Panic Buying Grips the East Coast: Mad Rush for Supplies Ahead of Mega-Storm

by | Oct 29, 2012 | Headline News | 557 comments

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    While many people are still trying to make up their minds about the potential severity of the storm threatening the U.S. northeast, it’s not stopping millions of concerned residents from racing to to grocery stores, gas stations and hardware depots in droves.

    If you’ve ever wanted to know what it looks like when the 99% of Americans who have failed to prepare for a disaster wake up and realize they are facing a major crisis take a look at what’s happening on the east coast ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

    Good luck buying lanterns, generators, propane, or – if you are really unprepared – rain boots and batteries in areas in the path of Hurricane Sandy as it bears down on the U.S. East Coast.

    The approach of the gigantic storm, which is expected to come ashore on Monday night set off a weekend scramble for supplies from Virginia to New England, causing long lines at gas stations, bare shelves at hardware and home-supply shops, and a run on bread, bottled water and canned foods.

    “It’s been crazy. We’re the only one open who still has gas,” said Karen Tripodi, a customer service representative at Cumberland Farms, a gas station and market in Newington, Connecticut.

    “They’re coming in for propane, ice, water, milk and cigarettes.”

    In Hartford Connecticut on Saturday, from the shoreline to well inland, residents and business owners scrambled to get ready for Sandy.

    Preparations for the storm took place all over the state, as banks, pharmacies, home improvement centers, electronics stores, pet shops and supermarkets opened Saturday to lines of customers stocking up.

    Early birds got D batteries, flashlights, propane refills, bottled water and other sought-after storm supplies. Those arriving later had to deal with bigger crowds, dwindling supplies and, in some cases, empty shelves.

    Meteorologists are warning residents across over 600 miles of coastline from Wilmington, Delaware to Bangor, Maine that they need to brace for widespread power outages, sustained high winds, Appalachian snows, deadly storm surges for low lying, massive beach erosion, and flooding in what is being referred to by the NOAA as an “historic storm.”

    Millions of Americans within the path of the storm, who waited too long to take it seriously, are now scrambling to acquire the most basic necessities ahead of Sandy’s expected landfall sometime early Tuesday morning:

    Richmond, VA:

    Folks across Central Virginia, the Northern Neck and much of the East Coast started stocking up at the grocery store as forecasters warned of the looming “Frankenstorm.”

    It is a little surprising. I didn’t think it would come that close to the coast,” Connie Davidson told CBS 6 News’ Sandra Jones.

    Davidson was getting a jump on Hurricane Sandy and stocking up on basics, including water and batteries.

    She’s was just one of numerous customers Friday at Pleasants Hardware.

    “I got an oil lamp, got a portable castle iron. I got a portable heater,” Carl Shiles said. “It’s going to be getting cool next week — and if we lose power, I have a 92-year-old mother-in-law.”

    “During the storm, we figure we’ll have gas. So, we’re going to get a lot of things that we can to just pop in the oven and be done with it,” he said.

    New Jersey:

    Foodtown – Middletown, New Jersey – Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 (via Twitter)

    Preparations ranged from mandatory evacuations ordered by Gov. Christie for portions of the Jersey Shore to residents preparing for long power outages by cleaning shelves of water, batteries and bread. New Jersey’s utility companies also were preparing for a massive number of power outages.

    People turned to social media to report bare shelves in grocery stores and the early effects of the storm in their communities, including strong winds and even flooding in some Shore towns.


    Items such as flashlights, D batteries and bottled water have already run low in many locations, as have bread and nonperishable food items. Other items that may run low include tarps and pumps.

    Grocery store lines in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and undoubtedly throughout the city were stretching through the aisles this evening. According to ABC News, one Trader Joe’s line just to enter the store wrapped around the block.

    Also, FreshDirect has cancelled deliveries tonight, causing more people to head to actual grocery stores than usual.

    Montgomery, Pennsylvania:

    Throughout the area, grocery stores and gas stations were crowded Sunday as residents stocked up on necessities.

    The lines at the pumps at Sunoco on Valley Forge Road at Whites Road were three or four cars deep late Sunday morning, and the cars trying to get in and out were causing jams in the parking lot and on Valley Forge.

    Denise Bohne-Schmidt, a nine-year employee of the Sunoco, said the gas station ran out of regular gasoline Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When it runs out, a truck comes to the station to replenish the supply, but that sometimes takes hours.

    She said she’s never seen the gas station so busy, not even before a snowstorm.

    “People are complaining, screaming, yelling, they’re yelling at me and there have been fights between customers — it’s been a mess.”

    At Weis Market on Valley Forge Road in Lansdale, manager Mike Ryan said that sales are up 29 percent since Friday, with most people buying cases of bottled water and bread. He had three extra deliveries, but the bread supply was almost depleted and bottled water was dwindling.

    “People who have well water are nervous, because if the power goes out, they won’t have water,” he said.

    Arlene Widman of Lansdale had several cases of bottled water in her cart for herself and her two adult daughters.

    “We don’t know how had it’s going to be. That’s the issue,” she said. “From what they’re saying it’s going to be a doozy.”

    For those on the east coast, we wish you the best as the brunt of the storm passes over the next 72 hours. Many of our readers have likely prepared for the worst and have critical supplies like food, potable water, gas, batteries, off-grid cooking supplies and generators on hand.

    For those still lacking supplies, we’d strongly recommend stocking up on as many snow hurricane preparedness items as you can within the next 12 hours if supplies are still available in your area.

    With the potential for widespread power outages and flooding, there is a strong possibility that many areas may experience supply problems in coming days and weeks, especially if this storm damages critical utility infrastructure.

    Also See: Snow Hurricane PreparednessFlash Flood Survival; Supply Checklist for Sandy; Storm Updates


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      1. Best wishes from Queensland, Australia. I hope it’s not as bad as they say. The people who post on here will be the best prepared though, so I wish you all luck to go with your preps.

        • I’m up here in western ny as many of you know. The people are the only problem so far, i went into town yesterday to people watch it was interesting to say the least. My family is well prepared due in large part to sites like these. I am on reserve call from the emergency management dept. in our county, if I am able I will update when feasible. Please pray for the less prepared whom are many in this region!!

          Diesel Dan standing by in NY

          • My wife and I strolled through our local supermarket here in central NJ about an hour ago just to gauge the locals reactions and it is indeed cleaned out. No bread, milk, water, canned goods, etc. Still crowded. We observed more than a few very nervous people. Power outages are expected,, bulletins out from PSE&G say to prepare for outages for up to 10 days.. It has been comforting to know that we did not have to scramble for necessities like so many. Good luck all.

            • But, but, but the grubbynutt says we only need 3 days of preps! 10 days. Oh my God…

              Sorry to make light of it. Hope all fair well, at least those in the middle of it from here at SHTFPlan.

          • Just got the call the declared emergency in our county,all emergency management personnel are required to report all first responders are on mandatory stand by and the guard in our area has activated, will try to post an update seems its going to be a long nite!

            • @Diesel Dan

              Good luck Dan, I really don’t miss that kind of crap at all!

              Happily retired, happily divorced, happily prepared!

            • Little update not terrible here yet, just got word we are evacuating the shores of Lake Ontario, have been to a few of our open shelters, not to many have needed to use them yet thankfully, wind is really starting to pick up and were starting to lose power in some areas. If all goes well I might even be able to head home and get a little rest in! Stay safe and keep preparing!!!

            • Best of luck to you Diesel Dan, watch your six out there.
              Remember, you’ve got family at home that needs you. Be safe at work & go home to them.

              All the best to you & GOD bless!

          • well actually didn’t know. Where in WNY? Erie county? I am from OP (long ago)

          • People Will Be ‘Fighting In The Streets’ For Gas, Food In Sandy Wake
            October 29, 2012 2:15 PM


            CBS Connecticut

            • Good luck DieselDan…stay safe out there!

              That goes for everyone else here… good folsk one and all

              Heck, kit even goes for the lurkers and trolls here, daft fuckers that you are. Btw, do you geniuses FINALLY understand what the hell we’ve been talking about here on this site? Do you “get” why we’re so focused on being prepared?

          • Goodluck DD,

            Hope everyone fairs better than they scream across the MSM. But I am sure when it all is said and done, they will say how well the economy is booming, since all the people buying up everything they can get their hands on will no doubt be used as a good times ahead.
            Question is, will they or won’t they suspend elections next week????

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • I happen to live on the other side of the continent, but I agree with your sentiments perfectly.

          This storm also points out exactly why you should get your preps in advance, no? That way you don’t have to be part of the crowd fighting over a loaf of bread or a flashlight at the stores, but instead can stay home, settle down and wait for it to pass.

          • Off topic a little….

            This week I added zip ties to my prep supplies. There are literally a million things you can use these for.

            I don’t like to promote them in any way shape or form but Wal Mart has an assorted size container of 1000 for 10 bucks. I recommend several of these.

            • No worries – I have them in my own checklist too. Helps to have small and large ones.

              The checklist can be found at the back of the PDF here:

              (…wanna save that file? hit “File->Download” in the upper-left menu on the page. A physical copy of the book can be had by clicking on my ‘nym/name)

              • Thank you so much for sharing your book! Looking forward to reading it e-cover to e-cover!

              • Don’t forget the Heavy duty duct/duck tape. Stay away from the cheap shit. The Gorilla brand, black tape is so strong I have re-used some on other projects.

            • Don’t cut them off, you know they’re re-useable right?

              Unless UV degrades them ot the point where they break

              In the square head the little thingy that makes them go zip… its like a little feeler looking thing inside the head… you can peel it up with a sewing needle and release the zip tie without cuitting it, then re-use it.

              Done it dozens of times.

              Takes a little bit to get the feel for it but after that it’s fine.

              • @ The Guy

                Thanks, I never thought of reusing them! Zip ties man, a freaking engineering marvel.

                • The longer they’re in use the more the little tab that locks them in place sets to a bent position. Happens faster in the sun too. It’s best to find low stress applications for them on their second or third runs.

            • In my opinion, only get the black ones. They last much much longer, esp. In the sun. That also goes for poly tubing.

            • Odd Questioner,

              Awesome download link! I have started reading the book.

              Thank you for sharing this!
              KY Mom

          • @ O Q
            I just downloaded your book looks great can not wait to read the whole thing.Thanks

            • Agreed – thank you very much, OQ – that is amazing!

            • Actually, thank you guys – this site and a couple others like it were the inspiration to turn a loose collection of notes into something useful.

              that’s part of why I’m giving away the electronic version. 🙂

            • PS: If you have a website and you’d like to host that .pdf file and/or pass it around to others for free? Please do so, with my blessings and encouragement. 🙂

          • Amen to that and keep prepping cause AFTER the storm is when it’ll get nutty.

        • This is important! For the first time in a long time they just had a moderate earthquake on the New Madrid fault in Arkansas. The plates are in motion after that 7.7 in Canada. The New Madrid had a 3.9 about 3 hours ago. This is something watch for all those out there nearby the New Madrid.

          @ copperhead. Anymore news on USGS action about the New Madrid?

          • I hope america split in two and explodes.

            • I hope it splits in thirds… the east coast, the heartland, and the west coast… Once both coasts float away, the heartland can get back to being America again.

            • Well madhomokitten, I hope if it does “split in two”, you fall in the crack, exactly where an ass hole belong.

            • What a freaking jerk, I hope you split in two and you explode you freak.

          • Crap

          • @B.I.:

            4.0 last night here on the central coast of Cali, near Monterrey Bay

            • @ BadAmerican. I saw this earthquake last night and this one was directly on the southern portion of the northern part of the San Andreas. This could mean something because the San Andreas usually remains fairly locked towards the middle part of the entire fault. probably this is a result of the 7.7 up in Canada just from the shear voulme of energy from this Canadian quake. Anything over 7.4 or so rings the entire planet like a gong.

          • I hope Braveheart checks in – he is right in that vicinity.

          • I live in Cordova, TN an eastern suburb of Memphis and I felt it this morning. I live about 45 miles from the epicenter.

            Between Sandy and the quake I have had ample opportunities to talk with folks today about “being prepared”.

            • felt it this morning, too. was like the garage door was slammed down hard and then echoed a while. thanks BI for the constant updates!

          • @ Be Informed.

            Thanks for the response and explanation. I like many do a search for your name often in the comment section to get the latest.

            You are truly an asset to this site!

            • @ Norse Prepper. Thank you for the nice words. I really try to make sure that I don’t get too overly taken in by something like this hurricane. I did an analysis of this hurricane before it hit to make sure any numbers I gave were not exaggerated. I said 14-16 foot storm surge and 13.88 foot so far came up. I said that Sandy would intensify over the Gulf Stream waters and it did. I said it could get around 945, it got down to 939 MB at one point. I still feel that the Caribbean plate is more than capable of a very large shaker, a deep on to in the range of low 8 to mid 8 range or bigger.

              In short I really try to be as accurate as possible so everyone can depend on what I say to help themselves and know exactly what is coming or what has happened. I would expect the same from others with knowledge that I don’t know. Believe me, there is plenty that I don’t know, especially about finance and the economy. I appreciate learning from others, and that is what is so nice about the people here, that all of us can contribute what they know and add to that learning process of everyone.

              • I really appreciate your updates, as well. We live in northwest Ohio and the Anna fault, loosely tied into the New Madrid, runs about 100 feet east of our house. We have insurance, but I try to keep an eye out for coming events.

                We made it thorugh our part of Sandy with only the loss of a couple of trees which will become next years firewood, and a short-term power outage. Sandy did come in screaming like a banshee, and I was surprised it still had that much power after crossing the Appalachians. We received about four inches of snow which will interfere with wheat planting. This was the third awful year in a row for cereal grains, and looks like next year’s will also be below average. The government downplays all of this, but it’s something to consider. We had another drought year and yields are very low. About a third of the corn, and two thirds of the soybeans have been harvested. By now, most of the winter wheat would have been planted, but we got the right amount of rain at the wrong time which has delayed planting. It will soon be too late to plant wheat in order for it to set down sufficient roots to get it through the winter. The US will have to depend on the Plains states, and they’ve had it rougher than we have. Good time to invest in commodities. I don’t know whether Obama is going to continue to demand bio-fuels, but we in the corn belt can’t produce both people food and fad green energy.

                • @ Vicky. There is an old saying when it comes to large faults breaking that relates to trees. When a main section of the trunk of a tree breaks, so does many of its branches. This is very typical of a large fault that snaps, it sets off other faults that are nearby. Anything directly on top of a fault is toast. There is though times when a house can be as little as 50 feet away and the major earthquakes waves, P and S and even L can bypass the home, This is depending on the angle of the break and directions of the waves. These safe zones are bizarre to observe but understandable. Think of it as almost when someone dives under a breaking wave at the beach.

                  Not to say that you home would be so lucky, but it is possible should the New Madrid go off. As for earthquake insurance, it is all depending if the insurance companies can pay off the claims. Insurance companies are going to take a hit also for the deaths of such a disaster. I would only choose earthquake insurance with a very strong company that could sustain a catastrophe claim process.

            • @BI- I look for you’re updates too and keep the usgs site open all the time.

              Funny story – I teach some online courses, and a student in Hawaii tried to use the tsunami warning as an excuse for missing a deadline on Saturday night. The problem for her was that I could pinpoint the time of the quake in Canada – it was an hour AFTER the deadline, so her excuse was bogus. I informed her that I monitored quakes and get the emails. Too bad for her, but I always check out these claims and don’t like to be duped,

              Glad I’m prepped! My electricity went out at 4:45 am this morning, and I have everything I need except a hot cup of java, because it isn’t worth getting out the propane stove (yet)!

              • @ Ohio Reader. Tsunami waves travel at 450-500 mph and then slow down to about 35 mph by the time they arrive at shallow water. One hour, NOT. I don’t get people, it would have been so much easier to tell the truth that they just missed the deadline. Or if they make up an excuse use something that is plausible, like having car trouble or something. I say it is easier to tell the truth, no making up more excuses to cover the excuse. Isn’t it nice when the grid goes down, you have a back-up? It is a real secure feeling while other people are running around pancking like a chicken with a weasel after it.

        • I hope the storm kill all of you stupid Americans!

          • Thanks for playing our game! Don’t forget to pick up your Novelty Dog Turd as you join the studio audience again…

          • THIS JUST IN “madmankitchen is a troll and must me eliminated”. thank you and you may now return to regular scheduled program.

            • Now way Omega: madman is a boy, not a man. Plus, his mommie just called to tell him that he needs to finish his coloring book and leave the grownups alone

          • What’s with the hostility?

            • madmankitchen is cranky because he actually lives in Greece..

          • There is a difference between the government and the people. Why do you hate the people? Communicate, educate, be patient but don’t hate. Most americans do not agree with this governments war policies but those who are “in power” are just following their orders from the international bankers. Those bankers have no problem killing us all, you included. They don’t care about anyone on this earth bedsides themselves.
            My ancestors were from Ireland. They had a saying: The enemy of my enemy is my ally.
            So do you hate the governmental policies that the people can’t seem to stop or do you hate the people?

            • I saw this discussion and had to involve myself :). The same thing with what’s happening in the middle east. Radicals and many middle east governments don’t represent the vast majority of the Muslims, but many here continue to group them together all due to media propaganda, if people just understand this, ‘the media shows you whats it wants you to think’. I understand where madmankitchen is coming from even though he’s wrong. But ever heard of what goes around comes around? If people just understand that not all people are the same and the majority of Muslims want peace and don’t support alqaeda, many problems would be fixed. Just like americans want peace and the majority don’t want war.

              So the question is, how do we americans expect other people to think and know that the american people want peace while they don’t think of others as the same way?

          • Why, Thank you 🙂

          • You say that…..That is what will happen to you looser.

        • This round of “panic buying”, and controlled chaos is mild. Imagine what it will be like during/after a real devastating event.

          • I predict a whole new meaning to the phrase, “they ain’t seen nothing yet”.! wait till people have to go farther and farther away to find even the basic necessities to get by. wait till there just isn’t any to be had. wait till all these 98% of the population beg the government for help, and the help doesn’t come. Wait till the masses get pissed off enough, and finally figure out these crazy, wack job preppers aren’t so crazy after all.
            after all this waiting, it’ll be way past too late. so sorry, they had their chance and laughed at preppers. Now, the sad joke is on the 98% who did nothing. The real show begins now. stay safe preppers.

            • Well, most people have pretty short attention spans, and memories. They will freak out for a few days, there are already people planning mass looting (sorry, don’y have the link) via twitter.

              There will be lots of people who will make a resolution to be better prepared, then forget once the power is back on, the fast food is hot, and thier fave entertainment is on. They will get just enough assistance to get them by, this time…

              The next week should be interesting. If morons will riot, start fires, and flip cars over because thier fave baseball team won, imagine what they might do, if they don’t get fed for a few days…

        • I live in Massachusetts and the situation is getting worse by the minute. Several trees are already down and the storm hasn’t even hit the coast yet.

          If the panic buying and strange behavior is occuring just because of an impending major storm, what will it be like when the SHTF??

          People will get extremely violent and wacko when that happens. Be prepared for it my friends.

          • After the storm many people will go to the store thinking that it automatically refilled itself. Imagine their disappointment when the selves are still empty. This could be a good time to reinforce the need to prepare with your neighbors. You might want to strike up a conversation while you are grilling some nice steaks about a week from now having a cold beer while waving at your wife preparing you an appetizer from the nice cozy kitchen.

          • Maybe all the ones that voted for Ted Kennedy will find out what that girl felt like waiting to drown while old Teddy desides to go home and watch TV for 10 hours.

        • Central CT here. What a dud… neighbors flag blew off its holder…..I guess that could have been life threatening if someone was under it. …

          And still, there’s wont let up! Waht bulls***………

        • Think about all the monsters in New York City:

          Fraudster Banksters
          Corrupt Cops
          Bolshevik Nazi Fascist Pig Politicians
          Praetorians of the Police State
          Bernie Madoffs Galore

          It is the most evil city in America. Don’t you watch 666 Park Avenue?

          Maybe this hurricane will wash them out of their ratholes.

          • the bankers probably had advance warnings, and have left town ahead of the poor saps left behind. but the bad weather hits the good, as well as the bad.

            • Do you really think NOAA sent a secret warning to a bunch of bankers before releasing the general warnings over a week ago?

        • good things some of were already prepared!!!!
          we didn’t get much but high winds in CNY, but i feel i should share that while i was outside watching the wind whip trees around, it was unlike any windstorm in that the wind came in pulses, dying down to near stillness, and in the stillness you could hear a pulsating sound, building up untill the wind started full gale again…. i found this to be abnormal, anyone else hear this, or is this normal for the completely abnormal inland hurricanes? haarp? other than that creepiness, no worse here than a lake affect blizzard without gthe snow and sub zero temps! but on the coast almost everything predicted about this “unpredictable” storm happened worst case senario.

          hope this will be a awake up call about the realities of the unsustainability of cities like ny, and the NEED to be prepared. we were prepared for the worst, and the least happened here, while i’m sure many of the NYr’s hit worst were not prepared at all.

          but “preppers” are a security threat…. ha…

      2. Morning

        I am thinking of all of you at this time and hope that you and yours remain safe through the storm.

        Take care

        • Good to hear from you Burt. Thanks and hope all is well for you and yours.

        • Morning Burt

          Nice to have you back..

          here’s the latest..

          500 AM EDT MON OCT 29 2012

          LOCATION…35.9N 70.5W
          ABOUT 385 MI…615 KM SSE OF NEW YORK CITY

          BeInformed..please note central pressure..



          • @ possee. The hurricane is now at 943 MB or 27.84 inches of pressure. This is a Category 4 hurricane pressure wise. This is now in the top 25 as the most intense Atlantic hurricane. The storm surge should be 14-15 feet now. Just like it should have done, it got stronger when it passed over that ribbon of Gulf warm water as the map yesterday showed that was posted on the previous article. It is going to be ugly.

            • BI: So you are saying that the Gulf Stream has NOT stopped as has been reported on other “channels”?

            • @ durango kidd. It is extremely clear on this map yesterday, the darker orange colors and a little bit of red in a stream along the east coast right from the Gulf of Mexico. It did stop at about 43 degrees north, maybe this is what they meant that Gulf Stream is not completing its course to Europe. I don’t know about the reports. I just know that when I saw this yesterday I knew that Sandy was going to get stronger when it passed through this warmer channel, which it did a lot.

        • Morning Burt. Here’s one for you. Reports just came in that the Coast Guard is responding to a distress call from the HMS Bounty. Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian?

          Not making light of this. It is the replica of the Bounty used to film the 1962 movie. It is off the coast of North Carolina, with 17 souls on board. Presumably to ride out the storm at sea. Reports taking on water. Luck to all souls, and the vessel.

          • ” They have abandoned ship, and are in 2 covered lifeboats. Coast Guard is deciding to use a cutter or helicopter.”

            • Let’s hope & pray, Obummer is not involved in that decision making process.

              Best of luck to those sailors & GOD speed!

            • They had as much notice as everyone else.
              Why were they near NC in a rickity old wooden ship?
              Stupid, stupid, stupid.
              I hope the Coast Guard finds the missing people. Shame on the people for putting our CG Servicemen in harms way.

            • @Barcalypse:

              It’s a replica, not the original Bounty (the original was stripped for building material on the Pacfic island of Pitcairn waaaaay back when).

          • It sank and 2 are still missing.

        • Good Morning, Burt! Good to see you!

        • Hope you’re feeling better, Burt.

          • Thank you all very much, I am improving daily, enough now to come back and annoy the hell out of you lot lol.

            Take care x

      3. Zombies everywhere..

        • “They’re coming in for propane, ice, water, milk and cigarettes.”

          I laugh at the people trying to survive a storm so that they can die of self induced COPD.

          • I too thought it strange that cigarettes were on the survival list with some people.

            • Well, like they say “smoke ’em if ya got ’em”…

            • You wouldn’t if you’d ever been addicted to them.

              The estimate that they are as addictive as heroin is exactly spot on.

              • Which is why I already have tobacco started as my bartering crop!

            • Survivor

              They are good to trade.

              Take care

          • I thought the same thing….lets not forget the BEER.

            • Thumbs up for sure, I live in MA as soon as I found out there was no work today I ran to the local packy for a 30 rack. Thank God they were open, that should hold us over for the next 3 days

            • I keep exactly 360 on hand at all times. Yes that is 20 18 packs on a rack. Also over 100 bottles of wine. Still stocking up on gin and whiskey. I do rotate the beer on a regular basis and am loved and welcomed to all BBQ’s.

            • yup, i had just finished cooking dinner on our crap electric stove and hubby had just gotten home with a bunch of bread, gas in car and a 12 pack for the evening just before the power went out…. with the full moon, it was very cool to see… all the lights go out, and suddenly the sky got so much brighter without the background light, even in the sticks where i am. it was like the light of dusk all night.

          • They let us go at work at noon today. On the way home, I stopped at the only gas station/convenience store on my twenty mile drive. I ran in and grabbed three bags of ice. (Surprised they still had ice). There were a half dozen others in there buying all kinds of chips and processed snacks.

            I hope for their sake it was just comfort food and not their ‘preps’.

        • do you think that this is the prefect time to say i told you so to all of the sheeple. i hope that everyone stay safe. but i don’t want to miss a good chance to say “i told you so”.

          • No, but it is the perfect time to maybe reach out to your closest neighbors with a bit of charity, and gently offer to help them prepare for the next one.

            • Not to seem inhumane, but it won’t make one bit of difference to. By the time you are an adult, you have taken the path of stupid indifference to reality or you have grown up. If it takes a Storm of the Century coming to wake them up, they won’t even hear the one that gets them.

              What it WILL do is alert your neighbors to who can be relied on to carry them through when the SHTF for real. Pessimistic? Negative? Small minded? No…observer of human nature in the wild.

            • OddQ: Very good point. Just after the storm would be the perfect time to approach neighbors, friends or family for a talk about what could be done better for next time and what could be done ahead of time to be ready just in case. And why stop at 3 days or 10 days of preps. What if the power takes 14 days? Good time to talk about 21 days or food, fuel, water and lights. 21 days doesn’t sound crazy but it would go a long way to get people started.
              Just remember some people do not want to take care of themselves.

            • 28 days.

              Everyone knows the zombies take 28 days to bake.

              Cillian Murphy said so.

              • I would go with a ramero/savini cross over for zombies, after all they are the originators of these style zombies and also has a good cross of those who have minimal motor skills, IE zombies using bricks to break windows in night of the living dead, to the fast paced super speed freaks of the savini dawn of. Remember if you can not get a head shot disable the legs they move slower also styaout of the tall grass.

            • @Byron: If you’re that worried about it, you can donate the stuff anonymously, or say that the Red Cross dropped it off and told you to share it, or whatever.

              All that said, you’re gonna have to trust them at some point, because when it all comes tumbling down, they’re likely going to be the only help you’ll get.

            • second post
              After the storm many people will go to the store thinking that it automatically refilled itself. Imagine their disappointment when the selves are still empty. This could be a good time to reinforce the need to prepare with your neighbors. You might want to strike up a conversation while you are grilling some nice steaks about a week from now having a cold beer while waving at your wife preparing you an appetizer from the nice cozy kitchen.

            • Odd Questioner, I’d like to believe that people will finally “snap out of it” because of this but I doubt it. Odds are, most of the generators, lanterns and other equipment bought will be returned as soon as the storm passes. People will guzzle down the beer, smoke up the cigs and go right back to living in their daydreams

            • SoS, you may well be right.

              However, at least you’ll get the chance to know who takes it to heart, and who blows it off. You then start getting together with the former, and work on ways to mitigate the latter once it all comes crashing down.

            • It may take three storms/events to get them out of their chair. Our first event was a 5 day power outage because of a Ice Storm. We owned a generator for construction(no idea it was a prep item) but did not have the right 240v connector. NO one had one(sold out). This limited me to 120v so I could not run my well. My family ended up in a hotel. I would stop by for a shower and then it was back to baby sitting the ranch. Second event was a tornado that knocked power out for 6 days. Had the right connector this time, but only had 4 gallons of gas on hand and the gas stations were without power could not pump gas. Ended up siphoning gas out of my tractor until I found a neighbor that would sell me some. After that I put in a electric disconnect and always keep my 300 gallon fuel barrel half full. The third and fourth events taught us something else that needed fixing. The next event will bring something else to light. We are not are part of the sky is falling crowd. We are part of the bring it on crowd.

      4. Man this is going to be big! Prayers to everyone out that way. Something tells me we should all take heed…this is going to affect all of us most likely. One way or another.

      5. Wow…. And people laugh at preppers…. As for me, I appreciate a chance to stay home comfortable with the knowledge that I am prepared for anything.

        • We’re never prepared for “everything”

          • Correct….I for one am not prepared for a tornado!

            Are any of you?

            • Yes, i AM, thank you…

            • Are you able to get out of a wet paper bag. Are you ready for that.

          • Actually I am. When you are prepared to meet your Maker, then you are prepared for “everything”.

        • Thanks to this site and some others we also have prepared for storms, power outages and worse. For those of you NOT on the east coast let this be a final warning call. Get your preps together today…. next month may be too late. Thanks also to the great people at I think I found a post about them here on this very site 3 months ago and ordered a bunch of supplies. My BOB is ready to go by the front door. Good luck everyone!

        • They won’t be laughing when they start getting gouged at the stores after the storm.

      6. Just North of Philly…the wind is picking up…light rain. Been through a bunch of noreasters and a few weak hurricanes and a bunch of tropical storms in this area, but this is gonna be wrecking ball. Unfortunately I have to work through this storm…hopefully my house will still be there when I get home sometime on weds! Stay safe everyone!

        • Take care and stay safe CJ!

          • Thank you!

        • What type of work?

          • I’m a police officer. Don’t worry though..I’m one of the growing bunch of cops who are “awakening”.

            • Thank you for your service. Stay safe.

            • CJ,
              same here, correctional officer, wide awake I might add!!

        • On duty myself and awake.CJ,orig from N.E philly myself.Got family in Bucks Co.I’m. In Dauphin Co.

          • good to hear that some cops are awake. just not sure what awake means. hope it doesnt mean like one cop from niagra regional police who came up to these parts on his days off and prowled by night and stole stuff. he would not have been awake for long if he chose to do it on my property, that i can assure one of.

      7. Dear East Coast…. A the count of 3, everyone grab your ankles! 1 – 2 – and 3…….

      8. Is this the wake up call that will transform preppers from the lunatic fringe to valued visionaries?

        • Sometimes it takes a realy big stick. But I doubt it will have a lasting effect.

        • One can hope

        • Come on now..

          the Only “valued” visionaries are our government and all its agencies..

          we will be summarily dismissed..


        • Prepper: It never ceases to amaze me; the stupidity and/or laziness of the the American people. I lived through Hurricane Andrew and many others in S. Florida, Hawaii, and the Philippines (Typhoons); hey, I like the tropics. In the Philippines everyone knew the drill and was ready with every warning because there was going to little, if any, government help. Over there it was always YOYO time (Your On Your Own), so poeple were more self-sufficiant. But here in America people seem to think that they are special, that it won’t happen to them, and if it does the government will come and help them, so they don’t have their preps. When I was living in Miami, it always amused me to see people running around like frieghtened little rabbits with every threat. Home Depots, gas stations, banks, and grocery stores were always mobbed with paniced buyers who failed to prepare. If and when we have a “Big One” it’s going to be real ugly. Just keep prepping folks.

        • This is when all the knuckleheads will blame the preppers for hoarding and depleting the shelves of stuff they needed but could not buy at the last minute. It does not matter to their illogical minds the stuff was bought 3 years ago…they never change. What they do not use they will return for refunds and still be unprepared for the next one.

        • I was wondering the same thing.

          I also wonder if they experience an extended power outage, if there will be looting and generalized “bad behavior”. It should be particularly interesting since this storm is hitting cities that are notorious for not allowing their citizens to be armed. Perhaps we’ll see what happens when most of people who are armed, are the bad guys.

          This certainly makes those of us who prepare for such disasters appear less “tin-foil hattish”.

          Will the FBI stop looking at doomsday preppers as terrorists now?

          While I don’t wish evil on these folks, I do think it’s ironic that this is a part of the country that looks at the rest of us and considers us to be rubes and hicks. Most of them would probably laugh at what folks like us have done to prepare for such events. Many of them would probably consider us dangerous or loony.

          I wonder what they’ll think if this turns bad and a “worst case scenario” develops?

          • The President said that “Americans help one another…” so no looting or anything bad will happen. I trust that the President has a handle on the looters personally, but that is Wall street and not main street.

        • No. Next week you’ll be able to get a slightly used generator at Home Depot for 25% off.
          Nothing will wake some people up.

          • Craigslist will probably have them at half off!

      9. Eastern Canadians better be ready too. Never know if this thing brings some lovely ice storms with it once it hits our cooler climate.

        • Hello all !! Looks like its Time to batten down the hatches.
          This eastern Canuck is ready except no generator 🙁 Yet. Still trying to decide on wattage to power house with. But got water jugs filled and BBQ tanks full and can cook on the old stove if power goes out . Got lots of flash lights and batteries , I’m hoping my cover stays on the wood pile outside. Stay safe all !!!

        • Although it’s not really east, where my older daughter goes to school, near Toronto, it’s getting really hairy. She wrote to me today that school may be cancelled for tomorrow and that there has already been some minor storm damage.

          • a woman got killed in downtown toronto last night daisy. a sign flew off a buliding and hit her.power was out here from about 5 am to 2 pm this afternoon.

      10. Grocery/Conveinence store shelves empty where milk and bread once was. Canned/dried beans,rice,Spam/Treet,peanut butter,crackers,= nada.

        This kind of scenario is just a glimmer/hint of days to come. It takes an event like this to get people to even “begin” to change their mindset towards prepping.

        • I flipped thru tv chanels and noticed every station includeing weaather chanle seem to be really Hyping this storm.

          They are All useing the exact same code words just like when it is a political agenda etc.

          “Monter” storm! “Monsterous” “Once in Century” and when reporting current wind rates…”Sustained Gusts of…20 MPH!”…Huh?…Wind steady at 20mph?…Typical even without rain storms alot, no.

          Can this be a final last ditch effort by he usual crowd of Biased Lib MSM medias to somehow assist Hobammy?

          For example, suppose storm don’t get as bad as predicted?….Yet vast majority has it in minds already this IS end of world scenario..

          Then as all survive unharmed…MSM Go Wild reporting how Their and Your Mesiah man Hobammy the MAN the Leaderman! the Main axle that all spokes attach to has SAVED the entire east coast!!!

          I swear I never recalled any storms or tornados etc where every reporter in all of msm has so hyped it like this.

          At first I thought maybe its a set-up to later on declare Stop elections, cause riots, declare martial law etc.

          And that still could occure with the Kommie Hobammy desperately loseing much support even from solid dem libs lately.

          I guess if I had to pick One scenario?…I’ll go with my first one…aka= MSM touts Hobammy as absolute HERO! after storm is done.

          Complete with tv interviews of africans and stupid white libs Praiseing his take charge methods so much better than Bush in Katrina!!

          Oh well not to discourage Preper types who reside in paths of storm…But if there is any silver lining to this cloud?

          I can’t help but notice when looking at that Map in this article, how the RED zone areas are filled with 1/2 or more of americas most liberal=kommie-parasitical-type folks around. The kind I for one would Not miss if they got washed out to sea.

          Sorry to be so blunt but I can’t help it due to the dammages done to america by the very scum kommie types in Blue state eastern areas of Map.

          Preper’s will have it alot eaiser to survive this storm I rekon, and for that I am glad. But antigun-pro lib dems-Hobammy voters etc?….Wont miss em.

          • This will not be 20mph gusts at the coast. People will die. I understand what you are saying, but this is a real, meteorological event. How its spun is a different issue but this is a real, killer storm.

          • You’ve already answered your own question? Hype anything that will take the spotlight and focus away from what really happened in Benghazi. And be sure to show him handling this better than Bush handled Katrina.

            • Neither Bush nor “Yer doin’ a Good Job Brownie” did anything to handle the issues created by Katrina. I would not expect this administration or the next to be any different. Why?? Because they are not in their positions FOR YOU! They are in their positions to service those who invested millions of dollars to put them there!!

          • Angelo,

            unfortunately I live in the “Red Zone”, I have no choice, I still have a job. Contrary to popular belief there are quite a few “normal” types living here, by normal I mean not totally brainwashed by MSM or repeating the party mantra, “Forward Comrades”!! I am just hoping the trees near my house don’t come down, I am prepared for every other eventuallity, I just can’t stop a tree! I’ve been laughing about how many people were making mad runs to the markets and hardware stores, nothing like waiting until the last minute, but you know, these same idiots will forget about this one and do the same thing the next time, now that is lunacy!!

            • CJMartel,

              I picked up a package of D’s because I felt I should do SOMETHING. Didn’t need them, mind you. Very nice, secure feeling knowing I didn’t have to contend with the madness. Topped off my gas tank on Wednesday. That’s it. Baked a porketta yesterday and made a nice loaf of bread…all set for porketta sandwiches when the power goes out!

              CT update: no trucks allowed into the state since 11 a.m. today. Highways closed to non-emergency people as of 1 p.m. today. First high tide not as bad as expected…they were going to close 2 substations in Bridgeport, but the winds pushed the water to Long Island, so they didn’t have to. Tonight’s high tide expected to be 15′ higher than normal (full moon tide on top of storm surge with high wind waves on top). Coastal regions are flooding, though not too badly yet. 1 in 10 CT residents urged or forced to evacuate shoreline (360,000 people). Only about 12K in state without power @ 1:12 p.m. Sooo, not too bad, but it’s not here yet. OH, many businesses closed or closing early. That’s it so far.

          • It’s just a category 1.

            • Category 1 hurricanes kill plenty of people.

            • @ etg83. IT IS A CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE PRESSURE RISE, AND IN THE TOP 25 AS THE STRONGEST ATLANTIC HURRICANES ON RECORD. Pressure affects storm surge, water is the most destructive of weather related disaster. More people have died from flooding than any other natural disaster other than disease.

            • A cat 1 that’s 1000 miles wide and will last for days, Katrina didn’t have shit on this storm

            • I meant to say pressure “wise”, typo on my part. For a pressure this far north, it has never been recorded this low EVER. We are taking about ANY month, never has the pressure been this low this far north in the Atlantic Ocean. This sucker is really not a Category 1, it is a Category 4 monster. Winds are not what is guaaged by how much energy is in a hurricane, it is the lowest pressure. Kinetic energy is what causes destruction, and this mega storm has it and then some.

            • It’s 1:00 pm, Eastern. I’m on the Delmarva. My ears and head feels the same as being on an airliner, or out west in the mountains. My body is reacting to the low pressure?
              The storm has intensified and is SPEEDING up! It was to land at 8:00 pm. Now looks like 4 or 5:00 pm. Also, wind gusts are picking up.

          • Wrong term. Obama is a fascist. Different thing.

            If he were a communist, U’d be living in government housing assigned for life, like in the old USSR. Fascists allow your government to be controlled by corporations, communists have government control corporations. Both suck.

            • He’s a commie.

          • I think the stations are filled with this storm topic to not have to speak about the one on 75% of Americans minds now.
            I say 75% since I saw a video of reporter quizzing reactions to Benghazi; most didn’t know what a ‘benghazi’ was!!!

      11. didn’t a DHS insider this summer warn the public to avoid overnight travel prior to nov. 6? i know i read it, but can’t find it

        • I read that. Said not to travel because you might not be able to get home.

      12. Central Pa. here. Thanks to everybody on here I don’t really have too much to do. The track of Sandy brings it right over us. I just needed to get the batteries up to full charge, break out the Coleman stove and lantern and make sure that the chickens and porch furniture is secured. I am mostly worried about falling trees here. If we get the winds they say we will probably be out of power for a week at least. We are among the last to be restored here in the boonies. Last year with Irene, I got to check out my preps but that was only one day without power. This will be a REAL test. Barring a tree falling on the house we should be fine. Hope everyone in Sandy’s way will be OK.

        • you have trees that big so close to the house? I guess you ain’t as prepped as you think you are. 😉

          On a sidetrack the local chain of chinese crap discount stores just went belly up. At the same time my family visited Hobart, our capital city (Tasmania) and was treated to a fantastic local market at Salamanca full of locally made goods, and got to see MONA, a museum of old and new art, provided free of cgharge to the locals by its owner, a man who spent $400,000,000 of his own money building it to house his art collection. (He is a professional gambler, and good at it, obviously) We live in the most interesting of times

          Good luck with the weather.

          • True….but they keep the place cool in the summer heat.

          • It’s not that the trees are close to the house, they might not even be his trees. It’s that they take down the electric lines when they fall. Not to mention blocking the roads.

          • Hey, Ozzie, think of downed trees as really handy firewood. Won’t have far to walk, either to cut it up or tote it to the house. 🙂

        • JRS:

          We have some large trees close to our house also so I understand your concern. The only thing I worry about is a tree coming down.

          Stay safe and God bless!

        • South Central Pa here.Were in it’s path.

          • Good luck!

          • Good luck to you, 10mm.

      13. All:

        I still live in Northern Virginia and it has been crazy here…so many unprepared people.

        All I can say is that I feel so vindicated…everyone who thought that I was “crazy” (fiancee and family)for being so prepared is now thankful for my “craziness”.

        • Maybe you should (tongue firmly planted in cheek here) tell them, “Well….I’ve got my stuff. Sorry about your misfortune. Sucks to be you.”

          Seriously….it might be a good time to do a little “educating” of these folks and not be too worried about being preachy about it.

          If the worst case develops, this will be a temporary SHTF situation. Things will eventually get back to normal.

          But what if instead of just a weather event, this were a major thing… an EMP or solar storm that knocked out the grid to where it would take YEARS to recover….if ever?

          Their lack of preparation would no longer be an inconvenience, but instead would be a life and death matter.

          The normalcy bias…or “it can’t happen here” syndrome… is going to kill millions of people.

          • Walt:

            I agree. I am hoping that this will wake up my neighbors…I have neighbors who are starting to wake up and make preperations…they have three small children and don’t have a ton of money to spare. As soon as they realized that this was serious, they came to us and asked to borrow a generator. After that power outage we had back in the summer, I bought TWO new generators…just in case one died or something happened. When they asked to borrow our spare generator I couldn’t say no. But I did stress that they REALLY need to get one and they agreed. I have been talking to them about prepping and they are finally starting to see the light. IF I can give up some of my preps to wake someone else up, I am happy to do it.

            Am I prepared for a long term event yet? No, I am not but I am working on it every day. It is overwhelming at times but it is well worth it, especially when something like this happens. I was fully stocked except for some milk. I went to the store to pick up milk and it was really sad seeing the panic on some people’s faces. I can only hope that this will open their eyes and they won’t fall back into the normalcy bias.

            • Southern Gal..if you see Gossner’s milk in a little carton, or Dollar Tree has Paradot(can’t pronounce), and Krogers has some brand, Big Lot has Gossner’s…
              I have about 22 cartons on my shelf in the storage room.
              I need milk, just open and use. Shelf life says 9 months, but I had some for 12 months and it was fine, so it stores well.
              HOpe this helps those that don’t like powdered milk.
              $1 isn’t bad for a quart of milk.:-)

            • unrelated: For those fighting the CARB compliant gas cans foisted upon us all by Cali, check E bay for OEM vent plugs. Depending upon how many you buy, close to $1 ea. Drill a 1/2″ hole, tap it in, catch any shavings by using a coffee filter for the first couple pours. Beats any of the makeshift vents, and looks OEM.

            • @ jayjay

              Walmart has something very similar in the mexican food section, its called Nido…in a gold colored large can.
              Very long shelf life & tastes fairly decent too!

            • You’re too kind. Loaning a generator? Wow! Tell everyone who asks, “all preps stay in this house for the benefit of those under my roof”. If they know they can ‘borrow’ your preps, they will never get any of their own.

        • Prepping is like having guns. I’m amazed @ how many people are “anti-gun”, yet if TSHTF they’ll probably be asking for my protection.

          • Thats funny,,, is sorta my situation too, my gf thinks Im a lunatic, guns ammo, dry food, cans packed in the basement, hundreds of gallons of fuel, web gear, bugout bags, knives flares, you name it, then we had a tsunami warning on saturday night and all of the coastlines around the islands were evacuated, first thing shes doing is wondering if we have any batteries for the flashlights etc,,, then all of a sudden Im the go to guy, luckily nothing happened, cant wait till something does happen, then I will get to be the jerk I like to be and say sorry your family who runs around like chickens with their heads cut off cant come in,,,its lame, Im the nut untill everyone needs something from me,,, I say good luck out there,

          • When I lived in California, I had a close friend who was adamantly “anti-gun”.

            Then we had the LA riots and this guy had to drive to work over on the west side and had to pass through the bad areas to get there.

            Funny how his attitude about guns changed. He came to me, and asked if he could borrow a handgun. Of course, I declined. At that time, it was illegal to loan someone a handgun. But I would have denied him regardless because he had absolutely zero familiarity with firearms, much less training on how and when to use one.

            Lots of people out there found out just how stupid the 10 day wait to purchase ANY kind of gun was as well. Lots of folks were crying about that one.

      14. Hello from The Bronx, NYC
        So far so good, bit of wind, no rain.
        Relaxed in the fact that the preperations made over the last couple of years should see my family through this. The peace of mind of being ready is certainly worth the amount of dollars spent getting ready. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

      15. All set with food water gas booze and ammo. Come on looters try something .

        • Exactly. To me it’s …YAWN, another way to rotate preps. Even my DOGS have a years worth of food. Stay safe there ya’ll. The looters will be more dangerous than the storm.

      16. something how even the simplest rain and snow showers have become some kind of major dramatic event..those weather people must get paid good to wear full rain gear for 3 days straight in the sun…

      17. Just flew from Sao Paulo Brazil to Chicago yesterday. After passing Florida we tracked along the coast northbound to North Carolina, then flew direct to Chicago. We overflew the southwestern quadrant of Sandy and it is HUGE. Sandy was putting on a lightening show like I’ve never seen before. This storm has A LOT of energy.

        For all the folks with the presence of mind to have emergency supplies on hand, good on you. For everybody else…good luck. If this storm develops into the worst case scenario, power could go down for weeks in some places. Good luck to all in the path of Sandy, and if you’re in a low lying area, evacuation may be your best option.

      18. Won’t this be good for fourth quarter GDP figures? You know, the “broken window” theory. Shovel ready jobs.

      19. Here on the DelMarvalous Pennisula we await Miss Sandy’s arrival. I’m as ready as I can be. I hear she has a mean left hook though, we’ll see. Finally got all my deer meat cut up and put in the freezer last night so I could shut the walk-in-box down. Been busy with work doing last minute things. Spoke to my daughter in the big city and advised her to get some bottled water even though a power outage wouldn’t affect her water. I added that if the water supply got tainted with sewage during flooding, she would have to boil her water. Since she has an electric cook top that is out of the question. She had no idea. Prepping is being prepared for anything, not only for TEOTWAWKI.

        • I never realized how many of us readers here were on the Delmarva Peninsula. Stay safe!

          • Checking in! A little south and west of your 20.

      20. worst part is many wont even continue to prep after this threat is over.Most of those new generators will be on craiglist “as lighlty used” a week later.

        Stop trying to save em,they just wont get it…

        • Sad but true…..

        • I’ll be happy to find a newer generator for cheap….happy indeed!

        • Shadow – I have it on good authority the truly clueless will (in some cases) RETURN the generator to the store after using it for a day or two. Putting it on Craigslist may be dumb but using it and getting a full refund just isn’t right.

      21. Just wait. This will be Barry’s excuse to postpone the election. Hope all survive this storm.

      22. Nh is going to get just a brush from this,interestingly enough,a Walmart was out of all water except a few gallons of walmart brand gallons.
        Also bread and batteries looked pretty picked over.

        Maybe people are getting a clue?

        • Most likely people buying it up so they can sell it to the people outside other wal marts for a mark up. I seen a few buy up everything and then sell it in the parking lot for a huge markup.

        • Buy the Great Value distilled water (with the purple top). Distilled water is pure water.

          It’s $.88 a gallon here.

      23. Whoa! At 6:30 am, the pressure is at 946 mb. This should make this a record breaking storm! And it’s not likely at it’s lowest. On the Delmarva, center of the penninsula. Will report.
        News reports are starting to talk about what I have speculated. Widespread power outages easily lasting into next week and disrupting the elections. People, this storm has nationwide, heck international, repercussions. What happens when millions can’t vote?
        Will the elections be postponed? Who makes that call? Is there precedent? If not, are the results accepted? Wow!

        Mac, Thanks for the Article.

        p/s, Wonder how long DirectTV signal gets through?

        • Behind the reporter on The Weather Channel is a screen. The screen contained “Breaking Weather Alert System”.
          One line read ” Recon plane reports extrapolated surface pressure of 941.8″
          This is a huge, powerfull storm. The weeather pros struggle to contain themselves. They know they’re witnessing a historic event.

          • Rick:

            My fiancee works for an irrigation company here in Northern Virginia. Everything is shut down in DC and yet his irrigation company sent out a company wide email last night that everyone will report to work!

            Can you say “greedy bastards?” Really? People are going to be worried about their grass getting watered during a hurricane?

            • That’s plain ignorant of the managers. It puts people in harms way that don’t need be. And keeps them from their families and homes, when most needed at home. I hope your husband is secure enough in his position to tell them to pound sand.

            • Thumbs down, really? I don’t care, but those who would TD this, please explain.

            • Rick:) and S. Gal: What email, system was down due to the storm, right?

            • The TD on many posts do not make sense. The very first post under this article seemed heartfelt and well written, someone gave a TD. I guess no site is free from trolls.

            • G8, That one took me a few seconds! Guess it would work if they’re not reading this site, lol!

            • Southern Gal:

              I would make a paper copy(-ies) of that email and hang onto them. If, Heaven forbid, something were to happen to the employees on account of being forced to go to work, I would subsequently sue the SHIT out of the irrigation company, and your settlement could be 51% majority stock holder. Obviously, we want nothing to happen to anyone, but, I would think that would be well earned come uppance for them.

        • Here in northern Delaware (directly under the projected path) there a lot of rain but not much wind yet. Low lying areas are flooding already. I’ve never had a problem with water in my basement but I’m sure this storm will test that.

          For shits and giggles I drove around town this weekend and saw the lines that the gas stations and grocery stores. Personally, I plan on picking up a few cheap generators off of craigslist once this is over and everyone tries to offload them.

          I work from home, so in a way I’m kind of hoping we lose power, so long as no one gets hurt. 🙂

        • Hey Rick,

          Most of the damage will be in the north east corridor, aka, lib town! There really is a silver lining after all!!! Yippee!!!

          • Double edged sword! It’s also home.

            • It is for me too, I’m just hoping we don’t get too hard! Kind of feels like I finally got tickets to a cruise ship and it being the Titanic!!

        • Amazing how bad things can get and radio and TV stations still broadcast. Do you have a TV antenna? You can find instructions online, but you usually need a matching transformer (also called a balun). Baluns are cheap (RS, Chinamart, or online), so maybe pick up a few ahead of time. In a pinch, TV antennas may be a good item for sale.

        • * i ALSO find it very queer how i’m blocked from posting the words (c i a f b i p e d o p h i l e s c h i l d s e x t r a d e) in one complete sentence as if its being blocked CENSORED on purpose .


          • BEST upto the min info from hams on local SKYWARN. DON”T transmit, just ST-U and listen.

          • Coco- I actually know some folks that work for agencies and I am personally offended that you would state such things. Those sorts of comments, in my opinion, are straight libelous and unfounded. Usually I ignore your rants, but this is crossing a line. I would respectfully ask that you not compare these organizations with those that traffic in children.

            • Amen Kynase,

              Coco, Rationality is a blessing. ‘SCREAMING’ at people regardless of your motivation is simply…counter-productive, Eh?

            • You have to be kidding?????? The truth hurts don’t it

            • ‘THE CIA’S CHILD S E X SL AV ES’ Claudia Mullen (left) who says she was used as a child s e x sl av e by the CIA. According to testimony given to a US government committee, the CIA and its friends make use of child s e x sl av es – to blackmail and control top people.

              The testimony of Claudia Mullen about an event that took place, when she was aged 9: e x-s l a v e s.html

              • Oh hey whats the chance of this?

                Russian ship with 700 tons of gold ore missing..ha say it aint so…

                MOSCOW (AP) — A vessel with a nine-person crew and 700 tons of gold ore onboard has gone missing in stormy seas off Russia’s Pacific Coast.

                The ship sent a distress call on Sunday as it was sailing from the coastal town of Neran to Feklistov Island in the Sea of Okhotsk.

                Ahh..its probably nothing..right?

                  • I guess not

                  • OC: Your link is for raw ore. “Ore” being defined as an economic body of rock containing enough precious metals to warrant mining.

                    The “ore” that was on the ship was likely “concentrate” which would likely contain many, many, many oz of gold or platinum per tonne.

                    The company has done this many times, but imagine if they had only placed waste rock in the holds of that ship with the intent to sink it and collect the insurance.

                    Stranger things have happened. 🙂

                    • Dunno – no mention was made of the grade and just said ore, so I assumed typical and ran from that. The numbers do add up ($250k or so) for a sale (the sum would pay for fuel, crew wages, insurance, etc) with a bit of profit left over, especially if the ship was the typical old bulk ship.

                      I like the insurance angle, though… tantalizing. OTOH, no way to know or tell.

                      The last insurance conspiracy to be tested fell flat when the propeller blade serial #’s on the Titanic were uncovered and compared (the theory went that the Olympic was damaged worse than the company let on and Titanic was running behind on construction, so White Star allegedly repainted Olympic w/ Titanic’s name and livery, then sank it instead, solving two ‘problems’ at once.)

                • VRF..does anyone remember the story of the Bush’s and CIA cleaning out the basement of gold during the Ft. Hood attack..
                  yeah, sounds stupid, but opportunity?? and what a great place to hide it, and guards 24/7??
                  And many thought the after attack visits from former Bush and lady were unprecedented??
                  Just food for thought…maybe Germany and those other countries looking for their gold need to interview the Ms and Bush?

                  •’s the magic trick..create a diversion encompassing all news stations.
                    As someone else suggests..a great time to disappear a few officials..or scientists/microbiologists that are dangerous to an agenda like after 9/11.

                  • former pres. bush..duh.

              • How does this have anything to do with prep or our politic discussion we are trying to get people involved with. You are a complete dumb ass.

                • Is has nothing to do with it dumb one forced you to read it either.
                  Panic Buying is the title, so your the one stuck on the politics

                • my reply is aat the bottom of the page…

                  • Sure, your parents cant find work, Its Christmas Time..The Bank has foreclosed on your home, and yes at 10 years old you already owe the Government over $30,000

                    Look at the bright side,, Obama’s going to give you a free pony..were progressive and we care

                • FBP

                  Who is a dumb ass this time? There’s always someone you have to nit pick at isn’t there? And for your reference it’s political, not politic.

                  Take care

          • @keynes – the amerikan cia fbi j o o mossad freemasons is/ are directly involved in the international c h i l d prostitution s e x t r a d e and illegal d r u g trades transportation . even the u.n. dabbles in it as well as private amerikan merc sec forces .

            the cia fbi mossad is part of the problem .

            ;0P dummy

            • I’m going to keep saying it – ninao cannot be human. It is a badly written ‘bot that has been let loose on SHTFPlan to make the site look bad. No human that can operate a computer keyboard is that incoherent.

              Do not feed the troll.

            • nina, the cia fbi mossad is not part of the problem, IT IS the problem. that and only that is the problem that ails us all constantly.

          • As someone who runs web sites, it’s very likely an automatic comment spam filter mechanism to block the use of links that are sexual in nature. The amount of comment spam that goes on is insane if you don’t have systems in place to block it automatically just so you can deal with the volume of ‘maybe’ comment spam.

        • sex slave by the CIA “It was Richard Helms, who was Deputy Director of the CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, Captain George White and Morse Allen, who all planned on filming as many high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible…

          “I was used to entrap many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera.

          “I was only 9 years old when this kind of sexual humiliation began.”

      24. @ Rick, I didn’t even really think about that part….the election being postponed. Very good question.

      25. Good luck to all in the Northeast. Be careful.

      26. I live in the path of the coming storm and I have to say that people were actually hitting the stores much sooner than they used to when a possible storm was announced. My sister works in a large chain grocery store, and it has been a zoo there for almost a week solid, running out of bread and water daily. However those that hit the store early allowed the store several chances to re-stock so that the late comers would still have something to purchase. So all in all I think people are waking up some as in storms past the stores would all get nailed one or two days before the storm. Now if these same people would wake up to the fact that some disasters are not all announced ahead of time and that maybe they should be prepared regardless we would all be better off.

      27. Bucks County just north of Philly as well. I admit I did go out and buy a gallon of milk. Everything else is in place and ready to ride out the storm. Generators, back up water pumps, fuel, food and plenty of books! Take care everyone see you on the other side.

        • Being prepared feels good, doesn’t it? I bought some paint at Walmart last night. I figure if I am going to be stuck in the house, might as well paint the family room. But it was nice not to HAVE to stand in line for really basic necessities. I live near the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery County, and there is still debris 15 feet up in the trees from the flood water from Hurricane Irene. This promises to be worse.

          • CameronD. I’m right next to you on rt5. Stay safe. RP

          • Come to my house. My wife is trying to get me to paint the bedroom while I’m “off work”. No kidding. ( I hate to paint!)

        • That’s where I am as well…stay safe!

      28. I installed three gas stoves for heat and converted the electric hot water to gas.
        No worries.

        Yeah, folks just don’t get the concept that there’s 7 billion in competition for resources…so when times are good…one better align what you need to get by on.

        This is nothing… just wait when the currency continues to devalue in the years ahead.
        Or… we get another crop failure….multi-year and very bad.

        My guess…
        All the chem trail spraying decreased the global evaporation rate.
        But over the ocean, where they might not spray…the air was dry so it could hold more moisture…then it concentrated.

        Things are really fucked…
        American jobs shipped to China
        A nation in deep debt to a communist country
        Currency being devalued by a socialist prez.
        Ofuckmebama spent more money that all us presidents combined.
        With healthcare law… now a flood of patients and Dr.s are saying fuck it and retiring because they cannot make any money.
        A planned unilateral currency default in prep for a global currency.
        Obama’s NDAA…lock your ass up forever bill…. the fuck should be voted out for that alone!!!!!!



        • LOL its the white man who got us here too.

          Licoln= White, First us republican in office, also the creator of the federal incometax.

          Woodrow Wilson= White, 1913 federal income tax ( democrat )

          Bill Clinton= White, ( democrat )

          George W. Bush= White,Failure for 9/11 ( knowing well ahead of time , MONTHS, that it was going to happen ) Patriot Act ( should of been removed form office for this one alone would of saved us 6 years ), WMD war ( self admitted to dropping the ball on this one in interview a year after out of office )

          Its not the race of the person in office it is the ppl in the damn office. All democrats All republicans, All Colors, ( as far as congress and senate ), White men got us into this mess before women and blacks were allowed to vote, so yes white men who have been fucking up the country for well over 100 years please continue.

      29. Dear morons , this sht happens every single storm in New England. Its perhaps a tad worse ., however recent studies , showing a sizable chunk of americana. Could not lay their hands on 500 dollars , means that lots of people are not prepared. Anyways tards, no matter how well prepped up you may be, the shows over by 2030. Check out Guy Mcphereson’s climate change research. Or not , you will be one of the few , the living, envying the dead.
        Last one to take a sht wins though, right ?
        lol have a nice day fail species.

        • M

          Shut yer face …bloody idiot


        HAVE YOU GOT …




        … then create a “man made super storm” to scare the crap outta the blind deaf dumb voting sheeple to make the nwo u.n. zog cia puppet prez look good to the voting debt slaves JUST PRIOR TO THE BIG FRAUDULENT CORRUPT FREEMASON ZOG CIA FBI CONTROLLED ELECTIONS .

        This storm is nothing but MAN MADE HAARP GEO-ENGINEERED over hyped bullsheeit .

        Just beware of some heavy rain flooding in the normal low lying areas of the targeted areas of the human ego-engineered storm .


          • NYSE & NASDAQ Now Completely Closed Monday

            The NYSE has released an update that not only floor trading, but the entire NYSE & NASDAQ equity markets will be closed in the US on Monday, and pending confirmation, also on Tuesday due to the approaching Hurricane Sandy.

        • It took only one day for you to get back to your rants of crap. Lets at least try to stay in some part of the sane world. So real helpful words could support the people in that mess.

          T do you ever get a positive post to the crap you paste here. Thumbs up from your 17 other handles do not count.

          • FBP it annoys me a great deal how you’re always trying to shut him up. A lot of people appreciate his posts and viewpoint and I learn a lot from the links he posts.

            Who died and made YOU the forum moderator? Didn’t you promise you were going to behave yourself?

            • @ms. daisy ;0) … is your “roast beef” juicy .

              Your “My Hero” Daisy … keep up the Good Work I’ve been reading lately .


            • Who are these people. No one ever gives him a supportive comment. You may support him but I believe I have only seen you once support one of his statements.

              Support him is fine. But what he is trying to push isn’t. I truly am starting to believe he is pushing YouTube spots for a profit.

            • And I am being nice. I am truly trying to understand his post and why. Everyone including you complain we get off prep discussions. He is the leader in that area. And then post even more to himself. The paper you were reading about the Pros. Take that template and use it on your friend.

              • fagbookpage, time to move along dickless.

            • You knew that was me? Thank you very much. 🙂

            • FBP ~ No, you’re not being nice, you are being a poop-disturber by saying something every single time he posts. You are truly just trying to stir the pot and I wish very sincerely that you would stop.

              What he posted here is totally relevant to the conversation – and if you read down further I actually posted on the same topic – the potential that this storm has been geo-engineered into a mutation of 3 storms for ill-purpose. Yesterday I also found it an interesting point of discussion about the nanny in the CNBC case. I could go on but there’s no need.

              Many of us post off-topic links. I don’t see you jumping on KY Mom when she posts something unrelated to a particular story. And you were always the first to congratulate Copperhead when he posted a great article completely unrelated to the topic Mac had posted about.

              We’re here to share information, FBP, and things that should be shared may not always be relevant to the article, especially since there is no forum here yet.

              And I criticize people that post off topic just to be jerks and hurt people’s feelings. You know I’m right in all that I’m saying. I don’t honestly think you’re a horrible person – just let this silly feud go!

            • FBP,

              I have bite my tongue for some time now, Ninois yes a crazy MF but he does post some realyy good links. As you fluffy all I see is you starting shyt with folks and pissing people off… And you want to know what pisses me off, that is have to go through all of your 80 freaking post to get the the people that offer up some good advice.. Get out in the world dude…


              PS And if you got some problems with that I will be happy to send my address here in Amarillo TX!

            • @DPS … ;0) please Prepper Brotha … don’t waste your typing or thought on @fbp .

              He’s just doing his job as a obvious fusion center fedgov troll or a very disillusioned cool-aid drinking moron private citizen ;0P .

              I got this @DPS ;0) … @fbp is not worth your risking being Red Flagged .

              Allow me to “stay on point” with him please .

              PEACE BROTHER


        • just in time for elections….
          heard the strangest sounds when the winds died down. they’d die down, and there was this pulsating sound, thump thump building up then the winds would start again full speed… never heard that in a astorm before, and i enjoy sitting on the porch listening to watching a good storm… wondering if anyone else heard that in ny? chime in if you did…it was creepier than the howling wind or flying debris… man made indeed… having affected the more populated areas worst, nyc hit bad… no coincidence. too obvious that this was not a natural storm, or climate change or whatever.

          watch wall street shut down with the rest of the city for a few days and the market crash with store shelves empty, grid down… the perfect planned storm indeed!

      31. But preppers are the crazy ones.

      32. people around here buy emergency supplies just before a hurricane

        but then the day after

        take them back to the stores for refunds ???

        ya just can’t fix stupid

        • Yup. I plan on picking up some like-new generators on Craigslist after this. Merry Christmas, I got you a generator!

          • With all the returns, that is a fabulous idea!! Hell, they’ll be so cheap you could use them for stocking stuffers!!!

          • let’s not forget those versatile chain saws… lol

        • Should be a no return policy, or 50% “restocking” fee. No business should be expected to “fund” your preps.

          For those who disagree; This is no differant than trying to get a refund on your insurance premium. It don’t work that way!

      33. Why are all these people running out and stocking up on supplies? FEMA will be there for them! Just ask er… um… Oh, forget it!

        Good luck east coasters. Stay safe.


      34. George Ure’s Urban Survial site is some interesting reading today
        (Monday) regarding earth quakes

      35. This is curious. The president has declaired a state of emergency for PA,NY,CT,RI and DC.
        But not VA,MD,NC,or DE.
        And for those not from the area, DC is between MD and VA.

        I believe this designation is a technicality that releases certain resources to be deployed.

        If anyone can possibly explain?

        • Rick, The governors of MD and VA declared on Friday, ahead of the other states. County governments in both MD and VA around us are all closed.

          • I’m refering to the Federal declaration, not state. Thanks

            • Rick, VA has not requested from what I can find.

              Here’s MD:

              “Sen. Ben Cardin announced a presidential declaration that gives Maryland federal aid and Gov. Martin O’Malley urged Maryland citizens to stay off the roads Monday at a press conference at MEMA. ” The source is a local news blog Bethesda dot patch dot com

        • Rick:…Mo Ghettos=Momoneys=MoBetta!,,,,Gots ta keep dem Gimmedats pacified eh!!….Yo! GIMMEDAT! an sheeit an Al dat!

      36. I took the opportunity to get a MSR Pocket Rocket from my local outdoor outfitter store and I had to laugh. There were no lines and the shelves were fully stocked while the local Walmarts, one only a block away, were crowded and their outdoor, camping sections were nothing but empty shelves. I am very thankful that I keep preps in my residence and also glad that some of my friends have heeded my warnings to some extent.
        I would also like to take the time to say to all those who deny climate change, some weather we are having, huh? This is the new normal people, please wake up and listen to 98% of the scientific community and not the 2% that are paid off by Exxon,Shell and the coal industry.

        • Love my pocket rocket..have had it for years. It’ll boil a pint of water usually right at the one minute mark (depending on wind and humididty) and it’s tiny!

          Big thumbs up for one more gadget to own.

        • @ Windy-windbag

          Yes, climate change is likely occurring. However, the dispute revolves around whether or not it is man made…which IT ISN’T.

          Climate change has occurred throughout Earth’s history. Its a cyclic thing, per Earth’s geological & environmental cycles.
          See the last Ice Age for past details.

          Likely, our severe weather is somehow tied to the developing “POLE SHIFT”…as everything from the atmospheric jet-stream, to ocean currents & plate tectonics are being affected. The extreme ramping up of Sol’s sunspot activity is also a major factor in this equation.

          I know your type! Its idiots like you who wear tie-dyed tee-shirts, beads & parade around in public in front of assorted energy producers & fuel companies, carrying child-art cardboard signs & shouting…”Back to the Pleistocene!”

          All the while, being too f*cking stupid to realize that the Pleistocene era likely predated Homo-erectus…let alone, modern humans.

          Hike your ass outta hear & post your garbage at

          …you may want to check with “Be Informed & Mr. Kidd”,
          as both those guys are up to speed per the Pole Shift phenomena.

          I’m not buying into your crap!

          • By the way Windy, keep prepping.
            We do share that in common & that will be your saving grace.

            Good luck to you!

          • Anton: Ditto!! Cant stand all them liberal “Greenies” aka Grean on Outside…Pure Kommie RED on inside!

            I wonder how many such who attend every anti oil-anti Any form of energy usage, themselves Fly by Commercial Planes or Greyhound/chartered bus trips…Or simply travel to protests across america by…CARS!?

            You’d think they have awaken to man made warming Swindles/Scams a few yrs ago after Hand Wrinnging Liberal Scientists were Baffled! Totally Baffled when they discovered even Planet MARS polar ice cap area was MELTING!!!

            Gee do ya suppose its All them “Human” car drivers on MARS who are to blame?

            These idiots believe Humans are a Disease ruining earth!

            The bible warned us of this to come…How they will worship the Created stuf, and creation, animals 4 legged and some will even worship…Snakes and creepy crawlers(the spiders and Insects!)…..

            Yet none will profess any aknowledment nor any real worship of the….Creator God who created it all!

            We today are seeing 2000 yr old Prophecy being fullfiled as we speak!

            Glad to see another fellow prepper and American Patriot like Anton who IS wide awake,,,Even if the issue is those Pesky forbidden topics etc!

            Not sure which is worse…Global warmers(al gore devotee’s) or the fools who still keep preaching “peak Oil” crapola?….While nearly every Week a new Huge Oil field is discovered or tapped.

            Russia just anounced a New $38 BILLION pipeline for nat gas to begin construction!

            Would any nation or investors spend such loot if Peak ANYTHING was Real?

            Would many nations and airline co’s place orders for Hundreds and Hundreds of new Bigger planes, if gas or fuel or oil etc etc was in any real supply threats?

            Do you Get it Yet? Will you Ever?

        • This is straight out of the Bible. We have known this stuff was coming since forever! Atheists will say it’s “mother nature” or “it’s man made) (WTH?), but this is what God said He would do!

          “For nation will arise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom, and there will be famines and plagues and earthquakes in various places” Matt 24:7

          “Even so, you too, when you see these things happening, recognize that He is near, right at the door” Mk13:9

          Look at it over the past 20-30 yrs! It’s getting much worse, much faster ! It’s not rocket science. It’s somewhat like prepping: you tell people something is coming, something is coming, something is coming – but, few pay attention, let alone believe you, and you see the upshot of this. The Bible commends preparing for bad times; Jesus told us these things as signs – when you see these things, know for a fact He is approaching. You still have time to get right with Him, pray, and hunker down.

      37. To all those just coming on board and trying to put up some food for whatever may come.The thanksgiving ads will start Nov.1.Deals can be had on can foods. The dollar general is running ad for Libby’s can veges 2 for $1/They were 3 for $1 last year.Sugar,flour,and cornmeal will be priced lower than normal for the next 6-8 weeks. This time of the year the coffee manufacturers clean out their warehouses and reduce their larger cans lower priced than any other time of the year. Walgreen’s had ad for can hams for $1.99 ea (reg.4.99) Make your dollars go further and take advantage of the next few weeks.For you folks that go crazy on TP,yes, they’ll be pricing it on sale too. Hope my 18 years in the grocery business and the knowledge gained help those that just had the lights go on.

        • Indeed, thanks for HU!

        • Moman, last year Libby’s deal at DG was taken advantage of at 2 stores here by ME.
          I think I paid .35 cents a can for green beans, peas, and corn.:-)
          At Aldis the baking goods are already priced for sale.
          Thanks for the ham price @ walmart; I can use more little hams.

          • oh, walgreens; they usually have a limit, doesn’t pay for my gas that way.

        • Thanks, moman! News we all can use!


        The $100 Billion Storm: 17 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Sandy
        The following are 17 things that you should know about Hurricane Sandy…

        #1 Hurricane Sandy has been dubbed “the Frankenstorm” and many believe that this could be the worst storm to hit the east coast in 100 years.

        #2 This is an absolutely massive megastorm. It is being reported that tropical storm-force winds can be felt 520 miles away from the center of the storm.

        #3 It is being reported that the sheer size of this storm is absolutely unprecedented…

        Since records of storm size began in 1988, no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger, reports meteorologist Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground.

        #4 Hurricane Sandy has already forced the cancellation of over 5,000 flights.

        #5 Mayor Bloomberg has announced a mandatory evacuation for all New York City residents that are living in “Zone A”.

        #6 It is being projected that the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy could be up to 15 feet above sea level in some areas of New York City.

        #7 New York City could potentially experience wind speeds of 80 MPH or higher.

        #8 Subway service in New York City is being shut down at 7 PM on Sunday evening. There is a very real possibility that the New York City subway system could be severely flooded by this storm. That could be quite crippling, because about 4.3 million people ride the subway in New York every single day.

        #9 It has been announced that all public schools in New York City will be closed on Monday.

        #10 Schools in Boston will be shut down on Monday as well.

        #11 The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday.

        #12 50,000 people living along the coast in Delaware have been ordered to evacuate.

        #13 Some parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina could get up to 2 feet of snow.

        #14 It is being estimated that 10 million people living along the east coast could lose power thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

        #15 A state of emergency has already been declared in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

        #16 Approximately 50 million people live in the areas that will be directly affected by this storm.

        #17 Meteorologist Mike Smith of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions is projecting that Hurricane Sandy could potentially cause a total of 100 billion dollars in damage to the U.S. economy. That would make it a far more costly disaster than Hurricane Katrina.

        Many meteorologists are calling this storm a “worst case scenario”. If you live along the east coast, please take the warnings that you are getting from public officials very seriously. According to NPR, conditions are absolutely perfect for this slow moving giant storm, and it is going to take quite a few days for it to exit the region…



        • I’ll keep replying so you do not feel lonely

        • CIA PUPPET PREZ Obama ordered “no response” to Benghazi Libya Embassy AL-CIA-DUH CIA controlled TERRORIST MERC Attack .


          Rush military caller says that Obama ordered no response to Benghazi attack

          * 2 Navy Seals refused to stand down. 2 Navy Seals fought the enemy for 7 hrs. 2 Navy Seal DIED to protect AMERICANS while the Prezzy watch, did nothing, then go to Vegas for a fund raiser.

          Once Again Amerikan Military Active Duty Veterans LIVES are being Sacrificed NEEDLESSLY intentionally for Political Gain of a CIA controlled PUPPET PREZ .

          PUCK YOU CIA PUPPET PREZ OBAMA your Day of Reckoning is Coming !!!!

          • CocoPuff:

            Yes, and I am crying writing this, Rush also said that one of the Seals was painting the mortar nest with laser so incoming air support could take them out – except NO-ONE-WAS-COMING !!!!!!!! Support was close enough to help, and the Seals obviously assumed support was imminent. But, the coward-in-chief is too afraid of his muslim buddies to order counter attack. He sat by and watched by real time drone video our Navy Seals get slaughtered. And then, went fund raising.

            I am ex Navy, and as soon as Clinton got voted in, I resigned my commission – because THIS is what you can count on from a liberal, no decisive response, and enhanced death for the military. And for a terminally liberal, muslim sympathizing, poser, equal opportunity hire “president” he was probably annoyed he had to show up in the situation room, watched with apathy only under duress from advisors, and hurriedly headed out as he always does for fundraising, vacations, golf, in a last effort to squander American tax payers’ money.

      39. My husband and I live in Newington Ct. We’re well prepared because we are preppers. But my worries are for my family on the south shore of Long Island. They are taking the typical normalcy bias stance which is “it isn’t going to be that bad.” It IS going to be that bad, and sadly, there is nothing I can do to help them if they want help themselves.

      40. “People who have well water are nervous, because if the power goes out, they won’t have water,” he said.
        True, but those of us who figured that out after the first storm in such an environment put in a generator AND a hand pump.
        Zippered up tight here in the northeast, best of luck to all…it’ll probably be an interesting few days ahead.

      41. I live on the coast in Connecticut. Im off the grid.

        I went to WALMART and Homedepot to pick up some odds and ends.

        I walked around, There wasnt a darn thing I needed, but you know, I enjoyed looking at what people were buying.


      42. I live on Lake MIchigan but am on the road working….kinda wish I was home cause they are saying this storm will have effects as far West as Lake Michigan, causing 20-26 foot waves. That would be cool to see!

        • I vacationed in Northern Michigan back early September and I told my wife I would love to see the lake during a big winter storm! She looked at me like it was the weirdest thing she had ever heard. Mother natures power can be a beautiful thing if you are prepared and at a safe distance.

          • Lake Michigan, with 20 foot swells crashing across Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, is a gorgeous, frightening, awesome spectacle in all her fury. Not too much fun to drive through, though!

            • I grew up on Lake Michigan. It was right out my back door with a private beach. Of course, there was about 200 yards of sand dunes between the house and the Lake then.

              The dunes are gone now and so are some of the houses I think.

          • superior its said, never gives up her dead, when the gales of november come slashing.

            • the big lake they call ichigumi.

      43. this “megastorm” and it’s effects prior, during and after need to be observed for real-time info to help in our preps… i live in New England and have a sister w/family 200 miles away and in their area it was reported that their grocery shelves were emptied as early as Saturday… yesterday i was picking up an item ordered online and overheard a store employee state that she couldn’t keep gensets stocked “up front”(right inside store entrance)… panic has arrived and as soon as the worst is past then will come the attempts at returning all the panic purchases… i’m interested in another chain saw myself… lol

        • We were at the retreat this weekend and didn’t bother bringing back the generator. The only thing we need 110 AC for here is to keep the freezer cold and a PW900 inverter available at most auto parts stores will accomplish that in a couple hours a day.

          There were lots of nearly new generators for sale on Craigslist once power was restored after last summer’s storm.

          • Happy to hear from you, Prepared Pastor!

            • Thanks. My wife has been in the hospital a couple times this month due to complications from the miscarriage. We’re barely in the red zone and aren’t expecting any problems, but we will stay warm and the freezer will stay cold if something does.

            • Prepared pastor

              Love and best wishes to both of you

              Take care x

          • @Prepared Pastor
            Sorry to hear about your wife hope she is doing better will keep her and your family in my prayers.

      44. Just heard that there are 16 nuclear plants in the path and none plan on shutting down even though they are required to by law in the event of inclement weather. Hope these 60 yr old plants can stand it.

      45. I live in SE Massachusetts (Cape Cod), watched my neighbors go about their business as usual despite my suttle hints and warnings earlier in the week. My family and I will be taking care of their complacent butts over the next couple of days if things get bad here.

        I will use the opportunity to deliver preparedness speeches prior to handing out cans of spam, bags of rice and potable water.

      46. A look at failure in progress AND THE FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES HAS NOT EVEN STARTED.

        Y’all Beware! According to our new laws, should all of these people be classified as terrorists?

      47. To all in the path of Sandy, our prayers atr with you.

        On a practical note, please observe the following;
        During the 2005 ice storm in the midwest we discovered an uncomfortable fact. In order to run a deep-well from a portable generator you MUST have sufficient surge capacity to start the motor from a standstill. You cannot use a 2500 watt Honda ‘handi-gen’ for this purpose since the start-up current (for about 1/5 of a second) is typically over 30 amperes (@220V). IF you do start a deep-well pump like this it will prolong the start-up and cause an abnormally high, prolonged flow of current through the motor’s windings, burning them out in short order…many several acquaintances of our’s lost thier pumps doing exactly this. We were able to keep our 1 hp pump going with a 5000 watt load/ 6500 watt surge unit for the 11 days it took to get the power back. IF you absolutely must start your pump like this then leave a tap OPEN and run the generator and pump continuously, thus avoiding repeated start-ups. For those who have surge tanks you’re going to have to bypass them in order to keep the sending unit from thinking that enough pressure is on the lines and kicking the motor off. Hope this helps someone, life’s likely to get tough for you all over the next few weeks, maybe thi will be one less thing you can avoid having to replace. Good luck, Godspeed to all.

        • Wow, great comment, about the standstill and also the surge tank. Don’t laugh, but I’m thinking of buying a small above-ground pool for the basement to minimize how often I have to run the gen for the well pump. Run it, fill pool, then I’m good for a week or two.

          • Not laughing a bit Cameron,

            That’s actually a monumentally ‘field expedient’ solution that I would never have thought of…Kudos to you! Remember to get enough water treatment to be able to keep the water potable. FWIW, the US Armey has been dealing with the potable water issue for centuries. In recent times they use a ‘Lister bag’ made out of heavy tent-cloth, fill it with 100 galons of water (sspended from a stout tree limb) and after adding an ounce of straight bleach per ten gallons allow it to sit for 24 hours. The chlorine gas ‘leaches’ through the exterior surface of the bag leaving sterilized water behind. Given your quick-mind, you might find a way to employ that to your benefit. Good Luck friend.

            • Thanks for the chlorine leaching idea.

          • CameronD,

            Why not just run your rain gutter into the some pool and fill it that way? What you don’t drink can be used for many other things. I know I use the water for all my indoor plants and they dig it.And if you are worried about drinking the rain water the run it through your water filter system.

            Keep Prepping it looks to be a hard winter


            Now back to reloading.

        • JOG, spot on. I’ve tried to tell people about how the well pump motor pulls much higher amps on start windings (albeit brief) until the run windings take over and the amperage declines, but they don’t get it. Same as a compressor in a fridge, AC condenser, freezer as well. Even with a start assist capacitor and potential relay, there’s still a brief start up heavy amp draw.

        • I have no idea what I’m talking about–but wouldn’t it be smart to run the gen/pump long enough to get a huge storage of water, in tubs, water drums, trash cans, buxkets for a few days and rest the generator??
          Just asking.

          • Nevermind, Cameron gets it. 😀

        • I have a 5250w continuous, 6500w surge generator, and even that size really bogs down for a few seconds when the deep well pump kicks on.

      48. Im on the edge of the red , and im ready

      49. In northern Virginia area yesterday it was very grey and we had some early rain — couldn’t see the Allegheny Mountains at all, only the Blue Ridge. Today, very grey, rain since before dawn. The wind is mild. Can’t see a single mountain at all now and they only a few miles from us.

        My hubby was traveling home yesterday afternoon and saw dozens upon dozens of electric trucks heading east into DC to be at-the-ready.

        We’re sitting smack in the middle of two storms heading our way — the snow from the west and the rains from the east. We’re on a ridge about 1,000 ft up so no flooding at our place but our stream will be overflowing. The nearby Shenandoah River will flood, as will the Potomac. The river towns like Harpers Ferry at the confluence will be under water once again.

        The heat from the wood stove is a comfort.

        • Got family in Albemarle county, hope all you guys are safe down there.

          • wheres albemarle country? there is an albemarle township in my area.

        • Zoltanne, like you, I am feeling incredibly thankful for my woodstove right now.

          We aren’t in the storm zone but we are still getting a lot of rain and very high winds. It is such a sense of security to know that we’ll remain cozy, warm and fed.

      50. My sister and brother in law just moved to Boston from Phoenix. Talked with the bro yesterday about picking up a few extta items. NAH, we’ll be OK was his answer. There is no cure for stupid!

        • AZ Ready: I feel for all those poor souls on the East Coast. It’s 75 degrees and sunny with beautiful blue skies where I am at. T-shirts and shorts.

          I not sure if I have any long pants anymore.

          Its been that way for a couple weeks now. The extended forecast is for more of the same for the next ten days at least.

          The trees (aspens and maples) are starting to turn along the creek. Its a beautiful sight against the red rocks.

          No doubt a crush of zombies from the east will be flooding into Arizona next Spring. Winter for the northern latitudes may be especially tough this year.

          The good news is that this will also bring a new gaggle of blondes from Minnesota to the State. I try to stay optimistic! 🙂

      51. i have been watching this on the news and reading the comments here… just to let you all know i have said a prayer for you and am concern for those who are in sandys path… becareful take no chances, keep your head covered and hunker down…. may G_D have mercy on those who trust Him

      52. I mentioned to a friend that a monster (Sandy) missed us here in SC and we are very very fortunate.

        When the electricity is out in the NE, let us learn from the reactions of people that are not as fortunate as us.

        You will see and hear a worn, tired and hungry people that need help. You will also see robbers that help themselves.

        I pray for for us and America.

        Y’all Beware! Burt – glad you are feeling better and I saved this one for you.

        First day back at almost any school in England.
        Attendance call on the first day back at school …
        The teacher began calling out the names of the pupils:

        “Mustafa El Ekh Zeri?”

        “Achmed El Kabul?”

        “Fatima Al Chadoury? ”

        “Abdul Alu Ohlmi?”

        “Mohammed Ibn Achrha?”

        “Mi Cha El Mey Er”
        Silence in the classroom.

        “Mi Cha El Mey Er”
        Continued silence as everyone looked around the room.

        She repeated, “Is there any child here called Mi Cha El Mey Er ?”

        A boy shyly arose and said, “Sorry teacher. I think that’s me; it’s pronounced Michael Meyer.

        • Y’all
          Bwhahahahahaha . Jay jay sent me this also. My girl goes to the only school I know of that is 99% white English, t won’t last of course.

          Take care x

        • Y’all, I just got back from a fishing trip that lasted 10 days. I have a place in Garden City and even though the storm was hundreds of miles away, the surf was the worst I’ve seen it in 10 years. No damage at all to any property that I am aware of but no good fishing either. I will try again after the election. What part of the state are you in?

      53. If we are lucky, the storm will flush ALL of the political turds in D.C. right down the toilet!

      54. Good luck to everyone out there in the blast radius. Hope U & your family & friends stay safe!

      55. One of my friends in the military told me when they went to To help out a country that went through a earthquake they took tins of peanut butter peanut butter. Has all the nutrients to keep you alive they passed out good ole peanut butter you can get huge containers at SAMs or wal mart I hope the best for everyone take care folks

        • I got kicked out of an online group for suggesting peanut butter for the bug-out-bag. The moderator was all into Mountain House and did not appreciate that I pointed out one 6lb jar of peanut butter from Sam’s Club had the same number of calories as a 12-day supply of Mountain House. It’s not balanced nutrition, but it will provide the energy to get the job done.

          • Won’t get unhealthy eating peanutbutter :), it’s my work lunch staple during summer, doesn’t slow you down and it’s satisfying, as long as i have strawberry jam to go with it.

            • Or orange marmalade!!! 😛

            • BBB

              Jam with peanut butter…not so sure about that lol

              Take are

          • prepping doesnt have to cost a million dollars and some of these companies are looking out for their interests while prtending to care about you.

          • Seriously, whenever I don’t have time for a proper breakfast, I swallow a couple spoonfuls and it keeps me going until lunch. Loaded with protein and essential oils, and if you but the good stuff, no sugar or corn syrup.

            • Oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter my three favorite emergency foods!

              Is there a way that folks could post their post storm stories here?

            • Half Kin – you can make a heck of a good cookie out of those three ingredients! 🙂

          • Great comment on the PB. It actually is a balenced meal in and of itself. It provides protien, carbs and good fats. If you can, try to get the natural kind without hydrogenated oil. H-oil is actually terrible for your body and sits in your system for days. While PB is high in fat that is not a bad thing in a survival situation where you are burning a lot of calories on a daily basis. Other foods that are stand alone meals are, dairy products(Although they do not have the “good” fats), beans, and also rice(a little low on protien though).

          • My son’s clinical dietician raves about peanut butter for your preps. It’s protein, easily available, and it’s cheap enough for your average Joe on minimum wage to lay down a jar at a time every weekly grocery shop iykwim.

            Peanut butter is used for disaster relief in the 3rd world. We have to look at utility and not get swayed off our course by those looking to make huge profits from fear. A lot of people are suffering in this economy without being made to feel bad cos they can’t afford to go consumer crazy on preps, so are having to do it bit by bit iykwim.

            Praying for you all during this time. There will be some folks in the hospital or who have been too ill to prep. Women will still be giving birth. Emergency services such as firefighters and ambulance workers will still have to show up for work, then tend to their own families.

            Instead of sneering at the dumb can we not pray for those who are vulnerable at this time through no fault of their own, and express a little gratitude to God for our own good fortune?

        • Karen,

          6 large in the basement…down from 10! LOL…time to restock. I LOVE peanut butter

      56. Hope all stay safe that are in the path of the storm. May be this will open a few eyes as to how important prepping is. My thoughts and prayers are with all you. Be safe



      58. I hope that none of these people are paying cash for their preps. Wouldn’t want to be listed as a terrorist on a database somewhere.

        It is interesting that in times of normalcy when people are doing what the government is suggesting everyone to do now to prepare for an event that hasn’t been forcasted yet they are suspected terrorists, but if they do it just moments before the SHTF it is accepted and encouraged.

        This goes back to a post I placed on a previous article. By stocking themselves with food/water/clothing/generators and everything else months or years before the storm, preppers have left more on the shelves for the unprepared.

        Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessings of this site and the knowledge that we have gained from them. Please watch over the people on the east coast during the upcoming week(s) to keep them safe, warm and fed. Please watch over the people on this site in particular. Thank you for the wisdom that we have gained so that when times such as these arrive, we are better prepared to be safe from whatever arrives at our doorsteps.


        Keep safe folks. We will continue to pray for you.

        As always…God Bless…

        Proverbs 22:3


        • Well said.

        • @ Norse Prepper. You know what is going to drive me crazy is after this is over, all those people that bought up all these supplies are going to go right back to stuck on stupid. Again and again these power outages occur and other disasters, and people think that they have time to just go out beforehand and get what they need. There are so many SHTF disasters that have absolutely no warnings, that will give no time to go out and get what they need. God help those people that don’t learn from this lesson.

          I mentioned above that they just had a 3.9 on the New Madrid fault, and while I am getting accurate with predicting earthquakes based on polar activity, I still have a time of it trying to forecast earthquakes if there is no polar activity. I will certainly try to forewarn people of the San Andreas, New Madrid, Cascadia, or whatever I see coming, I will try. People though need to take these earthquakes as warnings of what is to come. I know that the Caribbean plate is ready to fail, and when it does the New Madrid is going to be affected big time. Everyone needs to watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge at about 17-18 degrees north and 57-58 degrees north for activity because this is directly like a sniper right at the New Madrid fault.

          Just like yesterday it was prefectly obvious that this hurricane was going to get stronger because of passing over the channel of the Gulf warm water, this map yesterday posted yesterday showed this. Just like the hurricane, there are telltale signs of what is happening with the plates of the planet. There are scientific signs of impending geo-disasters when people look for them. I am personally really searching these out for everybody to know.

          • Hi BI,

            Good call on the earthquake. Wow, what a cluster up along the Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii area huh? It’s interesting that we had a GRB the day before…the eval isn’t available yet so we can’t conclude much there about. It somewhat reminds me of the Sumatra quake in 04 and the GRB recorded then.

          • @ BI

            I hope people will learn. Some will, some won’t.

            I saw the 3.9 on the chart. Is this a “foreshock”?

            Call me a conspirathy theorist (like all good preppers are, right?), but the one thing about the Mayan calendar thing that coincides with science is that on that day is that the 2012 AD conjunction (December 21, 2012) is one that involves the earth, sun, and the galactic equator, specifically at a time when the earth is at the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) point of its orbit, at a seasonal extreme. Now, an event of this sort certainly does not occur every year, but rather once only every 25800 years.

            Basically the earth and sun will be crossing the center of our galaxy and in perfect alignment. As we get closer won’t the earth be exposed to additional gravitational forces from the sun and galaxy at the same time? Mass attracts mass via gravity based on the masses of the two objects pulling.

            As BI stated before, we all ride around on solid rock over melted rock. Things slide. Take some metal filings, put them on a leaf in a bathtub and put a magnet near it. The leaf will move towards the magnet. This is the simplest example I can think of.

            I don’t think the world is going to end on December 21st, but I do believe that there will be extraordinary forces pulling on the land masses which can cause them to shift. As we get closer, earthquake activity has increased. Could this be what is causing it?

            Additionally, I had a random thought that may not have anything to do with anything, but could the lack of pressure in the Atlantic be causing a pull on the land mass to the east? That is a HUGE area of vaccuum.

            Any thoughts BI? I am very concerned regarding the New Madrid…especially after the 3.9.

            • A Norse Prepper and JustOneGuy. Before the 2004 mega earthquake in Indonesia there was a 8.1 south of Australia. This one is likely what set off the mega quake a few weeks later. That 7.7 could be what causes the Cascadia fault to break. I will really go over this a lot to try to predict if the Cascadia fault is ready to go.

              Norse Prepper, you have a wonderful grasp of what is going on, I have always said preppers are much more intelligent than most people. I have a lot more to say about the New Madrid, but I don’t have time right now. Will get back to this later as this is something that should be discussed much more so. Thank you everybody for all the excellent advice on preparing for what this hurricane is going to bring, a lot of people are going to get whacked by this storm badly, very badly.

            • @Norse-

              I clearly do not have the geological background of BI, but I am more concerned about that sinkhole (compliments of the salt dome) in bayou Corne erupting and setting off the New Madrid, thus reeking havoc nationwide. I watched an interesting explanation of the sinkhole and how the earthquakes are effecting this US. If you have 15 minutes to spare, watch it. Well worth the time invested.


            • @ Norse Prepper. Now i have some time to explain what is so concerning about the New Madrid. This earthquake was on the outer parameters of the fault, those worry me the most. Normally with these really intense faults there is only micro-moments before it is ready to break along 90% of the fault. When something is extremely locked and has that much pressure built up it is very rare, only 1/20 the of the time to have foreshocks because of it being so locked. If there is a foreshock, it is usually that the fault broke and then relocked itself before the whole thing breaks. Then it breaks anyway.

              Normally any type of tension is released away from the fault on other sections of the plate boundaries. This is how I have been able to predict these earthquakes with a decent amount of accuracy. The 7.7 was transferring energy to the other sections of the Pacific Plate and Australian plate down towards the Antarctica. With a fault like the New Madrid, there are no nearby plate boundaries, other than very ancient ones. Therefore it when you have tension building, there are times when the energy are transferred to where the fault ends, right where it occurred today. It doesn’t mean it is going to break, but it means there is tension there and that means possible breaking.

              There are places that add to the stress level of the new Madrid, and these are the locations I gave on the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the Caribbean plate to an extreme level. Case in point the New Madrid broke in 1812, so did it in Venezeula. The central point of of the San Andreas also has a stress relaease point to the New Madrid as does the Cascadia fault being a stress release point to the San Andreas. Watching this I shall be. watch the northern and southern most points of the New Madrid, these are the danger points.

              Now for your interesting question about the mid point of this 2012 hype. There actually may be something to this as the planet and the solar system as I understand is entering this dark rift of matter and will reach the center point at around December 21. now think about this one for a minute. If you were to bore down to the exact center of the core of the planet. Here you would experince no gravity pulling downward as everything would be focused towards you rather than you being drawn towards the center. There are some variants to this as some gravity waves will be distorted, but for the most most this area is kind of a void of gravitational pull.

              If the planet and solar system are entering a region of space in which everything else is being pulled towards it, then when the planet reaches this point it could cause some sort of magnetic instability. Pole flip? I don’t know. There could be something to this though, but I am not sure. I can only speculate as astrophysics are hardly my specialty. What I would look for would be strange phenomenon within the planet “IF” something is going to occur. Strange lights appearing all over the place, geomagnetic storms on the planet and the sun, really increased earthquake and volcanic activity, and more. There will be signs if something is going to occur around later in the year, it will not just happen, no way. It would lead up to something awful.

          • I live about 300 miles east of St Louis. Any warning of a New Madrid quake would be much appreciated, thanks for keeping us informed!

            • @ Indiana Jones. If I see anything further I will let everyone know. Please read about the New Madrid that I wrote to Norse Prepper that I just sent a few minutes ago, this should explain some quaetions about it. Rest assured that when i see something it will not be exaggerated, there will be some good reason to alert people to it. The last thing I want to be is someone that cries wolf. When i predicted that 7.7, I was fairly sure of a 7+ coming from the past records of these areas in the polar region that were hit before. Plates change very little even over several hundred years and from the past you can get an idea where future earthquakes will occur.

          • Be Informed – I appreciate your input! Do you have a email list or blog?? If not, know I come here to see what you have to say each time I read Extension Protocol emails about an event. You’re the only one who has tied this all together so thanks for your information. I’m interested in San Andreas fault in particular…
            Stay safe and prepared everyone!!

            • @ PrepperGal35. I really like this site, the people here think like I do so much in regard to preparation and thinking for themselves. Free thinkers rule. I rather post anything here where thousands of people can spread the word about any type of danger. I think mac has done a remarkable job of turning a little blog into a very successful web site that many people visit and enjoy. To tell the truth I have lost two computers to e-mail viruses, even with an anti-virus working to protect the computer. I don’t e-mail, and I would love to get some of the better deals and coupons with e-mail, but it really freaked me out when my computers went belly up.

              The san Andreas I have been trying to figure out for the longest. What I see is like a triple trailer truck stuck on the side of a mountain and having a mass cramed in front of this truck along with something from the south trying to nudge it forward northwest towards Alaska. In 1700 the Cascadia fault broke, around this time so did the southern San Andreas, that was the past time. 312 years at least of pressure has built up from Mexico to Palmdale. The central portion broke on January 9, 1857. this portion break on the average every 140-150 years so it is due also.

              WHEN the southern section breaks it is extremely likely the energy from this will continue right to the central portion and it will break also. About 350 miles of it will break if just the central and southern portion break. This would be 175 seconds of shaking, 2 miles = one second of shaking. It would register between a 8.1-8.4 with this. Now IF the break continued to what is called a creep zone between the central portion and the northern portion and jumped this then you have a nightmare occurring.

              The creep zone is an area in which the San Andreas does not lock up as much, and creeps along each year. If the momentum is enough and the energy jumps this zopme to the northern portion and the nrthern portion breaks, then you have the potential of the entire thin snapping. The San Andreas is 650-900 miles long, no one can be sure since it enters the water north of San Francisco. If 650 miles of it broke this would be 325 seconds of shaking or more than 5 minutes. 900 miles would be 450 minutes of shaking or more than 7 minutes. 650 miles of it breaks 8.6-8.8, if the fault is 900 miles and all broke 9.0+. What is more likely is the southern and central portion breaking.

              Cascadia fault breaks this allows a release point of tension to the north, like 1700. A large enough push from the south in Mexico or even Central America could also set it off. To me it seems like something would have to be a catalyst at this point. A couple of months ago there was a lot of activity in Brawley and this was near the souther tip of the San Andreas and this had me really thinking it was going to snap. Foreshocks of any large fault like this seem to occur near the ends of the fault rather than the middle points. If those earthquakes in Brawley had continued to grow past the 5.6 maximum that they reached, it could have broken.

              The New Madrid fault is connected with the San Andreas as in 1812 the New Madrid broke along with a section onf the central portion of the San Andreas. The plates all interact with each other. When trying to look for future earthquakes, look AWAY from the fault for foreshocks, especially the polar regions. When a fault is jammed up, it is unlikely that there will be any foreshocks to something so locked, other than towards the ends of the fault. There was 4.9 in Svalbard today at 80.6 degrees north. If this had been a 5.0+ then I would be looking at another sequence of polar movement meaning more earthquakes. Still 4.9 is close and I will study the location tonight to see any patterns from the past that might indicate a future large earthquake.

              The planet continue to break records, as today that storm reached 939 MB at its lowest, the previous storm record for this far north was 946 MB. Hurricane Hazel back in 1954 had a similar low pressure much further south. Records continue and that means that everything is getting more severe, that is more than enough reason to prepare as much as possible.

              • Be Informed: Thank you for your reply above. I couldn’t use the reply button because it was replaced with a reddish brown bar. ???? Wanted you to know how much I appreciate your comments and hope you see this. I always look for your work and find it quite fascinating. The kids and I have followed the Anna fault line clear to the Auglaize river, about seven miles from us. It’s filled in quite a bit, but is still traceable. (I have a monor in Geology and wish I had made it my major.) Anyway, you have good suggestions and good ideas and they are appreicated. Vicky

        • AMEN

      59. H.A.A.R.P –


      60. I would not want to be on a mountain when these two storms hit. I rented a cabin last winter up in the Smokies and although it never snowed, we had some nasty weather. At one point I swore the cabin was about to fall down the mountain because of the wind. It shook the whole house. I can’t even imagine a snowstorm mixed with a hurricane! Good luck everyone.

      61. This is going to go down as the worst hurricane ever in terms of water damage. The storm is going into land to the left of Manhattan which is the absolute WORST track it could take and it’s also growing in strength. Going to the left of Manhattan will push the surge directly towards the small island with the most force. If Manhattan floods badly this could be the end of our economy as we know it. I think people who are unprepared are about to get a wake-up call the likes of which they can’t fathom. I wouldn’t be shocked to see it grow to a 2 or 3 before the eye hits land. I’m pretty sure this thing is engineered but not certain of it.( haarp ) Folks…this could EASILY be the event that pushes us over the edge of the cliff. The question is….do you have a parachute ( preps ) ready to go ?
        To all the trolls who think prepping is stupid…..ENJOY.

        • A storm engineered? Now I have heard everything. Are you being serious? What you read in a Michael Crichton novel is not real.

          • Gregor:

            Look up HAARP.

            • I know what HAARP is and it has no scientific basis. It thrives on speculation, not cold hard facts.

              • Wrong: HAARP Thrives on TAX Payer funding by closed door us reps spending Hundreds of millions per yr on haarp systems.

                Although us reps calls it “Weather Modification” expenditures. At least they did last I seen on Live tv CSPAN us reps hearings related to this topic.

                Nancy Pelosi was in charge back then, and began to ask questions of the panel of military/experts/private investors etc.

                Soon as nancy got too close to revealing secret info, they cut her off and said the rest must be discussed behind Closed doors.

                I did hear nancy ask something such as “Are you sure $150 Million is sufficent to pay for the latest needs”

                Soon as she asked more questions they canceled till can go behind closed doors discussions.

                Sure alot of cash eh for something thats not true….

            • Then you don’t actually know what HAARP is.

              Respectfully, you should truly consider doing further research before you scoff and rule it out.

        • It means the folks who live around Central Park will soon have beach front property!

      62. This might sound rude, but I’m throwing it out there anyway. WTF are these unprepared idiots thinking? Emptying the shelves last minute? Assuming that gas will be available? Did they NOT just go through a horrific storm over the summer that knocked out power and caused ridiculous damage? Was that not a HUGE wake-up call? Holy crap. Most humans are just sheep, waiting to be herded, assuming that their earthly leaders will guide them and protect them from the wolves. Well, no earthly leader can stop a freakin’ hurricane. Idiots.

        I hope and pray that all on the east coast are safe, and get through this, but for those who were not prepared they should be ashamed.

        However, my concern comes after the storm…if people are panicky now, just wait until food and water runs low, then mix that in with looters. This is a SHTF scenario.

        Best of luck…God bless.

        • Kynase,

          I agree with your conerns after the storm. This will be very interesting to watch, to see how both people and the government react. If things get as bad as is expected, this could be very edjucating for all of us. Good luck to everyone in the path of this.

          Chance favors the prepared

        • It’s human nature to put one’s head in the sand. Folks today live very comfortably and don’t like to hear bad news or plan for emergencies. So the moment no bad news is heard for a while, folks are conditioned by society to stick their heads back in the sand. Heck I’m sure in some states like New York there are laws against warning people to prepare. It may cause elevated levels of agitation and nervousness among the heavily medicated population and we can’t have that in a civilized society…can we.

          • Not THIS human’s nature!

            • Six pack

              Well said

              Take care

            • Present company excluded.

        • I have friends in Arlington who really suffered last summer during that power outage. They really learned from it, however, and have completely changed their lifestyle in the few short months since that occurred.

          I spoke with the woman last night and she told me she didn’t need to go to the store, all she was doing was finishing up some laundry so she didn’t have dirty clothes sitting around during the power outage. I was so proud to hear that! I just wish it happened more often!

      63. I just heard something on faux news that made me about fall out of my chair. The woman giving the weather report said that in the case of a storm like this “people need to already have major preparations in place and need to be in the safe room already” Isn’t vindication grand.

        But on a more serious note, good luck to all of you who are in the path of this monster. I never wish ill on anyone, but life is life. I hope everyone makes it out the other side of this safe and sound.

      64. Preps in order. This storm will be a good practice run.I stopped feeling sorry for the sheeple a long time ago. You can only preach so much.

        • Thats exactly the way I see. I think after this week, I’ll have a real good handle on this prepping thing.

        • I live on long island and this is a weak storm . Frankemnstorm my ass

          • @ RICH99. Flooding kills more people than any natural disaster, other than if an asteroid hit the planet or a super volcano went off. This storm had a pressure of 939 MB, that is the same as Hurricane Hazel in 1954. It is the pressure that indicates the amount of energy that is in a hurricane. 939 is a middle Category 4 hurricane. 1000 miles wide is kind of like that movie Day After Tomorrow. They said that on a scale from 0-6, the amount of kinetic energy is almost 6. This is an awful storm, I hope you and others that live here will be safe. At least you prepare, you are ahead of the crowd. Events like this kind of shorten that 5-8 years before something happens. like I have said SHTF can happen within an instance. Preparation is not just a life style, it is intelligent.

          • Rich,hello? Rich….?

        • I’m thinking the exact same thing, airborne319. I’m kind of excited to see where I’;ve done well, and where I’ve fallen short. I’m also of the mindset that I’m dopne trying to warn friends and family. Today, I spoke with my mother, and she finally gets it. Great! My boyfriend, I’m nuts – until he realized that I already have oil lamps, blankets, matches, a way to cook, water, food, ect. for the storm and I’m already prepped, and it’s not even an issue for him. He could care less. My mother was impressed though, that I’m prepped, and we had a looooong talk and she’s finally on the same page as me 🙂 It was so worth it; I’m done trying to convince people to help themselves; knowing that I’m prepared is good enough for me. Can’t make the blind see, can we?

          • This is where someone jumps in with Ron White’s great phrase..
            You can’t fix stupid.

      65. It’s been pretty quite here in upstate NY. The stores are busy but nothing is out of stock. Popped by aldis yesterday for a few things and some lights out snacks for the kids besides that we are prepped for at least 3 months
        . The lock men were ordered to open the locks on the Mohawk river about last Wednesday so the river level has gone way down. Unless the flooding is major league bad the only thing we should have to deal with is power outage and the local sheeple that are never prepared. Stay safe northeast

      66. Good Luck Philly to NY! We are watching and praying for the best. Open eyes and heart!

      67. I’ve always been shy about my location, but what the heck big brother knows who I am and where I live. I live just north of Baltimore in PA just across the Mason Dixon line.
        You should have seen the people (sheeple) in the stores this weekend.

        All I got to say is, if you weren’t prepared for this two months ago, let alone two days ago, you got no business calling yourself a prepper.

        BTW, its nasty out. The wind is howling, the rain is pouring, and they say the heavy stuff is yet to come.

        “I don’t think the heavy stuff will be coming down for at least a half hour.” Bill Murray, Caddyshack

        • +10 on the Caddyshack reference.

      68. I feel for the folks in the path of Sandy,but my question is how could this effect the rest of the nation? I am trying to be prepared for the after effects, but am kind of coming up blank! There are lots of you much smarter than myself..can we have a talk about how Sandy’s wake of destruction could reverberate through the rest of the country?
        Thanks ahead of time!

        • Banking may be affected – NYC is a hub of finance. It could also halt/delay the election if the destruction is devastating enough.

      69. @mac salvo – censorship is for fascist’s . stop censoring my posts .

        • You know we do it cause we love ya!

          • Thank You Mac It must of been a whopper if you couldn’t let it pass compared to his other words he uses.

          • Mac,

            I never noticed the “Hot debate. What do you think?”
            Is that new? I’m perplexed.

            • once a comment gets flagged a certain amount of times it tags as ‘hot’

          • @mac salvo ;0)

            ;0) wuv you too @mac .

            ~ ;0P pssszzt

      70. Okay everyone, just got back in town from a family emergency. Burt the Brit, glad to have you back. i hope you and yours are well on the other side of the Atlantic. I wish everyone in the Northeast, prepper and nonprepper alike, the best. BI, what information do you have about a 3.9 in NMF area. As i think everyone here knows, that’s my stomping grounds. I’ll check USGS in the meantime. Braveheart

        • Oh there you are, Braveheart. I just said to BI that I hoped you chimed in on that earthquake over your way! Hope all is well.

        • @ braveheart. Please read what I wrote about the New Madrid to Norse Prepper above.

        • Braveheart

          Glad you’re safe mate x

          Take care

      71. There are only a couple of mentions of the conspiratorial aspects of this storm, so I’d like to offer some food for thought. I’m not saying that any of these things are indeed occurring but a critical thinking with even a layman’s knowledge of geo-engineering technology has to consider the following concepts and motivations.


        HAARP technology exists. This is a proven fact and it is proven to have been used. Therefore, “they” are either using it to drive once storm into another, increasing its intensity to disaster level OR “they” have the capability to drive it harmlessly out to sea, an act that could save billions in damage and countless lives, and “they” are not doing so.

        What could the possible reasons be to want to inflict a disaster of this magnitude on the US’s highest segment of population?

        Proposal #1: Political Purposes – to make Obama look like the Messiah, to delay the election, to keep people from voting

        Proposal #2: To shut down the economy. The NYSE is closed today and will be closed again tomorrow. If the power goes out a bank holiday will be occurring by sheer fact that no one will be able to access their accts.

        Proposal #3: Extreme damage to the infrastructure of the country’s biggest population zones. NYC’s subway system is likely to be completely flooded and destroyed – this would shut down nearly all transportation in the city, which is a hub of finance. If all of those who normally take the subway now have to use the streets for travel, the streets will be impassable. The city will be gridlocked. Washington DC is also at extreme risk.

        Proposal #4: Has anyone stopped to consider how easy it would be for “important” people to disappear during this storm? What if this is a way for them to evacuate the Eastern Seaboard en masse without alerting the rest of us? Maybe this is only a taste of the disaster to come.

        I do not believe that this is a naturally occurring event, I sincerely don’t. As to the purpose of such destruction, I just don’t know – anyone else care to take a stab at this?

        • I dont know…I mean he has a lock on New York, New Jersey, maybe Pensilvannia-he’s got those stae anyway. The longer he puts off the election the further he creators! Put a fork in him cuz he’s done!

          • Rico, He damn sure owns Maryland because of his step-brother who is governor. He also owns Delaware cause of his court jester Biden.

        • Well, if one was going to display the amount of authority/power they wield, what better way than to literally play God? It’s been pretty quiet on capitol hill lately, congress is out to lunch (?) The Pentagon is out of service for the holidays, so no one is really left to hold down the fort but peons.

          You know by now, any one who is any one is hunkered down in some government bunker before now, leaving no one to hold down the fort but the peons.

          Any damages to the capitol will be paid for by either insurance companies or the peons (taxpayers)

          The common denominator is – the only ones holding the proverbial nag is – peons.

          That’s my thought.

          • I meant “holding the proverbial BAG”

        • Daisy: With respect to “Proposal 4”, an interesting concept, worthy of a good novel; but that could work both ways, too.

          It could also be an opportunity for the “G-BAT” (Gangster Bankster Attack Team) to “disappear” a few Goldman Execs, too, during the confusion.

          One never knows, it could happen. With any luck and an “enlightened” SEAL Team.

          • Interesting thought, DK, very interesting!

          • I think Clancy Wrote about a similar scenario in “Term Limits”.

          • Might be onto something here, DK. Good way to obscure the trail after a MF Global-type event.

          • If any banksters disapear?…Look for them All to pop up again in Their own Bandit state of Isreal…

        • Daisy

          Add another scenario.

          Take the heat off the Benghazi coverup..

          Plus all the above..

          Also..side note..

          Let us not forget that ALL basic food and p.m.commodities are rising.(forget the stock markets).and will continue to do so..making basic food survival a priority in the coming months!

          My suggestion..while these scenarios by Daisy play out.continue stacking and securing long term food stuffs..especially grains,legumes,meats of all kinds.. etc etc..everything is increasing in price and will substantially increase..even if you do not have the monies for least purchase as much basic foods you can now.

          If you’re poultry and beef/pork now and put up as much as possible.

          “Winter is coming”!!
          proverbially and literally


      72. Pressure is now at 940 MB or 27.75 inches. This is now a full Category 4 hurricane based on pressure. This is now in the top 20 of the most intense Atlantic hurricanes on record. This is now as strong as Hurricane Hazel back in 1954. The storm surge for this pressure should be about 15-16 feet.

        • My roof is making noises that I’ve never heard it make before. Very unsettling.

          • How well is it holding up? Will be thinking of you.

      73. Your government is retarded. They brand you as terrorists for prepping, yet they know shit like this Hurricane can happen.

        If the assholes in the white house actually respected you, they would encourage you to prep.

      74. My regards to all of you in the path of destruction. And may God be with you all. On another note, I have a question. Is there a uniform standard meaning for the term “Zombie”?
        I have used it now for a few years (maybe even before it became mainstream) and I’m not sure I really know how to define it.
        Even though our household prepares, one of my worries is that we could actually end up being a zombie>>

        • Brainless being that follows the food and has no moral compunctions?

          or as defined by the Urban Dictionary:

          A person who accepts the status quo because of fear and/or lack of conviction. They generally only act out of anger and by then it’s too late. They live without beliefs other than the following- Go to school, get a job, make money, buy lots of crap, die. Frequently encountered in the American school system and the suburbs.

          • So you’ve been to my neighborhood?

        • If you ever stop and think, dang if some human brains wouldn’t be tasty right now…you might be a zombie.

          If you’re entering a house without actually turning a doorknob…you might be a zombie.

          If you find yourself shuffling across distant strange fields without your bug out bag…you might be a zombie.

          If you give up your OPSEC with noisy, heavy breathing and random groans…you might be a zombie.

          If you regularly return your hurricane preps to Home Depot the day after the storm…you might be a zombie.

          • Dang MB, #4 made me think of the song “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. “Sure remember the night moves”.

            • Oh my god, LOL! That is NOT the way I intended it! I kinda wished Okie would have jumped in with a better list. But yeah, don’t give up your OPSEC, either way.

              Now I am blushing, dammit!

      75. Hunkered down here in Lancaster PA waiting for the brunt of Sandy to hit us later tonite, and it’s already bad now. Although still have power or I wouldn’t be writing this now.
        Started prepping years ago thanks to this site,, and a host of other free market, anti-state, anarcho-capitalism sites. Where you learn you must depend on yourself and if needed other like-minded individuals in situations like this.

        Hopefully the ones that are not prepared will be capable of learning from this experience and start preparing for a much bigger collapse waiting down the road. Everyone in Sandy’s path….stay safe.

        • They say Lancaster County will be one of the four hardest hit counties in Pa. Stay safe from a former Blue Ball-New Holland native.

      76. you know.. an inner city thug told me and I qoute”They BETTER feed me!”( They being the Government )
        most of these folks buy what they want then beg for what they need.
        Why stock up when you can get ebt? Then you can get bling, body peircing, tatoos $400 shoes?
        Im not sure but I belive the thug had an i-phone and not the less expesisve obama phone


        • Hi PREPARED IN VA,

          Welcome, nice to ‘see’ you. But first, PLEASE QUIT SHOUTING!! 🙂
          Also, as good as it feels to be vindicated, ‘Gloating’ like arrogance looks good on very few. Be Welcome here, I hope you’re not in the path of that Beast! 🙂

        • LMAO! Ain’t it the truth!

        • Hi, Va..I’m one that don’t see CAPS as shouting.
          Welcome..ain’t being prepped awesome– for the things we can prepare for.
          For other things we can’t prepare for, there’s always prayer.

          • I think the caps thing is partly generational / partly those who grew up on the internet. For older folks, Internet etiquette is a little weird. However, even for the old folks, all caps is just poor type setting; it’s hard to read. I skip those comments immediately for both reasons.

        • Virginia is for Preppers ! ;0)

          • virginia beach isnt for preppers. only an idiot would think they would have a chance their. one of the strangest places i have ever been to anywhere.

        • @Prepared…Yeah! You tell her. You should have gave her a few smacks too.

      78. I’m in the Finger Lakes region of NYS. Even all of the stores up here are bare. I’m already prepared. Big time. I just went out to see how bad it was. It was so funny to see all of these people scrambling for supplies….LOL….I’m looking at this as an opportunity to test my preps, as well as my planning. This is a perfect test-run. Finding flaws will mean everything to me. That means that I will see what I have overlooked and adjust accordingly, so that i can be truly prepared for an actual TEOTWAWKI situation.

      79. Best wishes to all and safe passage through this storm!
        I agree with others that we will all feel some repurcussions from this event.
        I know I won’t be ordering any thing that needs shipped from these areas for some time.
        Here is an intersing quote I pulled off the mainstream Yahoo news feed –

        “I think this one’s going to do us in,” said Mark Palazzolo, who boarded up his bait-and-tackle shop in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., with the same wood he used in past storms, crossing out the names of Hurricanes Isaac and Irene and spray-painting “Sandy” next to them.
        “I got a call from a friend of mine from Florida last night who said, ‘Mark, get out! If it’s not the storm, it’ll be the aftermath. People are going to be fighting in the streets over gasoline and food.'”

        If the storm don’t kill you the aftermath could.
        Be safe.

        • What if all the fed up patriots formed huge posse’s and went to Raid the ghetto looters cribs and simply Take what looters looted away from them looters?

          Imagiane how MSM would report that eh!

          Sharpton would be running around like mikey jackson with his hair on fire!…Gimmedat!

          • This is hysterical! Love it!!

      80. Hello from Brooklyn!

        Just started reading this website. Stocked up months ago on rice, dried beans, and canned veggies (collard greens, mustard greens, mixed green and turnip greens – might as well eat healthy during SHTF). Have sugar, dried milk,salt and jugs and jugs of water. Only went Saturday night for toilet paper (tons of Marcal tends to be very cheap). Have multivitamins and some recently expired antibiotics (should I throw these away?)

        Selling designer bags on Ebay (the folly of youth!) I will use that money to buy a Berkey water filter. Started working out months ago, getting in shape and getting stronger.

        I have batteries and a small transistor radio. I have a crap load of candles (you will be surprised how cheap they are in botanicas in nyc!)

        I am nowhere an expert prepper like others on this site but nothing like the present to start.

        Hope the storm just drops a couple of inches of rain and keeps it moving away into the sea.

        • Good luck, Missy!!! And welcome!

        • Praying for you and all in this storm, Missy.
          You got the right idea.
          Never enough. If it is, there’s always sharing or bartering. 🙂

        • Getcha some protein lady!

          Tuna, sardines, salmon, canned beef, chicken and turkey.

          Hey, I like greens as much as the next guy, but when your hungering for a piece of meat canned kale is just NOT gonna cut it.

          And of course there is the caloric content to consider. If ‘it’ comes down you’re going to be burning calories and a can of mustard greens is low in calories. Plus if you’re not used to eating a diet of canned greens chances are your body will eliminate them without absorbing most of the nutrients.

          • you’re hungering. sted your.

          • What about stocking some…Polk Salad?…As in the song Polk Salad Annie?…..

            • If my redneck heritage serves me correctly, I think it’s called “poke” salad. I never tasted the stuff, but have heard some older folks speak of the stuff.

        • Hi Missy-T,

          Most of the anitbiotics are fairly durable given that they are stored in a cool, dry, dark environment. The one family that is problematic is the tetracycline family, every element of that group absolutely must be disposed of after the expiration date regarless of how well it has been stored….become progressively more toxic with time.

          • JOGuy is totally correct.


            They can cause organ failure and death and get more toxic with time.

            Take care

        • Missy

          Do NOT throw out the antibiotics. they are generally good for a few yrs after the expiry date. Tetracyclines tend to break down first, so might want to replace those.

        • Keep the meds Missy. They will be good for years. How have you fared?

        • How did you make out last night, Missy?

      81. Just imagine if a real SHTF event took place! Maybe this preview will be a wake up call for some people dragging their feet on prepping. Of course, most will only react in panic.

      82. I am so bored. Bored bored bored. So boringly bored with boredom. Bored to death. Pretty boring, huh?

        From the age of Big Brother, from the age of the Thought Police…from a dead man…I send greetings.

        • Only boring people get bored. Interesting people find something to do.

          (Guess how much my kids hate it when I say that?)

      83. @ Be informed

        If I’m counting right, there have been 68 magnitude 4+ earthquakes within the last 24 hours at the spot of the 7.7 in Canada.

        These can’t all be aftershocks can they? This is amazing movement.

        • @ Norse Prepper and BI,

          You counted right Brother. Still, The Brawley, California episode about a month ago was running to the hundreds per day! Still. most of those were well below the default USGS filter of M2.5. While I’m here – this is at BI – I just stopped over at;

          on a quick google search asking what the all-time lowest recorded pressure in a hurricane was. The answer they gave was 882 mb (26.05 in Hg). If you see/find anything different post-out, I’m curious.

          • @ JustOneGuy. A 7.7 earthquake you can roughly have about one 6.7, ten 5.7’s, one hundred 4.7’s, thousand 3.7’s and tens of thousands of less than 3’s aftershocks. This is of course is over the course of several weeks. This worries me still because it was so large and so close to the Cascadia fault.

            The pressure I think you read is for Atlantic hurricanes and I believe that was for Hurricane Wilma, another October storm. Hurricane Mitch was quite close to this also. I read somewhere in one of my weather books that the lowest pressure ever occured somewhere in the south seas in the Pacific and I think it had a pressure out in the middle of the ocean of around 25.50 inches or about 863 MB. Could you imagine something like this hitting somewhere in the Gulf or Florida. Talk about approaching a category 7 hurricane. The winds of something like this would be 220 mph with gusts around 250 mph+. Hurricane Wilma actually had winds of 195-200 mph sustained at one time. This is like a widespread EF-5 tornado.

            Here’s the thing, good old Mother Nature could thrown so much more at the human civilization, so much more.

      84. I’m Well stocked up and prepared here in North Jersey, Thanks for all the good tips!

      85. Y’all gotta understand NinaO will never change nor his message. That to me is a good thing. I know where he stands.

        For many they need to get their head out of the sand and for people like myself learn from what others have to say. If it clashes with you then bitch. Just don’t forget he and many others love this country and not all of the shit that’s in it.

        If I need to be corrected he will let me know.

        Y’all Beware! Take a stand and show your colors.
        Obama sure as hell ain’t!!!!! My gut wrenches with what he has done to our country.

        • Oh, Ostupid shows his colors very well; it’s yellow.

      86. Daisy, thank you for your concern and i am just fine. This earthquake supposedly hit at 7;40 AM CDT but i didn’t fell a thing in my immediate area. Some residents just south of me supposedly felt it. Here’s one story I’ver found on it so far. Direct link: No injuries or damage reported. Will bring in more updates if possible. Braveheart

        • Thank you for the link, Braveheart. I have a lot of family down in the Memphis/NE Arkansas area so I always read your posts with great interest. 🙂 Glad you’re well!

          ~ D

        • I didn’t feel a thing either in semo.

      87. Listen up!

        As someone that went through Katrina listen to me carefully. You can not survive this type of storm if you are in an area that gets a direct hit. I can email you pictures of bodies piled on the back wall of wall-mart as that’s where the water pushed them.

        My best advice:

        LEAVE!!! Go to Florida on vacation.

        You don’t need to stock up on supplies because stores will be normal in Florida.

        Don’t think you can hunker down and will be good.. If yall get a 25’+ storm surge like we did here on the gulf. You can not hide from that.

        I don’t care if you are broke… LEAVE!!! Find a way to get to Florida. The people there are very friendly they have been through storms. They will put you up, give you food etc.

        Trust me on this… Leave!!!

        • great advise katrina veteran…i too lived to tell the story of katrina in mississippi and frankly, the best advise is to “RUN !!! ” if you are gonna be in or near the “spot” then for heavens sake get outta the way.

        • Florida is full of snakes, alligators, rodents and bugs that you have never seen before and they all bite.. Rains alot with high humidity. Hurricanes are a great threat. You won’t like it there. Better to go to California.

      88. Once again at the bottom of the comments we appear to have completely lost the thread here. The storm. I’m in Ne. and as such I am having a hard time getting to excited. Saturday afternoon I paused on the weather channel for a bit and was somewhat taken aback by the nearly horrified reaction (drama-queen) of the on air staff as they went on about 40mph sustained winds and gusts over 60mph inland. Out here in “fly-over” country we have a word for this… Thursday. Last week we had hurricane force winds (77mph) in the north/central part of the state. Didn’t even make the news. Hunh.

      89. Back on topic. Sandy will make Irene look like a walk in the park. And all those people in the Northeast waiting until the last minute to go get ANYTHING! I truly hope everyone survives it, but I’m afraid many of them won’t. it’s all because of the brainwashing by MSM, etc. 95 to 99% of the people in this country take everything in life for granted and look what it gets them in the end. I’m proud and honored to be a prepper. I’m proud to know how to see the writing on the wall early and make the necessary preparations weel ahead of time. I have peace of mind knowing i have an ample supply of food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, etc. It’s my LIFE ASSURANCE POLICY. I spend my money on things that help me to survive natural disasters and any other adverse situations. I don’t go to any MSM sources for info; I know better. i used to listen to certain shows on shortwave radio and get certain publications like the old Spotlight newspaper in the mail before i ever got into computers. I still have a shortwave for backup if we lose the internet. i can’t help but wonder if Sandy might be the first stage of SHTF for the whole country. let’s all hope it’s not. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

      90. VRF: Hard to say, but gold ore must be processed by someone to become gold. 700 tons is, what, 350 automobiles?

        What if it wasn’t really ore, but …. slag? 🙂

      91. Public Service Announcement;

        The direct link to the ‘Final Authority’ for this awesome storm is NOAA’s central hurricane site. The full
        tracking is at;

        Please note the prefix, ‘NHC’…National Hurricane Center (for the paranoid amongst us) 🙂

      92. Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day, Kate, my female friend and I went into town and visited a shop.

        When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and I said, ‘Come on, man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?’

        He ignored us and continued writing the ticket.
        I called him an “asshole”. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn-out tires.

        So Kate called him a “shit head”. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first.
        Then he started writing more tickets. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

        Just then our bus arrived, and we got on it and went home.

        Y’all Beware! We try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired. It’s important at our age.

      93. this, fellow domestic terrorists, is why we prep…hurricanes, snowstorms, zombies…we got ’em covered…be safe and keep your head down…i’m praying for you.

      94. Greetings Everyone!
        This will beyond doubt be the first of many such storms.Remember when the REPOCRATS(both parties for the most part) were in “denial” about global warming?Well try to deny this one Chauncy!It was too costly for big business to implement ways to limit greenhouse gases!Well….wonder what’s the costs gonna be afterwards for this one?At least here folks understand that when you “Frack” the Eco-system,the Eco-system will sooner or later “Frack” back in kind.With penalties and interest.To paraphrase the Buddhist saying:Karma means that you will REALLY,TRULY and DEEPLY get back what you do to others.That includes this wondrous planet our Creator made for us.
        Do YOU have your towel yet?
        hope you all have a safe place to sleep and food for this day.

        • You think “The Day After” is a documentary, don’t you?

          • WFP:
            I do believe we are finally at the point that snide remarks are unnecessary(I guess you haven’t seen the SIZE of this one).I respect your right to disagree,just do it in a way that gives credence to what you believe.Being a Cretan(in the pejorative sense) does little for the discussion.As they say:”The proof’s in the puddin'”.
            Best to All

      95. Post storm is going to be a north east apocalypse. The number of people on twitter and facebook preparing to loot is crazy.

        Lock and load!

      96. VRF,

        Да, это безопасно.

        Y’all Beware! Comrade….

      97. I live in Rochester, New York. It is 714 pm and the rain is coming down in intense sheets. Wind howling.’Glad I prep, have to turn on my battery radio to hear what is up for the area. Local schools are closed for tomorrow, I am not sure about business’s yet.
        Been watching the weatherchannel the last four days.
        Interesting we are all born during this historical event.

        • A friend of mine in NYC has said that water is waist deep in Battery Park and that they’ve proactively turned off the electricity.

          It’s a very bad day to live on the 60th floor.

          • my god daisy, do you know if he made out ok?

            • No way to know, I just checked and apparently no power yet. He said last night they were expecting at least a week before it was turned back on.

      98. why don’t they tell the people it is a cat 4 hurricane based on the pressure?

        • @emily, because they love making up lies or distorting things to distract the sheeple. its one of washington dc and hollywierds specialties.

      99. I saw the headline about “panic buying” and thought Christmas shopping started even earlier this year. Crap! I don’t want to miss out on the sales…’cause that’s what’s important, right?

      100. Hope eveyone HERE is safe. Reading lots of excuzes on WEATHER.COM sotry comments. “but I didn’t have any $$ to buy preps!” Prob posted from their iPhone4s too. idiots. Hope they live, but may be better if they dont BREED.

      101. I wonder if their will be much supplies left for the rest of us on the east coast after all theese people half ass last minute prep. When its over they will have to refill all those shelves and tanks and it will all be gone pretty fast as well with returning people refilling their bad damaged food they left behind. Glad im good for awhile, hope you all are to, get last minute stuff now, probably wont be able to next week when those trucks start rolling.

        • See, that’s the thing with preppers..they don’t think months, they think years.
          I’m good to go. 😛

      102. Was told to pass this on to whom ever.
        1. USGS looking hard at southern WVSZ
        2. Be very careful of anyone asking questions about how you were prepared for Sandy or anything else for that matter of fact, from now on.

        • Explain?? Red Racer??

      103. When SoCal had the power outage last year that put the whole southern part of Cali without power. We fired up the standby genset and watch the sheeple fighting over water and food on the news.

        Funny no power but the news was still broadcasting the crap people were going through. But we watched knowing that if the power was going to be out for weeks we had food, water and defensive protection in case it ugly.

        My wife is totally convinced how smart is was to have the preps we have.

        Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake or financial collapse it SO pays to be prepared before the problem happens.

      104. You mean to say…. that just mindlessly chanting “Yes we can” – or, more helpfully, “Yes, we have no bananas” won’t save me????

      105. 3 million without power – weatherchannel

      106. 3 million no power weatherchannel

        • 5 million @ 1:00 am.

          • 7 million back down to 5 million, 10 am.

      107. Hello everyone, I pray for the safety of all the people on the East coast. I have family there and unfortunately they were part of the herd running out to buy supplies at the last minute. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being prepared for a rainy day (forgive the pun) or an emergency, a blizzard, or whatever, in fact I think it is prudent. I do think however that it is a bit overboard what some people are doing to “prep” for a major disaster as if they will have a fortress of supplies and guns to ward off the masses of “zombies.” OK, I really want to roll my eyes. Hard to believe that there is so little faith. What about Moses and the crew in the desert? Didn’t they have manna rain down from heaven to give them enough to eat? What about Jesus and the fish and the loaves? Did they not have plenty leftover to fill baskets and baskets and everyone was full? Do you think only Moses and Jesus have the power to manifest things into reality? Do you think that God only produces miracles for men such as these? If so, you are sadly mistaken. I was reading an article on CNN and commenters were asking if it was possible to pray for the storm to go away. Do they not remember that Jesus had the power to tame the water and the waves? Have you not heard about people praying for the rain in a drought and God answering their prayers? It is hard to believe that with a world filled with 6 billion plus people, that people have so little faith in the power of prayer and what it can do for all of society. Yes, we can have world peace, we can have food and prosperity for everyone. We can all get along. I find is very disheartening that people are preparing themselves to kill other people in the event that someone may be starving and need some food. That’s where I think the preppers have gone mad. Keep building bigger barns for yourselves and think about the associated karma you are accruing for your souls by planning to murder your fellow man over a loaf of bread. I’m not saying the future is not uncertain and that we shouldn’t prepare ourselves but spiritually speaking we should be believing that anything is possible and that with faith all of our needs will be taken care of. May God bless you all.

        • I’ll hang on to my Bible and my guns thank you. Do you by any chance attend the big mega church in Houston? You are mistaken, we will not have world peace until Jesus returns.

          Come on Buddy read up!

          1 Thessalonians 5:3
          For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

          • Hello Highspeedloafer,
            No I do not attend a megachurch, I’m not affiliated with any church or religion although I do respect all faiths and beliefs. I only speak in Biblical terms because the US is a Christian nation and that is what most people can relate to.
            If you have the power, no one can touch you. Jesus was attacked by angry mobs and he walked right through them unharmed. How do you think he was able to do that? The point I am trying to make is we should not be looking to fight evil with more evil. We should be considering how we can all come together to get through whatever may come.
            Several years ago I went on a vacation to Jamaica. Outside of the resorts people live in poverty, like many places around the world. I went on a tour and got to know my tour guide and she told me that one of the virtues they hold in high esteem is sharing with others. In her neighborhood, if anyone has anything, an abundance of food or whatever, they invite their neighbors, friends and family and share whatever they have. She had a good job doing tours for foreign tourists and making decent tips so she knew firsthand what it meant to have a little more but yet her heart was in the right place, to share what she had with those less fortunate.
            In America, we pride ourselves on self-sufficiency and taking care of ourselves and we have had the luxury and prosperity to be able to do that. If things get bad, I’d like to think that people would consider a more virtuous way of conducting themselves than selfishly hoarding and killing other people. I pray that that is not the case.

            • Me, you have some generous ideas. I plan to attempt to help others with this scripture in mind when TEOTWAWKI happens: For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either. 2 Thessalonians 3:10

              I’ll provide those who seek help a meager meal and they will get an interview to determine if they want to be a part of helping the whole group. If they do want to contribute to the group then a division of labor will take place and an invite to that one meager meal will stand every day. Should the group do well with all of our division of labor, then we will eat better than the meager meal offered. BTW, I’ll be eating the same meager meal. I’ll be able to produce better meals on occasion to lift spirits and moral for all those who have decided to be a part of new community building when I discern it is called for. But as far as letting someone or group greedily devour supplies that took a effort and cost to accumulate, it ain’t going to happen if I have anything to say about it. I’ve been in that situation before, and know first hand that is foolish stewardship.

              If someone does not want to be a part of the effort for the whole, then after their meager meal they will be disinvited with a stern warning never to show their face again least they be treated as a perpetrator up to no good.

              Jesus did indeed slip through the crowd that wanted to throw him over a cliff. “And all the people in the synagogue were filled with rage as they heard these things; and they got up and drove Him out of the city, and led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city had been built, in order to throw Him down the cliff. But passing through their midst, He went His way.” Luke 4:28-30 This happened when it was before His time. So, us too should follow His example and slip away from trouble when we can. But also, when it was His time, He allowed them to crucify Him.

              He also told us not to fear the man that can kill the body, but can’t harm the soul. Which is good advice for the times that are coming.

              So the bottom line is, if I have the luxury to make a judgement and show someone mercy I will. If that luxury is not there, I’ll do what I have too to defend and protect my family as long as I’m able. If you judge me harshly for that, then that is your prerogative. If your judgement is not righteous, then I feel for you; because as you judge, so shall you be judged. Eventually, we will all get to meet the ultimate righteous judge. He will be looking at the motives of peoples hearts. Proverbs shows us not to expect any respect for naivety. Luke 6:46-49 is good to look at. As is: Luke 22:35,36 And He said to them, “When I sent you out without money belt and bag and sandals, you did not lack anything, did you?” They said, “No, nothing.” And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.”

              Take care…

              • Hello Wild Goose,
                Please show me where it says Jesus caused harm to another human being during his time on Earth?
                And when he was accused he did not defend himself, even in word much less violent deed.
                Each man and woman will have to give an account for their own actions, that is true. If they want to have blood on their hands for defending worldly possessions and a loaf of bread then that is where their treasure lies.

                • Please show me where it says Jesus caused harm to another human being during his time on Earth?

                  1.)The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. And He found in the temple those who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. And He made a scourge of cords, and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen; and He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables; and to those who were selling the doves He said, “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business.” John 2:13-16

                  Now, I wonder if the money changers felt like they were harmed by Jesus?

                  2.)Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. But Judas Iscariot, one of His disciples, who was intending to betray Him, said, “Why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denarii and given to poor people?” Now he said this, not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief, and as he had the money box, he used to pilfer what was put into it. Therefore Jesus said, “Let her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of My burial. “For you always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me.” John 12:3-8

                  hmmm, were the poor harmed because Jesus allowed Himself to benefit from the expensive perfume instead of letting its sale benefit the poor or Judas who felt the need to be a thief?

                  3.)Some soldiers were questioning him, saying, “And what about us, what shall we do?” And he said to them, “Do not take money from anyone by force, or accuse anyone falsely, and be content with your wages.” Luke 3:14

                  hmmm, why did the ” supposedly pacifist” Jesus not tell these men they needed to lay down their swords and quit being soldiers? I know the reason wasn’t because Jesus was gutless. He certainly called the Pharisees to task when it was called for, and He drove the money changers out of the temple with a whip.

                  4.)So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself. Matthew 27:5

                  hmmm Jesus could not have intervened? Why allow Judas to betray Him when He simply could have gone and turned Himself in instead of using Judas to betray Him thus causing Judas this grave harm?

                  Jesus said, “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28 And, who might that be that is able to destroy both soul and body in hell?

                  Physical harm is a very minor thing compared to ultimate destruction in hell.

                  You said you are not affiliated with any church or religion although you do respect all faiths and beliefs.” Is that all Christian faiths and beliefs or all faiths and beliefs in general to include muslims, hindus, wiccans, satanists, etc?

                  You seem pretty familiar with the Christian Bible. You do know that Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6
                  So, if the bible is true, and someone does not go through Jesus they are just not going to make it? Right? Or, do you believe contrary to the Word of God that there are many paths to heaven?

          • Warning!! ME is really…Fake pastor Joel Ostein!!!

            “Cant we all juz get along”?….ps buy my new book! How to love yourself while makeing me filthy rich!

        • “The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous.” Proverbs15:29

          ” Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.” For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.” 2 Peter 3-7

          “How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded?
          And scoffers delight themselves in scoffing
          And fools hate knowledge?

          “Turn to my reproof,
          Behold, I will pour out my spirit on you;
          I will make my words known to you.
          “Because I called and you refused,
          I stretched out my hand and no one paid attention;

          And you neglected all my counsel
          And did not want my reproof;

          I will also laugh at your calamity;
          I will mock when your dread comes,

          When your dread comes like a storm
          And your calamity comes like a whirlwind,
          When distress and anguish come upon you.

          “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
          They will seek me diligently but they will not find me,

          Because they hated knowledge
          And did not choose the fear of the LORD.

          “They would not accept my counsel,
          They spurned all my reproof.

          “So they shall eat of the fruit of their own way
          And be satiated with their own devices.

          “For the waywardness of the naive will kill them,
          And the complacency of fools will destroy them.

          “But he who listens to me shall live securely
          And will be at ease from the dread of evil.”
          Proverbs 1:22-33

          Me, America is in serious need of collective repentance. Should that fail to happen, I’d recommend you continue preparing your personal ark.

          “At night my soul longs for You, Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; For when the earth experiences Your judgments The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.” Isaiah 26:9

          And, the scripture Highspeedloafer posted is worth repeating: “While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3

          Now “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

        • Me, I just wanta add one thing:
          I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

          Uh, pardon me if I take it upon myself to provide for myself and my dh of 38 years.
          It is written!!!:-)

      108. No big deal, I live in south Louisiana, we do this every year. Been prepping for the big storms for many years. Where do you think I learned to prep, here at home. It does show you what will happen when the big one comes.

      109. Life is about experiences. Flown in a Cat 2, sailed in Cat 3, been below the ocean 800 feet, pissed in 6 oceans, punched through a few thunder bumpers falling at 120 mph in formation, SCUBA’d a few caves, been through a few mid-west tornadoes and had my way with a real red head. It’s just starting to get fun. I’m waiting on Israel or is Israel waiting on the elections?

      110. OC/VRF: If the concentrate is from a sulfide ore body, the gold would be in a molecule, and invisible to the naked eye, even at many, many, many oz per tonne.

        The value would be inferred, not apparent, and no one would know the difference between the concentrate with PM values and the waste rock without chemical analysis.

      111. I love my state. No hurricanes, no earth quakes, no tsunamis, no forest fires, no organized gangs or rioting.

        It gets cold here, we get flooded, tornadoes come out of nowhere, but when things get bad…


        “Is this Heaven? No, its Iowa.”

        Good luck New England

        • @iowa, its the flooding that should scare you most there. and i would be very scared of it. it wont be a hurricane that will cause it either.thats why superior and michigan are such creepy great lakes. those suckers are gonna spill out on you as the mississipi does the same, creating what i believe will be, … oh never mind.

      112. I love Iowa.

        When tornadoes and floods come…we help each other.

        “Is this Heaven? No, its Iowa.”

        Good luck New England.

        • sorry bout the accidental repeat

        • If you didn’t have all those grasshoppers/locusts, the size of sparrows; and half the voting population of liberal/gay supporters/ and pro abortionists, it might be OK.

      113. it was ultra-chill in the Target across the street from Walmart today here in northern VA. Bread, milk, butter, beer, and all the other goodies were still in stock, though the bread and milk aisles were a tad light.

        meanwhile, Walmart was loco….

      114. How to Manufacture (or Suppress) Outrage Corbett Report Sandra Fluke. Justice for Trayvon. Kony 2012. The 24/7 news cycle is dominated by incessant coverage of topics of little significance. Reported in a completely decontextualized manner, the public flits from story of the week to story of the week so that nothing is left in their wake but catchphrases and fleeting pop culture references. This is a method of control, and it can be used both to concentrate the public on boogeymen and distract us from the real dangers. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine how the would-be social engineers manufacture (and suppress) outrage.

      115. God Bless Those who are in harms way. I guess this will be their shtf scenario. By reading numerous aeticles and watching the news we can see all those who were not ready. Yet they mock those who are ready for any shtf scenario.

      116. BI, I read your post to NP about NMF. Very interesting and very scary. I’m paying attention to the southern end of the fault which is at Marked Tree, Ark., only an hour’s drive from my home. Anyone ever see that alleged US Navy map of what the US would look like after several major earthquakes hit it? I first saw it on earlier this year. I hope that map is not the real deal, otherwise my stomping grounds will be underwater. Daisy, you’re spot on about HAARP. If this is being used to cause these storms, earthquakes,, etc. somebody needs to be executed. Forget a trial, just shoot them and get it over with. I can only wish to get out of this area now. I’m stuck here, come what may. braveheart

      117. @ BI & Norse Prepper,

        Big afterhsocks p around Queen Cahrlotte Island/Haida Gwaii about an hour ago…M6.2 followed by a M5.0. Methinks the ‘Fat Lady’ hasn’t quite begun to sing yet…

        • @ JustOneGuy. It is interesting that you bring up that 6.2 aftershock in Queen Charlotte are as a 6.2 doesn’t seem like a lot, but there is something to think about. Everytime a good size earthquake hits, above 6, it adds to what I call the “energy reservior” that is building up around the Cascadia fault to the south. While it might take the energy from another 7+ to cause it to snap. However it may be ready to break with a few 6-6.9’s. It could be that small 6 pointer could be enough to set it off.

          It would take about 32 “6.7s” to equal the energy from a 7.7. It would take about 1000 5.7’s to equal the energy of that 7.7. 32000 of 4.7’s. So really the 6 pointers or another 7+ is what you would look for in the area to perhaps trigger the Cascadia. By the way they had a 4.9 up in the far north earlier, and this could mean another polar cycle. Will have to look into this tomorrow.

          • Hi Bi,

            Good News,
            The storm surge in Battery Park has dropped to six+ feet down from 14 feet (flat, I think), the link to that specific monitor is at;

            For what it’s worth, not trying to be argumentative, but the Richter scale is – similar to the scale used for solar measures – logarthimic. As such each major division represent’s exactly one order of magnitude greater than that below it. In that sense, as with Solar again a ‘9’ is ten times greater than an ‘8’, an ‘8’ is ten times greater than a ‘7’ etc. Same with Solar ‘X’ is ten times the flux of a ‘M’, ‘M’ is ten times the flux of a ‘C’, etc. The only deviation from this is that once you get above an X-10 there aren’t any further discriminations amde with respect to the letter designation…so it’s perfectly possible to have an X-20, X-30, X-40, yada, yada, yada. Again, don’t be offended, I’ve got degree’s in both mathematics and physics…I sleep and eat this stuff daily. 🙂
            Lately, as per previous dialogue, I’m puzzled by the activity up in the stretch of coastline along the BC coast. To be sure, they do have earthquakes up there, but it’s been a long time since anything of note occured along that line. A quick researching of this yielded an 8.1 (near QC) in 1949 and another about 1909 at about 7.8 (if memory serves). My concern is that both at the turn of the last century – worldwide – and during the mid 40’s there was at both times an extraordinaty amount of seismic activity. In the back of my mind, given that we’ve seen so much lately, I suppose I’m just a bit concerned about near-term future activity…the 3.9 in Arkansas is as disturbing to me as the 7.7 in the northwest two days ago. Again, I’m no seismologist, it just seems peculiar, wrong? Eh!

            • @JustOneGuy – I’m not an expert (don’t you love when people start that way?) but …

              I think BI was referring to energy vs. shaking. My understanding from many years ago was the Richter scale measured ground shaking and you have to then multiply by something bigger (32 it looks like from BI’s post) to get to the energy equivalent …

            • @ JustOneGuy. What Another Comment is exactly correct. I go by the amount of energy an event is releasing as it is far more accurate. Just like the winds of this hurricane showed only a strong Category 1 or weak Category 2, but the pressure of the hurricane was that of a Category 4. The pressure is an indication of how much energy there is in the hurricane and how much destruction in comparison there will be. This how I was able to get a ballpark figure of the storm surge and how much destruction would occur, by the energy input of the storm.

              Earthquakes for each magnitude number up are about 31.5 times as much energy, I round up to 32 because it is easier to multiply. The old richter scale is 10 times like you say, but at about 8.3 it becomes saturated and does not show just how powerful the earthquake really was. Shaking past this point does not become that much more intense.

              Several examples of this are like the Alaskan earthqauke of 1964 that was ONLY 8.5 on the richter scale, but on the magnitude scale it was a 9.2. Kinetic energy really shows the desuctive power of an event. Many people think that when the Canary Islands region collapses into ocean it will send a 30-50 foot tsunami on to the east coast, but in reality it won’t be over a foot. The collapse of even 30 miles of island is not that severe because of the velocity of the collapse only being maximum 120 miles per hour. 1/2 mass (velocity2) = how much kinetic energy. Velocity means everything, including in ballistics with firearms. This is why a tiny little .223 can be so devastating travel at 3800 feet per second.

              I did some calculations on the Canary Islands and when it does break, worst case scenario it will have about the same energy as a football size asteroid coming down into the ocean at about 10 miles per second. For a 30-50 foot tsunami to hit the east coast from the exact spot of the Canary Islands it would take almost a mile wide asteroid to plunge into the ocean. As you can see people see the huge mass but not the speed. Huge tsunamis generated by mega earthquakes not only have a much quicker rate of movement, but also have hundreds of miles of rapid movement.

              I don’t mind at all you or anyone else pointing out something that I might have stated that is wrong. I strive for near perfect accuracy so I and others know exactly what to expect. The more close to knowing exacly what is going on, the better that all of us have to prepare for it. This is essential with prepping and being ready.

      118. Yo, my peeps, I just took a survey at Survey Monkey that asked what use of science would I use if elected POTUS to fix the biggest problem WE face?.

        My response:

        “The biggest problem facing Americans is making our employees (read elected government officials) responsive to the will of the people after they get to DC.

        The solution is to make them sign a contract specifying that they will not create legislation that is clearly unconstitutional or self serving; or by giving themselves or their cronies, perks and benefits that do not accrue to the general population.

        After their Oath of Office, they are implanted with a chip that monitors their activities and when they breach their Oath of Office, a signal is sent via WIFI to a database that registers the infraction.

        The public is made aware, and the Offender is warned. After the third infraction, the chip explodes and so do their heads.

        Problem solved. 🙂

        • I’m reminded of a story by Frank Herbert or maybe his son which included something called “Department of Creative Retribution”, (or something like that) which was capable of turning misbehaving politicians (and others) into repulsive part-animals, or making their facial hair turn into steel spikes, or melting their feet together, etc. Does anybody remember that one any better? As virulently anti-Semitic as much of Herbert’s writing was, I really liked that one.

          • Better yet, when they misbehave, have their body frozen in time at the location of misbehavior; constituents decide when to thaw or IF.

        • I agree DK, only if a breach of that contract includes a death penalty by public hanging.

      119. My thoughts and prayers to everyone that has to endure this horrible storm.

      120. Me thinks life was easier with my head firmly planted in the sand.

      121. As of 10/30/12 02:00 – 14 deaths, 5.8 million w/o power. My thoughts and prayers are with you…

      122. Mac
        your pages are really getting messed up..cant reply correctly to a post and normal posts are not going to the bottom of the page

      123. Hello from Hong Kong. Our city is a huge concrete jungle so even a super typhoon won’t leave us in darkness. Good luck to all in the affected areas. Pity it takes a nasty event like this to wake people up.

      124. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes.

        Lost power, but I am okay.

        The antibiotics I have are from a dental office visit from a couple of years ago (ciprofloxacin and high dose ibuprofen)I have no tetracycline drugs, thank goodness!

        Thanks everyone on the advice about tetracyclines!

        I have meat for protein but if the fridge lost power, I have stockpiled some dried peas and beans (Goya tends to be really cheap). I do have some canned salmon, tuna and sardines. I also have a couple of jars of nut butters (peanut,almond and macadamia nut – I know the latter two are kinda pricey but I need some type of variety during SHTF). I have rubbing alcohol, iodine and hydrogen peroxide (not a lot though)for any potential scrapes and cuts. As for sanitation, I got loads of bleach and oxyclean to sanitize in a true SHTF (literally) scenario.

        Thanks everyone for the wished. Unfortunately in NYC I can’t stockpile the guns and ammo bc of its strict antigun laws. Saving up money for martial arts classes and a kick-a$$ taser.

        • Missy ~

          Glad to hear you made it through okay.

          Consider getting a pressure canner and learn to can the meat in your freezer. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. It’s way healthier and tastier than the stuff you get from the grocery stores in tin cans. It’s a great way to take advantage of meat purchased on sale!

        • Missy T

          You are going to fit in very well here lol. You and I need to discuss none lead based weapons systems at some point.

          Take care

        • missy–look into pool shock for long term purification of water. Bleach has a short shelf life.
          Not a good thing in a SHTF scenario.
          Hope this reply is posted to Missy.
          Stay safe Missy and all affected with this ‘man-made’ travesty. Yeah, I’m a little crazy?? 🙂
          H.A.A.R.P. is real.

          • Thanx for the advice one and all. Hopefully power will be restored today but knowing NYC and Con Edison, it may be a few days well.

            @ JayJay: Thanx for the info I will research that a little more (pool shock).

            I have learned so much about prepping from this blog and Ferfal’s. Are there any urban prepper blogs? I need some more advice when it comes to surviving in the concrete jungle of NYC!

            And HAARP is very much real, so you are not crazy!

      125. @ Be Informed

        Another 6.2 at about 10 km deep in Masset Canada followed up by a 5.0 only 5 km deep. The earthquake activity in this area is constant!

        The plates are obviously moving. You mentioned before that the 3.9 in Arkansas was possibly caused by the 7.7. Could all of these 5’s and 6’s going off create more instability in the New Madrid area? Not to mention the activity in the Caribbean.

      126. Here is another angle. In the tsunami that hit Indonesia it was documented that there wasn’t any wildlife found dead or drowned. They must have headed uphill with an instinctive advanced warning.

        I think that all animals are more in tuned to the environment instinctually. Humans are animals as well, but have been desensitized due to modern technology so we don’t have the foreshadowing of geophysical events that they do.

        That being said, I believe that we still do have a more limited ability based on intuition of what is to come. I have family members that are now preppers, friends that are now preppers. In part from my encouragement and in part because they just feel the urge to prep.

        Something is on the horizon. Here are some possible scenarios that I could think of.

        1. Financial melt down. Remember when the US increased the debt limit to $16.4 trillion? We are over $16.2 trillion now and polititians will soon be forced to increase it again. I don’t think that they will increase it in the lame duck session that starts next week as it will be too complicated to do in 4-5 weeks time.

        2. Israel could attack Iran. If they attack prior to this week, the political pressure on the US to start bombing will be huge just prior to the election. After the election the winning candidate won’t feel as much pressure. Israel knows this.

        3. Will we have an election if we can’t get polling booths up and running on the east coast? I could see the current administration suggesting postponing the election until a point where all Americans will be able to cast their votes. New York and big cities typically lean heavily towards the Democratic candidate and Obama is a Democrat. It is not out of the realm of possibility that it could be postponed. This could spark civil unrest across the US.

        4. As Be Informed has been preaching, the earth’s plates are moving around incredibly. A big quake on the New Madrid or San Andreas could shake things up! (see what I did there? Pun intended!)

        5. There are a large number of companies who recently stated that they are going to be laying off staff because of the current economic conditions. More unemployment = worse labor statistics = lower stock market = people losing it…

        I’m sure there are many more things that are still out there such as an explosion of the sinkhole (compliments of the salt dome) in bayou Corne (Hat tip Kynase) that could cause a lot of destruction if some reports are correct.

        The point being that more and more people are feeling uneasy. Animals who are more in tuned to upcoming events are acting different. Someone stated recently in a post that their forest used to be filled with sound at night and now is silent. I am guessing that we are in for a rough spell to say the least and it’s not just a stock market ticker that we need to be looking at. Trust your senses.

        God Bless.

      127. I have a woodstove question. Last night we got high winds here where I am and the roof above the stove began leaking where the pipe meets the ceiling. I collected the water in the pot that lives atop my stove and had to empty it once during the night.

        Anyhow, I’m not sure if this is related, but a couple of hours after the dripping began the smoke alarm woke us up. (I nearly had a heart attack, I might add). The door to the stove was closed and the dampers were only opened a teeny bit but the room smelled smoky. I cracked the windows of the room and slept in there with my fire extinguisher just in case.

        I’m speaking to the landlord as soon as he returns from work, but meanwhile, does anyone know what might cause the woodstove to smoke like that? Could it be related to the leaking? Is it safe to continue using the stove?

        • Daisy

          if you have a flue damper, you should not close it while up and running, use the air damper to control the burn rate, not the exhaust stack damper

          Im not sure if that is what your doing, but it sounds that way from what you posted

          there is also the possibility that the high winds created a lower pressure in your home then outside, thus pushing the smoke into the lower pressured area.

          on the roof leak, its probably the flashing on the roof thats cracked, or not sealed..when it dries out try sealing all the way around it from up on the roof..(sealing from the outside)

          • Thank you VRF

            I’m probably going to sound like an airhead when I try to explain this but I’ll give it my best shot.

            There are two large knobs on the outside of the stove door. The landlord told me at night to load up with wood, shut those knobs off all the way, then turn them back a half turn to open them slightly. Is this incorrect? And is there any way to know which knob controls the air damper and which controls the exhaust damper?

            We’re waiting until the storm dies down a little more before checking out the leak – seems like we may clear up shortly, thank goodness.

            I appreciate you taking the time to answer my 10 billion questions! 😉

            • Daisy, both knobs on your door, control the air flow going into your stove. The flue is a round disk inside your stove pipe that that has a handle attached that can be turned from the outside of the pipe. This controls how quickly the smoke travels out of the stove pipe.I think that VRF is right about the pressure forcing the smoke down the pipe rather than letting it escape. It is also important to have enough pipe outside of the house you are heating to clear the roof ridge line near the actual pipe in order to get enough draw. Your leak sounds un related. It is probably just the flashing as VRF stated. Need a little taring up there for winter probably.

            • HalfKin has it covered Daisy..

              If I were a betting man I would think you may have had the air intake a bit low..(maybe somedays will require them to be more open than he stated) depends on wood, and moisture, and outside conditions..

              if you do not have a damper control on the stack then thats not what caused it..more then likely fire smoldering, too little air for combustion..high pressure outside, low pressure indoors..
              pressure differential probably the cause of the smoke in the house..days like that, maybe feed her more air.

              hope this helps

            • forgot to add, check your firebox door seal, it should not really allow anything to pass.should be a tight seal..

              was the smoke coming out of the combustion air dials?

              or do you know where it was coming from?

            • Thank you very much, VRF and Half Kin.

              It wasn’t enough smoke to be visible so I’m not sure where it was coming from exactly.

              I will play around and adjust the valves differently. At least I know my smoke alarm works! 🙂

              • This is what I do when determining the final height of a chimney I am building. The top of the chimney (or pipe in your case) must be at least 2 feet higher than any part of the roof within 10 feet. This will help prevent down drafts swirling over your roof. It is best not to have too many big trees around your chimney either. They can affect how well your chimney draws the draft up it. Like VRF said, try and see where it smokes. And he is right that when the weather in your area is a low pressure system the stove will not draw as well. High pressure will make it draw better. Please burn your fire hot at least once a day to prevent creosote build up. Iopen mine up every morning and burn it hot. Sometimes it sounds like a freight train. When you open it up after a burn like this the ash on the inside surfaces should be white. Good luck but be careful until you find the cause of your smoke.

              • Just a couple more things,Daisy. I don’t know who installed your stove and pipe but make sure there is a thimble installed where your stovepipe goes through any walls (or in your case a ceiling). You are tempting fate if you don’t have one. Also, you should put a damper in your stove pipe. This will save a lot of wood when you bank it off at night. Keep plugging at ‘er. It’s worth the peace of mind to control your own resources.

                • Thank you JRS – there is a thimble as well as a damper. I rent the cabin so there is a limit to the changes that I’m allowed to make. I’ll do a hot burn each day like you recommended.

                  There’s a definite learning curve with this. I’m very thankful for FALL so that I can get a handle on heating with wood before winter hits!

              • daisy, uh, i will email you regarding this.

        • From spending my early years with a wood stove everyone is correct about the pressure difference during a storm. The only other thing i would mention is that you might need to check your chimney, could need a cleaning to help the stove draw better.

      128. Wonder what they will do so many days without brain numbing TV? Maybe the blinders will come off on a few? Too bad that it has to take a storm to turn the lights on in a few heads.

        • Well, I have thought about that for the future chaos.
          I have about (150) 50 cent and $1 books from yard sales, and flea markets. 🙂
          Need a new book case or start stacking!
          I don’t have tv, so it didn’t take a storm..

      129. Mornin’ All,

        I sincerely hope that the photo’s I’ve seen on various websites this AM are not representative of the actual state of affairs in the NE…OMG. Seeing all those cars and houses standing in water up to the windows in the cold light of day…
        Merciful Father, Bless those who are in that place, be with them in the time and trials to come. Amen.

      130. Highspeedloafer,

        Had good times fishin’ in Morehead City and Emerald isle NC. Now I just go out the door to go fishin’.

        Y’all Beware! I’m in Hilton Head Island, SC.

      131. @ ALL,

        Well, it looks like the northwest is settling down, nothing for several hours at this point. OTOH, the North-East is…unbelieveable. When I first got to the computer this morning and saw the photo’s posted I truly hoped that what I was seeing had been ‘cherry-picked’ by the media..that doesn’t seem to be the case. May He have Mercy on all those there. I spent several years in the Army and I know from experiance how miserable it is to be simuultaneously cold AND wet.
        Incidentally, has anyone heard from PO’d Patriot? In one his last post he indicated that he was near to being centered on the path of that Beast. We hope he and his are allright….along with, of course, many several others here who were also in harms way.

      132. How long will it take for some of the leftist idiots to make the statement that this unusual Hurricane can be attributed to “Global Warming”? Anyone that falls for that load of crap has been “Gored”.

      133. And once again the SHTF and there is a sheeple stampede to the local stores to clean ’em out. Sigh… :-/

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