Panthers Call For Violent Revolution, Race War, Bloodshed Against ‘Honkies’ (Video)

by | Apr 9, 2012 | Headline News | 447 comments

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    Back in August of 2011, to the disbelief of some our readers, we reported that one potential Obama administration strategy for the 2012 election would be to Incite Race Riots and Use White Guilt in 2012 , and that they would operate covertly, behind-the-scenes to allow such an event to take place if it served their interests. While no evidence exists that this is what’s happening, it’s become evident that no one in Washington, especially the Obama administration or members of the Congressional Black Caucus, have made any attempts to quell the cries for a race war over the last several weeks. If anything, they’ve been complicit in allowing it to happen.

    The following audio recording of a Black Panther conference call suggests that race conflicts in the US may become violent in the very near future, just as we recently warned.

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    The race conflict stemming from the Trayvon Martin incident is heating up. Armed Neo-Nazis are actively ‘patrolling’ the streets of Sanford to protect white people, and now the Black Panthers have taken their threats to a new level, even calling for the capture of George Zimmerman ‘Dead or Alive.’

    Video follows excerpt:

    “If you are having any doubts about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that has never ended, let me tell you something… The thing that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these motherfuckin’ turtle people – it has been long overdue.”

    While perhaps unpopular and politically incorrect, we are of the opinion that a double standard exists in our Federal government, and if a Caucasian blogger, radio host, author or individual web site forum contributor made the same remarks about violent revolution, race war and bloodshed directed at blacks and African Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a host of other alphabet agencies would be immediately involved in a criminal probe. What America’s head law enforcer Attorney General Eric Holder does next will be key to identifying if the Obama administration is, in fact, supporting these racial conflicts behind the scenes.

    Our government has made it a point to prosecute individuals under hate crimes legislation, often making it a spectacle in mainstream media. Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security asks us to be on the look-out for domestic terrorist organizations and suspicious behavior that my pose a threat to American citizens. Well, we see something, and we’re saying something. Will the government do anything? (We know DHS got this message, because they visit regularly)

    It is our view that if we do live in a nation of laws, where everyone is equal under said laws, The President should stop nothing short of publicly decrying these calls for armed revolution and should initiate an immediate investigation into the planned violent activities of the New Black Panther Party.

    Hat tip The Daily Sheeple, Market Ticker, Breitbart


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      1. noe on is first

        • Stop flapping your lips and Bring it on NEGROs !!!! This is a good start to population control and a Hell of a lot of tax dollar savings. Its a Win Win.

            • @squirt
              Oh I hear you mate! I do know that there are decent negroes.. however, i’m yet to meet them… sad but true in my case at least
              as to your POTUS… let me entertain you a bit 😀
              Obummer is a sucker, a-hole, liar, puppet, faggot and either incompetent POTUS or a complete Evil incarnated…. guess that makes me a racist 😀 HA so be it…. FBI/CIA/DHS – please come and kiss my arse.

            • All different kinds of Rednecks. But Nigs don’t act like that here. A lot of Reds here. They stay in their section.

          • Obviously these guys are domestic terrorists. I heard towards the end of the video the angry black man talking about stocking up on water, food, flashlights, canteens, MRE’s etc. I wonder if he’s being monitored and investigated? SARCASM

            • NO THE government wants a race war obama would like that and the new black panthers fall right in there with his muslin brothers don’t you know that.

            • Where do you think they are getting their preps? My bet would be directly from the obama/holder administration.

          • The NBPP…more evidence that the Demon-cratic party will embrace any cause to increase its voting base… except reality that is…

          • As an avid reader of this site and a black person who is a proud gun owner I object your blanket statement and a bit surprised at the amount of likes this comment has received. Some of us prep to be self-sufficient and believe in all of the bill of rights and not a select few.

            Not all black people voted for obama or are on welfare leaching off tax dollars while contributing nothing. Again, some of us actually work and want to see the days where one could live their lives free of government interference. I have read this site for over a year and have never felt more compelled to make a comment. O yeah, and some of us believe there is no bargaining to maintain our right to bear arms. After all, control of blacks is the primary reason gun control was initiated.

            • I’m with you on this subject…if TSHTF along racial fault lines with tit-for-tat sissy-shootings, drive-by’s and beatings escalating out of control thanks to the MSM and social media… the first thing I would do is cross the street and offer my protection to my very fine and conservative black neighbors whom I deeply cherish and respect as my own.

            • Im a little shocked at the racisl comments too.
              Dont blame the people guys. There are just as many white, Latin and Asian slackers as there are black.
              Blame the politicians. They are the ones instigating all the hate and discontent to their own political and monetary gain..

            • Don’t let it bother you too much…the craziest voices tend to be the loudest. I’m with you and Death N Taxes on this one.

            • NoZio,

              I will be standing side by side with you and any other Americans like I did in the Army and Police Dept. I don’t care what you are, if you have values, you are a friend and we want to build a country back together, we will. Pukes on all sides think they are tough in their little groups, but Americans united are unstoppable!!


            • My hope is that if there ever were to be a race war between black and white that a third faction made up of all races working together would form to oppose the racists. I tend to hope that most of us are by now sick and tired of people who judge others only by their skin color. To me, the KKK is just as much my enemy as the NBPP, although one is far more likely to want to kill me than the other.

              That being said, this fiery rhetoric on the part of the NBPP scares me to death. I deliver pizza and am afraid that I will be assaulted and killed for no other reason than being a convenient target for someone who hates the color of my skin. I just find myself wondering when we will finally move beyond this kind of kindergarten crap of voluntarily segregating ourselves due to minor differences in appearance. Doesn’t there come a time when we can finally move on and practice Martin Luther King’s dream of judging each other by the content of our character instead of the color of our skin?

            • Thank you NoZio!

              I too am an African American veteran/mom/wife who keeps it packing. I regularly read SHTF, and was referred to the website by another AA friend of mine. I voted for Obama, but only b/c McCain chose that crazy trollop for a VP. Before then, I voted Republican mostly. To all those who keep lumping all Blacks together in one group, that is the same line of thinking that provoked the Trayvon/Zimmerman affair. I am appalled by the remarks made by NBPP, and you should know that theirs views DO NOT REPRESENT the views of all Blacks. Many of us are in our communities, trying to uplift, teach and train our young ones to be better than the filthy values they see in the media and on the radio.

              This is not about race, people. It’s about the struggle between the haves and the have-nots. Concentrate on becoming more self-sufficient and getting ready for what’s coming instead of fanning the flames of the so-called race war. You are falling into the same trap that this article is claming.

          • I’m a/b done w/America being too damn scared to say anything that may be considered inpolitically incorrect.” We are allowing about 12% of america to determine what is right and wrong! And that 12%, includes the media!! If we care about this nation, than the rest of the 78% of America who doesn’t agree w/the mainstream media, needs to make our voices loud and clear!!! I agree with equality!! But I do not agree with anyone screaming,black or white power! B/c unless I’m missing something, POWER does not equal EQUALITY! Whether were black or white. Hispanic or Asian. Indian or Japanese! Man or woman! If we are to be equal, than we should have equal power! And if one race is spouting something other than that, than I don’t care what race they are. That is pure racism in it’s true form! I think it’s a/b time we stand up as americans! No justice system in this great united states should be threaded w/riots or the murders of other individuals if the decisions they make aren’t followed by a/b 12% of Americans! Especially if prosecution has no evidence in order to base a prosecution on! Wake up America! Lets stop allowing the 12% of America to tell us what’s right and wrong! We have a voice! Let’s use it!!!!

          • Civil War 2 by Thomas Chittum. The book is out of print, but you can read it via PDF here. If you have not seen or heard of it, it pretty much sums up what is happening or going to happen:


            • I have been telling EVERYONE for 4 years to read this book!! Chittum is the greatest “prophet” of our time!!!

            • You also need to read Strauss & Howe’s “The Fourth Turning” or at least James Quinn’s blog “The Burning Platform” where he often summarises 4T elements. It’s all baked in. Get ready cos Itz Coming!

            • I just finished reading this….Wow!Mr. Chittum was prescient!!! We’re right at the edge….

          • We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder brother. Bring it ON!!!

          • The hick-monkey racism displayed by certain commentators is repugnant!

            Did it ever occur to you that “the “New” Black Panther Party could be a clutch of agents provocateurs?


          • If a race war is coming, let it be on my watch, not on my son’s or his sons. Bring it and get it resolved.

            • I’m with you on this! It won’t be a real fight though, it will be drive by’s and gang attacks and all the real “MACHO” things they do. They won’t fight unless it’s in packs and they can’t shoot because they hold their guns sideways to look cool. I use my sights, and hit, so tell them to get it going!!!

        • I work with some real Africans (from Nigeria) and they told me that American negroes are a joke. They said American negroes would definitely not be welcome in Nigeria. Coming from real Africans these comments sum up the situation accurately as far as I’m concerned.

          • And these are the same Nigerians whose ancestors sold them?

      2. We all saw this coming in January ’09, at least I did.

        • UN now getting involved in the Trayvon shooting??? Over a single incident…like there isn’t enough in Sudan or Darfur to “investigate”.

          Where is the outrage and the voice of the other black families who’ve lost kids this year? Why aren’t they asking for their “justice”. Why aren’t they asking for media time and ralleys? Ohhhhhhh, they were killed by other blacks, not by a Peruvian. I see…..

          • WTF???? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      3. tyf

      4. This is a good excuse isn’t it? The natives are restless and it’s time for warfare. The blood thirsty killers have a good reason and they’re not letting it go to waste. What we have here are a group of sub-humans who are dying to act like animals. Inhuman they will be.

        As far as the Obama administration is concerned they will do nothing but a little lip service. B HO is about to be handed the A of spades to complete his royal flush. Does anybody think he’s going to say “no thank you”?

        • Its been like this for a long long time. even back in the 1980’s when I wanted to go back to school after my military service I was denied a grant because I was white. They even told me so. So dont go blaming the present administration. Blame tham all.

          • Amen Joe. When my daughter was in college not too long ago and she had a friend that was more African American than most of the wannabees. She was actually born in Africa to a generations old African family. She applied for a grant for African Americans and was turned down because she was “WHITE”. That’s right, white. There are some white African Americans. So it turns out it’s not about that at all. It’s only about the color or your skin. They are so raciest it’s almost beyond comprehension.

            • Interesting, I rode the elevator at work one day and met a white lady from S. Africa. Some time later I said to her that she would actually be a real African-American. Her reply was that she didn’t want too many people to think that way as friends of hers were on a razor edge in Canada and may be told to leave and go back to Africa. This lady thought the same could happen to her family in the US. Can you imagine, nice folks like this worried that they would have to return to that hell-hole? And later I found out by talking to another white Africaaner that they considered it “pay back” from the socialists now in control of all Western countries.

          • Joe I and everyone else here who’s white has gone through that.

            That’s a pretty nice pretty Panther logo, I notice it has Africa on it. I think since they’re so pro-Africa and from there and all that, they ought to just go there. If they’re as smart and industrious as they say they are, they should be able to make Africa like another USA.

            But they can’t, they need honkies to issue their welfare checks for fried chicken and purple drank.

            • @ Domestic Terrorist : Thumbs up

              “If they’re as smart and industrious as they say they are, they should be able to make Africa like another USA.”

              They did try; check out Liberia and Sierra Leone.., and see how far they got. NOT!

            • thats about the richest read on here , thanks

            • Individuals like these New Black Panthers wouldn’t last 5 minutes somewhere like Nigeria lol! You don’t work you don’t eat there and communities don’t tolerate nonsense – someone’s Grandma will slap you down soon as you step out of line.

              Intellectually sub-par indivdiuals can be stirred up by any sociopath with an IQ above 100. Don’t be used the same way (I see it with some white militia members etc).

              The riots last summer here in London & how it affected my multi-cultrual neighbourhood? Some of us Mums saw it coming, told the menfolk. It was discussed. Vulnerable women & children wen elsehwere to pre-agreed locations. (I took my vulnerable autistic boy and some friends on a nice seaside camping trip having done some batch cooking for those protectors remaining behind).

              Local Men of all nationalities stayed home and protected local businesses/homes etc. The riots in the 80’s caused havoc round here and noone wants a repeat (that time the instigators of trouble were the NF/BNP).

              The attitude was F%%k the police and the thugs too!

              Result – not a single smashed shop window – the roving thugs knew this was a united community that doesn’t take s££$t from anyone, and went elsewhere for easier pickings.

              The only negative has been that our local authority REALLY doesn’t seem to like us now and the number of traffic wardens has been increased tenfold since. We’ve lost a lot of public funding for various community endevours run by “the man”. As we are more than capable of organising our own Mum & Tots groups etc it’s no loss.

              Lesson learned!!! If the nonsense can be stopped in the inner city by local residents applying a bit of common sense and unity it can be stopped elsewhere. Unity against those who would make us ALL suffer starts right at the local level.

        • Turning us against each other would certainly distract us while the looting continues. The stragegy worked in the middle east. Destroying the devotion to a united nation would allow the rapid deterioration of the threads that made this country so great – Unity and Justice for All. Don’t let this tear us apart. We all know by now the nuts are the only racists in town. We need to stay together, focus on the future and the country we call home. There’s really no where else to go.

      5. Where on earth is Eric Holder?

        • Report it to the FBI, in fact have everybody you know flood the feds with it and shut down their servers…I’ve seen something, I’ve said something:

        • Lonelonmum

          You saw it coming? Had time to batch cook food for your protectors? And time to book a seaside camping trip?

          Impressive to say the least, it kicked off all over the place at the same time, everywhere the rioters went got damaged, if your community didn’t it’s very likely the rioters were not there in the first place.

          No disrespect meant but you need to remember I am not in the USA, I spend a great deal of time in London and I know what happened here, if your community was unscathed, the rioters were not there.

          Take care

        • that was ERIC HOLDER talking on the You Tube audio, did’nt you recognize her.

      6. outrageous, the double standard, the barely covered hatred this admin has for (white people). IT MAKES ME SICK. I am a mixed race PERSON, my color pales next to the content of my character.

        • Behold the beauty of mixed race people!

          Help us all you can!

          • QB:Ya,’tis a shame our CIC
            is ashamed he is 1/2 ‘white’
            ’tis pity….

        • Watchermax, you are spot on about the double standard. If this was all reversed they would all be calling us Clansmen. They would call us racist, jackson obama and sharpton would call for calm. (lower case in the names was intentional)

        • Watchermax you’re going to end up siding with whatever group you look like.

          As an example, there are white families that have been in Hawaii for 100+ years, and being white there means daily, at least one comment, sometimes friendly and sometimes not, about When are you going home? But people who are brown, say Hispanic, can go there and instantly be accepted.

          Like it or not, you don’t get to choose which Balken group to be in.

          • DT – you are spot on. I lived in Hawaii for 4 miserable years. The anti-white racism is horrible. I was reminded on a regular basis that I was an unwelcome haole and when was I going home.

            Also the last day of school is called kill haole day. Many military familes keep their kids at home for fear of their kids being beaten.

          • DT: You’re right about Hawaii, I lived there for 7 years and the reacism towards whites is palpable. Once people found out my wife was asian then I became an “acceptable” white guy (Haole) in their eyes. But racism is everywhere, often just below the surface. When Sotomayor was confirmed for the Supreme Court a couple of latin co-workers were pleased and remarked to me that there was going to be some “payback” even though they both know that I speak Spanish and that my current wife is latin, they said this to my face. Bigotry is one of our most serious defects that needs to be worked on by all of us. Hatred clouds clear thinking and causes people to act foolishly. So, for those who can’t contain their anger; the rest of us need to stay armed, stay loaded, and stay aimed in through practice and awareness of our surroundings.

            • I got the same sense that Sotomayor was itching to “get payback”.

              Funny how whites are the only race that does not agressively defend & promote their own race, and are also the only people called “racists”.

            • For Gregory8

              Interesting you neglected the one question I asked “how would you like it if the Hawaiians went to the mangeland and took it over at gun point”. This is the main point it is not racist, I’m of Portuguese ancestry I was called a haole all my life and I have no problems with the Hawaiians because I understand where they are coming from but because you live in a box you don’t understand,“The reason whites are not liked here in Hawaii is they took the islands at gun point”, when you wake up you will notice that the usa has been doing this to all peoples of this planet, but you won’t agree I’m sure because you live in this box of self righteousness. All Hawaii has gotten out of the invasion is pollution, the destruction of its natural resources and a big bulls eye for a nuke.

              And for Jimmy Carter

              I’m not blaming any haole’s in particular just your war mongering resource grabbing corporation ( And before any of unaware folks in the mangeland writes that it is a country you best to some research )

              And for Annie Oakley

              Sorry Annie Oakley but it is the mangeland, you might what to open a few true history books about Hawaii before the mercenaries (missionaries) arrived here and started messing things up with their pagan religions and money grubbing ways, the Hawaiians were doing very nicely thank you and it very obvious you are not awake the money system is broken not to mention broke and will never recover ( To discover these facts please turn off the tv and check out the alternate news sources on the internet while you can. I too would love to see Hawaii succeed from the terrorist union but with Oahu being a military base good luck, and my rant is realty and you don’t have to ask the Hawaiians ask the North American Indians they know the score.

              But don’t worry folks bad karma has a payback it coming soon just ask the UN and their troops coming to a country near you, good luck…..

            • MikeA: You just made my point for me: “They” hate whites, all whites, for the misdeeds of a few more than a century ago. That’s racism you idiot. I and 99.9999% of whites hade nothing to do with Hawaii’s take-over yet the locals hate “us” anyways. But I am not unsimpathetic to the plight of the real Hawaiian’s of which I pointed out in an earlier text, are less than 10,000, the rest being mixed. It’s the same with the American Indians. I say we give back all the land we can in the name of justice, but don’t ever say that anything the some small band of people did in the past justifies hatred of an entire group that exists today. That’s still racism and anyone that tries to justiy that is a complete moron. Let me spell it out for you: You and many of your local buddies who hold this “white” hatred for past deeds are a bunch of F..king racists, and that’s a stink you can’t wash off.

          • The reason whites are not liked here in Hawaii is they took the islands at gun point..would you like it if the hawaiians went to the mangeland and took it over at gun point….WTFU (Wake The Fuck Up)

            I’m third generation….

            • MikeA: I didn’t take Hawaii by force and neither did any of my ancestors. What is this, guilt by association? To excuse some’s behavior towards me simply because I’m white is idiotic in the extreme and racist. There is never any excuse for racism-EVER. Yes, the Japanese favor thier group over others, as do the Chinese and Philippinos. What about the Somoans and Tongans that live there, they’re not native to Hawaii either? Everyone who’s not pure Hawaiian, and there are now less than 10,00 pure ones left, are form somewhere else, which makes them “invaders” too. Yet there was this subtle, and sometimes, not so subtle predjudice against whites. So MikeA, your answer is pure bullshit and it’s also racist and cowardly because it’s an EXCUSE for bad behavior.

            • I was born in the 60s. I wasn’t able to give much help then the islands were “taken”. I would be happy to see HI secceed from USA.

            • MikeA – you’re 3rd generation what, Hawaiian?

              And it’s mainland, not mangeland.

              Most Hawaiians I knew were too lazy to get off the couch, nevertheless come to the continental states and take us by surprise.

              The US military on that island brings you a lot of revenue and the so called white tourists spend some serious money on your island as well.

              Your little rant should be published on the travel channels so that good whites don’t waste their money there.

              I’d love it if Hawaii succeeded from the mainland. Good riddance.

              That way y’all could eat your poi and spam as long as you wanted.

            • You’re Portuguese, NOT Hawaiian. That would be like me a “white woman” knowing how the Indians felt.

              You’re a brown man who hates whitey. That is why you have an axe to grind with the USA.

              You’re an anti-white bigot and an American hater.
              I really hope Hawaii succeeds from the continental states. In addition, any Hawaiian citizen on that island whether by birth or nationality would be forbidden to immigrate to the USA if I had anything to do with it.
              Mangeland, give me a F’ng break.

              Brown man, you’re standing on the shoulders of the great Aryan men and women who invented the internet that you’re spouting off your anti-white hate on. Your people cannot and will never ever be able to even come close to the accomplishments of my forefathers in science, math, agriculture, technology, manufacturing and art.

              Go bury a pig in Waipahu and eat it.

            • I know the history of the Hawaiians and how they want the white people gone. I’m OK with that, notice I don’t live there any more. I think all whites should leave and let Hawaii go back to what it was when Cook arrived, a society reaching its Malthusian limit. They can go back to eating each other, getting killed if they allowed their shadow to touch that of an alii, the alii using criminals for live shark bait, and all of it.

              But I never miss a chance to give Hawaiians shit here on the Mainland. Your time is gonna come, blalahs!

      7. According to an American Thinker article today, there are no Nazis driving around Sanford Fl. It’s all MSM hype, they say.
        More destabilization of our Country, brought to you by Little Barry and The KGB’s!
        “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”! Fear and anger, push for a violent response. Turn up the emotions to boiling, hope for a reaction.

        Get a reaction, SEND IN THE TANKS. (Game-set-match)

        • It has been reported that the FBI is making their presence known in Sanford, Florida. This was announced AFTER the news reporting of the Neo-Nazis supposedly arriving on the scene?

          • AC&jojo: A page out of
            late 60’s COIN-TEL

            • My guess is they think
              we(are) stOOOpid(as they are)

        • According to friends who live there (I did for five years), that is a blatant lie also. I guess TPTB really does think we’re this stupid, even now. Well, frankly, the sheeple are that stupid, and they outnumber us considerably I fear. Looks like race is the next distraction and they’re going to get away with it again. It’s getting hard to watch something so obvious.

      8. Outnumbered 7:1 by an organized and communicative “enemy”. Even they realize it would be a very bad idea for them.

        • Jim Says: That’s what happens when you’re bad at math. While at least half the population of whites are sniveling, liberal weaklings, the rest of us have training in and ownership of firearms. So, at even 4:1 or even 3:1, these morons are in for serious ass-whipping should they be foolish enough to start something. Let us hope that cooler heads will prevail and this is just rhetoric to drum up funds for their cause. Peace through preparedness.

          • Something tells me that a lot of liberals will abandon their liberalism when they no longer feel so safe in their upper-middle class neighborhoods or someone they know personally is attacked by “youths”.

      9. This hate speech rethoric is as racist and threatening as it gets. These guys need to be arrested for inciting violence.

        • Amen Jojo, amen. I had to listen to the recording a few times. It is far beyond belief.

          And the funny thing about it is, the blacks think this Mexican is white. I’ve known a few Mexican’s and they routinely call me “white boy”. DAMN!!! Are the blacks so desperate for a race war that they want to pretend that this Mexican is white or do they seriously not know the difference

          • Actually the unfriendliness between blacks and hispanics has been far worse than the black/white rift for many years now.

            Those evil “Mexicans”, they work for a living. I guess you folks have already heard my aspirin joke.

            • I have never had one problem with Mexicans. They work their butts off and always have a smile or are laughing with one another. Happy people. Not that hate look (dead man stare) that blacks do trying to intimidate people. Does not work with me, I stare right back. I have to deal with all races in my line of work, and blacks give me the hardest time, on purpose I believe. Mexicans may not speak English well, but they are always polite and smile, never argue or cuss me out. Blacks I think for the most part, are an angry race. Come on with an attitude, you will get an attitude back !!!!!!

        • ~Jojo~

          Wrong answer, pal!

          The correct RX(prescription) is a hollow point “triple tap”…

          Two in the chest & one to the head!!!!

          • I know where I’d like to place one of those rounds.

          • Just keep your powder dry, and your pecker hard, and the world will turn 🙂

      10. The Obama administration wont even comment on this.

        It shows how uneducated these people are considering blacks only make up roughly 12% of the population compared to 60% whites (or non-hispanic whites according to US CENSUS).

        They are trying to incite a war in which they are GROSSLY outnumbered… what idiots.

        • In the infamous words of GWB, “Bring it on”! They will be a hell of a lot less of a percentage of the country by the time it is over! These ignoramuses and the ones in the administration want a balkanization of the country and that is what they will get. And if a few politicians and assorted government minions are casualties then so much the better.

          • Come on,you’re going to quote a knucklehead like GWB?? Really?? Now I can’t read the rest of your post, and in any way, take you seriously.

          • Also, get rid of a bunch of them, then maybe we can eliminate wel-fare and our budget deficit will come down. Get rid of the free-loaders, get rid of a large problem in our country. No more gov. hand outs!!

        • CB3 – outnumbered and outgunned, outskilled, you name it. Whites are over-represented in “combat arms” military jobs, you know, the ones where people shoot at you and you shoot back.

      11. they are just ‘driving the wedge’. i guess they are just pissed.

        • Yes MEH, pissed indeed! Mad at the world and desperate for someone to blame it all on. Other then themselves of course.

          • It’s never their fault. That’s one of their problems, lack of responsibility. Hence why they have to live off the taxpayers money. The only thing they are good at is VIOLENCE and HATE!!! And playing the system….

      12. This makes me wonder if a group of blacks had a compound and were shooting at federal agents if it would end up like WACO.

        Probably not, they probably wouldwait them out instead of bruttaly murdering families. Yes david koresh was an idiot but their were children burnt alive in that building.

        • I don’t know CB3. Do a google search on Mayor Good and Osage Ave in Philadelphia. He was black and they were black. He actually dropped a bomb on their compound in the middle of the city.

        • CB3 – There was a group called MOVE, it was a sort of, I think they wanted to withdraw from society and educate their own kids, that was set up in a city, this was years ago but that group was black. And if I remember correctly, it was a black mayor or governor who ordered a literal friggin’ air strike on them. I think there were something like two survivors.

          • DomT: i thought MOVE was
            the 1st gal’s initiative
            for fat kids(?)- Hmmm…

        • ~CB3~

          Had all the Davidians been black…the ATF wouldn’t have attempted the initial assault to start with!

          instead, there would’ve been negotiations/demands focusing on watermelons, Kentucky Fried Chicken, cases of 40oz. malt liquor & insistence that the compound receive “section 8” housing support/monies!!!!!!!!

          • Actually, one homey with dozens of kids from multiple bitches is SOP in da hood. Get a few homeys and their gangs together, throw in some fraudulent voting with some help from Brotha’ Holder, and they could have had their own congressional district and membership in the Congressional Black Caucus. BTW, is there a Congressional White Caucus?

      13. Let them bring a race war to East Tennessee. It is probaly 85%+ white. It would not go well. Let them bring thier AK’s, their 9’s, and whatever else they want, a good deer hunter will pop them way before they become a threat.

        • I have seen them buying much better guns at the gun shows for the last few years or so. They seem to be concentrating in my area on AKs and better 9mm pistols. These are gangsta looking fellows. One wonders if these are straw purchases.

        • Yea, the last thing you want to do is go into east TN looking for trouble. Yes, I live in TN and those boys up in the mountains do not play….

          • You have that right, racerx…I live in east TN also…and things are stirred up enough here because of the Channon Christian-Chris Newsom case…the re-trial for their sub human murderers will be starting soon and emotions will be running high.
            BTW, Kev…I’ll bet EVERYTHING I own that if Chris Newsom had had a gun on him…he and Channon would STILL be alive!! And where were the race baiters Al and Jesse after THIS happened???
            NEVER FORGET!!!!

            • My blood boils everytime I think of that crime. If that’s not a hate crime, I don’t know what it is.

              Those 2 were tortured and suffered horribly before they died. They were also very naive about race and the hatred the black man has for us.

              Can you believe I never even heard of this crime until 2009, 2 years after it happened.

              Where was Nancy Grace on this one, that lying POS globalist ass-kissing phony? OH that right, she was busy with Casey Anthony.

      14. It’s not Politically Correct to be White anymore. We’re getting phased out.

        Mulatto is IN, though.

      15. This is the coming race war the left/Barry 0/Holder wants. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and this is their opportunity to institute their fundamental change, and to collectively wipe thier asses with our constitution. After a few more hate crimes and race related deaths, watch the 2A and other liberties get taken away.

        Its going to be a long summer…

        • Just wait until no charges are brought against George Zimmerman. There will be gratuitous rioting in the inner cities, followed by the ever popular gratuitous looting. Then it’ll die down for awhile… Only to kick off again if Obummer loses in November.

          Never let a crisis go to waste, indeed… Socialist @ssholes.


      16. The trevyon incident has been investigated. Sadly it appears to be a case of accident. I don’t think the USA police will brush a murder under the carpet for anyone at all, as the police could go to jail if this was the case.
        True Treyvon was an innocent person, however having gun laws where almost anyone can carry a gun is not good.
        in the UK security guards & even police cannot carry guns. Police have a separate division that can carry guns & only use them if LIFE is at risk!
        This is a clear wake up call to the USA to start to reign in the amount of guns in circulation & start to reduce those jobs that allow employees to be armed etc.
        The loss of any life is tragic. However lessons need to be learned. Guns are made to kill. The more people that are allowed guns, the more people will be killed.
        Violence is NOT the answer at all. Tightening up the USA gun laws is the first place to start.
        I don’t condone riots either, where would that get anyone?
        I feel for Treyvons family as they must be going through hell & to find that seemingly no explanation of why Treyvon died & no one held to account must be devastating.
        No one gains when violence is enacted!

        • kev

          And you guys across the pond lock yourselves up tight in fear. Violent home invasions are much more common in the UK then in the USA for a good reason.

          Your Royals have armed protection but the subjects don’t have that “luxury”. Tell me a taxi driver in the city is safe in the UK? How about small merchants? The Royals are safe though.

          We’re Citizens not Subjects.

          • Kevin2

            Sorry violent home invasions are NOT that common in the UK.

            We do have protection. I have a butchers knife, a cast iron griddle pan, wasp spray and damn good neighbours. Only a complete idiot would break in around here.

            My rural Grand dad had guns – the licence rules for a shotgun are pretty simple. No criminal record or serious mental health issues + a metal cabinet to keep it in and you are good to go. You have to have good reason to own a rifle (gun or hunting club membership for instance).

            It’s a different culture. UK thugs will use dogs, knives or their bare hands to kill. The US sub-humans rely on firearms. .Sadly there are sickos everywhere now and judicial systems more interested in protecting coorporate propety rights than human beings.

            • And if you come up against a intruder with a gun you’re dead. Your griddle et al will do no good whatsoever.

              I have no idea where in London you are but it sounds great…multi cultural with no problems, intruders know not to break in…WTF?

              In my very humble opinion we should have the right to bear arms, there are WAY too many violent break ins, it’s on the news every night.

              Old person battered to death by thugs in their lounge

              Woman raped at knife point in her own bed

              6 year old taken and found battered a few hours later

              I am not trying to be nasty but reality does not actually bear out what you are saying.

              Take care

            • lonelonmum

              The UK robbery rate is twice that of the US. Granted the US murder rate is 4X the UK murder rate. When one looks at the murder rate data it is most often black criminal killing another back criminal. Murder is the most likely cause of death for a black male in the US between the ages of 16 and 26. for a white male in the Us in the same age group it is motorcycle accident.

              A knife or club in unequal as a defensive tool in unequal hands. Guns level that field as Sam Colt is quoted as saying, “God created man and Sam Colt made him equal”. My father a sharp WWII vet is still the equal of any youth because he is armed and very capable. No black belt in the UK at his age can honestly say the same. Oh, he is good at poker too.

              Your never safer without possessing the equal capacity of violence as your attacker.

            • The data was from NationMaster.

            • First rule of gunfighting: Bring a gun. Inside my home, I have no interset in a “fair” fight. I would not take comfort in the fact that I was bludgeoned to death instead of being shot.

            • Careful Burt, your going to disappear. Politicians don’t like the truth.

            • Kevin2 Really? Motorcycle accident? Man, that’s pretty funny. I mean, as a young white male I tried like hell to kill myself on motorcycles and had some spectacular biffs, but the worst was breaking some ribs. Mainly I just acquired scar tissue. I doubt there’s any moral in this, other than that young males are kinda hard to kill and frankly, breakdancing is probably a lot less dumb than all those motorcycle antics.

        • please explain to me how tighter gun laws will have any affect whatsoever on the lawless?

          “oh i was gonna rob a bank, but the gun i wanted to use was illegal so i just scrapped the whole plan”

          gun control ONLY punishes the law abiding..

          • Kevin 2

            I agree with you totally, but just to hammer home the point to my rather blinkered countryfolk, look at it this way.

            Your murder rate is 4x that of the UK, but you have more than 4 times the population of the UK, 313,000,000 compared to 70,000,000 so, on murders per 100,000 of the population, the UK rate is higher.

            I say this not with pride, but to point out that the murder rate is not actually higher due to the citizens being armed, in actual fact it appears to be lower.

            Take care

        • Yeah sure…lets make sure the government has all the guns because they care about us and want us to be safe right?

        • @ kev : do you “feel” for the Strait family too…?

          Blacks Can Murder Whites, and It Won’t Make National News

          Doug Giles

          If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news.

          Yep. Tyrone Woodfork, a black male who — much like Trayvon Martin — looks like Obama’s son, allegedly killed Nancy Strait and broke her husband Bob’s jaw, several ribs and shot him in the face with a BB gun last month in Tulsa. 20-year-old Tyrone also raped the nearly blind 97-pound Mrs. Strait, a great-great-grandmother, before he murdered her.

          Did the above monstrous crime make the national news? Are you kidding me? Why, hell no. Of course not, silly!

          Why wasn’t it fit for primetime, you ask? Well, it starred the wrong races in the wrong roles, and it thus did not fit into the fairytale the Left’s trying to foist on us goobers of Obamaland.

          For those of you who have not heard diddly squat about a black twentysomething’s senseless, atrocious burglary, rape, battery and murder of an elderly white couple, here are the details regarding the couple, the crime and the culprit(s):

          -Bob and Nancy Strait, the victims, grew up in rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

          -Bob and Nancy met on a blind date in 1946 and married a month later. They had 6 kids, 18 grandkids and about 50 great- and great-great grandchildren.

          -The Straits just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

          -Bob served in the 101st Airborne Division in WWII.

          -Bob loved woodworking, and Nancy loved quilting.

          -The couple used to sit on their porch and play the guitar and sing together during the warm summer evenings.

          -On either Tuesday evening (3/13) or Wednesday morning (3/14) Tyrone invaded their home and stole $200 in cash as well as the Strait’s TV and Dodge Neon after raping Mrs. Strait and severely beating Mr. Strait.

          – As noted, Nancy died from her injuries. Bob is in serious condition and is being treated at a nearby hospital.

          -Mrs. Strait’s funeral was on Friday, March 23, 2012.

          -The family has set up a fund—The Nancy Strait and Bob Strait Support Trust—to help pay for Nancy’s funeral service and Bob’s medical care.

          -The Tulsa cops are looking for five more murderous morons suspected in this sick and twisted tale.

          I wonder if President Obama is going to lecture the nation on this despicable act and tell us something similar to what he said regarding Trayvon’s shooting, namely:

          “It is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together—federal, state and local—to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. I think all of us have to do some soul searching to ask ourselves how does something like this happen? And that means that we examine the laws, the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident.”

          Will Spike Lee and the New Black Panther Party tweet Tyrone’s address and put out a bounty on the remaining pieces of crap who have yet to be arrested for killing Nancy and brutally beating Bob? Spike and his ilk are all about “justice,” correct? Or is it more about “just us”?

          Hey Obummer…does tyrone woodfork look like your son too…?

          • Nope it’s minor news if blacks go around killing, beating, raping, torturing, etc white people.

            Prep up, arm up, keep your powder dry, people. Look out for your neighbors, form a neighborhood network even if it just starts with Sunday barbecues, get to know your neighbors and find out who you can count on, and will count on you, for mutual defense.

          • Bad America

            Excellent post.

            Take care

            • @Burt: Thank you for your kind words.

              …P.S….and Bob’s your Uncle!!!…lol…love that saying…lol.

              …be safe…stay the course….B

            • do you guys call yourselves Christians? I WONDER WHAT JESUS WOULD DO

          • People need to post crimes like this when they happen. Sure can’t depend on MSM. Nothing on Nancy Grace, I think CNN leans more to helping the blacks than whites. Of course, they’re in Obummer’s corner any way. All they can talk about is the black kid that got murdered. Sure, it’s horrible, but there’s 2 sides to every story, yet all they are focused on is Jesse Jackson and the victims family. What about finding out what really happened and quit editing the audio tape from the 911 call to make Zimmerman look bad. I believe the Today Show was guilty of that. Talk about making a race issue by altering the facts. Can’t even trust the news any more on TV. Zimmerman hasn’t had his day in court to tell his side of the story as to what he claims happened, and the Media has already made up their mind…. guilty. Some one might want to notify the media that there are witnesses to both sides of the story, so which witnesses are they believing? The one for the black victim. Go figure….

        • Thank you. The truth is I could cite a dozen examples of white on black crimes in the past two weeks alone. I cannot cite one instance of the opposite. No one takes the Black Panthers seriously. What they should be worried about are the many street gangs, white , black etc …. who will most likely react to the new wave of racial violence that seems to have erupted . The fact that we have a black man in the white house [ irony ] has drawn out the hate and fear the permeates the rightwing rushbots. Hate radio is a cause of hightened anxiety. Fear mongering , placing the blame upon minorityies is the oldest and cruelest trick in the book. Maybe you should research how Adolf Hitler was able to come to power. It was the jews, then, now , its the illegals and of course.
          I am sure that the authorities are watching the Panthers as closely as they can. So far, the black panthers have not committed any crime. But they have raised their profile taking advantage of this climate to promote their cause.

          • The reason no one takes the Black Alleycats seriously is you can never count on ’em to get anything done on the last day of the month, they’re at the Wal-Mart, shopping at 11PM, waiting for their EBT cards to renew at midnight.

            Can’t even get a bank robbery orchestrated, Alleycat 1 “Hey dawg, you were supposed to bring your shotgun” Alleycat 2: Smiles and says, I traded it to my dentist for this new grill! Look! A different Looneytunes character on each tooth!”

            And so on.

            Stupid, useless f(_)ckers. Just like in the L.A. Games (shoot, loot, and scoot) they’ll get to the edge of white territory and there will be one white guy on a roof with a gun, and they’ll turn around like they heard their drug dealer calling them.

          • With all the inter racial breeding….lines are blurred.

            • You are point on, my ob. The family values have been blurred by the allowance of white teenage girls to date black guys. The white parents should have been more vigilant starting in the 60s and 70s, by teaching their girls that we were not intended to intermix sexually with other races. Not only does it cause problems for the parents on both sides; but what about the innocent children from these copulations. Admit it people, what is the first thing that you think about when you see one of these kids with a white mommy and no (black) daddy walking around at Wallyworld. We can’t help it because it was wrong from the start. There are cases, I’m sure, where two people didn’t see color and fell in love. But not that many. Most of the white girls, adolescent, wanted to standout, wanted drugs, or just wanted someone to spend every dime they could get their hands on, on them. These were the main reasons we have all this political correctness and acceptance of interracial copulations. Two situations hit close to home. I’ll share and you decide. A white couple, I grew up with, were teenage sweethearts. They grew up, lower middle-class, in the country. Got married, had great jobs and two kids. Wanted them to have everything they could not have while going to school. Gave them way too much. Hauled them to every ball practice,dance school,all the extra stuff a kid could want. Kids got use to it; everything on a silver platter. Daughter had a scholarship to acting/modeling/dance school and decided to play around awhile before going away. Momma and daddy played ostrich and let their guard down. Daughter was 19 and hanging out at party places. Being 6′ tall and beautiful she was the desire of the black jocks and crack dealers. Parents gave too much rope and not enough love,(tough love). Daughter pissed away career,further education, got a bad reputation,was ridiucled by all white friends, especially the guys and finally moved away to be left alone. Now 27 years old, lost her job as a bartender because she was still “burning coal” and bringing the wrong clientele into the Bar & Grill, living with a gay black woman and most likely going thru the same mistakes she made as a teenager. Oh, her brother, that used to be a jock,star quarterback, and had every opportunity to make something of his life; is now 30 years old, in prison, and the only thing he owns is a broken down moped(lost his drivers liscense years ago) and a few clothes. It begins at home people. My own stepdaughter,14, when I met her mother. Playing every girls sport in school and making straight A’s. Got out of highschool with a partial scholarship, started smoking pot (no, became a pot-head) started hanging out with blacks because of the availability of pot and the dealing. Momma just let it go and basically tried to deny that it was going on with her “little girl”. I was just about to blow a fuse and leave, but kept hearing a voice, stand your ground and “help”. Daughter wound up moving off campus with a black crack dealer,quit college with $100K student loan debt and working as a part time waitress. Now! Momma started listening to Tread. Got her talking sense to her daughter about intermixing and the pitfalls that are sure to come. It took two years of preaching and both hated me, but now seeing the light. Still has some black friends in the big city. They are OK people from meeting them. She is now 22 and still smoking pot and waitressing. However, she has accepted her mistakes and is working on doing better, dating white guys, and she even likes me now(so does momma). It starts at home people.

            • Give thanks & praise for all the inter-racial breeding. Makes a real race war much harder for the ptb to pull off (as opposed to random incidents perpetrated by damn fools instigated by clever behind the scenes manipulators).

              This shit is global & the more people that realise that it’s a small minority of the corporate criminal cabal trying to screw us all over the better! (Or have people forgotten the petri dish of Greece?)

          • ~Maindawg~

            You’re kidding, right???

            You’re either a self-absorbed negro or a mud-shark, right??? Which is it?
            Inquiring minds want know!!!!!

        • Hey Kev, I know someone that was killed by stabbing, better outlaw the gin-sue.

          I know a guy that was killed by a reckless driver. Better outlaw cars.

          While we’re at it let’s outlaw bikes, baseball bats, axes, sledgehammers, swing sets, screwdrivers and I guess just about everything else.

          Sorry bud but I disagree with you.

          • Don’t forget dihydrogen monoxide!!!

        • Why don’t you take your garbage elsewhere. Trayvon was shot because he was a thug. He could have just walked home then called the cops if he thought he was being bothered. Instead it appears he felt he could take Zimmerman and attacked him. Went for Zimmermans gun and lost out. Guns make people polite. Small people are helpless when big people want to hurt them. Why do you think cops carry guns? As for your pussy country GB the Muslims will be in charge soon and you can watch as they beat and rape your women while you can do nothing to stop it. That is the future you have made for yourselves. Personally I hope this whole call for a race war just dies out. If it comes to that then there is no going back and the US is finished plus I have black friends and want to keep them.

          • Absolute parallel with Yugoslavia. Before it all fell apart, Serbs and Croats and Bosnians were friends. No not all of them, but there were friendships. There were marriages.

            And it didn’t end well. Serbia wasn’t able to win the whole place 🙁

          • We are not all the same John but until UK citizens stand together for their rights to be restored nothing will happen.

            I hope you are right regarding race wars
            Good luck

        • Sorry kev, but you’re way off on this one. Your logic falls short on many points. Let me correct a few of the most glaring mistakes, if I may:
          You said “Guns are made to kill.”
          Simply not true. First, guns are not made solely for the purpose of killing. There’s also huntung(taking of animal life is not ‘killing’, it’s ‘food’). Plus there’s sport and target shooting and such. More importantly, far more guns are owned for the purpose of preventing death than causing it. Self-defense is NOT the same as murder. Yes, someone might be killed, but if the one killed is the initiator of violence then they have already forfeited their right to life by their criminal actions. And killing them is actually the only right thing to do. It preserves innocent life now, and prevents any future killing by them. Society must deal with violent criminals that way, otherwise it is not a just socielty that truly values innocent human life.
          You said “The more people that are allowed guns, the more people will be killed.”
          Again, simply not true. Hammers are made to drive nails. The more people are allowed hammers, the more nails will be driven. See what I mean?
          You said “No one gains when violence is enacted.”
          Also, not true. Violence, or at least the real possibility of violence, has probably saved more lives than we could count. Capital punishment has always been a 100% deterrant to crime. I’ll bet you can’t name one executed criminal who ever went on to continue a life of crime after their execution. I can name several that were paroled and murdered again. And even stupid violent criminals avoid targeting potential victims who may be armed.
          Also, violence in the case of a ‘just war’ has saved countless millions throughout history. Granted, most wars are not ‘just’ but a few have been.
          Finally, using the UK as an example of something positive in modern society is simply asking to be corrected. Much as I admire our brothers and sisters across the pond, we can find precious little in their society today that we’d consider an example to model ourselves after. Certainly, the gun laws, which give their people the sad distinction of being ‘un-armed, vulnerable subjects’ rather than citizens posessing God given rights is not one of them.

          • Omg, my bad, so sorry, this was meant for that idiot Kev, not you Smokin’. Maybe I’ve been smokin’ too. Sorry!!!!

            • no problem lil bit 🙂

          • “And even stupid violent criminals avoid targeting potential victims who may be armed.”

            Okie, a poll was done some years ago. This was THE NUMBER ONE DETERRENT. If the victim was armed, he was not a victim, the criminal moved on.

            In fact, even if the victim WAS NOT ARMED but appeared to be, the criminal moved on. Just the mere hint of being armed and you suddenly become not a victim.

            Ask the criminals: they’ll tell you. They know whos armed.

            No breakins in my neighborhood, ever. Been here since 1967 when I was 6 years old. Why? There has always been a well advertised “you loot we shoot” de facto ordinance. …and sometimes the gunfire is deafening! (I’m a big contributor.)

            In my state, you mess around and get shot, its likely the victim will never be charged.

            • Agree on the “not a victim” due to possibly being armed..

              I have been packing for the last 11 years, and always tried my best to not let my S&W “print” ..i dint want anyone to know i packed heat. ( for many reasons)

              well I went and bought a Hi cap XDM in .45..the guy at the store where I buy my arms said ..”well you might have a bit of a time trying not to have that piece “print” on you..I said “thats fine, I want it to”

          • Yep

          • The UK has become a sad joke considering the great nation it once was.

        • OMG, you are such an idiot.
          I’m stunned at your idiocy.
          Now I’m laughing, lol, because I can’t believe what an idiot you are.

          • Who’s the idiot? The armed guy or the criminal? I have no problems defending my family and will sleep like a baby after putting a round in some idiot coming into my home.

            • It was supposed to be directed at what Kev said, but it got pushed to the bottom, putting what I wrote out of context-sorry-Kev is the idiot. I keep my s&w loaded too.

        • On your knees, slave.

        • you just run and be a good little victim…do as your told

        • Kev,

          I’m glad you’re talking about gun control because we really need to get the guns from the people who do the most killing. These evil bastards are nothing but a blight on society. We need to take their guns and be sure they are not able to own them.

          Now, to do this I propose we pay good attention to two things: Skin Color and Careers. Its the only two things that matter. Hey! You started this conversation and I’m going to finish it, you ignorant ass. If we are going to effectively keep guns from killing innocent people, we need to take the guns from two groups of people. I’ll start with the largest offender:

          1) The first and largest group is blacks and hispanics (except for white hispanics population: 1 – Name: George Zimmerman). If a person is not white, make sure they have no guns. Sound racist? Really? YOu need to read a few statistics. You’ll find that non-police shootings using a firearm are far less likely to be white. No, I don’t mean “less likely” I mean “less f***ing likely than you can imagine” less likely. If you can read you need to read REAL facts and not some overblown bullshit designed to make you think a certain way. Its simple fact.

          2) The second largest group that cause innocent death by firearm are the cops. They account for the second most highest murder rate in the country. Oh, they don’t “call” it “murder” they call it “justified” or “unintentional” or something and they get a paid vacation for it.

          So, lets take the guns from those two groups because if you are really wanting to talk about safety, that might be enough. If you argue in ANY WAY AGAINST THIS, you are a lying sack of panther poop.

          My guess is you don’t care about safety, you just want to get rid of guns and you don’t care. They make you uncomfortable and you are a coward, a pansie, an authoritarian worshipping sheople.

          Until they change the Constitution, you are OUT OF LUCK!

          I’ve had just about all I can take out of you anti-Gun SHITHEADS. How about a nice big cup of shut the F*** up because you don’t understand the problem and you don’t have a grasp on reality?

          When you take away the guns from the Zimmermans, the Nude Blank Pansies still have theirs. DUH! Now, innocent people get murdered with no way to defend themselves and *YOU* are an *ACCESSORY*. Welcome to blood on your hands!

          Anti-Gun people aren’t just liars, they’re stupid cowards too. I’ve never seen anyone have a successful argument in REALITY against firearms ownership and carrying.


          *BECAUSE*THERE*ARE*NONE*! The only reason there are anti-gun people is because they refuse to realize the facts and identify the true problem. Gun control only controls the guns of the people who should have guns. The people who shouldn’t have guns still have them and, now unopposed, run wild with nothing to slow them down. Its like declawing all the cats you can catch. The ones you can’t catch shred the others. Anyone that proposes it has to be an idiot of the highest degree.

          Kev, yes, I’m talking to you. You’re a moron.

          Think of it kev: Two guys. One honest citizen. He’s got a gun. One criminal bastard. He’s got a gun. Criminal bastard *KNOWS* honest citizen has a gun. He knows if he invades the home he’ll get his head blown off. He invades, uh, YOUR HOME INSTEAD!!! But, he has to be careful. While you may be a non-gun owning irresponsible human, he doesnt know for sure but at least with you there is less risk.

          Then: You work hard a create a local ordinance to outlaw firearms. Now:

          One honest citizen. He’s got no gun. (Remember! You forced him to turn it in!!!) One criminal bastard. HE’S STILL GOT HIS GUN! Now, however, he knows honest citizen and YOU are powerless to stop him. He rapes, kills, burglarizes with impunity. …unless he gets caught, which, is far less likely than you would imagine.(…when there are seconds to spare, cops are minutes away…) Oh, they might get caught but the act is done. Ask the 85 year old lady. Oh, sorry, you can’t. She’s dead. Last thing she remembers: being raped. Love thought, huh? What

          The fact is, Kev, you benefit from the rest of us having guns because the bad guys don’t know for sure you don’t have one.

          “From My Cold Dead Hands…”

          Sorry, Mac, I know you don’t like personal attacks, but, these anti-Gun people need a good talking too. Even if they’re living in they’re mothers basements and can’t tie their own shoes, they still should have a slight grasp on the facts and it appears they do not. …AND IT PISSES ME OFF! How can someone old enough and intelligent enough to type NOT GET IT?

          • Bravo NetRanger.

          • Spot on netranger!

          • Netranger is right on. Canada experimented with long gun registration. The damn knee jerk law never worked as liberals intended. It is true, very few street crimes were committed with registered weapons while the law was in place. The second amendment was designed to keep the government honest. That has failed also. Something else that has failed is the realization that a military coup de’tat has ocurred. Just ask Panetta the authority he follows in order to wage war. It isn’t the Constitution or Congress. When the military get control over the Federal Reserve…game over. Doesn’t all of this make you warm and fuzzy and instill a wonderful feeling of security?

            • Grandpa,

              It has failed up until now because people don’t realize the congress is not *OUR* congress and the constitution is not *OUR* constitution! They’ve been replace.

              More and more people are waking up to this. For 140+ years you’ve been presented a lie to gloss over the fact that:

              A) We’re under martial law that was never recinded after the civil war.

              B) “The Government” is not a government at all. Hence, not “of the people” either, it is a corporationi formed in 1871 known as The United States Federal Corporation.

              C) It has suppressed and usurped our true “Of The People” government since its inception.

              The only thing that will free us is to realize this.

              (GC: Did I get that right. Please correct me if I wavered from the facts as you know them…)

          • Right on brother!

            • Again, I repeat:

              Anti-Gunners are *ACCESSORIES* to murder because they aid and abed the criminals. If me or mine are *EVER* harmed because guns were not allowed any person (corporate, commercial or private) that has supported the anti-gun agenda and attempted to brainwash the people into believing “they don’t have the right” when the second amendment clearly states that the right “shall not be infringed”, will be named in the lawsuit.

              Get a clue: help the criminals, go to jail or write a check.

          • Net,

            My point exactly.

            Am I the only non-mental Brit on here? Kev thinks we should all hug and be friends, Lonelonmum lives in some corner of London where all is harmony and she has time to have community meetings, batch cook for the “protectors” and then dash off to the seaside before the rioters arrive.

            What the hell is wrong with these people?

            Someone said a while back I was born on the wrong continent….I am starting to agree.

            Take care

          • Nice one Net..well said.

            Take care

          • NR, never argue with an idiot. You can never convince them they are wrong, and if anyone is watching, it won’t be long before they can’t tell who is the idiot.

            Good job. Kev is probably about to explode by now. Make popcorn because this will be fun to watch.

        • @KEV … only in a perfect world would your words be true! unfortunately we live in a imperfect world full of corrupt crooked predators at all levels of society … where only …


          A government that fears the people is a Free Republic!
          A government that people fear is a Dictatorship!

          Which are we Preppers??? Which are We???


        • ~Kev~

          You’re in the UK, right?

          So let me ask you something in terms you’ll comprehend.

          Are you a “bloke” or are you “crumpet”????


          -(quote)- I “FEEL” for Treyvons family as they must…..**snip** -(unquote)-

          FYI Kev, in critical situations…real men DO NOT FEEL!!! That is the role of the fairer sex (real women/females…God bless ’em)!

          Real men “THINK & TAKE ACTION”!!!
          ‘Tis a sad commentary on the preponderance of present day UK manhood, where the majority appear to be merely, self-obsessed males of the opposite sex!–(think about it)–

          Yeah, we have those over here too! We call them liberals!


          Allow me to remind you that your ancestors created, via violent conquest, the largest spanning empire ever witnessed on planet Earth!
          Recall the saying…the sun never sets on the British Empire!!!

          How did they do it??? By kicking the living-shit out of the WOGs on the field of battle….often outnumbered 20-50 & even +100:1 (see 19th century battle of York’s Rift in South Africa vs Zulus for a good example).

          …my GOD!!! I ask you, whatever happened to the fearsome Englishman?


          I think the bulk of the rugged/fearless/courageous DNA left your country for this one, centuries ago… can see evidence of that from nearly every American male who posts here….& some of the ladies too!!!!

          Believe me….99.9% of it, is the straight up stuff. Its not bravado!!!!! But then again, your kind wouldn’t understand that…would they?!?

          …I/we hold you Brit males in various stages of utter contempt…because you forfeited your “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” to self defense/family defense, via surrendering your firearms….and now your constables(policemen) will bust your ass for carrying a “pocket knife”???


          Y’all need to grow some serious gonads, pal!!!!


          Do not attempt to argue, that I have no idea of British society!
          I lived amongst you for almost 7 years. I’ve patronized your pubs…I’ve tossed your darts…I’ve drank your bitters, your lagers & your ales in mega-quantities(to this day I’ll contemplate murder for fresh pint of “ABBOT ALE”)…well almost!!!!

          …I’ve chased & loved your women…I’ve brawled/fought your skinheads in Ipswich, London & Cambridge & few other down the path places. I’ve met Englishmen who were “REAL MEN”….& many who weren’t.

          My mother is English & I have relatives there! I see them every once in awhile & hence, keep abreast as much as possible…..of your 1984/Brave New World existence!!!

          You do have a measure of my pity, BTW,!!!

          • Kev should change his handle to PEE–Proud European Eunich.

          • Gunsmith

            You asked what happened to fearless Englishmen….well

            He pissed off to live in never never land with Peter Pan and all the others who refuse to grow up, wake up and smell the coffee.

            Remember Boudica…looks like us women are going to have to make a stand

            Take care

            • ~Burt-baby~

              Yeah…Now there was a ‘lioness of a woman’.
              She taught Rome’s invading legion some painful lessons…while aboard a war-chariot!!!

              …sort of gives a whole new perspective to the term…”female drivers”!!! LOL.

              …sorry Burt (chuckle-chuckle)…..I couldn’t resist!!!

              Take care & all the best to you & yours!

        • Ya right!…cant have anybody getting shot…but you dont mind stabbings and beatings do you …machetes make a nice wound…say how about an axe or a chainsaw,maybe a nice sharp broken bottle shoved up your backside…but God forbid someone can use a gun in self defence…theres a few from over there who comment here time to time who actually make sense…but not you…youre why we dont live there,see to it you stay there….

          • Male or female does not come into it…he is a fool and that’s the end of it. For some reason my reply to him is in moderation so let me make it clear. If we owned guns, or we’re even allowed to look at the possibility of owning a gun, I believe the deterrent effect, the “does she have a gun…..will she use it ?” mentality would make me and mine safer, something I am all for.

            I would be at the front of the queue and jump through whatever hoop they required to get my permit, and then I would queue again to learn how to use that weapon correctly.

            Kevin is naive, the UK is not the utopia he imagines, or wishes you to think it is. We have shootings just like everywhere else, innocents maimed and killed because there is no deterrent.

            KEVIN THE BAD GUYS ALREADY HAVE THE GUNS MATE. It’s about time you took a long hard look at reality son. These issues will not go away because you and others of your ilk refuse to address them. Grow up and get a pair Kev, when you get some balls and a backbone feel free to come back, until then try the knitting circle website, it’s a lot less realistic than this one.

            Take care

            • Well Said!

            • Burt

              I’m in the UK too. So long as you don’t have a criminal record or a dodgy mental health history there is nothing stopping you getting a shotgun licence! Look it up please as you’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

              Handgun – forget it
              Rifle – Too much personal info needed,(i’m not one for handing out my inside leg measurement to every jobswroth that asks) and lots of justification as to why you want one.

              A simple shotgun to keep at home in a locked gun cabinet? (make sure that’s where it is when they inpect) simple as pie ; )

              UK gunowners just keep their ownership on the down-low, need to know basis cos of all the dumb fools around.

            • Lonelonmum


              I have no history of mental illness, I have an enhanced CRB (criminal records bureau) records check, every year, since the check was invented, all clean.

              My gun was taken away because I moved from Devon to Derbyshire, both in the sticks, middle of nowhere I told them them of new address etc Derbyshire said no how no way hand it over.

              I do not have to look it up, I was a legal gun owner for 20 years, please do not preach the rule book to me you do not, on this occasion know what you are talking about.

              Yes on paper it is as simple as you say, in reality it is not.

          • And she never had a gun lol……but to be fair, neither did the opposition. Kevin will be happy lol

        • Stay there, please. You can cower in fear as you wish.

        • Kev,

          If we did not have our freedom of arms in the US. we’d still be a province of the UK. Unless of course, this is what you want.

          Our gun rights were put in place to protect us from tyrannical government. It was recognized in the late 1700s by our Founders that for us us to be free, we should be armed. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few irresponsible idiots running around not knowing how to shoot. But for the most part, it is what has kept us from being run completely roughshod over by an ever-growing tyrranical government. What you ask would condemn us to an existence akin to life under the Chinese government. The people of the UK would do well to learn from this example.

          A UK policeman chasing a bad guy: “Stop, or I’ll say stop again!”

          • Anon…be fair now….sometimes we get to shout BOO really loudly in the hope they get scared away.

            • Mind you, I went out with a SO19 copper, he was armed response and not always that polite with his “clients”

            • Burt

              Thanks for the heads up – as you know I am planning to relocate. Guess I’ve been a bit naive tbh.

              I honestly had no idea UK gun licence permissions could vary so much due to area (- having lived at my current address over 15 years, and never have seen anyone have issues in this neck of the woods.) I naively thought it would be the same all over England & Wales. (Scotland’s laws are always slightly different I know).

              Due to your warning I’m gonna go away and research my relocation authorities stance on gun ownership. A “newbie” in any area is always a lot more vulnerable than someone who is firmly entrenched into a community. More so if she’s a lone Mum – I’m not a great believer in being a sitting duck.

              Choosing a new location to live and all the hassles of selling up just get more & more complicated as time goes on. Each time you think you have one area covered something else crops up to take into account.

        • Kev,

          “No one gains when violence is enacted!”

          Life of the innocent is guaranteed lost when the innocent cannto defend themselves on equal terms with their assailant. On this premise, I disagree with you, in that a life is gained when one can ward off their attacker on equal terms.

          Our founders understood the natural right of self-defense, especially when confronting a tyrannical government. We have our gun laws because it keeps our government more or less in check. It is a balance of power, and government should fear an armed populace. It’s a pity the UK government does not recognize this right in their subjects.

          • Lonelonmum

            If you have never known people in your area….London have a problem with owning shotguns then either me or you are
            A) asleep and dreaming all this
            B) are talking about different Londons
            C) one of us is mad.

            Getting a firearms licence in London would be as rare as seeing a rocking horse shit itself. I would suggest that these people in your area of the Capital with guns either don’t really have guns and are lying or if you have seen them , well that they are illegal.

            Truly, I was dating a senior detective with an armed branch of the Metropolitan police and even his clout could not help me keep an ancient rabbit gun that had been held legally for years.( there are nights I truly miss that man!!!) sorry, got a bit sidetracked there lol

            Forget the research. Find the main police station in the area you intend to relocate to and ask them how is the best way to obtain a licence.

            I hope you sort it, but if not you need to look closely at home defence, this is the place to get help with that, I have learned so much and am far more confident now…I would still prefer a gun but hey oh not much I can do about that at the minute.

            Take care

        • Obvious troll is obvious.

        • Kev

          You are deluded,naive and idealistic. Many, many people have guns in the UK most of them are people that have a criminal record. Solid citizens are prevented from owning guns, we are forbidden the deterrent that owning a weapon would provide. Be logical Kev, I am a partially disabled woman living alone with a child, nice target to some. Being able to own a weapon would even things up a bit, make people think twice before invading my home.does she have a gun? Does she not have a gun? Will she shoot? Won’t she shoot? Makes people stop and think Kevin.
          You need to wake up and smell the coffee mate. Do you really think there will be no more Hungerfords, Dunblanes or Cumbria type shootings just because the law says we cannot own guns? Do you think no more teenagers will be killed in the crossfire on their way to New Years Eve parties? What about 5 year olds paralysed for life because her and her daddy were in the wrong place at the wrong time?, buying sweeties in a shop in their own area when she was hit. What did her get Kevin, twenty years I think it was. Twenty years of free meals, snooker tables colour tv and gym membership. If the citizenry were armed maybe that little girl would have the satisfaction of knowing he was in the ground where he belongs. I have spent years trying to keep people alive until the bullets are out, part of life in A&E. You need to get your head out of your arse and think before you open your mouth. Bet you’d feel a bit different if you’d seen it up close.

          Take care Kev, the illegal guns are there already, hope and pray you are never in the position of having one pointed at you because you have no deterrent.


          Some of us actually have a backbone.
          Some of us believe we have the right to defend ourselves and our family
          Some of us have had to do so using effing wasp spray and Bic because there’s nothing else
          Some of us are willing to fight if and when the time comes
          Some of us see life for the crap it is having removed the rose coloured glasses
          Some of us have no desire to take life…but have the balls to do so if required.

          Some of us are not complete and utter TWATS…sadly some of us are.

          Kev, you have completely ruined my breakfast.

          Take care

        • Kev, No offense, but you have been mentally and socially conditioned to be the perfect willing slave.

          One of my favorite American Founders, Thomas Jefferson, once said, “I Prefer Dangerous Freedom, Over Peaceful Slavery.”

          I live by this piece of wisdom every single day. It defines a free people and a free society. It empowers a free people to remain free, at any and all costs, against all odds.

          The reason you have such a defeated attitude is because you are by definition a subject of England. The vast majority of Americans are not bound by that psychological straight jacket. Do you know what that means? It means you are technically owned by the Queen, like chattel.

          You have been successfully conditioned your entire life to be a servant to the ruling members of the British high society. Worse, you have been conditioned to WILLINGLY ACCEPT the role as an obedient subject. That is not meant to be cruel, I am stating a matter of fact! If you are not royalty, you are a tool to produce labor and taxes, period.

          I have traveled to London many times, and it is, by far, the most heavily surveilled city I’ve ever been to in the world. It is the quintessential police state. I avoid England like the plague.

          Do the rest of the world a huge favor. Until you figure out how to live in non-socialist free society, and learn the importance of taking personal responsibility for every aspect of your life especially self defense, stay right there in England, in your comfort zone.

        • kev
          Greetings from Norway. Our police does neither carry guns. However our people are what I might call armed to the teeth and it is not difficult to get a license for a gun or a pistol, even after that Breivig guy went berserk.

          Shootings are however seldom in our country. What happened at Utøya was a one time accident. My point is, its not about the gun laws but about people.

          When I was seven years old my dad started teaching me about guns and the whole matter became boring. It was simply hard work. Today I am a gun-owner like most of my neighbors. We don`t have shootings, if people threaten each other its about beating someone up or getting out the ax.

          My point is, that it isn`t about arms law and guns, its about people. Stupid people do stupid things. With or without guns. Its much about common sense and education from parents, family and friends.

      17. The more I ponder this racism. the more examples of it come out. O-dudis has his black Americans for Obama. Is this crazy or what? One need only think for but a moment what the response would be if Ron Paul started a white Americans for Ron group. Universal condemnation, and rightly so. We are all one country, we stand united or we will be a house divided.

        • Great idea, how about an Idiots for Romney group? just say’n

          • Hahaha! Romney looks like the actor I’d choose to play the President if I were making an Afterschool Special for TV.

      18. Hydra-Shoks don’t care what race you are.

        • Just remember you may be the one that takes one. You think a race war is a joke? Better hope it never happens and yes I am sick of the affirmative action, white guilt BS.

          • There could be the very remote possibility I do take one but the odds are close to little or none because of the number of blacks in my geographical area, and most of them here are not sympathetic to the militant ones, on the contrary they despise what these extremists are doing to their race.

            Race riots are pretty much around the corner, wait until the DA decides that there is not enough evidence to make a solid case against Zimmerman, it’ll be the Rodney King incident all over again, but with groups in every major city attempting to incite riots. I am wondering if that is why Angela Corey, knowing how volatile the situation is, is dragging her feet on this is so as to let the incident fade into memory before coming to a decision.

        • I prefer Hornady XTPs, but, at about 800fps, nobody will really know the difference.

          Oh, and no jokes here.

          • I prefer the 2500 FPS 5.7 that will rattle your cage. I am of Indian decent and still refer myself as an AMERICAN. No joke here, try it sometime and be willing to understand the otherside before you rant. Your lack of knowledge is truly impressive, (NOT), yet freedom of speech is what your yelling here, so stop, look and hear the meaning of thier pain, yes it is hundreds of years old and none of my relatives are still around to explain the truth behind all the allegations. Therefore, lacks any true meaning. Knowledge will set you free, so you see, most of the individuals involved are lacking the brain cells of a wet rock, you on the other hand seem to have some knowledge, so show it. Have a great life and if the lives of others cross paths, just be prepared.

        • Nor do the Hornady Zombie rounds in my .45 hehe

      19. I’m so sceered and shaking I fired off 40 rounds!

        Why can’t we all just be in this collapse together? Oh, I see. TPTB want us to fight each other.

        I doubt they will get it started, but if they do, they will lose. Just like the French Revolution, TPTB will regret they got what they wanted.

        • People if you still think this is about black and white YOU need to wake up!

          • I had a guy say this “Trayvon thing” is a not about race. Thats a cover story. He thinks its about guns, as in getting them away from the people, all the people. …not just the white hispanics (???!!!) but everyone.

            Racism as a cover story. Hmmm. Its an interesting theory. Like incompetence of government as a cover story.

      20. Um… what continent is that on their flag?
        I don’t think i understand what the problem is.

        Please help me to understand.
        Are these persons Americans?

        What does ‘Black Power’ imply?
        This is all very confusing.

      21. May they all sleep in a pool of PANTHER PISS [ sorry this stuff makes me mad! ]

        • You don’t have to apologize. Many of us feel angry about this crap. When the LA riots happened I was living in Long Beach,Ca. Back then I drove a primer gray 1961 Ford Pickup. I was coming home from working on the Naval Shipyard and had to stop and get gas. I was watched by 30-40 black people mostly men standing on the corner of 20th/Pacific as I pulled in to fuel up. 7 of them walked around behind me as I stood there pumping the gas so I reached into my jean jacket and pulled out my .357 S&W and just held it to where they could see it. They stopped and turned and walked back to the crowd. I honestly think they would’ve jumped me or killed me if I hadn’t had that handgun with me. I guess they thought look there’s another Reginald Denny but I’m not that stupid.

          • Yep you’d have been killed.

            Hell a .357 is a good thing to have handy in that area even when the natives aren’t restless!

            • Yeah you’re right. I lived on Magnolia/20th. Which now that I think about it that gas station might have been on Pacific/PCH. Long Beach could be an unpleasant place at times. I was stationed there in the 80’s and it was bad then but my brother who was a Marine said he stopped in Long Beach for a visit back in the late 60’s and he said he thought it was beautiful back then. Needless to say I live in NE Utah now and I can’t stand cities at all anymore. I figure I didn’t lose anything there and I don’t want to go back.

          • @ GatorNavy: Wow !!! And all this time I thought guns killed people.., and you are kind of implying that it saved your life with out pulling the trigger… WOW.., can this really happen. 😉

            Gave you a thumbs up. 🙂

            • @EAGLEDOVE

              Since GatorNavy isn’t a “white hispanic” (???!!!) those black men that were attempting to assist him in filling his truck were safe. I’m sure they just wanted to help you GatorNavy!

              You’re all just so paranoid.

              (OUCH! I think I bit my tounge off! Call 911!!!)

              No seriously, they were just about ready to “git what you got”. Your life was inconsequencial.

            • @ NetRanger ;

              I feel so stupid., those young men probably just wanted to help.., one to gas up the truck and the other to hold his gun for him…. what was I thinking? I am in complete depression now from guilt and paranoia… 😉

          • ~Gator~

            Funny you would bring up a gas station scenario.

            A few years back, I was at a gas station just off Brookshire Blvd in Charlotte, NC….that area is notoriously “dark”.

            ….anyway, I was on empty & was inside prepaying.
            As I was walking out, I see this 60 something white guy pull the fill-handle out of his pick-up’s tank & generously spray 3 young negro thugs w/ regular gas at very close range….I mean he really hosed their asses down good!!!

            They retreated/back-peddled cursing to high heaven…whereupon the old geezer drops the pump, reaches into his pants pocket, pulls out a zippo & charges their asses!!!!!

            The “boys from the hood” ran/hauled ass like you wouldn’t believe. It all happened so fast, I nor anyone else couldn’t do anything other than laugh hysterically!!!

            Turned out the old geezer was a Nam-vet, 101st Airborne. I & another guy paid for his gas(reimbursed him)!!!!!

            Lesson learned = damn near everything can be used as a weapon!!!!!!!!

            • I should have mentioned that the above episode was, the 2nd time I had witnessed gasoline used as a weapon!

              Folks, always maintain an alert “situation awareness” mindset when you’re out & about!!!

            • I heard something simular to this..
              also schooled my kid on this if she were ever to encounter a car jacking or robbery at a gas I told her..if they get in the car..hose it down too..we’ll just by another car honey

              light it up!

            • Gunsmith…another one for Burts book of good ideas lol

              I have to compile notes because it seems all the other Brits on here do not want any of us to be armed.

              Lonelonmum is happy waving a pan at someone

              Kev seems not to know what exactly he would do

              Maybe I am just a nasty bitch, but I don’t think I am, I have no desire to run around shooting people, but I would much prefer that to them shooting me… child and I deserve to be allowed to have an effective method of fighting back, if someone feels they have the right to break into my home, to harm myself or my child, I feel I have the right to shoot them.

              For the Brits on here…yes I would prefer a gun, most weapons mean I have to get close enough that I could be in danger, I like the distance a gun would give me, it is less personal than a knife.
              Before you slate me, let me tell you I have used guns many times, namely a .22 bolt action rifle.

              I have shot rabbits, hare, a fox and put a dog out of its misery when it was mutilated in a farming accident, hardly a large list but that is immaterial. I would have found it far more distressing to have killed those animals with a knife or my hands, also the animals would have suffered more as I most definitely would not have got it right first time, a bullet in the head removes the possibility of getting it wrong. Yes I could use my wasp spray again but only if I want to burn my house down which kind of defeats the object.

              Yes if my child was threatened I would have a go with whatever was to hand, but where would that leave her if I was unsuccessful? Just by being ALLOWED to have a gun it puts an element of doubt in a criminals mind.

              I suggest you anti-everything types have a long hard think about what ou would really do if faced with a gun. I openly admit the thought of that scares the shit out of me.

              Take care

            • @ Gunsmith

              LOL..that was funny! I don’t like pulling a gun out on anyone but when it needs to be seen I show it and when it needs to be used I will do it. Those rules apply now…. because now most people when they see a firearm in hand they usually have the common sense to just leave you alone. Now if things go awry in the US then I will be more apt to just pull and use it. It’s a god awful thing to even think about. But who knowingly put us in this position? The good ol’ US Government and their friends. Gunsmith… I had a brother n law that passed away in 1998 from tumors all through his body. He served two tours in Viet Nam 1968-1970, 25th Infantry with a shoulder full of medals and he always had this saying to me…. “ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SHIT WIRED TIGHT AT ALL TIMES TROOP” Just like on the movie that came out -Platoon. lol. But I still think it’s a wise statement!

      22. I read this on American thinker this morning. It is sad but all part of the bamsters reelection plans. Motivate minority voters to go to the polls while guilting whites into voting for him. God save us. The more that comes out about the trayvon situation the more it’s obviously a trumped up shenanigan for political purposes. Welcome to Orwells 1984.

        • Orwell wasnt about race. Did you read it? It was about big brother, who , is watching you.
          You need to worry more about the Patriot act, traffic cams, SOPA, FEMA camps, the coming paperless economy, wiretapping, computer chip implants, and I read on RT [ Russian news ] they have a heat ray that will make you a zombie they control. WTF , you are frieking out because 3 black guys are sending up press releases that amount to empty hyperbole, milder than you own right to life loons.

          • Right on Maindawg. And don’t forget the Agenda 21 agents and DHS buying 750 million rounds of killer ammo.

        • They’re idiots if they think that will work.

          Remember the hippies? Demonstrations and a certain amount of mayhem, I think the peaceniks burned some stuff and killed some people. Result: Nixon, a law-and-order president.

          I’m probably going to get a bag of red thumbs for this, but I’d love to see Gingrich get the nomination. He’d cut o’bummer up like a catfish in debates. Gingrich is SHARP.

          • Think again. In case you have not noticed many of the radicals from that time period are now White House insiders. Name Ayers ring a memory cell on you?

          • Nixon, a law and order president??
            Gingrich,for anything but a jail cell, I don’t understand. Why is this stuff so difficult for people to understand? If they are a member of and supported by one of the two major parties, they will do as they are told by those who pay their way!! You can’t keep blaming everyone else if you refuse to learn. Stupid is a choice!!

          • Sharp, yes. Pro-gun, not so much….

      23. I’m glad I’m just a plain American.

        • ditto here for me too….


      24. Can we say: community organizing (= find an issue and pit parties against each other and while they are busy fighting, do whatever you want to do and take control).
        Can we say: this sounds like something right out of Rev Wrights “church” of hate america and hate speech.
        Wise up people. Don’t let the media and the socialists manipulate us so that they can use our bahavior to enact laws to “further protect” us. (Yes I mean further restrict and control us.)

        • ok, learn what Socialism is.
          Socialism is Democracy.
          Socialism is a free and fair society
          Socialism means preserving the environment for deer hunters, fisherman, trappers, boaters, campers,hikers, runners, kids, old people, fat people , short people, white people black people, brown people , American, Germans, Italians, Russians, anyone who happens to live on Earth.

          Socialism is not an economic system. OK?

          • That sounds like true communism, not sociailism. It is wonderfu in theory but in practice everybody (even feds) either starved or died in a gulag. Just thine about howattempted socialism worked for the USSR, Hungary, and others.

            While you think about it I’ll get my parents to keep prepping.

            • Damn autocorrect, won’t let me spell.

          • Looks like your democratic Socialism just red-thumbed your ass downward.

          • Democracy …Ugh!
            A political ideology for the ignorant masses; if there ever was one!
            The pathetic believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
            Three wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.
            Controlled mob rule.
            And you would call this free and Fair?
            …Pfff, LOL!!

            “How fortunate for leaders that men [like you] do not think”
            – Adolf Hitler

            NO THANKS! Give me a Constitutional Republic,
            AND leave me the F**k alone!!!

            If I need something from you, I’ll ask …or trade.

        • Nah he’s Hispanic, adopted by a Jewish couple.

        • Zimmerman is Peruvian. His mother is a full blood Peruvian, his father is half. His grandmother on his fathers side is Peruvian. His grandfather is white, and he was a magistrate in the Virginia court system. Makes him 3/4 Peruvian, hardly a “white hispanic”

        • Damn Jew…I knew it!!!!!!
          We can all hate’m now! …and riot!

          …in jest folks.

      25. Yawn.

        Bring it, bitches…

        • duck season…wabbit season…duck season…PANTHER season!

      26. Kristen Powers at Fox says there on only 4 members of the NBPs.

        • BS.

          • Yes, Ms. Powers IS full of it!
            She’s made as many lame excuses for these thugs than Eric Holder.

            We’ve ignored the hate-mongers to our own detriment!

        • The name Kristen Powers is enough to induce an involuntary prolonged and possibly violent bowel movement. Apologies for the vulgar reference RightWingMom, it just slipped out. No pun intended.

          • High Roller,
            Completely understand! 🙂

      27. Guilt? About what? Slavery?

        I don’t have a single family member that stepped foot on US soil prior to 1915 and every one seen their first black person after they arrived in the US. They all came off the boat with a willingness to work and nothing more. Poles and Italians like most poor immigrants were not met with open arms.

        If riots happen against white people it won’t foster guilt but rather fear. That would not play to the advantage of President Obama especially if it’s perceived that the justice department is soft. Riots certainly helped Nixon beat Humphrey in 1968.

        As the economic pie shrinks the slices put aside for minorities are being looked at with resentment. If you scored higher and were passed by to make room for someone less qualified it was at one time a blow to your ego but now it’s possibly economic survival.

        None of this stuff works in favor of the Administration.

        • It does if it lets Barry declare martial law and suspend the election until things cool off, which will never happen of course!!!

          • IDK Chuckles, I have a 5 dollar bet that Obamas trump card is Martial Law if it looks like he won’t win re election.

        • I agree Kevin2. White guilt is one of those horrible things from the past, like Furbies. White anger is the new “in” thing. A lifetime of getting paid less, having to pay more for college (or not go at all), specifically by race excluded from a ton of things, doesn’t incite guilt, it incites anger.

          Add in the chance that you can get killed for Walking While White, and you get anger, and ACTION.

      28. “… The President should stop nothing short of publicly decrying these calls for armed revolution and should initiate an immediate investigation into the planned violent activities of the New Black Panther Party.”

        Yeah totally, its about time armed black groups were finally investigated by the police of the US.

        Just a bit of sarcasm. Yes, of course armed black groups are going to receive a lot of attention from law enforcement, just like the Sun rises in the East.

        Black Americans have every right to be angry. But this group is quite focused on the root causes of their anger. Capitalism? Oh please, let’s not blame free-markets (if that’s what is meant) for the non-stop oppression by state and federal government.

      29. go ahead… I’ll shoot back

      30. tonight’s matchup…
        average inner city thug VS. me…..

        avg thug: zero formal training, very little weapons handling experiance, inexpensive weapon, likely under the influence of drugs and/or booze

        me: flawlessly maintained weapons system, countless hours of live fire practice, hundreds of hours of dry practice, tactical reload drills, malfunction clearance practice etc….awake, alert, sober(ish)…

        i like my chances

      31. We need to stand together and fight evil what ever form it may be animals will fight and think alike there is no use in trying to change something that is un changeable so prepare for any and all things that may come

      32. Remember the Los Angeles riots, “I’m stealing this TV set in the name of Rodney King”.

        Those riots start political but as soon as the opportunity presents itself it’s free for all theft on a huge scale with entire families joining in to capture the spoils. However bad it was two decades ago with a faltering economy at present adding to the desperation this would be much worse.

        • Don’t forget that while the Rodney King riots started with the blacks it was not long before it was mostly illegal aliens doing the looting. This thing will spread unless the powers that be stop being race hustlers and let it be known that Holders People will be held accountable. long shot I know.

          • John W

            The second the police are occupied elsewhere the theft begins. They won’t let an opportunity go to waste. Even worse I fear is the perception the underclass may have with a President and Administration that “feels their pain”.

            “Rodney King riots started with the blacks it was not long before it was mostly illegal aliens doing the looting.”

            It was a low class free for all with black, hispanic and white trash all joining in. Interesting is that the LA Police did not have plans to guard gun stores in this event which was brewing for months. I believe Gates was the Chief. In the end everyone was wrong except the Korean merchants.

            1. Rodney King….well you don’t go on a high speed chase at 100 MPH evading police
            2. Police, you don’t hit a man 50 + times with a billy club with 4 officers standing there. You each grab an arm and leg
            3. Jury, well see #2
            4. Rioters, enough said, your wrong
            5. Police pulling back from the area where the riot beaks out leaving the civilians to defend themselves? What about “Protect and Serve”?
            6. The Koreans defending their lives and businesses were the only people doing the right thing.

        • Watched this go on in New Orleans also. It is the entitlement mentality. In Japan you did not see people killing each other over a flat screen and cops stealing new cars from dealerships. They (Japan) does not feel entiled. Be prepared as Dixon stated…. (Love the sober..ish statement LMAO)

      33. Well, off to WalMart for popcorn and beer. This race war is going to be one he11 of a show.

        It’s going to be pretty funny in New Hampshire when all 73 blacks in the state riot and destroy their homes.

        Hmmmmm, I wonder if the local news will even bother to cover it…………

      34. You need not be a bigot to see the truth that is festering. This has been decades in the making, and nothing you can do will appease them. White people refuse to see reality, and will suffer acordingly.

        How we got to this point, regarding the Zimmerman issue, is a blatant lie to begin with. George Zimmerman is not even White, but the issue made good race-bait. Same thing with the Tulsa shooter, Jacob England, is an American Indian, again potrayed as White. And it’s way past time to have truth in crime-reporting; MSM goes out of it’s way daily to contain and cover Black on White crime, which is off the scale.

        Did Eric(I don’t recall anything about any gun-running)Holder, not say that talking about terrorism is the same as doing it? There is a bit of a double-standard here. If anyone even uttered such langauge towards Blacks, the alphabet-soup agencies would crush them.

        The people behind this are more than just racists, they are Marxists. I am not BSing when I say they study Mao’s Little Red Book. And White people’s failure to grasp this will double their suffering. I’ve known a few of these people, and your failure to take what they say seriously is foolish.

        They will not listen to what you have to say about TPTB (who see them as useful tools). They will not hear your pleas that “We’re all in this together”, or whatever. These people have your misery in mind, White males in particular.

        • dont forget to wear your tinfoil hat , they are scanning for your brain from outer space right this minute.

        • Nice Job JustMe. Very good points. They can not be appeased, just like an attacking pit bull. Zimmerman is not white and no one seems to be objecting. MSM is propagating this error as truth. Yes, it is true that the devil has taken over their souls and they are filled with rage but for no reason except for an excuse to act inhuman as per the devils orders.

      35. Something is tearing the nation apart, but the approaching core economic collapse has not yet begun to unfold.

        The events we are seeing manifesting are merely symptoms of root systemic problems within society. Mediocre education, social and intellectual degradation, sanctioned immorality, loss of economic opportunities and economic future, loss of American values and ideals, loss of decency and respect for fellow Americans, a criminal political class that is above the law, burgeoning police state, expanding socialized welfare state. Just to scratch the surface.

        The list is so long, I don’t know where to begin. It’s maddening, and it’s only getting worse.

      36. Only white people can call other white people “honky” “cracker” “whitey” and if any other race calls white people that……ITS RACIST……right?

      37. First of all, I have to say I’m not a racist. If a person is washed in the blood, they are seen as a child of God, by God, and therefore I, as a daily sinning Christian, see them as a brother or sister in Christ. It doesn’t matter if their black as the ace of spades,red as a rooster’s comb, or yellow as butter; I don’t see them as a person based on their skin color. Now, when I was in the middle of a Native American Reservation in Montana, Chinatown L.Angeles, or the slum section of old Chicago; I had to keep reminding myself that I was white and this ain’t Appalachia…… But I see the Black Panthers as just another cronyistic arm of the O-drama,E Holder,Pelosi/Reed, style of Chicago thug politics. Remember how they got away with intimadating people at the voting booths just a few years ago? They are just a bunch of thugs allowed to operate as a Gang. Don’t come knockin’ round my backdoor!

      38. Like as if the White population have any more control over what the estabishment does about this issue, than they do.

        this is all just to have a reason for any stupid actions..

        all I have to say is , dont bring your shit to my door or my face, and they wont regret it.

        I think their pissed off because of fear, fear that the average joe aint putting up with this shit anymore, wont be intimidated, wont be raped or pillaged without a fight..yeah its not going to be easy for you to pull this shit on an armed society, so either shape up or take your chances.

        An armed society is a polite society,,the sooner they realize that many of us are packing and the numbers grow daily better wake them up to something they dont want.

        we dint start the fire..and we the whites didnt stoke the flames..we no more made the rules then they did.

        This will be another excuse for a ban on weapons, or our right to protect not going to follow along..if they make packing illegal I’ll be an second amendment is my CPL, and I have the right to protect me and mine..its not a man given right, or a government given right..

        I view people and or judge them by their actions not skin color, because in the end we all bleed the same peace sign is the crosshair.

        • An armed society is a polite society. Well said VRF.

        • Ok , we arent a ‘military society’. we are America. A free country. we have freedom. thats better.
          Excuse me, but we did start the fire. We killed first, then we killed 3 more yesterday. before that , we beat and killed so many thousand black and brown and red skinned people , we just dont know how many . But we know its been about 400 years , and it hasn’t stopped yet.
          They just want it to stop.

          • Mainedawg – better get started on your revenge, burn your own house and car and then cry about how you forgot and burned down your mailbox too with your welfare check in it.

          • Maindawg:

            1-800-YTGUILT, call it. And stop drolling on yourself.

        • yes very well said. they are outnumbered and shooting a handgun takes practice. We know how to shoot and make each round count. Blacks shoot a gun sideways like gang bangers sometimes so I think we got you if blacks feel like engaging it. Go ahead blacks we dont hate you at all and blacks do fear and are jealous of whites and its drives them nuts. So if you wanna play im ready and I carry but i will never shoot a dead black man by drive by or shoot you over race. But if you point or pull a knife you will end your life right there black punk. That will be the end of your life.

          • Yea, they use the guns like that because the gun comes in the box like that…

        • Who’s behind this, is the same group that had a troublemaker arise from among them, who threw the moneychangers out of the temple and did all sorts of disruptive things, so they applied the “let’s you and him fight” techniqe ….. “Noooooo, we didn’t crucify Christ, it was those cruel ol’ Romans!”

          This same group is HUGELY over-represented in gov’t in the US.

          • Sad, but true DT. Wonder how many people will even know who you’re talking about? (there’s you, me, nina-o. thats 3…and counting!)

            • Check

            • Yep, very evident who is pulling the strings.

            • Copy that, Smokin-O!!!

            • Check

          • check

      39. Blah Blah Blah
        I’m ready. A lot less talk a lot more action.
        Bring it!!

      40. Screw the FBI! They won’t go after the New Black Panther party because it is not one of their own created domestic terror groups. Too much like work! They are politicized to the point of being nothing more than sycophants of whatever party is in power. —- on a boar hog!

      41. Remember the Symbianese Liberation Army? They kidnapped Patty Hearst, extorted her folks into distributung truckloads of free food to ghetto areas, got massive national press, etc. The SLA had, at its height, something like a dozen members. (plus lots of completely uninvolved sympathizers)
        It’s just my opinion, but I’d bet the new black panthers, though probably not as small, is still a tiny group. With limited resources, few full time committed members, and not that much organization.
        What they do have, for now, is the cooperation of the national media. They get lots of coverage claiming their a substantial sized group, implying that they should be taken very seriously, and listing their (so-called) legitimate grievances.
        Then, when they make idiotic threats and show themselves to be the pathetically weak, ineffective dumb-asses they are, the media helps out by completely ignoring them.
        The majority of blacks in America don’t want a race war. Yes, many of them have bought into the propaganda and truly resent whites, but they have enough math skills to understand what 7 to 1 odds really means in a fight. They don’t want that at all. Plus, many blacks want only to raise their kids in a safe prosperous country. Which is pretty much the same thing the crackers want.

        As a side note: we have 4-legged panthers in Oklahoma. My son saw one on our farm last year. It was tan colored and about 4 ft long, not counting the tail. And less than 1/4 mile from the house. Since then, we all carry a rifle(or at least a .45) when we head to the back pond. So, regardless of color, and regardless of how many legs, we KNOW what to do with a panther. Just sayin

        • side note; due I live in Ohio . NE Ohio. I saw a cat two years ago. I was 20 feet from the animal. It was a cat, dark grey, 2 feet long two feet hight , had a tail. Saw it clearly. What was that thing ?

          • Probably a bobcat. Panthers/pumas/mt. lions are BIG.

          • ~Maindawg~

            Nah…it wasn’t a bobcat…they don’t have much of a tail, really.

            But judging from the mental clarity of your previous posts…I would hazard a guess, that you saw a rare(supposedly extinct) juvenile mulatto Tyrannosaurus Rex….possibly in drag-queen apparel!!!

        • Thumbs up SmokinOkie. I see what you’re saying. The MSM is actually perpetuating the NBP and intentionally trying to increase the size of this criminal group. Good luck on the farm. I know that panther’s days are numbered.

      42. Isn’t Obozo half white? The fact that he and everyone else identifies him as black is racist.

        Holder and obozo will not get involved because this is exactly what they want, a race war. It will give them an excuse to call out the national guard and declare martial law.

        Lock and load, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

      43. Democrate party the party for the stupid.

      44. I love on the bottom of their motto. Freedom or death. Well I can answer that one no problem<

        • It should read “Free Stuff or Death”. That is what this is really all about. They already have freedom if they choose to use it to better themselves.

      45. “This is All Intentional Directed by the False zionist CIA Illegal Puppet Prez Barry Soetoro aka osama barack obama!”

        Every drop of blood shed by anyone – black or white is on his CIA directed controlled False-Flag race war Propaganda hands and the AMERIKAN ZIONIST CIA FBI NSA!

        Your own FEDERAL GOVERNMENT wants this to happen… wake up smell the CIA Federal FALSE-FLAG Fascism!!!

        Divide and Conquer…

        this is not new…

        same TPTB THE MAN fed cia nsa fbi false-flag race war script different century…

        LA Riots – Remembering 4.29

        Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate



        • My dad was a Jewish music teacher who never made more than 45K a year his entire life. I lost relatives in Auschwitz and Treblinka during the Haulocaust….their crime….being Jewish in occupied Poland.

          Nobody has ever let me in on any of these Jewish conspiracies you are rnating about…..perhaps the machinations of a few individuals or a few families have caused you to personally condemn the entire Jewish race…

          That’s too bad. You see, I am a Catholic but I consider the Jewish tribe to be God’s proxy for all humanity on this earth. Their fate will be our fate…

          If you wish to discuss this further on this forum I beg you to counterpost me. If not…then STFU.

          • Personally, I would love to see Israel stand on their on two feet as a country. Stop all of the Mossad b.s. in other countries, stop the Jewish lobby in America, stop with the Holocaust guilt trips, stop with Israel having one set of rules and everyone else(ie,Iran)having a different set of rules, learn to “live peaceably among all men”(Romans 12:17-18 for the biblical crowd), have some respect for your fellow man and treat them how you would like to be treated. Try that, have a little patience and see if the worldwide view of your nation and it’s people improves.

            • I agree. Also I would like to see the cessation of ALL foreign to Israel and all countries, period.

              Thanks to a 1975 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the United States government is obligated to satisfy all of Israel’s oil needs in the event of crisis, even if it causes domestic shortages to the American people. This little known legislation is renewed every five years, and commits $3 billion taxpayer dollars to maintain a strategic U.S. reserve for Israel. The U.S. government also guarantees delivery of oil in U.S. tankers if commercial shippers become unable or unwilling to carry oil from the USA to Israel.

            • USA can support Israel in their war with Iran without fighting it for them. We can sell them arms as Russia will do for Iran.

              There is no gain available for USA in such a conflict, and Russia probably thinks the same way.

            • There are those that live in Israel that are just as evil as the Muslim extremist that want to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”. But don’t forget that most are Israelites first. Some are not even Jews at all. We must stand by our ally Israel no matter what the cost. God gave the warning. You can’t live peaceably with idiots. The Islamic leaders have become “too” wealthy and powerful because of the oil. The “mad-fat-cat” is out of the bag and the rest of the “peace-loving” world can’t figure out how to get it back in. We’ll see a lot of death and destruction before it gets shrunken down enough to stuff it back inside the bag. Coming soon to a theater near you.

          • @Death N Taxes … your own (jackass) ignorance on this matter cannot be debated, it can only be resolved by yourself! You and any other smelly lice diseased infested incestuous murderous jew “alive” … are not worth my time!

            I only waste my time burying or burning “Dead Jews”! For the simple fact , that they spread diseases and vermin worse then “Alive Jews” where ever they go in the world!

            Jews the World Over by their own SNEAKY ACTS of DECEPTION, SELFISH CORRUPT MURDEROUS ACTIONS and OUT RIGHT SCHEMING THIEVERY of THEIR FELLOW MAN “GOYIMS” property … bring the RIGHTEOUS hand of their VICTIMS , VENGEANCE , DEATH and JUSTICE to their very own front doors of their Jewish lairs of debauchery!


            GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939: “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”

            For thousands of years, since their emergence on the stage of history, the Jews were a parasitic growth on the stem of other nations, a race of cunning brokers all over the earth. They have cause great evil to many ill-organized states, by retarding the free and natural economic development of their indigenous population. (“Hebraer,” in Ideen)

            BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON. French statesman, general: “The Jews provided troops for my campaign in Poland, but they ought to reimburse me: I soon found that they are no good for anything but selling old clothes…”

            “Legislating must be put in effect everywhere that the general well-being is in danger. The government cannot look with indifference on the way a despicable nation takes possession of all the provinces of France. The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity… “They must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice. They are surely not real citizens.”

            “The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. Meanwhile, the Christians were only rarely usurers, falling into disgrace when they did so. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it… The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people.” (From Napoleon’s Reflections, and from speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806.)



            “The only Good Zionist Jew Bug , Is a Dead Zionist Jew Bug!”


        • Thank you NinaO

          Everything else is just a red herring or a distraction from the REAL criminal element wrecking our societies across the globe.

          • @lonelonmum … ;0) your welcome. thank you , for your response and support.


        • PART 2: CENSOR THIS! ;0p pssszzt

          @Death N Taxes … your own (jackass) ignorance on this matter cannot be debated, it can only be resolved by yourself! You and any other smelly lice diseased infested incestuous murderous jew “alive” … are not worth my time!

          I only waste my time burying or burning “Dead Jews”! For the simple fact , that they spread diseases and vermin worse then “Alive Jews” where ever they go in the world!

          Jews the World Over by their own SNEAKY ACTS of DECEPTION, SELFISH CORRUPT MURDEROUS ACTIONS and OUT RIGHT SCHEMING THIEVERY of THEIR FELLOW MAN “GOYIMS” property … bring the RIGHTEOUS hand of their VICTIMS , VENGEANCE , DEATH and JUSTICE to their very own front doors of their Jewish lairs of debauchery!


          GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939: “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”

          For thousands of years, since their emergence on the stage of history, the Jews were a parasitic growth on the stem of other nations, a race of cunning brokers all over the earth. They have cause great evil to many ill-organized states, by retarding the free and natural economic development of their indigenous population. (“Hebraer,” in Ideen)

          BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON. French statesman, general: “The Jews provided troops for my campaign in Poland, but they ought to reimburse me: I soon found that they are no good for anything but selling old clothes…”

          “Legislating must be put in effect everywhere that the general well-being is in danger. The government cannot look with indifference on the way a despicable nation takes possession of all the provinces of France. The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity… “They must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice. They are surely not real citizens.”

          “The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. Meanwhile, the Christians were only rarely usurers, falling into disgrace when they did so. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it… The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people.” (From Napoleon’s Reflections, and from speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806.)



          “The only Good Zionist Jew Bug , Is a Dead Zionist Jew Bug!”


      46. where is the country headed with all of this nonsense

        • Umm…..A totolitarian toilet?

      47. Haven’t heard the term “honky” since I watched re-runs of “The Jeffersons.” Dang, these people are living in the past.

        If the GOP is smart (they’re not), they’ll force Obama to condemn this group’s words and actions. If pressed, Obama will make some lame, half-hearted condemnation of the NBP; thus, teeing off at least 5% of Obama’s followers and nudging some of the independents into the Romney camp.

      48. Stop all food stamps, welfare and Govt. Housing!! ….and let it begin!

        • Funny side note, if they kill all the honkies and crackers would’nt that mean an end to welfare checks?

      49. I live near Tampa Fla. I didn’t know that the pather’s where there I really Thought they where in tell you truth.I have heard on the street from some latin brother’s that the fight will happen.There has been bad blood in St.Peterburg for some time .I’ve been here Thirty year now in Clearwater area. I believe that my latin brother for sure not the news for nothing.Just a bit of new’s from me to you.

        • Yea Frosty, it’s funny you brought that up. In the mid 1990s, I made a weekly run, in a Semi-Truck, to Tampa area. One trip took me to St.Petersburg, near the south side. Upon leaving I asked some guys in shipping/receiving how to best get out to the main road. They said whatever you do, “don’t” go any further south than a few blocks. Why I asked? They said all the blacks down there will cut you up and use you for bait. They don’t even like blacks from outside their area. So note to self, Stay away from south St.Petersburg FL.

      50. I was flipping around the music channels on the TV cable and I came upon a song that was sung by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, Ivory and Ebony and all of a sudden this song that I heard I understood. Many times people like myself just listen to songs because they have nice sounds to them without actually listening to the words. This was about blacks and whites getting along and was written only 15 years or so after the civil rights of the 60’s. It really got me to thinking.

        After 30 years when this song came out, the racist issue is much worse and this is because in my opinion that black people continue to see their color and won’t give it a rest. Most white people ONLY see blacks as blacks because blacks continue to make it an issue. Instead of thinking themselves as Americans, blacks continue with this brotherhood and sisterhood and that blacks can do no wrong. When a black such as michael vick tortures innocent dogs, people that have pet dogs come hate michael vick must, in most black people’s view, because he is black. This is pure donkey manure, people hate michael vick because he tortured man’s best friend.

        I am one for statistics and math, as this the coldest of sciences does not lie as long as it is not slanted. After 30 years since this song came out trying to unite whites and blacks, why is it that the prisons are full of black males? This is way out of proportion to the percentage of blacks in the U.S. Even black leaders that have an ounce of sense say that blacks have to stop commiting the violent crimes against their own race and the country as whole. Crime cost money with insurance that weakens the country as a whole.

        You ask some of these radical blacks such as the black panthers about the fact that blacks are the highest percentage of prisoners of any race and you will get a response of something like, they have been railroaded and falsely accused. Some blacks and some whites, as well as many other races are in prison for crimes that they have not commited, but this is a small number. most blacks that are in prison have done the crime.

        It is unfair for the police to mistreat anyone, but often a cop that has been through hell on the streets is going to react to a belligerent attitude with equal ugliness and become suspicious. There was a black talking about racial profiling and as a parent she said that she taught to be polite to others and cooperative to the police and her children never had any problems. When a cop is on the beat and stops a black person for a traffic reason and the black person starts the conversation with “MF what the MF you stop me, because I am black isn’t it?” The cop asks for proof of insurance and license and the MF language continues you wonder why incidents develop. Chips on someone shoulder that size of a boulder dare someone to knock it off.

        It is extremely unfortunate that you have black leaders preaching that the reason why blacks don’t have any opportunity is because whites hate blacks. You have a black president and still have affirmative action and yet you still have disadvantages. BS this. Why not encourage blacks to stay in school and never go by the EASY way out with dealing dope and the gang style life. Why not encourage blacks to strive for their dreams instead of blaming the white crackers for all their failures.

        Why don’t blacks wake up and see that they are being played like idiotic pawns in a grand government game that wants these distractions so people forget about how shitty the economy is and that the world is approaching financial collapse. The government would love a race war and get everyone’s attention on this while the government can blame the economic collapse on blacks for starting a civil war and destroying the country.

        This is why when I see a distraction like this it is time to get to prepping and stocking up on what you need. Black people to should give this Trayvon crap a rest and go to the store and start stocking up on food and supplies. While these blacks are out protesting and wasting valuable time what is left before SHFT with a thunderous clap, others are gathering what they need.

        Is Trayvon going to matter a hill of beans to black people when Israel attacks Iran and gas goes up to $300 a barrel and food prices triple? Is trayvon going to matter jack when black people’s pantries are empty and they don’t even have toilet paper stored up? Is Trayvon going to matter at all when black people and others that did not prepare, white, black, brown, yellow, are in the same sinking boat? It is so obvious what is coming with the world yet all these black people are concentrating on something that belongs 50 years ago. Blacks, whites, everyone needs to prep and hit it into a higher gear as soon as possible before it is too late for them.

        • I want to know why it’s perfectly OK to have “urban” music talking about killing white people and it’s OK to blast it from your car stereo while driving down the road, but if I got some “White Power” music I’d probably get put on a list for just ordering the stuff, and if I blasted it in my neighborhood it would probably become an FBI case. And from what I’ve been able to gather, “White Power” music doesn’t say much about killing people, it’s more about stuff like how beautiful white babies are, and extolling the virtues of noted white historical figures and so on.

          In fact, I’ve been kicked off of internet forums for mentioning that their guiding motto, the feared and horrible “Eleven Words”, is actually as mild as milk and is simply: “We must secure a future for ourselves and for white children”. Yawn.

          • lol DT…Play some Skrewdriver or Brutal Attack.Or maybe that’s sarcasm I detect.

            • Ya know …. I just never got into that music. I remember now, Skrewdriver was the big WP band, I just never got into it. I know some’s like metal, etc., but I think most of it’s fairly middle of the road except for the lyrics, and those are mild compared to the “urban” (you know we all mean negro) music.

          • It’s actually 14 words.


            • ~Annie~

              Damn straight…DL was right!

            • Damn. You’re right. Great now we’ll *both* get banned from here.

          • Who kicked you off for that. Not very bright because it’s not 11 words it 14 words, with 11 words you might have been supporting Mexicans or Africans but the old Aryans is 14 bud! Don’t ask why I know this!

        • Well said.

      51. “The thing that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these motherfuckin’ turtle people – it has been long overdue.”

        The African population has been at war with America for decades. Ask Channon Christian, Chris Newsom, the Strait family of Tulsa, San Francisco John Doe #169 — the list of atrocities is endless.

        The only way these creatures could have EVER been passed off as our “countrymen” has been through the the deliberate bastardization of our Western culture — through the suppression of our folklore, our aesthetic principles, our sense of decorum and deportment, our metaphysical traditions and our music, and the enthronement of Adidas, the cultureless jungle beat and wail of the negress in perpetual heat, junk food, “bling” and the other trivialities that supposedly bind us to THEM in the same fictitious, contrived, Frankenstein-like “nation” regarding which we have been LIED to endlessly.

        If the African population wishes to escalate the intensity of the war to the level of openly-undertaking military operations against White people in their homes, the inevitable result will be the end of the African population on the North American continent. Butchering white women, children, old people, invalids and others who can’t fight back is something at which these cowardly and savage subhumans will doubtless excel again, as they traditionally do. They are making a fatal (for them) miscalculation, however, if they don’t expect well-trained, motivated and utterly ruthless fighting men to oppose them.

        The African population is very parochial and juvenile in its judgements of the White American. Their cultureless and ahistorical ghetto milieu, largely defined by corporate advertising and consumption, does not equip them mentally to recognize that, deep within the White American who they dismiss in adolescent fashion according to a ghetto scale of values as being unable to “jump” on a basketball court, there flows the blood of Norman, Dane, Saxon, Roman, Celt, Spartan and Cossack — warrior peoples all, whose identities have never really died within us despite decades of toxic, race-denying Amerikan government propositional indoctrination and decadent religious dogma on “brotherhood.”

        This war for which they long will be their LAST mistake. There will be no quarter given or asked. Look to the safety of your loved ones NOW.

        • I’m referring to their latest jive talk as a national call to suicide for all radicalized black Americans….

        • Nope, what will happen is a Big Gov. crackdown, Obama as President for life, and the end of the United States. At least thats the plan.

          • @Auntie Commie–

            There is evidence to support your theory, but if that is their plan, it is risky for them. With the horrendous atrocities that will accompany the first wave of negro violence against poor and middle class Whites, and Obongo’s and Holder’s predictable response of criminalizing White self-defense, it is highly doubtful that the regime can “crack down” using armed forces and paramilitaries like DHS consisting mainly of — poor and middle class Whites.

            The problems inherent to any such crack-down will be especially apparent when the security forces are told by the son of the Kenyan goat herder to stand down and watch while Whites are being slaughtered. Of course, Obongo can arm and deputize negro gangs as security “auxiliaries” if he wishes, but there is no reason to assume their “authority” will be respected by armed White men with women and children to protect, including those in the regime’s own forces. In February 1917, when the Czar’s troops garrisoning St. Petersburg went over to the people protesting in the streets, the Czar’s government was doomed.

            Now, another objective of those pulling the strings of these savage, malleable and hysterical negro puppets may be to create not tyranny, but absolute, unending chaos in Amerika and turn it into a gigantic Lebanon.

      52. God Bless the good black people, cause if the black ghetto shitheads want a race war, they will be up againest over 100 million white folks…they should be carefull what they ask for…God Bless America.

        • Sorry pal, more like 313 million people in the U.S. with only 13% Black. Look it up.

          • NM; You are correct. The Black population in America has been stabilized at a plus or minus 12% since at least 1968.

      53. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t f&$@ing take what is going on anymore our country is being destroyed, let me say that again DESTROYED by these fucks, Obama included…

      54. Be Informed

        Yes sir I see some divide and concur here. No doubt some of this is grassroots but there is a possibility that the establishment sees a gain to be had out of all of this. They might see that Obama has fulfilled his purpose and is not the preferred President depending upon their international goals. Loyalty is for losers and in the political game it’s fleeting. I get the feeling that this is being promoted and I’m very suspect.

        You said:

        “You ask some of these radical blacks such as the black panthers about the fact that blacks are the highest percentage of prisoners of any race and you will get a response of something like, they have been railroaded and falsely accused.”

        There is some truth to the above that many innocent blacks are in jail. Well considering the majority of crime is black on black they may have the wrong black person in prison; the ratio did not change. If a white guy did the crime all but a blind witness could mistake an entire race so often. Most of this crime is within the social circles of both victim and attacker.

        Common sense says keep out of black neighborhoods. It was so bad that Camden NJ Police two decades ago were not going into their own city promptly and needed to be augmented by the NJ State Police. They were frightened and they have guns.

      55. Look folk they still hunt, kill and enslave their own in Africa. What makes you think they would change because they came to America?

        In my opinion the Shit is about to hit the fan in the Martin / Zimmerman case down here in Florida because Angela Corey doesn’t have one shred of evidence that says this wasn’t self defense. Its such a clear case of self defense she couldn’t even justify convening the Grand Jury.

        Americans have no clue how savagely brutal blacks are. In the 70’s I’ve seen them butcher their own people and even family members. Not just one place, but all over Africa. To think they are civilized now would be a gross under estimate.

        They will prey on the weak sheeple. If you are really lucky there will be a cop or sheep dog close enough to save your sorry ass.

        The new black panthers will be making a big mistake to start this in Florida where there are almost 1 million concealed carry permit holders. I mean think about it, we have more legally armed citizens then most countries have in active Military service.

        The black population is small enough that they can be controlled. If I recall the 2010 census has blacks at 14% of the population. In the 60’s they burned down their own communities. In 1968 I saw them burn down NE & SE DC. H St. was burned for 20 blocks. The problem is the blacks have been integrated into your community now. So if you live on the east or west coast I would urge you to be prepared for a personal attack. Know who is around you at all times and if you see blacks congregating leave the area.

        I feel sorry for all the people living in gun free cities that no longer have the right to defend themselves. Good luck to all and pray that this issue flames out.

        • 700,000 dead in Rwanda killed with machetes Hutu vs. Tutsi. Makes you realize what may happen. Remember the Mau, Mau uprising in Kenya which rumor has it Obamas family was involved in. Any way you look at it someone better get a grip on this before all of us are sorry. If something like this takes place it will make the bad feelings and payback that occured after the civil war look tame.

        • Patriot1
          A well thought out response. Florida’s black population is not evenly spread throughout the state. In Tallahassee for instance, the black population is over 50%. With the black university, Florida A&M, pumping out mindless hate and violence, it will be a very dangerous place to be shortly. And other cities in Florida will be the same. Just before the 1980 S.Fl. riot, driving down 22nd Ave. I got the weirdest feeling and sense of danger. I have that feeling again. It may be the result of the special prosecutor turning Zimmerman loose or obama losing the election, it’s coming folks.

        • “I feel sorry for all the people living in gun free cities that no longer have the right to defend themselves.”

          Gun free cities? LMFAO! Gun free cities. Right.

          No, you mean “4G Cities” – Good Guys Guns Gone. The bad guys still have theirs. Even people such as yourself (and myself, included) FORGET to speak the truth. I knew what you meant but the language is all wrong. They’ve brainwashed us with word magic and we forget to speak the truth.

          I feel sorry for those cities where they’ve outlawed the ownership of private firearms by law abiding citizens. The guns that are there will be used against innocents. There are at least as many as there were before they unlawfully took them from the law abiding citizens.

          All politicians and people that support anti-Gun agendas are *ACCESSORIES* to the upcoming murders. May God have mercy on your guilty souls! You are murderers just as if you had turned the guns you unlawfully prohibited on the law abiding citizens and pulled the triggers yourselves. Shame is upon you!

          The biggest enemy a man has is another man that will gather yet more men together to take rights away from a man that they didn’t give, can’t regulate and don’t own.

          Arm yourselves! The supreme law of the land says “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” They say they have the authority. They lie about everything else, do you think they’re telling the truth about this? The LAW of the LAND is clear. Your right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right.

          The people that are breaking the law are the ones who are telling you you can’t keep and bear arms. They are the terrorists. They are the murderers.

          • Thanks NetRanger I’m glad you got the message.

            • I couldn’t tell if it was a sarcastic “gun free cities” or just a common language “gun free cities”. Either way I knew what you meant and I couldn’t hold it in any longer.


              When ignorant humans attack un-a-lien-able (meaning unrestrictable, uninfringible) rights, it just gets me going.

              Frankly, I’m fine with the NBPP/Nazie/KKK/Skinhead bastards spewing their filth. However, if they act on it, they murder someone, stick it to them. In my mind, they may be different colors, have different flags and follow different leaders but they’re all the same. They’re ugly, hateful and ignorant.

              …and the anti-gun people fit right in there with them. Its a good mesh, actually, people who want to kill/jail/control you based on the color of your skin or the tool you hold in your hand.

              They’re a petty bunch of retards.

        • ~Patriot~

          Thanks for highlighting the “hidden” obvious!

          You know folks, I’m probably going to incur some (very)serious wrath, manifested in mega-thumbs down(hell I might get banned!!!) from this post…but, what the hell….I’m exercising my 1st(amendment)….& bathing it, amid good bourbon tonight….so here goes nothing:…..


          It has been previously stated/posted on this very thread-line, that Negros harbor substantial animosity/jealousy against/towards the Caucasian race!
          That’s the damn truth if I ever heard/read it!

          In reality at the foundational-base level, its not really about our nice homes, cars, alleged privilege, job positions, income or social status…its about “INNATE INTELLIGENCE”…IQ, if you will…& I am not lecturing from a position of egotistical superiority.

          To put it simply….its basically genetics! Call it DNA on a mission or nature’s whimsical dabbling in favoritism!

          Most Negros are angrily fixated at the sub-conscious level, because they recognize their average 75-85 IQ is non-competitive, relative to the Caucasian average of 100…especially with regards to “ABSTRACT THOUGHT / ABSTRACT CONCEPTS & INNATE CREATIVITY”.—(think hard sciences/math/physics/grad-level chemistry etc…etc)—

          I am not saying the entire negro species is stupid…as the law of averages requires/demands exceptions…& exceptions exist relative to the mean….& they fall/plot on “BOTH” ends of the(bell) curve!!!

          …In short, they possess certain & specific talents….as do Asians & Caucasians.
          Each species have inherent weaknesses or genetic debits….again, per the law of averages!


          Witness the following…..

          Who invented the concept of “a Republic”?
          Who invented written language? Who invented numbers & math?
          Who invented astronomy? Who invented/discovered….
          …chemistry…trigonometry…calculus…physics…antibiotics…manned flight…the internal combustion engine…jet propulsion…celestial navigation…magnetic navigation…metallurgy…rocketry…space travel…electricity…radar/microwave…digital computers…the NPN/PNP transistor…Cmos/FETs/hexfets…the laser…manifold software languages…the internet…cascade-ganged/multi-level chip architecture etc…etc…!!!

          I’ll tell you who…its the same folks who invented “WESTERN CIVILIZATION” & carried/shared its benefits to all of humanity…including the Gospel of Christ! Never forget that!!!


          Also never forget…that the liberal ideology/propaganda claiming social-environmental pressures, causes genetic evolutionary mutations is PURE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

          ….if that were true…reference the fact that Africa, being the most resource rich continent on earth…should have place a Nigerian on the moon, back in the late 19th century!!!

          • Who invented Peanut Butter! A BLACK GUY! (just messing with you gunsmith)

            • hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!

          • Good Bourbon Ha!

            Truth is what it is. The problem is most people can’t handle the truth. The big lie is they told everyone you can be whatever you want and that’s just not the truth or a fact.

            I want to be a millionaire again, but the truth is that is not going to happen unless I adapt and overcome the current economic senario. I have the full force of government and crony capitalist sucking the live out of my business.

            If only I were black I could reap the benefit of the life they are sucking out of me.

            • Here is the truth. Here is one black man that knows the truth and tells you the truth, black or white.

              Black folk don’t understand the world.

              Every machination that comes out as “racist” from the black community stems from what starts at about 4:01. Instead of helping the black race, the US Government has used their weaknesses to enslave them, no, not with chains but with handouts and welfare.

              Compassion and love is the answer, but, until the black community bears is soul and admits they’ve been re-enslaved by the system, the black man will never be elevated.

              You can hear the sorrow in his voice. Frankly, I get a lump in my throat when I watch it. Don’t beat down the black man! Give him a hand and help pull him up. Not a hand out, a hand up!!! We’re all humans. I hate to hear people calling them “subhumans”. Certainly their behaviour is subhuman but they are *NOT* subhumans!

              Listen to this man. Take to heart what he says. We all need help sometimes. Do your brothers and sisters that happen to be darker than you deserve any less?

              Here is the video. Go to 4:01 for the part I’m discussing here if you don’t want to listen to it all:


          • @ Gunsmith: This “race war” sapling was planted long ago, and has on occasion threatened to bear fruit. The difference this time is simple: The “magic mulatto” can do no wrong in a bought/paid for media controlled by the Zionist masters of this country.

            This time, that “sapling” is a fruit bearing tree…and it is almost harvest time. But not for the “apparent” reasons. Martial Law will be implemented “for the good of the country” to stop the racial bloodlust.

            THEN, THE TRUE AGENDA THAT WAS PLANNED ALL ALONG will be revealed. NEVER surrender your second ammendment…no matter what “hocus pocus” you see coming.

            This RACE WAR bullsh*t is the pretext to MARTIAL LAW smoke and mirrors. In the mean time…do what you gotta do!!

            • ~Yental~

              You know, you ought to change your handle to….WISDOM!!!

              With regards to….doing what I gotta do.
              Well let’s just say…”I HAVE CERTAIN PROJECTS ONGOING”!!!!!!


      56. Pure Ignorance! The lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned. Combine this with apathy from fear and fabricated guilt…you’ve got a major dilemma.

        There is Ignorance and apathy today on all parts; all races. It starts in the home. Black society is not taught right from wrong. Ignorant parents breed ignorant children…and the children start this process again. It’s cyclical. It’s never ending. Where I live, we have multi-generational welfare parasites. The parents continue to breed as the more children they have, the more money they make from the government and “white guilt” society. The parents teach the children only to take and never give. These children then become the parents as they produce more offspring; once again, cyclical. These ignorant blacks are the scourge of America. They have no personal history or knowledge of American history…only black history and the rules of the street. The street breeds criminals, drug abuse, drug sales, hatred of authority, and an early demise.

        These people cannot be disciplined or educated. You must have discipline in order to educate. If a white teacher reprimands a black student for talking in class, for example, the child’s parent or guardian will claim racism and have the teacher fired from his/her position. I’ve seen this first hand. One public school teacher told me that if she could reach 1 out of 35 in a class, she’d be doing well.

        Then the Media revels in this ignorance and baits the rest of the world. Even as a small percentage of America is black, the media would lead you to believe they are 90% of the world. The media forces black people into all aspects of society; through TV, radio, advertising, organizations, news coverage, etc. The media may be the biggest enemy up front, but remember there is a ruling organization behind each media outlet that directs every move.

        The government and the media run hand in hand. The half-black illegal President of the United States took sides in the Martin-Zimmerman case. And it was the side of Martin…this was done before evidence has been proven. When in history has a president publically taken sides in a pre-trial racial dispute? This is not the President’s position to take sides in a case. He is supposed to be commander in chief…not a judge for the media.

        Why would he do this? It was a cover up, a distraction to keep the media’s lips moving and keep his sheeple voters out of the loop while the Supreme Court deliberates a decision on Obamacare….which is one of many travesties legislated by this person acting as President. Always look for the big, yet irrelevant, media story…then look at what else is going on behind the scenes. The bigger the story, the bigger the cover-up could be. And watch how someone will profit from it, eventually; Book sales, movie premiers, t-shirt sales, etc. Just to name a few.

        Then, worse of all, the ignorant white people today: No personal history, no factual education, guilt ridden, and no back-bone society. This is all due to the media and family. Family should be the primary educator…but, with 1 in 2 families divorced, liberalism, lack of education, lack of history…the white American, full of fear, has no real chance. Most white people under 30 I talk to today barely know who their grandparents are or were. Pride is lost.

        The media shows them multi-cultural bliss on every level…and thus, the whites lose their need to continue with their advancement. When has it become wrong to love who you are, where you were from, pride in your culture and race? The media has driven this away. The parents do not teach their children about their past. Race mixing has become normalcy. Liberalism in schools manipulates their minds. Schools teach black history and a watered down American History with many truths removed. The media has made them guilty of just being who they are; white. With all of this, they are afraid to act, afraid to be proud of themselves and their family…thus, losing back-bone to grow and defend their culture.

        Welcome to the dumbing down of America that has been going on for quite a long time.

        Are you in this number? Think about it. If you’re here; then probably not. Prep NOW. Continue to prepare; for yourself and for your loved ones. Hold God close. And never surrender to those that wish to restrain your freedoms.

        • @ The South. There is so much wisedom in your post that each paragraph makes everyone think. I have said this over and over again, like beating a dead horse, but everyone needs to focus their attention and their efforts on getting ready for SHTF event(s) that are coming just as you suggested in your last statements. When I read posts like yourself and others that are prepping and “not” listening to the simpleton statements on the news and other sources that we are all okay and times are getting so much better, it is so refreshing.

          Dumbing down of everyone is so absolutely true. You think after 9/11, the anthrax attacks, two wars, the catastrophic geo-disasters that keep occurring, the hell in the Middle East, North Korea testing an ICBM and then maybe testing another nuclear weapon maybe even a hydrogen bomb, the economic debacle, nut jobs going ballastic on an almost daily basis, gas prices nearing records, the everyday struggle of people to even eat throughout the world, and all the other potential calamities that people all over the place would be prepping like there was no tomorrow. This is not the case, us preppers are still a minority.

          Each day our freedoms are being whittled away and most everyone is going around in a daze glued to this Trayvon case or what some movie star’s new scandal is about. I grew up when parents made sure their children read books and learned as much as possible. God, what happened to those days? These people need to feel guilty all right, for allowing themselves to become half-wits. Thankfully there are still insightful people that see what is coming and are trying to prepare for it. Again, that was an excellent post. 🙂

        • The South,
          This was probably the most intelligent post I have seen on this site…..EVER! It gives me joy that a few white people still have their shit together!
          SEMPER FI !……Stay Safe.

      57. Having worked with blacks for quite a few years I would say there are 3 types. Ones that will work beside you to get the job done, ones who live only for a few bucks for the pipe and ones that will say to you “you owe me”….”for WHAT”….”you know for what”. The last ones will be the ones rioting against whitey. The thing is, much like the 68 nationwide riots, they will only loot and burn their neighborhoods in the cities. Like has been said here before, best to get away from those places if you can.

      58. @ Domestic Terrorist

        Amen Brother, people need to wake up to the fact that in a few short years the “evil” white man that founded this country will be a MINORITY, hope and change we can believe in right? I am 100 % positive that insert minority here does not care one bit about our founding concepts and that of the American way, not one bit. They grew up in, insert communist or socialist state here and would rather have free everything, money, healthcare, car, house, food.

      59. I also believe a lot of black people would sooner be white. Overheard at a bar room drinking with a black friend. He was trying to move in on a young black honey. Now , working outside, he was dark. She blew him off with “I don’t go out with nobody blacker than me.”

      60. I’ll settle this… My upstairs neighbor is black. I’m white. I’m the landlord. I was happy to rent to him and is spanish gal. Our best friends. My best friend at work is a black Buddhist lesbian.
        I love them all.
        Folks, this black white thing is getting old.
        What is not old is the hate between the haves and the have nots.
        There is racial strife between ghetto blacks and successful suburban blacks.

        Comes down to this… class war.

        Note the gangbangers..the burbs are arming up more than you know. Where you might have clips of ammo….we have cases and cases. It’s a status thing to see who has more ammo.

        I’m not sure what’s coming….
        From from a white guy… don’t mess with my black friends.

        peace to all.

        • Your best friend at work is a black buddhist lesbian? Wow! She’s got race, religion and sexual preferance all going for her! Or is it him? Won’t be no hatin’ on that gal, will there?
          Is she also a Democrat? Left handed? Enviromentalist? Red haired? Drive a smart car? Member of PETA?
          Send her to my place. We’ll teach her to play the banjo and she’s a shoo-in for next american idol!

          • ~Smokin-O~

            Wait a minute….who’s gonna teach her to clog?????

        • My Observation

          You are trying I think to say you are not racist but at the end you say don’t mess with my black friends…no mention of any other colour of friends.

          Surely as a non racist don’t mess with my friends would have been the best way to put it.

          Just an observation

      61. … everyone needs to keep their eye’s on the ball in play (the european banks , piigs , syria-iran , gold-silver physical price) … not the hot toned big breasted cheer chicks (angry black youth) wearing only dental floss shaking their booties off on the sidelines.

        … stay in the GAME folks “WORLD WAR 3” is just MONTHS away … MASSIVE amount of oil is being bought up , delivered and massive amounts of gold delivered!



        cia serial killer false illegal prez barry soetoro aka osama barack obama needs a war to stay in office… he’s gonna push the WW3 button… cause he’s got nuthin too loose!


      62. So, these “people” spew, “Black Power!”, they have a flag with a panther, thats black and its all sprawled and ready to attack over a shape that very much looks like “Africa”.

        Now, I’m no genius, but don’t they know THIS IS AMERICA??? Hello? Anybody home?

        …and thats a cat, not a man. A cat has an IQ of about one tenth of that of a man. Is this what they aspire to be?

        Also, the cat appears to not have a collar of any type identifying it with no home or place of origin. Its a stray. A reject. A feral menace to society. Again, is this what they aspire to be?

        If they are so unhappy, would they prefer the grass huts of their ancestrial tribes? Maybe a “cruise” could be arranged.

        • Net, you would almost die laughing over here, our disaffected black youth don’t even have the wherewithal to band together, spend their time shooting each other because someone trod on the wrong paving stone in Tottenham. They swagger around with their jeans so low you can see next weeks laundry. They all have dogs, farty little things they call pit bulls, a few are, but most are Staffies who double as family pets when not being hauled around the streets on an insanely thick chain that possibly weighs more than the dog.

          The blacks and the Pakistanis hate each other, and the Pakistanis hate the whites as well, they hate anyone who does to believe in Sharia law. We have this group calling for our deaths and the blacks object to this. Here it is a shade of colour thing rather than straight out black and white issues.

          Take care

          • Oh, jeez! People are CRAZY!!!

            Isn’t all this rather childish when you think about it?

            My rant…

            No, no, you’re dumber because you’re darker than me and him!!!

            No wait! My mother country startS with A and you’rs starts with P! Ha! Whats that were they starting to spell Pissant instead of Pakistan!

            Well, uh, was that A the start of Asshole, asshole!!! Ha! Got you there.

            No! Wait! I’ve been here for 7 generations you stupid immigrant.

            Well, if your people weren’t so stupid, we wouldn’t have had to come of here and straighten things out 5 generations ago, dumbass!

            Hey! Retard. We had it straightened out. We just needed you for pets!

            Well, my skin is darker than you’re so I’m better.

            My skin is lighter than yours so I’m better.


            STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!


          • Burt

            It’s a lot funnier than that. We regularly bump into “hard yoofs” being dragged along by their “pitbulls” that are terrified of our gentle whippet. They don’t recognise the breed, & the unknown scares them senseless bless em.

            In the UK it’s cultural and educational(IQ?)issues rather than pure skin colour alone.

            Our UK immigration policies also mean that for a couple of decades ex colonies have been exporting their human trash to our shores with a sense of huge relief on their part and utter stupidity on ours. Visit a primary school in Trinidad or Pakistan, take a quick look at discipline and literacy standards and you’ll instantly see what I mean.

            Lets not forget the white underclass either –

      63. I declared the Age of White Guilt over in 2009 when O’bummer was elected by white voters.

      64. Thomas W. Chittum in the 1990’s wrote, “Civil War Two, The Coming Breakup of America”. His hypothesis was that the changing demographics, with the growth of the Hispanic population in the Southwest, and the growth of the Black population in the South, as compared to the show growth of the Caucasian population would lead to a changing power structure and ethnic conflict that will eventually result in the breakup of the US along racial lines.

        He makes persuasive arguments about the instability of societies that do not have a dominant culture, and as the once dominant White European culture declines, conflict and even ethnic cleansing will result, just as it does in other parts of the world when similar demographics set the stage for cultural/racial/ethnic war; examples are many.

        The general trend in history has been for political breakup, not political amalgamation. The US has till now been an exception, and this has been the result of the availability of cheap energy which allowed the support of centralization. Increasing cost of energy demands decentralization.

        He sees the Southwest being taken by Hispanics and becoming the Northern part of Mexico. He sees the blacks rising up, taking a clue from the Hispanics, and attempting to take the South, leaving only the Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast for the Caucasians. He does not have a timetable, but this is the direction he thinks we are going, and warns of increasing racial/ethnic division leading up to the eventual disintegration of the US.

        I just think the current atmosphere is something to notice as part of this overall framework. If we are moving toward scarcity and long term economic contraction for want to sufficient energy to fuel the industrial age, then people will naturally divide based on race. Just think that if people become desperate for the necessities of life who do they help first? The answer is family, and then friends, and those with whom they identify. Race becomes more of an issue during bad times.

        • Sid
          check out Yuri Bezmenov ex-KGB agent on utube. The Russians expected the break up of the US in 2010. With the USA torn up/under their control thru Obama, Europe falls to them and China takes the whole Pacific. A stabile US is the only thing stopping this and we are being destabilized big time.

      65. One more thought. I am as white as white on rice. In 1968 I was in Oakland CA. I was 18 yrs old and new to Oakland. It was 10 pm on a Friday night and I was walking down East 14th Street like I owned it.

        East 14th Street was the home of the Black Panthers and the Black Power Movement. This was also the time of riots all across America’s inner cities.

        Not one incident. Not a single one.

        I suspect that the latest incarnation is a strategy to organize and expand the gang by enlisting disenfranchised Blacks into drugs and vice.

        Revenue for those managers at the top. Follow the money.

      66. The best way to fix this is for them to bring it on.We white people need them to do this but unfortunately they will pussy out because they only attack when it is 5 or more on 1 white usually a old person or a small boy.oh yeah Was glad to see trayvon get what he needed(a bullet)

      67. don’t these black radicals realize that the only reason half of them aren’t already dead is that the non-black people that want to shoot them have jobs, lives, family and worthwhile things that they put before the impulse to commit violence???

        If the NBPP and the Black Muslims go on the offense and take THEIR fight to suburban white America they might kill a few thousand of us and cause some economic disruption…but it will be the END of them….it’s all my neighbors can talk about once I bring the subject up….

      68. personally, I’d rather these tough times pass without any major incident…nobody killed…..but if these illiterate, radicalized black fukkers want to bring violence into my neighborhood and onto my doorstep, they’ll have to vault over a 10-foot high stack of their dead bretheren before they’re going to get close enough to burn me out.

      69. Here kitty kitty kitty….

      70. Well to say a negro is black is wrong, because a negro can be any color. White,Black,Red Yellow or any color.It is we all know where most of the problems come from and the color of the people causing the problems.I have no problem with Mexicans because they will take the jobs that most others will not, and that is the amarican peoples fault, because we thank we are too good for them.But as one bloger said most black people just want that check each month to waste on beer,or dope,I;ve seen that all my life so I am not just guessing or making it up.Now that is not to say some won’t work because some willout work must other people because they do not won’t to be called a sorry person.

        • William a red thumb for you because in my extensive life experience, whites will work harder for lower pay than anyone.

        • Doesn’t Negro literally mean black? What in the hell are you talking about?

      71. It appears that this thing wont be stopped…God help anyone caught out in the open when she blows up!

        Seems to me there are two types of people…smart ones and stupid ones,color isnt a deciding factor but the lack of reason,common sense,decentcy and respect is…
        the country is gonna split(Id argue its been split since 1861 after which it was stuck back together at bayonet point )…folks usta like to say “The Souths gonna rise again” and that may be true in a sense…but I think itll be split more along the smart VS the stupid sides(I leave it to you all to figure out whos who 🙂 ,again stupid and smart arnt drawn to certain color skin,but rest assured they do glom on to certain cultures,religions and mindsets,some of these have given us the greatest minds and creations man has ever seen…some have degraded and destroyed everything they touched… has to seperate itself from stupid or perish with and because of stupid…in America when smart finally has enough of the BS and overcomes its fear of that bayonet…then well see where the lines get drawn…rest assured they wont be where the (stupid) liberal marxists want them to be!

        • Amen Reb! One of my favorite quotes is
          “The strong take it away from the weak, and the smart take it away from the strong.” (James Cagney in the 1939 movie ‘Oklahoma Kid’)
          News flash for the members of groups like the neo-nazis AND the new black pussies- you ain’t the strong, and you damn sure ain’t the smart.

          • Thanks!….Thats a good quote.

      72. The black panthers should change their name to something more appropriate that would fit them like a glove, to black mambas. The stupidest reptile on the planet is this snake. The black mamba is completely vicous and irrational to the point where its ignorance doesn’t even allow it to escape to safety. When the snake finds itself trapped in a tent or home, instead of looking for an escape route it just start biting everything, other than another black mamba, to death. The snake is not even a good hunter yet having one of the most toxic venoms that there is. The snake is very fast moving and is so stupid and ill tempered it will actually chase down something to bite it for no reason.

        If this doesn’t describe the members of the black panthers, I don’t know what else does other than some sort of parasite. Those radical black panther members want to destroy the United States just like the idiotic black mamba snake wants to bite everything that moves and poison them.

        I just cannot see any black person with any type of intelligence supporting these idiots in any way. Black people are only going to be thought of as apes with these cretins from the black panthers behind them. Black people need to wake up and see whom their real enemy is, as well almost everyone else’s true enemy, the “elitists” that think of almost everyone as less than pond scum.

      73. @SmokinOkie,

        Thanks again for the good laugh. A black Buddhist lesbian playin’ a banjo on American idol; Yeh, after some more BO training I can see he/she/it playing in the newer version of Deliverance! What a hoot – squeal like a pig!!!!

        Y’all Beware! I can here the tune now.

      74. My bad, make that hear!
        Y’all Beware!

      75. He’s selling AK’s on the street.

      76. I think there is like 6 or 7 New Black Panthers nationwide…


        They might want to keep their mouths shut…


        • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now THAT’s funny!

      77. News Headline!! Unknown Redneck Plans To Unite All Of Humanity! Pledges To End Racial/Ethnic Strife In America!

        I figure if Darius Rucker can conquer Nashville’s country music scene, surely I can end that pesky little problem of 1000 years of racial division. All we really need is to better understand one another. So, here’s the plan: for the next 12 months, everybody in America should try living, dressing, talking and behaving in every way, as if they were a member of a different ethnic group.
        I’m willing to get it started. Just traded my new Stetson for a gold-plated hubcap on a chain. I think they call it ‘bling.’ Parked the pick-up and I’m now driving a 1989 Honda Prelude. It sits 2 inches off the ground on little rubber band tires and has spinner rims. The muffler sounds like one long continual fart.
        Put my Oakland Raiders baseball cap on backwards and went to the feed store and instead of saying ‘Howdy, yall’ I said ‘What up my okla-homies.’ They looked at me sorta funny, but I think they’ll eventually come around. Noticed they wouldn’t take a check from me this time, though.
        Went home and called the wife a bee-atch. The swelling has gone down and I can see out of the left eye now. Right one’s still closed. This is getting tougher than I thought.
        Went down to the bank wearing my new hoodie. I’ve done business with them for 20 yrs. First time they ever frisked me before letting me in the door.
        Stopped for lunch. I already like chicken, tacos and fried rice, so that part of the transition was easy. Lots of options no matter what ethnic flavor I’m trying to be. My second cousin runs the diner, and at first she didn’t recognize me. Must have been the peel and stick tattoos. Then she got real concerned. “What in the world happened? Did you lose a bet or something?”
        Stopped by the high school to see the counselor about my nephews grades(he’s staying with us for the summer). I noticed the teachers herding all the white girls back into the classrooms as I walked down the hall. Heard ’em muttering something about oreos. Must be todays lunch dessert choice. As I left, the principal was on the phone to get bids on a new metal detector.
        On the way home I got pulled over 4 times. And our town only has 3 cops. Imagine that. The fourth time they decided not to cuff me(for my own protection they said) and they didn’t ransack the Prelude near as much while searching it. Guess they’re getting used to the new me.
        I know this plan to ‘Walk a mile in their shoes’ will eventually work. Promised myself I wouldn’t give up. But, danged if it ain’t embarrassing wearing my underwear outside my overalls. And if I have to listen to one more song about ‘soul sistas’ I’m gonna puke…

        • Smokin’Oak, You are just too much. LOL. I love it. I have to imagine God gets as good a laugh at you as some of us do. Keep on truckin’ and jiven’ my friend!

        • Smokin Oakie,
          Funniest shit I have heard in years! You have my vote as racial Czar to The Muslim in the White House!

        • Not only Darius Rucker but Lionel Ritchie has a country album too now and it’s not half bad!

        • ……darn it Okie…I tried what you suggested but dressed like this the chickens have molted…the cow went dry and my dear wife hasnt spoken to me for days…the hogs seem to be okay with it but they squeal kinda like theyre laughin at me…my dog went over to the neighbors place and growed at me when I tried to git him home and worst of all the wierdo neighbors have suddenly started actin real friendly…dont think this is gonna work out…. 🙂

          • …no,really he growed at me..ah this aint workin out…thats it…I quit…going back to hating and making fun of everyone…. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh Okie!

      78. Thanks Nobama, for the racial tension that you can cut with a knife.I feel for the hispanic guy that looks similar to Zimmerman.Then you have the idiots in OK.They just made things worst.Civil unreast is coming, sooner than we think.The blacks that I work with are forming a pack.Like a pack of coons in a watermelon patch, lazy MoFo’s. But their main objective right now is the Florida racial disturbance,.They make it well known that they’re all in if it comes down to black/white confrontation. I’d hate to have to shoot one of them ,butI will,even more than one.If i feel my life is in immedent danger,me or them,I’m taking out as many as I have to.

      79. “All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.”
        ~Thomas Jefferson

      80. Obama… the first coffee-colored President.

      81. i think the more accurate term for this administration would be: “race-baiters”… does it stem from a root of racism – it’s hard to know but what can be discerned for sure is that they’re using mixed-race incidents to cause the hard feelings, rhetoric and sabre-rattling that the racist fringes present… the situation parallels the bully kid poking a stick at a chained dog – as long as the kid thinks the chain is attached, he’s having fun… it’s my opinion that they’re hoping the racist fringe will “let the dog loose” then they step in with martial law and it’s game over time…

        keep your powder dry and very close…

      82. The New Black Panther Party needs to consult with the Indians.

        • I’m part Injun and that, Sir, is funny! 😀

      83. Anyone who believes that these goons are serious is a stooge.
        These idiots don’t want a war.
        They want attention.
        They want money.
        They want respect and/or fear;
        And they want booty (not the pirate kind).

        Loud-mouthed wankers have made a living for thousands of years by talking smack and then taking donations. They’re common snake-oil salesmen. Confidence men with shotguns. Anyone who gets their panties in a knot over the rantings of these muppets needs a head check.

        Please, for all our sakes, try to keep your eyes on the ball. The feds will stick the knife in you long before these idiots even get out of bed.

        • Ausprepper – It’s a shame I can only give one thumbs up!

      84. I’m not racist- I believe that the laws should apply equally to everyone, be the black, white, or green. however, i also believe that this would stop if the laws were far more severe- you put out a -Dead or Alive poster- you should be publicly castrated- without anesthetic, then 2 weeks later executed.

      85. What should infuriate ALL Americans is the fact that the pos in the white house is intentionally stirring racial hatred in this country. The president is supposed to represent all Americans, not just his home slices! It defies belief that this pos in chief is doing his level best to destroy this nation and the sheeple just keep watching

        • And, he’s doing an excellent job in accomplishing his agenda! And……NO ONE is doing anything about it while Dancing with the Stars is on!

        • ~CJMartel~

          -(quote)- The president is supposed to represent all Americans, not just his home slices! -(unquote)-

          I understand your point.

          But in truth, he’s not a President….he’s a Goddamn “community organizer”!!!!!!!!

      86. The Black Panthers and the Neo-Nazis both seem to be examples of “controlled opposition” with the result being directed history.

        Media Dishonesty and Race Hustlers

        “One doesn’t have to be a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican to see the danger posed by America’s race hustlers, who are stacking up piles of combustible racial kindling and ready for a racial arsonist to set it ablaze.”…

      87. I am sick and tired of white people being forced to tread lightly around black people, so we won’t hurt their feelings. I am tired of giving unlimited handouts to blacks to prevent them from hollering and screaming about slavery and how guilty the entire white race should be. Just look at the all black brawls happening at Chuckie Cheese’s all over the country. Try and count up the incidents where blacks gang up and beat or kill a lone whitey. I am sick of it. When the breakdown happens, blacks, or “african americans”, or whatever you want to be called, just better stay away from me. I have the potential and the reasons to become a merciless racist. And the best part? It ain’t my fault!

        • Amen

        • Empty handed – most of these black thugs are bullies or cowards. They either attack in packs of more than one or they attack the weak, the elderly and the defenseless.

          Eventually someone calls them on their cowardice and bullying, just like Zimmerman did. They’re not mad that George killed a black kid. Hell black gang bangers die every day.

          No, it’s because the good guys stopped being the punching bag for sociopathic demons who prey on good people.

          • Annie O…. Wow is all I can say, and thank you.

      88. Divide & Conquer – that is the obama style.

        Massive chaos will lead to a delay in the November election. Think about it…..

      89. This subculture has been growing for many decades, under all administrations. Regan tried to abolish the wellfare career, but this administration has doubled down on making these pathetic human beings more dependent than ever.
        This will backfire on TPTB and soon there will be an awakening, God will intervene when the time is right. This is a diabolical plan, that is intent on destroying the human spirit and controlling free will. Slavery of the mind and soul. The ones responsible, will pay for an eternity, of this I am certain, because they know what they are doing and they have no conscience.

        God has the final word.




        BRING ON THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!


        Here is one of the original “Black Panthers” that set up shop in GA. He claimed it was a religious compound, did not pay taxes, fathered 100+ illigetimate children.
        They came in and took over and put him in prison.
        There was a book written about him and his exploits, read it years ago.
        This relates to the thought process of these people.

      92. in the end someones going to realise they were nothing but a one use disposable bullet proof jacket protecting rich white 5th generation slave owning politicians who still have every chunk of gold their greatest of grandpappys collected. volunteers are great natural resources .. Wake up!!!

      93. Reminds me of 1990 when I was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany. A black ex-con solider who found the religion of peace in prison started preaching to anyone who would listen that he wasn’t going to kill his Muslim brothers in Iraq. He was in his late 20’s which is practically old age for a combat unit and didn’t mind collecting a paycheck from the Army. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the 18 and 19 year old black yutes he was preaching to… for the most part they were enthralled by his message.

      94. Obama: “Oh crap, I killed the Bin Ladin crap too soon. Quick, some start a race riot.”

      95. The AK-47’s the Black Panthers always have in their pictures…who supplies them? Maybe Fast and Furious!!! Maybe this is why Holder is NOT ivestigating them. Let a white group display the same…FBI agents would be all over them…Why? PREPARE!!

      96. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a few thoughts….
        The Bible state that from one man all men were descended.
        Science agrees with this statement.
        Racism is as old as history itself(Greeks called all non Greeks “barbarians”,the word meaning unwashed savages)
        Romans felt the same way about anyone beyond their borders.(ever read the account about the St. Paul and how he used his being BORN a Roman to avoid being tortured?)
        As for Racism,the Chinese/Japanese mindset on the topic makes the panthers pale in comparison.
        We may never know what really happened in Florida.
        A young man died being in the wrong place at the wrong time.Question is,if the area was so dangerous,why was he out there at night to start with?
        Why was a “neighborhood watch” needed in the first place?
        Why was there not enough government(state local,and Federal)funding for the regular police to be effective in doing their duties for EVERYONE?
        AND it’s true you almost never hear about when old white folks are killed and robbed by “young black men”.
        Where’s the uproar about that?
        Where’s the BPP then?
        Sad to say,I know people whom I thought I knew “that just happened to be darker than me”.A ride with three of them one day in a car to visit a local shut-in(also black) changed my opinion somewhat.While there I noticed that the person’s dog needed water(It was a HOT summer’s in the South).I commented on this and they ALL got worked up about how “White people care more about dogs than black people”.This tirade came from men whom I thought were “Good Christians”.
        The Bible warns us that the “love of the greater number WILL cool off”.That was a Classic Example of that statement that I have ever witnessed.Sad.
        My thoughts are that Satan must be very hard at work trying to keep “people of all nations” from the saving grace of Jesus Christ and his coming Kingdom.
        Watching everything warned about in the Bible coming true(including the horrible stuff like the topic above)makes me want to pray I don’t allow myself to be tempted to “lump” my fellow man(no matter what the race is)into a “group”.From what I’ve d read,only Christ has that authority,and I hope I pass his judgment when the time comes….
        Terrible times we live in,when wicked people abound and good people are forced to suffer injustice from Evil Rulers.
        Yet THE CHANGE will come in God’s own good time.And none shall escape.
        Meanwhile,back at the Ranch….
        All the Best to All here!

        • Hey greyfox green, I like your words and read all your posts. I was taught and also heard people like you repeat the message of every race coming from one man, Adam. With all due respect, I have to disagree. If you go to a Companion bible and read Genesis as it comes from the original manuscripts, you can then begin to understand what God did in those first eight days. I have learned the truth and it makes perfect sense. It boils down to this: On the “sixth day” God created, the man adam, which was all the races of peoples, male and female, so they could populate the earth with their own kind, in their own regions. The seventh day, He rested. On the eighth day He needed a husbandman to work the soil and take care of animals and have a bloodline thru which Christ would be born into. This was the “eth adam”, a different man than the others. The root meaning of this word eth-adam means “to show blood in the face”. Haven’t seen any blacks show blood in the face lately. Kinda hard to see if an Indian,mexican, or Asian blushes either. There is more to this that makes the truth clearly understandable but I don’t have time or space for it. I will say this, it is the way it happened and most won’t believe it now. They will after Christ returns though. One lady, that is a teacher/preacher got so mad at me when I asked her why she couldn’t believe God did it this way; she said I was saying things that were not biblical and spreading lies, she even alluded to the idea that I wasn’t a true Christian but from some sort of cult. When I asked her to explain where Cain’s wife came from if all life “evolved” from one Adam and Eve mating, she replied. “Cain married his sister.” So I say, why were we not told of this by Moses and how did all the races come to be so soon in just a few generations and what about the ark. The only thing she could say was that, “God bred people, like humans bred dogs to get the desired traits.” Sorry people, my God is Greater than that. He doesn’t have to monkey around with breeding of different colors and traits to get the kind of peoples He wants. He did manuver peoples lives and circumstances to get the pure bloodline from Adam and Eve all the way to Christ. Why? That’s the way He wanted it. Science can’t prove all the races “evolved” from a white (caucasian) man and his mate,which was created from his own feminine gene, the helix curve, not a curved rib; and most importantly,not from the evolution of an Ape!

      97. A racial war of extermination is not only inevitable, it is necessary. In America, over the past 40+ years there have been over one million White females, from babies to elderly raped by the nappy headed subhumans. In that same time over 50 000 innocent, unarmed White have been killed by the nappy headed subhuman filth. Yet, these evil, ugly, cowardly criminal, parasitic vermin act as if they are victims! Payback is coming, for Channon Christian and everyone and everything else, and it will be the biggest bitch that history has ever witnessed.

        And, in the aftermath, I hope that the jews and their White race traitor political lackeys who have inflicted the filth, evil, ugliness and horros of diversity upon White for the past forty plus years are publically butchered to death for their crimes, and I hope their families suffer the same fate. they have rivers of blood on their hands, the blood of White women and children so they deserve nothing less!

      98. LMAO…….What a joke! The recorded message was nothing but a bunch of ignorant, hate-filled rhetoric spouted by low IQ cowards. Their numbers are not great, and if they were even half as brave as they sound when talking to each other, this “war” would have started long ago.

        Talk is cheap….Cowards all!

      99. Klaus wrote:
        “A racial war of extermination is not only inevitable, it is necessary. In America, over the past 40+ years there have been over one million White females, from babies to elderly raped by the nappy-headed subhumans. In that same time over 50 000 innocent, unarmed White have been killed by the nappy headed subhuman filth. Yet, these evil, ugly, cowardly criminal, parasitic vermin act as if they are victims! Payback is coming, for Channon Christian and everyone and everything else, and it will be the biggest bitch that history has ever witnessed.”

        “And, in the aftermath, I hope that the Jews and their White race traitor political lackeys who have inflicted the filth, evil, ugliness and horrors of diversity upon White for the past forty plus years are publically butchered to death for their crimes, and I hope their families suffer the same fate. They have rivers of blood on their hands, the blood of White women and children so they deserve nothing less!”

        Brother Klaus:

        The race war is going on right now as we all sit here and read these posts. Things appear to be heating up and that is a very good thing. We can look forward to a long, hot summer!

        The rape statistics you speak of are in the United States Department of Justice’s Uniform Crime Report.

        For example, during the year 2005 there were a total of 111,490 White females raped in America. Of that total, 33.6% of these rapes of White females were committed by Black men. That’s over one-third of the rapes of White females were committed by negro men who make up only 6% of American society!

        To get the actual number of rapes by black men you convert the percentage to a decimal figure and then simply multiply the total rapes by the percentage: 111,490 x .336 = 37,460 rapes of European-American females during the year 2005 by negro males. That’s more than 102 rapes of White females per day for an entire year! The figures are similar for the years since then.

        Find the report for 2005 and then scroll down to Table 42. For this same period there were fewer than ten rapes of black women by White men.

        • Your numbers track across the list of violent crime for blacks in the US. The 6 x more likely follows murder and robbery too. Their culture accepts violence as a means of handling disputes greater then other cultures do. It’s a street code thing. If your “dissed” (disrespected) or worse yet your woman is and you don’t confront it violently your an outcast. In my solidly middle class white world we walk away and if you touch us we sue you. Suing only works if the other person has a significant legal income. It’s a useless defense to apply to someone having nothing as in, “You can’t get blood from a stone”.

          Black people that climb up the ladder behave the same as everyone else that climbs up that ladder.

      100. You guys are 1 bud short of a 6 pack if you really think it’s about race and a race war. WE ALL are playing right into their hands. the cops are STILL KILLING black men all across the county and let you tell it, it’s the black man fault, for what being black… a white guys gets knocked out and stripped and robbed by teens in Baltimore and all the outrage. 2 white men try to start a race war by going around and killing blacks becuz his baby mama, (yeah white folks have baby mamas too, lol) committed suicide in front of him and their child and I guess that a black man fault too. No wonder it’s going to be so easy for the new world order to take over, WE ALL ARE FUCKING IDIOTS. this shit didn’t start with black people, back in the civil rights era everything was honky dori for whites, now that shit is BAD FOR EVERYBODY it’s the blacks fault, classic. You know what’s funny is that when we were brought here and helped build this country that you would have never thought in a 400 years period you good ol white folks would be selling the very same buildings and national monuments to pay off the debts of the county that YOU ALLOWED to take place (federal reserve, fiat $$$, medicare, social security, military industrial complex, big business). but i guess that’s the blacks fault too (hell, we couldn’t even vote)… this is my county just as much as it is yours, so get off the race war shit just becuz you want to see how it feels to hang some more n—– and think about how you are going to PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY in the event of collapse becuz best believe it’s going to be more than just black folks coming for your shit… so sad, it’s like talking to a brick wall becuz white americans have a blood lust for black blood, i guess it’s biblical the hate you have for us, lol.

        • You evil, black animals never built ANYTHING! And as far as being hated, that is what you richly deserve.

        • bakerboi,

          You don’t get it, that is if your legit. The black people in the inner cities, are almost illiterate, living on welfare, fighting and killing one another at an alarming rate and facing a future of dependence and hopelessness. Obama wants them this way because he can control their lives to suit his agenda. What has he done for the young black male? What has he done for the inner city schools? What has he done to make them want to work and have the american dream? Nothing!!!!!!! Just handouts like you would throw to a dog. This man is inhumane and dangerous. The successful black people know this to be true, but they are persecuted by their own because they dared to think for themselves and live independent lives, inspite of the adversity facing them, starting on the day they are born.

        • Boy are you full of crap! O.K. smart ass, how come 70% of ALL violent crime is committed by Negro men in their 20’s ? Can’t answer that can you!

        • Hey this guys seems to have it goin. You are actually spot on with the issue of the day. The satan worshiping nwo lovin baby killin race baitin homo promotin debt pushin drug runnin freedom hatin gun bannin keep the coloreds in their place sell us outin lawyers that run this country are in for a real treat. If they want to ban guns let them disarm first. If they want to foment race wars let them use their own mouths. Black Panther party aint no party. I would wager they aint even doin this themselves. I think the folks who need hangin are in DC and come in may shapes sizes colors ethnic backgrounds mixed races who cares. In the end we are people. They are subhuman slime. Do you want some slime with your fries. I have way to many friends with darker skin than mine and if the truth were told black and white are different shades of the same color. no white man is tru white and no black man is true black. but they are both men if they have the balls to stand for the truth.

        • Hey boi, would you happen to know where the people moved to when the Chgo Housing Projects,(you know, the ones built by all the democrats), were torn down? Time’s up! They moved to my area!!! And they’ve brought the city mentality to the far so. suburbs, a place where we all get along. They’re rude because they’ve heard whitey is evil, when most of the ghetto blacks don’t even know white people. They’re angry and it shows in their behavior. Angry people act out violently.
          As far as blacks building this country, yea yea and pioneers hiked to California. So what! Didn’t blacks have 80% literacy after the emancipation? What happened?? White women had to fight to gain the right to vote. Democrats and the free lunch, the something for nothing thing is what’s wrong. Whitey?? Are you freeking kidding me????
          I’ve got this glass egg sitting on my table. It was an award from my village, awarded to me by my neighbors, who are the best neighbors ever and they think the same of me, even though they’re black and I’m white, omg, we’re friends!! It’s an egg, cause I’m a good egg and I like my black neighbors a hellava lot better than the white idiot across the street w/ the 2012Obama bumper sticker. I won’t even acknowledge his fat ass. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s a racist thing… or is it biblical…?

      101. Who do these people think they are. Bring it on . Whitie has all the guns and ammo.

      102. Only 13% of the total population. Should take about three days to stop that threat!

      103. “it’s not a black or white thing, it’s a right or wrong thing..”

        • I wonder how many people would call me a racist for a statement that I use a lot among friends. “In the early 70’s I worked and partied with colored people so much that I became very fond of pigger nussy and watermelon; the darker the rind the sweeter the meat”.

      104. Zero the Usurper and the liberal fascist regime is behind this. Zero spoke with New Black Panther Bigots in Atlantal 2007 for his campaign. Black liberation theology, national socialism alive and well. And Eric the racist Holder’s Justice Department is where? Where is the rule of law? Without it, they are asking for a civil war.

        Racist associations, terrorist associations are normal for Zero, Barry Soetoro, Barak Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Dunham, Harry Buenthal, Steve Dunham, etc. Muzzie Brotherhood has meetings in the White Hut last year and now the past week, with $1.5 billion given to them!

        In addition, Zero the Usurper campaigned for his buddy marxist, sharia law devotee muslim Raila Odinga in his homeland of Kenya and supported the civil unrest, chaotic violence that followed after Odinga didn’t get the President position; yet was offered the Prime Minister spot as an arrangement. Violence, rape, mass rioting is all part of the Zero playbook. He has sent millions to his homeland of Kenya and supports RAila Odinga to this day, encouraging sharia, just as he’s doing in the Mid-East to form a new caliphate.

        The propaganda press ministry is compromised, ignore it. The real news is online, new media sources.

      105. I was talking to some elderly people and they don’t hate black people, THEY ARE AFRAID OF THEM. We have less than 1% black people living here, but many people have moved here from other states and dealt with the black element. These black panther retards talk about all the terrible mistreatment of blacks, yet they surely never mention all the older people that have been victimized by the common black hood that sees their wallet or purse as an easy mark to take. There is a disproportional ratio of elderly victims that have been attacked by blacks in comparison to any other race.

        Elderly people are usually very frail and when they are knocked down their bones break, bruises take long to heal, in short their injuries are magnified many times over. Older people are often scared to death to go out and walk the streets in fear of being mugged or assaulted by black thugs. Why don’t these black panther pieces of gutter filth talk against what their “brothers” do to the elderly all the time? These radicals are nothing but “allowed” domestic terrorists that have not yet been charged YET.

        Then if someone of ANY race other than a black comes to the aid of an old lady being hurt terribly by some black thug they just must be anti-black. I live in a free gun state and anyone that attacks an elderly person better watch out because the people here are not afraid to help those being attacked. I just feel so sorry for all those people in states and areas that empower the common criminal by taking away people’s constitutional right to defend themselves.

        No elderly person of any race should ever be afraid to go for a walk, to the store, anywhere, and yet no one in the news and media ever mentions them as victims because of so much black crime against them. Why don’t we ever hear about this? It is too politically incorrect. Talk about bias news reporting.

      106. You are right VRF. Sadly some will have to take sides just to be safe.

      107. Rumor has it Angela Corey is going to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter because she doesn’t have the back bone to say all the evidence says it was self defense. It’s a sad day for America when a man is charged with a crime not based on the facts and evidence, but on media and political pressure, on false accusations and inuendo. Could you be next??

      108. What idiots. idiots leading idiots for cash, guess it’s the american way. When u here such idiot bullshit, it makes you want to recomend a saiga 12ga with 4 drum clips. Just dumbasses.

      109. ~VRF~

        You sir, are wise indeed! I would have your back…any day!!!

        Good post & thumbs up!

        • Thank you sir, Ive got yer 6 bud..any day

      110. owning a saiga with the drum clips is next best thing to owning a gatlin gun. These things are awesome. watch the guy on youtube shoot up a bunch of watermelons. its just total devestation. i totally want one,good investment too, doubt they will be legally sold here much longer.


      112. Mustangbob – you will love that kid and raise that kid, and give that kid your heart and soul, and when he becomes a late teen he’ll attain political awareness and tell his black buddies just where your valuables and the time you’ll be off on a trip so they can rape your wife.

        Sorry, no Croatians adopted by Serbs, no Serbs adopted by Croatians, etc. We’re entering an ugly time.

      113. Right before obama was elected I was really curious what the white supremacist groups thought so I did alot of reading on their websites, forums, etc. Almost to a man, the leaders of said groups said they were going to vote for obama because they believed him becoming president would lead to race wars and they could finally realize their dreams and get rid of the blacks . I kid you not.

      114. A race war in the United States???? I wonder who’s really pushing this idea? After all, if you divide people along race lines as well as religious, State and economic (that’s the haves and have nots) and force them into civil disobedience against each other or even Civil War, then effectively, TPTB have won through ‘Divide and conquer’ Once they have divided the Nation and have you fighting among yourselves, they suddenly bring in the UN and enforce TOTAL control through force. Doesn’t really matter if everyone’s got a gun to fend off the UN invaders, you’ll be too busy fighting the blacks in your neighborhood, or the whites in your area (if your black) Are you guys really so stupid to take the Race Civil War bait?

        A race Civil War will divide you, then decimate the participants and finally allow the victors who survive to become ‘administered’ by the United Nation / One World Order.
        You just need to look at the former Yugoslavia. The US will be BALKANIZED!!!
        You dummies!!!

      115. mustangbob

        Your job, your responsibility and your duty is to protect and nurture that child. Anyone capable of hurting your son is an animal.

        It’s nurture not nature and the problem American blacks face is culture not DNA. I place odds that your son will be a successful law abiding citizen due to having loving parents and being removed from the upside down violent heavy success inhibited culture far too many blacks in the US follow.

        I praise you sir, to save but a single life is nobel.

      116. The new black panthers has been debunked as a fake.

      117. All this makes me sad. On this thread I have discovered that if/when things go poorly, here, many people that think like me will turn out to be my enemies. This has been informative. At any rate, I am former infantry and currently train with guns, knives and hands. You come my way with plans to expell me or kill me, we’ll see how it goes down.

        • Blacks are not going to take over any more towns if this gets real. Oakland used to be a BEAUTIFUL area. E. Palo Alto too. Tons of areas, all over the US, were nice, wonderful, towns until they got hit by the tar brush.

          There’s a good 30-40 years of suppressed anger in the white populace. No more. We will no longer be displaced from the neighborhoods we grew up in, went to school in, etc.

        • IsonDart, it sounds like you and many of the people posting here (myself included) have a fundamental political disagreement. What was it that Clausewitz said about politics… oh, now I remember — “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”

      118. I want to preface this post by saying I am an African American woman. I thank GOD that I do not have the closed mind as I see on this post. If you cannot see that there is a plan being composed for a race war to happen, then I am greatly disturbed. Every one has opinons about there feelings as to what is going on. Some good;some bad. but I whole heartedly agree with the poster that stated that someone is behind inciting all this racial hatred to detract and divide us. I would imagine the purpose is for power and wealth.
        To those people that feel we African Americans don’t belong here: Neither do you, if you want to get technical. I need not say more.
        To the ones that hate so vehmently; your genes have African in them. The migration of all humans started from Africa. As another poster said, science now backs this up. To those who are blind, open your mind and you will see the REAL plan. The plan is global and it transcends all logic. Like the Armageddon, we could turn all these events around by working collectively all over the globe to end the reign of demons and restore peace and harmony. I believe this can be done.
        Peace above all else,

        • Ellen, isn’t it your night to fry de chicken or sompin’?

          A unique NATION, Liberia, was set up as a place for black people in the US to go, to have their OWN nation and pursue their destiny as a people.

          Sadly, that would have taken work.

          Some went, and have ensured that Liberia exists, is a UN recognized country, and of course a crime-ridden hellhole.

          There was a large movement, by not only we whites but by many blacks, to go back to Africa and make it a world power. Think about it – although brought over as slaves, Americans blacks now had a working knowledge of white technology. They could have indeed turned Africa into a superpower. If they were as smart, energetic, forward-thinking, etc as they say they are.

          But that would have meant … work.

          There is nothing now saying a movement among US blacks couldn’t arise, gather together money and backing, and start a new country in Africa. Most of Africa is run by corrupt dictators and thus, for sale. Given that the US economy is heading into a major Depression and many of what whites are hoping we can make it doing farm work and driving a horse and wagon, for a huge number of US blacks, a new life in the new country in Africa could be the best opportunity to come along in their lives. They’d have social mobility, for instance, a thing that’s only a memory in the US.

          But that would take work.

        • @Ellen —

          Yawn. The theory of a supposed African origin of all humanoids is old “science” that has suffered some serious body blows for the last twenty years (at least). New discoveries, and new methods of interpreting data, are knocking the politically-motivated dogma of afrocentrism to bits. Here’s one example from a DECADE ago:

          And I’m dying to know — how can it be claimed that “we” are being divided from one another when Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans have NEVER had the slightest thing in common to begin with? The forced social interaction of two utterly distinct racial subspecies, with different myths, different gods, different song, different poetry, different aesthetics, different familial and social relationships, different smells, different instincts, different natures, different histories, different writing (actually, sub-Saharan Africa had NO writing), different minds, different SOULS — opposites to one another, really — does not and CANNOT make a “nation.” Juxtapose Chartres cathedral, the Space Shuttle and a Mozart Divertimento with Great Zimbabwe, tom-toms and an African mask.

          It is nature that has “divided” us. Only the regime of the decaying empire of Amerika, which strives for a mongrel mass based on the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR (i.e. the suppression/denial of that which makes a human life truly WORTHWHILE and HUMAN in the Greek sense) would claim otherwise.

          And WE who supposedly “don’t belong here” on this continent, according to you, are going to stay right here. WE found it, we built it and we turned it into the nation that went to the moon. We rather like it, or at least the parts that your people haven’t wrecked.

          Your people have no say in OUR future. Your people, not acting under their OWN impetus or initiative, played a role in building America that was analogous only to that of the horses, mules and other beasts of burden.

          The descendants of these unwilling laborers have extracted equal if not greater wealth from this country than their ancestors supposedly “contributed” to it in the form of cities destroyed, infrastructure rendered unusable, white workers murdered or incapacitated and thus removed from the economy, medical bills and funeral expenses for injured and murdered whites, police, “security” and protective systems which USELESSLY consume wealth which could otherwise be used to ENHANCE the country’s quality of life, its health and the level of its culture, etc.

          We owe you nothing. Your moral pronouncements on who and who does not “belong” here, realizable only through the employment military force you do not have, are thus irrelevant.

          And yes — it’s time for a DIVORCE.

          • ~Ahab~

            You possess a superlative knack of academically pointing out the obvious….in great depth!!!

            A superb post!!! Thumbs up!!!

            -(quote)-*** Your people have no say in OUR future. Your people, not acting under their OWN impetus or initiative, played a role in building America that was analogous only to that of the horses, mules and other beasts of burden. ***-(unquote)-

            Nice reference to….obsolete farm equipment!!!!

      119. Don’t be manipulated. Be strong and practice non-violent resistance in waiting for justice. This method has been proven by the blacks (a la Martin Luther King) and by the people of india (a la Mohandas Ghandi). Let the facts bear out who is guilty. Why would I prepare for killing (murdering) other humans based on media hype? Who is it that has the facts and has determined the truth? Who said its time to kill each other? Don’t be swift to shed blood. Seek the truth while it may be found.

        • A few of King’s speeches were recorded/televised, and they were mellow stuff indeed. Most of his rhetoric was incendiary. Stuff like “Now whatever you do, DON’T go to X street and break the windows of those jewelry stores….” etc. An old-fart friend of mine took in a King speech or two back then and told me that King’s been, well, whitewashed.

          As for Ghandi, India’s such a wonderful place now …. go look up YouTube videos on bathing in the wonderful holy Ganges.

          • DT, If your ever brave enough to try to send me, or anyone else there…

            Ellen, this is not the sort of person you will be able to coexist with, when the time comes. Be around like minded people (black or white) and be ready. DT and his sort are not brave enough to come for you. Just brave enough to type unpleasantries.

          • Domestic_Terrorist; yeah the philosophies of Jesus, Tolstoy, Gandhi, and King are buried by pop-culture and the media. There were few persons, even in the day, that actually thought or trusted in revolutionary terms like that. Now it’s all divisive rhetoric, and protect yourself with the most violent preparations – and who’s going to win? the citizen? the PTBs? Violence is the means taught to secure life, liberty, and happiness in these times.

        • Look up the militia group Deacons of Defense. World’s governed by the use of force, even for idealists.

      120. The Talk: Nonblack Version

        by John Derbyshire

        April 05, 2012

        The Talk: Nonblack Version

        There is much talk about “the talk.”

        “Sean O’Reilly was 16 when his mother gave him the talk that most black parents give their teenage sons,” Denisa R. Superville of the Hackensack (NJ) Record tells us. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta: “Her sons were 12 and 8 when Marlyn Tillman realized it was time for her to have the talk,” Gracie Bonds Staples writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

        Leonard Greene talks about the talk in the New York Post. Someone bylined as KJ Dell’Antonia talks about the talk in The New York Times. Darryl Owens talks about the talk in the Orlando Sentinel.

        Yes, talk about the talk is all over.

        There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too. My own kids, now 19 and 16, have had it in bits and pieces as subtopics have arisen. If I were to assemble it into a single talk, it would look something like the following.

        * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        (1) Among your fellow citizens are forty million who identify as black, and whom I shall refer to as black. The cumbersome (and MLK-noncompliant) term “African-American” seems to be in decline, thank goodness. “Colored” and “Negro” are archaisms. What you must call “the ‘N’ word” is used freely among blacks but is taboo to nonblacks.
        “There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too.”

        **Admin Edit – Excerpted due to copyright. Please follow link below to keep reading**

        Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights.

      121. The New Black Panther Party bigots did voter intimidation in 2008 resulting in controversy at the Dept of Justice, since Eric “my people” Holder wouldn’t prosecute “his people.” Now the New Black Panther racists calling for bounties, conspiracy, murder, and insurrection.

        Where’s the DOJ? DHS?

        Witness black liberation theology in action from Zero the Usurper, I guess Rev Wright and Zero’s Harvard buddy professor Derrick Bell actually had some influence eh?

        Zero hanging out with the New Black Panther Party in 2007 in Atlanta, GA while campaigning probably wasn’t a big deal right? How would another candidate fare hanging out with the KKK?

        And Zero campaigning (in violation of the Logan Act) as Senator for marxist and muslim sharia law devotee Raila Odinga in his homeland of Kenya back in 2006, which resulted in Odinga’s losing and stirring up a revolt of bloodshed and carnage — all supported by Zero and still financially supported with millions given to Kenya — this is the preview for the violence coming to America by liberal fascists and the politics of national socialism based on racist theology. Chaos by design.

        The New Black Panther Bigots are NOT acting alone, they are fully supported by this regime, they are willing purveyors for Zero’s street justice, and they have ties to Hezbollah, Muzzie radicals, just as Rev Wright did at his so-called “Christian church” on the southside. The same Rev Wright who flew (via another country, as no diplomatic relations) with Farrakhan to Libya at a time when it was terrorist state, insuring both were flagged by FBI counter-intelligence.

        It is also no surprise $1.5 billion is sent by the regime to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Meetings with a terrorist organization is now commonplace in the White Hut. RAcists, terrorists, radicals..

        And where are the leaders of this country standing up for THE RULE OF LAW??????

        Folks, the domestic enemies have arrived. Prepare yourself mentally, physically for the trials ahead if you want to save the Republic.

        • I believe that the new black panther party is quite definitely backed by those who are in control of our government.

          Who is in control of the government?

          To answer that question all you have to do is as this question:

          To whom is the National Debt owed – and why?

          That tells you who runs things. There is a group of private citizens who literally “create” your money and set its value at will. They also happen to control the banks that foreclose on you when the value of the currency declines enough that you can’t afford your mortgage anymore. And the bank gets to take it. This is all by design.

          Why are they backing racial strife here? For the same reason they back race/religious strife in Pakistan and other countries. Divide and conquer – all while continuing to loot the Nation.

          The literally own the media and literally create the news cycle. The purchased Reuters over 100 years ago and then the Associated Press.

          We have a jewish problem. The race issue is a smokescreen. Sure its a problem but its symptomatic of the underlying jewish cancer we are now infected with.

          The jews do this to every country they infect. That why they have been “persecuted”…..they were “prosecuted”…..not persecuted.

          Look at what they are doing here right now.

          They are literally destroying your country.

          Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders or Zion to understand the overall plan.

      122. Problems with “black” people….

        What exactly is a “black” person?

        To be considered a “black” person do you have to be 10% “black”, 20% “black”….40%?

        What amount of negro genetic admixture defines a “black” person?

        What’s the actual definition?

        In South Africa – most American “blacks” are considered to be “colored”.

        Not “black”.

        “Colored” people are racially mixed negroes…for example, a “mullato’ is half negro and half caucasian. A “quadroon” who is 1/4 negro and 3/4 caucasian.

        No – Obama is not a “mullato” – he’s a “jewlato” because he’s half jewish – not “White” at all.

        Why do I ask about the negro admixture issue? Because genetics play a very significant role in intelligence and behavior.

        In the US, being “black” is really being a member of a political group enabling the acquisition of unearned income.

        Yes, the “black” political party in the US is enjoying what can only be described as “Negro Privilege”.

        What’s “Negro Privilege”?

        Negro privilege is a Jewish-devised scheme that seeks to artificially elevate undeserving negroes into societal positions that they objectively do not merit. This practice operates as an unseen, invisible, and unquestioned pervasive norm in society today. It is the proverbial “fart in church”.

        I call on negroes to interrogate their own ineptitude and how their chronic under-performance has falsely enabled them. I call attention to how the mechanisms of Jewish racist false enabling policies that operating to artificially elevate negroes are damaging our nation.
        I call on white people who support Jewish-instigated negro privilege to interrogate their own pathological value system and how they erroneously justify false enabling practices based on race and not merit.

        I call upon those same white people to realize that they strain to treat negroes differently based upon their race – and that by definition they are the true racists.
        By looking closely at the subtleties of Jewish-devised negro privilege, I issue a call for all negroes to own up to their unearned and undeserved privilege and replace their Negro Culture of Blame with the White Culture of Personal Responsibility.

        We must confront environments that condone or perpetuate Jewish negro privilege.

        Only an honest airing of this destructive practice will enable a clear and honest confrontation with this trenchant and vexing concern.

      123. Speaking of racially generated concerns, Aysha Ring was a beautiful young white woman who was murdered in Baltimore, MD.

        After this happened, the following posts were made regarding this heinous crime.

        A negro named “Mikey” sought to make a moral comparison between a police shooting in Oakland, CA and the heinous Aysha Ring murder.

        Below is a discussion of those events.

        Hi Mikey,
        To provide a context for other potential readers, please find below a copy of one of my posts and your corresponding responsive post.
        My Post:
        Hope all had a good Christmas – unfortunately, Not for a 24 year old White woman in Baltimore. When waiting at the cash register to make a purchase a black male came up and grabbed her from behind – and then brutally cut her throat with a knife. The assailant cut her throat down to her spinal cord severing her major arteries. 15 Blacks in store left. Didnt try to help or talk to cops. Nice. Google Woman Stabbed to Death at Liquor Store Aysha Ring MSM IGNORES STORY
        Your Post:
        hope you all had a good new year – unfortunately, not for Oscar Grant III, a male who was lying face down on the floor co-operating with a policeman & the policeman took it upon himself to shoot him dead. policemen are supposed to protect not kill.
        i miight start hating & abusing every White policeman i see from now on…. or then again i might just think, i cant hate all White policemen for what one officer did, that would be just plain pathetic!

        You had mentioned that you didn’t know anything about Oscar Grant – but that you had “just googled it to make a point”. I think your point is that you can’t judge an entire group from the actions of one.

        You wound up making an entirely different point though – one perhaps unintended. Read on and I will tell you what point you actually made.

        My post was intended to illustrate that the mainstream media is racially selective in its reporting. Often deciding not to report on even particularly heinous racially motivated crimes committed by Blacks against Whites. And to make people aware one specific racially motivated brutal murder of a White woman by a black man that she did not even know.

        My post was also intended to communicate to readers that in media “Perception equals Reality”. Media editors decide content and content influences perception. Using a simple mathematics analogy, the question arises as to whether media editors are intentionally manipulating the “perception” side of the equation to influence your reality.

        Of course they are.

        An interesting paradox concerns the massive reporting that plane crashes receive. Plane crashes are statistically extremely rare, but practically everyone is made aware anytime one happens – national headlines abound. Auto accidents are relatively commonplace and do not receive much national media attention, if any. Perhaps the fact that Blacks commit terrible crimes against Whites is just so commonplace that it just isn’t worthy of a national headline. But Whites committing terrible crimes against Blacks (such as was alleged in the infamous Duke Rape Case) are so rare they are essentially over-reported and easily make national headlines? Google “Duke Rape Case” unless you are already familiar.

        White Guilt Propaganda & The Culture of Blame
        Some say that there is an intentional White Guilt Propaganda campaign raging in our mainstream national media. Guilt has certainly been used as a political weapon of mass destruction before and was used to “de-Nazify” post war Germany.

        Many people have a gut reaction to the “Holocaust”. That word alone evokes guilt, righteous indignation and pity. It was designed to evoke guilt from Germans, righteous indignation from Jews and pity from everyone else.
        Now just replace the word “Holocaust” with “Slavery and “Racism”. This is the primary tactic used by civil rights activists in the US.

        Look, there’s a White person – Let’s Play the Blame Game
        How does this work? Blacks try to convince Whites to feel shame about slavery and that they as White people are responsible. Never mind that most White people did not own slaves. Never mind that African Blacks were complicit in the slave trade and that it was African Blacks that captured and sold other African Blacks into slavery.

        89 Years
        Never mind that slavery existed in the US for 89 years and White people ended the slave trade. Never mind that 29% of the free black population of New Orleans owned and abused slaves. That’s 3000 black slave owners of black slaves in New Orleans. Never mind that slavery never ended in Africa and that Blacks are still selling other blacks into slavery today. Never mind that it will probably take White intervention to end slavery in Africa. This kind of manipulation does not work between parties with equivalent moral standing and is why Blacks avoid any mention or proof of complicity or shared responsibility. In addition to invoking the guilt response in Whites, many Blacks simultaneously harbor righteous indignation and use that emotion to justify violence, rioting, etc.

        Guilt is also often used in personal relationships as a manipulative tool. Some people are really good at using guilt as a weapon to get what they want. And our schools are actually spreading White Guilt Propaganda so that White kids are made to think that they are in some way responsible for slavery, racism, etc. Disturbingly, it is having a damaging effect on the self esteem of White children. They are being brainwashed into a conditioned response in their future dealings with Blacks to willingly allow themselves to be taken advantage of. The problem is that many common themes used in White Guilt Propaganda are exaggerated or outright lies.

        Many White people are actually starting to realize that they have been maliciously taken advantage of by Blacks. More and more White people are seeing White Guilt Propaganda for what it is. Disingenuous propaganda with a purpose. Predictably, the normal reaction for anyone to having been manipulated and taken advantage of is righteous indignation. And righteous indignation has its own consequences.

        15 Black Patrons
        My post also pointed out that there were 15 black patrons in the store at the time of the murder (5200 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore, MD). There were 15 black patrons in the store at the time of the assault who were in a position to provide some sort of material aid or comfort to the victim.

        None of them did.

        “The woman was waiting in line to pay when a man came up behind her, grabbed her from the rear, reached forward, cut her throat and then turned and walked out,” said Bill Toohey, Baltimore County Police spokesperson.
        So what do you think it was like for Aysha Ring – what do you think it was like for her to be innocently standing there one moment, and then instantly suffer a massive neck wound?

        Do you think she “just fell down and died”? Or do you think it was a little more horrific than that? We’ve all stood in line, maybe a bit impatiently just waiting to pay for something – but what if all of a sudden someone you weren’t even aware of just grabs you from behind and cuts your throat? Just like that. No words. No warning. Knife slashes through your skin, your muscle, your veins and your arteries. Would it hurt? Would the shock of it make it difficult for you to immediately tell how bad it is – as a sea of blood gushes from your gaping wound? I’m hurt….how bad is it? You try to scream. Your hands go to your neck – all you see is blood. Blood everywhere and its getting worse, not better. You feel your own blood flowing down your throat – you gag trying to force it out of your lungs so you can still breathe. You panic and stagger – searching for help, trying to stop the blood as forces its way between your fingertips soaking all your clothes, onto the floor – onto everything. More blood than you’ve ever seen…you can’t stop it. There’s screaming but its not your screams. They are the screams of others. Yours just sound like gurgling. You’re dying… and you know it…. You are aware of people coming toward you. Maybe they’ll help. No – they avoid you and pass you. To the side, some stepping in your life blood and tracking it out the door behind them as they leave. Precious minutes pass. Not just seconds. Minutes. Then what happens? Your blood pressure drops to a point where you pass out. And you’re still bleeding.
        Are you dead yet? No.

        Is anyone helping you?

        No. Has anyone helped you? No.

        Bystander Effect – or Justice Served?

        There may be no legal duty to help someone who is struggling to live as a result of an underserved attack – but there is a moral duty to help. A moral duty that a random group of 15 black people collectively avoided. Was this just a case of “Bystander Effect”? (Google “Bystander Effect” for more info)

        Bystander Effect is a social psychological phenomenon in which any specific individual is less likely to offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. There are two important components to Bystander Effect. One is a sense of diffusion of responsibility and the other is the need to behave in correct and socially acceptable ways. Certainly, diffusion of responsibility may account for the collective sense of shock and resultant lack of help. But what about behaving in a socially acceptable way? Why was it apparently “socially acceptable” for a group of Blacks to leave a White woman with a terrible neck wound? That group of Blacks did two things. They collectively withheld help to a desperate White victim and they all left the scene. Why did they all apparently feel that is was “socially acceptable” to leave the scene before help arrived?

        As this White woman undoubtedly clutched her neck in agony as torrents of blood spilled to the floor, was there a collective sense that justice for Blacks was somehow being served? If so, the scope of the problem evidenced here is almost unimaginable. A problem so vast and so deep that it may well be irreparable.

        None of the black patrons tried to help the White woman. Some even stepped over the woman as she bled from her neck arteries as she was dying. The woman was likely conscious for a while as it takes some time to die that way. Conscious, as black people from the very community where she worked, and whose people she worked to help through her job at a school devoted to inner-city Catholic education…stepped over and around her and just let her die.

        Maybe she would have died anyway due to the severity of her wounds. But someone could have at least tried to pinch off her arteries with their fingers to try to stop the bleeding as much as they could. Failing that, someone could have at least tried to apply external pressure to the wound. Failing that, someone could have at least stuck around to provide moral support to the victim. Failing that, someone could have at least waited around for the police and ambulance to arrive.
        Nobody did.

        I suspect that if there were at least a few White patrons present…someone would have tried at least ONE of those things – no matter the race of the victim.
        I was not judging an entire group from the actions of one individual. I was making an observation of the actions of an entire group. It just so happens that one defining characteristic of that group was their race.
        Perhaps you can explain the reasons for this group behavior. I believe that out of a group of 15 random White patrons similarly situated – it is extremely unlikely that ALL of them would shirk their moral duty to help and step over a White woman or a black woman as she bled from her neck arteries. Leaving her to die there alone.

        Oscar Grant
        By now you may have actually googled “Oscar Grant Criminal Record” and discovered that what I discovered. Since you are the one who picked Oscar Grant as a representative case of injury done to Blacks by Whites, lets investigate the Oscar Grant situation a bit further.
        Oscar Grant had a juvenile criminal record – details of which are not available due to the fact that juvenile criminal records are sealed. Once Oscar Grant reached majority, he was involved in at least 12 different criminal cases according to Alameda County Courthouse records. He had also just been released from State Prison in November of 2008.

        To better understand Oscar Grants reality, consider that Oscar Grant died when he was 22 years old. He had been an “adult” for 5 years or about 60 months (I don’t know Oscar Grants birthdate). During that 5 year period, he had been arrested 12 times at a minimum. 60 months divided by 12 is 5 months. Construing facts most favorably to Oscar Grant, he managed to get arrested and charged for one criminal case about every 5 months. But wait, its worse than it seems. Oscar Grant was unavailable to be arrested for at least a portion of that 60 month period. Oscar grant resided in State Prison during 2007 and 2008. One of the pre-requisites for admission to State Prison (vs. County Jail) is a sentencing period of at least one year. No less.

        Oscar Grant was riding on the specific train, and in the specific car in which there was a violent event. Someone on that car was alarmed enough about the violent event that they felt the need to call 911 and report it as an emergency. Police detained several people from the train. During the detention event, bystanders were yelling at the police and some were physically approaching the officers in a threatening way (see the videos). There appeared to be some sort of difficulty getting Oscar Grant cuffed – no problem with the others who were seated along the wall next to Oscar Grant.
        The police officer who had just cuffed Oscar Grant drew his weapon. His weapon discharged into Oscar Grants back. The shooting appeared to be accidental. The BART police are issued Sig Sauer .40 caliber pistols. Sigs and Glocks do NOT have separate external safety devices as do certain other types of pistols such as the Colt 1911. Sig pistols are equipped with a de-cocking device (search google for details). Mis-use of the de-cocking device can result in an accidental discharge. Sig pistols (as all pistols) can be accidentally discharged depending on how they are handled.

        Oscar Grant was not just waiting in line at a store when a White police officer came up from behind to shoot him in the back. There is no moral equivalency or comparison to be made between these two cases. But clearly, neither of these victims deserved to die.

        Now lets turn to Aysha Rings reality. As mentioned earlier, she worked at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, MD. Cristo Rey provides a rigorous college preparatory education to students from primarily black families from Baltimore and is specifically devoted to helping “low-income”, “inner-city” youth only. A clearer picture of the environment appears when considering the actual ethnic breakdown at Cristo Rey: African American: 71%, Multi-racial: 14%, Latino: 7%, Caucasian: 6%, Other: 1% and Asian: less than 1%.

        So why was Aysha Ring there? Why did she want to help Blacks? Was it because she recognized where so many of our social problems are coming from and was still idealistic enough to think that she could make a difference? Was it because she felt pity for Blacks who are destroying their own environment and ours? Was it because she felt some vague sense of guilt because of the practice of slavery so long ago? Did she buy into the black Culture of Blame along with its component of Black righteous indignation? What role did the effects of White Guilt Propaganda play in her decision to place herself in mortal danger by circulating among a high concentration of Blacks? I can’t answer that question. Aysha Ring could have told us – but she is dead now. I suppose there if there is a silver lining to this story, maybe it’s that at least she wasn’t raped first and then murdered.

        Black people are promoters of what can only be called the Culture of Blame. They, along with sympathetic kool-aid drinking Whites blame Black failures on Whites, on Hispanics, on Koreans…on anyone and everyone but themselves. My message to Blacks is that they need to embrace the concept of personal responsibility. They need to realize that their reality and fate has everything to do with their own choices and their own actions.

        The bitter irony is that the only reason why the White woman Aysha Ring was in that black community in the first place was because she worked at a school whose sole reason for being – was to help the people of that community.

        In my opinion, the moral of the story to White people is – don’t bother even trying to help Blacks. Don’t buy into the whole White Guilt Propaganda campaign. It exists only to separate you from your valuables, and may even cost you your life. Realize that Blacks have been playing Whites for fools. And that the black Culture of Blame has created a massive and unearned income stream for Blacks, at the expense of Whites. If you try to help Blacks, you only place yourself at risk. Blacks don’t deserve your help, they need to help themselves. Many of them actually they hate you even though they don’t know you and you never did anything to them. Some will intentionally physically harm just because you a White, and don’t count on black bystanders to lift a finger to help you if you are in need.

        The message to White police officers (and all police officers) is to do everything possible to avoid accidentally discharging your weapon. Google “Accidental discharge Sig Pistol” and see what you find. The message to all young people who encounter the police is to simply comply with police instructions and avoid at all costs escalating a confrontation.

        The unintentional point you made was that perhaps Aysha Ring and Oscar Grant are indeed good examples of the nature of violence between White people and black people in America.

        In one case we have a White woman who was working to help black people who was intentionally killed by one of the very people she was trying to help. And in the other case, we have a black person who was (probably) accidentally killed by a White police officer who was responding to a 911 emergency.

      124. ~Pat~

        Sadly, I can give you “only” one thumbs up per post!!! I’d give you a million if allowed!


      125. Read all these white people comments in the beginning just itchin for war. Fuckkin peckawood. We are all one people.

        • Yo Kim,

          As Rambo said in his movie, you drew first blood, not us.

      126. Eric Holder has presided over the conversion of the USA from a “nation of laws” to a “nation of men”. King George III would have been so proud of him. It is routine these days for the high and mighty to skirt, flout, and break the laws of our country with complete impunity. Tell me, what was the difference between the activities of Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine? Both robbed their clients blind of millions and millions of dollars. Answer: Corzine was a Friend of Obama and Bernie wasn’t, so Bernie goes to jail for a long time while Corzine is free as a bird and living the high life off of his ill-gotten gains. If this is not a prime example of a nation of men, I do not know what is.

        As to threats from racist groups, eff’em. Using terms like “cracker” and “honkey” are every bit as racist and hateful as using the term ni**er. Civilized people do not use such language, regardless of their color.

        If all they can do is wallow in the past and feed off of the mistrust and fears of others, they will indeed meet their just end… and probably sooner rather than later.

      127. Since they are declaring war on capitalism, Then it is high time for Corporate Capitalism Grocery stores to stop accepting food stamps. Its a fact 90% of all Black Children will live off of food stamps during the majority of their childhood. They only have themselves to blame..

      128. Mac – one thing I’ll say about you, you don’t censor. And that’s a good thing. All of us deserve to hear both sides of the story.

        I may not agree with a lot of the comments on here, but they deserve the right to free speech and to speak with no fear.

        Pat speaks the truth. The absolute damn truth.

        I for one am sick of the double standard, white guilt and blame game put upon poor white Americans like me and my ancestors.

        My grandpa and his dad worked in the mines. My grandpa died when he was 50. He worked himself to death. My grandma raised 5 kids on her own at the young age of 38.

        My Momma worked herself to death supporting us kids after Dad died. No food-stamps, no welfare.

        My first husband died in a car crash, drunk driving accident. I got no help from anyone. I just kept plugging along and rebuilt my life. It took me 18 years to find my second husband whom I adore.

        He was forced into early retirement due to the anti-white policies in our government that shame and force white males into shitty shifts, dirty work and the blame game. He looks ten years younger since he’s retired.

        I’m done with being nice to those who hate me and my ancestors simply because of our skin color.

        They have turned me into a fire breathing racist. Am I a racist? Yes I am and I have NO problem admitting it.

        When the black community rids itself of the ghetto thugs and the anti-white bigots who hurt my people, then and only then will I rescind my racism.

      129. Ah, the Black Panthers. The Sixties live again!

        Let’s see, what’s their legacy:

        Rap Brown: Mr. violence-is-as-American-as-cherry-pie is back in the Concrete Congo, this time on death row for killing a cop, and a BLACK cop at that.

        Eldridge Cleaver: Skips the country and lives in exile for years, tires of finding that North Africans and camel jocks don’t like blacks either, renounces his militancy and returns to the U.S. to face justice, gets off easy and lives in obscurity in L.A. until dying of prostate cancer.

        Stokely Carmichael: Also faced with criminal charges, he too flees to de mutha country, changes his name to some Ooga-Booga bullshit and churns out Marxist rants for the next 20 years before also succumbing to prostate cancer (must be something in the water over there).

        Huey Newton: Screws another brutha on a dope deal and gets his shit blown away. Maybe he should have listened to that “nice Jewish boy” Abbie Hoffman(“Screwing your customers will prove to be bad karma, unless you consider dying groovy.”).

        Bobby Seale: I’d just about forgotten about this rabble-rouser from the Age of Aquarius. The last I heard brutha Bobby is rubbing elbows with the (c)rap crowd. Somehow I get the feeling that before long some gansta-wannabe young enough to be his great-great-grandson will be packing his black ass off to that great Love-In in the sky.

      130. I met my 1st blacks in the navy as a 22 yr old coming from wyoming. I was truly unpredjudiced. After a mere 4 years among them I can truly say 95% of them are the most vile human beings I have ever met. I for one welcome a race war with blacks. P.S. come to wyoming 1st you cowards, we will stack you up like cord wood.

      131. The New Black Panthers are nothing but a bunch of loud mouth cowards. They aren’t going to do anything. All they are doing is stirring up crap. There aren’t enough of them to do 99% of what they brag that they are going to do. If you actually plan on going out and killing someone you don’t advertise. And if so you are just making a legal case for self defense when you get tour ass blown away by someone that you threaten. All I have to say is attention New Black Panthers: You think you are man enough to hunt down crackers and kill them. If you think that you are so big and tough come on out of your ghettos and try your crap with us country people. We will show you hunting!

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