Paul to Congress: “Someone Who Has Guns, Ammunition, 7 Days of Food” Can Be Considered a Potential Terrorist

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    It’s not just the hundreds of thousands of members in the alternative media community that are pointing out the dangers to liberty posed by government’s anti-terror legislation. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), like his father Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX), puts the platitudes and pointless bickering aside to tackle the real issues – the underlying fundamental issues that threaten our very way of life.

    In this speech calling for the removal of the detainee provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, Senator Paul highlights, in surprising detail, activities that are now considered by Homeland security and law enforcement to be suspicious and potentially terroristic in nature:

    Sourced via; Video Excerpt Below

    Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements. There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

    Someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    If you are suspected by these activities do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?

    A suspect, we’re not talking about someone who has been tried or found guilty. We’re talking about someone suspected of activities.

    …Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom for liberty. I would argue that we should strike these detainee provisions from this bill, because we are giving up our liberty. We are giving up our Constitutional right to have due process before we’re sent to a prison.

    *Note: The original video has been removed by Youtube. Another version can be seen here:

    The bill about which Mr. Paul speaks, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (S 1867), passed the Senate floor on December 1 and is headed to the desk of the President. The Obama administration has thus far said it will veto the legislation.

    It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that the war on terror is being used as the premise to further restrict the individual liberties of American citizens. On Saturday, just days after passage of S1867, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the threat is no longer just overseas – it’s shifted to domestic “lone wolf” attackers.

    U.S. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said Friday that the risk of “lone wolf” attackers, with no ties to known extremist networks or grand conspiracies, is on the rise as the global terrorist threat has shifted.

    “There’s been a lot of evolution over the past three years,” she said. “The thing that’s most noticeable to me is the growth of the lone wolf,” the single attacker who lives in the United States or elsewhere who is not part of a larger global conspiracy or network, she said.

    She named no examples, but it’s a phenomenon that is increasingly the focus of international anti-terror operations.

    Via: The Daily Sheeple

    In August we reported that the FBI had advised military surplus and other supply stores that individuals purchasing certain types of items should be reported to local law enforcement or federal fusion centers. On the list of suspicious activities you’ll find the general buying habits of most any preparedness or privacy minded person:

    What should I consider suspicious?

    People or groups who:

    • Provide identification that is inconsistent or suspect or demand identity “privacy”
    • Insist on paying with cash or uses credit card(s) in different names
    • Make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings that suggests or appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause
    • Demonstrate interest in uses that do not seem consistent with the intended use of the item being purchased
    • Possess little knowledge of intended purchase items
    • Make bulk purchases of items to include:
      -Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers
      -Meals Ready to Eat
      -Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks
      -High capacity magazines
      -Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles

    The definitions for terrorist behavior are being rapidly expanded to include Americans from all walks of life. While the above FBI bulletin is not the letter of the law, it stems from the same mentality and organizational structure that legislated the National Defense Authorization and Patriot Acts.

    Americans’ liberty and individual protections afforded by the Constitution are being systemically stripped by all levels of government. Few in Congress, the media and even the populace recognize it for what it is.

    Reference Sources: Stan Deyo, Prepare2Survive

    Update: Also Read Rand Paul single-handedly stopped frightening Senate bill from being MUCH worse


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      1. Just want to let all the bund party (american zazi’s in power) that I have none of these things.

        • Me too. Nothing. Nada. Zilcth.

          • Nope not me. Only thing I keep is a supply of waterproof TP

            • “Only thing I keep is a supply of waterproof TP”


            • Dang! I have two weeks of food because I only get paid every two weeks. I didn’t know that I was a terrorist! I guess that me, my wife and 2 little kids are destined for some hellhole in Cuba for time away from it all, with all the water sports we can handle…and then some.

          • My Grandparents, probably most or all of our grandparents would be considered terrorists by this bill because they lived during the Great Depression and did have food set aside and they were raised to do that. That is how families survived especially farm families. So the founding fathers were ALL terrorists. Wow look at Jefferson and his huge garden and storrage buildings,terrorist! Wow what a revelation.
            Or our current “fathers” are nuts.

            • If we have a law that says you can’t buy any food you don’t use immediately and a world government that wants you to be microchipped or you don’t get to buy any more food, they pretty much have you over a barrel. Will you bow down to them or watch your family starve?

            • As a matter of fact, all of the American Revolution founding fathers WERE labeled as terrorists and traitors to the British Crown. All tyrannical governments see any level of self reliance as a threat against them and their power. 🙁

              My great grand mother was an amazing woman. Poorly educated but very wise in the ways of the real world. She raised a huge garden every year and had all of her kids helping her with it while the men folk did the heavy work with the wheat and the animals on the farm. She canned up enough food to feed the family for 3 years the 1st year they had the farm. After that it was eat the oldest food and can a new year’s worth for the pantry. When others were going hungry, they always had plenty. They shared with their neighbors as best they could and got repaid as best as the neighbors could manage. Sometimes it was with milk, eggs, butter, a string of fish, or a few days labor. The point was, there was no room in such an economy for slackers. Everybody worked. They had to if they were going to survive. Most people today have no clue what it takes to survive after the SHTF. If they do not learn REAL fast, they are done.

        • /waves hand slowly…

          “These are not the preppers you are looking for…”

          • LOL…That was so funny. I had a really bad day. I’m so thankful for all of us that still have a sense of humor 🙂

          • Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

          • too funny! =D

        • I hate commies.

          • Commies, aren’t they Liberals ?

            • What’s the difference?

          • Democracy is the road to socialism. – Karl Marx

          • “I hate commies.”

            Yeah, me too… and the domestic ones are MUCH worse than the foreign ones. That wasn’t true back in the 1950s and 1960s. Hmmm. Does this mean that we are making progress? Doesn’t quite seem that way. :-/

          • DPS: i feel that, that link is perhaps a bit of propaganda directed towards like minded persons-PSYCH. Let us pray NO

        • O’Bama intends to veto this?

          Never thought I would say that O’Bama will be the great defender of liberty in America.

          How far down the rabbit hole have I fallen?

          • “Never thought I would say that O’Bama will be the great defender of liberty in America.”

            Veto? Vote getter ploy. That shit face mother fook’n mulatto wants to appear to be on the side of righteousness. He don’t know jack about Liberty. He never went to college. He’s a slim ball from hell. When the revolution begins, he’ll be fed to the masses as a glorious Black Martyr who died defending “Hope and Change” for a better America!

            • racism is not the answer buddy

            • So if you do not go to college you don’t know anything about liberty? And it’s slime* ball, college graduate.

          • I’m not so sure about that. He also said he would veto the NDAA that allows American citizens to be captured and detained without trial, but he ended up doing it anyway. Not so sure if I can believe him at this point.

        • If your a citizen of a former Confederate state your also considered a terrorist. As the Charlie Daniels song goes “The South is going to do it again.” And again.

          • Forget race and name-calling; learn to spell to get your point across. That is, unless spelling and figuring out the relevant factors of your argument is too elitist for you.

      2. Waterproof match containers ? Really ? ahahahaaaa…..the local power company was giving these away at the last county fair.

        So many terrorists, so little time……….

        • Exactly! I work for the local power co. not in TN but a few states further north. 7 days of food? Shit! My wife is Italian, we had 7 months of food BEFORE we started prepping.

          • This comes after DHS has been preaching about having enough for two weeks (it started at 3 days and grew).

        • Well, you know what they say… “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Could this senate bill be the latest hammer in the set?

      3. Ridiculous nonsense! No wonder why the approval rating of Congress is nearly in the single digits! It is too bad our elected leaders aren’t spending their time passing legislation that is actually HELPFUL to our country – to name just a couple…protect our borders, and correct the UNFAIR trade laws that Americans currently have. Also, there are a bunch of laws on the books that should be abolished.

        • I agree with you KY Mom.
          One law I would like to see implemented ?
          Make it a criminal offense for ANY elected official to profit from insider trading.That should put most of the wealthy ones in jail overnight.But alas, Washington DC’s ” Do As I Say Not What I Do ” mentality will continue to be politics as usual.

          Question : Would a box of 12 gauge bird shot sitting inside grandpas house be viewed as “weatherproofed” if his roof don’t leak ?


          • Since its the Masters making the definitions, the criteria (and therefore the definitions) will be adjusted in real time to ensure the desired conclusion. This will enable those with the guns, badges and accompanying Power of Ultimate Force to do what they need to do with the Rule of Law to back them up.

            Actually, under the Rule of Fear Mongering, just having a non-leaking roof will confirm “intent”, which will of course, be defined in real time as reasonable cause for arrest.

          • Only if the box had not been opened so it was obvious it was being stored as preparation. Obviously you should open all boxes of ammunition immediately and remove a couple of rounds.

        • It is and my question is, how do we fix it. How do we change it. It seems this mess is so deep and so evil. Where do we begin to clean the stink off our Constitution. I worry that nothing short of the likes of 1776 will stop this and I don’t know that this country has the guts. (present company excluded)

          • THAT is the only thing that will change it, 1776 again

          • Great question MLG. Keep bringing it up. I look forward to the day when the politicians truly fear the wrath of the Liberty-loving Americans. No, I don’t look forward to violence, and I hope it never comes. But my wish is that a healthy fear of the people will deter violence from ever happening in the first place. Of course that will only happen when those who value Liberty no longer worry about being called extremist, radical, or racist.

        • KY Mom, I agree with you, only wondering what kind of individual gave you a thumbs down?
          The more I hear and read, concerning elected officals and their comments, the more I think we have been missing the real definition of sheeple. These elected officals are the lackeys of a small handful of powerful people. They think they are protected from the masses (like Mussolini) when they’ll be offered up to protect the handful of the true power behind them. It seems the sheeple powers (elected ones) really have bought into the destruction of this country. There can only be one or at best a small handful that can be in power.
          Nap and her ilk are really sick people. May only be a small percentage that’ll stand up to her kind but it is enough to cause them fear, 129,000+ guns sold on Black Friday. Anymore questions Nap? Our answer is still no to you and your kind; the real terrorists: DC.

          • Basically, the gov’t is telling those of us that don’t need their input (in our lives) are terrorists. If we love and believe in freedom we scare them to death, hence they are terrorized. Everything they do is about redefining words/terms. Remember the famous quote “it depends on your definition of what IS is”. Woe to them that call evil good and good evil.

          • “KY Mom, I agree with you, only wondering what kind of individual gave you a thumbs down?”

            Probably my congresswoman, Sue Myrick. Dhe is a RINO.

            • no not a rhino; just been there waaaaaay too’s time for her;burr; and sassy kay to come home and crawl back under their rocks.

        • Clearly, these nitwits are not interested in being “helpful to our country”. They are only interested in looting it and remaining in power so that they can loot it and not have to face the justice that they so richly deserve. Insider trading is ONLY a crime if you are not one of them!

      4. And “night flashlights”…..ahahahaaaaaa…….anybody here use theirs in the day time ?

        • Only when I’m in the bunker looking for my MRE’s and the generator is not powering up the lights. And on CSI Las Vegas, they use flashlights day and night. I’ve seen them do it!!!!!!!!!

          Note to self:
          purchase waterproof match containers from the sporting goods department during my next trip to Wal Mart

          • Silver Bean

            Right on brother, let me see where did I put those MRE and garden seeds and guns and ammo. Oh yeah I gave in or up and threw them in the lake. Good thing those empty seasoning bottles are water proof..


          • Self: those plastic boxes the kids wear around their necks to the community pools work great for waterproofing..gotta go to a place like KidsRUs when out of season though.

          • silver, THEY will ‘assume’ there is meth in there, and search you anyway. Arm yourself with your Rights!

          • I can’t wait… On tuesday, I am going to go into wally world, wearing a Ron Paul shirt, open carry, and I am going to make a CASH purchase of matches, vaseline, dust masks, ammo, clear fingernail polish, frozen hamburgers, Disney night lights, a rifle TRIPOD (note to DC… Not sure if those even exist, those are for construction levels and cameras). And when the cashier asks for my zip code, I will tell her that the other zombies will soon eat her brain and that she cannot have my zip code because I am on the lam, attempting to avoid detection! You can have my Q Tips when you pry them out of my cold dead ears! MOLON LABE!

            • Sheepdog, you rebel!!!!

        • Actually,TnAndy, yes, I HAVe used a flshlight during the day, at work, to see in dark machinary. But yesflashlights making one a terror suspect is rediculous to say the least. I am on ‘the list’ though for SEVERAL reasons…….I am a veteran (3 times), pro life, pro second amndmnt, pro 3rd party, food storer, MRE storer, ammo storer,militia member…….I am just waiting now for the knock on the door (or is it kick).

          • How the hell can they get on tv and tell us to prepare for an earthquake or hurricane and then put us on a list for getting stuff to get thru an emergency or power outage? Insanity!

            • Buying to prepare keeps the economy going! Katrina proved there wasn’t enough in homes to ransake.
              I still see Katrina as a warning to us all, of how they’ll react when the shtf. Taking of guns, house to house (communist method), and rogue cops.

            • OHHH, nothing insane about it. They know EXACTLY what they say and do to the Proletariat, and why. We know it by the colloquial saying “…caught between a rock and a hard place…”. They want to win, no matter what.

          • Thank God we never made it to Ace Hardware to get those little LED flashlights for $4 that are really free after the mail-in rebate.

            Shhhoot—Did I just make another list for alerting about the free led nighttime flashlights??

            • As long as you get the daytime flashlights, it’ll be okay, JJ. (And…shhhhh…..I use my daytime flashlight at NIGHT just to screw with ’em.)

          • “I am just waiting now for the knock on the door (or is it kick).”

            Knocks on the door are fine but a kick on my door will result in a different kind of sound being heard… that of me racking a #4 buck round into the chamber of my Mossy 500. They definitely do NOT want to hear the sound that follows the above.

            BTW… thanks for your service. Would be glad to know you and have you as a neighbor. 🙂

            • So would the rest of us terrible potential traitors with ex military, ex police, god fearing, food storing, multiple skill possessors, small farming and animal experienced like to have him for our neighbor. I could then walk out my front door with a rifle and not have a neighbor immediately begin to scream, He’s got a gun, he’s going to kill someone. Obviously they are great mind readers or not since they continued their tirade and did not shut their mouths. Even called the cops and told them I had a houseful of guns (not true but I am adequately armed just in case). When they arrived and mentioned they had a report that I had a houseful of guns, I informed them that I had a Firearms Owners Identification Card (by the way, the Illinois Legislature said in their creation of the law that it would be ineffective once the Brady Law was signed in and that was years ago and I still have to have if even though it is on record as being dead) and indicated my willingness to show it to them but for the guns they needed a warrant with probable cause to see them or a warrant for my arrest for illegal posession. After viewing the card, they shut up and told the neighbor that I was totally legal and not to complain anymore or it would be a false police report. She responded by saying that my guns would kill someone and I told her that the 1863 Springfield 58 caliber Union INfantry rifle hanging over my bedroom doorway had hung over the doorway in various dwellings for the past fifty some years and had never once jumped up and ran down the street killing people in spite of it being an assault weapon since it had a bayonet lug. She then informed me I had no business keeping filthy guns like that and putting people in danger. I told her in front of the cops she would only be in danger if she was in front of the home invader crawling through my window in the middle of the night and then it probably would be the cavalry saber they would encounter since that could not be seized and held by the police indefinitely like my guns could. I had hoped by know that she would be speechless but the nitwit followed me up on my front porch and continued her tirade until I yelled at the cop as he was getting in his car and demanded she be arrested for trespassing since I had not invited her on my property and once she left the sidewalk in front of the house, she was trespassing. The cop was incredulous that I actually was going to file a complaint. What the hell did he think I was going to do, I had to shut her up. They moved a year later and I don’t have that problem anymore.

      5. this is a setup for a major gun grab….

        • One arm of the gov’t telling us to be prepared, ready dot gov or something, and another major arm saying if we’re prepared we’re terrorists.

          Someone somewhere recently noted that Ayn Rand had mentioned in one of her books that the government could not control free citizens but it can control criminals, so the gov’t solution was to declare most of the population to be criminals.

          If we all declare ourselves terrorists, there will indeed be too many of us. Terrorism, Zombie Squad style! That means, teaching, educating, holding blood and charity drives. radical do-gooderism! Teaching marksmanship and gun safety, how ’bout for free if we can? Now that’s radical! How about teaching gardening for free or as close to free as we can?

          And indeed, when they come for us, bullets first!

          • alc; great comment from Ayn Rand, how true.

          • ~~~One arm of the gov’t telling us to be prepared, ready dot gov or something~~

            So, in a sense, isn’t the govt aiding and abetting or at the least isn’t this ‘entrapment’??
            entrapment: luring an individual into committing a crime in order to prosecute for it.

          • “Molon Labe” was the reply from the Spartans to Xerxes at the battle of Thermopylae when the latter demanded the Spartans lay down there arms. “Come and get them”! I like to think that we would do the same when tyrants come for ours but I fear that we will not regardless of our online bravado. How many resisted the police during Katrina when door to door gun sweeps were used to “prevent violence”? How many here would go down in a blaze of glory when a couple of cops show up at your door and ask to look through the house for guns? Indeed, how many of us would run to grab our AK or AR when we are responding to a knock at our door by cops? Such a response would be stupid at best and suicidal at worst.

            The truth is, most of us here are not in a situation where armed resistance would be possible or practical. In recent history the two armed standoffs by defenders against police thugs, that of the Weaver family and the Branch Davidians, both were the result of botched arrest attempts and the defenders knew police thugs were coming and had both time to arm themselves and nothing to lose by armed resistance. Most of us do not live in structures suited for defense; the modern american house is constructed of plywood and sheetrock which bullets pass through without any resistance, doors are set in wood frames and are easily shattered by a strong kick from a jackbooted thug, and structures are generally flimsy enough to be plowed through by a bulldozer. One of the things which gave us so much trouble fighting in Afghabistan and Iraq is structures are made of mud brick or concrete and impervious to bullets and in some instances even bombs, many structures are surrounded by walled compounds and less vulnerable to direct fire, and doors are generally of stouter construction and set in stronger frames as the populations of those shitholes have little illusions about trusting in their fellow man.

            So what is my point? My point is this; talking about giving up your guns bullets first might sound cool but is far more difficult in actual practice and places where our government’s confiscation efforts are successfully resisted are usually quite defensible to begin with or the occupants have been forewarned. If I was to try and stay in a non-defensible american style house, one thing I would think about is digging down through the foundation, putting in an underground bugout room where my survival stash of food and weapons was stored. I would make sure the entrance was well disguised and proof against giving the location away by not sounding hollow when walked upon. Such a room could be built in secret, out of view of neighbors and busybodies, and would be a place of refuge when the cops show up at the door. Ideally, it could be bolted from inside and bullets passing through the walls would be no threat because the bugout room is underground and shielded by earth.

            • I’d love to be watching them from the outside trying to get my door to open

              steel door, steel jamb..and steel stays that arent factory

              I do my own fab and welding work
              they are going to eventually learn they cant knock it in, so they will move to a window..but by that time its game on!

              I dont have a big problem with crime in my area but 8 home invasions in my general area that happened a while back changed my thinking about the strength of my front door

            • Moon’s post made me think….how defensible is a century-old brick farmhouse, built by a German master brickmason, with foot-thick walls? We are in a good-sized (but conservative) midwestern city, and just feel that bugging in is more defensible than bugging out. We are also near a VA medical center….not sure if that would be a positive or a negative.

            • Man , The Moon, I constantly think about digging a room under my house. Thing is , I live in Fl.and it would turn into a well.

          • If you HAD to pin a medical diagnosis on the US government, what you would pick: Bipolar, schizophrenic, personality disorder not otherwise specified? So many seem to apply. It’s amazing that they want all our kids medicated, immunized, etc., and the government yahoos are the actual “contagious” ones.

            Seven days of food = terrorist? Are they kidding? Under those guidelines, pretty much everybody who has a loaf of bread in their cupboard is a terrorist. WOW is all I have to say. They are seriously nuts.

            • A quick assessment and diagnosis of the mental health and functioning of our government based on a snapshot of our government today.

              Axis I: Bi-Polar w/psychotic features
              Axis II: Narcisstic/Borderline/Schizophrenic
              Axis III: Narcolepsy
              Axis IV: Poor social support, stressful “home” life
              Axis V: GAF = 21-30

              There is always a laugh to be had -diagnosing the government!!!

            • Judeo-Zionist = narcissicistic, sociopathic, pathological liars, kleptomaniacal, mass murderers

          • @ alc, is this what you were talking about:

            “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men …to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted–and you create a nation of law-breakers–and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.” -Atlas Shrugged

        • Um…kinda…

        • Growing up in ‘bama, I learned at an early age what to grab and what not to grab. Some things have teeth, claws, or fangs and are best left alone. Don’t Tread On Me!

        • “this is a setup for a major gun grab….”

          Yeah. Maybe they want to collect a lot of guns so they can send them down to Mexico? Nah, that’d be REALLY stupid. 😉

      6. I am willing to hand over all my the quest for liberty and happiness.. “bullets first” of course!!!

        > WE DO OUT-NUMBER THEM – We just need to realize that torn apart we are defeated..but banded together WITH GOOD INFORMATION we are unstoppable..

        • Dude, I’ll join up. I wish you were my next door neighbor.

      7. DHS, TSA and not to forget the VIPR’s in TN, I am not packing, stacking or storing anything of value. All I have is some green paper, I mean dollars. Move along, nothing to see here.

        • Dollars are illegal too, you know…

      8. I have a year’s worth of toilet paper – do I fall into the terrorist category as well?

        • Only 1 year of TP ??? Right, I belive that.. what a bunch of CRAP… 😉

          • Hope he’s preparing for those rainy, er, runny, days!

          • SNS, well, with a years worth, you are the one that we’ll call to help clean up when TSHTF!

        • Only if you don’t use both sides (think environmental).

        • Here in the Pacific Northwest it rains quite a bit and our young “green” folks are not supportive of logging or the paper industry. That is why I’m going to start selling waterproof toilet paper. Otherwise known as Saran Wrap.

          • It can also double as an expedient condom; ask any teenage mom!

          • ~POA~

            —(sarcasm mode ‘ON’)—

            And in the spirit of capitalism, I’m gonna undercut your prices & sell…wax paper!!!

            I think I’ll have the govt slap a RICO injunction against your ‘unfair’ business practices, because even though your product is washable & reusable…it is not bio-degradable & my product is!

            —(sarcasm mode ‘OFF’)—

            If I had a (deep enough) R & D budget…I’d think long & hard about synthesizing a ‘100% green’ toilet paper for govt use only, derived from that humblest of vines…Poison Ivy!

            Just so the SOB’s would finally understand the phrase…”A pain in the Ass.”

          • Tell ’em to use a Spotted Owl for their TP. It isn’t man-made, it’s recyclable, and it’s the environmentally responsible thing to do. 😉

      9. Off topic but have to write. 1. comex default eminent. 2. mf global swipes costumers money who are standing for delivery. 3. celente ignored by msm 4. pink ar15 lady with 5 costumers comes out of the wood work, gets alot of press, goes on rush limbaugh 5. msm picks up story says its all about cattle futures and the farmer 6. everybody gets out of comex to save their money 7. gold and silver does not have to be delivered, shorts covered, and jpm keeps the physical 8. Since all of this is about the farmer, corzine goes to testify in front of agricultural committee instead of monetary committee. 9. msm and the committee only ask questions about cattle and corn futures, gold and silver ignored. 10. mf global gets bailed out, everyone payed in fiat, and corzine gets a slap on the wrist. 11. crimex continues See how they control the flow of information??????? Wake up sheeple!

        • Question…(I do not understand futures and all that business stuff.) What do you think a comex default will do to the price of silver/gold? Or was that in a past tense? Thanks in advance.

          • they won’t default, they will pay in fiat(frn’s), or just steal the money, like they just did! We are at #8 when corzine testifies on thursday! The price of silver has been manipulated since the 1920,s(feds had to pay .11 for a dimes worth of silver)! THEY control the price discover system, THEY just printed trillions more dollars with this swap bs. What will it do to the price of silver/gold??? WHO KNOWS!!! Dont underestimate the power of the dark side(THE BANKSTERS) I wouldn’t be suprised if the prices of gold/silver crash, and stays crashed for 30 more years(like it did 1980) and everyone who bought loses their a$$e$. In 1982 the feds stopped making pennies out of copper because it cost so much, but right now the “melt” value is only about $.0258(does a silver dime cost $.20 right now), and that was 30 years ago when they changed composition. What ever games they play to keep REAL INFLATION DOWN seems to WORK. But you never know, If hyperinflation hits. Try to find silver price charts that trace the price gold/silver for zimbabwa, or belurus(who is going threw hyperinflation last couple of months) YOU CANT! Atleast I can’t. Try To find 1 and post if you do find one!

            • @Kevin,

              You most likely would not see much change in the price of gold/silver in hyperinflation situations because the populations in the affected countries can convert their worthless fiat into not-yet worthless dollars and continue to purchase goods and services. What would be interesting speculation is what would people do when all fiat currencies are equally worthless? Some store of value will be used to enable trade to continue. My guess is that besides gold and silver, cigarettes, vodka, gasoline, diesel, canned food, etc., will remain as stores of valueand allow those without precious metals the means to continue to purchase goods and services.

          • 1 other thing. A couple of years ago I ran into a guy in the middle of NOWHERE alsaka on the denali hyway , anyhow, he had a nice homemade rv, I mean the nicest thing I have ever saw in my LIFE, made out of stained wood on a mac truck! Some how our convo switched to presious medals. He bought a couple kilo bars, when gold was $800 in the 80’s, after radio talk show hosts got him all wired up and concerned about the end of the dollar, and he bought ALL IN. HE GOT F$CKED, had to waite 20 odd years to sell. BUT it did pay for his awesome rig! I am not sure why I think of that guy, I guess I’m pointing out that the money changers might keep the ponzi going for a long, long time, OR it might go to $HIT tommorrow.

            • Thanks kevin, I can’t say that I fully understand what’s happening or what will happen, but I have always believed in NOT putting all your eggs in one basket. I have a nagging gut feeling that land, a pig, cow, chickens and quiet, out of the way, ain’t bothering nobody life is the best insurance policy I could take out right now. We can take it down to real simple if we have to. (and actually, I want to)
              I wonder when it will become illegal or concidered an anti american trait to NOT shop at the mall, buy into the “stuff” they say I have to have or be strangled by debt. Nothing would surprise me at this point. As far as your ‘friend’ in alaska with the rv, JEALOUS!

          • MLG, what they’re doing is a slight of hand (distraction). Futures(gambling), does anyone really know the future?

            • I like to think that this group has a fairly good idea of what the future holds. lol. I should learn about what is going on to be better informed, but I think that it has come to a point where my time and energy is better spent “adjusting” my lifestyle.
              And last I checked, when gambling, the house usually wins. I doubt any of us live in that “house”.

          • My uneducated opinion on how a Comex default would affect gold or silver prices? My guess is that a default would make paper or electronic shares useful as butt-wiping feedstock, and anyone holding physical metal outside of a bank safe deposit box would see the value go to the moon when no one accepts fiat as payment. If there was still manufacturing going on, I would expect silver to go even higher than gold percentage wise because silver has far more industrial uses than gold. If you had your metal stored for you in some company vault in NYC then you would be SOL!

            • “Or we will arrange storage for you…” Laugh every time I hear it.

        • IMHO, Corzine is a HUGE crook. His former client’s money is NOT missing. It was stolen but it seems nobody in the media has the stones to just say so. The government won’t say or do diddly because Corzine is one of them and they protect their own. In a nation of laws, he would be wearing an orange jump suit and shackles while testifying before a judge. In a nation of men… well, some men are more equal than others. Yes, it IS good to be king but it is also good to be the king’s friend and financial advisor. You just never know when being ignored by the US Justice Dept. will come in handy! :-/

        • Kevin… Anyone dumb enough to still have money in the futures market probably deserves to lose it. The blatant grab of their private property by the likes of Corzine, who then has the utter audacity to sit there and claim that he “doesn’t know where the money is” with a straight face is ludicrous. This is but a test case to see if they can get away with outright theft while pretending that it was some sort of market episode that was out of their control. It wasn’t.

          How long until these thieves get around to the mutual funds and banks? Now, that is where the REAL money is. “Sorry Mr. Average American. ALL of the money you thought that you have in your 401K, IRA, bank, etc. just disappeared last night and we have no idea where it went”. There’s a whole lot more BS on Wall Street and in DC than there are bulls.

      10. I love my Country and I do NOT have any illegal firearms.
        I have a legal CCW signed by my County Sheriff. Any thing
        I have is for the legal defense of myself and my Family!


        • There are no LEGAL defenses within the corp. Is your Sheriff a foreign officer working under a SSN? All he can do is grant a privilege you do not need.

          Your weapons are a for the lawful protection of your property and family, through the enforcement of your ORIGINAL state Constitution AGAINST those who wish you to be under their “legal” control.

          Legalities are for the fictions of the corp. You MUST stand UPON the law of the land before the Almighty God as your ONLY defense.

          Unless, of course, you feel compelled to lick the boots of your Master.

            • There was no new government formed for the country. Instead, the people were transferred to the new municipality in the District of Columbia. This was accomplished first by the 14th Amendment, later by your election to become a domiciliary of the United States by voluntary participation as an EMPLOYEE of the municipal government as a Social Security Trustee.

              If you have or use a Social Security Number you are an employee of the municipal government of the United States, and thus are subject to it’s jurisdiction under private contract. You have indicated yourself to be a subject of the Municipal government that was formed.

              Everything the United States does is legal within its corporate body, but nothing it does is lawful in a union state or outside of the 10 square mile area its sovereignty as municipal charter covers.

              The government did not come for you. It conned you into coming to it.

            • Gods Creation, Right On!

              Individual Sovereignty!

          • Very outstanding posts.

      11. “Demonstrate interest in uses that do not seem consistent with the intended use of the item being purchased”

        Damn! Wish I would have known this before I told the cashier at Home Depot the garden hand rake I was purchasing was to scratch my ass with.

      12. Oh, dear me…my “insistence” on using legal currency means I’m a terrorist.

        I’m so glad that somebody told me — I’d much rather be aware of these things.

        At least I’ll be ready when they “detain” me the next time I use cash at Costco. LOL! 🙂

      13. MOLON LABE

      14. America will survive the United States.

        • I like that. Well put.

        • Rather: “Free and Independent States will survive United States” hopefully

      15. The person which fulfills the above criteria is a potential terrorist?

        1. He is not a serious person, law abiding citizen.
        2. He is not worrying for his/her family’s future.
        3. He is not a prepared for the worst.
        4. He is not a free individual, living in a free country.
        5. He is not excersizing his legal rights, within the law’s limits.
        6. He is not protecting his family and neighboors.

        From now on all the above 6 cases, and many others which i don’t recall, will become obsolete for globalists. They draw a line and decide what’s terroristic and what is not.
        With the same logic, all households who own knives are potential terrorists.
        If you have 5 meat cans to cook, you are a terrorist.
        Just ridiculous. No other comments to make.

        • Well said, Manos. You have ably listed the characteristics that define the Amerikan regime’s concept of a “law abiding” citizen. If I may add a few more:

          1) He blindly believes in the pronouncements of “authority.”

          2) He blindly considers ALL authority legitimate.

          3) He mistrusts his own ability to reason deductively and even his own ability to evaluate the world around him.

          4) He is afraid of inwardly contradicting or questioning “authority” (legitimate or not) and morally judges those who do.

          5) He practices a studied sense of submissiveness to his “betters,” i.e., those in government.

          6) Short of retaining his childlike faith in government as a parental figure that will always rescue him because it “cares” for him, he will willingly remain helpless and he will die when and were his government chooses for him to die, so as to remain a “good citizen.”

          These are the characteristics of LIVESTOCK (and certainly not MALE livestock at that!) when you come to think of it.

          • ~AHAB~

            An excellent analysis of the ‘Amerikan Herd Animal’ mentality! KUDOS!

            • Would that be the definition of a “sheeple”? Thought so.

          • Moo…

      16. i guess preppers are terrorists, we do strick fear in the hearts of the powers to be.

      17. Don’t worry my friends… I have the solution….

        SImply incorporate yourself as a charity… but here is the critical part.. you must pick the name of your charity carefully. Anything in Arabic should do fine..
        but I suggest a name that translates into some derivation of any of the following English phrases: Death to all Zionist, American’s for muslim equality, The infidels must die, Peace through Islam or Death to all Christians.

        If you are a serious prepper and want to insure that you will NEVER be looked at or hasseled… there is of course, only one name your can pick ( don’t worry, there are enough variations to go around.. but the ultimate winner would be ” Death to America, Israel, Christians and every woman who shows more than T&A in public ( that’s toes and ankles you perverts ).

        A name like that would guarentee that you would NEVER get more than a small nod and a smile from our Home Land Security..

        • That’s it! I’ll change my name to Mohamed Stalin!

      18. Who would have thought that we would have to rely on Obama to protect our rights. 🙁

        • Definitely an important observation here… And makes one wonder why this even went to the senate floor if the President is just going to veto it (and the administration had already stated they would veto it before the vote). Sounds like a little political game play, so that it can be used as a talking point after the primaries to demonstrate how the prez is looking out for the Constitutional interests of the public and is an obvious centrist, and not a left wing liberal.

          • it hasn’t went thru the House yet has it??

            • Jeez! Who would give a thumbs down on an honest question?

              Anyways, hey BJ! Hows the weather up there?

              I don’t know if its been through the house. Checking…

              It appears to have been through the house and passed (which surprises me). It was H.R.1540 in the house. But, when I look at the bill status it does not show that the senate passed it! What the heck…

              Its says something like “Engrossed Amendment Senate”…

              Somebody straighten me out on this. I’m looking at and looking at S.1867 status and it shows it passed the senate.

              Don’t they have to reconcile the two bills and then vote on it again?

              I’m lost. These overpaid, senile criminal bastard theives must really like all this fancy language so they can confuse the real people. No definitions of anything anywhere.

              Ah! The language of the criminal bastard theives is difficult for a free man to understand. You can quote me on that.

            • I was wondering the same thing Ranger, why did I get a thumbs down for an honest question??

              I am as confused as you are, they have so many deceptive tricks on hiding things in different bills and procedural BS, it can make you go blind!

          • Exactly what had crossed my mind. “Watch the other hand, nothing up my sleave, Presto! You see it’s MAJIC! You don’t like it cause I’m fooling you!”

            I can hear Pres. Obammy in a debate arguing,

            (In my best Obammy impersonation)

            “Now, now hold on there, Just last year, I, I, I helped save Americans freedom by vetoing the National Defense Authorization Act”.

            It’s all polliticts, he wouldn’t dare do it for the “right reason”!

          • But, will that outweigh or overcome the damage the senators did to themselves??
            This ‘ain’t’ going away in our minds.

          • no more than likely he will use the threat of not vetoing to get the other side of the aisle to give into something the TDL WANTS.Isn’t that what they do?

        • No shit, right! What a scary world. At least that would be ONE redeeming thing about him. If he did actually veto. I guess we will see.

        • Who says that this is going to happen? There’s what a politician SAYS and there is what a politician DOES. My money is on the DOES part as to what they are really up to.

      19. Wow. If this doesn’t make you want to go and vote for somebody with the last name “Paul” you have gotta be smokin’ something.

        The passing of this act should make us tremble – it is the last stand before martial law encompasses not just the US, but North America. Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed on with the US military with a US-Canadian Civil defense plan. The purported purpose of this plan is so that one military group can “help” the other in times of crisis and unrest and to fight “terrorism”.

        But what it actually means is that if the US declares martial law, they can also include Canada in that martial rule. Harper sold his soul, and the freedom of his country, in order to feel “protected” by the US.

        This was just enacted, very quietly and with little ado, on Dec. 1, interestingly the same day the Senate passed this unconstitutional detainment act.

        This really ticks me off.

        Welcome to the New World Order.

        • Daisy,

          This should not make us tremble. What it should do is motivate every person in the USA to go and buy more guns and ammo buy more food stock up on everything.
          If you are as strong willed as I think you are and as strong willed as I know I am, then we both know the best way to get us to do something is to tell us we can’t do it.
          Just reading the post on this site tells me that all here are strong willed..
          When the time comes we will not go peacefully into the night we are Americans we will stay and fight.


        • Daisy said: …”Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed on with the US military with a US-Canadian Civil defense plan. The purported purpose of this plan is so that one military group can “help” the other in times of crisis and unrest and to fight “terrorism”.”

          As a Canadian, my take on this is that healthy, young Canadian soldiers will be sent to yet another foreign country to intervene in a civil war, that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. (and come back with post traumatic stress syndrome, to be ignored by our own military and government.) OR, the American government could decide to save us from ourselves, march in, ship/haul/railroad out all the trees, oil, and water… faster.

          Love you all, just don’t invade us, okay?

          • What if they plan on sending you to invade us? That way we are not (technically) being rounded up by our own soldiers. Food for thougtht.

          • Hmm…Canada would add some stars to the flag….

          • Have no desire whatsoever to invade Canada unless it is for a couple of weeks during my annual summer vacation, eh. 😉

            Personally, I would rather my beautiful state of Washington simply secede from the USA and join Canada as a new province. Canada has its problems but it sure seems to be better managed in most respects than the US. It saddens me to say it but facts are facts.

        • @Daisy

          I AM smoking something (lit by a match from my waterproof match tin) but I already wanted to vote for someone with the last name “Paul” 😉

          Does that mean it’s time for my indefinite, all expenses paid vacation in Cuba?

        • Any non-American uniformed military person on American soil telling me what I may, or may not, do can kiss this former non-coms ass.

          I can’t think of anything else to add.

          • Well I agree with you completely, POA. The whole agreement reeks of Agenda 21 to me.

            I think soldiers going across the border either way to “keep peace” is a terrible idea. The Canadian military is minute compared to the US military, so it makes me think that the Canadian army would be of little assistance down south.

            As far as invasions go, this agreement would legitimize it as a pact between the two governing bodies. One could easily argue that they were just stepping in to “help.”

          • Not to worry plainOl this Canadian only envisions a northward march to control US citizens fleeing martial law. Do you then think it is OK for US troops to be in Canada? It is well known the default bug out direction is north, it was during Vietnam too. Wholuvsyababy, we do, but leave the uniforms at home.

            • Hey, Listen2me! Good to see you here! 😉

          • ~POA~

            I’ve always said that one day, our liberties will depend upon the mid-level & senior NCO’s who will ‘defect in-place’ (say E-5 & up) to insure martial law fails, when attempted!!!

          • How bout any American uniformed military person on American soil telling me what I may or may not do can kiss this oath keepers ass!

            • I could honestly see where they’d have the authority to do that if you happened to be on a military installation. Otherwise, you are correct.

      20. “Nietzsche famously said “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” The corollary is “What constantly rescues me makes me weaker.” The world will only stop looking for bailouts when policy makers stop handing them out.”

        It also shows {an ulterior motive} that we do not need to be rescued from terrorists when the goobermint makes those it pretends to protect into terrorists.

        • He was a homosexual that died of syphilis after about 15 years in an insane asylum.

          I really don’t care what he said.

          • He was in Washington DC? I didn’t know

            • Yes, that would be Sodom on the Potomac. 🙁

      21. Can anyone help point to the section of the bill that gives the feds this authority?

        Section 1031 (p. 632) contradicts this by stating,

        ” UNITED STATES CITIZENS — The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.”

        This only pertains to U.S. citizens in THIS section.

        There may be other sections that Rand and the Judge are referring to….I would like to have those specific sections (i.e. chapter and verse) pointed out so I can read them myself. Exactly WHAT part of this bill needs to be amended?

        • Correction ~
          Section 1032 on p. 362 (Sorry, keyboard’s mad at me today.)


          • HMMMM….doing my OWN research.
            I’ve read sections 1031 and 1032 of S. 1867. The only thing I can find is that 1031 is vague and can be loosely interpreted…which is ALWAYS dangerous for our gov’t., law enforcement, and military.

            My concern, how difficult would it be for Rand Paul or Judge Napoletano (sp?) to site the specific section which concerns them? I want to believe these men, but as President Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”

            If I argue this issue with a liberal idiot, I want to be able to back up my concerns with facts.

        • It is in the Executive Orders

        • Apparently it means that the “person” ( a US citizen) does not need to be detained in military custody.

          In other words, the military can pick you up and drop you off at a FEMA camp rather than having an obligation to keep you in it’s own custody.

          There is no need trying to decode the corps “law”. Only one subject to it would need to do that or use it in any court proceeding as “law”. If you are subject to it, it really doesn’t matter what you think it says.

          Your time is far better spent in understanding the laws that apply to you. They come from God and can not be superseded by the corp.

      22. all Mormons are terrorists now.

      23. They don’t want us to be prepared for ANY type of disaster – whether it be hurricane, job loss, EMP, nuclear war or economic collapse.

        They want us unprepared so they can be in total control of our liberties when things collapse. Government to the rescue!

        Have you seen any government agency operate efficiently or effectively? Our military does to a certain extent (even they grossly overspend), but that’s about it.

      24. Why isn’t congress addressing the biggest real issues concerning America and has been for years even decades, that is JOBS? Instead they continue to waste time playing around with non issues or stupid little games. DHS even recommends having preps and even the most pacifist butterfly loving ghandi can see the use for food storage with all the extreme weather we’ve been having. And even innocent grandma noona wants her privacy and not be tracked by GPS or whatever. Prepping helps individuals prepare for a rainy day and even helps the economy. Congress should be promoting it rather than demonizing it. And how has terrorism shifted from over seas to lone wolfers? If anything the ‘over seas’ variety has finally settled down which after a decade and a trillion dollars of fighting it, it very well should be. Now are they looking for another boogie man to hype so they can keep their jobs, company cars, and promotions coming for the next decade. Hey I got an idea, maybe they can go after the financial ‘wall street’ terrorists that profit from raping the economy and the country.

        • they ARE addressing the biggest issues, it is just THEIR biggest issues(example a. the health care affordability act, well it will work, it will be affordable to the feds not to us). They are going to pass laws that allow the crooks and banksters to stay in power. People are waking up to the fact that we are a fascist nation(ever wondered why in school, they always taught you about the nazi’s killing jews and NEVER about fascist system??) Damn I am so glad the bund(america nazis party) disbanded years ago. (a history channel show says so)

      25. I only have 6 days and 2 meals of food stored up. I’m clean. No problem from me. I’m old and can barely walk. My eye sight is almost gone. Arthritis everywhere. Constipation you wouldn’t believe. Go after the real bad guys.

        • God Bless you Old Fuzzy!

      26. I’m sorry Mr. Govt agent but I’ve eaten all my food, taken all my meds, and lost all my guns in a boating accident 7 miles out into the pacific….really…seriously….thank you good bye.

        • Your first mistake was speaking to them. The second mistake was admitting you had those things. The third and final mistake was keeping the door open long enough to say goodbye.

          Just don’t answer the door. If they kick it in, shoot first and fast.

      27. And everyone said yes because we all know smoking is bad for your health. This is how the wipe away your Liberty, any Questions?

        • It was always bad for your health. That has been known for about 100 years, now, and spun to be acceptable for decades.

          The widespread promotion of tobaccoo products has gone a very long way to poisoning our people. The purchase of those products gave your Owners just bit more control over you; as you voluntarily poisoned yourself and others around you.


          • As a long time smoker, I can see your point about the control thing. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll quit… really

      28. And on a sad note I ask all my friends to give a small prayer for our Soldiers. Our youngest son deployed this morning this makes his third time over. We do not agree with what he is fighting for, but we respect that he has the integrity to fight for what he believes in!


        • My prayers are with your son and family. May he have a safe and speedy return home….

          • Lennea,
            Thank you for the prayers, this is a time of the year when all our soldiers need a prayer. Regardless of what some people say about them they are truly honorable. I have got to know some of his buddies and Let me say without a doubt, I hope I never have to fight them. And I feel for anybody that comes face to face with the spirit of these young men.


            • DPS,
              My youngest brother is a Marine. And as i also do not agree with the wars the government is in, I too understand how you feel. My brother and his friend are a powerfull force, as are all the honorable service men and women.

        • I will pray for your son. My mom taught me to pray for our soldiers and their families back in the sixties. God bless him.

        • DPS~ Thinking of you.

          It sounds as though you have raised an admirable son.

          • Why thank Maam.
            Note to Santa please bring Ms. Daisy that Mossberg she wants.
            And while I’m at it Santa would you please stop the snow before I eat so much I look like you.

            • @DPS: Also in my prayers brother!

        • DPS, Praying for your son, family, and all members of our military. The Flag hangs with the Christmas lights on our house, in honor of their service. God bless!

        • Drives me crazier when I hear about people going for multiple tours when something like 42% of the regulars have not been at all.

      29. Remember to VOTE. Vote against Senators who support this bill and Congress.

      30. What?? this is a prepping website? i was trying to find the Kardashians and accidentally came here.

      31. … and people wonder why all those FEMA camps are being ramped up and staffed.

      32. Don’t hide your guns, use them.

      33. Lock & Load before its too late

      34. Bless your Son, DPS…I pray he is safe and returns safe.

        Entrenchment is a good word, a nice fineconservative word, maybe I’ll prctice that.

        I helped the wife do 5 1/2 quarts of pickled eggs yesterday. And I spent most of Saturday and Sunday welding, I’ve two columns finished, one boiler 99% complete, a main condensor and a reflux condensor done.

        Cardiacdemolisher, if your reading this, almost complete.

        Working on 4 units now. But I’ve one problem, except for the original prototype, I do not have a unit for our family! What? I guess I’ll have to start on a special Steam Punk “one of a kind” Unit for the Family….
        BTW, I do have an antique “Ali Baba” style Still, found it in a mom and pop store online, it was made into a lamp. A customer and I checked it for lead, yup positive, so I put it on the propane burner, which melted all the lead solder out of it, (collected about 3 lbs) and of course, the unit fell apart…but good news, I ordered some concentrated acetic acid, to remove any residual lead…

        Here is the point…IT will be about a (guestimate) 20+ gallon unit, it will be beautiful when reassembled and welded as much as possible, it is made of brass and heavy copper…IF anyone is interested in having a one of a kind multi-distillation reflux fractionating column based on this lovely antique, give me a call…I’ll have to do some cyphering and it most likely not be cheap, but I garantee it will be gorgeous, one of kind and fully functional with a lifetime garantee!
        Terry W. Reed

        I will start work on this unit as I can, but if someone wants it and the price is right, I’ll kick it into the production line.

        Anyone else if you have needs in distillation, check me out…if you are not so well off, I’ll work with you on affordabilty, but will likely steer you away from stainless steel, can do thinner copper, if needed.

        I can also give you a design if you are the mind to build your own, free of charge.

        And if you are looking for extreme economics can give you a very simple design, that works very well but cannot get you to fuel grade level unless you are very very patient.

        Terry out….

        • geez Louise! That’s a lot of lead!

          I have some interest in stills myself, but Ill use silver solder if I ever build one! You can buy silver solder for electronics from any of the suppliers like Mouser, Digi-Key, I think Grainger has it too. McMaster-Carr probably does and theyr’e GREAT.

          My chickens stopped laying for their moult, OK but I was eggless for a bit, next time I’m pickling my surplus and their moult will be my egg salad time.

      35. I must be a risk to Society as 5 1/2 quarts of pickled eggs is more than a one wekk supply…!!!


        • Terry,
          Bad Terry what do you mean stocking up on those pickled eggs, And what are you make those still for. Don’t you know that making your own fuel is a act against the country.. Now get on the train and take this gas-x with you…LMFAO

          PS I may have a little cabin fever.

          • DPS, Jen & JAFO,
            First off, let me say…LMAO, I did not intend for the subject to turn to a chemical weapons of any kind….lol

            DPS, Cabin fever? We need to get you out, if you can get to East Texas, I’ll take you out on a night hog hunt! I’ll be doing it from now until February. It is legal and fun.


            • Terry,
              Sounds good can always use some more pork for the freezer. we have sun lite today with a morning temp of 3 degs. BURRRRR. I have to come down your way after the first of the yr to restore a log cabin, When I do I’ll drop in and see you, I see by your web site you do so gunsmithing, the you could put some open site on one of my guns for me?


        • Terry:
          It will only be a risk to others if you eat all the pickled eggs and are in a confined space. Just saying. 🙂

      36. They are trying to distort and redefine the sheeples perception of the patriot movement.

      37. After 5 1/2 weeks of pickled eggs I think you’d be classified as a room-clearing chemical weapon!

      38. The usa is too way large to be able to throw a net over it people!!

        Stop listening to the folks who say we are headed to socialism.. or invasion by china or russia.. don’t you think these other countries kmow we are a bunch of crazy mofo’s with more weapons and people they can count??

        let’s stop stewing on what may happen and focus on what we need to do.. vote the jerks out of office who are handing over our kids futures to the communists..

        we are what is going to make americas great again.. not the sell-outs in office- who work for the big banks.. not us..

        • REALIST:

          Unfortunately, like many others, you have left God out of the equation. America is “too big”? America has become “too big” for its britches, telling God, “We will NOT have this man [meaning Jesus] to reign over US.” (Luke 19:14) Bad move, America!

          And you’re absolutely WRONG if you think we’re not going to be invaded! We are; we’ve known this for many years, and there will be a civil war here to boot. The Lord has determined destruction for America, and it will start with an attack on Sodom and Gomorrah next year, conveniently before the election. Google “A.C. Valdez” and read the vision God gave him in 1929. Like it or not, it’s coming.

          Many people have many plans. We see all the devices and schemes for survival, but the truth is, any plan without Jesus Christ at the center of it is doomed to fail. God has spoken to us for many years about His judgments, and we have seen some come to pass. All will be fulfilled, and if you want a few samples via e-mail attachment, contact me at [email protected].

          • I do believe and proclaim the work of god.. Go to church and pray every Sunday..

            And i fully understand your response.. I know it’s up to god hand to ultimately choose our survival or demise..

            At the end.. I hope he will spare all humanity from their sins.. And forgive us all.

            Lastly- I pray to god that We don’t see the end of days.. In our lifetime or any of our children’s children lifetime…

            I am just trying to keep a up-beat attitude now and if the end shall come.. What else can we possibly do??

            I live in a rual area, have cows(beef and dairy) chickens, enough to lay 12 eggs a day..turkeys, pigs, Goats, sheep, donkeys, grow my own food and my animals feed, live in a fortress I built myself, have a 60kw gen to run the home, have 5 wells, with manual pumps, windmill, 3 acre /deep pond with bass, 2-1000 gal tanks of underground LPG .. A full shop, barn, 2 years of food/, military m274 mule, atvs, tract units, 5 dogs..and enough ammo and guns to hold my own here for a while.. So yes Im sorta ready.. And again hope that all this prep was a drill..

      39. “Da pigs are coming! Da pigs are coming!”

        Gees! Give me a break! That’s why I have guns. Some federal workers let pigs out in the national forest nearby. It’s happened in several parts of the country. Can’t kill em with a rake.

        All that food I have? Well, that’s to feed myself if there is a hurricane. Generators, solar power, for electricity in case of a hurricane.

        Oh, and I would like to add: In the likely event you guys lose control in the cities and it spills out to the highways and food traffic is halted, I thought it would be a good idea to have a few months of food… but now that you mention it, I guess it is encumbent upon me now, as a matter of being civilly disobedient (like OWS people are admired for), it is encumbent upon me and my fellow Americans, to be sure to purchase at least 7 days of food when I go shopping, and some cases of ammo, big large flashlights

        (do LED headlamps count? I love them! Don’t have to flip the light-switch when I walk into a room. Think I’ll go ahead and strip my house overhead lights for copper, why wait? you guys are not looking as good as you always think you do! ROFLMAO)

        • hahahaha…

          Go ahead, don’t post what i say. Really, you can email me and let me know if it’s because you don’t like it or if you are ‘protecting’ me…

          If you do post it, add this crap to it:

          “And another thing before I let you go NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.

          If you think I don’t need a gas mask because of all the stench in Washington DC you are sadly mistaken!”

          BTW (which means ‘by the way’) FYI (which BTW, means ‘for your information’ FYI) I admire the near genius of your taking down a whole big country… or trying… still doubt you’ll gitter done

          Like I always say, “I’d be satisfied with the anything from Peace on Earth to Earth, the Asteroid Belt”

          • Ok, there! I see now! Fine. No problem, no more posting (maybe) I’ll just shut up.

            Hell. I could stick my fist all the way up the ass hole and still be smiling while I feel around for a heart but I know the beast don’t have one!

            Oh! Was that cryptic or just plain nasty? ROFLMAO

            I now retreat laughing, back into the audience, pulling out my popcorn to watch this fantastic freak show unfold in the comfort of my home.

            Stay the fuck away, thanks! 🙂

      40. Pickled egg and RED onion salad FTW! Poooooooot!

      41. Ya know, what if this isn’t about us at all–what if this is about the ‘renegade’ military, the militia, retired veterans, that just want their country and constitutional law back??
        The govt. knows who’s gonna win that battle.
        OOh-Rah…booga, booga…more threats to keep ‘us’ in our places…which will backfire..praise God.

        • shaka zulu

      42. I only have a 5 day supply of toilet paper. I use about 70 rolls a day.

        • I suppose no one can accuse you of being full of shit.

          • POA; he never said what he uses it for (paper machete?).
            Still great come back.


      43. I think their list covers every walking breathing in that case bring it on fools!

        Im thinking they not only bit the hand that feeds them, but the hand that will put them where they belong.

        least they forget who (those of us still employeed left to pay the taxes) that make up their wadges.

        Go ahead cut off the supply of funds that got you where you are..G-Baay isnt big enough to house us all, or feed us all.
        and the real funny thing is..Every one of them were profiled on their own start rounding them up and ship them off to G-bay..this thing works both way pals

        • I wouldn’t expect all of us to be housed or fed, extermination is much more effective and final.

      44. Well, it’s time for Jeff Foxworthy…”you might be a terrorist if”.

        • LoL, I was thinking of making a YouTube video of me on a CGI stage doing that exact routine. Was thinking canned laughing, oohs, aahs and boos. Or, maybe I could just do a voice over from a Jeff Foxworthy bit.

          These psychos have tried this crap may times in history. So far, the score is ZERO wins and a loss every single time. Sure, they may kill a bunch of us at first. Sure, things will look really bad for a while. Eventually though, they get their asses handed to them and things get better for a while. Yes, then the cycle starts again.

          It doesn’t have to be this way, but maybe it is the only way it can ever be. I don’t know for sure, but I know where I stand. I stand with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The only law that applies is that I shall do no harm to another person or person’s property, unless in defense of my own life, or the life of another. The rest is just a load of horse shit designed to fuck with our minds and keep us confused.

      45. While those of us who are awake are gagging on this unconstitutional piece of trash, the MSM is chatting up the payroll tax cuts (of about $1000 a year).

        The stupid thing is, when someone has money taken out of a paycheck in advance of having the check cut, they “don’t miss” the money -the same is true in the opposite direction. This seems like a non-topic to me.

        I’d like to hear what TPOTUS has to say about the trampling of our rights…oh wait, he made that clear when he approved keeping the Patriot Act active. Grrrrrr. This sh!t just gets under my skin sometimes. Sorry all, rant off.

      46. they said they did it just to learn how its done…Bahawawawaw im sorry i have fallen down laughing and cant get back up to the key board

        here are your terrorists,, the good ol US government

        • http// at the begining..;)

      47. Aren’t publicly traded companies considered individual people? Hence every supermarket would have over 7 days of food and every store that sells ammo or mags? Call,email,and write(a old school letter) to your congressmen and representatives this needs to be stoped. Crash there answering machines in opposition of this bill. Crash there emails with opposition of this bill. Support your local post office and send a few letters.

        • Companies (or corporations) are considered “persons”. Under S.1867, theoretically, they could detain Wal-Mart as a covered person if they determined they were involved in giving aid to Al Qaeda. Personally, I think Al Bundy is more dangerous but at least he had a cute daughter.

          But, seriously, in S.1867 it defines covered persons to possibly be corporations, groups of people or individuals. Which means they could detain your bridge club if they thought they were involed in suppor of Al Keida (Keyda, Kaida, Quaeda, Chuyduh, whatever…)

        • Yeah! Write your congressman! And don’t forget to leave that tooth under your pillow…

      48. And one last thing for Nappytonto…and I’m finished…
        take this crap to New Mexico…I mean when they try to prevent homeowners of fire-proofing their homes and the first tree is cut by Senator to make a statement??? That’s where I wanta be when facing Nappytonto.
        Go Guns of America, New Mexico, and Senator Pearce!! You the man!!

      49. Here’s a site that you can get to your representatives website and contact info. Just select your state and a list shows up with there DC phone numbers. Select a reps website to get there email,office address,and phone.

      50. Many grins and chuckles from today’s posts. I know the topic is serious but it helps to read your comments…
        Thank you for that! When I thought about what was being said, things that could flag you as a terrorists…my first thought was…they better keep building those camps. Over half the population must have guns, ammo and 7 days of food. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t manage not going to the grocery store for seven days (including my elderly and mostly shut in parents). I only shop twice a month (paydays) so I must have at least 14 days of food on hand at any given time. I live in a rural location… so it is prudent to save on fuel. Additionally, this sounds like any farmer or rancher I know. I must protect my herd from prey, hence the weapons and ammo. Coyotes, weasels, cats, and raccoon’s…good reason to own a flashlight and a gun. My uncle-n-law is a filbert farmer and goes through thousands of rounds a year on pests (squirrels and jays). Does anyone realize the kind of things you would find on a farmers property…I couldn’t even begin to list all items I have had (at one time or another) that could raise an eyebrow. I am surprised they didn’t include dogs in their list of suspected things to watch out for…Don’t mess with my dogs, if they don’t hurt you, I sure as hell will!

        • Your comment reminded me of a sign an old girlfriend had posted on her driveway when I was living with her .”Ignore dog at your own risk,before DON’T provoke the comanche!”

        • Yep–fertilizer, NSBF…that’ll surely get a farmer on a list.

          • ~JJ~

            Depends on the nitrogen content. Order a sh*t load of 34-0-0….yeah, some ‘busybody’ will investigate!

      51. Former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats, writes today in the Washington Post that the neocons have whipped us into an irrational fear of the terrorism. In reality, “Osama bin Laden and his disciples are small men and secondary threats whose shadows are made large by our fears” and our leaders.

        The BBC produced a documentary called The Power of Nightmares in 2005 that showed that politicians were greatly exaggerating the terrorist threat for political ends.

        • I am way more worried about the US govt. than I am the Muslim brotherhood or the chinese.

          • …unless of course the Muzloid Brothelhood or the Chicoms are *ENABLED* by the CBTs (Criminal Bastard Thieves) in the District of Criminals. Then, more or less fear won’t matter because the beast is all one.

            The fact is, islam is a political system masquerading as a religion. The US Government is a government attempting to get use to worship it like a religion.

            The fact is, if they take a notion, they’ll manipulate anything. …and you can bet it won’t be for *OUR* benefit!

      52. The old saying is that if America catches cold the UK sneezes. Bearing that in mind I need everyone to know;

        I only have enough soup to last a month because I like soup
        My all weather matches are used to light perfumed candles
        I have 10,000 bag bin bags because I make a lot of rubbish
        I really do not have a gun or ammo
        My gruesome hoard of home made weapons are for a history project
        Half my middle finger really was lost in a childhood accident
        My three year supply of water purification tablets were on sale at a price too good to mss
        Ditto a huge box of coffee filters
        My loft space is totally empty
        I have not trained my dog to savage people that come into the house uninvited

        Just thought I’d better assure all of you here that I am a fine upstanding citizen

        Take care x

        • “Ditto a huge box of coffee filters”

          Do you drink coffee? (not tea, right?)

          Odd Questioner and a couple of other posters from the PNW can tell you the way we make coffee in Orygun and Warshington. 1. Put a half pound of coffee into the filter………….

          • Yup, 25# (and rising) of the black gold in the freezer. What does that make me? Someone who loves coffee or a terrorist?

          • Filter? What’s a filter?

      53. How many people are employed to watch how many people? Somewhere they must be hiring people to fulfill all of these duties. Even if all E mails are scanned someone, somewhere must decide what is threatening and what is not. One in every 200 people or so is presently locked up. This stuff could make it one in a 100. I know of two groups, One “Worshippers of the sphere” who don’t know or care to know and everyone else who knows something is wrong and is learning the reasons why. That is one heck of a lot of people.

        I have always had a healthy mistrust of authority having seen it used and abused. I however cannot imagine a mass round up of people critical of the government in the US. I can see huge numbers of people complaining to no avail regardless how they vote and who they write to. But locking people up in numbers (and it would have to be in significant number) for political speech? I just can’t see it.

      54. Shtfplan means shit hit the fan plan ? Oh dear I am in the wrong place, I thought it meant short honest trusting female plans love and nuptials, are you sure this isn’t a dating site?

      55. So let me get this straight. If the president has a bunker, with food storage, his SS (funny sounds like something nazi when you abbreviate it) has weatherproof ammo, he has generator power, flashlights and EMP proof equipment. Is his ass on the list?

      56. Night and day, the heavily-loaded trains are hauling away all of our natural resources, i.e., oil, gasoline, some chemicals, grains, and coal. This raping of our resources is probably why our gas prices are still so high, even though we are using 2/3 less than one year ago. There seem to be nothing that we, as individuals, can do to stop the fire-sale of the resources, that will be needed desperately in the future. All that we sensible folks can do is to stock up, hold some cash, hold some wealth in PMs, and some lead for the eventual stand. Thank you all for being there, because there are times that I can not relate to anyone else, now. I come to this site for peace of mind. God bless you all.

      57. it was Represenative Steve Pearce who cut the first tree, not senator, we still have those two morons bingaman and udall(tree hugger from a long line of tree huggers)as senators.

      58. Is it jusy me,or are there a few trollers’ out’ana’bout?

        • Excuse me, I have seen troll and troopers a couple of times in posts now. I am very new o this what does it mean? And how can you spot it?

          • God predictive text drives me mad, not troopers, trollers. Sorry.

          • A “troll” is someone who comes in to stir the pot and tick people off.

            It would be like somebody going on a supportive weight-loss forum and calling people “fatties”. It’s deliberate provocation.

            • Thank you Daisy…I have much to learn lol

              Take care x

      59. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a five day supply?
        Does the endless supply of grass I cut every summer count?
        I use a mower with a mulching blade.
        Does that count as “hording”
        I like having a few rolls aside,might increase in value(Charmin only,please)faster than PM’s when SHTF.
        I know nothing about the rest….really.
        When THE CHANGE finally happens,those feckless Congressmen who wrote said laws and the minions who tried to enforce them will both be little more than wastage in need of TP(or is it black bags,I get so confused about that part;-) ).
        NEWS FLASH!!!!
        Ron Paul is in second place now(and moving up!).
        From a near “last place” at the start according to the pollsters.
        It really DOES pay to speak softly,and make sense in a room filled with young village idiots,fat old weasels and Poisonous snakes from the multi-wife church of Utah.
        2012 may be the best election year we’ve had in decades in choices available…..
        just sayin’
        Best to All
        Federal Spooks too!
        We love ya,just not your current choice of jobs!

        • grayfoxgreen: The “multi-wife church of Utah” does not exist. Polygamy was done away with in 1890, thank goodness. Who’d want more than one mother-in-law?

      60. The Patriot act is for the protection of the Government.

        Article 9.

        9.1 – A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the liberty and security of Counties and States, the right of Citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

        Is for the individuals.

      61. I’ll be ready for a vacation in Cuba after I run out of my weather proofed ammo and year supply of food. come and get it!

      62. congress are the terrorists.

        screw you nwo people.

      63. I wonder if this senator is really a Paul.Way too different than his supposed father.Doesn’t matter congress doesn’t listen to us we no longer listen to their dribble.Yeah we’re prepping—sticks and stones—we’re still prepping.How about 4 years of no congress and no supreme court and no president or vice president…think how much better off americans would be.After all, they are only there to get rich off of our suffering.

      64. A few articles back on a similar topic I said that I had a hard time believing that there was anything truly sinister behind the state of things. But the more I read, and the more things like this that come to light the more concerned I am that there may just be some real direction and intent from those in power that are not in our best interest, but there’s alone.

        I’ve always had trouble with “tin foil hat” type scenarios. But when those “crazy” ideas go from someone’s concept of a dark brewing conspiracy to open debate on the senate floor… well, lets just say that my concern is growing.

        • Wait until you get 10 or 15 years of watching the bastards under yer belt.

          There’s a damn good reason I’m not plumb, LOL.

      65. After this is a link that shows how the Senators voted regarding this bill.

        In my opinion only these seven deserve any further consideration on election day.

        Bernard Sanders(I) Vermont
        Mike Lee (R) Utah
        Jeff Merkley (D)Oregon
        Ron Wydon (D)Oregon
        Thomas Coburn (R) Oklahoma
        Rand Paul (R) Kentucky
        Thomas Harkin (D) Iowa

        I find it interesting that it was so evenly split- 3 Repubs, 3 Dems, and 1 Independant.

        • Yes! And remember, vote early and oft… Oh, wait! Those are *NO* Chicago politicians!!!


        • @ Daisy, IMHO the OR senators should be removed from this list. Wyden will vote to save is @$$…Our wonderful pro-health care reform senator is trying to get a waiver for Oregon (but he was SO pro-health care). When the heat is on, he will turn and run. I don’t believe either care about protecting constitutional rights. I am guessing they didn’t vote for this because their leader said he would veto it…it is all about positioning. As for me and mine, we will not vote for an incumbent this go around. Just DONE with all of them! We are not a 100% decided but leaning sharply towards Paul.
          Take care~

      66. If’n ah got this correct the FEMA aces toll me to get stocked up in case the New Madrid fault cut loose and a whole lotta shakin started goin on. So ah got me some canned chili some beers and some rolaids. I figgered ah cud live a month or two if the rolaids didn’t run out and the beer didn’t git two warm.

        So now I got a cupla months a food a year of beer and my antiacid tabloids and I’m a terrorist. Thank you bunch of FEMA aces! Sheeeyit! whudaknown. And Janet Neopolitan you stay the sam hill away from my rolaids. That’s what that lil Remington 870 is fer and the buncha shells in the waterproof container.

      67. The more I read what is happening south of the border, the more I wonder if y’all might be fleeing up here for safety! We don’t have zeppelins with cameras flying around, no mobile prison guard towers in our Walmart parking lots, no random stops by a militarized police on highways & roads (except for the Drinking & Driving Nazi’s). Of course we’ve been stripped of all of our guns, but if you’re up against the army, won’t you need heavy duty machinery? I’m telling you, it’s not lookin’ good from up here 🙁

      68. Is anyone really surprised?

        Soon you must choose.

      69. It is a sad day when wanting to be left alone and be able to take care of yourself is now seen as a threat to others. I guess that the powers that be consider me to be a “terrorist” since I am a member of Oath Keepers.

      70. While the politicians are so busy justifying their own existence with more of this bullshit… as it ppears that, much like everything else in this culture, exponentially increasing “more” is the only thing that keeps anyone employed…

        All I can say is, push it far enough guys. You will create the very situation you hope to avoid before too much longer. This might sound actually like a winning scenario to you but it ain’t.

        Won’t be me, I’m a pussy and couldn’t handle a three week power outage.

      71. What we see here is a Schizophrenic government. Parts that crave control working with parts that seek to help people working with parts that see to enslave people working with parts that intend to murder people.

        This always, historically, comes near the end. I suspect you’ll see much more of this strange government behaviour in the near future.

        • Tyranny is a government that thinks it can do anything. Unleashed from the shackles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, anything is possible. You’re right: schizophrenia is the result. It’s a hallmark of despots and dictators. And the population appears schizophrenic, too, as some cheer the state on while it begins the process of identifying and “processing” its enemies: those who stand in the way of its unlimited power. We’ve seen this before: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pinochet…

      72. Keep prepping brothers and sisters, we’ll need to save the rest of us who are not!

      73. FEMA’s own website recommends two weeks of food supply:

        Also, I’ve been paying with cash for many years. Suddenly, doing this could make me a terrorist??

        • Our money is largely digital built on false numbers from the derivatives market. The bankers know that the way to paralize them is to not need them. Those who use cash and shun credit/debit cards remove money they need to prop up their false numbers.

      74. Its all fine talking bravado, but you are going to have to protect and defend each other. Next time a siege takes place will you and a hundred other americans show up to help? How far will you walk to help your neighbor? Do you know your neighbors?

      75. If its pissing them off..Im just going to love doing it all the more..

      76. isnt there a movie line that goes like this?
        Dont start nothin’ , wont be nothin’

      77. any law that can be construed will be construed.

      78. I have all the things listed. I don’t care who knows it. I like being on their lists. Removes all doubt. I will not be intimidated. If the neo-nazi’s in the Fusion Center in Pittsburgh are looking for a fight over rights, I’m the guy to start with. I look forward to entitling more children to attend the orphans picnic.

      79. c says:
        December 6, 2011 at 1:48 pm If we have a law that says you can’t buy any food you don’t use immediately and a world government that wants you to be microchipped or you don’t get to buy any more food, they pretty much have you over a barrel. Will you bow down to them or watch your family starve

        I know some of you do not believe in God, Jesus or the hereafter but for all of those who do believe…..we are being groom for the day when we have to make the all important decision, either to take the “mark” or not. I can see a time when the only way you can feed yourself or family is to take the “mark”. All of this is a calculated move on the govt’s part to make us so dependant that we will blindly accept anything to eat. Little do we know we will pay the ultimately price for that piece of bread.

        Instead of digging a hole for your PM’s you better start doing it for your food stores.

      80. what the hell is going on in this country people need to wake up and realize what unfolding right before our eyes if the army can come into our houses with no reason and lock us up for good we should be able to go and lock them up at least we would have a reason and a right to do that we should overthrow the gov

      81. It is clear that our federal government now fears us. Who said, “A government that fears its people is a government that the people should fear.”? It was Thomas Jefferson.

      82. My friends, this sort of thing is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany.

      83. And, didn’t Ben Franklin say that a people willing to give up liberties for security will have neither?

      84. I’m almost all those suspicious things.

        Let’s dance.

      85. God bless Rand Paul for having the courage to tell the truth. We need his father as our next POTUS if our Republic and our Constitution are to survive.

      86. Certainly one piece of piece of piece of furniture you have a
        lot through the same. Very old wine is generally bottled in the field of honor.

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