Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Headline News | 159 comments

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    Following the release of 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails by Wikileaks, there’s been much ado about the source of the hack. Behind the release is a mysterious figure known only as Guccifer 2.0. It’s been said he is Romanian, but U.S. intelligence officials claim that the technology used to compromise DNC systems included Russian language hacking tools.

    The DNC, Clinton campaign and even President Obama are implying that Vladimir Putin is behind the hack and subsequent release of documents. The Kremlin has dismissed the allegations as absurd.

    Russia has maintained that their long-standing policy is not to meddle in the elections of other countries. Of course, there are exceptions, and as the following report from Time Magazine suggests, Vladimir Putin has every reason to take down Hillary.

    It’s payback time and Putin may well be taking this opportunity to make good on a personal vendetta.

    In December 2011, Vladimir Putin came closer than he’s ever been to losing his hold on power. His decision that year to run for a third term as Russia’s President had inspired a massive protest movement against him. Demonstrations calling for him to resign were attracting hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Some of his closest allies had defected to the opposition, causing a split in the Kremlin elites, and Russian state media had begun to warn of a revolution in the making.

    At a crisis meeting with his advisers on Dec. 8 of that year, the Russian leader chose to lay the blame on one meddling foreign diplomat: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    “She set the tone for certain actors inside the country; she gave the signal,” Putin said of Clinton at the time, accusing her of ordering the opposition movement into action like some kind of revolutionary sleeper cell. “They heard this signal and, with the support of the U.S. State Department, started actively doing their work.”

    Five years later, the U.S. presidential elections may have given Putin his chance for getting even.

    In a normal election year the American people might vehemently reject the intervention of a foreign power in the Presidential election. But given Hillary Clinton’s history as a deceptive politician willing to sell America down the tubes for her own personal benefit, it appears that the American people are not only willing to have a foreign power intervene, they are actively encouraging more leaks.

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      1. Payback’s a bitch, bitch.

        • It is interesting that the dems are complaining that this occurred but not what was contained in the emails. Seems that the antics of subversion of Bernie and racism in the party is condoned. I doubt if Russian gov did it that any footprints would be present. How anybody could vote for her is beyond me. God bless! James

          • Americans have no say in their political system; they are just lab rats destined to be tested in all possible ways in order to perfect the art of social engineering.

            • That is correct. We have just witnessed an extremely rich and well-embedded ex-Secretary of State that has more say in The Beltway now than when she was The First Lady (vomiting that SHE was at one time the ‘first lady’….a 7th level Witch of a Coventry that is Illuminati affiliated, and reportedly is dozens of steps over and above Mr. Bill within the latter organization.

              There is no such thing as an election, but in past times it was EASIER TO DUPE AMERICA into believing their votes actually count.

              Votes NEVER count as presidents are selected years before they ever ‘take office’ (although there have been times that an unexpected candidate “took” the election despite the “selection process”.

              Don’t like it? Get ready for a Revolution against The Establishment, as “it” has gotten extremely out of hand and are routinely trashing “The Constitution” in an all-out effort to destroy every remaining part of it (and as of this writing not one word of ‘it’ has yet to be changed …meaning WE THE PEOPLE are still in charge of America and NOT the “selected/elected” who will lie emphatically to you in an effort to convince you otherwise (to make you fear what “they will do to you” …which IS a government that has gone 100% tyrannical and ultimately a danger to We The People (as ‘they’ are passing laws that make every one of us some kind of ‘unwanted citizen’ or at least a dangerous one …unless you are a foreigner, then everything is hunky dory and you may pass unhindered.

              Get used to it, and get used to the idea of a Revolution. It certainly does appear that both are now on the immediate horizon.
              Personally, it doesn’t matter if someone comes up with 3 billion illegal emails belonging to Hillary that were all TOP SECRET and she was selling them to all countries. Hillary will still get her promised seat in The WH …again. That gives her eight years to steal the things she didn’t take the first they had to move out, under duress (and here we are having them move back in for even MORE fun)?
              I hate it, but it surely is looking as though we the people are totally in need of commencing our rights as outlined in The Constitution, just as The Founding Fathers provided us with all the ‘tools’ we would need to run an entire government right into the ground …fast:like overnight. I doubt the police would step into the midst of it knowing they are outnumbered “by millions” …shouldn’t I think? Plus, LEOs don’t want the troubles they are facing now, much less allowing Hillary to put them into even greater turmoil and dangers …on a paycheck that qualifies many LEOs for foodstamps, or did in past times.

              There are so many ‘angles’ to the abomination that is being brought upon America that it just boggles the mind for answers. Blow away the smoke and smash the mirrors and what needs doing becomes very clear.

              We fight for our rights as given to us by America and God, or lose them due to our total lack of resistance, and we fight smart, mean and to win (or die trying). If we do nothing, they’ll continue their agendas and we’ll just be buried within the process of their lying bullshit agendas and ‘satanic’ ways for America to live under. Muslim, (the peaceful religion as has been proved by The Middle East), and the Muslim Extremists, who ensure that their religion continues to eradicate as many infidels each day as possible, the more horrible the death, the better.

              We’d best be more than ready to do the very same to them as they would have done to us. What more reason(s) are needed to oust a “bad” government? Or would everyone rather live, in ANY conditions, rather than risk their life for their children, or just for “what is right”!

              • VERY WELL SAID!!!

              • Very prolific written.We the people must as you said oust bad government.SWHTF one way or another very soon.We sure will not get any help from the liberal demoasses as citizens. But I am sure they will be begging for our help when the worst happens, for I am sure they can not even wipe there bums clean. They expect the GOV. to do that for them.I for one will fight to the death if need be to save our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.For without them we will be under satanic muslim ruling.Or something just as horrible.

              • LOCK AND LOAD. The fuse has been lit.No going back only forward. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL WIN.

              • All I can say is “Right On!!” The generations born since the ’50 ‘s and 60’s d not have the guts to stand for anything. They are soft and have no perception of reality, much less good and evil. This country is being bled by the elites both in politics and out. Not only is congress corrupt, the entire system, from top to the bottom, is positioned to milk the slaves of every ounce of wealth, allowing them only enough to survive and work another day. This country will be over thrown, and there will only be a whimper, not even heard around the world.

              • Awesome

          • I agree with your assessment of Russian computer expertise, and your negative opinion of Hillary. When she graduated college, she already had her links to Wall Street firmly in place.
            What she elected to do, instead, was to join a San Francisco firm (Someone please help me here
            because it’s been so long ago I can’t remember it’s name. Please don’ t reply, “How convenient for you to make an accusation and not be able to back it up.”) that was known at the time to be a communist front organization. As Nixon said, “The American public’s memory is, and has always been, short.” Hillary sells herself to the American people as a progressive. When I was growing up, the term progressive was commonly known to be synonymous to communist. She is currently in the process of promising government giveaways to “The people” which are clearly unsustainable, much less affordable for the government to fund. Her idea is to bankrupt the country and destroy the U.S. Dollar.
            Once that has been accomplished, all of America will be dependent on the government (sounds totalitarian to me) for EVERYTHING. America, as we currently know it will be dead. Enter the United Marxist States of Clinton at that point, in my opinion. No room for a favorable outcome, again in my opinion.
            The only reason I will vote for the orange-haired (reminds me of an orangutan, wouldn’t you agree?), mentally challenged (check out his IQ compared to other Presidents) megalomaniac who has a third grader mindset and none of the social graces required to be POTUS, is because
            he doesn’t have the Marxist background both Hillary and Obama share.
            So where does that leave us?
            America is toast regardless of which of the two megalomaniacs gets himself/herself elected, in my opinion, that’s where.

            • This is the law firm: Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.

        • please send more emails

        • That was my first thought too.

          Sad day when you find yourself cheering for the “bad guy” to win.

      2. Hillary will be our next president. It is a certainty.

        • Yeah, she’s pretty much inbound right now. I’d say buy up as much ammo and mags as you can, along with whatever else.

          • Hillary will be in Handcuffs before the election. Or dead to cover-up all the Zionist Trade secrets. Hillary is just another tool of the ZOG, as they have many more in the wings of the same cloth, eager to take her place.. So don’t get your panties all in a bunch here freaking out.


        • Her health is deteriorating rapidly. Don’t know if she can cover it up that long.

      3. do people hate Hillary so much
        that they will tolerate FOREIGN interference ???


        REALLY ???

        to quote Trump “sad”

        • Meanwhile Hillary gets millions in free campaign ads via The BBC pro Hillary, anti Trump contrived news stories that Hillary’s campaign couldn’t have written and produced better.

          Foreign interference?

          I finally realized why BBC is so anti-Second Ammendment and attack the US constitution at every opportunity. They are terrified UK and EU citizens will demand similar rights, and the globalists can’t allow that.

          • Ditto Canadian Broadcast Corp. No scrutiny of Clinton whatsoever beyond that she sports 2X chromosomes.

        • satori

          Yep. I hate the fucking Bi=ch

          Sad that people who will vote for her can’t see what the end result to this country will become.

        • Yes they do…

        • wasn’t Netanyahu making similar statements about Obama when he was running for re-election in Israel? Maybe payback of a sort is in order here – either from the Russians or Israelis.
          Makes no difference who delivers the knock-out punch, so long as Hillary feels the punch…
          Be well.

        • How much cash have the Russians pumped into the ‘Clinton Foundation’ in exchange for the uranium mining deal in Oregon?

          She is so corrupt, I’m amazed she can maintain a coherent physical shape.

          Trump is an angel in comparison.

        • My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

        • So she set up an illegal server with no protection and everyone and their mothers could gain access to it…and we’re supposed to give her the highest Office in our country? Really?REALLY?

          • Yes really, because her job is to finish what Obama left for her to do in order to “finish off” The USA. The bitch is only being seated as POTUS for one reason, to tear down what is left of The USA and create a land of Muslim and Sharia Law …just like that, and whether we like it or not (because after all, we are only white Christians, or white, which means we are infidels and it is their Koran ‘duty’ to kill as many infidel as possible, in any shape, form or manner.

            Quit standing there in denial saying “I can’t believe this is happening” (because it is and we need to get busy organizing a method of acceptable measures by constitutional standards to take back what they seek to illegally steal from America, our sovereignty. Or is everyone finally ‘comfy’ with the idea that “all whites and cops must die?” If so, do nothing and it will be upon you in no time, and you can ‘check out’ forever.

          • Hillary set up 4 (FOUR) illegal personal servers to transmit top intel. So one may be a mistake without intent, but Four? More than one is considered a conspiracy. She should be arrested and convicted for violation of the Espionage Act.

            I want to see Trump indict her in the debates.


        • Of course not, we would prefer our elected leaders be open, honest, and forthright.

          Given that THAT ain’t happening… Yes! I would in fact have a foreign government out the lies and corruption since I can’t trust my own to do so!

          Sad? Yes. But that’s where we are.

        • You nailed it, Satori. Just ask the Israeli electorate or the British during the Brexit vote, or the Canadians with the Trudeau election how they felt about Obama attempting to directly influence their own elections.

          Then get back to us about Hillary’s emails. If she hadn’t deliberately tried to hide them from us, we wouldn’t have to read them from Russian hackers, now would we?

        • Yes

        • You are damned right that America would WELCOME Russia sending us those emails, though it would do no good, yet there’s nothing wrong with other nations openly stating that a certain person should not be “our first choice” especially when they have multitudes of provable reasons that justify their words and feelings.

          In a normal election, Russia would have NO say. But, nothing is normal about this election, due to a “cheating candidate” and 100% corrupt government going through all the motions to fool all of us into believing Hillary IS OUR QUEEN (and was always meant to be our fearless leader and murderess).

        • Much ado about nothing.

          Those emails were about yoga lessons and Chelsea’s wedding plans.


        • The Sydney Herald in Australia have her plastered across the front page like she’s already won!! 6 pages in an Australian news paper praising how wonderful she is and flattering photos of her (Spew …) The articles are claiming that she faces an ‘uphill battle’ because of the sexism that she faces all day every day!!! So even the Australian MSM (mainstream manipulator’s) are fully supporting Old Killer!!! Utterly disgusting!!
          People here think she’s wonderful!!! Ah the power of media and control!!!

          Good on Putin for ordering sticking his oar in!! Nobody wants Old Killer Klinton to become President …. That’s not the end of the US …. It’s the end of the world!!!

          • Not just the SMH, it’s also in the West Australian newspaper as well. They are stating that Trump wants Russia to hack the US. Of course you could just actally Google what Trump actually said or if reading is too hard just watch a YouTube video of it instead. People in Australia are so brainwashed by the MSM and don’t even want to entertain the fact that both sides of politics are controlled. Trying to get workmates or well anyone to open there eyes is pointless. At least those who do care in the US have guns. Here well pfffttt we’ve already lost.

        • It *IS* sad…and yet understandable. Personally, I’ll tolerate it only so long as it’s confined to releasing truthful information. Nobody even in the DNC is disputing that this stuff is the real deal so….more please. There are still Hillary supporters, which probably means that they need more information to make a good decision.

        • Why not? She and her ilk have been interfering in the affairs of foreign nations all their lives. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine and Russia is one country that isn’t afraid to give them an overdose. Besides, it’s not like we don’t try to hack Putin’s communications either. Espionage is the sport of nation states and it’s fruits exist to manipulate things in the favor of the nation doing the spying. It just happens that this time it benefits us.

          You have to get off your normalcy bias when dealing with global politics and not see the US from the perspective of a US citizen. See it as people of other nations see it and it will change your point of view to one that is more functional. It is the only way to truly understand the global state of affairs from an objective point of view and immunize yourself from government propaganda.

        • Yep! Got much more respect for Putin than anyone. I wish him Godspeed if he helps remove that obscene bitch.

      4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend (for that moment)

      5. The 30,000 emails were already deleted, but bet your ass someone out there had already hacked that server and has them. He didn’t ask anybody to hack anything. He asked them to find a copy of what was deleted. I’ll bet Russia already has a copy of those emails.

        Hillary is playing checkers and trump is playing chess. This got her campaign to officially admit in a released press statement that her emails are a national security matter.

        • I don’t know if the Russians are really behind it or not. On the other hand, ANYONE who takes down the hildebeast and the entire Clinton crime organization is a hero in my book. If Putin is really out to get her, that’s fine with me.

          • YES!

          • Brave,
            BIG YUP!! i agree, and that would be fitting for Putin to take down the bitch that our screwed up corrupt government cannot seem to do!!

          • I really don’t believe Russia is behind it. I think it is an agency of the US Government. They just don’t want to admit it.
            After all who wants to admit that someone in your own government hates you to such an extent for all of the evil things you have done. I would imagine Russia and a lot of other people have been furnished a copy though. As the old saying goes “be sure your sins will find you out.”

        • NOTHING that traveled through cyber space disappears, it is ALL out there

          • Kulafarmer

            Oh boy, is it all out there. Hehehe!

          • You can’t stop the signal.

        • Speaking as someone in IT, you can’t just delete them. The receivers have a copy. The servers they traveled to have a copy. The backups for those would have a copy.

          I’m betting everyone with a copy now feels like they have something to hold over a presidential candidate, and that would make her all that more desirable to them so you can bet they are working to get her in. For now.

          • “I’m betting everyone with a copy now feels like they have something to hold over a presidential candidate, and that would make her all that more desirable to them so you can bet they are working to get her in.”

            Or they are afraid to use the possession of them as leverage, considering the propensity of anyone crossing the Clintons to get themselves “Vince Fostered”.

          • I’m betting everyone with a copy now feels like they have something to hold over a presidential candidate”

            More like, they all probably have had horrible “accidents” by now and are dead or missing.

        • Then apparently nothing about National Security matters in the least, since she was able to walk away from thousands of “infractions” against the US Government. All this we hear about “loose lips sink ships” is just ‘brainwashing’ and no need for national security exists …and she has proved it by not being even ‘slapped on her hand’ for all the laws she’s openly broken, and everyone “protects” her by giving lip-service to The Supreme Court then the ABC Agencies give US “lip service” yet nothing that justifies her just ‘walking away’ from something so ‘big’.

          Treason, tyrants, murderers, pedophiles, witches, satanists …how DID all these crackpots worm their ways into our twisted government?

      6. “U.S. intelligence officials claim that the technology used to compromise DNC systems included Russian language hacking tools”… and this is proof for everybody Putin did it. I guess I got it!!!
        In case the hacker used English tools, the perpetrator was Her Majesty The Queen.

        • that slag can’t even wipe her ass…

        • I know, right? Like only Russians use hacking tools created by Russians lol

          • Or any other Slavic language that has the same syntax and structure.

            • Your comment just made me look up the Romanian language to see what alphabet it uses and, sure enough, it can use the Cyrillic alphabet. However, that only occurs in Transnistria, which is a mostly unrecognized micro nation sandwiched between the borders of Ukraine and Moldova. However, if memory serves (I went on a micro-nation Wikipedia binge a while back), Russia recognizes it as it’s own state, much like South Ossetia. It is a former part of the USSR, so perhaps the linguistics at play here are more complicated than the media wishes to portray.

      7. So clinton and obama ( lower case for a reason) state that Russia has hacked the DNC e-mail system. Well, how much easier was it to hack clinton’s email on her private server?

      8. If Putin wants to hurt Hillary, he can talk about her arranging the sale of US uranium to Russia through a Canadian middleman. I’m pretty sure that would prove intent to commit treason.

      9. VIDEO: Trump Openly Asking for Russia to Breach American Sovereignty

        ht tp://

        • No Satori he died not say what you are spewing, that is a lie.

          Trump simply asked if Russians had them?
          There are many reasons they could have them and not from government sponsored hacking. Russians may be in possession of these emails and more through perfectly legal means.

          FBI may have already arrested hackers in the US that have those emails, but suppressed the evidence, if Hillary lied and there is classified data included, which we already know Hillary previously lied about. If these emails are in US possession they will never be seen.

          No one in the government wants to prosecute Hillary for her illegal server, because EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT official who communicated with her regarding government business was also in breach of the law. Hundreds of government officials and employees would also be subject to prosecution.

          • Plan Once, p2, you are absolutely right, especially on what you said about classified emails.

            When I did my 21yrs as a navy man, during my entire career I held a Top Secret security clearance (with other ‘funny’ names attached to it or taken away as my “need to know” would change from situation to situation.

            There’s no doubt in my mind that by now every last classified email that the government has of Hillary’s have been stuffed into burn-bags and reduced to flakes of carbon.
            And what you said about other government workers NOT wanting a prosecution is true as could be, because if she ‘takes a hit’, they will ALL ‘take a hit’, and these bastards and bitches over the past 16 years are as treasonous and corrupt as they come.

            I’ve got this personal hatred of Louis Lerner, her ‘downturned’ mouth and en-ragingly “smug-ass” look she always dons when being questioned, much the same as Loretta ‘dodges the ball’ when questioned. They aren’t being politicians. They are using questionable techniques to prevent progress on any of these issues. “Taking the 5th” and “talking in circles” should NOT be allowed in Hillary’s case, but you DO REALIZE that at no time was she remotely “held” (let alone incarcerated), and she showed up to answer question ‘of her own volition (free will). So, at no time has she ever been CLOSE to being in trouble as she’s somehow “above the law” — which is as corrupt as corruption can get isn’t it? Above the law? Really? (No, not really …but if they can ‘dupe us’ she’ll walk and take office too).

            That is why the entirety of them need to be ousted as they all have blood on their hands.

            Hey everyone, LOTS of great posts lately that I’ve picked up a LOT of unknown info from, especially over the past two weeks. Thank you and keep’em coming!

        • Politics makes strange bedfellows!

        • Satori, Are you now working for MSM or worse related to Hillary? What is your issue protecting this bitch?

        • It would be hard to hack the clinton server when it was handed over to the FBI dont you think?

          • The latest I heard was that there was more than one server, and that she used more than just a Blackberry. But those are moot points now aren’t they?

        • @ Satori….typical democrat. you’ve been spewing “democracy now” and “occupy Democracy” along with “Mother Joans” propaganda for years on here. The dems and pubs are the same coin, but the dem side is a lot more tarnished than the other side. Something you can’t see. Its in the archives.

      10. [Regilions] Brother Nathaniel Kapner
        Nathaniel 2016: Putin Foils The J*ws
        In Syri ?

        Spell out J*ws on YouTube

        Omg it’s written in stone. It is engraved on an Israeli coin. Land from the Nile to the Euphrates, with all the land and all the oil wells. That is the goal. That is the reason Israel wages war. Not to protect themselves as they always claim. Do you want to bleed for Israel’s benefit, and your own total enslavement.? Are you crazy.??

        • This video has a problem with the writing translation from Russian, which Putin speaks, but stay with it, read what you can. The later part has a voiceover in English. The coin is shown at the end.

        • Why do you think that (until Obama took office), that the United States ALWAYS came to the aid of Israel? It wasn’t because it is such a great tourist-attraction…

      11. LOL !!!

        “the Donald” really stepped in it this time

        STRONG criticism from all corners

        ‘Treason’? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments

        h ttp://

        and this is rich “Some echoed the Clinton campaign in calling the comments a threat to national security.”

        particularly after the whole email server controversy

        pot meet kettle

        • Your pretense of Trump committing treason by asking Russia if they are in possession of Hillary emails assumes Hillary first violated the espionage act by putting classified data on an unsecure server!

          Let’s assume a Russian speaking American hacker in the US bounced through a hacked server in Russia to hide his trail and hacked Hillary’s unsecured server. The Russians monitoring a US hacker operating through Russian networks, would be in all legal right to monitor the data stream to determine if the hacker were breaking Russian law and to try to track the hackers activities.

          The end result Russia, would have legal access to all of Hillary’s dirty emails, and could return them all upon request if it would help serve US justice, wink wink! Could you prove otherwise?

          If I was the Hillary campaign, I’d shut my mouth on the issue. They are digging a hole.

          • better brush up on yer readin’ comprehension skills there

            I’m not “spewing” anything
            and I did not accuse Trump of treason
            NUMEROUS other people are though
            both on the left and the right

            I’m just posting links to articles
            doesn’t mean I agree or disagree

            • I get commenting on news doesn’t imply support of those stories.

              Regarding Hillary decrying interference with a recognized government? Didn’t she see to the murder of Kadaffi? Play a roll in the Egyptian uprising and coup etc……

              Hillary is digging a hole with these silly attacks.

            • Satori, you just keep reading between the lines and absorbing what you want it to read. For someone who seems intelligent, you sure are narrow minded. Vote for Hillary. Everyone here knows you will. From now on I’ll just scroll past your posts.

        • Satori,

          If HRC’S email don’t exist anymore there is no way they can be hacked. On the other hand hand I am sure you would agree that it would be awfully nice of Mr Putin to return these emails to the American people in the event he was able to locate them lying around somewhere in cyberspace.

          I too will be trying to keep an eagle eye out for these missing emails. Mr. Assange may already have them.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • P.S.

            We definitely don’t want those emails falling into the wrong hands!! The Russians on the other hand are our friends, or as they use to say, ‘our Comrades’ thanks to HRC’s remarkable and amazing reset button! What a genius! They will surely do right by Mrs.HRC.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • I found it incredible watching Obama and Clinton as Sec o St doing everything they could to reignite the Cold War with Russia.

              It took decades since the Reagan takedown of the former Soviet Union. Relations improved as did cooperation. Then suddenly Obama needed a new boogeyman, so he elected the Russians.

              Obama’s foreign policy is just a shit sandwich intended to serve Obama’s ego that the whole world has to now eat.

      12. That and the overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine (who was Russian) to put in a nationalist puppet.

      13. Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”

        I highly doubt Russia or Putin are solely responsible … but … if so … then give this guy(Putin) the Noble Peace Prize!

      14. The msm first claimed that Assange released the emails, now their claiming Putin released them? I believe the whole Assange holed up in an embassy in London is a big scam from the start of that happening. Some think Assange is a Zionist plant, a Mossad agent. He is sitting in the right place, the belly of the beast. Since the Zionists control America, I’m not clear on which candidate in the US election that they support over the other, but positive they control both. The American people can’t even choose their own representation, an infiltrated cabal of murderous usury outsiders have that right. Russia is not America’s enemy and have never been our enemy, pure propaganda for over half a century have this nations people befuddled. Why would a predominantly white nation be America’s enemy? Bullshit to the max.

        • Alijamo:

          Marranos or CryptoJ*ws and those who took German women as wives but retained the Religious and/or cultural identity as J*ws: These blond haired blue eyed J*ws still identify as J*ws, although from a purely technical standpoint; those whose maternal ancestors were German, do not qualify. However with DNA testing, according to the Harrets, a J*ewish newspaper, now they will be able to say who is a J*w and who is not.

      15. Is Putin sending a hidden message to Hillary?

      16. All you have to keep reminding your self and telling yourself is

        The Government Lies To You

      17. Why are 30,000 emails about yoga and wedding plans a matter of national security?? Try to keep up!! The Donald just got them to admit that the missing emails are a matter of national security! Further, he did not tell them to hack into government servers, he said “I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing”. The presumption being that the hacking is already a done deal.

        • If the Secretary of State wrote 33,000 emails relating to yoga sessions, wedding plans, and cookie recipes during her tenure there, then in her four years in office she wrote, read, sent, or forwarded nearly 25 personal emails each and every day while she was supposed to be doing her duties.

          Government employees get reprimanded, demoted, or fired for doing that.

      18. Trump: “I Hope Russia Has All 33,000 Emails That Hillary Deleted”

        h ttp://

        translation ??????
        “I hope the Russian government is in possession of top secret and classified information” ?????????????

        and this guy wants to be Commander in Chief ?

        just sayin……..

        this makes him no better than Hillary who was so careless with those classified emails

        pick yer candidate

        2016 Election Decision Is “Cholera Or Gonorrhea”; Julian Assange “Would Prefer Neither”

        ht tp://

        • Satori

          That was obviously in jest.

          “this makes him no better than Hillary who was so careless with those classified emails”

          There is no comparison. Hillary will give us WWIII

          • WATCH: DNC Absolutely HAMMERS Trump On Foreign Policy

            ht tp://

            the title of this story is misleading
            it is not the DNC absolutely HAMMERING Trump

            it is Republicans
            and VERY conservative ones at that

            these guys are obviously afraid that it is Trump who
            will get us into a war

            • Then we vote for who will have the least amount of war.

              • Well anon, Why don’t you start by voting that stupid fucks STOP JOINING THE MILITARY? Put they’re parents in prison for going along with it and inciting wars. Remember the old saying “What if there was a war and nobody came”? You sign up for it and support it then you cry about it. Make sure you have your little support the troops sticker on your car and your fascist flag flying proudly. You suck the member of the beast then bitch about the taste but keep doing it because it’s patriotic and wrapped in a flag…. fuckin pathetic as it gets. Maybe jesus will save you from your blatant ignorance or bless you with the power of critical thinking, Let’s pray shall we?

                • Genius

                  You dumb fucking ass.

                  What I meant was that both have a tendency towards war. Which one would get us there. One with her plans for power and the other with poor communication skills.

                  Go fuck yourself.

              • Hmmm I wonder if my comment will pass moderation…..

                  • If it keeps on rainin, levees goin to break,
                    If it keeps on rainin, levees goin to break,
                    When the levee breaks Ill have no place to stay.
                    Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
                    Lord, mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
                    Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home,
                    Oh, well, oh, well, oh, well.
                    Dont it make you feel bad
                    When youre tryin to find your way home,
                    You dont know which way to go?
                    If youre goin down south
                    They go no work to do,
                    If you dont know about chicago.
                    Cryin wont help you, prayin wont do you no good,
                    Now, cryin wont help you, prayin wont do you no good,
                    When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.
                    All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
                    All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
                    Thinkin bout me baby and my happy home.
                    Going, gon to chicago,
                    Gon to chicago,
                    Sorry but I cant take you.
                    Going down, going down now, going down.

                  • Yep genius, the time now, is to stop trying to wake up the Sheeple. They don’t want to be saved. They are too stooped to get it. Friends or family.. I have been quiet for the last few years, saving myself, and relocating to a BOL, and focusing on what I need to get done. Some did get it in small ways, storing more food, PM’s and gardening. But many still think the collection of FRN’s IOU’s are the key to success. But they will find out the day they suddenly become worthless, and their house of straw burns into dust.

                    Save yourself. Do not follow the crowds, and look for the exits when you first come into a room, for a quick escape. The unprepared Sheeple will be cannon fodder, and a great distraction for us, to keep the P2B busy, while you and I escape.


                  • Genius

                    Thought provoking video.

                    I have now experiencing more people talking about “Getting Ready”. More than lets say a year ago.
                    I did stop trying to get people to prep, because of the backlash from upsetting their quiet lives. I only help those who ask and are sincere. Like those who ask for solutions here at SHTF. It is fun to talk politics and strategy and exchange stories at this site even with a heated exchange of personal views.
                    The important issue is that this country is going to have to make a choice for we are at a fork in the road. One that will lift our country and the other will lead to ruin. It all depends on the values you have been instilled with in your life and if you are capable of seeing the danger. I admit that even our choice is in question as to the outcome of this election, if it is valid and not compromised by fraud.

                    I say to you that the window of the opportunity to prepare is closing. One way or another we will have change and the amount of distress we will have, depends on who is elected or selected.

                    I have reached the level of Terminal Preps. I have what I need to accomplish my survival plan. The one that works for me. Not 100% coverage but workable. I hope all you good people get there too.

            • Hitlery should be in jail already. If a foriegn government is in possession of the former secretary of state emails….

              Trump is a genius if he can get an idea of what secrets this former SOS allowed to be stolen.

              Trump is always thinking ahead…he needs this information to deal with Putin when he is POTUS.

            • Foreign policy is not generated by either party but rather the globalist financial establishment. Bankers and MIC are the beneficiaries not people. That policy has pushed Russia up against a wall as its goal is their financial demise. Both the Ukraine and Syria are attempts to remove oil / gas revenues from Russia which depends upon such sales for 50% of their GDP. Trump has stated he has no interest in the Syrian government of Assad.

              The Foreign Policy that has come from The Establishment has given bus wars of financial conquest at a high cost in good and money. The’ll stop at nothing to continue the MIC gravy train.

            • No, those “conservative” Republicans aren’t worried about a war so much as they are about losing their jobs. In the case of a war they’ll retire to their executive bunkers for the duration… they damned sure won’t have to fight! But whether the U.S survives or not, they’ll lose their powerful positions and that’s the worst thing any lifetime politician can think about.

        • The Democrats spent the last two years telling us there was no classified information in her emails, and now all of a sudden they’re admitting it to dig at Trump and hope no one will notice their sudden two-faced pack of lies has completely fallen apart.

          That doesn’t make their lies and foulups acceptable to the American people, they recognize spin when they see it.

          • Wow you guys are so on top of it lol. The damn govt. and politicians! Want some bread with your circus?

        • “I hope the Russian government is in possession of top secret and classified information”
          so your saying that hillary did delete top secret emails, because according to her it was soccer schedules and wedding plans,
          HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016

          • Um, hello, that’s what COMEY said, in his non-indictment! Why are you acting so surprised at the suggestion?

        • Satori, You are obviously Non-American, or some shill who pretends to think that you care about America. The American People, Voters need to know who the insider threats are to our County. You know, who can be trusted to put America First. If Russia has the emails, then thank you and send us a copy, because our Pretend hag Bitch tried running for president, tried to coverup and delete them which incriminates her.

          I have no problem of Russia having the emails, or how they got them. The facts are that they did get them and Hitlery was the cause to make them vulnerable to hacking.

          Every Country out there’s job is to gather intel on the other. What do you think all these US military bases around the world are doing? They are listening posts, hacking into every form of communication in every country to gather Intel.

          Your Hillary Hag is just really sloppy at her job, which made America Vulnerable. And not worthy of a Presidential position. Period.

          Trump has nothing to do with the emails other than pointing out and stirring the pot indicting Hillary’s corruption. It is actually quite entertaining. So sit back and enjoy watching the Pig get roasted.


      19. Thinking about at the future, the question is, “What will tomorrow bring”? Some look at the writings of Nostradamus, I look at George Orwell.

        • Yeah, Orwell and his visions of the future were close.

          Here’s an idea, though. Next time we’re pickin’ sages, let’s pick one that predicts pretty blondes with big bazooms everywhere, instead.

          • Was ORWELLS message that the government wants to break us to the point that we will betray anyone to save ourselves. Break our unity. So we are easy to control individuals. Like Jesus was tortured but did not give the names of his apostles. Is the message as simple as that. Gang up and don’t snitch. Save your last bullet for yourself. I saw a video of the Bolshavic torture methods. Don’t get taken alive by these people . You will be their nightly entertainment until you can’t take it anymore and die. Please don’t entertain them . It boosts there moral. And makes them harder to eliminate.

      20. Putin is no different than some of our leaders trying to take down other foreign leaders or opposition. Par for the course. We’ve been doing it for years and I doubt we know the half of it.

      21. What’s the big deal if the Russian’s dropped the dime on Hillary.

        First of all Hillary put herself into this position for putting the shit on a unsecured server and used multiple devices that were vulnerable to being hacked. Second as we have the Government snooping on us did you think that because she was the secretary of state that nobody would dare hack her personal server.
        Now all the stuff might be in the “CLOUD” for everyone to view if they have the knowhow. If Putin did hack the server that is serious business, but on the other hand he let the old witch know she is not all that invincible or untouchable.

      22. attacks from the Dems are to be expected


        Trump is taking SERIOUS heat from the other side

        GOP Figures Disgusted By Trump Urging Russian Cyberattack

        h ttp://

        “If a member of military did what Trump did, hard to imagine him still in uniform, at best.”

        I know people like Trump for basically shooting off his mouth
        but seriously
        he needs to check himself

        • Satori

          Better Trump show himself for what he is instead of concealing the truth with lies like Hillary.

          • election 2016
            who do I vote for ?
            cholera or gonorrhea?


            I’m gonna go with gonorrhea

            at least you can have a little fun catching that !

            much as I would like to stay and argue politics
            I’m right in the middle of a documentary on WW2
            adios for the night…

            • @Satori….

              You should be smarter than that….

              Trump is trying to find out what crooked Hitlery sold or gave away to foriegn intelligence.

              Trump is thinking moves ahead as he will need to know what secrets that treasonous bitch sold to effectively deal with Putin.

              Actually genius if he can get them to release this stuff.

      23. trump is so confident he’s gonna win but if it looks like hill pig is gonna win the emails will be leaked. You know they are all in on it because if her ratings fall they won’t bring up the emails to protect her. They will simply say those emails were deleted. They are all bullshit. It’s their power struggle.

      24. Who is worse? Soros or Putin.

        • A: Hilary is worse. No wait. It’s a tie with Soros.

          • Test

            Both are ugly and decrepit. Though George doesn’t spaz out.

            • Caught that vid showing Hillary C spazzing out the other day, posted by BOYO.
              Fuckin’ scary!!! Reckon the bitch really is demonically possessed.
              Some BAD SHIT goes on within the corridors of power.

      25. I figureputin liked hill,given that she cut the uranium deal with him and in process blm killed some more rancher types.

        I do not care where the e-mails come from,just check and verify em and if true,well,as always,be ready,because if hill wins it is truly beginning!

      26. The democratic party reminds me of a bunch of “high school ass mutherfuckers” Its all just a game to see what they can get away with, and then come back with some more grand scheme and do it again. Republicans to to some extent..They hate Trump because he acts like an adult. and clear thinking adults are thier (politicians) worst enemy…

      27. On Drudge

        Website ask Whites to pay Blacks rent in reparations of slavery 150 years ago.

        You have to be F’ing nuts.

        We are never going to live together and this is one of the reasons why.

        • White guilt… Many are riddled with it.
          The Biased BBC leftist luvvie mob and part-publicly funded Channel 4 love to propagate this illness at the British publics expense £145.50 = $192.13 TV licence, yup, we have to legally pay a TV TAX… TOTAL BULLSHIT.

      28. Stop paying attention to Hillary, and stop paying attention to Trump.

        Instead, pay attention to the geopolitical forces that have been operative for decades that are pulling the strings of the terrorists, certain politicians, etc.

        They WANT you to be distracted by the candidates and the conventions.

        1- Get right with God every day. Spiritual prepping is the most important. And pray. Not just for your loved ones and friends, but for your enemies. Satan hates that. Maybe because it weakens them? I don’t know.

        2- Keep on with the regular prepping.

        3- The conventions and the election, though they BE important, are designed to deflect and distract you from what we all know has been the Master Plan: the events that will lead to the declaration of Martial Law.

        They are NOT letting up on their Master Plan.

        Are you?

        Remain prayerful, remain vigilant. Trust God. Be proactive. If you spend most of your time listening to acceptance and other speeches you may not hear them sneaking up on you.

        I’m not paranoid, and I’m not joking.

        Stay with God, and outthink these people.

        – the Lone Ranger


            • Ha ha ha, I did a test on 5 people on whether they liked the top notch whiskey or mine… and 4 out of 5 liked mine way more than the top shelf shit! And I mean by a big margin! Smooth as a baby’s butt this is the shit! I have the recipe from heaven 🙂 I bought them the best whiskey they wanted and had them compare. Hands down by a huge no contest winner was mine. Made me thankful and proud.

              Another thing is I get great compliments on my cabin design and decorating. Everyone is in love with it lol. They want to copy it but they can’t. Local shale rock, local mine wood, local stone, etc. It is a absolute reflection of me. It cannot be replicated or reproduced. I designed it on a few pages of paper and took it from there. It is awesome and has more character than disney. Thats just the main house, there is a lot more that is prepper type stuff too. I guess the point I want to make is When I look around me, I see idiots. I don’t want to see them but they are everywhere. None of these freakshows could even touch what I have already done. They are so stupid they can’t even build a shed! I mean god damn, I was building shit when I was in 3rd grade. Granted, building isn’t everyones forte but jesus man. These mindless assholes want a house just like the one they have in town. And police protection the same.

              I seriously hope they have fire insurance……

      29. One idea pops into my mind,
        If Russia wants to destroy America,
        they would want Hillary as president.

      30. Wikileaks has released some interesting voice mails:

        ht tps://

      31. The democraps were never for white working men. Because I’m white male without college education (i.e. ) uneducated I vote republican which is against my own interest. I’m bitter and a homophobe who clings to God and guns. Lemme get this right I should vote for Hillary rotten clintner the feminist who hates white working men and loves to destroy my way of life. Fuck her and the other feminist pigs. 4 more years of Obummer policy no thanx I didn’t want Obummer in the first place and was pissed he was re elected.

      32. Let’s not forget that the Obama bugged/recorded Germany’s phones (Angela Merkel). When confronted, Obama’s administration dismissed it as “no big deal, everybody does it”… This was a Nato country hacking another Nato country (friends). So if Russia hacks a US server, it is no big deal, because Russia and US are not “friends” (US has villified Russia at every chance and slapped sanctions on Russia). Therefore, the hacking is a nugatory point. The real point is the lies, dishonesty, corruption and disregard for the election process. While the american public is told about living in a country that allows free democratic elections, the truth behind the scene is that it is a rigged system where the money hires the corrupt to do their bidding.

      33. We get more truth from Putin than the lying democrat party.

      34. We get more truth from Putin than the lying democrat party.

      35. You have to ask yourself
        What has government done FOR you?
        Or should the question really be
        What has your government done TO you

        And voting for any of them just gives legitimacy to their actions against you
        By voting you are saying
        It’s ok what your doing

      36. David (dick in a pig) Cameron blamed Mr Putin for the BREXIT vote so it should come as no shock to see that an old slapper that slept with a president is also trying to point the finger at Putin.

        A vote for Mrs Clinton could well result in Americans signing there own death warrant because the Clinton slapper is in bed with the bankers and they don’t need useless eaters breathing the same air as they breath.

      37. what has government done for me ?


        good roads
        safe inexpensive water
        a county and city government that is VERY responsible and takes citizen concerns seriously

        beautiful state and local parks
        effective law enforcement
        fairly good schools,better in some areas,somewhat worse in others

        a community college system that is the envy of the nation
        and that has enabled thousands to obtain good paying jobs with only an inexpensive 1 or 2 year degree

        local military bases that keep the local economy intact even when other areas are in dire straits

        a booming tourist economy largely in part to local government actively promoting the area

        I could go on

        government is what the people make it

        • I see they got you sufficiently brainwashed

          • hmmm
            I could say the same thing about you !!!

            IMMEDIATELY stop availing yourself of any type of government services or programs,
            let me know how that works out for ya

            and Archivist
            seriously dude
            reading comprehension
            I mention numerous state and local services
            for example
            school-state and local funding
            roads-federal,state and county funding

            like it or not
            government is not all bad
            with 7 BILLION people in the world
            we HAVE to have some rules and mutual cooperation

        • Satori, yours is one of the saner voices on this web site. Most here seem to be nihilists only wishing to hasten death and destruction and seeing nothing but ill in their fellow man. Their hatred is selective as is their solution, which seems to be kill, kill. Kill anyone who disagrees and blame any race or political party that disagrees with them for their own failures.

          Rather than work towards a viable solution they would deny the young their chance to prosper and grow. And why not? These wicked old men on here have had their chance, and failed abysmally.

          • Anon1

            Slow death or a fast death. I will pick a fast one.
            So your solution is a socialist country with the gutting of the Constitution or a new world Order under UN control. The young are brainwashed.

            • Anon – you sound just like one of those wicked old men! Has your solution worked so far? No. So, apart from pulling the whole edifice down, how do you propose to fix it? Not one of you has a sane answer! You just spew your hatred and frustration like a cornered Bob cat.

              And as regards the young being brainwashed I would suggest that it is old men like you who are brainwashed. After all, you lot created the problems we have today. Not the young. You’ve had your day in the sun – now go back into your retirement homes and dribble your nonsense from there!

              • Yanon1

                One thing for sure is that you can’t fix stupid and this country is ate up with it. Get ready for another Democrat in the White House after they voted TWICE for the Jerk that lives there now. I have no sympathy when they will elect a person who has lied so many times.
                We passed the baton to you as to the future of this country and mold it in a better way and what have your done. FOOLS! Would sell your lives for a bunch of electronics that fascinate you into a Zombie state.
                As to fix it? You have no idea how too either and when force to go up against a polarized populace you would not have a peaceful solution.
                Yanon1 its good you have some fight in you.

                The truth is that a peaceful solution to the problem doesn’t have a chance, as those in power will not give it up easily. Or have you not been paying attention to teflon Hillary.

                Remember your vote don’t count.

                • Anon – for an old man you haven’t learnt much in your sad little life have you?

                  You act like it’s a big surprise to you that politicians lie! Wow! Didn’t you learn, like in your teens, that that is their default mode? Not just democrats but republicans too. Or were you so suffused with the spirit of the 60’s that the world passed you by?

                  Guess what? Trumpie boy is not telling you the truth even as he says he, single handedly, is going to rescue us all. Yeah..look out the window and watch the pigs go flying past.

                  By your inarticulate and ill educated rants on here I’d guess you took one toke too many way back when you should have been doing something to stop this runaway train, but obviously the weed has done your reasoning powers in, even then!

                  You mock the electronic age, yet you happily use it, even though you don’t have a clue how to use it properly…you’re like a chimp pressing buttons hoping for a reward.

                  So please, don’t be a complete retard. The only baton you’re passing on is caked in your filth, but like all generations, we will attempt to clean up the mess left to us by our ignorant fathers.

                  Now just go back to your retirement home, take your meds, and dream of when you could still get a hard on!

                  Now I have to go to work to pay taxes so you old people can sponge off the youth you so despise. One consolation, old idiots like you won’t be around for long! ?

                  • Yanon1

                    The sun comes up and the sun goes down.

                    Work away, work away.

                    • Senile old man – the expression is “the sun rises. The sun sets.” And it’ll be setting very soon on your scrawny old ass. ?

                      Thankfully you will not be missed, by anyone – because you’ve never contributed anything worthwhile for the betterment of humanity. What a legacy to a useless life of take,take, take, and then blaming everyone else for your manifest failures.

                    • The words are from the song, “Hard Work” and is sung by Danny Davis.

                      It’s on Utube. Very enjoyable tune. You’ll like it.

                      When you hear the Yellow Wood commercial, think of me.

        • I see that your list only includes one thing that the federal government has done, military bases, and those were built many years ago.

      38. From RUSSIA with LOVE ???? 🙂

      39. Communism comes in stages.

        There is the demoralization stage, discussed by Bezmenov.

        And, there is a stage, in which Stalin (man of steel) is credited for building roads into Siberia.

        We say that our change agents and community organizers have ties with Russia, but so do our reactionaries.

      40. The story that Putin had and would release the deleted Clinton emails has to be at least a month or more old. This belief had to be a DNC staged psyop to be brought up at the appropriate time, like now.

      41. FBI director Comey testified to congress that Russian or Chinese hackers could have gotten into out of Hillary’s server without a trace.
        Not even 1 month later we are supposed to believe the Russians left their fingerprints all over the place at the DNC. How convenient. Kind of funny how that works.

      42. I fully expect to see her head spin around tonight at around 666 rpms.

      43. Shouldn’t be ABSOLUTELY no problem with Putin swaying the US election –

        Obammy not only illegally used US funds to interfer in the Israeli presidential election – he blackmailed & threaten every single DNC congressperson & political bigwig into a boycott of the Israeli president’s US visit …

        but nobody will ever say Obammy & the DNC aren’t hypocrites …

      44. Bet you guys a #10 can of chili mac that Hill is ill. And probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She had a minor seizure a few days ago, caught on camera. She smoothly covered it up, but it freaked out the reporters asking her questions. It’s all over youtube. Her head was bobbling .
        Prior to that, she was late for the debate with Sanders and the other guy:) The network had to start without her. Who does that? They said she was in a long line for the lady’s room. Yeah, right.
        Then, most bizarro of all- she accepts the nomination with a Jumbotron announcement???? Think about it. First women EVER to be nominated by a major party for President and she can’t show up LIVE??? Was there a more important engagement?
        She is not well… and her handlers are trying to cover it up.

      45. I feel absolutely evil and traitorous but how can you help but root for a REAL man! Whatever Putin may be–he is not a wuss!

      46. U.S. Theory On Democratic Party Breach: Hackers Meant To Leave Russia’s Mark

        ht tp://

        “For example, said one official, the hackers used some Cyrillic characters, worked during Russian government business hours but not on Russian religious or political holidays.”Either these guys were incredibly sloppy, in which case it’s not clear that they could have gotten as far as they did without being detected, or they wanted us to know they were Russian,” said the official.”

        conjecture at this point
        but interesting nevertheless

      47. Putin it to her.

      48. Putin it to her.

      49. The one thing to say for Putin is he isn’t stupid. He like most leaders has an ego to feed. He knows that with the arrogance and goals of personal power will cause too many problems for him and Russia. Trump as a business man will work for what benefits America. If America is prosperous then he benefits indirectly. Putin would also benefit because while never totally friends the common enemy of islam would put them on the same side of the conflict and not shooting at each other. Trump will make America power independent so his interest in the middle east lies only with the defense of Israel. Putin needs the oil for Russia and its restriction to china. This will keep them looking at each other and not at America. Energy is power. It is critical we develop new ways to produce power. to remove the sources we have and are using will cause America too many problems. We have many resources and should develop them. Money spent on war and building up other nations is money wasted. It is time we let them struggle on their own and keep them out of our hair.

      50. What is the better or more likely reason for not wanting Hillary in power: Avoiding a third world war, or revenge for some reason? I’d go for avoiding a big war any time.

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