Pakistani Kashmir Chief: Standoff With India May Spark NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON,

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Headline News | 14 comments

The head of Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir said that a small-scale conflict between his country and India-rivals could ignite a nuclear war that would kill hundreds of millions. Kashmir made these comments just days after Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed India with similar rhetoric.

The threat of nuclear war may be upon the globe. “If a war breaks out between India and Pakistan, it will be quick, dirty and deadly. It will be an Armageddon, hundreds of millions will die in South Asia, and 2.5 billion people will be affected by radiation all over the world,” said Masood Khan, the president of the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir, according to a report by RT. “Even a limited military conflict could evolve into a nuclear war,” said Khan.

Just because other countries wouldn’t be involved in this particular war, the consequences of unleashing a nuclear weapon would have far-reaching effects. Khan, Pakistan’s former envoy to the United Nations, then struck a milder tone, saying his country is not seeking war, but he wants to predict “a realistic scenario so that international community could intervene and pile pressure on India.” So basically, Kahn is still asking for violence, just as long as it’s on his side only.

India and Pakistan fought two wars over Kashmir in 1947 and 1965, and have engaged in an array of smaller cross-border skirmishes, most recently this February. At the time, the nuclear-armed neighbors came disturbingly close to full-scale war, but mutual diplomatic efforts and goodwill gestures helped defuse the tensions for a while, reported RT

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that a “bloodbath was brewing in the disputed territory, and hinted that weapons of mass destruction could be employed against India if war breaks out. The remarks were condemned in New Delhi, with government ministers and pundits accusing him of warmongering” and “obsession with Kashmir.”



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    1. Kevin2

      Kashmir has low grade lignite coal along with some iron and copper ore, marble and limestone rock: Obviously resources aren’t the driving force. On one side people starving who worship cattle and on the other nut cases looking to get 72 virgins in paradise. Both are unable, or unwilling to bring their nations beyond a 3rd economy however they possess indigenously manufactured nuclear weapons. Priorities.

      • JRS

        Perhaps water is the resource they’re fighting for. Kashmir holds the glacial headwaters for the Indus River. Kashmir headwaters supply over 270 million people in both Pakistan and India with water.
        And what those Imams neglect to tell them is that those 72 virgins turn into 72 wives and they find they’re in h3ll instead of heaven.

      • Anonymous


        You probably don’t realise right now that you are talking right out of your ass hole , the people of Kashmir have been killed , raped, hundreds disappered, displaced , tortured etc etc … your ass filled insults are an indication of what a loser you are . The people of Kashmir want independence.

    2. Stuart

      Squeal like a stuck pig Pakis ’cause that’s all you can do.
      India’s economy is running away from you and will never look back. Yep, you rag heads can start a war but it will end with Pakistan wiped from the face of the Earth and NOBODY will give a rat’s ass. Looked at the population of India lately assholes? A war would be a favor to India.

      • Anonymous

        Ummm India’s economy has not done well under this Murderous Modi , so fucktard , get that right

    3. Clown World

      These same exact contractors lamented in magazines, “Why, oh why, don’t WASP masculinists want our stable jobs.” Since we can’t do STEM, business would have to go to Pakis.

      imho, technology was originally shared, under civilized pretenses, with onerous strings attached.

      Launch is usually averted by:
      ufo / fairy / gremlin

    4. Freeillinois

      As far as i am concerned i dont care if they square off against each other or not.

      India is flooding our country with workers driving down our wages and pi$$ing all over us at our expense.

      On the other hand Maybe they should nuke each other if it means leaving America alone.

      Maybe that would be an incentive for the Indian and Pakistani people living in the USA to return and rebuild their paradise.

    5. Sgt. Dale

      I have said for years that these two would go at it again and use nukes.
      Its a war between Hindus and Muslims, Us Christians should set this one out. Unless China comes in on the side of the Pakies.

      • Clown World

        Who will run our call centers, slurpy machines, hotel chains, and be doctors?

        I’m asking this silly question, because trade deals are entangling alliances.

    6. tz

      Lower the carbon footprint!

    7. violent one

      Science proves that one nuke exchange between these 2 countries will wipe out 95% of Earth’s population. Do your own homework and see if this is a fact.

      • Anonymous

        Your “scientist” may proved it to you but not to me. What else your scientist proved to you without you questioning them?

    8. Honeypot

      “Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged…”

      The Beatles Band song commenting on Pakistan and India with a request that Pakistani immigrants leave India.

      “There is nothing new under the sun.”


    9. Frank Thoughts

      This war would be the most rejoiced in human history: akin to if the Jews went to war against the blacks.

      Sadly, wars have often pitted two groups of people who are key to human advancement (the British against the Germans etc). Can we not encourage wars between crappy peoples??

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