Pentagon Propaganda: 6 Things The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About Soleimani’s Assassination

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The war propaganda has ramped up in the aftermath of the assassination of top-ranked Iranian general Qassam Soleimani.  But before jumping on the violent and horrific war bandwagon, there are six things you should know, that the mainstream media is failing to mention because they don’t align with the globalists’ official narrative.

    The mainstream media is hardly a bastion of truth and neutrality in reporting. The lapdog of the elitists and establishment ruling class will not tell you the things you need to know to make an informed and peaceful decision. All they will do is parrot the official narrative and the lines they are told which will lead to murder, slaughter, and death so that the military-industrial complex and bankers can rake in billions of dollars on another unnecessary war.

    Media outlets have omitted several aspects of the U.S. assassination of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani that don’t fit Washington’s warmongering official narrative, Lee Camp has argued. In a new video, Camp has debunked the Pentagon’s violent, sociopathic, brainwashing propaganda scheme so you don’t have to.

    Some of the not-so-convenient truths include the fact that Soleimani had come to Baghdad to hold de-escalation talks with Saudi Arabia – before being killed by a US drone. So did the US kill him to prevent the peace talks? And what about the fact that the US carried out this strike without the permission of its democratic “ally”, Iraq (whose ruling class the US toppled in the last unnecessary war), or the completely unsubstantiated accusation that Soleimani’s assassination was justified because he was plotting against the United States?

    The following video is only 15 minutes long:

    The point here is to not fall for the war propaganda being peddled to us, the slaves.  Don’t just support or participate in the mass murder of people you’ve never met based on the words of known liars, thieves, and crooks. We all have our own minds and supporting the slaughter of people simply because the ruling class told you to makes you a violent sociopath.


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      1. Yankee fool went to Iraq
        A ridin’ on a droney
        Dropped a missile on some men
        And called them terror cronies

        Yankee fool keep it up
        Yankee who’s yer daddy
        Mind your orders, fight Iran
        And keep the joo man happy

      2. Iranian general kills hundreds of invading American soldiers – terrist

        Invading American general kills hundreds of Iraqi soldiers – hero

        The brainwashing is strong

          • Trump: “Go ahead and pull my finger.. fart!!#@** CIA has the Government fooled again.

      3. Yippee! Let’s go over and invade the Middle East to defend ourselves.

        “Seven countries in seven years”

        Iran is the last on the list to be defended against.

      4. Fat fuck Pompeo graduated from West Point first in his class. If he’s the best the military has to offer, I’d hate to see the rest of the class. Oh. yeah, Espers was in the same class. Another good example of high IQ officers in charge of killing people.

      5. ~6:50, ‘If you wanna make America safe, and I have said this before, deliver clean water to the entire world. Alright? Deliver food to everyone starving around the world.’

        Except, if you’re Qaddafi, Tesla, or the Cajun Navy.

        Possibly, the worse law you can break is rulership via artificial scarcity. True enough.

        When you give these critical resources to third world warlords, they are used as leverage against civilians, though.

        When toilets were given, here, the stronger charged the weaker. Where food was planted in the commons, there was a competition.

        h ttps://

        American sjw’s (who just so happen to appear on Russian tv) believe in the myth of the ‘noble savage’. They chant ‘death to America’, upon receiving assistance, in the billions of dollars. How much did that well cost anyway? Can’t your Russian employers afford the clean water, too? Why aren’t they heroic enough?

      6. Pure equine feces…

      7. Looks like another left turn by SHTF

      8. When the idiot in the video begins by using profanity and disparaging remarks thinking people turned it off. I am getting really sick of so many “smartest guy in the world” and everyone else is a f**king idiot.

        Haven’t been on this site for a while. Obviously not missing anything.

      9. absolutely heart-breaking what’s being done. these wars have nothing to do with religion or terrorism or imminent attacks and everything to do with the sujugation of nations under the power and control of the Rothschild’s globalist ambitions. I fear war is inevitable yet we must all do our part in trying to prevent it. interesting that the bible talks about Christ’s return at the “last trump” isn’t it?

      10. This guy would be pathetic, if he wasn’t grotesque and repulsive… and a liar.

      11. Jason Charles nailed it. Never in history has a U.S. President assassinated a foreign leader and taken credit for it; gleefully I might add.

        Even worse Americans (many professing Christians) cheer the murder and start of another illegal war of aggression. That is truly testimony to a fallen people.

      12. Has anyone ever remembered that this guy is responsible for the deaths of 600 or more Americans? Shouldn’t that be enough justification for taking him out? Don’t we normally execute mass murderers? The guy killed Americans. That is enough reason to kill him.

        It is not always about politics.

      13. To the Terrorists Trump,Pompeo,and Esper, that have incited grave danger on the people in Iran by assistig ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda, IS, ISIL, and the MEK:
        Iranians are closely following the anti-war protests in America in addition to the polls displaying overwhelming opposition in excess of 70% for war with Iran, and know full well that Amerika has the highest prison population and homelessness epidemic, in addition to police brutality resulting in 1,000 murders by police a year. hey, If you care about Iranians, lifting the sanctions would really help!
        Until then,Goh Khordee! ( Eat Shit!)

      14. Establishment baffled and bewildered by being encroached upon by unidentified phenomonenna known as truth and realty!

        WTF is it?! How do we get rid of it?! Make it go away!

        I tell you the truth.

      15. Soleimani’s executioners could have pled ignorance, and his enablers could have been grateful that he’s in a better place.

      16. The Year 2020 marks the 11th calendar in the 28 year cycle of the perpetual calendar, sharing the same calendar as the worst year of my life, 1992, with the election of Bill Clinton followed by unprecedented and escalating corruption in America and TPTB.

        Hindsight has proven to be 2020, as always.

        Perhaps this year will usher in an era of accountability and consequences, which would have the effect of ending corruption that in its most tragic extreme leads to war and the brutal slaughter and oppression of innocent people.

        Israeli operatives are being sued by the ICC and Iran is going to sue Trump for the assassination of General Soleimani that the Chump team assassinated based on total fabrications, as everyone knows. Regardles of being believed by nobody, the barrage of lies continues.

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