Papers, Please! Oregon Now Requires “Proof of Vaccination”

by | May 26, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jordan Schachtel at The American Institute for Economic Research. 

    If you want to participate in Oregon society without being forced to wear a mask, you better have your paperwork in order.

    The state is now requiring individuals to display “proof of vaccination” if they’d like to take their masks off indoors, Oregon’s Health Authority has announced.

    In rejecting the more practical and individual liberty embracing “honor system” approach that we’ve seen across the United States, the authorities in Salem are taking the fascist policy route.

    “Oregon will allow people to go maskless outside but will require them to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — and be able to prove it — to forgo masks in most public indoor settings,” the Oregonian reports.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Oregon finally ended its *outdoor* mask mandate, a full year and a half into Covid Mania. And in exchange for “granting” systems the freedom to breathe fresh air, they will now be forced to show “proof of vaccination” if they want to participate in society.

    oregon mask rules
    Oregon Health Authority website

    “We hope that Oregonians will not lie or cheat and put others at risk by forging a vaccine record if they aren’t vaccinated,” Oregon’s state epidemiologist, Dean Sidelinger, said in a presser with local journalists. Sidelinger, a power-drunk quack, made a name for himself in the state by demanding long-term closures of businesses and faith institutions. He has recently perpetuated the falsehood that schools are vectors for transmission.

    It would be worth seriously debating the merits of this authoritarian insanity if, in fact, Oregon could demonstrate that they were “following the science” on this issue, but it’s clear that this order has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with power and control.

    The idea that there is any science backing a “papers, please” approach to “stopping the spread” is entirely baseless.

    Two important points:

    First and foremost, there is no comprehensive trial that shows masks actually work at preventing COVID-19, so the premise for the mask policy is false. There is no evidence that cloth masks help stop the spread of a submicroscopic infectious particle. In fact, there is more evidence demonstrating that masks may act as a vector for disease transmission.

    Second, if vaccines work to protect people from serious outcomes related to COVID-19, what exactly is the point of demanding that businesses force customers to show their vaccine papers? Yes, that was rhetorical. COVID Mania has largely been nothing more than an excuse for politicians and oligarchs to accumulate more power. If the vaccine protects individuals from people who choose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, then there is no particular threat to anyone but those who choose to opt-out. There is zero science behind the idea of a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

    It seems that the next steps for Oregon are obvious. That may come in the form of a more streamlined digital vaccine passport system, as we’ve seen in places like New York and Hawaii (the good news is that these systems are struggling big time). Small businesses may not be able to find resources to manually check vaccine cards, as many companies with thinner margins simply don’t have the resources to add a vaccine passport doorman to their roster. Therefore, companies will be forced to automate and use corporate authoritarian vaccine passport systems like those designed by companies like IBM, Common Pass, and Clear, among others.

    Another side effect of this fascistic dystopian policy is the reality that people will be encouraged to wear their “vaccine credentials” to complement their mask, as a “practical measure” to be allowed entry into a business. It will be understood as the ultimate virtue signal, and a sign of complete obedience to authority, should Oregonians have both a mask on and a vaccine card readily on display.

    With the corrupt policies being pursued by the authorities in statewide office, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not everyone in the state is thrilled with the policies being pushed by Salem. On Tuesday, 5 Oregon counties voted in favor of leaving the state and becoming part of Idaho.


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      1. Having been vaccinated, or having already had covid has absolutely NO bearing on your ability to carry and spread the disease. The only person you can protect by getting vaccinated is yourself!

      2. Nobody where I live in OR pays much attention now or in the past, to what the government of OR, or for that matter, what the CDC says. We also have a very low infection rate.

        • Maybe you should start paying attention. Corrupt governments like yours are counting on you staying asleep.

      3. This is clearly in violation of the spirit and text of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Communism and corporate power has clearly captured Oregon.

        I say it’s way past time to remove these politicians and their political machine from Oregon. Personally, I don’t particularly care about the methods used.

      4. So you cant ask about someones immigration status, or ask someone for ID to vote, but CAN ask someone for their ID for a supposed vaccine?

      5. Hippa violation

      6. I cant believe people are actually following this illegal law. Are they that stupid?

        • Yes, it’s OR, they’re that stupid.

      7. ah….Oregon…the land of fruits and nuts

      8. The Only reason for goung to Oregon is to fill your Antifa Tag…. Just Sayin ?

      9. “We hope that Oregonians will not lie or cheat and put others at risk by forging a vaccine record…”

        Activists, posing as technicians, are liars and cheaters, who forged a scholastic record. Most are trained spokespersons and radicals, within their state job appointment to Sesame Street Health Authority.

      10. Look at a positive note.

        Wearing a mask is your difference from those who will probably come down with brain disorders, autoimmune disease, enlarged hearts, blood clots, miscarriages, or sterility.

        It only distinguishes you as free persons from those who are owned by the vaccine companies as lab rats who donated themselves to science before they are dead.

      11. They must be really really stupid up there.
        I am getting impatient for the earthquake that will put the whole west coast into the Pacific Ocean.
        But of course it will be the fault of Climate Change –
        Those dam right wing nuts!

      12. Take your masks, social distancing and your experimental vaccines and shove it far up your new world order ass.

      13. This is illegal and needs to be taken up in the court system by way of a law suit against the state.
        Happy law gives people the right to privacy concerning their medical information and no one can force you to reveal your private medical and health information. Take the mask off people and challenge the law!! Enough with Big Government!!

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