Panic in the Pits: The Sound of a 1 Trillion Dollar Stock Market Meltdown

by | May 7, 2010 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    This is what it sounded like in the pits as the stock market melted down nearly 1000 points, shaving off over $1 trillion dollar in value.

    Hat tip Zero Hedge


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      1. The sound of greed and fear at Wall Street .  

        The greed is the same in the White House and the Federal Reserve……………. but less the fear.  

        Why no fear?    Because for the last 16 months Obama and Bernanke have put the U.S. taxpayer right in the line of fire every time there is a domestic or international crisis.  

        Bailing out bankers, bailing out Europe, bailing out Afghanistan and Iraq, bailing out BP, plans to bail out Pelosi’s home state of California along with 33 other insolvent state governments.

        Responsible states need to begin contingency plans for secession, to be followed by self governance and eventual nationhood when the federal government and federal reserve under Obama and Bernanke disentegrate entirely.         


      2. Paul, how the hell do you get every first post?  I hope its not because you are unemployed.  You have less of a life than me having time to be the first responder to every article!  No offense, I am joking.   I am with you on everything you say.

      3. Comments…..It sounds like suicide.Pretty scary.Glad I don’t  have to deal with it.Keep your good work Mac.

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