Peter Schiff: ‘We Will Have Inflation And Recession At The Same Time’

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Headline News, Peter Schiff | 56 comments

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    Peter Schiff, who accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis has said in a recent podcast that the Federal Reserve is going to let the “inflation genie out of the bottle.”  And Schiff says this warning comes directly from the Fed’s own chairman, Jerome Powell.

    In his podcast from August 24, Schiff warns that inflation is going to impact us all very soon. Schiff based this assessment on a speech given by Powell at Jackson Hole. 

    “What Powell is saying is, ‘We are not going to do anything to make sure that the inflation genie stays in the bottle, but if the inflation genie actually escapes the bottle, and we don’t think that she’s going to; we think the genie is happy hanging out in the bottle. But if for some reason she gets free, well then, we’re going to do whatever it takes to get her back in there, especially considering the vulnerability of the US economy.'” –Peter Schiff

    According to Seeking Alpha’s assessment of the podcast, Schiff noted that the strength of the dollar and the weakness in gold have primarily been driven by expectations of aggressive central bank monetary tightening.

    “If what Jerome Powell said today causes traders to second-guess those assumptions and maybe dial back their expectations for rate hikes, maybe not necessarily the two rate hikes that everybody believes that are coming in the balance of 2018, but potentially they idea there may be no rate hikes at all coming in 2019 and that 2018 may be the end of it, and in fact, maybe we won’t even get the December rate hike. I think to the extent that traders start to reprice the odds of future rate hikes, this could be a big move in the dollar, a big move in gold.” –Peter Schiff

    Schiff went on to say in the podcast that we should be prepared for inflation and recession to his us in the face and at the same time.

    I think by the time we have this high inflation, we’re also going to have recession. Now, is the Fed going to do whatever it takes to put the inflation genie back into the bottle even if it means exacerbating a recession that is already underway? Because we can certainly have inflation and recession at the same time. I mean, we’ve had it before and I think we’re going to have it again. But of course, given the amount of debt that we have, if the Fed really jacked interest rates up to seven, eight, nine percent – whatever it took in order to rein in that inflation, not only would it cause another financial crisis, but it would cause the US government to either have to dramatically slash spending on things like Social Security and Medicare, dramatically increase taxes, even during a recession, or default in its bonds. So, doing whatever it takes means basically economic Armageddon, so I don’t believe that for a minute.” -Peter Schiff

    Schiff also made a dire prediction that should serve as a warning to Americans:

    “I do think that the American public is a lot closer to poverty than anybody imagines.  I mean, I don’t think the only thing standing between Americans and abject poverty is Donald Trump’s presidency, even though he may believe that. I think what maybe has been standing between America and poverty has been the Chinese and the rest of the world willing to give us their stuff for free; exchange the goods that they produce for the money that we print. And all of that is in jeopardy now.” -Peter Schiff

    Schiff says it is definitely possible that all Americans will soon be poor, but not for the reasons that Donald Trump thinks, for looming reasons no one is looking at.


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      1. Just another reason to store your extra cash in gold or silver. After preps of course…

          • At least their toilet paper problem has been solved.

            • Problem is there isn’t that much paper cash. Everyone is a cardtard.

              • Paper or Plastic?

            • As long as the controllers manipulating the price of Gold with just $1 of Real money and $99 margin borrowing, that can control $100 of Gold, is the massive problem. Take out all the crappy paper margin borrowing gold scammers and Gold will jump to $2400 and ounce.

              Lots of Rope and Tall Trees, will solve this problem. Hang em all. Sooner the better.

              Schiff has no clue, but needs to try to keep himself relevant.

            • No Worries Folks your Money is safe in the Bank for sure, says the FDIC.

              Why the FDIC has just $25 Billion in Insurance money to cover the $12 Trillion in US citizens banking deposits. THATS A FACT!!! Look it up that statistic.

              Gee.. what could possibly go wrong here folks.

              • Damm I hope my 46 bux is safe! 😮

                • We’ve ALWAYS had inflation. We’ve had recession since Bush’s 2nd term and going into the Obama era. I don’t see any improvement in the economy despite certain claims made by the Trump crowd. More people on the programs than ever, especially scum foreigners. More bums standing on street corners in my town with their cardboard signs wanting handouts. I’ll bet none of them could pass a background check or drug test. At least they don’t approach me begging like they used to.

                  • Remember Carter? Now that was inflation lol. When I worked in Vegas you couldn’t pull in for gas without a bum coming up to you. Fookers on every hwy, exit too. The best thing I found was when they start approaching you just say in a loud voice NO! That got rid of them fast lol. Or tell them you will give them 5 bux for each gold tooth!

                    • When I live in Tampa, I seen this Guy in a business suit standing on the median holding a sign that said. Business Executive will work for $75,000 a year. lol

                      And I’m thinking if this guy is so brilliant, is this the best he can do. Lots of slobs still out there way over paid.

                  • A Can of Bear Mace Spray works good for street beggars. You have no idea if they are begging or about to car jack you. Be prepared.

              • There’s only about 1.4 trillion in actual printed currency out there.
                Sure, we can pay off that 21 trillion in debt. No problem.

              • That’s because the only insure up to 100k…. not that i have that much anyway

              • They changed the laws recently. When a bank goes under it can change the depositors status to investor & then take the money & use it for whatever they want. (bonuses, etc.)

                • And NEVER EVER keep your savings or Job Income/ direct deposits in the same bank as your debts. Read the fine print on your checking account application you agreed to. They can wipe out your savings account to off set any debt you have in that bank any time they choose without your permission. Keep your income deposits and savings in one credit union, and your debt in an entirely another bank.

                  And it does not matter which bank or C/U you belong to, the IRS can seize your bank account assets anytime want as well.

        • “Schiff says it is definitely possible that all Americans will soon be poor, but not for the reasons that Donald Trump thinks, for looming reasons no one is looking at.”

          If he really had any insight, he would tell us what those “looming reasons” are; he didn’t. He doesn’t. 🙂

        • LOL!

        • JS, that’s a good one. If I did that to someone they’d want to bury me just because I’m white but when they use the n-word on each other, it’s a different story. Race-based double standard.

        • JS
          Thanks I needed a good laugh.

        • hee hee hee.

      2. Got precious?

        Hmmm…well, I gotta hunna dollah beel and a gold toof.

        Duh raff flip an sunk…

        • Now there’s an idea! Go out and mine some nagger teeth! 😀

          • Jus looks for the gold grill.. whens dey smiles.

      3. Inflation? Where has everybody been? Its been here for awhile already….

        • J in VA,
          No sh_it about inflation!
          Government Inflation numbers are junk!
          Most all their numbers are junk!
          My wife’s medical insurance is increased 300% in 8 years.
          Our fuel costs have increased 200% in 8 years.
          Food costs have increased about 200% in 10 years.
          My home value has increased 400% in 18 years(more TAXES).
          I have the ability to mitigate a lot of these costs,
          but a lot of Americans are “stuck” in a flat wage, high debt, they rent, and Walmart dependent environment and cannot adapt.
          Inflation is easy to fix, were it not for government interference prices would actually decrease.
          The whole problem is our Democrat/RINO run government, they are more dangerous to America than any foreign NUKE threat. We should kill the Deep state first, before wasting time on Korea.

          • So true. They don’t include food or fuel in the Consumer Price Index because these items are considered volatile in price. That’s where most of my money goes plus taxes. The last list of a “basket of goods” to determine inflation included very odd things or items rarely, if ever, purchased.

            How inflation is calculated has changed a great deal from the 80s and 90s when people were happy with raises based on those figures. Now it’s a big deal to get a 1 or 2 percent raise…if you get a raise at all. Companies are still doing cuts in wages.

            • Being a union worker I do better than most trying to keep up with inflation. Still it is eating away at me but I don’t waste my currency on stupid shit or living some life out of a magazine….

          • I’m with ya Rellik!

        • Jim, inflation has been around for my whole life and even before that. I’d also like to know where everyone’s been? On the moon?

          • I had a camp on the moon for a while when I was young… Then I woke up lol. Been downhill ever since.

      4. I remember when a million dollars was a YUGE sum of money…not too many years ago. Now we’re talking trillions and soon quadrillions. The amounts just go up and up.

        The US will continue to bail out the critical institutions with the Central Bank and will not collapse until the EROEI of energy becomes too low to support the economy.

        The world economy is not a monetary construct but an energy construct. Money is the proxy for energy, When energy becomes dear, more and more resource wars will be fought until the oil is no longer economically viable to produce. The rest will remain in the ground. Mad Max will then commence.

        • Until then it will be irritated Max?

      5. The economy is virtual. They meet, and they tell ‘big wheels’ what they will do. They are not gurus or careful gamblers. They know the terms of it.

      6. Wages haven’t kept pace with inflation. however folks & goverments still spend much more than they take in. They are able to keep buying on credit. how long before it collapses?

      7. Well, if it all collapses, the very last thing you are gonna worry about is your credit card bill. Soooo , stock up!

        • Hmmm maybe I should go out and get some credit cards and max them out on silver! Fook em’.

        • Hey Stuart, Ever hear of debtors prison? Get in line with the rest of the sheep slaves.

          • yes there are Debtors prisons. Fail to pay court ordered fines or child support and you are likely to get locked up.

      8. Any economic rocking of the economic boat of this order of magnitude involving the credibility, viability and therefore the sustainability of the US dollar will set off a series of events that will be the basis of a global war. Paying the bills would be of little concern.

      9. Inflation and recession simultaneously; no job, no money and prices rising. Generally interest rates are increased to slow up the velocity of money thus cooling off the economy thus taming inflation. Savers get a respite with the higher rates. Conversely interest rates are lowered during a recession to “stimulate” the economy by making borrowing less expensive. Both of these problems largely occur by meddling in the value (by quantity) of the money supply. Its like something out of an old Laurel & Hardy movie when they often said, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!

        • In the long run metals seem to keep pace though. From 20 bux an oz. to 1200 bux an oz. Saving in a bank is for morons….

        • K2,
          You really mix up Macro and Micro economics!
          I have a fix, but killing 60 million Democrats
          isn’t the answer, although I find that solution very
          Focus on the tangibles, the things you need to survive.
          That is what I do.

          • A big 10-4 copy on that big fella!

          • rellik

            They do raise rates to cool the economy and lower them to stimulate it so I don’t see where my analysis is wrong. That meddling requires ever increasing meddling for the same effect (chasing your tail) and we end up where we are now; a bad ECG just before cardiac arrest. Exporting thus eviscerating the indigenous wealth creation of manufacturing with “Free Trade” was at the center of the problem. Demands upon welfare increased significantly as the former productive became new recipients which was largely a symptom not a cause.

            • History of US tariffs

              h ttp://

      10. Tell me Schiff , is not related to the banker Schiff, that financed the Bolsheviks to rape and enslave half of Europe for 40 years.

      11. Nobody ever thinks this. In Venezuela imagine you have $200,000 mortgage, $50,000 auto loan, $65,000 credit card debt and a $85,000 personal loan. Today they can sell one item, say a whole live chicken, and pay it all off. There will be no debtors prison. The reason, once this happens and they change currency is so the banksters can start it all over again. Otherwise everyone will be debt free by selling one chicken, and own their home, car and learned their lesson. Of course they will create massive inflation, low wages for decades in the new currency so people have no choice but to rack up credit card debt and re mortgage their home just to get by. The new currency is the same slave all over again within 10 years. Key is to have food, garden, no debt, and stay that way. I welcome collapse. I will own half my city after shtf. They will inflate taxes so people like me will eventually lose the 50 story building I bought for 10 ounces of gold. But I got rent for ten years biotches…..didn’t work a menial hourly j.o.b..and stay skinny. Position yourselves to thrive durin*and after the collapse. When the democrats get all in power it’s truly over. Once They ban guns and within 4 years it’s over.

      12. Inflation And Recession At The Same Time’
        That is called Depression!!!!

      13. Inflation and recession at the same time?

        Sounds like the Weimar Republic: The time between ww1 and ww2 in Germany.

        Hitler, “that bad boy”, knew how to fix it. And he did. He gave the German people twelve years of prosperity; before TSHTF.


        • Clarification.

          The Weimar Republic was not the entire time between ww1 and ww2. The Weimar Republic ended in 1933, when Hitler was elected by ballot, Chancellor of Germany.


          • To be specific, the Weimar Republic ended when the Third Reich began.

            I’d dedicate this ‘hint’ to the “Powers That Be” PTB, but everything out there indicates their intentions are to UP Hitler several thousand times.

            God, I can’t wait until China and Russia beat the crap out of this sh*t hole government, the US Military Industrial Complex, and put a bullet in the heads of the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft (just for coming out with Windows 10), Twitter and all the rest of these Deep State goons.

      14. The international bankers (and blood-thirsty Neo-cons)will want a couple more big pay days. And banker-controlled/Netanyahu-controlled Trump could use a distraction from his problems. Look out Syria. Look out Iran. MAGA! Bombs away!

        Thus bringing to a close the destruction of middle class and plunder of America. It finally bleeds out….

      15. I guess if you keep predicting the end of the world long enough, it WILL happen. However, I have heard this “WOLF” cry so many times over the last 10 years, I just can’t believe any of the “pundits” really have much of a grasp on it.

      16. If you are older you can remember the stagflation of Ford and Carter, the interest rates were RUINOUS.

        It’s just about nigh impossible to deal with both. Can anyone remember the pathetic “WIN whip inflation now” buttons? Or Carter and his absurd fireside chats in a cartigan sweater?

        Luckily I had a great job while people were suffering.

        18% interest rates under Jimmy Carter. It was horrendous.

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