Pandemic: U.S. Surgeon General Says This Week “It’s Going To Get Bad”

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Dr. Jerome Adams, the United States surgeon general, warned that this week, the pandemic is “going to get bad.”  With most Americans already voluntarily self-quarantining and locked down, the backlog of coronavirus tests could be making things look awful this week.

    That doesn’t mean things have gotten worse, it means we will start to see more confirmed cases as the tests get completed. “We need to come together as a nation” to fight the coronavirus outbreak but, “a lot of people think this can’t happen to them.” Adams is urging Americans to stay at home despite an overnight tweet from President Trump saying “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem,” saying we all need to act as if we already have the virus.

    I agree with Trump on this one.  Allowing tyranny to stop a virus is completely unacceptable.  Stealing the rights and freedom from people for the illusion of safety will only cause immense harm making the aftermath of this crisis far more severe than the outbreak itself. And remember, Adams was the one who told the public masks won’t work to protect them from the virus, but they work to protect healthcare workers treating patients with the coronavirus.

    Surgeon General DEMANDS: “Stop Buying Face Masks!

    Adams said that young people are flocking to the beaches in California and people are still heading to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to view the cherry blossom trees that bloom each year. He warned that young people need to understand that they can contract COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and they can be hospitalized and potentially die from it. –NBC News

    When Adams was asked about the growing pressure for President Donald Trump to use the Defense Production Act to force companies to mass-produce critical supplies, Adams suggested that it’s not necessary at this point. “Here’s the thing that people don’t understand. You don’t need to compel someone to do something they are already doing,” he said, adding that they’re already working with companies Honeywell and Hanes which are already producing large quantities of the items needed.

    “The other important point is that we’re not going to ventilator our way out of this problem. We’re not going to treat our way out of this problem,” he said. “The way you stop the spread of an infectious disease like this is with mitigation measures and preventing people from getting it in the first place.” –NBC News

    If you’re short on toilet paper thanks to the panicking masses, some has started to become available again.

    In the meantime, Vice President Mike Pence said that the backlog of tests should be resolved this week.“We want people checked into a hospital, that are treated for what they thought was the coronavirus, to receive the test more quickly,” Pence said. In Wyoming alone (This is for example only. Wyoming has a population of 577,700) almost 500 coronavirus tests have been administered and from those, only 26 cases have emerged. As the backlog gets resolved, it will certainly show there are more cases than before, but that some states are overusing tests unnecessarily.

    New York, on the other hand, has roughly 5% of all coronavirus cases worldwide. “New York is testing more people than any state in the country and, per capita, more than any country in the globe,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said, adding that the state has tested 61,000 people. Roughly 15,000 of those tests are new, identifying 4,800 new cases in the last day, he said.

    Pence even added his own number to the mix, saying that about 254,000 people in the U.S. have now been tested for coronavirus and received their results. More than 32,000 have tested positive.  So, yes the numbers will get worse, but don’t let the media throw you into a panic.  Based solely on the national statistics, about 13% of those tested come back positive.

    This is not to say you shouldn’t practice social distancing or take precautions. It’s simply providing much-needed information in a time when panic and fear continue to reign supreme.


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      1. only works on health care workers, what a load of BS.

      2. So, wearing a mask will not protect Jane Doe citizen from the Coronavirus, but it magically protects healthcare workers? Having a nursing degree or being a doctor must have some invisible shield helping them.

        I smell BS and its not on my boot.

      3. Every year
        Every one of us
        deals with viruses.
        Our white blood cells end up making antibodies.
        But NOT if the virus overwhelms your health care system,
        your body.
        So what can you do to overwhelm the
        extra virulent corona virus?
        You need to get them white blood cells hopping!
        What is it that gets them up and moving?

        You’re welcome.

      4. The Statistical Analysis of the Covid-19 leftist scare is horribly flawed. First, we only tested likely candidates for the disease. Second, there is no random control group consisting of random humans. Third, the interjection of massive new SKEWED data will necessarily SKEW the reported statistics. Fourth, fear was used to abuse the priveledges delegated to govt. in a free country. Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England in the late 1800s, and Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain) suggested that “there are 3 types of lies: LIES, DAMN LIES, & STATISTICS. Statistics used in the manner perpetrated by govt. on American Citizens to infringe on their rights should be categorized in the above statement. What a total Cluster F***.

      5. A war against:
        elation / drugs
        fear itself / the emotion of terror
        cooties / the invisible enemy

        I have a theory on why tests are nowhere.

      6. Well, its been awhile since i posted. You all taught when i said that the cabal was going to drop a bio weapon, that it was going to get bad, that i was just some joke of a person. I have been posting since this site is now dead, but my post wont show up for some reason, interesting. We will not be making it to 2025. The elections will be cancelled, and this reality is going to set in very soon. You see the tanks rolling in and the cities are being shut down. What more will it take to convince everyone that this is real.


        • HCKS
          If it really is you? Good to hear you are not dead from hurricane round ups, or the “others.”
          Hope you are well and doing fine.
          God is great
          Beer is good
          People are crazy
          . . . . . . . and getting crazier every day.
          Wish you well.
          BTW: the russian and china ccp are operating openly in North Texas too. Seen them. Was actually a CCP marked car. WTF? Why allowed?

          You are correct. This site is now censored as per commie mandates. Site is not the same. Where is a new home?
          – – – Wish you well.

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