People Now Consuming A Credit Card’s Worth of Microplastics Every Week From Tainted Food Supply

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: People are now consuming a credit card’s worth of microplastics every week from tainted food supply; gut composition being drastically altered

     New research has found that the average person consumes a credit card’s worth of plastic particles every single week through tainted food and water – and the vast majority of people have no clue that it is even happening.

    Nano plastic particles that are less than 0.001 millimeters in size plague the modern food and water supply, as do slightly larger microplastics that are 0.001 to 5 millimeters in size.

    People who drink the recommended 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day from plastic bottles apparently take in 90,000 plastic particles per year just from this one source. Drinking unfiltered tap water out of a glass adds another 40,000 plastic particles per year to that count.

    An examination of gut microbiome samples revealed that most people today are teeming with both micro-and nano plastic particles. This explains, at least in part, the massive rise in metabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and chronic liver disease.

    Micro- and nano plastic particles are also linked to localized inflammation and immune responses in the body, meaning they also play a role in autoimmune disease. And it is already widely understood that plastics such as bisphenol-A (BPA) are linked to cancer.

    “A healthy gut is more likely to ward off the health risk,” says Lukas Kenner, one of the co-authors of a new study on the subject that was published in the journal Exposure & Health.

    “But local changes in the gastrointestinal tract, such as those present in chronic disease or even negative stress, could make them susceptible to the harmful effects of MNPs.”

    Plastic particles also contain other toxins that destroy health

    There are many additional toxic substances found in plastics that people are consuming as well.

    Another study out of Denmark that was published earlier this year identified thousands of them, including everything from plasticizers, which make plastic more flexible, to insect repellent.

    Plastics and the other chemicals they contain are a silent killer because more often than not, people do not even realize they are consuming them.

    Unless the fluid contents of a bottle taste like plastic (i.e., Nalgene bottles), then the chemicals they contain are typically hidden and unidentifiable. It is not until a person gets sick that it can potentially be traced back to plastics.

    Depending on where a person lives and what he or she eats and drinks, the newer study found, that upwards of five grams per week of plastic ends up being consumed. Some of this gets excreted, but the rest ends up lining the intestinal tract or absorbing into the body.

    Combined with all of the other toxins people knowingly consume such as pharmaceutical drugs and processed foods, micro-and nano plastics are a recipe for health disaster and could explain why chronic disease is now the norm rather than the exception.

    The new study’s research team also found that mineral water is often contaminated with xenohormones leached from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

    “Xenohormones are known to exhibit oestrogenic activity which can act carcinogenic in the body,” reads a summary of the findings published by the Medical University of Vienna in Austria.

    People with preexisting health conditions will want to be especially careful to avoid plastics whenever and wherever possible to lessen the toxic load on their already compromised bodies.

    Steering clear of plastics and things that most harbor plastic particles will go a long way to help the body better handle the plastics it does encounter and eliminate them more easily.

    “All plastics are made of toxic chemicals,” wrote someone at Natural News. “Thinking they won’t leach into the water is straight ignorance and stupidity.”


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      1. The plastic is just the
        appetizer. The main course
        will be the bugs.

      2. The real toxicity, in our once free and great country, resides in the White House, when the amoeba brain can even locate the place…with third party help, btw.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

        I even credited the quote to the author, unlike the plagiarist, amoeba brain, but I repeat myself.

      3. I remember back when my hippy neighbors used to make sun tea in plastic containers.

        as part of my job I had to read all kinds of material safety data sheets (msds) and educate my fellow employees of the potential hazards and get them to sign zee pape-uhs.

        I would yell over at my neighbors ol lady, he had a pet name for her like “moon flower ” or something I can’t remember now.
        what are you doing moon flower ? cooking off some BPA’s? lol
        she would just smile.

        I figured it didn’t matter much.
        they put their garden within probably 20ft of their well to shorten the distance of irrigation line.
        and all those fertilizer nitrates were going down into the water table.

        septic system not far from that ….more nitrates

        farm field runoff all around
        more nitrates, pesticides , herbicides.

        at the time I figured we were going to get nuked or an asteroid or something anyway so wtf.

        that’s still an option.

        my personal favorite water purification has always been reverse osmosis.
        well I shouldn’t say always but always since it’s been around.

        little good it does tho if your going to pour purified water and gawd knows what else into a plastic container and set it out in the sun.

        • So yer an old bugger too lol. Reverse osmosis wastes a LOT of water. You only capture like 10%. We use a countertop gravity filter. .5 micron ceramic element then goes into charcoal and 4 other things. We don’t have flouride so no need for that crap. It is a ZEN water filter, which I bought because 100% of the berkey filters I had failed! Cheaper than the Berkey POS and rated 2nd place which is first place when you figure ALL berkeys FAIL! Replacement filters are cheap and the water is great! The ceramic unit is silver infused too. Ebay has them for good prices….

          • I only use RO for drinking water

            everything else is on a whole house system with a pre filter

            that pre filter is important

            I only do liquid (manure tea) extra additives like calcium or extra phosphorus as needed.

            it all goes thru a zoned system …water and fertilizer at the same time .

            everybody has their own way but I think I’m getting 0 fertilizer runoff

            I don’t do elevated beds or container gardening at all

            as far as seedings
            if you have everything right ….you probably need to quit looking at them.

            they got a built in clock

            • Ya I was just mentioning the jiffy seed starter pots. You MUST take the netting off and plant them asap when they come up. Fook what they say, it does not dissolve and will destroy your plants. I have at least 12 plants that are shit now and will go in the trash. God dammit that was a lot of work and time for nothing! I will pull the sickly plants and start over later this week. FOOOOK!

              • What “netting” are you talking about. They are POTS

          • How do their filters fail?

            • The glue that holds the filter to the plastic base fails. You don’t really notice it at first as it starts out slowly and gets worse. A lot of people complained about it and berkey just shunned them and continued making defective filters. Amazon comments had hundreds of people complaining about it. I had 4 out of 4 filters all FAIL!

              • If you do have a Berkey you might want to get some food grade silicone adhesive (aquarium sealer) and put a good seal around the base of the filters and go up the filter 1/2 inch or so.

              • I use Alexapure countertop looks just like a Berkey but half the cost and the filters work great. Check it out. I think Patriot supply has them. DO a search.

      4. On another note: The plants I sprouted in the jiffy pot things are doing really shitty. The netting is supposed to dissolve and let the roots grow through, well that’s a bunch of BULLSHIT! They didn;t desolve at all and stunted the shit out of my plants roots! They work great for sprouting seeds but once they do you need to cut all the netting off and plant them in yer pot. The ones I transplanted from the hydrogarden and doing great. So the point is…. Sprout the seeds in jiffy mini greenhouse then cut the netting off and plant in grow bags. Sterilize the potting soil or you will have gnats and funky mushroom things and all manner of BS. I sterilize mine in the oven in a waterbath canner pot at 260 for 1/2 to 3/4 hour. Its a pain in the ass! I mix coir with it so it holds moisture better. In my grow bags I figure I have to water them once every 3-4 days. When its not going to freeze I leave them out on the deck. If it is going to freeze I bring them in (except the ones in the 2nd bathtub I just leave them there under a led grow light). I’m learning! 😀

      5. Maybe they present a clear health danger and maybe they don’t. We don’t know yet.

        It’s fairly new in the environment and, like asbestos, we won’t know until the health effects, if any, show up as something positively identifiable.

        In any event, I am wondering about micro fibers from the surgical masks many of us have been forced to wear for hours on end, do they embed in the lungs and body organs and present a long term health risk? Has anyone ever conducted an extensive air quality study inside office buildings and offices where people have been forced to wear them all day to see if they are present in the air in any measurable amount?

        I’m old and will probably never know the answer , but some of you aren’t and should consider this.

      6. Yep, you will get herbicides, pesticides, hormones, non-GMO, and some BPA toxic chemicals if you aren’t careful about what you eat. But consuming a credit card volume of plastic every week is not happening.
        We don’t use plastic dishes, much of what we eat are veggies and fruit grown on my own property, we use well water, to water our garden when necessary we use water from the rain water collection system I built, and we don’t eat imported food.
        The biggest polluter by far in the history of the world is the gov’t. They run the chem-trail programs and are intentionally damaging the biosphere. They are filling the atmosphere with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Snow samples from years ago were basically pure. Now, even on remote mountain tops throughout NA (and many other parts of the world) snow is found to have thousands and even tens of thousands of PPMs of the highly toxic soups specifically being sprayed out of airplanes.

        • @Bill, you are absolutely
          correct. With that non-stop
          spraying going on – that
          shit is EVERYWHERE!!!!!

      7. Most hoses to water gardens have lead, brominated fire retardants, BPA, and phthalates but I found info that the Pocket Hose Dura Rib 2 does not contain these toxins.

        Most PVC pipes for home plumbing and wells contain BPA, but uPVC or Rigid PVC does not contain any phthalates or BPA. Copper without lead sodering is the best.

        Some cans used for food has a lining with BPA. Canning with mason glass is safe with low lead, but the lid’s liner contains BPA as do most lids in food products packed in glass.

        Even glass bottles of beer, wine and spirits and bottles decorated with enamel contain cadmium, lead and chromium.

        Our ancestors were wise using cork under lids and in stoppers, but today no one cares how toxic our containers are because they are convenient and cheap.

        • Well woogie, I rinse out my new mason jars before filling them with shine. I hate contaminants too. All new cookware gets washed before use too. Beer is a lot cheaper to just buy it so I have to deal with it. I noticed some of the jars I buy say “no bpa”. How the hell did I live so long ingesting all this shit?

          • ” How the hell did I live so long ingesting all this shit?”

            I grew up and worked in an old (pre any environmental) chemical / oil refining area dating back to the 1880s. The refinery drinking water well (yes we had a potable water well in the refinery) was used until 1980. They stopped when exploratory wells were drilled around the perimeter of the refinery to check for leaching into the municipality. The first liquids from those wells were so so contaminated with hydrocarbons that it was pumped to the process units for feedstock. The old timers in the 40s, 50s, 60s played with asbestos making snowballs out it horsing around. Many of the pensioners lived into their 80s. The ones that passed early likely smoked. It is amazing how much abuse a human body can take.

      8. Agents were in armed raids over landrace livestock, raw milk, and Hunza bread.

      9. how many posters here are fully “vaccinated?”

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