Peak (Cheap) Oil: How It Will Change Your Life (Micro-Doc)

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    Energy Shock, the latest micro documentary (available for viewing below) from producer Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends highlights a topic that has been discussed and debated for decades – with a slightly different twist. It is often argued the the Earth has a limited amount of oil in the ground, and as modern industrialized society continues to increase consumption, we are slowly but surely using up the one precious resource that makes it all function. Proponents of the peak oil theory suggest that we have already reached the production tipping point, and that in a matter of a decade or two there will be not be enough oil left to support the needs of a growing global population. Opponents of the theory says that there is plenty of oil in the ground (and under our oceans), and that it’s just a matter of finding new and innovative ways to get it out.

    Energy Shock details the challenges facing the world as more nations transition from emerging to growth economies, like China, which has increased its oil consumption by some 400% over just the last several years. Yes, there is still oil in the ground and under our oceans. It’s all over the place actually. The problem is that we are rapidly losing the ability to easily access and produce cheap oil, and we’re having to depend more and more on costly drilling methods that will significantly affect the price of oil, gas and liquid fuels over the long-term.

    Considering that oil is used in just about everything we can imagine, from the obvious gas-in-your car requirements, to the less obvious production and distribution of things like plastics (cell phones, tires, and tupperware) and food (fertilizing, harvesting, transportation, etc.), a negative impact on cheap oil accessibility will significantly alter how we live our lives. Cheap oil is the only thing making it possible for things like food from farmers in China to be imported into the United States at cheaper prices than local farmers can offer. It makes the economy as we know it, with hour-long one way commutes by laborers, possible. Without cheap oil, everything changes.

    The US Department of Energy admits that a chance exists that we may experience a decline in world liquid fuel production between 2011 and 2015. Crude oil is too intertwined into our lives to expect anything less than a total life style change if we have truly peaked in cheap oil production.

    The average price of gas in the United State is around $3.25 a gallon. Our economy, which should be clear to most by now, is in total shambles. Even if everything else were to financially and economically stabilize at current levels right now, if the price of oil were to jump to $6 or $15 per gallon, as some estimates have suggested could be the case in the near future, the entire system as we know it would come to a crashing halt. We’re already under enough pressure as it is.

    Now, consider the many factors that may contribute to the rising price of oil, including production and accessibility, price inflation and government regulation, and you’ll see why this is very likely one of the most serious threats we face. High oil prices may not be all that bad, as Mr. Ameduri points out, because it would lead to a restoration of local economies:

    Future Money Trends is projecting an oil crisis this decade that will not only change our lifestyles radically, it will change our world, ending globalization and restoring local economies.

    But the transition from our current paradigm to the new one – where oil costs perhaps three or four times more per barrel than it does today – is going to be cataclysmic to say the least.

    Already we are seeing a massive exodus from suburbs that are far from cities and work. What may have been a beautiful home in 2005 is now vacant, vandalized and foreclosed. The drive-until-you-qualify housing boom has left many areas devastated.

    What do you think will happen when gas is over $15 per gallon?

    Many Americans not only live miles away from grocery stores, but the grocery stores themselves receive food that may have been transported from across the globe. Not to mention that the logistics of harvesting the food also requires liquid energy. Soon, we believe, not only gardens will be rising up in the U.S., but front yard vegetable gardens will replace grass and flowers. Remember, no one can deny peak discoveries, and soon no one will deny peak production.

    European gas prices are already in the $10 per gallon range, three times more than what we pay in the U.S. Imagine for a moment what happens to an already economically strained U.S populace if similar prices happen here.

    Watch the Micro Documentary Energy Shock by Future Money Trends:


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      1. See Michael C. Ruppert’s “Collapse” movie. If even a fraction of what he discusses come to pass, then the thumping will be devastating to most people…as we all know here and have discussed thoroughly.

        Keep the peace,
        This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • I remember back when gasoline spiked on the speculation bubble in 2007-2008. It was enough to get me to purchase a 33 mpg car instead of driving the gas-eating old jeep around everywhere.

          Nowadays I can simply telecommute. 3 days a week to start, probably 4-5 days a week if it gets too pricey. Most people I know and work with have moved in closer to their jobs, and either walk or bicycle to work (Oregon is weird like that).

          On my own part, I can still swing moving out of town and driving to work daily if I had to, though it would take a bite out of the budget. OTOH, if the cost of living drops enough, I may be just as happy taking on a more local job.

          • The biggie is, get your cost of living down.

            I had a motorcycle during the gas-price spike and it was costing me as much as $14 to fill the little bitty tank.

            I kept it for a while but found on my now-microscopic income that I could have savings in the Mason jar, or I could have a motorcycle, but not both. So I sold it and got a decent bicycle.

            I love the bicycle, one of the best $400’s I’ve ever spent. And it was a revelation to me – I’ve been a hardcore go-fast type cyclist, but I wanted this to carry loads. It’s an Electra cruiser with a big basket on the front. Electras are made for COMFORT and there was absolutely NO break-in period for my butt or any other part of my body. I’ve gone months without riding it and then done back to back 30-mile days with no problems.

            Comfort = miles

            • I agree on the bicycle part – I use one to get back and forth to work, though it’s hardly a mile of distance each way for now.

              Thing is, in order to drop my overall COL, I have to move. Living out of town and buying/growing most of my own groceries locally will help keep the ghastly grocery bill down low, as well as rent (and eventual mortgage, though I hope to have enough to just knock that note down in less than 10 years). The savings will be more than enough to justify eating 6 gallons/week in the twice-weekly hour commute.

            • We had an ’86 Honda three years ago–unemployment prompted us to sell it..we are so sad, esp. with the EMP threat and gas prices.

            • And then go try carrying your family and kids in a basket! This is Utopia that works for single old farts – no offense intended.

        • Gold Leader you are right on. Ruppert talked about this for some time now and his Video “Collapse” details what is happening now. One of the key details is that there are 10 calories of oil embedded in each calorie of food that makes it to our table.

          The alfalfa farmers near me have switched their pumps to electric because of the price of diesel has gone so high.

        • Mac: Don’t forget the hydrocarbons used in the plastic at Taco Bell.

          Just saying ….

          • you are right about the plastics—-they are all derived from oil.

            • ponomo: Taco Bell uses plastic feed stock in its beef!!!

              This is allowable for animals, I didn’t realize it was legal for US, but apparently it is.

        • Ruppert’s a drama queen with a terrible love hate relationship with money. Chronically complaining about those who have it all the while wanting more so he can get out of his poverty consciousness. Unfortunately, money won’t get one out of poverty consciousness; it’s inherent in the genes, so to speak.

          He need’s to overcome his false pride and confess the reality of the existence of abiotic oil. The amount and availability of oil isn’t the issue. The control and manipulation of it is.

          • Having worked in the oilfield, I will say yes, oil is abiotic. A natural hydrocarbon. But it took a couple billion years for the Earth to create what we are burning up as relatively cheap gas. Abiotic oil is really irrelavent to the peak oil issue.

            All of the oil that was really easy to get to is pretty much gone. Yes, we still have drilling here in the states. but it is in fields that that were once considered too costly to drill, and extract. It used to be one barrel spent yielded 10, or more returned. No more. It’s more like 5 returned now. Think about that next time you buy gas.

            Which brings me to another point, people chant “Drill baby drill”, will reconsider what they said, as aquifer after aquifer is contaminated. The gas you have burned came a price, and aquifer conamination is Big Oil’s dirty secret. Yes, they are making gains in safe drilling, but the damage is done, on a scale that would make you cringe. Driiling and fracking for natural gas is making it worse, despite what you are told.

            Peak oil is a very real issue. The USD ain’t called the “petrodollar” for nuthin’. Watch as oil, and the lack thereof plays out along side of other issues discussed here.

            • @just me , will you marry me … ? ;0) great post ! you go gurl !

          • Please provide a link to a published, peer reviewed, scientific paper that scientifically validates that abiotic oil is real.

            • @EA: Here’s your link. You get to purchase anything more than the abstract, or simply pick up any competent Org. Chem textbook from the nearest college:


              Abiogenesis is nothing more than a novel hypothesis, and has no proof whatsoever. Anyone foolish to trust his or future on it is begging for disappointment.

            • “Anyone foolish to trust his or future on it is begging for disappointment.”

              That’s exactly what they want you to believe. And you took it, hook, line and sinker (from day one).

              You also probably believe the earth is warming.

            • I will concede that I can’t find a peer-reviewed document supporting abitoic oil. I did go off of what I heard an oilfield geophysicist say. That is an iffy statement, and concede that, too. However, here is a study in progress:


              Whether oil is abiotic, or not is still irrelavent. The easy oil is pretty much used up, and a mess has been made by misuse of oil for so long.


            • @JustMe: A-yup. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

              @EA: I do not subscribe to AGW, but when it comes to oil, I’m not fool enough to stake future plans on unproven theories that fly in the face of proven science. I’d much rather work on the assumption that oil is going to be rather scarce over the next few decades.

          • EA@ ??? Really? Now that’s a internationally respected scientific authority! NOT!

            • THat’s right, throw the baby out with the bath water. You obviously didn’t read ’em and that’s why you’re one of the many who believes the propaganda they’ve filled your head with since you were in elementary school. Lube your brain in some decomposed dinosaur leftovers…right?

        • Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are both fascist pig faggots. They are devoted to destroying this country. They are so constipated, they will take a major shit on your face when nominated. They do not know their ass from their face, and that’s why they always look the way they do. They are in bed with the oil companies, who are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, to never allow the other energy systems. They are both representatives of organized crime, and they will definitely succeed at destroying this country, just like everyone, at least the readers on this website, knows already . . . . .

          • So…what do you really think of them?

          • Truth,
            You forgot to blame their existence on Bush.

          • @ Truth Says

            Why stop there? Come on, you’re just warming up! How about Barry O., Cain, Huntsman, Perry, Bachmann, They are all, except for one, owned and operated by their Zionist handlers.

            The Doctor for President 2012!

            • I guess the people down-thumbing you really, really like the ambiguous due of Gingrich & Romney . . . I wonder if they need a proctologist’s treatment for their own benefit . . . at least when they are not so busy taking it up the ass from them of course!

            • Ambiguous *DUO* of course. HAHAHA.

            • Score one for European American. Regardless of how we analyze, debate, or ponder the tentacles of the beast, the head must be severed if there is to be any long term survival, enlightenment, and thriving to finally take hold. I don’t wish for violence in the revelation, but it’s at least necessary that the curtain to be pulled to the world to reveal the ultimate master in the dying paradigm. And it comes down to one name at the very top of the bill….Rothschild.

              Peace to all,
              Gold Leader standing by.

              PS: Remember…we are meant, by their design, to stay in conflict with each other, and stay in the dark, distracted by the details/tentacles.

          • Truth has some harsh things to say about Newt and Mitt. He may be right, but I’m supporting Newt for one reason: I will be able to legally keep my guns. If Obama wins a second term say goodbye to the 2A and your ability to defend yourself/family/property. When the rioting starts in this country (for whatever reason) we’ll all be as defenseless as the people in London this past summer.

            • Slappy, I certainly understand your argument here, but I need to point out something that you probably already know – for argument’s sake. It was under President Bush that what essentially amounts to martial law was declared in New Orleans, and it was under his administration that handguns, rifles and shotguns were seized from law abiding citizens in the wake of the Hurricane. In an emergency, when Americans needed their second amendment protections the most is when they came for the guns.

              Newt talks a big game, and I may agree with some of his ideas, but can we trust him?

            • newter is a neo-CON.

            • All I can say to them is “Good Luck” gettin’ everyone’s guns

            • Sir: I believe you’ll find that lil’newtie voted FOR the big bad ‘assault weapon ban’ in holding hands with the other bedwetters from BOTH traitor parties back in the nineties…. he’s a nasty little bitch…..

      2. Am I first?

        If gas gets to $10 a gallon in the US people will resort to robbing 7-11s dressed in a gumby costume…oh wait, that’s already happened.

        • You have to bear in mind that in the UK, about 80% of the cost of gas is tax.

      3. Its Called WAR……….to the victor goes the spoils.

        • Um, no. It’s more like to the victor’s OWNERS go the spoils.

      4. Look out Iran!! We need your oil! The U.S. will protect their interest at all costs.

        • Just for good conversation sake I would like to ask you and anyone else that should read…(Devils advocate question)…should we be pissed off at the idea of our government just running over another country to preserve our way of life, or should we consider ourselves blessed to have the ability as a nation to provide the opportunity to be the last man standing? As we all watch the world go to shit around us, I personally find myself fairly conflicted with the thought. I feel like the right thing to do is come together in a world wide manor and tough it out until everything rights itself, but the reality is, I have a family and I’ll be god damned if I’m gona see the people I love hungry.

          • If our government would scheme and manipulate and cause wars in other countries in order to steal their resources, then the day will not be far off when they will do the same within our country. Someday your neighbors might use the same justification to take your resources because there are more of them and they are better armed. Personally, I would rather be the biggest, baddest dude on the block and be the one in a position to take from others instead of being taken from but that doesn’t make it right. When your children are starving there is no limit to the evil you can do in order to feed them.

          • Here’s the thing….we have enough oil within the boarders of the United States to meet our demand. The powers that be won’t let us drill/extract our own natural resources. I’m with Ron Paul. Pull our troups out of the countless countries we are in, defend our boarders, and lets take care of ourselves. It seems like a no-brainer.

            • We don’t have any boarders. No one lives with me but my wife.
              Our country DOES have borders though.
              I’d like it if we’d defend them.

          • What price empire?

            Do you really think for one minute that what is being done is to provide a good way of life for you? You, and I and everyone else here are expendable. All we have done is to provide a bunch of parasites warm bodies for thier enforcement arms. Kind of like the mafia, they will take care of you as long as it is expedient, and will cease when it becomes unneccessary.

            While I understand your positon about your family, make no mistake, TPTB do not care about you or your family. And all the resouce grabbing will come back to haunt us in a major way, mark my words.

      5. Went up a penny a litre, 5p a gallon yesterday, maths is not my thing but about $10.71 a gallon. I have a Peugeot 307 estate that cost me £90.00 to fill, what’s that about $130? Not cheap. It would be not so bad but public transport outside of London is not good and is quite expensive, it would cost me £11.20 to get my daughter to and from school each day.

        Congratulations on being the first lol

        Take care x

        • Let’s not forget that a major portion of that $10.71 is tax… I think the socialist programs are a huge part of cost of fuel in the UK.

          • Agreed Ragnar, but it still comes out of my pocket and that hurts like he’ll I can tell you x

        • got edged out just at the wire, but 2nd isn’t too bad!

          • maybe next time Smokin 🙂

      6. This is SUCH a smart system: We go halfway around the world to oppress and murder-oh sorry, liberate and kill “insurgents” so we can drill their oil, pay them for it then move it halfway around the world (using refined fuel) for refining then it enters our distribution channels (more refined fuel used). We create “wars” to defend each of these places. SOOOO much better than drilling our own reserves, putting our troops on our borders and keeping our war coffers for real wars.
        Gosh, those Washington decision makers sure have those good ideas figured out. Let’s go vote ’em in again.

        • My thoughts exactly. Quite an insane system isn’t it? No civilization/people can last like this, won’t be too much longer before our life support runs out. Maybe that will bring about some good for a change. After all, it is always darkest before dawn.

        • if we murdered them to drill their oil, why do we buy it from them?
          Idiots, the world is full of them.

        • Where do you people get these ideas? We got nothing out of the Iraq war. Everyone but us is drilling especially the Chinese. All you whining pussies saw to that. We cannot even do a pillage the village op correctly.

      7. I view this scenario with a certain foreboding. The collapse of our economy. In time local production, local farming,some communities becoming more isolated from each other. The destruction of some import/export markets. China would get hit hard. An effort by the elite to turn us all into termites living in huge cities, easier to manipulate, monitor and control. Now to fnd a small piece of land somewhere I can retreat to.

      8. I planned on buying a barrel of kerosene to act as my “lifetime” supply for emergency lighting/ cooking but alas I just lost my job. A small barrel of lubricating oil also makes a highly useful item in a SHTF scenario to protect machine parts and act as a rust preventer.

      9. At $6 per gallon the US would implode.

        • If there is anything to “Agenda 21” the idea is to run us out of the outlands and into high occupancy housing, tenements, big buildings anyway. So raising the energy costs high enough to make it unaffordable to live out in the burbs and commute into a town. As well as raising energy costs high enough so that other technologies can compete. (Electric cars, windmill autos, busses, bicycles, solar shoes) What a better way to lump the population into an area and get them and keep under control. I smell an Al Gore in here somewhere. The stench is putrid!
          While you are at it, those of you that are stifled in your Normalcy Bias, Google Agenda 21. This thing is real and is here!

          • Hammerun gets it right! Agenda 21 is being incorporated into regional “comprehensive plans”. Our County has already adopted this UN plan and was so stupid/bold enough to literally lift the wording right from the UN document and add it into their own 2030 plan. It was voted on behind closed doors, without citizen approval in our County.

            Want to live in the country? Buy a trail horse and a team of draft horses because the car, truck, and tractor are being regulated out of commission. The fuel is being manipulated out of price-range. At least in the country we can grow our own food that isn’t from GMO-seed, yet another manipulated resource….

            • get rid of your county commissioners. if you live in a liberal area–goood luck.

      10. Lets just think clearly.. we are all led to believe that the price of oil is set by its demand.. or its set DEMAND to PRODUCTION run.. right? Wrong!! oil extraction and refinery methods haven’t changed in 30+ years..

        The price is artificially created by the crap shooters playing into the oil futures game.. they win..$$ and we always draw craps..

        Just ask your this question..Why is diesel fuel more expensive than gas? Being its the bi-product of gasoline at its final stage of should be a 1/3 of what gas priced at..

        At the very end of this deception.. we all need to realize that we all are renters in this world.. we own nothing.. but neither do those who are claiming the oil as theirs to sell..

        “Human greed” is the only key factor to our ultimate demise.. all other problems can be solved.

        We can make this world a great place to inhabit once again.. ONE VOTE AT A TIME..

        • The biological imperative to reproduce is the only key factor to our ultimate demise, not human greed. All else follows from increase in population; resource depletion, overcrowding, environmental degredation, etc. The depletion of oil and peak of production is just a forseeable result of too much fucking. An increase of 5 billion+ since the beginning of the Age of Oil? Watch it plummet when the oil is gone if you don’t believe the causation between the two…

          • You have a valid point.. Too much humpimg did factor in to the demand.. For sure.. But that isn’t how its gonna happen.. Greed will take over.. And yes the un-natural selection will happen.. To ultimately kill off a few million people..

            Too bad body condoms are not a option!!

          • Actually, I somewhat disagree. The amount of humping has remained relatively constant per-person, but as infant and child mortality dropped, the population went way up.

        • You did forget to add stupidity with greed, otherwise spot on.

        • Diesel is out of favor by the enviro pukes. therefore it is more expensive. There is so much new production coming on line that prices will hold steady. Three bucks a gallon is where the economy still works but discourages driving around just for the heck of it. A happy compromise. There are still idiots where I work that drive round trip everyday from Temecula to San Diego. Morons. They did it for cheaper housing and they sure got that now with most of them upside down or forclosed.

        • “Diesel is a byproduct of gas” is simply not true. Diesel does require less refining than gas. Propane is one of the byproducts of the refining process. The reason that diesel is more expensive than gasoline is because it requires 15% more oil to make a gallon of diesel than it does to make a gallon of gasoline.

      11. It was close to $6 a gallon a few years ago, Fuzzy. But the economy was still going better than now, now today’s $3.50 or so is as hard to afford as $7 would be when we had jobs.

        People are driving a lot less, they’re taking less single-purpose trips, etc.

        This is how Peak (cheap) Oil works, just a long slow squeeze. A few % less oil each year, it costs a few % more $ to get out of the ground …..

        This is why “slow crash” Doomers like myself just see an ever-deepening Depression, but there can be sudden drops downward here ‘n’ there.

        Tomorrow’s go-to-town day for me. Town’s 8 miles away. Time to check air pressure, basic PMCS (preventative maintenance checks & services) on the BICYCLE.

        • i couldnt agree with you more…..and wait for the real retail sales numbers to come out in january and see if the are even close to what they are saying now.

        • If people stop driving around, they don’t casual shop. Sales go down. People get laid off. And the cycle down continues even faster.

          • Puzzackly, OF.

            I don’t go into town unless I have a specific reason or reasons, and generally unless I can make a few $, taking in some recycling, selling something, etc.

            Because I *know* when I go into town I’m gonna spend money. I *know* I’m gonna want a couple fried chicken thighs for $2 at Nob Hill, or some of those sinfully delicious toofer-buck tacos at Crack In The Box.

        • alc,

          From what I saw, the highest that gas prices got was in Hawaii at $5.88 per gallon. In the contiguous U.S., the most I saw was in the $4+ range. But I like what you said.

        • and the self-priming frn is not a culprit??

      12. why do you think Gadaffi and Saddam were assasinated? Because they didnt want to play ball..they both know that the Fed Fiat Dollar isnt worth the shit smeared on it after its only purposeful use!

        they wanted to trade it for real weath…Gold

        so a bullet to the head for you Mr Dictator..

        these so called dictators are no different than our POTUS..with one exception,, our system will only play with paper monopoly money for its oil.

        its all about getting it from all these other countries supplies first..and paying for it with BS paper..and if they dont want to play along with that..this government bombs the fuck out of them and kills the leader, than takes it anyways

        • I will again draw from the words of Claire Wolfe: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” They (the power families/central global banks, think in terms of generations (hundreds of years), while we think in the context of our life span (and that of our children and maybe our children’s children). In my opinion, we need to jump outside of their paradigm and do something radical (I will let you define radical). We can no longer operate within the system that they have created.

      13. Does anyone ever consider the role that zoning laws and rules governing minimum lot sizes, minimum house square footage, minimum bedroom sizes, etc., play in the price of a gallon of gas? Next time you drive through a blighted city center look at the empty storefronts and see if you can find the owner’s apartment above his place of business. How would that affect the length of commutes, the traffic jams on the freeways, the extremely high house and rental prices if the bastards who are zoning communities to death were tossed out on their collective asses? At some point we will run out of oil or at least it will be impossible to recover the remaining oil when it takes a barrel to recover a barrel. In the meantime, we would do well to not shoot ourselves in the foot because the idiots among us want to require everyone to live on a quarter acre lot with a minimum 1500 square foot house so the city or county can collect more in property taxes.

        • i like your thinking….very interesting.

        • MHM: If you want lower taxes engage YOUR government at the local level to block that tax. That is accomplished all the time.

          I want everyone to have a 1500 SF house AND a half acre lot to grow their own food.

          Then I want the federal government (US) to use OUR tax dollars to subsidize homeowners (US), so that every home is a self contained power source using state of the art solar and wind power at the individual, retail level to power OUR homes and cars.

          WE may as well subsidize OURSELVES as to provide the hydrocarbon industry a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR subsidy every year, year after year.

          WE can be power independent. When We are power independent, WE will have more liberty, not less.

          • @durango kidd,

            I want the federal government to stay within their constitutionally mandated limited role of protection against foreign aggression and protection against fraud. I don’t want them taking money from one group to subsidize anything, no matter how noble the cause. If solar or wind make economic sense then free markets will allocate private money to its development. I too like the idea of everyone having a large house and lot to grow food on. However, I do not support any effort to compel development in that direction or force private property owners to not be able to use their property as they best see fit. My point in the previous post is that minimum house and lot requirements are one of the root causes of urban sprawl and as such bear a good deal of the blame for traffic jams, long commutes, and ultimately higher fuel costs and increased oil usage. You ever see good farmland paved over with suburban housing developments? Ever wonder why that happens? County governments love it when low revenue generating farmland can be traded for high revenue generating suburban McMansions.

            As for trying to change taxes through local elections; property taxes are used to subsidize education and anyone who attempts to cut taxes is demonized as being against children. But the biggest problem is most homeowners are unaware of how much property tax they actually pay because the tax is usually figured into the home loan and placed in an escrow account almost like our federal and state tax withholding systems. If you never have to write a check in order to pay your taxes then what would you care what you are taxed? Renters also don’t have any incentive to vote for tax decreases and when a vote on lower property taxes is framed as a vote against children, those who would try to lower property taxes have a steep uphill battle.

            • MHM: A noble thought in theory, but the reality is that government does subsidize energy development and will continue to do so.

              That reality is not going to go away, but it can be changed to my suggestion.

              Once my suggestion is implemented by Patriots to free US from the stranglehold of the oil and gas companies, nuclear industry, and corporate lobbyists, you can bet all the energy corporations in America will support yours.

              The way to get to where you want to be is to get to where I want to be first.

        • Ms. Moon..on that note I think it’s just a matter of time till homes are, lack of land, but also to preserve arable land–any thoughts?

          • @JJ,

            My view on that is that county zoning boards and those developers who build on arable land are too shortsighted to change zoning in order to stop arable land from being paved over. And even if they changed zoning to preclude developing farmland into more suburbia I would not be in favor of it. Reason being, I am opposed to zoning in all its forms. The logical result of an ordinance or zoning restricting building on arable land is that buildable land would become even more expensive and thus house and apartment prices would increase to reflect that. I would support a removal of all zoning and any ordinances which currently prevent building upwards, building smaller, building more permanent (monolithic domes), or living in the same building where one works. If you have ever been to Europe or Asia you will know of what I talk about. What happened to the baker or the tailor or the small grocer having an apartment on the second floor above his place of business where he and his family resided? Building up allows an additional source of income in the form of rental money from a tenant or a commute-free home with no monthly rent payment. Why did we have to separate where one lives from where one works? Truth be told, zoning was originally a tool of racists and bigots who sought to keep prosperous blacks out of their communities.

            As to your question on what I think will happen, I think when oil gets high enough, the seas of suburbia will become deserts when commutes become too expensive. Building on arable land will cease when food prices rise to where farmland brings in more taxeable income than McMansions.

            • Already happening in Detroit. They are trendsetters, they just need to fire up more bulldozers. When the idea of bulldozing 25% of Detroit was advanced, my thought was that they weren’t going far enough.

            • Moon, some of the plans implemented now or those in final draft phase are utilizing a legal instrument known as the “Transfer of Development Rights” to give $$ to farmers as they keep their land undeveloped. Problem is, it’s a money-funnel shill game.

              Those rights are transferred to “receiving areas,” designed to concentrate development in areas closest to infrastructure and other services.

              Doesn’t this sound like that Progressive idea on carbon swapping?

          • JJ: Arcosanti

        • They are empty because the store owners get tired of being held up and shoplifted from. Why do you think none of the major grocery chains locate in the hood? You need to get out more.

          • @willy,

            The fact that they are there means that the inner cities were not always the fiefdoms of gangstas. At one time it was possible to build and create businesses in those locations. What changed to make the inner cities the havens of criminality? If I had to name several factors responsible, they would be –

            1. Rent controls, which artificially kept apartment prices low which discouraged new apartment construction and caused scarcity that drove working families out of the inner cities.

            2. Forced busing of minorities to more affluent schools, which encouraged whites who could do so to leave the inner cities in order to keep their kids in good schools.

            3. The breakdown of the rule of law and the rise of radical liberalism during the Sixties along with the Great Society and the War on Poverty which destroyed the black family and concentrated criminal elements in inner city housing projects.

            What remains is a legacy of these actions and policies adopted back in the 60s and the 70s need to be undone in order to correct the damage. I have lived in prosperous inner city apartment blocks during my travels overseas and I know the model can work. We have what we have because of bad policies and ignorant public servants; not because it is inherently unworkable.

      14. Euro gasoline is $10 due to taxes not supply and demand. Supply is only limited due to regulation (taxes) not lack of availability. Every time peak oil gets traction in the news the oil industry has a “new find,” but the big new find will be an alternative that isn’t on the table yet. I personnally like the Univ. of Wisconsin’s bio diesel from algae grown on waste treatment plants – huge win – but not getting any legs yet because at $3.75 a gallon it does not work.

        Did you know solar companies in CA are giving away solar systems FREE of charge? How say you – because the rate of solar power production is now less than what regulated utilities charge. That doesn’t work in Texas, AZ and most other states but in NJ, CA and Hawaii it is. That is how govt will do it – raise the rates (gas prices too) to the point where alternatives make sense. Actually I’m not opposed to that policy if they don’t shock our economy in doing it.

        • Jim – you are correct. Electricity is priced on a tiered system out here. So the “basic ration” isn’t that bad, but use more and as you use more the price goes up. Solar City advertises on the radio like crazy, if your electric bill is more than $200 or so a month, they can set you up with solar, I believe, no money down and your bill goes down. I’d sure want to see the fine print on it, and I bet the system belongs to Solar City unless you make arrangements to buy it and that’s not gonna be cheap.

          But I LOVE seeing this because it’s having the effect of spreading photovoltaic panels far and wide, out among the people. Decentralizing power.

          In my own case ….. well …. we stuck a Watt’s Up on my line here and I use less than $20 a month. Sometimes less than $10.

      15. Great video. A few things were interesting to me.

        1. It mentioned that this would force a return to local economies (not a bad thing).

        2. I loved the picture of the family looking at their front yard – which was a garden. That is way more attractive than many of the lawns out there.

        Hopefully some young, enterprising minds here in the USA are working on an alternative energy source that is cheap & safe. That would help our economy tremendously.

        • There is all kinds of alternatives but big oil buys up the patents and buys out the people designing the alternatives….but im with you Bluto.

      16. The Mall by me was jammed on Friday and Saturday, but it’s empty today. They bought the sales but that was all.

        • same here….in southern ohio

        • That’s funny, I was saying the EXACT same thing to my spouse earlier. I said that the Black Friday shoppers bought stuff cheap & on sale & there was no profit to be made. Stupid media, trying to make it look like everything is hunky dory.

          • Supposedly the Black Friday sales exceeded last years sales but the figures I saw made no mention of inflation. Any figures I see nowadays are suspect because year over year figures are meaningless if they do not take into account inflation, and true inflation figures are impossible to come by because the government doesn’t include energy or food into its figures, and the “official” figures are probably underreported anyway.

            • Great point.

        • Yup..rolled by the WM on my way to work and over the weekend on my way to other things each day I went looked like the only cars in the lot were for the ones who worked there

      17. This is what James Kunstler talks about – sprawl, the “mandated” suburbia, etc. The guy’s an obnoxious smarmy type who never misses a chance to take a swipe at the Gentiles, but much of what is writes about is dead-on (you’ll have to ignore his pro-war stance too).

        There’s a movie out, “end of suburbia” or something like that, which isn’t a bad intro to this.

        The “car-free” movement has a lot to say, once of its leading lights talks about the car being made a “mandatory product”, something you *had* to buy.

        The peak oil, car-free/car-lite, anti-suburbia movements have all been ticking along for 10 or 15 years, talking about this stuff, and now we’re seeing the reality of it becoming apparent to Joe Sixpack.

      18. I heard there’s plenty of oil from n Dakota thru Nebraska and Montana

        • 15 billion barrels oil equivelent in NW North
          dakota, very ne Montana, ……..

      19. If the idiot in the White House would let U.S. firms drill in our waters instead of the Brazilians and the Chinese, we’d be in better shape. ((Watch out for the Chinese my friends, they are gobbling up pipelines & oil rigs all over the world))

        If the idiot in the White House & the environmental alarmists would loosen up, we could start drilling in Alaska.

        If the same idiot would approve drilling permits instead of just a few random ones that waited for months, we’d be in better shape.

        It’s a temporary fix I know, but I’ll bet it would get us through the next 50 years and give us time to come up with alternatives instead of destroying our economy in the meantime.

        • he wont and they wont let him..

          because the plan is to use up every other countries oil first, no matter the cost (in fiat dollars of corse)

          that way when its all depleated everywhere else… we win..or should I say they win..

          the country that wins the last natural resource war is the one who took it from eveyone else when the gettin was good. unless they become hip to it, and nuke the shit out of us before they dont have enough fuel to ship the nuke

          really tuff for another country to wadge war when they dont have any oil to do it with..

          very tactical if you think about it

          • That is a good point, but he is letting the Chinese & Brazilians in our waters to drill. Seems like if that was the plan – no one would be able to drill.

            I say he is intentionally trying to destroy us. There will be no election in 2012. Economic Crisis will be officially declared.

            • the Chinese and Brazillians are “playing ball” with him..thats why

              and paying for it every step of the way, and we have the reserves for him to exploit them for as long as he likes

              its all about the dont think he took that shitty job just for the 400K a year salary did ya?

              now about the 2012 thing.. time will tell

            • in a way he is probably placating the keep his government in a good eye with the Chinese government by “working” with them and this is a way to act like “were friends” far as the sure there is something in it for him..

              the huge reserves are way farther north than where they are drilling at

            • I would like to say I also agree with you on the point that he is intentionally trying to distroy us..because he isnt one of us..
              so with that being said..none of his policies should stand once he is out of office or sooner..
              I dont believe a kenyan US president should have any of his policies in effect on a country he should have never been allowed to run..and shortly there after he should be imprisoned at G-bay for life

        • Mr. B..I believe someone already posted..we have alternatives..probably courtesy of Nikola Tesla, but TPTB steal the patents and hide/destroy them..evil is in this world, Mr. B..pure evil.

        • We have just had 50 years to switch to altenative energy sources. It has not happened, because a relative handful of people have decided it will not. And it will not in another 50, either.

          There are lots of people talking about how we should be drilling here in the US. Have you seen first hand the environmental damage done by drilling? I have. Are you aware of how many once-pristene fresh-water aquifers are now contaminated, as in never-again-drinkable, by drilling?

          And, another thing people don’t seem to understand, is that the oil reseves in Alaska were not meant to be drilled out so you can have cheap gas. The oil in Alaska has been kept in place as a last resort reserve for the US Military.

          Please, spit out the republcrat kewl-aide, and take a serious look at this country’s energy situation, and how and why we got here.

        • The idiot in the White House gets to joy ride around in AF1 for free. What does he care what gas costs? he pays nothing for anything. The presidency has become a boil on the ass of the country and needs to be cut down to size. that goes for the congress also.

      20. This is a must-see documentary on peak oil titled “The end of suburbia”

        I would also recommend watching two segments from a guy by the name of David Blume on using alcohol for fuel.

        I saw him speak about a year ago and it was truly enlightening. Pretty much anyone with a fuel injected car can run E-85 through it with the addition of sensor that is connected to the fuel injectors – essentially making it a flex-fuel vehicle (several places sell these online). If the vehicle is brand new (or if you have a flex-fuel vehicle already), it is pretty easy. If not, one has to “wean” the engine off petroleum based fuel by blending the two and the strengthening the blend little by little. He wrote a book that explains all of this. Best of all, creating your own alcohol for fuel is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. I actually use apples from a farmer that no longer harvests them to make my “mash” and he was happy to see them go to good use. I, too, was a little intimidated at first but it didn’t take long to become comfortable. If you are not handy and don’t want to make a still, you can also purchase them. It requires a license from the ATF (surprise) but they are relatively easy to get. Additionally, stills can also be used to purify water. You can also do some additional research (google) on stills and distilling to see the benefits. You may have to wade through the info on drinking alcohol distilling but there is plenty out there on alcohol for fuel and water distillation. If it hits the fan, the ability to create fuel (assuming you have set up your vehicle to run on it) and clean water will be EXTREMELY helpful not only for you and your family but also for bartering. Good luck!

      21. Peak oil and resource wars are for the general population to debate. The banksters already own everything and couldn’t really care less if they have to kill people in order to direct it where they want it to go.

        They are now in the process of setting up the Chinese people in hopes of starting the whole wealth extraction process over again with a 200 million man military industrial complex to back it up that will be large enough to do what the US military can not. Occupy every country on the planet with open military force.

        The people are already screwed in the big picture, it just hasn’t penetrated deep enough yet for the Sheeple to know it.

        In another 50 years, the Chinese will be just like us now, on the precipice of disaster, and we will be just like they are now, working for pennies to build crap the Chinese can tear up and buy over and over again, squandering all wealth that can not be stolen by the banksters.

        One reason the banksters are still at it is because the People think it is a complicated game. It is very simple once you strip away the propaganda.

        They have the power to create money, thus can buy anything they want any time. If it was taken away and they retained the power to create money, they would buy it all back tomorrow. If they lose the power to create money, they lose EVERYTHING.

        It is not about the resources. It is the power to create money, which can only be sustained so long as everyone is forced to accept it.

        The Power to create money and control it’s supply MUST be taken back by the people. Everything else will take care of itself in a free market.

        • Well, when peak oil can no longer be hidden or denied peak population will be right around the corner. All those starving sheeple will need something to eat… I wonder if evil global banksters taste like chicken?

      22. I agree with what many have said here before- oil will still be plentiful, it’s just gonna get a lot more expensive. And, in spite of the okiefied reputation, I’m with you all. When I aint posting the usual drivel, I’m prepping like a muther!
        Still, in spite of the ominous news each day, it’s good to give the brain cells (both of them) a rest now and then. So…here’s today’s drivel, er…

        News Headlines Of Real Importance:

        **Ohio State Lures Urban Meyer With Huge Pay Package: If he wins a national championship within 5 yrs he’ll recieve $80 million plus title to the entire city of Cleveland. Meyer reportedly said he’d prefer $70 million and they keep Cleveland

        *Kansas Teen Tweets That Gov Sam Brownback Sucks: Refuses To Apologize, Cites Free Speech Rights. The female high school senior, whose name has not been released, has moved ahead of Herman Cain into 3rd place in GOP primary polls.

        *Miley Cyrus Social Media Admits She Uses Drugs: Disney Announces New ‘Cannabis Montana’ Movie Release For Summer 2012

        *San Diego Man Charged With Attempted Robbery Of 7-11 While Wearing Gumby Costume: Suspect Nabbed After Slow-Speed Chase On Pokey Horse

        *Egyptians Riot Again In Tahrir Square: Protesters Demand End To Military Rule, Democratic Reforms, Fair Elections, Economic Transparency, And Addition Of Cartoon Channel To Basic Cable

        *PETA Forms Sister Organization: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Vegetables Calls For Boycott Of French Fries…”They’re killing innocent potatoes” said a tearful PETOV member as she stood outside a Burger King.

        Bawny Fwank Announces Wetirement: Says Congress Has Become A Bigger Pain In The A** Than His Private Life

        • @ Smokin Okie
          LOL ! Thanks for today’s comedy relief , I need a good chuckle today ! Montgomery County Texas

        • Dammit Okie, you almost caused me to heave coffee on my keyboard with that Bawney Fwank comment. Lets just hope that the voters in his state don’t allow a “fecal sequel” in their next election.

      23. LIKE a bad sci-fi movie can you see our planet ripped to shreds as humans do anything for that last drop of oil. Then the riots etc… for many years as humans adapt to a world without fuel. Because we will wait until past the last minute to do anything!!! right!

      24. S.O.

        LMFAO…*San Diego Man Charged With Attempted Robbery Of 7-11 While Wearing Gumby Costume: Suspect Nabbed After Slow-Speed Chase On Pokey Horse

      25. Time for what? The Governments around the world are not making the right decissions now, what makes you think they will be able to make good ones in the next 50 years.

        I believe that the civilized people of the world have been circling the toilet bowl for several generations now. It is time to flush and start out with some fresh water.

        Nature has survived/thrived without world wide influance. Maybe it is time for the humans of this world to get back to the basics of thier lives, families and neighborhoods.

        Our survival will not depend on Europe/Russia/China/Brazil as much as it will depend on our community in our very near future.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      26. Actually. some off your new solar panel technology and wind tech does compete with big oil and coal on price per kilowatt without our military paying the tab to keep the oil flowing from the middle east or polluting the air. As far as electric cars are concerned, several new models are coming our in the couple of years that will get over 200 per charge and will charge in less than an hour. So before you start to bash alternative energy, do a little research first. is a good site. Before you call me a green peace idiot, i am a chemical operator at a large chemical plant that burns alot of coal and natural gas so my paycheck depends on fossil fuels.
        As far as oil, Discovery magazine had an article a few years back about a process that could anything made with carbon into grade 2 fuel oil and seperate out everyting else. in fact, ButterBall Turkey built a plant in Carthage,Missouri that does this with turkey guts. We have the technology to be energy independent if we so decided. I believe Changing World Technology is the one that created the process.
        Another site is They make high quality wood gasifiers that you could actually run a truck with.
        These are just a few examples. Its not all gloom and doom. Perhaps if “Peak Oil” hits as they say it will, other, on the self technology will get the usage they deserve

      27. Um.

        CNG conversion?


      28. While this documentary holds a lot of merit, it is based on the paradigm of having no other alternatives. One of my primary hobbies since I was a child has been tapping into Tesla’s work. The problem with this is that the oil game was rigged from the start. John D. Rockefeller was a leading pioneer in completely rigging the oil industry, when we don’t even need to use oil. The J.P. Morgan interests furthered this agenda by literally destroying Nikola Tesla and later, confiscating much of his work.

        If you haven’t heard of ZPE (Zero Point Energy) yet, or think it’s some sort of scam, I can assure you from personal experiences, it is not. In my own small experiments I have personally witnessed short bursts of over unity, while others have tapped it and perfected it. Here are some names of interest that you can look into:

        Bedini, Bearden, Hutchinson, Meyer, Boyce, Johnson, Lawton and these are just a few to barely scratch the surface.

        Solar, wind and all the other over consuming nonsense is nothing more than a ruse, for the most part. Everything we think we know about energy is about to be turned on its head. These inventions that tap the vacuum for zero point energy had been suppressed in times passed. Today, because of the internet, more and more people are bringing these devices to life, and they work.

        Just for the record, none of them defy physics or defeat the conservation of energy, because the energy is not coming from the device, but the space around the device. The device serves only as the medium for which the zero point energy is tapped into. The concept is nothing new, but every time someone came along with a device that could tap into the zero point energy, the patents were bought, inventors murdered or research destroyed, only to further the oil agenda.

        So, imagine what would happen to the power structure if almost overnight, energy became as free as the air to breathe. The power elite would be rendered powerless. We’re almost there folks. This technology will probably end up becoming the very thing that saves the human race before these manipulating, self-serving, megalomaniacs destroy us all.

        The beauty is that there are multiple ways to tap into the same energy source. There is no way to capitalize on it, no way to patent it, no way to own it. This is exactly why the power elite have so diligently suppressed this discovery for more than 100 years. This will be their demise. You cannot control a people that can provide for themselves. Freely available energy will allow every last living soul on Earth the grow food in the desert, stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat, transportation will be dirt cheap and so much more. This will free the human race and it IS coming.

        Don’t just believe me, check out some of the devices you can build for yourselves and start using.

        Currently, I already possess a solid HHO generator that can run cool and continuously while producing gas for my torch. The system can do a lot more, I only built this for a specific purpose. Later, I will be adding one of these to my transportation. Several of my co-experimenters are already doubling their gas mileage by using the HHO systems on their transportation. Stan Meyer perfected this and Dave Lawton and Bob Boyce are currently doing very interesting work in this area.

        In addition, I am in the middle of assembling the Bedini Monopole Motor. I am working on the small device now to recharge my alkaline batteries. Shortly after this device is built I will be assembling a much larger scale device to charge 4 large battery arrays on automatic rotation. You can imagine what I’ll be doing with the surplus power. John Bedini perfected this technique based on principles Nikola Tesla discovered.

        No matter what happens with oil in the future, just remember there are a few hundred thousand people, probably a lot more, like myself out here working on this stuff. My intention is not to sell a damn thing. I just want to use it for myself, and I’ll share with anyone around me. All the information is out there for you to freely have these devices now. The more of us that remove ourselves from the grid, the less control they have over us. Even if you only build your own solar panels to power your home, it is death to the power elite by a million paper cuts. If you want independence, you have to BE independent. Nobody can do this for you.

        • I agree, there has to be many other forms of energy, and I also agree on the suppression of inventions and knowledge about them from the Rockefellers, and other oil interests, and the bankers..what better way to keep their dynasty thriving

          • Yes, if people that are inclined in electrical applications and principles opened their minds a little and built some of these devices, they will start to spread and new ideas and inventions will be born out of them. However, it looks like one of the Rockefeller family read my comment, LoL.

            • I see that..they must have read mine too

        • So, imagine what would happen to the power structure if almost overnight, energy became as free as the air to breathe. The power elite would be rendered powerless. We’re almost there folks. This technology will probably end up becoming the very thing that saves the human race before these manipulating, self-serving, megalomaniacs destroy us all.

          Joe Republic, wasn’t one of Tesla’s energy producers ‘friction’??

          • It sounds like you could be referring to a “Tesla Turbine” where Tesla was looking for a way to avoid friction in his pumps. The design is actually quite amazing where efficiency of these turbines, when properly constructed, can reach as high as 95 percent.

            Or, you may be referring to the atmospheric work Tesla performed from his Wardenclyffe Tower. This is the experiment that ended his career because of his intentions to tap into the energy created in the Earth’s atmosphere through friction caused between different layers of the atmosphere, ions and solar rays. Basically, he wanted to tap directly into lightning.

            The Wardenclyffe experiments basically went like this:

            1) Emit a small charge into the ionosphere.

            2) Allow the charge to build a greater charge by circling the Earth numerous times.

            3) Pull the charge out with a natural gain potentially hundreds times more than what was transmitted.

            4) Store the charge in a battery array for later use, or convert immediately and use it.

            Well, for Tesla, he was about to give the world a virtually limitless amount of pure energy created in our atmosphere. The Morgan interests wanted a new super weapon to sell to the military. When the conflict of interest was discovered, that’s when Morgan pulled all finance from Tesla.

            Of course this story is much more detailed and complex, but this is the general idea. The funny thing is, we watch gigawatts of energy discharge from the sky in a single storm, yet nobody ever questions why we aren’t using it as an energy source. You may think it is because we don’t know how to tap into it. Yeah sure, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

            No, science can bring us all the horrors of nuclear weapons, genetically modified food, geo-engineering and so on, but damn, we sure can’t figure out how to direct lightning strikes. My ass we can’t. Tesla figured this out and the concept was buried. Why? To further the oil agenda, or course. No free energy for you, slaves!

      29. alc – please describe a Watt’s Up for me. I looked it up but don’t quite understand it. Can you help? Thanks.

      30. an update from Lithuania.
        following close on the heels of the bank Snoras’ collapse the new propaganda campaign has started in our little (un)democratic shitcountry. gooberment is starting to draft and pass a new law which will increase punishment for resisting the (un)lawful police officers dramatically. for resisting them in any way you will now risk 4 year sentence or such a huge fine that will leave you and yours homeless and foodless.
        I presume that your Glorious Leader will take some good experience from our Glorious Leader and yours shall implement more (t)reasonable and (un)just laws to make the life of all of you even more prosperous…

        • I will predict that when no one has money to pay a huge fine and the government doesn’t have money to throw people in jail for four years the cops will just start executing people who resist them. Plenty of historical precedent for that unfortunately.

          • although once this happens it will also become open season..what would one have to lose…right?

            • that’s more or less what I said to my missus
              I told her that this was for the good, because such laws makes THEM more apart from US. with special emphasis on the fact that it is WE that need to see that division. when this division reaches certain level, we shall finally have revolution …. or so I hope…

            • When a few of them get shot in the head sitting at traffic lights they may get the message. I sincerely hope it never comes to that as that would be the end for all of us.

      31. Hope & Change. Most had no idea… Which one do you want first! I didn’t vote for him. Most of my dimtard customers said that he had more experience than the Alaskian Gov. but last time I checked she wasn’t even running for #1 spot. Yea, right… And now he wants us to bail out the Euro with more NWO IMF fiat. I’ll write in RP again. Am I first?

        • you’re always first…to crack me up!
          meanwhile I’m just hanging out in this oregon truck stop waiting for my logbook to hurry up and get here so I can leave(ok, that’s a lie. I now have e-logs. talk about a pain in the fifth wheel. bet it was a bureaucrat that thought that up) next time I reincarnate, I hope it’s something good! like maybe a vulcan…

          “I’m just sittin here watching the wheels go round and rou-ound. I really love to watch them roll”

          “I love rock-n-roll. Put another dollar in the Ipad baby”

          • Kenworth on… high V!

        • problem is most of us didnt vote for Him,,but we got Him anyways..and the way i look at this..if it wasnt would have been someone just like Him..if you catch my drift?

          • We get exactly the government we deserve. GIGO principle. Liberals taking over education begets dumbed-down public school teachers which begets dumbed-down voters which begets the current assclown-in-chief and the others like him waiting in the wings. So who’s to blame? The self absorbed parents who didn’t make an uproar over liberal infiltration of college curriculums, the older generations who have consistently voted away their grandkids futures for their own security, or the evil “elected” public servants who are just doing what evil does? The younger generations did not create this mess, they are the outcome of errors and lack of judgement made by their parents and grandparents generations but if they continue the status quo then they too will also inherit a degree of culpability for what is to come.

            • The sins of the father shall be paid for by his son…or maybe it was his grandson… or his great-great grandson… well, lets just keep kicking the can down the road a bit longer…<—–just kidding!

              This "kick the can mentality" does appear to be the mindset of many. Rather than take responsibility for the mess, it just gets swept under the rug with the previous messes, and the sheeple keep believing everything is going to be great.

      32. Luckily the Obama Administration is going to give every household a dual fuel vehicle that not only runs on hope but also has the capability to run on unicorn shit.

      33. Boy Mac, you’re pushing on this one. “Our economy, which should be clear to most by now, is in total shambles:

        Our economy is far from being in total shambles. It may be headed there but certainly not in a present state of “shambles”. Where I live, in the Pacific NW, there’s definitely a slight strain, but life is continuing on, i.e. progressing, not crashing, not even sputtering.

        Gas will only head to $6 and up if THEY want it to. But there has to be a demand (or a war) and as more people drive less, more gas in storage. Anyway, they’re not foolish enough to stop the system from continuing to fill their pocket books. (How much do they need? How much do they want? Enough so they have absolute power, total control) No reason to raise gas prices that high, not while there is an abundance of oil. Plenty. Beyond plenty.

        They’ll make it affordable for the masses so that the masses continue in servitude. Just enough to make ends meet, but not enough to pose a threat at becoming empowered.

      34. You cannot scare a man who has known the terror of seeing hunger in his child’s eyes.

      35. has anyone read cliff high’s latest report? just got done.he seems to think we are only months away from destruction.

        • Do you have the link I would like to read it? Peace

        • JohnF: In what part of the country do you live?

        • “he seems to think we are only months away from destruction.”

          Yes, and ‘the future’s uncertain and the end is always near’ my friend.

      36. oh, one completely off topic
        I want to inform you all about one individual. Mr. Wittekiend [sic] internet handle s.rwitt, a Texan (sorry, but he is), and an active marine trooper.
        he has called me a liar, when I said that if he is convinced that I am one, then he should have no problems with coming to Lithuania and saying that to my face. he did promise to do so: (I’m quoting)
        [quote]November 23rd, landing at 11:15 am Vilnius
        Looks like I’ll have to fly into Vilnius and get a ticket to Klaipeda from there,
        so it’ll be sometime around 2pm on November 23rd.
        […]things will be said into faces.
        I’ll be in US Marine Dress Blues. And maybe sunglasses. I haven’t decided yet. [/quote]
        I was there as agreed, but the coward never showed up. I ask you humbly to treat this boy (if you ever meet him) with consideration to the above information.
        I believe that any soldier who fails to keep his word is a serious threat to his own nation as well to other nations. word is the same as oath, if one breaks word, one can easily break his Oath just as easily. he’ll just say “oh well, it was a word I gave to some lame booger from post soviet shithole” just as he could say “Oath? nah, that’s just words, we should consider reality and most of all – our orders”

      37. shit…i am not going to say anything negative about our commander in chief. he deserves our utmost respect.

        (did you read that, NSA? i only praised obama. please don’t assassinate me)

        • Rich: While I sometimes agree with you and appreciate your perspective, I sense that you are clearly on drugs today. Check your prescription buddy. 🙂

          Obama is a fricking clown, at best. He only looks half ass when compared to a complete ass like GWB.

          • Eat a shit sandwich without the bread.

            • YOUR MOMMA BITCH

            • FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! 🙂

            • RICH99% dumb

            • You remind me of a 12 year old boy that refuses to come out of the shower at Penn State.

            • Rich99, are you the offspring of Mushroom?

          • Rich99: It figures that 12 year old boys would be your preference, faggot!

        • love the sarcasm!!! but im still giving u a thumbs down…hahahahaa…just kidding

      38. The largest business in the world (Wally Mart) would go tango uniform in three weeks.

        • China is going to Buy Wal-Mart….than Wal-Mart is going to buy the USA

      39. Peak Oil is a SCAM, Mac, a SCAM. Never in my lifetime has there been an oil shortage except for the Opec Oil ‘Crisis’ in the 1970’s. Cars go everwhere, everyday. Planes go everywhere, everyday. Ships go everwhere, everyday. Homes are heated everwhere, everyday. In the more than 40 years I’ve been alive, there has never been an interuption in the supply of oil. NEVER.

        Peak Oil is a SCAM, A TOTAL ****ING SCAM, MAC. I don’t necessarily think oil should be dirt cheap, but there in no shortage of oil in the world. And that fossil fuel nonsense, its a fraud too. How many plants and animals would have had to die in order to produce all the oil produced in the last 100 years. LMAO!. Oil is abiotic. It doesn’t come from dead plants and animals!

        • ok….let me get my crayons out and draw u a picture. Mac presents info for our cause or entertainment which ever u prefer.
          In the video it NEVER said we would run out. It said we could consume more than we could pump out…..hence the definition of PEAK OIL. not oil depletion. Are u related to RICH99?

        • Please show one peer reviewed, published, scientific paper that supports abiotic oil.

        • The oil produced in the last 100 years represents hundreds of millions of years of biomass accumulating at the bottoms of massive swamps and shallow seas. Not from dinosaurs as is popularly believed. Coal seams occur in rock strata and can be dated. Abiotic oil is a nice theory but it cannot explain the present geographical distribution of oil. Plate tectonics and shallower seas/warmer global temperatures can explain the present distribution. If abiotic oil theory was correct, one would expect to find oil distributed uniformly under the earth’s surface instead of the formerly shallow sea basins where it is currently found. How does abiotic oil theory account for coal seams?

          As to your claim that oil is plentiful because there has never been shortages except for the Oil Embargo, that has more to do with market forces which stimulate additional drilling and exploration. Oil is always available – for a price! However, the pace of discoveries has been slowing and the size of new discoveries has been smaller and smaller while the worldwide demand has been growing. One thing which has been consistent since the late 70s is the amount of oil per capita has been falling at a steady rate. This is showing up as higher prices at the pump and oil extraction from resources such as tar sands and deep offshore platforms that were previously cost prohibitive.

        • 40 whole years.

          Wow, that’s impressive. 40 whole years. You don’t say.

          The Dark Ages lasted longer than 40 years. Christ a fucking tree lasts longer than that. This is a microscopic speck on a microscopic speck on the back of a head louse compared to geologic history.

          Then again… I personally only need the shit to hold out until about 2050 so I hope you’re right-ish, actually.

      40. nice concise vid.

        As a university student with $56K in student debt when I graduate this year this sums up my fears. Also, my degree is going to be a masters in archaeology, not exactly a high paying field and one that requires myself to be on the road alot. I think the best option is an extensive bug out bag, but that seems to unsustainable. I have a few bows and some cheap crossbows, basic CB-radio equipment (solar, hand operated), and a year worth of soup mix (just add hot water and stir). any thoughts on my situation? I know its a bit off topic from this post.

        • There is plenty of work on the Geophysics side of Archaeology, GPR and Mag not to mention the new micro drone technology for aerial maping of sites. Otherwise with a masters it’s 50K a year teaching at a Junior College.

          • Thank you, its just overwhelming at times so I lose track of my purpose.

        • Good luck. We’re counting on you (and your degree). Unlimited amount of kicks to Durango Kidd and one more after being water boarded and sleep deprived. Your #2 sandwich without bread is ready and steaming. Ann Coulter’s middle finger to you.

          • Rich:I don’t doubt we’ll be paying around $20.00 per gallon gas in the next few years no matter what the reasons(real or “created”) that the UR give us.Food and water will also increase in lock step with it.Many more will be suffering.
            With all the current suffering(and future woes) would it not be better to say:I disagree with you and time itself will prove us either wrong or right.
            Your tactless remarks about someone being tortured and eating a feces sandwich lends nothing to the discussion at hand.As someone else said long ago:do unto others as you would have done to you.
            I’m sure you have the IQ to add meaningful insight,not just a 12 year old boy “F” bomb rhetoric.
            Food for thought.dude
            Best to All

        • Andrew, I have a similarly esoteric degree but fortunately didn’t have such a heavy loan burden, so I know your concerns. If one of my kids wanted to study archeology, I would require them to double major/minor in a complementary yet practical field, like econ or chemistry. This allows some entre’ into the corporate world and distinguishes you for graduate/post-academic work in the field. Since this is too late for you, my advice would be a) to polish your bowhunting skills IN THE FIELD and learn how to dress out and cook game. If you can put meat in your freezer it is a considerable savings for a tight budget, and it puts you in touch spiritually with the civilizations you are studying. And b) take some first aid and other more advanced courses from your local Red Cross. This might come in handy as you and your team members crawl around your sites.

          A year’s worth of soups–wow, not sure what to make of that, kinda random, but as a grad student, you may also want to aquaint yourself with the beauties of a good dark flour and lard based roux, beans and rice (which you can cook overnight with boiling water in a thermos) and cajun seasoning. Also, lots of peanut butter. Learn how to eat frugally and how to be a producer and protector, and those skills might pay off valuable dividends down the road.

        • @andrew the USAF will pay off your loans , send you back to school for your phd and make you an USAF 2ND LT. ButterBarBabyLt!

          Considering whats coming… the u.s. air force would be a good place to be for awhile… you might wanna talk to a Officer recruiter or the ROTC college rep at your college for what’s available to you!

          check it out… best branch of service to join!

      41. Hurricane Ike is what first started me thinking about fuel. When the power goes, the gas pumps do not pump gas…

        Hence I built a prototype miniature refining column that will convert “mash” to fuel grade ethanol. A friend of mine saw what I was building, asked for an explanation, so I told him, he said wow, can you build me one. This happened twice. Then my buddy asked me if I considered going commercial and selling them and kept on bugging me to do it. So I did…

        If you know what holds value all the time, but most crucially during a crisis, is FUEL, also during a crisis, antiseptic, alcohol beverage as a barter item and critically important, CLEAN WATER.

        With what I’ve designed and building you can have both. If you have a bug-out place and can grow certain things, you can ferment and produce antiseptic grade (62% – 65%) alcohol, fuel grade ethanol (94% – 95%) and with another addition, a mole sieve (in design at this time) further dehydrate the ethanol/alcohol from 95% to 99%. Not proven yet but am working on it, no reason to doubt the theory as it is prevalent in the oil & gas engineering community of which I’ve worked for better than 30 years. Hence why I know how to design and build this. You can use the unit to distill scum filled ditch water and get pure even without electricity or water pressure as long as you have a couple buckets and a heat source. Wood, charcoal, coal, propane can be used.

        I highly recommend that peeps either build something similar, if possible, or consider my designs, while we still have the time to prep, while I have 220 volt electricity, I make these units out of 100% copper and tig weld most of it. I’m not making much money and trying to keep them affordable. The only problem is the price of copper keeps going up and up.

        If you are interested, check out the website, I have since decided not to make them out of cheap stainless steel, so ignore that and if you want a custom larger unit, get in touch with me. I urge all who are interested to contact me personally through the website email or call the cell number provided. IF you are in doubt about my viability, ask Mac Slavo, he was one of my first customers. If you have other questions call me.
        I’m fully commercially insured, a legit LLC and attempt to provide like minded people with a superior product that will last your lifetime or mine, I garantee it… your life or others could depend on it and I take that responsibility to heart.

        I also do other things and have a good bit of knowledge of woodcraft as I was raised in a wilderness area and we were poor. We had to hunt, fish and trap. Now we may have to again, if the future bodes what we expect.

        I am also advertised on this site.

        I will have a mole sieve design and prototype soon and will take orders for that as well.

        Take care, keep preppin, and be safe, it’s getting scary out there,


      42. H. Cain can’t catch a break.

        • Anon: Maybe he doesn’t deserve one. He is running for President. He should have expected that everything would surface.

          Another egomaniac with an ego bigger than his brain. I smell toast.

          • You probably think the Frank Act is named after someone else.

      43. One alternative is to “Opt Out” of the oil battle.

        Obviously we can’t completely get away with out using oil, either directly or indirectly. But we can sure cut our personal dependence on it.

        *puts on Official Tree Hugger hat*

        ~ Drive less, walk more
        ~ Buy less food, grow more food
        ~ Consume less, and when you must purchase something, get something produced locally
        ~ Buy second-hand goods – they did not have to be shipped from Timbuktu to your local Wal-Mart
        ~ Learn what your options are for alternative energy sources – get as far off the grid as your personal situation allows.
        ~ Group your errands together – make one big trip instead of three smaller trips.

        We’ve been house-hunting lately and I chose not to take something 45 minutes away from my workplace. I am glad that I did, because my work has cut staff by 20% over the past two weeks, and cut salaries and hours for remaining staff.

        Opt out of the Oil Battle!

      44. I like some on this website are probably aware of Lindsey Williams predictions of $200 a barrel oil, which will be followed by the opening of untapped American oil fields, to include Gull Island near Prudhoe Bay Alaska, and the sites all over North Dakota. This is supposed to come after the double cross of the Arabs I think.

        Hubberts Peak has been found to be largely an overstatement. There is enough energy to fuel this nation for a long time. Globally, with population growth the way its heading, could change stuff though.

      45. The basic underlying assumption is false, i.e. that oil is a finite resource. What if, as many theorize, oil is being continually replenished in the bowels of the earth through a process that science is ignorant of? Gas in Europe is high-priced because of taxes, and here in the U.S. the environmental religious zealots have caused most of our domestic energy sources to be off-limits, so we wind up paying the ragheads 600 billion a year to import their oil instead. Like the Chevy Volt, it’s a recipe for national suicide. Brilliant!

        • Well said Zorro.. I too believe that the earth creates oil as a by product of natural processes which we do not yet comprehend. All the oil was created by dead dinosaurs and decomposing plants ???? Pa-leeze. No way, no how.

      46. Just a lot of talk and speculation but no facts

        • ok where’s the facts that what they said in the video is wrong? thats my whole point….lets use logic.
          1. world population is 7 billion
          2. oil is a finite substance just like gold ,copper etc.
          3. oil companies are not finding new oil
          4. so mathmatically there will be peak only
          the big question is when…thats the variable in the equation… prepare,prepare, and oh yeah…..prepare.

          • Actually they are finding new oil. Most of it from enhanced recovery and some from having the ability to drill where they formerly could not. The greater issue is world wide demand is outgrowing the increases found. The developed world can cut but it’s outpaced by the developing worlds increased appetite.

            Fortunately Natural Gas appears to be staying ahead of demand.

            • yeah i read that as soon as the arctic is ice free that they are going to start drilling and there is a tons of oil there…..but i read that countries are fighting over drilling rights.

          • Point 3 is absolutely incorrect.. Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company has made MANY new discoveries of very major deposits over just hte last couple of years.
            Many new deposits are being discovered right here in the northern American continent.. the PTB just refuse to let us get it or use it. One major find recently off the coast of Brazil makes the whole of the Saudi deposits look like a large swimming pool in comparison to a big lake..

            Point 2 is unprovable and likely completely false.

            • Give me Proof!!!! give me links to what your comment is.

      47. on the east coast durango kid

      48. Biomass from waste plant and organic materials works too. I know. I prototyped a methane generator and was shut down by the EPA for removing too much methane from the waste and producing organic fertilizer as a by product. Now mobsanto did the same thing and nothing happened to them, but the guy who ordered me shut down is in the obama cabinet as an advisor and served on the board of directors for mobsanto.
        Shtf I’ll build another one, but will go to jail if I do it now. I produced 65KW an hour on an unmodified generator using feedlot waste.
        Life is a bitch on pms

        • MM2…Your initial success shows what can be done. As you found out the ‘MAN’ with the power and influence will squash the little man. I do not know if a change in administration will change things for the better. The international ‘GovCorps’ have such a stranglehold on major market businesses. Monsanto is one of the worst.

          Can you share what types of organic bio mass materials were used?? What quantities of basic organic matter would be needed for a basic minimum output??
          Thank you, Montana Mike GO NAVY

      49. There are a few very good reasons why oil costs so much and will cost more, none of them have anything to do with a physical, real shortage. The various governments of the world tax the snot out of oil at all levels. The bogus green movement has succeeded in getting such onerous laws and regulations passed that it is almost impossible to drill for oil in most locations. Our government places such extreme obstacles in the way of the oil companies that it is amazing that they are even able to produce a drop. Our politicians give lip service to our becoming energy independent, then do everything possible to insure that we are not able to do so.

        It is all a bunch of crap..

      50. oil hasn’t peaked , they’ve new fields in montana and argentina that make saudi arabia look like like a duckie pond… and the demand is down so much super tankers of oil are parked 20 deep in oil terminal ports around the world and some tankers are being moth balled!

        this is a false claim… there is plenty of energy available with oil, clean coal, natural gas, and renewable thermo energy!

        this is a world banker imf cfr tri-lateral bilderboybugger – economic false flag to curb you all from reproducing and to keep you in your goyim tax debt slave 99% feed pens.

        the whole global warming and peak oil schlick is nothing but pure straight up NWO BULLSHIT!

        you should be more concerned with who private companies controls your water and who is polluting it intentionally for profit!

        only 3% of the earths water is fresh… and it’s being deliberately poisoned for profit.

        Don’t be a sheep! People Eat Sheep!

      51. Ninaorket – well said. Perfect! I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

        • ;0) @well said… many thanxs ;0) i have my moments of clarity… must be the Mad Dog 20oz and the weed brownies kicking in … ;0P buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp!

      52. Tap and Cap…… Find our oil here in the US. Drill and make production ready. Then cap them.. Create jobs, security for our military machines, and stabilize oil prices.. Use up imported oil..remove the choke hold imported oil has on our economy and security..

        • nunya

          We think of domestic oil as being “ours”. In reality it just goes into the pool of global oil and goes to the highest bidder. If more is found (and put on the market) or more is released from reserves or less is used the global price of oil declines. At the same time the USD increases in strength because each unit can buy more oil.

          Granted oil in your backyard in case of an emergency is better then oil 8000 miles away in an unfriendly area.

      53. sheeple believe in clean coal

        • @another jay… i’ll forgive ya cause yur’ slow… it’s safer and cleaner than atomic nuke power, america has an unlimited supply of cheap surface coal and it does work… china is building 25 new coal power plants a month as america is shutting hers down… shall i go on..? America an canada are now shipping coal to china so they can burn it in unfiltered open exhaust plants and guess where it rains down upon… can we say “chinese caused acid rain” lil’ boy??? hmmm us the north american continent with the nuke fallout from fukuobama japans 5 nuke plants going china syndrone critical with nuclear fission happening right this very minute! in the ground beneath the nuke plants… are both raining down on you ya tard! tAKE A DEEP BREATH DUDE! thats nwo goyim tax debt slave serfdom you smell, And ya might wanna keep your kids out of the rain… it’s contaminated with radio-active isotopes and unfiltered coal exhaust from asia, the snow will be brown this winter with glowing yellow and red highlights this winter for xmass , thanks nipponese… you all sure saved a buck or two building those plants… if you want to protect them from a life time fighting cancer! keep yours kids outta the rain and no eating the glowing snow!

          i’m done here………..

      54. Rear Admiral Lawrence Rice, Director of Strategy and Policy, U.S. Joint Forces Command confirmed that the military expects declining oil production starting between 2012 and 2015.
        he goes on to say “this will result in blackouts and civil unrest around much of the globe.
        you can link to a recent military report, “Fueling the Future Force.”

        Below is an earlier article on the Joint Operating Environment report of the U.S. military regarding peak oil.

        The Joint Operating Environment report can be linked to at:

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