Pentagon Blackout: “Large American Military Force” Deployed to Syrian Border

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Headline News | 317 comments

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    The catalyst for the next great war will likely occur somewhere in the middle east. The Americans know this. As do the Russians and the Chinese. And as with the last two ‘great wars,’ the groundwork is being laid well ahead of time.

    A large American military force disembarked Tuesday, June 4, at the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba – ready for deployment on the kingdom’s Syrian border, DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources report. The force made its way north along the Aqaba-Jerash-Ajilon mountain road bisecting Jordan from south to north, under heavy Jordanian military escort.

    Our sources disclose that this American force numbers 1,000 troops, the largest to land in Jordan since the Syrian civil war erupted in March 2012. They are members of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force carried aboard the USS Kearsageamphibious assault ship, which has been anchored off neighboring Israeli Eilat since mid-May. Upon landing, the marines took to the road in a convoy of armored vehicles including Hummers.

    Washington and Amman have imposed a blackout on their arrival.

    According to our US sources, the arrival of the US force in Jordan was not directly related to the regular exercise but decided on at an emergency meeting at the Pentagon on May 31, which was attended by top military and civilian Defense Department officials. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who is away from Washington, took part by video conference.

    DebkaFile via Steve Quayle

    Just last month the Russians, in response to a multi-year American Naval buildup, deployed the majority of their Pacific Fleet to the Mediterranean, and they are now shifting nuclear submarines to the region.

    Sides are being taken, with Russia providing material support to the Assad regime and the United States providing money and weapons to the Free Syrian Army rebels, who sources claim are not only not Syrian, but likely operatives of America’s sworn enemy Al Queda.

    There will be no draw down of troops or naval assets in the near future. Russia and the United States, as well as China, have strategic reasons for being in the region, and no one is going to pull back.

    A terrible future lies ahead for the people of Syria and the greater world as this conflict continues to escalate.

    Brandon Smith of puts forth an in depth analysis of the situation:

    Using Vietnam and other proxy wars as a reference, here is how I believe the war in Syria is likely to progress over the coming months:

    1. Heavy weapons will be supplied to the insurgency, including anti-aircraft weapons, leading to increased casualties, especially civilian casualties.
    2. Assad will respond with expanded and deadly airstrikes and ground troops will advance with the aid of Hezbollah.
    3. Iran will begin openly supplying arms, and step up covert supplies of advisors and ground troops.
    4. Russia will increase arms shipments even further, including anti-ship, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in order to dissuade U.S. and Israeli interests from sending their own forces into the area.
    5. Syrian insurgents will begin losing ground quickly. The UN will offer to “mediate” a ceasefire, but this will only be designed to allow the insurgents time to regroup, and for the U.S., EU and Israel to position themselves for attack.
    6. The UN ceasefire talks will be a wash, if they even take place. Israel will begin regular airstrikes in the name of stopping Iran and Hezbollah from interfering in the war, or to stop them from obtaining “chemical weapons.” The strikes will be aimed at Syrian military facilities and Syrian infrastructure. There will be many civilian casualties.
    7. Syria will respond with ground to air and ground to ground missiles. Israeli cities will see far more precise targeting than the scud missiles used by Iraq during Gulf I and Gulf II. Civilian deaths will be much higher than expected, despite common claims that Israeli missile defenses are the most advanced in the world (Israel has never faced the threat of advanced Russian missile systems).
    8. A no-fly zone will be announced over Syria, enforced by U.S. and Israeli planes, along with anti-aircraft batteries.
    9. A violent attack will take place in Israel, likely against a civilian population center (I would not be surprised if chemical weapons are involved). The attack will be blamed on the Assad government, or affiliated allies. It might be a real attack or it might be a false flag. In either case, the result will be the commitment of Israeli ground troops.
    10. I think it highly probable that Israel will be the first Western country to invade Syria. However, their involvement will immediately draw a declaration of war from Iran, and, increased ship movements from Russia, which maintains a strategic naval base off the coast of Tartus.
    11. Israel will be swallowed up in a strategic quandary, and will demand U.S. military action. The U.S. will supply that action. Combat will spread into cross-border battles in countries not directly engaged in the fight (as it did in Cambodia during Vietnam).
    12. China will respond with economic retaliation, dumping the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. Russia will respond by reducing petro-product exports to Europe and staging a massive naval presence in the region. From this point, all bets are off…

    Now, the temptation here is for one to immediately take sides and to look at this conflict through the lens of “East vs. West.” This would be a mistake. The Syrian government has in the past acted in tyrannical fashion (though much of the latest accusations appear to be propaganda designed to lure the American public into rallying around another war).

    Russia is just as restrictive an oligarchy as the U.S. or the EU. China’s society is a communist nightmare state and the average globalist’s aspiration for what they want America to become one day. Iran has many oppressive policies and is certainly not the kind of country I would ever want to live in. The Syrian insurgency is a mixture of immoral and unprincipled death squads and paid covert wet-work agents. The U.S. government is immorally supplying the cash and weapons for them to operate in the name of fighting the same kind of tyranny that is being instituting here at home.

    The point is, there are no “good guys” in this story. There are no heroes; only the insiders, the outsiders, and the general public.

    Full analysis at Alt Market: The Terrible Future of the Syrian War

    Very few, if any, major conflicts throughout history erupted overnight.

    Chess pieces were positioned for years, sometimes decades, before all-out conflict took place.

    These people – our dear leaders in America, Russia, China, Syria and Iran among others – are actively pursuing a strategy that is going to get hundreds of millions of people killed.

    They are going to take the world to war… again.

    Get ready for it, because we are going to see it in our lifetimes.


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      1. well, we all know it was going to start somewhere !! just do not know when !!

        • Looks like sooner than later. Thought obama got the Peace Prize? That fu&ker shouldn’t even get the Cracker Jack Prize!

          • U.S. President does what he is told.

            • The USA’s answer to fiscal stupidity, another war.

              • @ Outwest. Just like you say, another war based on stupidity. The last comment about vew few wars have erupted overnight on this article. Let’s see now; the largest ever recorded tornado last week with 295 MPH winds, source Weather Channel. Lowest pressure ever hurricane from Sandy that far north last year. Largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan 2 years ago, largest ever recorded strike slip quake last year, the largest ever deep focus earthquake last week. Largest ever recorded radiation burst of the Sun last month. Biggest debt, and rapidly growing, in world history now. Records never seen before being broken an awful lot the past 24 months. Conclusion, expect ANYTHING over in the Middle East.

                I was going to link Brandon’s article earlier as it was very correct in one scenario. I would like to give the worst case scenario that is also extremely likely.

                Israel decides to take out some more Syria targets and this time, like back in 2006, Hezbollah decides to try to stop them or retaliate with a limited at first missile barrage. Arrow Israeli anti-missile bateries take out some rockets, others make direct hits in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, Ashqelon, Ashdod, and other smaller towns around the northern Israeli border. Israel responds with a massive bombardment of Hezbollah positions in Lebanon and Syria.

                Syria begins their launch on everything they have at Israel, Assad wants this to draw hatred toawrds a common arab enemy, the Jewish people. Hezbollah, and Hamas begin full missile launches. Israel is faced with literally thousands of rockets and missiles a hour from three fronts, possible a fourth fron from Iran. Israel to stop the assault from Hezbollah and Iranian commandoes in Syria and Lebanon firing in miore rockets than one region has ever seen resorts to using neutron bombs to avoid mass destruction of civilian areas and the classic mushroom clouds that would be visible for 200 miles.

                Hezbollah and Syria deploy every chemical and biological weapons known to man at Israel. At this point it is Project Sampson with Israel that says they will take down all their enemies along with their country falling. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and a few other arab countries are nuked. Russia and/or China at this point could finish off Israel or the U.S. and NATO forces get involved and WW3 truly starts. IF not it is likely that the radicals in Pakistan would get a hold of their nuclear weapons and make Israel pay for killing their fellow muslims. When it comes to the enemy, sunni and shi’a agree that it is killing islam is all that matters.

                Think this is an alarmist way of thinking? Look at 2006 when Hezbollah went after Israel and ended up in a stalemate after taking out over 100 of Israel’s best tank, almost sinking their missile flag ship, and hitting Israel with over 4000 rockets. Then they had about 40000 short and medium range rockets. This time they have 200000-400000, probably on the high end. The rockets are much, much more advanced. Hamas, thanks to the collapse of Egypt as smuggled in very high tech rockets also. Syria has been being armed by Russia and Iran heavily, even Hezbollah. This time there is every chemical weapon available, along with probably every biological device.

                Israel has also been very concerned that Iran is purchasing nuclear weapons from North Korea, as a recent Debka article had the headlines; 3 nukes for $5 billion dollars. A bargin for Iran? If Russians die in an Israel strike that puts a widl card into a whole different ballpark. They are freaken fooling around over there with the end of human civilization over in the Middle East and the news is more concerned about Michael Jackson’s kid getting sick. Yeah, it could happen overnight, not just because of the volatility over there, but also because the human race is totally asleep at the switch.

                • Be informed—you bet, Pard

                  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been boxed
                  into a corner with no place to run.
                  I think our chances of getting out of
                  this are about as slim winning the lottery.

                • BI,
                  Depressing, but totally realistic scenario, and the Earth itself getting into the act… hmmm.

                  But, above all the geopolitical strategic crap, and the economic crap, are the scandals, and the need for this administration to implement;

                  WAG THE DOG.

                  • I thought in 2006 it was Israel who entered Lebanon to attack them, and Then hezbollah countered israelis attacking lebanon. And it was not a stalemate, rather the very first time since 1948 that israel freeked out for their first ever Loss at war or battles.

                    Does anybody have any Other valid info sites besides debka and jersuselem based news sites? Because as far as truthfull info goes, I trust israeli website or newspapers etc even Less than I trust Faux tv news. After all, in the entire world today is there Any more Pro-Israeli news info sites than Fox and israeli sites are.

                    Fox tv daily 24/7-over a Decade going now- is nothing but constant news updates on israel as a victim. Yet never do they, fox reporters ever show Any news or info from a Differing perspective. Like for instance RT tv news shows Israeli info AND also Plaestinian side of things too. As well as Iran and syrias point of view or worthy important info from the OTHER side of the Coin so to speak.

                    They may as well take fox news crews to Skokie Illinois and do spontaneous street interviews and ask folks in skokie “So how well do You guys like German folks”?

                    Does anybody think they would hear Anything good said regarding german people? Yet that example sums up acurately how daily fox tv every hour on the hour, each new “show” reports on israeli events etc. One side Only and Always. As if we all should automatically just trust and believe whatever fox reports tells us, because with a huge staff of about 90% jewish reporters and expert guests etc, it Must be the real deal truth….Right?

                    Debka and israeli news likly has greater percentages of them than Fox does. So What Other source is avail if any? Ideas?….Thank you in advance if anybody here can provide it.

                    Oh yeah! Yesterday a New Milestone event happened!

                    RT TV News and rt website said Their, rt’s, Youtube Videos Just passed the One BILLION hits or Views of rt videos at yutube. RT said they became the First Ever news site in the world to reach one Billion views. It may also be the first ever one billion views of Anything posted at yutube news or otherwise. Not sure of that latter part. First part is accurate though on RT videos views.

                    I never realized RT was so huge compared to cnn or fox et al. I only began getting rt avail on dish network satalite about a year ago if that. That amazes me One billion views! Hard to visualize eh. Thats like 1 in every 7 persons worldwide!

                  • @ Them Guys. What happened back in 2006 was Hezbollah kidnapped and killed I believe was 6-8 Israelis soldiers and Israel responded. “Thinking” it would be a cake walk, Israel walked right into asymmeterical and widescale guerrilla warfare and at first got their asses handed to them. Israelis are highly intelligent and adjusted and this is what lead to a “stalemate” as neither side after the first days of war did much to the other.

                    This time Israel has a true dilemma. The only way to go after Hezbollah is to bomb the living crap out of where there launch baskets are for these hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles. Last time the launch basket was confined to a small area since the range of the rockets were limited to 60 miles tops. This time even Hamas have these Fajr 5 rockets as they proved it last time a few months ago. Hezbollah now has complete range rockets to hit all of Israel, including their Dimona nuclear power plant.

                    Hezbollah likely has the Iskander missile that is accurate within about 50 feet of its target and carries a 1500 pound thermobaric warhead on it. That is a type of fuel air type explosive. The TNT yield of a thermobaric warhead is about 6-7 times the weight of the warhead. Syria is using these extensively against the rebels and pounding the living hell out of them in areas that are confined like caves, tunnels, or anywhere that the shockwaves can be magnified like in a canyon. Anyway you can visualized what a warhead in the range of 5 tons of TNT (1500 lbs x 7 = 10500 lbs.) can do to a neighborhood or even a military or infrastructure target.

                    The Russians and Chinese have been supplying Syria, Iran and Hezbollah with much more advanced weapons. Many of these weapons were used in the 2006 war, like the cruise missile 801 from China that almost sunk Israel’s missile flagship. Hezbollah fired another one and barely missed a second Israeli naval vessel and instead sunk some merchant ship from African a few miles off from the Israeli navy.

                    Remember the Falkland Islands war when Argentina sunk the British destroyer with the silkworm missile. It has been said that IF Argentina would have had a large arsenal of these anti-ship missiles back then, they could have sunk most or all of the British navy. missiles and rockets that are accurate are equalizers in war. Just look at what the destruction the U.S. did to Iraq with their cruise missiles. Hezbollah and Syria could do this to Israel in that confined small space of the country.

                    Israel omce said that 1000 missiles was equal to be hit with about 5-10 squadrons of bomber jets, depending on of course the accuracy. Israel takes rockets and missile very seriously, but fully admitted that no anti-missile system could begin to make the country safe from even hundreds of rockets coming at them at once. Try thousands. Israel’s really bad option is likely the neutron bomb to try to minimize the physical damage to the city and other areas Hezbollah is hiding in, and make it look like to the world community that they used conventional weaspons. Hezbollah and Syria and others will know different and will turn up the heat as what almost always happens in major wars and use their weapons of mass destruction. Then the gates of hell have been opened.

                    I have said this before. There is more firepower right now with Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, Russia, China, now the U.S. and other arab countries than in anytime in any war, including the Vietnam or Korean war. It has been estimated that there is more weapons right now than even in the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea. That powder keg is enormous beyond the word. This makes for a nightmare when these powers let loose.

                • The wierd animal die offs and great &increasing number of record setting catyclismic events are being caused by an end of an age earth changing pole shift. these events will continue until they reach a peak and the magnosphere becomes stabilized. then they will abate over time. The earth changes are not caused by mans puny activities. and contrary to Glowbull warming carbon trading followers of Al Gore believe . they cant be mitigated by man. They are not caused by mans sinful ways no matter what bible thumpers believe. The earth change pole shift would still be occuring even if man had neve walked the earth. Now the senseless wars and fiscal irrisponsible goverments are mans doing. And even though I ate to admit it there are too many humans on the planet. Also it seems that the better educated productive higher caliber & quality a couple is the fewer children they have? and the welfare drawing parasites and illegals seem to be having litters! Something is wrong when those who have the most reources and could best afford children dont reproduce and those who cant even feed themselves without food stamps have several. sometmes those unmarried girls have several children and every one has a different father. Maybe a great culling of humans wouldnt be such a bad thing.

                  • You should apply for a huge multi million $$ Grant to set up an expertize buisness and Appoint You as the person to decide who and how many get culled. Just tell them in your grant apps that You are the foremost expert because You can Prove bible thumpers are wrong. You cannot lose!
                    New agers know best right.

                  • they tried that once his name was adolf ,maybe the well educated people with plenty of money dont have any chidren because there just stingy ,you know when i hear you talk about high caliber ,quality couple’s ,i cant help believe that your a real snob ,now what if they are educatated but have a gimpy arm ,or one breast is bigger than the other should we let them live , or just the ones with blonde hair

                  • When left to itself nature has a way to cull the unfit. When there are no longer goverments to robb from the producers and redistribute the parasitic. It will be survival of the fittiest(good DNA), meanest & craftiest or just plain lucky. The counstition states all men are created equal. Thats very true. However thats where it ends. Some have much better DNA Good genes! their smarter or more physcally fit. Luckier Born into a better life situation ect. Many have special talents others could never achieve no matter how much training or education. My farm will only graze a certian number of animal units if the land is stocked to capacity or overstocked any little hiccup like a drought will adversely effect the whole herd. Shure I could mitigate by irrigation or supplemental feeding. But the best thing is to reduce the number of animal units. I could do that in two ways. Just let them alone and some would die off. Or cull the poor performers and keep the best specimens. the planet has way too many parasite takers and way too few producing makers. The goverments tend to reward the takers and punish the makers. I know it sounds arrogant & mean and isnt politically correct. But the fact is Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, My Fault, Your Fault, The Goverments Fault, Nobodys Fault That just the way things are. Humans by and large are parasitic and there are just too many for the mother earth to support. So their will be a culling. It might be a disease,War, famine, earthquake or other clatyclisim .Nobody knows what or when but it will occur. The culling will not be a respecter of race ,religion, moral caracter or anything else.

                  • I’ve heard several people talk about pole shift; however I’m not sure I completely understand the concept. In this theory, would the axis shift as well? If an object in motion tends to stay in motion, a change in axis would seem nearly impossible. That being said, exactly what would the fallout be if the poles changed their current position? I would assume electronics might go haywire, compasses would seem unreliable, etc, but the poles already shift by N degrees every year and we’ve known that for many years. Every navigator knows they have to take into account the difference between true and magnetic north. Exactly how far would the poles shift?

                • well this may not go over good but oh well like Ricky Nelson said “you cant please everybody, so you got to please yourself” i agree with BI i think that all the earths actions are in hyper drive ,though my belief is that the Lord is sick to his stomach on the way things are going in this country its upside down ,right is wrong and wrong is right ,i think he has pulled back his hand of grace ,just like when you tell your child to stop breaking windows ,at some point even though you love them your going to grab them up and bust there ass ,God also chasens those that he loves ,im not saying its the end of the world ,or even the end of man ,but what i am saying is its the end of the same o’l same o’l ,and if you think he’s not pissed ,just remember ,he destroyed sodom and ghamora for a lot less

                  • BI, it wasn’t a destroyer in that Falklands action. It was the “Dalas” a cruiser the U.S. had given Argentina.

                    Semper Fi

                • B.I,

                  I cannot argue with your hypothetical scenario regarding the middle east.

                  I do take issue with falling for the actual meaning of “largest recorded” anything.

                  4.6 billion years the earth has been around and I am suppose to think tens of years of accurate recordings are meaningful?
                  No scientist can say that a 9.0 earthquake is big, we know so little about the true history of global quakes.
                  Big sun emission? What, in comparison to the 50 years we have records?
                  Lowest pressure hurricane ever?!? Once again “ever” in relation to less than 100 years of accurate records, so once again basically meaningless.

                  Let’s just take the 4 billion years since single celled life has been around and pretend we have accurate records for the last 1000 years. So we have records for .00000025% of relevant history. To ever attach the words biggest, largest, highest, most, or any form of speech meant to imply some form of greatness is purely based on ignorance and willful refusal to acknowledge the true nature of understanding.

                  But this is just me.

                • @BI-
                  Too bad she wasn’t successful.

                • Is this an Israeli website. Remember the U.S.S. Liberty and the sailors and Marines killed by Israel!

                  • Frank: no not an israeli site. Just more like many deluded evangelicals etc that are so brainwashed by so many false preachers with false end times interpretations, which all Always revolve around “israel=jews and jews=israel” as if the two words anywheres found in the bible can be used Interchangably as both mean the exact same single thing.

                    But to believe these preachers falsehoods, one muct then believe These Two issues too. #1= God Promiced abraham he’d have so many decendants long after he was dead, that nobody could count them as they shall number as the Stars in the heavens or sands of the seas and shores.(Yes True)

                    Then they also Must believe #2= and Today and Since 1948, all or Most of those massive numbers of decendants are “jews” from tribe of judah(wheres the Other 11 tribes though?) and somehow they ALL will Fit into a rabid small nation IE: Israel aprox 200 miles X 40 miles in size and scope!!!! And remember so far none of the Other 11 tribes has “returned” to israel! Holy Moly! where will they all Fit in so small a nation?!(Should be self evidently False).

                    Of course Most folks today never think to ask such a question of their preachermen. They rather have Blind Belief and acceptance if it touches any “emotional Feelings” based reasons. Those feelings were Nurtured By a Lifetime of trainings which teach “All Persons/gentiles/goyims, everywheres Must use Kneejerk reply or responces and Attack anybody who rejects or questions ANYTHING promoted as truth By jewish folks OR Evangelical preachers, when such questionings or info may prove it’s Lies or exagerations etc. And the Main accepted Kneejerk reply is to Call out “Nazi! Holyhoax Denier! Hatemonger! Racist!”.(or Red Thummb Downs, for the folks Challenged with inability to foster Real debate or produce Any truthfull refutations that bolster their blind faith defence of israel/jewish folks).

              • Well, war has ALWAYS been the answer to a Depression. And the larger the Depression, the bigger the war. And baby, this is going to be a HUMDINGER of a Depression!

                Sigh! Oh well, another place to go to, I guess.

                • This time the MIC has twice as much meat for the grinder. Here’s your equal rights, girls! You got what your moms demanded.

            • That may be so but it’s no excuse.

              • Two lls. Sorry, Dallas.

                Semper Fi

            • This is the Big One! Be a good time to start building them bomb shelters and stocking up, or try and ride it out, and get ready to glow and fry, cause them russian subs are packing some serious heat, the kind that kills millions and millions, and don’t go away for long, long time. Get ready for Duke Nukem!

            • WakeUp,

              I thought of exactly the same thing. And listening to what he has said in the past proves it.

              Obama Quotes “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

              “The private sector is doing fine.”

              “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

              “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

              “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower….”

              Y’all Beware! Sad part there are so many more!!

              • Stalinist commies everywhere.
                If the commies reinstate the draft without a congressionally declared war tell them to get fugged.

                Semper Fi

          • There has been an increase of Chinook’s coming and going day and night into Self Ridge Air Base just N. of Detroit along Lake St. Claire the past few days.

            • Luther

              Will be in touch. Thanks for the information.


              • Copy that

                • Luther are the big c’s still flying out at night? have not talked to my source over by the base in a few weeks. im just down m59 by m53 during the work day.

            • Your right, I live not too far from selfridge! theirs lots of activity there lately,and a whole lot of armored vehicles coming in on I-94 too! I also saw a whole mess of them plastic 4 man coffins stacked along side the railroad tracks off of joy blvd. Something is up!

              • you seen those crates too steve? a fuck ton of them out there, also started noticing they put up some small gated power subs with mini comm towers along m59 not to far from ryan rd. and only heard rumor of the check point towers off of 94 not sure how true the check point ones are have not seen them myself.

                • most of that stuff comes in by rail at night! and gets conveniently tucked along the backside of Irwin st. Drive by and see for yourself! The hum-vees come on tractor trailers from private carriers, and they all have those microphone arrays on their rear quarter panels! “those are made exclusively for tracking the origin of small arms fire!”

            • Luther:

              This site has “IDIOTS” (in the wire) not “GOOKS” SORRY OLD TERMINOLOGY,

              • “IDIOTS in the wire”


            • born en raised in Michigan…Arizona transplant now ..keep an eye out in Grayling (boots on the ground training)and Alpena, (jet fighters & helos) MI.
              i can remember as a kid fishing out in Lake St. Clair en having those fighter jets scream out over the lake and the big transport planes…next major military offensive, it going to be a BIG one…blessings out to everyone now!

        • Your FedGov is in the business of war.

          If you support the FedGov,[and uniforms]you support war!

          The militarism has to stop! Can’t you see it’s destroying this country?

          Why do you think the Psychos in DC took us off the Gold Standard in 1971?

          Your government severed the ties to sound money so it could expand and metastasize: Becoming the monstrous freak show that it is today.

          If you are the sort who chants USA… USA. You support the FedGov. The same FedGov pushing the “Dogs of War.”

          Washington D.C. is the largest “Terrorist Cell” in the world!

          What are we gonna do about it?

        • Didn’t WWII start the same way for us? We were helping the Chinese against the Japanese, the Flying Tigers was one example of that. And then….Pearl Harbor.

        • Keep prepping my friends..standing by in sc.

        • Obama promotes a liar (susan rice) to National Security Advisor. Obama admin sympathizers to Muslims if not a Muslim himself that is Obama and Holder both possibly.

          Wow, hold on people, America is sold OUT!!

          • That’s right, Price. Sold out. Nothing left but commies and an occasional American.
            Lock and load, Americans.
            Semper Fi

        • I’m as patriotic as anyone, but I am so tired of these useless wars and the crap that get’s spewed at us meant to entice us into rallying behind it all……


        • And the people in this country (at least those who pay attention) don’t want us involved in another mid-east conflict…..just as Americans, as a whole, did not want to be involved in the War in Europe in 1914…nor did we want to go to war with Japan and Germany in 1941. And many Americans did not want us to get involved in a civil war in s.e. Asia in 1963.

          So….what was required was a false-flag event in each of those situations, so as to stir up American sentiments and willingness to get involved.

          It’s going to happen again. It may take more than a false-flag in the mid-east to get Americans to be willing to send more of their sons and daughters to die over there. We’re tired of over a decade of it. So….expect a major false-flag here.

          It’s coming.

          Just don’t get fooled again.

      2. So it begins…..

        • Yes it does. A tiny spark becomes a flame…..

          • What the mainstream media didn’t tell us…

            What you really need to know about the U.N. “Global Gun Control” treaty
            The Daily Crux

          • If the marine expeditionary force landed, the seals and delta are already on the ground stirring the Hornet nest. I can imagine black op teams are already screwing everything up.

        • The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has. -Yoda

      3. Could this contribute to gas jumping to $4.30, today?

        • Gas is $3.31 where I am.

          • I’m a bit envious of $3.31. I don’t often drive very far, but tomorrow,I have a two-hour trip each way to a specialist at a large medical center, for my son.

            • $3.11 in South Texas

          • $3.23 at my corner store, down from $3.27 earlier in the week.

            • It’s around $3.30 here in Austin.

              • Central Illinois jumped from $3.77 to $3.99 today.

            • 3.38 in Rocky Mount, NC

              • 3.41 in Charlotte but we try to get to SC where its around 3.10 due to lower taxes. Also check out gasbuddy website. So, better fuel up if the fighting breaks out?

        • From what I understand MI. has taken over as the highest in gas per gal outside of Hawaii, something to to with a refinery.

          Anyone else know anything?

          • I know it was 4.30 up here this morning. Cripes!!!!

            • Luther & Bill

              No comment, Guys……

              • I heard it was 3.20 in Arizona.

            • @Bill- Not braggin ,but gas is $3.09 gal. in upper SC ! Just a FACT so DON’T kill the Messager!! …

              • Oops! I made a MISTAKE !! Please don’t drive there with your Gas Tanker and FILL UP !! It’s really 6.98 GAL…..comedy-off…

        • It was 3.68 on my corner of metro Denver this morning.

        • Gas prices in town rose quite a bit today.

          Unleaded regular gas
          6/4…….$3.37 a gallon
          6/5…….$3.59 a gallon

          • in mid michigan its 4.40

      4. At least I’m too old to be drafted.

        • Unfortunately my son just turned 18. Hope Canada’s still open.

          • Draft deserters are traitors.

            • Not anymore they not!

              • The thumbs up rating on George Gefferson’s post is an illustration of just why this country is F**KED!

                Too many government bootlickers.

            • NO George

              it is the corrupt,bought and paid for politicians
              who start one bull shit war after another that are the traitors

              • Do..Please, explain that simple concept for them Satori! 🙂


              • Spot on,
                If you went from one side of any town to the other taking a poll of bring the troops home or make more problems, 90% would say bring em home.
                Our government is out of control, if the politicians ALL took a round to the head we could just pull the tenticles back and secure our position instead of projecting out into God knows what all.
                Anyone who thinks this constant meddling is good needs to be sent packing.

              • Note the small number of veterans in congress.

            • You are so wrong.

            • George Gefferson,

              The odds are you don’t have a Son who would be eligible for a military draft but if you do then you don’t give a shit about your own kid. Let me tell you something ass wipe, anyone who would not keep their kid out of this military that is now being run by evil, incompetent, vile, traitorous devils, is just as sick as they are.

              Fight for what, some towel heads that just want to cut our Son’s heads off? Fight under a President who is the most vile and corrupt man to ever hold office? Not a chance as far as I’m concerned, they can and will go to hell, of that I am certain.

              • Look how viciously veterans have been treated by the government they served and obeyed.

                • @John Q. Public


                  Why would anyone “voluntarily” choose to serve evil?

                  Oh, I know… USA… USA!

                  “Don’t try to figure out crazy people. It’s an exercise in futility.”

                  • Theres alot of deluded fools who listen to neocon talk radio and internet radio shows which are spewing much Fear that very soon now the usa Will be overtaken by Sharia Islamic Law, unless we “do something and Quickly!”.

                    Newswithviews has a few that do regular articles at that website. And they keep doing articles, every week at least one article of that sort. Fear mongering of sharia ready to pounce any day now.

                    Which is massive hog wash at best. I do not doubt there are muslims Here in usa who would “like” to see sharia law here. But ONE single african black-convert to islam us rep from Minnisota as compared to, the huge numbers of us reps and senators and whitehouse advisors and agency heads by the Dozens and Dozens not to mention all of banks and msm nationwide, of zionists makes such Fear mongers Laughable at best.

                    However those neocon repubs folk that Believe the fear mongering talk or articles are Eager and Ready Freddy to sign up to go to WAR! USA!USA!USA!…”If we do not fight them There…We will need to fight them…Here!” Gee when have we heard That before eh? Oh yes all our Lives now!

                    NEWS FLASH! While we all were told fight em There so not fight em Here since we was 10 yrs old, the fuckin Kommie enemys were Flooding into the usa, and many were Already here infiltrating all that matters nationwide. How can Anybody fall for that crap spew fear mongering again is beyond comprehension to me.

              • I agree with swinging…. if you let your kid join the military, then you’re just a bad fucking parent… today’s military is being run by pure evil…no honor anymore, just pure evil…besides, you need that kid at home, protecting his family…not overseas, shooting up some ass backwards country

                • 73/4 tin foil hat::
                  “if you let your kid join the military , then you’re just a bad fucking parent”

                  My God What have you done to make things better????

                  All those Mother’s & Father’s with Sons an Daughters protecting you, (you just shit on.)”DESPICABLE”

                  But i do wish you well, you’ll need it

                  • @High Noon….

                    They are not protecting us. They are cannon fodder for the NWO globalists.

                    Can’t you see that?

                    You must learn to look beneath the surface of what is happening.

                    Stop taking the word of the talking heads at CNN,FOX, and the MSM at face value, and realize that you are being manipulated.

                    If you have the time….go to youtube and do a search for “All wars are bankers wars” and then watch it.

                    Then you’ll understand why those of us here say that we would not want our children serving in today’s military.

                    Wake up before it’s too late.

                  • noon, I wish you well, too…however, we’re on different sides of the fence on this answer the question “what have I done to make things better?”….I work, I prep, I keep the peace in my little corner of the world…that’s what I do to make things better for me and my loved ones…I enjoy reading your posts, noon…keep at it

                • 7 3/4……Yea ,Bush showed us what happens when you INVADE the Mid-East,when he sent troops to Iraq ! (over a false reason) IT was just like POKIN A STICK at a HORNETS NEST!! Or maybe steppin on a Fire-ant hill !! Those towel-heads don’t like INVADERS in their Country (can’t blame them for that) They just want to be LEFT ALONE ,so they can Kill each other in peace!!!……mm~

              • Folks the military is mercenaries hired out to the global banker sindicate. Tell your sons and daughters to come out of it any way they can. We will all be fighting for our survival very soon, and right here in the good ol USA. Either we lay down and die or we rise up and fight this evil. I would rather die fighting this evil. If we buck the the bankers we will be fighting!

              • Swinging, commies gave you a red thumb. It’s red for a reason.

                Semper Fi

            • Bullshit. This is no longer America of old. I had a grandfather of the greatest generation. It would have been an honor to serve with men and women like that. Not any longer. Our government is corrupt to the corp. Pun intended. Fucking with Syria is so over the top it appears as insanity. Dodge the US military if you must.

              • amen

                • How can there be Any fed gov corruption regarding Wars, when the heads of the Pentagon-State dept-CIA-EVERY US Senate Head of every major committee related to wars and foriegn policy etc are ALL Zionists and most are dual citizens of usa & israel?

                  What could they Possibly gain by bombing every mid east nation? What can Zionist Bankster fed reserve Gain from so many more Wars?

                  And which Nation would so many dual citizen jewish high level honchos, spread out thicker than peanut butter throughout our entire fed gov-msm-bank-univ-systems Nationwide like a massive hoard of Cockroaches infesting everywheres, posibly be Loyal to? Now Be Honest in your answers! Loyalty to USA? OR..Drum Roll please,,,Israel?

                  • Thanks Ahab.


            • Then IF I had a son–he’d be one @ my request.
              And careful of your response. Husband is a Vietnam vet.

            • Hey GG…times are different. I served honorably for ten years. I got out because I was no longer serving the people or my country unfortunatley. Trust me, it was a very sad thing to realize. I wouldnt advise anyone to join right now…no way,dont join because you will be serving evil. “Draft dodgers” these days I would consider to be patriots. unfortunatley many who are now in the military are traitors…not all,but many. things have changed…we have to look at everything differently now. I hope you can look at things objectivley and dont rely on false information to make decisions about people in the new reality we live in.

          • Do you have daughters???????

            Monday, February 18, 2013 Reinstate Military Draft Bill Introduced to Include All Women
            Activist Post

            Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) wants all Americans to serve their government, including women. On Friday he introduced one bill that would reinstate the draft and another that would require all women to register for Selective Service as well.

            Rangel introduced the The National Universal Service Act (H.R. 747) for the sixth time since first being proposed in 2003 during the Iraq war. H.R 747 “would require 30 million people in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform two years of national service in either the armed services or in civilian life.”

            Rangel also introduced the All American Selective Service Act (H.R. 748) which requires all women to enroll in the Selective Service System. This would essentially double the number of registrants. The current law requires only men ages 18 to 25 to register, leaving approximately only 13.5 million in the registry.

            “Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts,” said Rangel in a statement. “Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm’s way.”

            The last time Rangel introduced the “draft” bill was in 2011 on the very same day

            • My 20 year-old daughter severed a tendon in her knee. She needs surgery to repair it. We can’t afford it. Thank you Lord. She can’t be drafted!

              • If these a$$ clowns actually pass a law drafting women (our young girls)

                I think I will kick someones ASS!!!

                These crooks need to be prosecuted and all their wealth confiscated so their prosperity gets ZIP!!


                That was a good bill introduced by Dipshit Charlie.

            • cannon fodder isnt inlisting fast enough for the war machine . fresh meat is needed and the draft is just the ticket to keep these war monger politicians in a cushy high paying position

              • I am More concerned with that “Civilian” mandatory two yrs service Here at home. Can That perhaps be related to hobammys Armed home based Youth army, better trained, better funded and better Armed to combat problems we are Sure to have here in america?

                And would hobammys “Sure to have Problems here” in usa be code for Whiteys-Patriots-Christians and ex Mil vets?

                After all He Is the Most egotistical, Uppity, Anti White Anti American US Prez, as well as Most Uppity Anti white African Black this nation ever had.

                Millions of Yoooots can do quite alot of dammage within a two year time frame if he were to cut them loose against all prior mentioned folks he so Hates no. Rangle aint much better neither.

                • “yoots” 🙂

          • I despise tattoos, but in the case of your son – have him go get himself one of those Aryan Brotherhood or Confederate Flag tattoos. The US military is so jewed and P.C. these days, that a tattoo like that – or anything else that promotes White racial pride – will have a very good chance of causing him to be rejected for any draft that might be instituted.

            Better yet, get a Swastika tattoo. That will really render him unfit to serve Big jewry.

          • Last I heard, Canada will send ’em back.

        • yeah
          so am I
          but if chicken hawks McCain and Lindsey Graham
          pick up a rifle and head to Syria
          I’ll be right behind them

          HA HA HA

          ain’t NO CHANCE IN HELL of that ever happening

          • I would love to be behind them both with a loaded gun. Grin

      5. Frightening scenario Brandon. I really appreciate this report, couldn’t have found it anywhere else. Thanks.

      6. Interesting scenario, but it is not going to happen that way. Assad is neutralized by the rebels or assassinated. Damascus is destroyed. Syria is divided like Iraq.

        Israel launches a first strike against Iran. Iran retaliates against US. Jihad sweeps Europe and America. The US ignites “regime change” in Iran. Russia and China sit this one out.

        A Peace Treaty is eventually signed. The rest is written in revelations.

        • Sounds like whistling in the graveyard. Russia moves a huge naval force to the region to “sit it out?” China doesn’t think about dumping T-Bonds to crash the dollar? Just an FYI,I didn’t thumb you down.

        • China and Russia do have it in common that they are both hoarding gold. Maybe they do set themselves apart and sit it out. Waiting for the US to continue enslaving itself to borrow/print tactics. Then simply taking over rather softly on the world scene.

          • Can this be verified??
            >>> The case Obama is making for sanctions and “humanitarian” intervention in Syria is a total fabrication. The US goal in Syria is regime change. The people Assad is attacking aren’t unarmed protestors. They are Islamic militants that the US and NATO have been funding and training for at least ten months.>>>

            Sound like a Hillary playbook.

            • JayJay:YES it can be verified I think. RT news a couple weeks ago did an hour long in 2, 1/2 hr segment parts about Syria and whats Really going on there. Basically it showed and said everything You wrote in your question can it be verified.

              It showed video of a rebel anti assad fighter, after killing a guy the rebel cut out his Heart and lifted it high above his own head to show it off. Then he Ate some of the heart! Newer reports said rebels are also eating Intestines after gutting those killed!

              RT interviewed Many syrian muslims AND Christians too. All said Assad is who they support and what american MSM is telling us here in usa is BS to the extreme. RT interviewed Syria reg asad army guys too. They were Very clean dressed uniforms, clean bodies, clean language, and like the syrian citizen folks on rt news they all Love assad. His Family and he, assad has been Protecting syrian Christians for Over 40 yrs now.

              Assad is a USA Univ Trained PHD Eye Surgeon Dr. too. His wife is a very nice seeming woman whos Dedicated to Shelters she got built for Orphans and sick kids etc. RT showed assad and wife at home with their kids and other kid pals etc and they do not seem anything like our usa MSM is telling us about assad. Not saying hes perfect. But also not like we being led to think for sure.

              They the christians are very worried now and blame usa and israel for trouble there. Their main worry is they will end up like Iraq christians and Palestine christians did…Either Dead or forced to exit as refugees. We are speaking of over one Million in syria, and I think it was as many as 3+ million iraq christians dead or refugeed. And aprox 1/2 Million christians in Palestine who been There in palestine almost since Christs days, Killed or forced to be refugees by Israeli Jews. All is NOT as we are told by CNN or FOX tv and hannity et al JayJay.

              Go to RT new website see if videos available. Should be as they say all videos are archived there for free viewing of them.

              RT has a few very leftist types show hosts. But rt sure is reporting a whole lots More than all major usa msm news tv combined ever does. RT reports Both sides. Not phony “Hegelian Dialetic” Fair and ballanced Fox crap. But Both sides IN the Field etc with Live interviews at folks Homes and streets etc. Its an eye opening experience for sure.

          • China & Russia will stay involved enough to help USA bankrupt itself.

        • DK, don’t count on that scenario.

          Since Syria is a Russian strategic ally, with their only naval base in Tartus Syria, Having the U.S increase or infiltrate to the russian door step will not happen and will not be taken lightly by Putin, or China for that fact.
          They have already announced that they were fooled with the libya massacre and will not let it happen again.

          Keep in mind what you seen today is all prophecy. Hell will break loose, and it will be east vs. west. If Iran gets involved, then count on the strait of Hurmuz being shut and american interests targeted in the gulf region.

          I lived there. I am a christian and know the kind of strife that has been building and they will all vet it out soon… Real soon.

          Keep up the faith. we started with financial wars, we are in trade wars now and guess what this will lead up to.


          • Watchdog I think you nailed it. As for prophecy this all looks very Ezeikiel 38 from my viewpoint.

            • Thanks BH. All true. You nailed this one as well.

              But it all advances with the book of revelations.
              Just tell me what region in the world is a safe harbor today.. It all started with the Holy Land, and it will end there. Too bad that it “may” happen in our lifetime, but at the end we are praying for his almighty speedy return.

              That is my take.

              • 4 year prepper

                I keep seeing “Revelations” in the plural form.
                WRONG! There is only one Jesus and therefore only one
                “Revelation” in the singular form.
                But at least Jesus is mentioned. Amen!
                To God be the glory!
                4 year prepper

                • Isn’t the book Revelation, but discusses revelations??

                  • Revelation 1:1
                    “The Revelation of Jesus Christ . . .”

            • Boss, Psalms 83/Isaiah 17 has to happen first.

              • @ Spook89 Yes they do have to happen but that could all be going on right now and be in place before I finish this comment. Another possible is that these events happen symultaniously, I have been waiting for the news to report Isaiah 17 for the past 3yrs and as much as I wouldnt want it to happen to anyone, it is going to happen some day. The events we are watching take place are too close to prophecy being fullfilled that I just had to mention it. I hope everyone takes a little time to look up these things and see for yourselves. What we are wittnessing was written a very long time ago.

                And yeah not to put too fine a point on it but there is only one Revelation not revelations Peace

              • Isaiah 17 is when Damascus got wiped out in 732 BC era. Those prophecys were about warnings to southern tribes of judah Back then 700+yrs BC or 2700 yrs Ago. They happened. Theres nowhere the bible says such events must also occure again or Twice. And every place you see words of israel and jew in the bible are not interchangable. Sometimes israel is refering to the Northern Ten tribes that Kept the name of Israel After the orig 12 tribed Split or secession. They also had a couple Civil wars between Judah in south and israel 10 tribed North, and THAT civil war is what Isiah 17 is all about.

                Northern 10 israel tribes ALLIED with Damascus-SYRIA to Fight against Southern Judah and benjamin kingdom tribes and Judah allied with ASYRIA. Asyria Captured and Defeated the 10 israel north tribes. HENCE=The “LOST Ten Tribes if ISREAL”. Isiah 17 has ZERO to do with Todays 2013 syria and damascus.

                • Riiiight.
                  Damascus is a ruinous heap, not Judah.

                  Thanks again for your revision of history Ahab.

          • China purchased the largest pork producer in the world, Smithfield Farms, for $5,000,000,000.00 Dollars.

            To put that in perspective how much money we owe China —

            China has $13.50 and just spent .05

            • China has their own financial crisis coming their way… The have a massive debt bubble that will crush their economy. They are smart by stockpiling as much gold as possible… This will be their life line as well.

          • Watchdog: The only use of the Russian Navy will be to give the Russian workers a ride back through the Bosphorous to the Black Sea, and Assad, if he is not assassinated or killed in battle, a means of escape so as not to wind up like Gaddaffi.

          • If Vlad is reading this website, I have a big favor to ask him.

            Please, oh, Please – shove a couple of your sunburn cruise missiles up Israeli’s evil asshole.

        • @dk I have to disagree with some of what your saying
          of course this is my opinion only however i think russia will do something if america tries something in iran. for example a regime change as you were stating. I dont know if China will do anything or not though. However china might stay out of it if they could get the islands that japan and china are quarreling over though. Although I think america has already said something about that im not 100 percent sure

          • Spark: Armaggeddon doesn’t occur until AFTER a 7 year Peace Treaty is signed for the Middle East. The war exploding in Syria now is a proxy war between Sunni and Shiite: between saudi arabia and Iran.

            Saudi now in the background with the King and Prince Bandar dead; its leadership is uncertain, but the Sunni Cleric has called for Sunni jihad in Syria against the Shiite (Assad’s Alawite minority) there.

            Israel must strike Iran soon. (Trying to neutralize Assad first). WE won’t do it for them. Iran attacks US after a First Strike by Israel. The US responds in SELF DEFENSE, finishes the job for Israel. Putin blinks. Russia sits. China waits. Turkey plays a bigger role supplying NATO heavy weapons to the Rebels.

            Then WE do this dance ALL over again, years down the road after the Muslim Brotherhood consolidates Islam. As it is now, China needs the US as much as WE need them. The two economies are entwined; joined at the hip.

            China waits. The man or the country who masters patience masters all things. China waits.

            To cuts its economic relationship with the US as Brandon suggests is not realistic. Its not even feasible. The Chinese economy would collapse, (after all its being subsidized by US to the tune of $350 billion a year (multiply by 6 to understand how much Yuan that is in China). The population would be thrown out of work and take to the streets (they have no EBT/SNAP cards). The CCP would be thrown out of power.

            Not gonna happen. Not for many years. China needs at least 10 years to diversify its economy and establish its independence. Why risk military conflict when WE are giving them OUR wealth to buy everything they need?

            See the bigger picture. China needs another ten years.

            • What do you think the results would be in the USA if China were to dump it’s T-Bonds onto the markets all at once? Why wouldn’t Iran simply attack Israel directly as opposed to the US?

              • Hedge: Right now Iran does not have the lethal firepower in enough numbers to be a game changer. That is changing quickly which is why Israel is running out of time and has finally realized that they are not going to be able to bully O’Bummer into doing the dirty deed, AIPAC or not.

                As far as the T bills are concerned, the Global Central Banks and too big to fail banks would buy them at a deep discount from China and sell them back to the FED at a premium, who will use OUR money to buy them back. China would take a big hit on their value.

                Say what you want about these assholes, the FED IS the perfect Ponzi scheme because it can always print more money when an investor wants their money back.

                IMHO (and I am not a Bond expert) there wouldn’t be much of an impact really after the Global Banking Cartel sopped up the excess. Then Apple, Exxon, GE and more than 100 others would step up and buy some too, making a nifty profit as China shoots itself in the foot.

                If China managed to disengage with US, their economy would come crashing down as WE tariff their exports. Right now its a three handed version of Old Maid. China can hold the bonds and watch the value of them decline while the Yuan rises and the dollar declines, or they can try to disengage, dump their bonds at a tremendous loss and take a hard hit to their reserves right away.

                That would not serve their goal of world domination as will have resigned from the “club”. That is why Brandon’s scenario is not realistic or feasible. It is simply not in China’s interest to rebel against the NWO as they will be Co-Chairman soon enough.

                Why risk nuclear war when you are winning at Blackjack?

                • Sounds reasonable about Iran not having the prerequisite firepower to overwhelm Israel,but given that scenario,that would also make an attack on the US equally or even more unfeasible.I would think that being an ally of Russia, then the chances of Russian intervention become acute, it’s running a huge risk in a game of chicken,if it comes down to who’s got more nerve,I would bet on Putin staring down Obama. The problem is when you reach that point,anything’s possible.

                  • Hedge: Israel WILL attack Iran. In their mind, they have no choice. They cannot allow Iran the capacity to destroy Israel. and from their perspective, they are right.

                    Iran will respond against US and US interests in the Gulf. They have said that they will do so if attacked by Israel. When Iran attacks US in retaliation for the Israeli First Strike the US will finish the job the Israelis started.

                    Russia is not bound to defend Iran if they strike at US first. Why risk nuclear war with the USA when they can pick up the contracts to rebuild Iran when a less malevolent regime takes power?

                    North Korea is quiet, China jerking their chain hard. O’Bummer has said to NK that any attack on US or South Korean assets will result in regime change for Mr Kim. I mention NK because there is an outside chance that they have a treaty with Iran, but the likelihood of them keeping it under a threat of regime change is minimal.

                    Mr. Kim is crazy but he is not insane. One US Nuclear sub carries 500 cruise missiles. Enough to reduce Dear leader and his regime to the ash heap of history. Mr Kim likes his Game Boy, DVD’s, an cable. All talk, no action.

                    Now would be a great time for his mis step.

            • @DK

              So now your an Oracle?


              At risk of sounding redundant: You’re an Idiot.

              • “FUCK YOU ALICE!” 🙂

                • durango kidd:

                  post 1755258 “bingo” right on.

            • ok a few things i agree with and some i dont understand so i cant comment on

              one i agree that china might wait it out, because right now they are trying to diversify. however I dont know if it will be 10 years for them, but again i do agree that they are trying found a way to get out from the US trap that they are in. however they are of the mind set 2 steps forward and one step back i believe again could be wrong.
              although its hard to tell what is going to go first in this race to the bottom that we are play with them.

              second I know absolutely nothing about the conflict between the shunis and shites to be honest so I cant really comment on that, however if there is a way for the US to get the greedy fingers in it they will. What i mean by that is if get one group out and get the puppet person in they will most likely do it or at least try to.

              third I think that if isreal attacked iran then iran would just call self defense and attack isreal. However if isreal attacked iran wouldnt russia have something to say about that?

              Finally I do agree that if its profitable the US will definately do it again in the future. Sadly enough as far as the government is concerned I think the only think they have left is to make war for profit.

              I mean take for example the stock market today it went down 200 points on the meer mention that the fed would stop pumping up the market with its QE’s and 85(million or billion sorry cant remember off the top of my head)that they are injecting to the market monthly.

              So i guess to sum it up if its profiatable they will do it if its not then they wont, sadly enough they are to far in to hole to stop now I think its their way of thinking. Again I might be wrong however its just the way it looks to me with the information that I have available. It might be different if I had all the pieces of the puzzle that they have.

              • the dow was down 1.4% the Nikkei was down around 3% yesterday and is already down 1/2% as it opened a few hours ago. Japan holds more US bonds than China. If/when Japan crashes the rest of the markets will follow.

              • No, Russia will not have any say about an Israeli First Strike. Bebe and the Israeli leadership has visited Russia and China a number of times over the past 5 or 6 years.

                They have made it clear to all the major powers that they consider Iran with a nuclear capacity as an existential threat. Its their line in the sand and they are running out of time.

                Israel has at least six nuclear submarines having purchased three from Russia years ago and three from Germany with US taxpayer funds. If necessary, Israel will employ the “Sampson Defense” and if push comes to shove they will push THE button.

                Time is just about up.

        • Russia and China won’t sit this one out…

          • China has no skin in this game. This ia a regional conflict between Sunni and shiite that was instigated by the Saudi King before he died, as he HATED Iran, negotiated the purchase of nuclear warheads with Pakistan to nuke Iran, and entered into a “secret agreement” with Israel.

            Shiite Islamic militants assassinated Prince bandar last year. Who knows whether the King was poisoned or died from an overdose of that little blue pill, which he reportedly used in excess ……

            If you have to go …… that may be the best way! 🙂

            • durango kidd says:

              “China has no skin in this game.”

              Riiight… They’re just gonna sit back and watch while the hegemonic Fascist States of America; Attempting to rule the world; Cut them off from natural resources, and encircle them.

              How do you expect to earn a JD if you flunk Logic 101?

              “Shiite Islamic militants assassinated Prince bandar last year.”

              Where do you get this stuff? So, it was a dead man who attended the first round of the NFL draft in April from the Dallas Cowboys war room?


              I don’t know what sort of world you move in, but it doesn’t appear to be the real world.

                • As for Prince Bandar, those stories that you linked to are both almost a year old. Bandar has not been seen of, or heard from, since the assassination attempt, last summer.

                  This man is one of the most prominent Saudis next to the King and has never passed a whole year without appearing in public, having an interview, attending a conference or being visible in public.

                  The recent appointment of another prince to his former security post, and his absence from the international scene suggest that he is in fact DEAD!

                  You are the fucking moron who is not living in the real world!!! 🙂

              • The CCP is a 50-50 Partner with the “Fascists States of America”. Cut them off from the world’s natural resources? LMFAO! 🙂

                China is buying up all the natural resources they can get their hands on ALL over the globe with the Blessings of the NWO PTB. The whole idea is to “internationalize” China just like the USA and make it an engine for global growth as their population become conspicuous consumers and tourists!

                Follow the money dumbshit! 🙂

      7. Well, this should help our economic downturn!

        Rule of acquisition #33: War is good for business.

        • I have 5 sons in their 20’s.

          —————-SCREW ” good for business”——————

          • God save us all,
            This time, a WW wont end well for us, where is our manufacturing? Where is our integrity and respect? Where is the innovation?
            We have china building electronics for our aircraft! WTF
            If we go to an all out war of the world our country will crumble,
            Red thumb me all you want it wont change the fact that the liberal socialist agenda and a few decades of excess have turned many in our country into soft pansies.

            • Kula, you hit the nail on the head…
              Without industrial infrastructure, in our case, hi tech, we’re quite simply screwed. Just like the old horse and rider of Napoleon;

              For want of a nail,
              a shoe was lost.
              For want of a shoe,
              a horse was lost.
              For want of a horse,
              a rider was lost.
              For want of a rider,
              a message was lost.
              For want of a message,
              a battle was lost.
              and the loss of the battle,
              was the final battle,
              was the loss of the war.

              Could be upgraded to America,

              For want of a dollar,
              a chip was lost.
              For want of a chip,
              a computer was lost.
              For want of a computer,
              a command was not executed.
              For want of a command,
              a target was missed.
              For want of that target,
              a city was lost.
              For want of that city,
              a factory was lost.
              When the factory was lost,
              the war was lost.

            • Sixty million voted for the commie in ’08. More than that last time. Commies shipped our manufacturing to china and other commie countries long before bommie, so don’t worry, Kula, any red thumbs will be from commies.

              Semper Fi

        • Things are different now. War has bankrupted the US and would continue to do so. Question….If you saw a enemy punching himself in the head and then ramming his head in the wall, would you go over and start hitting him? Or would you just let him finish himself off? Why would China do anything militarily when we are so effectively killing ourselves?

        • prep49er says:

          “War is good for business.”

          Sure it is. But a follow-up question is: “Who’s business?”

          Boobus never asks that question.

          It’s simply, Sir, yes Sir.


      8. can this info be verified by anyone else besides Debka and Qyayle?

        lets face it

        they aren’t the most reliable sources in the world

        • put this in a search engine-

          Jordan wants U.S. Patriot battery to stay past exercises

          Waite a second, exercises are going on??

          You know how football players stretch before a game?


        • I don’t follow Quayle, but Debka has good intel.

      9. Whatever happens in the near future, Americans cannot be relieved of their individual weapons.

        I don’t care what rights the 2nd Amendment is supposed to protect. No law or executive order will I voluntarily comply with.

      10. I can hear the thunder…there’s a storm coming…..

        • How about someone in congress having the courage to state that bams shouldn’t even be president, since he’s not a citizen!!!!!

        • Hey ninao

          remember way back when, some a$$clown didn’t believe you about a “hot spot” in ny.

          I found the link to congressional report.

          Cannot find it again (google is wasted)

          did you keep that link by any chance?

          • @Kevin … Respect !

            the nuclear hotspot is at the israeli embassy in ny city ny near the united nations building

            so many truthers were showing up with Geiger counters at the embassy front gate taking readings for nuclear isotopes that they made it illegal to get withing 500 feet of the embassy with a Geiger counter without a permit .

            i’ll try to find it again .

            it’s been awhile 2 years since i saw the report .

            i’ll look in my pers library for references also .

            give me a day or two i’m kinda busy today .

            N.O. ;0p


              OH BOY


            • I found it and wread it, just did not book mark it.


              You better get that frigging uhaul NOW!!

              Stop yelling you anti-Semite.

              waite a second, I get dizzy some times

              40% of palestians are Christians
              60% of palestians are muslim
              99% of palestians are semites.

              what % of country A’s government officials are atheists? communists? Semites? bankers? duel citizens? technocrats? mobsters?

              Why is it people get attacked for calling out a curtain countries government for its actions, wars, and fraud?????????????????????

              If people call out the government of Tibet, are they labeled anti-budests????



      11. The difference between a U.S. soldier and a Mercenary?


        • Syria has no oil though…

          • Yes it does, and offshore gas too.

            • Russia is building a port in Syria…
              USA don’t want no competition in the game of global domination.

              • Not true. The US is deliberately working hard to make China the number one Crony Capitalist Country in the world. Its a partnership under the NWO.

        • here is what “they” think of the military

          “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

          ― Henry Kissinger

          think about that before you send your sons and daughters into
          the sausage grinder

          • didnt he also say something like ” the illegal we do straight away the unconstitutional takes a little time”

          • Kissinger was right… been proven right war after war.

            • f**k that swine

        • Sorry Fodder4Hire, I believe you’re wrong. A Merc has no loyalty follows the paycheck while the Soldier still believes they are defending the Homeland, it’s not about the money.

          The overall Soldier still believes in our Freedom, Rights and Liberty.

          • Grimm Fairy Tales — Truth and Fiction — You keep believing!

        • The difference is that the young soldier thinks he is serving his country, and is a patriot. He doesn’t realize he is a tool of the government and industry too, destined to rule and regulate you.(that last 2 lines were from Frank Zappa) Most of us that volunteered in the service did it for patriotic reasons.The merc just wants the cash and blood.

        • Half the US military is paid mercenaries – only difference is contractor guys get paid more than the regular enlisted guys. Which only proves my point just how dumb…

          • @ BLACKWATER——This is an old article but it’s probably a bigger deal even ToDay!! = The boom in Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg for the $100-billion a-year Private Security Industry ,which experts say has been the fastest growing sector of the global economy during the past decade. re.- The San Francisco Chronicle-march 28 2004 reported by Robert Collier……

        • Fodder,

          I agree!!!

        • did not -200 or so points to drop Below 15000 to 14960

        • Ok, so it dropped below 15,000. I’m not batting an eye until it drops to, say 12,000 or less.

        • The article is actually “Dow drops below 15,000”

          Not the same as Dow dropping 15,000.

        • I hate Obama for creating the Department of Homeland Security.

          • GW created it, or at least put the previous E.O’s in play to start it, while the man from Kenya grew DHS.

          • Bush did, obama expanded it.

          • Like the Patriot Act — Department of Homeland Security was that little prick George W. Bush and the Republican and Democrat Parties. Obama is just darker colored Bush.

          • Commies love homeland security. Makes ’em sing, deutschland uber alles.
            Commies, red thumb this one.

        • ninaO

          Oh my!…. I was thinking it was the TSA
          shining a flashlight up our ass.

      12. Between amnesty and say debt relief , america will have millions of “volunteer” military to use as cannon fodder .

        China can talk big shit , the bottom line is , screwing the dollar will result in them having problems feeding 30 % of their population . put that in your rice box and suck it .

        russia can cut off the euro petrol which again dope slaps china in the retail export market .

        the bottom line is , for every “military casualty” there will be 10 , 20 , 50 or more collateral damage casualties in this action. pandemic. starvation, will kill millions both near and far far away from the hot action zones

        • Shades of WWI and the great Spanish Flu pandemic.

        • Satori,

          Thank you for your updates. They are much appreciated.


      13. bad moon rising

      14. Folks, it about to get real…. The FSA just announced through the UN that they will take this war into Lebanon.
        Amazingly, John (warmonger) McCain just visited the FSA/AlCiaeda 2 weeks ago in Syria.

        • The UN has to rely on member countries for troops.

          • GG. It’s all through Channels. Believe me they have ties directly with Ban Ki Moon and the U.S. Admin.

            11 shells just fell inside Lebanon with serious injuries, in the town of Baalbek (one of the oldest in the world and most historic) dating back to the roman empire BC.

            • Maranatha!

      15. Something I’ve seen almost zero coverage on, even in alternative media, is how there are still possibly tens of thousands of American soldiers whose whereabouts are unaccounted for after the pullout from Iraq. Simultaneous to the pullout, we had soldiers “quietly” being deployed in Turkey near the Syrian border. There was a big to-do made about the pullout from Iraq…but very, very little coverage of those soldiers coming home. Where did so many of them go? I think we have our answer. We now have Syria surrounded. Troops in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi and the Med. This has been in the works since before the uprising against Asad. the uprising was, in all likelihood, planned by our own State Department, just like Egypt, Libya etc.

        • If you can get past the filters…And that’s a BIG if… 🙂

          Roughly 20.6N 58.9E… might be an interesting view…

          • Japan??

            • SE coast of and off Oman…but don’t tell anyone… 😉
              Only all the current players know…but we’re not supposed to.
              Go figure that… saving us from knowing…
              Move along, nothing for you to see here. 🙂

          • OMAN? How do you figure that out?

            • When was Oman in the news last? Hide in plain sight…
              Strategically located, no? Trust me… 🙂

            • This was briefly and quietly covered by a few sources (including DEBKA files) around 1/2012. It took place (as I said previously) concurrent to the withdrawal from Iraq. Troops were ostensibly re-routed from Iraq to Oman (to help “protect” the strait of Hormuz from Iran) as well as the to Turkish border with Syria in order to establish C&C for operations with the Turks. The Pentagon only acknowledged the deployment of Patriot batteries to Syria- but not the SOF troops sent nearly 18 mos. earlier to establish C&C. At the same time we were winding down ops in Iraq, we were busy “winding up” the tensions in other parts of the Middle East. Hey- why bring them alllll the back here…only to have to send them alllll the way back to support “democracy”- right?

              • Oh yea…the truth is I didn’t remember when I heard about that particular redeployment. But your time line sounds about right. Plus, it is a strategic location and we have so many assets there…I think I’ll stop there…
                Also, don’t forget that huge air base we build in western Iraq…it’s a monster…and don’t anybody think we gave it up…no freaking way…
                This whole diabolical plan has been in the works for DECADES…hear me true, “DECADES”.
                And it flat out pisses me off!!!

                • “Which Path to Persia?”

                  • the 64 million dollar question!

          • That’s exactly one of the places I was referring to. A good number of our troops were diverted after leaving Iraq- this is one of the several they were diverted to, including setting up C&C Centers with the Turks near the Syrian border. Our State Department vis-a-vi hillary has been directly responsible for most of the revolts in this part of the world. It’s about to come back and bite us in the ass, but of course the ones who started the fire will never have to pay the price for putting it out.

            • True…and that’s the part that sucks…they’re bastards!!
              no no…I’m wrong, they’re only suffering from being inbreeds…

      16. Obama was elected with a massive effort by Saudi Arabia.
        Barry’s Saudi(Sunni Muslim) masters gave him 3 goals.

        #1 Destroy Iran (Shite Muslim) by attacking thru Syria
        #2 After Iran destroy Israel
        #3 Then turn the U.S. into a Muslim country

        It’s similar to the Spanish Civil War where the Nazis fought the Soviet Union (left)by backing Franco’s side (right).

        Will there be a WW III, check your Bible. A beast with ten horns and seven heads attacks “The Great Whore”.

        I contend the Beast is Russia/China/Iran ect. and the Great Whore is the once Christian West which is now doing Saudi Arabia’s bidding.

        Fear Not, God is in control and He will not abandon His Elect.

        • Well if revelation os happening all the real christians will get a come too jesus bonus.
          So really what is the problem ?

        • Hey thumper, WTF you talking about.

          the votes were counted in Europe (spain) not Saudi Arabia.

          “check your bible” you say.


          • I Did check my bible. Specifically that Isaiah chapter a poster or two spoke of. Was it ch 17 as I recall it. It is about desruction of Damascus. DESTROYED in 732 BC!!

            That was in Isaiah ch 17 Vs.1 Verse 3 says Fortress Lost to Ephraim it means when Ephraim aka Israel(the northern 10 tribed israel ephraim is Head leader tribe of all 10 tribes) Joined Forces WITH Syria, Against Asyria who Joined forces With Judah(the southern tribe kingdom). And the Northern 10 tribed “Israel” Lost its civil war with Judah of south and that was in 721 BC era.

            Got It Yet? Wake up! Those Isiaih ch 17 prophecys were for Back when Asyrians overtook the 10 north tribes who Kept the name Israel. The orig 12 tribes SPLIT into Two seperate nations and REMAIN apart still Today untill God regathers ALL 12 tribes together again. IE: The Two Sticks prophecy etc. That aint happened as Yet.

            145 yrs,Before the Jews aka Judah tribe in southern zone were taken captive to Babylon for 70 yrs…The Northern 10 tribes called Israel were taken by ASYRIA.

            That ENTIRE Isaiaih Ch 17 already happened 2700 yrs ago. Nowheres does the bible say Old events already Done long ago will hapen Again in some future time frame. Once it is acomplished it is DONE Period.

            Sometimes old testement prophets spoke of Last days or Latter times etc. They Meant it for in Their events Back then in Latter time frames. NOT all of those prophecys are for Our days now. Many wrote what God dictated to them yes. BUT then they Kept writting More, they added on More and it was Their ideals of what in Their minds such a Utopian future will be like After Gods done doing everything etc…NOT Every single word is as wrote to mean. Some of various old prophets chapters have OTHER writers who Added More, like to Isiaih’s entire book. Based of course on what His orig writtings were about. But Not every single word was wrote BY isaiah even though its IN his book part.

            Seems you baptists and Protestants never consider that the Orig 12 tribes, after solomon DIED, the tribes Split Apart into TWO seperate Nations. Each had their OWN King and Army etc. the Northern 10 tribes Kept the name ISRAEL…Due To Jacobs Blessings upon Josephs Twin sons, Ephraim And Manessah. Blessed them two boys aka jacobs Grandsons to be called Israel for 1000 generations.

            JUDAH was Never again called Israel after that national Split! Judah began to be called the southern Kingdom of Judah. You guys with that chapter 17 stuff on Damascus are wrong its already occured 2700 yrs ago! LOOK IT UP! Read of all these issues I wrote of here see for yourself.

            You all seem to believe wherever You read the words “Israel” or “Jews” that is Interchangable as Both means Jews. WRONG! Atually the word Jew was only invented or placed in bible After Mid 1750’s era. Prior to then bibles had “Idumean” Not Judean. There is NO J letter in the orig hebrew. It got added by English writers After 1750 era.

            Jesus said “I came to FULLFILL the LAW and the PROPHETS”

            Right and Most of old testement prophecy is already done. Aint going to happen Twice! …Some of it still Remains to occure Yes. Not all though and NOT Isiaih ch 17 Damascus destroyed part. Already did in BC-732.

            The Khazer fake jews now in mid east Palestine are NOT the decendants of the 12 tribes. Not even the ONE tribe called Judah. What do You Not yet Get?

            Read Books of Kings and in 2nd book KINGS Chapter 16(?) is the VERY first place the word JEW is written!

            If its all always about the Jews? Why does Jew not exist in the word written as JEW Untill so far Into the old test of 2nd Kings book vs 16?????

            I Bet You guys even believe that Abraham-Isac-Jacob all 3 were also “JEWS” correct? Yet No None of them 3 were ever called a jew or jewish. Not till Judah one of 12 jacob sons Had His kids born and began tribe of judah were there ANY so called Jews. Get it Yet?

            Jew is a Nickname for JUDAH or a person From tribe of judah was called a Jew for short Get that yet?

            Ergo Abraham-Isac-Jacob-Moses- were NOT jewish NOR called Jews ever never. Perhaps More study for a few folks here is in order eh. Hint: The orig Ancient 12 tribes ALL 12, WERE called “hebrews” and “Israel” But NOT ever “Jews” Nor “Jewish” How could they be if not till a son of jacob have His own sons and begin ONE of 12 tribes called tribe of Judah! Get it Now?

            This stuff aint that hard. Unless you still got your heads cluttered full of False fables taught by Todays wolve/preachers and False prophets we were Warned to look out for! Re Read IN context and keep in Mind books such as Isiaih were wrote in about 800 BC era. What he described as destruction of jeruselem meant when Babalonians tore down solomons First temple. It is a 1000 yrs After, that their 2nd temple was destroyed in 70 AD era. And that time its for GOOD. Jews or southern kingdom of Now the Pharisees and edmoites Mixed with judahites got BOOTED Out for GOOD. Untill Christs return when the NEW Israel which IS the Christian Church body of Christ true believers, are who Share with Jesus as CO equal Heirs in the Abraham promiced blessings etc. ONLY Jews who Convert sincerally for Real to be a christian will be a part of that. UNbelievers ALL miss out and end up in hell and the lake of fire. YOUR Bibles Say so if you Read it.

            I do Hope you do not blow off my posts as I too have done a little studying/reading of bibles for aprox 40+ years now. Perhaps we can Learn From each others info eh.

        • @ Thumper

          Your exegesis is even weaker than your history.

          • @Q-

            I had to look up “exegesis”. (I want to public school)

            I know you hate me for my weekend in keywest with all those beautiful young women.

            BUT, butbutbutbutbutbutbutbut-

            You are the man!!

            • Ah key west I miss it so.

        • He also said something about fleeing the whore (Babylon) and not being partakers in her sin…

          • Which babylon Is it though? There is the Original world govnt nation of babylon, king Nebuknezer(sp?) where the Judah tribe aka Jews were taken captive for 70 yrs. That was back about 700 BC era, or 2700 yrs ago. Then it mentiones a Woman whore babylon, and also a CITY babylon in end days(our times now?) where the NWO of that ten headed beast that will Rise from the sea, has its HQ.

            So that makes for THREE different seperate babylons. If todays Eliets or TPTB etc Continue On Track and keep going with Their eliets plans for NWO, well so far it IS the UNITED NATIONS since aprox 1945 that Is and Has been the eliets HQ right. So “IF” it Remains such, then just Maybe it is New York and the UN HQ where they plan to Rule their NWO from. So That would make NY that final babylon City right. Yes I realize DK will say NO it is the Vatican sits on seven hills etc…Well other Than sits upon 7 hills or mountains, NONE of the Other Dozen or so Items that describe What else that babylon City has or does Fits the vatican at all. NONE besides sit on 7 hills part. So Vatican Cannot be it sorry DK.

            BUT I do not know if perhaps at some older era or time Before it was built up as New York as we know it today, if maybe NY may be built upon 7 hills? I am Serious. Under NY Is all Granite rock right. Does anybody Know if ever there were 7 hills or small mountains there prior to NY being built up?

            I ask because New York DOES meet all dozen Other definitions of the Babylon city spoken in Revelation.

            I think it Must be a place that already caused Ships owners and Merchants and Banker or Money Changers to all have become filth rich due to its Massive export and Imports for so long now. NY IS called Big Apple due to every sinfull thing Is easy to get there right. As well as easy to find most Anything a person can posibly want or need or so I heard(never went to NY and wont if I can help it!). As Far as I can see or tell, there is simply NO other city in the world that fits all dozen items or clues or definitions in Rev but NY.

            The Only Other place sits upon 7 hill-mountains Is Israel in mid east. The Bible names all 7 mountains of israel. But israel don’t seem to fit the Rest of a dozen things mentioned for the end times city babylon. And of course the Biggest item is its where the Kings of the Earth meet and Rule from right IE: the United nations in new york. To Me thats a real Biggie part played. UNLESS Maybe since usa is Israels “Bitch nation” Perhaps it is Israel that is that WHORE babylon woman, and she Sits in Control of the Babylon City aka NY and UN HQ? Nobody has More Saints Blood on their hands and Heads than Bolseivik and zionist Jews aka today Israel. That whores Cup Overflows with saints blood right.hmmmmmmm Plus NY Wall Street Has a “Beast” symbol aka that Huge Bronze Cast BULL right Out Front of the entrance right!!

            Could america as the newest major country of the world, and surounded by seas be that 10 headed Beast that RISES from the sea? It don’t have to litterally Rise out from the ocean or sea. John in REV could have meant Rise up as in Rise as a NEW nation. Which is exactly what america did once discovered in 1492, right. Before that it was not known of.(I know maybe vikings were here first 1000 yrs ago etc…But Thats got nothing to do with this for now). I swear if some old Maps or historic docs showed 7 hills or small mountains UNDER New yorks foundations…There’d be almost nothing lacking for NY to be IT!…Specially if eliets Keep use of UN for their NWO HQ eh.

            Where its wrote, Therefore My People Come Out from Her lest you share in her grief and Wraths when God Pours it out etc. Well no honest person can disagree todays usa is like a modern day babylon and Sodom and Ghomera Combined when compared to all other nations. Only Israel is as corrupt maybe. But israel aint surrounded by seas etc. USA IS! Beast with Ten heads(ten Kings) RISES out of the Sea…Corrupted as can get….HQ UN in NY(where kings meet to Plot and Rule from)…Am I getting kinda Warm yet?

            Sure like to know if any 7 hills are Under NY area from way back times even. If it Is city Babylon I cannot think of a Better mayor to be there when it happens than the one there Now eh!! The Bastard kommieboy.

            I just don’t buy into all the TBN-TV Preacher crowds prophecy’s of, its the EU nations as Jack Van Impe always touts. EU now is 27 nations Not 10 so…What happened to EU, Jack Van Impe and Rexella! Jack=Wrong Again eh! Back to write another ten million book seller deal to swindle christians and line Rexellas pockets full of Loot again.

            JACK & Rexella: “Ooohhhh Jack! Ooohhhh Ooohhhh!! Whats it All Mean Jack?..”

            JACK the IMP: “Well Rexella! as You all Know since the detroit tigers Lost another baseball game today…That can ONLY mean…Pak yer bags everybody cause its REV ch 4 vs 1!!! Rapture time! yes rexella…WOOOSH! and we Fly away at the speed of sixteen thousands of quadzillionbillionmillionTRILLIONS of Miles Per hr! and it can happen NOW or Later! or its Immenent anytime rexella!…BUT! Wait folks. Cause Heres Chuckie with This weeks special super duper Book deal because as You all know my Last 87-Books and 498 Videos all on the same exat rapture stuff and EU beast, had a slight Miscalculation Flaw or fly in ointment. BUT Fear Not Loyal Dupe errr I mean viewers! Chucki Has my Latest New book which the LORD spoke to ME and told Me to tell You all…Ohhhhhh! Jack its me rexella again, I just Love it when you get so worked up so! Tell the dupes err viewers how LOW the price is so they can HURRY and Phone in NOW!…Gee what a deal folks! Just $45.99 Plus $10 ship fees and Hurry incase the Rapture occurs before your mailman gets there!

            • Them Guys,

              I found your post very interesting. I grew up in New York state. I remember reading some accounts of battles from the Revolutionary War in New York City. There were hills in and around New York.

              Historical societies or libraries may still have old books with maps that include this information.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • Them Guys,

              I did some searching about hills listed in New York city.

              Jaynes Hill (401 ft.), Bald Hill (331 ft.), and Telescope Hill (334 ft.) are on Long Island.

              Crown Heights in Brooklyn was originally known as Crow Hill. I also found the name Cobble Hill.

              Todt Hill is on Staten Island.

              Marble Hill was listed under a search on Manhatten.

              Hope this helps.
              KY Mom


              • KY Mom: Thanks for your info reply. I was basically speculating and wondering out loud so to speak about the end times Rev. stuff. I know quite well what the vast majority think and believe regarding prophecy’s etc. I just do not agree with those versions always. I never before gave it much second thought. Untill I began to discover discrepencies, and contradictions from so many tv preacher types. So I wrote down a list of bible verses They say proves Their versions etc.

                After Much study and reading I must say I found much of Their end times prophetic versions are mainly Bunk. Or 1/2 truth mixed with alot of conjectures that They invent to make it sound correct. What set me on that course is I wondered Why they all seem to always “Avoid” the exact same biblical verses in Both old and new testements. And why they avoid so Many such verses!

                None of us will really Know what it all is for certain untill it occures. Then Everybody nearly will become a “believer” eh!

                Again, Thank you for taking the time to search that info out and post it for me to check out! Them Guys

      17. Desertpeace

        the israehell zio-jews attack a quadriplegic cripple in a wheelchair

        Not since the publication of Satanic Verses has there been such an international fuss, except this time it’s over the appearance of a cartoon favouring the BDS Movement, Stephen Hawking’s endorsement of it in particular. A Jihad hasn’t been called for, but it might as well have been, except in this case it would be a Jewhad.

      18. What is always left out are the casualties of war, meaning the men, women and children civilians who are like you and I. They want to go to work, take care of their familiy, enjoy their children while they are young, lead simple productive lives. It is the power mongers in the governments around the world that push the buttons and most are just considered collateral damage.

        I wish the people making the decisions to go to war would have to sit on a chair beside a mother sobbing while holding her burned and charred 3 year old daughter who just hours prior was picking some flowering weed to give to mommy as a present to be stowed away in a glass on the dining room table.

        I wonder if they would even feel a hint of sorrow.

        Wars always have and always will happen. It is a fact of life. If the entire world blew up and a chunk of rock the size of an eraser was flying to it’s doom towards the sun and there was an Israeli and Palastinian amoeba on it they would be plotting ways to kill each other.

        Meanwhile, we can’t afford any of it! Every dime spent bombing brown people on the other side of the ocean is just more debt to bury our grandchildren in.

        Pray for the innocents that will inevitably be slaughtered.

        God Bless,

        • Human ciivlization is mostly a crowd sourced effort to kill other people and take their shit.

      19. Could you please provide awesome pictures of Dereck Jetter as well? Thanks. (Yes, with his rear end up in the air). : )

        • @ grasshopper You are getting red thumbs because no one knows you are female

      20. Went on Drudge just a little bit ago and up top, front and center was Moochele’s picture. Folks, there just ain’t enough makeup…….what a horrid wretch. It’s like polishing a turd. It might be bright and shiny, but it’s still a turd.

        • maybe someday she will go plastic facelift like the rest of hollywood

          • Mail her a nice sized dried out Chickin Bone she can Insert into her Nostrils. Maybe a larger sized Thigh Bone from a calf or cow to place thru her Doo(Hairdoo).

      21. There are already x2 squadrons of F-16s in Jordan. Ostensibly to protect Jordan from a Syrian attack. Ummm… When did Syria threaten Jordan? I don’t remember hearing about that one.

        Both sides in Syria are a-holes. Why can’t we let a-holes kill a-holes and sit on the sidelines for once?

        I need more Peanut Butter for the kids.


        • Firefly

      22. War is a racket “Gen Smedley Butler”.

        • Another commie red thumb. General Butler was a real Marine.
          Semper Fi

      23. Thanks very thorough article ive always wondered if the Syria option was a way to circumnavigate oil pipelines from caspian basin away from russia remember the georgia war, if they had won it would have opened up a passage from Baku to Sokhumi Black sea port there might be problems with the BTC pipeline so linking up existing lines with north iraq via syria might be the way to go. could all these things be related. I stopped following the msm lies years ago about human rights & democracy and these days just follow the oil trail & the sweeter the oil the more its worth fighting over. by the way been seeing a lot of container ships going 1/3 to 1/2 empty, use to be amazed how many containers maersk & msc could pack on those boats, have not been seeing those big loads for some months now, apology for the digress

        • No, don’t apologize for any apparent digression …
          If you look at the “Baltic dry index” numbers you’re prob. spot on…
          I haven’t checked that out in many weeks…
          You just proved to me I didn’t need to…too depressing anyway.

      24. stop fucking around! every country who has a nuclear weapon should all push the buttons simultaneously. that way nobody gets out alive! these asshole politicians and the rich want to fuck around, let’s be done with it. I for one am really, really tired of being threatened that somebody or some thing is coming to get me, us. ever since I was in grammar school, the pricks have been telling me, us, that somebody is coming to get us. remember get under your desk and cover up? these stealing, lying, self-enriching politicians have been playing this game for far too long. I don’t give a crap if they drop all of the nuclear bombs, just as long as the politicians and their families and the wealthy go down with the rest of us. we all know by now who the real global terrorist is, and we know who the trouble makers are. and we all know who stands to benefit from these types of conflicts. and, believe me, it anybody who’s reading these posts. so, as the song so eloquently phrased it, “Let’s get it on.”

        • @ Merlin,

          There’s magic in them words!

        • I agree, the fearmongering is pure manipulation and nothing else.

          • But of course…and when they feel the time is ripe…
            “They”, will pull the trigger on us.
            Simple… the bastards!! But we have more triggers… 😉
            Don’t they understand that simple fact…fools all!

            • True, and lots of us are sick of the government crap,
              IRS, obamacare, unfunded pensions for gov employees, state and local creep,
              Personally i dont give a crap anymore and will fight to the death with a freakin framing hammer if i have to, been poked at too many times and this last week had a problem with the local water dept that just pissed me the fuck off to where i dont care anymore.
              MOLON LABE

              • With you Kula…

      25. Primary source – reported that more than twenty-five FEMA buildings moved between Pearsall and Dilley, Texas – south of San Antonio.

        This same primary source also reported witnessing Border Patrol shooting four drug cartel members dressed in black with black masks…this more than twenty miles from the border INSIDE the U.S.

        Anyone feeling particularly in the shade and fed a bunch of …. by govt?

      26. “Get ready for it, because we are going to see it in our lifetimes.”

        This time it will come to our homeland as well. WW1 and WW2 left our cities unscathed,

      27. This is truly how naive the U.S. people and most of the world have become:

        Brink of Annihilation

        The Middle East is erupting, governments totally corrupting.
        Bankers dancing while the world’s economies are collapsing.
        Hurricane coasts being battered, new earthquake records are being shattered.
        Cheap oil is depleting, grows louder the war drums beating.
        Russia readies to pull the nuclear firing pin, it knows its being boxed in.
        China the ultimate cyber crooks, steals with ease super secrets from U.S. military books.

        Out of the U.S. good jobs are a flying, the American worker is a dying.
        New super viruses ready to emerge, the human species purged.
        No one seems to feel the heat, from the Red Chinese ICBM fleet.
        Balloon and explode the U.S. and world debt, something we will all live to regret.
        We continue to sprint to our finish, world food supplies dimished.
        Fury and hate realized, as countries’ people march to civil war polarized.

        Politicians agree, sell out to the enemy.
        Government and media give an economic rosy impression, true unemployment, a depression.
        Mass media focuses on entertainment icons, Russia moves up their nuclear Def-Con.
        Modern world they say will always be there and fail to see, gone in an instance a solar EMP.
        Mad nations’ true sin, prepare to release doomsday pathogen.
        The 2nd and civilian army they try to sack, and leave us wide open for domesic and foreign attack.

        Don’t look for jobs or stick out your neck, more money from welfare checks.
        Save on health care, this is so funny, as the government runs out of money.
        Fukushima and aging nuke power an ugly mess, with bone chilling radioactive distress.
        Terrorist pinpricks, nothing like how they can make you mega sick.
        Non-conforming thought the government frowns, as the masses are dumbed down.
        Lost the idea of what it means to be free, here comes World War 3.

        Dark humor I know, but times have become so factious.

        • blood rock, barbed wire, politicians funeral pyre,
          innocents raped with napalm fire,
          death seed, blind mans greed,
          poets starving children bleed,
          nothing hes got he really needs,

          • Be informed—Terrific

            Reminds me of that old song: “Eve of Destruction”.

            • @ OutWest. Actually I took the song “Eve of Destruction” in a way, and I re-applied it to right NOW with totally different themes. That song was written back in 1965. Too bad Mac doens’t play the guitar. If someone could tie in some tunes to the potential lyrics maybe it could be a wake up song to the masses. Naw. 🙁

        • Good to have some Moonshine on hand.

      28. Did Obama sighn the UN gun treaty yet?

        • Does not matter what he signs.

          Treaties get ratified by congress.

          Traitors get hung by patriots.

          George Whashington leaves office.

          King George is an asswipe!! Washington is the man!!!

          “When King George III of England heard that Washington was going to retire as Commander of the Continental Forces, he allegedly said, “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.”

        • Word is he is waiting to sign it in August when congress is in recess.

      29. Be sure to be sitting down before you read this…

        This is what the IRS spends your money on
        IRS staff spent $49 million on 225 “conferences” from 2010 – 2012
        Zerohedge dot com

        • KY Mom

          and now they cant find all the receipts for one of there years spent mostly in California
          so that figure will most likely go higher

          now is the time for we the Americans to call and write the Republicans and tell them to abolish the IRS and put in a flat tax of say 10%.
          also make every single welfare case pay taxes on what they receive in a year. and then watch the fur fly.

          these sponges wont like it and you WILL SEE mass rioting in the streets.

          we need to abolish the following

          dept of education
          Dept of transportation
          all of the unions that are for the Govt workers

          if we got rid of just these and if the States TOOK BACK all the powers that for 100 years they have slowly given away to the Feds then the Govt would be much smaller.

          and they could actually survive on the 10% they collected

          Make the states responsible for there own
          Health care plans

          Just as it was in the early days of the united states
          Cut off the supply of money to DC and watch them die and Recall all of these lying shit weasels that get put in term after term

          Troll killer

      30. Turn the middle east into glass Fuck em they’ve been problem as long as I have been alive. I am sure if they would have long range capability nukes they would be coming our way. Get rid of ALL the assholes. Fuckers would still be living in camel shit huts if it wasn’t for American technology that brought oil out of the ground. NUKE EM

        • Agree: name one thing that has come out of there in the past 50 years that has been good and positive and inspiring? Nothing!

      31. I have to ask what does the BOY in the WH think he can do with ONLY 1000 Marines in Jordan? If they cross the border into Syria, they would get wiped out in short order. What makes all those dickheads think they can get us into another war with reduced manpower levels, budget cuts taking place, NO CARRIER GROUPS IN THE PERSIAN GULF, one-third of the Air Force’s fighter and bomber squadrons grounded, nuclear weapons stockpiles being reduced? I’ll tell you; BEING SET UP TO START AND LOSE WW3, THAT’S WHAT! There won’t be a USA left when the dust settles. It will be all over but the crying. braveheart

      32. Time and time again, Debka and Quayle turn out to be way off the mark.

        In any case, it’s interesting to read. Thanks SHTFPLAN for this article.

        • @ Ranch. Steve Quayle deals with the whole spectrum of issues affecting the world, many that are speculation. Debka is one of the most reliable new sources I have ever seen, as I have checked the others like the Jpost, Haaretz, Ynet news and many others very often. I would personally prefer Debka over CNN (crackerkack numbskull networthless) news anyday of the week.

      33. The boys at the PNAC are seeing their wet dreams come true.

        • PNAC — “Project for a New American Century”

          Think tank of Neocons (Republican War-Mongering Globalists) that brought you 9/11 and the repercussions. You owe it to yourself to Google “PNAC” and have your eyes opened. Unless you are just a stuck on stupid Republican Party sympathizer.

          Democrats are assholes but Neocon Republicans are just plain evil.

      34. The whole world will erupt into war even at home domestically. We’re talking the largest conflict in the history of mankind. Prepare yourselves because it will hit home. The clock is running. DHS is mobilizing for a reason. Our military will be consumed overseas possibly on multiple fronts. The scary part is if there are sinister motives to trash the U.S. and it’s citizens by using DHS as a black helmet army. Everyone should be working towards body armor and AR-15’s. Remember Tyranny always uses a catastrophe to make it’s entrance as a rescuer in time of turmoil. If it sounds too good to be true than you know the rest.

        • AR15’s are a pos. Get a rifle.
          Semper Fi

      35. Israel’s model for foreign policy should be Switzerland. Instead it’s Texas. When Isreali mouth gets them in trouble they will scream for their big brother to step up for them: us.

        Israel either needs to start acting like a small country trying to survive in a volatile world. And stop dictating to other nations what it is going to allow them to do. Or they need to get their asses badly kicked.

        This Syria thing is not worth shedding one drop of American blood for. Furthermore, we allegedly are going to “aid forces that are AQ??” WTF?? Our proper role in this is sideline sitting.

        If the Power Elite wants to profit by selling everything from ordinance to jet fuel to CELOX sponges then put their punk Ivy League offspring in the first helicopters going to the front. The sons of factory workers and farmers should not be dying so that a totally dishonorable American leadership vermin can profit at their expenses.

        When the cemeteries fill with Harvard and Stanford kids, with the kids of influence peddlers in the media and academic maybe the imperial hubris will stop.

        I predict what will make me sad in this is that the wrong Americans will come home maimed or in boxes.

        Something else to think about. If US actions kill a significant number of Russians we can expect a response in kind. Unlike the Vietcong and the Taliban Russia has a world class air force and relatively close to home, like the Mediterranean is, a good-enough navy. It won’t be high tech against peasants this time.

        • Very well put. Add to that the US has not had a direct confrontation with a nuclear power since 1962,and that was dicey to say the least. I didn’t know John Kennedy, But I do know Obama is not Kennedy.

          • Flash, Boom, Mushroom cloud.

            That’s all you need to know.

      36. So if the usa gets into a war with its creditors then reduces them to rubble do they still owe them?

        • Their creditors also have nuclear weapons.It may not be quite that simple.

      37. North

        just so we know the featherweight eurotrash militaries are not going to back us up in world war three. Why I see no reason to shed any tears over europe being used as battlefield , again.

      38. This report is likely false. The source is DEBKA. In watching DEBKA for over 10 years, I have yet to see a single one of their “exclusive” reports turn out to be true. Not once. Ever.

        They get a lot of play because they can be sensational and say the sort of thing a lot of people might wish to be true or might get people angry, but honestly, they generally appear to be made up by the person at the keyboard typing them.

        Chances are 99.9999% that this is a bogus report. There is, however, the “blind squirrel” 0.0001% chance they could accidentally be correct.

      39. My father (WWII) had an idea, the military complex creates jobs, so build the tanks ans war ships. Then create even more jobs by tearing them apart to melt them down to start the process all over again.

        Hell they’re going to get destroyed anyway.

      40. I have two grandsons in the Marines RIGHT NOW. I really do not appreciate all those of you that are bad mouthing our young people. None of this “world situation” is their fault! Shame on you that call yourselves Christians and preppers that would crap all over our young people. These are really good kids. I come from a long line of military service people from all over my family tree. I think I am done reading this site. You have turned into foul-mouthed morons that believe in nothing but yourselves.

        • … and its morons like you AND your two ebonics jughead gomer pyle brain washed women beating baby killin’ marines that make global enslavement possible for the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALISTS and ZIONISTS .

          you know nothing granny .

          go knit a sweater and STFU .

          • Anonymous
            Why would you attack the character of two Marines without even knowing them? Just because they are Marines?

            Your comments has automatically tagged you as a Progressive commie welfare Bitch in my opinion and I don’t even know your sorry ass.

            Now this is when you reply with name calling and insults, which will not be worth the reply.

        • Your grandsons are doing it for a paycheck. Shame on you for not informing them that we have been led to war many times due to lies.

          • Good for them;it is rather sad that some of our own are so far gone that they believe unilaterally that they can win all wars.

            Some of these far right extremists aren’t worth your time.

        • Anita
          I think you have missed the point entirely
          no one is bustin’ on young people joining the military
          many do join out of a true spirit of patriotism
          what so many here have come to recognize is that these young people
          are being USED
          they are literally cannon fodder in one useless war after another

          voices here are serving as a warning
          and actually trying to protect the young

          General Smedley Butler was a VERY HIGHLY decorated Marine
          look at what he had to say

          Smedley D. Butler quotes (showing 1-2 of )
          “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
          ― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier
          34 people liked it
          “I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”
          ― Smedley D. Butler

          do his words mean nothing to you ?
          was he lying ? mistaken ?
          or pointing out the obvious

          and what about Kissinger’s quote

          “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

          ― Henry Kissinger

          what does that tell you ??????????????????????????????????????

          • They are fully aware of “being used”. They do not approve of this government. They are real patriots and God fearing young men that want to change the world for the better. They believe in fighting evil and have made their own choice on how to do this. I still say shame on all those that berate these people that VOLUNTEER to defend YOUR honor!

            Go back to your conspiracy theories and keep telling yourselves how you are going to fix this world by hiding in your foxhole. Curl up into a ball and count your water bottles. In the meantime, me and mine will be on our knees thanking God for supporting us and leading us. God will provide for His children that follow Him.

            Really done this time. Sorry, I came back in here.
            (And I used to think you people were honorable!)

            • Screw you AnitaSweater. Your grand kids are murdering shit fucks, they are not patriots or God fearing young men. Patriots and God fearing people don’t march around the world killing innocent women and children. Fuck you and fuck your phoney honor. You are a phoney and a disgrace.

            • well if they are FULLY aware they are being used

              why do they continue in their actions???

              gonna fix evil by willingly and knowingly work for evil ??????

              and they aren’t defending my honor
              I can handle that myself thank you very much

              wake up and smell the coffee dear

              you are yours are being played
              and you are allowing it

              the question is WHY???????????

        • I like MARINES and they know how to kill. I say let MARINES be MARINES.

        • Twenty million of us, living today, have served in the in the armed forces. Now it’s all mercenary. Bring ’em home. Declare war if you do it by the Constitution and then you can go also, ’cause it will be “all hands on deck”.
          Tell your grandsons, Semper Fi for me.

        • do not listen to them, you, your kids keep on killing innocent ppl all over this world.

      41. There’s no reason for us to be involved, other than to assist Israel in keeping Hezbollah away from their northern border.

        This manufactured crisis flows out of Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood. This administration will alway side with the true believers in Islam, rather than the secularist MINOs (Muslims in Name Only).

        • “secularist MINOs (Muslims in Name Only).”

          you mean the consenters, right…

        • If Israel Needs “US” to help keep anybody away from their borders? Then That proves israelis 300+ Nukes Are NOT a deterent that is working. So instead of possesing so many Nukes while complaining of Other nations wanting to Also have an Equal capasity, perhaps Israel should Abandon and give UP their 300 nukes. And maybe then we can convince those Others to forget that idea to possess nukes too.

          They say they need such power yet admit its NOT working. Kinda like antigun libs who bitch that 20,000 gun laws aint abided or obeyed by Criminals. Then claim it is why they need MORE such Failure laws!

          Also I want to add that contrary to debka or wherever info is from saying the “Samson” Option is as BI wrote of is Incorrect. The Samson option is what some honcho in Israel, Arial Sharone? or The Old prez guy cant recall His name here now, Told usa/eu leaders. That if Israel does Not get Their way(world control etc NWO) or if any nations try to Stop israels “Quests for Power”(NWO/Jwo) then as a Final Last resort israel shall push nuke buttons to Send nukes into EVERY Major European Capitol and major Cities to Destroy the entirety of europe totally in one huge mushroom cloud. That is the Real Samson option. Not just nuke muslim nations nearby.

      42. When the time comes, does anyone know the best way to talk to some of these idiots that run the show in Washington? I mean the Valerie Jarrets, Siebelius, IRS heads, etc. How are they tracked down to have a short conversation with them. Are they accessible at their homes? For instance, when Siebelius told the parents of the child on lung transplant that “some people live and some die”, I would go and talk with her about this if this was my child. I am serious, are these people in public view often? I know Obama is not available, but surely we can reach out to some of these assholes when it comes to that?

      43. Not bloody likely. There simply ain’t gonna be another draft and the U.S. military doesn’t have enough “boots on the ground” to hold any significant piece of real estate *with or without one*. The last draft nearly tore the country to pieces, and that was long before the public at large figured out it was all a murderous scam. Nobody really wants to go to war because it would break any of these countries financially and politically. The hangman is coming for the scum at the top. The NWO is circling the drain and will be flushed down the toilet of history soon. Get these Mad Max war fantasies out of your head, the men behind the curtains are about to be taken to the woodshed and mankind will progress.

        • they can try to draft this time, but very few will file. CW2 WILL start if they draft.

      44. I was in a bar listening to some goofball who was saying that if the shtf..he’s team up with his asshole friends and go steal the preppers stores.


        Yeah…good luck with that.

        Funny how guys like that don’t think that the preppers are armed and ready to blow a hole through his nut sack with a shotgun. Double barrel…one for each nut.

        I hope all is well with you all.
        I’ve enjoyed our site.

        BTW.. I was talking to a business owner…. he was telling me his workers comp. insurance was $10k. Now he’s looking at Obama insurance.
        He’s firing everyone and will have the family help with the venture off the books.

        Obama and the other dem/commies are really fucking over America good.

        I hope we have a good very hard crash….that will wake folks up.

        The elite will be very worried…millions will be climbing their ivory towers wanting to have a chat with them. That’s why they are all trying to disarm us.
        Funny…the more they try..the more we all ammo up.

        Feel good about it.
        The American spirit is not dead..but just can smell the bullshit steaming in a huge pile called congress.

      45. Excellent post, Brandon, because of your well-thought out analysis, which (and I mean no offense) I hope is wrong, only because any war is sheer hell, for everyone, especially given today’s atomic, biological, chemical and other weapons (known and unknown).

        Any fan of the TV show M*A*S*H* will know that each and Every episode made their own poignant comment that war IS hell: utterly and Totally destructive of the human community– a brilliantly written show where humor was combined with sadness to give us such painful wisdom weekly that sadly, most elected leaders do not care about.

        In Christian theology the “Parousia” refers to the Second Coming of Christ, a time when He will crush the Antichrist and when, among other things, Paradise and Earth will merge or become one.

        While certainly no one knows the day or the hour, I respectfully suggest that we Are living in that period of time before the time of Christ’s Second Coming, that just about everyone here at this site has “read” the signs and build-up to terrible war/catastrophe, and that we are going to see His return, yes, in our lifetime. Very simply, although there will be terrible sufferings, God WILL put Satan back in its place: HELL! Stay in God’s grace, my friends, stay in the Light. God simply will not permit total, total destruction– that’s how much God loves all of us, even evildoers.

        I also respectfully refer interested readers to wwwdot thewarningsecondcoming dot com and just click on “Messages”. I could go on about the content of those Messages but I won’t.

        Let me make just a few closing comments:

        a- It is my belief that all of humankind’s weapons combined are but something like a speck of dust landing on God’s shoulder– that’s how deeply I believe in God’s Almighty Unfathomable & Incomprehensible Power, as He is the Author of the Universe. But of course, God KNOWS that such a speck is enough to DESTROY His human race. My point is that all of man’s arrogance, as expressed in weapons, is no match for Almighty God.

        b- Although I try to make smart or wise choices for myself, loved ones, and friends regarding prepping and staying/keeping safe (as I believe that is part of being a good steward), at the same time my total trust is in the God to whom I pray, whom, I believe, calls all of us to work for the peace that is the fruit of justice.

        c- Lastly, I have been reading this site for about 2 months and I am humbled at the sheer goodness of everyone here, even those with whom some of us might disagree. This life can be scary and frightening, especially when some to most elected leaders throughout the world and in our own country mistakenly equate their arrogance and “authority” with being “right” or being “competent” or being “wise”.

        “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschlyus (from Greece centuries ago)

        “There is not enough darkness in the whole world to put out the light of one small candle.” – The Christophers motto.

        Stay in the Light, my dear friends, trust in Almight God MELTS fear, and God is MUCH bigger than anyone or anything that would threaten to snuff us out!

        Thanks for putting up with me, by the way.

        The Lone Ranger

      46. The “School of the Americas” was formed, also known as the School of Assassins, in Fort Benning, Georgia. The combat academy churned out some of the most unstable monsters in third world politics. The U.S. trained and conditioned agents for violent social change and military overthrow, who were then implanted around the world (mostly in Central and South America). These agents then initiated war fever in the name of cementing U.S. interests around the globe. Their horrifying methods were seen as a means to an end.

        While the scum who did this are still running free and in politics today… and Americans wonder why so many around the world hate the US… lulz. When criminals like Kissinger or Bernanke run around free and are even worshipped as good guys, people who suffered because of these guys policies tend to be mad at the people doing nothing about it…

      47. #12 is interesting…

      48. After jumping off the 100th floor, the opptomist thinks to him self as he past the 4th floor, “So Far, So Good.”

      49. Anita Sweater, welcome aboard, ma’am, and i understand where you are coming from. I won’t dispute that a few people here don’t know what they’re talking about. I know not all young people are bad. joining the service usually helps them a lot. i have veterans in my family going back to WW2, so I’m no stranger to the ways of military people. I believe what some people are concerned about are the way our troops are used for illegitimate purposes. The last GOOD war that we fought in and WON was WW2; we’ve lost all the others since then. Have you ever wondered about that? Did you know that the government, the same government your grandsons serve right now, abandoned LIVE American POWs in WW2, Korea, Vietnam? Nothing was ever done to bring those men home; they were written off by the government. What kind of experience have your family members had with the VA? You know the VA doesn’t take care of the vets at all. You might also want to check a book titled “War Is A Racket” by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC, 33 years of service and twice awarded the Medal of Honor. Ma’am, we just don’t want to see your grandsons become sacrificial lambs in some illegitimate war that has nothing to do with our national security. now, if your grandsons were to take part in a coup against Obama, I and millions of others would happily support them in that cause. It’s always possible to support the troops, but the cause they’re being sent to fight in needs to be examined very carefully first before deciding if the cause can also be supported. Remember Iraq, where Bush claimed Saddam Hussein had WMDs? Almost a decade later, many thousands of killed, wounded, and maimed for life, not to mention a trillion dollars worth of waste, all we did was totally wreck and destabilize that country PLUS NO WMDs WERE EVER FOUND. WHY? Think back to the first Gulf War when Saddam occupied Kuwait. After liberating Kuwait, we entered southern Iraq, and lo and behold, we found some WMDs and removed them for destruction. That’s supposedly where the Gulf War syndrome came from. A month before the second Gulf War, whatever WMD stocks Saddam had left were supposedly taken into Syria under Russian military escort. The 2nd Gulf War was really about gaining control of Iraq’s oil reserves. Yes, Saddam was a monster, but when he was in power, he did maintain stability in that part of the Middle East. The Afghan war has also been a waste. all of our troops should be brought home from overseas. Send them to overthrow that corrupt govt. in Washington and I’ll back them all the way. braveheart

      50. America forced to withdraw from Iraq, far from the strength of Syria, and its ally in the mid east and world wide,

        and the writer think that his govmt will think of invading Syria.

        this is only true if they decided to start 3rd WW.

      51. BS hit the fan plan

      52. Just another nail in the coffin.
        Just another reason to prepare.
        Like we needed another reason.
        So prepare, store food, water, water filters, guns, ammo, medical supplies etc. Cause…
        Real soon…

      53. Sometime in our lifetime? If the timeline is drawn out that far, the probability of most events, including a world war, will approach 1. It means nothing.
        We have a pretty hollow military these days, burned out and demoralized. We don’t have the will to belly up to another world war right now — if there is a war, on our side it will be mainly drone warfare and proxies. But it is in our interest to keep Syria roiling as a low intensity conflict, to let the Russians and the Iranians and Al Qaeda get caught up in the mess and drain their resources in a drawn out bloodbath.

        If you’ve read the book “The Next Hundred Years” by George Friedman, he concludes the next world war will be between the US and Poland on one side, Turkey and Japan on the other, sometime around 2050. Until then, it will be a slow burn against the Russians (Cold War part 2?)

      54. The whole World is forgetting that God will intervene and preserve Israel.

        • You have badly deceived James. Look further into the “god” of Is-Ra-El

      55. Obama-Rama is just a puppet to give the illusion that we have democratic or republican choice and that we can effectuate change. He’s nothing more than a puppet. He takes his orders from the Banksters. Not one banker went to jail for Foreclosure sub-prime meltdown or the derivatives market. All bailout money went to Wallstreet. Not one penny got to main street. The voting is rigged. Ask anyone about those Elect. voting booths they run off of MS Access DB and can be hacked. They take those voting booths home with them at nights. I know I was one. Obama-Rama got 99% of votes in Ohio this last Prez election? Ohio was a swing state. he should have gotten no more than 55% IF ANY? Same thing Ohio for Bush Jr. They only need to cheat in enough states to get their man into the white house. E.g. Ohio and Florida. And look at all his problems now IRS-Gate, Benghazi-Gate, Guatanamo-HungerStrike-Gate Still open, NSA-Gate snooping on U.S., and Verizon-Gate giving out U.S. info. The war in Middle-East will be a “DISTRACTION” nothing more as they crash the Dollar and Petro-Dollar reserve currency that Ben Bernanke and his bankster buddy’s control that make up the Federal Reserve banks. (Citicorp, Goldman-sachs, Lehman Bros (past), Lobe, Kuhn, JPMorganChase, BofA, WellsFargo, to name a few, these are the banksters that ARE the Federal Reserve that lend CREDIT to our banks and we pay interest on that via IRS. Both were created in 1913. Their mandate on Fed. Reserve Act was to issue credit and tax us to pay for that credit, for 99 years. Well that 99 years expired Dec. 31st 2012. Do the math, what is 2012 minus 1913 = 99 YEARS. So now they will create war to make Chinese dump the dollar and crash the dollar and blame it on Chinese. Also war will cause hyper-inflation via rising oil prices. Crop fertilizers, food transport, tires are all petroleum based. This will bring big profits for Big 7 Sister oil companies BUT cause via INFLATION rising Interest rates then Euro and U.S. Treasury notes will have to be raised to compensate for inflation. and those PIIGS indebted nation will not be able to pay and collapse Euro ONE FINAL TIME. Which will also bring down Dollar via Derivatives. WHAM Voila EL-Fini. Done end of story. IN THE AFTERMATH, new currency will be issued that is Gold backed. and they will STEAL YOUR WEALTH from that. You have $100 and hand it in for new currency, and only get $20 back. You dont’ like it, Oh we’ll keep your old worthless dollar currency. When you have starving children infants and elderly. You will take it and take what they give you. Solution? 1ST, Jail Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Jamie Dimon (head of JP Morgan) and head of Goldman-sachs and other Wall Street bankers. Plus slime scum like Timothy Geithner, Henry Hank Paulson, Gary Gensler and the other corrupt politicians that collude with the Banksters.
        2ND, take back the voting system, make it paper, and make it show who you voted for. Voting should not be secret that only lets them change your vote and when you voted for Romney, magically your vote got counted for Obama-Rama by the elect. voting machine. BUT if it were transparent you could verify who you voted for. So what if your neighbor knows who you voted for Big deal. It’s not like he knows your bank account.

      56. Marc Salvo, I am going to have to disagree with you that Syria is the likely catalyst to another world war:
        1. Russo-Sino have already indirectly made it plain that they will counter US and Western interests in dislodging Iran’s main defense from a Western pincer by the West that Syria’s regime change would allow, and Iran possesses a defensive pact with Syria.
        2. Russia isn’t going to allow its underbelly to be exposed by allowing the West by toppling Syria and Iran.
        3. China isn’t going to tolerate near total encirclement. It’s been making its sphere of influence/sphere of physical projection quite plain.
        4. The US populace majority does not favor interventionism in Syria (unfortunately may change).

        While you can argue Brandon Smith’s observation, the globalists aspire for the US to follow Communist China’s example, and this nullifies global balance of power.
        Here’s some problems here:
        1. Yes, globalists, supranationalists, and other elites who aim to rule the world share in their common desire, but they aren’t interested in playing second fiddle either. The Leninist-Marxist Dialectic is very clear here. The snake is preparing to eat itself.
        2. Even if one removed every cultural, industrial, Industry, Union, ethnic, and etc, there would still be balance of power to contend with. The absence of these do not extinguish it. In fact, Brandon Smith did an article in which he discusses the elites desire to control everything but truly can’t and squash the individual at the same time.
        Balance of power is largely unavoidable; this is one of the reasons misdirection and manipulation are required to trick individuals into confusing/blurring the lines and its inevitable shifting.

        Syria will certainly be involved in the next world war; it’s the unlikely likely scenario as the snake will eat itself. If it was only necessary to make the populace to accept Communist Chinese style rule, it would not require a world war at all. It would merely only require conditioning people accustomed to civil rights rather than civil privileges to accept the transition nationally and then supranationally. Manipulation and misdirection would simply keep up the risk of such to encourage people to accept integrating their lifestyles to be more compatible to Chinese style rule. But then, even a basket of currencies like an SDR would still place balance of power within that basket, public-private mergers, public-private partners, and subsidized fiefdoms. One would still be required to play each group against the other like divide and conquer in a high stakes game that requires granting rewards that benefits groups to try keeping all sides happy aka Consensus building politics Moderate National Socialist’s specialty, but they always lose control to the Fascist National Socialist right or Communist National Socialist left. ‘We’re all Bismarkianists’ doesn’t fly in a designed mechanisms where there can be only one with Marxism, Hegelian, Leninist, and etc thrown in. Bismarkianism is Bismarkianism period.

        Syria and Iran become the main catalysts if either the Saudi Arabia makes a treaty with Russia/Chin dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade, which is largely the tipping point transition to accelerated demise of the US Dollar’s reserve currency status, or Saudi Arabia gives the US an ultimatum here in regards to Iran, which Russia and China won’t fully agree to until the US is out of the area.

        My top 5 best guesses is:
        1. Sudan-South Sudan. This conflict pits US backed South Sudan against Chinese backed Sudan. I have yet to find if South Sudan has or intends to sign the treaty governing the Blue Nile, White Nile, and Nile Rivers:
        A. The White and Blue Niles are tributaries of the Nile that is necessary for nation’s populaces along the Nile to feed itself. Egypt is a US ally/puppet, but they also destroyed much of the US’s covert cover groups as well and allowed Russia to strengthen its position in the Med. I fully expect South Sudan to block these tributaries and thus punishing Egypt and force Sudan into desperation.
        B. This returns the Kony 2012 bit that places Kony just west of Sudan and South Sudan placing US and NATO forces capable of aiding its largely Al-Qaeda proxy in South Sudan if I recall correctly.
        C. This also intertwines to the Boston Bombing suspects from Chechnya, so I’d pay close attention to US/Western supported Chechnya total sovereignty from Russia.

        If this is the scenario, Syria becomes the most likely possibility of world war. Syria being toppled means Iran at best becomes the Neo-Berlin wall or at worst toppled itself. Russia would be largely limited in defending Syria, and the key is the ability to use place ships and barges into the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and the ability to use the Suez Canal at all. They will have to counter to bring their manufacturing and production advantage into play to try countering the strategic cold war advantage the US or Western backed world’s reserve currency presents.

        2. Saudi Arabia either by accelerating the repudiation of the US Dollar and western backed and controlled world’s reserve currency status by entering a trade agreement dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade, or delivers the US an ultimatum.
        A. The US will be forced to focus on Syria and Iran here, but it loses the benefit of not being perceived as the attacker if through ultimatum.
        B. The US Dollar’s reserve currency status reaches the accelerated erosion by Saudi Arabia dropping USD in denominated trade.
        This also means that the West’s ability aside from perhaps the European Union to topple Syria and Iran becomes iffy. It also means Syria is now very unlikely to be the catalyst. Saudi Arabia becomes the main target here as the US and West through decades have targeted nations threatening Western and US hegemony. Expect the Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11 and Boston Bombings to be revisited here.

        3. The United States either by a second Revolutionary War or Civil War. Lets face it. We as a populace haven’t been this badly divided and polarized since the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and both World Wars. The government is obviously preparing for massive domestic turmoil and conflict, and this would ultimately change global balance of power over night. The US simply doesn’t possess the man power, manufacturing, and production infrastructure to contend with a two front war on this scale. The European Union is already too polarized between north and south to effectively counter either, and it’s doubtful this kind of disruption wouldn’t spark opportunist expansionism either. There’s a huge chance that this also enables a major war elsewhere.

        4. Mexico or Canada. This is my iffy one as Mexico through its drug war and how many people coming to the US view it as reclaiming land rightfully Mexican; this also uses conventional right v left to redirect the populace and essentially begin the North American Union under the auspices of defense and war reparations. Most US people don’t realize as recent as 2005 Canadian papers discussed the issue of a trade war resulting due to a conflict involving lumber. I am also compelled to point out that Canada is the power-broker between Mexico and itself. The North American Union is virtually guaranteed here short of by peaceful means aka treaties of integration. More economic turmoil will simply escalate this possibility that argues against integration, and the best way to hide such is through physical conflict.

        5. Cuba/Brazil most forget that:
        A. Cuba isn’t supposed to be invaded by treaty. If Russian-US relations continue to deteriorate expect this treaty to be dismissed. Cuba exposes the US’s underbelly much like Syria and Iran exposes Russia’s.
        B. Brazil and China have been effectively friendly; in fact, I seem to recall a nuclear treaty that enables to place nuclear weapons in Brazil. In addition to the canal being prepared to be built in Nicaragua, which for those who aren’t familiar before the Panama Canal was built the US under Teddy had to decide which location to build the canal Nicaragua or Panama, and Teddy decided Panama.

        My two cents for what it’s worth.

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