Peaceful Ferguson Protesters Attack White Passerby: “I Just Want To Go Home”

by | Oct 26, 2014 | Headline News | 356 comments

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    Protesters in Ferguson have continued to gather on a nightly basis in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.

    They claim to be assembling peacefully, but as the video below shows, when a white man was passing through town a mob surrounded him and began making threats.

    The video shows the man telling his attackers that he just wants to go home.

    Another man is then heard saying “I don’t give a fuck what you wanna do.” In the background, a third man argues, “we’re standing up for what we believe.”

    As the victim tries to get away from the crowd he is immediately accosted by several men who hold him back while another grabs him by the neck. When he finally breaks free and walks away numerous individuals continue to pursue him.

    The following video uploaded to social media shows the incident from two different angles:

    (Video via Bizpac)

    Twitter users voiced their opinions once the video was made public:

    While no video of how the incident started has been released, according to witnesses the mob was blocking the entire street.

    However the incident started, unless the victim physically assaulted someone there is no legal justification for the physical attack that followed.

    Some would disagree, however.

    Others noted that no matter how angry the protestors are, assault and battery are not the way to handle it:


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      1. It is critical for everyone interested in self preservation to recognize the tribal nature of humanity and the danger of assuming that because you are doing your best to not be a racist that everyone else is too.white people seem to be especially suscetible to this hollywood perpetuated myth of multicultural harmony.Be forewarned, human nature at it’s worst is about to manifest,and culturally, there are some groups who think it is entirely appropriate to make you or your family a victim.

        • Jonah,
          You are correct in your asumption this is not just defined by race , as an example look at what happened in the Balkans , Rwanda , Cambodia , ethic and political cleansing can occur any where any place . As Rex Applegate commented years ago in “kill or be killed ” a mob is only as intelligent as its dumbest member. Human being are social organisms , we are inherently tribal in nature , it is a vestige of our early hunter gather development , a development that suited our survival in a hostile environment . Security relies in numbers the more people to share the chores and a active defense results in a better chance to pass on ones genes to future generations , we all are products of our ancestors who were survivors . This is the way of things like them or not.
          As for the second part of this thought the midterm elections are only a little more than a week away , some political opportunists sense that it is not going the way they want as exhibited by a democratic candidate being laughed off the stage last night . Their regime is crumbling we are entering dangerous times , even if they do not attempt to forestall the election or reduce turnout by formenting civil unrest . I would not put anything past them. Even if the election is held we enter another dangerous period of a lame duck session where anything can go , they could attempt to pass EXTREME LEGISLATION that will have to be overturned in the new season of congress in January from that time to January things could get dicy . What would happen if the party in power refuses to step down? They could say its more important to the country than to hand over power to the opposition ( remember EGYPT? ) and institute emergency powers . Or you could end up with extreme offensive actions at the polling centers . Allways expect the unexpected , at this junction it is important EVERYONE turns out to vote weather you think it makes a difference or not , a majority turnout and an overturning of the status quo gives US the moral high ground against that scenario mentioned above , the future is certainly in our hands , if we are not willing to be part of the solution , we are part of the problem. CIVIC DUTY has an important and different meaning now if not for us here and now , but for those that come after us.
          I have personally borne the scars of war as many other on this site have , all our sacrifices and those who have given their lives for an idea that is our country ( the way it was not the way it is now) being the beacon of freedom and LIBERTY .that this will not have been in vain . Do your duty VOTE this time it bears an importance that will determine the outcome of our lives for possibably forever.
          Prepare as if their is no tomorrow , steel yourselfs for what is to come , do the right thing even when no one is looking , trust in a just God. This is what made our country and ourselves great , remember the past , make it your present , make it tomorrow’s reality. Never surrender to those that wish you harm.

          I MISS AMERICA

          Semper Fi 8541

            • I just gave all of the good people here green thumbs. I don’t see much competition from the trolls today. Must still be asleep.

              • This is the point where I pull my gun and cap some more quiet gentle giants.

                • better have a lot of mags, and be fast on your feet and a dead ringer as a shot.
                  this is a run to die another day scenario IMO, no bravado will get you back to your bug out location and family with a mob that size

                  • Put one large caliber f#cking hole in the chokers chest and they will run like the cock roaches they are!

                  • 98% of all humans will flee the instant their own crappy butt is put on the line. The Encyclopedia of Military History records the proof of this statement, over and over, and that as soon as fear is induced in the enemy they will break and flee, and once that happens total slaughter ensues. This is where a tiny minority can and has repeatedly slaughtered entire armies vastly larger throughout history.
                    10 good soldiers can kill a thousand weak soldiers.

          • Night Breaker and Jonah, I have to agree with both of you all the way. If I had been in that young man’s shoes, I would’ve pulled my .380 and blown that BOY’S ass away. That young man has the natural, God-given right to self-defense. If any riot had started as a result, then so be it. IT’S THE BULLSHIT OF THE BLACK CRIMINALS THAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE, NOT ALLEGED WHITE RACISM. EVEN THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY ARE TIRED OF ALL THE BS FROM THE CRIMINALS. THERE ARE A GREAT MANY BLACK VICTIMS OF BLACK CRIMINALS WHO HAVE STORIES TO TELL AND THEIR VOICES NEVER GET HEARD. YES, I CALLED THE ATTACKER A BOY, A TRICK-ASS BOY. OK, TROLLS BRING ON YOUR RED THUMBS. I’M READY FOR YOU. I STAND BY MY COMMENTS. I DON’T GIVE A F#$% WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK!

            • brave heart. your 380 has probably a six shot mag. The mob would have gotten you after you clicked empty. Maybe think of high capacity Glock in 9mm not a wimpy 380. A mag with 33 would be able to keep the mob at a respectful distance until you had a chance to get away. 380 is worthless gun, less accurate than throwing a rock and less firepower than half a 9mm. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

              • Boiled frog, I understand your point, but also keep in mind that people will panic and run at the sound of gunshots being fired regardless of the caliber. Even a .22LR will still get the job done. You’d be surprised at what the .22LR can do and how many people have died from .22 wounds. Any caliber will get the job done as long as you aim for the right place. Once the crowd starts running, I can also run away.

                • Nobama, I do have a compact .22 semiauto and a .22 snubnose revolver. I am keeping my options open. I might go with the .22.

                • Shot placement is the most important aspect of firearm use, not the caliber. One of my best friends died a while back from a single .22LR to the head. Very tragic, but that little bullet will do a lot of damage when placed in the right spot. Even an enraged thug high on drugs can be stopped with a single shot between the eyes. .45 ACP is great for center mass, and .22LR is great for a backup piece.

                  • Gentlemen,
                    Must the caliber debates show up in EVERY thread? The appropriate carry here is a flamethrower but that is beside the point.

                • Nobama and all

                  I carry a .380 during the summer. I found I got out of the habit of carrying during the summer because my glock could not be concealed easily with summer clothes on.
                  I think having something is better than having nothing. Now that things are chilly again I carry the glock and still have the .380 in my pocket.

                • Amen mike

                  i agree any carry is better then no carry ,now ,i call bs on the 380 cal. anyone that thinks any round hitting a body is just going to piss them off is full of it ,ive had pc’s of chisel come off and go in me ,and damn near make ya sick ,so you cant tell me that when you get hit with a pc’s of high speed lead yuor just going to shake it off ,and i know damn well if you practice regularly ,and you got that gun down and make your shots count they aint going to keep coming ,my wifes boss got his concealed carry ,told her that the guy at the gun shop said dont get anything less then a 40 cal ,so i took and old vcr player (22ga.sheet metal both sides and circut board in the middle)got back 50ft put 8 rnds from my 9mm in a 3in pattern (and i just got the gun shot it about 3 times) in went clean through ,took my sr22 ruger ,same distance ,and put 11 rounds in a 2in pattern ,went through the front side and pushed out the back good,i gave it to her and said give this to him,so if any one going to tell me that either one of those shootings wouldnt of screwed up some ones heart real good ,BTW ive made long shots with the sr22 just goofing ,at 110 ft i can make a 10in pattern and at 210 ft i can make a 24in pattern ,i think thats damn good with 3 1/2 in barrel ,im not bragging im sure there are those out there that can shoot circles around those figures ,my point is if your proficiet with the gun you can make a smaller cal. work ,agian its better then pointing your finger at them ,and what the hell if it goes south you can at least take a few of them with you,also when you live in Fl your clothing dont allow you to carry a cannon ,its common to just have on a t shirt and a pair of shorts in january ,i cant tell you how many people that have cannons just leave them at home because there to inconveint

                • The last time I mentioned using 22 LR for self defense, I got crucified by some of the very people on here now, guess it’s a matter of being part of the SHTF Plan click

                  • @ XTP : I also live in Florida, and 95% of the time a 22 North American Arms is my carry piece. My next would be my SR22, and then 9 mil. I am confidant with my shot placement. I practice with my NAA 10 – 25 yards. I practice with the SR and the 9 mil @ 50 yds. I am not Rambo or a sniper, but I hit what I aim at. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement. I don’t know who crucified you, but it wasn’t me. Any firearm that you can handle is better than no firearm. If you have quicker reaction time, quicker recovery, and better handling with a 22, go for it. I think for the most part that the argument is for a jacked up on drugs assiliant. That be the case, ask a combat vet if a big caliber firearm stops all atackers. Shot placement, shot placement.

                  • XTP, you have one DEVOUT believer in .22LR for self-defense right here. I own 3 .22LRs and love them. I stockpile more .22LR than anything else. I’ve shocked people in the past by showing them what the .22LR can do. Shot placement is the most important aspect of firearms use. Any caliber will do the job as long as you put that bullet in the right place.

              • The mob would run after the first shot. Nobody wants to be the second or third person with a hole in the forehead.

                • I saw a white football player tackle a black football player who was running with a football. Racist Bastard!

              • @ boiled frog : You are totally wrong. Don’t you watch the news or read statistics? Within the last year a guy was killed with a 380, after the bullet went through his wifes hand, at a movie theatre. One shot, one kill. How about stats. I’ll bet you really think the 22 is worthless. I have had this argument before, with no takers. You go to the distance that the 22 is worthless and let me shot you. I can’t imagine why all the people that believe it is a worthless caliber won’t take me up on my offer. Anyways, I read somewhere that the 22 caliber has killed more people than all other calibers combined. I don’t know how true that statement was, but I would beleive than any other caliber, just not combined. The caliber does not matter as much as shot placement. To call any caliber worthless is bull crap. I agree larger calibers have quicker results, sometimes, but what about the elderly, or a woman, or a man after some sort of accident? What if they can’t handle a larger caliber than a 380 or a 22? In that case, any firearm would be better than no firearm.

                • Fishandmud, spot on about the .22. Check out one of my earlier posts with the link to the story of the attempted assassination of Reagan. John Hinckley had nothing more than a Rohm .22LR revolver and wounded 4 people, including Reagan with it. Reagan lost more than half of his blood in the operating room and James Baker, Chief of White House Staff, had his spinal cord severed and was disabled for life. He and his wife later joined the gun control lobby. That little Rohm pistol was one of the Saturday Night Specials that were so controversial back in the day. That incident was what finally led to the Saturday Night specials getting banned. People really get shocked when they find out what the .22LR can really do. It was made for extreme accuracy. As you said, shot placement is what really counts. Any caliber bullet sent to the right area will get the job done. I own 3 .22s and love them.

                  • I believe that was James BRADY UH! Brady Bill Ring a Bell?
                    You were Close LOL

                    Semper Fi

                  • correction; that should’ve read BRADY, not BAKER.

                • One reason to consider the .380 and other CENTER FIRE cartridges is that they are more reliable than a rim fire. When selecting a gun to protect your life, reliability is at the top of the chart, then accuracy.

                  When you go plinking with your .22, a FTF or FTE is not really such a big deal. Tin cans and paper do not shoot back. I have never had a FTF or FTE with my Glock and have run about 6,500 rounds through it.

              • A command presence and shot placement is far more important than caliber. One advantage of smaller calibers rounds is larger capacity magazines and quick, more accurate follow up shots.

            • BH, agreed, we are all in this boat together, but some seem to want to sink it.

              • Eppe, we need to shoot the ones who want to sink it BEFORE they have the chance.

              • OK Gilligan eppe. You are really putting youself out there eh Guy.

            • Same here. I lived in a black neighborhood in Minneapolis MN in the early 70’s and it was blatant hate because I was/am white…
              The racism was from the black community. I was living in fear EVERY DAY WHEN i CAME HOME. I reserve the right to self defense.

              • Old Nam Vet, you DO have the natural, God-given right to self-defense. I don’t care what anyone else says otherwise.

              • You make a good point. Why is it that only white people can be racist?

                Here is my take on it. It isn’t all the blacks or all the whites, but if the vocal blacks in MO get their way and convict an innocent cop, all of us will pay for that when we see a mass exodus of good law enforcement types from the profession.

                Not only that, but if the the angry black men in MO become violent, then violence will be visited back on them and in the process, non-violent blacks will be harmed. You think someone else in the black community might take notice of this. It wasn’t violence that granted blacks their civil rights.

                Also, have you ever noticed that no matter how bad cops are supposed to be, no municipality has ever said; “let’s just get rid of our police force.” That’s right, why do they continue to put up with all that nonsense? It’s because they KNOW exactly what will happen if they did that. It would be worse than the zombie apocalypse.

                Just saying.

          • A lame duck session is not a problem. The Dem would need to control both houses for them to pass anything. The threat come from EOs after the elections.

          • The America you MISS, Night Breaker, is NEVER coming back. It has been “genetically” removed from our programmed culture. Anybody who thinks we will or can return to the ‘good ole days’ is living in the same make-believe, picture postcard world that got us into this mess in the first place. Each and everyone of us let our guard down long ago, living the good life, the American Dream, and methodically we were infiltrated by internal and external forces we refused to acknowledge over time.

            For better of for worse, the quality of life in this country is a reflection of the collective that each of us is so intimately responsible for. It is our creation and now, we are all getting exactly what we deserve, like it or not. All of our life-styles are about to change quite dramatically. It will be the ones able to adapt to change; emotionally, mentally and physically, who will best be prepared for the Great Storm bearing down on us. But then again, like all storms, it will pass. However, it will be one thing to make it to the other side, but who out there will have the mental/physical/emotional capacity to adapt to the tremendous, radical changes the storm will be leaving in its wake?

            • I have a little voice on my shoulder that keeps saying that America deserves what it gets because it allowed this to happen.

              People are not automatically evil because they were not born in America, but we have to ask why do countries have both borders and immigration policies? Why can’t people just live wherever they want to?

              We do have illegals here to supposedly do the work that Americans do not want to do, and some of them commit crimes that American’s don’t want to commit.

              I’m not holding my breath, but I hope that the political parties that did this to us are made to pay for this. If we are going to have our country run by one man, then why do we need a congress?

          • Vote all you want. Get your friends and family to vote. It won’t make one bit of difference. Stalin, among others, said that ‘it matters not who runs for election; what matters is who counts the votes.’ Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Diebold corporation counts the votes, and they make sure that only those people who are approved by the powers that be get elected. From dog catcher to president, anyone who wins is already veted and pre-selected. All of you voters simply get to choose which one of the selectees you would like, all of them being the same party…..globalists, corporatists, banker-friendly.

            So, have at it. Go vote your hearts out.


        • Or to put it more clearly; stay away from angry mobs, especially if they are of another race.

          • If we got rid of all blacks in the US……Crime would drop 75%.

            • got to get rid of the white tweeks too.

              • Yeah, both of ’em

            • I once lived in a city in another state where a bridge had to be closed for a few months for repairs. The bridge joined the black community on the other side with an influential white community. When the bridge closed, crime in the white community dropped significantly.

              A smart black dude with a message to black people.


          • black people suck.

          • That’s odd there where a lot of angry Asians when NYC’s mayor wanted to kick poor Asian students out of the top public high school so that blacks & Hispanics could attend, but no violence.

        • Yup. I learned long ago that it really doesn’t matter that I don’t hate someone for the color of their skin. They can still hate me and that makes it dangerous for me to be anywhere near a crowd of people like this. Thus I would avoid places and scenes like this at all cost. However, if accosted by a large group of people I would get justice and shoot the bastards that grabbed me because the large number of them versus one of me would make me fear for my life.

          Also, for things to change it’s not just a white man’s burden to change things. If you want things to change then start policing your own communities to eliminate the bad elements that bring you down. It’s really easy to blame another ethnic group for your problems as it means you are in no way responsible for your actions. I am in no way saying that some white people are not racist against blacks. However, incidents like this only serve to make more whites wary of blacks for fear of violence and even if these people do not harbor any racial hatred it will have the same effect and keep them from wanting to associate with them. This means a lack of opportunities in the future. Sorry, but if I was this guy and was also capable of doing business in that area, or hiring some of those people, I would avoid doing so. It’s not worth the hassle. And so the cycle will continue.

        • Jonah and all

          Not sure how what I am about to say is going to be taken but here goes. I am not a racist. All I want is for all men to be created equal. I did not have anything to do with slavery. Any slavery for anyone is wrong.
          I don’t understand why black people always make it about race. Now it is they who have the problem not whites. There are good and bad people in all races.
          Why can’t people understand that if they ask to be treated special it creates racism.
          For 30 years we have had affirmative action, and people are given special treatment because of the color of there skin. How do you think the person who is most qualified for a position feels when he does not get a job, or is not admitted into college, or does not get a contract on a job because of the color of his skin. I would say probably about the same as the black man or lady who could not ride a bus, or get a job, or go to college because of the color of there skin.
          Martin Luther King was a great man. He and black people worked hard to correct the mistake that is slavery and racism. Now they seem to want to do to the white man what was done to them. It does not make any sense. I also hate the term African American. We are all just plain Americans. This is just one more thing that we must correct when it all comes unglued. Who knows Ferguson could be the beginning. We just never know.

          We have to return this country to a country that gives all men the right to pursue happiness. A country where all men are equal. No special treatment for anyone. Americans are just plain Americans. We must go back to Christian values. Whether you believe or not you cannot argue the fact that abiding by the 10 commandments is a good thing and the way it should be. We must ensure that members of government are there to serve the people and they can only be there for a short time. They should get a much smaller salary and have an apartment complex for there living quarters while they serve. All laws made must apply to all Americans including them. The whole system must be redone. Especially the tax system. I think it should just be a flat tax and cannot be raised unless three quarters of the states approve the tax increase. Also there must always be a balanced budget. The federal government’s most important job is defense of the country. It needs to go back to that and all other powers go back to the states.

          Night Breaker says we must steel our resolve. I sadly agree with that. We will have to become the people our grandfathers were. We will have to fight a real war to cause this country to go back to what made it great. We will have to fight a real war for Freedom which is what made this country great. A real war will require us to do things that no human should ever have to do. Are you ready to do those things if it comes to that. I say we must for the benefit of our children and future generations. We have to win this at all cost. If we don’t then I fear our descendants will grow up under dictators and never know what it is like to be Free.

          Free men are the key. No matter what race, religion, sex, or nationality. When will all people start to realize that we are in this together. I sure hope it is soon. Otherwise to be honest we could lose.

          I will never give up, give in, or quit. If necessary I will die for this as a free man. I have too for my children, there children, and the children of everyone on here. We must win at all cost.

          Pray prep prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

          • The Facts are that all men are not created equal. That statement is a joke. What needs to happen is that all men need to be held to the same equal standards. Meaning no more welfare or minority favoritism for jobs or welfare. Everybody pulls their weight.

            • WWTI, damn good post I agree with. “Racial equality” is a fantasy. i gave you a green thumb.

              • Thanks BH.

              • That form of equality was another fraud kommie invention aka marxist. They who promoted it laughed at the fact that No such thing of euqality ever existed in the entire universe of creation. NO two animals are equal, no two birds are, even identical twins so identical parents can’t tell them apart at times are still Different. Different finger prints, dna differs etc.

                Why are so Many who claim to be christians here, always also promoting this kommie fraud?…Did they somehow Miss what Jesus said?…Such as in one particular new testement chapter with about 15 verses on differences between Godly Righteous Gods children, VS…Unbelievers, ungodly types, evil persons, Deniars of Jesus (like perhaps how jews deny Christ) etc…

                Paul wrote it, and advised True Christians that it Is They whom are the real true children of God the Father…And ALL others mentioned in that other side are Children of Darkness…And that means that Darkness IS, and Is OF, Satan the devil…NO if ands or butts about it period…

                And at the very final verse what did Paul write as advise or maybe Commanded is a better word to use?

                Paul said “From Such unbelievers, those who reject christianity and reject Jesus Christ, and all who are types of antichrists…..From Such, TURN AWAY from them! Have ZERO-Nothing-to do with them…For as childen of the LIGHT, what form partnerships can Light have with Darkness?…NONE!

                Yet we still see delusional white guilted, well meaning yes, however still Wrongly promoting that to be a “Good” christian, they Must disobey all that was written on ways to be a true christian, in favor or a More PC form of false christianity so to never offend negroes and jews etc. And keep promoting of and belief in a multicultic culture pot or melting pot. When by Now they should realize that original melting pot term meant mainly of a whitey european and christian background peoples America was Founded upon…This newer form melting multicultic pot if compared to a Stew being cooked, began as I say then nefarious evil doers and kommie soviet Marxists Crept in and Added a few Rats and Cockroaches into that orig stew pot…Why whould any sane folk eat from That?

                I cannot recall the exact book or verse numbers now from memory…But it Is in the new tetstement and Paul is the writer of that particular teaching.

                Too many folks it seems parrot Turn other cheek, and God is LOVE! aka Jesus Loves Ya and So do We!…Well fine thats fine…But what of Christs own words saying how “Think NOT that I came to cause world peace…Rather Think I came as if bearing a Huge Sword with which to DIVIDE the whole world into TWO SEPERATE Halves…

                For reading or learning challanged folks I will tell you he meant by Two seperate halves…#1 the Righteous 1/2 VS that UNrighteous unbeliever 1/2….and it Includes ALL who “FIT” into either catagory since NO other catagory exists period…Like it or not…

                And while it may ruffle a few feathers for folks whos entire lives at sundays sermons were taught the direct Oppoiste, or taught that somehow even though it is UNbiblical to teach it, yet it still Is whats taught at vast majority todays churches…Sorry folks but unless jews same as ALL folks converts to finally stop rejection of Christ and Repent and be a true christian as Outlined step by step in entire New testement book…They too belong IN that Darkness group…The one true christians are to TURN Away From period…No amount of word twists or word spin or new invented word meanings like libs is famous for doing can or will change that teaching.

                To those whos every parroted claim is a direct teaching from a pastor like hagee, aka like he they teach there are TWO seperate paths to glory and heaven, one for gentiles and another different way//path for jewish folks?

                To That I say BS Hogwash! and please PROVE Hagee and that falsity correct before spewing Your hate due to Your wrongly learned bible meanings etc…Anyone older than 10 yrs old has zero excuse to believe such nonsense when every word spoken By Christ and all 12 apostles and written in more places biblically than you can count says “Sorry foolish deluded ones…but there exists but ONE way or Path, and it IS a path Thru-By-because of-and WITH Jesus Christ period…NO second or different path exists for Jews, or for any other Goyim
                gentiles…Regardless how many false spewings Hagee or other pastors promote to gain $$$ from jews or zionists funders or so they can Please their IRS 501C slave master govnt rulers with proper PC and jewish friendly sermons…False IS false like…All other belief is biblically wrong…If That offends You or Your delusions?…Take it up with Jesus as He is who says it is so…

                And for those folks who STILL didn’t recieve the nessage or Flyer…Martin- King of LOOTERS, was NOT as we was told of him…Yes his pre written scripts sounds swell when spoken to vast crowds…BUT in past 20 yrs truth has been fully revealed on MLK, his true birth name is different, his true agenda, and especially that MLK’s Real actual handelers were based in Moscow Russia, were Real Kommies and KGB agents, and even his phony PHD Dr degree was Plagurized by mlk treachery!…Look it ALL Up. Proofs galore now available to show what a huge Fraud MLK truely was….Same as NAACP…BOTH a Russian Moscow Kommie invention…And no matter how bad you hate facts or, red thumb truths, Both mlk handelers, and NAACP founders and Funders and whom really Ran naacp and mlk were…jewish kommies…Those who demand conversations here on such issues when posted…Fine…but You Must First Research these proven facts and truths PRIOR to makeing your demands…Otherwise you shall remain in a state of Ignorance regards these issues and remain Unable to properly debate or converse…Unless of course Your True agendas are nefarious in nature and ‘debate” or “Conversation” is simply the Hook to try and reel truth tellers into a trap like liberals always peruse when they cannot debate Facts or Truths…I for One do believe That agenda IS what these fools really speak of…if I were wrong?…Why do They NEVER post up Their Counter-proofs to demolish what some of Us here post as such factual truths?…Because they Can’t do so right!

                Parrot false teacher pastors drivel or scams or simply anonamously red thumb and the bestest smartest of them also add a short bumper slogan length rebuke of vast Wisdoms! IE: they write stuff like “Did your mother drop You on your head often”….Yeah thats supposed to be from mechanical or electrical engineers with Ten degrees?…Or Mommies and Housewives whos husbands are likely Very glad when their wifey spends alot of time Posting online red thumbs or stupid assinine rebukes so the husband can get nuch needed…Relief from the lunatic wife eh!

                oh Oh! Can anyone else now Hear the faint Hissing sound of John Hagee tapes spinning while frantic housewives and plain dumbed down fools search for something! Anything by Hagee to refute what they just read here?…or perhaps it is their Own snake like Hissing?…I wont need say where they learned that snake type hissing method eh.

                The Goat line awaits em all.

            • WWTI

              I stand corrected. All men are not created equal. I have the same thought as you regarding equality. All men should be treated equal. In the case of say my son who cannot take care of himself. That is my responsibility. If someone has no one then it is all of our responsibility to take care of them. Because it is the right thing to do.
              WWTI in the bible Paul said if they do not work then let them not eat.

              One other note. There are good and bad both black and white. Everybody must pull there weight but to really win what is coming we must pull together. Not apart. What is coming will weed out those who are thugs white or black. Then we have to pull together or we lose. Together we stand and divided we fall.

            • Agree WWT

              and when you say all i mean all ,including the POS whites ie.the 22 yo crack head out side 7/11 bumming while he’s on my dime ,the fat pig face whore in walmart buying ho ho’s and chips and soda ,with 3 snotty nosed pecker heads in toe ,also on my dime, the lazy POS that wont take a job because its less then he’s getting on unemployment ,close the fucking shop board up the fucking windows ,dont take anymore of my money for anything but fixing my roads ,defending my country from aggression ,(i dont mean go over there and fuck around )i dont want to pay for parks ,beaches ,food stamps ,welfare ,dog parks ,trying to figure out how a cows asshole works ,nothing fucking nothing ,if they want to buy this shit for other people let them use there own money ,or if any bleeding heart wants to help them ,have at it, just STOP opening my viens,im bled out ,when i had children ,i knew it would be my respocibility to take care of them (and i do)it aint my fucking job to save the world ,im not on the dole ,and never have been ,i barely get by and these POS’s live high on the hog ,fuck em let them go the way of the diasaur if they cant carry there own ,sorry run out of caffine

            • People who evolved in areas where they had to build/store/plan to live through winters with no food growing turned out to be better at building/planning, while those that had to run away from hyenas/lions are better at short distance runs. Any advantage Asians have in 6 figure PHD jobs, is lost in getting the million dollar short distance running sports jobs.

          • I wish that this country could return to the way it was, as it was for me when I was a youth. Unfortunately, as it was wonderful for me, it was not so wonderful for “others” in this country. We have never really been a country where all were created or treated equal. what early Americans did to the native Americans was horrible, but we have tried to correct that. What we, as free American whites did to the African slaves, was horrible, but we fought a war to change that. After the war and well into the 60s there still were places in our country where true racism against blacks existed. But we instituted laws and changes to try and change that. To many degrees we have been successful. Now we have to fight another kind of racism, a much more violent kind. I just hope and pray that our countrymen have the wisdom and patience to get us through this new threat with little or no bloodshed to a better society.

            • what’s this “we” stuff kemosabe? Speak for yourself because I have never done any of those things that you speak of like “we, as free American whites did to the African slaves, was horrible, but we fought a war to change that.”
              I am not guilty of any of those things you speak of and don’t owe anyone anything.

            • White Europeans were the first to settle North America long before the Amerinds came and wiped them out or intermarried with them. Spirit Cave Mummy was discovered to be European and here long before the Amerinds. Whites just came to reclaim what was originally theirs.

            • T Town

              I have had nothing to do with any of the wrongs you mentioned. Part of the problem now is that people want to be paid reparations for wrongs men did in the past. How do you think I or others feel about that. I should never have to pay for others mistakes. In fact attitudes like that create racism because you are taking from some and giving to others.
              Unfortunately evil will always be present in this world. You cannot completely get rid of racism. A lot of my point is that current policies today are creating racism and designed to put people into groups. It is making the wars that were fought worthless. Just means we did not learn and will fight again.

              • I think you all may have missed my point. Good heavens, I never said anybody owed anything to anybody else. There has always been strife in out country, in one form or another.(I was mentioning some examples) It is brought to the attention of the majority and is dealt with. This hate and violence that we are experiencing with regard to race is another source of strife that we have. I was just saying that I hope it can be resolved with out a lot of blood shed that’s all. Not looking like it will.

        • Yep Kill or be Killed

          • your either the butcher or your the cow

        • Thank you for writing this. The truth will set us (all) free. The NWO is creating a giant unstable mess of peoples and cultures. It denies people their humanity.

          We need to restore the nation-state idea and allow ethnic groups to have defensible land to cultivate their own unique character and physical differences.



          group that advocates for Africans in the Bronx is calling for action after it says two brothers who had recently immigrated to the borough from Senegal were beaten and badly injured by several people who called them “Ebola” in school.

          The boys, in sixth and eighth grade, were attacked Friday afternoon at I.S. 318 in Tremont, according to the African Advocacy Council.

        • While I do NOT need a cane to walk. I carry a solid brass eagle headed cane.
          People see it and do NOT get mouthy. They know I could bash their head in with it.

          Frankly, the thing is a chick magnet. Ladies want to talk to you and you seem to have an air of being a gentleman. Walk softly and carry a big stick.
          And all that.

          Never tell people it’s for self defense.
          Just say you have some arthritis in your hip that flares up now and then.

          I was in a bar once and a guy started in on me and I pulled out the cane and he saw it and backed down.

          Imagine a 200+ lbs. strong male swinging a solid brass head cane like war battle ax.
          Yeah…folks know the deal.

          It’s the one object that has the power of death you can carry anywhere.

          Forget the hook and crook type canes.
          yeah. cane fighting and al that…
          If it comes down to it… you’re out to break bones!

          Just saying…

          As a prep…
          Get a nice cane.

          Google: Amazon..
          Eagle head brass cane.
          Under $50.

          The best self defense is having an object that folks know will fuck them they do NOT start shit to begin with.

          I still feel the economy will still collapse in time.
          We are just on borrowed time.

          Refocus your preps on your everyday carry.
          I carry this object into business meetings and lay it on the table.
          Funny how the tone of the meetings gets real civil fast.

          Good luck.

      2. While no video of how the incident started has been released

        the kid called them aholes from his car. no justification of course.

        A few thugs dont make a mob, ya bias fucks.
        way to paint a picture Picasso

        • IMPORTANT…off topic

          Sorry to hijack the thread, I waited up last night hoping to catch macs latest post so I could express something that bothered me greatly on a previous thread.

          A fellow member of is board, IOWA reached out for help. Even though we are miles apart and all pretty much anonymous to each other, a cry for help is just that. We can be there for support even if distance separates us. I was absolutely APPALLED by some of the comments from members of this forum.

          When someone is having suicidal thoughts, they are not having a rational thought process due to despair, and a deep sense of worthlessness. Iowa has contributed a lot to this forum. He has kids that I am sure must be wonderful and make him proud. A rational person would not consider suicide a viable option. HE WAS ASKING FOR HELP. There are times that if you have nothing positive to contribute you need to keep your fingers off that keyboard. If something happens and he does not get the help he needs all of you who told him to go ahead and do it have blood on your hands.

          MAC, suicide is a serious issue. I hope that if you had Iowa’s email you reached out to him privately. Maybe it wouldn’t be a Bad idea to have a post about helping those in our teams if something happens during SHTF and they are starting to have mental issues or even PTSD post shtf how to handle it to keep them as well as the team safe.

          As far as all of you who told Iowa to go ahead and kill himself…I just don’t even have words.

          • Amen pitty, I told Iowa to take a deep breath, and not do anything rash. When you are at the end of your rope, your mind does play games. If I could, I would bring him here and help him out. But with 3 females to protect, well you know what I mean. I have helped 3 people before, and 2 stole from me. Burned before, cannot do it again, unless…

          • Damn good post ‘”no pitty” anyone suffering from PTSD at times cannot see any future in their lives. Believe me I know first hand;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


            • Snake ,
              I hope he reaches out to someone locally , PTSD is no joke , eventually those night mares abate , time is your best friend, your best resources are those veterans that have seen the elephant , in the “Corps ” we help our own , NO ONE IS CONSIDERED A COWARD that has been through this as you very well know . People in civilian life have no idea what it’s like or the hell it is . Sounds smells noise can trigger it without warning , It never goes completely away you just learn to live with it, that’s the best you can do for your friends that did not come home , to live your life the best you can for them , If you don’t the enemy wins. This is the best way to honor those who served with you.
              I can still recall all the names and service numbers of those that were in my unit under my responsibility that paid the ultimate price . They are in my thoughts every single day.
              You just have to remember its in the past , you can not change it , it cannot harm you . You just have to let it go and go on living .

              SERVE WITH HONOR

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Night Brewker, not sure he has PTSD. His wife took the kids and left him with nothing. The last post of his that I saw seemed to be some weeks ago and he was living out of his car, homeless.

                My comment to PTSD was that someone in our families or teams could develope it depending upon just how the SHTF. We should know how to recognize the symptoms of PTSD, and knowing their high likelyhood of committing suicide when not treated, to know the signs of someone walking that tight rope. SO we can do everything we can to help them keep it together.

          • I hope he’s alright. I understand where he’s at emotionally as I have been there too. What most people don’t understand about suicide is that the person usually doesn’t really want to die. They just want to get away from the excruciating emotional and physical pain that depression at that level causes. Thus they take their lives to try and have some sort of peace.

            Sadly though, most people can’t be bothered to help someone in such desperate need and many people will abandon a friend or family member who is going through it instead of trying to help. This only makes matters worse because it further isolates the person and so many people turn to online communities in hopes of finding anyone who will have some compassion and give them an answer to keep them from ending it all. They then run into the sociopaths and psychopaths whose goal is to see if they can impact someone and make them do something negative in order to feel powerful. Hopefully they also run into caring people as well who are willing to help and willing to deal with the lack of rational thought that someone with an over-activated sympathetic nervous system presents.

            • Someone wise told me – A person that is considering
              Suicide, does not really wish to die. The person considering suicide no longer Knows How To Live.

            • I have dealt with lots of suicides when on the Fire Dept. Most are just looking for attention to see who loves them. Iowa is going through a divorce. One of the most trying situations in life that can rip you apart. You cannot die from slitting your wrists. I can say I have had jumpers on a bridge while I was in a rescue boat below ready to dive in the water, but managed to talk him out of jumping. People just run out of coping mechanisms. People looking for help are doing it with a duicide threat. Andbody who truely wants to commit suicide does it in their own way which is not crying out for help. Nobody can stop anybody from committing to want to die. Just saying.

              • WWTI, when my wife was killed by a drunk driver, the thought of suicide did cross my mind but I just as quickly dismissed it. My wife would’ve wanted me to carry on no matter what and I still do to this very day. Suicide is never an answer for anything.

              • I agree that there are half-assed suicide attempts made by people to manipulate or get attention. But time and time again when someone commits suicide, there were tell-tale cries for help. Iowa was reaching our for help, because he didn’t know how he could go on.

          • Nopity, that’s wonderful of you to reach out and offer Iowa some help. I hope he’s OK. To the POS posters who told him to kill himself, they all need to go f#$% themselves! Let them bring on their red thumbs and attacks. Everybody here knows I’m not afraid to take on trolls. I dare them. I DOUBLE DARE THEM! I’m in that kind of mood after reading this article.

            • You are such a brave keyboard jackass someday you will get your 380 shoved up your ass sideways.

              • Anonymous troll, at least I post under some kind of name and don’t try to hide. why don’t you use any kind of name you choose or can you not even think of one? If you think you have what it takes to shove a weapon up my ass, just come try it and see what happens to your dumb ass. One of us will get his ass handed to him and it won’t be me.

              • Anonymous troll, did the cat get your tongue?

          • Nopity: Some of those responses were unbelievable….I can’t believe they were allowed under the “free speech” rule….ridiculous…

            There are many who have been to that dark place…can you even imagine if someone said that to you? I’m still shaking my head and frankly, I’m pissed. So much for community.

            Iowa, still praying for you…hang in there…


          • Long time reader..but I post very little. This hit home for me…been down that road when the wife and lost everything…family and friends would have nothing to do with us…there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t feel worthless…

            • Max, welcome aboard. We have all had our trials and tribulations in this thing called life, but we are all survivors. Glad to know you’re still hanging in there. Again, welcome.

            • Max

              A lot of us have been there. I did not know where I was going to get food or formula from at one point. The key for people is to realize it will not go on forever. It sure is hard to realize that though. It is so hard to pull your self back up. We all want it to happen overnight and it takes a few years. Life is so tough. If you believe in Jesus then this is the only hell you will ever know.

          • NoPittyparty

            I told him I would help and posted my email address. I sure hope he is okay. Have not seen a post from him since that day.
            Thank you for saying what you said. It may be the best post I have ever seen on here.

            The people that told him to go ahead are the reason we may just lose the coming fight. You have to have compassion, warmth, and care about your fellow man. Otherwise there is no way we can put this country back to the way it was. Just so much hate and anger in this world.
            I think all should say a prayer for Iowa and NoPittyParty. He is correct in what he said. It is up to you all whether you pray but I am going too.

            • When SHTF There will be lots of suicides. People won’t have the inner tools to cope. I have seen lots of death first hand. And why no religion will save you. Death in many cases is just random being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing any religion could do jack shit about it.

              • I would agree with you WWT that NO RELIGION will save you or keep you alive. I would add however that a person’s faith and relationship with God will make all the difference in your life and in your death. I hope you figure that out some day.

              • WWTI

                Religion is actually more about your second life than the hell we call life here. Here is not our real home. Bad things happen to good people in this life. I don’t know why but I am human and an understanding of that is spiritual. There are some things we are not meant to know. I am sorry that what you have seen has caused so much pain and caused you to be bitter. I completely understand it because of how rough life has been to me. I hope one day you believe. It matters so much to me because I care. That is not a sarcastic statement. It is true and from my heart.

          • NOPittyParty

            I wish there was a way we could all donate 10 bucks to Iowa. There are thousands of readers here that don’t post. If we all sent 10 bucks or even a dollar think how he would feel. I just don’t know how to set up something that everyone would no is legit. It would have to be something that everyone knew was legit and they would have to know that every penny was going to Iowa. I don’t know where Iowa is and not sure how we could do this. Sure would give me a great feeling if we could though.

            • I know that he has been in a rough spot for a while now, from previous posts. I was just too exhausted last night to wait up, despite how angry I was.

              It would be nice if we could do something for Iowa. I know inwould contribute. I’m sure he would love just one night of not sleeping in his car.

              • I’ll donate….


              • If enough donated it may give him enough to really change things for him right now.

                Mac is there anyway to do this that you know of?

            • Mike,probably never know for 100% if legit,best we can do is try as with all things in life,I to would send a few bucks his way if necc.I like chances to make the world a slightly better place when I can/before things really go south,though will still try will be much more challenging and in some cases dangerous to help others.That said,will still try but as I have mentioned before at moment others are not depending on me to be a part of their team,family or otherwise.

          • That’s exactly the reason why I stopped posting on this forum. The world is tough enough and when someone is reaching out to the only family Iowa has, to get bullied like a Jr high Facebook page by grown ass men is sick. It seems as if the haters show up after several hundred comments are posted and us regulars don’t catch it all the time. I didn’t see the comments and probably wouldn’t have even noticed had nopittyparty commented. That behavior is disgusting and IOWA…. there are people here who do care about you!! Please don’t listen to the bullies.

            • Iowa,hope things going as well as possible,not sure what I missed but seems some posters need to be,well,hmmm….muzzled is about as nicely as I can put it.Iowa,hope some opportunity to make things a bit of a esier go in life come your way.

              • …..and remember this Iowa,

                suicide is still murder, by God’s law. That’s the law that counts.

                • Oicu,those with non treatable disease that thru their own choice decide to end the pain and not be a burden on others am good with.My dad just made that decision/followed through and though sad also understand why he did what he did.Any who have a problem with that including god/gods what have you really don’t care as they then are not a part of my world and life.That said,in Iowa’s case believe time will to a degree heal,especially when he reconnects with kids as things get better/more settled in his life.I know this as have had friends in same place that ended living on my couch for long periods of time picking up the pieces and rebuilding/starting out on a new path as Iowa is doing now.Iowa,I do not know you personally but do have belief that you will also find your new path out of the confusion and pain,hang in there!

          • I’m currently helping a friend in the same situation, everyone turned their backs on this person and he’s homeless now.

            This person is extremely depressed and having bad thoughts too. This world preaches so much about God, but in reality no one gives a hoot and that’s the truth. All anyone cares about is materialism and their own skin, this world lacks compassion, humility and reason.

            I will be praying for this person you mention, I hope someone with a good heart reaches out and helps them. Sometime they just need to talk with someone, they need some guidance and hope.

            I have lost others before and all I thought was “Why didn’t they come to me for help” Now I have the chance with this friend, I won’t abandoned this person.

            • Kudos HJ,if we can and do not help friends/family,what the hell is the point living this life.I do understand living just to have fun also but when times get tough helping others out is a huge part of life whether family/friends/if safe perhaps even giving a stranger a hand up.I have jumped started more cars and helped change tires on more strangers cars then count.That said,strangers have helped me friend and me mum a few times with car issues,makes the world a slightly easier place.

        • Finger Pointer, NOTHING can justify that BOY attacking that young man. That BOY should’ve been given the “Michael Brown Treatment.” A few thugs ARE just enough to make a mob. Sounds like YOU’RE the one with some bias so go f#$% yourself!

          • any sane person who is white would know what to expect by sticking their face into an angry mob of different race. the white guy was pretty stupid to bait up a mob, wouldn’t you say?

            • I don’t think he baited them. For all we know he was truly just trying to get home and got caught up in a bad scene. Maybe he naively thought that it was indeed just a peaceful protest and that they would leave him alone. Not everyone has seen enough of the world to know to be cautious of these things.

            • East Asians in NYC where angry protesting the mayors plan to kick poor Asian students out of the top public high school so that blacks and Hispanics could be brought in but they where peaceful

        • Finger

          Well then if this country were how it is supposed to be then we should just lock up the thugs and make them bust big rocks into small rocks for about a month. Maybe then they would see the error of there ways.

        • You must be one of them savage primates sucking off the welfare tit. Even he he did call them assholes- hes right cuz they are. HES paying for their foodstamps and shit, and thats the thanks he gets? Fuck you and the rest of your savage tribes. All you POS less than human garbage need to get the fuck out of OUR country! God damned parasites need to be wiped out- permanently!

      3. What is the white guy doing being in that exact spot at that exact time? Oh yes, I know, he has a right to be there, but if you see a mob of blacks, nothing good is going to come of a white being in the same place at the same time.

        Remember: Blacks can do whatever they want to whites because Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and of course Obozo say that’s all ok. However, let a white harm a hair on a black and its a racist act, ACLU law suits, etc.

        Problem Solving 101: When a black harms a white, find the nearest tree and check the strength of the lowest branches so they can be properly utilized without injuring the tree.

        • David, a bullet to the head is much faster and works wonders.

      4. The police need to clear the streets by any means this is going to end in disaster

      5. Well if they walk, talk, act, and group together like a tribe of monkeys…Then they must be monkeys…Sorry I call it like I see it, a bunch of liberal dem-witted,live on the system, ignorant obama voting, hate whitey black trash!!!

      6. Just engaging in the violence whitey won’t! The leaks are intended to prepare the spooks for the decision to not indict the cop. Just like Zimmerman, they can obviously find absolutely nothing he did wrong. Any indictment is merely throwing the cop under the bus to pacify the pavement apes. What has that gotten whitey over the past 50 years or so?

        Am I the only one who finds it odd the two Ebola nurses from Dallas are already completely cured?

        Ebola Kaci who just landed in Jersey suffered hurt feelings when she wasn’t allowed to ‘self isolate’ like all the other do-gooders returning from Africa, every one of whom have broken ther ‘self imposed isolation’.

        • “The Bunny is OUT of the Jungle”, I repeat, “The Bunny is OUT of the Jungle”

      7. Maybe the victim is a lib mugged and beaten by reality.

        • Wouldn’t be enough. He’d probably take that route again tomorrow believing it wouldn’t happen again. For liberals it takes a mountain of reality to bring on that dim bulb.

          • I’ve found, PO’d, (after many years of experimenting) that nothing can energize some libs’ bulbs.

      8. at the end you can here someone say, “he got out of his
        car, and was saying get the fuck out of the street”
        bad thing to do from a survival standpoint.

      9. While overseas I learned that there were areas you stayed out of depending on what country and city you were in. That being said the truth of the Ferguson issue is coming to light and the cop fired in self-defense. As their property values plummet and businesses pull out these folks who are protesting will then get their just due. Most folks of this ilk are eaters and leeches and produce nothing. When things start getting harder they will be the most affected. At some point the free money, food, cell phones, and house will stop or be dramatically reduced and then they will realize how ill equipped they are to deal with their horrible future. Move from the larger cities and commute to your job in the city and have a way out if it goes south in a hurry. Now is the time to have a very low profile. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

      10. Where’s All Sharpton? Oh yeah wrong color. Typical of Blacks who preach equality but practice reverse racism themselves. I know because I had to deal with that many times but their leaders usually turn a blind eye.

        • C’mon Rodster, ain’t no money nor fame for Jesse and Al in coming to the rescue for ‘ol pasty face. You aught to know that by now. Can’t whip up sentiment and anger amongst the hamsters that way.

          • They knew how to deal with this in LA in ’92.

            Set up a siege line, no one comes in, no one goes out. Then let ’em do what they want. Dumb a-holes torched their own entire neighborhoods.

            Boo hoo.

            • Only this time the blacks can pay for the they cause. Whitey is over feeling bad for the do nothing blacks. God help the hard working blacks and whites caught in the middle.

            • @ TheGuy : What was dumb about burning down their own town ? I’ll bet that afterwards we, The dumb a$$ white folk, went in there and rebuilt their shops and homes ( Brand new ). We can’t let them live in filth on the street. We have to rubuild them better than before, give them new homes, give the EBT cards, wic, SSI, hud homes, free daycare, free medical, the ability to procreate, etc, etc, etc. We owe it to them f**k**g Ni**e*s because we went to Africa, bought them ni**ers from other ni**ers, and brought them here to make slaves out of them. We have been paying for those actions for far to many years now.

              If the SHTF, it is going to suck big time, but we could use a resset. Thin the herd down a little bit. That goes for muslims too. I don’t wish for it but something has got to give. Just for the record, not all ni**ers are black, and not all black are ni**ers. Their are plenty of wi**ers out their to.

              • Actually, for years they were bitching and whining on the radio that no major chain stores would set up shop again in those neighborhoods due to the liability. Oh, I’m sure our wonderful State legislature eventually forced the issue, along with all the crybabies on the radio. It was all boo hoo, now these poor idiots have to go 15 miles to get groceries. But yeah, eventually, sadly, you’re right, though it took forever.

            • After the initial rioting down at Normandy and Florence most of the rioting was by illegals also by white and black dirt baqs. Everyone did their part. The national Guard was not issued ammunition until day three and the LA cops were no where to be seen when it first started. many whites would be dead except that the normal blacks rescued them from the ghetto trash.

            • Did the same thing in Newark & Asbury Park in 1969 can’t figure out what good they thought would come of it.

              • I was living in Asbury Park that summer, and the next…scarred me for life!

          • My power was off yesterday and last might. I went to sleep very early, so I’m now up before the crack of dawn, using the computer now that the power is back on and the worst of the storm has passed. I’ll be catching up on my laundry today, cleaning/sanitizing, caring for my cat’s needs, counting my blessings and snuggling up tonight, with my cat and a cup of hot coffee.

            My oil lamps are full. My food store is bursting at the seams, my propane heater is standing by…I can sleep when the wind blows.

            • Six, How about a good Man to snuggle with, None up there in the woods where you are? Watch the fur balls. lol

              • WWTI

                Now I must start a new class for you son. I am going to do it if it kills me. I am going to teach you how to be a gentleman and be respectful to ladies. By the way did you take your medication today.

                To sixpack I apologize for his post. I have been trying to train the young man to be good, humble, helpful, and have a sense of humor. It may take decades but I don’t quit. Sorry I have failed so far. Again I am so sorry for his post.

                By the way you snuggle with your cat and I shall snuggle with my dog Brutus.

              • Actually, wwti’s post seemed to be pretty light hearted,(for a change). I’m sure it was just a weak moment.

            • Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?

              Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands.
              Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic.

              They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops.

              As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals.

              Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer.

              “Are you a good farm hand?” the farmer asked him.

              “Well, I can sleep when the wind blows,” answered the little man.

              Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him.

              The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man’s work.

              Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore.
              Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand’s sleeping quarters.

              He shook the little man and yelled, “Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down before they blow away!”

              The little man rolled over in bed and said firmly, “No sir. I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows.”

              Enraged by the response, the farmer was tempted to fire him on the spot. Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for the storm.

              To his amazement, he discovered that all of the haystacks had been covered with tarpaulins.

              The cows were in the barn, the chickens were in the coops, and the doors were barred. The shutters were tightly secured.

              Everything was tied down. Nothing could blow away.
              The farmer then understood what his hired hand meant, so he returned to his bed to also sleep while the wind blew.

              MORAL: When you’re prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear.
              Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?

              The hired hand in the story was able to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm.

              We, as believers in Christ, secure ourselves against the storms of life by grounding ourselves in the Word of God.

              We don’t need to understand, we just need to hold His hand to have peace in the midst of the storms.

              I hope you sleep well! Enjoy the day! May God bless you and yours!

              Author Unknown

              • Red thumbs? Seriously?

                Thanks Mom…I enjoyed this one!

              • Brilliant KY…simply brilliant.

                Often the soft, small, sweet voice is HEARD when others are NOT. As I said…simply “Brilliant” M’am.

              • @KYMom: I remember you sending that ‘story’ to me awhile back….loved it then, and so nice to read again! Take Care, CC.

              • @ KY Mom : My wife says I can sleep with the house burning down.
                The short story was great. I am prepared, but always preparing. Nobody is completely prepared. Their is always something left to do.
                Thank you, keep the faith and keep prepping.

              • Ky Mom

                Thanks your post meant a lot to me. I have slept well many times through the storms of life. I have failed to do that many times too. You are a great lady and have helped me. I want to give you my greatest thanks for that.

              • Great story, very good points.

              • MORAL: When you’re prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear.
                Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?

                What a nice warm thought, however it wouldnt have helped Reginald Denny,or the poor soul being attacked by pavement apes in the video.

          • Canning chicken this week. Also gonna try canning tapioca pudding. Will post recipe if it turns out good. Sure do miss recipes from river rat.

          • Cal,busy weekend,we in the northlands of New England which can get pretty cold working on either next years wood or even the years after if enuff dry storage.I always find folks who can use a little and don’t mind helping them.I helped a couple down road awhile back,they still giving me extra veggies when I am around and got their stove up and running in case heater fails again,I also noticed they got dumped what seems like many cords of wood,they learned and more importantly acted upon the lesson.Wood,warms you up when dropping,then when splitting,then when stacking and finally when actually burning!

          • Calgagus

            Filled up some more sandbags. My friends think I am crazy. They will have a change of mind when shit starts to happen.

          • Here’s a link to the Barkley article referenced by Calgagus. At least there’s one black man in this country that get’s it and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

            • Sorry, forget the link:

              ht tp://

          • Calgugus ten to one you don’t have food stamps free phone free housing either do ya????what you are doing is the reason you don’t have time to riot


            • Snake Eater, I’m the same way. I WORK for what I want and need. That’s something those ‘peaceful’ protestors don’t know anything about and will never know. most likely they’re all freeloaders being a waste of our tax dollars.

          • Calgagus, I agree. If there’s any way possible, the white people in Ferguson need to relocate from there. let that town lose its tax base and see what happens.

            • Braveheart.

              Detroit comes to mind. ;0)

              • Slingshot, where I live is already like Detroit to a certain degree.

          • Swampratt, I would’ve done the same thing. “Lead and brass nutrients” work wonders.

          • @ Calgagus : Put a deer in the cooler last night, Filling in the gaps in the garden this weekend. You are right, their is always something around here to do. Getting ready for the animals next year, hoeing, weedeating. Always work to be done in the gardens.

          • 8 Tasks to Help You “Prep” for Winter

            Clean Up Your Gardens

            Rotate/Winterize Your 72 Hour Kits

            Rotate Your Water

            Add Winter Gear to Your Car Kits

            Clean Out Your Pantry and Freezer

            Give Your Furnace a Tune-Up

            Winterize Your Sprinkler Systems

            Swap Out Seasonal/Outgrown Clothing

            (from an email by Food Storage Made Easy)

          • I always liked P.J. O’rourke’s answer to one of his liberal friends when asked why libertarians never marched or had protests/rallies/demonstrations like all the good blacks and liberals do to show how much they care.
            P.J. replied “we have jobs.”

        • There’s no “reverse” to it. It’s racism, plain and simple.

        • “IF” Sharpton or Jessis jackson Really cared and cared for real truth on slavery issues?…They’d carry huge protest signs with This quoted info on signs!

          “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”
          — Marc Raphael (Jew): “Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History”




        • mickey mouse says:
          Comment ID: 3254944



          Ebola could solve 70 percent of this problem in America.

      12. ROFLMAO.

        Enjoy your “jim Crow” free society 😀

      13. Wonder why no one tells black people to stay out of the white jungle when the KKK beats up whites?

        • foreigner, please refresh our memory, when was the last time the KKK was beating up whites. Or maybe what you meant to say, they were beating up blacks, can’t hardly remember a mob of Clansmen beating up blacks. Are you talking about within the last week, like this incident, or maybe 50 YEARS AGO. The good blacks ain’t out protesting in the middle of the night, they’re at home kicked back watching TV or going to bed so they can go to work the next day. Trekker Out.

      14. When I was jumped on at 10 years old by three blacks, it makes you watch your back. Thank you coke bottle…

        • Eppe. Things go better with coke.
          …the kind you drink.
          Good morning to you, Eppe.

        • Just cause you are a closet Gay. So where did they shove that Coke bottle?

      15. If it is like this when there is “law and order” – just imagine what it will be like in 2 possible scenarios …..

        1. Slow but irreversible slide
        2. Rapid belly up

        ……….. and be ready for both.


        • It’s only a matter of time before it comes to our shores Aussie.
          And when it comes I’ll be nowhere to be found.

          Just copped a cracker of a storm here on the Mid North Coast. We needed it though…been very dry here lately.
          The vegie garden struggled heaps today during the hot weather.

          • Fellow Aussie Rumjungle?


        • In my 43 years , I’ve met maybe one, in several hundred black people, who are productive self supporting individuals.
          . Everyone else,have criminal backgrounds,government comps,or would slit your throught for the watch on your arm!
          In a SHTF world,this would be my primary target,with zero quarter.

          I for one will take no chances

          • Wow;
            43 years and you have only been exposed to a few hundred black people. Where do you live?

            • Sounds like a damn good place to live.

      16. Stay outta da hood…..

      17. Only gullible morons walk around feral Blacks without carrying concealed…

        • Not just blacks… ANY group you don’t visually belong to is trouble. It can be white teenage boys looking for trouble, or poor whites living in trailer parks when you obviously don’t belong there, or Asian gangs or illegals in the barrios or 1%er biker gangs. If the only jealousy and hatred based violence you are looking out for is that which is based on skin color, you will miss a lot of potential threats. People in general are tribal and all it takes is the smallest thing to set their tribe against you.

        • Or get out of his car and confront a group of angry people with nothing to lose.

          He’s lucky he’s not in a hospital right now.

      18. Separation is the only way to end racism!

        • Truth is Evil is precisely correct. The absolute best way to end, not ‘racism’, but racial conflict and racial competition – is through separation.

          Remember the old adage, ‘good fences make for good neighbors’? That’s another way of pointing out that when every individual group knows what their boundaries are and when they respect the boundaries, property and territories of their neighbors and get the same respect in return – peace is far more likely to reign supreme.

          Which is why the World’s Foremost Problem and the enemy of all mankind devote so much of their time trying to force incompatible racial groups together, within the same geographic territory. The self-chosenites thrive on creating conflict, because it helps them with their divide and conquer obsession. It also helps them by providing camouflage for their tribe; after all, if blacks and Whites are busy fighting with each other, they are too preoccupied to turn their anger and attention to the enemy of all mankind, right?

          For proof of this, hit youtube and search for the video of Barbara Lerner Spectre where she is smirking, with her evil, Satanic eyes ablaze, announcing that jews are going to play a leading role in forcing ‘multiculturalism’ down the throats of all historic European nations whether the White people of Europe want it or not, and then this evil, demonic witch goes on to say that ‘Europe cannot survive’ unless the jews are able to jam a few hundred million incompatible, indigestible, and disease carrying, parasitic, dangerous, crime prone, IQ of 60 black Africans down the throats of White nations.

          Europe and every other historic White nation have survived just fine, WITHOUT this evil jewish plague of multiculturalism – and now, this hate filled bitch thinks Whites cannot ‘survive’ without filling their nations up with hundreds of millions of turd world losers?

          This bitch is a mentally insane psychopath, and so are the rest of her despicably evil and destructive tribe.

          • Tucker: Correct on 100% of what you wrote. I saw that Barbara specter video too!…Like every typical kommie jew or liberal she also turns everything around upside down. What Her True Fears really are…is NOT that europe or america, which she also mentioned in that video, wont survive unless every white nation gets flooded by a non stop hoard of Non-whiteys…Her Real Fear is what all jews always Fear!….IE: fear that one day whites and even perhaps blacks shall awaken to the tribal perfidy of jews against all of us goyims jews so hate and which their judiac Talmudic religion teaches jews to be like….And once awake are going to go all out Nazi on the membership of the tribe within every white nation.

            It Is Rather jews whos fear is another vast Boot Out, and with over 1/2 of them here in usa now, it is obviously america that will be the nation to even the number to grand total of 110 nations to do such a Boot Out.

            ONLY By convincing whites to not just allow multicultic non whiteys into whites own nations, but to also convince whiteys and especially delusional white guilted Female whites to cohabitate with and racially Mix with african or mestizo baboons to make Biege babies that will FOREVER End all chances of reproduction of More future whites globally, then once current whites dies off of old age etc…The entire world will be VOID of a single white left…Once they go Dark they cant never go back to produce a single white baby again ever…That IS jewrys main Goal…END Whites globally for ever.

            Because whites are the only race capable of doing a huge shit storm against such vile hatefull demon possessed tribal minded satanists…Synagouge of Satan…How appropriate eh….Barbara Lerner Specter’s main FEAR is an end to jewry is the real truth!

            She’ too late though since the only single thing jewry never realized could be jews Undoing is internet capability to so vastly expose evils or wrongs…they cannot use Faux tv-talmudvision tactics like Hannity does and simply do vile name calls of antisemite this or that as its no wheres as effective as when done by Hannity Live tv show and IN person like he did to David Duke, I saw That too…

            PROOF of ALL You and I are saying is found by simply noticing how much greater and faster lately we see these scams and acusations etc happening Today in usa.

            But as for europeans Today?…Most Every nation of white euros has awakened now and formed many third party political groups and solid pro whitey orgs galore…in France-UK-etc, germany-and others too…Todays elections gets More pro white orgs members elected than ever before.

            The more and Louder jewry crys or whines of “An abrupt Increase of antisemitism across european zones”…The More it proves we are telling factual Truths about their vile plans for the white goyims jews so Hate.

            Why More usa whites still Lag behind?…Not sure. One would think usa whites by now would also awaken and realize everytime they hear a jew cry antisemite is just another jew useing jewish sal alinsky tactics of “jewish Own Guilt Projected upon Others…” always Projected on whiteys…Wake UP whiteys! Your kids and Grandkids are going to be Your worst Fear unless You awaken to americas greatest threat EVER!…What will You tell them grandkids?

            “Sorry but I Fell for every jewish and kommie swindle ever done against whites like Me”…That wont fly.

            • Condor:

              Not sure why USA whites lag behind…..

              Their so called preachers at 501C churches…that is why. Hard to admit to yourself that all those years, and all those donations, were spent believing all those lies.

              • POG, Tucker, and Condor: I agree with what you say about blacks; however, I’m doing research on jews and have no position on them at this time. Granny, spot on about churches with 501c3 status and misled preachers. I’ve stayed out of churches since the 1970s because of what I perceived to be a false message and not missing them at all. take care.

      19. Welcome to my entire elementary school experience, minus the getting away part some of the time.

      20. Excellent observation, Mountain Trekker. The naivete and child-like, utter stupidity of the vast majority of our fellow White humans is something that defies every law of common sense and every survival instinct that Nature instills inside every living organism.

        I’d almost be willing to bet my last dime that this White moron is a huge fan of the despicable slab of nauseating White racial excrement named Sean Hannity. His attitude and brain dead decision to place his life in danger is a direct result of his stubborn refusal to embrace race realism and then apply a little common sense in the conduct of his life.

        Hannity has the exact same brainless attitude. Ditto for O’Reilly and the rest of these disgusting media mouthpieces for the establishment, RINO infested ‘so-called right’. In fact, I’ve seen Hannity invite White Civil rights spokesmen like David Duke on his program, under the ‘guise’ of having a two way conversation in the form of an interview – and instead of treating Duke cordially and with polite consideration and allowing him to make his points – like Hannity always does with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton – this greasy little chunk of worm infested hyena excrement will do everything possible to shovel as much slime and jewish manure on the guy as possible, constantly interrupting him and not allowing him to finish a single sentence.

        Hannity is on the jewish payroll, you see. This filthy piece of rat shit gets paid to help the jews stifle any attempt to introduce race realism into the mainstream arena of public discourse – which means, Sean Hannity has the blood of thousands and thousands of White people on his hands who have bought into the BALD FACED lie of racial equality and who naively placed themselves or their family members into dangerous environments that were infested with dangerous black thugs and who were robbed, raped, or murdered as a result of that mistake.

        There is a special place in Hell for chunks of race treasonous rat excrement like Sean Hannity, and I hope that his journey to his special place is as excruciating and as painfully gruesome as possible.

        • Tucker, excellent post. Although I never touch on anything related to Jews, I have to agree about blacks. I live in Memphis which is approximately 65% black and has had a black mayor since 1991. This city has really gone to hell since that time. I have an arrangement to go to a family BOL in north GA when the time comes and the area I’m going to is predominately white. Nothing in the mountains for any minority groups. I don’t know what that young man’s political outlook was before the attack but I’ll bet it’s different now. If I had been that young man, that monkey would’ve been laying dead in his own blood on the ground. Take care.

          • Braveheart:

            Just let us know why you never touch on anything relating to Jews.

            I saw a post of your ONCE that told the SHTF family, that when you followed up on ‘Themguys’ links you found his posts, “UNFORTUNATELY”…..TRUE.”

            My guess, UNFORTUNATELY, Braveheart, the reason you NEVER touch the Jew issue is because you can see that TRUTHTELLERS, who tackle the Jewish, Zionist, Israeli issue lose their popularity here at shtf.

            I believe truth is more important than popularity, and will leave it to the good Lord to decide if HE thinks someone was too cowardly to tell the TRUTH.

            It is all there Braveheart, AND YOU ACKNOWLEDGED THAT IN A FORMER POST.

            It hurts to think of you as a coward who places popularity above truth.

        • Uh, I’m guessing you don’t like Hannity?

          • Hannity is a neocon shill, no better than a libturd.

          • No: its that Braveheart Fears jews and fears being called antisemite. This represents a train load of current whitey ameriKwans attitudes…IE: They so far have Finally wized-up to the blacks race card tactics…But as Yet still have Not gotten jewized-up, ergo still Fear jewish crys of victimhood with the always attached jew slanderous antisemite “Joker” Card attached to each and Every jew whinney cry…protest being victims and extract Cash! Its what they do, and Taught Blacks how to do it.

            Meanwhile all whiteys has for Their awakening education is a small “Few” fellow whiteys like Tucker-Me-PO’d Granny-JQP-et al…And so Far, between awakening- becoming jewzied-up….Us Few whites are vastly out numbered. However I do believe todays usa does have a greater number of whiteys that have awakened to BOTH Black race card tactics AND the jew race card attacks of calling every truth teller or awake whitey an antisemite.

            And it seems every day in usa another ten thousand whites also join that awake crowd…Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc soon we can but hope to see same vast majority of whiteys that are aware and awake to blacks games also be awakened to jewish same games eh…Hows about it Braverheart? Ready to get jewized-up as Yet?…if NO? Why not?

            PS I offer FREE! Totally FREE and very FAST jewized-Up instructions for not just white folk but also all black folk willing to see that proverbial Light on jewish race tactics and a Host of more jew swindle scams perpetrated by them against whites and christians…Just ask!

        • Tucker,

          Great post. Every talking head on the boobtube are paid lackeys of the owners of those networks. Anyone here care to delve a little deeper to see who the owners are? Then ask yourself what their agenda is.

          Unfortunate for this generation, we probably wont see just punishment for those slobbering, ass kissing traitors, but in the end they have been promised a very hot seat at SATANS round table.

      21. Only morons *period* go walking or driving anywhere near groups of protesters who have demonstrated on numerous occasions that they turn decidedly less than peaceful at the drop of a hat. Find another way home.

      22. I believe police have acted so badly in many cases in the US tis just murder,understand why folks pissed but in this case the guy shot seems from all I can read a douche who deserved to get shot.All it takes in any peaceful protest is a couple of douche bags to turn what otherwise a peaceful protest into a explosive situation were both sides get violent and thus react with more violence.The sad part is this plays into the powers that want to be hands,excuse for martial law after having citizens burn out their hatred on each other.Folks need to be educated to who the real enemy is in many cases,starts with looking in the mirror and seeing one who allowed this country to reach this point and then doing what you can in any way to make it better.

        • The sad thing is “the black community” has almost always picked the wrong people or groups to support.

      23. A 300 Lbs. man attacks a 185 Lbs. and the 185 Lbs. mans shots the 300 Lbs. man and the Hate/race baiters wants he 185 Lbs. man hung! Because he had a handgun. WTH!!!!!

        The leaked info shows the little 300 Lbs black man attacked the COP. So all of you that are blaming the cop. GET OVER IT! HE DID NOTHING MORE THAN WHAT YOU AND I WOULD DO IF WE WERE ATTACKED!!!! Race has nothing to do with it.

        Watching the video you can see if the cops weren’t armed the blacks there would over run them. They are acting like wild animals. I don’t see a bunch of whites running around like wild animals over the black guy that may have killed the you collage girl and a couple more that we know of. Or that he raped and has been accused of raping! WTH! I just guess white folk are keeping a lip on things for now.

        Just think what it is going to look like when the white man starts acting like wild animals? God forbid!


        • That’s right Sgt Dale, Shoot them all, we got your back!!

        • Sgt, you are correct. I live in a high dollar neighborhood, 40% white, 35% black, 25% other. We had to take down the basketball hoop, because the blacks were fighting because of a game. Videoing, and put on utube. I watch them in groups walk up and down the street, talking ebonic. When Fergerson explodes, I will be on the front porch with 3 rifles, 22, 12ga, & 243. Thanks Oprah, for telling the world my zip code to go live…
          Not being racist, just stating facts, and yes a broken coke bottle saved me in 1970. That started me on the path I follow now.

          • eppe … I have a feeling that about six months after SHTF, racial demographics in the USA will change dramatically. Whether its viewed as a good thing or bad will depend on how much involvement in the change each individual has and whether you’re the changer or the changee.

          • .22 Eppe?Figure on getting some squirrels for the cooking pot while waiting for /dealing with the enemy?

            • War, poison tipped hollow points, they enter the torso, and bounce around, destroying organs. Then the poison makes sure. Seen what happens, friend died from a 22. Coroner said many organs were perforated. Bad way to expire…

              • Poisoned tipped hollow points?Damn Eppe,you folks got some mean ass squirrels down your way!

              • Eppe, I agree about the .22LR. Although it’s usually better to have something heavier, the .22 is better than nothing if it’s all you have. People really get shocked when they discover what the .22LR can really do. Go to Very interesting story. John Hinckley was using nothing more than a Rohm .22LR revolver in that attack. 4 people including Reagan and his Chief Of Staff, James Baker, a Secret service agent, and a DC policeman, were wounded. Reagan lost more than half of his blood when he was in the operating room. the biggest thing that saved him was being in above average physical health for his age. Baker’s spinal cord was severed and he was disabled for life. He and his wife later became POS gun grabbers for what I call the anti-selfdefense lobby.

              • eppe For that reason, 22 is my choice with a 12ga back up.

                • CHF, I have both .22LR and 12-gauge. From one extreme to another.

              • Eppe, BTW, the .22 will still bounce around inside and destroy organs without the poison just because of all the velocity it has. But the poison is a nice touch. Never hurts to have a little extra insurance. I have some BBQ sauce to dip .22 rounds into for Muslims.

            • @ Warchild. I think he plans to: .243 to reach all the way down the street. .22 to reach across the street. 12 guage to reach in the front yard.

            • I know a little kid that can put .22’s in kneecaps and faces all day long.

          • EPPE
            Good choices, I would add a hand gun. What ever you want. I like a 1911, but a 22 38 357 9mm 40 44 45LC What ever.

            If I lived there I would get the group together and set up. There wouldn’t be any trouble at my location.

            The guys with the 300 Win mags would have a warm barrels. When they get pass them the 6.8MM and 223 would get warmed up also. get passed them a lot of hot barrels 12ga.s.

            Does anyone have a dozer so I can dig a large hole? Or a couple of extra gas cans, seeing that gas is so cheep.


            • Sgt. Covered there, also…

            • A hole Sarge,read the book Alive and then rethink that option!

              • Some lines you really shouldnt cross, personally, thats one of em.

                • The scary thing is that unless you are in that situation, you don’t really know how you would act. Hunger and the fear of imminent death do some scary things to a man.

                • Did you read the book?One brother asked/told his brother to eat him when he died and thus perhaps help get help for the others,which he did

            • Sarge, I have a Ruger 10/22, stainless model with scope, and love it. It will be put to good use in the upcoming festivities. I have more .22LR stockpiled than anything else. I was snatching up .22LR left and right even BEFORE Sandy Hook. I knew something big was coming, but I was as surprised as all other gun owners were with the panic buying that ensued. I confess to being a part of that buying in Dec. 2012. I bought a new .22LR pistol, with extra mags and ammo. That was my Christmas for that year. I still kept on buying .22LR in 2013 whenever I could find it. Haven’t bought any since spring but that’s about to change. Also getting a full-size .380 pistol. I currently have a Ruger LCP .380 and it’s amazing for a pocket-size pistol. I’m adding it’s big brother, LC 380, to my ‘ventilation team’.

            • I should have used the word MOAT! Not hole.

            • Sarge

              I love my kel tec ksg

              Hopefully my M14 barrel would be so hot I would not have to use the ksg.

        • Sgt Dale ,
          When black people get violent the neighborhood burns , when white people get violent ENTIRE CONTINENTS burn.

          It all boils down to responsibility , respect . decency.

          Recently a couple of years ago one walked up to a patrol car in Lakewood Nj and shot a patrol officer in the head eating his lunch with out warning , asked why he did it he said ” I felt Like It”
          And you wonder why DHS carries .40 MP5’s ?

          Those billions of rounds are not meant for LAW ABIDING PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS
          Some day those EBT and SOCIAL PROGRAMS are not going to exist , sooner than some expect they are not affordable , there is no way to pay for them and we are rapidly running out of other peoples money . See my post above for further clarity . Pain is coming , prepare .
          ( HINT )

          Semper Fi 8541

          • The problem is that when it does all hit the fan, the line between current law abiding citizens and the EBT crowd will start to blur a bit. In that time, many people today who would never think of being lawless will do so for survival and thus be fed the lead from all those .gov weapons.

            • Jim Bob

              Hell of a fix. On one side we have the Gimme Dats and the other the Government.

              I await the conflagration calmly.

              • Happiness is a warm 1911 🙂 Segregation WORKS! Freedom includes the freedom to be racist. If there is no victim there is no crime. Every crime is a derivitive of theft. Life is tough, it’s even tougher if your stupid!. The only truly free person is an anarchist. People steal lie cheat and kill for pieces of paper. All modern wars are fought for the benefit of the hidden ruling elite and to induce more police state slavery. All taxes are another form of armed robbery. Negroes have been scientifically proven the least intelligent race on the planet. You get the government you vote for. If we were free we wouldn’t have a govt. Just some sayings I had for you to ponder 😛

        • We have the same problem here with mixed race “locals” or as they like to self lable “Hawaiians”
          Not all mind you but the most violent repeat offenders are the Walmart zombie looking goons,
          Lots and lots of real good people, but there is an element that will need to be eliminated when things go south for the economy etc, only way we will be able to have some semblance of a polite society, is interesting, they are usually the loudest most obnoxious activist as well and against ANYTHING that will better our situation over here.
          Interesting times

          • Racism is all about people who look different, not necessarily a specific group or set of groups.

        • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. I would’ve done the same thing. Somehow I just knew that officer was justified.

      24. As soon as anybody touches you that is “Battery and Assault” and in this case the White Guy should have whipped out his pistol and started blasting until the threat is no longer. Any why you need to carry additional magazines for your pistol. Get ready people. Nigs on the loose.

        • Tucker is correct: Hannity NEVER would show This to his tv(talmudvision) Viewership eh…Neither will sharpton or jesse jackson tell Their negroe worshipers of This Fact.

          IE: Whitey had very Little to do with slave blacks. but this quote writers people sure did! and as Tucker says Still Do!

          “During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague – were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice…”
          — Dr. Ariel Toaff, Chapter Eight,Blood Passover..This book was taken off the shelves and destroyed.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
          Comment ID: 3254997
          October 26, 2014 at 7:12 am As soon as anybody touches you that is “Battery and Assault” and in this case the White Guy should have whipped out his pistol and started blasting until the threat is no longer. Any why you need to carry additional magazines for your pistol. Get ready people. Nigs on the loose.

          And for each defensive shot that is aimed correctly the welfare and EBT rolls drop!

      25. M. Brown has the most blame for his death. His parents a close second for raising that thug. Those parents will be suing to profit from their own deed. This country stinks!

      26. How about lets see prosecution for a hate crime. Let’s see some racial equality for a change. Let’s see the black community leaders held responsible for the damages their peaceful protest caused. Let’s see the US Attorney General investigate this civil rights abuse. Let’s see some prison sentences.

        • I would rather see No Law. Even War has rules but you still kill people.

        • It won’t happen because of the double standard. Sadly though, all that lack of justice for victims of violence against whites does is to further the stereotypes, anger and hatred and move us further and further from any sort of reconciliation and understanding.

      27. If the cop gets off all hell will break loose.Doesn’t matter that he’s innocent,the blacks will not accept it. They want his head! Justice to them is a dead cop. Thanks Obama for sending holder down there to give them hope and and Sharpton for fanning the flames. Notice that you are not hearing from the administration or Sharpton now?

        • He will get off, since the Grand Jury has seen the FACTS. Then the Bolsheviks will prosecute him in a Federal Case.

          • MongoPissed, I agree. if I was that cop, I would go into hiding and be armed to the teeth.

        • Jim

          If it goes down in Ferguson and I believe it will then it could be the beginning. If it spreads to other cities then here we go.
          What trucker is going to deliver food to grocery stores in cities that are rioting.
          Just a thought.

          Thank the good lord I live in the country.

      28. Violent mob of shit slinging monkeys? I herby invoke rule .308….

        Live like a thug, die like one, problem solved….

        • Lost,will rule.300 work?

          • WD

            Saw your posts about J. Tull.

            Aqualung and Locomotive Breath.

            Old men singing youthful songs around the camp fire. Drunk of course ;0)

            • Me favorite band of all time and have been lucky enuff to see many thru the 70’s and 80’s and beyond(Thanks dad for getting your kid and his friends some of the best seats in the house many times!).As a Tull fan though would appreciate hearing folks enjoying it a bunch of drunks around campfire,hmmm…..I feel would need to 4×4 up theres and crank a tape!

          • Warchild, I make reference to Proverbs .22LR, .380 ACP, and .30 Carbine. Also Psalms 12-gauge.

          • Hell yes, like a open wednesday on the drag strip, run what ya’brung!

        • Rule .303 is still valid, you know. Ten-rounds, rapid fire, been clearing up hostilities for a century, and still going strong.

      29. If you are stupid enough to go into the Jungle. Be Armed. Arabs Spooks, not much difference. Shoot first then let God sort them out. Spooks have Arab names and the Fuckibg Arabs preach violence.
        This is what happens with the free lunch. You have a bunch of un educated Dumb shits with nothing better to do. When the shtf they will be the first to go. They will come out of the cities like rats.

      30. Good Morning SHTF.

        Another incident in Ferguson. More to come because mayhem is what they want, not peace. Race Relations has long since hit its pinnacle and it is all down hill. Has to, with all the social pressure, politics, economy and financial problems. Add an uneducated populace that responds more to cultural than social needs and you never have peace. Their peaceful protest will always turn to violence.
        This is a good article to make others aware on what is going on in the Nation.
        We all know the inevitable is around the corner.

        “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”.

      31. Why is there no LE and prosecution of this crime? This is 100% out of control and if allowed to continue there will be People dead as a result – 100% on Soetoro-Obama and company and that means all of the folks that voted this in ~ Yep democidecrats I am pointing MY finger at Y-O-U

      32. While writing about Ferguson and places similar there is a very telling article that has a ‘common theme’ throughout the charts. The more percentage of blacks makes the state a worse place to live on numerous levels. This is the kind of data we should be working with to determine why too many blacks cannot act civilized. And before race baiting progressive get their panties in a wad there are many more poor white folks. Why are they not scewing the charts like the black folks?

        Why the South is the worst place to live in the U.S. — in 10 charts –

        • Mensa141

          Though this data may be correct it depends if you like the yoke of tyranny on your neck. In my state we are holding off the bull that saturates other states. We do have our problems but find it all a trade off on what you want in life. What you can stand with other people trying to imposed their will or thoughts on you.
          God help those fucker’s if it all goes South.

        • Mensa141, consider the source for that article. Neither Washington Post nr any other corporate media source has ever had a kind word to say about my beloved Southland. Although conditions are very bad in the South, the South can and will be saved. It will rise again. I’ll take the South over anywhere else in this nation.

        • Mensa

          The liberals have done this to the blacks. They have enslaved the blacks again to guarantee votes for themselves. When you get to make a salary and do nothing no good comes from it. Now the black population has had several generations of getting welfare and feel it is there right. They will vote for any politician that guarantees that the benefits will be raised and continue to come. They have caused racism and dependence by design. Now you have a generation that has lost its morals, cares about nothing but themselves, and believes that others have caused the life they live.
          Just so sad. Now pain and bloodshed will happen.

          There is just no money left to support all of this. Over half the country gets some sort of government benefit…… Blood in the streets is on its way.

      33. FEMA can start with the Nig Round up First, and ship them to one big FEMA Camp in St Louis. Then lets see crime Drop in the US by 75%. Then Followed by the 2.1% Jews that cause the rest of the economic crime, besides corrupt politicians and Criminal Cops. Problem Solved. America would be pretty much restored back to the American Dream as was intended. No worry about the Blacks as 3 out of 4 prefer to shoot other blacks,so that will be a virus eating away at itself. And in the end their will only be one King Kong to deal with then ship him off to Liberia as was originally intended by Abe Lincoln after the Civil War.

        • Hank in TX, Lincoln REALLY wanted to ship them all to Africa, but it was humanly impossible. At the time that war ended, there were around 4,000,000 blacks in the entire US. The US did not have enough ships, military and civilian combined, to carry 4,000,000 people to Africa. Imagine how much money and time it would’ve taken had that been feasible. Lincoln was definitely living in a fantasy world.

          • RB– Maybe they could have just taken them half way and let them proceed on foot from that point?

          • They got here on ships over many decades, it would have taken 20 years to do it, perhaps. Lots of foreign-flag merchant vessels would have loved to charter to the US government and carry them.

            It would have certainly cost a lot less than the 22 trillion dollars we have spent on them in the last 50 years alone.

      34. Live and die by the 308! I love the .308. Hail the 308

        • I just purchased a FNAR Competition (no pistol grip to satisfy Commissar Feinstein). A sweet autoloader with a 4 lb trigger. I wanted a Springfield National Match, but didn’t have the extra 2 grand. Shopping for glass, but will probably start out with tactical iron.

          • Take a look at the Leupold 3x-9x, they’re running about $200 retail. You can spend a lot more, but the ‘budget’ Leupold scope is a pretty good choice.

          • Forgot to say, look hard at the center post reticle in the Leupold. Just put the post at your six o’clock and it’s good to go.

            • Mongo,for dry fire can have pistol grip on and change for range ect.I also would start with iron and needless to say whatever optic you go with have the iron backup.A friend in one week got a really nice ACOG and a Nightforce piece of glass,between the 2 looking at about 2100,must be nice to have money to spend like that.As I don’t next best thing,nice to have friends who have money to spend like that and get to at least try out some higher end optics!

        • Truth

          My M14 just blew you a kiss. lol

      35. The guy should have had his two friends with Him…Smith & Wesson!!

        Semper Fi

      36. I’d break out the Gatling Gun and start mowing the lawn. Just get this mess over with. The sooner the better and we can all move on. There is no place for a breeding monkey running wild in our society.

        • Hank in Tx says:
          Comment ID: 3255020
          October 26, 2014 at 7:48 am I’d break out the Gatling Gun and start mowing the lawn. Just get this mess over with. The sooner the better and we can all move on. There is no place for a breeding monkey running wild in our society.

          Even worse is that working men and women are forced to suppoert the ghetto monket via,EBT, Section 8 housing, Medicade, Medicare, AFDC, WIC, SNAP,….. Why should I be forced to pay taxes to bring some Section 8 baby momma
          into my neighborhood, where we were happily living without the ghetto monkey and her 4 to 6 head of bastard ghetto chillin?

      37. Look the Gates’, Buffet’s, etc. don’t have a piggy bank they store their FRN in. As a matter of fact their wealth in on paper a daily spread sheet that tells them what they’re worth. Their wealth is in FRN’s is it not and if the FRN notes collapse there goes their wealth do to the stock market crashing, oh they may have some PM’s, but not that much. The money people of the world are not going to let the FRN collapse without kicking and screaming to the heavens. Along these lines the new (maybe) system BRICS is nothing more than another scam to be toss on the heads of the people. The power brokers want a race war here in America a (Civil War) if you will. Then Martial Law will be declared, and all is well in the big hog pen. Back to the fat cats what physical things do they have to back up their wealth, stocks, pms, etc. or just the spread sheets that tells of their worth? Just might hack my bank account and add a few zero’s to it, let the bank prove I don’t have that much in the old account. Hey the fat cats wealth is just on paper or OPM. Folk we have been had big time and we all know it, because the fat cats control the banking systems, the governments, the judicial systems, so you see they are always right, not us little piss ants. Well their day of reckoning is coming make no mistake about it. The FAT CAT/POWER BROKERS will save their A$$ with a CIVIL/RACE WAR. This is just my thinking, more than likely wrong but hey what the H-LL. Phil Collins song: “I can’t take it anymore”.


      38. When the cop and brown met in the street
        the cop saw a j-walker
        brown saw prison

        It was his best chance while the cop was sitting.
        you think his fat ass ever ran before…

        It was only a matter of time till he got shot robbing someones ass…

      39. “In the jungle welcome to the jungle
        Feel my, my, my, my serpentine
        Jungle, welcome to the jungle
        Watch it bring you to your kn-kn-knees, knees
        Down in the jungle, welcome to the jungle
        Watch it bring you to your
        It’s gonna bring you down, huh”
        Guns ‘N Roses


      40. “Thought I heard a rumblin’, callin’ to my name
        Two hundred million guns are loaded, Satan cries, “Take aim”
        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle
        Better run through the jungle, don’t look back to see”



      41. the immigrant cultural melting pot social experiment known as Zog Amerika is a ‘Failure’.

        as the weakening false fiat zog amerikan dollar economy globally fails, and retreats back to once free amerika’s shores, so to will polite zog amerikan society fail along with it.

        fearful folks will become clannish…

        an desperate people will do desperate things more frequently.

        which means those who go looking for trouble in a angry black mob, will find it most likely from the angry black mob.

        Ladies and Gentlemen ‘prepare to defend yourselves’!

        And remember by law the “lil’ blue piggies” are not required to protect you or your property. that responsibility falls entirely upon you and you alone.

        * i prefer a pocket 5 inch folding katana thumb blade, an inner belt sheathed rubber grip 6 inch ice pick and a 5-shot snub nose .38+p revolver personally, but to each their own i say.


        • Fester,prefer in the knife category for self defense the small yet deadly karambit.

            • Fester,I also have a for lack of better word training karambit,i.e. no sharp blade.I have no formal training with one and am hard pressed to find training so practicing on my own.The training karambit allows me to do this without frequent er room visits/going thru bandaids like candy on Halloween!

      42. Had to live around shitskins till I was about 19 . I know there mind set and how they think. Fuck the white man , fuck the white whores (lots of them ) and gimmie gimmie what every they can get. Mike shitskin Brown aka the gentle giant aka down town swisher brown getting is head perforated after chimping out on American hero is just a REASON and EXCUSE to act out there true hate against white people. There have been chimping out parties all over the country since this 300# yoot has been yootinized . Hopefully This white man in the above article
        Or other whites who are attacked for being white go out the and just start killing every thug yoot they see. For everyone of ours 1000 of them. Stay racially aware and loaded .

      43. Don’t worry, WF, they’ll soon get tired of protesting and go back to shooting each other like they’re want to do.

      44. This guy obviously is not a prepper.

        We are in SHFT now.

        Avoid crowds. Number one rule.

        Don’t be a fool.

      45. The USA when the SHTF economic collapse,grid goes down, ect happens. Will quickly erupt into civil war ,race war @ ethnic cleansing. For what good it will Do martial law will be imposed. Just who will be able to enforce Martial law? Myself ill try to not take part. Ill only go into defense mode. of course im racist. The fact is if all of the black folks disappeared from the planet the white race wouldn’t have nearly as many problems. If the opposite happened the blacks would have more problems. I had great hopes that the Aids would kiil off the blacks queers and closet fag butt fuckers. However it was a big disappointment. Then along comes Ebola and I thought goody maby this will do the trick. Seems ebola is a bust also. Maybe blend Aids, Ebola ,Sickle cell anemia and throw in Kazacs for good measure? Maybe that would do the job?

      46. I don’t doubt cops hasle blacks. But this case is NOT one of them. Seems that blacks seem to always choose the wrong situation to back. And I think they try to get the jump on setting up the situation in the publics mind.

        This lie about him having his arms raised. It’s a ploy that’s hard to shift the public’s image on what happened.

        Where the cops went wrong is NOT having a camera in the car. I mean one in the ceiling that records multiple angles. Then the chief could have released that first evening. The assault by the black thug. Would have stopped a lot of rioting to show what happened.

      47. OK folks,your .22 caliber guy is on the job!Gander mountain has Remington LR.22 @ under 5 cents a round right now,limit 500 a purchase but tis a start,happy shopping!

      48. At this stage it doesn’t matter who is good or bad, who is criminal or law abiding. The stage is being designed while 99% of us are being directed to focus on daily lies and fear mongering, forcing blacks to hate whites, fake war monsters being created to behead innocents, psychopaths attack cops and civilians and bad cops used as a bait to attack non criminals and ignore their civivl liberties, lab made viruses killing and destroying a continent with strange cases of recovery in the USA to the extend that our dear leader even have special kissing ceremony in the kings palace while the commercials continuing the voting fraud campaigns to choose from two headed monsters on the payroll with one body and on and on.

        While it is a God given right for all of us to use whatever means necessary to protect ourselves and our loved ones but remember to not forgot to think about one thing: “Who are the main planners benefiting from the fake chaos”.

      49. A black woman was filling out forms at the welfare office. Under “Number of children,” she wrote “10,” and where it said “List names of children,” she wrote “Leroy.” When she handed in the form, the woman behind the desk pointed out: “Now here where it says “List names of children,” you’re supposed to write the names of each one of your children.” “Dey all named Leroy,” said the black woman. “That’s very unusual. When you call them, how do they know which one you want?” asked the welfare worker. “Oh, den I uses the last names.”

        • Old Guy, I fell out of my chair on that one. real good.

      50. While I understand peoples hatred for all this black on white (mostly unreported) crime, using the “N” word makes us look like ignorant, racist morons. Trust me when I say that I know and can see what’s been happening across this great nation in regards to all the massive black on white violent crime that is occurring everyday without a peep from the MSM. I suggest using the term “NAPA” or “NAPA’s” which translates to “North American Pavement Animals”. The term NAPA isn’t racist and more accurately describes these animals who chose to act and behave LIKE ANIMALS. I believe law enforcement choses to NOT describe these ongoing attacks on whites as ‘hate crimes’ as they probably believe that by doing so it would cause more violence. Which is wrong as we all know. But the video does prove that their are a lot of dumb, not so ‘street smart’ people out their that put their lives in danger for no reason.

        • Liberty- I used to feel the same way about the N-word, but now I use it frequently and unabashedly. It does not display ignorance, what is shows is that through life experiences one has come to see the blacks for what they are.

          A term I use with my friends in public is ABNR(pronounced Abners) Around Blacks, Never Relax

          • Sarge,I agree with your statement except animal part,I respect animals.

      51. First good snow will show what these peace loving protesters are made of.

      52. Shooting brown?
        Its called White Privilege!

      53. Very good way to put things in perspective.

        Only difference between a wild animal grizzly bear, and a black mob?

        A grizzle bear does have some value.

      54. The crowd was acting as usual typical black mob. But I have seen worse and the stupid white kid is lucky he got out unscathed. He was an idiot for getting out of his car and telling them to get the F out of the street. I have been close to these kinds of crowds……best thing is to not be there. If you are, you sure don’t get out of your car….no matter what.

        • BJ, what you say may be so, but it still doesn’t justify the attack that took place. Nothing does.

      55. I hear you have to try that several times to get that right

      56. The sound of a quickly chambered .45 round would quell this bs. They just want to see fear in your eyes. Pack mentality – not so brazen individually. Prepare to defend yourselves trouble on the horizon.

      57. I couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, over a lousy ten dollars. But chain them up, and send them back to ebola ridden countries. My heart does not bleed for them, they’re cause for their own demise. I for one am sick, and tired of these savages saying we own them something, how about boat ride, and jewelry of shackles to go along with that ride. Black life my ass. They are the number one cause for violence,disease, and bankrupt sense of morality. White people hold them down so the say, yeah right!!!! it’s their own sense of entitlement that keeps them dumb down, and too stupid to see a bullet to their brain would solve all their problems. Me, myself, and I have spent well over 100000 grand in educating myself while these parasitic animals get a free ride, couldn’t even get a school loan, or a scholarship, and these f@@ks get as much federal help as the want because they’re supposedly disenfranchised. Bullshit. Then they don’t even better themselves with the help they’re given but spend it on crack and 40s and jordens.
        Enough is enough.

        • JKR, I agree. Excellent post.

      58. Ku failed at every jump…God I love that guy

        I heard hes still touring somewhere…. down south I bet

      59. My old man and my DI both told me to bring a stick into the privy / latrine. You destroy the spider’s ability to bite you in the ass by breaking his web. The liberals don’t get that you shouldn’t show your backside to something that wants to bite it. The real problem is that they believe (not think–They NEVER THINK) they can stop the venom from reaching the brain by applying a tourniquet to the neck. They also see that as a magic talisman against beheading…

        • Jaques Merde—Excellent screen name!

      60. I find the hate and violence displayed in the majority of these post deplorable. If this is the kind of people that survive a SHTF scenario, then we truly are doomed.

        • While your motive sounds good, you need to loosen your neck tourniquet just a bit.

          I Miss America Too.

        • T-town

          Do you think we are going to KISS and Make Up?

      61. While on patrol I was thinking about how these clowns are acting. If they have a Ebola out break there, and they have to self quarantine, They would be running around like animals around each other. Talk about a Pandemic!
        I have some ideas how to handle this area, but I will keep them to myself.

        • Napalm?

      62. White people are going to have to separate themselves from black people in the future. Going have to deny intermediate family members from forming relationships and coming into the house. Going to have to respectfully withdraw and fend of any attempt of discussing issues like this.

        I do not speak of hate. I speak of self protection and common sense.
        Muti-culturalism is not working. It is not our fault.

        White people and again, not racist comments, need to understand that it is still our fault and we bent over backwards to please the African-Americans, who have not forgiven white people for issues of the past.

        Time to stop appeasing and separate. I am sorry. They need to get a life…….I do not hate another race, nor do I think I am better, but enough is enough……

        This person was stupid………These people do not want to be his friend.

        • During the Rodney King riots, a professional Black friend came to stay at my house. He knew the thugs in his neighborhood would turn to preying on anyone, using the riots as an excuse. I predict the civilized Blacks, and there are many, will join us in eliminating the scum. Where I live, the scum are mostly White methheads. When SHTF, there are “informal” plans in place to hold them in check. The coyotes will be well-fed.

          • I have an “informal” plan of my own to deal with any and all scum. I’ll leave it at that.

            • BraveHeart

              Once the first shots are fired and cities begin to burn.

              All those with any type of weapon in their hands will be considered hostiles. Their actions will dictate whether they live or die. Once there is an engagement there is no surrender or prisoners.

              In my book there is no such thing as a peaceful bystander either.

              • Slingshot, if everything goes right, I’ll be at the BOL with the family in GA before my city can turn into a “Ferguson”. If not, then I’ll be fighting for my life. Most likely, LE will become overwhelmed and disappear, even if only temporarily. I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to protect me and mine.

          • There are a half dozen good black americans in my county up here. No nigs, but we have a few dozen tweeks spead around the county to keep a eye on. The tweeks will be open season if the SHTF as the courts, not LEO, protect them.

          • Morning Mike,

            :Seems there is a lot of hate for race even on here. It is not the color of ones skin. IT is a mans actions. Good people will band together and put an end to this sooner or later.”

            Yes indeed…I see much here that perturbs me very much; the hatred that infects so many will be the doom of those who can not transcend it, ‘to see beyond…’

            Along that line i will her eplace a post from another poster just a boit ago…in fullness, as a reminder of ‘WHAT IS’

            Pretty Black Prep Wife says:
            Comment ID: 3247358
            October 16, 2014 at 7:10 am

            To everyone that takes times to contribute to this information on preparedness, my sincere thanks! Been quietly preparing with my husband, parents and trusted friends. We are on the East coast (ugh), in a nanny state (double ugh) and researching for good property locations to purchase out of the “city burbs” for relocation and farming.

            Also, here’s an idea… it’s a free country, say what you want, think how you feel, HOWEVER…

            Please know there are blacks and other minorities who take their country, liberty, lives and families just as, if not more, seriously as you do. It’s mean spirited that a lot of commentary on this site is “let’s avoid the blacks”, or let’s go to this area because it’s low minority population. My opinion is live and let live and remember the golden rule. If you don’t like me or mine based on skin color without knowing how awesome I am, then it’s your loss. My great prep is pulling together prepping smart people based on their character, skills and applied intelligence, regardless of the package it comes in.

            In 2014, the best prep anyone can learn is how to analyze a situation, adapt and make quick decisions. By being stuck in a “most or all minorities are bad” assumption, you might turn away the very people who could save you or your kids life in SHTF time…

            I (black) only work in alcohol wholesale, my best friends (black, latino) are only military (marines, army, coast guard) and medical fields. My hubby (indian) is only an international infectious disease physician, expert in harsh and life threatening environments. His friends are general contractor, DoD and doctors (white, black, asian). Obviously, you don’t want to be anywhere near THESE minorties folks when SHTF… ;o)

            SHAME on everyone here who holds to hatred as you would a lover…you will have no place in what now COMES, none at ALL. Make your PEACE therefor…

      63. Psalm 9:17 (KJV)

         The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

      64. I can’t wait for these apes to come and try and riot and loot in my white neighborhood.

        Where is Al and Jessie speaking out against this.

        • George Washington:

          Hopefully Al and Jesse will be in your neighborhood when the shtf.

      65. What were White passerby’s doing in the area unarmed? During the Watts riots, an uncle was driving a dump truck on Imperial Hwy in South Central, and came up to a RR crossing that was being used as a checkpoint by thugs from the neighboring projects. He drove through the crossing arm, leaving two crushed rioters behind him. If you cannot legally carry a loaded gun (like here in Commie Cali), carry a good blade and know how to use it. I survived a 4 on 1 assault with my Benchmade. Leave one thug spurting blood, and the brave pack will run.

        • The last dog I had was a 147 pound staffordshire/pit bull mix, who really didn’t like much of anybody.

          If they could steal my dog, they could have him.

          Nobody even tried.

          • Sixpack

            You are a remarkable lady. I currently have a 13 year old half pit half chow. I consider him to be my 3rd son. Smartest dog I have ever had. I fear his days are numbered though. Will break my heart.
            I also have a 135 pound pit. He is the biggest puppy I have ever seen. Would lick a person to death. The site of him causes reservations from people though.

            • A pit is the only dog I’ve ever had that I could depend on, hell or high water. That dog, “Baron” heroically gave his life for me during a robbery attempt. He stood between me and 2 armed attackers, giving me time to shake the cobwebs of being sound asleep and defend myself. That was in the late 1980’s.

              I just haven’t been able to find another dog who could measure up, and I can’t keep back the tears when I think abut it. I STILL occasionally have nightmares over that. I wouldn’t be here today without his sacrifice.

              A sacrifice I can never repay…or forget.

              • Six,this is not a debt that needs repaying,he did what a friend/family member does for others he/she care about.You can remember that good pooch by taking in a stray terrier(my buddy got 2),giving time and or money to a shelter that cares for Staffordshire Terrier’s ect.

                • I remembered him when I bought a .45 and learned to use it. I think of him every time I opened my nightstand drawer and saw the gleam of nickel plated security…my new friend bites hard too.

      66. The MSM is trying to turn this into a “Race” issue to distract from the reality that it’s actually a systemic issue of police state violence. Until all people can work together against the police state, nothing is going to change.

        • Sorry, that punk got what he deserved, this is not because some innocent person got shot, THAT is what the baboons want people to believe,
          Reality is the dude was a menace to society and is better off gone.
          Yes the cops are out of control but call a spade a spade.

          • Yes, you’re right Kula, we don’t need those thugs, but I still choke at the idea that a cop can decide, on the spot, who “deserves” to live or die. If that was the case, there would be little need for the entire justice system at all.

            Now, we could debate the usefulness of our so-called “just us” system all day long, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want to be the victim of somebody else’s vision of street justice.

            If one man can decide fate on the spot, he could also decide MINE. I don’t want to give anybody that much power…moral, or legal.

            What I’m trying to say is, unless the thug was indeed doing something AT THE TIME to deserve what he got, it was wrong.

            I’m trying not to judge this situation, using anything from either man’s past as justifications for their actions, but what’s done is done. Rioting, burning businesses and attacking people because they walked down the street at the wrong time, isn’t serving any purpose except for TPTB.

        • There are unfortunately countless cases where the police have far overstepped their authority and injured, named and killed people that were either 100% innocent or mentally challenged, armed with a knife, 25 ft away, not advancing with no innocents in the area and they’re shot to death. Yes there are cases that are indisputable. This situation at a minimum has too much grey and is therefore not a slam dunk example of police brutality.

          Regarding the attacking of whites its been my observation from attending a HS that was 35% black and working in a similar percentage environment that the blacks that are racist (and the majority I have known are not) truly hate white people (I believe fueled by jealously) while white racism is most often (not always) just fear of blacks with their capacity for violence.

          That white guy had to be nuts traveling in that area at these times unarmed. Reasonable prudence dictates that you don’t go to this area at this time unless its absolutely necessary. If you do go because you must be very observant, careful and armed.

          • Clint Eastwood in the movie “Grand Torino” showed how much respect a 1911 can instill in the right hands. The dramatic change in the dynamics of social interaction pre and post 1911 was no doubt very accurate.

            • As Robert De Niro (playing Al Capone) said in The Untouchables…”You can get far with a kind word, but you can get farther with a kind word and a gun.”

      67. Having had my fair share of issues with these “people” (I struggle to call them that), I can undoubtedly say they are the most vile, pathetic excuse for humanity I have ever seen. Blacks are incredibly predatory and act like rabid animals. Only one way to stop it, put the animals down. White people need to stop accepting this type of crap. 90% of Whites have been conditioned to fear blacks and that is absolutely disgusting.

        I bet if these baboons tried this behavior with many of the posters on this forum, they would end up like Trayvon.

        • Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      68. I think working and middle class people of all races are like us. However, that’s not the kind of people “protesting” in Ferguson right now. I won’t use the N word, but I am also not fool enough to go anywhere near them either. I know what will happen. I don’t necessarily think a pure race war is coming but I do think a class war is. Those who have not, who did not try in school and did not want to play by the rules will go after those who did. Likewise, those who did play by the rules and were screwed by the 0.01% may just go after them as well. I just hope I have a BOL by then as I want nothing to do with any of them as that path just leads to death and destruction.

      69. Cant fix stupid,
        This retard deserved to get the shit kicked out of his self,
        how hard is that?

      70. There is no other race than the Black that have more racial slurs to describe them.

        Why is that?

        I can think of at least 30 or so.

        If you combine all the other races it still does not add up to what the Black’s are called.

      71. The whole Ferguson shooting case…it’s hard to determine what really happened as we don’t have all the facts and the ones being leaked from the grand jury testimony show that someone is doing a no-no by leaking and the grand jury needs shut down.

        The autopsy seems to show that the two wounds in Brown’s hand and arm go from hand to elbow, thus they were probably inflicted while his arm was inside the car. Blood on the gun and inside the car seem to support this.

        Wilson’s testimony says that Brown attacked and punched him while he was in his patrol vehicle. This is when Wilson fired his weapon and wounded Brown. He then says that Brown turned and walked away. Wilson yelled for him to stop and Brown turned and rushed him. He then killed Brown.

        I have no problem with Wilson shooting Brown as he was attacked. But when Brown turned and walked away, the reason for deadly force ended right there.

        The next part about Brown rushing Wilson seems to be unclear. There are eight witnesses that refute this testimony. Yeah, yeah, you’re saying they are just defending Brown because he is a black…much like the black jury aquitted OJ.

        Trouble with that line of thought is two of the eye witnesses were white construction workers in the area and did not know either one of these guys and would seemingly have no reason to lie.

        • From the time the video was released of the ‘thug/angel’ in the convenience store it should have been enough to convince ‘most’ people that he was a dead man walking. Just a matter of time……maybe his next crime?

          Could also have been one of your family that he happened on during his “fun” had he not been put away.

          Good damn riddance!!!!!!

      72. Hey, All you ugly negroes. Come on over to my place and I’ll make you uncomfortable faster than you can say ” Jumpin Jack Flash It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas!!!!!!!!!!

      73. Warface, spot on. It’s called ‘keeping the black folk on the US government’s plantation which is, welfare, EBT, section 8 housing, etc., financed by our tax dollars and all controlled by the white libturds of the Democratic Party and their “Uncle Toms” of the NAACP who enforce it all.

      74. Ooops…what???…sheep rioting..must be a dry run….sheep don’t riot…right lower40?

      75. It seems as though the good citizens of Ferguson are not going to be satisfied with anything short of prosecuting the police officer that shot Mr. Brown. They are not interested in facts that do not support their view of what happened. I think that no matter what, the people are going to riot, loot and destroy. It is time for the police and national guard to restore order.

        • I say..let it go to shit..we are long overdue for a showdown with the NWO and the dip shits who play into their agenda.

          • Talon–>


            I for one, am sick & tired of living in a NWO “petri-dish society”…constructed via the social-toxins known as multiculturalism / diversity worship and political correctness.

            Screw ’em, folks…we’re not lab rats!

            This crap ain’t gonna cease until the management / advocates of the laboratory…are targeted & made to suffer….or eliminated!!!!

            Think about it….

      76. Good observation Mark,
        I might add, Do not feed the bears, it makes them dependent on the handouts.

      77. First, multiculturalism is the lack of national identity, traditions, and values.
        Think of it this way each city, county, state, and so on are controlled by different culturals making the central government appear to be a moderator, which is precisely why movements are encouraged to approach the central government structure opposed to challenging the local, county, and state structure of ordinances, laws, and regulations.
        It actually has nothing to do with cultural diversity as the US unifies under traditions and values as natural rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights to act as limits to governmental authority and powers not granted to it for the ‘social contract’.

        Second, the purpose underneath divide and conquer utilizing cultures, emotions, genders, ideologies, logics, nationalism, philosophies, racism, reasons, and etc are to create apathy.
        Apathy is a selfish or psychopathic and sociopathic trait that creates indifference or otherwise lack of compassion enabling atrocious, brutal, and torturous actions to occur.
        As a general rule of thumb, political expediency requires the hegelian dialectic in a not so distant manner the Leninst-Marxist Dialectic is used. It creates a crisis by promoting special treatments or entitlements to create animosity and apathy required to create the political environment enabling
        ‘First they came for X; I wasn’t X
        Then, they came for Y, but I wasn’t Y
        Then, they came for w/e, and I wasn’t w/e.
        Then, they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out against it.’
        The above paraphrase was a direct result of divide and conquer underlining developing and conditioning for apathy.
        It begins by such as promoting self-interest, materialism, special treatment, and etc particularly as forms of wealth, empowerment, and etc particularly through promoting centralization of authority towards absolute power.
        When the axe falls, it tends to be brutal.

        Thirdly, civil disobedience requires the institution being protested to give a hoot about you.
        Civil disobedience gets its glorification from Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement, and India’s independence from Britain.
        Yet, the British deployed replenishment and reinforcments towards India to maintain it, but the force was intercepted and blocked in Egypt. The kicker is most of those studies glorifying Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement is US writers, and it was the US who militarily blocked the force from its destination.
        It is a safe bet that those replenishment and reinforcements of battle hardened soldiers would ultimately seek to occupy India as a occupation force in the after math of World War II making India defacto held as a Police State.
        The movement being able to disrupt taxes, production, and etc with Britain unable to maintain India ultimately was created by the British inability to get their replenishment and reinforcements to India.
        Many overlook the significance of losing India. No, India made the British Empire inoperable. It lost a major hub, and it made maintaining the Empire difficult with its battered military. Britain’s decision to regionalize often omittedly centers upon losing India and on top of it the world’s reserve currency status on the British Pound.
        The Colonial Era was an arms race through geographic choke-points, trade routes, arms trade, and resources among the Colonial Powers largely European. Balance of power geopolitics and the main reason the founders warned against long-term alliances and treated Europe with the isolationist and Monroe Doctrines.

        Fourthly and but must be said, the Monroe Doctrine was designed to utilize geographic choke-points of the Americas to prevent foriegn nations from getting a stepping stone into the Americas to prevent minimize conflicts involving the US.
        With the Monroe Doctrine, Germany was little threat to the US in both World Wars. I reccommend reading Desperate Deceptions.
        With the Monroe Doctrine, The Soviets never would have exposed the US underbelly with Cuba and largely remain close to Russia.
        With the Monroe Doctrine, open border policies are largely impossible.
        With the Monroe Doctrine and honest government, 9/11 would have been largely unlikely.
        The only region that the US actively took part in and debunks the Isolationist narrative that the US completely kept to itself was Asia and the Pacific where we had rivercraft gunships aiding the Chinese in the lead up to World War II in addition to implementing an oil embargo on Japan and redeploying the Pacific Fleet from San Diego, California to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Hardly sounds ‘complete isolationism’ to me.
        I realize many in the alternative media berate the Monroe Doctrine; however, the immigration laws, national defense, militias, and etc were geared around the protection and preservation of the United States from long term alliance treaties with nations who utilizes balance of power, which is one part arms race and one part deception, manipulation, and intrigue.
        The Monroe Doctrine placed the military defenses on the border and exterior of the national borders.

        • Long winded diatribe of what we are already aware of…the choir just went to sleep

        • Seen2013, that is a long post, but I agree with everything you said.

          • The True dirty little secret facts that we see so much divisions between races etc in usa is because…After being Booted Out of 109 Prior nations, that the True nation Wrecker jews has been booted from…Their ONLY real Fear now is…American whites wakeing up to them wreckers and maybe even blacks awakening also to the same satanic synagouge of ruination, bankruptcy, and overall cultural marxist destruction that always occures everywheres that tribe of evils infiltrates in any sizable numbers.

            In Other words these jewish zionist nation wreckers, that have Hyjacked every possible Lever-Button-of national kontrols within fed and state govnt’s nationwide, along with same kontrols of Money-TV-Hollywood-Schools-MSM News/Info syatems….All they Now truly Fear is 1/2 or more of whitey usa wakeing up and going all Nazi on their ass…That IS the ONLY real Fear these nation wrecking jews have….With Good reason too I’d say, after the prior 109 Nations got wized up and Booted their jewish troubles out.

            However as long as a vast majority of whites cling to their lifetime brainwashings of jews being worlds main only victims, and Only victims that matters…Which is ALL Bunk of course, but as long as thats believed by a vast majority, and as long as same majority cling to adhereing to and Obeying of PC so to never ever potentially give Any Offence to any jews at all…

            Then the situation as Grave as it is will only serve to Remain grave and also will continue to Worsen as time passes by…Nobody else can do divide and conquer as swell as jews does it. It Is what keeps folks from going nazi on them!

            And furthermore, at some future point be it soon, very soon, or distant in time…The final solution for america Will be a total demise of it’s formerly white decendants of the original white founders of it’s nation.

            And that thought of total white demise IS what keeps zionist and jews up late nites with a Rabid Foaming at mouth in antisipation of how Vast and Large the spoils jews rape and take from america in general, are going to cause the huge vast fortunes in cash-land mass-resources the same jews raped Russia for, Both during the jewish revolt against white russia from 1918 onwards, and including the Final rapeing and looting done by jews when that “Wall fell” and soviet’s were done away with supposedly….Pale in scope and size!

            The jewish take/rape of america while it has gone on since 1913 pales when compared to all they still lust after and which yet remains to steal-rob-pillage and rape whiteys of…unless of course whiteys shed pc, and waken to jews scams same as whiteys have so awakened to black negroes scams finally.

            So far the Black racism “Shoe” has dropped…Now we await the last/other shoe to drop…I of course speak of the jew-Shoe, also known of as the antisemite shoe…Like the Race card is played against whites…So is the jews antisemite card played..For it was jews that Taught blacks to play their race card in the first place.

            Look how Long it took whites to finally waken to black race card tactics..Even Now many whites still remain in a very deep sleep on that issue…So it will probobly take quite a bit Longer for enough folks white to waken to that jew race card and the last shoe, the jew shoe to finally drop…There will be NO re set, NO usa-Fix, etc untill such developes unfortunatly.

            It took General George Patton the entire WWII events before he finally awoke to realize in His own words that “I Now realize we americans have fought against the WRONG people(germans) and should have Joined germans to rid eastern europe of those filthy jewish soviet bolsheviks….Now due to that mistake, america some day future shall again be at war, with soviet kommies and that war may be on usa soil! due to this huge mistake”

            I am paraphraseing Pattons words but from memory its fairly close to his words from pattons diary.

            Todays whites make the same mistake yet in different ways…Today they mistakenly and UN questionably defend all issues jewish, while thinking highly of self for doing so…Like I said prior it is from a lifetime of jewish brainwashings, fortified by lifetime of listening to and believing the wrong…Pastors.

            Pray for Gods help all ya want…I do Not believe hes going to assist america or white folks as long as what Christ calls Synagouge of Satan, remains at the very Top of the majority of whites List of things Good or things to so defend…Satan after all is opposite of God right…Why would God defend obeyers and defenders of Gods main enemy the synagouse of Satan after all?…God Wont!..And ALL real christians here Knows I am correct eh. Too Bad it seems so few of the Real ones exist at this websites forums it appears.

      78. The right to self-defense and the defense of other innocent parties is a God-given right. That includes the use of deadly force if or when necessary.

        No whining or complaining if you or one of your thug compatriots threaten someone with force and they end your life in order to preserve their life or the life of someone else.

        • Sick and Tired, you’re preaching to the choir here. AMEN!

      79. With slight apology to Rodney King, no, we “can’t all just get along.” I will work with anyone of any race, creed or color so that peaceful, decent folks can live in harmony with one another. I grew up a neighborhood where I was the minority and I literally ran home from school each day because taking the 3 mile trip on that bus then getting off and walking home was like saying “Look, I’m prey, please chase me.” Those kids weren’t making any sort of point, though this did happen during some of the L.A. riots. They just wanted to scare somebody and have a little fun. I could have been any color and so could they.

        I don’t make allowances for or make deals with thugs and rioters, and that is what this crowd was. If they really wanted justice, they would have asked this young man what his views were, listened to his answers, maybe tried to educate him about the issues they were facing. They also would not block a public road, they would line up alongside it so that everyone driving by could see they had a point to make — and then might actually stop to think about that point, given that the people making it were acting in a reasonable manner.

        No matter what the liberals say, there are evil people in the world and they will twist even legitimate grievances for their own ends. We do have the right to peaceful protest, which does not involve baiting and attacking people on the street. This crowd was looking for trouble not trying to respond to it.

        • Rain23, no need to apologize to Rodney King, but everything else you say is true.

        • Rain- I agree with some of what you say, however how can you view these animals as people when you were forced “to run home for 3 miles” to avoid being a target? That is a huge impediment on your safety and quality of life/mental wellbeing.

          I’m not trying to call you out, just curious as to how someone can have such a hellacious experience and then ignore it. I certainly wasn’t raised to hate anyone, but life experiences taught me otherwise.

          • I was taught that if I’m ever attacked, hit back as hard as I possibly can, regardless of size, gender or skin color of the attacker(s).

      80. Not expecting anything to happen here in Tucson. Just a lot of gas-bag libs who will spout the usual lib crap. I do,however pray for those in Ferguson when shtf after the grand jury is finshed

      81. I think the black community learned from the OJ Simpson trial that they can use the threat of violence to the white community to trump the facts. Its time to modify their way of thinking.

      82. White people still live in ferguson? Time to pack up and give that place back to the jungle. Let them live in the sh*thole they created. Then you’ll see then crying on TV, they ain’t got no QuikTrip to rob.

      83. African American racists never cease to amaze me. Let me emphasize “African American Racists” so as there is no confusion with non-racist African Americans. They should not be blamed for the actions of these arse-clowns. If you view the internet the cops are killing everyone but once again, as usual African American have the monopoly on human suffering. I get discriminated against by African Americans every day because they are empowered to do so. The elite entities that oppressed them have allowed them to persecute poor whites to appease them and the African American racists fully relish this empowerment. Any white can be punished just by virtue that he is white. Whites are to racist African America what the Jews were to Nazi Germany. Just like Hitler was able to manipulate the Germans for his handlers these Afro-Socialiasts are even more ignorant than their racist National Socialist counterparts. The Jew was to blame for Germany’s problem and Whites are to blame for all black America’s problem. As with Treyvar Martin being shot by a half Hispanic, half Jewish man becomes a white blame problem is proof of this fact. Do you think blacks are concerned about black on white crime. They complain about “white privilege” and have no problem persecuting any white for it. Like the “Jewish Conspiracy” it is a “White Conspiracy”. How conveinent!Amazing parallels. If the Afro-Socialist racists were to rise up against the out-of-control cops that are killing everyone it could be a blessing for all good people. We can only hope for the best. As for me I refuse to take the collective blame for anything because I am white and any attempts for someone to punish me on that basis either empowered or not isn’t going to happen and will not sit idle and become the new trendy under-Mench for these Afro-Socialists.

      84. Police will always integrate into these crowds and start trouble to get bad press published. I assume this was one of those situations.

      85. No White person ever moves into a Black community unless economically forced to. Blacks hate Whites.

      86. Looks like the cops need to take out a few more dirt bags

      87. All white people are to “African Socialists” what Jews were to “National Socialists”, the collective blame for everything because they are White. Maybe they can get some funding for some camps or something. Amazing parallels.

        • Except that the jews in germany really were mostly bolshevik soviet minded….THATS the HUGE difference you seem to not see or refuse to see.

          Jews didn’t get booted out of all of 109 nations in past 2000 yrs for being never a problem.

          I too used to think that way…Then I did my Own research and found the real true truth on all these past jew VS nazi/german issues etc…I am now jewized up and shall never again fall for jewish scam swindles again…

          Consider This Factoid eh…

          “I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
          In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

          — Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster

          Does any sane peson believe all three WWII Allied Leaders simply “Forgot” to include what jews all always claim?

          OR maybe jews Obey their talmudic teachings and LIE to Goyims as often as is necessary when it helps jewry.

          • I am aware of more than you think. As for the Nazis, The monied Jews of Europe put them in power. Hitler was the illegitimate son of a Jew. Goring was father by a Jew in a affair and raised in his castle. Erhard Milch was a Jew, Reinhard Heydrich was a Jew. I could spend all day making a ling-list.


      89. Frist thing first.

        Stop being scared of being called racist.

        Negros are not just like us. They never will be.

      90. Are White men going to keep following this multicultural suicide path because the news said so?

        I’m not a racist but can you please stop rapping my wife and daughter?

        Please don’t rob me I have black friends!!

      91. Smooth Criminal: I’m just pointing out that race isn’t the problem, a certain mindset of people are the problem. I’ve seen (my own experience) asian and mexican people act like thugs as well as black and white people. I think the people in trouble will be the ones who judge by race – it isn’t an adequate indicator of trouble. If someone has a respecful attitude they are far less likely to attack than someone who’s making trouble for fun. Nothing to do with skin color or ethnicity, everything to do with being a decent human being. If I had decided all black people were criminals then I would have missed out on some wonderful friends — and been blindsided by some white trash. I tend to judge people quite harshly by their attitudes. If I was stone blind I could still tell trouble coming by the way some people act.

      92. Warface:

        We now are going to be given the privilege of watching a tv sit com “blackish”. Now if there was to be a sit com called “whiteish”, oh the hue and cry that would ring out in America.

        We whiteys are the dumbest human beings on earth. We support products whose commercials make fun of us. You don’t see Negroes, Mexicans, no other race being portrayed as the stupid one on the commercials and tv shows. Just who is writing these sit coms and commercials?

        Apparently they believe that there will be far more Negroes, Mexicans, etc. to continue to buy their products than the white guy they continue to make fun of, so we are now fair game.

        We are supporting our own demise. We must Truly be the dumbest RACE on earth. When at last there are not any of us left it certainly will be an interesting zoo. We are at the end of the white movie now and see what a mess America has fallen into. Guess it serves us right for trusting in the PTB to “look out for us folks”, you know something like what that bum O’Reilly professes EVERY night.

        Got to give the PTB credit. It only took a little over 200 years to destroy America, just like their “protocols” said they would/could.

        Look that one up Braveheart, it will add to your education.

      93. In an absolute sense your correct that race isn’t the problem; culture is. The culture that is acceptable behavior in the black community disproportionately uses, accepts and condones violence to settle disputes. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports statistics show that the 12% black population is committing 55% of the murders which is most often upon their own race.

        The math does not lie.

        • Ever notice how its always JUST whiteys who make such statements?…I mean statements like “Many whites are evil also” or “I know good blacks too so all aint bad”

          Why do we NEVER seem to see or hear of Blacks-mexicans-jews-ARabs-Japs-Chinks-etc etc ever condem Their Own types and fellow travelers eh?

          Its due to Whitey GUILT period…NO other race has been scammed and propagandized like whites to have such personal racial based self hatred guilt period…Thats the true reason answer.

          Its time it ends totally.

          Only happens to whiteys, and only white nations has these mass immigrant troubles…You cannot name ONE other nation of NON whiteys that has such mass immigrations of OTHER types into their nations…Cause its never happeneing except to white nations.

          Anybody unwilling to admit this is ALL BY DESIGN, is in denial or delusional…Then after you admit to it all…You Must ask “Gee Whom has/Is doing this crap to every white nation and ONLY to whiteys countries?

          And once you discover That true answer…Thats what seperates Truth minded folks VS those who FEAR being called a racist nazi jew hater antisemite…because YES like it or not it IS a jewish invented method to destroy whites period…Math dont lie…Correct, and neither does Tons, Boatloads of Raw factual truths like this.

          Sooner or later same as finally whites, most, awakened to black race card games…so to shall whites finally awaken to the jews race card games…It just takes alot longer due to far greater brainwashing tactics and mass pressure to confrom to jew demands based on False HolyHOAX six million claims etc…After all imagiane how swell for Blacks race games if They the blacks owned all forms TV news, newspapers etc etc like jews do and have for 100+ yrs now…That is a huge massive advantage for jewry ownership of INFO systems globally…And jews have used TV news and hollywood movies to the MAX to condition whites this way…Its All comming unglued now though…

      94. First I would like to thank Officer Wilson for protecting ALL of the actual people of Ferguson who are not worthless pos thugs. Second I would like to share that I think driving cars on the sidewalk is morally wrong because it endangers the smart people who actually can comprehend how to walk on a sidewalk. DUH!

        I think the evil violent nasty street mobs should be treated as meat speedbumps (ie roadkill) since they persist in blocking traffic by failing to comprehend the difference between a road for cars (containing people) and a sidewalk for people (who are not stupid traffic blocking A-holes). How many weeks have these greedy unemployable idiot thugs been protesting for free bluntwraps at this point???

        My advice to ALL of the good people of Ferguson is to slam that gas pedal down!!! SQUASH THAT WORTHLESS TROUBLEMAKING TRASH! Clear your own roadways NOW… Doesn’t Missouri have any snowplows/bulldozers in that state? Well… GET ‘ER DONE.

        Stop coddling these CRIMINALS with your bizarre rubber pretend bullets, that is not effective and it is just plain weird!!!
        you totally deserve what you get from unsquashed scum.

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