Peter Schiff Warns: “They’re Not Afraid Of Collapsing The Bubble On Trump’s Watch”

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    Investors like Peter Schiff have been predicting the collapse of the American economy for a long time, and for good reason. If an economy is built on a foundation of borrowed money, then that economy is living on borrowed time. However, despite how fundamentally unsustainable our financial system is, it has somehow defied all expectations. It has gone on far longer than any of us could have imagined.

    But that could easily change under Trump. Schiff explains in a recent interview with Alex Jones and Dr. Jerome Corsi, that President Trump is the perfect scapegoat for the coming economic collapse. The establishment loathes him, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that they’re trying to pop the financial bubble that they created, while he is still in office.

    “It’s interesting that during the entire term where Obama was president, the Fed really only raised rates once. I mean, they raised them a second time, but that’s after the election. Since trump was elected they’ve already had three rate hikes and they’re planning on doing more.

    But the low interest rates were part of the problem. The Fed needs to raise interest rates, but when they do that, the economy is going to collapse. The whole bubble, the recovery was phony, we don’t want to keep the phony recovery going. We want to let it implode so we can have a real recovery built on a solid foundation.”

    However, Trump’s decision to credit himself for the latest gains in the stock market, as well as a lower unemployment rates, is playing right into the hands of the establishment.

    “If Hillary had won, a lot of the optimism surrounding the prospect of lower taxes and deregulation would be there, and my guess is that the Fed that claims to be data dependent, would not have been raising interest rates in the face of this horrible data. So I do think that politics are playing a role here. The reason the fed is ignoring the weak data is that they’re not afraid of collapsing the bubble on Trump’s watch

    …Once we go back into recession and they can maybe blame it on Trump, especially since Trump has made the mistake of pinning his presidency on the stock market, or this economy; when the economy tanks and the stock market tanks, and now the fed can try to save it, say “look at what Trump did, he wrecked this great economy and now we have to come bail him out. We have to do more QE, we have to cut interest rates,” and that may lay a foundation for the Democrats to run against Trump on how he wrecked the economy in the midterm elections, and then again in the president in 2020.”

    When you realize how much debt and helicopter money is floating around our economy, it’s difficult to comprehend how it has stayed afloat for so long. The elites have truly pulled off a miracle by keeping our bubble economy inflated. Unfortunately, now that Trump is in office, they no longer need to keep this charade going. Now that they’re actively trying to crash the economy, there isn’t much time left to prepare.

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      1. Does it even matter?

        • Alrighty then Pete, thanks for the heads up.

          • Again.

          • Be it known, when the bankster elitists crash our economy, we are coming at you, loaded for bear. There will not be an empty tree left, but bankers hanging from all of them. Bring it, I can’t wait.

            • Rothschild got rich crashing the market, he didn’t hang. Let’s face it: we have the IQ of a turnip compared to all the greatest minds working for the rich. On their payroll. While they recruit genious we watch the Gong Show with a picture of the queen ? displayed for all to revere.

              • Not to worry. I am on your side. 🙂

                BTW, Brandon has been claiming that TRUMP is being set up to be the scapegoat for quite some time. Schiff must be reading Alt Market. Schiff IS the banking elite, like his father before him. He just concentrates on Bullion Banking.

                The longer the economy is kicked down the road, the easier it will be for TRUMP to be blamed by the Left; however the PTB Bankers will look at a crash as an opportunity to eliminate NPLS and pick up assets for pennies on the dollar before implementing TRUMP’S Economic Plan, and he will then get credit for the next expansion.

                The more things change the more they remain the same. 🙁

                • Yes, when big corporations got away with not needing to pay vendors for 6 months, the only way a vendor can survive making payroll is with bank debt. Now they control our corporations and the small vendors. Genious, well keep watching the Gong show.

                • Sorry, going to have to disagree with you. Irwin Schiff was not part of the banking elite. I read and studied just about
                  every book he wrote, which began back in the mid ’70’s. If I remember correctly, he was an accountant and he figured the “system” out and revealed it to us.

                • I don’t see you sitting in prison for defying the government-banking cartel’s illegal tax. When you can show how you do more than Irwin Schiff did to try and bring down the illegal/fraudulent U.S. money system, maybe then you’ll have enough street cred to be believable.

              • I would not call them smart at all. More like greedy sociopaths and psychopaths involved in their self created cabal to control people. Smart or real intelligence is something very different than simply being devious and corrupted.

            • I prefer heads on pikes to atone for what they have done. We must do it now and catch them in the act. Waiting for retribution afterwards you will be cracking skulls alright. Running on foot to catch a private jet. It is all unconstitutional, that is all we need to move proactively against them now. Consider it life support for the restoration of Constitutional principles. We have wandered from the path and fallen not because of evil men because they will always be there but because we do not arise and collectively stand opposed to unconstitutional actions. The Pentagon cannot account for 9 trillion dollars almost one half of our debt. We can start there.

              • Let’s start listing where that dissapeared money is:
                *chemtrail spraying non-stop in some part of the world
                *underground cities for elite/rich/illuminist to escape
                *rebuilding cities our military-industrial complex destroyed
                *exploration of Mars for elite/rich/illuminist to escape

                (add any thoughts)

                • disappeared

                • Paying EVERYTHING for Illegals

        • “They” weren’t afraid of creating the bubble so why should they be concerned with collapsing the bubble?

        • This was the plan all along. Create a massive bubble then pop it under Trump’s watch and blame him.

          What they are not expecting is that Trump will continue the money printing policy of the Democrats and be able to keep the fake economy afloat until his presidency is over.

          • This bubble has been in a creation long before Trump was any issue ? And I imagine it will be used as a weapon going forward. But they still have to do it selectively and they will try at least.

            “If an economy is built on a foundation of borrowed money, then that economy is living on borrowed time.” This comment is spot on and one of the only reasons I even come to this site at all. Somebody actually understands the game unlike many of the comments here.

        • There are two ways the rich get more power:
          1. Embezzling more money from other rich men.
          2. Reducing the wealth of workers by stealing from them.

          • You forgot the most important one. Control of your tax dollars to be used against you in a myriad of ways 24/7/365 to cheat everyone in thousands of schemes, called laws.

          • Ghandi,
            Have to disagree with you Gandhi . . . the majority of rich people got that way by working their asses off. It’s the 1/100th of 1% that got their wealth thru corruption/central banking/war.

        • Wow! If Peter is right do you know what that means! It means old Peter was right for the first time in 20 years. Good luck Peter.

      2. Peter Schiff has been predicting doom and gloom for decades. He totally missed all of the great bull markets. If you listened to Schiff you’d make nothing investing.

        Ignoring Schiff, I still think soon we will get our crash. It will likely be triggered by failures elsewhere like China, along with gridlock and a failure of Congress to act on critical problems. The bankruptcy of Illinois is the model, and the first crack in the damn. Expect more states to follow. As Illinois defaults on bonds, expect rating agencies to downgrade other states, driving up their cost to borrow.

        The problems of Puerto Rico and Illinois will spread. This crash will be a doozy. Already commercial real estate is poised to fail big time with recent shifts in consumer buying away from brick and mortar stores. Add to that bankrupt states and this will be unlike anything seen since the Great Depression.

        I expect the government to keep printing money, but that eventually fails too, and with it the nations currency collapses. The stock market is poised to fail, but the US government has been manipulating it to keep the market up. It seems the stock market is too big to fail! As the crash forms expect the smart money to play the government. As the government throws money at the markets in an attempt to prop them up, guys like Soros will be ready to take all that cash, and then short the markets on their way down.

        • you sound JUST LIKE schiff…..but you are just a bit LATE. schiff has always BEEN right. the economy HAS to collapse, but your(and MY) timing is off. when one looks at the debt that the country, the states, the cities, the people have, it is dead obvious a crash HAS to happen….or, i guess i should have said IS collapsing me, and a LOT of people i KNOW, are right in the middle of this collapse, right here, right now. i shook pete’s hand 6 or 8 years ago, because he was one of the few shouting from the rooftops that bad things were about to happen. thank you, peter, for waking up a small segment of the population to what debt WILL DO to a(our) country. it’s all over but the cry’in…..the only question is whether we are in the seventh inning, or are we in the first inning of this bitch…..ME? i think we are still filing into the stadium……and it’s a DOUBLE-HEADER.

          • The wife and I were running some errands today and commenting on all the vacancies in the strip malls. The local big mall is just a hangout for people that want to walk where there’s AC and no rain. That big mall has a lot of vacancies as well. The local Wally World is just crazy. The EBT card clientele are getting weird and aggressive. It’s not safe in my opinion anymore.

            We also went out to breakfast, a nice treat occasionally and not as pricey as dinner out. Our breakfast spot is usually very busy, it was dead.

            Yes the signs are all over. Above I was talking about the big oh shit moment. Where trillions will vanish in just days. I don’t mean to marginalized the millions of Americans already hurting.

            • The retail industry is changed/vanished as Amazon has run just about every mom and pop out of business. Hate to say it but I can buy dog food cheaper on line DELIVERED then from my local pet shop…so I do.

              Our economy has failed to keep up with the growth of technology and trends and as a result we will have more and more unemployed people living off the Govt. Small biz can’t afford to re-invest because of higher taxes, raw materials, medical expense (even if hey aren’t providing group ins they still have to get their own using AFTER tax dollars).

              Service industry is gone. Kids don’t want to learn a trade (read work).

              The flush has happened and we are swirling around the toilet bowl…next stop down the drain.

        • Exactly, plan for collapse, but be ready to jump in when the markets hit the bottom.

        • PTPO – I agree the states and local pension’s are going to cripple some areas economically which will have trickle down effects on the local/state economies. It will be interesting if DJT will participate in a bailout or if he will come out against it. We could end up with micro-pockets of crime, drugs, etc like Dayton, OH and Detroit. Chicago being not far behind, Sacramento.

      3. This doom and gloom was getting to me so I started watching videos of celebrities who are trannies. The men are women and the women are men. Even politicians wives like Jackie and Mrs. Bush (Sr.). Whole families like the Kardashians, Lucile BALL, Hillary Swank (Boys Don’t Cry) and the list is incredibly long. They claim Justin Bieber and even DiCaprio is female to male. At first I thought it was grossly exaggerated but then they showed how these men adopt little boy babies and raise them as girls. So, it has been going on for generations. Actually, my father told me there were people like that. He said it is child abuse. I can’t argue with that.

        Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bollock, Jane Mansfield, Lauren Bacall, Pink, Courtney Cox, and many more.

        I have been saying for a long time that TV, Movies, and Music is really intended to destroy America and Americans. Even if some of this list is wrong, Holywood is psychologically dangerous to your mental health.


        • celebrities who are trannies

          That would be doom and gloom. Everything would be going great, lusty babe getting you worked up, then BANG…. a big dick in your face.

          That is exactly what the economy is about to do…. be a big dick in your face.

          • What’s wrong with dick and dong?

        • “This doom and gloom was getting to me so I started watching videos of celebrities who are trannies.”

          Feel better?

          Stop pushing their narrative. Next time shut off the PC/TV/Radio and take a walk. Visit a friend or do something constructive.

      4. Schiff is a charlatan, nothing he says makes sense. He is a financial predator, hoping his fear mongering will get you to buy his books. The other guy in the pic is Alex Jones, a lying psychopath who also relies on lies and propaganda to bilk foolish viewers. These guys, like Michael Snyder, are crooks, get your survival info elsewhere.

      5. As if they have any control when or how it happens anymore
        How arrogant and short sighted

        • Everything about all current markets is controlled. There are no real free markets, just government entities we call markets. On that Schiff has been quite correct. Most here have zero idea what they are talking about in economics or finance. Not even a clue it is all cyber entries and not even close to real, just cyber digits. That is Schiffs point. All he is saying is that markets have been falsely ramped by government entities, simple as that. And historically when markets are ramped for any reason, especially like these since 2009, they always correct harshly ! I imagine that all still remains quite accurate. anybody here know what the PPT is and the bot trades ? That should be a big clue ? As well all the trillions of dollars unaccounted for by government entities. I see no reason for anybody to trust any of it ?

      6. snap chat now shares your location with so called friends. So anyone that might want to rob your place will know your 20 mins away eating dinner and they got time to do the job. Still like your smart phones they are being used as a tracking tool for anyone who wants to predict your patterns where you go when you go what your internet searches are. Still think your free. Your losing privacy and can’t do anything about it. Let’s focus on economic collapse though because your $ is more important than your personal privacy. Opsec just got much to maintain. The world can resist knowing your personal business. Now they can know when you took your last shit. Soon they will know what you had for breakfast by looking at your shit before you flush. Fucking creepy shit.

      7. Ok, Trump is the man for a time like this.

        Yes. Trump is a business man with years of experience in the management of corporations.

        Has declared bankruptcy, what 4 times to rescue his business?

        If this is to occur, then trump has the experience to bring it back, to nurse it back.

        But not without some pain.

        Some of you may see this differently.

      8. How about some original thought. Brandon Smith warned this exact scenerio 6 or more mths ago.

      9. I don’t really understand how people can think there is some grand plan to collapse the economy.

        The bosses live off the skim of a functioning system, so they are going to keep propping it up as long as they can. They’re not gonna collapse it just because Trump is president. They would deal with him in other ways if they want rid of him.

        They will squeeze you until you are living under a bridge in a cardboard box before they give up their gravy train.

        All these bankers, financial experts and .gov clowns are parasites and as such they will suck off the rest and pass “laws” to make sure they get their cut. Corruption and graft is the business plan.

        Don’t like it? Don’t agree with them? They will send out the costumed goons to take your shit, and kill you if you resist. Just because they can…and “law”.

        • “I don’t really understand how people can think there is some grand plan to collapse the economy.”

          Actually, it doesn’t matter what people think. The Bankers make LOTS of money during a boom and when returns become marginal, they crash the markets and make even more money on the downside.

          Jefferson had it all figured out 200 years ago. 🙂

          • Exactly. They manipulate it up and make money, and then when they’re ready they pull the rug out, manipulate it down, and make money again. That’s why the top 1/10th of 1% own 40% of the world.

        • Do you know how to make money shorting ? I didn’t think so, Most do not have a clue how any of it actually works or why.

        • I doubt of 10% here understand what FR banking is or how it came about and why ?

      10. Buy our DVD: “The love of Money is the root of all evil.” By Irony Productions.

        Schiff sells books, just like many other “dealers” whom sell “truths” for the many “addicts” whom desperately want to believe.

        It doesn’t end there: Religion, entertainment, and even careers, you name it, there’s something for everyone.

        It’s not a big deal, really. We all have our interests and hobbies. So long as your entertained and it doesn’t consume or control you.

        Do understand that these false profits are there to make a true profit, (see what I did there?). It’s how our present society works. The real issue is within our own thinking and actions thereafter.

        Honestly, what good is having the option to exercise “free will” if you limit your thinking and experiences?

        To some, we live in paradise. For others? It’s throwing a pair of dice.

        A mouse never questions the maze if he likes cheese. What mazes are you in and is the cheese worth it?

        One man lives in a ghetto and hates his life and feels trapped, while another rents a U-haul and moves out.

        The problem is when we have more people whom feel trapped, than those whom learn to be free.


        “You can choose a ready guide
        In some celestial voice
        If you choose not to decide
        You still have made a choice

        You can choose from phantom fears
        And kindness that can kill
        I will choose a path that’s clear
        I will choose free will”


      11. Heads up. All of the usual spokesmen for the Pentagon were on TV this AM claiming that Assad was preparing to use chemical weapons. The Pentagon says they are going to attack all of Assad’s air fields. I think the Russians are going to defend the air fields or surrender lots of Syria to the Globalists. This has the potential to be real bad, real quick.

        • Not good.
          I dont think the Russians will abandon Assad at this point. Too much at stake.

          • Agree. It’s called ROI…Return on Investment. Putin has too much foreskin in the game to pull out. Oh and cut off his cheap oil supply. He’s in Assad’s booty balls deep.

      12. The economy will collapse when the Russia narrative collapses. Until then the Democrats still believe they can get rid of Trump with the Russia story.

        • The Russia fake narrative is already dead so of course they will be creating a new one

      13. Holding interest rates down for as long as we have creates the belief that low rates are “normal”. There are consequences that can be avoided for only so long. You don’t need a conspiracy theory.

        • agree 100%. Many have let the false narratives and paradigms become their new reality in economics as well as every other matter. That is why they are called sheep and followers.

      14. Another fake Syrian chemical attack in the offing? These warmongers won’t give up! The people’s voices in opposition are less than a mouses squeak.

      15. Ok wait.

        This whole “so we can rebuild on solid foundations” thing.



        We can’t do gold standard that’s plain. We have no manufacturing. What we have is a military and that’s it. We export protection to oil producing countries in exchange for Petrodollar status.

        I mean look as an example:

        Some idiot goes int massive credit card debt buying jet skis and water beds and Xboxes and useless shit. He’s going to be forced into bankruptcy, and he has a dogshit paying job.

        Does he:

        1. Go into poverty and if he ever loses his job, wind up homeless


        2. Max out what’s left of his soon to be destroyed credit on food, housing, job re-training (as long as all of these things are minimalist and highly probable to succeed)…

        If he doesn’t do it NOW he’ll never be able to…

        So smart move is 2…

        So like…


        We have no manufacturing / infrastructure / nothing to trade / on and on… you want it to poop out NOW? Or after we go into massive debt for the above?

        I mean I get it, at last we shall reveal ourselves to the Free Shit Army. At last we shall have revenge. Right. Got it. Point is you’re rushing into this with no lightsaber, Darth Maul…

      16. You all need to start drinking more BEER! We are just pawns in the game of life. Listen to our government when they speak, maybe Gowdy, but the rest are C- players. They cant solve problems, most are terrible at getting their points across, and pretty much a bunch of DUMB ASSES! Sad! This is the best we can do.

      17. I always knew there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. Protest like voting are a futile waste of time money & effort. My advice concentrate on learning to be self reliant. Learn know how to do everything necessary to feed ,shelter and keep you and yours healthy. Strive to live beyond the 90% die off. That’s my goal to make certain my grandchildrens genes and bloodline continue.

        • Of course there is no ballot box solution, that is why the NRA made everyone turn in their heavy weapons. After all their propaganda clearly states, “no one needs a gun like that!”

      18. not working

      19. Been thinking the exact same thing. I would not put it past the entrenched, dark state government to use Trump as the fall guy of the inevitable economic collapse that Obama put in motion after the last crisis. Then the one-world government crowd could step in and blame the collapse on Capitalism and Trump, and since Trump is a Fascist (in their eyes), use that to push us toward the real problem, global Socialism. But Trump has proven himself resilient, so let’s hope otherwise.

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