) africans etc who suposedly converted to catholic, yet keep their Old former beliefs intact. Many also even continue to Practice such unchristian activities “mixed” with a form of catholic practices.

                Acording to Christ and the bible christianity is supposed to Disallow such conduct, but the vatican turns a blind eye usually so as to keep pews filled and coffers full.

          • Oh terrific, it can be ANYONE?

            Well there goes my master plan of installing Adam Sandler (who could not poddibly fulfill the prophecy).


            Hey I know… just appoint a guy for literally 60 seconds. Have like armed guards training guns on him and everything, then 60 seconds later have the “step down” ceremony or whatever and appoint #113…

          • Mac,

            Very interesting. I thought the same thing when I woke up this morning.

            Even more interesting if you consider the three secrets of Fatima, specifically the third and the controversy surrounding it. So it goes the third secret was to be revealed in 1960 but it wasn’t revealed till 2000. The text was of nothing of consequence and it led many people with the help of leaked insider information to believe in a cover up.

            Leaked info has detailed the third secret as foretelling of a great apostasy in the church, satanic infiltration into the Vatican and the apocalypse.

            I’m not one for prophecy eIther but I am a avid student of history and this coincidence is just fascinating.

            What a time to be alive eh?

            • I suspect little boys have a lot to say about “great apostasy in the church, satanic infiltration into the Vatican”.

              • Satanic ritual promotes homosexuality and pedophilia in their beliefs and practices. So if some priests and bishops are really satanic plants in the church, this activity will occur.

                • Mr.PHD: first you stated do not believe in Any god as there are None…Now you say satan infiltration?..How can you believe in satan yet claim zero god?

              • Jeremy Horne
                book learning knowledge doesnt take the place of common sense,,you might want to study that a little,,it appears you lack some,,,duber


            • The text was nothing of consequence??? Well, here it is, for all to judge for themselves. Seems pretty “consequential” to me!

              “After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!’. And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”

              • Buckaroo Banzai,

                Yes it is absolutly nothing of consequence when you look at the full story behind the third secret. It is widely purported the paragraph you posted is either only a fraction of the third secret or a fabrication.

                None other than Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger at the time made numerous statements regarding the third secret:

                In an interview published in the 11 November 1984 edition of Jesus Magazine, Cardinal Ratzinger was asked whether he had read the text of the Third Secret and why it had not been revealed. Ratzinger acknowledged that he had read the Third Secret, and stated in part that the Third Secret involves the “importance of the novissimi”, and “dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian and therefore (the life) of the world.” Ratzinger also commented that, “If it is not made public – at least for the time being – it is in order to prevent religious prophecy from being mistaken for a quest for the sensational.”[39] Also, a news article quoted former Philippine ambassador to the Vatican, Howard Dee, as saying that Cardinal Ratzinger had personally confirmed to him that the messages of Akita and Fatima are “essentially the same.” The Akita prophecy, in part, contains the following: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres … churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

                And John Paul II also on record :
                In a 1980 interview for the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens published in October 1981, John Paul II was asked explicitly to speak about the third secret. He said: “Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my predecessors in the chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish… there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that ‘to know’ implies for them a responsibility. It is dangerous to want to satisfy one’s curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against a catastrophe that has been predicted.” He held up his rosary and stated “Here is the remedy against this evil. Pray, pray and ask for nothing else. Put everything in the hands of the Mother of God.” Asked what would happen in the Church, he said: “We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because it is only in this way that the Church can be effectively renewed. How many times, indeed, has the renewal of the Church been effected in blood? This time, again, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong, we must prepare ourselves, we must entrust ourselves to Christ and to His holy Mother, and we must be attentive, very attentive, to the prayer of the Rosary.”

                The official released version of the third secret IMHO is nothing of consequence when compared to the last two popes comments regarding it.

                • As a person raised as catholic I find it appaling how all they preach is mary mary mary…Worship Mary-Pray to Mary-Only she can save you on and on…Yet where in the word of Christ or any apostles who wrote the bible do they ever tell you to do that sutff?…Nowheres!

                  How can a pope teach the exact opposite of what Christ Hisself said…”There is NO OTHER Name but Mine that you can call on to be saved”

                  When apostles asked “master(Jesus) teach Us how to Pray…The Lord Christ recited the LORDS prayer(the our father) NOT any prayer to Mary. The Lord Jesus also said “Do Not say repititious prayers as the others do, for the father in heaven will ignore such prayers”(para phrased not exact quote probobly).

                  All that mary stuff is a rehash of 5000 yr old Godess worship…isitar-ishtar-fertility godess’s-venus-and 1/2 dozen more names that all mean the same. Now they switch it to Mary. And at easter mass in vatican HQ outdoors mass is held in a Circle with various lines and symbols the same as satanic ritual stuff..While the pope himself awaits the early morning Sun to appear at the very point where the riseing Sun looks to be positioned at very top pyramid-point, of an ancient Egyptian Statue like the washington monument in DC…An Oblisk=Phalic worship symbol!

                  Gee aint that a direct copy of egyptian Sun God and Phalic God worship so condemned by God so many times thru the bible…yep sure is.

                  Look up Who and What Pope John II’s Parents in poland were really!….Hint…Both jewsih+high up members of lennins circles of Kommies. I cannot now recall what website I foud that info at?…I am sure its easy to search for though.

                  Satan has entered the Vatican Long Long ago…Very long ago. Only She can save you!(mary)….Or instead believe what Jesus says which is exact Opposite…Your choice. I made mine at age 15 yrs…Best choice I ever made besides quitting public schools same age…Neither org got their nasty evil hooks into My head!

                  • I agree with you and this is what I believe wolf359 wants to point out when mentioning the third secret. I am not religious, but happened to hear about the three secrets when visiting Fatima on a holiday trip. If I remember correctly, the secrets where revealed to the children in 1917. The Vatican was established as a state later in 1929. i.e. the pope is not only a spiritual leader, he is also a “king”. According to the witnesses in 1917 the third secret was too early to reveal to the world, but by 1960 it would be better understood. However, the Vatican decided to wait until 2000, when it released a message that many don’t believe to be the actual secret. Based on this very limited information it makes perfect sense:
                    – pope’s explanations that Akita and Fatima is about the same, i.e. Catholic church being infiltrated by evil
                    – the Vatican does not want to do the dirty laundry in public, it is an internal fight, thus keeping it secret until 2000 and even then releasing something that does not make sense to have been kept in secret.
                    – there have been 7 popes since 1927, a number that keeps repeating in revelations. A coinsidence?
                    – so yes, you could well believe that akita/fatima was a warning about evil trying to infiltrate the Catholic church from 1927 onwards.
                    – it would explain why the third secret was not revealed at the time and why the revealed version may be fake as many believe
                    – it would also explain how pedofilia among priests have been possible. It makes more sense that infiltrated unholy men rape children than the holiest of men and that it could be covered up for so long. Either that or most priests are rotten.
                    – with this line of thought, next pope could well be the antichrist
                    – fits in with Malachy’s predictions as well

                    Interesting thoughs, but absolutely not theories. That would require a whole lot more research and understanding. In the end, it would still be a matter of faith.

                    Religius predictions or not, the end of times are definitely approaching: we run out of resources at a fast pace, exploding population, interfering with nature without understanding our limitations (chemtrails, gmos etc), total loss of faith and morals, etc.

                    TEOTWAWKI could be in a hundred years, but it looks increasingly like a couple of generations maximum, probably my own life time. We have probably been in the beginning of the end for some time, as these historical times take a while to play out. Remember, a thousand years is little from a historical point of view.

                    I’m neither religious nor atheist and I view the Bible as a history book with explanations, wisdoms and teachings. However, interpreting it is difficult. Whatever I read is distorted by the facts that 1) I don’t understand the original language and translations always change the meaning, however well it is done, 2) it has been compiled by humans over centuries with potentially conflicting interests and understandings, 3) it was written long ago when life was different; humans may never change, but way of life, habits and traditions from that time cannot fully be understood by people today. Even if we accept it to contain the whole and absolute truth, we could miss the point of many descriptins that would have been self evident to people of the time. That is partly a reason why we have so many different Christian churches and teachings (the other part is politics and power). Even if I did indeed believe the Bible to 100%, I would have to understand the limits of my own interpretations.

                    We live in historical and, in a way, fascinating times. Reality is more bizarre than fiction; you couldn’t make everything up. The lightning strike on the dome after the pope’s resignation is way too odd. Either God is angry with us or TPTB are involved in absolutely everything and has technology for everything (HAARP?), perhaps to scare people. If the latter, then evil has indeed taken over the Catholic Church.

          • There is an article at that says the new pope will be a black man and names the following two Cardinals as the candidates:

            1) Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana
            2) Cardinal Francis Arinze from Nigeria

            If it is Cardinal Peter Turkson, that would be “Petrus Romanus” (Peter the Roman), fulfilling the prophecy once again (for the last time).

            • If it’s really between just those two, then it’s likely it will be the man from Ghana if the “self-fulfilling prophecy” rule is in effect.

              Remember that Athenasius, the “hero” of the Council of Nicea was an African. Many of the bishops holding the United Methodist Church back from grave doctrinal error are from Africa. If this Petrus Romanus is truly prophesied, he may be a man who will hold the line against apostasy and even lead the flock away from errors that have been institutionalized.

              Meanwhile, we have a lawless man in Obama who seems to think that he can overrule all faiths and set morality for the nation based on his own ideas. He has yet to denounce any “worship” that has been flung his way. While he has yet sit in the place of God and declare himself deity, he is well on his way to resembling THE man of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2.

              No one opposes Obama with power. His followers don’t want to hear the truth, but are blindly devoted to him. Whether or not he is the AC, the fact is that our society is ripe for the arrival of men of lawlessness, terminal or otherwise. How many other leaders around the globe are lawless? That many more nations are also ripe. These are the signs of the times that are telling.

          • Peter the Roman will actually be the pope who restores all things to Christ. Under him, all will become Catholic (as they should be). It will be the antichrist who kills jim and deceives the masses thereafter. The bad pope you speak of is actually an antipope who, according to the prophecy will reign between Benedict and Peter the Roman. God bless.

            • Wow you got the same mini bible version in the crackerjaks box like I found eh! I thought it was just a free toy though! I still got the decoder ring so if we ever meet I will bring it.

              • Ha! Awesome Angelo, I laughed out loud for once. I think Ben needs to seek mental help. The church that rapes and abuses boys is what everyone should be part of? I prefer to be not to be violated, thanks!

                Let’s stop reading books, that have NO scientific proof backing them and without question are written by man for man and instead just be humanists. You know, care about your neighbor, others and yourself all equally. It’s proven children know right from wrong at as young as 2 months old, so we do NOT need religion for anything. We know, just like animals, right from wrong.

                You can say that is because of a creator, god(s), whatever, once you have peer reviewed and published thesis.

                We need SO much more science and reading in school, badly. We are being left behind all over. We are a poorly educated people, as likely to turn from science as a Christian hating Jihadist. Which is very sad since they want to be in the 1400s. If that is you, never EVER use technology (stop reading this now!) and die around age 35, thanks!

                For the rest of us that are mentally sane, please carry on believing in stuff that has actual proof and evidence (published and peer reviewed by specialists in those fields). Not fairy tales and make believe. Pretend friends (in the sky) should be left to those under the age of 7, as the psychology field agrees.

                One of our founding fathers, and to my dismay I do not recall which one, said something along the lines of, “Peace will come to man when religion leaves him”. So true.


                • Was your founding father Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao or Pol Pot? Or even Kim Jong Whichever? I guess a sort of “peace” did come, after the religion was killed, tortured, or terrorized out of millions of people, if one regards death or death-in-life as “peace.”

                  I come from a family of scientists and am married to one; although my degrees are in the humanities, I have a strong background in biology & chemistry and have spent more than my fair share of time in peer-reviewed journals. I find that there are a lot of ignorant people who fancy themselves as intelligent, such as yourself, who set their compass by what is published in said journals, but the funny thing is, so many of the articles are later disproven, time and again. Personally, I think it is worse to worship little fake paper gods than a friend in the sky.

                  I do agree that even the tiniest children are endowed with a knowledge of good and evil; thank goodness it is “proven” but it is also pretty much the single major theme of the entire Bible.

                  Finally, I fear the killing machines of science (and the murderous minds of the self-styled “elite”) raining death from the skies in the form of hellfire missles, nuclear bombs, and the other death-bringers of war, far more than I do Ahmed on his camel in the desert. Religion is blamed for a lot of things where the greedy grasp of RESOURCES such as oil is the REAL key.

        • I don’t think Obama is the Anti-Christ, but believe they are good friends!

          • According to Nostradamus, The Anti Christ rises with the death of MABUS.

            • John Houge has gone into great detail who “MABUS” may have been, and he is likely correct, that “MABUS” is already dead. I agree with Diesel Dan…

              • MABUS is likely “Ray Mabus” undersecretary of the Navy, who may yet be nominated for Defense Secretary if Haigel connot be confirmed.

                Whats your link?

                • Here is the link to Hogue Prophecy. He spoke about this a couple years ago, then has touched on it occaisionally, the story is still likely in his archives.

                  Yes, when I heard the name you mentioned recently, it got my attention. Is he really that high up the food-chain to help install an anti-Christ? I had previously taken “MABUS” to be some sort of anagram.

                  • I Googled him and read his latest about MABUS. He indicates Ray MABUS is MABUS. Therefore, MABUS is not dead … yet.

                    His stretch about O’Bummer is strictly a stretch.

          • @Anonymous….you are correct, he is not the anti-Christ. From the Bible, the Anti-Christ will:

            1. Speak boastful words
            2. Hates Israel
            3. Hates Christians
            4. Think he is God himself
            5. Have a chip for everyone
            6. Be a Peace-Maker, but create wars instead
            7. Hates the True God and His Son

            You see, we are safe. Nobody today fits those descriptions.

            • The Anti Christ is a European. His father was a high ranking NATO Naval Officer. His beautiful, evil mother was/is from a rich elite European family. He is about 50 years old, handsome, with dark hair.

              When he takes power in Europe look for those signs; particularly the father as a high ranking Naval Officer / strategist for NATO.


              • link?

            • You forgot to mention the head injury. The anti Christ will have a head injury. Ever see all those funny lines on Obamas head?

              • The head injury comes as an assassination attempt.

          • Not “the”, but certainly “an”…

        • What a moron to believe in such claptrap as the anti-Christ. The only anti here is anti-intelligence which you personify.

          • JoeinNC,

            A time of rebellion will come prior to Christ’s return and then the “man of lawlessness, the man doomed to destruction” will be revealed. The antichrist eventually will exalt himself above God to be worshiped in the Lord’s Temple, proclaiming himself to be God. Verses 9 and 10 say that the antichrist will do counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, to gain a following and deceive many.

            The Bible was written over a period of 1400 to 1800 years by more than 40 different authors. The Bible is a compilation of 66 separate books, divided into two primary divisions: the Old Testament (containing 39 books) and the New Testament (containing 27 books). It is believed that all of the books of the Bible were written under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

            What have you written Joe?

          • ncjoe, I see you made an appearance here today. You are along way from the DailySheeple bro. The folks on this site will rip you a new one and smile the whole time they do it. You are waaaaay outta your league.

        • Wow… So a person can be the Antichrist AND the antiamerican at the same time?!?!?

          • Why not? He’s the man of lawlessness- he’d hate anything that would try to rein him in (whoever he turns out to be).

        • Nope. obama is not THE anti-christ….he may be one of many, but he is not THE ONE….

        • I don’t think Obama is the Anti-Christ….but I think maybe the Anti-Christ works for him.

          • obama a counterfeit john the baptist figure- paving the way of the false lord, anti christ? then where does the pope fit in?

            • Also from the Bible: The Antichrist is a Jew. The Antichrist is a Roman. The Antichrist is a Greek. The Antichrist is an Assyrian.

              That probably rules out Obama, and points to someone from Turkey or Syria.

              • Sebastion T. says:
                Comment ID: 1140950
                February 12, 2013 at 1:51 pm

                Also from the Bible: The Antichrist is a Jew. The Antichrist is a Roman. The Antichrist is a Greek. The Antichrist is an Assyrian.

                That probably rules out Obama, and points to someone from Turkey or Syria.

                Or Iraq

                Or Iraq

        • Ted Nuggent is going to be there, I’m watching.

          • Hell yeah, Uncle Ted!!!!!

            • Can anybody say ‘cat scratch fever’ without mentally adding that 3 note guitar riff right aftrewards? Didn’t think so.

              • Couldn’t do it!

        • The antichrist will not need a teleprompter…

        • obama is not THE anti-christ…he may be one of many…he is merely a little puppet….

      4. Wow – great article, Mac. This sends chills down my spine.

        • Yep, I got chills when the information of the impending resignation was announced as I had just gotten the info about Malachy’s vision a few days ago.


          How much time do I have to do the things I need and/or want
          To do?

          The answers are different for people depending upon many factors. As I spoke of yesterday on this site, I had a proposition/opportunity of great importance laid out before me last year. The “timing” and the amount of “time” that I have to make a final decision is upon me.

          A little over a month ago my biggest question to myself was, “How will this affect my prepping/preparedness for the coming storm, (the big economic one)?” Also, “How long might we have some sort of normalcy or just continuing along at about the same pace with the economy without utter chaos here in the USA?” For me to invest countless hours of energy and a substantial amount of resources, I felt like I needed things to continue at least as they are now or even get better for the next “five” years, for me to start reaping rewards/benefits of my investments. So I prayed for understanding from God as to what I should do.

          I do joke around and do some bs-ing some; but, on this I am dead serious. I have felt like I was being restrained or being held in an uncontrollable state of limbo until this weekend. Now I know why.

          First of all; understand that this is personal for me but I have enough compassion for others, to share, in the event that it may help others in a dilemma with having enough time left to do certain things or make certain moves in their lives.

          I have decided to lay out the information that has been revealed to me in two parts.
          The first part is based on things that I “do know” and can be checked out readily via the net.
          The second part is based on things/events “I believe”, based on many factors and more importantly Bible Prophecy. Therefore, the second part will only be available via a request on e-mail. I have sent and shared reports on prepping articles via e-mails in the past on this site. Out of the 100 or so e-mails I’ve responded to, I have only sent and received continuing emails to one of those addresses and that is to Burt the Brit, whom I consider my friend “across the pond”. No addresses will be shared by me to anyone and no one has access via my password. That’s for several days from now.
          The information that has just come to my awareness has come from two sources initially and the first part has to do with Lunar Eclipses.

          These “lunar eclipses” are spoken of in the Bible as “blood red moons”. As the nation/House of Israel is used by God as a sign or marker of turning points in history or as an example to the world in general; we read that the “blood red moons/lunar eclipses” are his way of posting his signature or fingerprints to such big events. Basically letting those that have eyes to see that, He is still on the throne and in control and events only happen by His “timeframe”, not man’s.
          Now get this; In 1492 a B.r.M./L.E. followed by a solar eclipse was present in an around the time of the Spanish Inquisition/ Edict of Expulsion of the Jews-April 29th 1492. A major historical event that led to the voyages of Christopher Columbus ( a possible Jewish/Israelite himself) and possibly financed by the “New” Jewish Spaniards that became baptized and were allowed to stay in Spain and retain their positions of some authority and business, plus remain somewhat true to their Jewish/Israelite customs and clothing. There is much information to this account on the “Sails of Hope” site.

          Now get this; In 1948 Israel became a nation again and was fully recognized as a member to the UN on March 4th, 1949 and duly recognized by the USA previously on January 31st. During 1949 and 1950 there were four, B.r.M.s/L.E. and a total Solar in Sept. 1950.

          Now get this; That same type event with four B.r.M.s/LE and a total solar eclipse in 1967 and 1968 around the time of the “six day war”, June 5th thru the 10th. A war in which Israel regained control of Jerusalem, God’s most holy of cities, and will retain control, and use of until the very end of this age.

          With the double solar eclipses in and around this time, it is evident that God was trying to tell the world something. Not many acknowledged it. It is a fact; that Judaism looks
          At Solar Eclipses as a negative sign for/to the world, and a Lunar Eclipse as generally a negative sign unto the House of Israel/Judah.

          Now get this; Beginning on April 14th, 2014 there will be four Blood red Moons/total Lunar Eclipses, with the second on Oct 8th,2014, the third on April 4th,2015, and the fourth on Sept. 28th, 2015 (Jesus’ true birthday) following celebration of Yom Kippur of that year. A Total Solar Eclipse will take place on March 20th, 2015.

          What does this all mean? It means things are going to change on a historical and Biblical level. It means there are too many current events aligning with biblical prophecy to disregard the fact that; as a world society, we are at a crossroads as to a major explosive change. It is very possible we are seeing the end of this Heaven and Earth Age. It means my plans have changed accordingly. Each person has to make up their own mind and decide if this is enough evidence for them to be at a crossroads in their preparedness. At that crossroads there are four options as I see it. Stay the same course and do nothing different, which basically means ignoring what is coming. Make slight adjustments because for the most part you have been doing everything just about right and will just have to “tweak” it a little. Modify and prioritize your prepping or, fourthly; take a different route entirely and make a major move with your living location, retirement and investments, etc.etc.etc.

          The second part of the revealing is forth coming after I take a break and can some chicken breasts we just bought for .99 cents a lb.

          • Read your Bible. There is lots of time left as many other signs given by Christ, and by the Holy Spirit through Revelations, must come to fruition before a New Beginning.

            Peace. Be still.

            • DK, you’re right. There are many things that have to come about before the end time. The whole world has to be evangelized first, that includes the most populace country on the earth; China, with over 1.5 billion people. There are estimates of some 80-120 million Christians underground in the Catholic church but that still leave over 1 billion alone in just that one country. And also, Christ said that no one knows the day or the hour,not even He; only the Father in Heaven. So everyone take a deep breath and let’s just live each day right before God. I am still also intrigued who will be chosen next Pope.

              • Ain’t so, and time may already be up…Matthew 24:14

                ” And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. ”
                I believe the gospel has reached every nation on earth…

                Also in Matthew 24 verse 36, Jesus says, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
                I believe that statement refers directly to verse 35 (right before verse 36) “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”
                So (I think) he is saying no one, not even He, knows when Heaven and Earth will pass away…This line has nothing at all to do with when he will return…
                I am pretty sure He knows when he is coming back, because he immediately goes on to talk about Noah. He says that most people will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage “up to the day Noah entered the ark”.

                So Noah and his family knew. They knew to gather the animals and get their “preps” aboard before the floods came….Verse 37 is pretty clear….”As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

                Time is short, very short.

                • A long time or a short time, it doesn’t matter. You should always have your heart ready and your bags packed. That is one train you don’t want to miss!

                • The Antichrist must rise and take power in Europe. The Antichrist must sign a 7 year peace treaty for the Middle East and Israel, which he will break 3.5 years later.

                  That is when the S truly HTF.

                  Before a peace treaty can be signed there must be war. That war is coming to a theater near you soon, if you live in the Middle East.

                  This is not rocket science. It is spelled out quite clearly in plain English in the Bible. Get one. Read it.

                  • really? Where does it say the anti-christ is european??
                    and I have always suspected George Soros (but that could be cuz I just don’t like him)….you have your opinion and I have mine…Jesus does however spell it out pretty clearly in Matthew 24….His own words.

                    Cite your chapter and verse where there is a 7 year peace treaty…..

                  • The Antichrist comes to power in the European Union (the ten nation confederacy as its basis).

                    He is a European.

                    Whether Western, Eastern, or Southern European, I do not know, but he will be European.

                  • Knightow177: I think DK found that in book of John Hagee ch 2 vs 2 thru 22245. Or else it was in book of Pat Robertson, the book of TBN-TV Apostle Paul Crouch verse 34. because it sure sounds near verbatin to what they all preach. Most is a mish-mash of many out of context verses fabricated to say what they want it to.

                    Also check the book of Benny Hinn! He gets a word from the Lord every 15 minits on his send cash to benny shows daily! Make that Vow Now! tell the 1-800 operators standing by that You want to join the $1000 club! Vow a grand cash NOW! and God will Multiply it back to You a Thousand fold!

            • Yea, You are right about one thing dk. Many things must happen first. But, when you see millions, if not billions dying around the Euphrates River, time is about up.

              I could walk out and step on a frog,slip on the walkway, crack my skull, have an aneurysm and be on to Paradise before the ambulance arrived, but I’d know before it happened, where my soul was going.

              How can I say that? It’s #1 in my priority list of prepping. Salvation. After that everything else is “just a thang”. Be cool on your stool and stay frosty. Whatever the heck that means.

            • Also no the jews didnt regain total control of jeruselem…If they did?..Why is a huge major mosque located there still?

              Did you get this info or revealings based upon any of John Hagee type prophecy ideas? Sure sounds alot like it.

              Read my post above these describing difference between Northern kingdom of Isreal and southern kingdom of Judah(jews). Thats in the bible also yet many folks do not seem to read it nor pay atten to whats wrote of it all.

              ps: yes a red moon is to be seen…AFTER all these things come to pass is what Christ said. Or maybe its in book of danial?…One or the other. Red moon Afterwards it states.

              Unlike islamics and talmudic jews folks, Christians do not go by moon phases to determine holy days or times to worship etc. They both use moon while christians worship God the father in spirit as Christ says to do.

              • AM the reborn nation of Israel did regain “total” control over the Holy city for a few days until one of their most powerful leaders (forget his name), said to leave the Muslims alone. He claimed the world would perceive them as being unfair and look down on them.

                Too bad the people didn’t follow God’s word and over-rule this leader. God said to run them out of your land that I gave you or: “they will be pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and vex you in the land wherein you dwell.”

                And, that they have.

                As far as using moons and stars; I go by what Christ said…Luk 21:25 ¶ And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity;…..

                Act 2:19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath….

                • Well I have read by several esteemed Rabbi’s and secular jewish writers and they All say that regardless if a jew is reform-orthodox-conservative-and a few more versions of judasim I cant recall now, they ALL got one major thing in common…It is the Talmud they consider the Top Highest Law and beliefs, above all other mankinds laws or rules and EVEN above the first 5 books of Moses(old testement of bible).

                  So thats probobly reason they didnt stick to Gods words. The Babalonian Talmud was an invention of the Rabbi’s not Moses nor Gods words.

                  Also as I understand it about state of isreal…in 1948 they Agreed with all nations at the UN conferences that the city of jersulem shall REMAIN a “Holy City” equally owned and divided between the three major religions…Christianity-Judiasim(tamludeizim) and Islam.

                  And that representatives from ALL 3 shall control the city equally. Far as I know thats never yet changed.

                  No offence but I think you may be placing too much stock in the current flock of Khazers that infiltrated and inhabit isreal today. They are the Vast majority and who has total control of isreals govnt etc. Fakes=Khazers.

                  Read Koestlres “the Thirteenth Tribe” or check aprox 4-5 various Jewsih encylopedias that all admit to being Khazers and has much pages of full details on who-what-where khazers originated.

                  Basically Khazers are from kingdom of kazaria. Modern day lower russia-moscow-poland etc…In aprox 750-800 AD era their King Mandated all his people will become believers of Talmudic Judaism…So most obeyed their king and did.

                  Today as many as 95+% of jews are decendants of them orig Khazer folks who CONVERTED to talmud-judiasim 1200 yrs ago.

                  HOW does That make them rightfull owners or even true isreali decendants?…It Don’t!

                  What if for example Al sharpton converts to Catholic?…Can Al then lay a True claim to being an Italian?…Or have a Valid claim to right to Return(to where he never was prior)? to Rome, Italy?

                  Will Al who is african black become lighter skined like Italians after he converts?…NO!

                  Yet somehow if it is about Jews, its all different rules?…NO again!…No offence but you still need more learning about this stuf I think.

          • Anonymous,

            If you believe in God then listen to your heart, it will tell you what to do and when to do it. Most importantly, do not worry about tomorrow, prepare as you normally would but leave the worrying out, it has never fixed anything, just makes it worse.

            Lead a good and decent life because it is the right way to live, none of us mortals know when our time is up, no matter what you read or believe. It will be what it will be. There have been false prophets since the beginning of time so don’t sweat it, only God knows when he will return, not his son Jesus, nor the angels, or the prophets know, only God. There will be signs but as durango kidd said, There is time left.

          • So, you’re using Bible prophecy to determine a timeframe to hit a peak in your supply of canned food and ammunition.

            Nice. I doubt God cares and I doubt it will make any difference whatsoever regarding your fate. But good luck to you.

            • You, my friend have misconstrued every point I have made about prepping. What part of “adjust accordingly” have you missed. My timeframe hasn’t changed one iota.

              The thing I’m changing is only having to do with an “opportunity” that has nothing to do with prepping.
              It was just that the revealing of answers to my prayers were so revealing that i wanted to share. Some may make adjustments and “peak” their preps, as you say, however; my preps are fine. I’ve changed nothing about my prepping schedule.

              As far as God caring; He does care. He’s watching those that are awake and have eyes to see and ears to hear.
              He knows who the “scoffers” are and the “naysayers”.
              There will be plenty of of those types fleeing to the mountains and crying for the mountains to fall upon them for being so blind and stupid.

              I have a feeling, when they come a fleeing and squealing like a little pig, there will be plenty of mountain folk waiting with weapons ready to help put them out of their misery.

          • Some very good observations Anonymous…

            I had read something about these blood red moons in 2014 and 2015 myself and thought that there was some real significance.

            Christ said that there would “signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars”. Lk. 21:25

        • Yep it did to me too when I heard the news about Ratzinger resigning and after I’d heard about Malachy’s prophecy just a few days ago. I was already to post about it. Oh well, here is the first part for now.


          How much time do I have to do the things I need and/or want
          to do?

          The answers are different for people depending upon many factors. As I spoke of yesterday on this site, I had a proposition/opportunity of great importance laid out before me last year. The “timing” and the amount of “time” that I have to make a final decision is upon me.

          A little over a month ago my biggest question to myself was, “How will this affect my prepping/preparedness for the coming storm, (the big economic one)?” Also, “How long might we have some sort of normalcy or just continuing along at about the same pace with the economy without utter chaos here in the USA?” For me to invest countless hours of energy and a substantial amount of resources, I felt like I needed things to continue at least as they are now or even get better for the next “five” years, for me to start reaping rewards/benefits of my investments. So I prayed for understanding from God as to what I should do.

          I do joke around and do some bs-ing some; but, on this I am dead serious. I have felt like I was being restrained or being held in an uncontrollable state of limbo until this weekend. Now I know why.

          First of all; understand that this is personal for me but I have enough compassion for others, to share, in the event that it may help others in a dilemma with having enough time left to do certain things or make certain moves in their lives.

          I have decided to lay out the information that has been revealed to me in two parts.
          The first part is based on things that I “do know” and can be checked out readily via the net.
          The second part is based on things/events “I believe”, based on many factors and more importantly Bible Prophecy. Therefore, the second part will only be available via a request on e-mail. I have sent and shared reports on prepping articles via e-mails in the past on this site. Out of the 100 or so e-mails I’ve responded to, I have only sent and received continuing emails to one of those addresses and that is to Burt the Brit, whom I consider my friend “across the pond”. No addresses will be shared by me to anyone and no one has access via my password. That’s for several days from now.
          The information that has just come to my awareness has come from two sources initially and the first part has to do with Lunar Eclipses.

          These “lunar eclipses” are spoken of in the Bible as “blood red moons”. As the nation/House of Israel is used by God as a sign or marker of turning points in history or as an example to the world in general; we read that the “blood red moons/lunar eclipses” are his way of posting his signature or fingerprints to such big events. Basically letting those that have eyes to see that, He is still on the throne and in control and events only happen by His “timeframe”, not man’s.
          Now get this; In 1492 a B.r.M./L.E. followed by a solar eclipse was present in an around the time of the Spanish Inquisition/ Edict of Expulsion of the Jews-April 29th 1492. A major historical event that led to the voyages of Christopher Columbus ( a possible Jewish/Israelite himself) and possibly financed by the “New” Jewish Spaniards that became baptized and were allowed to stay in Spain and retain their positions of some authority and business, plus remain somewhat true to their Jewish/Israelite customs and clothing. There is much information to this account on the “Sails of Hope” site.

          Now get this; In 1948 Israel became a nation again and was fully recognized as a member to the UN on March 4th, 1949 and duly recognized by the USA previously on January 31st. During 1949 and 1950 there were four, B.r.M.s/L.E. and a total Solar in Sept. 1950.

          Now get this; That same type event with four B.r.M.s/LE and a total solar eclipse in 1967 and 1968 around the time of the “six day war”, June 5th thru the 10th. A war in which Israel regained control of Jerusalem, God’s most holy of cities, and will retain control, and use of until the very end of this age.

          With the double solar eclipses in and around this time, it is evident that God was trying to tell the world something. Not many acknowledged it. It is a fact; that Judaism looks
          At Solar Eclipses as a negative sign for/to the world, and a Lunar Eclipse as generally a negative sign unto the House of Israel/Judah.

          Now get this; Beginning on April 14th, 2014 there will be four Blood red Moons/total Lunar Eclipses, with the second on Oct 8th,2014, the third on April 4th,2015, and the fourth on Sept. 28th, 2015 (Jesus’ true birthday) following celebration of Yom Kippur of that year. A Total Solar Eclipse will take place on March 20th, 2015.

          What does this all mean? It means things are going to change on a historical and Biblical level. It means there are too many current events aligning with biblical prophecy to disregard the fact that; as a world society, we are at a crossroads as to a major explosive change. It is very possible we are seeing the end of this Heaven and Earth Age. It means my plans have changed accordingly. Each person has to make up their own mind and decide if this is enough evidence for them to be at a crossroads in their preparedness. At that crossroads there are four options as I see it. Stay the same course and do nothing different, which basically means ignoring what is coming. Make slight adjustments because for the most part you have been doing everything just about right and will just have to “tweak” it a little. Modify and prioritize your prepping or, fourthly; take a different route entirely and make a major move with your living location, retirement and investments, etc.etc.etc.

          The second part of the revealing is forth coming after I take a break and can some chicken breasts we just bought for .99 cents a lb.

          • OK Here is the second which repeats most of the info already here but I had put it together before I opened up SHTF plan. So here it is anyway.

            • The second part of the revelation I recently received that influences my current decision making is concerning the Pope. By recent information I ran across, I am convinced that we are seeing another pivotal event in current events that may consummate the end of this age. The two revelations happened within three days of each other. Coincidence? Maybe to some, but by my past experiences with the Holy Spirit it isn’t.

              About 900 years ago an Irish Catholic Bishop by the name of Saint Malachy, was summoned to go before the Pope of the time, Innocent the II. It was at this time that Malachy had a vision in which 111 popes were named to him. He wrote down his vision which stated there would be 112 Popes total and gave short clues or traits as to their “mottos”. The first pope was Celestine the II at 1130 AD. The papers of the vision remained hidden or forgotten for 400 years.
              Jump ahead in history to the current pope 111th, Joseph Ratzinger. Malachy gave his motto as latin=Gloria Olivae, or, The Glory of the Olive. Watchers of the vision/ prophecy, saw this to mean the 111th would come from the Benedictine Order where the crest is the “Olive Branch”. Most thought the vision by Malachy was finally broken or proven wrong because Ratzinger was not of that order, until Ratzinger surprisingly took the name of Pope Benedict XVI.

              The Last Pope, as Malachy predicted, would come into authority at the end of the age. His motto will be, “Peter the Roman”. The description of him is the longest and reads: “Peter the Roman who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of the seven hills will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

              This presents these questions: Will the next and supposedly “last pope” be the antichrist? Will he be considered the “false prophet”? Will his entrance into power signify and initiate the final seven years, or the last half of the seven?

              I don’t know for sure, but I know what I believe to be the possibilities. For those that are interested in what those beliefs are, I am offering it via my e-mail. As I stated at the beginning of my first part, I will not be posting my beliefs on this subject here.

              Please understand this; I will not enter into a discussion or debate concerning my beliefs. I will not answer questions regarding my beliefs or any of this information I have posted today. At some point in the near future I may have a forum or web site for such.

              This information is for each to do with as they so choose. I don’t try to push my ideas or beliefs on anyone but; if any of this pans out, I would definitely want to make sure that my #1 prepping task is taken care of and that is securing my soul for a future.

              My email for requesting a short story of my beliefs of when and what is to come is:

              [email protected]

        • Warm apple Pie cures spine chills Daisy!

      5. I’m an aetheist, but went to a catholic school when I was a kid. My wife is Lutheran. All of illuminati stuff and now the resignation of the Pope has latent metaphysical energies in me stirring… does seem like a luciferian cult and does seem like the end of days.


        Regarding the proposed RFID chips, given that they are supposed to go in one of the two biblical locations associated with ‘taking the mark’. I’m calling it that. I won’t take it.

        Interesting again.

        • A person can receive numerous RFID chips and become tatooed from head to toe with “666” and it doesn’t mean they have taken the mark of the beast.

          To take the mark is to worship the antichrist and follow his “one World System”. That is precisely why Obama is a “type” of antichrist, and setting the stage to get as many as possible, “beholding” to the gov/TPTB for their livelihood. The antichrist will come in “peacefully and prosperously”, getting as many as he can to follow and worship him. To do so is taking the mark and sure fire way to get out of favor with God.

          That is why it so very important to be prepared in all ways and avenues of prepping.

          • Agreed Dont’ Tread. We must choose to worship the antichrist.
            But along with prepping and exercise don’t forget the most important prep of all: prayer, penance and love for your neighbor lived out day to day. Now those are powerful preps of our times.

      6. Guess the Mayans better get hot reseting their calender.

      7. The antichrist is not catholic, although i believe the pope in the end times will be complacent, i dont believe he would be the antichrist, instead, i believe he will come out of islam, as does religious scholars who study islam and christianity, the hindus, buddhist, and many north and south america indiginous tribes, all believe the end times is upons us all.

        • sheet, the anti-christ ain’t got nothin’ on my ex. That was Hell on Earth.

          • One ex-wife bought the farm today. How in the heck did her x hubtard get a gun in the courthouse anyway?

            • I don’t know the whole story, but one witness said he was laying on the floor after the first shots went off, he turned to his side to see the cop who was supposed to be security there laying right next to him. I thought that was strange when I heard it. Like I sad though, I would like to hear more before cjumping to any conclusion.

              • I need a new keyboard now that okie made me shoot pepsi out of my nose on it

        • Ohevi, the antichrist will have a spiritual helper who will help bring him into power and into the Jewish temple at Jerusalem. That spiritual helper could be anyone but generally it makes sense that it would be a very influential person that the people trust.

      8. So the first pope (so-called) and the last pope are both named Peter. I think the powers behind the church may be helping the pope selections match the prophecy for some reason.

        • agreed. the prophecies are not predictors but become implemented as a game plan. then when they “come true” are called devine miracles. all the while, decisions have been made to follow them to begin with. pretty slick.

      9. The 3 hour interview of Tom Horn by Noory on June 3rd 2012 is one of the most chilling interviews ever. I’ve listened to it probably 6 rimes. My mouth hit the floor this morning when I went to Drudge. So much behind this prophecy and so many other prophecies which coincide. Surreal times we are living in.

        • Same here Willie — when i saw Satori post the link to the resignation article, I immediately started pulling my bookmarks on the Malachy prophecy.

          VERY VERY interesting stuff.


          • It was anounced today? 11-2 ? Eleventh day of the second month?
            And the next pope is 1 1 2 ????
            Either they are screwing with everyone and think were all really gullible or its just a mackin coincidence,

            • The catholic bibles has entire pope name listing at front pages. So far aprox 265 men has been popes…265 Not 112.

          • Hey Mac,

            Did you ever get my emails regarding our move? We are getting out of Dodge for good come June. Bought a 40+_ acre Farm “Up North”, 1 mile from the shores of Lake Michigan. Nothing like riding out the Apocalypse in Gods country.

            • willie, i didnt get the email! shoot me another one when you get a chance!

            • well you couldnt have picked a worse locale- into the path of the oncoming train. when they detonate the Madrid to fulfill Edgar Cayce’s prophecies (see US Navy Map projection for future USA), that entire region to be swept away with the tide…

            • NICE!!!!! I’m from MI and you are certainly blessed!

          • Iteresting if you are weak minded. Oh, I forgot, you are weak minded as evidenced by the crap you post. You would not know a verifiable fact if it bit you in the ass.

            • @JoeinNC….

              I guess you ate all your broccoli and your mommy let you go play on the computer again.


          We are witnessing prophecy unfold before our very eyes as we learn that Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down.

          Join us for this special broadcast as we welcome back Tom Horn, co-author of Petrus Romanus (with Cris Putnam) and Steve Quayle to discuss this prophesized event.

          Special Time: 9:00 p.m. to midnight (ET)

          I’ll be there–I try to listen for each broadcast.

        • Willie Wonka: George Noory interviews lots of folks who also believe in space aliens, Elvis sightings, and other unsubstantiated new age crap. All the folks he interviews never have a shred of proof, unless it’s the proof that secret government agents took from them-YEAH RIGHT. No proof means pure speculation and that’s a fancy word for Bull Shit!

      10. Yes, the world is in the midst of a battle between good and evil and the Satanic Catholic Priesthood is part of that evil with every known crime and perversion to its account.

        Last week I had a powerful dream after saying my prayers prior to falling asleep. In that dream a voice spoke to me and told me that:

        “$5 billion pounds (as in British Sterling) worth of drugs are being funneled through two major catholic churches in Italy every year.”

        And then the voice said: “Jesus is grieved about it.” And as the voice said these words to me in the dream, I felt the sorrow on the heart of Jesus for this activity. And then I woke up.

        Make of it what you will. Believe it or not. I don’t care. I am just relating the unusual dream. Judgement, though years yet away, cannot be too far off upon this perverse organization.


        • Hey DK,

          Just wondering if you ever fished at Lake Gregory? Possible you could be an old friend…

          • No don’t know where Lake Gregory is. I would have to Google that.

            BTW Peeps, consider that Vatican airplanes are the perfect vehicle to transport drugs all around the world, from SA to Italy, and from Italy everywhere.

            They are not likely to be inspected and Emissaries of the CC would have immunity as well, if they are aware of it.

            The Mafia couldn’t have a better delivery system if they used homing pigeons. Just saying.

            • For all of you Catholics who thumb me down to defend your faith, understand that the Catholic Church, run by a Satanic Catholic Church whose priests have committed every immoral and criminal crime possible; while offering incense to Satan from within the walls of St Peters, is no more the Catholic Faith, than Congress is Constitutional.

              I am sure that Mother Teresa, St Francis of Assisi, and St Thomas Acquinas are very proud of the direction the Church has taken under the guidance of the Satanic Catholic Pedophile Priesthood.

              Don’t support the Catholic Church it has become the Mother of Harlots.

        • “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

          DK–I am not laughing. I read Steve Quayle’s site every day regarding visions, prophecy, and alerts.

          • jayjay: so then when the holy spirit was first poured out at pentacost in the Upper Room on the apostles there and then outside when they went to preach to crowd of 3000 gathered by upper room. Thats when the Last Days began.

            Actually they began when Christ gave up the ghost and died on cross. That began the final age of mankind till he returns to usher in the new age of a new heaven and new earth and eternity.

            But the last days as we calls it began 2000 yrs ago. The outpouring of holy spirit at pentacost proved it so.

            Another item to consider is…Regardless what pastors today say about a new temple etc or a 3rd temple…Part of the new covenant God made includes us Christians our bodies Are the new temples God dwells in via His Holy Spirit. It says so in the bible. Avoid sin since our body is the temple God now dwells in…

            Therefore God no longer requires a temple built by man nor any “Ark” as moses had. it says that also in bible. So I think many pastors today are very wrongly promoting falshoods regarding many things that are Contrary to whats wrote in the bible.

            Many false preachers that are wolves in sheeps clothes will arise in the end times…These are They who were Ordained of old to do so and Their ending will be in the lake of fire with satan and his fallen ones.

            I think many such preachers can be seen daily on several TV stations 24/7/365. Or in various mega-churches where they operate from.

      11. I beleeve Nostrosomas ( forgive the spelling if I did not spell his name correctly) also said this in one of his quatraines. I think I seen this on the History channel several months back. By the way “hello” to all my old time friends here, Mac, Manos( Still praying for you buddy) and all the others. I am sorry it has been awhile. I have has my own personal SHTF situation. It seems that it keeps coming in waves. Maybe this is a way that God is showing me how the SHTF that we speak of here will happen, in waves. If it is any worse than the personal things I am going through (which I am sure it could be) well buckle up my fellow people we are really in for a exhausting time. I pray all is well with all and hope that something will be of good news for all. I keep praying that we are all wrong and that we will wake up to a a out of debt nation that is free and prosperouse.Thanx for all the news Mac, again keep up the good work to all that submit stories.

      12. It looks like the Pope is pooped!

      13. Whether the man resigned or not the planet is going to hell in a hand basket. what with war,financial problems,politics and the middle East it would appear that this prophesy is working out regardless of popes.

      14. i think even though the next pope may be peter the roman it doesnt mean a hill of beans, the only thing that has any weight is what is done for those who refuse to think on their own… they will be fooled by what ever they are told…. bewhere, becareful, be vigilant and watch this world fall apart regardles what the name of the next pope is

        • Its not about the name, its about a very famous doom prophecy coming to fulfillment during what could be the most turbulent time in human history in 500 years.

          Regardless of the outcome, whether this ends up being “the end”, whether there is another pope, etc. its pretty surreal this and so many other end of the world prophecies are coinciding at this point in history, when the whole fabric of society seems to be tearing apart. That alone is beyond surreal, if only for background music.

          • did not mean to use surreal twice, cut and paste error

      15. Templar Guards on alert……

      16. “Whether you’re Catholic, Christian or not a religious person at all, the fact that a 900 year old prophecy is coming to a close is intriguing. And one way or the other, whether its predictions turn out to be true or not, the prophecy concludes with the next Pope.”

        FACT????? really????

        Mayan calendar, didn’t happen. Wait’ll the checkout stand trashy “newspapers” start quoting ol’ Nostradamus about this new pope.

        “even if the pope is not Italian, the Petrus Romanus can essentially refer to any man who becomes Pope — because they are all ‘Peter’ (the first pope) and they are all from Rome once they become pope” How convenient, make the prophecy fit the desired storyline.

        That said it is an interesting bit of history I had never heard about. Thanks for the article.

        • Well the prophecy does conclude. Whether it is accurate or not remains to be seen.

        • Umm, really, since Catholicism WAS and IS the ONLY TRUE form of worship of Christ through the Blessed Sacraments means there isn’t ANY damn bit of difference between a “Catholic” and a “Christian” as ALL Catholics are TRUE CHRISTIANS. Now, there is a WORLD of difference between a “PROTESTANT” and a “CATHOLIC” but they are still 2 forms of CHRISTIANITY. The former being the wrong way.

          • your denial is deep and wide and tragic. i say this as a life long catholic who has not left the church outright- but who is fully aware of its myriad apostasies. and they are legion.

          • Hmmm…sounds alot like islam…you know, the shite and shia(sp?)yessir the “other guy” is going to hell…the apostate bassturds…didnt Jesus have some words about them folks who thought they were the ones standing outside looking in…walk cautiously and be careful where you point that scattergun.

      17. And somebody hollered, ” Hail Caesar”, and Caesar said, ” Why hail yes!.

        • Oh, PO’d, that one made me laugh out loud. Thanks

      18. Things are screwed up everywhere, this always culminates in war and upheavel, everything just feels off, people everywhere are sorta tweaking, just feels strange, maybe thats just me though, but damn somethings gotta give, this is getting ridiculous.

        • No, it’s not just you Kula…. The natives are restless and the spirits are moving upon all that are open to them. Apparently, there are more open to demonic spirits lately with all the shit happening. too many people snapping and killing without thinking of the consequences. Too many children are suffering at the hands of their own parents and relatives. It’s a sad state of affairs and the really sad part is; it’s gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

          I feel sorry for all those that think that we are now on the front side of a collapse and they keep talking about what we will need to rebuild with on the backside.
          There is no backside people; only the Millenium. The signs and the writing is there.

          People are so attached to their “flesh” they don’t want to imagine living without it. Personally, I’m sick of my mine. “you don’t need no stinking flesh”! Sorry, my southern english got in the way of my impersonating a mexican.

      19. Pretty ballsy of St Malachy to predict the end of the world so soon after the Mayans fell flat on their faces. Will he win the Armageddon Super Bowl, or suffer the Agony of Defeat? Let’s see how it plays out.


        • “They can burn the land and boil the sea….”

      20. The Lord’s Prayer Words

        Our Father, which art in heaven,
        Hallowed be thy Name.
        Thy Kingdom come.
        Thy will be done in earth,
        As it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread.
        And forgive us our trespasses,
        As we forgive them that trespass against us.
        And lead us not into temptation,
        But deliver us from evil.
        For thine is the kingdom,

        The power, and the glory,

        For ever and ever.


        • Amen

      21. This war of good and evil has been rolling forward since the fall of Adam. If the prophesy of “Malachy” is written in quatrains I would be very suspect. Don’t throw the Catholic’s out with the bath water. Nobody doubts that there is a serious paradigm shift happening, everyone is feeling it. Although I am not Catholic, religious persecution can come to, and from any denomination and only plays into the hands of power. Keep prepping.
        Potato out.

      22. Not wanting to wish my life away but I hope I am gone by then.I believe when that time comes many hard choices will have to be made.

      23. I cant help but to think of Paul Harvey’s speech of 1965 If I was the devil.

      24. Not sure what to make of all these prophecies. Personally, I think Nostradamus was on drugs, but that’s just my opinion.
        I did, however, recently find a very old, faded paper while cleaning out the barn. It looked like parchment paper from a hundred years ago, maybe older, and was hand written. Wedged between two molded hay bales, it was so old it almost crumbled. I carefully took it into the house to decipher it. It claimed to be written in 1907, the year of Oklahoma statehood. The ‘Barn Prophecy’ is as follows-

        “Behold, in the years of the terrible dust storms, there shall be a great okie migration westward. The land, having lost it’s productivity, will drive them out. They shall flee in Hudsons, in Dodges, and many, in Model Ts.
        They shall trek westward, toward the dream of citrus groves. But it will be a lost dream. Their children shall dwell in the fields of Baker, having thought to have found paradise. They will work the black gold from the ground, as well as the citrus. They will give ear to Buck, and Dwight. But the good times shall not roll.
        A Crystal Palace will entertain many, but it’s lustre will fade. From the heights of Gilley and Milsap, it shall fall. The day comes when even a bar band from Fresno shall not prevail there.
        Their children’s children shall go far astray, often as far as Los Angeles, never to be heard from again. These young ones, grand heirs of their dusty fathers, will give ear to seducing spirits, including the abomination known as Madonna. Beware! She is NOT that Madonna.
        Near the End Of Days, a siren call shall becon to them. It will draw them out of the fields of Baker, and from the O’s known as Modest and Barst and Sacrament. Once again, they shall mount a great migration, but not in Hudsons or Ts. They will trek at great speed, guiding a gleaming chariot. They shall fly swiftly, like a Honda in the night.
        The siren call shall be heard ’round the world. Thousands times ten thousands will hear it. It is a siren known by the Druid name of Abbiminahokie, But in the tongue of that day it is called Garth. But for all who hear it, it’s intent is known only to the okies, for they alone possess the ancient knowledge to decipher it. It shall draw them eastward. Back the the ancestral lands.
        The east will not yeild her bounty to them. It’s rain-starved lands no better than those the fathers fled in times long ago. But the migrants shall not care. They will have cable, barbecue, casinos, and disability checks. The land, for all it’s desolation, will not matter. They will go back. Back Home. Back to the dust. For dust they are and dust they shall remain…”

        Here, the parchment was too faded to read clearly. I only know that it referenced something about economic collapse, chaos, and a return to ‘The Way Of John Deere’ whatever that means…

        • Your a damn good writer if you just made all that up…

          • Thanks, larjerr. I sometimes sweep the cobwebs from my mind, and occasionally they drift onto Mac’s place. Hope he doesn’t mind…

            *note to Mac- I’ll get the shop vac fixed one of these days, I promise…

            • I believe smokin’ to be an author of great wisdom…judging by his posts….great insight and humor and the wording is of one who has written more than an essay or two….Thanks Okie…you are an author and have garnered much respect and admiration within your “family” here….we appreciate you muchly!

            • Another fine Okiedote. Thanks for the story and laugh. I think I even heard Jerry Clower chuckle.

        • You outdid yourself this time Okie.

        • Truckers have a way with words!!

      25. Damn, I just knew something was up when I couldn’t find any 9mm ammo the other day. This explains it.

        • You need to go to better stores: bought 1000 rds 9mm for $69.99/250, also got 1050 22, 300 45. and 250 10mm. last Thursday for my brother, I’m full up.

      26. Mac, I find all of this very intriguing and interesting too, but pardon me for approaching this from a Protestant perspective, although I’m not a practicing Protestant these days. I’ve always heard the antichrist will come out of Europe, possibly a descendant of the Hapsburgs who the old Austro-Hungarian Empire up until WW1. I use the old King James Bible. I’ve examined some of the other versions and don’t trust them at all. Satan has agents in ALL religions. The Protestant world has certainly had its own issues going back to the 70s when I left them, but that’s another story I’d rather not get into. My wife was raised Catholic but wasn’t a practicing Catholic when I met her, so religion never became an issue for us. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see how all of this plays out. IF the antichrist comes from Islam, then we’ll all know it’s curtains for the world. Braveheart

        • “””I’ve always heard the antichrist will come out of Europe,”””

          You have heard this from American idiots who can not conceive of the evil they support and embody, or that their own behavior and false beliefs would allow for and assist in the rise of such a creature here in the good ole US of A.

          No one wants to think the antichrist will be from their own country. The Antichrist will be as American as apple pie and Baseball.

          He will kill and destroy in the name of the United States, and claim you authorized it so you will not rise against it. Then, once your military has killed all opposition, he will turn the machine on YOU.

          Don’t look abroad for the Antichrist. All you have to do it turn on your TV and he will find you and your feeble mind waiting for him to enter.

          The New Age is beginning.

      27. Whether you’re Catholic, Christian or not a religious person at all, the fact that a 900 year old prophecy is coming to a close is intriguing.

        How preporporous of you to think everyone would find this hallucinaiton, er prophecy, intriguing. It is nothing more than something weak minded sheeple can latch on to to make themselves feel important. Never mind it is just another myth, fable or delusion sheeple buy into with absolutely no supporting evidence.

        • I guess there isn’t a spelling exam to get into Shill School.

          “preporporous”????? Is that sort of like “preposterous”?

          “hallucinaiton”????? “Hallucination” perhaps?

          • His boyfriend forgot to hide the keyboard when he picked up the bottle this time.

            But to tell you the truth, “preporporous” is probably one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard him say. I really like that word and think I may use it some time.

        • Hey Joe, ain’t NardsCrotch just outside the city limits of Taintville? It’s apparent you’ve been huffing too many fumes from the gas plant coming from over in Sphincter. I think Al Gore try to get it shut down because of the “global warming” thing, but the towns people ran him out of town

          For you to assume God can’t use “whomsoever” He chooses to do His work, is what is really, “preporporous”; and preposterous. LOL

        • @ Jo(k)e(r) in NC. You almost had a decent conversation until you attacked Mac without further reading the two words that he said in the article, “self fulfilling”. People can make events occur, and have throughout history, if they believe something strong enough. No matter what you butt ramming faggot atheists say against God and those that believe that there is a superior type of energy of this and other universes, you almost always end up begging God for mercy on your death beds. You can call God a myth and anything else without what you call evidence, but anything self fulfilling is evidence in itself.

          There is a true movement of atheism going on in this country right now and I feel the one reason is not so much that people are looking more to science for that evidence of God, the doubting Thomas syndrome, it is that they want to enchange in everything weird and preverted that almost all religions try to teach is wrong. Many people want to have orgies with each other male, female and even animals, and commit all sorts of the seven deadly sins because they want to act like an animal. The seven deadly sins has nothing to do with religion as much as it is trying to teach people to not act like a chimpanzee in heat, to act like a being with a mind.

          Religion has boundaries that safeguard people from acting like sickoes. A truly spiritual person is very seldom an atheist because they have felt a higher force and want to be part of this higher energy. Atheism is usually acting and behaving like an ape. God or whomever higher energy is not about grounding yourself into a state of the flesh. Carnal behavior satisifes the lower function of the brain and is very seductive to the dumber part of being a biological unit. Look at the stupidest life forms there is; they screw and screw anything that moves, they put all their energy into primitive thought.

          This is a serious degradation of people right now, they have no consciences anymore, they behave and act like apes. Not to say that this is not a big problem in many religions, like the pedophile priests. It is an universal plague of most human beings. This in itself is proof of human beings fulfilling the end times. At least many religions try to address the problem of people acting like apes.

          With you faggot weirdos that tell God to go to hell, you just say behave anyway you want to because there is no afterlife, self satisfy yourself anyway you please. True evil tells its followers to be as selfish as possible and get whatever you want, this is how evil spreads itself, by allowing people to act like chimpanzees and as primitive as possible. You queer atheists that call God a delusion do this so you can act out all your sick desires, without any consequences. There are consequences to acting and behaving like an ape, one of them is called AIDS.

          You know Joker in NC, you can insult Mac and others for actually thinking and weighing in on the possibilities of what is meant to come, but I and others have seen what your way of thinking has done to the human civilization and society as a whole. It is not free thought, as if it was you and your other homos would at least examine the possiblity of this. No, your way of behaving is exactly what I personally remember someone saying on a TV show once, “isn’t this way we human beings have minds that separate us from the beasts (most animals of the world)?” Your way of thinking is to not even consider something that requires careful analysis.

          Again, Joker you don’t even put into the equation that people can make something happen. You can get an entire population into believing something and make it occur. That in itself is absolutely supporting evidence. If Israel decides to build its temple on the Doom of the Rock and kick the Arabs out where they say the phophet muhammad ascended into heaven, all out war will occur. This is not because of some phophet said so, it is just common horse sense what will happen when you see what the muslims do when some cartoon comes out of the phophet muhammad banging out a pig. Common sense joker in NC, common sense is something you lack big time.

          • You destroy your credibility with comments like this, BI…

          • Hey be informed
            alittle homophobic are we?????

          • Good one Bi.
            You are obviously, also, trying to get under the Joe-kers skin…

            I have no problem with homo’s, that’s between them and their God. However, I don’t push my sexual nature in their face, and I wish they would keep it out of mine, they are kind of disgusting… sorry.

            When they want equal status for marriage, they stick the big finger up in the air against God and Natural law, what this country was based on. Political correctness attempts to give them normality, natural law says they are simply animalistic perverts.

            I would be willing to give them civil partnerships for legal purposes, just so they would shut up and quit offending me.

      28. “oldest and most widespread religions”
        Most widespread? Yes. Oldest? No.

        Secondly, someone wrote a document 900 years ago, and listed names. People had access to the document to read the names, especially within the Vatican.

        All one would need to do is read this famous document to find out what your name will be as Pope…

        Not impressed.

        Had this document been written 900 years ago and then recently unearthed revealing that it had predicted every name even though they came about hundreds of years after the document was penned. That would be amazing. That would be a prophecy.

        Otherwise, this is just a case of confirmation bias.

        Sorry to disappoint the followers of The Bible.

        • Hey Einstein, this prophecy isn’t from the Bible.

          • Never claimed it was the from the Bible, Einstein. The Bible correlates with people who would find this information useful.

            Someone affiliated with Scientology would not find it useful at all.
            Pay attention to detail.

            • “Sorry to disappoint the followers of The Bible.” Your words, not mine. You suggested a Papal prophecy fraud from Ireland should upset a Bible believer. Take your bait and switch somewhere else. We’re not buying it.

              • 1. Look at the comments…anyone who finds the “prophecy” intriguing or amazing also indicate they believe in God. If they believe in God, they believe in The Bible.

                2. Secondly, this document relates to the Catholic Church. Nothing else. It is “predicting” the leaders of the Church. All relates to The Bible. Not the Qur’an, not Scientology, but Bible followers.

                3. Bible followers only find this intriguing because of the “prophecies” of the Bible, most of which are equally ridiculous and are not true prophecies because people in The New Testament would have had access to the Old Testament and could self confirm in the writing.
                And yet Bible followers believe in these prophecies, blindly. It is Bible followers that could believe this information which is quite ridiculous.

                Sometimes it sucks having LLI, because barely anyone can process information like me. Suffice to say you misunderstood me.

                • If you really believe x implies y above, you need help.

                  • Your ignorance knows no bounds.

                • GK,
                  Very logical analysis, with some truth there.
                  The point then, will be IF the next pope,
                  is the LAST POPE…
                  may you and I live to see what comes next…

                  I predict, he will be an apostate in some form.

        • I believe the Catholic Church has, over the ages, corrupted the Bible….removing that which they deemed “unsuitable” for the uneducated masses….interpretation – control over the masses. This is not a dig against Catholics of today, but, rather a reflection on history…and how religion played an important role in politics and wealth….I read the King James version of the Bible (large print :)and even I, not a Biblical scholar, can sense omissions…..saying this, ….Trust your instincts, Keep Love in your heart,
          and have Faith ….EVERYTHING you do is YOUR choice and you do it with free-will….


          • We are all looking for the answers and church and state do not want to air their dirty laundry. We will never get the truth. The Vatican has an extensive libary with limited access. The Government seals the bad stuff up for 25 years. The news media is a farce with any of their investigative practices. So we are left to draw our own conclusions based on limited or even false information. All the truth is what we see around us or what impacts us directly by changes or violations in the law of the land. The will to fix anything is comparable to covering up cat shit. The majority of Americans do not have any backbone for the truth and the government does not want to tell us because they know the implications of doing
            so. The only ones who care are the ones that read this site and then we fight amoungst ourselves.

      29. Justincase, it’s good to hear from you. sorry to hear you’ve had a personal SHTF; had a few of those myself over the years and know how that goes. Whatever has happened, I wish you the best of luck. SmokinOkie, I still say your humor is better than anything on TV; keep that humor coming. Braveheart

      30. As if there wasn’t enough to prep for now there’s Armegeddon! We “may” get hit with an asteroid tomorrow, the dollar is toilet paper, the EU is disintegrating, and China is kicking our ass! Does this mean I may need to coat a bayonet in silver? Do I still need to worry about the Constitution being dismantled or Diane Frankenstein? I think I am going in back and digging a bunker. Looks like prep time is over.

        • Friday actually.

          And don’t worry, Bruce Willis will save us.


          • One look at Bruce’s butt-ugly teenage daughter would have caused the asteroid to turn tail and run.

      31. Good one Mac,
        As soon as I heard this news this morning I remembered that prophecy. So its happened, and we are now getting ready for the last Pope. Along with many other pieces of the grand jigsaw puzzle now dropping in place, today this piece is ready to take its place. Wondered when that was going to happen, and now it has. One step closer to the final battle between good and evil. Its hard to look away from the news these days its all happening so fast.

      32. I believe that if a pope does not die in office, he is considered to be an antipope, he is not included in the papal record. Benedict is/was an antipope, an interim pope, he was to be the one to hand over the Vatican to “Peter the Roman”. This next pope will be either another caretaker pope or Satan himself appearing as an angel of light (II Corinthians 11:14). I am still dumbfounded by this news, I can imagine how the Catholic folks feel. To see how close we are to the end and 666, refer to

        • Wait isn’t that good news?

          That means the next guy is #111, right?


          It also means when I do my 60 second Pope trick at #112… sadly he’s going to have to be shot by those guard guys.

        • Jaysus Christ on a fucking unicycle. Will you people STOP with the POPE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST THE POPE IS SATAN shit?!?! As a member of the FIRST, ONLY, and FOREVER form of CHRISTIANITY, I find it OFFENSIVE, that you MENTAL MIDGETS believe that the MOST HOLY religion would be the religion that would SPAWN the anti-christ. I will only say this once, THE ANTI-CHRIST MUST BE A HEBREW YOU STUPID FUCKS. Any one who subscribes to the fact that there has ALREADY BEEN A MESSIAH here is OBVIOUSLY A CHRISTIAN. The Jewish people do not believe that Jesus WAS THE MESSIAH. You honestly think that JEWS, are going to start taking orders FROM A POPE. GROW THE FUCK UP, SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND STICK TO MAKING CLAY BUNNIES…

          • In addition to the thumbs up and thumbs down there should be a middle finger.

          • The first christians were not catholic and all non-catholics are not Protestants. Have you never heard of the trail of the blood?

            • Meant to say, Not all non-catholics are protestants.

          • PD, you need to crawl back in your hole. I’ve got some western friends that sure love to splat some prairie dawg meat into the air.

            Keep you head down while spouting off insults to the many christians that visit here.

        • @ Julie NO NO NO, that is NOT what an anti pope is. It’s much more complicated than what you put forth. And for the LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY please refrain from falling for the notion that the anti-Christ will be the pope. It’s asinine to believe that the vicar of Christ will be the one. The anti-Christ MUST be a HEBREW so that the JEWS will believe that he is THEIR MESSIAH FINALLY COME. They DON’T BELIEVE THAT JESUS was the messiah. And do you HONESTLY THINK IN THAT TINY LITTLE BRAIN OF YOURS THAT THE JEWS WILL START TAKING ORDERS FROM A GENTILE?!?!?! Remember, the anti-Christ will cause the TEMPLE ON THE MOUNT to be rebuilt. You think this is going to be a CATHOLIC. YOU PROTESTANTS MAKE ME LAUGH WITH YOUR FALSE JUDGMENTS of Catholicism. Remember, your HERETIC HERO started off a Catholic, couldn’t handle the pressure, and left so he could SCHTUYP A NUN. You people aren’t worthy to match wits with a broccoli fart.

      33. JackassinNC, as retarded as you sound, you probably need a dose of religion yourself. Mac, is there NO WAY to keep trolls from our wonderful and intelligent community?

        • Your fear of trolls is depressing.

      34. I think I’ll pass om any comments…

      35. For what this is worth; THE END IS AT HAND!

        • Just the beginning.

      36. I was born and raised Irish Catholic…
        Having said that does not make me any more enlighten then the next man…
        However, what I‘m about to say is blasphemous , or so I’m told…
        By a priest…decades ago, many.

        I do not deny the existence of God…
        Just look around you…how could this be by accident…foolish thoughts…
        Nor do I deny the existence of Jesus…Great man but still a man…
        Time traveler…nah…enlightened, absolute …in touch with God, no doubt…
        As were many.

        We have been manipulated and lied to for centuries…
        Hard to swallow…get over it!

        We are on the cusp of the most devastating event in recorded history …
        Or at least the history they let YOU know about…
        Oh yes, TPTB…scum of the earth…
        When is it going to happen…I don’t know but it must be getting close…
        Take care and seek high ground…physically and morally.

        • what is this TPTB… that u wrote about ?

          • The Powers That Be: your basic gangster banker globalist wannabe world dominators

      37. Easy… don’t appoint another one.

        Or, alternatively, appoint someone as a place holder for 15 minutes that cannot possibly fit the description no matter how hard you try to cram it into the prophecy with a shoehorn. Like Adam Sandler or something.

        Then appoint #113 15 minutes later.

        Catastrophe averted.

        You can thank me later.

      38. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, then you are NOT prepped at all.

      39. We live in interesting times. What’cha going to do?

      40. Partially off-topic (but who knows…)

        Protestants and neo-Protestants are doomed to reinvent the Wheel – Catholic Church.

        Funny, how had they bitten the feeding hand hundreds of years ago, but little by little drifted out of “solo scriptura” and started putting crosses on their churches, citing catholic prophets etc.

        What’s next – de facto polytheism of traditional congregations? (with their million and one of saints for every occasion, illness, pain and erectile disfunction)

        • Off topic and, worse, pure nonsense. Lutherans always had crosses on their churches, along with the liturgy, vestments, stained glass windows, etc. Luther suppressed the iconoclastic impulse of many of the radicals; vestments aren’t going to hurt anyone’s immortal soul; indulgences will. And LOL on referring to the Medici Popes’ hands as “feeding” anyone other than their own fat faces, profane appetites, lusts for wars and taste for fabulous art-filled cathedrals at the expense of their flock’s souls. The Church would not have split had those Renaissance popes been men of God.

          Likewise, the Reformed and Anabaptist churches were very stark and iconoclastic from day one; and they still are today; but I don’t think for the most part Reformed chruches entirely removed crosses (although they DID remove crucifixes); while today’s Anabaptists such as the Amish continue not to have any formal church building at all.

          If you would like more informaiton, feel free to find it in those baffling things known as “books.”

      41. 30 pieces of silver…

      42. BS

      43. Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, 64, from Ghana, is a leading candidate. If elected and he moves to Rome, he would be Peter the Roman.

        Later, watch out for September 15, 2015. Unbelievable financial destruction is possible. I would be out of all paper investments by then and into preps, PMs, loose change.

        The prophecy is very interesting. As far as Nostradamus, I think he got into some moldy wheat.

        • what happened to the date to end all dates- DEC 21, 2012 ??? passed like a mighty DUD

          • This has nothing to do with the end of the world. It has to do with a possible cycle that may just happen or may be caused to happen. First, September 2001, crash; then 7 years later, September 2008, crash; then 7 years later would be September 2015, maybe another crash. I would just watch out for it. Better safe than sorry.

            There are interesting parallels between 9-11 and Isaiah 9:10. The WTC crash took out a sycamore tree. It was later replaced with an evergreen tree. A hewn stone monument was placed at ground zero. Tom Daschle made a speech and quoted Isaiah 9:10. He was brought down. Later, John Edwards made a speech and quoted Isaiah 9:10. He was brought down. Isaiah 9:10 was defiant words from the Israelites to God. I don’t know if Daschle, Edwards, later Obama, or others involved really knew that Isaiah 9:10 was defiant to God. There are more parallels, enough to make you wonder.

            I read and wonder about things. Then I try to help myself. For example, in 1982, I sold my silver the week before the price crashed. I’d love to have that silver now, but I needed the cash more at the time, and the silver was acquired at face value. So, now I have as little in green paper and promises as possible. In September 2015, I will be completely out of the green paper and promises. Until then, I have to keep some in the bank for bills.

          • Does…”no man shall know the hour.’..ring that little bell…
            yes… that was rhetorical…

      44. FUCK GOD

        FUCK JESUS

        FUCK the 2000 year old science fiction novel written by a bunch of goat fuckers in the deserts of egypt , known as the bible

        if this is the true religion then you can shove it right up your ass .

        any of you bible smoking freaks even get near me during shtf crash preaching you bible god jesus bullshit and i’m gonna arrange a permanent meeting for you with your god of choice with a clean conscience .

        too many people 10’s of millions have suffered been tortured killed died in the name of your imaginary gods , since the first cave men living in fear of the dark unknown created their false gods deities to present day modern bullshit religion .

        ya’ll just remember that , not everyone wants to hear your bible babble religious bullshit come shtf collapse day .

        i’m friggen sick of it all to be honest , religion is nothing but bullshit !

        especially lucifer worshiping judaism !


        • And FUCK YOU !!!!

          • I knew it would not take very long before you were back on the crack.

            Come now the old timer s here will come to your defence. Remember they all respect you.

            Come on Daisy get all your ass sniffing followers you have here and defend the filth that come from him again.

        • @After the Collapse….sorry about my comment in response to your uneducated post. I apologize. You have the right to voice your opinion, and I should have just let it go.

        • After the Collapse,

          How could one get so angry about something that they don’t believe in? It is not possible, somewhere inside of you, you do not know for sure that there is not a God. I know God loves you but you have made him weep with your vile disrespect.

        • I couldn’t get past the first four words. If ever there was a case for censorship this would be it.

        • If there wasn’t a God i wouldn’t be scared.

        • Do you feel any better following your diatribe? Letting the release valve go? Hope so. It is difficult at times to remain civil to those whose thoughts and beliefs differ from yours…especially if one does not or can not grasp them….YOU are who YOU are….and if YOU CHOOSE to believe in Nothing….who cares? I believe what I believe for a reason….I do not harangue you for YOUR opinion….so why feel the need to curse at and belittle others for their beliefs?
          I wish you much “luck” in the future

        • @After the collapse, its ok I understand, I sometimes find myself in dentists offices screaming at the kids and thier foolish belief in the tooth fairy, I mean how could they? I just cant stand it so FUCK the dentist

          FUCK the hygenist

          AND FUCK that tooth fairy bucktooth bastard…. getting half a clue yet?

          • HA! That’s Priceless!!!!!

          • George Carlin is your authority on the existence of God? Good luck with that.

        • Your handle says it all, “after the collapse”. Yep that’s when you and all the other atheists will see how wrong you were.

        • Just because “some” have lied to us doesn’t give you the right to denigrate …
          The vast majority of Christians I know are the finest people I’ve ever met…
          Most just have a hard time accepting they’ve been lied to on some of the teachings
          that have been manipulated to fit a certain mantra…
          So, put a sock in it or you don’t get any pudding!

          • ah…that was for faceplate.

      45. Shit !!!! I should have known there was a reason that those 200 hour candles were 75% off….

        • Thanks, @Ugly. I needed that.

        • Now THAT’S funny! Thanks Ugly!

      46. This article is so embarrassing, I can no longer recommend SHTFPlan to anyone without discrediting myself. Sad day.

        • good, go away…

      47. Leonardo Sandri will be the new Pope!!!! my perdictions have been right with many things and im almost certin he will be the new pope when he is named pope i will share one more prediction with you all !

      48. Come on – does anyone actually believe in superstition like this?

        I can see SHTF like financial meltdowns, natural disasters, societal unrest, etc. But “900 year old prophecy”? Please. The world is full of enough problems and potential pitfalls without all the superstitions.

      49. This story is even more interesting knowing that the “popes” of England and Holland are also stepping down at the same time. Don’t be surprised if more announcements follow.

        • They’re all headed for the bunkers…lol! 😉

          • Just call ’em Morlocks.

      50. Maybe it’s the end, maybe it ain’t. Jesus said plainly that no man knows when the end will be, at the time, he said that even included him.. that the Father had kept that knowledge for himself..

        That said, Christians should not fear the “end”.. for it is not the end; but the attainment and fulfilling of all that we believe and hold dear.

        If you are a Christian, think about this.. you just might be one of the truly blessed believers who actually get to see Jesus return WITH YOUR OWN EYES !!

        Imagine that.. of all the times in history to have been born, of all the times to be alive; to be alive at the ultimate moment of the faith of generations…

        How cool is that ?

        • You know, OUCH–you remind us that there is talk of a holographic scheme to make all believe Jesus has returned.
          Listening to a Steve Quayle/Larry Hagmann program, this was spoken of and it was said how do we know??
          For one, Jesus will feed all the hungry, and it won’t be food stamps.
          And you can touch Jesus. Not true with a hologram.
          Those two revelatins have given me lots of thought–like, why didn’t I think of that??

        • actually the verses are:

          Matthew 25:13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

          Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no ma], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

          does it say no man knows the year or month? hmmmmm.


          Luke 21:34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

          which, to me, implies it is entirely possible to be AWARE when the “end is nigh”.

      51. The Bible says in paraphrase, ‘that when Satan is on earth, endtime prophecy will move very fast because Satan knows that his time is short’….

        Hal Lindsey back in the 1970s on a radio show thought the anti-Christ was born somewhere between 1967-1973. If true, this means Satan himself is in a human body in Europe somewhere and is about 44 years old.

        Is the time of Jacob’s Trouble here?

      52. As a student of Catholic prophecy, I believe, along with Desmond Birch, author of “Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph: Before,k During, and After Anti-Christ”, that we are entering/have entered the phase of the “minor chastisement.”

        Without going into specifics, which you can read about in the book, Birch interprets scores of approved Catholic prophecies to paint the picture of the world in its final stages.

        In a word, the period of “minor chastisement” does not seem minor by any stretch. Much of the prophecies regarding this time are conditional–meaning that if man repents, some or all of the suffering will be mitigated.

        That said, strife, famine, and wars followed by 3 days of darkness in which up to 3/4 of the earth’s population will be purged is on the horizon, but this is not the end, and with Christ there is Hope. It is the beginning of an era of peace that will precede the arrival and era of the anti-Christ.

        How do you prep for this? Pray the Rosary, fast, and Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. If you don’t know what these things are,k start with the Divine Mercy Chaplet first, since it is the easiest and one of the most powerful prayers, and go from there. You can find instructional online

        If Birch is correct, we will be entering into a time wherein there will be no longer be any doubts about the legitimacy of Christ’s Church.

        If this intrigues you, get Birch’s book (and pray). It’s arguably the best on the subject and paints the clearest picture of what we are looking at going forward.

        • Why not reccomend the Bible?

        • A very interesting book Nick-dog.

          I especially was struck how the prophecies dovetailed precisely with today’s social, economic, moral and political climate.
          The rough itinerary of events at the book’s end is what astounded me most…

          1.> a global collapse of banking and major economies.

          2.> an all out civil war will begin in France.

          3.> followed by England…then Italy. Starvation everywhere.

          4.> a Pope flees Rome is murdered in Germany.

          5.> Russia invades Germany, is finally defeated in Westphalia via huge battle, suffers +80% casualties.

          6.> entire globe in war, civil wars & utter chaos. The USA will NOT BE SPARED of INTENSE SUFFERING!

          7.> Muslim army invades Southern Europe thru Balkans and are finally defeated in yet another epic battle.

          8.> three days of darkness event occurs…arctic temps globally, no artificial light anywhere, save via blessed candles…+75% of humanity is HARVESTED, even some of the religious elect, will be killed.
          A minor chastisement, indeed.

          This book is worthy of ones time and attention. Good post Nick!

          Those interested, see link below:

          • Anton

            If England starves can I come on an extended visit to you?

            Joking aside, I have read the article, and every post….even though opinions vary so much we still come here or the same thing, because we know that there are others here that share our belief that we are entering a period of great hardship. It’s the one thing we ALL believe in and when the time comes we will all benefit from the trade of information that the site has provided us with. Regardless of whichever God we believe in…or not, the things we learn from other people on shtfplan are so laudable in building a future for ourselves and our families.

            Take care

            • Laudable? I suppose, but I wanted to say valuable !

              • Laudable…valuable …either or…I concur..

            • Burt

              Of course your family would be welcomed here!
              We could really use some more help around the farm. We’ll teach you firearms proficiency & farming…you have to instruct us on making EDAM CHEESE, YORKSHIRE PUDDING & ya gotta smuggle some ‘watercress’ thru customs!


            • Burt

              I answered ya, but forgot to sign in as Anton!
              Damn kicken-chicken’s fault, it was!


        • Finally, someone speaks the truth. Thanks, Hot Breath harry for that.

          • Anybody know if this guy is still alive?

      53. ALERT, ALERT, ALERT. North Korea likely just tested a nuke in the 20-30 kiloton range. Shallow 4.9 earthquake in North Korea, please check the USGS to see this.

        • WFC? “Alert, Alert”. You’re nothing but a fear mongering idiot.

          • Well, you just made an ass out of yourself because N. Korea did in fact just detonate a nuclear weapon underground.

          • JJ. I don’t fear monger, I state the exact facts as clear to what is real as possible. I hate to see fear mongering that is unjustified. Making people aware of a potential situation that is dangerous is the right course of action. Look whom turned out to be the idiot, J>>J.

        • Watch it BI…I told you they would come after you;)
          BTW…thanks for the info in that previous thread…

      54. As if we don’t have enough to worry about! ; (

      55. Well, according to climate scientists, around the middle of this century, climate will be so catastrophic, they describe it as “Biblical Scenario”. Basically, if you’re alive by then, you will not be considered one of the lucky ones! I’ve studied climate change religiouslty for about 3 years– whether you believe it or not, it makes no difference. It IS real and it will be HELL around 2050. (It’s all those exponentially occurring feedback loops that will do us in!)

        • Cindy

          I have studied it extensively also, just finishing the masters in environmental science and I have also come to a conclusion. Climate is changing but man made global warming is actually a crock of government shit designed to raise green taxes. There has actually been a cooling when looked at on a global scale, though massive fluctuation like floods and drought will continue to occur. Research into the association of the sun with global climate continues and with cycle 24 being the longest and the one with the least since spots in a hundred years warming to any great extent is unlikely. We are heading for a period of cold at a similar level to the Dalton minimum.

          Take care

          • Thank you Burt…it is part of the puzzle I’ve been laying out.

        • Global warming now, global cooling in the 1970s, global warming in the 1930s, global cooling in the 1890s. Judging by the previous 40-year cycle of lunacy. I would say that global cooling will be the “thing” in 2040-2050, if the kooks and media are still around then.

          Take a close look at the graph they presented which showed CO2 compared with global temperatures. If you compare peaks in temperature with peaks in CO2, you will see that the temperature rises before the CO2 rises. In other words, heat causes higher CO2 levels, not the other way around. When temperatures are higher, more CO2 comes out of solution in the oceans.

          If they used a longer time scale, you would see that CO2 was at much higher levels thousands of years before humans could possibly be blamed.

          The simplest explanations are usually correct. You go stand in the sun, and it feels warm. You move to the shade or a cloud covers the sun, and it feels cooler. The sun is by far the biggest factor in global temperatures, and it is regulated by cloud cover. Simple.

        • You’re either an idiot or a troll. More likely one and the same.

      56. Posted at The Economic Collapse blog…

        Show this to anyone that believes that “things are getting better” in America

        Article includes charts and stats that show the truth, as compared to the mainstream media that say things are getting better…

      57. April 21 something big will happen in the United States riots , hell on earth ! as for the last days yes it is coming soon, it will all start with the United States , war within triggering with the gun laws watch for fighting in the former Yugoslav republics once again!

      58. Hogwash. All “interpretations” of “prophecy” are manipulated to fit the facts.

        There is no such thing as prophecy, period. There is no such thing as prophets either.

        All prophecies have failed. All can be identified as being vague and open to interpretation. Although “God is not the author of confusion”, those that believe in prophecy elect to use confusion in support of their views.

      59. Amen, Reverend BI, amen! Give jackassinNC fire and brimstone! Hell has no fury like the scorn of Be Informed. I know you don’t enjoy being like that toward anyone, but every time these trolls come on here with their stupid and asinine remarks, it is difficult to ignore them. We all come on here to exchange information and share our experiences on survival-related topics. That is what is all about. I come on here every day when I can sneak a few minutes away from other things, read the articles and comments, then put in my 2 cents worth. Most of the people on here have interesting and sensible things to say. I look for comments from you, Daisy, J1G, KyMom, KYSSG, and certain others first. I get so sick of the finxes and JoeinNCs of this world coming on this site trying to ruin it for everyone else. On that last article Daisy submitted, I noticed some other troll coming on and making an unjustifiable attack on her, that pissed me off so I jumped right in to stand up for her. in my view, Daisy is one of the most intelligent people on this site, she has earned my respect, and i have no problem standing up for her. I’ll do the same for you and others on here, BI. I realize I may never get to meet any of you in person but I knew from my first time coming here that I’m in the right place. My best wishes to everyone, except the trolls. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I also become so sick and tired of trolls attacking people that spend their own time trying to add to this wonderful open and free web site. I agree on Daisy, she is very intelligent and I so get upset at anyone attacking her. Then Mac puts out a very well written article that simply allows all of us to think about the possibilities of what this could mean, and boom these trolls come out talking about goat f’ers and how ignorant all of us are to even read this article. I myself enjoy all opinions to weigh in on what could be.

          I often tell many people that I know that are hardly religious at all that the seven deadly sins are not about religion as much as they are about people not acting on their animalistic instincts. If you look at the opposite of each of the seven deadly sins, this is what each of us aims for to live a better life. For a pure scientific approach to the seven deadly sins, it is a guideline to avoid acting, behaving, and thinking like a baboon.

          I can understand anyone having doubts about something they can’t see, like God, but this doesn’t mean that God or some very powerful energy does not exist. From a purely logical way of thinking about all we don’t know, to say that God is not real is not even allowing for proof one way or the other. It is just closing their mind tighter than those that atheist are saying condemn them.

          I would say to someone that doesn’t believe in God to at least not fall into the common behavior of those that have banished God out of their lives that include out of control drug experimentation, all sorts of perversion that leads to rampant disease, self centered abuse of others, etc. In other words to all those that kick any form of God or an universal superior energy force out of their lives, don’t fall into becoming like an ape. When anyone fails to understand that their are severe consequences to self abuse, they have already lost.

          Braveheart, I can understand that there are very severe rigid practices of many religions that many free thinkers and those that desire the non bearing weight of not being told what to do has driven many people against religion. What so many fail to understand is that a freestyle way of life ends often with severe repercussions that are also not often recoverable. Much of the decay of society is because people have told God, not religion, but God to f off.

          Just my opinion of God is that not of some warlord that throws lightning bolts at those that fail to obey man’s laws, but an energy of pure light and goodness. When people make the conscious choice of gravitating towards the darkness, the evil may it be, they bring about their own fate. This is what choice is meant, go towards what is right, or go towards what is wrong. Acting like some monkey in heat is not spiritual and is choosing to go down the pathway of the darkness for primitive pleasure centers in the most underdeveloped portion of the brain. These people that choose to sniff glue, huff condenced air, take meth, etc. are on a path to complete self destruction and the darkness and despair that all of this brings.

          No one has to be affiliated with any religion to allow God into their lives and at least try to better themselves spiritually and use the higher portions of their minds. Telling God to f off is really telling yourself that you have chosen to act and face the consequences of living like a chimpanzee. No thanks for me on that one, it doesn’t work and is a severe liability. And that comes from a purely rational and logical approach to what functions and what doesn’t.

          By the way thank you for coming to the support of the many good people on this site. You are all right in my book.

          • Can’t we just do the right thing, work hard, help others and try to be a good person just because we want to, instead of because a “god” says we should? I don’t know many religious people (it’s not big here in Oz), but of the first three who come to mind, one cheats on his wife, one frauds the dole and sells drugs, and the other treats his wife bad, drinks too much and is money-hungry.

            • “but of the first three who come to mind, one cheats on his wife, one frauds the dole and sells drugs, and the other treats his wife bad, drinks too much and is money-hungry.”

              That is why men need a savior. Just because a man says he is a christian doesn’t necessarily make it so.

            • Bastet, you said religion is not big there in ‘OZ’ and you said you know three guys who cheat, sell drugs, or drink too much. Are you, by any chance, a member of the president’s cabinet?

        • Best wishes back, BH;
          troll’s will always have an anal fetish, most likely
          their mothers harshly potty trained them when young.
          They just can’t help their “shitty” outlook on life.

          “Pity the fools” —-Mr. T.

      60. The first two nuclear tests in North Korea were 4.2 and 4.5/4.6. This one is 4.9 and a true nuke this time. A 5.0 would have been about a 32 kiloton test. 4.9 is about a 25 kiloton nuke, give or take 5 kilotons in either way. It is not a hydrogen bomb, but a lot more powerful nuke than the previous two. Watch and see that the nuke was at least Hiroshima size, probably a little bit bigger. The seismic signature shows this before the news can distort the truth.

        • @BI….The important question is will these nukes have an effect on Global Warming? Should we have more GMO foods so that they are radiation friendly? Did these nukes affect any solar panels? Were there any spotted-owls killed by the blast? Are these nukes a part of our economic recovery? Do you think a nuke attack should have life insurance coverage for illegals? Just my Liberal thinking, sorry….

        • BI,

          N.K. confirmed this test just a few mins ago, however your est. on the size is way over what the experts are est.

          The seismic event detected in North Korea was the result of a third nuclear test, Pyongyang has confirmed. Seoul estimated the yield of the suspected nuclear device at 6 to 7 kilotons.

          Right off the RT web site.


          • @ DPS. I just sent proof with a web site that shows that a 5.1 is in the 30-40 kiloton range. The NEWS IS LYING, just like what they do with anything that scares the public. When Mac okays the web site link everybody can check for themselves how seismic waves add up. A 4.0 is a one kiloton test, and this is stated on wikipedia. For each jump in magnitude there is 31.5 times as much energy. This was a 5.1, 30-40 kilotons. Trust me my friend, those experts are forced to lie, just like all the other deceit that goes on in the media.

        • These were EMP weapons tests…
          Everything nuclear the nk’s and muleAss’s in iran are doing is…
          THAT, is something you can take to the bank…well..maybe not…but you can take it to the bunker…;)

      61. If Christ returns, great. I am ready to go.

      62. Greetings Everyone!
        THE CHANGE is coming,no matter what a head of a religious group is called.Personally,given the horrendous track record of lies,deceit,intimidation’s and coverups the C. church has done to protect it’s “short eyes” priests,I’d guess that Jesus Christ and his father Jehovah(that name is in my oldest versions of the English/German versions of the Bible,so I feel it fits in) are going to have a busy Court of Judgement.But don’t fear folks,it won’t just be the Christians,other religious groupies like Islam’s rabid followers ain’t gonna like it either….
        Glad I don’t have to listen to the cases in THAT court….
        Best to All

      63. The way the line between good and evil has been blurred, I wouldn’t doubt if the great cleansing is at hand. Lock and load and dig in for the long haul. Just like shooting zombies in a barrel.

      64. We need another 2012, don’t we.

        Come on now.

      65. The rapture comes AFTER the tribulation. The tribulation is 3 1/2 years then the rapture, then the Wrath of God for another 3 1/2 years. Don’t buy into the pre tribulation rapture myth…. YOU WILL BE HERE FOR IT so get prepared.

      66. Yeah, yeah… December 21st, 2012 came and went with a whimper and we still have to listen to more prophecy bs?

        I’d rather hear about Christopher Dorner, the LAPD shooting up women in children, and domestic drone strikes against common criminals.

      67. 7 years of tribulations? Great I’ll need a warehouse to store that much food.

      68. I heard the same prophecies about Pope Benedict XVI, that he would be the last Pope overseeing the end days. Seems like every Pope now is predicted to be the last Pope.

        • You heard? Wrongly.

          The Prophecy of Malachy.
          112 Popes, of which, the Next will be the last;
          Peter the Roman.
          Petrus Romanus.

          The end of days, doesn’t mean it happens in a day.

      69. Now I am really glad I stopped and bought some more Pyrodex for the River Old Army (my backup for when I run out of ammo).

        • Sorry should have been Ruger Old Army (damn Nook or is it my fingers)

      70. It’s true! Young’uns nowadays ain’t got no respect for their elders!

        Can anyone point to any such time in history in which young folks were so lazy and immoral?!??

        These kids, with their hippity-hop Devil worship and their Snoopy Dog rappers…it’s just like Revelation!!

      71. Why is it every time I pause it to read the text it jumps to a sex site? pure bullshit!

      72. North Korea has now proven it can produce nuclear weapons and likely mount those on a missile. The next step will be what China did back in the 1960’s, develop a hydrogen bomb. This is not as difficult as people think when you get to that level of larger than a Hiroshima size nuke. Again, watch that USGS seismic site for anything over 5.6 that is shallow, actually a little deeper than this one. You see anything over that 5.6 threshold, and unless it is a real earthquake that North Korea doesn’t have very many of, it is a hydrogen bomb.

        What is the difference between an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb? There are truly limits to the size of an atomic bomb by the amount of fission material used, it is not practical to make a 1 megaton A-bomb. With a hydrogen bomb there is really no limit as the USSR demostrated when they detonated a near 50 megaton bomb about 50 years ago. When you acquire the ability to build a H-bomb the sky is the limit. The only real limit is the delivery capability. Since an aircraft can carry a lot of weight, many areas would be vulnerable to such an attack with a H-bomb from North Korea.

        A H-bomb is not the end of the world, just to the area that is was dropped on. Even a 100 megaton H-bomb is 5000 times more powerful than a Hiroshima bomb of 20 kilotons it is not going to cover 5000 times as much land when it is dropped.

        There is something called the cube blast law which takes into account the three dimensions of space. A 100 megaton H-bomb would cover 17 times what a 20 kiloton A-bomb would do. 17x17x17= about 5000. Everything within 2 miles with a 20 kiloton explosion would be completely destroyed. Everything within a 34 mile radius would be destroyed with a 100 MT H-bomb. With the common 1 megaton H-Bomb everything within about an 8 mile radius would be annihilated. This is still a large area and one can see why WHEN North Korea crosses that H-bomb threshold they become a very dangerous threat to whereever they can get their bombs to.

        • BI,
          Excellent post.
          I think, if I remember correctly, it was a 100MT.
          and they scared themselves witless…

      73. Another alert. The USGS just upgraded the size of the North Korean seismic event to 5.1. This means that the nuke tested was almost 40 kilotons. This could be, “COULD BE” a very small hydrogen bomb test. Like the first fizz bomb that they tested in 2006 that was about a 1 KT atomic bomb, this could be a semi successful H-Bomb test. It will be interesting to see what these so called experts say. At very least, a very successful atomic bomb test.

        • “Like the first fizz bomb that they tested in 2006 that was about a 1 KT atomic bomb”

          Sorry BI…
          That was a plutonium trigger test with a bit of a kick…
          As I said…everything they are doing is for EMP…
          It only takes one…

      74. BTW when we turn on each other about details of Christianity instead of looking for ways we can stand together, we’re kickin’ facing the wrong goal… Don’t play into their plans to make us turn on each other instead of paying attention to what’s really going on.

        • Rain23,
          This has been my mission for awhile now…
          To show the Body of God’s people, that their arguing over dots and tittles, is no different than in times past. That they are divided by their own ignorance and the preachers that tell them to submit to ‘Godly authority’ is the REASON that apathy has allowed evil to take over the world. That such things are the true doctrines of devils, that keep us divided, and that the only thing that unifies would be a Revelation of God, a new song that is the oldest song. Once the people realize that the Catholics created a sword of division, reigned in blood, and the cups of karma are full to the overflowing with the dark influence of their MYSTERY theology, they will see The Mother of Harlots, and her daughters.

          It is time to shed Light on Division of doctrines that we have fought over for 1500 years. You cannot quantify a mystery, only a reality, thus the Revelation of The Grail and the Gnosis was preserved by God Himself to reveal the doctrines of division that enable the evil, the love of money that is the root, and the ignorance and superstition that is the key.

          Thus the Unified Field of God comes, in more than one way, to shed light for the weary, to give the new song of Spiritual Relativity in God Calculus, that shows the Light is The Way, love is empathy for all living things, through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the private thing that Jesus taught, what the Catholics called evil and Heresy, and thus good was made evil, and evil was made good, and the doctrines of devils took our minds. Feel good cheap grace doctrines that denied God’s hands of Justice and keep us in submission to unGodly authority. This is the Babylon Mystery school, that keeps you in division by ignorance, fear and submission.

          We must become Justice Enhanced by Direct Intervention; Jedi, the Elect against the Elite.
          The only way to survive what comes, is a new song, a song of unificationISM, a new vision, for a new time to come. For those who preach that this is New Age nonsense, understand, this is not ‘new’, but the oldest song in the Universe. Do you think Christ taught ‘christianity’?, no, He taught Gnosis=Knowledge of the Divine. That which proves God the Creator exists, and his fingerprint is there, in the rocks of creation, and the DNA of your bodies, and the spirit of your powers of thought and creation. You have the True Temple of God in your minds, and Rome setup an abomination that makes you desolate, setup in your minds. It is time for the 3rd temple, inside you.

          Click your heels together and repeat after me…
          There are no such things as particles… it is the Illusion, the MYSTERY and the Rule of Darkness with gold that the preachers are beholden to, 30 pieces of tax free silver as long as they keep out of the way of the PTB, and enable evil. Thus the Mother of Harlots, and her daughters preach blasphemy ABOUT the Christ, and only 5% OF What The Christ taught, who taught reincarnation(born again is your clue), thus a split in doctrines that is causing your divisions. They wrote a sword of division, fulfilling the Lord’s prophecy, that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Rome wielded that sword. Does God author division and apathy towards evil, or man?

          We live in an electromagnetic Universe, the Light and Dark energies, come together in the chaotic hologram of reality, and you are stuck in the darkness of rebellion against the Light of boredom. Take your experiences Home, and in our Fathers house are many mansions, as you are the Sons of God with creation power, all of you. That the Unification is the message of Spiritual Relativity; that Love=Light and Being good is good enough. Forget the preachers of mystery and fear, their own Bible condemns them, and live the Golden rule so that the Rule of Gold(the money changers) may be conquered. It is the only way we will be united and “pound our swords into plowshares…”

          (And no, The Light of this world, will not come to save you from the consequences of your own lukewarm apathy, he will be WITH you and save those worthy for The Remnant. The lukewarm will reap the bowls of Karmic reward of ignorance, love of money, mystery and superstition, it will not keep you safe, it will deliver you into the darkness you love.)

          Rome murdered the Saints, and called them Heretics, they burned The Truth and replaced it with MYSTERY, and shall reap their ultimate reward. See their fruit, and know them.

          I am Justice, The Revenge of the Heretics, that the Truth will set you free.

      75. We’re toast.

        • Hey there, young whippersnapper! Good to see you here.

      76. South Korea and many news agencies around the world are trying to lie to the public again, saying that North Korean’s nuclear test was 6-7 kilotons. WRONG! I have found a site that states a 1 kiloton nuclear explosion is equal to a 4.0 earthquake. The amount of energy is about 31.5 times for each jump in a magnutide. This registered a 5.1. Check this out to proof what lying sacks of crap the media are that don’t want to scare everyone with the truth:

        As you can see in this writing that all 4.8+ seismic tests are above 10 kilotons, and a 4.0 is 1 kiloton. Do you see the absolute deceit that goes on within the news?

        That sucker was in the 30-40 kiloton range.

        • BI

          Thank you for all the excellent work you do on reporting these events for us. I find your posts the most informative and interesting.

        • BI,
          Thanks for that bit…
          Ya gotta know its BEE ESS because who would waste their ‘nukler'(sp intentional ala Bushism.) material on making something that couldn’t even waste a whole city….
          What would be the point. Besides, doesn’t critical mass entail the necessity of a minimum size detonation on these things?

          I thought 20Kt, was about the minimum size, but the US has a ‘dialing’ technology, that allows them to dial in the size of the detonation in a given range…

          The Norks are at about 1940’s/50’s level of technology.

          Yesterday was one HELLofa day….

      77. Can’t say anything scares or shocks me anymore as everything goes to hell around us politically, economically, morally, socially, strategically etc.

        Now is the time to be grateful to God for everyhting that we are blessed with in our moral time on Earth. All that has gone well, all that is riteous and beautiful, all that we derive pleasure from without sinning or denying the same pleasure from others….our families, our children, our health etc.

        Whatever pain or suffering I may face during the coming crisis is an honor as i stand by God and Christ to face the aligned evil that has totally infiltrated the world of man. I just hope and pray that I can spare my wife and children any suffering as what may be will be.

        I don’t ask myself if I am ready for an apocalypse…I ask the apocalypse if it is ready for me because I know who the enemy is and I therefore I stand with Christ and i will accept my fate when it all goes down.

        • You sir are the ultimate weapon.

      78. Well, he is supposed to be the last Pope. So we will see.

      79. I’ve been thinking about applying for the job myself. I’m a former Catholic. I’ve worked in the Mission Field and have seminary training. Told my DW that I was going to the book store to get a copy of “Poping for Dumbies”, which I’m sure they have out, plus I look good in a hat. Always wanted a to ride in the “Popemobile”. My DW say’s that she’s willing to do the Nun thing and act as my Second, so it’s all good!

        I’ve even picked out an American sounding named to reflect my redneck roots, “Pope Bubba”. Just need to find their website to fill out an application.

        “Will the Last American leaving Denver please turn off the lights and take down the flag”.

        • @ TLA,

          “POPE BUBBA”!?!?!?!……I LIKE IT!!! 🙂

          • If I did get the job of Pope, I would look for new ways to earn coin for the Church. First we would market Pope Soap, Pope Rope, and Popecicles.

            Next we would open up some fast food places where you could drive thru and get a Burger and say confession at the same time. On Fridays we would only serve fish sandwiches.

            “Will the last American leaving Phoenix please turn off thelights and take down the flag”.

            • Sister Mary-Elvis?

            • This is sounding a lot like SmokinOkie!!

      80. @ Be Informed ~ @ Mac ~ This is what I like so much about this site. I learned the difference bw a hydrogen
        bomb, an atom bomb, and the impact of N.Koreas test on the
        earth in N.Korea. I can only read how many uses that oatmeal can be used for, for only so long. Prepping is important, but a persons spirit needs to be well rounded in other areas as well.

        I love history and have studied all avenues of it for many years. I am also familiar with the Malachy prophency. I also have studied spirituality and prophecy.
        When the news broke today about the pope stepping down due to age and fatique, I immediately thought of Malachys
        prophecy. I think it is interesting how we are all living during these final days, earth changes. There is a plan and purpose for all of our lives. Maybe it is to be aware and help one another to survive these latter days.

      81. When I posted yesterday I mentioned the upheaval surrounding Pope Gregory (the previous resignation back in roughly 1425) and how it tied in with awful events at that time. I’m not Catholic but given the Global influence of the Church I think it’s stupid to dismiss this event.

        Some random thoughts

        1. Ratzinger is the first Pope to have resigned since the creation of the Vatican as a nation in it’s own right, with it’s own independent bank etc. That’s significant.

        2. Queen Beatrix has also stepped down (Monarchy is also viewed in the common mind as heriditary). Other global Business and military leaders in a position to be “in the know” are also quietly exiting the stage, as the opportunity arises at an ever increasing rate.

        3. I’m superstitious – what was with the Vatican lightening strike on the day of the resignation.

        4. The current terms of office for the overseers of the Vatican bank run out on Feb 23rd – if we “follow the money” to guide us down the rabbit hole to truth is there a nasty corruption scandal connected with the Church finances about to blow?

        5. Albert Pike (nasty occultist) seems to have made some comments about this event. He said that the illuminati would incite the Zionists and the Muslim world to create WW3. Ratzinger is of Jewish extraction, (9 Rabbi’s in his family background).

        6. Lots by Benjamin Fulford has gone from the web concerning high powered rats leaving the sinking ship but this video is still available to view I’m keeping a close eye on the events he describes in this presentation.

        7. My elderly Mum has temporarily stopped her translation of The book of St. John from the New testament Greek in favour of looking up her Grandfather’s notes on humanure. She’ll say why when she’s good and ready but coupled with her sudden interest in my son’s desire to keep Quail, I’m stepping up the prepping.

      82. I havent seen this posted..if it has pardon me.

        if you live within 100 miles, or are phisically within a 100 miles of the surrounding border of the US..your lap tops, computers, and cell phones are subject to seazure without due process..yes folks no 4th amendment..we have been so preoccupied buy the other rights they are going after that we havent fought the good fight for the fourth.

        This “border” can in some cases include entier florida..and some of the coastal states.

        this has also not been released,,,as far as i know this is the first place i saw this

        • VRF,

          I read about this at the Daily Crux. The control grid keeps tightening.

          So basically, DHS has now created “Constitution-free zones” all in the name of “national security.”

          According to this new policy, DHS can seize electronic devices without a warrant within 100 miles of the border.

          They consider the border as “any national barrier, political or physical. THIS INCLUDES BODIES OF WATER.”

          The article includes a map showing the “border zone” areas – includes many major cities.

          The Daily Crux

        • VRF,

          I read about this at the Daily Crux. The control grid keeps tightening. Yet, the media keeps this news quiet.

          So basically, DHS has now created “Constitution-free zones” all in the name of “national security.”

          According to this new policy, DHS can seize electronic devices without a warrant within 100 miles of the border.

          They consider the border as “any national barrier, political or physical. THIS INCLUDES BODIES OF WATER.”

          The article includes a map showing the “border zone” areas – includes many major cities.

          The Daily Crux

          • It seems the Only think DHC Cannot sieze, is all them fuckin illeagles immigrants flooding america. All 30-40 million of them so called “11 million”.

            Wake Up Whiteys!…Time to band together as the 2/3rds Majroity we are or soon usa=Toast for all whites.

            I’d also love to see balcks awaken too and Join with whites…Yet That aint a likly reality, too bad but it is what it is.

        • VRF: RT tv news last nite had alot on this but I fell asleep midway thru it all. I do recall RT showed map of entire usa. RED line surrounded usa borders, and entire state of Mich(my state) was all in Red!…They said any persons within 100 miles of entire usa border, which included entire state like mich.Is as you said. Cops can confiscate all forms comunication-computers-cell phones etc to search for terroritic activity.

          Not sure but I thought it was Only for if traveling not inside own homes?…Or maybe that dont matter to them feds cops eh. America IS already a full blown police state no doubt. All thats left is mass roundups whenever They feel like triggering an event.

          This wont go too swell I think for neither side.

      83. JS says what is the difference between a drone and sniper? Answer: Range

        • @TK
          Do you know the difference between a drone, a sniper, a rattle snake, and my Mother in Law? None, they are all deadly! (Except the snake has a better personality)

      84. For so many people who claim to be awake, there are a lot of people on here falling for the oldest scam in human history…. “ORGANIZED RELIGION”!

      85. Petrus Romanus is Tarcisio Pietro Bertone, born in Romano Canavese, Piedmont, Italy.

        • This is excellent news! I loved Jericho. How soon could it be?

      86. I thought this appropriate:

        Come gather ’round people
        Wherever you roam
        And admit that the waters
        Around you have grown
        And accept it that soon
        You’ll be drenched to the bone
        If your time to you
        Is worth savin’
        Then you better start swimmin’
        Or you’ll SINK LIKE A STONE
        For the times they are a-changin’


      87. earthquakes, tsunamis, middle east unrest, Russia(magog ?) backing some in the middle east, the US not being around to help(hello US funancial implosion and presidential that cares squat about Israel).

        i am not prideful enough to think the endtimes are coming in my lifetime, the world has had financial catastrophes and wars beforel but if the end times are here; i will not be suprised.

      88. info from “an insider source” ???

        make of it what you will

        “I spoke with a high-ranking, military source in DHS. Preferring to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, he told me, “DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S.,” he paused, then added, “we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities. DOD will be expected to help – when we’re requested.”

        I asked if there was a timeline for expecting civil unrest in our cities and why should we expect it to begin with. I was told that there were many reasons, but that the continued devaluation of our currency, the predicted history-setting prices for gasoline this summer and the continued gun control debate are forming a perfect storm of civil discontent. When this storm hits, it will most assuredly produce mass casualties. When does DHS expect this to happen? This summer.”

        • In Major citys eh…Hmmmmm…So thats Code for ghetto baboons and apes who usually riot and loot in warmer summer times.

          So what “IF” they mainly only concentrate dhs efforts to clean up corrupt inner city Youts and bangers types?…Is That all bad?….How many here if they had an Ongoing permanant prez Pardon would hesitate to start such a cleansing process and even whack the bangers and yutes if needed? What can work at this point?…More Talk?!

          It sure seems strange with so much anti-white talk and antigun crap lately, this time NOBODY not even at fox tv has said a single word regarding Black Criminals eh.

          Most folks thats honest and if could remain anonamous will likly admit if violence and crime is true Goals of dem gun grabbers etc?….Then the best method to Fix it and Halt 90% of all violent crimes and gangs etc is to Instead BAN BLACKS Not guns!

          I know they cant do such due to civil rights for all. But at some point unless them bangers and violence Prone clowns do not INCLUDE responsibility With their Rights…Then it may be so that a huge majority accepts such a ban. After all if convicted of felonys do you not lose certain “rights”?…yes you do. So what happens when there is so many Millions of bad actors its way too many to prosecute the prefered normal ways?

          You declare War on the assholes and whack and stack em. Or continue allowing such evils and violent killers and banger gang types full reign, till your nation resembles Africa or mexico or any other 3rd world locations.

          Perhaps all out war on ghetto bangers IS the ‘secret” events we all sense to be happening soon?

          Of course That goes totally opposite what many think is an attempt soon to Arm said banger yutes to use agaisnt Us patriot folks….Hmmmmm…Another Fly in Ointment.

      89. I’m sure the Pope’s resignation will stir these kinds of interesting story lines. We shall see what comes of it, but it’ll have no relevance to the book of Revelation since it was written in the mid 60’s A.D. and was a prophecy of the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A.D., which had long passed by the time Malachy’s hallucinations started.

      90. Seems to me more and more countries are growing mushrooms and they are getting bigger.
        I fear soon mushrooms will start sprouting up everywhere SOON!
        Just prepare for what is coming.

      91. What you should be asking yourself is ” what are they trying to cover up now” Little boy play time, come on people wake up !

      92. don’t discuss your religion or political beliefs…there is enough division within the human population without adding fuel to the fire…each of us needs to get right with our supreme being no matter what name they go by… in the long run what is going to matter is survival… there are two leggards out there that are just pure evil and are longing for the breakdown that is to come so that the fun may begin, no need to go into what these evil people are going to do to those that they get their hands on…the guy next to you may not have voted the same way as you and he may have attended a different church, but you are going to have to support and back each other up or perish…that will be the choice that you will have to make for your family too survive.

      93. OT: but Feb 23rd Gun Buyback in Bay Area:

        This one impresses me as a business plan to get supply cheap to resell. Don’t know why but it does. Even cheaper if people donate money to them so they get their supply for free.

      94. Be Informed, your comment #1137848 is especially interesting concerning religion and God. I’ve never thought of it in that particular way. You must be a philosopher. You’re tops in my book, also. Don’t Tread, your description of Catholicism in #1139441 is the best description of Catholicism I’ve ever heard anywhere; there’s no way I can dispute it. Braveheart

      95. Malarkey, the drunk Irishman sees visions and we are supposed to quake in our shoes? Who’s to say, the next pope might be another anti-pope and not the last one. They plug in anti-popes to fill in the line of popes that don’t agree with the prophecy.

      96. Guys, I am not a religious person, consider myself agnostic really, was atheist. However, several years ago, I just kept getting this feeling or urge that something bad was coming. It wasn’t just because of Obama, but something just didn’t feel right. Something kept telling me to plant a garden, learn to can, stock up on rice, beans, medicine. I have gone to a church to talk to the pastor about my feelings and of course he said the Lord gives us signs and messages everyday. Is it possible something or someone is trying to tell us to get ready? There are several million of us that have heard this message and have started getting ready for whatever catastrophe that is coming our way. I have always been a person of science and logic, but this has me so confused. Again, this is something that has been tearing at me for years trying to explain this feeling. After reading about the Pope yesterday, it’s like all I have been feeling is making sense.

        • You are not alone!

          • I hope not! Not even my wife can’t understand what I am feeling. She indulges my “strange prepping hobby”, but doesn’t understand when I try to tell her something is telling me to do this. Mid-life crisis is what she thinks it is.

            • Confused,

              You are alone, my g/f thinks prepping is just dumb. But I am with everyone on this site.
              A higher power has told most of us to start prepping. They claim that 3 million people are doing this.
              I put the figure about twice that reason being preppers following OPSEC then you would not even know who is prepared.
              Preppers are very much like Militia you know there are a few out there but you really don’t know how many lurk in the shadows.


            • My wife came around pretty quick. I got real serious with her, and told her to close her eyes. Which she did, thinking I’m nuts of course. After she closed her eyes, I told her to imagine our two y/o (at the time) daughter. Imagine her happy, playing on her swing and laughing. Now without opening your eyes, picture her crying and upset crying for you and you can’t get to her. Now, you notice what she is saying to you “I’m hungry, Mommy.” You go to the cupboards and there is no food, no milk, no water even. What are you going to do? When she opened her eyes i told her I could be wrong, I hope I am. But what if I’m not. I am not prepping for myself, I am prepping for those I love. The next grocery day, she came home with a boat load of canned goods and dry goods. All has been well since then.

        • @confused
          search out an purchase, borrow, ect the book “the gift of fear” by gavin de becker…the answer you seek is within this book.

        • @ Confused,
          I was the same way keep having the same dream only every time I had it was getting worse until one day it hit me we have a storm coming and we need to prepare. ( haven’t had the dream since I figured it out). Have seen a few others who say the same thing. I do think we were given a warning to prepare an also to try and get others to prepare. A storm is coming.

          • Well, glad I am not the only “crazy” out there. A sense of urgency has hit me recently and I have tried accelerating my preparations. The movie Take Shelter is how i feel sometimes. I don’t have the hallucinations he does, but everything is telling him to prepare for something and they all feel he is crazy. I feel the same way that something out there is telling me to do this.
            oldman: My library has that book and I will be checking it out, thanks.

        • You’re getting very very close…
          seek high ground.

      97. Did you guys see the Vatican was struck by lightning last night? It’s on huffpo.

        • I heard it was actually struck TWICE.

      98. I’ve just discovered ATC’s comment #1137397 claiming there’s no God. Let me send him to Cuba where my wife came from and experience life in a Third World Communist hellhole. He’ll definitely experience “hell on earth”, Castro-style. I don’t think he could last 3 months there. Before it’s all said and done, he’ll at least be WISHING for a God! Braveheart

        • You must really bore the ever livin shit out of your wife !

      99. The pope leads the largest cult in the history of the world. They’re not Christians. They’re Marians. We’re saved by faith alone in Christ alone. Not by infant baptism and obedience to church rules. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t have the power to send me to hell or the authority to be the sole interpreter of the Bible. We’re guided by the Bible alone. Not the pagan traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. We can interpret the Bible for ourselves. We don’t need a corrupt and self-serving priesthood to distort the true meaning of the Bible.

        At some point we’ll have a pope who will be possessed by a demon. He’ll work with the antichrist. I don’t know if it will be the coming pope or not but the Rapture and the Great Tribulation are both coming soon.

      100. I can’t believe how the news media is lying to the public or have no clue what true science means. I just read an article that said the 4.5/4.6 earthquake after the 2009 North Korea nuclear test was 2-6 kilotons. Yet they say that yesterday’s test that was a 5.1 earthquake was only 6-7 kilotons. How stupid do they think anyone with any science background is. This doesn’t even add up with the logarithmic scale of 10 that they are incorrectly using to determine seismic sizes of nuke tests.

        I can remember one thing my college teacher that before working at the college was part of, very high level military intelligence. A 6.0 earthquake was equal to a 1 megaton nuclear test. During the time I was in college we read seismic signatures from underground testing and the amount of energy from these tests were fairly close to the following:

        1 KT= 4.0
        30 KT= 5.0
        1 MT= 6.0 to further expand on this:
        32 MT would be a 7.0
        1000 MT = 8.0
        32000 MT = 9.0

        The incorrect logarithmic scale of 10 would the following:

        1 KT= 4.0
        10 KT= 5.0
        100 KT= 6.0
        1 MT= 7.0
        10 MT= 8.0
        100 MT= 9.0

        Many times in Nevada for example larger than 1 MT nukes were tested and 7 pointers earthquake did not register. When the USSR tested it 57 megaton nuke this would have been almost a 8.6 earthquake by the Log of 10 scale. Never happened. The quake was in the low to mid 7 range. The amount of energy released in the 9.0 Japanese quake last year was equal to about 32000 one megaton nukes. A 100 megaton nuclear blast could have never caused the tsunami that occurred and the amount of rock mass that moved.

        What is happening with the media is that they are grossly exaggerating the power of a nuclear bomb. It takes a lot of energy to generate a 5.1 earthquake size. They would have the public believe that a 6-7 KT would do this, and a 2-6 KT would generate a 4.5 or 4.6. This math doesn’t add up at all. Using this idiotical math a 6.0 would be about 50 KT and a 7.0 would be about a 200 KT, a 8.0 would be a 1 MT, a 9.0 would be about 5 MT, and a 10.0 would be a 20-25 MT nuke. Man is not capable of producing a 10.0 earthquake with any nuke, but using the South Korean formula of calculating nukes this what they saying.

        Do you all see the utter deception that goes on with the media? We are being lied to about the economy, the Middle East, the New Madrid fault, ANYTHING that scares the public is going to be downplayed. Remember Hurricane Sandy when the media was concetrating on the wind speed and not the pressure of the hurricane. The highest storm surge given was 6-11 feet, and I said from the pressure it would be 14-16 feet, it was 13.88 feet. The news is so full of manure, and this was a total insult to intelligence out there that this 5.1 seismic event was ONLY a 6-7 kiloton test.

      101. Don’t worry I’m sure the next popes only goal will be to shower you all with kisses, huggs, and fruit baskets…..he will be just as sweet as the current one I’m sure.

      102. Christain but not Catholic. We sure live in interesting times. Seems we get to watch some old myths die. The Mayan calender bit the dust, and very soon we will see this so called prophecy go down in flames. Trekker Out. P.S. Only GOD knows the day and the hour.

      103. things are going to be moving faster now, get ready!

      104. Remember Y2K or the more recent 12/21/12? Just more globalist fear porn in my opinion.

        p.s. I heard Obama is lobbying the Vatican for that job too!

      105. I’m not sure the book of Revelations mentions rapture, but the Catholic church doesn’t include rapture in church teachings. That is a Evangelist thing… Just saying…

        • Wow see what happens when you get politics and religion together… Two red buttons!

          I’m glad I got some guns, mags, and bullets before the ban as I can imagine this argument taking part in the field…

      106. Regardless of our many varied religious proclivities or lack of religion thereof, there is one undisputable fact that has been born out by numerous researchers over the years…that there is within the ranks of the world’s ultra-rich and powerful a Lucifierian cabal that truly believes in their “worship” of The Lightbearer that fell from grace…that he is the true god over the Yahwistic god of the Torah(old testament) and that the accumulation of power should only be invested in those chosen by this cabal and even the use of unsuspecting politicians to further their goal of a world-wide renewal of a fuedal system in which there are the oligarchs and the servitude.
        We see it playing out right now, in particular with the push towards the UN Agenda 21 program in which the “flase flag” of saving the worlds environment is touted to support such radical ideas of mega-cities(think 30-50 million) within a certain square milage and vast areas of the planet “returned” to wilderness status; Productivity councils to determine how much resources to invest in an individual(this can be found in the deep, dark recesses of the Healthcare bill known as “Obamacare”)-if your beyond a “productive” working age and need open heart surgery…oh well.
        These policices and programs aren’t in the realm of conspiracy theory-they are absolutely real. On this website and others like it we see the acronym TPTB…be aware that the oligarchs that acronym refers to are dead serious in what they believe whether Lucifer exists or not.
        I implore all those in the human family that love freedom to set aside sectarian sensitivities and work together to see that liberty does not die. Theology and prophecy aside, I believe many of us see the darkness ahead and it’s up to us to be the light that chases it away…crack open the door at daybreak and watch the vermin scatter.
        “We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin

      107. Alert..
        Boycott Microsoft.

        DO NOT
        During the state of the union…

        Unless you want them knowing what you’re thinking.
        Do you.. really?

      108. Okay, okay, I remember reading correctly. Wait, never mind, I didn’t read it. It was more it less revealed in a manner if speaking yesterday. I be always claimed ‘how easy would life be, if only we had an instruction manual!’ Essentially we do, the bible, which redirects our broken way of thinking (what the ‘world’ indoctrinates us with) and in to the harmony of TRUE knowledge. If that makes sense. Sooo, onward. Prophecy is great, for the end scenario, but it is useless and confusing in out current state. No man should know the future, its utterly dangerous and debilitating. More so than if events occur naturally.

        Look at the life that Christ lead for example. You are aware of who you are, of whom you are sent, and your life is laid out as a sacrifice. And He knew this.
        How rational would people be knowing the end of their days or anyone else’s? Would you drink from the cup as it has been given, and, would it allow you build faith in GODs plan? Or would it harden your heart because of the I’ll fate in which you may be subjected.

        This is the kind of revelation I had. Don’t make too much fuss over it. My heart sees the stars in the heavens falling, I don’t really like that feeling. I hope things get better, but too many monkeys would rather keep throwing wrenches into the engine until it blows up, funny times we live in, funny times.

      109. Jesus was a jew, and he liked to share stuff with the poor, so he was a liberal Kommie too.

        How does that fit into your tiny little minds…

        dumb yanks.

      110. PHD = Pathetic Humanoid Drone, One who spent allot of Tax payer money (government grants) to spend 8 unproductive years at the public feeding trough in the triial persuit of the fancy title while receiving his Lobotomy. Then you became someone’s boss but you had traded all your common sense for your fancy title. Now finding yourself unable to function outside a 8 1/2 by 11 box, that was created by another idiot with a PHD. If you served in the Military then possibly you may have regained some horse sense on the battle field, from your Gunney without the PHD behind his name.

      111. Is the name Petrus Romanus the name the new Pope will take, i.e., such as Pope Peter, or does it mean his sir name will be Peter, and be from Rome? and take a different Pope name such as Pope Urban, Pope John, etc.?

      112. GOOD!
        From where I sit, this ol’ world looks like it needs to be redone anyow!

      113. I am the shadow with the eyes of fire. I will rest when the Catholic Church is reduced to ash.


      114. Big expectations breed big disappointments. No one is going to ride in on a white stallion and save our asses. And why should they if we don’t make at least a half hearted attempt to save ourselves. Kind of like spiritual welfare.

        • Rev. 19:11

          “And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.”

          So yes, according to your Bible, Someone is going to come riding in on a white stallion and save your ass.

      115. this is just propaganda bullshit meant to keep people from leaving the church.

      116. I’ve often wondered why Obama is depicted so many times with a halo behind his head even as he perhaps is moslim but says he is Christian. Might he be the anti-christ?

      117. #sigh#

        The City on Seven Hills is NOT Rome, it’s Jerusalem! Your lack of Scriptural knowledge is embarrassing. :-/

      118. Sorry, but Rome is also called city of seven hills, my dear and prophecy applies to it. The fallen ones are in the city of seven hills, that’s the truth so its said and they will fall. It will be very happy day for all creatures of earth, because many Thinking and Having Eyes Opened people see the center and really core of cancer. That’s all about cradle of the god which is beast and about falling of bad and following abundance and relief. Consider who’s follower you are worshipping your god until is not too late.

      119. So…the “last” pope has been elected and is calling himself Pope Francis I (after St. Francis of Assisi). Seems they went out of their way to avoid any connection with these prophesies. Were they successful, or not…?

      120. lemon says:
        Comment ID: 1137572
        February 11, 2013 at 9:48 pm

        April 21 something big will happen in the United States riots , hell on earth ! as for the last days yes it is coming soon, it will all start with the United States , war within triggering with the gun laws watch for fighting in the former Yugoslav republics once again!….

        ****I had a feeling about something happening on April 21… just 6 days off (Boston) scary but when i see things in my dreams they usually come true … RIP to the people who lost their lives today 🙁

      121. the catholic church was created by borrowing heavily from earlier traditions. but this was the first time in history that an institionalized religion began killing others en masse for their beliefs. why do catholics overlook these egregious offenses against humanity. the day of judgement is for THEM, not humanity. we have already paid the price of empire!

        in my opinion, this ‘judgement’ is the end of all these foolish lies and false shaming that have been shoved down the throats of otherwise good people.

        that catholic church through most of its history has been much more interested in power than in doing good. in my opinion it is one of the biggest mistakes for humanity. in the gnostic text – jesus says ‘indeed, there will come a church that claims to be with me, but will be against me.

        he also said – ‘you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’


      122. I am a Former Catholic, PRAY for guidence and wisdom for interpretation of the Bible. The RCC was founded on MANY Pagon traditions. Look up the popes hat .. It’s called a Mitre, now look to see where it was inspired. The FALSE god.. Dagon or fisher god who came out of the water. In 1929, Mussolini signed a treaty, Latern Treaty.. giving Rome back it’s ” soverenty”, look @ the” obelisk” in Saint Peters Square… Research … From Ancient Egypt and Sumaria. Read Rev. 17 in your Bible.. The ” BEAST” that was 7 KINGS w/ 10 Horns… The ” Kings” are the popes who gained their ” soverenty” from Fascist Italy in 1929.. The ” Beast” who was, and is not, yet is.. Is none other than pope jp2″…. He is of the 7 th, and of the 8 th .. Meaning he WILL appear, come back to life… Research pope j. p. 2 tomb… it was excavated and has a 24 hour servalience camera on it. He is the ” Only” pope to have a coffin shaped ” triangularlly, and his face was covered with a vail… Kind of how our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.. The chapter relates to the 7 mountains, translation… HILLS. Her ” GOLD” cup is FILLED with ABOMINATIONS unto Heaven. The gold cup is the chalise that a priest, bishop, cardinal and or pope would use in a” RITUALISTIC” mass that is performed every mass in the RCC. The purple and scarlet are what the they wear when performing a ritual…She, the GREAT” WHORE” is decked in fine Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds .. Etc. The RCC has been NOTHING but scandalous since her beginning… Look up the autrocities of the ” Popes and the Vatican”, they have Muerdered, Raped, Tourchored since it’s exsistance to Modern Day… You must do the Research, I’ve got to pray !!! Peace and Much Love in our Savior Christ Jesus !!!

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