Peter Schiff Economy Warning : ‘Enjoy The Calm Before The Storm’

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    Financial analyst Peter Schiff is warning to “enjoy the calm before the storm.” Schiff, who predicted the 2008 recession says that inflation and interest rates are about to go up much more than expected.

    In his most recent podcast, Schiff basically said to enjoy things now, because the storm will eventually hit. With the United States missile strike in Syria, rumblings of a trade war and a generally weak dollar, gold briefly flirted with $1,365 last week. But the anticipation of Federal Reserve rate hikes continues to create strong headwinds against the yellow metal. Many people now think the Fed will nudge interest rates up again in June, leaving six months to get in the much-anticipated third hike of the year, and possibly even get in a fourth.

    The Fed is not going to be able to deliver the rate hikes the Fed is expecting, and again, it’s the expectation of more rate hikes that is what is keeping the lid on the price of gold. But it’s only a matter of time before the market blows the lid off and the price of gold goes up. –Peter Schiff

    Peter said gold is basically trading sideways right now, in advance of a breakout. Meanwhile, the dollar is doing the same thing in the other direction. The greenback is weak but not breaking down. On the other hand, it isn’t recovering any of its losses. Peter thinks it’s treading water right now before it heads lower again, according to Seeking Alpha. 

    Of course, the economic growth was supposed to help “pay for” the tax cuts and the massive amounts of deficit spending. If the economic growth doesn’t materialize, the deficits will be even bigger and they are already going sky-high. On top of that, rising interest rates are going to increase the annual payments on the debt.

    So, these deficits are blowing through the roof and this is going to be the driving force in moving the dollar substantially lower and moving gold substantially higher.

    We are in the perfect storm, I think, of massive explosion in deficits, not just the budget deficit but the trade deficit, these tariffs or a trade war is only going to compound the problem. We’ve got the economy weakening. We’ve got the dollar teetering on the brink of collapse. We’ve got gold about to break out and the bond market is in the same thing.

    Right now, everything seems pretty calm on the horizon, but we are in the calm before the storm.

    The three major markets – bonds, gold, and the dollar – are all moving sideways, getting ready to continue their most recent moves, which for gold is up, for the dollar is down, and for bonds are down, which means interest rates are up – and it’s one, two, three strikes and you’re out.


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      1. Better be storing up the precious liquids like gas, diesel, kerosene, motor oil, two stroke oil, chain oil for saws and of course liquor. Screw paper money.

      2. Good marine batteries, some solar panels, a charge controller and an inverter will at least give you some power when the grid goes down. This can be done with limited money and just keep adding to the power. More panels, more batteries, larger charge controller, larger inverter, etc. Ebay sellers sell this stuff all day long. But the marine battery at the auto parts store. Pure sine wave DC to AC power inverters are best but the modified sine wave works well enough.

        • 7.62,
          I’m going with LiFePo4 batteries. I have 10 kW on order.
          I have 10 kW of solar panels on order.
          I have Midnight Solar charge controllers
          in my shopping cart.
          I have a 6 kW AIMS 220 split phase
          pure sine wave inverter.
          You can do field repairs on the AIMS
          if you know what you are doing( I do).
          The reason I did not build my own inverter
          was getting a locally sourced transformer
          was more expensive than buying the AIMS.
          I do not build transformers, at least
          to date.

          Modified sine wave will destroy your
          freezers and refrigerators.
          OK for electric heaters and ranges.

          I don’t have much paper money left!

          • relik, Damn man, you starting your own power company?

            • Genius,
              I have two houses, and a shop larger (Square footage)than both houses put together. We use about 25 kWh per day. My solar design will easily supply that with growth factored in, solar cell age caused inefficiencies, and battery charging.
              My present power costs are ~38 to 48 cents per kWh(nearly $300 per month) and those costs are going to go up a lot very soon. This system will pay back within 6- 8 years thanks to the subsidy we get.
              I figured it was worth it. If for nothing else than the independence. My wife and my Farm worker tenants won’t even notice the change over which was the idea. We won’t have to cook everything on the Coleman stove.
              When I put this power in I will be totally off the grid.
              Several of my Neighbors have grid tied systems and back feed the system for a reduction in electrical costs, but if the Grid power goes down they have problems after the sun goes down. Most systems here are 7-8 kW. My system will be grid independent and will work 24/7 if the power grid goes down. My system is a little bigger but that is to compensate for battery charging inefficiencies.
              We here in Hawaii are serious about Solar power, given how the government allows us to be so overcharged for electricity.
              I live in my BOL. There are not many places for me to go unless I get on a plane or steal a boat.

              • rellik, I hope you have better luck with the Aims inverters than I did.
                The 3000W pure sine inverters I had lasted about a year–each one (had two).
                Now using a Samlex made brand called Cotek. 2 years in and no problems.

                Worthless tip o’ the day:
                We use those long 6-7″ lighters to light the gas stove when the power is out, as the igniter is electric.
                When those lighters run out of fuel they still start stove with their spark.

                • Ketch,
                  Nice to know! I spent half an hour on the Phone
                  with the Nevada AIMS repair tech before my purchase.
                  I spent 17 years as an electronics technician.
                  Most people don’t have my skill set so I understand
                  your comments. If I wanted a good inverter and lived in a city
                  I’d go with Outback.
                  I’m biased though, I went to school with those original guys
                  back when they were Trace and Heart inverters.
                  For the AIMS I verified I could get all the parts I need
                  from DigiKey or Allied, except for the transformer.
                  AIMS can be fixed anywhere you can get parts.
                  The basic design is sound but they use crappy capacitors.
                  I’m a power supply designer, Replace the caps with decent ones generally you can keep it going.
                  I have an old $2000 Sony Projection TV, it died one day. I spent $2 for a capacitor to fix it, actually Digikey made me buy ten( they were twenty cents each but I only needed 1). I still have the extras. TV is still working.

          • Voltage drops very fast on LifePO4 batteries as they are used. Seems they heat up easily during reasonably heavy loads with their resistance going up accordingly.

            Learned this little bit of information using nice LED flashlights for more than a few minutes. As the flashlight is used the voltage decreases and of course the light output decreases accordingly. When the battery cools down the flashlight works nicely again.

            Use LifePo4 only under very light load conditions!!

            • Mensa,
              Thanks for that information.
              Most the load curves I see are from 2.4 to 3.5 kWh batteries
              with a BMS.
              Now if the company ISO ratings are inaccurate then there is a problem because they are lying about the performance. Hard to deal with a liar.
              Most off Grid Installation people here swear by LiFePo4.
              They advise me to pass on L16 LA batteries (that will give them the same profit) and buy LifePo4.
              Personal reputations count a lot on an island with a small population. You guys on the mainland have access to hundreds of suppliers, we have maybe three. It is not wise to push junk that doesn’t work. Everyone will repudiate you. There are a few people on this site that will confirm that.
              Most my loads are pretty even, it peaks when stove, air compressor, and rarely if the water heater comes on( we have solar water heater), but I put in a big buffer in my design
              so I’m not too worried.
              It might become interesting when I weld. but I don’t do that

          • Aquion has a salt water battery that is supposed to take 5000 complete discharges without damaging the battery. Though company declared bankruptcy batteries are still available without warranty. I will be ordering them for my off grid system in central Oahu. Neighbors have them and have reported zero problems despite weather over last 6 weeks.

      3. What I find most revealing is that he never touts news that is negative to his own business operations.

      4. Peter… please, please, please STOP it, stop the NONSENSE….As long as the ALREADY CONQUERED, dumbed down, disease ridden, indebted, addicted to everything, dying from every disease the psychopaths can create, obese toxic dump American coward pussy parents can whore out the children they should of NEVER had to their psychopath GODS and criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC…then NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN OR CHANGE IN DAMNED AND DOOMED NEW BABYLON AMERICA……and as long as the American coward pussy parents of children they should of NEVER had can: get their drunk on, take some Big Pharma psychotropic horror issued by an Oathbreaking drunken bum Corporate whore American Doctor treasonous criminal, suck down their soda poison, stuff their fat toxic dump faces with GMO filled fake food horror from their favorite crime scene restaurant or crime scene Garbage Grocery Store, scream like deranged lunatics at their favorite bread and circuses, play with their little weenies while watching their favorite porn and popping their boner pills because they are toxic dumps with fat asses and huge guts trying to play Alpha male stud(by the way, it is not working cowards), and as long as the American coward parents can stare at their I Idiot 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12….while playing Candy Crush ALL DAY LONG……then NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL CAHANGE IN THE COLLAPSING POLICE STATE HEL ON EARTH OF DAMNED AND DOOMED NEW BAYLON AMERICA!!!!!

        • Ronson, I concur…

        • Ron, having a bad day? Don’t hold back, say what you feel. No need to mince words here. And hey guy, good vent. Most here pretty much think (and often say) the same things.

          • I never have a bad day anymore, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is with me always, so joy always fills my heart, but definitely a bad spelling day for me.

        • You haven’t used “boot licking” in a long while.

          • Because the American cowards are too dumbed down, indoctrinated, programmed, and constantly under chemical attack…they have NO ABILITY to even understand what has happened too them, so calling them “boot lickers” is pointless-they have no idea what you are even talking about, so now I just call the dumbed down American coward parents what they really are-“dumbed down toxic dump coward victims”, and I pray to my Lord and Savior for the health of the vaxxed up, dumbed down, GMO poisoned, soda sucking, fluoridated chemical filled water drinking, programmed, indoctrinated “Children of the Corn”(as in Monsanto BT Corn) they should of NEVER had.

        • Popping boner pills? Ahahahaha!!!!!!! You so funny!!!!!

      5. Tax cuts are gonna be paid for with growth, and other Republican lies. Only traitors and idiots would believe that.
        Schiff might be right this time. The phony Republican deficit hawks are only concerned with the debt and deficit when a Dem is in office.
        They are going to destroy the country, and their idiot voters along with it.
        Stupid is as stupid does.

        • No reparations??

      6. I went in for my free coffee and they said no!! You’re white.

        • Starbucks?

        • Bert: Well Starbucks can suck it!! I have never spent 1 stinking crummy dollar in that liberal feces pit!

        • You forgot to ask for free covfefe.

        • Tell them you are native American. It works for Sen, Warren. 🙂

      7. This web site thrives because of its community. While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil. Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagement of people in the comments section.

      8. I’ve often wondered how many of the so called “doom/gloom experts ” have actually taken their own advice and quit their job,sold their home,took every last penny from their bank account(s),stocked up on necessary items,and fled directly to their secretive BOL,and are hunkered down awaiting SHTF? My guess would be less than 1%..All these “expert opinions ” are simply that,opinions,not facts..

      9. Ron Ahrens hit 1,000 %. No further comment needed from me. Just waiting the shit hits the fan. Ron, you forgot to mention the invasion and civil revolutionary war that’s upcoming.


        • No further comment needed from you because you’re a blathering idiot.

        • The invasion and our conquering by psychopaths has already taken place, but the NATO and UN Invasion are coming-they know there are still some REAL BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN left in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America, REAL MEN AND WOMEN who are not going along with their gun confiscation and NWO murderous genocidal pedophile insanity.

      10. What about investing in a travel trailer? Would that be helpful fir the times that are coming?

        • I set up a small travel trailer with solar power and lived in it for 7 months while I built my cabin. If you scout out some good places to go then yes they are great options! Don’t be too far from water and have a pit with a long hose for your black water. Stock it with food and tools. Do NOT get a 5th wheel! You will be severely limited as far as moving it. A regular hitch type can be moved by a great variety of vehicles. Practice some long term camping to see what you will need, good luck!

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahlol!
          Invest in a small home near a metropolitan city.

      11. Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist

        ht tps://

      12. Schiff predicts economic disaster, again. who could have predicted that.

        if fairness to him, he may actually be right this time.

        unfortunately, he’s wrong on rate hikes. the fed will get two more in; but the amount of govt and personal debt, raising interest costs of personal and govt debt and dollar being finally affected by the petroyuan most likely will start the next recession either late this year or next for sure.

      13. Happy Birthday Hitler !!

        Hitler knew how to fix a broken economy.

        Peter Schiffs is no Hitler.

        ___ ???


      14. Peter, george soros jumped in.

      15. “The Fed is not going to be able to deliver the rate hikes the Fed is expecting . . . .”

        What? The Fed, if they want, can raise the rates anytime and as often as they deem to do so, particularly if they wish to crash the economy.

      16. Good news is that gas went down 14 cents a gallon today. It was $2.69 this morning and $2.55 this afternoon.

        • More good news! Picked up a 1000 rd. case of Wolf Mil Classic 7.62×39 for 229.00 😀 (I remember when it was 99.00).

          • Genius ,
            I bought most of mine at $110 years ago.
            My 7.62 X 51 at about the same price.
            I have lots of tuna cans of both.
            Last time I opened up the Chinese
            7.63X39 stuff it worked fine, dated 1967.
            Copper washed.
            Clean your gun REALLY good afterwards.
            It was corrosive stuff.

            • relik, check that copper washed chinese ammo! It is probably steel core and sells for like a buck per round! I bought a tin of it years ago and cut one in half and wala… STEEL CORE!

              • Genius,
                I have one box of 7.62X39 that is legal hunting ammo made of brass and lead.
                All the rest of my 7.62X39 cartridges are are all steel cored bullets( some hollow points) and steel cased.
                Hard to believe my older Chinese ammo is worth a buck each, but they are in sealed, Nitrogen filled “Tuna” cans.
                I have some Ammo that is not in Nitrogen sealed containers that is over twenty five years old, is not rusty, and it shoots just fine.
                Most of it was waterproofed with a shellac at the factory.

                • relik, I have never heard of steel core hollow points. You know I am talking about the bullet and not the cartridge right? My copperwashed stuff was not shellaced just copper. Pull one of your bullets out and cut it in half. should be about 1/16 inch lead and the rest steel. You cannot find the steel core anymore and it is at a premium! These are normally FMJ as a steel core is for deep penetration not expansion.

      17. I get kegged up every night these days just to make waking up in the morning either hell or heaven
        One day will be hell I’m sure. The way its going .
        What happens the day after ,who knows
        Reality check ,just a waiting game for all us small people now.
        Going to try and stay silent for a few weeks after and see who,s still alive.
        Hopefully all the dickheads will be wasted

      18. Black swan events do not necessarily have to occur suddenly. TPTB may cause them to play out slowly over years, “to prepare the ground for seeding” you could say. Society is impervious to sudden change until it has been rendered powerless. That’s what we are in right now, a softening up, so that in the latter stages of usurpation the most objectionable changes can take place without much opposition. Some of these long-term black swans we are currently experiencing can be called illegal immigration, massive fed./state/local gov’t debt, erosion of our rights, a growing police state, designed to fail educational systems, and enforced multiculturalism to name a few.
        Sometimes a severe shock to the system is what is required to initiate a change in trajectory and allow restoration. For example; a severe economic shock will cause societies to refocus on what worked and what didn’t. Our family, faith, culture, quality of gov’t, traditions, and so on would tend to revert back to more importance that in the past few generations. A mind set of “me and mine”, localism, regionalism, individualism and independence, hostility and suspicion to outsiders and “those not like us” would be replanted. In times of crisis people tend to identify and associate with their common race, religion, class, and so on, and then society tends to start rebuilding in this way. TPTB know this, and might help explain why an economic crash (which by all laws of economics should of occurred already) hasn’t happened. TPTB want people to be globalist, they want our traditions and heritage erased, no borders, no common language or culture to unite us into a strong people able to resist NWO. It is probably more likely they want us to have a reduced quality of life/standard of living to undermine our unity and power, but not so low as to be a catalyst of challenge to their goals.

      19. Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar

        “Turkey announced it will repatriate all the gold it has stored at the US Federal Reserve and deliver it to the Istanbul Stock Exchange, in an attempt to eliminate the influence of the dollar.”

        “After Venezuela, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands prudently repatriated a substantial portion (if not all) of their physical gold held at the NY Fed or other western central banks in recent years, this morning Turkey also announced that it has decided to repatriate all its gold stored in the US Federal Reserve and deliver it to the Istanbul Stock Exchange, according to reports in Turkey’s Yeni Safak. It won’t be the first time Turkey has asked the NY Fed to ship the country’s gold back: in recent years, Turkey repatriated 220 tons of gold from abroad, of which 28.7 tons was brought back from the US last year.”

        “According to the latest IMF data, Turkey’s gold reserves are estimated at 591 tons, worth just over $23 billion. This makes Ankara the 11th largest gold holder, behind the Netherlands and ahead of India.”

        ht tps://


      21. My neighbor so happy he’s screaming….I thought he paid off his mortgage…No he had solar panels put on his roof..OK.. he’s happy because his electric meter is running backwards….go figure.

      22. You “preppers” are a special kinda retarded…

        • What are YOU “prepping” for? You think you will get by with your intelligence alone?

      23. let it crash. I will laugh my ass of at all those fat blubbery slobs who called me an idiot for staying in shape.

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