Permanently Silenced For Journalism: 81 Reporters Were Killed In 2017, Number Is Likely Under Reported

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Headline News | 10 comments



“The pen is mightier than the sword.” -Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The number of reported journalists who were killed in 2017 was just released. According to the Associated Press’s annual “Kill Report”, violence and threats against a free press are also skyrocketing.

In its annual “Kill Report,” the International Federation of Journalists said that the 81 reporters who were killed lost their lives in targeted killings, car bomb attacks, and crossfire incidents around the world. And, more than 250 journalists were in prison in 2017. But Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple believes that the number is perhaps even exponentially under-reported. And what about those who were silenced by threats and erased from social media, like Ben Swann was for looking into PizzaGate?

“The media is supposed to be part of the system of checks and balances,” says Joseph accurately. But what we are seeing is media being threatened by corporations with lost advertising revenues should they report on the truth. The mainstream media are the ones who are supposed to “hold the government in check,” Joseph continues.

The media is supposed to also hold the corporations who buy the government in check by being unbiased. Anyone with an extra 30 seconds to spare can turn on CNN and immediately discover that that is not the case. “When you sign on to be a reporter, and you’re doing your work, there’s no democrat or republican, rich or poor. There’s no organization that you’re supposed to belong to – like the Council on Foreign Relations-something that many media members belong to…to control the narrative,” says Joseph. Anyone with basic critical thinking skills knows that that’s called that propaganda and those who consume the mainstream media are nothing more than indoctrinated sheep, or as Vladimir Lenin dubbed them “useful idiots” who are easily manipulated by propaganda.

“The mainstream media used to have all that power [to delegate attention and shift the narrative]; now they don’t! And they don’t like it. So they are trying to generate the news. They are generating the narrative. But the reality is, it doesn’t exist,” Joseph says. “And the rest is promulgated through fear…as long as you have the mainstream media in cahoots with government, in cahoots with big corporations, folks, we are going to continue to be under the thumb and under the jackboot.”

People are slowly waking up to realize that the media lies to them an uses them as a tool in the game of “who can become the most powerful and wealthy,” yet many are still under the assumption that the media and government (who are in bed together and control what you perceive as news) would never do that to them.

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    1. John Stiner

      free press ????

      Propaganda Press.

      When the “free press” becomes propaganda, then it is free game.

    2. tz

      They never cared about Pete Santilli who was jailed for two years for covering the Bundys and had to take a plea deal.
      Why should I care about lefty commie journalists when they only whine when it is one of theirs who is jailed or killed?

      • John Stiner

        So you block a BLM truck and your a felon?

        In Texas, we would call that illegal parking, $20 fine at the most.

    3. slewfoot

      the internet is used by a few to deceive and take advantage of people—–so beware also the internet is very useful and you get a lot of good info from it

    4. aljamo

      Money trumps everything with humanity being priced out of existence. No free press, no truth, no freedom, nobody cares.

      • Heartless

        We are so close to losing the fragile hold and remnants of freedom that it is sickening. News? Being true and not conjured up or outright false anymore? Heck, a slow day @ the Herald-Dispatch-Post-Tribune-*BC/*NN? Just go blow away a reporter to sell some violence-smut copies. That’ll do ‘er every time.

    5. CiddyBoy

      Pfffttt? 81?
      Putin has got that marker covered!

    6. SittingDuck

      If they stopped reporting Opinions instead of facts
      Then they would have this problem.
      Until they do that.. Who Cares..?

    7. Jim Forbes

      If the 81 worked for the MSM-CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or any of the other “Establishment” outlets that’s no where near enough.

    8. Old Codger

      81? Not nearly enough, we MUST do better in 2018.

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