Paul Krugman Expects A Recession THIS YEAR: And The Ruling Class Won’t Be Able To Help You

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 32 comments

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    Paul Krugman, a Kenysian economist touting authoritarianism and control over the economy has come out and told us all what we already know: the ruling class won’t be able to stop the recession they have engineered.  And that recession is coming soon.

    Krugman is expecting the economy to fall into recession this year, according to a report by CNBC. He isn’t the only one expressing concerns, however, as most economists, as well as some the world’s business personnel, agree that economic growth is slowing. But this time, Krugman says that the ruling class won’t be able to do anything about the recession.

    Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (a meeting of the rulers to decide how to further enslave the world’s population) on Sunday, Krugman expressed his concerns about an economy highly regulated by the world’s governments (and yet somehow is still mistaken for capitalism). “I think that there is a quite good chance that we will have a recession late this year (or) next year,” he said.  Krugman’s main concern has always been that “we [the ruling class] don’t have an effective response if stuff slows down. The place that looks really close to recession right now is the euro area,” he added. “By the way, my track record for this is bad — as is everybody’s. No one is good at calling these turning points,” Krugman said.

    Late last week, the European Commission sharply downgraded its forecast for euro zone economic growth in 2019 and 2020.

    The Commission said eurozone growth will slow to 1.3 percent this year from 1.9 percent in 2018 and is expected to rebound in 2020 to 1.6 percent.

    The estimates were markedly less optimistic than the EU executive’s previous forecasts, released in November when Brussels expected the 19-country currency bloc to grow 1.9 percent this year and 1.7 percent in 2020. –CNBC

    This would be a great time to take matters into your own hands and start preparing for a recession.  Start taking responsibility for yourself and your family and remove dependence on the government if you are in any aspect. Consider storing some extra food and water and paying off or down all of your debts.

    The economy is currently on life support and anyone who knows anything about bubbles understands that the everything bubble we are in will eventually burst, taking many people down with it.  Try not to be one of those who could lose it all by preparing for the worst.  Read the Prepper’s Blueprint if you haven’t already and don’t know where to begin. Prepping for hard times is often difficult to begin, but it will get easier as you learn how.

    When Keneysians are admitting that they themselves, the masters, won’t be able to help the slaves during the next recession, it might be wise to begin to think outside the box and on your own for once. Of course, it isn’t just the authoritarians that are suggesting the government will be powerless during the next recession.  The only good that could come out of that is that people may realize they should stop putting the control of their lives in the hands of sociopaths, otherwise known as politicians.

    Peter Schiff said that during the next economic downturn, the American standard of living will decrease incredibly. But that’s not even the worst news. Because of all of the problems being underscored by so many (like the talking heads in the media), the collapse of the dollar and the American standard of living that will follow aren’t even a glaring and immediate concern for most and even fewer are prepared for a financial emergency. But the bubble is bursting, according to Schiff, and the market will go so much lower and so will our standard of living.





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      1. Another soothsayer. When? Sooner then later. How much later than sooner? Sheesh! Don’t look for it, it’ll find you. Could it be stopped? Maybe if they wanted to stop it. Later!

        • The most efficient weight loss plan for men is to eat exactly 1500 calories a day so the body doesn’t enter starvation mode and lifting heavy for 90 min a day 6 days a week.

          The only exercises you need are the dip, pullup, deadlift, squat, and farmer’s carry.

      2. I get a bit tired of hearing constantly recycled predictions of gloom an doom.

        But no one ever wants to predict the good times, even if they generally far outweigh the bad times that are inevitable in any free economy where people act freely instead of under strict controls.

        Bad times, when they come, are simply a time to situate yourself to take advantage of the coming good times that follow them. You never hear about that unless someone is trying to sell you something.

        And what they’re selling usually doesn’t work well for the purpose if at all.

        • Anonymous, good points. I’m also sick of hearing from all the “Chicken Littles” out there.

        • Because humans experience and remember pain 2.7x more than pleasure or winning….psychological fact. Look it up. We are prone to doom and gloom that is why we invented farming and no other apecies on this planet has. Survival of the fittest mentality. Focus on that which can eliminate you more than that which feels good and you will survive.

        • Pretty ignorant to think that good times will automatically follow. The US and Europe peaked around 2006 and have been in decline since as a result of DEMOGRAPHICS. The boom of the post WW2-2006 is no longer possible. The conditions for a boom simply dont exist. There will be good times elsewhere but you will have to leave your home and follow the opportunity (hint SE ASIA).

      3. Forget the experts and their “predictions”. They have plans to cause economic catastrophes in order to control the masses.

        Do not borrow. Save then purchase what you need and want.

        Keep 10% off the top for your future, retirement, when you are too old to work.

        Women who work outside the home are neglecting their families and few make enough money to justify leaving their babies.






        • HP – No amount of money justifies leaving your babies.

          If a woman wants a career that she is not at least willing to postpone until the children are older, then she should not have children. My wife got her nursing degree at age 23, before we were married, worked 5 yrs in her career during which time we got married and saved for a house and then after 5 yrs of saving we bought a home and started a family in our late 20s. She stayed home to raise them as we had planned.

          She returned to work part-time to help pay for their post high school training and college when the youngest was a preteen and the other two were teens. My parents were here with them at that time and sometimes her mother filled in for my parents.

      4. I don’t want their fucking help.

        • Menzo, same here. Neither me nor my family need anything from them. Their time is coming.

      5. Krugman has proven to be a Moron many times over. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. So “In God We Trust”, our guns/preps are just for backup.

        Remember to watch out fur dem Hogs!

        • Yup – Its just that simple

      6. On another note the Governors of California and New Mexico are withdrawing their National Guard troops from the border. Are they bringing them “home” in preparation for the coming Civil War this Spring? Time will tell. Add in an economic collapse and WATCH OUT FUR DEM HOGS!

      7. The US has been in a recession since 1969. The country has never fully recovered & it has all been down hill from that point. Over the past 50 years, this country has lost most of its manufacturing base, now has a 21 trillion dollar debt, (actually twice that), runs multi billion dollar trade deficits every month, has lost much in the way of innovations & has a mother lode of social problems that are costing billions of dollars that could be used for productive capital. Over the past 50 years, what so called prosperity this nation has enjoyed has come at a tremendous price, meaning money had to be borrowed to sustain it. As far as an economic collapse, it’s not a question of if, but when. After all, that’s what this website is all about. As far as economists are concerned, most, if not all, don’t know the difference between their ass & a hole in the ground.

        • I used to think I knew something about this betting on a collapse some time ago. They have kicked the can further and longer than one could imagine. As long a the USD can maintain, if not expand its reserve currency status it will be accepted thus trading paper (abet very pretty paper with historical portraits) for real goods. In a slump QE puts in some money and on the can goes down range. The problem as I see it is that China has risen and no longer desires to be subservient. The world is also getting tired of the US invading and functionally destroying countries that challenge that “special privilege” of the USD / Reserve Currency / Oil Peg arrangement. Fire is played with in the attempt to keep the scam going. Bad luck or a miscalculation of intent and the spark is set for WWIII. Read Doomsday Machine by Daniel Ellsberg, it’s eye opening.

          • As they say – the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Careful when you bet against the house. The time will come soon enough though.

      8. Very disturbing article at The Daily Sheeple about raising taxes. I’ll bet that dickhead Krugman would support it too.

      9. Doom/Gloom,POLITICS and RELIGION articles get clicks..How many posters do you think would frequent this site if it was named something like “Preppers Club”? If you notice you’ll see that there’s only a select few posters that actually post prepping and/or bushcrafting tips and ideas..At least 90% of the posts here are in reference to either POLITICS,RELIGION,and/or FEAR PORN..There’s a reason why so many veteran posters left this site and are no longer replying to the articles ..This site has been infiltrated by religious fanatics and those that are only interested in politics and fear porn..

        • We’ll pray fur y ‘all. If ya go good prepper tips, share’m brother.

          • Best tip I have. Trade your money for honey. Locally produced. Lasts forever. Found some in the pyramids, still edible. It will definitely outlast fiat. Might not be new info, but article I read about best foods for prepping didn’t even list it. Will make a great glaze for the Hog meat.

          • Seminole Wind,

            Myself…Over the years now, I now spend a lot less time reviewing what is happening on this site. I’ve stopped looking at some sites altogether, like Rawles, Survival Blog.

            I do find some nuggets of information from time to time on different sites, but like Anonymous said, “POLITICS,RELIGION,and/or FEAR PORN” is what there is.

            My daily life takes to much time for me spend time reading about how our dear brother, Brave(what’s his name) blasting his latest threats (AGAIN!!!)to the ether. (I really don’t see where he gets his time from.)

            So, A tip your looking for? 🙂

            Well, start harvesting cells from “dead” laptop battery packs, and other devices/packs that use 18650 lithium ion batteries. They last a hell of alot longer then all that shit on the store shelves. I’m moving all my flashlights and other devices to these.

            Spend some time watching videos and what others are creating with these cells. Think, Tesla “Power Wall” packs. 😉

            With just a little bit of knowledge, you will power your needs a lot longer with these, then buying the AAA, AA, and D size crap from Wally World.

            I gave you a tip, can you give us one?
            And… Remember me in your prayers, please.

            Y’all play nice now. 🙂

      10. Vulgar, atheistic jackass, Deek Jackson, parodies Mad Cow Disease, with presentation on Mad Face Disease:

        Apparently, the most important job qualification in Paul Krugman’s generation.

      11. Seriously, no one on this site give a crap what Krugman thinks or says.

        • so true

      12. “By the way, my track record for this is bad — as is everybody’s. No one is good at calling these turning points,” Krugman said.
        Then why are we reading about what he said.?

      13. So many people sound like it will be FUN to put all their preps into action when SHTF.

        When it happens – and happen it will – it will be hard and heavy and last a l-o-n-g time. I don’t think it will be possible for the majority to prep for what’s coming. There will be a few ‘Jeremiah Johnsons’ that make it but very few.

        The Bible prophesizes 1. a one world currency 2. a one world religion 3. a one world government, literally one epitome of evil person who will be in control. The prophecies are not in that order but that is how I see it coming down the pike.

        People scoff and laugh and mock but that doesn’t change the way the world is moving. How many could believe Israel would return as a nation in ONE DAY as foretold in the Bible? Not many but it did happen.

        The only full on, 100% authentic, workable and trustworthy, against-all-odds PREP is to get your heart right with God through Christ Jesus.


        • If you read the Commenting Policy, maybe you could understand that religious affiliation might be part of the problem rather than the solution. I consider the SHTF scenarios anything but fun. I would much rather be in the position to be in possession of and protecting edible and useful items, than to be without. Religious and government “leaders” will try to control the masses until, ONE DAY, they won’t be able. Do you think your prayer will change the way your world is moving? So be it. All religions believe they are “holier than thou” and are therefore disparaging of others. The cold hard reality is we are each one life unit. Nothing more or less. Religion and government are about power,dividing and conquering. They always has been and always will be. Human nature and intelligence would never allow for only one religion or government. We all have the ability to think for ourselves, even though some choose not to use it. I am disparaging of the organizations, not the people. Prayer should be within, not pushed on others.

      14. The fella says “chicken littles.” Hmm. Been around here for many years. Sorry, I think the “chicken littles” finally have it right. Several financial articles over the last few weeks have explained that with the “unfunded” liabilities the debt is actually around 200 TRILLION! That figure makes my head hurt. “Backed by the full faith and credit of the US government” 200 trillion worth. Sheesh. World economy is only around 55-60 trillion a year. OK not the brightest bulb in the pack but how do you pay something that does not even exist? Dollar is still king but only because if you don’t finance it or accept it we will A Over throw you. B blockade you. C Bomb you back to the stone age. Mean while (back at the ranch) many, many countries are trying to come up with alternatives…When they do, good ole USA can bend over and kiss ass so long. On my time on this planet I have seen this country go from richest/greatest to bankrupt/bully. So who will take our place on world stage??

        • The question is not about who is confident vs who is insecure.

          Are people being passive objects, or are they showing agency.

      15. That is not true and will lead to plateauing. Most general to lose weight, you eat 800 calories x two days, 1200 callories x two days, 1500 calories x two days, eat normally 2000 calories including a dessert. Rinse repeat. The brain sees increasing calories so does not dampen the fire of metabolism, so no plateauing.

        Alternative, but harder as you age due to ulcer-potential, is to eat every other day x six days, and eat one day 2000 calories. That empty stomach plan is not good for you.

        If the SHTF and you are stretching supplies and trying to stay alive, you reverse the plan order so the brain sees constant decreasing of calories, so that dampens metabolic rate, and induces plateauing. But ideally not every able man in the tribe is doing this, but staggered as it’s difficult to do the work and do watches.

      16. well, the planet has more than 400 nuke power plants, and stilll has exposed radioactive waste in six figures of tons, nobody yet knows how to store or protect.
        Also, the ice is melting faster and faster, and water is rising, to the major coastal cities… as we pass the “tipping point”, and ho hum, with predicted max melt sea level up 280+ feet.
        That would put NY, DC, London,Rio, Sydney,Tokyo, Shanghai. etc., water up to the 30th floor level… and force a billion people on the road with nowhere to live, drink, or food to eat.
        Not to mention more wealth is being given to the wealth-crazed billionaires who are also deliberately lazy-stupid. Likewise military bosses who are not well read.
        Then there’s the GRID, which is obsolete, and a hundred million homes dependent on it in winter.. while the utilities and fossil fuel sellers hasten to try to prevent the rise in solar power installation and individual off-grid storage.
        Lest we forget ol’ Monsanto, selling pesticides that kill bugs (down a third now) and also bacteria and soil, and the greedy seed companies that push mono-crops… vulnerable to disease and famine….
        I guess thngs could work themselves out, giving it a little more time.
        What do you think?
        What could go wrong?

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