Peter Schiff Warns: “The Whole Economy Has Imploded… Collapse Is Coming”

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    Back before 2008 Peter Schiff was harshly criticized and laughed at for his predictions about a coming economic collapse. Among other things Schiff warned that consumer spending had hit a wall, stocks were overpriced and lax credit lending practices would lead to a detonation of the banking system. Rather than heed the warnings, the biggest names in mainstream media tried to discredit him for not toeing the official narrative. Shortly thereafter, of course, Schiff was vindicated and much of the doom he had forecast came to pass.

    Today, Schiff continues to argue that the economy is on a downhill trajectory and this time there’ll be no stopping it. All of the emergency measures implemented by the government following the Crash of 2008 were merely temporary stop-gaps. The light at the end of the tunnel being touted by officials as recovery, Schiff has famously said, is actually an oncoming train. And if the forecast he laid out in his latest interview is as accurate as those he shared in 2007, then the the train is about to derail.

    We’re broke. We’re basically living off of debt. We’ve had a huge transformation of the American economy. Look at all the Americans now on food stamps, on disability, on unemployment.

    The whole economy has imploded… the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet because we’re able to go deeper into debt. But the collapse is coming.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Fundamentally, America is worse off now than it was pre-crash. With the national debt rising unabated and money being printed out of thin air without reprieve, it is only a matter of time.

    Schiff notes that while government statistics claim Americans are saving again and consumers seem to be spending, the average Joe Sixpack actually has a negative net worth. But most people don’t even realize what’s happening:

    I read a statistic… The average American has less than a $5000 net worth… it’s pathetic… we’re basically broke… but in fact it’s much less… If you actually took the national debt and broke it down per capita, the average American has a negative net worth because the government has borrowed in his name more than the average American is able to save.

    What’s happening is pretty much what we would anticipate. I don’t see from the data any real economic recovery, certainly not in the United States.

    We’re spending more money, but it’s not because we’re generating more wealth. We’re generating more debt. We’re using that borrowed money to consume and so temporarily it feels that we’re wealthier because we get to spend all that money… but we have to come to terms with paying the bill.

    The bills are going to come due. Right now interest rates are being kept at zero which makes it possible to service the debt even though it’s impossible to repay it… at least we can service it. But once interest rates go up then we can’t even service it let alone repay it. 

    And then the party is going to come to an end.

    The problem, of course, is that no one with any real influence over public perception, like our elected officials or the media, will do anything about it. They’ll continue the party until it comes to an abrupt and irreversible end, and anyone who goes against the official narrative will be branded a lunatic gloom and doomer or extremist.

    But vilifying those who are blaring the warning sirens will do nothing to change the end result:

    We’re going to have a crisis… There are always going to be people who say ‘well, you’re a stopped clocked… you keep predicting doom and eventually it happens’… but you have to back and listen to why… Why are they saying it?

    If you look back at things that I’ve said and the things that Ron Paul has said… This is why it’s happening… it’s not like we’re just saying negative things to be negative and then when something negative happens we can claim credit for it happening.

    If you look back at the events it bears out that we’re right… unfortunately our opinions are in the minority… and you have governments that have a vested interest in ignoring these opinions because they don’t want to change because they’re at the root cause of the problem. But they don’t want to acknowledge their role in creating the problem. They don’t want to acknowledge that the problem is more government and that we need less government because that’s not how they stay in power. They promise something for nothing… they promise that government is the solution for your problems, not the cause of your problems. 

    They’re never going to acknowledge people like Ron Paul for what they’re saying… but they’ll try to discredit you by saying ‘well, you’ve been saying this for years and nothing bad has happened.’

    But look around. A lot of bad stuff has happened. We just haven’t had the final and complete collapse. But what good is it when that happens? Now it’s too late to do anything about it.

    The reality is that the American economy is on its last leg. Black Friday sales were pitiful, some of the world’s leading companies are warning of recession, and U.S. national debt will soon surpass $20 Trillion.

    Just as was the case before the Crash of 2008, all of the signs are there. And just like before, the stock market continues to hover near all-time highs.

    If you’ve been paying attention you know what happens next.

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      1. Peter Schiff was right before.

        And unfortunately for us, he’s right again.

        Those who ask “when will it happen?” should look around – It’s NOW.

        • I also am a Snell.

          • Why is it that all these economic articles begin with “correctly predicted the 2008 crash”

            Every single article always begins with that. I call bullshit on these past predictions.

            • Dick!

              • OT:

                I was listening to my police scanner in the background this weekend. There was the usual mexican drug chases and traffic stops, but there were also a couple that made me stop and listen.

                There was one call where one “grandfather” was throwing rocks at another “grandfather. They turned out to have ME names, and were fighting over a grand daughter for some unspecified reason. The cops showed up just in time to confiscate what they said was a machete.

                There was also a stash of unspecified weapons, “explosive devices” and canned goods found by a hiker in Mt. Hood Nat’l forest (which I live right next to). Looks like some prepper lost their emergency cache.

                We’ve got bad weather here right now, so the scanner is pretty busy.

                • I challenge anyone to listen to the Detroit police dispatch. Then you will see that prepping is a must. Once those people are turned loose, due to police walk offs, no food or heat , you will need to be prepared to fight for your lives.

                  • I live outside Detriot, I feel ya

            • How could anyone predict the crash time ? They said they would never monitise the debt. ( print money) . Then they did . They got gadaffis Libyan gold , saddams Iraqi oil, and gold., now if they get assads Syrian gold they can kick the can down the road even farther. No one can predict who’s gold or oil they will steal next to keep the can rolling.

            • The videos are out there

            • Do a little digging on youtube for Schiff. People literally were laughing in his face. His predictions are right there for all to see just before the last crash. The “when” is always tough, but he got it last time. This time he has predicted they will raise rates and then shortly thereafter drop them again AND add in some new form of QE because there really is no proof in this pudding we call the American economy.

            • bro, there is tons of video from the period before 2008 where he was talking specifically about the housing bubble

              2005-2007 = CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ETC.

              its called google bruh

              • Good post. I listen to Schiff very carefully – don’t get me wrong. And I think his high level analysis is correct. The only thing is that – just to balance things out, not to diss him at all – even a broken clock is right twice a day, and if you are a perma-bear, you eventually will be proven prescient.

                Please note, I am not dissing Schiff. I think he has it ultimately right; I also think, as 1929 proved, it is better to be a year too early than a day too late. My only point is that there IS also risk sitting in a bomb shelter financially forever. So, IMHO, listen to Schiff. But also listen to John Mauldin, Mish Shedlock, Michael Snyder, etc. And don’t forget the Austrian economists. Go back and read von Hayek, von Mises, etc. IMHO they are the best model But the truth, as the old joke goes, if you lined up all the economists in the world end to end, they STILL wouldn’t reach a conclusion.

                My take is that one needs to diversify. I *do* have some presence in the stock market, gold/silver and particularly platinum is a good deal (Sprott has a good physical fund which isn’t paper, as does the Central Canada Fund; also has PMs that are segregated in your name. I also have cash, land, rental property, annuities, and my wife a tiny pension. We live in unprecedented time (Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served under Reagan, says we now have $222 freaking TRILLION in total unfunded liabilities, while the famed book by Rienhart and Rogoff (sp?) note that historically, once debt to GDP exceeds 100%, there has NEVER in history been a good outcome from that. (and one of them, I forget which, is now advocating to get rid of cash. Can you say “Mark of the Beast” anyone??? Can you say “Soviet central planning? Have these nuts EVER read von Mises or von Hayek?

                Anyone, keep an eye on Schiff. But just remember he doesn’t have a crystal ball. Neither do people like Celente, whom I also watch a lot and respect (yet, he HAS been wrong on more than one occasion) And keep in mind the story of Mel Tappan. A banker who was convinced of a major crash, and got into survivalism in a big way. Well… in 1980 he died of a heart attack – in part because he was too remote to get help in time, and right after that the Reagan boom took off. Yet, all things considered his analysis at the time was pretty strong. Hey, maybe this country will come to its senses and elect Ted Cruz; we could see some improvement. Maybe they will kick the can down the road another decade; I doubt it, but I just don’t know. But because I don’t know, I try to keep a few of my toes carefully in the water.

                Just my thoughts. I’m happy to hear people critique this, as many of you you here are pretty darn smart, and – as the Bible says – iron sharpens iron

                • HAHA , I had forgotten , Mel Tappan , Think about this…he died from a cut he got in his swimming pool that developed into leg failure from obesity that led to heart failure. Nothing in his life supported what he professed.

                  Just something i read .

                • I noticed something similar recently. It seems like every time I turn around, another survivalist or prepping store owner has a dread disease or something. It’s a sobering reminder to not put our trust in our preps but in the only One you can trust.

            • Well I was way in debt in 2006 and saw things change in my business to the worst, I predicted a crash with hard economic results based on markets and consumer spending. No date but I knew it was soon. So instead of just saying it, I acted on it to prepare myself so I wouldn’t be affected. I faired well because I prepared for it.

              I sure am not Peter Schiff, but I do pay attention to the economy, and now prepared for the next hat to drop.

            • well, when you say “tomorrow there will be a crash” EVERY DAY…. one day you’re bound to be correct.
              While I do think we are in bad straights and there is another serious problem on the horizon, the fact is these guys will predict it through simple repetition, not actual foresight or knowledge.

          • You Snells! You’re everywhere…

            • The town next to mine is Snellville…

              • Snell fishing hooks?

              • Recent elections in Argentina and Brazil show that the FED is crushing the BRIC’S. That and the hemorrhaging of China’s FX reserves which still continue unabated in their desperate attempt to support the Yuan.

                A December rate hike will add insult to injury, sucking up hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity from Emerging Markets.

                Never under estimate the FED. It will cost you a fortune and your political power if you have any. Only the American People can kill the FED. 🙂

            • missed the train to Snellville.

          • What is a snell?

            • Come on CUZ, you know how your always feeding somebody brass and lead nutrients. Well just add a little powder and you have a Snell! You must have been out of snells when you had that home invasion. Bet they never read any of your comments.

            • BRAVE – Did you used to post under the name “superduperman 1776” ?
              And type in all caps ?
              Just asking .
              Not at all important .

        • They will steal your retirement funds and take you to war. They will ration fuel and food and institute the draft. They will take control of everything from farming to transportation. They will go after the dissenters. They have it all legalized and ready to impliment. This is my prediction for the next 3 years.

          • Genius

            If your 25% correct we’re in deep trouble.

            Its my gut feeling that all of this, domestic economy, global economy and global affairs is not operating in a vacuum. When it comes apart its all going to unravel badly and relatively rapidly. The world is being held together with duct tape and bullshit.

            • More bullshit than duct tape, I’m afraid.

              • SPEAKING OF BULLSHIT: Obama just said in his address the same shit as that other politician “no fly list=no gunzz” watch for an executive order soon. More false flags to come me bets!

                • No fly list = no guns = no appeals process.

                  There is no way to appeal being on he no fly list. No right to a hearing. No due process.

                  Welcome to America, now bend over.

                  • But.. but.. were the land of the free and home of the brave! The constitution won’t allow it! (sarc)

                  • No fly list = no guns = no appeals process = more invalid unconstitutional laws

                    • who can afford to fly? besides, when i drive I can carry!

                • I wonder if everyone with a ccw will be on a no fly list?

                  • In their dreams… If it ever gets to that we will already be in civil war.

                    ” the beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it wont be needed until they try to take it away” – Thomas Jefferson

              • All the hard data points to an economic collapse. The level of unemployment is probably higher than during the great depression but much of it is hidden as people live on benefits.

                • If there is no big event that happens before next October 1st, when the Yuan becomes a fully legal international accepted trading note; the rush to buy Yuan currency while it is undervalued will be the big catalyst that implodes the system.

                  It has been stated by economist, that on that day, a trillion dollars will evaporate from the US markets.
                  This would definitely cause a crash, and possibly result in the collapse of the dollar.

                  Thirty days later, we wake up to martial law, and no elections.
                  That picture is a real possibility if the entitlements stop hitting the credit column at the banks on Nov 1, 2016. Mass hysteria and blood in the streets will ensue.

                  There is a plan in the works for just that scenario. It may or may not happen before a year from now, but it is a part of their plan for America. Bring it down, and rule it with an iron fist.

                  • @cradle,

                    The timing is certainly right for your prediction. Right before an election, current president rides off into the sunset with a big F.U. to the people. Leaves the country in an unrecoverable mess. Sounds familiar to the 2008 election when Bush left us in hell. Obama of course has made it 20 times worse.

                    The whole key to me is the percentage the Yuan will represent in the default basket of currencies that comprise the Special Drawing Right.

                    At 10 percent, I think things keep gong as they are. Borrow, borrow, borrow. No earnings, just welfare.

                    At 20 percent Boom. the 4 currencies (dollar, pound, yen, euro) all take a significant measurable hit.

                    Of course it all depends if the XI (Xi Jinping) family gets accepted into the NWO and starts to live the ways of the TPTB. Then the whole thing goes for good.

                    • John Maulin JUST wrote about the SDR/renminbi issue. Check it out – its free.

            • And while there’s plenty of BS to go around,the duct tape is wearing thin

          • Genius; They will control water,factory production and there will be an attempt at gun confiscation.

            • Yep Jim, They have written declarations to take over EVERYTHING! They will trade food and meds for guns I think. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean your a prepper and a lot of people WILL do the trade then have the rug pulled out from under them and perish in the camps (sound familiar?) .

              • Sounds like a good plan?

          • Sounds like it will be WWII all over again.

          • Genius, let them bring it on. If they’re declaring war against us, then what do they expect? I know I’m not playing pattycake with the f#$%ers.

            • Fuck yeah!!!!

      2. For those who do not know it’s coming, the time is way to late to do anything about prepare for the event. o off topic:

        Mountain Man Omelet Dutch Oven Recipe
        1 lb. country sausage
        1 lb. bacon
        1 large diced yellow onion
        3 cloves minced garlic
        1 chopped green bell pepper
        1 chopped red bell pepper
        2 cups chopped mushrooms
        18 eggs
        3/4 cup milk
        3 cups grated Cheddar cheese
        picante sauce
        salt and pepper
        Heat a 12inch Dutch Oven over coals until bottom is very hot.
        Fry sausage until brown, then remove.
        Cut bacon into 1 inch slices. Fry in D.O. until brown.
        Remove excess grease from D.O.
        Add sausage, onion, garlic, bell pepper, and mushrooms. Sauté until vegetables are tender.
        Mix eggs and milk. Pour eggs into D.O.
        Cover and bake at about 325 degrees, using 8 briquettes under and 15 on top for 20 minutes, or until eggs are firm.
        Spread cheese over eggs. Cover and let stand until cheese is melted.

        • You have a cardiologist to go along with that meal? That being said it looks like its great; hence cardiologist. My cardio diet is, put it in your mouth, if its favorable spit it our because its not good for you.

          • regular eggs are supposed to be good for you now. Used to be that you only wanted to eat the egg white, but turns out the powers that be were wrong about that.

            • john stiner

              Hope they’re wrong on that bacon, sausage and cheese too.

              • you’re not supposed to eat the entire thing…
                Food is fine, the portions and frequency matter.

          • Just switch the whole eggs for egg whites and you’re all set.

            • Egg yolks have most of the nutrients. Cholesterol is
              necessary for proper brain function.

          • The basic rule of a healthy diet: Never eat anything that tastes good.

          • Kev…….with respect, that can’t be true.
            Do you think cavemen went around eating what tasted nice or what tasted like shit?
            Have a good long think about it mate!

        • holy crap, 18 eggs! You feeding a military squad? 🙂

          • Use 18 duck eggs and you’d have a shock and awe cholesterol bomb.

        • Infedel,agree you getting in the game late mentally and prep wise but never too late till it all falls down.You can feed a family of 4 on 300 for a year if you have a source of water and can keep safe from others,can build a decent BFR for 600/can start collecting water,many things you can do and for anyone new here am willing to pass along info. as are many others,as a poster likes to say ad naseum,”The smalls add up”,you can prep from ground zero and till it hits can add a bit daily,you can do this newcomers,folks will give you info/sources of info.,GET ON IT!

          • That was a very good and encouraging post Warchild. Since early summer, I have put up freeze dried food, pantry items, ammo, PMs and water resources enough for months. Never too late to get something started.

            • We are so spoiled. In the old days salt and fat were a luxury only the richest people could afford .

              • Ya Lone, now all we have to do is harvest a land whale from a rascal scooter at the store lol.

      3. Does that come with your very own defib? I know that’ll bust your heart string.

        • Damn no kidding lol.

      4. Do you think we have six months left? More or less? Your opinions – please

        • 6 months till? I think the really bad shit will start in around a year or so then off a cliff from there. From now till then a steady escalation of crap. In 3 years or so full swing shitstorm.

        • JF, been hearing this for at least ten years and doing the prepping thing but it does seem to have accelerated somewhat. Just do the best that you can is all as far as getting prepared.

          • thank you

          • PO’P

            My wife keeps telling me, nothing is going to happen as long as I keep preparing.

            • sling.
              Even when it does you’ll be OK.

              Some people are blessed and I know that you’re one of ’em.

              You just are.

            • I got shit for buying a generator a month or so before Y2K..well as you know Y2K didnt really materialize into the hell they predicted on to why I mentioned buying a generator before Y2K
              Well Ive used that generator probably an average of at least 2 times per year since buying it , and one time when the North East Went black I had power, and when we had a horrible ice storm that knocked out everyone around me for days, people left thier homes because the cold , I still had power
              and that time the transformer that feeds power to a few square miles out here in the sticks , I again had power

              so how dumb was buying that generator back in 1999?

              • You weren’t dumb at all. In fact, without remediation, I have senior friends who saw Novell servers fail big time. Our spy satellites went out. Teachers didn’t get paid in Toronto. Trains stopped in places like Mali and Norway. No, the embedded chips didn’t go out, but a LOT of other thing did. Without the billion in remediation, it would have been very bad. I did preps for Y2K, and have ZERO regrets about it. It’s nothing more than insurance. Does anyone say “Darn, I didn’t get in an accident and total my car or have my house burn down this year – I wish I hadn’t bought insurance?”

                One day there will be something big. Maybe next month, maybe 50 years from now. But consonant with the history of what made the West great , I will be an adult, and engaged in SELF RELIANCE, not like the whining, entitled leftists.

              • EOTS, you did exactly right buying it.

              • I wish I had an experience like yours. I could shove it up my relatives asses and laugh at them freezing.

            • I gotta admit that women have that intuition thing going on.

        • look at history.

          the 1929 crash happened but the depression did not get into full swing until 1932.

          • But the regular people lost their savings overnight due to the run on the banks. My grandparents had their money at home.

          • It’s also kind of a game of probabilities. Not everybody will go into crisis at the same time. Lots of people have had terrible times the last couple of years, but I’ve had probably the best time of my life, financially/economically speaking.

            It’s not that if there’s a 50% crash in living standards then your personal living standards will drop 50%. It’s more like if there is a crash like that, then you have a 50% chance of your personal situation going to hell…but that doesn’t mean it WILL.

            That is the phenomenon at work when you hear rich people in New York or LA scoffing at the idea that we’re in the middle of a recession/depression. Their stuff is fine and all their friends’ stuff is fine, so there can’t possibly be a broader problem. Also there’s normalcy bias and other factors.

        • JACK FROST,
          i think the current people in charge will keep things together and continue their lies until the election. if they lose the election then all heck will be unleashed and the truth will finally be revealed but the media will say it is because of the new administrations fault. the sad thing is that the sheeple who have followed these liars will completely believe what is being fed to them

        • If we last long enough to get bozo out of the wh and TRUMP voted in as PRESIDENT, we will have a chance.
          If, for whatever reasons (real or not real) martial law is declared, we can kiss our arses goodbye.
          GAME OVER.
          END OF STORY.

      5. But it sure sounds good!

      6. I find “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” compelling. Money is not in that pyramid. Gold and silver is not in that pyramid. The government cannot possibly pay its debts. My contracts are with private people that can and will honor their obligations. If they fail, then I will have to forgive them and press on.
        Beating a dead horse is a waste of energy.

        • Money is just a vehicle to the main goal. OWNING AND CONTROLLING EVERYTHING! Absolute power is the goal of the freaks behind the curtain. You WILL pay the debt with your land and resources and enslavement. Pretty pathetic that we trade real stuff for pieces of paper.

          • I WILL NOT pay with any of me possessions excepting me life.Millions of others agree,thus,comes to it won’t be much left to collect.A few survivors will await at the bolt holes years down the road,after the minions pop out their heads their masters will also,then,a payback.This is assuming the puppet masters do not get killed by their own guard!

            • We can hope Dammit.

              • 4GWF
                Top down works for me

                • “4GWF” what does that mean? I don’t text or Tweet much.

            • I’m not sure about “millions of others”. People are sheep; look at all the millions who docilely climbed into the Nazi cattle cars rather than fight. Nowadays, Americans are relentlessly conditioned by media to believe that anyone who resists governmental authority is ‘dangerous’ and ‘extremist’. The official mandate “if you see something, say something” is reminiscent of the Stasi: a secret-police, turn-in-your-neighbor, totalitarian society. Everyone who was wringing their hands over communism in the 1950s and 1960s would be aghast that this country seems to have devolved into a quasi-socialist, authoritarian oligarchy all by itself.

              All it really takes is social conditioning. Fifty years of unified leftist messages from all forms of media — TV, movies, newspapers (hey! remember them?) and most important of all in current times… digital! — have molded Americans into eager collaborators.

              Every police state knows that you simply have to get ’em while they’re young and maintain a constant stream of simplistic, appealing, generalized propaganda; and you will harvest an entire nation of zealous advocates such as the Red Guard or Hitler Youth.

              Forty years ago, I would have never believed that America could so completely turn upside-down — hunting and self-protection demonized as atrocious and unforgivable, while homosexuals are publicly lionized as courageous pioneers. It’s just astounding. But it goes to show what can be achieved, almost solely through propaganda, over a time span of just two generations.

              So… I dunno about these “millions of others”. I would like to think so; but the far left seems to have an iron grip on 99% of mass media — and this is the absolute key to influencing what people think.

              • Spot on, Karl. As Charleton Heston wrote years ago,

                Charleton Heston on corrupting media/Why libs hate the internet

                “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

                Sex in the City or Will and Grace, anyone??

          • It’s all part of the plan.

      7. Sounds really good I’m gonna try it.
        Defib be damned. I’d die happy and full of good food lol

      8. “Now it’s too late to do anything about it.”
        Got that right, Mr.Schiff.
        Easy to get depressed between zero hedge and here…jeez..

        For the time being, we’re just hoping the island can keep the electricity on and the water running.
        Although we’re covered on the water, my rain water system is low, rains have slowed, going into dry season, so we’re depending on municipal water for now.
        We have a creek, but pumping water up 125 ft., how much hp would that take?
        I’ve said it before, I prefer a total economic collapse to an emp or nukes.

        • Ketchup, You can pump water that high easily with a 250 watt solar panel and a 140.00 pump. You just need a cistern or tank to store the water in. Just search ebay for DC water pump and you will find 24 volt submersible well pump that goes over 200 ft. or so. A 250 watt 24 volt panel is around 230-250 bux.

          • Dankoff Solar Pumps has been providing submersible water pumps, solar power, and related controls for many years. Google it. 99% of the cost is digging the well, and if that’s already done, the rest is simple.

        • Depends on diameter of your pipe. I can’t remember the formula but you can find out what the “head” would be and then find the chart for what pump you are looking at and it should give you how many horse you’ll need for lift.

          • .43 pound of pressure for every foot in elevation.

        • 125′ is nothing. My well pump is at 220′ (and that isn’t particularly deep) and does fine off 1/2 HP pump.

          • Power is a rate of doing work. One HP is 33,000 lbs lifted one foot for one minute.

            Hp formula for pumps

            Gallons Per Minute x Foot Head (feet pumped in height)
            ————————————————- = HP

            3960 x Efficiency

            Note substitute PSI for Ft head by dividing PSI by .433 (for water) as a column of water one foot tall exerts a pressure of .433 PSI

            Figure you want 15 PSI in your home so take the well depth (say 100 ft) + 15/.433= 35 ft


            5 GPM x 135 ft
            —————- = HP
            3960 x .5 efficiency

            ——– = .35 HP

            A half HP is fine for the above application

        • Horsepower? 1
          1 horse pulling a wagon full of 5 gallon buckets of water.
          Or 0
          YOU pull a wagon with 3 or 4 buckets

      9. ‘Ol Peter Schiff, been a voice cryin’ in the wilderness for awhile now. Yes the material world is becoming quite thread bare. Use what time there is wisely.

      10. Genuis,would not a bit of piping/long hose also be required?!

        • Yes. It uses 1/2 inch pipe and is a slow flow but works. I think the pump is rated at 4 amps at 24 volts, very low consumption. 1/2 inch pvc is cheap.

          • I will post a link to the pump it will show up after moderation of course 🙁

            • ht tp://

              • Damn,so a shallow well would be a easy setup eh?Want to set me mum up with something besides a pitcher pump(which works fine shallow),seems like a affordable setup.

                • Ya it is cheap but I don’t think it will have enough pressure to connect directly to a pressure tank. But fill a seperate tank and use an on demand pump to pressurize the house.

                  • You can make a simple water heater from #10cans and copper tubing and a propane burner. Fit 2 #2 cans together to make a tower with the top unopened (bottom can has both ends open). Coil 15 feet of 3/8 copper tubing so it will fit inside the can tower. Make 6 3/8 holes on the side of the top can just under the top evenly spaced. Cut another hole just below the top big enough to run the upper part of the coil out of the can and do the same at the bottom of the unit. Attach fittings to work with whatever water piping you are using. Set the unit on a burner and adjust the water flow for the desired heat. You could put it on a fire too. I made something similar to heat my outdoor hot tub in colder weather. I have an old woodstove and I drilled holes in each side toward the top and put a 20 foot coil of copper tubing inside and ran the ends out the holes. It gets so hot it will scald your ass so you have to watch it carefully.

                    • You ARE a genius!

                    • That is great; until the propane runs out, and none is available.

                    • Genius- nice. Black painted metal cans heat up their contents in sun, even in low outside temps for a gravity fed warm shower at night. In case you don’t have access to fuel.

                    • Like I said, if you don’t have propane use a small fire.

                    • 2is1, You can do that too. Paint a metal drum black and set it in sunlight (window or outside) or heat it with fire. You can find solar water heating panels cheap sometimes (make sure they didn’t have glycol in them) and make a recirculating system with a barrel and a small pump. This is the main method I use to heat the hot tub in summer. In summer on a sunny day 1- 3×6 glass enclosed panel will heat 100 gallons to 130 degrees in about 2.5-3 hours. There is another cool way to heat water with a regular solar panel I will post it on the next thread that comes up.

        • Take a look at the Dankoff solar pumps. He has been in the solar water pumping business for 30 years. He sells quality pumps not Chinese crap.

          • Grundfos is good too but $$$$

            • Besides they need 260 volts of dc (9 panels) to operate.

          • I’m using a Dankoff for the home rain water pressure system and it is truly a great pump. Powered with 2 60 watt panels, been running for 18 months perfectly. (we got year round sun here in the tropics)
            As for the water in the creek, I may go in a different direction with it. (and thanks, Genius for the link at ebay) and that would be to stock it with the giant freshwater shrimp we have around here.
            I’d have to enlarge the creek pool a bit and probably put a liner in it, but having these giant shrimp that close would be cool. They are a prawn but they have a claw on one arm…almost as big as those giant farm raised ones!

            • Ketchup, I will post a great way to heat water on the next thread that comes up. PV solar powered and no funky plumbing involved.

      11. On the other hand, it looks like it should feed 10-12 people, in which case the effects aren’t that dramatic, spread out like that.

      12. Damn the economy is still supposed to collapse

        F&@)n Fox got four of my chickens

        I better make a mountain man omelette while I still can

        • Justonemore, if you can catch that fox, shoot the damn thing.

      13. Got me a Dutch oven love it. Genius they have already stolen my pension $ 75 percent of it. Lost 15 percent in pay equity. My checks look like I should just be on the dole. I call it workfare same as welfare except you work for it. It’s total bullshit I don’t do drugs and know what the hell im doing and I get fucked the other guys do too so im not alone. People think that because they are retired that they can’t be robbed of their pension better smarten up. Looks like retirement is the new welfare. if you work till you die your a slave might as well be in the gulag. Thinking of going on the dole and focusing on survival skills I mean eating road kill the whole deal the kids will have to live uncivilized subsistence life they will be experts by 10 yrs old.

        • Ha ha there ya go! Toughen them kids up! The 2008 crash wiped out half of my pension (I have no control of it whatsoever) and Im sure it will get wiped a lot more. God I wish I could have all my money out of that scam pos. Oh well I can get by without it (I made sure of that) so when they steal it all I won’t be on the skids. I could retire next year early and get 51% and have no insurance or just keep plodding along. I guess I will just kiss it goodbye 🙁

        • @ Asshat

          “People think that because they are retired that they can’t be robbed of their pension better smarted up.”

          I am retired but no sir, “they” can’t rob my pension. Why not? Because I took heed of several essayists and myriad commenters here over the years.

          What “pension” I have is in tangible wealth in my own possession. If “they” want to rob me, they can come and try it.

          They better bring body bags because they will be leaving in them.

          Bulls make money. Bears make money. But sheep get eaten.

          Molon Labe, progtards.

      14. Have we had any news recently on how ordinary Joe in Greece is coping? Strikes me there are a LOT of potential lessons to be learned from the Greeks, and how they are getting on with just day to day living. I feel like I’m missing a trick or several right now with my prepping they’d be well placed to teach me.

        With regards purchases, most people have long wrapped their heads round “need” v “want” and tried to pay down debt. Here in the UK I’ve noticed our charity shops no longer provide the rich pickings of bargains they once did, and that on trend trainers & igadgets are lower down the priority Xmas gift list for the kiddies this year. The slow decline means even the stupid are able to adapt to changing circumstances somewhat.

        I feel like I’ve done what I can with what I’ve got to get us as far out of the “system” as possible in the last few years. The things I have left to implement to be more independent seem to involve the steepest climb of all. Nevertheless gonna keep plodding in 2016 as my gut tells me those who are least dependent on gubbermint will fare best in the long term; even if in the immediate future our lifestyles seem rather humble and even austere to the masses.

        The army was called into help with flood victims last night in certain parts of England & Scotland. 60,000 are without power, a timely reminder to do what you can to move away from areas naturally prone to natural disasters. Or at a minimum do what you can now to protect your home and property before disaster strikes. In the even of a system meltdown the emergency services won’t be there if your home is flooded, caught in a bush fire, hurricane etc – nor will the tradesmen be available to help you rebuild afterwards.

        • lone, Maybe a solar rechargeable lantern and propane campstove and a Mr.Buddy heater. Extra blankets are good too! Candles, water, mainstay bars, crank radio… yer good to go 🙂

        • Re: lonelonmum “Have we had any news recently on how ordinary Joe in Greece is coping?”

          There was an article about the Greek women going to work as prostitutes, competing with the eastern European women that were the main pool of prostitutes there before the collapse of the Greek economy.

          Found it:

      15. Actually, black friday sales were at a record high. For firearms and ammo.

      16. Finally, we are all going to vindicated and the same people who have mocked and laughed at us will come crawling up to us and kiss our asses for a morsel of food. All my asshole relatives who told me I was mentally ill. All the fuckhead neighbors who complained about my supplies. Relatives who said I was unfit and needed to have a person oversee my finances. I hope every last one of them dies a slow painful death.

        • You and me both brother. They tried to brand me with all types of shit – anxiety disorder, chronic depression, etc. Wonder why anyone would be anxious or depressed living in this hell on Earth eh?

          They will die a slow, painful death. I just hope it’s worse than we can even imagine.

        • Know exactly what you are saying about the “asshole relatives”.

          I have some serious internal health issues that has been showing signs of organ cancer for the past six months. Had final testing done in early November and was very weak at Thanksgiving gathering with family.

          Not one family member asked how I felt or was concerned for my health and well being. In fact, two brothers made nasty comments and were rude as hell. Well, results came back last week and there was a disease found, but as of now, no cancer.

          Those two asshole brothers will be chewing on dead skunks and possums before they get a dried bean or spoon full of my rice.
          The mockers, as these two definitely are, will die a slow death because they are too lazy to learn. So be it. The good Lord giveith, and takeith away.

          • cradletograve and Waiting for the end.

            Going Hard Core. Way to go.

          • cradle, I’m sure you’ve been given homeopathic advice by many,but I’m going to relay some anyway.
            If you read the book by Bruce Fife called Coconut Cures you’ll find precious advice.
            In brief, use coconut oil for almost all your cooking, and as a backup use olive oil, then real butter.
            Get rid of all other oils in your diet forever, including corn, canola, etc. You’ll be amazed at the results.

            • thx

          • cradle, prayers for recovery are headed your way.

            • thx

          • cradle, look into some natural healing herbs. Here is a good reference for you ht tp:// also taking a little baking soda several times a day will help alkalize your system. Good luck, hope you get better!

          • I for one am glad to hear you don’t have cancer, but take care of your disease. I too have relatives like that who I don’t ever associate with anymore. Your best revenge on such people is to move on with your life and be happy. They don’t deserve you for a brother so forget them. It’s like purging the poison from your body and not drinking it anymore. Disease can be caused from stress or stress can prevent healing and you don’t need that. God bless and count the blessing you do have.

            • Funny story when I survived a two day bout with cancer. I went in for a physical and got a call from the doc on a Friday. Said blood test came back and I had progressed leukemia and told me to get into his office Monday early. Made plans to die with my wife. I always wanted to move to Montana. Monday rolls around and I found out it was a mistake and my blood test were good. I went home to tell my wife and she said “good, because I was going to tell you I was leaving you and now I am”. I can laugh now but within a two day period I thought I was dying and then stated a divorce. Ex wife is a bitch and took off yelling that I am bi polar. I hope she starves to death also.

            • thx

      17. Time to double down on more supplies while you can . Extra 6920 on the way. If the weather holds warm and dry , 1 more solid wood run next week. Dig your heals in .

      18. I really am surprised they have been able to kick the can full of debt down the road as far as they have. The when is the question. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not long term sustainable.

        • 90% of government employees fall into that parasite group

        • Yep on can-kicking. In a real economy, this charade would have ended long ago. Fresh article on ZH about Moody’s downgrading a bunch of TBTF Banks, so we are probably getting close.

        • I’ve said for a while now that $22 Trillion is going to be the magic number (give or take a little). When the debt load hits that, the lenders will become too nervous to keep buying our junk status T-bills, and the easy money train then dries up. Think we need to vote all Democrats back in this time around so when the implosion hits, no one to blame but them.

        • Free-grazers.

        • Old Guy

          I would never have predicted two things.

          1. The addition of so many “shall issue” and not Constitutional Carry States now back in 1985.

          2. The ability of the banksters to kick the can down the road this long, this far and up to this point, this successfully.

      19. From the chaos a new clique will arise. They will be the ones disillusioned with the basis of every illegitimate nation that manifests any god within its order. They will have realised a non-existant diety or dieties being the claim of legitamacy for authority for what it is, lies. Lies that can only be defended with more lies. They will mark the heads of the theists with the name of their gods, LIE, and the theists will then be expulsed from the planet. Then for the first time in all the history of humanity,written and not, will there truly be freedom in a vast and open world without border or banner.

      20. They want to take your pensions but dare not whilst you all have guns because some people might want a little word with the bank manager about how are they going to live on nothing.

        All that matters is keeping stock prices high and you can do that by just printing money even if main street is dead on its feet and jobs are being lost big time.

        When people start to panic all the fake money in stocks and shares will be taken out to buy goods and the prices on essensials will go to the moon in just a few days.

        In the mean time keep an eye on silver and start to think about buying if the paper price hits $12 oz and you can buy without going too far over spot.

      21. Genius you should be poised off enough to pull corporate execs and banksters out and beat the shit out of them and take your $ back. Not say oh well I got my buddy heater and be accepting of a subsistence life after everything you’ve earned has been stripped away. These parasites can’t get away that easy. I don’t have the answer to dealing with this but would stand behind someone that has a winning strategy. I feel that violence will be needed and to make the banksters and corporates fear it. Negotiations have failed they don’t care about you and me. I’d do what I want if I was them till someone used strong arm tactics. If I threatened bodily harm if you didn’t stop what you were doing you’d take steps to protect yourself or stop the bullshit this is normal. A fool would not heed warnings or underestimate the threat. They need to be threatened with grave harm.

        • Asshat, It is a union pension and located in NY. Trust me there are plenty of people on that side of the country that will do just that. Theres a pretty rough bunch in my union and mob ties too lol.

      22. Schiff is important to read, and he has a lot of good to say. High level he is correct. However, he *is* a permabear, so factor that in as you read him

        Fact is, we have spent over $20 *trillion** in the the War on Poverty (did a lot of good, didn’t it!) and Detroit – the only city you can walk 12 blocks, and STILL be at the scene of the crime – was the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program.

        “Socialism (lit gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

      23. A Florida woman’s own car snitched on her after she allegedly rear-ended two vehicles and left the scene without reporting the accident to the authorities.

        Cops in the city of Port St. Lucie said they managed to track down 57-year-old Cathy Bernstein thanks to her Ford’s Emergency Assistance safety feature, according to ABC7 News.

        • That’s a good example of why those systems are good, not why their bad. If that was your point.

          • double edged sword ..sometimes what can help you, can also hurt you , it all depends on perspective

            I posted it for Both Points

        • Yes, she committed a crime however, I am not willing to give up my freedom for a little ‘safety’. I’ll stick to my truck, that doesn’t have any of those bells and whistles.

      24. I guess I am prepared for just about anything to happen. My concern is what the neighbors are going to do.
        The people who rent homes might get up and leave when times get hard. Now the people who rent mobile home trailers. They are a separate species of unpredictability. This one park you can ride by and see them gathered around a yard table drinking beer most of the time. Not hurting anyone but the park does have a lot of rescue calls for First Aid Guys. A block or so away an abandoned house burned down. A few months back a man was found dead in the bathtub there. The good thing is that the nightly gun fire has dropped off a bit.

        So I’m thinking to myself. If things are good now, what is it going to be like when it gets bad.

        • Things are supposedly good right now, there have been so many burglaries and cars broken into or stolen over the last few weeks that the local online news stopped reporting it. From what i was told by a cop friend it has exploded

          • Kulafarmer

            The big thing is to steal those colored laser lights for Christmas. They have been slashing tires in some of the nicer neighborhoods. About 20 at one area.

            • I got accused by the pigs of slashin’ car tyres a while ago… FUCK OFF PORK… I wouldn’t even dream of doin’ such a thing.
              I don’t hate the pigs for no reason.

              You don’t get any pussy when you’re banged up.

              That’s BAD.

        • sling.
          You come across to me as a solid guy.
          People kinda know when the shtf who to lookout to for guidance.
          It’s understandable that you’re concerned, but I’ll bet you’ll be A,OK no matter what.

          Have you ever tried shootin’ a hole through those beer cans when the neighbours are necking down their booze?

          Now wouldn’t that be a test for a marksman. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

          Be blessed dude sling.

          • AGENT SKINHEAD

            I would like to think that those people are happy in their little world. There are about five or six heavy set women. No plaster casts to indicated broken bones or bandages from fights. Hell they may even help each other better than some prepper’s do. For the time being they have each other.

            • God bless ’em six.

            • Ooooh!
              Did I say Six?

              It’s gorra be sling for sure.

              Be well sling.

      25. I would say: who would you want to be around when the next collapse happens? A lot of people were caught off guard last time and made the mistake of being in the wrong place with the wrong people. The 2008 collapse has shown who you are best being around and doing business with in hard times:

        1) Iceland: they bounced back by working hard. No drive by shootings in that part of the world.
        2) Asians: smart and work hard. Always ambitious and resourceful and have a strong culture that looks down on gang behavior and loser cultures.
        3) Small communities with strong networks (farmer markets, co-ops etc.)
        4) Anywhere where ‘diversity’ is low and people are not distracted by social justice warriors. Think Japan.
        5) Anywhere where the Muslim population is not growing. While most people are fine, the menace of Islamic radicalism is harming many economies and will be a big drag on any recovery.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Indigenous food and energy production. Think farming / fracking rural states. Cold weather helps too as it tends to keep out the, “Riff Raff”.

          • Dude.
            Some of my best friends are fuckin’ “Rif Raff”

            • Id trust Riff Raff over a banker or a cop, any day

          • Hey I resemble that remark! The fed job I had was the low rung on the ladder, yet I did most of the work in their dept. to bring in revenues, maintain their equipment, inventory, and public areas, and keep everything orderly.

            My superiors said I was Riff-Raff and I couldn’t get a higher position working the forest counting trees of all things. LOL! Problem is they can’t SEE the forest through the trees. Riff-Raff built this country!

            • That’s good to know.
              Thanks for stickin’ your heads out and
              howdy to both of you.

              Keep safe.

      26. We walked through part of one of the longest hiking trails in NA yesterday from an entrance close to my house. Eerie and pristine, I know it would be chock full of evacuees from the city if food riots broke out. So many people are not equipped to go out into the wild. It was eye opening yesterday- I had comfortable boots on but they were not hiking boots, and they hindered my progress after a while. I don’t plan on bugging out, but if I did- I am going out with the right gear.

        • On that note, the most critical things to have in bugout bags are largely listed all over the web. But, they (mostly) have all overlooked one thing that ‘we’ (when I was military sf) were forever in need of, especially when deployed forever in a hellhole. SOCKS. Get more socks that you can imagine ever needing. Unless you can “loom” your own those will be the last socks you may ever buy, so buy wisely. Uh ..same goes for TP. No matter how much you have it will eventually be gone. How do ya clean that area when there is nothing to do it with? Use a hand pump and a device that YOU “MAKE BY HAND that pretty much resembles a “bidet” …in a nutshell you are just using pressurized water to blast your ass clean. Even a contraption such as a ‘bug-sprayer’ that holds about 2 gallons of whatever you wish will do the job, and keep things quite hygienic (which will be one of the greatest dangers during whatever may lie ahead, dead ahead)…keeping everything from creating “all sorts of nasties” (making for increased infections, diseases, outbreaks or outright pandemics if ‘released’ into a large metropolis (and we KNOW the bastards already have accessed and hidden that kind of shit somewhere until they decide it is time to use it). On the other hand, there is really no way to intelligently prepare for whatever may be coming …other than to prepare for most everything (and that’s a bit hard on the wallet I should think). Chances are overwhelming that whatever is coming is “the likes of which we have never witnessed before” (never before have any two wars started ‘alike’ that I can think of at the moment, and I really doubt this one will be any different. It really appears “they” would prefer that We The People just use Constitutional ‘rights’ and such and start a civil war …but that would only bring down Martial Law on our heads and give them every reason to make life much harder than it has already become (to some, and an increasing number daily, right)?
          Sit tight, stay loose and ‘tuned into’ everything, with an ear “on the track” and you’ll be fine. We will pretty much all come out on top of this bullshit but it’s still hard to wrap a brain around the fact that we are actually going to have to (quite likely) all but wipe out a race of people …because if we do not, they will do the same to us). That’s fucking insane and I’d love to know who is “the brainchild” of this one …or perhaps there are many such ‘brainies’ out there)?

          We have guns to ensure that we are able to keep the bastards in DC “in line.” Well, they are “out of line”, treasonous, 100% lawless (but expect us to be “model citizens” to include handing over all ‘bad’ things like guns, to them). Yeah, right.
          Bad and badder shit is going to erupt everywhere from time to time with little to no warning, so be ready for it AT ALL TIMES (that way you won’t be surprised and may just survive most anything). Shut up about anything you have in the way of ‘prep’ items, guns, etc. “Blood” family only and the very few you might trust …with your life. Perhaps it’s time to flee to Central America …Belize would be fine.

      27. Good post Frank. Only caveat I would add is that sometimes some Asian communities have crime issues. When I lived in Vancouver the Chinese triad gangs were big. Also, Japan with it’s xenophobia, has issues due to its no immigration policies. I think sensible immigration is ok -viz., limited, law-abiding you come to WORK, not join the leftist free lunch brigade. Otherwise, pretty good post. Thanks

        • Xenophobia means intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

          Seems Japanese people must be smarter than the dumbed down American population. And it also seems most bloggers here have some form of xenophobia, myself included.

          We allowed leading Bolsheviks from Russia to immigrate to the U.S. (mostly now in New York and our government) and you can see what a planned mess (with the help of their bought and paid for congress critters) they have made out of our country with their immigration policies.

          Before America is taken to its knees I hope xenophobia identifies the true culprits overseeing our destruction.

          Your continuing support of nonviolent protests in your posts is almost laughable at this critical stage of the game, Test. Your history lessons never go back to the year 1918. Rather curious….


          • Yes, MakemyDay, you are correct. And my history lessons generally don’t go back to 1918 simply because this is Mac’s blog, not mine. Of course, immediately above is a quote from Bastiat, 1801-1850, so you are not totally correct. But no matter, you are 100% spot on that a LOT of the mess we are in today can clearly be traced to the advent of progressivism in the early part of the century, which found fertile ground after the theological liberals eroded any true ethical foundations for our culture a generation earlier. The Swiss theologian’/philosopher Francis Schaeffer said we became a post-Christian country in 1917.

            I would even go so far to say that the Jew bashers here have a certain aspect right in one very limited sense, in that many of those who came fleeing progroms determined it would never happen again, and turned to Communism to solve all of that (how stupid – Jews became persona non grata very soon in the USSR). But worse, as Solshynitsyn wrote, Communism – which MURDERED 100 MILLION last century, per Oxford Univ. Press’ the Black Book of Communism – fundamentally misunderstands human nature (viz, the man is perfectible, and so any atrocity is justifiable to reach that end. Of course that end never comes, and that communist leaders live lives of utter hypocrisy – Al Gore anyone? Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama and her uber luxe vacations?) and thus will NEVER have an answer. That is why von Mises and von Hayek’s books are so important.

          • See what the great men of history said about the culprits? We know who they are . Jesus called them The children of satan.

        • I agree: there is organized crime in Asian communities but on the whole it does not impact on most people’s lives; certainly not they way black and Muslim gangs do.

          I have lived in many places and the general atmosphere of Asian communities is one of work and ambition. Whereas, in places enmeshed in welfare, you have people hanging around on the streets for handouts or doing street crimes. That creates an atmosphere of failure and no ambition. It really comes down to how you spend your time.

          But in a crisis, you want to be careful who you surround yourself with. The wrong people and getting out of the crisis will be much harder and take much longer if ever it happens. Just think of the loser places on the outskirts of Paris; or the ghettos in America. The best thing you can do is keep a fund of cash ready to help you move to a better place if necessary. You need an escape plan.

      28. I’ve been learning the art of axe swinging since finding a axe head in a dumpster.

        The muscles in my forearm are now aching.

        Never thought swinging a axe could work my forearms so much.

        Lead me to the Islamists, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • You may be operating it incorrectly. My arms never hurt after doing some axe work.

          I pick up the axe with my left hand near the end of the handle and my right hand near the head of the axe. I then raise the axe and slide my right hand back towards the end of the handle just as I start swinging the axe downwards. This means most of your muscle effort is used in aiding gravity in bringing the axe down on your target, with some effort expended in keeping your aim true so you can hit your target precisely.

          Practice, and the motion will become second nature.

      29. How are you doing Mac?

      30. @ketchup

        Do you have any significant fall in the creek run (even 10 ft)? If yes, you might be able to build/buy a hydraulic ram pump that requires no outside energy source and would be able to pump water uphill 125 ft to the tune of a little more than 15 gallons per 24 hours.

        Google Hydraulic Ram Pump


        • thanks, bb, I saw the link someone here posted recently about the hyd. ram pump.
          There is no fall in the creek that high. Some water feeding it comes right out of the ground and some comes from further upstream, but it’s a short run of a creek, so to speak.
          We usually get enough rainfall that my catchment system is full for 8 months of the year, and we depend on municipal water the rest of the time.
          I’m not sure if the creek has enough water flow to supply even the two of us as it’s pretty small. If I dig out the pool a little (my winter project) I’ll get a better idea of how much the flow is, especially during the dry season we are entering now.
          I’m more in favor of moving some of those giant shrimp from other nearby streams that are a little bigger into ours. Giant shrimp on the barby? 🙂

      31. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Assault Weapon Ban

        Read Latest Breaking News from h–p://

      32. Old McDonald Trumpskin knows the score.


        Nice one Trumpskin.

        • Hey…I agree with Trump!!! Keep them out of here until we find out what’s going on? (Obama is loyal to the Muslims!!)
          I don’t trust any of them….and especially O!

      33. to hell with 07-08 that’s history, lets worry about 2016 and so on

      34. Google b-17
        Everybody needs it in their pac

      35. I am an American and I am armed, trained and extremely proficient and I will defend my rights and my property if I’m attacked… I will not hand over my firearms without a fight – I pray that it never comes to that point, but there has to be a line in the sand, and a willingness to defend that line at all costs.

      36. I remember when I was a kid watching the flint stones and Fred always had a raw steak on his eye. Never knew what the hell that meant as a kid but it’s funny as hell now. Genius your right though need to focus on shit I have total control over. I just get pissed off by useless eaters living off the fruits of my labor that’s all. anyway someone brought up footwear this is something I have a lot of knowledge about. Hiking boots are the most comfortable but they are not much tougher than sneakers they fall apart under heavy use. Military boots are good if you like that they tie up to your knee almost I don’t like this myself but they are durable if you get quality pair. Working in industrial setting I like work boots but non safety toe. The safety toe makes them heavier. This is bad if you gotta walk with 50 lbs on your back. The regular work boots like timberland pro are solid and comfortable out of the box and last under hard use. I picked up another pair on Black Friday for $100 which is cheap normally $150. I’m still rocking the old shit and they are a year old now just look rough but still holding up but they are gonna need replacement eventually. I know I can get Chippewa or some made in America shit that is stitched to the sole and yes they are much better. I’ve seen them wear out too and for$250 to$300 I can get fresh pairs of tims. Weight of the boots is not that bad really for the durability you get. IMHO there is no perfect boot just what you like.

      37. Anybody seen where the Shitmitah guy disappeared to?

        • He and Snyder are trying to figure out a way to be relevant again.

      38. Just finished reading Peter Schiffs book The Real Crash Ahead. I wish he was wrong and I could make some argument to refute his information. Every generation thinks “the world is going to end”. I’m sure it will not end for all of us, but for some it will. Peter is taking a risk to alert the public to this collapse. His father paid with his freedom and life for informing us about the IRS. I just wish Peter was wrong and a crazy. But I know from common sense, he is not.

      39. you know.. not for nothing… many people hav ebeen predicting a collapse for a long time. That is not new. Of course it is going to happen. Sadly..

        But no one has predicted it well ahead of time. Yes… they have been saying it. Whatever goes up, evenually will come down.

        What I say is be carefull and protect yourself. Yes we are in deep and ugly waters, but all these people that are predicting also want you to buy their books etc.. at crazy prices. They are banking on your fear. Use your common sense.

        Yes, things will and are getting bad. But none of these guys will give you a date. They all have been saying it for years and years. It will happen sooner or later. I think sooner… probably with 18 months.

      40. Who is John Galt?

      41. We wille be safed by a very big war. WW3.

      42. This asshole has been saying that for years.

        The new prepper thing is to get into mgtow.

        No woman…not worries. No debt.

        Better to visit a hooker and strippers than commit to a wife.

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